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Chapter 20

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After another minute or two, I was in a condition to talk again. Now that Sue Ellen had left us for a little while, I was starting to have second thoughts.

I said to Mindy, "You know, this whole Sue Ellen thing, it's dangerous. And I don't just mean getting caught for public exposure or something like that. I mean, this is how marriages break up. All these crazy sex games. It's just not worth it to me to risk losing you. You're the only woman I'll ever need. This has been really fun, but we should probably just call it a night."

My adoring wife just rolled her eyes at me. "Honey! Listen! You're not going to lose me! Do you have any idea how much I love you, my sweet honey bear? We've been married twenty years. We have a perfect home, a perfect life. If anyone should be worried about someone leaving, it's me losing you, what with this crazy trophy wife trend going around. Think of our neighbors. Is there a single man on our whole street who hasn't divorced his wife and turned her in for a younger and prettier woman already? It's disgusting. They treat it practically like buying a new car."

She continued, "But I know you'll never do that. You're not like those selfish sleazeballs. You come from a whole different kind of world, a small town, old-fashioned values world instead of the corporate rat race world. You love me. I love you. We need each other. We can't live without each other. So, as far as I'm concerned, if you want to have sex with a few sexy teens like Sue Ellen, it's something we both can enjoy because I do feel so secure about you."

That made me feel better. However, I felt like she still didn't get the enormity of what we were doing. "But Sweetheart. My sweet, sweet Mindy. What if one of those 'sexy teens' is Michelle?"

Mindy didn't say anything, but there was such a fire in her eyes that she didn't need to. Obviously she found the idea of me being carnally intimate with Michelle the most arousing and intriguing possibility of all. The way she licked her lips, not to mention the quickening of her breath and sudden flare of her nostrils, gave me absolute confirmation, just in case it wasn't obvious enough already.

I groaned. "This is too much for me to take in one day. Among other things, this means that your response to my heartfelt confession the other night was all an act, wasn't it? You acted all concerned when I told you that I was lusting after our daughter. But you knew everything! You helped set the whole thing up! That whole 'reasonable bounds' restriction, the idea that you thought it would just be some harmless teasing, that was all an act! A lie! In your heart of hearts you'd jump for joy if she and I went all the way, wouldn't you?"

My wife paused at that, and considered her answer carefully. "Honey, listen. I only want you to be happy, and for us to be happy. All of us, including her. I was totally sincere with what I said about having some reasonable bounds. It's just that what I consider 'reasonable' is probably different from what you assumed at the time."

I snorted, "You think?"

She continued, "Besides, what's important is what YOU think the reasonable bounds are. How far you're willing to go."

I sighed heavily. "That's the problem. Today, it's like a dam broke. All of a sudden, I find myself very, very willing!"

She spoke tenderly. "And that's okay, if that's what you want. I'm sorry if it's seems like I'm doing things behind your back, but it's really not like that. It's like keeping things a secret so you can surprise someone with a surprise birthday party. This has all been done with the best of intentions for the happiest of results for all of us. As I've said, it's win-win for everyone! I'm doing this for her as much as anyone. You know how this rather twisted idea first got into my head?"

I crossed my arms and leaned back, ready to be skeptical. "How?" I wasn't sure if I really wanted to know. "No, wait. Don't tell me now. There are certain things we should talk about only at home."

I looked around, suddenly feeling paranoid. I remembered the increasing prevalence of security cameras and looked up all over the ceiling and walls, but luckily I didn't see any. Still, I felt a bit stupid for not thinking about that before. We'd been really lucky so far.

My dick was still fully exposed and fully erect. I preferred to keep it that way, so we could continue to impress Sue Ellen if she unexpectedly returned already.

So, with both of us having the worry about getting caught on our minds, we managed to cool down a little bit. Mercifully, Mindy let me eat my cake in peace for a while. I certainly wasn't in danger of going flaccid though, not with our sexy waitress on my mind. No matter what we talked about, my head was filled with thoughts about what she was doing to herself in the bathroom.

I finished the cheesecake and we were busy chatting about some fairly innocuous topics when we saw Sue Ellen stagger back into our room. And I do mean "stagger." She looked like she had just been fucked by an entire football team. The "just fucked" glow on her face was so obvious that she might as well have been wearing a big sign around her neck saying just that.

