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Chapter 21

(Friday, May 24th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I woke up the next morning to the sound of Michelle yelling, "Tickle attack!"

This, I was somewhat used to.

But then I heard a second voice, Ruby's voice, also yelling, "Tickle attack!"

This was new! It wasn't completely unexpected after everything that had happened to me lately, but it was a bit of a shocker, especially with my brain still kicking into gear. Since it was Friday, I expected Mindy to be at work already, but what was Ruby doing here so early?

Then there was a big thud on either side of me as first Michelle and then Ruby threw themselves at my bed.

I opened my eyes to see Michelle with her fingers outstretched like they were claws. She was walking on her knees up my bed from where she'd landed to get closer to my face. She was wearing the same harem pajama outfit as she'd had on the morning before (and other days), probably going with the strategy of not messing with success. The only difference was her top. It was from the same ensemble, but this time it was an open vest instead of a blouse. It covered a bit of her shoulders and probably some of her back, but otherwise mostly hung underneath her arms, essentially covering nothing of any importance at all.

That meant that my daughter's stupendous breasts were completely exposed and swinging free!

I gawked shamelessly. Lord Almighty, my baby girl has utterly, fantastically, HUGE tits! And furthermore, she was proud of them. She knew that to have breasts that big and yet without any sag or deformed shape or misplaced nipples or any other flaw was truly a one-in-a-million lucky break, and she took full advantage.

Sure, I was well aware already just how heavy they were, but the subtle way they swayed ever so slightly with her movement was... well, let's just say that I'm pretty sure she had to know exactly what she was doing with the way she was oscillating her shoulders and occasionally dragging her nipples on the sheets as she crawled towards me like a some kind of ravenous sex-beast. She knew her bare breasts could get any heterosexual male erect, no matter what the time or place. There was just no way to resist!

Then I turned my head a bit and saw Ruby doing the same thing, walking on her knees up my bed on the other side of me. Her fingers were outstretched too, and she wore a great big grin. I was surprised to see that she was wearing a harem outfit too. I didn't know they were so common. And not just any harem outfit - some transparent gauze covered her arms and her legs, and she had a Middle Eastern-looking tiara on her forehead and a veil coming out of it. But the veil went up and backwards, covering her hair and leaving her beautiful face exposed.

Looking closer, I noticed that she had a jewel in her belly button, probably made of glass.

And that was it! Her big breasts weren't covered, nor was her pussy, nor her ass. What little fabric there was stayed well clear of any of her private places.

My God, what a body! My two girls! About the only thing that could get me to tear my eyes off Michelle's body was Ruby's body, and vice versa. Ruby's breasts weren't quite as big as Michelle's and didn't jut out quite as much, but so what? They were still frigging E-cups, and were incredibly mouth-watering to gaze at. Like Michelle's there were no flaws anywhere, not only on her chest but on her whole body. I understand that magazine centerfolds are usually airbrushed to erase scars and the like, but there was no need for an airbrush artist with these two.

WOW! My girls! My naked, naughty harem girls! I hadn't woken with morning wood, but for some reason that was no longer a problem. What a great way to wake up! How could I not want to fuck them both, right away? If only I didn't have so many memories of these two when they were younger. God, it feels so wrong being with them sexually in any way, but I can't resist at least partially giving in!

Both girls reached me at the same time. Seeing that my eyes were open, they showed no mercy. A two-on-one tickle attack is a pretty unfair thing. But the actual tickle part didn't last very long. Michelle was much more interested in kissing than tickling, and once her lips met mine and we started to make out, all thoughts of tickling flew out the window with her.

I'm pretty sure they'd had a prearranged plan, because they worked fast. While Michelle kept me distracted with her kisses and rubbing her big bare tits and hard nipples all over my chest, Ruby pulled down the sheets and covers, letting my rampant erection spring free.

No sooner did that happen than Ruby sat between my legs and brought her feet up to my groin. She was still obeying the rule against touching my cock with hands or lips, but she took full advantage of the foot exception. Within a matter of seconds, she was effectively jacking me off with both feet!

Then Michelle brought my hands up to her chest so I could play with her jutting globes while we continued to kiss. Needless to say, my "little girl" was not so little anymore! Her sweater meat simply overflowed my open palms as she encouraged me to grope her shamelessly while engaging me in a tongue duel that was already leaving me breathless.

