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Chapter 29

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Ruby growled almost angrily, upset that my hands were still holding her head back.

I explained, "Guys need to take breaks. Please."

That caused her to ease up on trying to bring her tongue back to work on my boner. She even cut her stroking down to a very slow and gentle rhythm.

It was impressive seeing how fast Sue Ellen got her uniform back on. Actually, I liked how easily it could come off and on. Pretty much all she had to do was unzip the long zipper in the back and slip the fabric off her shoulders and she could shimmy right out of it as it fell to the ground.

But I was more impressed that she didn't even ask me if she could put her panties and bra back on. (No, she couldn't!) She picked up a napkin from an extra table setting on our table and used it to more or less wipe her inner thighs clean. She stuffed it in her pocket and walked off.

"Knock her dead!" Ruby said encouragingly, as Sue Ellen reached the open door.

I was surprised at the change in demeanor that had come over our busty Southern belle. She was blushing and shaking something fierce a short while ago, and her face was still red, but a happy calm had descended upon her. Had Laura interfered earlier, I think she would have folded. But now she looked like she was ready to tell Laura to go take a hike, if need be.

How did my ordering her around make her MORE confident? I didn't get it. I was trying my best to be dominant, but I was winging it all the way.

Ruby looked up into my eyes. "Good God! Daddy! Oh, that was... beyond words! I LIKE her!" She dropped her head down into my lap, and before I knew what was happening, she'd swallowed my cockhead all over again. She was busy compressing her lips with tight suction, as she went back and forth over the inch just below the head in fast, short strokes.

The only reason I hadn't climaxed already was because Ruby had been too distracted by the many things happening to Sue Ellen. She'd been jacking or sucking me off in stops and starts, instead of working steadily to reach a crescendo. But now she homed in on my super-sensitive frenulum, and was working that sweet spot with her lips AND tongue.

It was an incredibly difficult test of willpower, but I had to push her head out of my lap again. As much as I longed to cum, I had an image to maintain, and I couldn't afford to remain flaccid for the rest of this visit. I might get erect again, but what if I didn't? So I said, "Not now. I don't want to blow just yet."

She pulled off and said, "Awww! I promise I'll go slower! Just a little bit of tongue action, please?" She brought one hand to my balls and the other back to the head of my shaft.

Man! How could I turn down such a heartfelt plea from such a sexy and busty teen? But the worry of my limited recuperative powers drove me to say, "No. We need to get at least reasonably presentable, fast, in case Laura comes in here."

"Awww..." She acted all disappointed, but in fact she was smirking and smiling, happy that she'd managed to trick me, since she was stroking my dick almost as intensely as she'd just been sucking it. For better or worse, my resolve was limited and I couldn't force myself to tell her to stop that too. But at least I figured she could do that for a while before I lost my load, whereas I wouldn't have much chance to hang on for more than a minute or two with her talented tongue in the picture too.

Having reminded myself of Laura and Sue Ellen, I pricked up my ears. I immediately noticed some loud voices, and since the restaurant was so dead I could make out much of what was being said, even though I thought the voices were coming from quite a ways away.

I recognized Sue Ellen's voice yelling, "I'll do what I want! You don't control me!" Then, after a pause, I heard her yell, "So what if he doesn't love me?"

I felt kind of bad eavesdropping in on a private conversation, so I turned to Ruby to talk to her.

But I discovered she'd taken her hand off my balls and was using it to hold her cell phone up to her ear. "Hey! Michelle! Guess where I am! I'm sitting in a booth at Mama Mia's, you know, the Italian restaurant? And I'm with the KING!" She burst into giggles. "'How's it hanging?' Well, that's easy to answer, seeing how my other hand is stroking it! ... Yes way! I've got his frenulum in a death grip, you know, doing the special thumb thing? And he's totally gonna blow at any minute if I keep it up! ... Yes way, right here, right in the middle of the restaurant! I'm sitting on my bare ass, with my pussy leaking all over the plastic! He's like, TOTALLY dominating me!"

