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Chapter 22

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Michelle and Ruby mostly just jointly held my erection for the next few minutes, at my insistence. They were giving it little squeezes and rubs instead of big strokes, but they made sure to constantly stimulate my sweet spot somehow. Ruby had a firm grasp on my balls too and was making good use of stimulating that area. Neither were really trying to get me to cum, at least not yet.

It was remarkable to me how much fun they seemed to be having from doing such a simple thing. I got the sense that they'd been looking forward to this for a very long time indeed, and the thrill that it was actually happening seemed to be never-ending.

I was really enjoying this too. I felt I could be content just to let them do it all day. It was just the right level of tactile stimulation to keep my erotic buzz going, plus I had plenty of great visual stimulation from running my eyes all over their nearly naked bodies, made all the sexier with their harem outfits.

Ruby said to Michelle, "You know what I'm thinking? Now that the ice is broken, we're gonna be doing this so much! Gaawwwd! It gives me chills and thrills, thinking about the two of us bobbing and stroking his cock for hours and hours, just like we've always dreamed!"

"Well, we do have our stupid video store job sometimes," Michelle pointed out. "But we can be naked and obedient cock-serving pussy slaves for at least a good half day, every day."

Ruby's eyes lit up. "Oooh! 'Pussy slave!' Daddy, can we be your pussy slaves? Or what about your sex pets? Or both! What's the difference? Which is better? Sexier? More submissive?"

"Hell if I know," I admitted. "'Pussy slave' is something that just slid off Mindy's tongue in the heat of the moment, I guess. But I don't want to encourage the idea that you'd ever have sex with me. And 'sex pet' sounds even more demeaning."

Ruby asked, "What about 'cock slave?' Remember when you were talking to Mom on the phone? She said, 'When I come home, I wanna see your cock slaves soaked in semen from head to toe.' Which, by the way, is a VERY good idea!"

Michelle added, "It's an EXCELLENT idea!" Her entire body writhed with lusty need, setting her twin torpedoes wobbling. She ran her fingers up and down my shaft with her free hand, while she maintained a firm grip on it with her other hand, along with Ruby. "Girl, just think of all the DADDY CUM building up inside, cum that's gonna wind up on our faces!"

Ruby squealed. "Shut up! Just shut up! I'm too excited already!"

The two of them were silent for the next minute or two. They seemed to be testing just how much they could stimulate my boner while supposedly giving it a rest. I wasn't getting any rest, but at least I wasn't on the cusp of cumming.

Eventually, Michelle asked, "So what's it going to be? 'Pussy slave' or 'cock slave?'"

I asked, "Does the name have to have 'slave' in it?"

Both girls spoke as one: "YES!" They burst into giggles. But it was also clear they meant it.

I said, "I can't believe I'm having this conversation, but if I have to pick my poison, I suppose 'cock slave' is better."

"That's what I think too!" Michelle said enthusiastically. But then, as if trying to judge the best of two fine wines, she added, "I definitely like the two slave-y names the best. Both of them have their attributes. With 'cock slave,' it's obvious that there is a great big manly cock that we love to serve, and we're the slaves to it. We're totally devoted to loving it, serving it, and pleasing it. That's pretty cool! But with 'pussy slave,' the focus is on the fact that we are pussies! Your pussies! We're your cunts! We have hot, tight slits that exist exclusively to be filled with Daddy's great big cock, and we love it! That's pretty cool too. So I'm all in favor of both."

She added with a wry grin, "Plus I love the visual image of a 'pussy slave' as something that just slides off Mom's tongue - or on to it!"

Ruby said, "I'm with Daddy. 'Cock slave' is better. 'Cos it emphasizes that it's all about the cock. Serving the cock! Serving the King! Besides, that's what he picked, and what he says goes. That's all part of being, well, a good cock slave!"

By now, the two had pretty much given up any pretense of giving my hard-on a rest. They were happily sliding their fingers all over it. There would have been another "traffic jam," except they were nearly as interested in my balls.

"True," Michelle said, "Okay, I'm convinced! But say that last part again."

Ruby repeated, "That's all part of being a good cock slave."

Michelle visibly shivered all over. She even had to briefly close her eyes. "Oh God! Yes! That's the name!"

I said, "Hey, I'll admit that kind of talk is arousing, but you can't possibly think of yourselves like that for real, right?"

Michelle looked at me with a strange expression that I couldn't read. After a long pause, she said, "Of COURSE it's just sexy talk. You know how we are. But why not have a lot of fun with sex talk that arouses us all?"

Ruby sat up with the look on her face of someone who had just had an epiphany. "I've got an idea. Speaking of good slave-y names, what about 'tit slave?' That's pretty cool too!"

Surprisingly, she took her hands off my privates, thrust her chest up and out, and then jiggled her big breasts back and forth while smiling and giggling. "Big tits are such a big part of my identity. I like to think of myself as one of Daddy's busty cocksuckers, even though I haven't gotten to suck him yet. So 'tit slave' would work great. It implies that we've both got really big tits and would love for Daddy to fuck 'em, and suck on 'em, and play with 'em all day long!"

Michelle caught on and started giggling too. She took both hands off my boner as well, sat up stiffly, and roughly imitated Ruby's position and movements. "Yeah! A 'tit slave' obviously is gonna get her tits fucked - a LOT!"

She pressed her boobs together with her upper arms, and then ran a hand through her cleavage. I lost sight of her fingers as they slipped into the deep canyon of cleavage. "A 'tit slave' needs her daddy to slide his fat King into her oiled-up F-cups every day! But we can be all three. I wanna be Daddy's tit slave! And pussy slave! AND cock slave!"

Ruby added, "And mouth slave!"

"Oooh! Good one!" Michelle agreed. "That too!"

