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Chapter 27

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy and I made it through the rest of the meal without incident. I resisted doing anything with my erection, or having her do anything with it, and it eventually went flaccid.

On the way out, Mindy stopped and talked to the exceedingly busty waitress we'd been eyeing. I lingered close enough to hear, just to make sure she didn't say or do anything strange. Luckily, it was harmless small talk, based on Mindy complimenting her earrings. We did find out that the "señorita" was named Maria.

After dropping Mindy off back at work, I really did have some boring errands to do. I had to stop by the bank and so forth. Life goes on and bills must be paid, even for men who suddenly find themselves "masters."

While standing in line at the bank and waiting for the teller, I kept hearing my wife's voice tumbling through my mind, telling me how much she wanted me to fuck our daughters. It was downright bizarre for me to be standing there as if nothing were out of the ordinary, thinking about how gung ho she was for me to be having full-on, hard core sex with Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen. Oh and her too, by the way.

Thinking about the possibilities that sort of thing entailed, I started getting uncomfortable with tightening accommodations in my pants. Not wanting to cause a scene, I tried to finish my business fast and hurry back home. The only problem with that plan was that Ruby was waiting there for me. My heart beat fast as I contemplated what she was wearing (or not wearing) and what we might end up doing together.

At first, I didn't see any sign of her as I walked through the house, so I thought maybe she'd had to go home for one reason or another. But then I found a note on the kitchen counter that simply and rather suggestively read, "In the rear." She'd signed it with two smiley faces right next to each other, which I noticed looked exactly like a very full set of breasts.

I found her out back on our deck. We have a big backyard, and our house is on top of a round hill. Beyond the pool area, the property starts to slope down towards the ocean. Just past some trees, we've set up a wooden deck right at the edge of a cliff. There's a magnificent view out over the ocean from there, and it's usually shaded by the trees. Even there, we have complete privacy. There are some lines of houses and the Pacific Coast Highway a couple hundred feet below, between us and the ocean, but we just ignore them, and I'm sure they never look up our way.

Ruby was sitting in a recliner on our deck, reading a book.

I sat down on a chair next to her and gave a friendly, "Hey."

Ruby put down the book and replied, "Hey." She was dressed in running shorts and a tube top. Not too surprisingly, there was no sign of a bra.

I was disappointed she didn't jump up and give me a hug and a kiss. I was also disappointed that she was wearing anything at all. But still, I quipped, "I got your note. 'In the rear.' Was that directions to where you're sitting, or instructions on where you want me to put Mr. King?"

"Yes," she winked at me, with a laugh, "Both. Where to find me, and where to put him. And he's Mr. King, now, huh? Boy, he's moving up in the world. Although I kind of liked it better when he was MASTER King."

I could only roll my eyes and slump back in my chair.

Ruby stood up so she could lean over and seductively dangle her boobs in front of me, just out of easy reach. They looked fantastic, even covered in a tube top. "Seeing how you're probably going to ravage my helpless busty body and then force me to suck your terrifyingly huge cock, I might as well make it easy for you." She pulled her tube top off, tossed it on her recliner, and then gave me a wink. She obviously didn't need much "forcing."

As she stepped out of her shorts, she asked, "Are you just gonna lie there in far too many clothes, or are you gonna get naked and kiss me?"

I said, "Well, actually, I kind of wanted to talk to you about some serious-"

That was as far as I got before she planted her lips on mine and her hands started working on getting me out of my shirt and pants. Despite my feeble effort to have a serious talk, this was the kind of reception I'd been secretly hoping for from her.

Less than a minute later, I found myself standing there with my tongue down Ruby's throat and my hands on her bare ass cheeks, palming and grabbing her buttocks to test their suppleness and resilience, while she had one hand exploring my ass and the other sliding up and down my erection. While running errands, all I could think about was how determined my wife was for me to seduce my daughters. I'd almost forgotten just how sexually insatiable my two daughters were, without any help from Mindy.

Ruby was quickly refreshing my memory though!

I found myself getting dragged down to the recliner. Soon, I was lying on top of her, still necking. But with her ass mostly unreachable due to it resting on the recliner, my hands drifted up to her big breasts of their own accord.

She started to jack me off with both hands. My hips began thrusting back and forth. I think they were fooled into thinking that her hands were a pussy and they couldn't help themselves.

Eventually, she broke the kiss, and said, "So, you wanna talk about something?"

I laughed. "Now? NOW you wanna talk, when you've got me on the cusp of a climax?"

"Yep! Get used to it!"

Her hands noticeably slowed down in their stroking, and my hips responded by calming down too. She said, "This is what Michelle and I have been yearning and training for. This lifestyle! We want to keep you primed and ready, all day, every day, getting properly serviced by your adoring sex slaves. Get ready to have a LOT of talks while getting stroked or blown. You're ALWAYS gonna be either cumming, or on the verge of cumming whenever we're around, so you'd better get used to it. All hail to the King, baby!"

I laughed at the practical absurdity of that. "As if that's physically possible! Besides, how could I ever get my work done?"

"Hey, last I checked, you don't need your cock to type. Although your cock is so talented that he probably CAN type!" She giggled at that. "Everybody but you knows that you have a truly epic sexual appetite, and an even greater stamina. It's no wonder Mindy needs help! Is there any reason why you can't work on your novel while Michelle or I kneel between your legs, sucking you off for hours and hours, swallowing your cum and still be hungry for more every time you fill our starving faces with your yummy goo?"

"YES!" I shouted, far too loudly, seeing as she really did have me on the cusp already. "Somehow, I think that would ruin my concentration!" I thought, That's just a fantasy! That won't really happen! It's nuts! They'll get bored of all this cocksucking craziness before long. Nobody is into it THAT much!

She tilted her head back. "Pffht! So what's this important thing you want to talk to me about?"

"I'll tell you if you stop stroking me for a minute."

"And I'll stop stroking if you poke my pussy with the King. You can even use just your fingers if he's still feeling shy."

I didn't respond to that, but just lay there, breathing, trying to bring my body under control. DAMN, Ruby is such a knockout! How can she have the classic Irish green eyes and red hair and yet be nicely tanned? With no tan lines. Mmmm! Teen hard body perfection! I could seriously run my hands all over her naked body all day!

But I did have things to say, not to mention places to go. Despite the constant squish, squish, squish sound coming from her busy hands, somehow I calmed down some by keeping my hands still on her firm orbs, and taking some deep breaths.

