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Chapter 34

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Ruby suddenly bounced back up into an upright position, like someone was playing the video of her head falling into my lap in reverse. She swept a hand around her mouth to check for any stray cum. Luckily, there didn't seem to be any, since she'd just taken my entire load deep in her mouth. She was trying hard to suppress a big smile, but managed to keep her lips shut.

Mindy could see that she didn't need to keep holding Cindy's chin, and let go. "Wise decision. Very wise. I really think that's the best solution."

Immediately, Cindy turned to her daughter. "Well, Ruby, you've heard what I said."

I doubt Ruby had heard much at all, she'd been so busy guzzling down my cum.

However, fortuitously, Cindy repeated herself. "I said I'd prefer you being a co-wife, in theory. Emphasis on theory! That doesn't mean that I'd agree to that crazy notion in reality, mind you! Far from it. I'm just saying that, given two choices that I'm not exactly crazy about, I'd rather choose that one. But I think we need to redouble our efforts to find you a normal boyfriend. Now that you've shown an interest in men, don't you think... Isn't there someone...? Well, aren't you going to say something?"

With her lips still sealed tight, Ruby stood up and ran out of the room.

Cindy was puzzled, but Michelle explained with a straight face, "I think she's just so overcome with emotion that she doesn't know what to say. I'd better go to her and see if she's okay."

Then Michelle got up and hurried off, leaving me with a saliva and cum-soaked flaccid penis still dangling through my open fly.

Cindy finally turned to me. "Dan, you've certainly been the silent one tonight. What's with you? You're all sweaty and wasted-looking."

I said, "It's just... This has been very emotionally trying for me. The stress of revealing this to you... I feel like I've been through the wringer. I feel guilty we haven't told you any of this yet. And did you know that many of the things my wife was just explaining to you, she's never explained explicitly to me? This talk about co-wives, for instance. That's a shocker. I'm still reeling from it all!"

I was proud of myself. I thought I'd covered my ass pretty well. I looked down and noticed my fly open and my flaccid dick still hanging out. While staring at Cindy, I did my best to put my gun back in its holster and clean up down there. But I didn't dare zip up the fly, for fear of the distinctive noise that would make.

While I did that, Cindy was saying, "That's understandable. You must be shocked. But imagine how I feel! I've had nothing but one shock after another. This has been the craziest roller coaster of a conversation I've ever heard! Mindy, I still don't know if you're certifiably insane or some kind of mad genius. To think that I've known you since we were kids, and now, all this! I just, I just don't know what to say!"

Mindy couldn't help but joke, "I say 'mad genius.'"

But she was still trying to project calm, and nobody laughed, so she quickly added in a serious tone, "I think we're all a little shaken up. Why don't I prepare some after-dinner drinks and we can retire to the living room? We can restart the fire and just relax in front of it for a little while, trying to take this all in. The key word is 'relax.' There's no rush with all this. There's a lot of options we can discuss. Honey, are you... okay?"

I was tempted to look down into my lap, but I resisted. I said, "Let me just sit here for a minute or two first. I feel like I almost had a heart attack. Co-wives? More kids? Honey, you're really full of surprises!"

Mindy just smiled benignly. "I'll just go get the drinks first, then."

I later found out that Mindy did not go directly to get the drinks. Instead, she walked right through the kitchen and out the door on the other side until she came to the room where Ruby and Michelle were celebrating.

As soon as the girls had gotten in a nearby safe room, they'd begun jumping up and down wildly, holding each other while they bounced around as if they were on a trampoline. However, they tried to be very quiet about it. Then they stopped to French kiss. Ruby had been saving my cum for just this moment, so they were able to swap it back and forth. But both of them wanted to just savor it as long as possible, and neither was willing to swallow.

That's how Mindy found them. She was extremely surprised when Ruby came up to her and not only squeezed her in a tight hug, but went even further. Forgetting that Mindy hadn't ever taken part in any overtly bisexual activity, she also kissed her sensuously on the lips. As if that wasn't shocking enough, she fed my cum into Mindy's mouth!