All in all, it was a truly awesome way to wake up!

But they were in a hurry for some reason. Only a minute or two after I'd really started to go to town on her nipples, Michelle suddenly pulled away.

Ruby gave up on her footjob and crawled up my body. "Don't I get a good morning kiss too, Daddy?"

"Of course you do, Daughter."

She loved that word and practically suffocated me with her passionate and intense necking. Of course, with breasts as big as Ruby's it was nearly impossible for her lips to meet mine without her heaving rack crashing into my chest. No doubt, there were two small indentations in my skin where her erect nipples pressed hard.

I could guess at the preparations they had gone through by the fact that Ruby's tits were slightly oiled up, enabling them to freely slide all over me. I could picture the two girls oiling up each other's bosoms and talking excitedly about what they were going to do to me, and that caused my dick to lurch with a particularly intense surge of pleasure.

Meanwhile, Michelle took up Ruby's spot between my legs and got her feet busy on my cock. She'd never actually directly stimulated my boner before, so this was a pretty exciting first for both of us. It was hard for me to stay focused on that though, given the way Ruby was, for all intents and purposes, assaulting me with her love. I couldn't see anything of what she was doing to me either, due to Ruby's hot French kisses.

Michelle had obviously learned from watching Ruby's footjob the day before, and quickly brought her toes into play, trapping the cockhead between her big toe and the rest. It was a very tight and pleasurable fit. So far, nobody had said much, but as her toes slid up and down my shaft much like fingers, she asked me, "Okay, Daddy, spill the beans. What happened last night? I'm dying to find out about this 'sexy, sexy waitress!'"

I made some "Mmmmpphf!" sounds to indicate I could hardly explain anything while Ruby's tongue was inside my mouth and trying to reach my tonsils.

After a few more demands that I talk, Michelle finally reached up and slapped Ruby's bare ass. "Come on, Ruby, don't you want to know too?"

Eventually, Ruby relented so I could speak. She resorted to licking, nibbling, and kissing me all around my jaw, ears, and neck instead. I was already noticing that she really liked to do that. Plus, I had my hands full of her heavy breasts, so that was keeping her just as happy as Michelle's feet still playing with my rock-hard erection was keeping me happy. It seemed that every time I gave Ruby's tits a strong squeeze, it made her let out a loud and sexy moan. I was having a lot of fun experimenting with that.

Finally, my mouth was free, and I said, "Boy, I'm really starting to like these tickle attacks. But what time is it?"

"Hey! No small talk!" My demanding daughter complained. "It's practically ten o'clock, you lazy bones, but that's not important. What's important is that you spill the beans! As if Mom's ass flash last night wasn't intriguing enough, not to mention her panty comment, this morning she woke me up right as she was heading out the door to work and she made some totally maddeningly vague comment about how you found some kind of new 'pussy slave' last night. What's that all about?"

"Yeah!" Ruby agreed. "Tell us, Daddy! Was she talking about one of our friends?! Is it this mysterious waitress?!"

I sighed. With Michelle's toes essentially jacking me off, I had no willpower to resist answering the question. "No, this has nothing to do with any of your friends. By the way, are any of them coming over today?"

"Daaaaaddyyyy!" Michelle whined. Her frustration didn't stop her in the slightest from jacking me off with her feet, though.

I said, "Okay, I'll tell you. But only if you stop it with that toe trick, Shelle, or I'll be cumming before I even get out of bed."

"And that's a BAD thing?" Ruby purred like a vixen on the prowl, as she arched an eyebrow at me. "We want you to stay in bed all day and play with your two new sex toys."

Damn, they were really trying to get me to cum! I looked around, playing dumb. "Where are these toys? Did Mindy buy some new dildos?"

"No! US!" they both said at once, with agitation and impatience. They even arched their backs and thrust their great racks towards me at the same time.

Their enthusiasm was intoxicating. So was the smell of aroused pussy. Huh. It seems they well and truly loved the idea of being sex toys. MY sex toys! That goes against everything I've ever learned about feminism and women wanting to be treated as equals. I can't understand it. Who wants to be demeaned and treated as an object? Not me!

Even though my hands were already on Ruby's breasts, she grabbed one of my hands and brought it to her nearest ass cheek instead. "We're your toys. I want you to play with me. With us!"

