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Chapter 30

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Looking at Sue Ellen in all her glorious nakedness, I said to her, "Very well. I needed a little break, but I think I'm ready now. No thanks to you." I shot a mock angry look at Ruby, but she knew I was just playing around. I could hardly be angry at the fact that she was intermittently stroking my erection.

I suggested to both of them, "Let's rearrange ourselves a little, shall we?" I finally got out of my seat. I stretched my legs as I paced around a little bit in our little room. I was finally able to discover the spot where Laura had been standing, and where she was still watching us. I gave her a friendly wave, not really caring that my balls were hanging out and my erection was pointing straight out.

She blushed and waved back, but her eyes were glued to my crotch.

Hmmm. Problem. She's definitely getting sucked in. I walked up to her, my stiff dick swaying wildly as I did. I stood just on the inside of the open doorway, but poked my head out a little bit. It was an incredible feeling! I could see most of the restaurant from this spot, including the two customers up in front, yet there I was, my package hanging in the wind and two stone foxes in various stages of undress behind me, waiting for me to come back so they could play with my cock.

Then there was Laura gawking at me from only about five feet away. I gave her another appraising look. I definitely wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, especially with those breasts. She's certainly young enough to keep my wife from getting jealous; I'll bet she goes to the local college with Sue Ellen. However, I know this sounds callous, but why should I settle for anything less than top-of-the-line sirloin steak when I've got Mindy, Michelle, Ruby, and now Sue Ellen too? The problem is, there's only so much of me to go around. I'd rather be with the ones I love the most.

I whispered towards her, "Laura, you're certainly a beautiful woman..." (And she was. She was a little heavy for my taste, but my standards were absurdly high.) "And I admit that I'm getting a kick from your watching us, and even fantasizing about you joining us. But I can't keep asking every beautiful woman I see to join my harem, er group, or whatever it's called."

She stiffened at that, and her face showed a mixture of shock and disappointment.

"If I keep doing that, I'm going to spread myself too thin to do right by my wife - or my group. On the other hand, I think it would be sexy as hell to watch you and Sue Ellen together sometime. Maybe I'll even let you and her take turns on my cock one of these days - if you're a very good girl. Hmmm, I should probably ask Sue Ellen when your birthday is."

I added that last part as if talking more to myself than to her. Her shocked expression grew into a look of awe. And I saw her knees tremble. I had said it mostly as a joke or a tease, but I realized now that I would have to do something nice for her; maybe not that, but something, and soon. The last thing I needed was someone who knew so much about me feeling jealous and left out. For now though, a little frustration would be good for her.

She sniffled, "You don't like me because I'm fat! Is that why you don't want to have sex with me and let me join your group?"

"Nooooo!" I replied. "The thing is, everything that's happened with Sue Ellen was a freak accident. It started out as a lark, and somehow I wound up with commitments. I don't want commitments from anybody! If some supermodel walked through the door and begged me to have sex with her, I'd say no, simply because I'm way too overcommitted already."

"You're just saying that," she pouted. "I'll bet if I lost thirty pounds, you'd reconsider."

I was trying to think up a reply to that. She would look a lot sexier if she lost thirty pounds, but if I told her that, that could send the wrong message. But not saying anything wouldn't be exactly honest, either. And I had to be very wary of anything I said for fear of making further commitments.

Seconds passed as I tried to think up an answer, and Laura took my lack of a quick response as confirmation that I'd fuck her only if she was thinner.

She decided to seize the bull by the horns. "A-ha! I'm right! Well, I'll show you! I'll lose that extra weight in no time, you'll see! Then I'll claim my reward." She winked at me. She certainly wasn't lacking in confidence.

I was still at a loss over what to say, so, using a trick known to married men everywhere, I made a grunt that could be taken in whatever way the person being addressed wished to take it. Hoping to quickly change the topic, I said, "By the way, thanks for looking out for us." I winked at her.

I was a bit perturbed by how confident she was acting now. She was almost smirking, as if her losing weight and then having sex with me was a foregone conclusion already. What is it with the women around me and all the smirking they do?!

