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Chapter 26

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I was still feeling shell-shocked over what had just happened, whereas Mindy seemed to be just fine about the whole thing. So she drove. She took me to a nearby restaurant named Señor Diego's. I was twice as hungry as before, after such a vigorous fucking, and there was much we needed to discuss.

As soon as we sat down though, Mindy asked nonchalantly, "So, Daniel. How are those 'reasonable boundaries' working out for you?"

She then made a big show of being engrossed in her menu before adding, offhandedly, "It's a good thing you decided you'd NEVER let the girls give you a handjob or blowjob. That would be soooo wrong." She was all smirks and smiles.

"Okay, okay. You got me. Obviously, those particular boundaries didn't last very long. I cry uncle. But I still have issues with what's happening. Big issues!"

Mindy just folded down a corner of her menu to give me her "I'm shocked!" look. I don't know how she did it, but she suddenly looked like a scowling father peering over his newspaper at naughty children seated around the kitchen table.

"A-ha! Now we find out the truth! I thought your daughter would turn you on, but now I found out it's your uncle who gets you going!"

I tried to think of a good comeback, but my brain was too fried. Instead, I reminded her, "Let's avoid things like the 'D' word around here, okay?"

My wife shrugged that off and went back to looking at her menu. "Okay, but really, it's not a big deal. You picked the perfect out-of-the-way table, and we can see people coming from a long way off. Which then begs the question: which waitress strikes your fancy, this time?"

I just leveled my gaze at her and said flatly, "None of them."

"Oh, come on! That Mexican señorita up front is a real piece of work. What a sultry face. She may be slightly plump, but her tits are absolutely remarkable! She looks like she has a hard time not falling forward when she's standing up, if you know what I mean." Mindy grasped the air in front of her with both hands, like she was honking the breasts of the señorita in question.

I joked, "That's my wife. Classy all the way. I could just see you doing that in one of your stodgy business meetings. 'Ladies and gentlemen, we need to grasp this opportunity the way my husband grabs onto ripe buxom teenage breasts.'" I imitated her gesture and squeezed the imaginary breasts in front of me.

She laughed. "Good one! Can you just imagine the PowerPoint presentation I'd show them after that? 'And this rapidly rising line here represents the amount of cum my husband has been depositing on bountiful teenage chests with my full endorsement.' Heh!" She glanced over at the endowed waitress again. "But you've gotta admit she's hot! Let's change tables so she can wait on us."


"Oh, come on! You know you wanna!"

Rather than answering immediately, I chose to let my silent pause hang in the air between us so that the chilly winds of my receptivity to that idea could blow across the table before giving her my answer.

"Maybe so," I said, very deliberately, "but I'm not gonna. Yesterday, we were really, really lucky with Sue Ellen, in so many ways. We had no way of knowing she was that submissive, or that she had that porn-star-quality body underneath, or that we wouldn't get caught! I could go on and on."

I couldn't help but smile as I thought about Sue Ellen's sweet face and hard body. "I'm not just going to drop her like a hot potato, either. We've got to figure out what to do with her now, so I don't need new distractions. And don't even get me started on what just happened in the park. We're being way too reckless!"

"I know," Mindy replied, an excited twinkle in her eye. "So, you win some, you lose some. It's fun as hell trying, and if you strike out with a non-submissive or whatever, then so what? Try again. Every now and then you'll hit the jackpot and add another hottie to your stable."

I could only sigh in exasperation and slump in my chair. "But that's the thing, Sweetheart. I don't WANT to add any more hotties to my stable. I don't even HAVE a stable!"

She just looked at me with a knowing smirk-smile.

I sighed. "What's gotten into you? You seem to have a weird craving to have me have sex with other women, and the more the better. After what happened with Michelle and Ruby today, plus Sue Ellen last night, isn't that enough for you?"

She responded, "I'm over the moon. I truly am. You're right, I DO like to see you spread your seed around. It's soooo fucking arousing, and the sex I have with you is even better than before! As our little romp in the park proves. So it's all good, in my book. All my fantasies are coming to be at once! But now that you're on the same page and you realize that fucking other women won't harm our marriage, and in fact will only add more spice and excitement to it, why stop with those three?"

I shook my head in disbelief. I tried to explain, "Can't you understand that I've already got all the T n' A I can handle in the palms of my hands already? I don't NEED any more, let alone WANT any more than I've already got! I had soooo much fun with the Gruesome Twosome this morning. Me having a sexual relationship with them is going to change absolutely everything. Our lives will never be the same, especially since they seem so ridiculously submissive about it. And you do nothing but encourage them at every turn!"

She snickered, and raised her hand. "Guilty!"

I rolled my eyes. "Look. As you can see, I have allowed myself to roll with this 'sex with other women' thing, even though I think we're swimming in dangerous waters. But between you and those two, that's all I really need to be totally maxed out on erotic happiness. I think they'd seriously love to spend four, five, or maybe even more hours a day just playing with my dick! And you have a very healthy sexual appetite too. Plus, as Michelle said today, 'Mom gets first dibs.' Not to mention, I'm not exactly getting younger."

"That's all well and good. I fully approve. But let's not forget about Sue Ellen. You've started something special with her, and she's a special girl. I can tell. You need to see where that goes."

"Right. I actually agree with you there. I feel something, well, special with her. But doesn't that concern you?! You're my wife! What if I fall in love with her?!"

She shrugged, as if we were discussing something inconsequential. "You very well may. But she's no threat to me. She's half your age. You can enjoy her sexually, but there's no way she could ever be your soul mate. I don't even need to know much about her to say that, because the age difference makes that impossible. Whereas I AM your soul mate! That's a rock solid fact, as big and as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar. That's why I don't have a problem with you fucking all these girls. Nothing and no one can get in between the special 'soul mate' connection you and I share."

She took my hand and squeezed it. We shared a loving look.

Then she broke the mood by getting in a "back to business" mode. "Anyway. Sue Ellen. What should we do about her?"

I tried to wrap my mind around that issue. "She's a wild card. Maybe today she'll have regrets, but then again maybe not. I just don't know. Is it really a good idea for me to pursue a sexual relationship with her?! It seems like overkill, after what our two Hellions have been doing to me. And where will it end, if I let my dick do all the thinking for me? I could easily see this thing spiraling out of control, especially since it seems that a bunch of Michelle's friends have the hots for me too."

