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Chapter 33

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When I walked downstairs, Ruby and Cindy were still sitting on sofas talking to each other. Seeing as they were supposedly the two guests in my house, it was a bit silly that it was just the two of them there. Luckily, we were all so close that it didn't matter much.

I felt relieved that I could rejoin them. "Sorry about that," I said, quickly sitting down in the first seat I could find and then picked a strategic pose to best hide my erection. True, technically, I didn't actually have an erection at the moment, but I was thinking ahead. With Ruby dressed the way she was, and no doubt in a frisky mood (when wasn't she lately?!), I figured I'd have one before long.

Even the fact that I'd just climaxed didn't mean much, especially since Michelle would soon show up fully decked out in fancy evening wear. In fact, just thinking about what Michelle would wear, and how she'd look standing next to Ruby, was nearly enough to get my dick erect already.

I tried to turn on the charm, as well as making our cover story more plausible. "There's a definite fashion crisis brewing upstairs. Ruby, you really kicked up a storm by looking so ravishing and gorgeous tonight. And Cindy, you two are like peas in a pod. I can't tell which one of you is the more beautiful."

Hey, if women are bored from waiting, shower them with compliments, right?

It seemed to work wonders. Just that little comment got both of them to blush and stare away in embarrassment. Soon, we were happily chatting away while we waited for Mindy and Michelle to come back downstairs.

"How long was I gone, by the way?" I asked a little while later.

"Oh, about twenty minutes," was Cindy's reply.

Ruby said in a husky voice, "Boy, what's the big deal? I was seriously thinking of coming up there and helping out too. If two can't manage, then maybe three can."

She was staring directly at the bulge in my crotch as she said this (what did I say about my erection coming back quickly around Ruby?), and I could easily guess what kind of help she was thinking about offering. She might as well have said, "If two tongues can't manage, then maybe three can." Plus, she made the word 'manage' sound like 'menage'; I just hoped Cindy didn't catch it.

Was I the luckiest guy ever, or what?! And yet I was unlucky too. Things were spinning out of control so fast that it seemed to be a matter of time before we got caught.

Finally, another ten minutes after I'd come down the stairs, Mindy and Michelle came downstairs together. Michelle had been "changing clothes" upstairs for nearly forty minutes total, and it was close to eight o'clock. We'd been expecting to eat at seven-thirty.

So the whole group moved directly to the dining room, but only after the expected ooohing and aaahing and showering of compliments on Michelle, and also some on Ruby so she wouldn't feel left out. As the only male present, I had the role of chief complimenter.

I have to admit that Michelle and Mindy had somehow come up with something to equally impressive what Ruby was wearing. If nothing else, it won big points with me for simply being more daring. I'd correctly guessed which dress they would choose, because it was my wife's boldest dress and it was also bright red. It had a bare back and a long slit up one leg, but the real jaw-dropper was in the chest area. There were two large upside-down V's of fabric that started just above her nipples. It covered about as much as a typical bikini there. But the stunner was that the gap between the upside-down V's went down and down and down. Not only did it expose ALL the cleavage, but it even exposed her belly-button!

The dress was more than sexy enough when my wife wore it. But putting it on Michelle, with her breasts two cup-sizes larger, it was borderline obscene. There was tit-flesh spilling out everywhere, and one could clearly see the outline of her hard nipples against the tight fabric. And with her tits pressed tightly together, it created a canyon so deep it looked like entire camping groups could get lost in it. There had been a small strap that ran horizontally just below Mindy's breasts, to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. But that was missing. Now it was an 'accident' waiting to happen.

I thought back to Mindy's stated goal of trying to find a dress that was "just barely respectable enough so that Cindy won't suspect anything or pass out in shock, and yet sexy enough so that the rest of us know you're really saying, 'My body belongs to Daddy and no one else, and I live to serve his cock!'" I had my doubts about the "just barely respectable enough" part. There was no way I would EVER let her go out in public like that. But she certainly sent the second message - to me!

This dress was also guaranteed to keep titfucking on my mind, or at least at the back of my mind. I could barely wait to give her F-cups a ride!

