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Chapter 23

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I really did have to pee, and I quickly did so. But by going to the bathroom, I also managed to clear my head a little bit from the heavy sexual fog that seemed to surround me. Not only was there an ever-present sexual mood in my bedroom, especially around the two girls, but there was a very real and physical sexual smell, since their pussies seemed to be constantly wet and in heat today.

Peeking from the bathroom, I noticed that the two of them had stopped kissing and were busy applying some kind of cream or oil all over their bodies, especially on their breasts and asses. My cock immediately sprang back to attention, especially since they were lovingly applying the cream on each other instead of on themselves and making a grand production out of it.

They hadn't noticed that I was standing at the door. Holding and lightly stroking my erection, I thought, Could there ever be two more beautiful women? Sorry, Mindy, I hate to say it, I love you most of all, but for sheer physical beauty and raw sex appeal, these two have to be the two hottest I've ever seen! And they're all mine! It's probably wrong that they're so obsessed with my cock, but I'm going to just roll with it all summer long and do everything short of fuck them!

I got back in my bed, but sat up against the headboard instead of lying down as before.

Immediately, Michelle crawled up and snuggled against me on one side, and then Ruby did the same on my other side. "Look who's back!" Michelle said, a big smile on her face. "Daddy, the daughter fucker."

"Daddy, the titfucker," Ruby added. She clutched at her breasts and rubbed them together. "See how we're getting all oiled up for you? Especially our big tits. Mmmm. I can hardly wait."

Both of them cooed with contentment as they cuddled in and got cozy. Without saying a word, each of them brought one hand to my erection and began stroking it, as if that was the most natural thing in the world to do and they'd already been doing it for years. Michelle took the top half and Ruby the bottom, and both of them stroked me together in perfect time.

I felt like Conan the Barbarian or someone like that, some action hero on the bodice-ripping cover of a Harlequin-style novel, dressed in nothing but a loincloth and holding up a sword triumphantly with two scantily-dressed babes clinging to me and gazing lustily up my way on either side.

It felt fantastic. Of course, we didn't even have the loincloth or the scanty dresses, as Ruby had also taken off what was left of her harem pajamas. All the total nudity was exhilarating to me. It was like they were saying every inch of their bodies were mine to explore. I did lazily caress their tanned hips and thighs, making sure I was equal with my attentions. I was afraid to touch their pussies though, for fear that I'd get carried away and end up fucking them mere minutes later.

Michelle said to Ruby as if I wasn't there, "Aaaah! These are the start of the good times. The great times. Our golden years. The endless wait is over!"

Ruby replied, "You said it! Can you imagine what an AWESOME summer this is going to be? Lazing away the hours in Daddy's bed, sucking and stroking him together?"

Michelle responded, "Already I feel like all the hard work and exercising was totally worth it. We're going to be Daddy's cock slaves!"

"Mmmm!" Ruby repositioned. "After YEARS of having to hide my secret longing, at any time, I'm free to do this!" She leaned in and started licking my sweet spot. "Aaaah!"

However, I put my hand on her head and said, "Hold your horses. Now's not the time for that."

She reluctantly went back to her previous position. She seemed happy as a clam to just share stroking me with her best friend for a while.

I knew this wasn't the ideal time for a serious talk, what with the way they were cuddling up against me with those incredibly gigantic knockers of theirs while lazily stroking my erection and all, but I had something I had to get off my chest. I said, "Before I call Mindy, I wanted to have a little heart-to-heart with you two. It's somehow gotten through my thick head that the two of you are really, really into me, sexually. Almost frighteningly so. I've never seen anything like it. But why? I don't get it."

Michelle frowned. "Daddy, you're not going to go on about that again, are you? You sound like a broken record. Don't worry about it. Just fuck our tits!"

"And generally take advantage of all the rest of us," Ruby chimed in. "Cock slaves are meant to serve. Especially to serve cock!"

Michelle giggled. "Yeah, it's kind of implicit in the name. So you pretty much have no say in the matter."

"Exactly!" Ruby joined in the giggling.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. To stop them from wriggling their bodies against me, I grabbed a handful of boob on each of them and pressed copious amounts of tit-flesh up against my chest, to let them know I was serious about this. (The sacrifices one has to make!)