She looked our way as she wobbled along.

Mindy caught her eye and motioned her to come closer by wagging her finger. Then she whispered to me, "It's show-time!" She grabbed my still very stiff dick and resumed jacking me off, telling me, "If I do this some more, she'll think I was doing it all along and that you have some super human stamina."

I couldn't argue with that. Besides, my cock had had an adequately long break and was ready for some more fun.

Sue Ellen looked defeated as she stood in front of us with her head bowed. "I knew you were gonna make me come over. I just knew it."

My wife said, "Go ahead and take a look. You know you want to."

Our curvaceous waitress lifted her head enough to lock her gaze on Mindy's handjob. She gasped and stared in wide wonder. She whispered in awe, "WOW! He's still so stiff!"

"But of course." Mindy asked her, "How old are you exactly?"


I was surprised - I thought she might be a couple of years older, especially since she'd mentioned to us that she was attending college nearby. Now that I was getting a better look at her body, I could see it was an unusually mature and voluptuous body for a nineteen year old. Much like my daughters, in fact.

Mindy asked, "Who were you fantasizing about when you were masturbating in there?"

Sue Ellen just bit her lip and closed her eyes.

I said, commandingly, "My wife just asked you a question."

Our waitress whispered, "Mindy, is it okay if I fantasize about your husband?"

"Not only is it okay, I expect it," Mindy said confidently. "So who were you fantasizing about?"

She whispered, "Your husband. Dan!" Nobody was surprised in the least by that, but our waitress nonetheless found it difficult to confess. Saying those words brought even more red into her cheeks.

Mindy told her in a firm voice, "Open your eyes and look at his cock."

Sue Ellen did so again. Her eyes went wide once more, as expected, and her chest started to heave.

"Look closer. Come closer. Stand right next to us."

She came closer. She put one leg right up to the edge of our seat and even leaned over and down a little bit. She couldn't get any closer if she tried. She was close enough to easily reach out and hold my dick, which I'm sure was a fact that she had noticed too.

"It's a really big one, isn't it?" Mindy asked, despite that having been well established already.

Sue Ellen nodded.

"Big and demanding."

She nodded again. It looked like her eyes were going to literally get as big as saucers before long.

"Dan fucks lots of women. That's just how it is."

I was thinking, That's news to me! Playing around a little with Ruby and Michelle hardly equaled "fucks lots of women." But I guessed my wife was trying to hype me up.

Sue Ellen just simply nodded again.

Mindy asked, "How many guys have you had sex with in your life?"


"Only three?" Mindy was slightly surprised that the number wasn't higher.

"Three, because I was going steady with the same guy for a long time. I had sex with him lots of times, but it was only three."

"When did you break up with him?"

"Just now."

"What do you mean, just now?"

Sue Ellen was blushing a beautiful fire red by this point. "I mean just now. Like, during this conversation. He doesn't know yet."

"Care to explain?"

"I'm realizing now that he wasn't... satisfying. We were heading for break-up anyway, for a long time now, but I just didn't have the heart to actually break things off. But I don't want to cheat on him. That would be mean. So it's time for me to tell him. After what happened here tonight, how could I go back to him? He just wouldn't interest me anymore."

Mindy asked matter-of-factly, trying to hide her excitement, "You're going to have sex with my husband, aren't you?"

Sue Ellen had no idea how to respond to that. She just kept staring at Mindy's hands as they slid slowly up and down my engorged shaft.

She'd slowed her pace quite a lot, but it was extremely hard for me not to cum, given what she was saying and how long I'd gone without an orgasm by now. Still, I was doing all I could to hold out, mostly by squeezing my PC muscle a lot more. I was determined to impress Sue Ellen with my stamina.

"Let's put it another way," Mindy said matter-of-factly. "My husband is going to fuck you, isn't he? And if he wants to fuck you, well, you'll have no choice but to spread your legs and feel him slide all the way inside you, stretching your tight little slit as he fills you like you've never been filled before. Isn't that right?"

Sue Ellen nodded, like it was just another question. But there was an array of different looks flashing across her face. Most of them were variations on lust, jealousy, anticipation, and guilt.