I said, "I have to confess something. Something bad I did the other day."

Her ears pricked up and her hands slowed down, but still they didn't stop.

"The other day, I violated your privacy, and Michelle's privacy. Remember when you two met me near the front door, and you got naked and managed to get my shorts down, and then basically dry humped my cock on your silky smooth skin?"

"Which time?"

It blew my mind there had been more than one time like that already. "The first time."

"Oh. Do I ever!" Her hands started to speed up, since that memory apparently excited her.

I grimaced, wondering if I'd manage to make it through this conversation before blowing my load on that same silky skin. "Yeah, well, I kind of lingered around the corner afterwards and overheard you talking. You two were saying that you were going to discuss some really important secret out by the hot tub. Well, I kind of went to the laundry room, and overheard that conversation."

"Awww, is that your confession?" She said that in the same tone she'd say, "Awww, isn't that a cute puppy?"

"Yes. I'm so sorry. I violated your privacy and Shelle's privacy. I'm gonna apologize to her later, but I wanted to get it off my chest and at least tell you now."

"Awww, that's so sweet. And you're actually feeling bad about that?"

"Of course! Ruby, your reaction is not exactly what I expected! You sound like it's no big deal, or even like you know already. ... Uh-oh. Don't tell me you know that already."

"Oopsies. Michelle is gonna kill me." Ruby didn't seem to mind much though. she grinned impishly.

"You knew?! You knew I was listening?! How did you know?!"

"Daddy, you're a loud breather. You were huffing and puffing like an old steam train. We could even tell as you were getting closer and closer to cumming. You have no idea how hard it was not to react to that. We practically had to hold each other back, to keep from rushing in to collect your yummy load before you wasted it."

"Oh God. I feel like shit. Caught masturbating while watching my daughters frolic naked. How low is that?"

"Daddy! It's no big deal! Join the club! Who DOESN'T spy in the Cooper house?"


"Oops! Did I just say that? Now Michelle is REALLY gonna kill me!"

"What?! Who's spying on whom?!" I started to get up off her, alarmed by this latest news.

But she wrapped her hands around my back, keeping me on top of her.

With her hands off my erection, I suddenly realized that it was lying directly on top of her pussy lips. I could even feel the bump of her clit right below my bulbous cockhead.

"Oh. DADDY!" she purred in a husky voice. "Looks like the King is going to make another conquest!" Somehow, even though I was on top of her, she managed to effectively slide her whole body up and down a little bit, by moving my body over hers. I could feel the hot wetness of her pussy as it slid all over my shaft.

As God is my witness, I was tempted, badly tempted, to just slip it in her. And it wasn't as if Mindy would object either. But as much as I wanted to simply let go and indulge myself, because the feeling was already so intimately incredible, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. For one thing, that would be letting her call the shots and control the situation, and that would spell disaster.

"No he isn't. And stop that!" I sputtered in objection. "That's too sexual! I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe you'd better go back to jacking me off. And answer the question! You, Michelle, and even Mindy have all been conspiring against me for far too long. If you really love me, I need some honesty!"

"Oh, very well," she sighed, as I lifted my body back up slightly and allowed her to take my hard-on back in her hands. She noted as she resumed stroking, "Mmmm! I love how it's throbbing and hot already. I mean really honestly hot! And wet! I love sliding my fingers through all this pre-cum. Although... wouldn't you rather I suck you off?"

I just grunted, "Answer the question!"

"Very well." She rubbed my sweet spot as she explained, "Michelle and I have done all kinds of naughty things as part of our campaign to break down your resistance to popping our cherries and generally enslaving our sexy asses. Please don't make me say too much right now, because Michelle will literally kill me, and I do mean literally. But, for instance, there's a secret way to look into your bedroom that we discovered. When you and Mindy are getting it on, sometimes, we like to watch."

"Oh my God! How long has that been going on?!" That disturbed me greatly, yet my boner stayed stiff in her sliding fingers. In fact, my arousal was only increasing.

"Please don't make me tell? Can't you ask Michelle?"

"Her ass is gonna get spanked so raw tonight," I growled.

I heard Ruby mutter, "Lucky slut."

I realized I needed to rethink what spankings were all about. I asked, "Does anyone else know about this secret way? How do you look in, anyway? I'll need to block that up."

"Oh no! Oh God, I've really, really fucked up!" She was trying to distract me by jacking me off more vigorously, but it wasn't working. Well, it certainly was working to make me feel fantastic, but it wasn't stopping me from asking more questions.

"Ruby, do you love me or not? Do you want me to dominate you or what?"

Somehow she managed to hug me tightly, even though I was lying on her and she was busy jacking me off. "I hope you know just how much I love you! And of course I long for you to dominate me! Since you left earlier, I can't even go a minute without the words 'cock slave' popping into my head and making me feel all tingly inside."

She stared up into my eyes from below and asked earnestly, "Please, make me one of your cock slaves! This is where I belong, lying naked underneath you, my master!"

I felt my own tingles of excitement hearing her say that. And when she said "master," I just about squirted into her hand. But I tried to play it cool, so I could find out about the spying. "If you want to obey me, that includes obeying me on stuff like this. You need to start answering some questions. Who else knows about this peephole, or whatever it is?"

"Well, lots of people, actually. One can't look in just any old time, the circumstances have to be just right. But when they are, Michelle kind of, well, let's other people peek in."

"Other people?! Who?!"

"Um, er, sometimes? At a slumber party?" It sounded like she was asking questions due to her hesitancy. "We, um, kind of take turns looking? But not everybody! Just our close friends. You know: Nina, Roxy, Lisa, Anjali, Nicky, Diane-"

My heart nearly stopped. "Nicky?! Did you say 'Nicky?' As in my flesh and blood Nicky?! That Nicky?!"

"Um. Yeah." She closed her eyes and stopped jacking me off. "God, this honesty stuff is tough."

I hopped up off her and turned away, holding my hands over my crotch. I didn't want her to notice that the mention of Nicky looking in not only didn't cause me to go flaccid, but brought me even more dangerously close to cumming. I had a very, very difficult internal battle as I fought not to imagine my other beautiful daughter, with her eye up to some peephole, naked and squishing her fingers in and out of her pussy while watching her mother and me have sex. Wow!

Dammit, I've never thought of her that way before, and I wasn't going to start now! That wasn't true, since one can't always control where one's fantasies go, but at least I didn't think of her that way very much. I told myself fiercely, Nicky is a pure and innocent angel, and she's going to stay that way! She's off limits!

