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Chapter 36

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When my wife escorted Cindy and Ruby outside, I was left alone with Michelle and her tremendous F-cups. That was certainly a gulp-inducing moment.

Now that she no longer had a reason to conceal her passions, the intensity of the lusty look she directed at me even outdid Cindy's! Her smoldering gaze seemed liable to cause everything around me to burst into flames in spontaneous combustion at any moment.

She didn't say anything, but just pulled the straps of her red dress off her shoulders. Her dress succumbed at long last to gravity and fell down to her waist, baring the rest of her exquisite breasts as if she were the goddess of lust incarnate. Knowing how much I loved them, she shifted her shoulders back and forth, causing the two pliable bowling balls to sway, one way and then the other. She was a total babe and she knew it. In fact, she was damn proud of it.

Still not uttering a single word, she stepped forward and brought her lips to mine. This kiss was even more intense than a nuclear bomb, it was like the entire planet exploding! She even outdid the kisses Cindy and Ruby had just given me. I hadn't even thought that was physically possible.

But I didn't get completely swept away and lose my head. I was well aware that Ruby and Cindy could always come back in. More likely, Mindy would open the door as she came back in, and then Ruby and Cindy would be able to see far too much if we stayed in the foyer.

So, from the moment Michelle's face met mine, I started walking her backwards, away from the front door but also away from the living room. There were big windows in the front of the living room, so that was another danger zone. On one side of the foyer was the front door, on the other sides (going counterclockwise from the door) were the living room, the stairs, and another short hallway leading off to other rooms and finally making its way to the kitchen. I kiss-walked Michelle down that hallway as far as I could.

Michelle, on the other hand, didn't seem to care where I was taking her, because she was fully focused on the "clothes problem" instead. Knowing that my hands were busy holding and carrying her, her hands got busy trying to take her dress off and my clothes off too. She knew she couldn't take my jacket off while I was holding and hugging her, so she got to work on my pants instead. I found it harder and harder to walk as my pants slid further down my legs.

I found myself backed up against the door to the computer room, and that seemed as good a place as any, so I started kiss-walking her into there. Her dress finally fell to the ground, and as I came to a stop she was able to pull my pants off my feet. We typically adhere to a "shoes off inside the house" rule, so she didn't have to deal with those. Instead, she and I struggled with my jacket and my dress shirt.

She wasn't entirely sure how safe we were, so she was whispering as she said, "Oh, Daddy! I love you so much! What TORTURE that was! TORTURE! Seeing you kiss all your women but me! All I got was a chicken peck. And I got SO HORNY watching you take Cindy for your own in front of all of us! You're the MAN! My God, you just took charge of everything and everyone, like a real daddy-master should!"

"You're not jealous?" I asked as I tossed my jacket across the room.

"It's not my place to be jealous. That's Cock Slave Rule Number Two. Besides, seeing you take control of other women makes me soooo hot!"

Finally, we were both completely naked, although she was still struggling to take her necklace off with one hand as she pulled me along by my erection with her other hand to the only sofa in the room.

I asked, "What's with these rules? Who came up with them? How many are there? WHY are there rules?"

She smiled enigmatically. "What's the fun in telling you everything all at once?"

"Okay, at least tell me what's Cock Slave Rule Number One?"

"That's easy, AND very pertinent: 'Serve Daddy's cock!'" She yelled this hungrily as she pushed me boldly down onto the sofa.

That conflicted with what Mindy had mentioned a little while ago. I didn't know who was right and I was too distracted to get into the issue right now.

She quickly added, "Speaking of which, I do believe you have a certain pair of F-cupped tits to fuck! I've been thinking about this ALL day at work: how do I want to take my first titfuck? Lying on the floor, with Daddy sitting on top of me like he's victoriously claiming his daughter booty, or in a servile position, naked and on my knees, showing who's the master and who's the slave?! It's a tough call!"

By this time, she was on her knees, sitting on her heels between my legs. She giggled. "You can obviously guess which one I picked. I like this one 'cos I can look up at you and stare into your eyes the whole time, so my face can show you how much I love you, while my body shows how much I need to serve you, and only you... mind and body, heart and soul! I want you to take my jugs in both hands and... Oh, hi Mom!"

I turned to the door.

There stood Mindy, beaming with happiness as she watched the two of us. She was still dressed to the nines, but now that Michelle and I were staring at her, she yanked her dress down her chest too, in the exact same way Michelle had done a couple of minutes before.

She spoke matter-of-factly, like this sort of thing happened every day, "I'm so glad I got back in time, so I didn't miss the start. You have no idea how hard it was to get rid of those two!"

