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Chapter 35

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Once I was in the computer room with Mindy, and armed with the new insight I'd overheard, I slammed the door behind me, and said, "Okay, wife! Can you tell me just what the hell is going on?! Co-wives?! Cindy?! And to top it all off, now you even want me to knock up my own daughter?! Are you totally out of your mind?!"

She held her hands out defensively. "Hey! Hold on! Let me explain. Okay, I'll admit I got a little carried away there with some creative flourishes. But don't you see where I'm going, what I've been doing? This whole thing is one great head fake! I was shocked ... shocked! ... by Ruby's admission of love and lust for you, right in front of her mother. That was totally NOT planned."

"Yeah, maybe not," I conceded. "But that dual handjob? You saw everything, practically from the start. And what happened to the mirror on the wall? You planned that! That was the craziest thing yet! Not to mention the seating arrangements that YOU picked!" I poked my finger at her.

She chuckled. "Wasn't that fun though? I didn't plan all that per se, but I thought that without the mirror, the girls could play a little grabby grabby with you here and there, and wouldn't that be a hoot, with Cindy sitting across the way? I didn't know it would get that intense or reach such a powerful... climax. Sorry. Really."

"Yeah, whatever. That was fun like a heart attack is fun. Seriously stressful. And I know you'd totally do it all over again, you batshit crazy woman! But let's not get sidetracked. We have much bigger fish to fry."

She put her hands on her hips and pretended indignation. "Daniel, I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you, and you want to go to the kitchen and cook large fish? Talk about misplaced priorities."

I laughed. What the hell can I say except that she always makes me laugh, and that's only one reason why I love her so.

But then she switched into a more serious mode. "Let me explain the method to my madness here with Cindy, okay? Let's start there. Cindy's really freaking out about Ruby's announcement. I mean, Ruby is her end all, be all. It's just mother and daughter against the world. They have no other family to speak of. Everything she does, it's all for Ruby. So that revelation of yours hit her like a ton of bricks."

I started to say something, but she raised a hand to stop me. "But! I got to thinking, as I was frantically trying to manage some sort of damage control. I needed to throw her so off her game, confuse her with some other thing, leave her obsessing about the OTHER thing, whatever it might be, so Ruby's situation almost becomes an afterthought. But what could I use as a distraction? Then, it hit me: you! Cindy's been crushing on you since, well, forever."

"ME?! Why me?! She's never said or done the slightest thing to show that. I never got any flirting vibe from her whatsoever. I think you're wrong there."

"That's why she's such a sweetie. Of course she wouldn't flirt with you, first, because I'm your wife, and I really meant what I said about how I'm not worried she'd ever try to steal you from me. And second, she worries that if she starts flirting with you, she'll like it too much and might not be able to control herself, and she can't go there because of the first thing. So she's gone way out of her way not to flirt with you, although she does like to kind of dress sexily when you're around."

I could only frown and cross my arms in disagreement. "Dr. Freud, I think your analysis is way off base here."

But Mindy remained completely unfazed. "It's not my analysis, Honey, it's what she's told me on more than one occasion, her lips to my ears. But in any case, it occurred to me: what better way to get her to accept Ruby having sex with you than if we put her in the exact same situation? People who live in glass houses can't throw stones. If Cindy becomes a total Dan cocksucking addict, how can she fault Ruby for being the same?"

I put my hands on my head and squeezed. "Aaaaah! My brain's exploding! MiiiiiIIIIIIiiiindy!"

She laughed with glee. "Just hear me out. You have to admit that it's brilliant. Already, she's like, 'Ruby? Ruby who?' She's so focused on her own situation with you that she's already starting to accept Ruby being your loving and devoted cock slave. In fact, did you notice that I even boldly threw out Ruby being your sex toy? And she hardly batted an eye about that. Relatively speaking, that is. You have to admit that I should win some kind of award for going above and beyond the usual marital call of duty, there."

I asked, "But where's this going?! I don't think this is all just some big head fake. You really want me to have sex with Cindy, don't you? Yet that's in complete violation of your 'age and emotional maturity' rule. Isn't that terribly dangerous? And co-wives and all the rest? What the hell?!"

Unfortunately for me, my wife was happy as a clam. "Yes, you fucking terrific stud. Yes, I do want you to have sex with Cindy! Like I said, she's the exception to that particular rule, for exactly the reasons I was telling her and you before. That's all true. I fully trust her. And if you do, if you really do bring her into the fold by taming her with your big cock, it'll complete the circle. I know she's submissive just like me, just like the rest of us girls."

"No, she's not! She'd never be into some kind of submissive sex games, not after all the horrible things that Rex did to her."

"What horrible things?"

"You know, beating her, coming home drunk, and raping her. All that."

Mindy went from happy to alarmed. "WHAT?! Who told you that? I never said that."

"Well, you didn't say that to me in so many words, but I got the picture through hints. It's not the kind of thing people necessarily talk about openly."