When I turned around, I saw Ruby and Sue Ellen standing there staring at me, patiently waiting. Sue Ellen, bless her heart, had her hands on her head and her legs spread wide again in a formal, submissive pose. Talk about a dick-stiffening sight!

I went back to "my" booth and sat on the edge of the table. The table was at a good height for me to sit on and was also ideal for blowjob purposes. My balls were feeling a bit pinched by the bottom edge of my shorts, so I slid them down my thighs a little bit myself this time. (I wanted to keep them on in case there was an emergency.) "Ruby, we're all gonna have fun, but let's let Sue Ellen go first, okay? She's been waiting long enough."

Ruby nodded.

Seeing my redheaded daughter standing there, in her hot black miniskirt and her fire red blouse framing the sides of her bared huge round breasts, I wanted to eat her all up. I found myself losing my focus as I stared at the rivulets of cum flowing down her thighs and the beads of sweat trickling down towards her nipples. Even her belly button looked yummy. I wanted to play with her body forever!

But I finally managed to yank my eyes away and look at Sue Ellen. Now that I could basically compare their naked bodies side to side, it was clear that Sue Ellen was every bit Ruby's physical equal, except for a couple of things. Ruby had a very sexy face with perfect features, the kind of arresting face you'd see on a female newscaster and find yourself saying, "Now they're just out and out hiring porn stars!"

Whereas Sue Ellen had more of the "girl next door" face. Unusually beautiful, for sure, but it didn't scream "sex." Her breasts were a little smaller, and her hips were a bit narrower, but she was 'small' and 'narrow' only by comparison to Ruby and Michelle. By any other standards, Sue Ellen was as stacked and curvy as you could possibly desire. But although Ruby was extremely fit (as was Michelle), Sue Ellen was even more of a fitness buff. She had thighs that looked like they could crush coconuts!

Objectively speaking, it was almost a toss-up as to which one was more desirable, although I had a strong pro-Ruby bias since I'd known her and loved her like a daughter for so long.

I wondered if maybe we should stop. Maybe I was pushing my luck too far. After all, we were in a public place, secluded and guarded though it was. But seeing the lusty and extremely frustrated look on Sue Ellen's face, I decided it would be downright cruel to delay her any longer.

Finally getting down to it, I said, "Sue Ellen, fall to your knees."

She dropped down and stared at my throbbing erection with an awestruck look of wonder.

"You can touch it," I told her.

Her hands reached out and grasped my pole firmly. Her face was beaming with pleasure, yet she was still blushing red, probably mostly from before.

Ruby advised, "Don't be afraid of it. I know it seems impossibly thick, like some kind of flesh-and-blood Coke can, but if I can fit it in my mouth, you can too. You can do it!"

Sue Ellen nodded without taking her eyes off the objective of her desire. I thought she might stop there and get to know my shaft a little bit with her hands before proceeding onwards, but no, she had an even better and bolder idea. Her head drew closer and closer, and just like that, suddenly she somehow had my entire cockhead inside of her straining mouth!

After the arduous performances of Ruby and Michelle this morning to do the same, I knew that couldn't have been easy for her. My Hellions had practiced on a dildo model of my erection for a long, long time, so they had to be used to the size. But Sue Ellen somehow made it seem like she could handle it without much difficulty.

Ruby gasped. And then she exclaimed in a clearly impressed voice, "You GO, girl!"

My God, the way Sue Ellen managed to cram all that cock-meat in so quickly was a true wonder! That showed how badly she wanted it, all of it, right away. She stared up into my face with adoring eyes as her lips started to slide back and forth. But she kept all the oral action on or near the cockhead so her hands could work on stroking the rest.

As I stared back down at her, I thought, What a waste! Here's this total jewel! This priceless treasure, working at this crappy restaurant and apparently with a crappy boyfriend, struggling to make her way while living in some tiny crappy apartment. A beauty like her deserves so much more! I'm so glad I found her and rescued her from obscurity. She shouldn't be serving tables all day, she should be serving my cock! THIS is where she belongs! On her knees, between my legs, sucking on my cock!

I liked those thoughts so much that I repeated some of them to her. "Sue Ellen, you're a priceless treasure. A jewel! You deserve so much more than this waitress job. You shouldn't be serving tables all day; you should be serving my cock!"

