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Chapter 28

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As Ruby and I walked from the car to the restaurant door, she was so full of anticipation that she was bouncing more than walking. She said, "I can't wait! I can't wait! I hope so much that we get along. It's almost like being told I've got a new sister!"

I decide to give her one last-minute reminder. "Remember, keep it cool and detached. Don't rush up to Sue Ellen and throw your arms around her. She still doesn't know you from Adam. Pretend you don't know a thing about her. As far as you're concerned, she's just some waitress. Things'll change quickly, hopefully, but that's how we're gonna play it to start with, okay?"

Ruby nodded excitedly. Then she tried to wipe the excitement off her face, but with only partial success. She obviously had never done anything like this before.

As I opened the front door, I was pleased to see Sue Ellen sitting near the back, just chatting away to a waitress sitting next to her. It was only a few minutes after three, and the place was completely dead. In fact, I didn't see a single other customer.

Ruby and I were wearing dark sunglasses, but as Sue Ellen picked up two menus and walked up to us, I lifted my glasses up to my forehead.

Sue Ellen started to say, "Hi, welcome to Mama..." but the words died on her lips. "Oh my God! DAN!" The menus slipped out of her hands and fell to the floor. After she somewhat recovered, but with the menus forgotten on the floor, she hissed, "Dan! What are you doing here?!"

Playing it aloof and cool, and ignoring her somewhat extreme reaction, I replied, "I thought I'd come here and have a late lunch. And maybe relieve you of your underwear again."

She suddenly turned nearly as red as Ruby's hair. But then her eyes narrowed dangerously as she looked at Ruby. Shooting daggers at her, she spat out, "Who's SHE?"

"Oh, just another one of my... playthings." I put a hand on Ruby's nearest ass cheek and cupped it possessively. "Can we get a table or not? In fact, I want the same table my wife and I had last night."

"Good God! Mindy! Does she know about this... girl?" Her voice dripped with venom as she said the word "girl." She stared more daggers at what she could see of my hand and Ruby's ass.

I had just picked up the menus from the floor, and I handed them back to her. I continued to act casual. "Of course. She knows about all my girls."

Ruby had raised her sunglasses by now. She asked, "Sue Ellen? Sue Ellen! I know you! Don't you remember me? It's Ruby, from high school!"

Sue Ellen looked at her again, trying, at least somewhat, to recognize her this time instead of just mentally murdering her with her eyes. "Ruby, oh yeah. How you doing?"

"Good. I just graduated. You? You going to college around here?"

But then Sue Ellen realized she was making friendly small talk with her competition. "Hey! What are you doing with MY man?"

I scowled at Sue Ellen's presumption. "Sue Ellen," I said, "please take us to our table and we'll talk about this. And in case you've forgotten, I'm married. To Mindy. My WIFE. Remember?"

She huffed, but she took the menus and walked us silently to the same obscure room Mindy and I had been in before. Obviously, this was the room the restaurant used when all the other tables were filled, and they had nowhere else to put people. It had no view, and in fact no windows at all, and was rather dark and musty. But we weren't exactly there for the view.

As we walked, I eyed the other waitress, who was still sitting in her chair but eyeing us with open befuddlement. She'd been a long ways away, but she had to have seen Sue Ellen drop the menus, and I'm sure she was wondering about that.

Then she seemed to recognize me, and blushed. But still, she kept staring at me until I disappeared around a corner.

I thought, If she recognizes me, that can only mean that she was our other ladies' room lookout from last night. What did Sue Ellen say her name was? Laura, I think it was. Hmmm. She's got some fuckability potential. Those are promising lumps under that crappy uniform, but she's a little bit on the chubby side. Still, if she lost a little weight, she could be fuckable too, though in a softer and curvier way.

What the heck am I thinking, though? I've got more pussy than I can handle, right here!