"You're totally wrong on that one. Sure, he was a shiftless, drunken loser, but Cindy's no cream puff! Just think: if there was a fist fight between Cindy and Rex, who do you think would win?"

To be honest, I'd never thought about it. "She'd probably kick his ass," I admitted sheepishly.

"That's right! He never dared to lay a hand on her. When she found out about his cheating ways the first time, she got angry but forgave him. But when she found out the second time, she completely cut off the love tap. As a result, he started cheating on her more, which strengthened her resolve to avoid his filthy dick like the plague. Things spiraled downwards from there, and they only stayed together as long as they did in a misguided effort to remain a family for Ruby's sake. They hadn't had sex for years and years by the time he finally left. There was no raping, no hitting. You think I'd allow him to do that to my good friend and not press charges? Get real! Dan, you've got your head up your ass. Again! If only I could take a picture of you in that position, I'd win a prize."

"Well, color me... stupid. Boy, I was really off on that one. Still, how do you know she's submissive? Did Rex ever treat her like that, way back when things were good between them?"

"Rex? The only thing he was ever good for was his checkbook. I'm sure he couldn't properly tame a pussy to save his life. No, she's never directly tasted the joy of being spanked and thoroughly dominated, but I know she'll love it. How do I know that? I just do! I know everything about her. I know who her favorite Beatle is, what her favorite brand of butter is, hell, I even know some of her deepest darkest feelings that even SHE doesn't realize on a conscious level! So don't tell me about Cindy!" She angrily poked me in the chest.

I asked, "Fine, but how does knowing all that tip you off about her being a submissive? Have you ever asked her?"

"No, and if I did I'm sure she'd deny it, because she doesn't understand herself when it comes to that. Most people don't. But lately I've been learning more about domination and submission, and I can just tell. She's a strong and independent woman, like me. But when a certain kind of man, a man she's sexually attracted to, gets aggressive, she caves. Like you. You don't do it much, but when you stand your ground and she's there to see it, she practically swoons and wets her panties."

"No way," I complained. "I never noticed that at all. You're delusional."

"Trust me on this. Women see things guys miss. She'd be great for you. Besides, she'd complete the circle. Honey, despite how it might look right now, I'm not looking for you to bonk everything walking that has a pussy between its legs. I want to keep this close. In the family. Think about it: you, me, Ruby, Michelle, Cindy... Our two families could merge! We could frolic in the nude day and night with no need to hide anything from anybody!"

"So is that what you're talking about with the whole co-wives thing? And more children?! You want me to breed Michelle, even?! I could tell you were dead serious when you looked at her as you said that."

Mindy just waved her hand dismissively. "Honey, don't listen to that. I might have meant that at the moment I said it, but that was just my mad cucquean ramblings. It's just like when we have sex, and I sometimes say some crazy things in the heat of the moment, during a role-play or whatever. Basically, I opened up the lid to my id and just let every last wild thought I had come pouring out, in an attempt to distract Cindy."

I stared at her skeptically.

She protested, "Of COURSE I don't want you to breed Michelle! Come ON! Sure, it's a fun fantasy, but two-headed babies? Yuck! Besides, I'm almost forty. More kids? Forget it. I'm pooped. I was just going off on all that stuff and the co-wives stuff to hold out a prize for Cindy. She really, really, really wants grandkids. That's why she's so against the idea of Ruby being a lesbian, even though she's secretly bisexual herself. And she wouldn't want Ruby to have a child without a proper father, so that's why I had to run with that whole crazy co-wives thing."

"So you DON'T want co-wives? You could have fooled me. I'm getting so confused as fantasy becomes reality, and reality is my fantasy, that I can't keep straight anymore what's just a wild dream and what's some clever scheme. All this 'cock slave' stuff, and now this 'completing the circle' stuff - it sure sounds to me like you're talking about something very long term. Permanent, even."

"Well, kind of," she conceded. "A long-term, permanent, SEXUAL relationship, yes. One that could go for years and years. I think it would be great if, ten years from now, you're still having sex with our daughters. Like I told you already. But not as co-wives! That's craziness! I'M the wife! Think about it: in the fall, Michelle and Ruby will be going to college. Now, it so happens that the college they chose is only a few miles away, so they're not really going anywhere just yet."

I hadn't been thinking about that. Oh God! What if they live at home for their entire college years?! I could have them as my cock slaves for that entire time! Good God, that's tempting, but that's the time they need to start dating boys their own age.

I couldn't think more along those lines because Mindy continued to speak. "But Nicky's already up and gone. She's flown the nest. In a few years, it'll be like that for Michelle and Ruby too. HEY!" She stopped her train of thought and stared at the nearby telephone.


"Mentioning Nicky's name, I suddenly remembered we need to call her today. We should do it now." She reached for the phone and started dialing.

"Wait! Now?! You couldn't have picked a worse time! Cindy's sitting alone in the other room. And we're in the middle of talking about personal cock slaves and co-wives and all kinds of depraved things!"