Mindy was powerfully aroused by that, on many levels. She told me later that she hadn't expected any of that to happen, since she'd just gone there to talk and further conspire with them.

She was positively over the moon when the kiss ended and Michelle silently tapped her on the shoulder and then fed still more of my cum into her mouth.

The three of them ended up in one big group hug and kiss, swapping my cum back and forth, losing all track of who was kissing whom, until it was all gone.

I wish I could have seen that!

As I found out later, Mindy finally whispered, very quietly, "What do you say, girls? How do you like the idea of being my de facto co-wives? By that, I'm talking about being a cock slave on a permanent basis. Being a cock slave isn't exactly the same as being a wife, but it's got most of the same benefits, including all of the carnal benefits! We should take it slow for a while, but I say that should be our ultimate destination!"

There was no need for either Ruby or Michelle to say anything to that since they were both obviously deliriously happy. Instead, there was a lot more kissing and quiet jumping around.

It took about ten minutes before Mindy finally brought out the after-dinner drinks. By that time, Cindy and I had moved back into the living room. I'd managed to start the fire, since that enabled me to stay busy while recovering from my intense orgasm while I avoided talking to Cindy.

But Cindy wanted to talk, and I couldn't stall for time forever, so I eventually sat back down and we talked.

Cindy started probing me about my feelings for Ruby, and I tried to give her the answers she wanted to hear. She started out by saying, "I'm surprised I haven't up and punched you in the face!"

Maybe it wasn't the smart thing to say, but I couldn't resist asking, "Why haven't you?"

She slumped down in her chair. "Now that Ruby's not here, I suppose I can tell you. My girl is obsessed with you. She thinks you walk on water. I kind of said as much earlier, how she always talks about you. So I know it's not your fault. She probably came onto you. And that makes this very difficult for me, because my dreams of her finding a normal boyfriend are probably just pipe dreams. Mindy's right that it's almost certainly you or having her 'go lesbian.' And I'd rather it be you."

I found that extremely interesting. It gave me hope she might come to accept this improbable arrangement eventually. Assuming she didn't learn the sordid details, that is!

We continued to talk. Needless to say, there was no talk of "total domination" and "cock slaves" or anything along those lines. Instead, I tried to focus on Mindy's argument that we could "save" Ruby from turning lesbian. I also stressed how much I loved and respected her daughter, and how I was determined to treat her like a queen. I further emphasized that I envisioned a sexual relationship between her and me to be a transitory thing, to get her to date boys her own age.

At least with that, I wasn't completely lying. I pointed out that Ruby wanted to sleep with me so painfully badly that I could hold that out as a carrot to motivate her to go on a real date with a boy. I overtly called it a "bait and switch" approach.

Cindy was eating it all up. Perhaps she was having such a hard time that she was eager to grasp at any straws that were being offered. The only time the "co-wives" idea came up, I shot it down with a joke as merely a crazy, half-brained suggestion. I was basically freaked out by the idea and hoping against hope that it really was a joke, so Cindy and I were genuinely like-minded on that issue at least.

In any case, Cindy was feeling much better by the time Mindy sat down with the drinks to join us. She didn't even give Mindy an angry look.

Mindy said, "Sorry about the delay. As I went into the kitchen, I thought I heard the sound of crying, so I went to tend to Ruby."

Cindy frowned, and started to stand up. "Oh! You should have told me and I could have been there. I thought Michelle said that Ruby needed some alone time."

My wife motioned for her to stay seated. "No, don't worry, that's over. It was good that you weren't there. She just needed some time apart from you to absorb what you said. She's afraid that you're not taking her feelings for my husband seriously and that you'll try to come between them."

The use of the word "husband" was like a red flag and got Cindy agitated. "Well, I'm not, and I will! He's your HUSBAND! My comment about the co-wife, that was an extreme, extreme hypothetical. That's never going to happen, no matter what I say or do."

"Why do you say that?" Mindy asked.

"It might work in some place like Uzbekistan, but not here in California! I mean, come on!"

"And if I can find some people here who have made it work?"

"You mean real people from here? Not some immigrants just off the plane from Uzbekistan?"