Luckily, Cindy knew how competitive Michelle and Ruby could be, even (or especially) with each other. She seemed to chalk the borderline scandalous dress up to Michelle wanting to steal the spotlight back from Ruby.

Dinner was quickly served in the dining room. It was vegetable lasagna. Since we're a house full of vegetarians, we eat that a lot.

It was very delicious. I had just finished and was kicking back to enjoy digesting my meal, when Ruby dropped a bombshell.

"Now that everyone's finished eating, I'm ready to announce the name of the new love of my life! Is everybody ready? Drum roll please..."

That was a total surprise. I held my breath, thinking, NO, NO, NO! Please don't say it!

"And the answer is: Daniel Cooper! Ta-da!"

Oh SHIT! She really said it!

Ruby was sitting on one side of me and Michelle on the other, while Mindy and Cindy were sitting directly across from us. Our chairs didn't have armrests, either. So Ruby leaned into me and threw one arm around me.

At first, Cindy didn't react. I thought she was in shock. I thought she would faint. But she merely rolled her eyes. "Oh no. Not that again. Ruby, I thought you were serious this time."

I thought, Wait. What? Is that it?! That certainly was not the reaction I was expecting.

"I AM serious!" Ruby stomped her foot in frustration for not being taken seriously, which caused a (from my perspective) absolutely spectacular tit-quake along the fault line of her cleavage.

Seeing the befuddled look on my face, Cindy explained, "It may be a shock to you, Dan, and about that I'm deeply sorry, but this is nothing new in my house. Since she's been thirteen or fourteen, it's always been, 'Dan this,' and 'Dan that.' 'Dan's the greatest dad in the world.' 'Dan would never say something like that.' 'Dan's such a dreamy hunk.' 'That guy's a loser compared to Dan.' On and on." She rolled her eyes.

"Soooo, you're saying she's admired me for a long time," I said carefully. "That's flattering."

Cindy explained, "Oh it is. And I thought it was cute too, until I caught her about a year ago, talking on the phone to one of her friends. She was going on and on about how great you were, except that let's just say she was focusing in on one particular part of your anatomy. Since that time, she's been much more open about her Dan lust. Far too open, if you ask me. I think I've heard every Dan Cooper story out there. You should hear all the stuff girls her age make up about you! I keep insisting that she has to date boys her own age, but she won't hear it. It's like in one ear and out the other. I'm really sorry about this. I had such high hopes when she made that announcement earlier."

I was trying to keep a poker face, which was increasingly difficult to do with every passing second. Ever since Ruby had leaned into me and thrown an arm around my back, her other hand had been resting basically right on top of my crotch. No doubt, that was her main fiendish purpose.

I knew there was a conspiracy afoot when Michelle and Ruby exchanged smirky looks and then Michelle had a sudden coughing spell to cover up Ruby unzipping my fly. My conspiracy theory broadened to include Mindy as I realized that the mysterious loss of my boxers was probably no accident because Mindy had played a role in that.

At this point, I was sincerely grateful that our dining room table wasn't a glass-topped one. But then again, would that have even stopped them? I have my doubts!

I was helpless to do anything as Ruby fished my erection out of my pants and firmly grasped it in her eager fingers. So, by the time Cindy was explaining about "'Dan this' and 'Dan that,'" Ruby was already subtly moving her hand up and down my exposed erection.

One thing about having a very sensitive "sweet spot," the frenulum, is that one doesn't need a lot of herky-jerky arm motion to get wildly aroused. In fact, simply pressing one's thumb up and down my frenulum while holding the other side steady with the other fingers will accomplish almost the same arousing effect as a frantic, oiled, two-handed fist job.

Ruby knew this, or more likely she'd been advised about this by my conniving wife, so she was able to sit there acting cool as a cucumber while she was slowly driving me mad with her arousing subtle cock rubbing.

