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Chapter 31

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Some other customers started drifting in, finally, and then the manager Paula did. I was beginning to wonder how the place even stayed open for business. That spurred us on to get our act together, even though Paula pretty much went straight to some office deeper in the bowels of the building.

Sadly, Sue Ellen had been right: while Paula was female, she was certainly no head turner. Plus, she was even older than me. I certainly didn't want her to get sucked into our sex games too.

But Laura turned out to be pretty cool. Even after more and more customers started to arrive, she covered for Sue Ellen, so she could still sit with us at our table.

We were fully dressed and cleaned up by then, and had seemingly emptied out a couple of bottles of air freshener. The room smelled like one giant lemon. But Sue Ellen was almost desperate for us not to go, so we decided to just stay and chat with her for a while.

Ruby and Sue Ellen were becoming fast friends. It was remarkable. Everything they'd experienced together, especially their shared cock licking, had formed a bond. They even kept their arms around each other as they sat in the booth, like they couldn't bear to let the other one go.

One particular exchange stands out in my mind. Ruby, Sue Ellen, and Laura were sitting and relaxing fully clothed in "our" booth while I stood guard at the open doorway, checking for customers (at this point, none had arrived yet). The girls started talking about me as if I wasn't there, even though they knew full well I was within hearing range.

Laura commented to Sue Ellen, "It's so crazy that you'd totally submit yourself to a complete stranger like that."

Sue Ellen replied, "I know, and I did, but then I found out Dan's NOT a stranger! I'd heard about him from high school and actually I already knew Ruby a little bit already. Dan's like a legend in his own time!"

"Really?" Laura asked, her curiosity piqued. "How so?"

"He's not just any Dan Cooper, he's THE Dan Cooper! Can you believe how lucky I am?!"

Laura said, "That name means nothing to me. I'm two years older than you, remember? What might have been legendary your year was probably after my time."

"That may be so," Sue Ellen answered, "but I know y'all know what I'm talking about. Remember a couple of months ago, those two girls who came in and were giggling and gossiping up a storm? You MUST know, because it was before my time, but you were the one who told me all about it! That probably doesn't ring a bell for you just yet, but you told me how they were going on and on about a man named Dan, and how they got so excited that they went to the ladies' room. I think you remember what you told me they did there."

Laura started to blush. "You're talking about the two high schoolers that I caught naked and totally getting it on in one of the stalls? Those two? I couldn't even get them to leave! They were like... superglued to each other. THOSE two?"

"Yep!" Sue Ellen said proudly. "And the Dan they got so hot about was our very own Dan Cooper, standing right over there! I'm sure of it, because I found out later they were acquaintances of mine."

"Oh," Laura answered, understanding. "Wow!"

Ruby butted in, asking Sue Ellen, "Do you remember their names?"

"Sure. It was Nina and Sheba."

Ruby smiled, smug and proud. "Yep. Then they were talking about Dan. They've had the hots for him ever since the campfire incident."

"The what?" both Laura and Sue Ellen asked at the same time, clearly not getting the reference.

Ruby started explaining the infamous "campfire incident" until I interrupted them with the news that a customer had come in. When Laura walked past me to tend to the customer, she stared at me with a blatant fiery gaze. I felt like I was a piece of juicy steak and she was a slobbering, hungry wolf.

When Laura came back a short time later, Sue Ellen went right back to being my number one fan. She said her, "So, maybe you didn't recognize the name Dan Cooper, but what about Daniel Cooper?"

"What's the difference?"

"That's the name he puts on his books. He's a world famous author!"

I cut in. "Hold on. I'm certainly not 'world famous.' I'm just one of thousands who makes a living writing."

Sue Ellen protested, "Not hardly! I hear it's really hard to make a living as a writer. And Mindy tells me that you do very well."

I said modestly, "We get by. Of course, Mindy's legal work is a very big part of that."

Laura asked me, "What kind of stuff do you write?"

Sue Ellen enthusiastically replied on my behalf, "All kinds of stuff! He's done fiction AND non-fiction! But his focus is on historical fiction. He's got this one series about life in the Roman Empire called 'The Centurion' that's VERY popular. And it's brilliant stuff!"

I turned to Sue Ellen and asked her, "How do you know all that? I'm no Stephen King. I'm sure you never heard of my writings or read any of them before."