As if to emphasize that point, I grabbed Ruby's ass again. I was free to caress it even more shamelessly, now that we'd entered "our" room in the back of the restaurant. I was tremendously pleased to see it empty too. Now I could have free rein to act almost like I was in my own home, yet the fact that we were, in fact, in a restaurant would double our arousal. True, there was a little danger that some stranger could come in, but that's what made it so arousing!

I said to Sue Ellen, "I noticed Laura. But is there anyone else working now? Any manager?"

"No, sir. Of course there's the chef and the kitchen help, but the manager doesn't come in until later. Even the owner Sonia isn't here now, which is a lucky break. It's just Laura and me."

I thought, So much the better. Now I can really go wild! We can't really get busted by the authorities, because Sue Ellen IS 'the authorities' right now. Well, her and Laura, but I don't expect problems from the other girl. Great!

I'd chosen Ruby's outfit carefully. I had her wear a pull-over top and a wrap to cover her upper legs. She looked stunning, as usual, but well covered. However, that was just until we had some privacy. Now that we'd reached our table, Ruby undid her wrap, revealing a very short and shiny black miniskirt. It only hung an inch or two below her pussy, and that was when she was standing still. Then Ruby took off the pullover top, revealing a skin-tight, bright red silky blouse with a zipper down the front. It was pretty low cut, nearly down to her nipples, and her belly button was exposed as well.

Sue Ellen could only gawk as Ruby revealed most of her body. She burned with awe and jealousy.

But we weren't done. I'd deliberately insisted Ruby wear a strapless bra and panties, precisely so she could do what she did right now. She reached under her miniskirt, and without flashing any pussy, she managed to slip her panties down her legs and then handed them to me. At least, she didn't flash any pussy in my direction, but when Ruby bent over to pull her panties off her feet, I'm sure Sue Ellen saw just about all of Ruby's perfect tanned ass cheeks as the miniskirt rode up.

Sue Ellen's jaw was hanging open nearly down to her feet.

Then, still without a word from anyone, Ruby reached around to her back and unclasped her bra. Then she reached into her blouse and pulled the bra up and out. She handed it to me as if it were the most ordinary thing to do in the world.

I looked at Sue Ellen and saw lust start to show, in addition to complete shock.

But my sexy redheaded daughter still wasn't done. There was a zipper running all the way down the front of her blouse. She was already showing miles of cleavage, but she pulled the zipper down about halfway. That caused the fabric to pull away on either side, very nearly leaving her nipples exposed.

Finally, she sat down in the booth. There was no hiding the supremely smug look on her face, now that she'd "surrendered" her underwear to me. I could see she was bubbling with excitement too.

I sat down too, on the other side, facing the door leading to the main dining room. I was wearing just an ordinary T-shirt and shorts. I was trying to make a point that I wasn't trying to impress any woman with my clothes - it was their job to dress to impress me.

Sue Ellen's jaw started to tremble, as she stared at Ruby and then back at me, and then back to Ruby again. Tears started to flow, as she gawked at Ruby and whispered, "I- I- I can't compete with that!"

I realized I had to take control before she lost all her self-confidence. (Surprisingly, she didn't seem to have much confidence to begin with, despite being quite personable, kind, and attractive.) I said, "Sue Ellen, stop those tears and listen to me. I think you're very beautiful. I take any woman that I like, and I've had many." (That certainly wasn't true, but I was lying for a good purpose.) "Right now, I'm limiting myself to fucking only a very select harem of the sexiest women imaginable ... and I've decided that you're one of the chosen few."

That seemed to mollify her, so I decided to up the ante of outrageousness. I reached across the table and began casually fondling one of Ruby's breasts. That caused her other nipple to pop into view too, and then some. The tiny blouse had been barely hanging on to her nipples before, and my disturbing it caused the whole front to fall below her breasts.

Our cute Southern waitress gawked at my groping hand - and Ruby's magnificent breasts - for some long moments, as I pinched Ruby's nipples, engorging them even more than they already were. Finally, she responded, "Really? But look at me. I'm nobody." She looked down sadly at her drab uniform.