My brain reeled as I looked back and forth from one girl to the other. Ruby looked sexier than any movie star I'd ever seen, while Michelle simply awed me with her gravity defying jugs. My God! They're so fucking STACKED! Not just sheer size, but such wonderful roundness and all-over perfection! Even their nipples are the exact ideal size and location for me. And I'm a tit man. No wonder I can't resist them!

Michelle realized that she and Ruby had been so preoccupied with their titty posing that they'd left my erection unattended. She quickly brought both hands back to it, and started pumping up and down.

Ruby saw that and realized she was missing out too. She also brought her hands back, but Michelle had just taken all the "prime real estate." She had to content herself with fondling my balls and the less sensitive lower half of my shaft.

"Hey, wait a minute," I said, trying to cope with all the craziness. "You two are getting out of hand here. What's the story? It seems that every time I turn around, I'm being hit with some new big surprise about how much you two want to have sex with me, or how much you two have been practicing and trying to snare me, or how improbably excited you are about all this. This is just downright unhealthy and almost frightening! Incest is wrong!"

I looked down at the four hands on my dick and balls as I said that and realized I wasn't exactly practicing what I was preaching. But I continued, "What happened to the idea of you two finding boyfriends of your own? I think that's getting lost in the shuffle."

"Oh, we're still totally working on to that, aren't we Ruby?" Michelle was pumping on my boner so enthusiastically that her entire body was bouncing along to the rhythm.

"Oh, totally!" Ruby had a hand under Michelle's and those two hands were sliding up and down my cum-soaked shaft as if they were one. So her body was bouncing in perfect time too.

I thought I saw Michelle wink at Ruby, so I asked, "Shelle, did you just give her some kind of secret, knowing wink?"

Michelle was trying her best not to smirk, but was not exactly succeeding. Actually, she was failing miserably. Her fingers wrapped around the top part of my dick and she rubbed my most sensitive spot. "Absolutely not, Daddy! I think there was just something in my eye. In fact, just last night, after you and Mom went to dinner, Ruby and I brainstormed for a couple of hours over just who we'd ask out. We both more or less picked out the sort of least bad candidates, and now we're all excited about asking our guys out."

That sounded too good to be true. I had a feeling they were lying, but I couldn't be sure. I spoke cautiously. "Well, that's good... Although you don't exactly sound excited. 'Least bad' is hardly some kind of raving recommendation."

Ruby didn't speak, but I couldn't miss how she took one of her hands from sliding up and down the lower half of my shaft and licked her fingers. I knew the wetness had to be mostly flavorless pre-cum, but she closed her eyes and savored it like it was the most delicious taste treat in the world. Then she resumed slipping and sliding her hand in tandem with Michelle's in the most maddeningly arousing way.

Michelle went on, "Daddy, we'll ask them out 'cos you asked us to, and we want to do ANYthing and EVERYthing that you tell us to do. So we'll do it. But THIS is what we really want." She squeezed my thick shaft for emphasis. "THIS is what we dream about at night." She squeezed it again, and then went back to stroking it even more vigorously. "Right, Ruby?"

Ruby answered, "That's right! Daddy, isn't there some kind of way we can go out on dates with boys every once in a while, but still be your totally devoted cock slaves every single day? For instance, you have no idea the things we can do with our tongues. We've been practicing that too. I wish I could show you." She bent over and blew lightly on my dick as she stroked the lower half.

The blowing didn't do much for me since my erection was already as stimulated as it could get. But I loved the sight of her immense tits dangling down. I wanted to reach out and cup them in my hands, but I worried about further encouraging these two extremely excitable girls. Plus, I worried about exciting myself too much.

"I wanna show you just how much I love you." Ruby blew on the tip again, closer this time. "I wanna show you with my lips." She blew on it from only an inch away, or less. "I wanna show you with my tongue!"

She stuck her tongue out and touched the tip of my cockhead with it.

That hit me like an electric shock.

"Hey!" I said, as my whole body jerked with surprise. "That's not allowed!"

"Nope! It Is!" Ruby declared triumphantly. "Mindy confirmed this with us when you weren't around. You said no hands and no lips. And now it's just no lips. You didn't say no tongue!"

Was that right? I kind of remember saying no tongue too. Or did I? Before I could argue that point, Ruby began bathing my cockhead with her tongue.

Michelle quickly got into the action and started licking it too, starting near the base but working her way up and soon focusing all her attention on the sensitive frenulum. In fact, it wasn't long before they were both licking on that "sweet spot," with their tongues frequently touching each other.

I was a goner! A complete goner. The plan was to take things step by step so we didn't get wildly carried away. This wasn't supposed to happen for several days. But it just felt too good to tell them no. Hell, they didn't stop stroking with their fingers either. It was too much! I felt goose bumps and chills all over.

The visual sight alone was astounding. Mindy and I share a very big bed, so there was plenty of room on both sides of me. Michelle and Ruby were both lying down with their heads over my groin, and their knees tucked under their torsos since even my big bed didn't go on forever. Their harem outfits looked fantastic, especially with all they didn't cover. Their breasts were pressed down onto the bed, coming up to the sides of my thighs in each case.

Michelle's great globes in particular seemed to be overflowing all over the place, and with simply acres of tit-flesh needing a place to go. I could hardly wait to get my hands back onto my daughter's jutting beauties! Her ass was covered by fabric, but one could hardly tell, since it was so transparent.

Ruby's butt, though, was bare as the day she was born, and the slight flexing of the muscles in her ass cheeks, as her upper body moved slightly this way and that, kept her ass an endlessly fascinating sight.

But the best sight of all was over my groin. Ruby's spiky short cap of flaming red hair was bobbing up and down on one side of my erection, and Michelle's mass of long flowing blonde hair was bobbing up and down at the same pace on the other. I could only get brief glimpses of my slicked-up pole though, especially since Michelle's hair was covering everything. I gently reached out and lifted it to let it drape over the opposite side of her neck, so that I had an unobstructed view of their beautiful faces on my rigid pole. The two of them reminded me of cats eagerly licking milk out of their milk bowls.