My wife prodded her, "You want him to fuck you. Don't you? You want to feel what it's like to have a real MAN between your legs, pumping you, filling you, pouring his cum into you, claiming you for his very own! You've been fucked by boys, but never by a real man. That's what you want. It's what you NEED! Isn't it? You need it more than anything! To be fucked by my husband's thick cock!"

The lusty waitress nodded, and whispered back, "Can I?!"

"Perhaps," Mindy said confidently and possessively. "But not yet. Tomorrow, I want you to get yourself tested for STDs. He won't be taking you until you test clean, you got that? That should take about two weeks."

Sue Ellen nodded again. The frustration upon hearing about that delay was written on her face.

Mindy saw that and said, "Don't worry, while you wait you can suck his cock. You're going to be doing a LOT of that from now on!"

I was shocked that Sue Ellen just nodded once more. She treated that like an already established fact. That reaction from her was very nearly enough to make me blow my load. I was hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

Mindy also seemed to take that answer in stride. She was really in her element, having the time of her life. She stated sternly, "I want you to show my man your pussy. Show him the pussy that he's gonna be fucking soon. Right here, right now!"

Sue Ellen looked around, even though she knew the room was empty already and there was no way to see in where we were through the open doorway. There was no doubt she was going to do it, she was just checking to make sure she wouldn't get caught. It seemed that if she was asked to dance naked on our table, she was ready to do that too.

I couldn't believe how quickly things had developed! The only thing that made sense was that she had to be naturally submissive, very submissive, and she'd never known that until tonight. She was like a ripe fruit, ready to be picked.

With her head bowed, she slowly pulled her uniform up. Up and up and up. She didn't just show off her pussy, she pulled her uniform up past her belly button until she couldn't pull it up anymore!

My opinion on Sue Ellen's beauty went way up as I admired her thighs, pussy, and tummy. She had a perfect body! She was extremely fit, and clearly someone who exercised a lot. Her frumpy, baggy uniform had disguised what a great figure she had. Even Michelle would have been impressed.

Mindy chuckled as she noted all the rivulets of cum on Sue Ellen's thighs. She said to me, "That's what I call a swampy pussy! Honey, with a swamp like that, you might have to watch out for more pussy 'gators."

"Huh?" Sue Ellen asked, making eye contact with Mindy as she looked her way in confusion.

"Inside joke. Don't worry about it," my wife said to her dismissively. "Turn around."

Sue Ellen was still holding her outfit up high, and she adjusted it so that her entire ass was on display as she turned around. It was a very nice ass indeed, firm and well rounded. I could scarcely believe she was willing to hold her uniform up so high as to expose her entire ass and pussy mound! What if someone came by?!

I noticed that she was nicely tanned all over, without any tan lines at all. Her tan was between Michelle's and Ruby's in tone, as Michelle's skin was a fair deal darker than Ruby's simply because Ruby's skin was naturally much lighter. And while Sue Ellen wasn't quite as curvy as my two girls, she looked equally fit and muscular, if not more so. I was very pleasantly surprised. Most people look a lot better with clothes on than off, but Sue Ellen was the exact opposite. She looked a thousand times sexier with her drab and conservative uniform out of the way. It was like there was a world-class porn star hiding underneath the waitress.

I found myself thinking, WHOA! Impressive! This was a body well worth fucking! What an ass!

"Touch her, Honey!" my wife hissed at me excitedly. I glanced at her face. She seemed just as impressed at our waitress's hard body as I was.

Sue Ellen's bare ass was hanging there in front of me, very nearly in my face. I couldn't really help myself. I reached out and cupped her nearest ass cheek.

That was too much for Sue Ellen to take, apparently. She fell to the floor as a great orgasm hit her. She let out a few squeaks and moans, but it was clear that she was having the struggle of her life not to scream out at the top of her lungs.

I looked around and was relieved to find that the coast was still clear. Actually, it was getting fairly late and the dinner rush was long over. It seemed that Sue Ellen wasn't even being missed. However, we'd have a very big problem on our hands if she did scream uncontrollably.

I looked down at her. She was on all fours, with her medium-length, dirty-blonde hair dangling to the ground. Her uniform was still hiked up high on her waist, so her entire beautiful bubble butt was fully on display.