She soon switched to talking about Sue Ellen. "Michelle, Sue Ellen is everything we hoped for, and then some! She's totally hot and sexy! She'd fit into our group of friends perfectly. But even better is her attitude. She hasn't so much as touched the King yet, and she's already totally mentally enslaved to it! Plus, she's really nice. You know how you can just tell right away that someone is kind-hearted and loving, without a mean bone in their body? She's exactly like that. I TOTALLY think she should join us! We need to add her into the Plan!"

After Michelle said something, Ruby replied, "Yes, I'm serious! I'm totally serious! You need to be here to see what's happening, to feel it. It's magical! I mean, she took off all her clothes and started strutting around just because he said so! In the middle of a God-damned restaurant! Even I would be afraid to do that!"

I had to admit that I agreed with everything Ruby said about Sue Ellen. There was something special about Sue Ellen that attracted me to her besides her obvious physical and sexual attributes. And Ruby was right that there was something magical in the air. I felt unusually bold and daring because I had a gut feeling that things couldn't go wrong for us when everything seemed so right somehow.

Ruby continued talking to Michelle in this vein for some time. She spent most of the time giving a detailed recap of everything that had happened since we'd arrived, making me feel like I was going through it all again. I was glad to notice that she wasn't directly using my name or the word Daddy, or saying anything else that might sound incestuous. When she needed to refer to me by something, she just used "D" or the "King."

I just closed my eyes and listened to her talking, as I concentrated on what her fingers were doing so I could enjoy it all the better.

I wasn't listening closely enough to hear what Michelle was saying, but I heard Ruby reply, "No, not really. I mean, it's true we're in a restaurant, but we're in this private little back room annex or something. If there are any other customers, they have no clue. But still, it's so exciting!"

After Michelle said something, Ruby went on, "Oh, and I wish you could see what D is doing to Sue Ellen. Oh my GOD! He's so in charge and masterly! It's totally like our... Oh! Wait! I gotta go!" She suddenly hung up the phone.

I'd practically slipped into a trance out of pure pleasure, but I snapped out of it with that and looked around. I didn't see or hear anything at first, but then I heard the clicking of high heels getting nearer.

Ruby was already frantically stuffing my cock and balls back into my shorts, and just managed to accomplish that when Sue Ellen and Laura came walking in through the open doorway.

Laura was looking contrite, but then she saw Ruby and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head.

Ruby looked down, obviously wondering what was wrong, and then saw her chest. The zipper in the front of her fire red blouse was very nearly all the way open. The zipper head was caught at the very bottom of the zipper. One minor adjustment and the whole thing would spring free, although it was almost a moot point, since her nipples and nearly all of her big and perfectly round orbs were completely exposed.

She quickly tried to pull her zipper back up, but it was a difficult struggle, since her ample tits were bursting out all over.

Sue Ellen though, merely coughed, and said, "Laura has something to tell you, sir."

Tearing her eyes from Ruby's chest, Laura bowed her head and said with shame, "I'm sorry. Sorry for peeking."

"Peeking?" I asked. "What's this about?"

Sue Ellen explained, "Earlier, after you SPECIFICALLY told her not to peek, from what I understand, I caught Laura peeking in, as I was walking out. AND I think she was playing with herself, because she was all fidgety and trying to hide her hands."

"I was not!" Laura said hotly, blushing.

"Then why were you hiding your hands? Hmmm?"

"I was... It just..." She stammered, unable to come up with a convincing lie while all three of us were staring at her.

Sue Ellen continued triumphantly, "And then, she has the gall to tell me you're not good enough for me. She even questioned that I broke up with Mike! But I finally talked some sense into her. What else are you supposed to tell him, Laura?"

Staring urgently at the ceiling, Laura continued, "Um, like I said, I'm sorry, and... um... Oh yeah. I promise to keep a good look out."

"And?" Sue Ellen prodded.

"And not peek in again." Laura looked up at me, finally. "Can I go, sir?"