She made quote marks in the air and raised an eyebrow. "It 'seems.'"

I ignored that. "So I really have to put my foot down. I know this is all a big fantasy trip for you. Throwing more pussy my way is only a fun thing for you, but it's not the same for me. I'd rather be able to relax and have quality time with the women I love, rather than allow myself to fall into an abyss of meaningless quantity simply because I can. Things HAVE spun out of control already. It's crazy."

She smiled. "Yeah, I suppose if you kick back and relax at this point, you'll simply have to content yourself with a mere four gorgeous women dying to sexually serve you. Or thereabouts."

"Exactly." I noticed she was including Sue Ellen in her count, even though I was still uncertain about that.

Her smile grew. "Emphasis on 'thereabouts.'"

"Uh-oh! 'Danger, Will Robinson, danger!'"

Mercifully, my wife grew more serious. "Okay, I can live with that. It's just like my telling you no sex in my office. We've gotta have limits. That's too bad, though, because yesterday at Mama Mia's was one of the funnest times I've ever had. Ever!"

I could see a lusty fire return to her eyes as she leaned towards me. "Remember when you made me take my panties off and put them on the table? And you remember when you made SUE ELLEN take her panties off and put them on the table too?! Come on! How could you not want more of that?!"

I was getting excited all over again as more of those memories came flooding back. But I carefully said, "Hey, I'm not saying we can't have more adventures like that, ever, I'm just saying let's digest what's happening now, for a little while, before we completely fly off the handle with even more craziness. I think I know now what it's like to completely lose my mind. I mean, what happened in the park..."

My arousal grew as I recalled fucking Michelle by proxy. My penis stayed flaccid, but only because the poor guy was totally worn out. "I'm not going to blame you for that, not even for the phone call part, because you were probably feeling as out of control as I was. I think we were both temporarily insane! Truly insane with lust! Hell, I was ready to have sex with you-know-who" - I held my hands about two feet in front of me in an exaggerated reference to Michelle's jutting orbs - "right in the middle of main street if that's what it took to get my rocks off. Well, almost. But I don't want to be that out of control again. It's scary. Anything could have happened!"

"I know. And you're right. We should probably lay low for a while until we figure things out. I take it that's why you haven't ordered me to take my panties off already. Bummer."

I cocked an eyebrow and shot her a withering look for stating the obvious. "Yes. Needless to say. No more hanky panky for the next... eight years!"

She laughed. "Right. The fact is, now that you've developed the taste for such excitement, you're gonna want more. Eight years? I'll bet you won't last eight hours. You're in a very exciting discovery phase, like a kid given free run of a toy store. I'm like that too. I'm horny like 24 hours a day these days, ever since our 'reasonable bounds' talk, and that's almost no exaggeration. Did you know I'm wearing two heavy-duty pairs of underwear right now? I dressed like that for work, not even knowing that I'd be seeing you. And why? Because just thinking about all the stuff we're doing is a dangerously leaky proposition lately."

I nodded ruefully. "Yeah, it's dangerous all around. I can't believe you pulled that stunt, calling up you-know-who on the phone. And then the role-play that followed! My God! So WRONG! Could anything be more debauched and wicked than that?! But I'm not gonna dwell on it, because it's my fault as much as yours for not putting my foot down. Anyway, right now I need to talk about some serious stuff."

She nodded. "Okay. Let's talk. Serious time. No joking."

I sat back and took a moment to compose my thoughts. "Good God! Everything's so crazy all of a sudden that I hardly know where to begin. Well, let's start with this morning. I don't want to go into the blow-by-blow of what happened, because we've got it all on video, and I want you to get a real 'bang' out of watching that. Not to mention, I don't want to get us both excited when my heart is still recovering from the park. But, I'm just... concerned. The gir- let's call them the GT, okay?"

Mercifully, my wife simply nodded, catching my Gruesome Twosome reference. I figured that even talking about having sex with "the girls" in public could be dangerous. People might think I was a pedophile or something.

So I continued, "The GT are just soooo into the idea of doing sexual things with me and sexually, um... serving me... that it takes my breath away. To be honest, it even scares me a good bit. I've been resisting temptation for months, and then, bam! The walls come tumbling down. Suddenly, their mouths are like surgically attached to my... King. I'm just... blown away!"

"Not to mention just plain blown," Mindy joked, as a lecherous leer quirked the corners of her lips.

"True. But are you and I going to be okay? Is our relationship with them going to be okay? It's not just that I'm suddenly intimate with them; they're going on like they want to be my slaves!"

I looked around nervously, belatedly realizing I'd said that last word far too loudly. Luckily, no one appeared to have heard. I added under my breath, "I mean, seriously! It seems they really get off on that kind of stuff. The more submissive and outrageous, the better. Like this new 'cock slave' name."

Mindy replied, "Honey, would it be so bad for you to just accept a certain level of, well ... slavery? 'Cos that's what's they really, really want. Believe you me, they've been fantasizing about it for a long time now. This isn't some momentary whim. And it's happening to Sue Ellen, and me too. I mean, I don't want to go THAT far; after all, we all know who the REAL decision maker in the family is." She winked at me broadly.

As with a lot of marriages, that was kind of a joke and kind of not. The real truth was that we both "wore the pants" in our marriage, financially and otherwise, and the balance between us was about equal. So I didn't mind the joke.

She went on, "Seriously, I'm loving this new dominant you. I love seeing you having sex with other women. I don't know where this is all going, but I want to explore it some more. With you." She took my hand across the table and squeezed it.

"Me too," I admitted, "but I'm scared. The fact that I'm loving it so much is one thing that really scares me. I've been having the time of my life! It's intoxicating and addicting, and I have a feeling it's only just begun. We've unleashed some VERY powerful sexual forces here, Sweetheart, and I don't want anyone to get burned while we're playing with fire. That's why I rejected the threesome idea last year, because of the fear that we'd open up a Pandora's box."