Despite the fact that she had a good third of my erection in her mouth, keeping her lips straining around my imposing girth, I could tell that she would be smiling widely if she could. Her head nodded too. Yet at the same time, tears were starting to leak from her eyes, maybe because she was straining so much to keep my boner in her mouth.

Ruby was sitting next to me by this time, her top still wide open. She leaned towards me and whispered in my ear, "You have NO IDEA how HOT I'm getting from watching her blow you! You just met her yesterday, and now look at her: naked, kneeling, and serving your cock!"

Ruby groaned so lustily after saying that that I was compelled to looked her way. I saw that she was playing with herself.

She continued in a blissed-out voice, "Her passion for you is so great, so wonderful. It's almost better than blowing you myself, and I really mean that. Just look at the strain on her face, the tears leaking from her eyes. She's obviously only used to normal-sized dicks, and had no idea just how much better and fatter a real man's cock would be! Look at her struggle to breathe and to keep her jaw that wide open. God, it's such a fucking epic battle! But she's slowly getting the hang of it. It's a true inspiration!"

Indeed, Sue Ellen was leaking tears from her eyes. I found that concerning. But she seemed determined to keep going.

Ruby walked up behind Sue Ellen and patted her reassuringly on her shoulder. Then she ran a hand through her hair. "Just look at you, Sue Ellen. You go, girl! You're a real cocksucker now. That's what we do; that's the most important part of our duties, short of getting fucked by our master. We suck it and stroke it all day long. Can you believe how HUGE it is? It's like shoving a fucking baseball bat in your mouth, isn't it?"

Sue Ellen was sweating and more tears of exertion were trickling down her face, but she managed a slight nod. Her lips were hardly moving. However, her eyebrows were furrowed in concentration as she tried to lick my sweet spot while coping with the thick invasion. She was a real trooper.

Ruby asked, "Do you think you could get used to that? Sucking on it like this every single day?"

Sue Ellen nodded. The act of nodding got her lips to slide a little bit.

I found myself thinking, What is it with submissive girls?! She doesn't have to be doing this. Nobody's forcing her. She looks like she's really struggling. Why does she want this?!

Ruby continued, "You'll get used to it soon enough, don't worry. I haven't done it that many times myself, but already I need it daily. I NEEEEED it! I crave that feeling of having my mouth stretched wide so I can take my man, my KING, inside all the way until he's tickling my tonsils. I'm really psyched that you'll be joining us, since there's more than enough Dan cock for you, Michelle, and me, not to mention Mindy, of course. It'll be fun! We can be friends!"

Sue Ellen's eyes went extremely wide. She was practically doing the Roger Rabbit thing, even as her lips slid forward and back with great suction.

I couldn't figure out why Ruby's comment shocked her so much, given all the other things that had been said, but then it hit me like a heart attack: Michelle! SHIT! The cat's out of the bag! Sue Ellen knows that Michelle is my daughter! My real genetic daughter! Shit, shit, shit!

But what could I do? I certainly didn't want to say anything aloud about it, knowing that Laura was almost certainly listening. I'd just have to roll with this one and see where it took me.

However, as the time passed and Sue Ellen threw all her energy into pleasing my cock, it slowly dawned on me that she couldn't mind that much about the incest factor, or she would have pulled my hard-on out of her mouth a while ago. In fact, Sue Ellen was sucking, moaning, and stroking like her life depended on it. Her tongue, especially, was extremely active, flitting about all over the surface of my cockhead like a hummingbird. It was a truly remarkable effort, especially considering that she hadn't been trained and conditioned to deal with my size like Michelle and Ruby had.

Ruby was hot to trot, and kept very busy rubbing her stiff nipples against my side while frigging her pussy. But apparently that wasn't enough for her, and there wasn't much more she could do with me since my cock was, shall we say, very occupied. So, with her top dangling uselessly around her waist, she went over and knelt next to Sue Ellen. I thought she might be wanting in on some dual blowjob action, but it appeared she didn't want to butt in on what Sue Ellen was doing. Instead, she began whispering in her ear.