Sue Ellen seemed to be bursting with pride at my accomplishments. "That was true last night. But after I found out you were an author, I raced to the bookstore this morning and bought all of your books I could find. Unfortunately, they only had six of them, but I'll get the rest later. And I've only just started reading the first book in the Centurion series, and I didn't get far because I had volleyball practice and now this job. But I love it already!"

She looked so apologetic that she somehow didn't magically own and read all my books already that I had to say, "Thanks, but you don't really have to do that."

"Oh, but I do! If you're going to be my man, and I'm going to be one of your women, of course I want to support you in any way I can! And it's so easy because I love a good page-turner and I love history, so how can I not love your books?"

Ruby said proudly, "Yeah, I've read all his books. He is a pretty damn great writer. It makes sucking on his cock that much sweeter, doesn't it?"


I looked at Sue Ellen with a pretend cross face. "Hey! I'll give you two hours to stop complimenting me. Two hours, tops!"

She was frightened at first, thinking I was serious, but then she broke into the most adorable smile. And hearing her laugh and giggle was truly like music to my ears. This was a girl who was meant to be happy, and deserved to be.

The more I got to know Sue Ellen, the more I liked her. She seemed like a good, nice kid. She had a "girl next door" personality to go with her wholesome "girl next door" looks. She was a little shy, a little unlucky in love, and a few other things, but all in all it was obviously that she was a very friendly, kind, and moral person. (Well, moral if one didn't count her new "cock slave" status!)

Ruby and Sue Ellen continued getting on like a house on fire. They told me that the dual cocksucking was a real bonding experience, which is what I'd already expected. Ruby joked that to get them to bond any closer I'd have to use ropes. Sue Ellen blushed at that, seemingly both frightened and excited by that idea. They were already so close that Ruby was able to tease Sue Ellen about how jealous she'd looked when we first came into the restaurant. That seemed like ancient history already, for all of us.

It turned out that they'd hardly known each other before. It was more a case of knowing of the existence of the other person. Kids in different grades didn't mix much because all their classes were different and so forth. Sue Ellen knew Nicky a bit better, but it was a stretch to call them friends, and they'd completely lost contact the minute they'd graduated from high school. Most all of their friends had fallen away also as they'd made new college friends.

We didn't talk about Michelle directly, especially since Laura was still coming and going from our room from time to time, and thankfully Laura remained totally oblivious of who Michelle was. But Sue Ellen made a point of telling me she was "very cool with all my other lovers," while looking me right in the eye. She knew that I knew that she knew, and basically, she didn't care about the incest.

That was a huge relief! Again, I had to thank my lucky stars. I'd caught so many lucky breaks with Sue Ellen that it wasn't even funny.

But what was funny was when Sue Ellen started to describe some of the alleged "Dan Cooper incidents" that she'd heard about. Some of them had a basis in truth, like the story about what happened to my bathing suit during Nicky's sixteenth birthday party, but there also were great exaggerations to go along with some of them.

However, other stories were made up out of whole cloth. Mindy, when she gets really horny, likes to tell me, "Fuck me like a superman!" But this Dan Cooper of legend, he really did sound like some kind of sexual superhuman. I had to laugh over and over at all the exploits I'd supposedly done over the years. Some of them were obviously urban legends that just got passed around and embellished, simply for the fun of it. Then my name somehow got attached as part of a local variation.

I tried to convince Sue Ellen that the stories only contained a tiny kernel of truth, if that, but I don't think she believed me. She pointed out what had happened at Mama Mia's today and last night, and basically made the argument that if that was true, why couldn't the other stories be true? It was hard to argue against that without any proof, and I guessed that maybe we were developing some new stories to add to the 'legend.' I had to remind Sue Ellen that I didn't want any of these stories released to wider circulation.

I liked her! I really, really did. She seemed to be just a good kid all around. I instinctively trusted her, as I mentioned before, and I decided to trust her completely. She could keep the photographs (although I made her promise to give Mindy a set), and she could keep the secret about Michelle, or at least I hoped and prayed that she could.

I found myself thinking, This is a girl I could easily see falling in love with. Even with the huge age gap and everything else. She's so, well... adorable! Right now, I feel incredibly glad to be alive, and incredibly grateful to have just experienced what happened here today. I'd like to meet her ex-boyfriend Mike. He must be the world's biggest fool in not treating her right and letting her slip away. Then again, I should shake his hand and thank him!