I was flabbergasted at her contrite attitude, especially when she'd been aggressive with me earlier. But I tried to roll with the punches. I casually waved my hand, trying to act bored instead of dumbfounded. "Yes. You're dismissed."

As Laura rushed out of the room, I thought, Man, this is COOL! I'm like the king here! Holding court in the back corner of the restaurant. This is like my private turf now. Thank God for that open doorway. That reminded me to ask, "How was she peeking?"

"She was standing over yonder. Just outside the doorway, looking in at an angle so she could see what I was doing out in the middle of the room, but she couldn't see you and Ruby. So you couldn't see her either."

Hmmm. That's kind of a problem, I noted to myself. It's kind of a flaw in the security of this spot. We'll have to watch for that, somehow. But then again, we're doing pretty damn good, considering we're sitting here in an open restaurant in the middle of the day! Especially now that we've got a secure lookout, we can really go to town!

True, Laura isn't entirely trustworthy, but if she peeks in on us some more, would that be so bad? Let her have some fun. The main thing is that nobody busts us, and we don't shock any innocent customers.

I looked at Sue Ellen. She was bursting with confidence, reveling in the success of her confrontation with her friend. She also was bursting with anticipation. She was literally bouncing up and down on her toes. That was doing wonders to her rack, as it bounced around underneath her drab and awful uniform.

I said, "Okay, now that Laura's got our back, we can get comfy. Ruby, you can unzip that front zipper all the way. And Sue Ellen, lose the uniform again already. I like you naked."

"Yes, sir!" Her earlier reluctance was completely gone, and her jealousy seemed to have disappeared too. Zip went the zipper down her back, and she yanked it down hard. Wham! Suddenly, the uniform was bunched up on the floor around her heels. She stepped out of it and handed it to me with a smile.

I looked over at Ruby, who had her blouse wide open once more and was effectively topless. Then I looked back at Sue Ellen, standing there wearing nothing but her high heels and an eager smile. "All right, now that we're all settled, I'm ready to order my food."

"Order?" Sue Ellen was confused. She'd drifted so far from actually doing any waitressing that it was comical. But she tried to recover, and asked, "What would y'all like then, sir?"

"I'll take a piece of cheesecake."

She smiled at that. "Yes, sir! I see that you already have my bra, and the rest of my clothes!" She let out a little squeal of delight as she pondered that.

But I explained, "No, I don't mean that kind of cheesecake, I'm talking about you. Come here and assume the position."

"Yes, sir!" She walked up as close to my seat as she could possibly get and then put her hands on her head and spread her legs wide.

I loved that I hadn't even told her what "assume the position" meant, and she went and did that without asking!

Without comment or question, Ruby reached down to my crotch, unzipped my fly, and pulled out my erection. Like last time, she tugged my shorts down enough to fully expose my balls as well. I loved how she was taking it for granted that I wanted to be stroked while I visually appreciated Sue Ellen's body.

I made no visible reaction to that, nor did I react when Ruby resumed jacking me off. Instead, I reached out and grasped Sue Ellen's right breast with one hand. "Yep. Prime cheesecake. Like I said, you have very, very beautiful breasts. Firm and high, and perfectly round. Cute little pink nipples too. And I love your all-over tan."

She was beaming. "Thank you, sir! I worked hard on that, hard to keep myself fit, but it was never enough. He'd always put me down."

"Who? Mike? What an idiot. He never realized what a treasure you are, did he? I'm definitely going to keep you as one of my sex toys."

I said that last phrase to shock her and see her reaction.

She obviously loved it, because she trembled and moaned. "UUUNNRRGH!" It might have even pushed her into another orgasm. Well, that and my squeezing of her nipple.

"What do you think of that? Are you ready to serve me?"

She stared at Ruby's fingers sliding up and down my shaft and then looked up into my eyes with an almost dreamy and loving gaze. "Yes, sir! So ready! I'm so ready that I almost can't handle it! This is like a dream come true! A dream I didn't even know I had until last night!"

I was reminded of how Michelle and Ruby kept talking about their dreams coming true. That was heady stuff for me. It made me feel really good with the way things were going.