I couldn't tell what she was whispering, but it had to be very arousing because Sue Ellen's eyes kept opening wider and wider with surprise, and the passion and effort she was putting into the blowjob increased even more.

I didn't even know it was possible for her to get more passionate, given that tears were still flowing from her eyes due to her sheer effort. But I could tell that somehow she'd entered some kind of zone of pure bliss. I have never seen such a blissed out facial expression, despite the "cock log" right in the middle of it, with her lips stretched almost absurdly wide around it. She was on cloud nine! But at the same time, her amazing "hummingbird" tongue work continued to great effect.

Ruby spoke a bit louder. Maybe she wanted me to hear this part. She told Sue Ellen, "Now, you'll notice he hasn't cum yet. Any normal man would have cum by now. Even most studly master types would have. But we have a VERY special master, with very special stamina! He was already great, and then the past few years Mindy has been training him to improve his endurance so he could handle having a harem."

I thought, She has?! Waaaait a minute! Maybe she has after all. She went from complaining I lasted too long to goading me to last even longer. She helped me master the PC muscle squeezing trick and other tricks. All kinds of little things she said and did are coming clear now. Jesus! This has been a conspiracy going back who knows how long?!

Ruby continued, "Don't think you're gonna make him cum by putting more into it. That's not how this works. He'll cum when he damn well pleases. You job is to keep him throbbing with pleasure for as long as possible. In fact, cumming is bad, because that often means the fun is over. So if you feel he's right on the cusp, try to ease up, okay?"

Sue Ellen couldn't talk, but she made a thumbs up gesture to show she agreed. Then she closed her eyes and tried to step up her efforts another notch. She still hadn't pulled her lips off for even a moment since she'd first engulfed my boner.

Sue Ellen was doing such a great job that I soon lost all track of where I was. I guess I'd been making a lot of noise, and Sue Ellen too, because after a while I heard Laura say through the doorway, "Um, could you guys keep it down? The moaning... it's too loud!"

I asked Ruby, since she could see Laura from where she stood, while I could not, "What's Laura doing, Ruby? Is she keeping a good watch?"

Ruby remained wrapped behind Sue Ellen, providing moral support, if not advice whispered into her ear. She said, "Well, she's kind of looking at us like 99% of the time and glancing over at the customers every once in a while. And she's kind of doubled over like someone punched her in the gut."

"Laura," I said, loudly, "please check on the customers. Sue Ellen will keep it down. Won't you?"

Sue Ellen had reduced her moaning quite a lot already. The plus for me was that she was forced to scale back her ambitious cock-pleasing efforts as a result, because she found she couldn't go all out without moaning wildly into my shaft. That was good, because again I was too close to cumming to handle it much longer.

As I sat there on the table edge, running my eyes up and down Ruby's and Sue Ellen's incredible bodies, I idly wondered what would happen if those two customers got curious why the only waitress in the place kept staring into some seemingly unimportant room near the back and decided to check out the room for themselves. That actually was fairly probable, now that I thought about it. What would we do?

I could pull my shorts up and at least technically be covered up. Ruby could probably zip up her red top, if she had enough warning. But Sue Ellen would be a goner. Hell, I'd lost track of where her uniform even was. Somewhere on the floor, probably. Not only that, but she looked like somebody in the middle of a massive sex marathon. She was simply drenched with sweat, for one thing. Actually, we all were. Plus there were all those tears streaming down her face. Things had gotten pretty damn out of control!

Let's say the customers came over. What's the worst that could happen? We'd basically have to say, "You got me." What could they do, then? I suppose they could take it up with the manager. The manager! That's a problem. I remember Mindy saying something about the manager usually not coming in until about 4:30, and Sue Ellen confirmed the manager wasn't here yet, but she told me that a while ago. What time is it? What if the MANAGER walks in on us? Sue Ellen and Laura would get fired, for starters.

I probably should wrap this up, huh? Every minute we're here, it gets increasingly dangerous. Besides, I'm totally ready to blow. But I should let Ruby have a little fun first. She's been second-fiddle for a while now.

Slipping back into dominating mode (which actually seemed really easy to do - I just have to tell someone what to do instead of asking them to do it), I said, "Sue Ellen, stop for a sec."