She smirk-smiled. "I know. Isn't it great? But seriously, we have to call her now. She just finished her last final exam a few hours ago. Her first year in college is officially over. That's big news! We need to congratulate her right away!"

I couldn't disagree with that. Besides, the phone was already ringing.

Nicky picked it up.

We spend the next couple of minutes congratulating her and asking her how her finals had gone.

She said they went well. But she also was celebrating with some friends, so she couldn't talk long.

That was a good thing, because Mindy was able to pick up our conversation where she left off. "Aaaah. I love hearing from Nicky. Such a great kid! But anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes. In a few years, Michelle and Ruby will fly free from home, just like Nicky. They'll have high-powered jobs somewhere far away. We'll be seeing them less and less, sadly enough. That's part of life. But they'll come back for vacations and the like. It would be great if they could come home from time to time and get a fresh injection of that special 'daddy loving' that they need. Just think how much more special Christmas break will be, for instance, if you spend nearly all of it with your cock in their mouths, or their cleavage, or even in their cunts! Talk about the best stocking stuffer, ever!" She chuckled.

"Hey," I started to protest, since that talking about actual fucking with them was off limits in my book.

She quickly corrected herself, "Or whatever you want to do with them. But all things must pass. With all that time away from home, they'll meet other people, eventually, and finally find good husbands. That's why I'm not worried about this whole 'dating boys' thing that bothers you so much. They've got literally decades to find a mate! Did you know that the average age for a first marriage in the US these days is after thirty? Things have changed big time since our day. You're so worried about them finding boyfriends NOW. But don't you think, if they're living in some other city and only get to see you a couple of times a year, eventually they'll find substitute cocks? With their libidos, how could they not? It's inevitable."

"Huh. Well, I have to admit, you're starting to make a bit more sense. In a kind of scary way, but still, I could almost agree. That doesn't sound terribly bad for them. Maybe, maybe I could get a little more physically involved with them and not totally ruin their future and their chance for marriage."

She smiled with relief. "Sure! Honey, some day, the terrible day will come when you're lying in bed with Michelle underneath you, basking in the glow of filling her pussy to overflowing with your cum for the countless thousandth time, with Ruby lying naked on one side and me on the other, and Michelle will say to you, 'Daddy, I'm sorry. I've met a really wonderful man, and he's asked me to marry him. I can't have sex with you as much anymore.'"

I laughed. "You really have a way with words, don't you? You're loving that idea more than I am, I think. 'I can't have sex with you AS MUCH anymore.' You crack me up."

She grinned. "Hey, I'm an optimist. But honestly, that's life! Things change! Your sex drive will slow down and your hair will turn gray. You won't be able to keep such a big harem as you used to. Even your great sex drive will wind down some eventually, after all. But until then, you have many years of happy daughter-pussy pounding ahead of you. They want this with a passion, even more than I do!"

I rolled my eyes, but continued, "Let's just accept that vision as true temporarily, for argument's sake. Minus the pussy pounding, since that's off limits, but with lots of sex acts nonetheless. Where, then, do you see Sue Ellen or Cindy fitting in?"

"I don't know exactly. But with your daughters flying the coop eventually, I figure you're gonna need some extra pussy on the side. It's up to you, really, how many women you can handle and yet still keep ME satisfied. Never forget the 'Mindy gets first dibs' rule."

"Wait, what?"

"Oh, you didn't know? That's cock slave rule number one: the wife gets first dibs."

That explained a minor mystery, since I'd overheard rules two and three earlier. I wondered how many more there were, not to mention who came up with them and how.

But I didn't get a chance to ask right then, because Mindy quickly continued, "So, while I was getting out of hand with all that 'breeding' and 'co-wives' talk, I do ultimately think that long-term affairs are a good idea. What's the point of going through all the trouble of finding just the right person who passes all the tests, having to wait two weeks to get her cleared with the STD test, and then just porking her once? That's not efficient. I say, if you find a warm and willing tight slit, you keep filling it. Your aversion to vaginal intercourse is only with your daughters, right?"

The sheer pointedness of that question made me uncomfortable. "Um, right."

"Good. With Sue Ellen, she's just finished her first year of college here, so she's probably going to be around three more years. Wouldn't it be great if you could keep her as your personal cock slave for that long, before she has to move away?"

Was I losing all my morals? Her ideas were sounding pretty good to me. Remarkably good, actually. My penis had gone flaccid for a few minutes, most especially during the brief phone call to Nicky. But I couldn't help that I had an erection again.

She went on, "Or take Cindy. She's ideal. In fact, take her in more ways than one!" She giggled. "She's older yes, but like me, she still has the body of somebody half her age. Don't listen to her talk about sagging body parts. I look at her in a bikini and I think, 'Damn! I wish I could still look that good.' She lives right around the corner. She only has a part time job, mostly lives off her alimony, and has more time on her hands than she knows what to do with. She needs a new hobby, and that should be popping round to our house and keeping her lips sliding up and down your rampaging cock!"