And 'eager' was definitely the word for it! It seemed like they'd been practicing for months for just this occasion, and I realized with a start that they probably had. For all I knew, they'd practiced sharing in this very position using that replica dildo they'd mentioned.

The "no lips, but tongue is okay" loophole was soon forgotten. At first it started small, with incidental contact. Before long, they were freely kissing my cock all over, and even planting "hickies" on it by sucking from the sides.

I knew I had to put my foot down, but it felt so incredible, and I was so close to cumming, that I was helpless to stop them.

After a few minutes, they must have sensed I wasn't going to put up a fight. Since Ruby had the top half, she began fitting more and more of my bulbous cockhead into her straining mouth until she finally swallowed the whole thing and then started sucking back and forth over the next inch or so. I could tell from the tension in her jaw just how much of a struggle it was for her to open wide enough to take me in. Again, she knew to keep most of her focus on that damn frenulum "sweet spot." I'd never known what that was technically called before, but I certainly knew that it was the most sensitive and easily arousable spot on my body.

Michelle saw what Ruby was doing, and cheered her on. "Ohmigod! You did it! You swallowed the WHOLE THING! Ohmigod! This is so epic! Are we recording this?" She looked to the video camera and was relieved to see that the red light indicated it was still recording.

She all but forgot about what her hands were doing. "How does it feel, Ruby? I know you can't talk, but... Oh GOD! You look so beautiful with your lips stretched as wide as humanly possible, and sliding back and forth! The extreme strain on your face is gonna make me cry tears of joy! So beautiful!" She sniffled. "This is the moment we've been waiting for! This is the Dream! The Plan! It's all coming together!"

I thought I couldn't get any more aroused or amazed, but then I saw that Michelle actually was crying tears of joy! Furthermore, Ruby was too! What the heck?! I know they're extremely emotional and over the top about things, but that's a bit much, even for them!

However, I didn't have much ability to think, given Ruby was giving me her very first blowjob. I would have climaxed long ago, except there was a part of me that couldn't shake the feeling that was terribly wrong. I'm not sure how it was supposed to help, but I was struggling like my life depended on it not to cum. Maybe I wasn't mentally or emotionally ready to see my cum splatter all over their faces?

Michelle obviously wanted to do more than just watch Ruby's bobbing head. Just as obviously, she was frustrated being relegated to the lower half of my shaft. She tried wrapping her lips around it as much as physically possible, but she knew that there weren't so many nerve endings down there. Before long, she went to work on sucking my balls instead. That was nearly as intense as what Ruby was doing to my most sensitive spot.

Their combined effort felt so good that I didn't care how wrong it was. There was no way I could complain about the boundary violation, at least not until the fun was over.

Oh man! It's amazing enough to have two women licking my dick at the same time! Holy cow! But to have them be Shelle and Ruby?! I can barely breathe! I gotta... gotta hold on! Can't cum yet!

After about two minutes of this double assault, I saw Michelle tapping Ruby's shoulder. She had to insistently tap it a couple more times to get Ruby's attention, but before too long, Ruby reluctantly pulled off, with a loud pop from the released suction, followed by a big gasp for air as if she'd been underwater holding her breath. Michelle finally took over the top half.

They switched spots almost exactly: now it was Michelle's turn to struggle to open widely enough to get me into her mouth. It took several tries, despite her previous avowals of having practiced this already, but she finally managed to take my whole cockhead into her straining mouth. She seemed to actually savor the difficulty, and the tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

I hadn't been paying any attention to what Ruby was doing until I heard the sound of sobbing. I looked her way and saw her just sitting up in bed and watching, with tears pouring down her face too! I would have been concerned except her facial expression made it clear that those were tears of joy.

Actually, that was somewhat concerning in and of itself. I would have been disturbed that they seemed far too passionate for the circumstances, except that I was pummeled by one spine-tingling moment of total erotic joy after another!

Michelle hadn't been kidding about salivating over the thought of getting my cock in between her lips. She soon overcame the difficulty of keeping my unusually thick cockhead in her mouth, and her eager tongue gave new definition to the term "tongue bath" while sliding her lips relentlessly and with tight suction. She was a cocksucking natural! And as if that wasn't enough, she was driving me wild with her frenulum focus, while Ruby was slathering my balls with her tongue and lips.

Oh man! I've never felt this good in my entire life! Too many fingers! Tongues! Everywhere! Sweet Jesus! And with my own daughter! God have mercy!

Ruby licked and even sucked on my balls for about a minute or so. But she seemed too overcome to go on. She sat up and just contented herself with watching Michelle's bobbing head. She stroked Michelle's long blonde hair while she seemed to sob even more than before. She muttered, "So beautiful! So beautiful! Girl, I'm so happy for you! For US!"

Michelle didn't respond, at least not anything intelligible, because I couldn't make out her muffled moans. However, Ruby's words must have touched her heart, because she cried even more than before.

It was strange getting my cock sucked by someone crying so hard. It would have killed my mood right away except that I knew those were tears of joy. Both girls were totally emotionally overcome by this momentous event. It was clear that our lives would never be the same, because there was no way to go back to a non-sexual relationship after this.

Frankly, I have no idea how I lasted as long as I did. I could feel my balls tightening and I yelled out, "I'm gonna cum!"

But I didn't cum just yet, much to my amazement.

That was because Ruby was right there watching and waiting. She immediately grabbed the base of my shaft and squeezed tightly until my immediate urge to cum passed... just barely.

At the same time, Michelle pulled her lips off my cock altogether, to help make sure I wouldn't go over the edge.

As I lay there panting, I felt as if my boner would erupt with hot cum, like molten lava shooting out a volcano, if either of them so much as breathed somewhere vaguely near me. It was intense! And that definitely would have happened, except that Ruby kept her squeeze going until the danger passed.

