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Chapter 32

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Life is funny. One minute, you're on top of the world, and the next minute you're doing laundry and trying to find a pair of clean underwear. That's what happened to me.

One minute, I was there in Mama Mia's, with two centerfold-worthy knockouts kneeling naked before me and licking up and down the sides of my cum-soaked pole, and not that many minutes later, I found myself back home, wiping the counter clean in the kitchen while my wife cooked dinner next to me. It was a really big letdown. I went from "Sexual Superman" with my very own pair of "cock slaves" to nice guy and helpful husband, getting the house ready for our guest, Cindy.

But things didn't return completely back to normal. For one thing, Ruby was there too, and even though my wife was wearing 'normal wife' clothes, the ones she'd presumably still be wearing when Cindy arrived, Ruby was wearing what I was calling in my mind, "Daddy, please bend me over the table and fuck me doggy-style right now, please, please, please?" clothes. She was wearing an oversized, sleeveless white T-shirt, with the emphasis on "oversized." It looked like the kind of shirt Kareem Abdul-Jabbar might consider wearing but then decide it was too big for him. However, although it was very baggy for her, it didn't hang down that low over her ass. And that was all she wore. Just the shirt.

Needless to say, her breasts were freely bonking around inside the shirt while constantly threatening to escape out of the sides or even the front, since the V of the collar and the sides of the shirt actually hung down well below her nipple level. And escape they did, constantly. She was already making a game out of it, saying things like, "Daddy, my tits keep falling out! I think they're just too big and needy and squeezable. Will you help me?"

Of course, the first thing I did was look over at my wife, who was standing right there and smirking. I shouldn't have bothered though, because she just kept doing her thing, acting as if this sort of request was perfectly normal and nothing she needed to be concerned about. She wasn't ignoring the situation (far from it, in fact!), but she was silently making it clear that dealing with this sort of thing was MY responsibility, not hers.

"Help you what?" I asked my redheaded teen vixen, already dreading her answer.

"I dunno. Just hold them and, um, rub them. Maybe if you get the nipples really hard, that'll help."

Mindy was no help at all. For instance, after that comment, she just snickered. Then, sounding like a normal concerned mother, she said in an off-hand way, "Honey, sounds like she needs some help over there. You really should help her with that whole nipple hardness problem, and the rubbing and fondling of her big squeezable tits and whatnot. I'll take care of things around here."

In fact, I'm pretty sure Mindy was wearing her 'normal' clothes already in an effort to focus all my attention on Ruby. I got the impression she was still a member of the Gruesome Twosome's secret conspiracy, at least in spirit, if not in formal membership any longer. It was as if it was her goal to make sure I ended up fucking every single hole I could fit myself into on my two seductress-in-training daughters, and she wouldn't be satisfied until I did just that.

Although Mindy was doing most of the cooking, I was doing the 'idiot' kitchen work since I couldn't cook anything that didn't have microwave directions. And Ruby was supposed to be setting the table. Setting the table is an easy and quick job, but it was really the "tease Dan mercilessly by striking one sexy pose after another and keep his dick erect" job, it seemed.

And I haven't even mentioned the bottom hem of the shirt yet. The shirt was long enough to cut across the top half of Ruby's ass and just above her pussy when she was standing straight and still. But "setting the table" seemed to consist of nothing but constantly bending over in front of me. In fact, it involved quite a lot of bending over and fiddling with things, one more time, that didn't need to be readjusted at all.

I'm just glad that one of the dinner dishes wasn't stuffing, or I'd never have been able to survive the sexy innuendos that would have been flying back and forth.

To make matters worse, Ruby couldn't stop talking to Mindy about what had happened with Sue Ellen at Mama Mia's today.

Mindy listened attentively and expressed her complete approval about absolutely everything. Yet she was able to keep her arousal in check enough to stay clothed and working on dinner. She didn't even seem that surprised, somehow.

My only saving grace, keeping me from drooling and gibbering like a blithering idiot, was that I was in the kitchen and Ruby was across the counter and all the way deep in the dining room. So I didn't have that close of a view. But then the teasing got worse when Ruby declared she was "too tired to go on" with her table setting duties, and came into the kitchen to get a drink. I should have seen it coming.

She went to the sink, poured herself a glass of water, and then proceeded to spill it all over her chest. I don't think one drop of water actually entered her mouth. Naturally, the white shirt, which was quite thin to begin with, turned just about completely see-through. Suddenly we had the makings of a wet T-shirt contest contestant.

Okay, so maybe coming home wasn't THAT much of an erotic come down. Enough time had elapsed since my orgasm at Mama Mia's that my dick was erect again, and my wife and daughter had certainly noticed.

Ruby cried in mock dismay, "Oh no! Clumsy me! Daddy, can you help?"

I pretended to be annoyed. "What am I supposed to do now, Red?"

"Just rub my tits and nipples until they feel really good. Er, I mean, until they get dry." Ruby joked, "I mean, you wouldn't want me to catch a cold or anything, now would you?" She laughed, and then gave me such a sultry "come hither" look that it just about knocked me over.

I sighed, although I have to admit it was more of a mock sigh. "Mindy, Sweetheart, aren't you going to say something? Help me out here?"

Again staying in 'normal wife and mother' mode, at least with her mannerisms and tone of voice, she said, "Honey, she does have a point. Her shirt is a total mess. Somebody's got to help rub her big and bouncy tits, and you don't want ME to do it, do you? I'm busy!"

This time, Ruby got to snicker.

Mindy pretended like she'd had a Eureka moment, but she was smirking too much to fool me for a second. "Oh, I know! Your cock gets really hot when it gets excited, and I see it's excited now. Have her suck you off for a good long while, and then you can fuck her big fat tits, while making sure to rub your sizzling hot pole all over them. That'll get that shirt dried off in no time."

She was great at staying in character, but she couldn't help turning to me at the end and smirking and smiling my way. She definitely loved to smirk-smile.

"What?!" I exclaimed, to startled looks from both of them. "How could you even joke about something like that?! ... You know I promised I'd fuck Michelle's big tits first." I finished that to a round of giggles. Their humor had been infectious, and I couldn't resist that set-up.

But then I tried to steer us back to the matter of preparing for our guest. "You're a big help," I complained. "Cindy's supposed to be here soon. How do you think she'd like it if she walked in and found me sitting on her only daughter, sliding my cock between her tits?"

"I dunno," Ruby replied, as she walked up to me and gave me a hug for no good reason. "Look what happened to Laura today. You never know. Why don't we test and see?"

She took my hand, slid it under the bottom of her "shirt," and then brought it up to her hefty rack. That left her wet shirt bunched up, completely exposing her stomach and everything below it as she churned her hips, grinding against my erection.

At this point I should have had some willpower and pushed her away. I did not.