I was torn between lust and worry. I looked around the restaurant as I tried to stay calm. "But here we are, and the box has been blown wide open. I feel like we're twigs being tossed around by a mighty hurricane of sexual forces we don't even understand. For instance, this morning I decided, 'Okay, I can handle handjobs from the GT. Let's stick with that for a while and see how things go.' I think I lasted fifteen minutes before they both had their tongues lapping up and down the sides of my Johnson, and then lips followed a short time later. So much for my willpower! I didn't put up any fight whatsoever. In fact, I promised the head GT that I'd fuck her tits and spank her later tonight."

Mindy leaned forward, showing me her deep cavern of cleavage bounded by her business suit. She said in a husky voice, "We're moving into dangerously arousing territory here. Serious 'two pairs of heavy panties are not enough' territory. If this keeps up, I'm going to have problems staying hydrated on a daily basis!"

"Sorry, but you see what I mean? These are almost uncontrollably arousing forces. I worry. What if, for instance, I call you on your cell at work to tell you something about the latest insanely arousing thing that I've been doing with the GT, leaving you climbing up the walls with lust? Then, right after I call, some guy walks in and sees you're so horny that you don't know if you're coming or going, and tries to take advantage of that? Could you resist?"

"I could," she said evenly. "To be fair, I've never been more tempted to have sex at work than when we were in my office earlier, and your tongue was down my throat, and your hands were wandering over all kinds of naughty places. But that was because it was MY MAN that was doing the asking, not just one of the guys I happen to work with. Even then, I said no, didn't I?"

I nodded. That made me feel a lot better, because I couldn't imagine her being more aroused than that. She had to at or near some extreme physical limit. And she yet resisted, even better than I did.

She went on, "And last night, I was just as insanely horny at the restaurant, and I demanded that you take me home and fuck me, or at least maybe we could make it to the car and do it there. But you just said no, sit tight, I'm gonna eat my meal. So I sat tight and stewed in my own juices. Literally!"

I shouldn't have been surprised to hear that last bit from her, but I was caught off guard watching her unconsciously squirm in her seat as she told me about how she'd been stewing in her own juices. "Yeah, that's true, I'll grant you that. And that does make me feel better. But you have to admit it was a pretty close call, both times."

"True. But it wouldn't be close at all if it was another guy. I'm a one woman man. Always have been, always will be, no matter how many other lovers YOU have. I've been true to you all along, and I'm very proud of that fact. I'm not gonna blow it now. Besides, there's always the bathroom stall and my fingers."

Now the little minx was coquettishly sucking on her fingers, one by one, just for my benefit. I swear, the things my wife does to get a rise out of me.

"Fine. But at the park, it was the opposite. You totally gave in to your urges."

"Yes, but there's a time and a place for that. Admittedly, it wasn't the best place in the world, but we had to make do. The key thing is that we avoided doing it in my office. That was like the exception that proves the rule that I can handle it."

She joked, "And if I really can't take the heat, that's what those secret lesbian orgy rooms in back of the ladies' rooms are for."

I smiled. "I feel I've solved one of the eternal mysteries, now that I know what goes on in ladies' rooms. Speaking of the great female mysteries, I've also cracked another one. Except this isn't a joke. At least, I really don't think so, not after what I've seen this last week."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about girls' slumber parties. What really goes on at slumber parties? Talk about secret lesbian orgies, those are the real deal! How much do you know about what Ruby and Michelle have been doing with their friends behind closed doors? And you didn't tell me?"

Mindy at least had the decency to look abashed at that. "I only found out recently. And by that time, I was a full-fledged member of the conspiracy to get you and the GT together. Those two actually have a name for it. They call it 'the Plan,' logically enough, with a capital 'P'. If I told you about their lesbian shenanigans, I figured that could throw back the progress of the Plan, big time. I was going to tell you, just a little bit later."

That explained some things. In the last day or two, I'd heard Michelle and Ruby mention a plan to me. The way they were talking about it, I imagined it was a plan with a capital P. Clearly, they felt the Plan was being successfully implemented to the point that they didn't have to worry about overtly mentioning it in my presence anymore.

Somewhat peeved, I said, "You know, I'm not exactly pleased that you've been out-and-out conspiring against me. I know you keep saying that it's like keeping the surprise of a birthday party and it was for my good, and given the way the GTs have been treating me, I can't deny that. But it was still a grave violation of my trust for you."

"I know," she murmured quietly, looking shame-faced. "But I'm confident that a month from now, if not sooner, you'll be telling me that was the greatest, most brilliant thing I ever did for you. Seriously. Think about those four or five hours of daily cocksucking and titfucking and whatnot you'll be getting from the two hottest busty babes in the state, and balance that against the keeping of a secret."

She let that linger, knowing I couldn't dispute that. The balance wasn't even close.

Then she added, "I would never do anything to harm you, Honey. Really. I want you to be happy, and I'm over the moon that they're making you so happy. I love this idea of them taking good care of you while I'm at work, and at other times too. And then there's Sue Ellen. Did you see the fiery look in her eyes last night? I think you've conquered her already! You're going to be the most sexually satisfied man in the world!"

I sighed and admitted, "It's hard to argue with that, despite your wild exaggerations. Four or five hours? Come on! But can the plotting please end now?"

She raised up both hands defensively. "I'm done. I've basically taught them everything I know about sex and how to turn you on. As you can tell, I've taught them all my sexual tricks, and all I know about how to best turn you on. They' been putting that knowledge to good use, haven't then?"

I groaned lustily. "Are you kidding me?! It's uncanny. It's like they're clones of you. From the very start, they've been going at it like they've had years of practice!"

She was all smiles. "I'm so glad to hear that. But believe me, they did have lots of practice. That's what the Plan was mainly about. Off hand, I can't think of anything I know about The Plan that you'd really want to know, unless you want to know the nitty gritty of hours and hours of cocksucking lessons and things like that."

She then turned deadly serious and fixed me with her piercing gaze. "But one thing I do know is that they want to go aaaaallll the way with you. And when I say all the way, I mean 'around the world' all the way, with you. Mouth. Tits. Cunt. Ass. Everything. If you can fuck it, they want you fucking them there! They want it all."