I bent over to pick up my pants and announced, "We're leaving."

"Where are we going?" She sat up.

I had to look away, because her nude body was a vision, especially with the Pacific Ocean in the background. "Long story. I'll tell you in the car."

"Am I in trouble? Are you mad at me?!"

"No, I'm a little miffed, but you're not in trouble. I appreciate your honesty, even if it was a long time coming. I guess my little spying adventure was small potatoes in comparison. No wonder you didn't care. ... Hey! Now that I think about it, the things I saw you and Shelle saying and doing then, was that staged?"

Ruby hesitated, bit her lip, and then clearly decided to come clean. Straightening her shoulders, and jiggling her bare rack a bit in the process, she plainly answered, "Of course. We were trying to get you to want us more and more. Remember how we were each pretending to play Daddy and fuck each others' faces and tits with our hands?"

"Yeah?" I had my pants on now, and was working on my shirt. My hard-on was as hard as ever.

"Well, we do that to each other all the time, actually. It's one of our favorite things to do to pass all that tedious 'Daddy's not around to tease and rub up against' time. I should say 'was" because now we can do it with our real Daddy."

For some reason, that caused me to pause in my dressing and stare at her.

She was a vision! She hadn't made the slightest move towards putting any clothes on. She stood there with a cocked hip and her hands running through her short, spiky red hair. The blue ocean framed her in the background. Every inch of her was flawless teen sexiness, even her shaved armpits!

I forgot to breathe. Hot damn! She's always in Shelle's shadow so it's easy to underestimate her, but Ruby is a "perfect ten" all on her own! More! She breaks the scale! And she wants to be my "cock slave!" I could tell her to drop to her knees so I could fuck her tits, and she'd do it! Gaawwwd! So fucking STACKED!

She didn't even realize that I was having a special moment appreciating her, and she continued to talk. "But we wanted for you to see it. We were trying to get you to cum all over the wall."

I managed to stir myself from my lusty trance in time to answer. "You succeeded there," I admitted.

"Oh, cool! You're really not mad at me?"

"I am, some. I'm very hurt that you spied on Mindy and me for so long. But I also appreciate you being honest. At least you're trying. That means a lot to me, as you know. Always be honest with me, okay?"

"Okay. Now that you're my master, I kind of have no choice. That's why I told you what I did."

"Good. I'm more angry at Michelle. We all know she's the ringleader in things like this."

Ruby just looked away in embarrassment. She didn't try to dispute that because we both knew it was true.

I gave her another look over, from head to toe. Sweet Jesus! Some people look better clothed. Most people, actually. But Ruby, my Red, it's like she's meant to be nude. Clothes are an insult. Min said the two Hellions are built for sex, and she's exactly right!

UGGH! Do I really have to leave now? But then again, I'm dying to find out what's happening with Sue Ellen. And she's coming with me!

I said, "Now, let's go back to the house and change. Or, in your case, put some clothes on. We need to be strategic about what we're gonna wear. I probably should change out of these pants. Shorts would work better. And you, since you have half your clothes in Shelle's room anyway, let's go up there and pick out just the right outfit."

"Oooh! I like the sound of that! Daddy's in my bedroom, watching me strip! What's he's gonna do to me next, after he's gotten me all helpless and naked? Are you gonna tie me up and spank me? Or just go straight for the kill, my big cherry poppin' Daddy?"

I was dressed now, and Ruby was standing next to me, but she hadn't even made a move to pick up her clothes. She had a pinky in the corner of her mouth, trying to look coquettish. Either that or it was a reference to Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

I walked around to her back side and ran my hand up and down the middle of her shapely bare back. "Is there an off button back here? There has to be an off button. You can't possibly have sex on your brain that much, 24-hours-a-day."

She giggled and leaned into my hand. "No there isn't, but you can look all day. Actually, it's down here." Holding my wrist, she brought my hand down to her ass crack. "Look in there. It's in there somewhere."

I couldn't resist fondling her ass cheeks in general, and exploring her ass crack specifically. But after about a minute of that, I remembered Sue Ellen and took my hand away.

But she wasn't done. Standing face to face, she pretended to have a realization. "Oh, wait!" She brought her hand down to her pussy, and slipped a finger in her slit, just a little bit. "There is! It's right next to my G-spot. You'll just have to poke around in there for a while with some kind of extra long, hard, and throbbing instrument."

That surprised me, due to talk of her being a virgin. I asked, "Do you really want me to do that? I thought you still have your hymen?"

She pulled her finger away. "Oooh! Good point. The next thing to go in my slit will be your cock! But don't worry, I can finger myself up to about an inch or so without bothering my hymen at all. I do that a lot."

I sighed and grabbed her other hand. "I'll bet. Come on. We're going up to the house."

However, she refused to come along. "Wait! You have more serious stuff to talk to me about, don't you? This is an ideal situation, when you're fully dressed. I promise I won't get all sexy on you, if you just want to talk."

I considered that, and realized that with the way things were going, this indeed was a pretty good chance to talk about serious things. I stood there and said, "Well, I can't exactly talk about serious stuff while you're still naked."

She just laughed at me. "What? Of course, you can. Come on, you can't expect the impossible!"

But seeing that I was determined, she wrapped a big towel around her torso. It covered up all her privates, although not by much. She sat back down. "Meanie. Are you satisfied already?"

"No, but that's probably the best I can hope for, given what's happening these days. At least cross your legs." I had to say this since the towel had slid up when she sat and I could see her entire pussy and then some.

She did, but only by pulling the towel off her tits. She finally covered both places after I gave her an annoyed look.

I sat back down, making sure to remain well out of arm's length of my redheaded vixen. I said, "Okay, it's like this. I'm freaked out. I joke about looking for an off switch because I simply can't believe what's going on. What happened to you and Michelle?"

"You happened," she said confidently. "We love you, and not just as family or a friend."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not all that."

"We want to be with you forever and ever. Carnally! Intimately!" She dramatically pulled her towel off. "I'm proud of this body, and I want you to enjoy every last inch of it."

I thought, That towel didn't last half a minute. How can I hold back such boundless enthusiasm? "Look, I need someone I can seriously talk to. Michelle's just too manipulative. I love her, but I don't trust her further than I can throw her, not on this kind of stuff. And Mindy is getting off so much on being a cucquean-"

She interrupted me. "A what?"