The two of them sat up on their heels and smiled at me like cats that ate the canary.

Ruby and Michelle temporarily ignored me, assuming I was out of it.

Ruby groaned to her friend, "Gaawwwd! That was soooo hard to do! He was totally ready to spasm his hot jism all over us!"

"I know! But you did good. That was brilliant! Just like we practiced. Now, Daddy's gonna learn fast that we're serious about delivering maximum cock-pleasing satisfaction, and we're not just a couple of love-sick, big-titted, silly daddy's girls who don't know the corpora cavernosa from the perineum!"

"Yeah! But it was so tough resisting! All I could think about was how I was gonna let him blow and then drown my face in his cum bath of sticky goodness! But I was strong!"

"Be strong!" Michelle replied passionately, like they were in the middle of a life-threatening crisis.

Each reached a hand out towards the other and they briefly gripped the other's hand tightly.

The intense and almost pained expressions on their faces were priceless, like they were trying to give the other the strength to endure some kind of horrible trauma, such as the death of a loved one. There were still tears running down their faces, although they weren't leaking any new ones. You'd never know they were just talking about delaying an orgasm. My orgasm.

I thought, Man, I've never seen two people so serious about their handjobs and blowjobs! I didn't even know people could GET that serious about it! And what's a "corpora cavernosa," anyway?!

It looked like they had a thousand things they wanted to say with each other. Their faces were aching with emotion. But instead, they simply leaned towards each other and kissed on the lips! And what a French kiss it was! This wasn't just an attempt to make me horny (although it sure as hell kept me tingling with lusty need); it showed true love and erotic passion between them.

That made me wonder just what they'd been up to the many nights Ruby spent locked in Michelle's room until very late. I wasn't upset; far from it. The thoughts of them rubbing their pussies together and having fun with dildos only made me even MORE aroused!

Finally, they could see I was reviving a bit from that intensely pleasurable close call, and they ended their necking.

"Having fun yet, Daddy?" Michelle asked me, more than a little proud of herself. She reached to my groin and ran a finger up and down the underside of my shaft, with a feather-light touch.

I nodded. I was too blown away to speak.

"You don't mind if we use a little lip action, do you?" Ruby asked.

I shook my head no, vigorously.

They both giggled at that, and then high-fived each other.

That set their breasts jiggling. Michelle noticed my eyes staring at their wobbling chests, and said, "Look, Ruby, Daddy likes our tits. Why don't we put on a little show?"


They'd been kissing in an awkward pose that couldn't be sustained for long, with only their faces close to each other. So they repositioned, directly over my erection, but still ignoring it. Their knees stayed fairly distant from each other, on either side of my hips, but they wrapped their arms around the other's back and pressed their chests together. Then they started to slide their tits all around, mashing them against each other in the most fascinating ways.

Since their heads were close together they occasionally kissed on the lips. They each reached down to my boner and resumed jacking me off together. But the main show was focused on their chests. They turned a minus into a plus by kissing away the tears that lingered on their faces.

I might have forgotten to breathe for a minute or two. This is even more arousing in its own way than their blowjob! Well, not really. That was pretty fucking awesome. But this comes close, even without the double handjob!

Michelle said between kisses, "You like, Daddy? We lubed up our tits with oil, you know. They're soooo slippery!"

Ruby added, "Perfect for a titfuck, don't you think?"

Michelle enthused, "Oh, definitely! Lots of titfucks! Lots and lots of titfucks, and only Daddy gets to fuck our tits!"

I closed my eyes and yelled, "Stop! Stop it! Don't make me cum!" I wasn't mad at them; it was just that their talk was just too arousing for me to take. With the way they were stroking my hard-on, it was standing up as straight as a flagpole, directly below where their bodies met. I was thinking that if the cum started flying, it would probably skyrocket straight up and splatter on the undersides of their great, slippery racks.

Needless to say, that thought wasn't helping matters much when it came to calming myself down and backing away from my orgasmic precipice.

The two of them let go of each other, but kept on jointly holding and fondling my erection. Sitting back down on their heels on either side of me, they turned to face my way. Michelle said, "Daddy, don't you think that it's wrong for anybody else to fuck our big tits but you? Just think about your great fat throbbing fuck meat sliding between my huge F-cups, all oiled up and pressed together to create an extra-tight tunnel for you to fuck as much and as long as you want! It belongs in there, doesn't it?"

I nodded, weakly.

"And it belongs in my E-cups too, doesn't it Daddy?" Ruby added, while lightly rubbing my sweet spot. "That's what I dream about at night, Daddy. I dream about you fucking my tits! And so much more! But that's one of my favorite fantasies." The dreamy look on her face showed she wasn't exaggerating. She let go of my hot pole and used both hands to squeeze her tits together, as if hoping to catch my erection in between them.

Michelle was happy to take over rubbing my sweet spot. "I'm soooo glad you came to your senses and got rid of that silly 'no hands or mouth' rule. Aren't you glad too?"

I thought it over. I'd already been thinking that I'd only try to adhere to that rule for a little bit, in order to slow down the sexual steamroller the two of them were. I'd been meaning to hold out longer, but there was no way I'd ever want to stop what we're doing now. So I nodded again.

Michelle and Ruby flashed their brilliant white smiles and high-fived each other once more.

Then Michelle went back to telling me, "The only thing is... it just doesn't seem right that for us to have to jack off or suck off any ordinary boy cocks. We've been in special training to perfect the art of pleasing YOUR cock, and your cock only! Don't you think it's just WRONG to share us? Can't you just picture me crying? Tears rolling down my cheeks as I'm forced to suck the filthy, smelly, puny dong of some worthless loser? Defiling my mouth with his disgusting spend?"

It was easy to picture her crying, since her face was still soaked with tears, as was Ruby's. But they'd never looked so beautiful in my eyes.

She added, "Do you really want to put me through that torture?"

