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Chapter 24

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I laughed out loud as an idea came to me: I'd forgotten all about calling my wife, and I still wanted to touch base with her after all this insanity. "Hey Ruby. Please hand me the phone."

Ruby brought the phone receiver near me, but obviously didn't want to hand it to me because that would mean I'd have to take at least one hand off her tits. She just held it near my ear.

So I said, "Fine. Mindy's cell is number one on the speed dial."

Ruby hit the number and brought the phone back to my ear.

"Hey, love of my life," I said as Mindy picked it up. "Got a minute?"

"Always, for you, lover," she said back. I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Let me rephrase: are you in your office alone, and do you have a towel under your rear end protecting the seat?"

"Oooh! I like the sound of that! No, I don't have the towel in place, but I already brought one in from the bathroom in the hopes you'd call me back. Just a sec."

When she came back on the line, she said, "All set. I even took my panties off and I'm sitting bare-assed on the towel, Mama Mia's style. Oh, and I locked the door. So what's up?"

I thought back fondly to our Mama Mia's restaurant adventure last night. I was more determined than ever to go back there soon and see Sue Ellen again.

I didn't answer immediately, so Mindy asked, "What's that sucking sound?"

"Oh, sorry. I was a little distracted. That was me, sucking on Ruby's nipple."

"I like!"

"Actually, she's holding the phone to my ear, so I can fondle and suckle her nipples when you're talking. And I must say, it's a lot more fun to hold onto these beautiful tits than it is to clutch a plastic phone in my hand. I'm drowning in Ruby boob!"

"I like even more! Are you really suckling on her nipples right now?!"

"Well, not this very second, since I'm talking to you. But I'm doing a lot of licking in any case. Like right now." I licked extra loudly, making a circle around Ruby's left nipple.

Ruby moaned loudly in delight. She briefly brought the receiver to her chest, making sure Mindy could hear.

My wife breathlessly asked, "What's Michelle doing?"

"Hold on to your hat! Brace yourself. Are you ready?"

"I'm hat holding and bracing. Spill the beans already!"

I paused dramatically, then said, "Michelle can't come to the phone because she's busy sucking my cock!"


Ruby could hear everything that was being said, since her head was near mine. She smiled from ear to ear, knowing what big news this was for Mindy and how happy it would make her. She considerately pulled the phone a ways away from my ear while Mindy kept on screaming and screaming.

I enjoyed another minute of more tit fondling while getting my cock sucked before Mindy calmed down and then came back to the phone. She said, "Sorry. Someone actually knocked on my door to see if I was okay. I had to go and speak through the door, explaining that I'd stubbed my toe. Then I was doing my little victory dance. Wooo! Woo-hoo!"

I laughed. "I wish I could see that!"

"Pshaw. That's nothing. I wish I could see YOU right now! I hope you're at least taking some pictures." She paused, and then growled lustily, "Dammit, you'd BETTER be taking pictures! This is a historic moment for our family! This is like 'Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon' giant-sized banner headlines for all of our lives! Is she really bobbing on you even as we speak?!"

I looked down at Michelle's bobbing head, even though I obviously didn't have to check to know what she was doing. The pleasure I was feeling was beyond description. "She is!"

My wife was beside herself. "Oh God! Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod! I can't breathe! Tell me there are pictures! For the love of God, please tell me!"

I was getting a rush listening to how excited she was. Yet overall I remained strangely calm. "Actually, we've got the video camera up on the dresser, recording everything. I can see from here that the red light is still on. We've recorded everything, including their very first handjobs and blowjobs."

"'THEIR?' Did you say 'THEIR?' Ruby's blown you too?!"

"She has."

"No way!" It seemed she was about to scream again, but I think she caught herself, because instead she whispered excitedly, "NO FUCKING WAY! I'm so happy for them I could cry!"

"It's true! They've even done it - well, licked me - at the same time!"

Mindy let out another loud shriek of joy.

I was having a hard time talking, as Michelle's cocksucking was relentless. "Here, Ruby, you want to tell her?"

Ruby moved the phone to her head. "Hi, Mindy! Can you believe it?! I'm still walking on air!"