"Then I'll eat my hat! Can't be done!"

"Well, we'll see," Mindy said with surprising confidence, even smugness.

Changing the subject, Cindy asked me, "So Dan, I never really got your take on all this 'extra lovers' business. Sorry back there when I snapped at you and called you a bastard. It's just that I'm so shocked. And I hope you'll forgive my prejudice for thinking that this was the man's idea to begin with."

I replied, "That's all right. It's perfectly understandable. I'll be honest with you. Naturally, I'm like most guys: I absolutely loathe the idea of Mindy sleeping with another man, but I'm open to the idea of me sleeping with another woman. I know I'm a hypocrite, but that's how I feel. I still have no idea why Mindy feels the way she does, but I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth."

"Yes, that's the big mystery," Cindy said, looking quizzically back at Mindy. "Why Mindy feels that way. No offense, Dan, but with Ruby's ample endowments and her stunning face, not to mention the way men are generally, I'm not surprised that you've given this idea the thumbs up. But Mindy?! THAT I don't get. By the way, Mindy, you said something earlier about some kind of criteria. That he couldn't sleep with just any woman?"

Mindy nodded. "Right. Honestly, we're new to all this, so the criteria are still evolving at this point. One important prerequisite however is that the woman has to be clean. No sexual diseases. With the waitress, for instance, we're insisting that she pass an STD test first. So Dan's played around with her some, but no actual penetration yet."

Cindy exclaimed, "That's incredible! Not that detail, but the fact that you've thought this through and you're actually doing it. I can't believe you're talking about this so calmly!"

My wife shrugged. "It what I want. More than him, even."

Cindy sighed. "God, that's too strange. What are the other prerequisites?"

"Well, let's use you as an example. It's been a while since you've had sex, hasn't it? With a man, or with a woman."

Cindy glanced at me nervously. "Mindy! I'm offended. That's terribly personal."

"Oh come on. We talk about our sex lives all the time! I know all about everything. For instance, I could write a book about your fling with that airline stewardess."

Wha...? Stewardess, as in female?!

"But... Don't... In front of Dan!" She was blushing. "That's totally untrue!" Her belated denial was clearly a bald-faced lie, but apparently she wasn't ready to admit in my presence that she was attracted to other women, and acted on it at least once.

Mindy insisted, "Tonight's the night for complete honesty, since we've come this far. Answer the question. How long has it been? Over six months?"

Cindy sighed in defeat. "Yes. Pathetic, isn't it? Over six months."

"Well, that's good enough for our purposes. Given that, plus what I know about your previous lovers, I think it's safe to say we could forgo the STD test in your case. So we come to our next test, which is really the first test, namely, does Dan desire you? Dan?"

I hadn't expected this, and was taken totally off guard when my wife suddenly turned my way and looked at me expectantly. After all, I wasn't exactly ready to pass judgment on Cindy as a prospective sex partner, if not outright sex object, given the way things had been going lately. "What? Mindy! You're really putting me on the spot here."

"Come on, Honey. This is just for an example. Cindy here wants to understand how our process works."

Not having any honorable ways of ducking the question, I figured honesty would be the safest possible course. "Of course I find Cindy desirable. Who wouldn't? She's gorgeous. Cindy, why you don't have every man in town knocking down your door is beyond me. I can only guess it's because you don't go out much. No sex for six months? I don't believe it."

Cindy sighed. "I do get a lot of come-ons, but they don't interest me. I have been staying in and keeping to myself. I'm just so tired of the whole dating scene. Every guy I meet is just out to get in my pants, or worse: Ruby's! Nobody wants to marry an older woman with a teenage daughter." She sighed again, "Once she's in college, maybe things will change."

Mindy pressed, "Dan, you still haven't really answered the question. I know you find Cindy attractive in a general way, but would you, well, to use the word Cindy always uses, would you 'pork' her? Not just once, but over and over again, in every conceivable hole? Do you find her that attractive? Is she someone who makes your heart skip a beat, who gives you an instant erection?"

I replied, "Mindy! You're too much. Cindy, I don't have to answer that, do I?"