Mindy obviously saw everything Ruby was doing, but that only increased my wife's smirkiness. "Oh, by the way," she said to me offhandedly, as if she'd just now remembered something. "A funny thing happened while you were upstairs showering and dressing, Honey. Sue Ellen called from work. Actually, she was sitting in her car during her break so she could talk to me with one hand on her pussy. You know most of the story, and I gotta say, DAMN! Good work there, hubby!"

"A-ha!" I said. "So that's why you seemed so unsurprised when Ruby was telling you everything."

"True. But I loved the story so much that I was happy to hear it twice. Besides, I wanted to hear both her take and Ruby's take."

Even though Ruby had explained this already, the reminder inspired her to repeat herself. "Mindy! You should have seen the way Sue Ellen sucked on Daddy's cock. It was truly a thing of beauty watching her wrestle with it and somehow try to cram it in her mouth. And all the tears she cried! She said she had this totally transcendental experience doing it too."

"I know," my wife replied, chuckling mirthfully. "Didn't you just tell me that and much more?"

Ruby said, "Yes, but it's so epic, so major, so colossal, it deserves to be said again! I mean, if Sue Ellen fully joins us, and I hope and expect she will, Daddy will have THREE hot, sexy, big-titted teen sex slaves at his constant beck and call! Our ability to properly tend his cock at all times will grow practically exponentially!"

Mindy chuckled some more. "Yes, I'm aware, and you know how much I approve. Just thinking about all that, and especially how the two of you licked the King together today, has got me so hot to blow him myself that it's hard to just stand here and cook. But the one thing neither of you know is that Laura also took her break early, and you know what she did with it?"

I said, "I'm afraid to ask."

"She rushed home, got her bathroom scale, turned around, and rushed back. Looks like someone's in a pretty big hurry to lose exactly 30 pounds!"

I frowned. "Oh no! She told Sue Ellen I told her that?"

Mindy said with a triumphant smirky smile, "Of course. AND... Sue Ellen explained a few things to her and now she's gonna go get tested for STDs first thing tomorrow."

"I've created a monster," I moaned. Somehow, my other hand had found its way to Ruby's tummy. Then I slid it up to twist her nipples. Ruby's oversized wet shirt wound up around her shoulders.

"Actually," Mindy purred, "I like to think that I'm the one who created the monster." She leered in the general direction of my crotch.

Ruby was still hugging me like her life depended on it and still grinding away on my erection with her hips. She said, "Actually, I think Dan IS a monster."

Mindy turned from the stove, puzzled by that.

Ruby went on, "Dan's cock is not just King, or Mr. King, it's a frickin' monster: KING DONG!"

She giggled, then started chanting, "Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum..." like she was trying to imitate the beating of jungle drums. She dropped a hand to my zipper and started unzipping it. "The villagers flee! Babies cry! Women faint! Grown men weep! King Dong is coming out of his cave!" She went back to making the drum chanting sound as she pulled my cock out.

She went on, "The Alien is scared! The Predator is too! Mothra? Forget it! He pissed in his pants. Even Godzilla leaves Tokyo alone and runs to the hills, because KING DONG is on the prowl!"

I'm weird. For some reason, I asked, "Mothra has pants?"

Mindy though was totally hamming it up. Acting like a scared and concerned housewife, she said, "Oh dear! Ruby, that sounds serious! What does this King Dong want? What are his demands?"

She moved behind Ruby and helpfully pulled Ruby's wet shirt up and over her head.

As Ruby started to stroke my throbbing boner, the now totally naked teen explained, "Well, he loves his wife. Naturally. And he keeps her very satisfied. But that's not enough! He needs to conquer teenage pussy! Human sacrifice! Not to kill, but to fuck! Virgins! Daughters! Virgin daughters with big tits and intact hymens! Because he's KING DONG and he's red and angry!"

"Oh my!" Mindy held her hands to her mouth, like an overly melodramatic B-movie actress from the 1950s. "Ruby, that's horrible! Honey, we'd better give this King Dong what he wants, or there's no telling what he'll do! What should we do first to appease this insatiable monster?"

Ruby was on her knees now, and I seemed helpless to stop her because she was just too fun and arousing. She spoke in a distressed voice, "Well, I think he'll be satiated with a titfuck or blowjob for now, but he'll be back later, after Mom's gone, demanding fresh, hot PUSSIES!" She was blowing air on the tip of my cock in a wonderfully maddening way.

Mindy hammed it up. "Oh no! Ruby, quick! Do something! Cool the King down! Use your saliva!"

Ruby already had my cockhead in her mouth by the time Mindy finished saying that. I'm not sure how she was doing it, but I could tell that she was finding it easier to accommodate my thickness in her mouth.

I looked up at my gorgeous wife, who seemed to be trying for the record of making the smirkiest satisfied smirk ever. "I suppose you think you're pretty clever, wife of mine," I said as I gave in and put my hand on Ruby's flaming red hair, guiding her movements as she started to suck with a good rhythm.

"Yeah, pretty much," she agreed smugly. "Ruby, I'd love to join you, and I can't wait to share Dan's cock with you, but somebody's got to keep an eye on the cooking." She started to get up, but then she changed her mind. "Awww, hell. I suppose one little suck won't hurt anybody. Or maybe two..." She tapped on Ruby's shoulder.

Ruby obligingly pulled her lips off and handed over my erection to my wife. Or I should say she handed over part of it: she kept right on stroking near the base while Mindy nibbled and licked around my cockhead.

After a minute of that, Ruby grew impatient. She griped to Mindy, "Don't just lick. You've got the entire prime cockhead to yourself. Give it a good, powerful suck! Let's see some real power sucking!"

"Well, twist my arm..." With that, Mindy engulfed my cockhead. For the next minute or two, she did her best to show Ruby how experienced and talented she was at this, while Ruby kept on stroking the remaining inches.

Who knows how long she'd have kept going, perhaps trading turns with Ruby, but a buzzer went off in the kitchen. She immediately pulled off and said, "Darn it! He's all yours, kiddo." Then she got up.

Ruby said, "Woooow! That was inspirational. A lesson from the Jedi master in Dan sucking!"

Mindy grinned at that. "Don't worry. You will learn, Padawan." She picked up Ruby's wet T-shirt, turned, and headed back to the kitchen. She tossed the shirt on the counter and went back to tending the stove.

Ruby eagerly took my cockhead back into her mouth. She immediately tried out some of the moves she'd just seen Mindy use. God, it felt great!

I could have just luxuriated in the cocksucking joy, but curiosity got the best of me. I asked Mindy, since she was free to talk, "Did you two come up with that whole 'King Dong' thing in advance?"

"Honestly, no. That was all Ruby's doing, I assume."

We both looked to Ruby for confirmation. She gleefully nodded. My boner was sticking straight out and she was sliding her mouth forward and back on it, so the nodding was easily noticeable.

Mindy saw that from the kitchen, and continued, "I gotta say I'm pretty impressed. Just like I'm wildly impressed at what you did at Mama Mia's today, Honey. Do you realize how many times I came while I was talking to Sue Ellen when she called me during her break? Four or five, at the very least. It's hard to tell because it was all just one big orgasmic phone call. And that was the quick version. Tomorrow I wanna get the full story out of her, face to face."