In the end, Sue Ellen walked us out of the restaurant and all the way to our car (with me furtively hiding her lacy black bra and panties in my hands until we were safely in the clear). It was almost five o'clock by then. Standing at our car, she insisted that I kiss her again. It felt so good that it led to a long kissing and groping session.

Then Ruby didn't want to be left out, so Ruby and Sue Ellen swapped kisses with me.

While we were inside, there had been some sexual talk, but it had mostly been indirect and full of innuendo, since Laura was constantly coming and going. But now we could talk freely. With Sue Ellen's undies hanging out of my back pockets like the trophies that they were, I had pulled the shoulders of her uniform down far enough for her tits to spring out, and I got busy groping her pert breasts and kissing her neck.

We were in a remote corner of the parking lot, and my body was blocking most of the view if anyone should look our way, but frankly, after all that had just happened, I was feeling reckless and invincible. I didn't care that much if anybody saw. I almost welcomed it. Let the world see these are MY women! Hell, they're my cock slaves! Later, I've gotta do something about that demeaning name. But for now, I'm gonna have fun with it!

While I was having fun with Sue Ellen, Ruby was licking Sue Ellen's nearest ear and also groping her nearest bare breast. She asked our lusty waitress, "So, girl, are you still recovering from sucking Dan's cock? I'll bet you weren't ready for the size."

Sue Ellen broke her latest kiss with me to reply, "Well, shut my mouth! No WAY was I ready for THAT monster! My jaw is still sore. I mean, I'd sucked a seven inch dick before, so I figured what's one more inch? Oh-my-fucking-god! It's the THICKNESS that gets you and makes you feel well and truly humbled. That delicious feeling of being utterly defeated by too much cock, you know what I mean?"

"I sure do!" Ruby nodded.

Sue Ellen went on, "After today, I'm a believer: thickness is THE thing. Double the width is way more than double the pleasure. I have no idea how I even got the cockhead in! It's a total jaw breaker! And then once I did, I was like, 'No way! There's no way I can do this! I'm going to have to give up and pull out!' But I refused to give up. I knew I had to succeed if I wanted to be one of his cock slaves. So I put all my heart and soul into it!"

Ruby's sly grin was unmistakable. She asked the leading question, "So you're saying you liked it?"

"You know I LOVE it! It's incredible! And the TASTE of having all that hard hot fuckmeat in my mouth, and actually having to, you know, work that hard to take it, I mean, there's absolutely nothing else like it! Sucking Dan is like ten times better than getting fucked by Mike. Um, that's my former boyfriend, you know. It was like, the harder it is to do, the more intense the experience. It almost felt like a life-or-death struggle!"

"I know exactly what you mean," Ruby groaned lustily as she licked Sue Ellen's ear. "It's so great! You're making me so hot, reminding me of my favorite feeling in the whole world, that mouth-crammed-with-cock feeling. But what do you think about being a cock slave in general?"

"Oh my God! It's the BEST! I don't even know what that means yet, but I know I'm going to enjoy it if it involves a lot of nude and kneeling cocksucking."

Ruby said in a husky, promising voice, "Oh, it will! Won't it, Daddy?" She flashed me a hungry stare, and groped at my crotch. Unfortunately, I was still flaccid.

She said, "That's a really, really big part of it. Probably the main part. In fact, normally we'd be on our knees and sucking and licking right now, and who gives a flying fuck if we're in a parking lot, because we're cock slaves and this is what we do. But we drained him so well it's gonna take him a while to recover."

Sue Ellen told her, "I would be sooooo down for that. Even though my jaw is still sore from before. It's THE BEST! In fact, I feel like simply dropping to my knees right now and waiting however long it takes for him to get stiff again."

Ruby was gleeful. "Oooh! Good idea!"

I cut in, "Hey, you two, let's be realistic."

That didn't slow them down much (although at least they stayed standing). Sue Ellen said, "Today and last night, I already know it's a major turning point in my life. I feel like I never really lived until Dan came into my life. Did I say that already?"

"You did," I pointed out.

