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Chapter 25

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I'd taken the time to quickly shower and dress nicely before rushing Michelle to her job, because I wanted to surprise Mindy at work and take her to lunch. I felt the need to emotionally reconnect with her after getting sexually intimate with the Gruesome Twosome. I wanted to see with my own two eyes that she was 100% okay with that.

Just as importantly, my penis needed a break. I could well imagine what would happen if I was home alone with Ruby! I had to pace myself, because I had plans to have lots of fun later.

It was still early for lunch, but it couldn't be helped, since Mindy was waiting for me to call her back. I wanted to surprise her, and not leave her waiting anxiously by the phone all morning. Besides, I hadn't eaten any breakfast (I was too busy playing with my daughters' bodies to care about food!), and my stomach was growling.

Luckily, when I got to her office she was waiting for me, and she was eager to eat.

But once we were alone in her office, I started kissing her - which quickly progressed into full-blown necking. Then I suggested, "Let's do it! Right here!"

"What, are you crazy?"

"Doing it in the bathroom of a restaurant isn't crazy, but this is?"

She pushed me away. "The difference is, people here know me. Yes, I'm a sexy woman, but I deliberately dress in chic but conservative business attire, so as to look appealing and professional but not slutty. I've been purposefully cultivating a boring reputation for years, to help keep the grabby hands away. If people see, hear, or smell any sign of me having sex in here, I'll go from the 'sexy, but taken' category to the 'who knows what she might let me do if I push her' category. And right now I'm so turned on that you'd have me screaming at the top of my lungs, 'Dan Cooper is my husband, and I love him, and he's fucking me like a superman!' in about two minutes flat."

"But I'm your husband and you're my wife. Don't people get a little nookie with their spouses from time to time? I long to see my Queen."

She grinned at that. "Nope. Not here. Believe me, your Queen is more than ready to pay homage to the King, like you wouldn't believe, but it's just too risky. We're really boring here."

I asked, "But didn't you masturbate a hell of a lot here today, after I called you?" I sniffed the air and couldn't smell anything sexually suspicious.

"Of course! Gaawwwd, you have no idea! It was epic! Historic! But I have my ways of doing that without being noticed, or getting too loud. Notice how you can't even smell wet pussy? I'm VERY careful. Lately, I've been buying air freshener by the cart load, no joke!" She laughed. "But if you were to start fucking me, all bets are off. Plus, people will have noticed that you were in here with me."

"Shoot. But in a way, I'm glad. It's good to have limits."

She grinned and leered at me. "Reasonable boundaries."

"Don't even say that. Somehow, even mentioning that phrase is getting me turned on."

She raised an eyebrow in a very sexy manner. "Are you thinking about all those boundaries that you're breaking?"

I looked to the locked door. "Yes! Are you REALLY sure we can't do it here?"

Unfortunately, she nodded yes to that, and I could tell she wasn't joking about it.

I was deeply disappointed. "You're kidding me. Did you know, right before I left, Ruby was busy licking my erection, and she practically begged for me to let her suck until I shot my load down her throat. But, in a nearly heroic display of willpower, if I do say so myself, I managed to tell her no. Why? Because I'm not a young man anymore and there are only so many bullets in my gun, if you know what I mean, and I was trying to save something for you. I thought for sure you'd be all over me like an octopus. But now I'm suffering blue balls. Man, what a mistake!"

She looked at me with indecision, as well as fire in her eyes. She bit her lip and looked around the room, as if checking the security. "Awww! Why did you have to tell me all that?! I'm tempted. You have no idea how tempted. ... When I think about Ruby kneeling naked with your cock down her throat... UGH! HNNG! Dammit! But we... we can't!"

I slumped with frustration as I stood there. My erection really needed her TLC, because those same thoughts were driving me wild too.

"But wait," she added on a hopeful note. "We can't do it here, but the world is our oyster. I want it just as much as you do. We just need to find a safe place somewhere close by."

"Oh man! Yes! I'm so hungry my stomach is growling, but eating can wait. This is important! But where? Home's so far away and it's the middle of the day!"

Mindy thought for a minute while I grew increasingly antsy. My erection was still throbbing and demanding satisfaction. Finally, she said, "I have an idea. Come on. We'll take your car."

A couple of minutes later, we were both in my car. As I drove, she explained, "There's a public park not far from here that could work. It's very little used despite being near the center of town, and it's near a high school."