I said, "I AM going to go on about it. Okay, I know, people say I'm handsome and a cool guy. We love each other a whole heck of a lot. I get that. I could see why you'd be attracted to me, and even why you'd want to have sex with me. And I can CERTAINLY see why I'd want to have sex with you two! But what I don't get is the level of intensity and the level of submissiveness you're both dishing out in my direction. It seems like you two would like nothing better than to stay in bed with me all day, every day, and have sex with me non-stop."

Ruby giggled as a satisfied smirk spread across her face. "He finally gets it!"

Michelle also giggled gleefully. "Plus the spankings! Don't forget that. You need to spank us too, Daddy! Lots! 'Cos we're soooo baaaaad!" She slid down my body and brought her tongue to my erection, knowing full well I'd just stopped Ruby from doing that. She was obviously looking for trouble.

Ruby did the same. "Yeah, we're soooo baaaaad! I want you to spank my ass till it's the same flaming red color as my hair, and then drill my hot and ready cunt with your big, fat, throbbing, daughter-fucking cock!"

As the two of them started to lick up and down each side of my stiffness, I closed my eyes and reveled in the insanely pleasurable sensations shooting through my body. But the urge to understand what was going on was strong, and I knew we would be having fun in a minute or two anyway. So I covered my throbbing pole with both hands, denying them access.

Michelle pouted, "Daddy! What are you doing? I was just about to try to take you deep down my throat."

"Did I give you permission to do that?" I replied. "Besides, I thought you were up for some titfucking."

"Yeay!" Ruby slid back up my body, her oiled-up tits and hands slipping and sliding all the way. I could feel her hot, fresh breath on my chin as she said, "Titfucking! Can you fuck mine first? I've been dreaming about it more."

"Hey!" Michelle complained. "Would we even be here if it weren't for MY planning? I call first dibs."

"No fair!" Ruby shot back as she slithered back down my body to my crotch. "You got his first load down your throat! Just because your tits are so huge, you think-"

I cut in, raising my hands in a 'stop' gesture, "Whoa! Hold on, there. I'm trying to have a serious talk here. This is what I'm talking about. Lusting after your father, that's, well, we might even call it normal. I understand the Electra complex is pretty common, just like the Oedipus complex is. But I'll bet most of the girls lusting after their dads don't get all hot and bothered by the idea of getting a spanking."

"Their loss," Michelle said defiantly, tossing her head and letting her long blonde hair dramatically cascade before it settled back down. Did I mention how magnificent she looks when she's miffed? I couldn't help but think, Like mother, like daughter.

I noticed that both girls had taken advantage of my stop gesture to cover my erection with their hands again. Both of them had resumed slowly stroking it up and down with one hand. They were using the exact same rhythm so their hands wouldn't bump into each other, and it looked like they couldn't have been happier about it. It was like I was being jacked off by one single and oh so devious mind that just so happened to be inhabiting two different bodies.

"Maybe so," I said, still trying to puzzle out how this all came to be. "But where did this lust for spankings come from?"

"Don't you remember, Daddy?" Michelle asked me. "You used to spank me lots of times when I was growing up. Remember how I was always so naughty and disobedient? The truth is, I LOVED those spankings! I almost wanted to get caught, 'cos I'd get all tingly thinking about getting spanked."

"Oh shit!" I said aloud. "This is all your mother's fault. I blame her. I was against corporal punishment, but no! She said that everything else had failed, and you were spoiled rotten, and it was the only thing that would work. God, when did we finally stop? It was obviously far too late. I remember the last time, when I had you over my lap and I felt your breasts pressing against me, and I was shocked at how quickly they were growing. That's when I decided I had to put my foot down and stop with the spankings. Even then, Mindy tried to talk me out of it."

"Yep, I remember all that too," Michelle said fondly. "I used to get wonderfully tingly. I was soooo bummed when you stopped. I tried to be as disobedient as humanly possible for weeks, just to get you to spank me, but nothing worked."

She pursed her lips in a pouty way that was both adorable, since it reminded me of what she was like as a child and frustrated by not getting what she wanted, and also intensely arousing, since I now knew how good those very pouty lips felt when they wrapped themselves around my erection.

"Oh man, I feel so shitty," I said as I slumped down a bit, trying to ignore their combined handjob. "This is all my fault. Maybe the reason you're so obsessed about me is because I spanked you."