Cindy looked at me with a curious expression. "No... But we're just talking hypothetically here. I just want to understand this whole... process." She leaned forward as if she was really interested in what I had to say, but that also caused her breasts to dangle forward, exposing them right up to the edges of her nipples.

I figured she was trying to influence my answer, but with a body like hers the extra posing wasn't necessary. I admitted, "Very well then. Yes. Okay?" I glared at my wife. "Mindy, are you happy?"

She still pushed me, "So on a scale of one to 100, with a 100 being a completely physically perfect woman, where would you rate Cindy?"

"Well, to be honest, a 100."

Cindy protested, even as she was obviously tickled pink, "Dan! You flatterer. You can't mean it!"

"Why not?"

"Well, I'm so OLD. I'm pushing forty-"

Mindy cut in to joke, "You're not pushing forty; just like me, you'll be thirty-nine for at least the next ten years!"

Cindy smiled at that. The overall mood was definitely improving. "Still. I've got crow's feet. Sagging... everything! And it seems my back is always sore."

I said encouragingly, "Where? I don't see any sag. You keep in great shape. I think a few character lines on the face are sexy, I really do. Besides, the reason your back is sore is because of those huge breasts you carry around that make me drool. How big are those puppies, anyway?"

A-ha! Now, in the spirit of this new openness, I can finally get an answer to something I've long been curious about.

She thrust her chest forward proudly. "D-cups."

Damn! I'm really starting to love the letter D! My wife, Sue Ellen, and Cindy have D-cup goodness! I said, "You see? That's incredible. Cindy, in all seriousness, I've known you pretty much since you were Ruby's age, and I have to say that you're more attractive to me now than you were then."

"Daniel Cooper!" She was blushing, and very interested in the conversation now. "Mindy, he's a keeper! But how could that be possible?"

I said sincerely, "You've kept yourself in GREAT shape with your exercise routine. But more importantly, I've gotten to know you well over the years. Smart is sexy to me. Loving is sexy. Kind-hearted is sexy."

Cindy was so flattered that she was struck speechless. Her face was glowing.

I added, "And just for full disclosure, Mindy rates 100 on that same scale, and so does Ruby, and Michelle too. It happens I'm extremely blessed to be surrounded by such beauty."

"No fair," Cindy said, still lapping up the compliments. "You're giving everybody 100's. Who do we know who would rate less?"

"Let's see. My daughter's other friends, like Lisa, Anjali, Monique... They'd all get 90, tops." I really meant that too.

Cindy was genuinely flattered. "You're saying I'm prettier than THEM?! My goodness! Even Anjali? Come on!"

"Okay, maybe Anjali would be a 95. But you still rank higher. And that's just a purely physical scale. If you add in what a wonderful person you are, you blow them away. They're good kids, but they act their age."

My adjustment of Anjali's score seemed to please Cindy even more, interestingly enough. I guess it suggested that I was being accurate, because Anjali was a busty babe.

Mindy smirked as she said, "Okay, then, so you would pass the most important test. The second most important test would be if the woman finds Dan similarly attractive. Cindy?"

There wasn't even a pause for considerate contemplation. "DUH! Next question."

"I'm afraid you're going to have to elaborate," my sneaky wife said. I could tell she was up to something.

Now it was my turn to lean forward in anticipation, mimicking Cindy's earlier response.

Cindy stared shyly at the floor. "Get real! Mindy, you don't have to rub it in my face. Everybody knows you've got the most desirable husband in the whole neighborhood. Don't make me embarrass myself here."

"Okay, so you like him, but do you really like him? There are a lot of women, especially in this neighborhood, who'd sleep with him just to try him out. But would they really be in there for the long haul? Would they have the stamina and the desire to make love to him day after day and night after night, over and over and over again? Dan is, how shall we say? Pretty ... demanding."

She smiled with obvious satisfaction. "Just so you know, that's another big reason I'm sharing him with other women that I didn't tell you yet."

"Why, what is it?"