"I was walking through the park a few months back, trying to clear my head after getting all tangled up in a big case. It was late afternoon, after school let out. As I walked past some bushes, I heard the sound of what could only be two people getting it on. Really getting it on. Then it occurred to me that the bushes concealed a make-out spot that the kids at the school use. They've probably cultivated it over time. I didn't actually go in there, but my curiosity was piqued, and I walked back and forth on the path, trying to figure out what was going on in there. The trees and bushes were so thick that I couldn't see any signs of anything. But a little while later, I saw a young couple sneak out through the bushes. So I think I can find the way in. And since school is out for the summer and all of the students are either on vacation or have summer jobs, we should have it all to ourselves."

We didn't have any better options, and it was only a short distance away, so I drove to the park and we walked to the spot she told me about. Sure enough, we were able to push our way through the bushes to a very small but very beautiful little meadow. It was surrounded by a high thicket on all sides, making it perfectly secluded and nearly impossible to reach unless you knew the way. But the best thing of all was that there was grass on the ground.

As we stood there checking it out, I said, "Great spot. There's just one snag though. We didn't come prepared for this. You're wearing a business suit, and I'm all dressed up in slacks and a dress shirt. This is gonna be a grass stain nightmare."

"'Tis true," she replied. "Our only choice is to get completely naked and hang our clothes on these branches over here."

Normally, I would have had a million protests against that. But I was so uncontrollably horny that I simply started to strip my clothes off. I'd been riding an erotic buzz ever since I'd woken up with the Gruesome Twosome's tickle attack, and although my penis went flaccid from time to time, nothing really calmed me all the way down. Plus, all the oral action with my daughters had been one of the highlights of my life, but it had worked up an overwhelming need in me to FUCK!

Mindy shucked her clothes with surprising speed. But she continued to hold her cell phone even after she was buck naked. Then she dialed a number, putting it on speakerphone mode.

I heard Michelle on the other end of the line. "Grand Avenue Video. How may I help you?"

Mindy muttered urgently, "Michelle, this is your mother. But don't let on. I have some fun and sexy stuff to tell you. Can you find a private spot for a very private conversation?"

There was a pause before Michelle answered. I guessed it was in order to look around. As we were to find out later, it wasn't even noon and the store was completely deserted, but still, she wanted to be ultra careful. Pretending she was speaking to a legitimate customer, she said, "Yes, ma'am. I believe we do have that title. Let me check."

Mindy replied, "If the coast is clear, call me back on your cell phone, okay?"

"Okay. Just one minute. "Michelle hung up, probably using the minute to check on the back of the store and the video monitors to guarantee that she was alone by herself. Before long, she called back on her cell phone. "Hi, Mom," she said in a low voice.

"D'oh! Don't call me 'Mom.' You're blowing it!"

"Not to worry. Your timing was great, 'cos the only other employee here today just left for his lunch break. I was just double-checking to make sure. He won't be back for a half-hour or so. I'm the only person in the entire store. I do have to keep an eye on things in case someone comes in, but the odds of that are low. This time of day, we could go a whole hour without seeing a customer, although some people use the drop-off box. So what's up?"

Mindy smiled. "Well, daughter, I'm standing here completely naked in the middle of a public park. How does that shake you up?"

"Whoa! Mom! What the hell?! Where's Daddy?!"

"He's standing right next to me, also wearing his birthday suit."

"WHOA! MOM! No WAY! That is soooo cool! You're not really in a public park though, are you?"

"We are, but we're in a secret spot, completely surrounded by bushes and trees. Someone might find out we're here, but it's not likely, since we're not going to be long."

"What the hell are you doing there?! That could be dangerous!"

Mindy smirked. She proudly announced, "My man Daniel Cooper - actually, our man now - is going to fuck me like a superman! We're so horny that we had to resort to using this place. I thought you might want to listen in."

"No way! That is so AWESOME! I've been so BUMMED having to come to work while Ruby gets to stay home and have all the yummy cocky fun. I've been DYING! It's total agony!"

"I can imagine," Mindy purred sympathetically. "That's partly why I called you and not Ruby. She's alone at the moment, but she'll get hers later. I'm getting down on all fours, now. Since it's gonna be hard to keep holding the phone, I've had you on speaker the whole time."

"Too cool! Thanks SO MUCH for thinking of me!"

"No problem. My phone's in the grass and my head's hanging down. Dan is on his knees behind me, about to slip it in, doggy-style. It's not the ideal situation, but we're trying to minimize the grass stains. Go ahead, Honey, slip it in!"