I chuckled and shook my head. "You're so relentless with your cucquean fantasies!"

She smirk-smiled. "It feels good to finally be able to share them with you. I guess I can't stop myself, now that I've started. Speaking of which, with Cindy being the mother of Ruby, wouldn't you like to do the two of them both at once? Can't you just picture the two of them on their knees, their red heads side by side between your legs, their bodies glistening with sweat, their hands tied behind their backs as they await their chance to serve you?"

I groaned. "Oh, come on! Ropes too?"

So far, the two of us had just been standing there the whole time, but Mindy suddenly put her hand on my crotch. "Oh, yeah! I thought I detected a growing bulge down here." She patted it. "It looks like King likes the idea, even if you don't. Besides, as I've said, between her and me, I'm definitely the natural 'alpha' and she's the 'beta.' It's not just that she owes me for so many things I've done for her, although that helps."

I interrupted her to say, "Min, you can't have a serious conversation with me while you're doing that." I was referring to the way she'd quickly gone from holding my erection outside my pants to sliding a hand inside and fondling it directly!

She said, "Why not? I think you do your best thinking when you're getting jacked off."

She undid my buckle, unzipped the zipper, and even tugged my pants down some. That left her with one hand stroking my boner and her other hand cupping my balls. "Aaaah! Much better! And I really mean it. You're a naturally stubborn-headed guy. When you're horny, you're more open-minded."

I griped, "Someone needs to say no to your increasingly far-fetched ideas." I didn't stop her hands, though. It seems I had succumbed to my lusty desires and thrown most of my objections out the window.

"True. That's why I need your permission for everything. Getting back to Cindy, ever since way back when, when we first started to become friends, she's always naturally deferred to me. That's one reason I know she's submissive: you should see how she submits to me when I put my foot down. If she's going to be over at our house for years to come, naked and tied spread-eagle on our bed with you frantically pumping away between her legs, then that's how it has to be. I don't want someone who'd be challenging my authority."

"Sounds like you're getting back to the co-wife idea," I said, trying to remain rational and not give in completely to my lusty thoughts. Well, okay, my wife's lusty thoughts. They were contagious! And the handjob she was giving me was definitely affecting my thinking.

She said, "Well, kind of, but not really. I have a feeling that she's finally on the rebound from the Rex fiasco, after three long years, and she'll eventually find her own man. That's what she really wants. But I think it's important for her to go through a 'Dan phase' first too."

"Wait a minute." I was getting confused. "When you said Ruby was going to go through a 'Dan phase,' you were just bullshitting, right? But when you talk about Cindy going through a 'Dan phase,' you really mean it?"'

"Well, yes and no. It's all a matter of what you consider a 'phase.' I'm hoping Ruby will go through a Dan phase and then eventually find her own husband, but the process will probably take years. I know she'll love being your cock slave, but at some point she'll want to get married and have kids. Ditto with Cindy. It could be years before she decides she wants her own man. So there's no inconsistency. I'm just letting Cindy jump to assumptions when she hears the word 'phase.'"

"Huh." I was still confused. I was getting the impression that she was more into the co-wives idea than she was willing to admit right now. "Years" sounded potentially permanent to me.

My cock was starting to leak pre-cum, allowing her fingers to slip and slide, making her handjob even more pleasurable. Yet she continued to talk as if we weren't touching. "Did you hear her talking about how she's lost her confidence and even her sex drive? She's so discouraged now that she's not even trying to date. So you need to re-ignite her inner fire, re-inspire her. Once you do, she'll be too vivacious and beautiful to keep down. The guys will swarm to her like flies to honey, and... best of all... she'll be in a position to pick and choose, and be choosy about who she picks to replace you. So, she and I may be in a kind of co-wifey situation for a little while, maybe a few years even, but enjoy her while you can, because it won't last forever. That's okay, though. There will be others. Isn't the chase of finding new pussy a lot of the fun? It is for me, at least."

I sat down in a chair, staggered by all this. "Mindy, I don't know. I just... don't know."

She sat on my legs, but did it in such a way so her two hands kept on playing with my cock and balls.

I sighed. "I can't figure out if I'm the most dominating husband around or the most pussy-whipped one. It seems like my control, such as it is, is just an illusion, and I'm just along for the ride. You're driving this car."

Her devious smirk returned. "Perhaps. But isn't it a great ride? Rrrrrr!" She tilted my erection this way and that while she stroked it, as if it was a joystick for a car racing video game.

I had to chuckle and shake my head.

She added, "And isn't it better when you have a whole lot of pussy to whip? Oooh! That brings up all kinds of interesting possibilities. But now, it's getting late. We've probably brought Cindy as far along as we can in one day. Let's wrap things up. But before she leaves, I want you to kiss her, and I mean really, really kiss her. Give her one of those patented Dan kisses. You know the one, where you leave me weak in the knees and panting for more. That'll give her something to chew on until the next time."