I remembered Mindy's advice to act very domineering with Sue Ellen, and if I humiliated her, she would actually get off on it. So I said, "Sue Ellen, it's the way you present yourself. And especially that god-awful uniform. That's the problem. But naked, you're in Ruby's league. Speaking of which, strip."

"WHAT?!" She held her hands up to her face, aghast. I loved the way she was so modest and innocent acting, even as she was completely submissive.

I worried that I'd gone too far, but some sense told me that a master-type couldn't back down or even show any hesitation. So I spoke in a confident tone, "I said strip. Take off ALL of your clothes right here. Show Ruby what a scorchingly hot and fuckable fox you are underneath that outfit."

She was incredulous, and her face burned red. "But I can't, sir! I'm a waitress! In a restaurant! I'm working as a waitress right now, in the middle of a restaurant! This is where I work!"

That line had worked for Mindy, and I still wasn't happy about that. But Sue Ellen wasn't Mindy. And it sure wasn't going to work twice in one day. I idly thought about dropping by the video store, when I left here, and having Michelle do the same thing. "You can and you will," I said sternly. "This place is so dead that we'll be able to hear the sound of feet if anyone comes near, and if we do, then we'll take measures. You're under my protection. Now, strip."

Sue Ellen covered her chest defensively, and sputtered, "B-b-but, you have other girls!"

"Of course I do. Why should I limit myself to just you and Mindy? You knew that already. I heard you talked to Mindy this morning."

"But... Hearing it is one thing. Seeing it is another!" She stared lasers of hate at Ruby's exposed chest.

I spoke firmly. "Sue Ellen, you have to make a choice. Are you going to serve me and obey me?"

She nodded shyly. Her face was turning redder by the moment.

"Then start by giving me your bra. Just like last time."

Ruby said to her encouragingly, "Do it! You won't regret it. There's no greater joy than serving Dan and his great big cock. I can tell that you know it in your heart already. If he says you have an elite body that's worthy of him, then it must be true. Let's see it!"

Sue Ellen was frightened out of her mind, but she was proud of her body, despite also seeming to lack confidence somehow. I imagine she had to exercise daily to keep the hard and muscular body she had. She seemed determined not to be outdone by Ruby.

So, ever so slowly, she unzipped the zipper down the back of her uniform. Then she unclasped her bra and pulled it out from under her uniform. She held it in her hand, not knowing what to do with it.

Continuing to fondle Ruby's exposed breasts with one hand, I held my other hand out to Sue Ellen and gave her an expectant look.

Her face was cherry red as she dropped her bra into my hand. Her legs were trembling so badly from fear that her knees were actually knocking together.

I wondered what compelled her so strongly to obey me, even as she was suffering so much. I certainly wasn't forcing her, since she could just give me the finger and walk away at any time. But somehow I knew for sure that she would never do that.

I looked at the bra. It was totally different from the bra she'd worn yesterday. That one was white and drab, purely functional. This one, however, was black, frilly, and lacy. It looked very expensive. I said, "Nice bra!" I then held it up to my nose and inhaled, as though I were sniffing a bouquet of flowers. Looking directly at her chest, still concealed by her lousy uniform, I said quietly, "I approve."

She smiled nervously. "You like it? I just bought it this morning. Mindy left me a huge tip last night - a hundred dollars! But she said I was only allowed to buy fancy underwear with it."

"Hmmm. Smart wife. Very sexy. Let's see the matching panties."

"Yes, sir."

Feeling a little more confident as she started to get used to the strange situation, she reached up under her uniform and pulled her panties down. Then she handed them to me. She immediately shyly turned her head, afraid of my response.

To enhance the presentation for her, I rather melodramatically sniffed at the crotch. "Sue Ellen, these are quite wet." I gave her a knowing smile. "As they should be."