That last comment was directed at me. I'd been watching Mindy talking and getting into position, and this was my first chance to speak since she'd dialed the phone. I said, "Min, we didn't discuss calling Michelle on the phone. That's kind of..." I searched for the right word.

"Exciting? Yes it is!"

From the other end of the line, Michelle half-shrieked, "Oh it IS, Da- IT IS!"

My hands trembled as I held my dick. "Exciting" wasn't the word I was going to choose, but she's right. As if I wasn't aroused and excited enough already! Geez! Fuck it! I give up trying to be responsible because lust has conquered me! I need to FUCK!

Mindy spoke towards the cell phone, "Your father's starting to fuck me! I can feel his big thick cock on my pussy lips, lining up with the hole. I think my Honey's going for a hole-in-one. Hot damn, I never get tired of feeling that! He's going to sink it in, in one stroke! Actually, I'm gonna call him Daddy. Daddy's rubbing the King up and down my pussy lips a little. I think he's ready to go."

Michelle squealed happily, "I love that you're calling him..." She paused, remembering that she was in the video store. Even if it was deserted at the moment, it was better to be safe. She finished, "Um, calling him, you know."

"Good idea censoring yourself," Mindy said. "Don't talk much, don't say anything lewd, just listen in. Now, I'm not calling him 'Daddy' because he's the daddy of my children. No, I'm calling him 'Daddy' because I'm imagining that I'm you!"

Michelle let out another orgasmic squeal.

I was slowly dying of frustration. I had my cockhead pressed against my wife's pussy lips, and I was all ready to push in. But I wanted the all clear from her first so she'd be "in the moment" with me, and she was busy talking on the phone. And everything they were saying was only getting me more and more worked up. Frustrating!

Mindy continued, "Here I am, Daddy's favorite little sex slave, no, make that his cock slave, naked and on all fours and in public no less, ready to get royally FUCKED by the King, just like a good and obedient slave girl should! And do you know WHY I'm in such an obscene position?"

Michelle replied excitedly, "Because Da- I mean, because he told you to!"

"That's right! Whatever Daddy says goes! Busty daughter slaves must obey! And when they do, they're rewarded with Daddy cock!"

Michelle let out an extra loud, extra orgasmic-sounding groan. I had to wonder if she was masturbating, and maybe even had just climaxed. But I had no way of knowing.

I was going to complain. It was a dirty deal that Mindy called Michelle without checking with me and then started in with this incestuous fantasizing. But I was too far gone. I needed to fuck, NOW, and all this waiting while poking my cockhead at the front door was too much to take. For all I knew, they were going to talk for another five or ten minutes before there was any action. So to forestall that, I simply pushed in.

I let out a long, blissful moan as my boner slid into my wife's tight slit. It felt like heaven! I needed this so very, very desperately badly!

Mindy grunted, "OH! OH! GOD! Michelle, he just pushed it in! Just like that, he pushed it in! Without even asking. He's getting so ASSERTIVE lately! He's in me right now!"

Michelle said, loudly, "No way! No way!" I could only imagine how much of an effort Michelle had in forcing herself not to shout.

"Yes! He's in YOU! Daddy's just split YOU in two! He's taken your cherry!"

Michelle whispered quietly but intently, "Oh my God! Mom! Don't say that! What am I going to do? I'm so turned on, but I can't DO anything! I'm wearing this stupid uniform. I can't even get to my pussy! And if I do, what about the smell? I'm already so WET! I'm gushing!"

"Just hang in there," Mindy advised. "Rub your clit; you can do that through your clothes. And light a match or something, after. Go ahead and cum, if you really are all alone!"


"But the main thing is, think about Daddy plunging into you, filling you! Darling, I'm so fucking FULL! I wish you could feel just how full and wonderful it is! Long cocks are nice, and his is long, but it's the THICK cocks that'll drive you mad with pleasure from beginning to end, and your Daddy's is the thickest and fattest of them all! Oh God! He's pumping me and stretching me so full! It's like he's everywhere; every inch of my cunt has DADDY COCK rubbing against it!"

"Fuck it!" Michelle said, still fighting not to shout. "You don't play fair! How am I supposed to not gush like a river, thinking about that? You've ruined me! I'm gushing like a river here, like a flood! I can't stop rubbing my clit! And I don't even have a change of clothes. Shit! Hold on!"

Since their talking stopped for a minute, I started thrusting in earnest. Damn, it feels good! Finally!