"Yep!" Michelle said happily. "That's part of it. What's done is done. And as a result, you need to accept the consequences of your actions, which means you need to fuck me and get sucked by me daily, and spank me daily too! Most importantly, you need to forget all about this dating boys stuff!" She poked a finger repeatedly into my thigh to emphasize her point.

The guilt was hitting me hard again. But I noticed that it didn't bother me enough to cause my erection to wilt. I was just as stiff as ever, and Michelle and Ruby were still sliding their fingers up and down in perfect unison while they continued to press their massive, oiled-up tits against my chest.

"Yeah, me too!" Ruby chimed in. "You're gonna need to keep me in line with regular spankings! In the nude! I get so hot thinking about lying naked across your lap while you're fully clothed. Aaaah! Total Daddy domination!" She brought a second hand down and lovingly fondled my balls with it.

"But wait," I said. "I never spanked you, Ruby. That wouldn't have been my place. So how is it that you get off on this spanking idea too?"

"I dunno." she mumbled as she snuggled closer against me. "Osmosis, I guess. Remember, Michelle and I share EVERYTHING. She discovered 'spank porn' pretty early on and shared that with me. We even tried spanking each other quite a lot. Not to mention our friends. You have no idea what goes on at all-girl slumber parties. It was good, but I knew it just wasn't the same without a strong, dominating male hand. A Daddy hand."

She took my arm, which had been curled around her upper body, and brought it down until I had a hand resting on her supple ass cheek.

I was tempted to give it an experimental smack. But instead I said, "Wait. What? Hang on girls, this is information overload."

Michelle joked, "Hmmm, how can we hang on?"

Ruby caught on, "Hmmm. We need something to grab onto and hold while we're doing all that hanging. I wonder what that could be." They both giggled at that.

Michelle teased, "Oh, wait! What's this in our hands already?"

"This'll do perfectly!" Ruby giggled. "Even though my fingers can't quite reach all the way around it."

"Neither can mine!" Michelle said breathlessly. "This is like a thousand Christmas mornings, all at once!"

They gave my shaft an extra hard squeeze and then continued their stroking.

Michelle further joked, "And it's too hard to hold with all the pre-cum squeezing out. Maybe that's why my fingers are slipping and sliding everywhere!" She giggled with pure glee.

I tried my best to ignore all that, and asked, "There's something called 'spank porn?' And just what DOES go on at slumber parties?!"

Michelle explained, "I've discovered I'm a 'switch.' Specifically, I love to dominate other girls. I get off imagining I'm you, giving them all the hard spankings they so richly deserve. Especially Ruby. I've spanked her hundreds of times, and she's done the same to me. But then we make it up to each other with pussy lickings. But with you, I'm putty in your hands. I could NEVER imagine spanking you! That would be the world turned upside down. When it comes to my Daddy, I need to SERVE!"

She started to pull out of my grasp, probably to bring her head back down into my crotch. It was like her body felt compelled to suck cock after she'd said those words.

But I held her tightly to my side, and said, "Wait a minute. Pussy lickings? You're saying you girls lick each other?!"

Michelle said, "Yeah, of course. I mean, how else was I going to save my virginity for you all those years? I knew you'd be too morally horrified to touch me until I was legal an adult, so I had a long time to wait, and yet I still had sexual urges to take care of." She purred lustily. "A LOT of urges."

Ruby explained, "Everyone at school thinks Michelle's a lesbian. She's practically the queen lesbian, what with her little stable of pussy lickers and all. But I'm not like that, like, at all! I'm not even bisexual. The only reason I do all that kissing and licking and stuff is 'cos she makes me."

"Yeah, right!" Michelle snorted. "I've heard that excuse for, like, five years now!"

I blanched. "Five years?! The two of you have been sexually active for FIVE years? But that means that you started when you were... thirteen!"

"Try twelve, Daddy," Michelle said. "That's the first time I kissed Ruby with tongue."

"TWELVE?! You were sexually active at twelve?! But I was still spanking you then!"

Michelle rolled her eyes. "Welcome to the twenty-first century, Daddy. We were all sexually active by then. Heck, some of my friends started at eleven. Some were fucking boys at twelve. Things have changed, big time. Parents are soooo dumb. Even now, Ruby and I can go to a slumber party, and the parents won't even begin to suspect what we're really doing there."