I only had one hand on Sue Ellen's breast, because I was saving the other one to explore elsewhere. I let it slowly slither down her fit stomach. I was impressed to see that she had just the slightest traces of a six pack, which was something neither Michelle nor Ruby had. Any more, and it would have been too muscular, but she had just the right tease of muscularity that showed hers was the kind of stomach you could bounce a coin off of.

As my hand slid down towards her bush, I felt Ruby tap me on my shoulder. "Daddy? Can I suck you some more?" Even though she was jacking me off, apparently that wasn't enough for her.

"Sure," I replied, but I was more focused on Sue Ellen. My fingers kept tracing their way down her taut body, sliding through her dirty-blonde patch.

As I felt a pair of hot lips closing around my dick head, I asked Sue Ellen, "You like that, don't you? You like it when I call you my 'sex toy.'"

"Yes!" she purred. "I love it!"

My index finger reached her unhooded clit, and I pressed down on it.

Her reaction was immediate and most gratifying to me. She shut her eyes and grimaced. "DAN! SIR! DON'T!"

"You don't want me to do that?"

"No! Please do! I just meant - I can't take it! I'm gonna cum again!"

"Then cum. Just don't scream, okay? Especially not that!"

She nodded and clenched her teeth.

My fingers started to trace their way up and down her pussy lips, while my other hand was up on her breasts, working on her nipples. "So, what does that mean to you, to be my sex toy? Define that for me, in your own words."

"Sir, please don't! Don't make me... think about it! Too... hot!"

"I'm asking you a question," I said, as I slipped a finger into her slit. "I expect an answer." I slipped a second finger in, while keeping my thumb on her clit. I quickly confirmed that, unlike Michelle and Ruby, her hymen was long gone.

"That's what it means!" she gasped. "Total obedience, Sir! I'll be your ... your slave!" She growled lustily upon saying that. "URNGH! HNNNG!"

I suspected she'd probably had another orgasm. My two fingers were pumping in and out of her rhythmically now. It looked like she was struggling mightily to keep standing and keep her hands on her head.

Suddenly, I remembered all over again where we were, and I looked around the room. Holy fuck! We're in a restaurant! I wanted to laugh out loud at the absurdity of it all. But I decided that we had things more or less covered. After all, we basically had our own private room, and Laura was supposed to be on the lookout for us. If only there was a door we could close, instead of that open doorway. I hadn't planned on things going this far in a semi-public space, but my libido was driving me on.

Ruby pulled her mouth away from my crotch just long enough to helpfully explain, "We call ourselves his cock slaves." Then she dove back down on my cockhead. However, she was also being very helpful to me. It looked like she was going wild on my cock. But, knowing that I didn't want to cum just yet, and knowing how arousing Sue Ellen had to be for me, she was just gently nursing on it, for now. She seemed to instinctively know how close I was to cumming and managed to keep me right on the edge.

Sue Ellen gasped, "That's what I want to be! Your cock slave! Permission to take my hands off my head, Sir?"

"You may." It was strange, but I somehow sensed she'd started calling me "Sir" with a capital 'S', like it was a formal title instead of the word she called all her male customers.

Her hands flew down to my head, practically clubbing me. But she wasn't trying to hurt me, she just needed something to hold onto in order to help remain standing, and my head was the obvious candidate. Clutching at my short hair, she just managed to steady herself. It was hard for her to keep standing, with her in such a trembling state of excitement, and with her legs spread as widely as hers were.

I asked her, "What about boyfriends? You gonna have any of those?"

"No, Sir! You! Only you!"

"What about me having other lovers? Other cock slaves, even?"

"That's your right! I expect nothing less!"

Wow! This was really heady stuff. I was on a power trip, I must admit. I asked her, "What if I don't touch you for weeks?"

"Then I'll have to suffer! And beg you to let me have a taste! Please. Please! PLEASE!" She stared at my cock with a desperate hunger. Or at least she stared at part of it, since the cockhead and then some was in Ruby's mouth.