She actually smiled at that, even as she continued to tremble and blush. "I've been wet ever since I recognized y'all at the door. I just knew you were going to do all kinds of nasty, perverted things to me!"

I grinned widely. "Believe me I will."

Her shy smile grew and grew until her red face was radiant. "But what about Ruby?"

"Oh, I'll do all kinds of nasty, perverted things to her too." I turned Ruby's way and said to her, "Speaking of which, why don't you play with my cock, while Sue Ellen here continues to undress."

I was wearing shorts, but not the common type that come down near the knees. These were very short shorts. In fact, instead of unzipping them, Ruby simply reached over, pulled my balls and erection out from under the lower hem, and started stroking my shaft.

Sue Ellen definitely saw that, but she didn't react much because she was so flustered as she tried to gain the courage to take her uniform off. She kept looking towards the open doorway that led to the rest of the restaurant, but she was deep enough into the room that she couldn't see out of it, which meant people couldn't see in. Besides, it seemed the only other person in the restaurant, outside of the kitchen, was her friend Laura. She had to know that.

Finally, she pulled her outfit down, until she was exposing a good deal of her cleavage. But she froze there. Her eyes were finally focused on Ruby's handjob, and she seemed to forget anything else.

Ruby could see Sue Ellen was having trouble, so she said, "Don't worry. My master, our master, is a good man. He's not gonna just use you and leave you. If he says he's gonna make you one of his regular cock slaves, then he will. So relax. He's in control. Just leave it to him."

That was a shocking thing to say to anybody, but Sue Ellen just nodded slightly, like she knew all that already and just needed to be told it again for reassurance. It occurred to me with a start that probably Mindy had told all of that to her already!

I thought Sue Ellen was going to pull her dress over her head, but it seemed she could pull it down, if she let the shoulder straps fall and then wiggle out of it. She started to do just that. But right when her nipples were about to come into view, she froze with fear again.

I was going to say something, but Ruby beat me to it. She said impatiently, "Girl, what do you think you're doing? Get on with it, already! You know that Dan's in total charge here, don't you?"

She nodded shyly.

"Well then, what are you waiting for? Are you trying to defy him?"

She shook her head no, vigorously.

"Then get on with it! Sheesh!"

I was kind of shocked at Ruby's words, but they seemed to do the trick. Sue Ellen shimmied and pulled until her dress fell below her breasts, causing her round orbs to spring out and bounce about enticingly. Then, with a shrug, she let her uniform fall to the ground.

Her arms quickly flew to her chest to cover up her breasts. But this left her pussy, with its tuft of dirty blonde hair just above, exposed in the open for anyone to see. It was obvious that she wasn't exaggerating about how wet she was, because her inner thighs were soaked, with rivulets of cum rolling down towards her knees!

Ruby complained, "Show us the goodies already."

I liked how Ruby was acting as my deputy in commanding Sue Ellen, even as she continued to slowly stroke my erection. Talk about quality service!

Our buck naked waitress mumbled, "Mine aren't as nice as hers. You're not gonna like them, sir."

"Nonsense," I said firmly. "I can see already that you have very beautiful breasts. Now, put your hands on the top of your head, so I can see them clearly."

"But sir!" Still, she obeyed.

However, it seemed I'd pushed her too far, since she let out a loud squeal and fell to the floor. She'd been overtaken by a monster orgasm.

I heard Laura yelling from far off, "Sue Ellen? You okay?"

I sprang into action. Stuffing my dick and balls back into my shorts as I stood up, I rushed to the open doorway, hoping to reach it before Laura did.

She was headed that way, but luckily she was still a long ways away.

Trying to casually keep my arm over my crotch so my bulge wasn't so blatantly obvious, I managed to intercept Laura about halfway between where she'd been sitting and where Sue Ellen was now lying naked on the floor. I looked around and saw that, even though I was now in the middle of the open part of the restaurant, nobody else was there. Neither Laura nor anyone else could see through the open doorway to where Sue Ellen was naked on the ground.