I could hear Mindy talking. "Hi, you big Daddy-loving cocksucker, you!"

"I am, aren't I?" the red-headed vixen giggled happily.

"You ARE! I'm so proud of you! Tell me what happened! What's happening now?! All of it! Please!"

Ruby couldn't talk fast enough, like it was one run-on sentence. "We're in the middle of your bed, the three of us naked as the day we were born, and Daddy has his hands and even his mouth on me, playing with my tits, and Michelle is between his legs with her mouth totally crammed full of Daddy cock and she's slurping so loudly that it's like a symphony of perfect cocksucking joy, and I know exactly how it feels 'cos I got to suck him too!" She let out a high-pitched squeal, causing Mindy to laugh.

Then she took a breath and resumed, "Oh, Mindy, it's so AWESOME! BETTER than all my dreams! We got him to cum once already, but it's so hard to get him to cum, but it's so GREAT! I LOVE what an epic struggle it is just to get his super thick cock in my mouth! And then sliding my lips up and down it while using my tongue and my hands... OH GOD! I can't get enough of it! I hope we spend ALL DAY just sucking and stroking and loving his cock, making him cum over and over! It's like I'm living my fantasy, but it's REAL! Oh, and he shot his cum down Michelle's throat and all over her face! I was bummed to miss out, but it was okay because I got to lick her face clean! Can you believe it?! That's ANOTHER dream coming true! I can't wait until he cums on MY face and chest! I'm so happy I worry that I'm gonna die of too much joy and then I'll miss out. Oh, and the titfucks! He's promised to fuck our tits too! In fact, that's gonna happen NEXT!"

She let out another loud squeal, because she'd forgotten about that and now that she'd remembered she couldn't wait to get started.

Mindy chuckled. "Slow down, girl. Take a breather. What happened to his 'no lips' rule?"

"Oh, we blew right past that after about ten minutes of handjobs. And I do mean we BLEW past it!" She giggled. "We used the tongue loophole, since he said no lips but didn't mention tongue!"

My wife laughed heartily. "Good one!"

"But he's a tougher nut to crack on the whole pussy thing. He won't even touch mine, much less fuck it!" She winked at me playfully and wrinkled her nose in disapproval.

I heard Mindy reply, "Don't worry, dear. Keep pushing. Soon he'll be sliding into your slit like a hot knife through butter."

Ruby sighed. She was calming down some, although her tits were still heaving with excitement. "I hope so. He's been a reaaaal anal butthead about this whole 'dating boys' thing."

"Can he hear me talking right now?"

"Yep. I'm sure."

I spoke up. "I CAN hear you, Min, and I do not want you to encourage them about that! Do you hear me?"

"What's that? I think the line is breaking up on me." Mindy made some crackly noises that were obviously coming from her mouth, not the phone line. It was so obvious that she couldn't help but giggle.

I was amused, but I tried not to show it. "Hey. This is serious."

"Okay, we'll talk about that later then. So, Ruby, how is it? How does it feel to be a Daddy sucker?"

Ruby gushed, "Like a dream come true! Exactly like the very best dream, the perfect fantasy come to life! I mean, sucking a pussy is okay, if you need to pass the time with something more lively than a dildo. But a COCK! My man's big cock! My Daddy's cock! And I get to call him 'Daddy!' I just can't believe the day has come and it's all finally happening! Thank you SO MUCH for all your help and advice! Oh, and now he's latched onto my left nipple again. I can't even talk! He's gonna make me cum again!"

Mindy said with rising excitement in her voice, "Me too! I'm getting close! Can I talk to Michelle?"

"Um, I don't think she'd appreciate that right now. She's kind of... involved." She laughed. "My God, you should see her! Cheeks sunk in, eyes shut tight, fingers sliding on the rest, soooo much suction! She's TOTALLY FOCUSED on serving his cock to the very best of her ability! Thanks to your training, we're already sucking like we've been doing it for years! I get so hot just watching, and knowing that's Dan's cock is crammed in her mouth! Dan's great big cock! Your husband! Her own biological father! My Daddy too! I swear, this has been the best day of my life by a MILE!"