"A cucquean. I just learned the word from Mindy, myself, a short time ago. It's like the female version of a cuckold. She doesn't get off on being humiliated, like some of those kinds of people do, but she definitely gets off on seeing me, er, get intimate with other women. So much so, in fact, that I can't really talk to her about this kind of stuff without her getting all hot and bothered. So that just leaves you. I hope."

Seeing that I was being dead serious, she reluctantly held the towel back over her privates.

"Ruby, I know a lot of people see you as Michelle's sidekick, but I know there's much more to you than that. Please, treat my concern seriously and not just as an opening to get me aroused here, because I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain just what the hell is going on!"

"Okay. Whatever you want. Daddy, I really do want to help you; I don't want to see you freaked out. But I don't understand what your question is."

I thought about that for a bit, and then said, "When I think about you and Michelle, I think about you in braces and pigtails, driving you both to soccer practice. Parents aren't supposed to be attracted to their children, and you've been a de facto daughter of mine for years. So... why? Why?! Seriously, why?"

I continued, "And don't just go on about how great I supposedly am or how my dick is the best thing since sliced bread, or whatever. You two don't just have a crush on me; you're practically obsessed! You're going on and on about this 'cock slave' stuff, and wanting to serve me 24 hours a day, and all that. It's fucked up! It's too extreme! It makes me feel like I'm a terrible, miserable failure as a father because you've turned out to be like this. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it's fucked up at the same time! Where did all this come from?"

Ruby seriously considered that, and took her time formulating a reply. "Hmmm. That's a difficult question, if I can't talk about how much we both love you. If you can't understand that we're both hopelessly and passionately in love with you, then I guess nothing else will make sense. But maybe I can answer why we don't just have ordinary crushes. From the beginning, Michelle has had a grand vision. She's told me, 'Why should we just have boyfriends, or even husbands, when we can have something much greater? We can be part of something epic, something that breaks all the bounds of convention.' We've felt like this for a very long time now. It's something that's been fated to happen for us our entire lives, and now it's actually happening. It's like a storybook fantasy come true, like 'Cinderella' or 'Sleeping Beauty!'"

"Whoa. Back up. 'Entire lives?' You mean since you were a young teenager, right? I know of some of the unfortunate incidents from back then that-"

"No, it goes way back, way before that. You know how little kids, when they're really, really young, say embarrassing things because they don't know any better? Things like, Daddy, when I grow up I'm going to marry you?' Do you remember when I told you that?"

"Uh-oh. This is getting creepy. You were like five or six!" His towel has slipped down to her lap. Her enormous exposed E-cups were a reminder that at least she was "all woman" now.

"I know, but it's not like that! It wasn't a sexual thing back then. Trust me, I didn't even know what sex WAS the first time I said that. It's just that, you were the guy that I looked up to and admired. Adored, even. Way more than my own father. Remember how I called you 'Daddy' sometimes, even way back then? When I did something good, I'd smile and think, 'Dan will be proud of me.' Do you understand? I'm NOT talking about some sexual feelings back then, it's just that you meant EVERYTHING to me, and you always have!"

She gesticulated as her emotions grew. "Those feelings never went away, because you never let me down. I love you SO MUCH that sometimes it hurts like a physical pain in my chest! I've always been soooo jealous of Michelle. Why do you think I've practically lived here since forever? It's not just 'cos Michelle's my best friend, it's also so I could be around you, and Mindy too."

She sighed. "For a long time, I considered these feelings my secret shame. I mean, I liked spending time over here more than in my own house, but that wasn't fair to my mom Cindy. She's been a great mom. But I just love it here, and being near you is a big part of that. I never stopped thinking that someday I'd grow up and marry you, and that was my even deeper secret shame, because it was so impossible, with you being already happily married to Mindy and all. But then, by accident, in our early teens, as we started to develop sexual urges, Michelle and I discovered that we had the exact same secret shames! She'd been wanting to marry you when she grew up just as long as I did!"

I blanched at that. "Holy... I need a stiff drink!"

"Relax! You're no child molester. Heck, back then we didn't even understand there was a sexual component to marriage. We just loved you so much that we always wanted to be around you. The sexual feelings came much later. But once they did, Michelle and I loved each other so much, and Mindy too, that we knew we'd have to share. I'd feel awful if I somehow stole you away from either one of them, and Michelle felt the same way, probably even more so. You know what she says to me all the time?"


"'Family comes first!' This family is her entire life! So naturally, our thoughts started to turn to sharing. Since you were so happy with Mindy, we began to dream of becoming your mistresses. At first, that was kind of a bummer, you know, feeling like that was second best. But then we started to revel in it."

"'Revel?' What do you mean?" The sun was shining down on her topless body, and my dick was still stiff in my pants. It was a struggle to keep my eyes on her face.

"I mean, if the best we can do is be mistresses, and non-exclusive mistresses at that, then let's go all the way! A wife has rights. It's an equal partnership. But a mistress has none. So we were like, let's fully get into the whole submissive mistress thing, you know? Take it to the next level, like it's never been done before!"

She stared off into space beyond me, perhaps fondly recalling those times, or that shared vision. Then she resumed eye contact. "And, as it turned out, Michelle and I really got off on that. We fantasized about being your sex slaves, and I'm talking real, hard core, intensely sexual, outright enslavement to you. Nothing was too taboo or off-limits in these fantasies of ours, except for gory and freaky weirdness, I guess. And yeah, I guess there was a little bit of one-upmanship involved, so things got pretty, um... extreme at times. Lots of rope and whips and dungeons and all that. In fact, even now, if you were to so much as take out a piece of rope and show it to me, I think I'd cum on the spot!"

I found that alarming yet arousing. My dick still stubbornly refused to go flaccid. The fact that Ruby's towel had just slid all the way off her body to the ground had more than a little to do with that. I was sure that wasn't an accident, but I didn't care. She had good reason to be proud of her curves.

She continued, "Anyway, the short story version is that the more we fantasized about you, the more aroused we got! So we kinda, um... ran with it, if you know what I mean. I know we're not alone in this, in that a lot of women have a submissive side. But the difference with us is that we fully embraced it at a young age, and we're quite proud of it, because it's who we really are. I'd even go so far as to say that being your slaves is a fundamental part of who we are. Everything we do and think is through that prism."

That was another big shocker. I exclaimed, "But you kept it totally hidden from me!"