"Oh, man," I groaned. "I've been so totally naïve. Tell me, when did you two start to get interested in me? Does it go even further back than that?!"

Michelle scrunched up her face as she thought while her fingers continued their relentless sliding. "That's a toughie. It kind of came on slowly. It was always like, 'Your dad's such a hunk' and 'Did you see Michelle's dad swimming with his shirt off?' That kind of thing. I tried to ignore it at first, but whenever some boy would ask me out, I'd compare him to you and say no. I wasn't interested at all. It was kind of a gradual realization that my body belonged to you once I was old enough so I was completely off limits to boys anyway."

Remembering a recent conversation I'd had with Mindy, I asked, "Did the overnight camping trip incident have anything to do with it?"

Michelle started to say, "What overnight..." Then her eyes got big as her breath caught in her throat. Both she and Ruby even stopped stroking my erection for a moment. I could practically see the memories tumbling through their minds, written on their faces. When they started stroking me in tandem again, I could hear the added note of huskiness in Michelle's voice as she reverently breathed, "Oh. THAT."

Ruby sighed with longing as her finger rubbed my most special spot with extra vigor. "The firelight scene! I still think of that sometimes when I'm in my bed at night. Daddy's big cock standing up proudly for the whole world to see!"

Michelle also sighed happily yet wistfully as she stroked me aggressively. "Aaaah! The firelight scene!"

The two of them were apparently so inspired that they started making out right in front of me, leaning across me and kissing each other inches from my chest. That didn't stop their joint handjob action, though.

I just kind of shook my head in shame, thinking, That stupid drunken woman. It wasn't my fault! But the smooching and stroking went on and on. The thing was, given that I'd cum a short while before and with the lazy pace of their stroking, I could literally last for hours like this. And it felt so damn good! I didn't want them to stop, but I wanted answers. I had to cough to get their attention back.

Michelle finally pulled her lips away from smooching with her best friend and remembered what we were talking about. I noticed how Ruby's lips and then her tongue maintained contact with Michelle's for as long as possible, almost causing her to topple over on me as Michelle pulled away. She clearly wasn't being "forced" to do anything.

"Yeah," said Michelle, "I'm sure incidents like that, uh... helped. But it wasn't just that. There were a whole bunch of things that helped to open my eyes and my friends' eyes to just how adorable and sexy you are. There was a gradual building up. It was only recently, the last year or two, when Ruby and I started to actively plot, waiting for the day we were both eighteen. But I guess we were reading a lot of incest porn before that."

"Incest porn?! But we put that porn filter on your computer."

Michelle rolled her eyes at me again. "Yeah, and you could stop a tidal wave with your hands too, I'm sure."

I sat there quietly, trying to absorb all this, while the two girls continued to stroke my shaft up and down, slowly but relentlessly. Also, my hands couldn't get enough of fondling their firm yet soft round breasts.

"So how much of this does your mother know?" I finally asked Michelle, while pinching her nipple.

"All of it. But please don't get too mad at her. Most of it she just found out recently. Like the slumber party stuff. She only started training us to be your perfect obedient cock slaves in the last three months."

"Man oh man, there you go again with the 'cock slave' name."

She grinned impishly. "Hey, if the shoe fits... lie naked in bed with Daddy's cock in your hand!"

The girls giggled at that. They couldn't have been happier continuing like this, jacking me off while I fondled their tits. I noticed they weren't even chomping at the bit for the titfuck.

I persisted, "This 'training.' Where did THAT idea come from?"

"I dunno. The incest stories, maybe. It just seems right. Don't you think, Ruby?"

"Totally. It wasn't like Michelle had to talk me into anything. It wasn't like she walked up to me one day and said, 'Hey, you wanna be Daddy's cock slave with me?' There was no need."

Ruby corrected, "Of course, we didn't use 'cock slave' then. That's a brand new, totally wonderful thing. We thought more in terms of being your 'sex pets' or 'sexy toys.'"

I groaned in dismay and lust. "That's so wrong!"

Ruby said excitedly, "And yet, so VERY right! Anyway, it was just a gradual realization of the obvious. You're the man, the master, the head of the household, the strong and dominant male. We're the helpless, busty, and beautiful girls who need to be spanked and fucked by our man to keep us in our place, which is underneath your sweaty and thrusting body, getting our cunts drilled to perfection! It's basic biology. It's evolution, like a nature documentary. The alpha male takes the most desirable girls back to his cave to be fucked!"