Mindy said, "She's doing her industrial strength vacuum cleaner impression, huh? I can imagine!"

"No, actually, she's taking it slow right now. More like gently suckling on his frenulum than the 'frantic hair flying everywhere' kind of wild stuff. She knows when to ease up to make him last, just like you taught us. Her cheeks are puckered in a little bit, but she's doing the 'taking it slow so it will last for hours' thing. I was more describing how she was a couple of minutes ago. Hoo-wee! She was trying to inhale that fat monster down to the root! I have to say 'trying to' since she can't really get a deep throat going yet, but she's trying big time already. You shoulda heard her choking and gagging on it! I think it's the sweetest, sexiest sound I've ever heard!"

Mindy's voice was downright giddy. "Ooooh! That's hot too! I can almost hear it, and see it! In fact, I can practically feel it sliding in between MY lips! I've never been SO HOT! This is actually better than sucking him myself!"

Ruby laughed. "I wouldn't go that far!"

"Well, you might feel differently after you've sucked him a few thousand times. Which you will! Just remember dear, this is how it's gonna be from now on. Every day, while I'm at work, you two are in charge of his cock!"

"Yes, ma'am!" She giggled gleefully.

"I expect you to take VERY good care of it! And of him! I want you two to stroke and suck him whenever he shows even the slightest hint of getting a boner! Keep his cockhead in your hot little mouths, soaked in your saliva! Or squeezed tight in your deep cleavage! If he wants to lick or fingerfuck your tight teenage virgin pussies, of course you'll let him. Whatever it takes. Just so long as I'm at work and not there to take care of it myself."

"Yes, ma'am!"

"It'll be just like we always talked about. And he's in total control of your hot bodies! Never forget that. You must always obey his every whim without question!"

"Duh! I'm so all over that plan already!"

Mindy chuckled. "I'll bet you are! Mmmm! I wish this was some kind of video phone. Dammit!"

I figured they were getting way, way carried away with their lusty enthusiasm. There was no way they could keep up that level of sexual activity. I wouldn't be able to write another page of my books if they came even close. But still, if even some reasonable, toned down fraction of their grand vision were to come true, I would be permanently living on cloud nine!

A thought came to Ruby. "Oh! By the way, Daddy's calling us his 'cock slaves' now. Isn't that just the BEST! We have you to thank for that, since it evolved out of your 'pussy slave' name. In fact, you mentioned it first, in passing, at the end of the last phone call!"

Mindy chuckled some more. "I did, didn't I? Glad to be of service. Hmmm. 'Cock slave.' I like that. I like it a lot!"

Ruby giggled. "We all do! I love thinking that I'm ENSLAVED to his cock! Michelle and I, were totally HELPLESS to do anything but serve it and pleasure it, pretty much constantly! We have no choice! It owns us and controls us! It calls to us, like the song of the sirens, commanding us to drop to our knees and SUCK!"

Mindy responded, "MMMM! That is hot! Super hot!"

I was both disturbed and aroused to hear that Mindy fully approved of that name. That mixed emotion seemed to be happening to me a lot lately, and it somehow made everything even more of a turn-on. The Gruesome Twosome had gone off the deep end with their incest fantasy, and my wife was an enabler. It was unhealthy and wrong! I would have been highly disturbed except that I was so extremely horny! With Michelle continuing to slurp on my boner like an old pro, I was so far gone into lust that I didn't even say a word about their new "cock slave" nickname.

Mindy and Ruby shared a satisfied sigh together. Then Mindy asked, "Is Michelle still sucking on all that tasty Dan-meat? Can you bring the phone near so I can hear it? I'd just hate to be the one to tell her when she has to go to work."

I stopped suckling Ruby's nipple, and said, "What? ... Hey, Ruby, please put the phone to my ear again."

"Sure thing, Daddy."

"Mindy," I asked, "What's this about Shelle having to go to work?"

Michelle had been too far away to hear the other end of the conversation, but she definitely heard that. At first she froze, but then she began redoubling her efforts on my shaft, apparently trying to get me to cum before she was dragged away from my crotch.