She stared at me passionately, right into my eyes. "That's because it's true! I'm not just saying that to flatter you, Sir. I really mean it! It's like I was some kind of lifeless zombie, before. Now I feel so alive! Like I've found my true calling!"

Ruby squealed excitedly, "Oh my God! I like you soooo much!"

As Ruby pinched one of Sue Ellen's nipples while I pinched the other, Ruby licked her ear and purred into it, "There's nothing more exhilarating than serving a natural master, is there? Obeying his orders, making him happy. Making his cock stiff and then keeping it that way. Making him cum! And then taking his cum on your face or tits or down your throat! After all, a good cock slave is always thankful and savors what she swallows and what doesn't get splattered all over her face and tits."

Sue Ellen gushed to Ruby, "No! There's nothing like it. It's the best! Oh my God, I'm so glad you said that, because I just have to tell you, that blowjob was like a transcendental epiphany! I mean, really! My whole life just... CHANGED! At first it was this big struggle, but eventually I just totally submitted, totally gave in. I stopped thinking. You know? And then it was like... I was in heaven! It truly transported me to a special place. Totally overpowered by too much cock! I just let it control me and rule me, I felt a new sense of purpose. A new bliss! The pleasure was great already, but it just soared higher and higher until I thought I'd pass out for sure!"

Ruby nodded in understanding. "I've felt that too. It's like you let the cock win. It's just too big, too fat, too strong. Too powerful! You admit that your master's cock controls you, rules you, dominates you, and above all, enslaves you! It calls you to do its bidding with your tongue and lips and hands and more. You submit to it completely! That's what I do, at least."

Sue Ellen nodded back. "Yes, there was that, but so much more too. I mean, I completely stopped thinking, and just FELT, you know? I didn't know my name, I didn't know where I was, what day it was, or anything! At that point, if you'd asked me, and if I was somehow able to talk with all that cock-meat in my mouth, I well and truly think I wouldn't have been able to tell y'all my name. All I knew was that there was this huge, fat slab of pure bliss sliding in between my lips and down towards my throat, and that my entire purpose, my entire BEING, was dedicated to getting it to cum!"

She seemed blissed out all over again just from talking about it. "It was such a PURE experience, you know? I've never been so single-minded in my life! And then when he squirted on my face, it was like... flying! Like I could actually fly! Floating on air! Pure joy! I can't even describe it. I was probably having a great orgasm at the time, but I don't even know, don't even care. It was beyond mere orgasms. It went way beyond sexual pleasure altogether!"

I was going to say something about how I'd noticed a look of extraordinary bliss on Sue Ellen's face then, but Ruby didn't let me get a word in edgewise.

"I know!" Ruby replied enthusiastically. "I haven't had THAT great of an experience with Dan yet, but it's been close. Great sex is almost like a religious experience. It sure makes a believer out of you!"

"Oh, definitely! It's certainly something that makes you want to get down on your knees and pray! Talk about wanting to 'stay faithful' and all that!"

They both giggled at that.

Sue Ellen joked, "In fact, I feel like 'praying' at Dan's 'altar' right now, don't you?"

"Definitely! In fact, let's 'pray' together until he squirts his goo all over our faces!"

They both giggled some more, and even sensuously licked their lips like they were trying to lick it clean of cum. Together, they cupped my privates through my clothes. They were so worked up that had I not still been flaccid, I'm sure they would have dropped to their knees in a flash.

Then Ruby commented, "And the humiliation! Isn't that awesome?"

Sue Ellen started to blush and she stared at the ground. "Well, I don't know if 'awesome' is the right word..."

Ruby honked her breast, and then kneaded it vigorously. "Oh, come on. You're standing here topless in the parking lot, letting Dan AND me feel you up, while Dan's kissing his way all over your face and I'm licking your ear. You love it! If he ordered you to strip and suck him off right now, you'd do that too and love it even more!"

Our sexy waitress turned beet red, which was answer enough. Finally, she whispered almost inaudibly, "Do you want me to, Sir?"

I laughed loudly at that. "I wish! If I could get erect again after all that, then, well I don't know what, but it would be pretty damn amazing. Unfortunately, there's just no way. My dick has had a very busy day."

I could see Sue Ellen was disappointed by that. She even frowned. I felt bad that my body was letting her down.