My two fingers were really going to town, sliding in and out of her pussy lips, and I assumed her cries of "please" had something to do with that.

"Please, Sir!" she cried out with intense desperation.

"Sssh. Remember, we're in a restaurant. Please, what?"

"Please, you haven't let me touch it yet! I can barely see it!"

That was true. Our eyes went to Ruby. She had just less than half of my erection in her mouth, which was especially impressive since she was coming at it from a non-ideal angle. It was actually better for me that she was down that deep, since there weren't so many nerve endings in that part of my shaft for her lips to stimulate.

She really had me riding on the edge though, what with the sensations arising from the tip of my cock stroking the soft entrance at the back of her mouth that led into her throat. I was feeling such intense pleasure that it was a miracle I could still talk. Luckily, she was taking things slowly and doing all the work, so at least I wasn't short of breath.

I said, "Ruby, please, take my cock out of your mouth, but do it slowly. Carefully. No touching the frenulum, okay?"

As she gingerly raised her head up, trying not to apply too much suction. As she pulled her lips away, Sue Ellen asked, "What's a... what's a..." She was panting so heavily she couldn't finish her question.

But Ruby, once her mouth was clear, said helpfully, "What's a frenulum? That's the 'sweet spot' bundle of nerves just under his cockhead. You know, on the underside. That's what we like to call it, the 'sweet spot.' It's my favorite! Because whenever I rub it like this..." - she already was rubbing it, but she made her motions more obvious - "...it makes him feel really good! You know your way around a cock, right?"

Sue Ellen nodded, and then unexpectedly fell to her knees.

I had to pull my fingers out of her pussy so I wouldn't hurt her as she fell. It was probably just as well, because she looked like she was on the verge of hyperventilating or fainting.

We sat there for a minute, while the three of us slowly came down a bit from our erotic highs.

As my breath came back under control, I remembered all over again that I was really sitting in a functioning restaurant. I commented, "I can't believe there's no customers!"

"Actually, there's two."

That voice really surprised me, because it seemed to be coming from somewhere near and was spoken in a normal conversational manner, and yet it wasn't my voice, or Ruby's voice, or Sue Ellen's voice.

My brain slowly caught up and I realized it was Laura's voice.

"Laura? Is that you?"

"Yes, uh, sir. Sorry for overhearing you, but I'm standing right here and I can't help it."

I looked around but I didn't see her anywhere. Yet her voice sounded so near.

I asked, "Are you peeking again?"

"Um, no! Really!" Her voice was reeking of guilt.

"Laura, nobody's buying that."

"I'm sorry, but what am I supposed to do?! It's so sexual! I've never seen... You've just made her your god damn fucking slave, and she hasn't even touched you yet! How is that possible?!"

Still speaking into the air, since I couldn't see her, I asked, "Laura, are you touching yourself?"

"No! Really, I'm not!"

Her voice sounded more believable this time, and I believed her when she added with a curse, "I can't! The stupid customers! They're up front. I put them as far away as possible. They're just here for a piece of pie. People like our pies."

Sue Ellen was sitting with her ass on her heels, her large breasts swaying back and forth as she gasped for air. Sweat was pouring down her face, and her bangs were even matted down from the moisture.

I motioned at her to raise herself up. It was a struggle, but she sat up on her knees and grasped the table edge with both hands for support.

I said, loud enough for Laura to hear, "I like pie. I like Sue Ellen pie." I ran my fingers through her bush again and back into her slit.

Sue Ellen complained, "Laura, make him stop! He's gonna kill me! Kill me with pleasure!"

"What's he doing?" Laura asked.

"Don't play dumb! I can see you!"

Obviously, Laura had gone back to that spot where she could see Sue Ellen without me being able to see her.

I said, "Laura, check on the customers. What if they have to go to the bathroom?"

"Bathrooms are towards the front, remember?"

Oh yeah. How could I forget? I certainly had a lot of fun in the ladies' room last night. I love this restaurant! The food's average, but damn! The service! First class! And an ideal layout, too! If only they could do something about that doorway.