"I didn't want to say it in front of the girls, but my man is sexually insatiable! I've told you stories about how he can last for an hour or more, and even then I have to use every trick in the book to get him to cum. I thought that his libido would go down as he got older, but it's just the opposite."

There was a lot of truth to that. But in my opinion, it wasn't that I was reverse aging, it was that Michelle and Ruby were strutting around in bikinis (or less!) for months now. How could that not get me going and keep my fires burning?

Mindy added, "I can't keep up! I need help! Can you begin to see why I'm open to sharing?"

Cindy at first seemed to disbelieve, but then started to entertain the possibility that Mindy wasn't joking about this. "Yeah, but come on, I mean... Is he really like that? ... That's not possible, is it? Women always last longer than the guys can."

"Cindy, you know me. How often have I gone on and on and on about how Dan completely wore me out, how he left me too fucked to walk? Have I not complained to you about the 'Insatiable Dan Machine?' You also have some idea how wonderfully extra endowed he is in the way that matters most." She held her hands up like she was holding a beach ball. Clearly, this put the emphasis on the width, not the length.

Cindy laughed at that, despite all the bizarreness swirling around her.

Mindy continued, "Having sex with Dan is a whole different thing. I love his great thickness, but it means there's no such thing as 'normal' sex around here. Each and every time is intense because he stretches me out so much. There are entire days where I just need to recover... down there, if you know what I mean. I had to get good at oral sex to save my pussy from ruin. The truth is, I've always only ever told you half the story, for fear you wouldn't believe me!"

I could smell some pretty potent bullshit in the air. I liked to pat myself on the back about being a good lover, but I knew that I wasn't anything like the relentless 'Dan Machine' she was describing. It was obvious to me she wouldn't want me to have sex with Cindy because that went against her all-important rule of only picking young girls. If I became intimate with Cindy, I could easily come to love her like a wife, and Mindy had to know that. I figured she was just buttering her up only to let her down easy when she got to that rule.

I noticed though that by putting so much of the focus on Cindy, Mindy had put Cindy's concerns about Ruby having a sexual relationship with me on the back burner, at least for now. Plus, it was painting me as a prize catch, even if I had to be shared. Clever.

Mindy continued, "So the question is, could you handle it? Would you be attracted to Dan so much that you'd basically be ready for him anytime, anywhere" - she paused significantly - "and in any hole? Sorry to get graphic, but I want to be perfectly frank with you. Would you be willing to suck him or stroke him for hours at a time, if need be, if that really made him happy?"

Cindy didn't want to answer that. She said, "Mindy, you're really getting VERY graphic here!" She looked around, probably thinking about more "innocent" ears hearing that. (If she only knew!) "By the way, what happened to the kids?"

Mindy said, "Oh, you know how they are. Once those two get talking, they never stop. And after what happened earlier, they've got a ton to say, I'm sure. But don't avoid the question! Would you be willing to do all that, and more?"

Cindy was silent, busy thinking, and very keen NOT to answer that question. So Mindy tried another tack. "On the one to 100 scale, where would Dan be?"

Cindy blurted out, "About 250!" Then she blushed. She couldn't bear to look in my direction after that.

Mindy pressed, "So? Would you want to try all those things with him?"

"I'd want to TRY them all, sure! Anything! But would I be able to keep up? I don't know!" A sadness suddenly came over Cindy. "I'm not... I hate to say this, but sometimes life knocks you down, and it's so hard to get back up. As horrible as Rex was, at least we kind of had a family. I just haven't been the same since he left. I'm so tired. I don't see myself as some sort of sexual Energizer Bunny who could keep the likes of Dan interested."

Mindy smiled. "Exactly. I can't either. That's the beauty of the co-wives or long affairs system: sharing the cock duties. Many hands make light balls." She chuckled at that.

"Mindy! You're soooooo baaaaad! And right here, in front of Dan too! Oh!" Cindy turned my way and stared, red-faced. "I'm so ashamed! Dan, you're so quiet that I almost forgot you were there. Mindy we can't talk like this in front of him!"

"Sure, why not? Why do we have to be all prissy and proper? I use words like 'fuck' and 'cock' when I talk to you alone and when I talk to Dan alone, so why can't I use them when we're all together?"