"You make it sound like this Cindy thing's a done deal already."

"No, not hardly. All kinds of things could go wrong, especially if Ruby blabs too much too soon. But I'm encouraged so far."

She suddenly got off my lap and knelt down between my legs.

I held her head back. "Oh no! Don't get started on a blowjob! Not now!"

"Of course not. We have guests waiting. Trust me on this, okay?"

I reluctantly let go of her head.

With two hands still holding and stroking my boner, she planted a kiss on the tip of my cock. "There! That's all I wanted to do. I want to pay my respects to your great cock. And don't be fooled by any false modesty, because a great cock it is! To be honest, it blows my mind that I've taken care of this cock-monster all by myself for so many years. I truly feel a great sense of relief that the reinforcements are finally coming."

She kissed the tip again, a little longer this time. She ended it with a little bit of tongue poking at my piss hole.

I said, "You're just trying to flatter me now, hoping it'll weaken my resistance."

"Not true! Normally I don't tell you this because I don't want you to get a swelled head, but you're not like ordinary men. Your cock is literally twice as thick as the normal cock, which gives it four times the volume. And it's length is perfect! Any extra inches would be wasted on nearly all women. But it's what you do with it that's truly remarkable. Your stamina beggars belief! This is a cock that NEEDS a harem to be properly taken care of!"

With that, she engulfed my cockhead and started bobbing on it. But after just a couple of bobs, she abruptly pulled off. She looked up at me with a wild, hungry look in her eyes. "Damn! I just said I wasn't going to do that, but it's so hard to resist! We do have Cindy waiting though. Damn!" She suddenly stood back up. Then she pulled me up.

She carefully tucked my cock and balls back into my pants, and zipped up.

As she did that, I grumbled, "You play me like a fiddle. I'm supposed to go back there with a raging boner?"

"Yep! Seeing your ridiculously obscene bulge will help sway Cindy, I'm sure. Now, scoot, mister! Go smooch with my best friend, like a good husband." She even playfully swatted me on my butt to help get me moving.

So we went back to Cindy.

I should have asked Mindy point blank if she was being completely honest with me, but needless to say I had too much on my mind, I was too horny, and I wasn't thinking straight.

When we returned to the living room, Cindy was sitting right in front of the fire. She'd done a good job of tending to it, and she was staring intently into the flames, lost in thought.

Mindy walked in and held up her hand. "Cindy, don't speak. Dan and I just had a good talk, but now's not the time for you to talk. I know your head is filled with all kind of things, but I think we've had enough excitement for one evening."

Cindy started, "Well, okay, but I really don't think-"

"Nope!" Mindy held her hand up in a stop gesture. "Tomorrow. It'll be good to sleep on it. Then you can come back here and you and I can have a nice long chat without Dan, and we can really get to the nitty gritty about Ruby, about you, and about everything else. Okay?"

Cindy nodded, though still uncertain. Then she looked at me. Her mouth opened wide and she nearly covered it with her hand when she saw the lewd bulge Mindy had given me.

Mindy smirked a little, but otherwise pretended like she hadn't noticed. She put her hands on her hips. "Good. Now where are Satan's Hell Spawn? If Ruby doesn't go home with you now, those girls will be gabbing until two in the morning." She cupped her hands to her lips and shouted, "Micheeeeeelle! Ruuuuuuby!"

The two girls came bounding down the stairs, and all five of us met in the foyer near the front door.

The girls slowed as they got near the bottom of the stairs, and my breath was taken away all over again. I'd forgotten Ruby was wearing her stunning blue Southern belle dress and Michelle was wearing her even more revealing red one. My jaw literally dropped. I seriously worried my erection would burst right through my pants! At the very least, I knew I'd have a wet spot problem before long. I could vividly recall the way the two of them had my boner in their mouths a good number of times throughout the day, and all the talented things they'd done to it.

It was a bit corny, but I couldn't help but say aloud, "Shellies are red, Rubies are blue, I've never seen more beauty, than in these two."

"Awww!" They both squealed delightfully. They rushed down the last couple of steps and pretty much both tackled me at once. I found myself getting covered with kisses as one of them shrieked, "Isn't he the greatest?"

I was worried Michelle would forget that Cindy was standing right there, and she'd kiss me or fondle me in a way that a daughter shouldn't. But thankfully she kept her head and actually let go of me altogether fairly quickly.

That left me at the mercy of Ruby. She was holding back too, in the sense that she didn't just rip off all her clothes and then all of mine, like she probably wanted to. But she was only restraining herself in a relative sense. She decided to go for it. She shot a quick, nervous look at her mother, and then kissed me on the lips. And I do mean she kissed me!

I think I staggered back a few steps, because she was coming on so strong. Our eyes were closed and our heads occasionally tilted from one side to the other as the kiss went on and on.