I groaned. It was another mix of lust and worry. Despite everything, my penis was threatening to stir again. "Yeah, I kind of noticed. Although I guess the anal is a surprise. But not by much. They don't do anything by half measures."

"No they don't. And speaking of 'anal,' I remember one of them saying something on the phone today about how you were being an 'anal butthead' for insisting that they date boys. I gotta say, you're gonna have a real fight on your hands with that one."

"Me? You mean us."

Mindy gave me a pitying look, and then waved a dismissive hand at me. "Sorry, I can't help you there much. I understand your reasoning from a rational perspective. It's good. It's moral. It's a big reason why I love you so much. But on an emotional level, not to mention an insanely 'horny with lust' level, I've gotta say that I'm rooting for them to win. And no, I'm not ashamed to say that."

She looked around furtively, and then leaned forward, deliberately showing off her cleavage again. She whispered with great passion, "I want you to FUCK them, and FUCK them, and FUCK them some more! Then, just to prove what a big-cocked stud you are, FUCK them AGAIN! I want you to FUCK their tight little asses onto your big fat cock until they cream for joy, and I want you to FUCK their hot and juicy cunts with that fucking monster in your pants whenever the fuck you feel like giving them a good hard pumping! I want you to fuck their tits, and fuck their faces, and fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking FUCK them until they're swimming in your fucking cum and they're begging for mercy for you to fuck one of your other lovers for a while because all their holes are too sore!"

She paused and sat back, satisfied with herself. Needless to say, she wore her smirky smile.

I thought she was done, but she suddenly learned forward again and added in one last urgent whisper, "And then I want you to FUCK them all over again!"

Finally completely satisfied, she sat back against her seat with an even bigger smirky smile on her face. "So what do you think of that, buster? Oh, and I should mention that while you're doing all that, I'm assuming you'll also be keeping me all bow-legged and wobbly from your frequent royal injections."

I leaned back too and laughed. "Um... and you're surprised that I'm thinking three or four is enough? Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! That's a hell of a lot of F-bombs you just dropped there! So, I take it you actually want me to fuck them? In the real real world and not just your wild fantasies?"

She stared at me intently, making clear she wasn't kidding around for once. "Yes, I'd say that's what I want. It also happens to be what they want, and what you want, if you can admit to yourself your true feelings, so I guess that works out nicely for everyone, wouldn't you say? It's literally a win-win-win-win."

I must say, the mental image of "forcing" Michelle's pussy to take every last inch of the King was extremely tempting, not to mention arousing me like I could hardly believe. I had to rather deliberately shove that thought out of my mind before it led to all sorts of unintended consequences. And as enjoyable as it might be to fantasize about, it didn't explain one bit why my wife and soul mate would be pushing for something like that. I still didn't understand.

"Okay, Min, I can see you're serious. But may I ask WHY?! Why would you... YOU, of all people... want me to do that?!"

"Because I want you to be happy and I want them to be happy, love," she answered quietly. "I know you love sex, and they do too. They love you so much, you don't even know! And they want to express that love, daily. They're outrageously fit and energetic, with high sex drives, so it's only natural for them to want to express that love sexually. Personally, I think it's a beautiful thing. It's not just sex, it's love! And yet they could never threaten our marriage, since they are, well... you know." She leaned in and whispered, as if telling me a big secret I didn't know. "Your daughters!"

Then she sat back, looking smug and satisfied. "Tell me what's wrong with that. I dare you to tell me it's not a magical thing that's meant to be!"

I was afraid to directly confront that line of thinking, because I found myself readily agreeing. Instead, I said, "Let's put that aside. What about Sue Ellen? She's a total stranger to us, so all this loving stuff doesn't apply. And yet you're chomping at the bit for me to fuck her too! Explain!"

She responded, "I'm not ashamed to say that even the very thought of it makes me very happy and, yes, I'll admit, horny like you wouldn't believe." Her eyes lit up. "I would fucking LOVE IT to see you fuck Sue Ellen! And not just once, either! If she works out like I hope she will, you should make her one of your mistresses."

I groaned. "'Mistresses?!' Really? 'One of?'" The more she talked, the more she realized that I was probably going to fuck Sue Ellen before long. Really, truly! I was so mentally aroused that it was remarkable my dick was still struggling to stir. The poor guy was just all fucked out.

There was a long pause as she seemed to gather her thoughts. "I know I'm not exactly a typical wife with the way that makes me feel, but hey, I've stopped fighting that. You've heard of cuckolds? They have a word for the female version: cucquean. I've accepted that's what I am, and you know what? I'm not ashamed of that. If anything, I'm feeling rather proud of it.. Besides..."

She leaned forward again, and added with a husky, urgent whisper, "Just look at their bodies! I'm talking about the GTs of course. They inspire me most of all. Honey, those are the two hottest girls for miles around! How extraordinary is it for them to have breasts THAT large, at their age?! Just imagine how stacked they'll be in another two or three years! Their bodies are built for sex! It's a FACT!"

That hit me like a body blow, like an epiphany, because it couldn't be denied. She's right! I've tried to deny it for years since I've always thought of them as my daughters. They're wonderful, multi-faceted people, with lots of personality and interests. But even so, their bodies ARE built for sex! They couldn't have been genetically engineered to be any more ideal for fucking! And they're mine now! Mine!

My wife could see that point had hit home. She pressed the issue. "You know it, I know it, everybody knows it! Worst of all, they know it! They have bodies that just cry out, demand and NEED to be royally fucking FUCKED! And they belong to YOU! Their bodies are YOURS to play with, however you want! Take full advantage! You have my complete approval! You're the one with the serious monogamy and adultery issues, so I hope you understand when I tell you that I too HATE the dating boys idea with a passion, because that would mean they would be cheating on you, their man! Their master! Their daddy! Their KING!"

She sat back once more, looking very satisfied with herself. "There. Let me put all my cards on the table. I not only want you to fuck them, I'm downright obsessed with it! I get horny just thinking about it! It's the most exciting fantasy I can possibly imagine! That's why I couldn't resist calling Michelle at the park or feeding her those thoughts, because it's MY fantasy as much as hers."