"I don't know," Cindy said, feeling stumped and a little sandbagged. "It's different."

Mindy went on, unfazed, "So anyhow, that's rule number two. Number one, is Dan attracted enough to you? Yes. Number two, are you attracted enough to him? Yes. Number three, we might as well call the clean rule. No STDs. Obviously, yes, you pass there. So number four I would say is the 'psycho' rule. Is the potential woman emotionally stable and mature enough not to cause problems? Would there be big jealousy issues? Sharing issues? There are all kinds of things that could disqualify here. But, happily, I know you almost as well as I know myself, so I pronounce you passing the all-important psycho rule."

"How many more rules?" I asked.

"I dunno. I'm making this up as I go along. Next..."

Cindy thought that was a joke, especially since Mindy is such a big joker, and sometimes I set her up for a joke or vice versa. Except I was pretty sure that she really was making it up as she went along. Where was she going with this? That's what I still didn't understand.

Mindy said, "Next is the age issue. Ideally, I'd like for the potential woman to be young. Eighteen to twenty-one is perfect."

Cindy frowned. "But why? Those are the most physically perfect women out there, in the prime of life. Why would you want to compete with that?"

"For one, Dan's already told you he thinks I'm a 100. He hasn't gotten sucked in to the cult of youth. Remember, he finds a mature woman like you even more beautiful than the gorgeous teenyboppers Michelle and Ruby hang out with. I'm not worried he'll lose interest in me; our love is too strong. I disagree with your 'prime of life' comment. Whose to say you and I aren't in our prime? Especially since Dan likes his women busty and voluptuous."

Cindy looked down at her curvy body and grinned shyly.

Mindy continued, "But just the same, it's better to be on the safe side, so I'd rather he doesn't pick a woman that he might accidentally fall in love with and run away with. Especially if the woman slipped through the 'psycho filter' and really just wants to undermine our marriage and take him all for herself. Of course, I know YOU wouldn't do that to me; you're not like that. But some other women are, and it's hard to tell until you really get to know the person. By then, it could be too late. Dan's wealthy too, and could they be after his money? So, to fight all that, I basically want him to have young... well, for the lack of a better term... sex toys."

Cindy's jaw dropped for that one. "Sex toys?!" Her legs were getting fidgety. She stared at me, but I couldn't read her curious expression.

Mindy continued casually, "Think about it. If he picks an older woman, an emotionally mature woman, someone smart, intellectual, deep, spiritually profound, and all that kind of stuff, think about the danger to me. That's the kind of woman who could steal him away. But if he picks incredibly hot teenage girls based purely on lust, sure, he's going to have sex with them until there's cum oozing from every hole, but in the end, I'll still be the alpha wife! They're not a real threat. They can share his body, but they'll never have the lock on his heart that I do. They'll never threaten my priceless 'soul mate' status. You understand?"

Cindy could only blink for a few moments as she tried to process that. "Yeah. That makes sense. But are you saying that my Ruby is just a sexy toy for him? I'm insulted!"

Mindy rolled her eyes in disgust. "NoooooOOOOooooooo! Of course not! Dan LOVES Ruby! He'd never see her in that way! True, she LOOKS like a sex toy. If a mad scientist were to design a girl purely for the purpose of having sex with her, what would she look like?"

"Well, probably a lot like Ruby or Michelle," Cindy conceded, while casually resting her hand on top of her own large breasts.

"Exactly! So, Ruby's kind of a hybrid. She's got the sex toy quality, the stunning face and curvaceous body that makes Dan want to 'pork' her until he drops from exhaustion. But also there's the loving and the caring side that could make her a potential co-wife. Kind of like you, actually."

"Me?!" she asked, startled. She clutched her arms across her tits, as if she was trying to stop someone who was actively fondling them.

"Sure. What are you but just a slightly older Ruby? You two are very much alike. Sometimes you even get mistaken as her older sister."

Cindy turned her head away bashfully, but didn't deny that. She finally muttered, "Much older sister."