She obviously noticed the incredulous look in my eyes, because she elaborated, "I know, I know, you're thinking we can't really mean that, but we do! Sexual slavery is not a burden if you're enslaved to the one you love. Then it becomes the greatest joy!"

I was still blinking owlishly, not comprehending. "Sexual slavery?!" Whoa! Where did THAT come from?! Talk about over the top sex talk!

Ruby grew impatient and brought things to a more lusty level. She guided my hand all over her nearest ass cheek. "Feel that ass! You know how many hours I work on exercising my glutes to make my butt that fuckably firm? For Daddy! For YOU! When I get tired from jogging or swimming or whatever, I make myself keep going. For you, my Daddy! So he'll want to play with me and fuck me and let me suck his cock! That's what I always say to myself. 'For Daddy.' It's like my mantra."

Michelle added, "Me too! That's how we drive each other on to do one more rep on the exercise machine. 'For Daddy!' Do you know how long we've been waiting and how hard we've been working to perfect our bodies for you?!"

I was pretty amazed at that, but I tried not to show it. I did know they were nearly fanatical with exercising and eating right, and it showed. For me? Why? What did I do to deserve that?! This is nuts! Especially after what happened last night with Sue Ellen. Oh God, Sue Ellen! Yesterday, I mentally opened myself to sex with women other than my wife, and suddenly the entire world turns upside down!

Not knowing what to say about any of that, I simply asked, "Do you two want to listen or not?"

"We're listening!" they both practically screamed simultaneously.

Despite my hands and their hands still wandering all over each other's bodies, I tried to sound bored and matter-of-fact as I said, "Okay. It's like this. So Mindy and I went out to eat at Mama Mia's. We were served by this attractive and busty young waitress named Sue Ellen."

"How busty?!" Michelle urgently interrupted. That seemed to be a very important point with her.

"I'm not sure. She said she's a C-cup, but I think she's more like a D-cup. Anyway, after I ordered Mindy to take her panties off and put them on the table - which she did, by the way - I decided that I wanted Sue Ellen's panties too. So I told her to give me her panties. And she did."

Michelle exclaimed, "WHAAAAT?!"

But I ignored her, and continued, "Then I told her to give me her bra. And she did that too. Then I decided I wanted her as my pussy slave." Actually, nobody had used that term last night at all, but the Hellions had claimed Mindy mentioned it this morning, and I wanted to shock them with my language as much as they were shocking me.

The looks on their flabbergasted faces were priceless.

I went on, "I had her show me her drooling pussy while Mindy openly jacked me off in the middle of the restaurant."

My two girls nearly fainted on the spot. They actually clutched onto each other, like they were afraid of falling.

I concluded, "Finally, I took Mindy to the ladies' room and fucked her hard doggy-style while Sue Ellen stood there watching us and fingering herself. After that, I told her that she would break up with her boyfriend so she can serve me exclusively as my latest pussy slave. Naturally, she agreed. End of story." I faked a yawn, like I'd grown bored just thinking about all that.

Michelle and Ruby looked at each other with wide eyes and even wider, gaping mouths.

Ruby finally said, "I don't believe it! Do you believe it? He's making that up! Michelle, what do you think?"

"I don't care, I just know that it's HOT! Gaawwwd, that's so hot!"

"Well, yeah, DUH! But is it true?!" Ruby pressed, as I continued to fondle her ass cheeks. "If it's true, it could change EVERYTHING!"

Michelle was more hesitant. She'd stopped her more languid footjob as she pondered the issue. Surprisingly, she took a relatively calm approach. "I don't know. Daddy, that didn't really happen in the middle of the restaurant, did it?"

"Okay," I conceded, "that's a bit of a stretch. Maybe not in the middle, where everyone could see. But it did all happen inside the restaurant."

"Hmmm," Ruby said suspiciously, as she licked and nibbled her way from my ear down my neck. "I don't think he's telling us everything. But is at least some of it true? That would be so AWESOME!"

Michelle had followed my instructions and stopped jacking me off with her toes. But she was still giving me a footjob by trapping my stiffness between both soles of her feet. Acting like she'd been doing that for years, she answered in a casual tone, "I kind of believe it. Maybe even all of it. I mean, look at us. We're practically totally naked in our cute little harem outfits, hoping to do nothing but suck and fuck our handsome horse-cocked daddy all day long. If it happened to us, then why not this Sue Ellen?"