Shedding her clothes with lightning speed as she made her way across the room, she told Michelle, "Darling, don't stop talking on my account. The things you were saying were so beautiful!" But then she stopped. "Oh! Let me go get the lotion. You need to get all oiled up."

"No need, Mom. Didn't you notice how my tits are shiny and glistening? I was thinking ahead. They're swimming in oil already, so Daddy's fat cock will be able to slide around all over them and especially between them for hours!"

My blonde daughter closed her eyes, brought both hands up to her chest, and then pressed her tits together. There almost was no need, because her tits were so firm, big, and round that there was plenty of tight cleavage even without her helping hands. It was like they'd run out of room to grow on her chest, so they kept growing into each other. Even when she was topless and standing still, there usually was no gap because they lightly rested against each other.

Then she thrust her chest forward, threw her head back, and whispered breathlessly, "Take me!"

I heard Mindy saying, "Wait! Wait!" She had a video camera in her hands, and she was fiddling with it. "Hold that position, Michelle, we have a video camera, and it would be a shame not to use it. Just imagine, years from now, when you can show your children and your sister-slaves the first time Daddy fucked your tits! Okay... Hold on... Hold on..."

Having placed the video camera on a high shelf so it could capture all of the area where Michelle and I were, Mindy rushed to the sofa and sat down right next to me. She wanted a front-row seat. I was almost looking for her box of popcorn. She patted my thigh. "Okay, go! Fuck the HELL out of her perfectly tanned, perfectly round tits, Honey!"

I asked, "Wait. Shouldn't we discuss what happened with Cindy?"

Both Mindy and Michelle gave me nearly identical withering looks, as if to say, "I'm not even going to dignify that stupid question with an answer when we have a titfuck to get to."

Finally, Michelle said impatiently, "Later, already! Do it, Daddy, do it! I've been waiting for this for YEARS!"

I'd been holding my erection for some time now, but I scooted forward on the sofa, bringing the tip of my cock into contact with my daughter's cleavage.

Just from that first touch, Michelle moaned loudly with arousal.

That part, I'd been expecting. The surprise though was hearing Mindy moaning too, just from WATCHING that first touch! Is my wife the greatest, or what?

I scooted up some more, and just like that, I found my pole entirely encased in my daughter's tight titty valley! I'd had naughty dreams about doing this for much longer than I care to admit, and now it was actually happening to me. So wrong, but oh so right!

She moaned again, and then whispered in a husky voice, "Hold it there, Daddy! Hold it there! I want to savor this moment forever!"

I was thinking that it was interesting how she seemed to be even more emotionally overcome than during her first handjob and blowjob with me. I saw tears of joy rolling down her cheeks, and her facial expression was priceless! Did she have super sensitive breasts, or something?

It also occurred to me that before the whole foyer kissing scene, I was going to insist that we call it a night and save the titfuck until tomorrow. I'd certainly been thinking that, while I was trying to talk Ruby into going home as she jacked me off. I was thinking that "the King" had already endured what was easily his busiest day ever, and that I was far too physically and emotionally drained, especially after the handjob at the dinner table. After all that, there was simply no way that I could get it up again, right?

But all those thoughts had gone right out the window. The idea of stopping now was laughable. This was great!

I started sliding in and out, just a little. Wow! Her tits are quite possibly even better than a pussy! So soft, but so TIGHT! The oiled-up lubrication really helped, but more of it was mental. For years, I'd been watching my daughter not only grow up, but grow out. As a moral and religious father, I tried not to fantasize about my daughter's breasts, but they grew so big, and the clothes she wore were all designed to show them off so well, that sometimes I couldn't help myself, and I even masturbated thinking about fucking them.

Gimmie a break, I'm a heterosexual male. Okay? I can't help the fact that I'm her biological father!

My heart was pounding hard and sweat was rolling down my forehead. My entire body was humming with energy. Now, my years of suppressed lust were really coming out!

But my joy was crimped a little when I noticed more tears starting to roll down Michelle's face, and her crying was turning into full-on sobbing. I didn't stop my thrusting - I couldn't - the "King" had taken over and was not listening to any reason! In fact, I even started thrusting a little deeper into that bottomless canyon. But I also asked, "Why are you crying so much?"

She wailed, "I'm just so overcome! With JOY! I've dreamed of this moment forever!"

My naked wife moved the video camera to a better spot to record all the action without her help. She knelt behind Michelle and wrapped her arms around her supportively. "I'm here for you! You can do it!"

Michelle sobbed, "I'm not worried about that; I know Daddy's gonna fuck my tits good. But, it's just... it's so beautiful! All my sex slave dreams are coming true!"

Mindy brushed Michelle's long blonde hair to the side and kissed the exposed side of her neck. She purred to her softly and encouragingly, "You're Daddy's sex toy now."