Mindy simply looked at that ass, and said, "Oh God! Honey, I can't take it anymore! I need to be FUCKED! NOW! Besides, my hands are about to fall off from all the stroking."

"Good idea. But how? Where?! The car?"

She looked around like a spy arranging a dead drop. "Meet me in the ladies' room! You go first!"

I nodded, and then stood up. As I started to stand, I realized my dick was still jutting out at an obscene angle, not to mention that it was soaked in cum. There was a big wet spot all around it on my slacks too, from all the cum that had dripped off here and there. I quickly stuffed it back in and tried to make myself presentable.

Mindy reached down and gave Sue Ellen a pat on her head. "Good job. We'll be back shortly. I need to go take care of my husband's massive cock!"

As I walked towards the open doorway, I looked back towards Sue Ellen. She was still on all fours, panting. God, she looked so sexy! That sight totally blew my mind.

Mindy was kneeling next to her and had pulled her outfit back down, so her ass was covered now, at least. If someone came in, they'd probably think she'd fallen and a customer was helping her back up. Mindy was whispering in her ear. I could only guess what was said, but I'm sure Mindy was both comforting and reassuring her, as well as filling her head with more sexy and submissive thoughts.

It was strange walking from our little back room into the rest of the restaurant. There were still plenty of customers there, although more towards the front. How many of them had been served by Sue Ellen? What would they give to know that she'd just been panting on all fours with her bare ass on display, ready and desperate for a good hard fucking, just one room away?

I kept walking up towards the front of the restaurant where the restrooms were. My heart was pounding about as hard as physically possible, short of a heart attack!

A wall of mental resistance hit me as I got to the door of the ladies' room. It's just one of those rules I'd always had that a guy doesn't go in there. Not only that, but it occurred to me that there very well could be one or more women already in there. It had been a near miracle that we hadn't gotten caught yet, mainly because I'd picked the most out-of-the-way table in the whole restaurant when I'd first walked in. It would really suck to cause a big scene now, if I opened the door and some old lady screamed.

I looked around, trying to act casual, like I just happened to be standing near that particular door. I thought I'd give it a minute or two to make sure the bathroom was empty, since most people don't take long before you can at least hear the sound of a toilet flushing or water running.

Since the bathroom had several stalls in it, there wasn't any lock on the main door, or at least none that I noticed. That was not good!

I was still standing there when my wife came up to me. Apparently she'd only been a minute or two with Sue Ellen. "Chicken!" she said as she playfully punched me in the arm. Talking close to my ear and quietly (even though there was no one else around), she said teasingly, "What happened to the mighty bold pussy tamer? Afraid to go into the little girl's room?"

"Hey, let's not act rash. Isn't it better for you to scope it out first?"

She rolled her eyes. "Sheesh. Fine. But hurry! The Queen is longing for her King!" She winked, pushed the door open, and walked inside.

I thought, "The Queen." I like that. This whole "King" thing is starting to grow on me, to be honest.

She hadn't been in there thirty seconds when she opened the door again, grabbed me by the collar of my jacket, and literally yanked me inside. "Come on, stud!"

I walked in, just as eager to fuck as she was, which was just about as eager to fuck as a person can possibly be.

As I unzipped my fly, I watched my wife pick a spot a few feet away from one of the sinks, and then bend over. She grabbed the sides of the sink with both hands as her upper body bent at a perfect 90-degree angle from her hips and legs. Secure in that position, she then spread her legs really wide. It was a pretty neat physical feat to manage getting into such a lewd pose, especially given the high heels she was wearing.

I'd been expecting that we would fuck in one of the stalls, but then I remembered the fantasy she'd expressed earlier about how I'd fuck Sue Ellen in the ladies' room. She was obviously in the exact same position she'd been describing to me. I couldn't let her down with that.

But still, I joked, "Hey, where's the secret lesbian orgy room? You said there were beds in there."

She laughed, but said, "Sorry, that's for ladies only. Are you gonna fuck me or WHAT?!"

"Ssssh! Keep in down! It's bad enough we're doing it out in the open; we're gonna get caught for sure!"

"No we're not. One of your new sluts is watching the door. Now, DO ME!"