She looked away and stared off into space, as if watching her memories unfold before her. "We had to. In the beginning, it was this silly fantasy us girls would share. We'd talk out these mutual fantasies about you being a knight in shining armor and us being damsels in distress and you saving us from the clutches of an evil wizard. Stuff like that. Then you'd take us back to your castle and ravish us. We wrote a lot of that kind of stuff down, actually. You can read it if you want, since we still have copies of that saved somewhere, but it's, uh... pretty cringe-worthy." She grimaced, and then grinned.

"Anyway, at first, the ravishing part quickly faded to black, since we weren't that interested in sex and we didn't know what happened there. But as the years went on, it pretty much became all about the ravishing."

She stared at me hungrily, particularly at my crotch. "If you know what I mean! Our obsession, well, it kinda sorta grew, you know? It got to the point where, in recent months, I've been having a hard time interacting with you and keeping the lie going. But we had to wait until we were old enough so you wouldn't freak out and reject us."

She ran her hands up her sides until she was caressing her huge melons from below. "Thank God that genetics favored us. That just convinced us even more that we'd been born and bred to be slaves. YOUR slaves. It became increasingly hard to live a lie and pretend all was normal. I'd see you and casually say, 'Hi, Dan, how's it going?' But what I really wanted to do was drop to my knees, rip my clothes off, and say, 'Hello, Master. How can I serve you?'"

There was something about the way she said it that told me this wasn't a game for her. That hit home. I exclaimed, "Ruby! You're totally freaking me out! Are you serious?"

She finally let go of her tits, setting them bouncing. "Dead serious. So to get back to what I meant about wanting to be part of something great, something epic, what I mean is, Michelle and I decided that a regular marriage is for the birds. That's so done, so 1953. Everybody does that. But to be part of a harem! Part of a totally sexual family! To serve our own daddy as sex slaves! As YOUR sex slave! My God! Just thinking about it gets me hot, every single time! And now we call ourselves 'cock slaves,' which is even better!"

She stared off dreamily into the blue sky and her hands dropped to her crotch. She began blatantly fingering her clit and pussy lips. She got so into it that it was like she'd forgotten I was there.

This made me think. Despite the growing smell of wet pussy and all the visual stimulation before me, I commented, "It seems to me like you're almost more in love with the idea of having a master than me, per se. It's like, you're trying to fit me into a role so your dreams can come true, just like the 'knight in shining armor' role."

She kept frigging herself, but the glassy look left her eyes and she seemed to seriously consider that. "I disagree! Really, it's all about you, not just an ideal master. But it's kind of a moot point because you fill the role of our ideal dream man so perfectly. Our biggest worry was that you'd be too nice, too timid, but lately you've gotten all sexually aggressive, so we're totally over the moon about that. That's a big reason why I welcome what you're doing with Sue Ellen with open arms, because that clearly is helping to bring out that side of you."

I grunted. "Huh. That's probably true."

She pinched a nipple with one hand as she fingered herself with her other hand. "Our other big worry was convincing Mindy, and then you, to join our grand vision of a sexual harem family. But that seems to be working out great too. I'm so happy!"

"Well, I'm not," I said. "I mean, as a fantasy, it's nice. Naturally, it turns me on a lot. Okay, a really, really huge amount. But this isn't a fantasy world, it's the real world."

She protested, "My feelings are REAL! I AM naturally submissive. Michelle is too. Just sitting here naked while looking up at you standing there so powerfully does all kinds of things to me. You don't even know the half of it, because we've been keeping things secret."

She looked up at me pleadingly. "Please don't dismiss my feelings! I'm baring my soul to you! Just because I'm one of your cock slaves, that doesn't make me any less of a flesh and blood human being, with real feelings! All my hopes and dreams are pinned on you. You could destroy me with a few words!"

I spoke while struggling to maintain eye contact instead of glorying in her nudity, "I'm trying to adjust, believe me. And I would never, ever consciously hurt you, Red."

That made her smile, since I didn't call her that very often.

I continued, "But even so, we can have fun with the whole harem family thing for a while. Then what? You two have lives to live, places to go, people to meet. You can't just spend all day having sex with me. And the more you do that, the more fucked up you'll be when you have to face reality."

Ruby got a little testy at that, even as her fingers poked in and out of her pussy, as far as her hymen would allow. "Daddy, this is reality too. Not everybody's life has to be tough and full of suffering. Why can't we live in sexual ecstasy, every single day? Look at my puffy and wet pussy. Is it not real? And this. This marvelous thing..." She reached out and stroked the bulge in my pants. "Is this not real?"

I stood back, forcing her to let go. "Yeah, but I'm an old man. I'm twenty years older than you. That thing is real, but his best days are behind him. You find me desirable now, but what about in ten years? You'll need to find your own husband by then."

She rolled her eyes and snorted with disgust. She stood up, and stepped towards me. "Daddy, you don't understand. We loved you before we even understood what sex was. Then we were like, 'Whoa? We can do that? We can make Daddy happy every day with our bodies? Bonus!' We would still love you even if this guy didn't ever want to come out and play."

She suddenly unzipped my fly and pulled out my erection - I was too weak to resist this time. "But the fact that he does makes everything twice as good!"

I groaned as her talented fingers started to stroke my throbbing shaft. "Okay, but look. If you truly want me to be your dad and not just use that as a word to turn us all on, then you need to realize I have dad responsibilities. I can't just be selfish and drown in sexual pleasure. I need to look to your future, and to Michelle's future."

She grimaced. "You're stuck on this idea that we should get boyfriends."


She suddenly dropped to her knees in front of me and began fondling my shaft with two hands. "Gaawwwd! It's so big! I love how I can't wrap my fingers around it. I love everything about it!" She leaned forward, and I feared she was going to cram it in her mouth. But she merely pinned my hot pole against the side of her face and rubbed against it like a contented cat. "Mmmm! Speaking of bonuses, how great is it you have such a ginormous, thick cock? It's further proof that we're meant to serve you!"

I was nearly dizzy with power and lust. But I was stubborn too. I muttered, "Boyfriends!"

That caused her to groan unhappily and pull her face away. She went back to jacking me off like before. "Why are you so hung up on that? Why is it a must that we have that kind of future? What if we were both lesbians? Or what if we wanted to become nuns? Or, if we were just plain old hard-core sexual submissives, couldn't you cope with that? As our Daddy, couldn't you accept that and just help make sure we didn't wind up locked in a basement somewhere with some torture freak weirdo for a master? Wouldn't you help us find a nice master who would take good care of us, like Mindy did? Someone... kind of like you? In fact, someone pretty much exactly like you!" She looked at me lustily as she spread her knees wider on the wooden deck.