So I quickly added, "However, if I did feel so inclined, I wouldn't hesitate to order you to do so. I would bark out, 'Assume the position!' And as one of my cock slaves, what would you do?"

She brightened right up. "Oh, Sir! Anything you want, Sir! Just give the order!"

Ruby nudged her and gave her another tit honk. "'Assume the position' - don't you just love that? It sends shivers down my spine just to hear him say those words!"

Sue Ellen actually did shiver just then. "Me too! I think I just climaxed - again! This has to stop or I won't be able to walk."

Wow, talk about power! But at least I was beginning to understand. It seemed the more outrageous and demanding my behavior was, the more they liked it! Crazy. I wondered, I'm not really a wild and crazy guy. How long can I keep up this facade? This is stressful! I hope I don't have to keep topping myself; that'll be even more stressful. I'm already way, way outside my comfort zone.

But I put on a confident face, even if it was only for her benefit, and told Sue Ellen, "Kiss me. That's an order."

"With pleasure!" Our lips locked with fiery passion.

After a couple more minutes of necking and breast fondling, Sue Ellen finally admitted that she probably had to go back in, as even Laura could only cover for her so much, and the manager could come close at any time. But even as she said this, she didn't want us to go, and seemed on the verge of crying.

So I pointed out, "Incredibly, you still haven't technically taken your break yet, right?"

She laughed and shook her head. She hadn't done five minutes of work since she'd arrived, because Ruby and I had gotten there only minutes after she did.

I said, "Okay, then. Right before six, give Mindy a call. You'll have fifteen minutes to talk and I'm sure you'll have a whole lot to share."

She really like that idea, but said, "That'll help, but it's not good enough. When can I see you again... Master?"

"Whoa! Don't call me 'Master.'"

"But that's what you are!"

"Well, I don't know about that."

"Ruby said it a couple of times."

I shot Ruby a scowl of disapproval. "She's also a very naughty girl. I don't like that word; it bends my ego all out of shape."

Sue Ellen pouted, "I need to call you something. So why not that?"

"Try 'Dan.'"

"Awww. That's no fun."

Ruby giggled at that, and added, "Yeah! Girl, I like your style!"

I ignored that, and told Sue Ellen, "As for when we can see each other again, I don't know. If I keep coming back here, you're going to lose your job for sure. But we'll work something out. It'll be soon."

Sue Ellen bounced eagerly in place. She was too adorable for words. "As in tomorrow soon? I have to work, but don't let that slow you down! I'm free all day this Sunday too! I only work here four days a week, you know, and with school out for the summer, I've got a LOT of time on my hands, even with my volleyball practice. A lot of Dan fucking and Dan sucking time, if you know what I mean." She ran her hand over my crotch, but unfortunately there still was no bulge there.

Ruby said, "I do, at least! And two tongues are better than one! Or three!"

Sue Ellen was beaming. "That so true! To think that I was jealous when I saw you at first, Ruby. I've really been shown my place. A good cock slave shares her master's cock."

Ruby raised a fist to her shoulder like a Black Panther power salute. "Right on, sister! Did I mention how much I like you?"

Sue Ellen smiled bashfully. "You did. And I really like you."

That seemed like an ideal opening for a difficult topic. I coughed nervously. "Um. Speaking about three tongues, you know about Michelle, don't you?"

"I did figure that out, as you noticed," Sue Ellen admitted. "But really, I couldn't care less! Obviously Mindy must know and approve, and that's the main thing for me. I'm more worried about how she'll accept me. But I SWEAR TO GOD I'll never tell a soul!"

"Please don't. And thank you for being discreet about it already. As far as getting together again, let's talk tomorrow, okay? It's like what I think Ruby said earlier. I'm not gonna use you once and throw you out. I don't want to do that to anybody; that's not my way. So, if you have no objections, I'd like to have you in my life in a big way for a long time to come, if that's what you want."

She threw her arms around me again. "I want! So, so, so very much! As your cock slave! One of them! Please?!"

I nodded.

She squealed with delight and then kissed me on the lips again. We ended up fondling and necking for a couple more minutes. Somehow, the zipper to her uniform came down (actually, I think that was Ruby's doing), and her uniform slipped all the way down to her waist.

While Ruby repositioned herself to help shield us from possible onlookers, I pushed Sue Ellen's uniform down a bit more on her back side until I was able to clench a bare ass cheek. "This ass. It's mine. You understand?"