Meanwhile, Michelle was sitting on the other side of me. Inspired by Ruby's boldness, she wanted to get in on the action too. At first, she tried to work me up by taking off one shoe and rubbing her foot up my leg. But that wasn't enough for her, and besides, a lot of footsie might result in one of us kicking Cindy, whose knees were just a foot or so in front of mine.

So Michelle's hand subtly drifted into my lap too. Before long, her hand was holding and stroking the base of my cock, considerately allowing Ruby to get even more aggressive with her subtle finger work on the top half!

It was crazy and reckless. I couldn't believe it! I could scarcely breathe.

I was beginning to regret having allowed this particular seating arrangement, to say the least! It took all my willpower to keep a straight face.

Shit! Fuck me! Cindy is right across from me! The only reason she doesn't suspect anything is because the idea of one or both girls jacking me off, right in front of her, is so utterly preposterous. But what if either girl gets sloppy and makes obvious jacking-off motions with her whole arm and not just her fingers? How could Cindy miss that?! And I don't want to think about the smell problem, either. This room will be smelling of sex before long, especially with the way the Gruesome Twosome get so hot and wet whenever something like this happens. What then?!

Plus, what'll happen if I were to climax? Not if, but when! The girls have basically left me no option: I simply HAVE to hold out! If I cum, I can't imagine how mind-bogglingly embarrassing it will be, in the middle of Cindy discussing her daughter's unhealthy crush on me, to suddenly have ropes of cum shoot straight up from my crotch, fly up above my head, and then fall back on the table, splattering all over our evening meal! Good God! The girls are in such an unrealistic sexual fog these days that they'll probably high-five each other, even as I die of heart failure then and there!

I continued to try to find an escape route as they kept on stroking, stroking, stroking.

Only slightly better would be cumming onto the underside of the table. But even in that case, in a dinner group of five people, I can't see how I could possibly hide having an orgasm like that and get away with it. Why the hell are they torturing me like this?!

Getting them to stop is also not an option. How?! What if Cindy sees me attempting to put my hand in Ruby's lap, for instance? She'd freak out. Besides, with the way those two are going at it, it's all I could do to stay frozen still, from head to toe, and try to hold on. God, give me strength!

I was frantic with worry. I remembered that there was a big mirror on the wall at one end of the dining room table, and it suddenly hit me, Oh no! Cindy might be able to see what's happening by looking at the mirror! Or maybe the reflections on the windows? Shit! I carefully turned my head from side to side and saw that the drapes were closed on the windows, and the mirror itself was gone!

More conspiracy and treachery! Mindy had to have known something like this would happen! She'd actually taken the time to close the drapes and remove the mirror beforehand. Damn her! Was there nothing she wouldn't do to drive me mad with lust?! What am I going to do with her? Well, actually I know the answer to that. And just thinking of that makes it even harder to keep from cumming. What a wife!

In fact, my suspicions about the mirror were confirmed about a minute later, when Mindy got up to get another bottle of wine from the kitchen. That didn't slow down the Gruesome Twosome in the slightest. When Mindy came back, she stood directly behind me and bent over to pour me a drink, and with one of her devious smirks, made sure that I could see her eyes while she looked down into my lap. But all the while she simply carried on talking while pretending there was nothing to see down there.

She also brought several big candles out and turned the lights out, so we were in a very dimly lit room with only the candlelight to see by. It occurred to me that the burning candles would also go far in covering up the inevitable sex smells. And the darkness would make it much harder for any tell-tale arm movements to be noticed. No doubt, this too was part of my wife's devious thinking.

To my chagrin, this extra cover only spurred the Gruesome Twosome on. I was half expecting one or the other - or both - of them to announce they'd lost a contact lens (even though neither wear contact lenses) and then bend their heads down into my lap!

For the time being though, Mindy and Cindy were swapping outrageous Dan Cooper stories, since that topic had come up. That meant that Ruby's big announcement had been nearly forgotten by Cindy as old news before long.

Ruby didn't like that at all. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was building up to an even bigger announcement, but I was utterly helpless to stop her. It was like witnessing a car wreck in slow motion.