"Yeah," Ruby agreed, "but we've known and loved Daddy basically since we were born. We know how lovable and studly he is. We'd do anything for him, just like he'd do anything for us. But this Sue Ellen, if she exists, she doesn't know him from a hole in the ground."

"True," Michelle said, "but look at our girl friends. Even the ones who hardly know him totally wanna fuck him. He's just got 'it'... ya know? And now that he's getting all assertive, heck, anything could happen!" Satisfied with that conclusion, she turned her full attention back to her footjob.

"Yeah, that's true," Ruby conceded. Then she resumed licking my neck. "But Daddy. What do you need a new pussy slave for when you won't even allow us to stroke or blow you? We wanna be your full service pussy slaves too!"

Michelle eagerly added, "Yeah! Full service! Not just with our feet, but every part of our bodies!" Clearly, she was getting frustrated having to limit herself to a footjob.

Ruby asked, "What's she like, anyway, this Sue Ellen?"

"Okay," I said, "first of all, it's all true. I swear! Have I ever lied to you?"

"YES!" They both said at once.


Michelle complained, "All the time, with your dumb pranks and silly jokes. Sometimes, you're as bad as Mom."

"Okay, that's true. I forgot about that. But I never lie about the important stuff, and I'm not lying now. Ask Mindy! Call her up. And if you won't believe her or me, I'll take you both to Mama Mia's today and you can see for yourself."

Ruby said, "Hrm. He seems pretty sincere. And pretty convincing."

Michelle grumbled, "I suppose we'll take your word for it... provisionally. Assuming it is true, what's this Sue Ellen like? Is she beautiful? More beautiful than us?"

I thought, As if it's possible anybody could be MORE beautiful than my girls! Maybe AS beautiful, but not more. I honestly replied, "Sue Ellen is very hot and very fit. I found myself wondering what on Earth she was doing as a waitress when she could be a model or something. That said, you two are in a league of your own. All that working out really paid off, because you're both completely irresistible."

They made high-five gestures in the air towards each other, even though their hands didn't come close to reaching.

Ruby reached for my hands and pulled them to her E-cups. "And she doesn't have tits like we do, does she? Would you rather play with mere C-cups or these?"

Once she got me started, I couldn't stop. I hefted her huge melons from below. "You girls have impressive endowments, that's for sure."

Ruby sat back, planting her hands behind her. That allowed her to arch her back and thrust her tits forward. "Mmmm! Daddy, they're yours! I'll be your pussy slave! Your any kind of slave! I belong to you!"

"Me too!" Michelle was quick to add. She tilted her head forward towards my crotch. She got so close that she was able to puff air on my cockhead, but she managed to keep her footjob going all the while. "ARGH! So frustrating! I'm fiiiiiiiiinally getting to play with Daddy's cock, but it's like I have to use oven mitts. Can I at least blow on it a little bit? Like this?" She blew another puff of air, making me shiver with delight.

It took all my willpower to stay relatively calm and collected. "That brings me to my next point. I've decided that I was a little too strict on the rules. I think, perhaps, if you two don't overdo it, handjobs could be okay too."

Ruby froze and then turned to stare at Michelle. They both locked eyes silently for a long moment, and then shrieked, "YEAY! YEAY! YEAAAAYYY!"

"Now, furthermor-" I started to say. My next point was going to be a serious talk about the need not to get too carried away. But I should have brought that up first, because they went wild.

They started screaming different things at that point, but it was mostly, "HANDJOBS!" as both of them rushed down to my groin.

Within seconds, there were four hands on my erection! Both girls huffed and puffed like they were on the verge of hyperventilating. I couldn't believe how excited they were! But there was a problem: all four hands were trying to move up and down on my mere eight inches at once, and it wasn't working.

I laughed. "Hold on, you two. That's too many hands. Besides, that was just a spur-of-the-moment decision I made, probably far too influenced by your sexy non-clothes and your inexplicable but sexy devotion. I need to confirm this with the big boss. Shelle, can you get me the phone?"

"NO! Get it yourself!"

That surprised me, but then I realized that she was adamant in not wanting to let go of my cock. I laughed, then reached and managed to reach for it on my own.