It hit me, I've been so absorbed in listening to the phone call that I'm forgetting what an incredibly gorgeous woman my wife is. There she is, naked and on all fours, getting fucked in a public park! We're rutting like wild animals! How wild is that? She's just like an older version of Shelle. And our secluded spot SEEMS safe enough, but who can be sure? Even if we're not being seen, someone could be overhearing us. But that thought only excites me more!

The truth was, what we were doing was pretty crazy and something I would never have considered in a million years before it actually happened. But after everything that took place this morning with Michelle and Ruby, I was literally out of my mind with lust and sexual need. I was sure Mindy was feeling the same way.

I started thrusting faster, both because I was worried and wanted to get this over with, and because I desperately needed to cum.

But then Michelle came back on the line. "Okay! I'm back! I just closed up the store. Don't worry about it, no one will ever know. And now I'm sitting behind the counter, pulling my pants down. Where were we?"

"Where are YOU, you mean?" Mindy said, panting hard. "You're getting fucked like a dog! A bitch in heat! Your father is claiming your cunt for his own! Daddy's driving so hard I can hardly breathe! He's fucking me, I mean you, so hard! Your tight virgin pussy ain't virgin no more, 'cos Daddy popped your cherry!"

"Oh! Oh! Mom! He's really nailing me, isn't he?! I can almost feel it! I know it's just my fingers, and I can't push in, but I'm closing my eyes and in my mind it feels like HIM!"

"It IS him, dear," Mindy gasped. "Your naked Daddy is on his knees, giving it to you doggy-style! Giving it to you good! He's pounding... pounding so fast! ... Can't talk much! ... Cock! Too much cock! ... Fat cock stuffing me so gooood. Can't breathe!"

"Oh Mom! Mom! Mom! Hang on, Mom! Hang in there! God damn this fucking stupid hymen! I wish I could shove my entire hand up into myself, to simulate Daddy's fat cock! Please fuck him back, like you told us, with your hips! Churn your hips! Serve his cock with your cunt!"

Mindy cried into the phone, "Too late! Too late! It's too much! He's gonna cum! Gonna cum! ... Get ready, he's about to cum inside you!"

"Oh Mom! Mom! I'm about to cum too! Let's cum together!"

"Okay! He's about to cum in me, in you, I mean... bareback! Bareback! Knock you up! Oh! Ugh! ... NOW! NOW! He's cumming NOW!"

Michelle panted, "Mom! Mom! I'm cumming too! Daddy, fill me up! Fill me up! Flood my cunt! Knock me up! Take me, forever! So good! So good! Uh! Yeah! DAAAADDDEEEE!"

After that, it all turned into incoherent grunts and screams. I wanted to shout out, but I was afraid to, partly due to our locale, but mostly because I was afraid I would shout out that I was fucking my daughter.

Still, the feeling of relief was incredible as my seed poured out into my wife. Never mind that I imagined it was Michelle, and I was impregnating her - that was just the icing on the cake. It was actually overkill, because I was already so maxed out on arousal.

I collapsed onto Mindy's back as my last jets of cum shot into her.

Remarkably, she resisted the natural urge to collapse on the grass and remained on all fours, even with my weight on her. I guess that even through everything she remained mindful about the need to not get too dirty with grass stains.

I thought that was it and that we were all done. Certainly, there was a need to get out of there quickly. But as soon as Mindy regained most of her composure, she spoke towards her phone that had fallen to the grass. "How was that, darling?"

"Great, Mom! Just fantastic! I'm totally flying! It felt so real! If Daddy never fucks me in real life, at least I have this memory. I'm actually crying tears of joy, I'm so happy! Daddy, if you can hear me, I love you SO MUCH! I know you must be blindsided by the intensity of my desire for you, but that's just because I love you more than words can say! You say you're not willing to fuck me yet, and I can kind of get that. You need time to adjust. But just remember that my cunt has your name on it! I've gone through great lengths to keep my hymen, just so this awesome role-play we just did will happen for real!"

A long pause ensued. I was totally blown away, and I had no idea what to say or even what to think.

Michelle urgently asked, "Mom, did he hear that?!"

She said, "He did. You've literally left him speechless. But don't worry, he's slow on the uptake, like usual, but he'll come around. You will know the limitless joy of getting your hot cunt skewered on his cock! I promise!"

"Thanks, Mom! You're the best! I'm wiping away my tears but I'm so happy that I think I'm going to cry all over again! I don't even mind going to work today that much, because I got to experience THAT!"