It was great, but I couldn't fully enjoy it because I was worried about Cindy's reaction. Was she disgusted? Was she ready to retch? Trying to be considerate to her, I managed to untangle myself from Ruby before too long.

I looked at Cindy apologetically. "I'm sorry. I didn't know she was going to do that. She's pretty hard to control."

Cindy laughed, thinking about how much trouble she'd had raising her daughter. "You're telling me! Don't I know it every single day!"

"So, you're not mad?" She didn't LOOK mad, but then again her expression was very hard to read.

"Mad?" Cindy asked, almost philosophically. "What does that word mean? Who's to say what's mad? The whole world is mad. In the greater scheme of things, with all the other revelations tonight, seeing one kiss isn't gonna kill me."

Ruby was still loosely hugging me, and asked her, "Would TWO kisses kill you?"

But before Ruby could kiss me again, Mindy tapped her on the shoulder. "My turn."

"Oops! Sure thing, Mrs. C." Ruby immediately let go. (She was known to playfully call Mindy "Mrs. C.," but only rarely.)

As Mindy wrapped her arms around me, she said, "Cindy, given our new level of honesty and openness tonight, I hope you don't mind if I kiss my husband like I really want to kiss him, and not that peck on the cheek crap we usually settle for in polite company." Then she leaned in and planted her lips on mine.

She wasn't kidding about kissing passionately. She was doing her best to outdo Ruby's kiss. And since she was my wife, she could take greater liberties than Ruby was willing to dare in front of Cindy. For instance, Mindy insistently pressed up against my erection and started subtly grinding her body against it while her hands drifted down to my ass cheeks.

Without thinking, my hands drifted down to her ass cheeks too and I started squeezing them. It's like a Pavlovian reaction I can't control: if I'm French kissing my wife and her hands go to my ass, my hands go to hers. I couldn't seem to help myself, even though I knew Cindy would get a clear view of my ass groping.

Meanwhile, Cindy was trying to explain about Mindy's "new level of honesty and openness" comment. She said to the girls, "Dan, Mindy, and I, we had a... frank talk. About some... things." She seemed uncomfortable even saying that much.

But then Ruby dropped another bombshell, even as Mindy and I continued to make out. "I know," she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "Michelle and I heard the whole thing. We were listening from the top of the stairs."

"You DID?!" Cindy exclaimed. "Oh my GOD!"

Ruby kept on going, "You know what would be neat? I think it would be awesome if you and Dan get together! Get it on!"

Michelle quipped, "Bang a gong, too!"

I got her reference to the classic T Rex song "Bang a Gong (Get It On)," and I could tell there was something about the way Ruby had enthusiastically said "get it on" that amused and inspired her. But Cindy looked puzzled.

Ruby giggled, and then continued, "Mom, you really deserve a nice guy like Dan. You've had nothing but heartache and trouble with men, even since before you had me. I have to share him anyway. Wouldn't it be great if you just... had fun? Let yourself go! Live a little!"

Cindy was stunned yet again. "But... I can't!"

Mindy was still in my arms, but we'd finally broken the kiss. Both of us turned to face the exchange between Cindy and Ruby.

Michelle was continuing to wisely use discretion, standing to the side and keeping her mouth shut.

Ruby said, "Sure you can, Mom! Why not?"

Cindy stammered, "But... You wouldn't be jealous?"

"No way! That would just draw us closer together! There's more than enough Dan to go around. Not to mention PLENTY of King."

Cindy just blinked in non-comprehension. "King?" Although now that she said the word, you could almost see the dawning of comprehension suffuse her face.

Ruby though left her no room for doubts. "That's our nickname for his Johnson. King or the King. You know, like Elvis." She sang, "'I've got a hunka hunka burnin' love, a hunka hunka burnin' love...'"

Everybody laughed at that except Cindy, who was still too flabbergasted by all these developments and revelations for joking.

She just meekly said, "Oh." Then she turned and looked down at my crotch. Unfortunately, I hadn't been paying attention to my hard-on after Mindy had rubbed against it, and it was lewdly tenting my pants even more than before. Realizing that she was staring, and that I'd seen where she was staring, she managed to look away.

Ruby's seeming total acceptance of the idea had thrown Cindy for a loop, and she wanted to escape before she was hit with any more shockers. She said to Ruby, "Come on, darling. Let's go home. It's late."

Ruby stomped her foot and crossed her arms under her very ample chest. "I'm not going! I wanna be with my MAN!"

Crossing her arms in that way was a mistake for her decency, because her low cut dress barely covered her nipples when her arms were at her sides. Suddenly finding themselves pushed up from below, her nipples popped into the open, and a good deal more, besides. Once the hem was below her nipples, it was on a steep round underhang and kept getting pulled down, until her rack completely escaped from its confinement!

I gasped out loud. I thought, No, Ruby, no! You're gonna ruin everything! Don't push it!

But Ruby either didn't know what she was showing or didn't care. She just stood there with her arms crossed, staring defiantly at her mother. Her heaving bare breasts were simply incredible.