I was so far gone with lust that that comment didn't seem strange to me. My hands were actually trembling, even though I wasn't doing anything with them.

Michelle's tears kept on flowing freely. She replied, "I know! I know! I'm so happy that I could die! Absolutely die! I can't even breathe! My heart is racing so fast! Look! His cock is buried in my tits!"

My boner was buried in her tits to the point that I couldn't see any of it. But the titfuck was stalled while my daughter struggled to master her emotions. I wasn't in a big hurry because I didn't want to get too excited too fast. Besides, just feeling my cock surrounded by her oiled up tit-pillows was heavenly.

Mindy continued to kiss Michelle's neck and hug and caress her in a way that was helping her crying taper off.

Still I was amazed by the intensity of Michelle's emotional response, even given that she was a highly emotional person. As she finally wiped her face clear of most of the tears, I said, "I'm surprised you're crying more tears of joy than for your first blowjob."

She sniffled a couple of times, then she looked down at her chest and smiled widely upon seeing my hard-on still totally covered. "I know, but then, I was trying so hard to impress you. It was almost like taking a big SAT test, 'cos I was having to remember all those moves Mom taught me, and I had to do them just right. Mom says that the perfect cocksucker or cock-stroker never does the same thing twice. I have to keep changing, changing, different, different, so you never know what's coming next. Isn't that right, Mom?"

Seeing that the titfuck was a go again, I resumed thrusting in and out.

Mindy said benignly, like a proud parent, "Very good, dear. Is that what you did this morning?"

"Yep! But it's HARD! And I don't just mean the King!" Michelle giggled as she moved first one and then the other tit up and down a little bit. Then she started doing that with a steady rhythm, as I kept sliding in and out. The combination, plus all the slippery oil, was fantastic!

Michelle continued to explain while her tears poured down, "I wanna suck Daddy so long and so well that I can just suck Daddy-cock without thinking and still do all those tricky moves as easy as breathing. But that's gonna take a lot of practice until I'm that good. Maybe YEARS of daily practice!" She practically orgasmed on the spot as she considered those words. "But with the titfuck..."

At that reminder, she straightened up a bit and thrust her chest forward some more, completely encasing my shaft in tit-flesh to its root. She sighed with happiness as she gave my sliding boner an extra tight squeeze. Then she went on, "With the titfuck, at least this kind of titfuck, Daddy's in total control! I just have to sit here and TAKE IT while he plunders my tits! So I can let my feelings run wild!"

Needless to say, my thrusts were going in deeper and getting longer. I was coming up from below a little higher each time, and now I could see the tip of my bulbous head poking through at the end of each stroke.

Michelle had mostly stopped crying, but she was still emotionally choked up, and some tears were flowing.

Seeing that Michelle was doing fine without her support, my nude wife switched positions so she was sitting on the sofa right next to me. I think the reason she moved was to get the best possible frontal view of the on-going titfuck. She idly ran a hand back and forth across my back, but she mostly ignored me and stared at Michelle's chest blatantly and wantonly.

She said to our daughter, "Dear, that's not exactly true. I've told you many times that a titfuck is not a passive experience. It's better for Daddy if you constantly slide your tits up and down in unexpected patterns to double his pleasure."

In fact, Michelle already was sliding her tits up and down either side of my shaft, but she'd been doing so with a steady rhythm. Thanks to Mindy's reminder, she started varying it up, so I didn't know what was going to happen next. She smiled brightly. "Thanks, Mom!"

Mindy smiled benignly right back at her. "And don't forget your mouth. If you want to be Daddy's favorite tit slut, you should suck on the tip too."

"But Mommy! We've been over this with the Dando. It works for you and Ruby, but I don't think my lips can reach. My tits are too big and jut out too much."

My heart skipped a beat hearing that. Talk about an embarrassment of riches!

I'd never heard the term "Dando" before, but I did know that Mindy had made a plaster cast of my erect dick a couple of years ago, and that the Hellions had been practicing on their copies of that. It made sense that Dando, an amalgam of "Dan" and "dildo," was a reference to that. I was slightly amused at the name, but only gave it a fleeting thought.

"Oh. Right." Mindy replied to Shelle. "Sorry, I forgot about your unique size issues. Ruby is much better at that. But give it a try anyway. Maybe you'll be inspired by the real thing to make that extra effort. Remember, this is your Daddy's cock that we're talking about here, and when it comes to making it shoot out hot cum, do tit slaves ever give less than their all?"

I wondered what the difference between a "tit slave" and a "cock slave" was, if any. Not to mention a "tit slut." But I was huffing and puffing with arousal, and was in no mood to start a discussion about it.

Michelle seemed to know what it meant though. She replied indignantly, "No! Never!"