It was a relief to hear that Sue Ellen was at the door, although to be honest, at this point I would have been willing to fuck right next to the front register. My balls needed release that desperately! I flipped my wife's dress up, which was something else she'd specifically mentioned to me in her little fantasy.

Then, I stepped forward and slid into her pussy, doggy-style, with one fell swoop. It was such a joy to push all the way in and find my cock fully sheathed in her tight heat. What a rush!

"UGH!" She cried out.

Seeing as I had a tad more self-control than she did at this point, I said, "Ssssh already! I'm not gonna thrust any more unless you keep quiet."

She hissed, "Damn you! Damn you, evil bastard! You're just taking me any way you want and bending me to your will! I love it!"

"I said shush already!" Her words had been fairly quiet, but I didn't want any noise from her at all.

Some long moments passed. Had I not known Sue Ellen was outside, I would have shot a load into her as fast as humanly possible. But with her there, I could afford to take my time. Now, it was a battle of wills to see who would give in first.

Actually, it wasn't much of a battle, as Mindy barely lasted half a minute. And all I'd done was push myself all the way inside her! Her pussy clenched and trembled spasmodically around my shaft while I just stood there, freaking out about how great it all felt.

After she climaxed, she certainly showed no interest in stopping. In fact, it sounded like she was just getting warmed up. "Okay! I promise I'll be quiet as a mouse!" she whispered. "Now, fuck me like an animal, you crazy fuck!"

So I started thrusting back and forth. It was strange, because I was having a wild and fantastic time, but at the same time it really got to be noticeably quiet. It seemed I could hear every last squish and thrust, every single puff of breath or scraping of shoe on the floor. I could even hear the occasional drip of a slowly leaking faucet somewhere nearby. I was pleased that it looked to be a well-cleaned bathroom (not that some dirt would have stopped us at that point).

Given how quiet everything was, I was also able to notice the sound of the door opening slightly. I turned my head around to see it was Sue Ellen. I could see her peeking in with her wide eyes.

She wasn't content just to peek, though. Her head disappeared behind the door, briefly, and then she walked all the way in.

I had been strangely unconcerned when I saw Sue Ellen at first, because I was confident she was keeping a good lookout. But she couldn't keep doing that if she was in here with us. I hissed at her, once she'd closed the door behind her, "What the fuck are you doing?!"

"Sorry, I can't help myself!" She was clutching at her pussy and heaving breasts through her outfit as she gawked at us fucking. "Too sexy!"

So much for being the all-powerful dominant over this new girl, I thought. But I was totally consumed with fucking my wife, and Sue Ellen looked so eager that I didn't want to disappoint her.

I occasionally looked Sue Ellen's way, but I couldn't pay her any more attention than that. Besides, now that she was in here instead of keeping guard outside, I had to redouble my efforts to cum pronto before all three of us got caught. There were still a fair number of customers up near the front of the restaurant, and some of them were women who had to use the ladies' room eventually, right?

Mindy had noticed Sue Ellen coming in, naturally, and it sent her level of arousal soaring into the stratosphere. I think she was pretty much cumming non-stop from the moment I started thrusting in earnest, although she was doing a damned good job keeping relatively quiet about it.

I don't know how long we fucked. I'll bet it probably wasn't long at all - less than five minutes for sure. Time lost all meaning though, so I have no way of knowing. I do know that when I started to cum, it was the most intense feeling I'd ever had yet in my entire life. I felt like my brain was melting. Really! I can't give any more details because the whole experience was one big blur of pure euphoria and erotic ecstasy.

I felt myself falling onto Mindy and that caused her knees to give way as she fell onto the tile floor. She still clung to the sink, briefly, but then let go and wound up on all fours with me slumped on top of her.

From that position I looked around, amazed that I hadn't passed out altogether. The world was starting to come back to me, now that our sexual nirvana was winding down.

Sue Ellen was standing right there above us. I could have reached out and touched her if I had an iota of energy left in my body. I could see her pussy again, because her outfit was shamelessly hiked up like before, allowing her fingers to fly all over her pussy and clit.

That wasn't that big of a surprise. But what really shocked me was when I looked to the door and saw ANOTHER waitress peeking in! She'd been gawking with just her head and shoulder peeking in and both hands on the edge of the door. I didn't get much of a look at her because as soon as she saw that I was looking at her, her wide eyes went even wider and she shut the door.