I looked at Sue Ellen, struggling to keep herself together as my fingers played hide and seek in her pussy. I had to laugh at the absurdity of it all. I'd never imagined that such wild public sexual activity was even possible in real life. I pulled my fingers back out of her. It was almost an act of mercy, since she was so delirious with lust.

But getting my own shit back together, I said to the disembodied Laura, wherever she was, "Maybe you can get them to leave, if you give them everything they want, fast. And the check."

"Yes, sir. I'm on it."

And I believed it. What's up with her attitude? Suddenly, she's calling me "sir." I hope she's not getting sucked into this whole thing too. I couldn't handle any more "slaves."

I was forced to gasp out loud as an unexpected wave of pleasure washed over me. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Ruby is a sucking and stroking MACHINE!

Sue Ellen sighed heavily. She let out a great breath. Slowly, she was recovering.

I was calming down quite a lot too, since Ruby wasn't even stroking me now. I looked at Sue Ellen, slumped on the floor there buck naked right in front of me, her pussy absolutely flooded with her own cum and the smell of sex heavy in the air. "So what would you think if I took you as one of my cock slaves?"

"I would be honored, Sir. So, so... so good!" She closed her eyes, and it looked like an orgasm was going to overtake her, just from thinking about that.

I asked, "Do you even know what that would entail?"

"No, and I don't care. I'm sure I'll love it. Ruby, is it as good as I think it is?"

"Better!" Ruby giggled. Nobody seemed to wonder how Ruby could know how good Sue Ellen thought it was. She added, "By the way, I really like you. I mean, I really, really like you. I think we're going to be great friends!"

"Me too!" Sue Ellen said happily enough.

I was astounded at how quickly things had changed, considering that Sue Ellen looked like she'd been ready to murder Ruby when they first met only a short while ago.

I wanted to see how far I could push this incredibly submissive girl kneeling before me. "That's not just a name, you know. 'Cock slave' means you will be a totally devoted sex slave, fully dedicated to pleasing me and my cock."

She bit her lip hard and grasped the edge of the table. More or less under control now, she nodded slightly in understanding.

Wow! She agrees so easily! How can she have any idea what that means? Hell, I'm winging this and even I don't know what that really means yet. I'm floored at what incredible luck has brought this totally pliable hot babe into my life. Or is it just luck, or is it that I had dared? Fortune favors the brave, or so they say. How much have I been missing out on because I haven't been taking bold risks? This confirms that I'm on the right path, riding this wild tiger of lust, and taking other lovers! As long as Mindy doesn't mind, it's all golden!

I asked her, "So tell me. Do you consider yourself a liberated woman? A feminist?"

"Yes, Sir."

"How do you square that with being one of my cock slaves?"

"I dunno. That's different. Totally different thing. No relation."

I decided to let that slide, for now. Apparently, she didn't see any contradiction. Frankly, I didn't really know where I was going with that, either. I believed in gender rights and all that, so this domination stuff was confusing me. I asked, "Where are you from? I love your Southern accent."

She smiled, probably fondly recalling her home. "Georgia, Sir. But my family moved here seven years ago, so I don't have much accent anymore."

"Georgia, huh? Let's see your Georgia peaches."

"Sir?" But then she giggled and turned around, while staying on her knees. She raised her ass up high and put her head and forearms on the floor.

I reached out and began fondling her ass cheeks. I also slipped a hand between her legs and caressed her pussy lips too. That was something I'd found myself wanting to do with Michelle and Ruby a lot lately, but which I didn't allow myself to do. At least I could let out some of my "pussy-no-go" frustrations with Sue Ellen.

I asked her, "Do you live with your parents?"

"No, Sir. My own small, single apartment. But they're nearby. But it's not fair, Sir!"

"What isn't?"

"You're asking me all these questions and making me love you more and more with the things you're doing to me, but you still haven't let me touch your cock! I'm really ready to cry!"

Ruby, still happily but slowly stroking away on my shaft, snickered loudly at that.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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