I tried my best to ignore her blatantly sexual pose and the way her fingers were pressing hard against my sweet spot. "I think you're both going through some kind of weird submissive fantasy phase, just like you two went through that whole phase of loving horses for a couple of years."

"UGH! Haven't you been listening to a word I've been saying?! That was totally different!" She complained as she jacked me off with increasing vigor. "THAT was just a phase. THIS is our life! We're mature. We're legal adults. That comparison is an insult! I'm telling you, we've been leading up to this for years! For our whole lives! It's who we are!"

"Sorry. Maybe that's not a good example. I'm having a hard time comprehending the depth of your feelings, because I didn't really know what was going on until, well, today! But even if that's all true, it's only natural that your enthusiasm for me will die down after a while."

She brought her face close to my erection and lightly blew air on it, right over her wet and sliding fingers. I suspected the only reason she wasn't sucking on it already was because she was doing most of the talking. "Yeah, maybe, but look at you and Mindy. You're not newlyweds anymore, but you're both still deeply in love. You don't fuck like bunnies like you did on your honeymoon, but, well, you two DO still fuck like bunnies! Maybe just slightly less excited bunnies." She giggled at that. "I know the excitement will die down some, but believe me, this is no passing phase. What'll it take to convince you?"

I sighed with frustration, at a loss for anything to say.

Apparently, Ruby decided that sucking me off would help convince me, because she bent forward and started doing exactly that.

I'll admit that I was weak. I stood there and let her tongue and lips pleasure me for a couple of minutes. The look on her face as she craned her mouth wide open in an attempt to fit my entire cockhead in her mouth was priceless. And then her constant erotic moans sounded like music to my ears. I didn't have the heart to break contact.

But eventually I complained, "Ruby, you can't solve every problem that comes along with a blowjob. I'm worried about you two. I've thought both of you have been strangely unmotivated for a long time, and now I find out why - all your dreams are about sexual things! What about your career? Your future? I can't really relax and enjoy things, or even enjoy this blowjob, knowing that I'm failing my normal father duties."

That caused her to switch to a tongue-licking style for a while so she could talk. "Daddy, you're NOT failing those duties. Career - not a problem."

She licked in a reverse corkscrew pattern for a while, and then explained, "Michelle and I don't need normal careers. We don't need to go to college. We can if we want to, and sure, we're scheduled to start at U.C. Irvine in the fall, but we don't need to. Have you looked at our bodies? I mean, come on! No false modesty here - we're hot! We could easily be professional models. I mean, look at me!"

She didn't want to stop her licking just to show off her voluptuous body, so she got on all fours and then wagged her ass up high while she sucked on my cockhead for a little bit.

Somehow, I wound up kneeling, because her mouth couldn't really reach my crotch when she was on all fours and I was standing up. I was enabling her yet again, but I didn't care. Lust was winning once more.

I found myself on the danger of losing touch with reality. I looked around at the trees, at the sky, and the ocean. Everything seemed normal. Then I looked down at her curvaceous nudity, and especially her wiggling butt. It couldn't be real! But if the pleasures caused by her talented tongue on my cockhead wasn't real, what was?!

Then she said, "See? Hot, right? Touch it and see!" She excitedly wiggled her ass even more, which also set her dangling tits swinging wildly.

"Um, I can see with my eyes."

"No, see with your hands. I'm proud of my ass. I've worked so hard to keep it firm for you, so you can feel it and fuck it! Come on, squeeze it! Squeeze my ass cheeks!"

"Um..." It was hard to think between her words, her wiggling, and her cock licking. Worse, I was actually aiding and abetting her by holding my erection in place so she could lick it while on all fours. I even lifted it up to help her access the more sensitive underside.

She calmed down a bit, and said, "At least grope my tits a bit! Geez! Come on! I promise I'll keep talking if you do."

So I reached underneath her and groped her dangling breasts with both hands. That left my boner swinging freely, so she swallowed the cockhead and then some to "keep it in place." So much for her promise to keep talking.

We continued like that for a few minutes, with me groping and kneading her dangling tits, and with her sliding her lips back and forth over my erection with a very steady rhythm. That made me feel like I was fucking her face. Actually, I almost was, with the way my body swayed forward and back in time to her bobbing. I only restrained myself from getting really aggressive to prolong the pleasure.

Finally, I sensed the overwhelming urge to cum. I was forced to say, "UGH! I'm almost... Either we stop for a while, or I'm gonna cum down your throat!"

I realized she'd easily decided which of those options she preferred. So I was forced to push her head back until her lips lost contact with my cockhead.

She didn't seem to mind though, and said, "You know what? I absolutely LOVE sucking your cock on my knees. You seem so big and powerful standing or sitting above me. It really shows me my place. But I think cocksucking while on all fours is even BETTER! Can you believe that? I can't wait to tell Michelle! When you kneel like that, the height is just right. She's gonna love it when you do it her!"

I was still right on the verge of cumming, and trying to hold out wasn't made any easier by the fact that she'd gone right back to relentlessly licking my sweet spot while staying on all fours. It felt too good for me to push her away altogether, but I at least hoped to slow her down by getting her to talk more. "Ah, uh, you were saying?"

"I was?" Round and round, her tongue circled my cockhead clockwise and then counterclockwise.

"You were. Remember? You were talking about modeling."

"Oh yeah." But she kept right on lapping too, like a cat lapping milk out of a bowl. "Both of us have gotten serious modeling offers. VERY serious offers. And we haven't even put out any feelers! Or hell, I could pull in a huge salary just being an arm candy secretary. People will pay big money for our looks in lots of ways."

I sighed again. At least the urge to cum had passed and I was regaining my breath. "You see? I am a failure. That upsets me so much. Where did I go wrong with you two? Look at Nicky. She's remarkably beautiful too, but she's doing very well in college. In fact, she'll have finished her last final exam today. I'm sure she passed with flying colors. She even made the Dean's List. She's not just coasting on her looks."

As she lapped my sweet spot, she said, "Daddy, you don't understand. You're our master. We're your sex slaves. If you want us to do well in college, then just order us to do that."

"But you'd rather just hang out here all day, sucking my cock, wouldn't you?"

She giggled. "Well, duh!"