Mindy replied, "Oh yeah, sure. Let's see, I think she's doing an eleven-to-seven shift at the video shop. Isn't that right, Ruby?"

Ruby nodded.

Mindy obviously couldn't see that, but took the silence for a yes. "Oh my! It's very nearly eleven now. And life must go on. Even cock slaves have to maintain their usual responsibilities."

I looked at the clock next to the bed. It was 10:45. "Oh shit! You're right. What a close call! It's a good thing I called when I did."

Michelle finally stopped sucking and raised her head up. "Dad, it's a fucking shitty DISASTEROUS thing that you called when you did! I'm not going to work! You can't make me go! I'm gonna stay here in bed and suck and stroke your delicious cock all day long, and that's final! End of story!"

She dove back onto my stiffness with her lips. If anything, she redoubled her efforts yet again. I could feel her jaw opening ever so slightly wider as she tried to position me in her mouth for an even deeper penetration, one that would push me on into her throat. Unfortunately, my stiffness was making that difficult for her, and she couldn't line things up correctly to deep throat me. That didn't stop her from trying, but her gag reflex was kicking in, which was doing the most incredible things to my sensitive cockhead as she kept trying to take me deeper.

While listening to Michelle gag on my hot and throbbing hard-on, I said to Mindy, "Uh-oh. Gotta go. We've got a mini-crisis here, not to mention Shelle is trying to suck my entire body up into her mouth all at once, she's got such an intense suction going on!"

"Okay, but could we have lunch? Actually, screw lunch. I just basically need you to come here and fuck the shit out of me! This is the most exciting thing I've ever heard in my entire life, but no way can I go home early. Not today."

"I'll see what I can do. I'll talk to you about it later, okay? We've got to get Shelle off to work."

"Okay. But wait. Before I go, Ruby, can you hear me?"

"Yep," a disappointed Ruby replied.

"Good. Hold the phone close to Michelle's head so she can hear me. Can you do that?"

"Just a sec." She did so, and then said, "Okay."

My wife spoke in her "responsible mother" voice. "Michelle, I know you must be crushed having to go to work. But this is a good opportunity to show him that you can balance your new cock slave fun with your daily responsibilities. Don't give him a reason to pull the plug! Show that you can act in moderation and be REASONABLE, okay?"

Ruby sighed. "I'll speak for her, since she doesn't want to stop sucking. Okay. It's going to be sooooo hard! But we'll try. I'll do my best to help her."

"Good. That's a good girl. Honey?"


"I'm going to go masturbate for, oh, the next three hours non-stop! Take care. Oh, and congratulations! First Sue Ellen last night, and now this!"

Ruby gasped. "Wait! Sue Ellen? The waitress? That's all real?!"

"You bet your sweet ass it is! He seduced her in minutes flat, and now she's head over heels for him! I'll tell you all about it later. But watch out, girls, you may soon find yourself with some cock slave competition. Anyway, Honey, love you."

"Love you. Bye."

My first order of business was getting Michelle's lips and tongue off my erection before I exploded into the back of her mouth (again), and I'm pretty sure she knew I was close to giving her another load, which was all the motivation she needed to try even harder.

I considered trying to pull her off, or having Ruby try to pull her off, or better, both of us trying at once. But I didn't want to mess around with the 'family jewels.' Instead, I got a little smarter, and said, "Shelle, stop that this instant. If you don't, then I'm gonna fuck Ruby's tits first. I was going to fuck yours first, I was REALLY looking forward to it. But if you're gonna be like that, it might be days before I get around to it."

That worked. She pulled off immediately, and complained, "Okay, fine, but only if you fuck 'em now!" She tried to rearrange herself and get her chest into position over my groin, but I quickly hopped off the bed before she could.

"NoooOOOOoooo! Daaaaaddyyyy! Don't!" She belatedly tried to climb after me, but it was no use. "You tricked me!"

Standing there with my hands covering my erection, I said, "Shelle, here's how it's going to be. You're going to shower and go to work-"

"NO! No, no, no! A thousand times no! It's just a shit job, and I couldn't care less if they fire me! This is a million times more important! I've been waiting for this for YEARS!"