Like Michelle and Ruby, Sue Ellen seemed to interpret "stop" to mean "don't stroke and suck my cock quite so much." I had to laugh out loud at the way she stopped sliding her lips to show that she'd stopped, yet her tongue was still frantically busy inside her mouth. Once again, she was using her amazing hummingbird technique. As if I wouldn't notice that!

I said, "One of the key things about being one of my cock slaves is that you can't have jealousy. None. Zip. Remember that I'm a married man, for starters, so a sex toy and cock slave is all you'll ever be, if you stick with me. I saw you were quite jealous when I came in with Ruby."

She drew back with an extra long stroke until my cockhead was completely out of her mouth. She quickly said, "I'm over that! We're friends now." She looked to Ruby and smiled. Then she lovingly kissed my piss hole and stuffed the whole of my cockhead back in her mouth. Then she resumed bobbing on it, even though I'd just told her to stop that.

"I hope so," I chided her, acting like I was very doubtful. "Right now you can show me that you're capable of sharing by sharing my cock with Ruby. You take the right side and she'll take the left. Then, when I'm ready to blow, which will be soon, I'm gonna blow in your mouth or maybe all over your faces. Get ready for anything. Okay?"

She nodded as her tongue flicked on my sweet spot at incredible speeds.

Damn! How is it possible that I haven't climaxed already? Heck if I know, but I'm sure the many times I'd climaxed earlier in the day helped a lot. It's like my cock has reached a plateau of pleasure and can stay there indefinitely. Jesus! Maybe Ruby was right and Mindy had somehow "trained" me without my even realizing it. I just hope that I have some cum left to give when I finally do cum, because I'm eager for Sue Ellen to taste it!

Ruby dropped to her knees and got into position as Sue Ellen shuffled over a bit to make room. Ruby still had her top on around her waist, and her skirt on too (although she had it flipped up so often, so she could frig herself, that I'd forgotten it was there). But she looked at me and said, "I seem terribly overdressed for the occasion. Somehow, when a cock slave sucks her master's cock, it just doesn't seem right unless she's totally naked. Don't you agree, Sue Ellen?"

Our nude waitress nodded her head, so she wouldn't have to stop her tongue work. She stared wide-eyed as Ruby took off what remained of her clothes and left them scattered on the floor. But she finally pulled her lips all the way off my shaft to give Ruby some room.

But nothing happened to me yet, because Sue Ellen needed a breather. She took heavy breaths with her head bowed down.

Ruby put a hand on her back supportively. "You okay?"

Sue Ellen nodded. Then she looked up at me, and over at Ruby, with a fire in her eyes. "That was soooo good! I love it! I'm hooked! I'm totally hooked!"

Ruby giggled gaily and patted her back. "That's the spirit! How does it compare to sucking on a normal cock?"

Sue Ellen had recovered more or less. She eagerly explained, "Ohmigod! So different! With Mike, it was boring and demeaning. A chore. But with Dan, it's so much MORE demeaning, and way more difficult, but I love it! It makes me feel like I'm a..."

Ruby helpfully suggested, "Cock slave? Sex toy? Fuck pet?"

"YES! All of those things! It's just SO MUCH BIGGER! Waaay thicker! Waaay better! Oh God, I need more! Why are we just talking with THIS right here?" She bumped her nose against the tip of my cock. "We could be sucking it off together!"

My buxom redhead daughter winked at her, and said gaily, "Good point! I hope we're going to be doing this together a lot!" Then she started slurping up and down on her side of my stiff pole.

"Me too!" Sue Ellen immediately began doing the same on her side.

Within seconds, the two of them were both licking on my sweet spot, and as a result their tongues bumped together. They giggled at that, and went right back licking. Their tongues kept on touching because they both loved my sweet spot so much, but they made it work.

I closed my eyes and focused all my energy on not cumming. Jesus! The selflessness of these girls! It seems their submission is total. All they want to do is please me! Is that really possible? How come I've never heard of this kind of thing happening before? This is so wild! I mean, they're kneeling naked in the middle of a FUCKING RESTAURANT! Licking my cock together! I don't even remember having fantasies this crazy, but it's actually happening to me in the flesh!