I pointed out, "But you heard it from her and Ruby too."

"Yeah, but I want the full Sue Ellen version. Ruby is right, that was an 'epic' event that's going to change all of our lives. Besides, the more I hear her talk, the more I learn about what makes her tick. Then I can use that knowledge to better enslave her to you."

"That's diabolical. I'm pretty much doomed to lose, aren't I?" I commented while my hands helped guide Ruby's head forward and back. Not that she needed the urging, mind you, but I got the sense that she welcomed it. It probably deepened her sense of being controlled.

"Pretty much," Mindy replied without looking back at me. "If one woman really, really wants something, and there's a man standing in the way, I feel sorry for that man. He's in a tough spot. But if three or four women all want the same thing, and there's a man standing there, it's almost like taking candy from a baby. He's roadkill." She turned her head my way and grinned with theatrical evil.

"I know. So what do you want?"

Mindy explained, as Ruby greedily sucked on me, "In the long term, for you to recognize reality and drop this whole 'dating boys' business of yours. Accept that you have two, going on three, cock slaves and fuck them in every hole to your heart's content. And theirs! Is that really so hard?"

I didn't answer. I felt I had to be mindful of their long-term futures and not let lust totally rule. But I didn't want to argue about that.

She added, "Furthermore, fuck whoever else you want, when you want. Hopefully while I get to watch. The cucquean's dream! I could name names, if you're interested. Jane Corlin, for instance. She's a ripe fruit, ready to be picked. In the short term, I was thinking it would be good for you to cum before Cindy gets here. And unless I miss my guess, you should be ready to cum buckets by now, and poor Ruby is actually, like she said, a little bit thirsty. So there's another win-win for everyone." She smiled wolfishly.

I commented, even as I winced and clenched my PC muscle, "It's weird. Here you are, my wife, watching our gorgeous nude daughter suck me off in our own house, as if this were the way things should be all the time, and you're actually rooting her on."

She smiled wickedly. "I know. Isn't it great? Don't you just love it? Don't you just wanna shower her face with your seed? Honestly, think how nice and relaxed you'll feel sitting there talking to Cindy, knowing that your balls have already been drained dry, and her daughter's cock-hungry mouth is swimming with your yummy sperm."

I asked my wife, "And where will you be while I'm doing that?"

"I just want a front row seat!" She came close again and knelt down. That put her face less than a foot from Ruby's. "God damn! Look at her go! ... Oh, Ruby, now you're just showing off, taking long sucks nearly to the back of your throat AND doing the corkscrew thing at the same time. I'm so proud of you!"

In fact, Ruby had gotten me in pretty deep into her mouth. I could feel the entrance to her throat stroking the top of my cockhead as she tried to take even more. But then she choked and gagged, and had to pull back to try and breathe. She didn't let my thickness escape from her sucking mouth though, and kept on licking around my sweet spot even as she recovered her breath.

"I must say," my wife told her approvingly, "I'm very impressed. Keep this up and you'll be deep throating him in no time! Once you figure out how to get over that nasty gag reflex of yours, of course. I mean, I know he's big and thick and all, but with plenty of practice you'll learn to take him all the way into your throat, so you can really swallow his cock so deep that we'll be able to see the bulge in your throat. Phew boy! That'll be extra sexy!"

Then she said directly to me, "Honey, did you know she and Michelle have been doing something special for a couple of weeks now that's weakening their gag reflexes? It's a kind of a trick involving a toothbrush. Before long, they'll be able to deep throat you just as easily as picking up a spoon!"

I rolled my eyes. "You two are so out of control! But Cindy's going to be here any minute, and there's all this stuff that's not done!"

"What stuff? Everything's taken care of. I just gave you some busy work, so you'd be forced to stare at Ruby and play with her body. But you're right about the time. Ruby, I don't know if one tongue is gonna do it. Do you mind sharing with me again? I think we may have to throw in some more fresh pussy to appease that monstrous ol' King Dong."

Ruby didn't reply, as that would have taken away precious lips-on-cock time. But she did quickly scoot over and pull her lips off again, allowing Mindy to lean in and start slurping away on one side.

I found myself thinking, How did it come to this, with my wife sharing my erection with my new daughter? Somehow, when all this wild stuff began, I kind of imagined Min in one box and Ruby and Shelle in another. The crossing of the lines is totally blowing my mind! This has never come up before. I mean, their tongues are actually touching right over my sweet spot, repeatedly! Where will it end? Will Mindy even invite our daughters to join us in our bed?

Knowing my wife's behavior lately, and looking down at her lapping her way up and down one side of my dick, with Ruby equally busy going around and around the cockhead, I could only answer: Probably! No, make that almost definitely! Man, I am so outgunned here. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

I was getting close to blowing my load when the doorbell rang.

"SHIT!" I shouted. "Shit, shit, shit! What terrible timing. That must be Cindy! Somebody, do something!"

I twisted and jerked myself away from both of them. I couldn't believe my eyes when they just remained kneeling there, with Mindy fully dressed and Ruby in just her birthday suit. I hissed, "Come ON! Look at how Ruby's dressed! Or should I say undressed!"

"But Honey!" Mindy complained. "We were so close! Just another minute. Or two. Come back!"

"No, I've gotta go change. My shirt's all wet from Ruby pressing her soaked chest against it, and now I've got drool and cum all over my pants!" I hissed quietly, "That's not just anybody; that's Ruby's MOTHER!"

Neither of them seemed particularly concerned.

I grabbed Ruby's hand and pulled her up. "Come on Ruby, upstairs! We'll go the back way so Cindy can't see us through the window!"

My erection was sticking straight out in front of me, as I hadn't tucked it away yet.

Ruby grabbed it and squeezed it tight. As she resumed stroking it, she said, "Let's go!"

Mindy guffawed. "She got you that time!"

The doorbell rang again.

I was getting panicky. After all, Ruby was our daughter now, but she was Cindy's daughter too.

Ruby seemed to be under the impression that she could stroke me all the way up the stairs, but I somehow managed to pry her hand off my shaft and zip up my fly while still in the kitchen.

Once my boner was no longer available, she finally acted with some urgency. We ran through the house, while Mindy tried to fix her hair and her face in the reflection coming from the window above the kitchen sink before finally going to answer the door.

By that time the door opened, Ruby and I were safely upstairs.

I dressed in record time and hurried back down the stairs. I was pretty certain that Ruby would come into my bedroom and ask to "finish the job" as soon as she had some clothes on. I doubted I could resist the temptation, but the idea of getting blown by Ruby while her mother was elsewhere in the house was too freaky for me. (The boldness and daring I was feeling at Mama Mia's earlier was gone, and I was more or less back to my usual risk-averse self.)