"No!" I admitted. At the moment at least, I was feeling very possessive of my precious little girl.

Ruby said, with sad puppy dog eyes, "And Daddy, I know I've only been your daughter officially for a very, very short time, but I've been your daughter in my heart for years! You wouldn't want to see me gagging with disgust on the yucky, dirty cock of some undeserving rough brute, would you? Just because I wasn't born your real daughter, you wouldn't make me go through that, would you? Don't you love me?"

"I do!" My heart went out to Ruby too.

I was so overwhelmed with their pleas, and especially the urge to cum, that I almost missed her comment about "officially" becoming my daughter. How did that happen and what did that mean? Did I miss something important? Then I remembered some of the things I'd said in the last twenty-four hours, including giving her to okay to always call me "Daddy." Plus I recalled Mindy saying, "now we can finally admit that you're Ruby's REAL dad in all but genetics." I had been in such a sexual haze, both then and now, that I had almost forgotten. So I could understand how she'd taken that to mean an "official" change in status.

This red-headed beauty kneeling at my side is my daughter, as surely as Michelle and Nicky are. If I were to discover tomorrow that there had been a mix-up at the hospital, it wouldn't make her any more my daughter, just as such a mix-up would not make Michelle or Nicky any less. And I'm not just saying that because she's so gorgeous and stacked. I've loved her so long!

Realizing that made the wickedness of what I was doing with her now, and what she was doing to me, even worse - and better! I had to admit that, if only to myself.

She gave me a smile that was a mile wide. "I know you do! I've known it for years. You've always been my real daddy in my heart. I love you so very, very much!"

Now I was starting to get a little teary-eyed.

She went on, "And the way I want to express my love is by sucking your cock. Well, one of the main ways, anyway." She stared wantonly at my raging erection. She reached out and firmly gripped it again, just below Michelle's busy fingers.

Knowing that Ruby was having an important emotional moment, Michelle ceded the prime cockhead region and slid her hand down towards the base.

As Ruby rubbed my sweet spot some more, she went on, "So you would NEVER want to see me suck on some stranger's cock, would you Daddy? We're not some kind of mindless sluts who'd suck just any old cock, we'll only suck yours! Our mouths were made to please you! Right, Daddy?"

I nodded. I couldn't think. Their arguments sure sounded good in the moment. Why the hell not? Reserving them for my own personal use seems to have no real downsides, as long as Mindy approves, and she does.

Oh, except for the incest problem. Oh, and having them find husbands, have kids, and live normal lives. Damn! Why do I have to keep remembering stuff like that?

Michelle joined in, "And as for fucking other guys, that's a total non-starter, right, Daddy? Completely out of the question! Our pussies have been saved just for you! I'm eighteen years old, and I'm still a freakin' virgin, with my intact hymen to prove it! Do you know how frustrating that's been at times?! And why, Daddy, why? Why am I still a virgin? Because of YOU! I've been saving my virginity for you!"

I could see that coming from a mile away, given what else they'd been telling me, but it still practically made my heart stop.

She went on, "You created me, fed me, and raised me. Don't you think it should be your right and privilege to be the first and only man to fuck me? Shouldn't you be the only one to teach me how to love a man with all my heart, body, mind, and soul?"

I wanted to shout "YES! Yes, yes, yes!" But I at least had enough self-control to merely reply with an incoherent grunt. They were still lightly fondling my boner. They seemed to sense I was dangerously close to cumming, so they were taking it easy on me. It was uncanny how well they seemed to know the moods of my dick already.

Michelle took my grunt for a yes. "Damn straight! You're the only man who will EVER be allowed to slip his cock into my tight, hot box!"

She let go of my throbbing pole yet again and leaned back into a sultry pose. "Now that our secrets are spilling out, it's time for you to know the full truth! This body is for you and you alone!"

"Me too, Daddy!" Ruby said. She also let go and struck a similarly breath-taking pose. "This body is YOURS! My tight virgin cunt, I've also been saving it just for you! And it's soooo hot and tight and needy, believe me! PLEASE! All I dream about at night is you, filling my cunt, making me a woman! Then keeping me well-fucked as one of your lovers! Please don't let any other man ever defile it! I beg you!"

I closed my eyes. My head was spinning with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, my dominant thought was how incredibly great it was that these two busty, gorgeous babes had been saving themselves for me and for only me. They were essentially throwing themselves at me, and I wanted to possess them all for my own. A greedy urge to possess them and keep them as my sex toys forever washed over me.

But at the same time, I loved them as wonderful individuals. I tried to focus on that. Clearly, they have an unhealthy sexual obsession with me. Waaaay over the top! They're talking about being my "cock slaves," for Christ's sake! Even Mindy would have a problem with that Although... shit! She's the one who came up with the term! This whole family has gone completely crazy!

I want them to be happy. Normal. They need to settle down, get married, and have children. It would be tragic if I don't get to have grandkids because I was keeping them sexually interested only in me.

No, that path is so tempting, but so wrong! I'm twenty years older than them. When they're forty, I'll be sixty. They'll still be in their sexual prime, and I'll probably be in a wheelchair! I can't be that selfish. They DESERVE good husbands!

True, I'm not a saint. I can't deny my lust. I'd love to play with their perfect bodies for a long time to come, and that's just what I'm gonna do. All of this summer, at least. But at the same time, they HAVE to date boys their own age! They're so far gone in their obsession for me that it's almost too late. If they don't start dating now, they might never do it. Yeah, it's gonna break my heart, but that's part of being a good parent. You have to make sacrifices for your children, so they can learn to stand on their own two feet and survive on their own. I have to be strong!