And Mindy! My wife actually approves! When she hears about this, I just know she's gonna be over the moon and then probably demand that I give her pussy a good workout! Am I the fucking luckiest guy on Earth, or what?!

Man, what a rush!

The things they were doing to my erection together were simply indescribable. I lost track of the tongues, lips, and hands, because they seemed to be everywhere at once. It was all just one great big blur of pleasure.

I kept forgetting that I was in a restaurant, but every now and then I'd open my eyes and that fact would hit me with an intoxicating rush of alarm. It felt good though. It was like I was getting high on the danger. The great thing was that I would freak out and then relax some, as it hit me that, although I was in a restaurant, I was probably pretty safe. After all, we even had Laura keeping guard. So I had the thrill of the danger without all the actual danger. At least, that was the plan.

Still, it was staggering to occasionally remind myself, I have two total stone foxes, completely nude, and sharing my cock! TWO! And we're in a restaurant! A fucking restaurant! Holy fucking Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! I mean, when I came here today I thought I'd play around with Sue Ellen and confiscate her undies, but I honestly had no idea we'd go THIS far!

When I finally came, it was almost a let-down. Sure, I got to experience the joy of some long seconds of absolutely exquisite pleasure. And it was a particular delight watching Sue Ellen and Ruby press their nearest cheeks together, close their eyes, and brace for the coming cum blast, just as if they'd been doing that together for years. It was an even bigger pleasure getting to "paint" their beautiful faces. I must admit that I spent a lot longer painting Sue Ellen with my cum, since this was her first blowjob with me.

But it lasted such a short time! And while it felt unbelievably great, it wasn't THAT much better than the seeming hours of pleasure I'd had ever since Ruby started stroking my boner back on the deck in my backyard earlier in the day. Or, hell, ever since the Gruesome Twosome "tickle attack" this morning.

Then it was all over. That was the biggest let-down, knowing that it was over. No more back room restaurant fun, at least not today. At least I wasn't the only one who'd had a great time. And it did end with a big bang!

When I finally opened my eyes again and reacquainted myself with my surroundings, I saw that somehow I was still perched on the table edge. Ruby and Sue Ellen were both lying flat on the floor, obviously totally overwhelmed from the experience. To my delight, a goodly amount of my cum had wound up on Sue Ellen's face, and it looked like a rope or two had splattered down her tits. There was even one long splat that nearly reached her belly button.

There were some streaks of cum across Ruby's face, although less than half as much as the amount of Sue Ellen's face.

I'm not sure what it was, but something about seeing their cummy faces did something to me on a profound level. I felt a strange compulsion to keep their faces drenched in my cum all the time!

Looking at what I'd done, I just had to laugh out loud yet again. It's amazing enough that something like this could happen anywhere, but in a restaurant, with a couple of real customers up in front? Unreal! Just wait until Mindy hears about this!

I could probably do this every day for a month and I'd still feel totally blown away each and every time; that's the kind of person I am. I've been conscientious of social convention all my life, so when I break those conventions it feels like violating a strong taboo.

We were still like that a couple of minutes later, when Laura walked in. She was carrying a tray, and said, "I brought you some drinks. I'm sure you all are thirsty." She handed me a Coke. She seemed surprisingly cool about the whole situation.

I normally don't drink soft drinks, but I grabbed the Coke and took a big chug. "Aaaaah! Thanks." I didn't care that I was sitting there with my shorts down to my knees in front of a strange woman, with two more girls lying naked near my feet. My cum-soaked flaccid penis was hanging out in the open. It didn't seem much of a big deal compared to everything else that had happened to me lately. I didn't even bother to cover up.

Laura looked down at Ruby and Sue Ellen, but neither of them were in any condition to drink, since they were both plastered to the floor. They were breathing deeply and had their eyes not been open I would have assumed they were fast asleep.

I asked Laura, "So, are we good? You were pretty mad at me earlier."

"Yeah, well, let's not talk about that, okay? This is all pretty embarrassing."

I could have teased her a little bit. But I decided to cut her some slack, and I just nodded. Truthfully, she'd been a great help. We could hardly have done anything without her help as a lookout.