Her face brightened as an idea came to her. "I know, I'll take a sick day, that's what I'll do! I'm sick, lovesick, for you and your cock! Give it to me, Daddy! Give it to me GOOD!" She trembled with need as she brought her hands together and literally begged for my touch.

Ruby draped herself all over me as I continued to talk. She stood on tiptoes to press her head against mine, but she snaked a hand down, pushed my hands away, and started stroking my erection.

I was too weak to resist that. I told myself I didn't need to stop her since she wasn't the one who had to get ready for work. However, we were dangerously close to fucking, due to the proximity of my boner and her pussy. I subtly shifted my body to remind her that she was not allowed to put it in her.

She contented herself with stroking me as I tried to ignore the hot and wet pussy pressed against my thigh. It really was radiating considerable heat, like a mini-oven.

I tried to get serious and stern. "Listen to me, Shelle. You have to go to work. Now! I know you don't like it, but you're spoiled enough already. You need to learn responsibility and the meaning of work. But I'll make you a deal. If you go to work, and if you behave there all day so I don't have to get another call from your manager, I'll hold off on fucking Ruby's tits, and then I'll fuck yours first tonight. The only tits I've ever fucked are your mother's, and I would really like for you to be my number two, but only if you're good. Will you be good for me?"

There was a stormy look in Michelle's eyes. Ruby was right - Michelle was used to getting her way on everything. She just sat there on her heels, her immense tits heaving, her long blonde hair askew, and sweat rolling down her face. She was a vision of raw sex. She stared down towards my erection. Finally, she said, "It's so HOT, watching you stand there all manly and dominant, calmly talking to me while Ruby's sliding her greedy little fingers all over your thick shaft. Gaawwwd!"

"Answer me," I prodded.

Her expression lightened to more of a just really frustrated look, rather than an outright mutinous one, and she said, "For you, Daddy, I'll be good. I heard what Mom said, and I'm trying to behave. For you. I'll make you a deal. I'll go to work if you fuck my tits FIRST. I can't wait another eight hours, I need it too bad!"

"No deal. We don't have time for that. Are you really sincere about totally obeying me in all things? Are you REALLY sincere about being my cock slave? Is that just a meaningless term to you, or are you going to be my completely obedient sex toy?"

I don't know what caused me to say "sex toy." I don't know if it was better or worse than "cock slave." But clearly I wasn't thinking straight if I was using any term like that. My excuse was that I was hoping it would help her behave, but I must admit that I felt goose bumps just from saying it.

There was a long pause, and then she mumbled something.

"What was that? I can't hear you."

Her voice was a little bit louder. I could just manage to hear her say, "I'll be your completely obedient sex toy."

"That's still not loud enough. I need Ruby to hear it too."

She looked up at where Ruby and I were standing. She pounded her fists into the bed with frustration as she said, "I'll be your completely obedient sex toy already, dammit! Sheesh! You're sneaky, you know that? You're using my own submissive fantasies against me to deny me the totally awesome titfuck I've been dreaming about for months!"

She clutched her F-cups from below and pushed them together. "Do you know HOW MANY TIMES I've climaxed to fantasies of you fucking my cleavage?! It's fucked up! I'm supposed to be arguing with you, but how can I think when you're making me cum?! And then you sit there looking smug with your endless stamina while Ruby jacks you off. It's all too fucking HOT!"

She let go of her boobs only to bend forward as she suddenly clutched towards her pussy with both hands. That set her magnificent torpedoes swinging as she stayed bent over, either cumming or trying hard not to. I couldn't tell. But the look of arousal on her face was intense and her erotic moaning was loud.

I said, "I'm not denying you anything, just delaying it. You'll enjoy it twice as much having to wait for it those eight hours. Oh, and actually it'll be more like ten, since Cindy's coming over for dinner tonight."

"GAAAH!" Michelle straightened up. She pounded her fists into the bed some more and wailed in agony, causing her mammoth orbs to fly about, and sending her long blonde hair flying too.