Opening my eyes, I saw their bare-chested bodies hovering over mine, anxiously waiting for me to say something. I looked at them intently, and said, "Sorry, girls. My mind is made up. You NEED to date. I could never forgive myself if I shut off your future. I'm already a bad, bad, terrible man for giving in to temptation like this. Please don't make me feel any worse. I know it'll be hard on you, and torture on me, at first. But eventually you'll find boys who aren't smelly and filthy. You'll find wonderful and caring boys that you'll love with all your hearts. It has to happen. Please, please, respect my wishes on this."

"And Ruby," I added, "the irony of this might make you feel even worse, but somehow I don't think it will. You could be my permanent mistress ... or love slave, Mindy's ... sister-wife ... or something - if you weren't my daughter. But you are. You both are. And I love you too much to do that to you."

Michelle looked fit to be tied. Her hands were balled into fists, and she stared at me with incredulous exasperation.

Then she heard the sound of slurping and looked over at Ruby. "Ruuuuuby! What are you doing?!"

Ruby was going to town on my erection some more! She'd swallowed my entire cockhead, and was going deeper and deeper with each lunge downward. It wasn't easy for her though, and she was already having trouble getting any deeper, as apparently the angles for further penetration weren't exactly favorable for her in that position, and/or she couldn't get past her gag reflex. That wasn't slowing her down, though, in her quest to fill her mouth with my meat and suck on it like it was the greatest joy on Earth.

Her eyes looked up towards Michelle apologetically, but her lips and tongue didn't stop or even slow down in the slightest. She did however pause in her lunging efforts to try and take in even more of me. Instead, she focused more on working my sweet spot. It didn't look as dramatic to an outside observer as deep lunges, but it felt even more insanely pleasurable to me.

Michelle huffed, "We promised to stick together on this, remember? What happened to 'all for one, and one for all?' Ruby! Don't do this to me!"

Feeling chastened, Ruby sadly pulled her lips up off my dick. But she kept licking around my cockhead as she talked. "Sorry, but... Daddy... He said... mind... is made up... Mmmm! ... Yum! ... What can... we... Mmmm! ... do? Daddy's too strong. Too virile. Too well-hung! Argue... later." Then, after some considerable effort, she stuffed the entire head between her lips again and resumed her deeper sucks.

Michelle shook her fists in anger at her best friend, causing a wonderful tit-quake on her chest. "Traitor! We've been over this! This is THE TIME! If Daddy doesn't give in now, then when will he?! Are you really willing to go out with some yucky boy?"

Ruby didn't even pull up this time, but talked with her mouth stuffed full of my cock. "Corsh nod. Nod gonna happen." Sound only came out from the corners of her lips, but the vibration of her voice on my penis trapped in her mouth was maddeningly arousing. The way her hot nipples pressed into my thighs was maddeningly arousing too. Hell, every last little thing she did and every touch she gave me was maddeningly arousing!

Michelle was still frantic. "That's easy for you to say, Miss Mouth Crammed Full of Daddy Cock, but disaster is looming unless we do something! Don't just bob your head up and down on all that yummy cock-meat all day long when it really should be my turn anyway. I mean, no! Neither of us should suck it! Help me!"

Seeing her friend's distress, Ruby reluctantly pulled up again, back to just licking. She muttered, "Suck cock now, make new plan later. Later! Cock now!"

She swirled her tongue all the way around my head a couple of times, but saw that her friend was still practically in tears, new tears. So she pulled off but still held the base of the shaft with one hand.

She finally spoke to Michelle completely clearly. "Look. This is why we've been in sex training for so long. We knew Daddy's got these outdated notions, and it wouldn't be easy to change his mind. That's why we have to suck his cock right now. Suck and fuck and titfuck him every single day, with everything we've got, until he finally sees that he can't do without us, that it would pain him too much to share us. We have to be the perfect sex toys and cock slaves until he sees the light. Nothing else will do!"

Michelle huffed with obvious frustration, "Oh great. Tell him your exact plan. Now he knows everything! Why not just tell him every last secret, while you're at it?"

"Not really," the vixen redhead replied. "You know, and he probably knows, that we'd do our all to be his perfect sex toys anyways, so I didn't really give anything way."

"But still," Michelle grumbled.

However, while she'd been talking, Ruby had put her free hand behind Michelle's head and was slowly pushing her face down towards my iron-hard rod. As Michelle's nose got within an inch or two of my cockhead, she tried to resist.

But Ruby said, "Here, suck on the King. It'll make you feel better."

"No, it won't!" Michelle pouted, her twin torpedoes dangling lewdly over me. But her nostrils were flared and she was greedily licking her lips.

My hands were grasping onto the sheets for dear life as I braced for what was about to happen.

Ruby insisted, "Oh yes it will, and you know it. Show him just how far down you can go!" She was holding and stroking my shaft with one hand, while gently but firmly pressing Michelle's head down with her other hand.


Ruby made up Michelle's mind for her, pushing her the final inch with a little extra force.

As soon as Michelle's lips touched my skin, her resistance crumbled completely. Her jaw opened, her lips puckered, and then I could feel suction spreading outwards from my pee hole as she began to engulf me into her hungry mouth. It obviously wasn't easy for her, due to my thickness, and she struggled for a bit. But somehow she slowly but surely swallowed the entire head for only the second time in her life.

She moaned loudly in what sounded like orgasmic ecstasy. I could even feel her lips trembling on my shaft as her entire body trembled. It seemed very likely she'd just had a really big climax.

It was all too exciting for me! My dear Michelle, my flesh-and-blood daughter, was sucking my cock and loving it! I felt goose bumps all over, yet again.

Then her lips resumed gradually descending, staying tightly locked around my shaft. I could feel my glans riding its way over her tongue, which she somehow managed to curl the sides of, so as to guide my cock towards her throat. Up and down she went, deeper with each pass, until she was choking and gagging a little bit.

It appeared that she'd put her dispute with Ruby (and me) to the side and she was focusing mightily to put everything that Mindy must have taught her into practice.