However, the thought of doing something like that, plus the knowledge that my dick was still covered in Ruby's and Mindy's saliva, kept it at full mast and then some. In fact, because I'd been so very close to cumming without quite getting there, I was feeling far too horny to meet Cindy. But what could I do? I was too anxious now to quickly cum, even if I had Ruby's oral help.

I was more than a little flustered, but trying not to show it (or my bulge!), when I came down the stairs to greet Cindy.

She and Mindy were chatting away happily in the foyer. My wife was looking and acting like everything was perfectly normal.

"Cindy! Great to see you!" I said as I outstretched my arms once I reached the bottom of the stairs. I gave Cindy a very chaste and quick peck on the cheek and an equally quick hug, being careful to keep my lower body away from her, to prevent her from feeling the raging erection throbbing in my pants.

"Great to see you!" Cindy replied happily enough. She had a hint of a quizzical look though, due to my awkward hug.

But then Mindy had to stick her foot in it. "Daniel Cooper! What kind of hug and kiss was that? Do you think she has cooties or something? Come on, give her a real hug!"

I saw the knowing snicker on my wife's face that indicated the jokester side of her had come out to play. As a matter of fact, it seemed she has had that snicker on her face more often than not lately, at least when she was around me. Obviously, she knew I had an insistent boner, because her tongue had just helped make it that way, and she loved to put me in tricky but basically harmless spots.

I really had no choice but to stand closer to Cindy and give her a real hug, and then kiss her on both cheeks. I was thinking, Damn! As if this isn't awkward enough, I can't thinking that it's obvious where Ruby gets her gorgeous looks. Not to mention the genetics for her big breasts. There's been too much excitement today. I've gotta steer clear of pressing against her hefty puppies!

I thought I'd made it through the hug okay, but just as I pulled away, Cindy said, "Dan, is that a cucumber in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Cindy and Mindy burst into laughter. Apparently they thought that was the greatest joke in the whole world, because they just kept on laughing. At least Ruby was still changing upstairs so she wasn't there to laugh along and increase my embarrassment.

Finally, I was able to shepherd the two mirthful women into the adjacent living room, where we all sat down on the sofas to have some cocktails.

Our house has a fantastic fireplace and we're big on fires, even in the summer, not for the heat but for the atmosphere. So I stood up and got the fire going before fully joining the other two. I also hoped the distraction would allow my erection to subside (but no such luck with that).

Sitting down, I took a moment to give Cindy the look over. I was free to do so since she was turned Mindy's way and fully engaged with her.

It wasn't that I was sexually attracted to Cindy at that moment. Definitely not. I mean, with Mindy, Michelle, Ruby, Sue Ellen, and possibly even Laura to contend with, having sex with one more woman was the last thing on my mind. And I had more or less gotten in the habit of pushing aside all sexual attraction to my gorgeous neighbors - especially Cindy. She was our dear friend, and my wife's best friend, so that was only proper.

But still, I had suddenly become very sexually involved with her daughter. I couldn't help but see her in a new and distinctly more sexual light by comparing the two of them. For instance, how much of her daughter was in Cindy, or how much Cindy was in Ruby? Ruby was obviously very sexually voracious - did she get that from her mother?

I doubted it. After all, Cindy had been divorced for three years now, and since she and Mindy were close friends, I usually got the Cliff's Notes lowdown on her dating prospects. To make a long story short, the dates appeared to be few and far between, and had been for quite some time now. Even back when she was married, it seemed like she'd had a pretty horrible sex life and marriage. It sounded like she didn't so much have sex with her husband as he'd occasionally come home raving drunk and basically rape her. It sounded horrible. I figured that she must be turned off to sex, after years of that kind of abuse and bad associations.

But on the other hand, she was quite a looker. In that way, there was absolutely no doubt that she was Ruby's mother. In fact, just as Michelle was practically a carbon copy of her mother (plus a little extra jutting up front), Ruby was basically a carbon copy of Cindy. Their fathers (including me!) didn't seem to have much to do with it.

For instance, Cindy's hair was red, although more of a brownish red instead of Ruby's fire red, and she had a longer haircut. They had the same large breasts, although I didn't know what Cindy's bra cup size was exactly, as it wasn't polite to ask her or Mindy about that. They also had the same stunning types of faces, the same overall impressive hourglass figure, same green eye color, same cute noses, and well, basically, the same everything!

So naturally, given my strong and growing sexual feelings for Ruby, it would be pretty natural that I'd be attracted to Cindy too, right? Bone the daughter, then bone the mother!

Well, no. It was a totally, totally different situation. The way I looked at it, the whole key to making this new arrangement of allowing me to have sex with other women work was to limit the field to only older teenagers. Let's say college-aged, at the oldest. As Mindy had explained to me, with teenagers, she didn't have to worry about a threat to our marriage due to the great age difference.

So, in deference to my wife, an intelligent, attractive, educated, friendly, kind, and single woman our own age, such as Jane Corlin - or Cindy - was the absolute LAST type of woman in the world I would want to have sex with. That would be a great big "fuck you" to this whole "let Dan fuck sexy teenage babes" system Mindy had created, which was working out incredibly well for me so far.

As a result, I figured I could kick back and relax and not even concern myself with passing thoughts of what Cindy would be like in bed. My erection finally died as I sat there chatting with Mindy and Cindy, even though both of them were knockouts, and both of them were dressed to the nines. Neither of them were bashful about wearing plunging necklines around me, so I had plenty of female beauty to look at. But I could simply appreciate two beautiful women without thinking "Oh my God I have to bang her right now!" Which, by the way, had been a train of thought rumbling through my mind quite often in recent days, given that Michelle and/or Ruby were seemingly always underfoot!

No, if anything, Cindy was an obstacle to the sexual happenings in my life. We had some dicey topics to discuss with her, if not now, then probably in the not too distant future. For instance, how could we tell her that I had somehow basically become Ruby's father, for all intents and purposes? She knew I was letting her call me "Daddy," but it was evolving far beyond that as the sexual fun bound us closer and closer together. What did that mean?

And what would happen if Cindy found out all the sexual things I was doing to Ruby? I could really see no choice but to keep that a secret from Cindy for a long time, maybe even forever, especially if she was going to accept me as Ruby's father in some sort of official capacity. Mindy suggested she had a way of breaking that news to her gently, but I didn't see how that was possible. I wished we'd discussed that some more before Cindy arrived, but now it was too late.

I'd only been thinking along these lines for a couple of minutes when Ruby swept down the stairs. And I do mean swept: she looked like the belle of the ball! And that was especially fitting because she was wearing one of those Southern belle-type outfits, the kind that shows off vast swathes of tit flesh and cleavage, practically exposing a bit of aureole, as it gets as close as possible to exposing the nipples without actually doing it. And yet, those dresses are somehow considered "classy" instead of pornographic.