"Jesus! Doesn't your jaw get tired? My jaw almost hurts just from watching you."

"No, not really. Not yet. It's a struggle, but I love how difficult it is. Here, look!" Then she took a big gasp of air and then somehow stuffed my cockhead into her mouth all over again. After managing that feat, she began sliding her lips up and down it in a maddeningly distracting fashion.

One could say I was lost in thought, pondering her answer, but really I was just luxuriating in the feeling of whatever her talented mouth was doing. In fact, I kind of completely lost the thread of what we were talking about. Then I vaguely remembered that she'd promised to be good, and that we'd just have a non-sexual talk. I laughed out loud at how that had turned out. Somehow too, I'd never let go of her breasts.

But I'd barely recovered from the last orgasmic close call. After less than a minute, I realized I was getting too close to orgasm again and needed another break. I gently pushed her head away again.

She obligingly pulled her mouth off me, but went right back to licking and slurping like she was starving. I'm detecting a pattern here. It was like I can slow her down at times, but stopping her is impossible. She's a big-titted teenage cocksucking machine!

Once I stopped her, I consciously refrained from playing with her dangling globes some more. I was too close to the edge even for that.

After I'd more or less calmed down yet again, I remembered our conversation and felt unsettled all over again. I said, "Really, this habit of yours of trying to distract me with blowjobs isn't gonna work. I'm not happy with this 'coasting on looks' plan, not happy at all. Mindy and I were discussing this a short while ago, in fact. You two realize that you're NOT going to get normal modeling jobs, don't you? Your breasts are just too big, too distracting."

I waved my hands in the general direction of her breasts to emphasize my point, even though I couldn't actually see them since she was still on all fours. "Pick up any magazine and look how busty the models are - there are certain parameters, and both of you are way beyond that. You might do some face modeling or hand modeling or something like that, but basically they'll prefer to work with someone else who doesn't have a disqualifying, distracting chest. Unless you wanted to have breast reduction surgery."

She suddenly sat up on her lower legs and clutched at her tits with both hands, like I was about to steal them away. "Dear God, NO! Never! They're an essential part of my self-image, of being your big-titted cock slave! And don't even say that to Michelle or she'd cry. Seriously! I think half her breast growth is simply due to wanting it so much. For YOU!"

"Fair enough. But that means everybody's gonna wanna push you into porn instead. That's where chests like yours will be welcomed with open arms." I nodded in the direction of her magnificent bare orbs and gave both of them a tight squeeze. It was an easy reach, since we were both kneeling face to face.

She pinned her arms behind her back and moaned happily.

I loved the way soft tit-flesh was spilling through everywhere, even between my fingers. But I realized my groping was distracting me too much for this serious conversation, so I reluctantly pulled my hands away.

Ruby reached out and resumed stroking my hard-on as if it was strange for her not to be doing that. She admitted, "I know that, and Michelle knows that. Maybe I've been listening to Michelle too much, but face it, Daddy, we're not just beautiful, we're extraordinary. And the really beautiful women don't have to demean themselves so much to make good money. Look at Denise Milani. You heard of her?"

I shook my head no.

"She's a really famous Internet model. She has her own website and makes a ton of money off it, I'm sure. But the thing is, she's never done any topless pics, much less bottomless ones! Maybe not me, but Michelle definitely is in a league of her own. She could make the big bucks fully dressed! Hell, even Denise would be jealous of Michelle's breasts, and both of them have beautiful faces. And with your own website, you don't have to deal with any of the scumbags in the porn industry. We'd NEVER go that route. I mean, sucking off a fat old Ron Jeremy? Puh-lease! We'd never touch another man sexually in the first place, so that's out in any case. Unthinkable!"

I sighed again, because that brought up the whole boyfriend issue in my mind. "Look, you and/or Michelle may be beautiful enough to make some money with your own website. Maybe even a lot. I honestly don't know. But you have to admit that that would be a limited run, even if you can. There are always new faces coming along, and I'm sure websites like that are multiplying exponentially. What are you going to do in ten years, when every imaginable picture has been taken already? That's not a career, that's just something to do for a while so you can put off having to pick a real career."

She pouted, "Daddy, you're a meanie." Then, getting back down on all fours since I was still on my knees, she bent forward and resumed licking her way around my cockhead. Actually, she was on "all threes" this time, since I wasn't holding my boner out this time, causing her to hold (and stroke) it instead.

But I groaned, "There you go again! Whenever I ask you a difficult question, you avoid answering by sucking me off."

Now it was her turn to sigh. She replied, while she kept right on licking, "You're right. Maybe I am avoiding that question. But how many eighteen-year-olds really know what they want to do? Even most college graduates don't really know. But I've got a lot of time to figure it out. In the meantime, my looks can help. And whatever I choose to do, my looks will give me a big leg up. Everybody wants to help a pretty woman. Think how easily I could be a newscaster, for instance. All I'd need to do is read from a Teleprompter. So I'm not worried, and you shouldn't be worried. Okay? Now, can I finish sucking you off already?"

"No." I stood all the way up and stepped back, carefully extracting my boner from her in the process. "I'm sorry, but I'm all stressed out. I feel like a failed dad. The two of you are living in some kind of submissive harem fantasy world, and think you can completely avoid the real world by coasting on your looks. If that's not a recipe for disaster, then I don't know what is. It's frustrating enough to make my penis go flaccid."

She stood up too and enveloped me with her naked body. "We can't have that happen." With one hand placed around my back and the other pumping on my shaft again, she continued, "Daddy, you worry way too much. You really do. The fact is, a truly beautiful woman is on easy street. It's just a fact. There are a million ways good looks come in handy. Look at all the trophy wives living in this neighborhood that have never worked a day in their lives, for instance. Look at Mindy. She's very smart and talented, I know, but how much you wanna bet that her looks helped with her promotions? I know it's not fair, but that's life. Look what big tits can do."

She started rubbing her tits up and down my shirt-covered chest in a most distracting fashion. "You see? How can you resist that? Whatever Michelle and I end up doing, we're not gonna end up on the street selling pencils."

I hugged her back, squeezing her tight. That more or less stilled her orgasm-inducing tit rubbing. "I know. But I want so much more, for both of you. I don't want you to just coast by with some kind of Internet sex site. Besides, to be brutally honest, I don't want thousands of strange guys wanking over your naked bodies. Or even your semi-naked bodies." Her handjob was making me nearly delirious, and in a fit of passion I exclaimed, "You're MINE!"