Suddenly, Ruby did it. She said, "Mom, you don't understand. I'm not just talking, I'm doing!"

Cindy was puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, Dan and I are involved! Physically! I've kissed him on the lips! Lots of times! I've held his erect penis!" She gave it an extra tight squeeze as she said this. "I've put it in my mouth! He's going to make love to me, all the way, and take my virginity!"

Cindy stared at me, starting to seriously wonder what was going on. "Dan, is this true? Or is this another one of her wild Dan fantasies? Ruby, you really need to-"

Luckily, Ruby was more just holding my erection, somewhat like holding my hand for support, during this emotionally pivotal time, so the urge for me to come had eased up a bit. And I was more or less able to talk. I shut Cindy up quickly by impulsively saying, "It's true."

NOW the game was on. It was too late to turn back. This wasn't child's play anymore. I figured that Ruby was going to keep pushing and pushing until Cindy understood that she wasn't just playing and fantasizing anymore. It was better if I tried to manage and spin the revelation, at least somewhat.

Cindy gawked at me. "WHAT?! Are you serious?!"

Even the others all looked surprised, including Ruby.

I nodded. I felt like shit. But my damn dick didn't go flaccid.

Cindy then turned to Mindy and whispered, "Did you know?"

Mindy responded loudly enough, "I knew. It's been happening just for the past couple of days. We've been trying to work up a way to tell you."

Nice partial save for when the full truth comes out, I thought.

Cindy stammered, "But, but, she's just a child! Dan, she's half your age! Less! And Mindy! I thought you two had the perfect marriage, and now this?! Why aren't you screaming and throwing dishes at him?!"

"Because, my dear, I completely approve," Mindy boldly admitted. "You remember a year or two ago? You heard about the Christmas Party Incident? You knew about my idea to have a threesome?"

Cindy knew about those things and just waited for Mindy to go on.

"Well, we kind of worked things out. Dan kind of gave in. We've agreed to have a partially open marriage. Basically, Dan can sleep with other women, while I can't sleep with other men."

She held up a hand to forestall the inevitable protests. "I know, I know: unfair! But I was the one who pushed him into it, and I'm the one who wants this. I was the one - every step of the way - who tempted him with other women and all but made it happen. I take full responsibility."

"But I don't understand!" Cindy complained. "Are you MAD?! You know what happened to my pathetic excuse of a husband. Rex was cheating on me left and right before he simply left me altogether. I hate cheaters!"

"But Dan's NOT cheating," Mindy said forcefully. "My man does not lie to me about important matters, for which I am eternally grateful, and love him with all my heart. He tells me everything. I even watch sometimes, if I want to. We're PARTNERS in this. It's all an extension of OUR love life. I almost feel like we're both making love to the woman. I've never been so aroused or so sexually satisfied in my life! It's the greatest thing that's ever happened to our marriage, isn't it, Dan?"

I just nodded my head. That was all I could do. The Gruesome Twosome had recovered from the shock and were back at it, driving me crazy with their slippery finger work. They seemed to know EXACTLY how much stimulation to apply to keep me a hair away from cumming. It was the most delightful torture possible. Ruby's non-stop rubbing on my sweet spot was driving me wild, while Michelle's work around the base was more for show, since there weren't so many nerve endings down there. She clearly was frustrated by this and wanted to do more. She even tried to pull my balls up out of my fly so she could play with them, but that was a potentially painful operation and apparently she decided it was too risky, despite the darkness of the room.

There were several things I thought I should be saying to Cindy: how I also thought that Ruby should date boys her own age; how I had vowed not to go all the way with her, until she at least gave that a try; how, when Ruby told me how much she was in love with me, I told her that I loved her too - like a daughter! I wanted to say these things to her. I thought they were important. But there was no way I could say anything while Ruby and Michelle kept me mercilessly on the edge of climax. I didn't dare even open my mouth.

Then I realized, This is exactly what Mindy had planned all along. It has Mindy Cooper, twisted mastermind, written all over it. She knew how to handle Cindy, and she knew that anything I said now was more likely to just mess things up, so she had the girls make sure I couldn't say anything. She probably even had a pre-arranged signal to let them know when they should stroke and fondle more intently in order to keep me quiet and when they should ease up on their ministrations enough to let me talk.