It was a shiny, satiny, deep blue dress, the kind she could have easily worn to a prom or a debutante ball. That was an unusual color for her since she favored reddish hues most of the time, but it looked great on her. Her face had just the right touch of make-up, and her jewelry, including a sparkling necklace and earrings, only made her look that much more spellbinding.

Cindy stood up. "My goodness! Is that my daughter? What's come over you? You're blinding us here with your beauty! What's the special occasion?"

Ruby was beaming. "Oh, no special occasion."

"Come on," Cindy prodded. "You don't dress up like that for just any ol' dinner at the Cooper house. We do this about every other week and I've never seen you dress like this."

"Okay, I'll admit it. There's a new man in my life. I'm dressing up like this kind of, you know, in anticipation."

"A new boy?" Cindy exclaimed. "Oh my GOODNESS! What great news! Oh, what a load off my mind. I've been SO worried! Look at her! She's eighteen, pretty as a picture, and she never dates. Who's the lucky boy?"

My heart skipped a beat, especially because Ruby then stared directly at me! She was going to spill the beans!

Still staring right at me, Ruby said, "I can't tell. Not now. Maybe later, tonight. But first, I want to get some feedback from a man. Dan, what do you think? How do I look?"

I tried to recover from my shock and say something intelligent. "Ruby, I'm... speechless! Honestly speechless! You're a vision of total perfection!"

"Really? You think?" She twirled around. If she was beaming before, now she was bright as the Sun. Standing about two feet in front of me, she suddenly leaned forward, causing her boobs to nearly pop out of her low-cut top.

Her mouth wound up right next to my ear, and she whispered to me very quietly, "I'll dress like this for you, and only you. Your cock slave aims to please her master!"

Then, just as suddenly, she stood back up and giggled. Mindy and Cindy saw that, but thankfully they couldn't hear it. I'm sure Cindy at least assumed she was just telling me some kind of inside joke.

I tried to play cool and laughed along, like she'd just told me something cute and funny. My dick was starting to engorge again though, even as I mentally fought to keep it down. It was still needy since I hadn't climaxed yet due to Cindy's untimely arrival.

With a twinkle in her eye, Ruby held up her necklace for me. "How do you like my necklace? It's new! These are real pearls, you know." Her voice turned husky. "Would you like to see me with a pearl necklace?"

I practically choked out loud at her blatant innuendo. It was especially outrageous that she was already wearing a pearl necklace but was asking me if I'd like to see her in one. I looked at Mindy, who had caught on and was wearing her typical devious smirk. Luckily, however, Cindy appeared completely clueless.

I quickly tried to cover up by saying, "You look brilliant in it. Absolutely brilliant!"

But the wily redhead wasn't done. "Really? You like it? It was a gift my father gave to me many years ago, before he left us. I've never worn it before. It's kind of small on me now and barely fits. It feels kind of tainted, 'cos it's from him. I wish somebody nice gave it to me. Dan, I wish YOU gave it to me. Dan, I really wish you could give me a big pearl necklace! If only you could give me one, later tonight, even!"

Obviously, Ruby remembered my promise that I would fuck her tits later. Hot damn!

Cindy looked in confusion at me and then at Mindy, so, thankfully, she didn't see when Ruby winked my way.

Luckily, Cindy didn't understand the sexual meaning, but she was bothered that her daughter would so blatantly ask for a present. She quickly said, "Now, Ruby, really! You can't ask Dan for something like that. He loves you, I'm sure, but something like that costs thousands of dollars. Don't worry, if you want a new one that badly, we can see about Christmas. But really, we should just get that one refitted. Like you said, you've never even worn it. Do you really dislike Rex that much?" That was the name of Cindy's ex-husband.

"Let's not talk about him," Ruby's brilliant white smile faded precipitously at the mention of Rex's name. "But I do want a big pearl necklace from Dan, I know that much." Again, she was staring right at me. "I don't care if it's a super cheap one, so long as it's from him."

She was looking into my eyes with such a lusty gaze that I'm surprised Cindy didn't figure everything out, and then just up and scream, "Dan, take your filthy hands off my daughter!"

Cindy had to be puzzled, to say the least, about all this pearl necklace talk. She complained, "That's not how it works. You don't tell other people what gifts to give you."

Thankfully, the conversation calmed down and turned instead to this supposed business of Ruby possibly having a new boyfriend.

Ruby sat down with us. She was mum on any details, although she did keep using the word "man" every time, while Cindy always used the word "boy."

I smelled trouble brewing. Ruby was nearly as willful and uncontrollable as Michelle was, and she clearly had sex with me on the brain. How long would it be until Cindy figured it out, especially if Ruby continued with her innuendo and lusty looks?

The four of us had been chatting away and sipping our cocktails for about ten minutes, when we heard the sound of the front door open. Michelle had been dropped off by one of her coworkers. She was still wearing her video shop 'uniform,' which was really just a polo shirt with a company logo on it and some black slacks from home. The front entrance way opened out into the living room, and even before she looked at us, she yelled, "Don't look at me! I'm hideous!"

I thought, She doesn't exactly like her company uniform, although she looks sexy even in that, since her jutting torpedoes stretch the fabric to its limit. I had to admit, my little girl could probably go dumpster diving for clothes and still look like a total knockout. Although I can't really call her "little" anymore, not with that bubble butt and her jutting twin torpedoes. Whoa! Down, boy!

But as Michelle started to head upstairs to change, she froze when she saw Ruby bedecked in jewelry and her finest clothes. She shrieked, "Oh my God! I'm REALLY hideous! Ruby, how could you do this to me?!" She rushed on up the stairs and out of sight.

I knew Michelle's competitive streak. Now she was going to have to at least try to equal Ruby's outfit, if not exceed it.

We didn't see Michelle for a while after that. The dinner was ready, but Mindy kept stalling for time, waiting for Michelle to come down and join us. We yelled up after her a couple of times, but there was no response.

Finally, Mindy asked me, "Honey, can you go upstairs and see if you can hurry things along? She's fit to be tied over Ruby's dress. If I know her, she could take two hours to pick out her outfit."

"Me? Why me?" I could see the potential for all kinds of sexual trouble if I went up there. Now that the sexual gates had been opened wide, Michelle would be very sexually needy for me after enduring the boredom of her video store shift. She might even be insatiable and uncontrollable.

But Mindy just said, "Sometimes an indecisive woman needs a man's advice over what to wear. Don't you agree, Cindy?"

"Oh, definitely."

Mindy added cryptically, "Or, Dan, you could stay here and listen to me tell some pretty interesting stories."

I had no idea what she was talking about, but her tone and her look at me was ominous to say the least. I had a very good feeling that I didn't want to know anything about those stories, and I especially didn't want Cindy to know them.

So I walked up the stairs. I was already thinking, Uh-oh! But along the way my penis betrayed me. It had finally gone down after Ruby's "pearl necklace" shenanigans, as well as her stunning dress, but it grew stiff again as I walked up the stairs and contemplated what I might find up there.