"Hey, look at it on the bright side," I added. "You don't have to work tomorrow, do you?"


"Well, there you go. We'll have a lot of fun tonight and tomorrow." I was flying high, thinking about what I'd do to these two sexpots, and Sue Ellen too. The world was my oyster!

Of course, I couldn't forget to keep my unbelievably generous wife sexually satisfied. She was going to be insatiable tonight, I was sure about that. I had some misgivings about titfucking Michelle just before bedtime. Would I be able to kick her out of the bedroom afterwards, so I could make love to Mindy? Would I even want to? But on the other hand, how could I delay fucking my daughter's glorious F-cups another day?!

"Ooookaaaay..." my blonde bombshell daughter sighed, sounding out the word like a foghorn blowing low. "Sheesh. You're a tough nut to crack. I guess I'd better go take a shower."

Ruby spoke to her while she continued to jack me off. "It's for the best. I know it sucks, but you've waited so many years. You can wait a few more hours."

Michelle grumbled, "That's easy for you to say. YOU get to stay here. YOU get to play with the King all day long. Grrr!" But just as she was about done walking out of the room with her head hanging low, she turned around. "A-ha! Victory is mine! It just occurred to me that I snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!"

"What do you mean?"

She was slowly walking back towards me, swinging her tanned hips as she went. "Okay, so maybe you won one thing, getting me to go to work today, but in so doing, you've not only admitted but insisted that I'm your cock slave! You admitted that you want me to completely obey you and sexually serve you! You can no longer deny that I belong on my knees or on my back with my legs spread, taking my rightful place in absolute sexual servitude to my wonderful daddy! You even correctly called me your 'sex toy.' Ha-ha, moral man, you just lost the biggest battle of all!" She sort of jogged in place, doing a little victory dance.

Needless to say, just seeing her little dance in all her sweaty, naked glory was a sight for the ages. She even had to clutch at her jutting F-cups, to stop them from swinging wildly.

She did have a good point, and at first I felt trapped. By now, Ruby had slowly slid down my body. She was still jacking me off, only she was kneeling right in front of me as she did, staring intently at my hard erection, breathing on it. She seemed mesmerized.

I thought, She's got me there. It's hard for me to deny that they're acting like my cock slaves and I'm okay with that, if not actively encouraging it. Hell, who am I kidding? I'm loving it! I SHOULD be feeling guilty, but they're just SO gorgeous, SO enthusiastic, SO sexy! And Min approves. They win! But I win too!

Even as I was thinking that, Ruby started licking around my cockhead. I wasn't surprised at all. The two of them were absolutely sexually insatiable! Once again, I couldn't resist because the pleasure was too incredible.

I tried to ignore that and focus on my conflict with Michelle. I saw this as a chance to assert my authority. I told her, "Maybe so. However, if you accept those terms, then you have to totally obey me in all things. I can pull this card at any time to make you go to work, or do anything at all. I could order you to NOT touch my penis for a week, or I could order you to have sex with a boy. If you're really serious about this total obedience thing, then it cuts both ways. Are you really that serious?"

Her triumphant look was wiped right off her face. "Oh shit. But you wouldn't order me to do those horrible things, would you?"

"I could. That's MY choice."

The busty blonde folded both her arms under her rack defiantly. "Well then, I don't know if I'm ready to make that commitment yet, not if it means I have to date a boy."

"But you already promised you would!"

She bit her lip in frustration as she watched Ruby licking and stroking me. Then she managed to look back up to my face. "That's true, but I don't actually have to DO anything with him! My body belongs to YOU and you only. That's non-negotiable!"

"We'll talk about this later. Go take your shower. And hurry." I leaned over Ruby and smacked Michelle on her ass cheek, to spur her on.

She squealed with glee. Apparently that suggestion of spankings to come put her in a whole new mood. She stopped and bent over lewdly, flashing lots of puffy pink pussy at me as she grasped her ankles. "Thank you, Sir! May I please have another?"