I thought, Damn, I'm probably going to Hell now. This is soooo wrong. These are the girls I was carpooling around for years, back when they had braces and Shelle had a long ponytail. But how can I help myself? It's really true that they're just too sexy to resist! Maybe if I give in on this, I can remain firmer on the other, more important stuff. The key thing is that I can never, ever, ever fuck them. That would be criminal!

Ruby squealed, "OhmygodohmygodohmyGOD! Michelle, my HANDS are holding Daddy's COCK! Stroking it, even! OH MY GOD! Pinch me! This can't be happening for real!"

"I KNOW!" Michelle shrieked back. "Oh my god! Oh my god! OH MY GOD!" She stared at her hands, and Ruby's hands, with wide-eyed wonder. So far, they weren't actually doing much stroking due to a hand traffic jam of sorts, plus they were both bouncing on the bed so excitedly that it was a wonder they were managing to still grip my shaft.

I let out a very loud "SSSSH!" to quiet the continuing "Oh my god's," "Pinch me's," and other squeals of joy. Once they more or less quieted down, I hit Mindy's speed dial button and she soon answered it.

"Hey, love of my life," I said to Min. "Got a minute?"

She replied, "For you, anything, my sweet Honey. What's up? What's all that excited shrieking in the background? Oh, and by the way, I just want to say that I'm a total wreck today! My body's recovered from last night, more or less, but my mind is still reeling. Every time I see a woman in the halls, I picture you snapping your fingers at her and saying, 'I'll take a slice of cheesecake and your bra.' It's soooo cool!" She giggled and squealed just like a teenager and not the professional businesswoman in an office that she really was.

I laughed. "You really liked that line, huh?"

"You have no idea. What's all that whining and complaining in the background? It sounded like a hell of a lot of happy squealing just a moment ago."

"Oh, that's the Gruesome Twosome. They're telling me to get on with it already, since they can't hear your side of the call, and they're arguing with each other over who gets to hold my cock."

"Excuse me?! EXCUSE ME?! Did you say 'hold my cock?!'" She probably would have shouted "hold my cock," except she was at her office.

"I did." I have to admit, I was beyond delighted, and proud to be admitting this. All of my guilt and worries had flown out the window, as lust and desire surged through me like a series of tsunamis. I boasted proudly, "I made a command decision. I decided to loosen the rules around here a bit. The new rule is that handjobs are okay too. There are four soft feminine hands on my erection right now."

"FOUR hands?!"


Michelle shouted quite loudly, "Mom! I'm holding Daddy's cock! For real! It's so hot and ALIVE!"

Ruby added, "I'm holding it too! And it's WAY better than any practice dildo!"

I chuckled. I said to my wife, "Pretty amazing, huh? They just started a minute or two ago. I thought I'd call you to make sure that you're cool with it too, before things go any further."

Mindy was stunned, but obviously a happy kind of stunned. She whispered breathlessly, "Any further? How far?"

"Yeah, well... hard to say at this point, no pun intended. My cock is covered in eager little fingers. I can't see any of it! But neither girl can really get started stroking 'cos they won't give up any real estate to the other. It's kind of a Mexican standoff."

Mindy quipped, "A Mexican jack off, you mean."

I laughed. "In truth, it seems they're holding off on doing more until you give the word. So, are you okay with it?"

"Okay? Okay?! I've never been more 'okay' about anything! You just opened the floodgates over here! You can't just say my pussy is wet; it's more like I just dropped a bucketful of cum on the floor!"

I laughed again.

She added, "From now on, whenever you call me, I'm going to have to be prepared and sit on a towel! I'm soooo... fucking... boiling... HOT! I want you to come here and fuck me right now!"

I put a hand over the receiver and spoke to Ruby and Michelle, since they'd stopped bickering and were eagerly awaiting the verdict. "Mindy gives the thumbs up. She wants me to come over there and put out the fire in her pussy with a cum bath."

"YEAY! YEAH!" There was a lot more cheering.

Mindy said, "I heard that, and the cheering too. But I'm not joking. That's EXACTLY what I want you to do!"

"Yeah, well, you know I'd love to, but I don't think these two are gonna let me go anytime soon."