She probably wasn't expecting my impulsive confession, but she quickly adjusted her plan to deal with it. The truth was going to come out in a little while anyway. What a manipulative genius!

Cindy obviously wasn't satisfied with Mindy's reply, but her concern shifted back to Ruby. She shook her head nearly violently, as if she could shake away this madness. "So wait. So... RUBY?!" She shook her head even more. "You're talking about MY Ruby? You're letting your husband have sex with MY daughter?!"

Mindy tried to explain things calmly, as if there was no problem at all. "He hasn't gone all the way with her yet, and his resistance to her advances have been noble and admirable, but he will. Believe me, he will. Won't you, Honey?"

Cindy stared incredulously.

Mindy was letting her sexual excitement get the best of her. She continued, "Think about it: watching Dan have sex with another woman, or even just thinking about it, knowing that it's really happened, makes me hornier than you can possibly imagine. Ruby has been obsessing over Dan for years, as you well know. She's not interested whatsoever in any other male, and frankly she's told me that she was on the verge of 'going lesbian' if not for her interest in my husband. Are you aware of her lesbian leanings?"

"Well, I've had some suspicions," Cindy reluctantly admitted, more deflated than angry by this point. "Actually, more than suspicions. That's why I was so excited, earlier."

I figured that Mindy was completely bullshitting with the "going lesbian" threat, but she was certainly milking it to good effect. "So is that what you want? Do you want your daughter to live the rest of her life as a lesbian and never give you grandchildren? Or can you accept her going through her 'Dan phase' for a while, working through her obsession and learning to love men in the process? Personally, I think it's great and healthy all around. I practically threw them together."

"You did?! Mindy, you're just about my best friend! You ARE my best friend! How could you do this to me?!"

"Cindy!" Mindy snapped testily. "This is not about you! Or me, or even Dan. Dan can get any woman he wants, with my permission. This is mainly about Ruby and her happiness. She is in love with Dan! He makes her happy. More than that, if I had denied her, she would be UNhappy. Very unhappy. I did feel badly about not talking it over with you first, and I'm sorry, but you wouldn't have understood. However, I'm confident that you'll quickly see that it's for the best. Before long, you'll be thanking me."

"THANKING you?" Cindy shook her head in disbelief again. She turned to her daughter. "Ruby! Darling! Talk to me! Is this all true?!"

"It is, Mom. Except that I don't think I'm just going through a Dan phase. I LOVE him! I'll take as much Dan as Mindy will give me!"

How can Ruby talk so casually while thumbing my frenulum so intently? My God, I can barely take the intense stimulation! I can't cum now! Please, Lord! Save me from cumming! I looked over at Ruby and then Michelle. They both looked perfectly normal, although perhaps a tad on the smirky side. I just hoped my face wasn't giving things away, or that Cindy couldn't see much in the limited candlelight. I kept clenching and unclenching my fists under the table in an effort to control myself.

Cindy looked at me accusingly. "And you! What do you think of all this? No, don't answer! You probably think it's great, you big-cocked prick! There you go, getting to pork MY daughter, and who knows how many other women, and your wife actually approves?! No, you don't have to say anything to me, I know how YOU feel! Just look at Ruby's ravishing body; of course you love it! Wipe that stupid smirk off your face, you cocky bastard! And I thought you were so moral. Ha!"

I didn't like that outburst, but at least I wasn't forced to respond. I doubted I could string two words together. I was having to focus most of my mental energy on thinking unsexy thoughts and praying for the continued strength of my clenching PC muscles. But I did think: If only we had a glass table! If only Cindy could see what's going on in my lap! Especially Shelle's hand. I think Cindy's head would simply explode!

Cindy turned back to me and asked, "Just how many women are you sleeping with, anyway?!"