It was tempting, damn tempting, to let her job go hang and just whale on her ass, especially since I was really frustrated with her. Plus, the way Ruby was licking my cock was causing my lusty urges to run wild. I somehow managed to restrain myself, but she did give me another incentive idea. "No. But IF you behave at work and get there on time, I just might have to spank you thoroughly later."

"On time? But..." She straightened up and looked over at the clock with serious concern. "That's only ten minutes from now!"

"Then you'd better hurry."

"Aaaaaahhh!" she shrieked as she ran out of the room. "Ruby, help get my clothes! Daddy, start the car!"

Ruby spoke as she licked and stroked. "We could do that... Or... I could bob on your cock until you cum! Don't you need to cum first?!"

I groaned with immense pleasure from the way she was lapping against my sweet spot. But then I said, "Not now, please. Not now!"

"Come on!" Ruby complained as she continued to lick. "You can't seriously tell me you're going to leave before cumming first!"

"I am. I seriously have to be out the door in two minutes. There'll be time for that later."

Ruby relented, probably realizing that she'd have plenty of time all alone with me after Michelle went to work.

I ducked back into the bathroom and took a very quick shower. It only took about five minutes to drive Michelle to work, and I was willing to cut her some slack if she was only a little late.

But Michelle didn't know that. She was running around the house like a maniac, screaming at Ruby to help her with this and that. Apparently, getting spanked was a VERY big deal for her.

We rushed to the car. I drove, with Michelle beside me in the front passenger seat. Ruby stayed home, at my request. On the way there, Shelle kept goading me to drive faster, until I told her that she was close enough to being on time for spanking purposes, in my book.

She immediately relaxed.

As I drove, my curiosity got the better of me. I asked her, "Spanking is really that important to you, huh?"

"Yeah. It's like what Ruby was saying. I don't just, uh, want it, you know? It's like ... I dunno ... I NEED it somehow. And I do mean NEED! I've been waiting soooo long for you to take your proper place as my master, controlling me with your big fat cock and your spanking hand."

Hearing that alarmed me. "'Master?' Let's not use that kind of terminology."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. And 'cock slave' is okay? If I'm a slave, then it logically follows that I have a master who owns me. You! Please just accept it, okay? Don't be such a difficult stick in the mud."

I was secretly amused that she was annoyed at me for resisting the master idea, in her typically petulant manner. That seemed all backwards. I decided to think it over carefully before staking out a position. Things were happening too fast for me to digest how our lives were changing.

She continued, "Anyway, those nine whacks you gave me the other day? That was like the best time I ever had in my life! Up until today, that is. Look, we all know I'm spoiled and willful. I don't deny it. I need your firm hand to complete me. Firm hand and firm cock! Do you have any idea of just how much I love that you're so fucking thick and wide down there? I'd love it if it was a tiny thing just because it's yours, but I absolutely WORSHIP this fat baby!"

Now that she wasn't in a panic about being late, she started staring possessively at my groin. "Speaking of which, would you like me to blow you the rest of the way there?"

"No! I'm not even erect."

She flashed me a seductive smile. "I'll bet I can fix that, fast." She put a hand on my thigh.

I pointedly removed it. "No, already! Not only is it dangerous, but you're my genetic daughter. Don't you have a horny off switch?"

She grinned widely. "Nope!" To make her point, she slid a hand under her top and her bra, reaching up until she pinched a nipple.

I gawked at the outline of her hand underneath her top until the car started to swerve out of its lane. As I regained control of myself and the car, I shouted, "Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Be careful! You wanna get us both killed?!"

"No." Chastened, she withdrew her hand.

"For Christ's sake, anyone can see! It goes without saying that when you're out in public you have to behave in a completely non-sexual way. I hope you haven't told anyone what we've been doing!"

"No," she admitted, sighing. "Although, to be honest, most of my friends know all about how Ruby and I feel about you and have known for a really long time. You know, that we want to surrender our bodies to you. It's gonna be really hard for me to not act differently and keep pretending that I'm still just flirting and pining away like always."

"We'll talk about that later. It's probably good if you just avoid them for a while, until we can figure out what to do with that."

"Yeah." She sighed again. She stared out the window in contemplation.