She was emotionally worked up, with her chest heaving. She took a moment or two to try to calm down. "So... now you know. Full honesty. I really have laid all my cards on the table and bared my soul. I want our marriage to continue just like always. You're my soul mate, and you always will be! It's just that I want you to love them and fuck them too. And we'll see how it goes with Sue Ellen, how many more busty beauties you can handle. The more the merrier, I say! What do you think about THAT?"

I shook my head in disbelief. "Oh, Jesus. Man alive! What am I gonna be shocked with next? It disturbs me. And yet... as you put it before, we're moving into dangerously arousing territory here. I just want them to grow up to be happy, get married and have kids, and you know ... be normal. Don't you want that? Like Nicky. Why can't Mich- why can't you-know-who... be just like Nicky?"

Mindy laughed. "I think we're only fooling ourselves with this not naming names business. Why can you say Nicky's name, but not Michelle's?"

I chuckled. "I don't know. But Nicky's doing great in her first year in college, no adjustment troubles at all. She's got a serious boyfriend already, lots of friends, good grades, and she's not a completely uncontrollable fireball who's constantly making me pull my hair out with worry and frustration."

Mindy leaned forward again with another lusty whisper. "She also doesn't SUCK your COCK!"

My penis had been stubbornly flaccid up till now, but for some reason those words powerfully affected me. I was stiff in seconds. For some inexplicable reason, I picture NICKY naked and kneeling between my legs, with her head bobbing on my cock! It was totally depraved vision, and I quickly banished it from my thoughts.

I recalled something Mindy had said a few days ago, about how forbidden fruit is the most tempting, and the more taboo, the greater the temptation. I consoled myself that I didn't actually feel that way about Nicky, even though I suspected she could be nearly as attractive as Michelle if she wasn't covered up all the time. It was just that the mind goes in strange places when lust takes control. That's why rules and limitations were necessary.

In a more matter-of-fact tone, my wife continued to whisper, "Nicky is a very beautiful girl, but she doesn't have sex on the brain 24/7 like Michelle does. We can make a safe bet that her body isn't built for sex like Michelle's is. Heck, even my body isn't as hyper-sexualized as Michelle's is, which should give you at least a clue as to how bad she needs it. Consider that by the time I was her age, we were already fucking like bunnies practically every chance we had."

"Wait a second," I interrupted. "Are you telling me that Michelle has an even stronger sex drive than you do?"

Her face showed concern as she seriously pondered that question. "I don't know. Maybe. It's hard to tell if you aren't regularly fucking her already, you know? Later, once we have enough data, we can run a statistical analysis."

She tried to smile at me, but there was no mirth in it, only worried concern, due to what she said next. "The thing is, I can really only see two possible futures for her. Would you rather take Michelle in hand... and all that that implies - and yes, I know she's a handful... okay, more than a couple of bountiful handfuls - or would you rather see her end up as a porn star? Is that what you want, to see her living in some crappy trailer in L.A., doing lines of coke and having sex with every well-hung man she meets? Or worse, a prostitute! You talk about being a responsible parent. Well, it's your responsibility to save her from that fate!"

I know Mindy was trying to shock me, but what was disturbing was that what she was suggesting here was uncomfortably possible, if not outright plausible. I asked, "Aren't you being overly dramatic?"

"No! I've looked into the porn industry in recent months, as I watched Michelle and Ruby's breasts grow and grow and I realized they were turning into something extraordinary. They can't be normal models or serious actresses, you know, as they're too busty for that. All paths lead to the porn industry for them. Heck, Ruby's already borderline too busty even for the tamer porn mags like Playboy. And Michelle? Forget it. Only big boob speciality mags cater to women built like her. Those girls both have seriously hard-core porn star bodies and it's not like they can hide it by dressing down."

She continued, as grave as she could be, "Let's face it: they're both pretty spoiled, despite our best efforts to fight that. If some guy comes up to Michelle and offers her ten thousand dollars for a few hours of work, do you really think she'll turn that down? Or would she be happy working at the video store for half a year instead? It's a reality you have to face. I've looked into it, and it's not pretty. The big money is elusive for all but a few big names, and if she gets famous that creates its own set of problems. Everything about the industry is just nasty. Is that where you want her to end up? For THEM to end up?"

"No! Of course not." Privately, I had to admit she had a point. Michelle especially was a wild kid. I could easily see her accepting offers like that.

Mindy smiled wolfishly, knowing she'd scored a big point. "Then you know what you have to do. If you're their master, then you can simply forbid them to do something like that."

I cut in, "Wait. When did we start tossing the 'M' word around?"

"Right now. It is what it is... Master! They're already getting serious modeling offers, both of them. But most of them are offers you don't even want to hear about, which is why we generally haven't told you about them. And the way I've kept them from accepting is by reminding them: 'Dan wouldn't like it. Your body belongs to him and him alone.' That shuts them up right away. But that card only works if they're saving themselves for you."

"But... but..." My mind reeled. I was seriously dizzy. I wished my erection would subside, but it wouldn't. Somehow, the use of the word "Master" made everything much more real, and arousing, and disturbing. How could I be a sexual master to my own daughter?! Wouldn't that make me the worst father in the world?

She leaned forward and suggested with extra passion, "Maybe you won't actually have to fuck Michelle. Maybe she just needs you to spank her a lot. And when she gets really out of line, you can just roughly fuck her face without regrets or remorse and then cum all over it! Show her who's boss and she'll fucking eat it up and love you for it! I'll guaran-damn-tee you that she can't disobey a real MAN who's just painted her face with his hot seed!"

I stammered, "Min, I can't wrap my head around this! It's like I've fallen into the Twilight Zone. The increasing teasing of the past few months, that I could handle. Barely. But this? It's so far from normal that I'm just reeling. I keep thinking this has to be some kind of elaborate hoax or something."

Sitting back again, she said, "Deal with it, Honey. This IS your reality. You want to be a good parent? Fine. Be a good master to our daughter. As master, you've got all kinds of tools to get her to obey that you've never used or even knew you had before. And as for normality, I think normality is highly overrated. Besides, they're still young. Why don't you FUCK the ever living SHIT out of 'em daily for a good ten or fifteen years, and THEN revisit the idea of having them date guys after that? Seriously!"

My mouth was wide open and my erection was throbbing with need.