She looked at the cum-faced Ruby, whose soaked pussy was on complete display, and then over at Sue Ellen, with much more of my cum slowly sliding down her cheeks. She asked me, "Sir, could I... Could I ask a favor?"

"Sure. Shoot."

"Could I take a picture or two? I have a camera with me."

But something dawned on me. "Hey! What about the customers?"

"Oh. Them? They left a long time ago."

"Weren't they curious about you staring into this room most of the time?"

She smiled. "Yeah. I kinda pretended to be a horrible waitress, and I told them I was busy watching my favorite soap on TV."

"Ah. Clever."

"So... About the pictures?"

I asked, "Why do you want to take pictures?"

"Oh, I won't take many, just one or two, of Sue Ellen. Just look at her. Don't you think that deserves a picture?"

Pictures were obviously a big security risk. But looking at my two beautiful girls splayed out on the floor, limbs akimbo, I couldn't resist. This was easily one of the most intense experiences of my life, only rivaled by some other experiences in recent days, and I wanted something to remember it by. I had Laura promise that Sue Ellen would take possession of the digital camera immediately afterwards and keep sole possession of all the pictures. Happily, Laura agreed.

Funnily enough, I completely trusted Sue Ellen, even though in fact she was nearly as much a stranger to me as Laura was.

So Laura ended up taking some pictures. Actually, it turned out to be practically a full-on photo shoot, once Sue Ellen and Ruby revived. Laura took most of the pictures while I generally kept a look out (since I was the only other one at least semi-presentable, at least at first). I pretty much let the girls do whatever they wanted to do.

Everybody got their photo taken, singly and in pairs or groups, while at the same time we slowly cleaned up the room and got dressed. Most of them ended up being nude pictures of Sue Ellen and/or Ruby, although Laura was in a few of them. Heck, I could tell that Laura was tempted to take her uniform off, but she chickened out.

Things got pretty steamy at one point, when Laura started taking pictures of Ruby and Sue Ellen rubbing their tremendous bare racks together, and then Ruby leaned forward and began licking my ropes of cum off Sue Ellen's face. That led to some steamy French kissing between the two girls.

I was very pleased to see that Sue Ellen had some bisexual tendencies at the very least. That boded well for future group harmony. Plus, it was super sexy.

Laura probably had those tendencies too, judging by how flushed and excited she was getting. I had to cough and clear my throat a few times to make sure things didn't go too far.

There was very little talking though, as apparently Ruby and Sue Ellen weren't sure what to say with Laura around. I knew I felt uncomfortable about that too. On one hand, she'd helped us out a great deal by keeping a look out, but on the other hand she wasn't part of our group.

Ruby and Sue Ellen kept on French kissing each other, even when they didn't have the excuse of getting their pictures taken.

So, at one point, I asked Sue Ellen, "Have you ever kissed a girl like that before?"

She replied earnestly, "No, never! I'm not that way at all! Sure, I appreciate the sight of a beautiful woman's body, but I never thought I'd do this!" She looked down at her hands and saw she was fondling Ruby's breasts. She quickly let go.

I said, "I don't mind at all. Really. In fact, I like it. I'm just curious."

Ruby immediately pulled Sue Ellen close, with a firm hold on her ass cheeks. They French kissed some more, and rubbed their sizable racks together for good measure.

But Sue Ellen broke the kiss relatively quickly to say to me, "I don't know what's happening to me! Is it just that I'm so incredibly horny after the greatest sexual experience of my life? Is it that I'm flying from being told that I might get to be one of your cock slaves, maybe even permanently? Is it that I'm feeling this great bond with Ruby after we shared that dreamy double blowjob? Is it that we're naked in the middle of 'Mama Mia's?' Is it that Ruby's just about the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and she's a great kisser to boot? Is it that I'm dreaming I'm kissing you? Oh God! I could go on and on! It's all too much! It's like I never really lived until today!"

I suggested, "It's probably a little bit of each of those things, and maybe some more things besides. Don't worry about it."

She just nodded, or tried to, because she and Ruby were already necking some more!

It was a real bear for me to finally convince Sue Ellen to put her uniform back on and go to the ladies' room to wash up. She almost cried, because she knew it meant the whole experience was coming to an end.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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