In fact, the hardness in my pants seemed to have an almost perfect inverse relationship to the distance to my daughter's bedroom. By the time I was standing outside her door, I felt like I needed to pull the safety brake on the train that would make the steam whistle sound long and loud to keep the boiler from exploding as everything derailed off the bridge into the gorge below in a spectacular wreck.

I hadn't seen my daughter since eleven that morning. I thought, Uh-oh. Here goes nothing. Take one huge "Daddy crush," add eight hours of a daughter bored out of her mind at a video store, with nothing better to do than fantasize about her daddy sexually dominating her, toss in the extreme excitement of the first day of her "Plan" coming true, and then send said daddy upstairs alone, like the proverbial sacrificial lamb, and you've got the recipe for big trouble.

When I got to Michelle's room, I could see her door open and all kinds of clothes scattered about. This was a good sign, I thought, since these weren't the clothes she'd come home in. Maybe she's making progress.

But then I heard, "Oh, Daddy!" and a flesh-colored blur flashed by me. I didn't have to wonder what she was doing for long, because she closed her door behind me and then threw herself in my arms! She got out one more "Daddy!" before her lips found mine, and then it was all over.

Have I emphasized enough just how willful my daughter was? It wasn't enough that she was dueling tongues with her momentarily confused father; she wanted more. While never breaking the kiss, she basically managed to drag me to her bed and then throw me on it. While I was still reeling from that, she managed to pull my pants and boxers down below my knees. She managed one quick, "Oh, Daddy! I missed you so much!" before she slipped down my body and her lips closed around my bulbous cockhead.

I think that took less than half a minute, possibly much less. She was in a big hurry to get sucking!

And then there was suction. And lips. And tongue. And... hunger. Such greedy, insatiable hunger!

I knew this was going to happen. I totally knew it! Mindy set me up. But I was backed up with orgasmic need, and Michelle was sucking me with such passion that I wasn't about to push her away. Hell, it probably wouldn't have done any good if I'd tried.

What's the deal with these teenage girls and blowjobs? It seems that's all they want! Focusing a bit more and feeling my hands roam over silky skin, I confirmed that Michelle wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. I realized that her supposed indecision in picking an outfit was just a setup. She knew that if she dawdled enough, I'd get sent up to see her. Then she had been ready to pounce.

Still, I didn't exactly mind the "punishment" I was getting. It was impossible to describe just how passionately she was blowing me. It was like she was determined to get me to cum five minutes ago already. Her non-stop erotic moaning was so loud I feared they might hear it downstairs. I was grateful that at least she had the presence of mind to close the door first.

Although I didn't want to, I said, "Shelle, we really can't do this. ... Cindy... waiting downstairs. ... Dinner... getting cold..."

Damn, why do I have to say the responsible thing at a time like this? Of course, I might not have been so quick to say that if I thought there was actually a snowball's chance in Hell that she'd listen to me.

It was already getting difficult for me to talk, and she'd only been sucking me off for a minute at most. That's how intently she was going at it! It was at times like this that I realized Michelle and Ruby truly had learned every sexual trick that Mindy knew, because Michelle was using them all in a stunning combination. Hands, lips, mouth - all her parts worked as one devastating and relentless cum-extracting machine. She even slipped a hand under my ass and poked her thumb in my anus, rooting around and finding my prostate gland!

I knew I was going to blow within a minute, if I didn't do something. (I might have been able to deal with her blowjob, but the prostate stimulation on top of that was more than any man could resist.) That was good, in the sense that maybe at least we could get Michelle downstairs faster that way. But it was bad for me, because I highly doubted I could get it up again tonight if I blew my load now, and I'd made all kinds of promises to her and Ruby about first titfucks and spankings to take place later this very evening, after Cindy left.

But then I saw that that was my lifeline. With one great effort, I rushed out between frantic gasps, "Shelle, if you keep doing that, then I won't last for long! And then what about the promised titfuck?"

That gave her pause, literally. Taking my erection out of her mouth, at least, while her hands kept stroking, she said, "Come on, Daddy! I know you can do it now AND later!"

She was about to dive back down on my throbbing pole, but I said, "Wait! One load, yeah, maybe. But a titfuck AND a spanking? No way."

"Oh. Shoot!" She was frustrated, but not for long. An idea came to her. "I know! Titfuck now, and spanking later!" Sitting back on her heels, she thrust her chest forward and brought my hands up to her twin peaks.

My hands had a mind of their own and started kneading all those acres and acres of firm tit-flesh.

"Mmmm!" she purred with her eyes closed, so she could better savor the tactile sensations. "I love it so much when you do that. Daddy taking control of his daughter... Mmmm... I could cum just from this..."

Seeing my hands were doing well without additional help, she grabbed hold of my pulsing boner and started to pull it up while she brought her chest down.

But before the two could meet, I resisted and tried to pull back. "Wait! Just think, Shelle. Don't you want your first titfuck to be one for the ages? We've only got a couple of stolen minutes here. That's no good."

She moaned, "But Daddy... I've been thinking about you aaaaall day! Thinking about your HARD COCK in my mouth, between my tits, in my cunt, up my ass, in my hands - everywhere! I want your cock to dominate my entire body! I need it, and I need it NOW! I don't care. I don't care about them downstairs. Let 'em wait!"

She was holding my stiffness with two hands. Her intention to bring it into her cleavage seemed to get forgotten, as she started to get carried away with the handjob.

I realized I needed to appeal to her competitive nature. "What, you're just gonna sit here and let Ruby steal the show downstairs? You want everyone to think she's the most beautiful girl in town?"

That gave her pause too. I could see her frown in dismay. Suddenly, her body was flying up mine, and I found my face absolutely smothered in ripe teenage tit-flesh. "I know you sucked Ruby's nipples today! Please suck mine! It's one of my biggest fantasies! We can do that for a couple minutes, at least, can't we? If you make me cum, hard, that'll be good enough for now."

So there I was, nipples a go-go in my face before I could count to three. But hey, it felt really good. I was more than happy to suckle away on Michelle's hard nipples. Frankly, it had been a pretty strong fantasy of mine too, for longer than I want to admit. And from the way she responded, I most definitely wasn't alone in that.

It really shouldn't have come as a big surprise, but as I started sucking on my daughter's nipples in earnest, an almost otherworldly sense of "rightness" seemed to settle into me, as if this was something that not only should have been done for a while now, but would have to keep happening from now on. Yes, she's my biological daughter, but so what, dammit?! It feels too good! She's too irresistible! After all, what are such humongous tits and tasty nipples like these even for if not to suck on?

But that wasn't enough, in and of itself, for my frenzied daughter. Her hands were everywhere, working to take off my jacket and dress shirt (she somehow succeeded quickly with both), trying to put my fingers on or in her pussy (I resisted), or at least on her ass (I gave in quickly there).

Before long, the only part of me still clothed were my lower legs, because my pants didn't come all the way off. Either I had one of her nipples in my mouth, or when I was taking a break from that, she would give me an all-over body scrape, sliding up and down me like I was some kind of scratching post.