I said to Laura, "Sue Ellen is okay. Hold on a minute. Let me explain."

She put her hands on her hips and gave me an evil look. "This had better be good."

I needed something on her to rattle her. "I know what you did last night. I saw you watching while I had sex with my wife."

She blushed and suddenly got very embarrassed. She struck a very defensive posture, curling up some into herself as she stood there, almost like she was expecting me to hit her.

I asked, "How much do you know about my relationship with Sue Ellen?"

"She was explaining that very thing when you walked in," Laura reluctantly admitted. "I covered for some crazy things last night, but I didn't know what was happening. Now she tells me that she's broken up with Mike and she 'belongs to you' and so much more. I don't know just WHAT the hell is going on! What did you do to her?!"

As she talked, she quickly went from defensive to defiant and angry.

I said commandingly, "That's between her and me. Sue Ellen is naturally submissive, and I happen to be dominant. I'm going to help her experience unimaginable pleasures and fulfill her deepest secret desires for the first time in her life. Now, as her friend, you can either help her find happiness, or stand in the way. What's it going to be?"

She tried to look over my shoulder, but she still didn't have the angle to look into the open doorway. "What's going on in there? What are you doing to her? And who's the other girl?!"

"That's our business. Unlike LAST night, I trust you'll respect our privacy and not get your jollies peeking in! As for the other girl, my wife and I have an open relationship. Specifically, I fuck whichever women I feel like fucking. Sue Ellen happened to catch my eye. So did this other girl. They belong to me now. You have a problem with that?"

I was hoping to intimidate her, but she wasn't having it. "As a matter of fact, I do! You look like nothing but trouble to me!" She glowered at me.

That was a disappointment. I didn't really have a plan B if she didn't give in. I wasn't experienced at this domination stuff and just kind of hoped that blustering and acting commanding would get me through any fix. But I said, "Okay, look, I'll tell you what's going to happen next. Sue Ellen will come out in a couple of minutes. Talk to her, and see what SHE wants to do. Obviously, customers are not a problem at this hour."

She pointed a finger at me accusingly, practically poking my chest. "You're a problem!"

Trying again to simply overcome her with my willpower, I stood my ground and stared her down.

We had a brief staring contest, but she was the first to look away. "Okay, I'll talk to her," she conceded. "But watch it! I'm watching you!"

I waited until Laura walked away. Then I walked back to our secluded room. By this time, my erection had wilted. But as soon as I looked inside, it sprang back to life, as I could see I was in for a nice surprise.

Sue Ellen was no longer twitching on the floor. Instead, she was standing in the last position I'd asked her to be in, with her fingers interlaced on the top of her head. Her legs were perfectly straight and spread out at a wide angle.

That was surprising enough, but what was even more surprising was that she seemed completely at ease, despite her still very red face. She was smiling and giggling gaily, as she and Ruby chatted away amicably. Perhaps the fact that Ruby had let her own top fall, leaving her completely topless, had put Sue Ellen more at ease over her own nudity.

But as soon as Sue Ellen saw me walk in, the talk immediately halted and the smile fell from her face. She stared straight ahead into the wall. She stiffened up, and then she tried to strike the perfect pose, like a soldier on parade.

I realized then that she was at least partly afraid of me, so she relaxed when I wasn't nearby. But then I decided that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. If nothing else, it would help solidify her obedience to me.

She muttered, "I can't believe I'm standing like this! I feel like I'm fixin' to die of total embarrassment!"

I thought, Mindy's right: Sue Ellen does get off on domination and even humiliation. And in a very big way! And good God, she's got a hard body to die for!

As I returned to my seat, my voice was filled with admiration as I said, "Very nice, Sue Ellen, very nice. You see what I mean, Ruby? Take off that uniform, and she has the body of a porn star."

No sooner was my ass flat on the seat than Ruby was unzipping my shorts. Then she tugged my short down a few inches to get full access to all of my privates. As she resumed stroking my engorging shaft with one hand and cupping my balls with the other, she said, "I see what you mean, Daddy. She's something else!"