Michelle added, "And those girls love it because they want to be bred by the best of the best!"

"Yeah," Ruby agreed. "Can't you see that Michelle is so spoiled and willful because she doesn't have your firm hand on her ass and your thick, hard cock buried deep inside her on a regular basis to keep her in line?"

"Correction," Michelle said as she broke away again from my embrace. This time, I didn't have the will to stop her as she brought her face down to my erection. But instead of sucking it, she just rubbed it against her cheek and chin. "I may still lack his firm hand, but I have his thick, hard cock. And I love it!"

She rubbed it back and forth across her face a couple more times, inhaling the smell deeply and apparently loving that too. Then she started planting small kisses on it, which quickly turned into a full-on blowjob. Her eyes bugged out and she muttered, "Here goes nothing!" when she opened her mouth wide and engulfed my cockhead yet again.

Ruby let out a heavy sigh of longing as she watched that. She muttered in an awed whisper, "So much cock! Daddy, you have no idea how tough it is just to get one's lips around that! I don't think I'll ever get used to it!"

We'd all forgotten about the titfuck plan. And it had been a long time since I'd given Sue Ellen any thought, as incredible as last night had been. These two insatiable vixens were impossible to ignore!

I stared incredulously as I saw Michelle's left cheek bulge out. That's my dick, pushing against her cheek! Holy cow! My dick is in my sweet Shelle's mouth and her lips are sliding up and down it with all her might. That's her tongue playing against my skin! I can't get over that fact. I'll never get over that fact. Not to mention the way Ruby's still stroking what she's got left to work with. Sweet Jesus!

Ruby sighed with frustration after a minute or two, because as Michelle's lips slid deeper and deeper down my shaft with each pass, Ruby's fingers had to retreat further down towards the root until she had no room left to stroke unless she timed her movements with Michelle's voracious gobbling.

I said, "Hold on there, Shelle. Go slow. I don't want to get too worked up just yet. With the stroking you two were doing before, I could last for hours. But with you sucking me like that, I won't last another five minutes. And I'm planning on calling your mom in a minute."

"Mmmm-hmmm!" she replied. She stopped going so deep and stayed focused on the area around the cockhead, but in a way that was worse when it came to orgasmic need, since that area was much more sensitive. But at least she was taking it slowly now.

Ruby resumed talking, while stroking the lower half of my pole again, "It's kind of frustrating being Michelle's 'bestest and breastest' friend, because I'm always in her shadow. Not only is she more outgoing and assertive than I am, but she has those freaking F-cups of hers. In reality, they're only one size larger than my E-cups, but the way they jut straight out in total defiance of all the laws of gravity make them seem two sizes bigger than they already are."

Seeing that Ruby was a little bummed out, I pulled her up my body until her breasts were at my eye-level. "I think your E-cups are fantastic! They're only second best compared to Shelle's, but that's not a fair comparison. I bet you have the second largest natural pair of breasts in your whole high school, don't you?"

"Well, tied for second with a few," Ruby admitted.

I briefly motor-boated into her cleavage, causing her to giggle. Then I pulled back to resume eye contact. "All the boys can't stop staring at your chest wherever you go, can they?"

"Unless Michelle is standing next to me, which is most of the time," she grumbled.

"I'm sure the boys are totally into you too, aren't they? I'll bet some stare at you more than Michelle, don't they? Don't they?"

She grinned a little and happily admitted, "Yeah. I always tell them no though. I couldn't tell them why, but as the old song goes, 'My Heart Belongs to Daddy!'"

"That's sweet. Never forget that I love her tits all up. I could almost eat them!" I stuck my tongue out and began licking the sweat from her cleavage.

I could feel her shiver with delight. "Oooh! Daddy! I'll give you ten hours to stop that!"

"And I'll bet your nipples taste great too." I started licking her nipples.

She squealed in surprise, but then attempted to keep talking. "You're just saying - OOH! You're just say, saying... Oh, Daddy! That feels SO good! You do that better than Michelle even, or maybe I just love it so much because it's you!"

She was straddled over me, with her knees planted on either side of me. My hands were firmly fondling her bare ass, keeping her body close.