But generally I suckled her nipples and fondled her ass, while she used one hand to feed me more tit and used the other one to continuously stroke my erection.

It was good. It was very good. I could keep buzzing with pleasure like this for a good long time without going over the edge, like I'd been on the verge of doing before.

All the while, she was talking. "Daddy, Daddy, you have no idea how LONELY I was today! Having to work at that stupid, stupid job, while Ruby got to stroke and blow you all day long - aaarrrgh! I've never been so frustrated in my life! And then, when she called me and told me all those things you were doing to her and that Sue Ellen in the restaurant! UGH! Please! Next time, have mercy and just kill me instead!"

But then her tone changed, "But Daddy, I'm so impressed! You made a brand new cock slave in just two days?! Ruby says she's totally Daddy-worthy too. At this rate, there'll be a dozen of us, or more! I have the most sexually potent Daddy in the whole wide world! And I love how bold you've become in restaurants. I can't even wait until the next time we go out to eat, and I get to suck you under the table!"

Her voice turned even more lusty and orgasmic. "Can you just picture that? A dozen busty, gorgeous teenage cock slaves? All taking turns riding you? I know, it's really too many, I hope you don't take THAT many slaves, but it's fun to imagine!"

Strange, she really seems to assume that I could just take as many "slaves" as I wanted. No way! I mean, the Sue Ellen thing has been amazing, but that was total freaking dumb luck. Right?

With one hand on my pole and the other on her clit, she worked herself up to a nice orgasm. After that, she began to calm down a bit. She gradually managed to work off most of her frantic energy (mostly by vigorously jacking me off, it seemed), and her whole tone started to mellow. Instead of wildly sliding her naked body all over mine, she morphed into more of a cuddly mood. Mind you, that didn't really slow down the ass fondling, cock stroking, or nipple suckling much at all, but at least our other body parts were slowing down and my heart wasn't thumping its way out of my chest anymore.

She cooed, "Aaaaah. I'm starting to feel better. I need some serious Daddy lovin'. I need to BELONG, to my big, strong Daddy! This is where I belong, in your arms, with your cock in my hands or in one of my holes. You don't have ANY IDEA what a comfort it is to come home from work and feel the King between my lips and in my hands. I goes way beyond waiting through one eight-hour shift. I've been dreaming about this for years. YEARS! It's even better than I dreamed! Don't you love your cock slave daughter? Don't you just want to rip my maidenhead to shreds with your fat daughter-porking COCK? Daddy, that's where I need you! Drilling my needy cunt, daily and nightly!"

I couldn't really verbally respond, not with one or both of her nipples in my mouth most of the time. I was lucky to breathe, the way much of my face was enveloped by ripe tit-flesh. I was really starting to appreciate the difference a couple cup sizes made, in terms of sheer weight and volume (not to mention smothering potential!).

Then I heard a voice from elsewhere in the room (I couldn't see a thing, due to those same mountains of tit-flesh). "Awww ... isn't this a lovely scene?"

For once, I didn't panic, if only because I knew that voice quite well, and its loving tone as well. That was because it belonged to my wife. I had a nervous flash imagining what Cindy might do to me, seeing me with my pants down to my ankles and my daughter's hands pumping away on my hard rod - not to mention my mouth and hands exploring every inch of her mountainous F-cups. But luckily that was only a flash, causing my body to briefly jerk.

I pulled away from a nipple to ask my lovely wife, "How long have you been standing there? Is the door closed?"

"Long enough, and yes. Don't worry, Cindy's not going to come up here. Although, wouldn't it be interesting if she did?"

I could almost hear the mischief-creating gears grinding in her head.

Now, at this point, any normal wife would start complaining about what I was doing, if not hitting my head with a frying pan or something like that. Even a wife who approved of an open marriage would probably complain that I was ignoring her needs too much, or at the very least that I was being rude in ignoring our guests downstairs.

But what did my Mindy say? "Honey, I've been listening to what our daughter has been saying to you, and I'm very much of the opinion that you should really listen to her. If she needs you drilling her daddy-loving cunt daily and nightly, as a caring and adoringly devoted parent, shouldn't you strive to make her happy? Why is it so wrong for you to take her virginity and remain the only man to ever enjoy the pleasure of fucking her? If she wants to learn the ways of complete sexual subservience to her daddy's rampant cock, who are you, or I, to say no?"

Mindy wasn't really saying anything I hadn't heard before lately, especially from Michelle. But between her quiet yet lust-filled words and Michelle's fingers homing in on rubbing my sweet spot, they were making quite a persuasive case. I was about ready to agree to anything, I felt so good.

All I could say is, "Can we talk about this later?! Cindy! Downstairs! Dinner!"

My wife wasn't deterred by that in the slightest. "Don't worry, I whispered to Ruby what was undoubtedly happening up here, and she's going to stall for time as long as necessary. Besides, Michelle dithering about picking a dress to beat Ruby's outfit makes the perfect excuse for you two to stay up here for lots and lots of cock-pleasing. Michelle, isn't it yummy? And I'll bet your nipples feel... wonderful."

Michelle was in some kind of erotic nirvana, rubbing my boner while cuddling her nakedness against me in general. "Oh, Mom! He's soooo yummy! And my nipples are on FIRE! I've had lots of girls suck my nipples, but this is so different! It's like... electric ka-POW! Straight to my clit!"

I raised a curious eyebrow at the "lots of girls" comment. That certainly put some interesting images in my head. And I noticed my wife didn't show the least bit of surprise.

But before I could stop suckling long enough to say or ask something about that, Mindy smiled and nodded knowingly. Then she continued, "Michelle dear, what if I were to pick out something really nice and sexy for you from your closet here? Something that's just barely respectable enough so that Cindy won't suspect anything or pass out in shock, and yet is sexy enough so that the rest of us know you're really saying, 'My body belongs to Daddy and no one else, and I live to serve his cock!'"

My daughter jerked my boner with increased vigor. "Wow, Mom! You're the best! Can you find an outfit that says all that? And shows lots and lots of cleavage? Daddy's promised to titfuck me soon, and I want to make sure that stays on his mind."

"I can try," she purred cryptically. Even the Cheshire Cat had nothing to compare to the grin on my wife's face.

My eyes were flitting back and forth between Mindy and Michelle as I followed the conversation. It was bizarre, looking over and seeing my wife dressed to the nines and then looking up and barely managing to see my daughter's face over the huge swell of tit-flesh above her nipple.

Michelle suggested, "Okay, but can you make it something red? Ruby always lives in red, thanks to her stupid hair and her stupid name, but red is Daddy's favorite color! I can go red for once, since she's wearing blue."

"Sure, but don't knock Ruby like that. What's the number two and number three cock slave rules?"

My daughter looked to the floor, chastened, but her hand continued to slide up and down my hot, wet shaft. "'No jealousy,' and 'share the cock.'"