Sue Ellen couldn't help but raise an eyebrow and look my way. She asked, incredulously, "Daddy?"

"Is there a problem?" I asked, with just a hint of menace in my voice.

"Nuh, n-no. Sir," she stammered.

"Good," I said. "Very good." If she'd had a problem with it, then I couldn't keep her around and risk her finding out about Michelle. But, for now, I decided to keep things simple.

I explained, "Ruby likes to call me that, but look at us. Look at my darker skin tone compared to Ruby's lighter one, not to mention her flaming red hair and green eyes. She's obviously not my natural offspring. But you must know that already since you two seem to be friends. How do you know each other?"

Ruby explained to me while rubbing intently on my frenulum with her thumb, "She went to our high school. Isn't that cool? She's actually a distant friend of Nicky's, 'cos they were in the same grade, one grade ahead of me."

"Ah." I thought, That makes sense. Nicky is just finishing her first year of college, today, as a matter of fact, and Sue Ellen apparently just finished her first year of college this week too. And since Sue Ellen works here, she probably lives nearby, which puts her in the same school district. But still, it's disturbing. If she knows Nicky...

"Oh my God!" Sue Ellen gasped, as she stood there with her hands on her head. "You're Nicky's dad! And Michelle's dad! And Ruby, you're Michelle's best friend, aren't you? Oh my gosh! I just realized! MY Dan is the legendary Dan Cooper?!"

Now it was my turn to be shocked. "'The legendary?!'"

Sue Ellen smiled and looked at me like an old friend. "Oh God, this is even MORE exciting! Oh no, I'm gonna cream all over again! Permission to lower my hands, sir?"

"Permission granted."

Her hands immediately flew to her pussy and she started frigging herself.

I was shocked at her boldness. I told her, "A few minutes ago, you were having a hard time taking off your bra. Now look at yourself."

She looked down onto her naked body, and then all around the room. "Don't remind me! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! This is crazy! AAAII-"

"Ssssh! Quiet!" Ruby hissed, just in time, as Sue Ellen was starting to scream out her climax.

Sue Ellen dropped to her knees and opened her mouth wide, but luckily it was a silent scream as an orgasm ripped through her.

Her vocal restraint was a good thing, because I could easily picture Laura rushing in here with a fire extinguisher, to smash it on my head. Something had to be done about the other waitress.

After Sue Ellen's great climax passed, happily in near total silence, she sat back on her heels. "I can't believe I just did that!" she whispered to no one in particular, as she looked around the room.

Now that she was just sitting on her knees, I had time to give her body a closer look. I said, "Sue Ellen, I don't know why you were hiding your tits. They look fantastic! In fact, they're bigger than I expected. Are you sure you're a C-cup?"

She smiled bashfully. "Actually, I'm a D-cup. I was being modest. I didn't know what to say, since people don't just up and ask me that. But Mike, he doesn't seem to like my body. He puts me down."

"Mike? That's your boyfriend, right? Didn't you say you were going to break up with him today?"

She realized with a start, "That's right! I did! Good riddance too." Now that she had her bearings back, she was staring at Ruby's hand sliding up and down my erection again, with a lot more lust and a lot less anger. "Mike is nothing. WAS nothing. He's not a REAL man, not like you."

The three of us quietly remained like that for a minute or so. The only sound was the wet and sloshy noises of Ruby's hands, sliding in my lap.

Sue Ellen watched those hands with undisguised lust and longing.

Then Ruby asked Sue Ellen, "Feels good to be naked, doesn't it? Naked in a public place, in front of your master."

Our dirty blonde waitress just nodded shyly, almost imperceptibly. She looked from Ruby's sliding fingers up to my face to see if I approved of Ruby using the word "master," but I didn't say anything about it.

Ruby prodded, "It feels good to obey your master's commands, doesn't it?"