"Yes, Sir!" she enthusiastically replied, pushing her ass cheek back into my hand

Keeping my hand there, I pushed her uniform down some more on the front side and then brought my fingers to her pussy. Her whole thigh area was like a flooded swamp, even though she had cleaned up before seeing us to our car. "This cunt. It's mine."

"Yes, Sir!" Her eyes were giddy with delight, as I swiped a finger up and down her wet pussy lips.

I brought both hands up to her chest and cupped the undersides of her breasts. (Thankfully, Ruby helped hold up her uniform, or it would have fallen off altogether.) "These big tits. They're mine."

"Yes, Sir!" She stared up into my eyes adoringly.

I continued to hold and fondle her rack from below. "In fact, your whole body is mine to do with as I please. No other man has any right to touch you. And no woman either, unless it pleases me."

"Yes, Sir!" Her words were increasingly breathless and orgasmic.

And with that, I pulled my hands away and stepped back. "Okay, now, go. And don't forget who you belong to."

"I won't! How could I?!" While Ruby helped her zip back up, Sue Ellen said excitedly, "Yesterday, you promised me that you were going to spank me soon. I can hardly wait! Please don't forget THAT!"

"I might spank you really hard," I warned. "It'll hurt."

"Oh God! Please, YES!" She smothered me in another kiss, even though I'd ordered her to go already.

Apparently she really liked that spanking idea, which confused the heck out of me. I was going to have to start figuring out this whole spanking thing, so I could meet expectations. For one thing, it was hardly negative reinforcement if the girls kept begging and pleading for it, which meant that it would hardly work as a deterrent and/or punishment to stop bad behavior.

Sue Ellen pulled away from me, but she turned to Ruby.

Ruby had a big smile for her. "Congratulations! Welcome to the team!"

Sue Ellen gave her a suffocating bear hug. "Thanks!" Then she pulled back to say, "Oh, Ruby, Ruby, please! Please tell me, how will I ever be normal again? How can I do normal things? I've only just met Dan, and all I want to do is serve him all day long!"

Ruby wore a chagrined smile and cryptically replied, "I know. Welcome to my life. Most of the time you just have to go on as normally as possible, concealing who and what you really are. Society frowns on sex slaves, to say the least, so there's nothing to do but grin and bear it. You know that old song 'Say a Little Prayer?'"


"Just think like that." She sang, with a very impressive voice, "'The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for you. While combing my hair now, and wondering what dress to wear now, I say a little prayer for you.' Just like that. Keep him in your heart and in your mind at all times, and you'll feel better."

Sue Ellen nodded earnestly in understanding.

Ruby added, "And it helps to go without undies. That way, on the outside you look relatively normal, but underneath you're constantly reminded that you're one of Dan's devoted slave sluts. Stay hot and horny for him, thinking about his tasty cock, and how it would feel to slide through your lips. Think about what his other cock slaves are probably doing to him, not to mention his sexy wife. Lately, since I've started sucking him, sometimes I can actually taste the cum in my mouth if I think about it enough! Think about all the inventive things you could be doing to it, and always be thinking up new things. Then, try them out the next time you see him! And as soon as you see him too!"

Sue Ellen giggled. "You mean, I should say 'Hi, Dan,' then just drop to my knees, fish out his cock, and suck?"


"That's so naughty, but I love it! I'm getting all wet!" She raised her hands up above her head and clasped them while looking straight up, as if she couldn't contain her joy.

Ruby continued to lecture. "There's so much more you can do to help pass the time. For instance, when you feel a breeze gusting up your legs and it starts that tingling feeling in your pussy, imagine that's Dan, blowing on you."

Sue Ellen's eyes lit up. "Oh God! That's so great! Ruby, you're wonderful. Those tips will really help. I hope we can be good friends." She sang, "'At work I just take time, and all through my coffee break time, I say a little prayer for you.' Oh! Those lines are so perfect for my job. I feel better already!"

The two of them shared another surprisingly passionate French kiss. As they remained in each other's arms, Ruby said, "Don't worry about Michelle. I'm sure she's going to love you just as much as I'm falling in love with you. I've never felt so GOOD about someone so fast! I just know you're gonna be a great cock slave. You're gonna fit right in!"