"Damn! If only I didn't have this important meeting at three, I'd be over there in a flash! Can you at least keep me updated from time to time? And use the video camera, for crying out loud! This needs to be documented! It's a downright historic moment for the Cooper family!"

I laughed. "Will do. Now, I've really got to go. These two are fit to burst. Love you."

"Wait. Can I speak to Michelle? I want to talk to her about how she likes her job at the video store and if she wants to take on more hours."

"You're kidding me."

"Ha-ha! Gotcha! As if! Get those fingers stroking already! Love you. Bye!"

"Wait, wait, wait!" Michelle screamed. "Don't hang up! Mom, you still there?"

Michelle's head was a good three feet from the receiver, but she was able to hear Mindy reply, "I'm still here."

Michelle yelled towards the phone, "Mom, it's happening! It's totally happening! Ruby and I are holding his cock! And it feels soooo good! I mean, the footjob was awesome, but this is like... Oh my god! It's so... AAAAAH!" She was speechless as she couldn't find the word to explain her joy.

Mindy spoke up so the girls could hear. "I can imagine! I can just picture your dainty hands trying to wrap around all those fat inches of hot cock! Are your greedy little fingers lubed up from his pre-cum?"

"YES!" Ruby replied triumphantly. "It feels soooo good. And tasty, too!" She briefly bent down and licked one of her fingers. That came dangerously close to having her lick my cock, since her finger was still wrapped around it when she licked it.

I shuddered with intense pleasure as I saw and felt her do that. I was surprised at how disappointed I felt when I saw her head pull away as she finished her brief lick.

"Good!" Mindy said. "Just wait! Just wait until he cums and shoots his hot stuff all over your faces! And down your throat! Oh sweet Jesus, I'm getting so hot over here! I'm boiling up in this damn suit! I can picture my Dan unloading and all that tasty cum shooting toward your-"

I cut in, "Min! Stop! Can't someone overhear you?"

"No, I keep telling you! A thousand times, no!"

"Well, I still don't think it's safe, hearing you talk like that."

"Dammit, Dan! You meanie! I'm so pissed I'm missing out! You damn well better record every single second of the action or I'm gonna... Ooooh! I don't know what I'll do, but just do it!"

I laughed. "Okay, okay. Now, I really have to go. These two are more than a little distracting." The truth was, there were still four hands holding me, and the sheer number of hands had saved me for a while. But there had been slight jostling and movement all the while, and now the movement came together and the four hands were starting to act as one. Twenty fingers were sliding up and down my shaft! It was subtle at first, but growing more blatant with each passing second.

Mindy was panting. "I'll bet. Cover 'em in your sweet cum, Honey! Their faces, their big breasts, everything! When I come home, I wanna see your cock slaves soaked in semen from head to toe!"

"Bye!" I hung up the phone. I looked down and saw the girls staring with fascination as their twenty-fingered "hand" started to find a good jacking rhythm. They both looked fit to burst with excitement.

I was fit to burst too, but burst with cum! Jeee-sus! They actually hadn't stroked me much yet, and four hands at once meant zero finesse, but the whole situation was so terribly exciting that I was in danger of cumming already.

But Mindy's comments gave me an idea that would help me buy time. I said to the girls, "New plan. Mindy doesn't want to miss out on these 'historic' moments, so we're going to try to document this on video. Whoever reaches the video camera first gets to jack me off first."

The two of them suddenly leapt off of bed and ran out of my room. I was surprised and a bit chagrined at how quickly they abandoned my erection.

I kicked back with my hands behind my head and thought, It's good to be the king! Then I remembered the new nickname for my penis and chuckled as I amended that thought: It's even better to be the King!

I was surprised by how fast the two girls managed to get the camera and run back into my bedroom. I only had a minute or two for my boner to recover from a near climax, which wasn't nearly enough to fully come down from the edge. They both leaped onto my bed, but Michelle was the one who was holding up the camera triumphantly.

She did a little dance sitting up on her knees with the camera above her head. "Oh baby, oh baby," she chanted as she made some jerky dance moves that set her breasts bouncing and crashing into each other.

Ruby complained, "It's not fair! She LIVES here! Of course she knows where the camera is! Rigged, I tells ya, rigged!"

I chuckled at that. "Good point, daughter of mine. I'll find a way to make it up to you soon enough. Meanwhile, Shelle, please hand Ruby the camera and wait until she's recording before you get near the King."