Sue Ellen nodded shyly. But at the same time, her confidence seemed to be surging somehow. She suddenly stood up. There was a new excitement in her eyes, as she boldly looked me in my eyes. "Sir? Can I ask you a favor?"


"Could you order me to walk around again? I've been practicing."

It seemed to me that she liked the idea of obeying commends so much that she wanted more commands to follow. "Hmmm," I mused. "You shouldn't have stood up to ask me that, Sue Ellen. It's better to make that kind of request from a kneeling position."

Quickly, Sue Ellen got back on her knees and assumed a slave-girl pose. She didn't say anything, but just bowed her head submissively.

It was remarkable how much she'd changed since she'd been shaking like a leaf at the thought of taking her clothes off. Now she seemed almost calm about being buck naked and in such a sexual pose. It was hard to believe this was happening in the middle of a restaurant that was open for business! I still needed to do something about Laura, and soon.

I could see Sue Ellen's body shivering with arousal. I asked her, "Practicing walking? What do you mean?"

She explained with her head still bowed down, "Like the way Mindy taught me last night! I was trying it out this morning and getting pretty good at it. You know, walking like a model on a catwalk, one foot in front of the other in a straight line, so the hips sway and the breasts jiggle."

"Oh. Well, sure. Knock yourself out. Walk straight to the end of the room and back, right here in front of me, so I can see you come and go."

"Yes, sir!" she said excitedly.

Since she was kneeling naked, right in front of me, she started by standing up and walking away.

That gave me a good look at her backside. I thought, Man, what an ass! Such strong ass and thigh muscles. She must be a serious athlete, yet that ass doesn't look masculine in any way. Just firm and bountiful. It's definitely the sort of butt that would welcome the interest of any man. Including me! Especially when I'm enjoying a great handjob. Even her back looks divine. She's so fit and toned that just the bare skin of her shoulders and spine look erotic! Fuck, this is all too great!

She stopped on the other side of the room as she ran out of room to walk. From that spot, she could be seen if someone was looking through the open doorway, and she glanced towards the doorway for some long moments. But I assumed she didn't see anybody because then she pirouetted on her heel and started walking back to me.

The walking away was great, but walking towards me, she was like an orgasm in motion. Not only were her hips sashaying back and forth dramatically, but her big tits were doing wondrous things. She remembered the advice Mindy had given her to move her shoulders as well. Last time Sue Ellen had tried that, it had looked a bit funny, as if she was sort of experimenting with what to do and how to do it. But now she had it down. I could hardly see the movement in her shoulders, but it resulted in tremendous movement for her tits. By the time she got to me, the damn things were practically going around in circles as if they had flying tassels on them.

And Ruby relentlessly sucked and sucked on me all the while, doubling my enjoyment of the walk. Yes, I said "sucked." I was so transfixed by watching Sue Ellen's brave and sexy strutting that hadn't consciously realized when Ruby had traded her hands for her mouth, since she just licked my cockhead at first. But I definitely noticed when she engulfed my shaft and started bobbing, and I loved it.

Sue Ellen stopped in front of me. She was panting hard. "Sir! That feels so good!" Her eyes went wide as saucers as she saw Ruby applying her oral talents to my erection. But she recovered quickly, and didn't say a word about it.

I love how she accepted the bizarre as natural so quickly. I said to her, "I commend you on your bravery."

Her eyes bugged out again. "I know! I can't believe it myself! When I was practicing it this morning, I was doing it bra-less, knowing that you would take all my undies the next time you saw me. But doing it without ANY clothes... Ohmigod! I feel so free, so liberated! Can I do it again?"

Trying to act bored, as if this were an ordinary everyday occurrence, I simply said, "If you please."

She walked away and then back to me again. If anything, she was even sexier about it the second time, because her confidence was constantly growing.