"Normally, I'd say you'd be disqualified because of the age and emotional maturity rule. True, you're smart and emotionally mature and all those dangerously appealing things, but I KNOW you, almost as well as I know myself. You'd never try to run away with him. Besides, you owe me, big time. All these years I've helped you with Rex, helped you survive him and then get over him. Where would you be without me, to be frank? Would you turn around and try to steal my husband away?"

"No! Never! I'm not like that!"

"You see? So you pass that rule too."

Cindy was wide-eyed now. "Oh boy. This is getting a little... scary. So what's the next rule?"

Mindy folded her arms under her rack and proclaimed with a big smile, "That's it! Those are all the rules!"

"But wait... That means I pass, like, everything? But that means... No, that can't mean..." Cindy looked at me, glanced at my crotch, and then quickly turned away.

There was a long silence in the room as Cindy and I tried to cope with this latest bombshell. I was totally bewildered, probably just as bewildered as Cindy was. I'd kept waiting for the boom to fall, for that "age and emotional maturity" rule to kick in. Then my wife pulls a fast one at the last second, leaving me hanging.

Staring at the ceiling, Cindy finally asked, "So... Mindy? ... What exactly are you saying here?"

"I'm saying, before you knock this whole 'Dan gets to sleep with other women' system, maybe you should try it out. First hand, if you know what I mean." She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Why not? I mean if you want to, of course, and it sure sounded like you did a few minutes ago."

Cindy was squirming around uncomfortably; Mindy had backed her into a corner and she didn't know what to say.

I'd been very silent for most of this conversation, but I couldn't stay silent anymore. I said, "Excuse me, Sweetheart, but may I talk to you in private for a minute?"

"Certainly, Honey. Will you excuse us, Cindy? This might take a while."

"No problem. I need some time too, to think." Cindy was confused, flustered, flushed, and more than a little aroused. She kept looking my way, then catching herself and quickly looking elsewhere.

Mindy and I left the room, walking to the computer room on the first floor, where we could talk in complete privacy.

I was about to walk into the room with my wife, but then something stopped me. I said, "Hold on. Bathroom break first." So she nodded and went in without me while I went down the hall to the bathroom. However, that wasn't my real purpose. I somehow sensed the Gruesome Twosome were up to no good, and I wanted to find out what they were doing. I had a gut feeling they were spying on us.

I quietly walked past the bathroom and towards the front door. I was about to come out into the living room again, but right before I could be seen again by Cindy, I heard quiet noises coming from near the top of the stairs.

Ruby said, "Your mother is like a deity. I worship her sheer genius!"

Michelle replied with a big smile. "So you're thinking what I'm thinking, huh? Daddy's gonna be boning your mom too before too long."

Sure enough, my hunch was right. Our staircase bent ninety degrees halfway up. Ruby and Michelle were sitting just around the corner so they could hear without being seen.

Ruby replied, "Oh yeah! Boning her? That's just for starters! Did you see the way your mom ever so slowly turned that conversation around? Hell, my mom's halfway to being another one of his cock slaves already! You and she will be slurping up and down the King together before too long. Then you and me. Then me and her. Then... well, you get the idea." She giggled.

"You think? That would rock! Endless sharing of Daddy's cock, in endless combinations! But won't she freak with you 'cos of the whole incest thing?"

"Ha! Not after Mindy gets through with her! Soon, she'll have her convinced that daddy lovin' is absolutely vital to achieving world peace and curing cancer! Just you wait and see. Mark my words. This is soooooo cool! I'm gonna be in the same harem as my mom. Both my moms! Double cool. And you! All of us together!"

I heard the sound of what seemed to be smooching and erotic moaning.

I was curious to hear more, but I figured that if the two of them had started French kissing, they probably weren't going to be saying anything for a while. Plus, Mindy was expecting me. So I hurried to the bathroom, to make the pretense of flushing the toilet.

I didn't know what to think about what I'd just heard. Cindy! As my cock slave too?! It seems too incredible. But then again, many incredible things have been happening lately. I can't rule anything out. My wife IS one sneaky devil!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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