Mindy sounded like a typical mother again. "That's great to hear, dear, but this has to stay our secret. You need to make yourself presentable again, and fast."

My bombshell daughter grumbled. "Ugh! Tell me about it. Now I've got the problem of getting myself, and the shop, back to normal. This place totally smells like pussy!"

"I'm sure you'll manage," Mindy said, not terribly concerned with her daughter's predicament. "What do you say to Daddy after he fucks you?"

"Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for fucking me, for choosing my body to satisfy your demanding cock. Is there any other way your humble cock slave can serve you or pleasure you with my busty body?"

I was too floored by that to reply. I remained there, kneeling, still draped over my wife.

But Mindy pressed on. "Very good. But don't forget Ruby."

"Oh, right! Is there any other way ONE OF your humble cock slaves can serve you or pleasure you with my busty body?" Michelle muttered, "God, I love saying that! I love that I have to share!"

Mindy sounded just like a school teacher. "Better. Now, what should you be doing while you ask that?"

Michelle giggled and replied like it was a dumb question. "I'd be licking his cock clean, of course! Every good cock slave knows that. Sheesh. I can't do it over the phone, though!"

"I know," Mindy said, "I'm just checking. Daddy's a little gobsmacked over here - I think you stunned him into silence. Good job! We've gotta run and I'm sure you do too, but hopefully that'll make the hours at your job fly by faster."

"It sure will! Thanks, Mom! You're the greatest. Thanks, Daddy! I know you're still kind of doubtful about the whole fucking your daughter's pussy thing, but I believe in you. I believe it's just a matter of time before you assume your rightful role as the one and only man who will EVER get to fuck me. In the meantime, my big tits will be waiting for you to fuck them tonight... tonight and forever!"

"Um..." was about all I could manage. Now that I was coming down off my erotic high, the magnitude of the craziness of what we'd just done was starting to hit me. I felt like I'd been run over by a truck!

"Daddy says bye," Mindy said. "Take care. Love you."

"Love you. Mom, I owe you for life! And I love YOU, Daddy!"

My wife picked up the cell phone and turned it off.

She immediately started to rise, forcing me to get up too. "Come on, Honey. We've gotta get out of here before someone sees us. Don't just stand there." She walked to her clothes and started to put them on.

I surprised myself by asking her, "Yeah. Ah ... ahem. But aren't you forgetting something? What was it you said about what a good cock slave does after her master fucks her?"

Chagrined but also amused, Mindy dropped her clothes back on the bush and walked slowly back over to me, with her head down. As soon as she reached me, she dropped to her knees and lovingly, but quickly, licked my cock clean.

I couldn't believe I'd just had her do that. But I was riding such an incredible sexual high that I wasn't willing to come all the way down yet. I'd pretty much decided to "let it all hang out" and simply accept all this "cock slave" craziness as the new reality. Within "reasonable bounds," that is, such as not actually fucking my daughters, and making sure they eventually transitioned to having boyfriends. Right now, I wanted to revel in acting like the all powerful "master" they kept insisting I was.

I was surprised that Mindy was so willing to go along with the "cleaning" part. This wasn't anything she'd done before, but she seemed to take to it without a word of complaint and with genuine enthusiasm. I figured it was part of the extreme fantasy she shared with our two Hellions... for some inexplicable reason. There was a lot I still failed to understand.

I was having a great time getting into my role, and getting "cleaned" felt surprisingly pleasurable, especially when she extensively licked my balls. When she finished, I said, "Very good, slave, though I'll have to think of a suitable punishment later, for your initial negligence. Um, things are still kind of messy," I pointed out. "Look at the grass stains on my knees, for starters. And it's a lot worse for you."

Finished "cleaning" my penis, she stood up. She frowned as she looked at the stains on her hands and her lower legs. "I know, but what can we do? This was an emergency situation. Besides, there's a public restroom nearby, and you'd be amazed what I can accomplish with a sink and some paper towels. Ditto for you. Just walk gingerly until we get there."

So that's what we did. Amazingly, it more or less seemed to work. Five minutes later, after we'd washed and dried, one could hardly detect any signs of our romp, mostly because our stained areas were mostly on the insides of our clothes. There was a lingering fresh grass smell, but more so on me than her, since she managed to overwhelm hers with a heavy dose of perfume from her purse.

There was nothing she could do about the "just fucked" glow around her though, and for right now I was too happy and in love with her to mind seeing it as I drove her back to the office.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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