"Mmmm... The King..." Michelle breathed reverently as she waited. "I swear, lately, I start to salivate whenever I hear that word."

"Me too!" Ruby agreed. "Especially since yesterday, watching the way Mindy was sucking on it, and loving it with her lips!"

"Hey!" Michelle complained. "Less talking, more recording! So we can get down to some serious King lovin' time ourselves. Are you ready yet?"

"Ready!" She wiggled her bare ass saucily as she said that. I could see the rivulets of cum flowing down her thighs.

Michelle's hands were already hovering inches from my erection on all sides. She immediately grasped it.

"Hey," I said, "before you start jerking that thing just any which way-"

"Daddy! Chill! I've been practicing this for a long time with dildos and such. You have no idea how long I've been practicing and waiting for this moment! I know just what to do. Like, I know this spot right here is your most sensitive spot, isn't it?" She started rubbing the really sensitive spot just under my cockhead.

I couldn't help but moan with pleasure at that. Shelle is really jacking me off! And she's fucking topless in her insanely sexy harem outfit!

"You see?" she said proudly. "I know just how much you love stimulation of the frenulum."

"Is that what it's called?" I asked, panting already. "That spot?"

"Yep! How could you not know that? We like to call it your 'sweet spot' since that's what Mom calls it. And look: my other hand is tickling its way down your corpus spongiosum to your testicles, because Mom says-"

Still trying to slow her down some, I asked, "Wait, what was that?"

"'Corpus spongiosum?' That's sort of the ridge on this side." Her rubbing around there felt great. "I know the names and properties of every single part, backwards and forwards. Ruby does too. We've been preparing so much for this! This is like the culmination of such a great dream that I almost want to cry! And Mom gave us all kinds of good tips on what you like best!"

Although she was talking to me, her gaze was locked on her sliding fingers. She stuck her tongue out, which she sometimes did when she was really concentrating on something.

Ruby eagerly added, "Basically, if she can do it, we can do it too!"

Michelle nodded. "Like this. You know this corkscrew move she does this right here, and at the same time does this to the corona?"

She leaned forward and blew on the tip while sliding her fingers up and down with both hands in a certain way that I really loved.

"JESUS H. CHRIST!" I practically screamed out at the top of my lungs. Not only did her moves feel great, but she was using a special technique my wife had developed over the years. I was staggered that Michelle was already doing it like an old pro.

"On a pogo stick," she finished for me as she giggled. "I told you, I know what I'm doing. But still, it feels so GREAT to actually do it on your REAL LIVE COCK! Oh my God! I have Daddy's hot, throbbing cock in my hands! Ruby, you're gonna looooove this!"

Ruby threw a pillow at Michelle in frustration while still keeping the camera steady. "Don't rub it in! Do you know how hard it is to be this close and yet still be so far?"

But Michelle couldn't resist. She purred triumphantly, "But I am rubbing it in. I'm rubbing it in, out, up, down, back and forth, and every possible way! Mmmm!"

I felt bad for Ruby. So I said, "Okay. It's Ruby's turn."

Michelle was gobsmacked. "What?! I was just getting started! That wasn't even a minute!"

I said between labored breaths, "It was more than that, and you know it."

"But still!" She leaned down and puffed on my sweet spot, trying to make the most of her limited time.

I said, "Okay, it's not that much time, but maybe Ruby won't have it very long, either. It's just that I don't think it's fair to make her watch and wait, especially since the contest WAS rigged."

Michelle seemed crushed. She looked like she was going to cry, as she contemplated letting go of my shaft altogether. I was surprised at how strong her feelings were. It seemed crazy! I didn't want to have her end on such a sad note, so I said, "Hand it over. But as you go, you can give the tip a kiss. A really brief one though! Just a peck!"

That brightened her all up. She resumed jacking me off as she leaned in and pecked the tip of my cockhead. I was relieved that she stopped with that. However, she whispered to my erection, "Thanks, Daddy! There will be a lot more where that came from!" She stuck her tongue out towards it, but caught herself just in time.

Ruby handed the camera off to Michelle as they also handed off my boner. She immediately covered my erection with both hands. "I know what I'm doing too! See? How's this feel?"