Luckily, Mindy stepped in and answered for me, since she knew I was a wreck. "Well, to be honest, we've only been exploring this new policy for a few days. There's Ruby, obviously. Then there's a waitress that we met the other night."

"A waitress? That the TWO of you met? How does that work? Were you having dinner together and then asked him, 'Hey, Honey, do you think our waitress is cute? Would you like to pork her? Please! Be my guest?!'" Cindy was nearly hysterical with her distress.

"Yeah, basically," Mindy replied.

That left Cindy positively flabbergasted and speechless. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish.

So Mindy continued, calmly as could be, "I'm not going to let him sleep with just anyone. I'm using some strict guidelines. This could blow up in our faces if we're not careful, so obviously we have to be careful. And the women he chooses, it's not just for a one night stand. Too much risk for not enough payoff. These are, essentially, affairs we're talking about here. Long-term affairs that I have to approve of."

Cindy gesticulated in frustration. "Mindy, have you taken a complete leave of your senses?! Did you fall and hit your head on a rock?! 'Long-term affairs?' That's every married woman's worst nightmare! And you're actually welcoming that with open arms?!"

"Yep!" my wife affirmed, with undeniable relish.

"But Mindy! Please! Listen to me before it's too late, if it's not already. Your husband is a good man. A very good man. Most women would kill to have a husband like him. His sexual prowess, well, let's just say he has quite a reputation. You're opening a huge can of worms. Once a woman has him in her clutches, she's not going to let go!"

"I realize that," Mindy replied matter-of-factly. "That's why I'm thinking of more of a communal marriage, with me as the legal wife and the queen bee."

WHAT?! That's big news to me! Is this just more bullshitting like the "Ruby going lesbian" story, or is she being serious?! If it was bullshit, I couldn't see the angle, since it was just freaking Cindy out even more.

Cindy looked back at Ruby incredulously. She seemed to be on the verge of having a stroke. "My daughter! You're saying... my daughter...?!"

Mindy said, "Look. If you have to choose between her going lesbian or being Dan's de facto second wife, which would you choose? You have to choose one or the other."

"But she's so young!"

Mindy was implacable. "One or the other. Choose!"

I looked over at Ruby sitting next to me. She was listening closely, but didn't seemed surprised in the slightest. Shit! Obviously this is something that Min discussed with her in advance. I wish someone would have talked to ME about it! Sheesh!

Cindy was calming down somewhat and even seemed to be seriously considering Mindy's suggestion. "Could she have kids?"

"Of course," Mindy replied, like she had all the answers and would make all the decisions. "But not too many. Hopefully only one. Between all of Dan's wives, we don't want to have too huge of a brood running around, underfoot all the time. Dan and I aren't getting any younger, you know."

Cindy nearly fainted at that. "Wait. Did you just say 'All of Dan's wives?!'"

"I did," my wife replied with strange calm.

Cindy raised her arms up high, as if beseeching God for divine intervention to stop the insanity. "Ungh! I feel like I'm falling further and further down the rabbit hole. How many wives are we talking about here?!"

Thanks, Cindy, I thought. My sentiments exactly! I've been down the rabbit hole for a while, now. Welcome to my bizarro world.

And speaking of my bizarro world, Ruby's thumb had grown a bit tired, or maybe she just wanted to give Michelle a turn for a while. In any case, Michelle was the one working my sweet spot while Ruby mostly just kept her hand wrapped on top of my cockhead. This was probably a defensive move, so the palm of her hand would catch the cum if I unexpectedly started to shoot off. They knew I had to be dangerously close.

Mindy replied, "Oh, I don't know. That's up to Dan and how many he thinks he can keep satisfied. I'd guess three or four. I think four's a good number. That's how they do it in the Muslim world, you know. You can have up to four wives in lots of countries. And why not? Are you saying the religion of over a billion people is wrong?"

That surprised Cindy and put her on the defensive. Like us, she was politically liberal and didn't want to be seen as bad-mouthing Muslims. "Well, no, but... Ungh! God! ... So, each of those wives would have one child?"

"If they want. It's up to them."