She beamed with joy as her fingers slid up and down, up and down, up and down, while also making a corkscrew motion. "NOW, we're talking! I knew it! You're possessive about your women, just like any real man should be. You don't wanna share Mindy with anyone, and you don't wanna share your daughters with anyone either. I love it! You're accepting the fact that we're your exclusive cock slaves!"

"No, I'm not. Boys. You need to be with boys. Your own age. Boyfriends." But while I said these words, my heart wasn't in them. She had a point - I was becoming increasingly possessive of them.

But it was like I hadn't said those words at all. She was still reveling in what I'd said before. "'You're mine.' That makes me so horny that I can't stand it!" She eagerly dropped to her knees and grasped my butt cheeks with both hands. Then she very deliberately leaned forward and resumed licking her way all around and especially just under my cockhead.

"Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!" I complained. It felt so good that I wanted to cry. "Not again! Would you stop doing that?"

"Nope!" She ran a finger along my perineum (the taint). I don't know what she did exactly, but it felt so good that jolts of pleasure shot up and down my spine. "Sorry, Daddy, you've got a couple of blowjob-loving cock slaves to deal with from now on. And that means you're going to get to know the sight of the top of our heads, bobbing up and down. Say what you will, but I think you're starting to accept us for what we are and the constant pleasure we long to give you."

I looked down at her short, spiky red hair. Whoa! What if she's right?! What if I see this view more than her actual face?! Goose bumps! As she resumed licking my sweet spot, I asked, "What's with all this pleasure giving? What about YOUR pleasure? Don't you want me to go down on you?"

She laughed. "Daddy, don't be thick. See my hand on my pussy? For every blowjob orgasm you have, I have two, at least. Actually, forget that idea. Please DO be thick! God, I just LOVE trying to cram your huge shaft into my tiny little mouth. Fat and wide is SO the way to go, believe me. We'd still love you and serve you even if you didn't have the thickest cock in town, but the fact that you do makes this just so... perfect!"

She put her lips at the tip of my cockhead, like she was kissing my piss hole, and then slowly stretched her lips wider and wider. But she soon gave up. "See? I can't do it that way. My only chance is if I crane my mouth wide open as humanly possible before I even start." She went back to happily lapping against my sweet spot.

But then, after another half a minute of pure pleasure, she said, "And let me tell you, there are so many pleasures to GIVING blowjobs. Women who don't like it are nuts! Mmmm!"

She licked her way all around my cockhead a couple of times. She finally resumed, "I could just LIVE with this thing in my mouth if it didn't tire my jaw so much. MMMM!" She started licking up and down on the sensitive underside, from the base to the top, and then back down again. And up and down, again and again and again.

By this point, what remained of my resolve was pretty much destroyed. When she got around to stuffing my erection back in between her lips, all I did was moan and groan and hold her head to steady myself.

I also didn't have much energy left to try to delay climax. When the orgasmic feelings welled up inside me this time, I simply let go, and sent hot jets of my seed to the back of Ruby's throat.

It had been a challenge to remain standing or even just kneeling through all of her talented tongue and lip work. After my climax ended, I made a mental note that next time I should at least be leaning against something. Then it hit me: Next time! Wow! There will be a next time, and a time after that, and a time after that, and so on. This could go on for years! I'm her "master." Let's just accept that already. Please! How can I turn that down?!

My God, that's a dizzying thought, to truly accept that possibility. But how can I balance that temptation with my responsibility to be a good father to both of them? If only I could answer that, then I could truly let go and fully enjoy myself.

I don't know how I managed, but somehow I was eventually able to get Ruby dressed in something presentable in public. She was much more amenable after she'd guzzled down my cum load.

As we stood in her bedroom getting her change of clothes, I asked her, "So, did you cum at least twice that time too?"

"Yep! Way more. You're so out of it during all your blowjob ecstasy that you probably don't notice. And that makes me too happy to even explain, because that's what it's all about. Serving the King to give you pleasure! But Mindy taught us some neat tricks. Like, I diddle my clit now and then to stay close to the edge, and then when I feel your balls tighten and the rumble of cum shooting up through your shaft, I give my clit a good squeeze and... BAM! I cum hard, right as you're cumming! God, the feeling of bliss as your hot seed shoots down my throat or all over my face or tits - if actual fucking is even better than that, then you'll probably kill me."

"You mean it'll probably kill you."

"Nope. YOU'll probably kill me." She winked. "As if my cunt doesn't belong to you, and you alone! Sheesh! You're such a blockhead, but I love you anyway." She gave me a cute and loving smile.

While we walked to the car, she said, "By the way, next time, I want you to cum on my face! Or my tits if you want. But on my skin, not in my mouth. I love that too, but I really want you to cum on me. It's a big part of 'living the dream.' And now, tell me all about Sue Ellen. I want to size up the competition!"

I said, "She's not competition, but you're right, it's high time I fill you in."

"Uh-oh! Be careful when you use a phrase like 'fill me in.' not unless it's cherry poppin' time."

I groaned. "Red, you're a real case."

As I drove the car, I told Ruby all about who Sue Ellen was and what had happened at Mama Mia's the night before. I still didn't know what I was going to do exactly when we got to the restaurant, but I told her to take her cue from me and just wing it.

I thought Ruby might have been at least somewhat jealous of Sue Ellen, seeing this new girl could be competition for my time and my attention. And she'd even joked about "sizing up the competition." But it was just the opposite. My account made Ruby insanely horny! She was treating Sue Ellen like some long lost sister before she even met her. She kept saying things like, "I hope she's really HOT and STACKED!" and, "I can't wait to meet her! I wanna see her try and suck your COCK!"

In fact, Ruby was so aroused that it was kind of an ordeal driving to the restaurant and getting there in one piece. I'd been worried that maybe I shouldn't visit Sue Ellen given that I'd just been blown and I might not be able to get hard again any time soon, but Ruby put her hand on my crotch and solved that problem before I'd even left my home street. She kept a hand on my bulge the whole time, claiming she needed to "keep the King warm for Sue Ellen," and she pretty much attacked me with French kisses at every red light.

Somehow, I managed to keep her from unzipping my fly. She played at trying to unzip it, but perhaps even she realized that would be going too far, as crashing and dying was definitely not a good idea. But the way she "held" my bulge was really more like stroking, and that was damn distracting enough. Luckily though, the restaurant wasn't far.

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