Pondering my daughters having sex with other boys had cooled my ardor quite a bit, especially with the way they were going on about the boys being filthy and smelly rough brutes. That put some unpleasant images in my head. But Ruby's resumed cocksucking had quickly gotten me right back to the precipice. And now, seeing Michelle giving in and taking me deeper and deeper with such determination was seemingly the final straw.

She was attempting to deep throat me without success. But in trying that, she kept on gagging and choking on my shaft. That didn't seem to deter her in the slightest though, and I have to admit that it felt really good and sounded even better.

My God! My little Shelle has nearly half my dick in her mouth! I swear I can feel her tonsils tickling me! And the sounds of her struggling are strangely arousing. It's like she's totally succumbing to her desire for more cock, until she can barely even breathe! I think I'm gonna pass out! If I blow now, I'm gonna fill her mouth with cum!

I'd been holding out an usually long time, given the incredibly erotic situation. It was high time for me to give in and shoot my cum down her throat. However, I felt a great need to hold out. I wanted her, not me, to be the one to completely succumb in the disagreement we were having. I hoped she would get so carried away with her cocksucking that she would admit defeat and give up her resistance to dating boys. I felt like I had to do this, if only to prove to myself that I could fool around with them without messing up their entire futures. I couldn't deal with the guilt if that happened.

But in order to do that, I had to hang on a little bit longer. I had notions that I was going to take a break and lecture them on this boy issue, holding out until they agreed to everything I said.

However, that plan was just a dream, as I could barely breathe, much less talk. Michelle's mouth was relentlessly sliding up and down, up and down. It was too intense! I strained and groaned and squeezed my PC muscle. I tried thinking unsexy thoughts, but it was a losing battle. It was just a matter of time. Every second I lasted was a sheer miracle, especially since Michelle had her lips surprisingly far down my dick on each pass. She was already on the verge of being able to start deep throating me! Those lewd choking and gagging noises were driving me wild. And she must have practiced breathing through her nose, because she never even paused to gasp for air.

Ruby was making things even more difficult for my stamina. She still had her hands on the back of Michelle's head, and she was gently helping her slide her head up and down my shaft. That, in and of itself, I could handle. But Ruby's boobs were dangling down, occasionally bumping into Michelle's back, and each time she pushed Michelle's head forward her large boobs swayed enticingly.

I was forced to close my eyes in a losing battle to hold off just a little bit longer. But then I heard Ruby giggling. "Michelle, whatever happened to your plan to hold out? Looks like that went out the window as soon as your tongue touched Daddy's cock! Admit it: you're just like me; you can't resist all those yummy hot and throbbing inches! You're a loyal cock slave!"

That was too much for me to take. I reached out and grabbed Michelle's blonde hair with both hands and held her head in place (with my hands partially over Ruby's) as I shouted, "I'M CUMMING!"

I don't know if she was prepared or not, and I shouldn't have been holding her head like that, especially with Ruby's two hands already on it. (I wasn't thinking!) But she took it like a pro, at least initially. Her head gradually pulled back as she was blasted by rope after rope of hot cum.

Ruby quickly let go of Michelle's head. At the same time, I heard her squealing, "He's cumming down your throat! He's cumming down your throat! It's really happening!"

Soon, though, it got to be too much for my Michelle. She started to choke a little bit, and not like the sexy choking and gagging she'd just been doing.

Belatedly, I realized what I was doing and I let go of her head too.

She immediately pulled back and let the last ropes hit her on the face.

With her mouth free, she started screaming, "OH DADDY! Daddy cum! He's drenching me in Daddy cum!"

Ruby was looking on with envy, and as soon as the gooey jets stopped firing, she grabbed Michelle's head with both hands and pulled it to hers. The two of them began making out, no doubt swapping my cum back and forth.

It seemed they forgot about me for a minute or two, as they got completely carried away with their cummy kissing.

I thought, Jesus H. Christ! I know my dick has been slowly going flaccid, but damn! Mentally, I'm even MORE aroused! I was torn between watching their lips and tongues on the one hand, versus their enormous racks rubbing together on the other hand.

But I guess they finally swallowed all the cum that had been in Michelle's mouth, or else Michelle was hoarding it too far back in her mouth for Ruby's probing tongue to find, because Ruby pulled back and then started licking the gobs that were on Michelle's cheeks, nose, and chin.

However, before Ruby could lick up much more than a gob or two, Michelle stopped her. "Wait! Wait! We have to think of Mom. She's the one who made it all possible. Where's the camera?!"

She looked around and found the camera, which was sitting up on a dresser, pointing down so it could record the whole bed area. "Is it on? Tell me it's still on!" She saw the little red recording light as she got closer. "Phew! It's on! It's on!"

She stuck her face right in front of the camera lens. "Look, Mommy! Daddy's cum! He covered me in cum, just like you said he would!" She was still kneeling on the bed as she stared up at the camera, and she began bouncing around with excitement, like the bed was a trampoline.

Meanwhile, Ruby had noticed there was a fair deal of cum left on my shrinking dick, as well as some remnants splattered onto my thigh. She paid no attention to Michelle or the camera, and instead she put all her effort into licking my groin clean.

She muttered to Michelle, "Gaawwwd, his stamina is amaaaaazing! Exactly as advertised! I'm gonna see if I can get him going again, right now." Sure enough, she was already idly fondling my flaccid penis.

Michelle said, "I know! It's going to be a constant struggle. An endless, eternal battle, helping Mom keep Daddy's great big cock thoroughly drained. With Mom at work all day, we'll really have to build up our cocksucking endurance. Oooh! I get shivers just thinking about it!"

Ruby responded with an approving "Mmmm!" while she licked more cum off my skin.

Michelle stopped her bouncing and walked on her knees across the bed until she was towering over where I lay. I looked up at her and could barely see her face behind her two jutting F-cups standing firm and high.