"Thanks! I'll try!" They necked some more.

Eventually, I had to tap their shoulders to get them to stop, because I was worried about the time. I was also worried about people seeing, given that Sue Ellen was naked down to her bare ass.

Before they broke apart, Sue Ellen said to Ruby, "I think I'm already falling in love with you too. Not in a lesbian way exactly, but more like a fellow sister slave kind of way. I feel like we could be great friends and have endless fun serving our master's cock together!"

"Totally!" Ruby heartily agreed.

I had to intervene to stop them from necking still more!

Our sexy waitress finally pulled her uniform all the way up. She walked back towards the restaurant, happily sashaying her hips wildly from side to side. She was practically dancing on air.

I watched appreciatively with Ruby glued to my side. But just before our waitress got too far away, I shouted at her, "Hey! One last thing. You and Laura need to start a campaign to get new uniforms. Or no uniforms."

"No uniforms?" She turned sideways so she could look back over her shoulder. She wiggled her hips and shook her bra-less rack. "I like the sound of that!"

I grinned, but said, "You know what I mean. Just to wear street clothes."

She nodded. "I'm on it. By the way, speaking of Laura, I think she's in love with you too." Then she waved and walked away.

Ruby nudged me with a playful push, as we stood there and watched Sue Ellen go. "'She's in love with you too.' Did you catch that? 'Too,' as in Laura's not the only one. As in Sue Ellen is in love with you. And it's not just a lust thing. She's head over heels in love with you!"

I cleared my throat to cover my embarrassment. "Yeah, I got that already. But why? She's a great kid, but love? She can't really mean it. I've known her a couple of hours, tops, if you add it all up. She'll probably change her tune, once the initial excitement wears off. I mean, can cock worshipping really form the basis of a lasting and loving relationship?"

Ruby gave my crotch a squeeze, even though I was flaccid there. "Speaking for myself, I'm rather inclined to say, 'HELL YEAH!' In any case, don't you think it'll be a hell of a lot of fun finding out the truth?"

"You've got a point there," I said, laughing, as I finally got into the car.

Ruby tended to smile all the time, but she had the toothy smile ever. "Wow! That was great! Remember what I said just as we were going in, about how I felt like I was about to meet a new sister?"


"That's exactly what happened! It's like we were separated at birth or something. She sooooo gets it! She makes me proud to be a cock slave. She's gonna fit right in. This is the greatest thing ever!"

I muttered, "I hope so." In truth, I shared her enthusiasm, but I was trying to stay guarded, just in case things didn't work out.

As she sat down in the passenger seat, she closed her eyes like she couldn't handle this much joy. "And you gave me my very first facial! And not only that, but I got to share it with her! That alone in going to bind us together in a special way. Wow! What a day! I could just cry!"

I said, "Please don't. I've had enough crying for one day."

She giggled. "Okay."

After putting the key in the ignition, but still not starting the engine, I asked, "By the way, I'm curious about one thing. All that 'Say a Little Prayer' stuff. Is that really what you think?"

Ruby made a disgusted noise and rolled her eyes at me, as if I'd asked the dumbest thing imaginable. "Only like, all the fucking time! Since way before we even began the active flirting. Sheesh! I swear, you're SUCH a blockhead. How do you think I can make it through the hours and hours of that awful video shop job if I can't imagine you're the wind blowing on my pussy and stuff like that?

She poked my chest aggressively. "I mean, seriously Daddy, when are you finally, at long last, gonna get it? What's it going to take? A clue-by-four to the back of your head?"

It took me a few seconds to understand her play on "two-by-four."

She continued, "If we thought it would work, we'd have clubbed you caveman style and dragged you back to our bedrooms YEARS ago. I don't know why it's so hard for you to understand that Michelle and I both love you deeply, totally, and completely. Submissive love may not be an ordinary, everyday sort of love, but I'm telling you right now that it can be a very deep, profound, and soul-fulfilling love. Remember what I was saying about how I've been living a lie around you for a long time already, trying to act, you know... normal... when I really wanted to throw myself at your feet and slurp on your cock?"

I nervously ventured, "Yeah?"