She reached out and took both my hands in hers. "Close your eyes. Let's do a little exercise."

Reluctantly, I closed my eyes. I was almost dreading what she'd say next.

Still holding my hand across the table, as if she was leading a prayer or séance or something, she said softly, "Imagine yourself in five years' time. Picture waking up in the morning in a big bed. I'm lying on one side of you, Ruby's lying on the other, and we're both snuggled up next to you, happy as can be. We're all nude, of course. As for Michelle, she's between your legs because it's her turn that morning to wake you with your morning blowjob. But the blowjob is just to warm you up. With one naughty wife and two devoted sex slaves, you can take your time fucking us, in any combination, for an hour or two before we have to go places."

She went on, "Now, isn't that a happy vision, to be able to wake up like that, day after day, year after year? Let's give it at least ten years, living like that. Let 'em have kids when they're thirty, or later. And make sure they find wimpy cuckold-type husbands, so you can keep fucking them whenever you want anyway. Then we'll go find you a couple of new hotties to take their place, just to keep you totally satisfied."

I thought, Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! I have to admit that vision sounds extremely tempting. Sooooo tempting! Why shouldn't I be their master for the next ten years or so? I doubt I even have any choice in the matter anyway, given how strongly they feel about it. They're still young. They've got plenty of time to get boyfriends later. Except I don't like the wimpy cuckold-type husbands part. No way am I going to see my daughters saddled with men like that! They need strong, masterful men! Someone like... well, someone like me. I should father their children, dammit!

I was practically ready to climax, just from thinking about such things. Still, I didn't want to let on. Someone had to show some moderation, and I knew it was just my lust getting the best of me. I shook my head in wonder. "Mindy. You're weird. You're as bad as they are!"

She just smiled. Then she pointed out, "Speaking of our darling Nicole, she's gonna be coming back from college soon, you know. She'll be back in a week. And she'll be here aaaaaalll summer."

I grimaced. "I know. That's been on my mind. Of course I'm happy to see her again, but... Can't we, I dunno, send her to camp or something?"

She frowned. "That's not very nice."

I frowned too. "I know. I'm just being facetious... Mostly. I'll be really glad to see her again, after all this time, especially since she didn't come home for Easter, due to that thing she was doing with Steve. But I just wish..."

Mindy playfully suggested, "That she wouldn't interfere with your plans to have your cock sucked every single hour of every single day by your other two daughters?"

I laughed. "Yeah, pretty much! And I'm glad you're referring to Ruby as our third daughter. I like that. I hope Nicky will be okay with us making Ruby an official part of our family."

"Don't worry," Mindy said in reference to Nicky, "I'm sure things'll work out. Of course Nicky will accept Ruby with open arms. They've been de facto sisters and close friends all along anyway. And you'll have your sexy fun, Nicky or no Nicky. She'll be out of the house, working at her summer job quite a lot, for one thing. Besides, if things get too dicey at home, you can just come back here and wave El Rey around in front of our señorita."

She looked back towards the front of the restaurant, but couldn't see anyone because there were walls in the way. She muttered more to herself than me, "Damn, she's got a sultry face and a crackin' rack. What a combo."

"'El Rey?'"

She grinned. "That's Spanish for 'The King.'"

Her "crackin' rack" comment gave me a thought. "Sweetheart, I've got a very important question for you. Remember our policy of honesty and trust. No more conspiracies, and no more lies. Okay?"

"Okay." She raised her hand. "I swear on the grave of my dearly departed mother that I'll answer whatever you ask me with complete honesty."

I shot her an exasperated look. As we both knew very well, her mother was still alive. "Please quit the kidding. Promise me."

"Okaaaaay..." But her look was still playful.

"Let me see your other hand."

She brought that hand up from underneath the table. Her fingers were crossed.

I laughed again. "Promise now. This is serious."

"Okay. I'll be a good girl now. We've entered the serious zone." She rolled her eyes, but then looked at me earnestly.

I explained, "I'm thinking... The reason you like seeing me getting it on with them so much... You're attracted to them too, aren't you? And not just in an 'I can objectively see this girl is a sex bomb' kind of way, I'm talking about in a 'you wanting to do things with them too' kind of way."

Mindy got very uncomfortable with that and started fidgeting about in her chair. She looked down and stared at her hands, which were folded on the table. "There's... a certain amount of truth there, Daniel. I've never actually... done... anything sexual... with another woman. ... This is so hard for me to talk about. ... But... I do have some feelings..."

She suddenly looked up at me with desperation and said quickly, "But you would have to understand that I would never act on them, never! That would be wrong! That wouldn't be faithful to you! I like to... watch."

Her voice grew hesitant again and she looked back at her hands. "I like to watch them kiss. And fondle each other. They've been doing that a lot in front of me lately, when you're not around."

I suddenly realized, The tables are turned here. She feels almost as guilty about being attracted to our daughters as I do, and now I'm the one turned on and guilt-free! I mean, I never would have even fantasized about a mother-daughter scene, with my beautiful Mindy and Michelle in the starring roles, or Mindy and Nicky, or... Well, I never would have... before now!

Wait! Scratch that last part! I meant Mindy and Ruby. Nicky is off limits to even think about! It's just that we were talking about her, so my wires got crossed.

Anyway, knowing how they feel, what they were like, I could imagine coming up with my own 'Plan.' I doubt I would have much trouble finding co-conspirators. I have no real intention of going that route, though; it's just a fun thought.

I pointed out, "Ruby says she's not bisexual."

Mindy snorted with derision. "Yeah, right! And monkeys are flying out of my ass!"

I couldn't help but joke, "Are they really? What about the pussy 'gators? Do they ever attack the ass monkeys?"

She laughed really hard at that. Then she reached out and held both my hands in hers. "I love you, Daniel. So much. So much that I want to cry. You're not mad at me, are you? For having these feelings? I'll have you know that I'm still 1000% into the idea of you having sex with them, even without the whole bisexual thing. That's just the cherry on top."

I joked, "You've gotta study your anatomy a little more. Their cherries are a lot lower than that."