Cindy's eyes were ready to pop out of her head. She was left gasping for air.

Trying to save the situation, I said, "Ruby, you're going. We'll see you tomorrow."

But she just stomped her foot again, causing her hefty globes to start shaking and swaying wildly. It also caused them to wiggle their way even further out of her tight dress, until her dress slid down to belly button level. She still hadn't looked down at herself, but there was no way she couldn't know what she was showing. "NO! Certain promises were made, and I'm not going to go home until they're fulfilled!"

Obviously, she was referring to my pledge to titfuck her later tonight. I was glad that at least she didn't overtly state that. She did use her upper arms to push her great E-cups together though, and then she gave me a smoldering look full of promise.

Breaking away from Mindy's grasp, I walked toward Ruby and grabbed her by the arm. I said to Cindy, "Let me talk to her in private."

I led Ruby deep into the living room, so the others could see us from the foyer but not hear us. I figured that would stop Ruby from getting frisky. And she was behaving herself for the moment, although she was making no move whatsoever to cover up her chest. If anything, now that she was in front of me one on one, she thrust her chest forward even further.

It was mighty distracting, but I said to her, "Ruby, Daughter, Cindy's in a very delicate state right now. You need to go home and talk to her and ease her concerns. Be very suave and smooth. No more bombshells."

She whispered back, "But the titfuck! You promised! First you're going to fuck Michelle, then you're going to fuck me - our huge tits, I mean - then you're going to spank us, and control us, and probably squirt your yummy goo all over us, and then maybe even take us in some more orifices!" She clutched her heaving boobs and held them up. "Look at these. These are for you! Don't you want to slide your fat snake between 'em? As in, like, now?"

I found myself ogling the fulsome breasts she was offering up above her blue dress, but then I looked her squarely in the eye. "Ruby, I'm sorry, but that's not happening tonight. For one thing, the two of you were extremely naughty and jacked me off the entire dinner. So the King, unfortunately, has left the building."

I had my back to the foyer area, and I realized that Ruby had intentionally stood directly in front of me so that Cindy could only see my backside. Taking advantage of that fact, the naughty redheaded teen dropped her hands down, grinned, and grabbed my crotch. "Looks to me like the King is still in the building and ready for an encore!"

Somehow, she got my zipper undone while using just one hand, and by the time she was saying "encore," her fingers were firmly wrapped around my erection and busily stroking away! The fact that I was wearing a dinner jacket provided a little cover, but she was mostly hoping the angle of our bodies and the way we were closely pressed together would hide what she was doing.

I quietly hissed, "Ruby, no! Stop! This is craziness! Cindy's right there, and your tits are hanging out! Please! Use some restraint! If you don't control yourself, she's going to completely freak out!" I seemed to have no self-control. As usual, when I got horny, my dick did most of my thinking for me.

"From wanting to have you fuck her," Ruby said as she stroked. "I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, boning the mommy and the daughter." She looked down. "What do YOU think, Mr. King? You like that? Ooooh! I think you do!"

She was pressing my sweet spot, doing her best to make me cum right away, without being too obvious about it. "I like it too, Mr. King, I like it a LOT! I want my daddy to make my mommy one of his favorite cock slaves too! Then we can all be one big happy family, bound together by our service to our master!"

Words like that made me so fucking horny that I could barely breathe. My heart was racing wildly. "Ruby, please! For the love of God, stop! If you want that to happen, you'll stop right now, cover up and go home. Tomorrow, we'll do all that stuff, okay?"

She looked down at her hand. She was making very subtle rubbing motions, so her arm movement wouldn't give her away. "You promise? Do you promise to slide the King through my cleavage and my mouth and splatter your cum all over my face and my chest? I want you to give me that really big pearl necklace! A spermy, creamy, yummy, gooey necklace."

I hissed nervously, "You'll get it! You'll get it! Please! Stop!"

"Okay. 'Cos you asked so nicely." She tucked my erection back in my pants and zipped up my zipper. She made some puckering and kissy noises with her mouth. "We'll see you again tomorrow, Mr. King. I'm gonna go to bed tonight and finger my pussy raw just dreaming about you, dreaming about you taking my cherry so I can eternally serve my master in every way!"

Then, just like that, she walked past me and back to the group still standing in the foyer.

As she walked, I looked to the others. Mindy raised her fist up to her shoulder and gave it one quick approving pump in the air as she stared at me. She was trying to be subtle, but she couldn't completely restrain her excitement.

Michelle, on the other hand, had much less subtlety. But she was standing behind Cindy, so she could be more blatant. Looking at Ruby, she raised her fist up by her head and shook it back and forth. One might make such a gesture cheering on a sports team, but not exactly in the way she was doing it. For one thing, her fist wasn't closed; she left enough room to make it seem like she was holding an invisible penis. For another, she was rhythmically jerking her fist back and forth in the air only a couple of inches.