"Oh fuck!" I panted. "We're... busted!"

"What?" Mindy panted back.

"Someone ... at the... the door!" I somehow managed to say.

Sue Ellen wasn't having nearly the trouble breathing that Mindy and I were. She just said, "Oh that? Don't worry. That must have been Laura."

"Laura?" I gasped out, not feeling a whole lot better about it.

But she explained, "She's been watching the door since I couldn't take it anymore and just had to come in. She's been covering for me all evening. She kind of knows what's been happening. Not a lot, but a little."

"Ah," was all I could manage. That was all too strange for me to handle.

It was dawning on my addled brain that this Laura was another waitress and a friend of Sue Ellen's. I decided that since we seemed to be safe, at least for now, I'd just stay where I was for a while. A good long while, in fact. Standing did not seem like a good idea at all, and walking was out of the question. I'm pretty sure Mindy felt the same. If she wasn't such a cleanliness freak, I figure she would have been sleeping on the floor by now. Probably both of us would have been, for that matter.

But we really didn't have the luxury to stay there as long as we would have liked. We were in a restaurant, for crying out loud, and some women might want to use the ladies' room eventually, guard or no guard.

I'm sure Mindy was thinking the same thing, because both of us got up as soon as we could physically stand and we started to get our act together. It was nice that bathrooms are a great place for that, since we could wash up in the sink and check ourselves in the mirror.

Sue Ellen was still standing in the same spot, still masturbating and still cumming from time to time. It seems she just couldn't get enough. She was in an erotic la-la land even though the "show" had been reduced to a scene of Mindy and me using the sink. It looked like she was very frustrated that she'd been forced to only watch us fucking and couldn't join in.

I decided she could use a little more dominating, so I said, "Sue Ellen, what time do you work tomorrow?"

"Same time. Three till closing." She stopped jilling herself and dropped her head submissively. Her outfit dropped down just enough to hide her pussy, but still show off all of her fantastic, tanned legs.

"When's closing?"

"Ten. It's almost ten now. But we have to stay for a little bit afterwards to clean up."

"Really?" I was saying that more to myself in regards to the time. I had no idea it had gotten that late, but at least that explained why the restaurant had been emptying out.

I found myself looking at Sue Ellen's powerful thighs, and thought, Could I really fuck her? What a great time that would be! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Why the fuck don't I do it, if Min says it's okay? It's a hell of a lot better than fucking Shelle or Ruby. If I do fuck her, I won't be so tempted with them.

Filled with new resolve, I told Sue Ellen, "Okay, here's what you're going to do. You're going to call my wife tomorrow and give her your complete work schedule. And let her know when your friend - what's her name?"


"When your friend is working too. Do you trust her?"

"Mindy? Oh, sure! Like a sister!"

I was surprised at that, since we all had just met this evening. I clarified, "No, I mean this Laura person."

"Oh, definitely. She's a good friend. I knew her from before I started working here. We look out for each other. Like tonight."

"You mean you've had other nights like tonight?"

She laughed at the absurdity of that suggestion. "No way! In fact, I've been meaning to ask you if this kind of thing happens to waitresses a lot. You see, this is only my second day working here."

"You're kidding me!" I looked to Mindy with amazement, and she looked back at me with a surprised expression too.

Sue Ellen insisted, "No, I'm serious! I just finished my first year of college earlier in the week. I'm starting my summer job right away because I need the money. I've definitely never met anyone crazy like y'all are, anywhere!"

I exclaimed, "Man! I can't believe this is just your second day. What are the odds?! But you say you trust Laura?"

"Oh, definitely. She's nice and helpful."

"Okay. Good. And what else are you going to do tomorrow?"

"I'm going to get tested for STDs in the morning, and then break up with my boyfriend."

That last bit shocked me. I'd forgotten about that. But I rolled with it, "Good. And are you going to see any other new boyfriends?"

"No, sir. Not unless you give permission, sir." After a long pause, she said with great shyness, "And I wouldn't want you to."

I found that thrilling. Does she want to be only with me? She does! Whoa! And she's such a hot, sexy, young thing. Today really is my lucky day!

Still, I kept my cool. "Good. You've been very naughty tonight, Sue Ellen. Do you know that?"