Her smile turned nearly wicked. "You see? That fact alone just gets me soooo HOT! The fact that they're virgins and they're saving their cherries for you! Come on, Dan! The past couple of days at work, I've been thinking about that a lot. Those two girls are highly sexed, if anyone is. And yet they've limited themselves just to other girls for years and years, all so they could save their virginities for you to take. Do you have any idea how hard it was for them to keep their hymens intact?! What love! What dedication! What commitment! Are you not impressed?"

"Well, yeah..." Putting that way, it was hard not to be impressed. My boner continued to rage in its clothed cage, trying to break free and start busting some cherries. I was getting more depraved by the hour, it seemed.

She asked, "How can you not reward them and give them what they want most? How can you just hand them off to some random boyfriends to deflower them when they've shown that level of dedication to serve you and only you?!"

She looked around conspiratorially, then whispered, "You KNOW you want it! Take their cherries! You KNOW you wanna FUCK 'em! Fuckin' NAIL 'em! Fuckin' split their pussies in two! But don't stop there. Spread their taut and tanned cheeks apart and give it to them where the sun don't shine as well! Make 'em work their asses off straining to take the King in their tight butts - as long and hard and deep as they can!"

Keeping her voice low, she added, "They long to be your cock slaves! Let them be! Teach them what that means! Teach them how to serve their master! Teach them over and over by fucking them in every hole!"

I was practically trembling with arousal. "Man alive! You definitely have some strong feelings on this!" Her words were not helping my dick get flaccid, to say the least!

"I do," she admitted. "Can't you just picture the two of them lying on our bed side by side and face down, with their knees bent and their perfect bubble butts up high, fresh cum leaking out of their assholes AND their cunts? And they'd be arguing, saying things like, 'Daddy, fuck my ass next! I love it when you cum deep in my bowels!' And the other would say, 'No, you fucked her ass last time. It's my turn to get buggered!' All the while, they'd be wiggling their firm asses, still rosy red from an earlier spanking, trying to entice you to impale them with the King one more time. Here's the kicker: that can happen. That WILL happen! It's be just another average day in the Cooper house. The only thing stopping that from happening is YOU! Don't be a fool!"

Once again, she had me speechless. And breathless. It was more than I could comprehend, because it could really happen! How could any man's wife have THAT as a fantasy?!

My wife had worked herself up so much that her face was flushed. She sat back and took a few deep breaths. Then she tried to continue in a calmer voice, "So that's why I can't work with you on the whole boyfriend thing. I'll still back your decision 100 percent when you make it, but I'm really rooting for you to come to your senses before something happens you'll regret and they lose their hymens in a tragic way. This kind of love and devotion doesn't exactly grow on trees, you know."

I was silent about all that for nearly a minute. I let all that wash over me, like standing under a waterfall. I finally said, "I'm not mad at you for having bisexual urges. I don't consider that a threat, like I would if you were attracted to other men. I guess a lot of men put that in a different category, rightly or wrongly. Assuming you didn't go behind my back. If it's just you and the GT, that's a whole different thing than cheating. You love them. They love you. It's all good. It could strengthen the love. Just thinking about you with them, well, it kinda turns me on."

"You see? You see?" she asked eagerly, beaming as bright as a sun lamp. "Maybe now you're beginning to see how I feel about you having sex with them. It's like you said: 'You love them. They love you. It's all good. It could strengthen the love.' You put it perfectly."

"Okay, then explain why you get so turned on picturing me and Sue Ellen getting together. I still don't get that."

Mindy started to roll her eyes, as if I was just being thick. "I'm a cucquean, okay? That's what we do. We get off on seeing our man fuck other women. There aren't a lot of us, but we do exist."

I said, "So you say. But please try to put into words what turns you on about me and Sue Ellen, when there's no deep love involved."

She said patiently, "I just get off on seeing you fuck other women. Period. I can't explain why. Why do you find breasts so arousing? You're just wired that way! But maybe there's one part of it I can explain. I love to see you demonstrating your total domination! Seeing you just taking whatever hottie you want, getting her to BEG you to fuck her, and then you fuckin' fuck her, just 'cos you fuckin' feel like it, and simply because you need a tight, warm slit to empty your churning balls into! It's not rape because she realizes that she wants it and even needs it! In fact, you totally blow her mind and give her the biggest and best orgasms of her life! You ruin her for all other men! That gets me SO. FUCKING. HOT."

She stared into space dreamily. "Just thinking that you could possibly do the same thing to our señorita up front gets me all tingly and giddy. Even if you don't, the fact that you COULD takes my breath away! It's like, my man... is THE MAN. And the fact that you're not going to just merely FUCK the GT, you're gonna totally dominate them, and even enslave them... Wow! I can't put it into words! All the love, plus all the power!"

She contemplated what she'd said, and then commented, "I guess you're right that I am pretty weird, but hell, I don't care. Like I said, fuck normality! This is my fetish, and I've accepted that it's part of who I am. As long as you still love me, and my family still loves me, that's all that matters."

She sat back, satisfied with that. She even picked up the menu and started looking over it again, although clearly she was too worked up to really read it.

I still was too blown away to say much. To be honest, my feelings were still evolving on some of these things, so I was happy more to listen than to talk. Whoa! She really has put all her cards on the table. If nothing else, I now know where she stands on all this, and how far she's willing and wanting to let me go. Basically, she doesn't have any boundaries for me at all! That's both liberating and disturbing.

Curiosity quickly got the best of her. She lowered the menu and asked, "So now you know all my deepest secrets. What about you? Got any deep secrets for me?" She jokingly added, "Aside from your unnatural love of your uncle?"

"Good Lord! That's the last time I ever use the phrase 'cry uncle.'" Then I thought seriously about her question. I finally said, "No, to be honest, I can't think of any. Up until a few days ago, I was pretty square."

She goaded, "Oh I'll bet you've got some freaky stuff inside, if you look really deep. Everybody does."

"Maybe." I was eager to change the topic.

That was one of the more scary parts about all this. In a 'normal' relationship, you'd hint to your partner about the things you like, and see how she responded. And you might just bottle up some of your more 'perverse' desires completely. Indeed, I'd had sexual fantasies that I had never had the nerve to share with Mindy. To be truthful, I'd had lustful desires towards Ruby and Michelle for some time. Other women crossed my mind sometimes too, such as Ruby's sexy mother Cindy. Hell, I'd even had wildly inappropriate thoughts about my pure and innocent angel Nicky, although that was rare, thank God.