I felt Michelle's face and hair brush against the backs of my hands. Even while Michelle continued to give me a blowjob, she was rubbing her head affectionately against Ruby's bottom.

Then Ruby grabbed one of my hands and tried to bring it around to her pussy.

It was tempting, especially since her pussy was up around my stomach and the wet and aroused pussy aroma was potent enough to make me dizzy. And with my cockhead in Michelle's mouth while she lolled her tongue all around it, my willpower wasn't very strong. But I mustered what little resolve I had left, and said to my red-headed vixen, "No dice. That area's off limits until you find a boyfriend, capiche?"

She sighed, but didn't seem too put out about it. Perhaps it helped that I went right back to sucking on one of her nipples. I even pulled them together so I could suckle on both nipples at once.

After a minute or two, she managed to resume talking, still smarting over Michelle's larger and higher breasts. "So thanks to those outrageous tits of hers, she gets whatever she wants. And I think it must be the rare woman who isn't at least a bit bisexual, because it's the rare woman who doesn't fawn all over her almost as much as the guys do. Especially with her dangerous lesbian reputation."


"Let's just say that it's well known around school that if you want to kiss and hold her, you need to be prepared to get your ass spanked first. That is, if she picks you, which is a very rare honor indeed. Even the teachers know that."


"Oops! Did I say that? Forget that."

"Waaaaait one minute! Are you implying that she's had sex with some teachers?!"

"No! Definitely not! However, gossip gets around. You've be surprised what even the teachers find out. Pretty much everyone has heard the rumors, but what can they do, because they have no proof."

"Oh." That was a big relief. Things had gotten so strange lately that I could have believed anything.

"My point is, if Michelle went to a different school, I know I'd be the queen bee as the most beautiful girl at ours."

"Do you think she is the queen bee?"

"Well, no. There's actually very few people she considers worthy of being friends with. But she could be it easily if that's what she was striving for. She's practically halfway there as it is without lifting a finger, just because she's THAT beautiful, and at school popularity and looks are almost one and the same. As for me, it's not even an option. With Michelle around, it's always 'Michelle... and Ruby.' I'm always second."

"Do YOU want to be queen bee?"

"Well, no. Definitely not, but that's not my point. I don't mind being in her shadow that much 'cos I don't really want the attention like she does, and I love her so much. It just IS that she's my sister, just like you're my Daddy, you know? Anyway, my main point..." She shuddered and had to take a deep breath. "God, Daddy, you really know how to suck a girl's tits!"

Ruby was writhing all over me, moving so much that I was forced to let go of her ass and hold her breasts with both hands to keep on sucking on them. (Poor me!) Meanwhile, Michelle was steadily but slowly bobbing up and down, up and down, up and down. It seemed she was content to do that for hours while her hands experimented playing with my balls, no matter what Ruby was saying about her.

Yet despite all these distractions, I managed to pay attention to what Ruby was saying. I'd never heard her open up on this topic before, and I encouraged her to go on. "Anyway...?"

Ruby was definitely entering the heavy breathing phase of her arousal. "Oh yeah. Anyway, Michelle is so... willful... because no one... ever... tells her... no."

Judging from some unhappy moans, it seemed Michelle wanted to reply to that. But she was in no position to talk, because her lips were sliding up and down from my sweet spot, while her tongue was licking everything she could reach. Truly, she had to have practiced a lot to be this good already! Finally, I heard her mumble around my thickness, "Am nod!"

Ruby continued, breathlessly, "Even Mindy spoils her rotten most of the time, as you know. You're the only one who can even... even slow her down a bit. That's a big reason why she needs your... firm... hand so much. My point in all this is... you... you need to spank her regularly. Both of us! ... You're kind of her, her, her... moral conscience."

I sighed heavily. "Good Lord! God save us all. Some kind of moral conscience I am! Look at me." At least I'd stopped suckling on Ruby's nipples for the moment, but I was still hefting and kneading her great globes in my hands, while she leaned up against me and ran her hands through my hair. And of course Michelle was still sucking on my cock, sucking, sucking, sucking, relentlessly sucking as if her life depended on it!

Suddenly I wondered if Ruby was truly confessing her frustrations about being in Michelle's shadow or if she was just giving me a big excuse to spank the both of them on a regular basis. I suspected it was a lot of both.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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