"Yes, sir." She dropped her head down even more abjectly.

"You came in here when you weren't supposed to and watched me fuck my wife. For that, you will be punished. Spanked. But not tonight. Soon."

Her voice trembled as she answered, "Yes, sir."

Seeing I was done with my line of questioning, Mindy asked, devilishly, "You belong to my husband now, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

That answer floored me. Even after everything that happened already, somehow that really made things hit home for me. What the hell?! I mean, we only met Sue Ellen a couple of hours ago, and now she supposedly belongs to me? What does that even mean? Are we just acting out a fantasy or is this serious?! Can people really change that quickly?

Mindy waved a hand through the air dismissively. "No need to call me 'ma'am.' I'm not your mistress. I may assist from time to time, but Dan is in charge of you from now on. And by the way, you'll be glad to know that he doesn't share his toys with any other guys."

Sue Ellen let out a visible sigh of relief hearing that.

My devilish wife asked her, "Now, what do you think we'll see when we get outside?"

Sue Ellen straightened up and seemingly used a less submissive tone in responding to Mindy. "Um... Well, the restaurant should be pretty much empty by now. One or two stragglers, maybe. It should be safe."

"Who's still working?" Mindy asked.

"It should be down to just Laura, Josie, and me, plus the manager and kitchen staff."

"Who's the manager?" my wife pressed.

"Paula's her name."

She asked, "Is she hot?"

"Um, no. Not really. Plus, there's Sonia in back. She's probably still there."

"Is she a danger?"

"Yeah! Definitely. She's the owner. But she only comes out of her office if it's super busy or if there's a special problem."

Mindy nodded. "Okay, thanks. Hubby, why don't you head to the car? I'll go back to our table and pay the bill. Oh, and I have to pick up a certain someone's bra and panties." She winked at Sue Ellen.

It blew my mind to recall Sue Ellen's undies were still back at our table. Plus, what happened to Mindy's panties? "Okay, but leave a big tip. A very big tip. I liked our service tonight. Especially our waitress. In fact, I think I'll keep her."

It was really cute to see how much Sue Ellen blushed and scraped her feet across the floor in a giddy yet bashful 'awww shucks' manner. It was just like she was the plain and shy girl who'd been unexpectedly asked to the prom by the hottest boy in school.

So I made my way to the car after Sue Ellen had checked to make sure the coast was clear.

Mindy joined me in the car... eventually. She'd taken a good ten minutes or more to come outside.

"What was that all about?" I asked as she opened the door and got into the passenger's seat.

"Talking to our Southern belle some more. More baby steps. Laying the groundwork."

It was dark, but I was able to look over at her from where I sat in the driver's seat and give her a skeptical glare. "Laying the groundwork for what? How much more groundwork can there be? I've never seen anyone so submissive in my life already. My God! She was so... willing. What did you say to her?"

"You'll find out in due time," she responded with an enigmatic smile.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's like what I was saying before, about there being bad secrets and good secrets, like keeping a birthday party a surprise. This definitely qualifies as a good secret of the surprise party variety. You just kick back and enjoy yourself while I do all the work to get you some prime sexpot pussy on a regular basis. Young, tight, hot pussy! Impaled on the King!"

I shook my head in wonder. My wife was more excited about this than even I was, it seemed.

She went on, "Although, to be honest, you didn't even need my help back there. You were magnificent! The way you took charge? Oh my God! Like the way you said, 'I'll take a slice of cheesecake and your bra!' Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! I'm never gonna forget that line! I can't even think about it right now or I'm gonna need you to fuck me all over again."

I smiled in remembrance. "Yeah. That was pretty sweet. I don't know what came over me. But where are we going?"

"Home, you doof. Unless you prefer to drive around and seduce other waitresses!" She delighted in that, having a good laugh.

"No, I mean, where are we going with this whole thing? Like you asking if the manager was hot. You're not content to see me just with Sue Ellen, you're already working on some other woman you've never even seen!"

She smiled with chagrin. "Yeah, I guess I was overreaching a little bit there. Still, just think how sweet it could have been if she was a good submissive fuck too. You could walk in there at any time and say, 'Let's see. I'll take the cheesecake, your bra, oh, and that cute waitress over there. Oh, and tell that extra busty redheaded customer in front to meet me in back. I fancy a titfuck!'"