Then, after a pause, she turned back to me and stared longingly at my crotch, which had a noticeable tent in it. "So, what are you and Ruby gonna do all day? I'll bet she gets to stroke and suck and suck and stroke, and suck and suck and suck and suck until she's soaked in sticky cum from head to toe! Meanwhile, I'll have to sit there in the stupid video shop, bored out of my frickin' mind, handing stupid people their stupid videos!" She switched into full-on pouty-and-spoiled mode.

"Actually, it's not like that," I said. "Today's been a momentous day for sure, but regular life goes on. I told Ruby before I left that I'm off to have lunch with my wife. You do remember that I'm married, right? I also have to take care of some errands, and maybe even get some writing done. And then, of course, Cindy's coming over for dinner, and we have to prepare for that. Ruby and I may have some fun here and there, but it can't be all fun all the time. You're going to have to learn that."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she said impatiently.

"Don't take that attitude. If she spent all day stroking and sucking like you think she would, her hands and mouth would simply up and fall off!"

She giggled a bit at that. "Yeah, that's true. My jaw's kinda tired already, to be honest. But it's the kind of soreness a girl could seriously get used to and want to feel all the time. Your stamina is everything I've dreamed about, and more! I'll work up a big tolerance, just you wait and see!"

I shook my head at the non-stop craziness. "I wouldn't be at all surprised."

She rubbed her jaw. "I can't believe my jaw is actually sore from sucking my daddy's cock! That is just too cool for school!"

"Can you not use the 'D' word already, out in public? You're a pretty determined young lady when you know what you want, but you need to exercise some control. ... Looks like we're here." I pulled the car up to the curb in front of her store.

She turned to me and looked at me with smoldering eyes. "I do know what I want, and what I want is YOU. But don't worry. I know I'm being a little pissy and out of control today, but I promise I'm gonna be REALLY good at sharing you. I don't even mind sharing with this Sue Ellen girl, if she's really for real and that's what you want. I figured you'd have other lovers once you let yourself go and realized that Mom really is okay with sharing you. And I'm not forgetting that Mom should always get first dibs. It's just that I'm so excited today that I can't control myself!"

"Yeah, so I've heard from a moderately reliable source. I'm glad to hear that. Now, give me a very innocent looking kiss on the cheek and be on your way."

She leaned over to kiss me, but her mouth went to my ear first. She whispered hotly into it, "I can't wait until you FUCK my TITS tonight! The KING is gonna ROYALLY fuck 'em! My huge F-cups are pining away to feel your big log sliding in between them! And then after that, I want you to take my naked body and throw it over your lap, then spank my uppity ass cherry red!"

I gulped.

"And then, Mr. D., then you're going to throw me on the bed, spread my legs, and cram every single fat fucking inch of your cock into my wet and needy, cherry cunt! That's how you'll take control, by fucking your virgin daughter the way I need to be fucked!"

"Shelle," I growled in warning.

She started to pull away, but then she went right back to my ear and whispered, "Speaking of controlling ourselves, doesn't that thing ever go down?"

Indeed, my dick had engorged in the last minute or two, thanks to what she was telling me. I was hoping to get away before she noticed.

She purred, "I have half a mind to just bend over, here and now, unzip your fly, and swallow the King deep into my throat! Would you like that, Daddy? Are you happy now that I'm one of your personal cocksuckers? Does that make you hot?"

"God dammit, you know it does! Now get going already before I have an accident in my pants!"

Knowing that she'd just gotten me all worked up, she leaned back and said in a triumphant tone, "We wouldn't want THAT." She pecked me on the cheek and said in a normal voice, "Later, Daddy."

I grimaced. Seeing that it was futile to get her to say "Mr. D." or something like that, I at least admonished her, "That's, 'Later, Dad,' when we're in public, Shelle."

She smirked as she got out, and said loudly for all to hear, "Later, Daddy."

I shook my head as I drove off. She's always a difficult case. Why can't she be more like Nicky? Now Nicky, she's an angel. But perhaps with a "firm hand and a firm cock" I can somehow accomplish a little attitude adjustment in my Shelle, after all.

Jesus! What a day!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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