"That's right. Never forget."

That fairly blew my mind. There are rules?! And what's the number one rule? But I was way too far gone in erotic pleasure to think, much less talk. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Suckle, suckle, suckle. There didn't seem any rush whatsoever to get back downstairs.

My wife sternly said to Michelle, "I'd almost say that deserves a spanking, except that we already know Daddy's gonna whale on your ass tonight. I'd better go back down and explain we're having a fashion crisis. Then I think there's some red things in my room that you'll absolutely love. Give the King a nice long suck while I pick something out."

"Okay! Thanks, Mom! You're the best!"

Since Mindy and Michelle are the same height and have basically the same body measurements except for Michelle's larger breasts and wider hips, they can swap clothes in a pinch. Of course, that also meant that what fit Mindy perfectly would be salaciously tight around Michelle's jutting bosom.

Once Mindy had left, Michelle grinned impishly at me from close up. "Isn't Mom great? She really is the best! None of this would be possible without her being so cool. Now, where were we? Oh yeah! We were reveling in your total domination of your helpless, horny daughter!"

I thought about Cindy downstairs... the food getting cold... the total absurdity of my current situation... But mostly I was thinking about Michelle. Can this kind of behavior really go on, well, basically, forever? Ten years from now, will I still find Michelle lying on top of me, with her nipple in my mouth and her fingers relentlessly flying up and down my cock?

I realized with a start, I'm already addicted. What would I do if Mindy suddenly changed her mind and said, "No more teenage girls. No more Ruby. No more Michelle?" I could live without Sue Ellen, although how long will I be able to keep saying that? I'm already surprisingly fond of her, and not just sexually. But Ruby and Michelle? It's only been a few days since things have really heated up, and already I need to enjoy their bodies and their kisses on a daily basis like I need air to breathe. I need them as much as I need my wife, even.

This is bad. But what can I do? Every time I try to think and sort things out, some insanely hot sex bomb has her hands or her mouth on my dick and all rational thought goes out the window! Like right now. Forget it. What can I do but lie back and enjoy it?

I can't say my thoughts out loud though, as that would only encourage her. I mean, if she's this enthusiastic without much encouragement from me, what would she be like with encouragement? The thought is almost frightening. Of course I'm loving all the sexual pleasure, but also feel like I'm getting steamrollered. Considering I'm supposed to be some kind of master now, I need to actually take charge.

Since Mindy had just advised Michelle, "Give the King a nice long suck while I pick something out," it wasn't long before Michelle slipped down my body and proceeded to do just that. But thankfully, our playing around had taken the edge off. She was no longer desperately hungry for my cum. She settled in for a more prolonged and careful cocksucking, with relatively restrained lip sliding and suction, and a focus on her talented tongue work.

Mindy was quick and efficient, gathering the clothes, make-up, and jewelry that Michelle needed.

She came back to my room, still dressed to the nines, and smiled with a big smirk when she looked in and saw Michelle's head bobbing over my crotch. "My goodness! What a joyful sight! Honey, this is a cucquean fantasy in action, a 'pinch me I'm dreaming' moment. Don't you just love it?"

I grunted affirmatively. I was close to the edge, so I wasn't in a talking mood. I was having to strenuously clench my PC muscle. Any loss of attention would result in a cummy mess.

My wife then said, "Michelle, dear, everything is ready for you. But take your time. Remember, you're one of Daddy's cock slaves now. What comes ahead of pleasuring his cock?"

There was a long silence. Before long I began to doubt if Michelle had even heard Mindy talking, because she kept on bobbing relentlessly.

Mindy said, "That's the correct answer: nothing." She walked over to where we were and sat down next to me. She leaned into me and started gently caressing my hair. "That said, Honey, I think you've held out quite a lot today. Wouldn't it feel good to just... let go?"

I was surprised she tried to ask me anything, considering how I was huffing and puffing. I gathered my wits together enough to ask, "So, now you want me to cum?"

"Sure. We don't want you with an embarrassing bulge all evening long, not with Cindy there. Wouldn't it feel good to blow your load in our daughter's mouth? Don't you want her to gargle with your sperm? Or would you rather blast your hot seed all over her face? Maybe we should have her walk downstairs in this gorgeous formal dress I've picked out, plus a face full of sticky cum! Hmmm, I wonder what Cindy would think about that, especially when Ruby starts to lick her face clean."

Mindy didn't have to say more, because I finally lost control! I grunted loudly as my cum started to fire into my daughter's mouth.

Michelle just kept on bobbing and gulping my load down, as if she was an old pro at this. That was impressive, since I knew there was no way she could have accurately practiced this part before.

Meanwhile, my wife continued to gently stroke my hair. She spoke soothingly, in total contrast to my erotically frenzied state and her actual words. "That's it, Hubby. Fill your daughter's stomach with Daddy-sperm! Pump her full with your fertile little baby-makers! Just like you'll be regularly pumping her virgin cunt full of them soon enough. That's right, treat your daughter like the good, obedient, cum-dump that she is!"

Normally, a male orgasm only lasts a couple of seconds, but with Mindy talking like she was, and Michelle eagerly bobbing and sucking like she was, I swear it felt like my balls were drained totally dry during a climax that seemed to last minutes, if not hours! I wouldn't have been surprised if my very soul had been sucked out of me, her lips were so relentless.

Michelle's face looked nearly pristine after she finished, since all my cum had shot right into her mouth. But that flawless looking face didn't last for long, because as my penis deflated, she rubbed it lovingly against her cheeks, getting them cummy in the process. "Mmmm... Daddy, I love your cock so much! Eight inches of incestuous perfection! Mmmm... I love being your 'good, obedient cum-dump,' just like Mom said. Mmmm... Whenever you feel a tingle of arousal in your cock, just bring it to me to take care of. I'll suck you dry every time! That's what good busty and beautiful daughters do!"

I laid back on the bed, feeling half-dead. With my eyes closed, I groaned, "Shelle, don't ever call yourself a cum-dump, and that's an order!"

Michelle started to protest, "But Daddy! If It walks like a duck, and-"

Mindy interrupted, "Humor him on this one, okay? He's kind of in shock right now from so much hitting him at once."

Michelle leaned over and kissed my forehead. "That's right. I'm sorry. You're been 'Master' in my mind for so long that I forget how much you have to catch up on. I love you so much!" She kissed my lips.

But I was so out of it that I could barely even move my lips, so the kiss didn't last long.

Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to rest and recover.

I was more or less kicked out of the room and told to go back downstairs and keep Cindy entertained, while Mindy finished getting Michelle dressed and ready.

Somehow, my boxers got lost along the way, but other than that, I was pretty quick to fix myself up. I combed my hair, washed my face, checked for lingering outrageous sexual odors, and waited a minute or so for any lingering sexual flush or smell to fade. I put my formal dinner jacket back on, and checked myself in the mirror. Then I headed back downstairs.

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