"Look, Daddy! I'm eating your cum!" She swept up a particularly large gob with her index finger and then licked it up. But instead of just sticking her finger in her mouth, she stuck her tongue out, so I could clearly see her licking her finger clean.

"Mmmm. It's just like Mom said. So sweet yet tangy! This is even better than that 'energy drink!'" She giggled.

"It IS the 'energy drink,'" I admitted.

She winked playfully. "I know that, silly. By the way, I just love how you - yum! - were feeding me your cum under that thin guise. Mmmm. Yum. I hope you actually thought I didn't know, 'cos that makes it even sexier, that you'd trick me like that."

I was too embarrassed to say anything more about the 'energy drink' fiasco.

Luckily, Michelle was distracted by her continued cum licking. "Mmmm! Isn't it yummy, Ruby?"

"Mmmm hmmm!" Ruby had licked my crotch completely clean already, but was already busy trying to revive me, by licking my flaccid penis.

Michelle continued to lick the cum gobs off her face while towering over me. "Mmmm. Yum. I could just live on this stuff. And I probably will!" She giggled.

I couldn't stop watching her. I especially liked the ones that were within reach of her tongue, as she just stuck her tongue out and pulled them in like a frog would.

Meanwhile, my headstrong blonde daughter was continuing to talk dirty to me. For instance, she took a couple of the gobs and smeared them down her cleavage. "Look, Daddy. Your cum is on my tits! How do you like that?" She clutched her F-cups from their outer sides and pushed them together, causing even more smearing. "When you fuck my tits, there's gonna be so much more!"

Still holding her rack enticingly, she stared off into space dreamily. "I'm gonna walk around in the nude with a great big sticky, gooey, pearl necklace all over my tits, and more on my face. Then I'll invite all my girlfriends over for a big party and tell 'em how much my daddy loves to fuck my face! Maybe you can deposit some fresh loads on me so they can all share! Boy, would I love to bob on the King for hours and hours with just Ruby helping while the others all squirm and salivate and burn with jealousy! You wanna see all my friends licking my bare tits clean? Would you like that Daddy? Would you?"

She went on, while running her sticky fingers down through her deep cleavage, "Do you know what Mom says? She says that getting titfucked is the ultimate act of submission. Do you think that's true? I dunno myself, but Mom seems to think so."

Ruby had my flaccid penis in her mouth as she continued to "clean" it, but she stopped to say, "When I heard that, it turned me on soooo much! That's when titfucking became my favorite fantasy! Do you think we could do that later? Pleaaaase?!"

"I dunno. I think we might need to take a break." I loved the idea, and I loved that they loved the idea, but I was hedging my bets. I wondered how my dick would ever recover from what just happened!

Michelle went on, unfazed, "And Mom says that I'm lucky I have these firm and bouncy F-cups, 'cos she thinks you'll probably end up fucking these tits the most out of all your women. God, I hope so. Whenever I'd look in the mirror and see them growing, I'd think, 'These are for Daddy! More tit-flesh for Daddy to fuck, soon enough! Daddy likes big tits and I'm going to have the biggest!'"

Suddenly she frowned, and even got angry. "Which reminds me, buster!" She poked me forcefully in the chest. "What's this about us having to date those filthy boys? Forget it!" She grabbed my hands and brought them up to her breasts and all but forced me to knead them. "You may have won THIS round, with your great big COCK taming your busty daughters and forcing us to suck it and stroke it and love it against our will! But this is not over!"

Leaving my hands on her round breasts, she poked me in the chest again. "I'll figure out some kind of way to get you to change your mind, even if I have to share your enormous cock with all my sexy friends to do it!"

I really didn't understand the logic of that last point she'd made, but hey, I wasn't going to argue. At least, not in the state that I was in, though some part of me knew that getting all or even any of her friends involved would be really asking for trouble.

She hopped up off the bed. "Come on, Ruby! Let's go. Let's see how long he can last before he comes running to us to say that he's changed his mind. We're gonna hold out until then, until you can't resist us and our cock-loving lips! Isn't that right, Ruby?"

Michelle had begun stomping out the door, but she stopped and turned to find out what had happened to Ruby.

Ever since I'd had my orgasm, Ruby had been doing little else besides licking and fondling my penis, trying to get it to revive again. She'd been waiting for this day to come for months, if not longer, and she would not be denied.

She'd finally achieved success, partially due to her non-stop efforts, but also due to the lewd and arousing things Michelle was telling me. In fact, my penis was fully engorged again, and Ruby was already happily bobbing up and down on it.

Michelle was silenced as she looked at Ruby and what she was doing. She stood there for a long moment, and then slid her harem pajamas outfit off, leaving her totally naked.

Then she crawled back onto the bed and asked her best friend, quietly and tentatively, "Hey, Ruby, what'cha doing? Can I... join you?"

Ruby didn't speak (in fact, she couldn't speak intelligibly at all, with her mouth stuffed that full of cock), and didn't even look up. But she shook her head no.

"Pleaaasse? Pretty please? I'm sorry that I was mad at you earlier."

It looked like Ruby was relenting a little bit. She at least raised her head a little bit and looked up at her friend. "Well..." She looked to be having a hard time deciding. But then her face broke into a huge toothy smile. "Okay! Let's share!"

Michelle looked so excited that I was worried she was going to jump right on top of us!

Before the two of them could get totally carried away again, I said, "Hey, it's my cock, and what I say goes. And what I say right now is that I need a little break. Ruby, please stop that."

She stopped sucking, but she still held onto the shaft, and her hand started sliding up and down.

This time, I didn't have to stop because of the danger of cumming. I explained my reasons. "As it so happens, I need to take a piss. And when I come back, I'm gonna call my wife, just to check in and make sure she approves of these latest developments. So you two hold tight. And then I've got some daughter tits that need to be fucked."

"WOO-HOO!" The two of them started high-fiving each other, and then kissing and fondling. They were making out by the time I made it to the bathroom door.

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