As Mindy said that, she stared directly into Michelle's eyes, and I suddenly realized that this wasn't just some bullshit to bamboozle Cindy, this was what she really wanted! By looking at Michelle like that, she was basically saying, "My daughter, if you want your father to breed you, that's okay by me!"

Michelle immediately got that message, and Ruby too. Both of them suddenly lost all pretense of subtlety with the way they were jacking me off. They were so excited that they wanted me to cum, and they wanted me to cum now!

I looked over at Ruby. Oh my God! She'd been so good about hiding the fact that her hand was even in my lap up until this point. But her arm movement is way too blatantly obvious now! There was just no way Cindy can fail to see that! But what can I do? If I grab her arm, that'll just draw Cindy's attention! Help me, Lord! Help me!

Mindy immediately realized what was happening, perhaps because she'd anticipated in advance the effect her words would have. She suddenly grabbed Cindy by the chin, forcing Cindy to look only at her and not over at our side of the table. Needing something dramatic to say to justify the chin grab, she said, "Cindy, you haven't answered my question! Which would you prefer, your daughter as a confirmed life-long lesbian and no grandchildren, or my de facto co-wife? Which will it be? One or the other. Time is ticking."

Cindy started to turn back towards Ruby, but Mindy held her chin firmly.

And it was a good thing too, because Ruby's arm was flying up and down in the most obvious manner possible. Cindy would have to be blind if she looked this way and didn't see what was going on.

Michelle's arm was doing just the same, so their combined ten fingers were sliding up and down like one hand. And as if that wasn't dangerous enough, Michelle bent over my way and whispered quietly in my ear, "Did you hear that, Daddy? Would you like to breed me?"

Oh God! Good God! This can't really be happening to me, can it?!

I knew my ability to hold out any longer was measured in seconds now. It wasn't so much what Ruby and Michelle were doing with their fingers. After all, as I'd said, a strategic application on my most sensitive spot was just about as effective as a lot of herky-jerky motions. It was more the wild and crazy things Mindy was telling Cindy, and revealing to the rest of us at the same time. When she said she wanted Michelle to be one of our co-wives and even have one of my babies, that's when I completely lost it. I was trapped in a limbo where my body had given up the fight, the mechanics of cumming was starting to happen, but by some kind of super-human force of will I was holding it back a few seconds longer in the hopes that Cindy would give her answer and bedlam would break out, thus masking my groans and spasms.

However, it looked like it was not to be. Cindy had closed her eyes and was taking her time, carefully considering the question.

Suddenly, Ruby's head fell into my lap!

I know Mindy saw that out of the corner of her eye. She took more extreme measures to make sure Cindy wouldn't notice too. The dim candlelight helped, but not that much. She must have been holding onto Cindy's chin with an iron grip. In fact, she brought up a second hand to help that effort. It was strange, to say the least. Even close friends didn't do that to each other.

Cindy, though, was lost in thought, and Ruby was silent as a mouse.

Ruby's mouth closed over my piss hole, and not a second too soon! I started a cataclysmic eruption. I honestly think my chair must have rumbled about some, as my entire body was wracked with intense pleasure.

And yet, the whole shockingly arousing cum explosion was shockingly quiet. I could hear quiet little swallowing noises coming from my lap, and that was all.

I knew this was practically of life-and-death importance, so I did my utmost not to make a single sound, aside perhaps from the shaking of my chair. Somehow, one of my hands found one of Michelle's hands, and I held it in a crushing death grip.

While this was going on, I heard Cindy exhale resignedly, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I suppose I'd take the co-wife."

That just propelled my climax to an even higher level.

Cindy added, "It's not that I have anything against homosexuality, but, dammit, I really want grandchildren! And since I only have one child..."

I continued to watch Cindy's head, but I could no longer hear what was being said. It was like some of my less-needed senses were getting shut down while the pleasure sensors in my brain were on overload. I could see Mindy's mouth moving, but the main thing was that Cindy's head wasn't turning to where Ruby's head should be but wasn't.

Finally, I was done. I slumped down into my chair, very nearly a dead man.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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