Then she had to stop and catch her breath. She certainly wasn't winded from the walking - I could picture this woman running an entire marathon. No, she was winded from the sexual excitement. It appeared she was on the verge of yet another climax from simply walking back and forth in front of me a couple of times.

I said, "Sue Ellen, you look great! Delicious. I love your big tits."

That brought about a growl from Ruby, even though her mouth was too stuffed with cock for her to say any words coherently. She grabbed my left hand and brought it to her chest, without missing a stroke, as her head bobbed up and down. It was like she was saying to me, "What about these? My tits are even bigger and nicer!"

So I diplomatically told Sue Ellen, "I drool just watching you walk, just like I drool anytime I see Ruby walking around topless with her even bigger tits." Meanwhile, I lazily fondled one of Ruby's round melons, which was within easy reach.

I noticed that brought a happy purr from my lap. Ruby also rewarded me by starting up a special corkscrew, candy stripe motion that was one of my wife's most devastating moves. That meant her head was twisting and turning around a fair deal instead of simply pogo-ing up and down.

Sue Ellen had already been staring at the cocksucking going on in my lap, but that motion made her even more curious as to what Ruby was doing exactly. She dropped to her knees and started crawling towards me to get a closer look.

She crawled so close that her knees bumped up against the wood underneath the seat I was sitting on. She couldn't get any closer without changing positions. She stared at the sliding junction of my erection and Ruby's lips with rapture. "What's she doing?"

I grunted out, "It's a special move that Mindy taught her."

She nodded and continued gawking.

I said, "Ruby, thanks. You do that so well, but please stop or I'm not going to last long."

As Ruby slowed down, I figured this was a good point to bring up Ruby's presence to Sue Ellen again. "So, what do you think of me being here with Ruby now? Do you think it's wrong that she's here, instead of my wife, and taking good care of my cock?"

Sue Ellen leaned in even closer. Her breasts and face were only about a foot from my nearest thigh. I noticed her nostrils flare as she took in the smell of sex and savored it. "Wrong? No. Obviously a man like you, a real man, has powerful needs and urges. Mindy seems nice. Really nice. And sexy! I like her a lot. But she has to work nine to five, right?"

"Right. More or less. She's at her office now."

"So who's going to tend to your cock while she's gone? Who's going to touch... touch your... your... big..." Her breathing was growing increasingly ragged. She was frantically licking her lips and swallowing too.

Ruby apparently felt passionate enough about making a point to withdraw her mouth from my shaft temporarily. "EXACTLY!" she said, as she looked up at Sue Ellen with cum and saliva drooling down her chin. "There are so many hours Mindy's not around, and Dan gets erect only like AAAAALLL the time! So who's gonna swallow all those extra loads? That's where you and I come in, girl."

I was strongly tempted to let Sue Ellen help Ruby with the stroking and sucking, and she looked like she was dying to help. But I knew that if I did that, I'd be cumming within a minute. Then I remembered Laura. So I held Ruby's head back gently and said, "Sue Ellen, you want some of this?"

She nodded her head wildly up and down and looked at Ruby's still-stroking hands with intense longing. I felt goose bumps all over and I was hit with a fresh realization that my waitress was totally nude and kneeling, and staring with hunger at my exposed boner! Wow! What a rush! What a great moment! If only Mindy could see this, she'd go wild!

I still had my hand on Ruby's nearest breast. As I pulled on her nipple, I said, "First, before you can touch it, you need to deal with Laura. I want you to make yourself presentable and go out there and ease her concerns. She's your friend, and she worries about you. That's what good friends do, but her fear is misplaced. Have her call my wife if necessary. You have her number saved somewhere?"

Sue Ellen nodded. "Sure. Remember, she called me this morning! Oh! ... It was great!" She seemed to practically swoon as she recalled, almost like she was remembering a fantastic night of sex instead of a mere phone call. That made me really wonder just what Mindy was telling her exactly.

"Okay, get Laura straightened out, and then put her to work as our lookout. Then come back here. Okay?"

She bit her lip and nodded.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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