"God dammit! How'd you know that?!" I complained. No sooner did she have my dick in her hands than she started pressing really intently on the frenulum, my super sensitive spot, while rubbing her thumb over my piss hole, AND kneading my balls with her other hand in a certain way that Mindy had learned I particularly liked. In fact, everything she was doing were special moves my wife knew I loved.

"DAMN!" I bitched, even though I was loving life. "Did Mindy teach you EVERYTHING?!" The thing was, I wanted to draw this out, so I was frustrated that they were probably going to make me cum very quickly.

"I think so," Michelle giggled happily as she held the camera. She kissed its top side, and then said, "Thanks, Mom!" Then she added, "If you think that's good, you should see what she's taught us about blowjobs, not to mention titfucks!"

Ruby licked her lips outrageously from only a couple of inches away. She too was breathing on it as much as she could. "Mmmm! Don't even talk about sucking it or I'm going to start drooling!"

I exclaimed, "This is unreal! Frickin' unreal! It's like you two are virgins and extremely talented sluts at the same time! How can that be?! It's impossible!"

Ruby winked at Michelle while keeping her mouth almost distressingly close to my cockhead. "Looks like he's gonna need some more convincing."

"Show 'em, girl!"

Ruby's two-handed attack continued. "Ever heard of something called 'Shaken, Not Stirred?'"

"Wait!" I practically screamed. "Not that! Seriously! Don't make me cum before I've even been awake 15 minutes! Seriously, stop Ruby, stop! I command you!"

"Awww." She kept a firm hold on my dick, but she reluctantly stopped stroking my erection just as she was starting 'Shaken, Not Stirred.' That was my wife's name for the most devastatingly effective handjob move she knew.

I added, "And stop breathing on it! Or that's going to make me cum too!"

Ruby reluctantly lifted her head up and sat back. But that didn't help me that much, since it allowed to me to see all of her fantastic body. Shit! It's like she's built for sex! Both of them! And they have sex-crazed attitudes! God, they've even made me practically forget all about Sue Ellen!

The two of them snickered with glee. They seemed to delight in practically torturing me with extreme arousal.

Once I recovered from a very close call, somewhat, I said, "Is nothing sacred? She's even telling you the nicknames of the damn things she does to me."

Michelle said, "Hey, what can I say, except that Mom loves us and she wants us to be the best cockteasers and especially cock PLEASERS for you that we can possibly be. She wants us to be happy - all of us! I feel like I know every single square inch of King so well already, especially since she let us practice with a rubber replica dildo."

Hmmm, I thought. Well, that's one more small mystery explained. I'd wondered why my wife asked me out of the blue a couple of years ago to make a plaster cast of my erect penis. She said she wanted to make a dildo that was an exact copy of my penis, which was strange because she doesn't even really use dildos since I'm usually close at hand if she gets a horny itch. Now I knew the real reason.

Jesus! How long have they been planning this?! They keep hinting that this has been a long time coming. But how long?! Do I even want to know?

Michelle went on, "But it still feels a million times better to hold the real fleshy thing. Speaking of which, Ruby, since you're just in holding mode, can I hold it too? I'll even give you the top half."

"I would say okay," Ruby said, "but what about the camera?"

"Oh yeah," Michelle realized. She'd almost forgotten the camera even though she was looking through it. "Well, I can just prop it up in a good location and let it record the whole scene. Is that okay, Daddy?" She quickly got up and started doing that before even waiting for my reply.

"Yeah, I guess," I was a bit wary to have both of them unleashed on me at once, especially since I was on the verge of cumming again, but I was curious to find out just what they would do as a combined force.

"Aaaaah," Michelle was right back in place already. She sighed happily as she grasped the lower half of my dick, while Ruby moved her hand up to the top. "This is the life! I could just hold it like this all day."

"Me too!" Ruby agreed. "Although I can hardly wait until we get it to blow!"

"Oh, yeah! Then we'll get to eat up the cum blast!"

Ruby nodded knowingly, like she was an expert already. "That's the best part, just like Mindy always says! When he splooges all over our faces with his hot cum, then that'll show we totally belong to him!"

Michelle nodded. "I can't wait!"

I sighed. The sexual pleasure I was experiencing was beyond compare. But the Gruesome Twosome were highly emotional and tended to take things too far. Despite all the joy, I wondered how I could dampen down their obsession with me to at least a semi-manageable level.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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