I laughed out loud. "You're a case, you know that? That's supposed to be MY fantasy. Anyway, let's get home." I turned on the ignition and started to back the car out of its parking space. "And no more 'recruiting' until I say so, okay? Sue Ellen was this totally lucky thing that just happened, somehow. I wanna see what happens with her. But other than that, I've got my hands full at home."

"Yeah! Full of gloriously bouncy teenage tits!" There was no jealousy in her comment whatsoever. It fact, she was loving that fact to the point that she could barely keep still about it.

I just rolled my eyes and sighed theatrically as I pulled the car out onto the road.

Mindy deliberately laughed in 'Bwa-ha-ha-ha!' fashion like the stereotypical evil genius madman about to play the pipe organ, no doubt just to get a reaction from me.

Getting serious again, she said, "By the way, if things work out with Sue Ellen, that could help a lot with the looming situation at home."

"How do you figure? Doesn't it just make things worse, with more secrets to hide?"

"Maybe. But there's no way you can stop having sexual fun with these teen hotties - that would be crazy! So the question is how to keep it a secret from Nicky. If you could play around at Mama Mia's instead of home, that would help."

I scoffed, "Playing around at a restaurant? That might work once or twice, but I'd be pushing my luck beyond that."

"Maybe, maybe not. We'll see. Then there's Sue Ellen's place. You could have fun over there, and that would be totally safe! See? Problem solved!"

"Not so fast. We don't even know where she lives! She could live with her family, or roommates, or who knows what?"

"Still, it's a possibility. I forgot to ask. She's going to college, so the odds are good she's not with her family. And if she's got roommates, they're going to be female. Just seduce them too, and problem solved!"

I rolled my eyes. "Dream on."

Before long, Mindy went silent, and that gave me some time to contemplate while I drove the car.

Frankly, the whole experience was an epiphany for me. I'd fought so long against what I thought were embarrassing and immoral things. But the more I tried them, the more I loved them. Sex in public was scary. My heart was constantly pounding so hard I worried about a heart attack. I was hating it, but at the same time I was having the time of my life. The pleasure definitely outmatched the pain or the fear, though had a cop come by and arrested us I'm sure the equation would have flipped over.

I wanted more, a lot more!

When we got home, there was no sign of Ruby being around. However, Michelle was still up and waiting for us.

I was actually surprised to see her fully dressed. She looked just like the "old" Michelle, back before the teasing began. Although she was showing off an impressive amount of cleavage. But I was too tired to let it affect me, for once.

Mindy and I shuffled past her as we headed to the stairs.

"Hey, you two," she said. "What's up with you? You both look like you're barely alive."

"Nail, meet head," I said as I kept moving, shortening the "you hit the nail on the head" idiom. I kissed the top of her blonde hair, but that was all.

Mindy elaborated a bit more as she also tromped on by. "Too tired. Can't talk. Tomorrow. Tonight, sleep."

Michelle looked incredulous. "Jesus, what happened to you two? You're not THAT old."

Mindy stopped on the stairs she'd been climbing and shot back a brief evil glare in response to that. "Long story. Lots of sex. Orgasms? Hell, yeah! I must have cum twenty, maybe thirty times. You have NO idea what happened. Long story. ... Tomorrow. I'll tell you tomorrow. Good-night."

Michelle's eyes simply bugged out in stunned disbelief. "Wait. What? Thirty times?! And I don't even get a real Daddy good-night kiss? No fair!"

"Sorry," I muttered.

My daughter complained, "I had plans, big plans! I was going to do a sexy striptease, and everything!"

I thought, Ah. That explains her clothes. And I thought she was taking it easy on me, for once.

Mindy didn't reply, but when she reached the top of the stairs a short ways behind me, she checked to see that Michelle was still looking up at her, and then she bunched up her dress until her entire bare ass could be seen by her daughter.

"Mom! What happened to your panties?!"

"Daddy handed them to the waitress. Our sexy, sexy waitress. Oh, and he took her panties and her bra. Good-night, and sleep tight!" She walked out of sight, chortling a sneaky laugh, knowing that comment would help fuel a few good orgasms for an awestruck Michelle before she finally fell asleep.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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