I could see her mouth the words to Ruby, while still jerking off the air, "DID YOU?"

Ruby made a subtle, happy nod in Michelle's direction, confirming that she did. Then she stopped in front of Cindy and said happily, "Dan and I have come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement."

But Ruby still hadn't bothered to cover her bare chest in the slightest, and Cindy complained, "That's nice, but please! Do you realize what you're showing? You can't walk around like that. You're seriously embarrassing me."

But Ruby just ignored that, and said, "Dan promised not to do all kinds of naughty things to my body tonight, but in return I made him promise one thing: Mom, he has to kiss you with a REAL kiss, like he just kissed me and Mindy!"

Needless to say, this was news to me! Damn, are all the women around me scheming and tricky? It seemed likely she was in cahoots with my wife about this.

Cindy blanched. "What? But... no!" She covered her deep cleavage with a hand and looked at me with fear, but also with lust. Her chest started to heave as I walked back to where she stood in the foyer.

I remembered that Mindy had specifically tried to get me to promise the exact same thing, and frankly I was all for it, especially after the way Ruby had just been stroking me. I knew I had to act fast, before I lost my nerve or Cindy put up more of a protest.

So I stepped up into the foyer and just kept on walking, until I literally walked into Cindy. I swept her into my arms as she started to fall back, and pressed my lips to hers.

I don't know if her mouth was open from shock or desire or some combination, but it was, and I took advantage of that fact. I immediately slipped my tongue into her mouth, and within seconds our tongues were frantically dueling.

Emboldened, I dipped Cindy over, leaving her hanging in the air in my arms. That left her in a very vulnerable and helpless position, and yet it seemed to only fire her engines all the more. She practically tackled me to the ground as the kiss went on and on. Eventually though, I made sure we were both standing fully upright.

The three other women stood nearby. I wasn't paying any attention to them, but I didn't hear them say anything.

I could sense from the way Cindy was kissing me back that we'd just crossed a line. We were officially out of the "friend zone," and there was no going back. That thrilled me to no end! I'd desired Cindy for a long, long time, but I'd always repressed my feelings. Now, all that pent up emotion was bursting out, and turning the kiss molten hot!

I don't know how long we necked, but it was a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if it was five minutes or more. Clearly, things had changed between us.

I peeked at Mindy, Michelle, and/or Ruby from time to time. They were remarkably quiet and patient, still not saying a word. Probably, they were afraid to say the wrong thing and spook Cindy during this very pivotal kiss.

Finally, with Cindy still smooching me, Ruby tapped her on the shoulder. "Mom, if I'm leaving, I gotta have one last kiss."

Cindy was breathless and bewildered. As she looked around, she realized her hands somehow had made it to my ass cheeks, while my hands were stroking her butt cheeks too. Like I said, it's a Pavlovian thing for me, and it seems that's true with most any woman, not just my wife.

We both quickly pulled our hands away.

Ruby still had her awesome melons hanging out - she seemed to have no shame about that whatsoever. As she stepped into my arms, she said, "Mom, one thing you gotta learn about Dan is that there's plenty of him to go around. But you've gotta learn how to share." Then she kissed me again. It was like a nuclear explosion in my mouth.

But even that wasn't enough for the insatiable girl. Knowing that I was so lust-addled that I didn't know up from down, she brought my hands up to her bare breasts. Once they were there, it seemed I couldn't let go, and I fondled her bountiful rack without restraint as the kiss went on.

Again, I started to worry about Cindy's reaction. We were probably blowing it, pushing her too hard too fast. Thinking I was quite clever, I managed to more or less pull Ruby's dress back up over her nipples even as I fondled them. Only then did I break the kiss.

Ruby looked down and saw what I had done. "Meanie," she pouted.

"Okay, that's it," I said, opening the front door with one hand and pushing Ruby through it with the other before she could think to bare her chest again. "Out you go, girl! You need to get out of my sight or I'll never be able to stop kissing you!"

Ruby was too gleeful about that comment to be mad about being pushed. "Oh no! That would be terrible!" she giggled.

"You're too beautiful for me to take, I have to turn away." I knew she'd dig that too, but it was a good excuse to look back around me, and especially check out how Cindy was coping.

Cindy was panting and staring at me like she wanted me to take her on the spot. At the very least, she seemed to be on the verge of throwing herself into my arms.

But I acted quickly and started pushing her out the door. "Oh no, not you too! You're just as ravishing as your daughter is. If you don't leave my sight right now, I don't think I could control myself!"

At least I'd managed to get Cindy and her daughter out the door, but they didn't look willing to go anywhere from there except back into the house. If anything, Cindy's "fuck me now, you bastard!" stare in my direction was even stronger than before.

Mindy, luckily, saved the day. She walked right past me out the door and then closed the door behind her. I could hear her starting to talk to Cindy, but the door slammed shut before I could understand what she was saying.

That left me standing there in the foyer with just... Michelle.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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