But here I was being encouraged to embrace my darker nature - to not only let her know what I would like, but tell her what to do about it! And she, they, would do it.

But what if they didn't like it? What if they hated it, and thought I was a sicko for wanting such things? Then where would we be? It was easier with someone like Sue Ellen. If I went too far with her, the worst that would happen is she'd say, "Well, it's been fun."

I found myself pondering the mystery of Sue Ellen. I really wanted to see her again, and sooner rather than later. I came to a conclusion and started making plans in my mind.

Once I'd sorted things out, I said to Min, "By the way, speaking of Sue Ellen, I thought you should know that I'm planning on seeing her again today."

That earned me a lasciviously interested look. "Oh really?"

"Yep. I'm gonna go with Ruby to Mama Mia's around three. I figure that's the down time between lunch and dinner, so she won't have much to do."

"A-ha! I knew it! I told you you couldn't go eight hours without more excitement, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but... Shit. I guess you're right. I'm just thinking that if I blow off some steam with her, I won't lose control around Michelle and Ruby later tonight."

"Good thinking. I love how you're already taking for granted that she'll be ready and eager to sexually serve you. Which is true! Shoot, though. I wish I could be there. Why does my section have to have our damned weekly roundup meeting exactly at three? Dammit!"

"Well, I could go at four instead, if you'll be free then."

"That's nice of you, but you'd better not. By the time I get off work, the dinner rush will be starting. Besides, I've got a lot of things to prepare, since Cindy's coming over. And three o'clock is ideal for your nefarious purposes." She winked. "I was talking to Sue Ellen this morning-"

I sat up straight in surprise, and my heart started pounding wildly. "What?! You were? When? How? What did she say?!"

She smirked. "I called her on my cell phone on the way to work. We had a long, long talk. Like I said, baby steps."

I had a hard time concealing my eagerness. "Does she still feel the same way about me as she said she did last night?"

"Oh yes! You'd better believe it! Even more so. She's totally in love and in lust with you."

"Whoa." I sat back in disbelief.

Mindy looked at me with renewed serious intensity. "I want you to win her, and I'm going to help. You go in there and wave your big dick around and shove it down her throat. She'll discover the true meaning of happiness sucking on the King. Meanwhile, I'll need to be the one holding her hand and telling her it's okay, and that a good submissive slut always swallows. Metaphorically speaking, of course. And literally too!"

My dick was still as hard as a steel bar, but I was trying not to let on. "And you don't mind that?"

Mindy just gave me one of her trademark "you poor dumb sap" looks she reserved for when I said something stupid. "Mind?" she asked me incredulously. "Are you fucking nuts?! I love it! It's like a total mindfuck! I got to tell her things this morning like," - she changed her voice to that of a sultry seductress - "'Face it, you're addicted to my husband's cock. You haven't touched it yet, but it controls you just the same.' How sweet is that? And then to hear her breathlessly whisper back, 'YES!' Priceless!"

I was tempted to take my erection out and masturbate. But we were in a restaurant, and I wasn't feeling reckless like last time. I asked, "Honestly? That really happened?!"

"Word for word!" She looked like was about to climax, just from reliving that memory. She went on, "As for timing, I pumped her with all kinds of questions in the hopes you'd be going back soon. Two o'clock is ideal. She was telling me that her bosses would much prefer her to go in at five, but they have to make each shift so many hours long. So for the first two hours they're way overstaffed, and they hardly have anything to do at all, unless there's a freak rush. Usually, they're given some kind of make-work job, like stacking cups or something. You'll have a field day."

"Is there anything she said on the phone that I should know before I visit her?"

"Maybe. But you know what? I think you'll have more fun if you don't know. Just assume that things are good and don't be afraid to push your luck. The more you take advantage of her and assert your dominance, the more she'll love it, and the more you'll love it! Fortune favors the brave and all that. Don't be afraid to dominate and even humiliate her. Things like taking her bra from her. That was brilliant. That's what she wants from you! By the way, what are you planning to do with her, exactly?"

"No idea. I haven't even given it any thought yet. I'm enjoying rolling with the punches. I just know that whatever happens is gonna be fun, and having Ruby there will add an intriguing extra wrinkle."

She was impressed with that, and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Boy, you're really taking to this domination thing like a fish to water."

I raised a curious eyebrow, as I realized how true that was. "I know. I'm kind of surprising myself. The thing is, I've always been a confident and assertive person. It's just that I've had moral qualms, so these kinds of things never even crossed my mind. But somehow the massive pleasure overdose I've been having lately seems to have permanently readjusted my moral compass."

"A toast! To readjusted moral compasses!" She looked around for her glass and realized there wasn't any. "Hey. I've been so absorbed in our talking that I just realized that they've completely forgotten us."

"I think we picked a spot that was so obscure we're out of all the waitress zones."

"Yeah, you're right." She stood up. "I say we go sit in the señorita zone. If nothing else, I want to see if she manages to stay standing or if her tits finally do her in and she topples over."

I stood up too, but remained rooted on the spot. "Come on, they're not THAT big. I don't even know if they're Michelle big."

"Hey, 'Michelle big' is pretty goddamn fuckin' huge, I'll have you know. I often wonder how Michelle manages to not fall forward all the time, especially with the whole infamous jutting factor. And she doesn't even have half the back problems I get from my mere D-cups. I swear, she's got magic breasts that defy all the laws of physics."

I smiled. "I can confirm they feel magical, at least. In any case, we're not sitting in the señorita zone, okay? I've got enough on my mind already, thank you very much. If there's one thing I ask, it's that we don't even try to get anyone else involved in our insanity. My brain is this close to completely exploding. I can't handle anything else. All right?"

"Okay, Honey. And relax; we don't want any brain explosions. Especially right before we eat, since we don't have a lot of napkins." She grinned.

I sighed with weariness and relief as I sat back down. "As for waitresses, we can just flag someone down. I'm sure they'll serve us here."

"Okay. Party pooper." She sat back down too. "But I am gonna find out her name. ... For next time." She winked at me.

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