"NOW do you understand what I mean? Things like that song have helped me endure that. And now you've just heard Sue Ellen describe how orgasmically and emotionally joyous it made her feel to blow you. She said it could be a 'transcendental' experience, and I completely agree. So Daddy, NOW do you understand why Michelle and I can't keep our noses out of your crotch and our lips and tongue off your stiff pole?"

"Well, kind of. Maybe. But why don't a lot of women like blowjobs then? They think it's a chore. Even Mindy, well, she enjoys it, but she doesn't get into it THAT much, not like you girls do."

She replied while lazily bringing a hand to my crotch, even though she knew I was still flaccid. "I suspect they're not doing it the right way, or they don't go into it with the right attitude. Probably it's a whole combination of things. You need to totally submit to the experience, and I'll bet most women are too afraid of being submissive to even try that."

She concluded, "Honestly, I don't know about anyone else's feelings. I don't even care if someone else doesn't get it. All I know for sure is how it makes ME feel. Thank GOD that I don't just have to dream about you anymore. Now I'm living my dream. You're everything I've ever wanted in a man, and so much more." She cuddled up against me, although it meant leaning way over to my side.


Confused, she looked up at me. "'Yeouch?'"

"Yep. Yeouch. As in, ouch. As in, oh shit. I'm just thinking that I almost wish all that isn't true, and that all of you are just going through a brief infatuation phase. Because if it is true, that's more love and devotion than I can take. I mean, you and Michelle are like forces of nature. You're truly like some kind of unstoppable hurricane, especially when you work together. So much passion, so much emotion, so hard to handle. And whatever's happened to you two seems to be infecting Sue Ellen. And Laura, even... And your classmates, with their wild Dan stories... And Mindy, with her cucquean fetish..." My voice trailed off as the enormity of this started to sink in to me.

Ruby made a face at me as she resumed stroking my bulge, despite my lack of physical arousal. "'Infecting' her? I'm insulted."

"Sorry, but in her case at least I know she can't really love me - I just met her, literally hours ago! It hasn't even been 24 hours. She hardly knows anything about me. There's some sort of weird submissive thing going on here that I don't understand. Like biological imprinting or something. It's like... invasion of the pod people!"

She sighed as she remained cuddled up to me, idly tracing the outline of my penis and balls with her fingers through my clothes. "You still don't get it, Daddy. You're a real hopeless case, you know that? Sure, maybe there's some kind of biological trigger than goes off when a naturally submissive woman gets dominated by a naturally superior man. In fact, I'd bet on it. It probably happens in reverse with naturally submissive men and dominant women too. But that's just a part of what's going on. There's lots of submissives who go from master to master to master, never finding true happiness. But I know I'll never have that worry. What you and I have, this is true love. You think this happens every day?"

She looked up into my eyes adoringly. "'As you wish...'" she whispered, quoting from the movie, "The Princess Bride."

Then she suddenly started singing some more of "I Say a Little Prayer" in a very good soprano voice: "Forever, forever, you'll stay in my heart, and I will love you. Forever, forever, we never will part, oh, how I'll love you. Together, together, that's how it must be. To live without you, would only be heartbreak for me."

I frowned, but taking advantage of the fact that her hand had drifted from my crotch, I started the car and began to drive.

She left me to my thoughts and she sang the rest of the song.

I mean, having all these beautiful women want you so much SOUNDS good, in theory. It makes for great fantasy material. But in real life? I can barely handle just Mindy! I really and truly mean that. I can honestly barely handle her on a day-to-day basis. A successful marriage takes a lot of work to keep going. I love her dearly, but she takes up so much of my time and emotional energy. How am I supposed to deal with Shelle, Ruby, AND now Sue Ellen too, all of a sudden? Mindy plus one, maybe, but plus three?! The mere idea is complete insanity.

And yet, how could I turn them away? I think I'm sexually addicted to them all already, even Sue Ellen!

Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me excited, but it also makes me feel bone tired. I'm not a kid with boundless energy anymore, and I'm not just talking about the possibility of so much sex. The emotional energy needed to deal with four women is probably going to be even more taxing. What am I going to do?

My redheaded vixen suddenly nudged me as a new thought popped into her head. "Hey! That whole 'This ass, it's mine.' ceremony. That was killer. You're SUCH a natural master, Daddy. Can you do that to me too? And Michelle too?"

I looked at her and rolled my eyes as I continued to drive on down the road.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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