So we adjusted positions, trying a couple of different things to see if she could do it. We found out that having me stand bowlegged while she knelt between my legs worked much better than having me sit. Plus, she loved the submissiveness of the pose.

Mindy knelt behind her with her own considerable tits pressed into Michelle's back. She held her daughter's tits pressed tightly together, which allowed Michelle to focus entirely on her tongue work.

Happily enough, Michelle was able to reach the top of my cockhead with her tongue and swirl it around a little bit, but she had to really strain her neck to do so. Whereas Mindy was able to take the tip in her mouth and suck on it just a little when I was titfucking her, and that meant her tongue could reach down and do a lot more too. That meant that Michelle's larger breasts created a much longer and deeper fuck channel between them, one which nearly dwarfed even my overly-praised penis size.

I know I shouldn't say this, but watching Michelle strain and work to stretch her tongue out in order to taste the very tip of my erection as I fucked her humongous tits, well, let's just say I was profoundly moved and aroused by the amount of effort she had to put into doing this. It also spoke volumes about her love and devotion that she would go to such lengths. And "lengths" was the operative word, as she stretched out more than I thought was physically possible.

By the way, one thing I was learning from all of these new revelations is that my Mindy must be an incredibly sexually talented woman! I guess I'd taken her skills for granted and never realized just how much effort and practice she put into it. She'd been training the girls for a few months (or more?) by now, but she herself had been mastering these skills for years. Her talent still outshone theirs, although they were almost making up the difference with their youthful exuberance and sheer enthusiasm.

Anyway, after another minute or two of sliding through Michelle's tight yet oily and slippery channel, I had to take a break from that before I blew my load. Amazingly, I still had my dress shirt on, so I took it off. Now, all three of us were completely naked.

While I was undressing, Mindy and Michelle held their hands together tightly and looked each other in the eye. Michelle said, "Mom, I want to thank you a billion times over. I've been thinking or saying this like every two minutes lately, but it's really true: all my dreams are finally coming true! And it wouldn't be possible without you. You've been soooo cool about everything!"

Mindy smiled benignly at her, like the proud mother she was. "No, I have to thank you. You're the one that opened my eyes, teaching me that sharing is better. By the way, how are you enjoying your first titfuck?"

"Oh, Mom! Don't make me answer that, or I'm going to start crying tears of joy again. It's everything I'd dreamed about, and more! I've never felt so proud and so blessed to have these F-cups!" She suddenly sat up on her heels, arched her back, and thrust her jutting tits forward. "It's like God gave them to me just to help me serve Daddy's cock!"

Mindy apparently couldn't help herself. She caressed her daughter's huge knockers and stared at them with something approaching awe. "Michelle, you make me so proud that I'm the one that's going to cry! Think about all the gallons, literally gallons, of Daddy cum that's going to get squirted on these in the years to come!" She lifted up both globes and then let them bounce back into place.

Michelle said while giggling, "They're going to have a permanent spermy smell!"

Mindy resumed caressing Michelle's tits after they'd stopped bouncing. But then she glanced my way and said, "Oops, look, Daddy's ready again."

Michelle said eagerly, "I don't know, Mom. You'd better make sure. With your mouth!"

"Good idea!" Mindy was kneeling right next to me. She suddenly turned her head and engulfed my cockhead!

As she bobbed on it, with lots of tongue action, Michelle encouraged her, "Get it all lubed up with lots of saliva!"

My wife must have been in seventh heaven, because she kept on fondling Michelle's massive jugs while sucking me off. But after about a minute, she pulled off, and said to Michelle, "Thanks for that. But this isn't about me right now. Honey, FUCK your daughter with what God gave you!"

Mindy immediately moved behind Michelle so she could hold her daughter's tits in place from behind.

Taking my stiffness back in my hand, I started using it as a probe to explore all over Shelle's chest. For instance, I used it to poke one of her nipples so far in that it couldn't be seen anymore, until I eased up the pressure. I think I covered every single inch of her left breast, and even explored my way up to her left armpit. This wasn't as arousing as straight titfucking, but it was giving me more of a chance to recover for another round, and Michelle seemed to love it.

She trapped my rod with her arm, and let me slide in and out there. "Look, Daddy. It's like you're fucking my armpit! How's that feel?"

"Surprisingly good, actually." I'd never done this with Mindy.

"Cool!" Michelle exclaimed. "It's like I've got two more holes for Daddy to fuck me in! Isn't that cool, Mom?"

"It sure is, dear. Daddy's gonna fuck Mommy's armpits too, and soon, I can guarantee you that."

I'd noticed Mindy was getting more and more excited, but she couldn't even finger herself as long as she had the thankless task of holding Michelle's tits in place. I felt bad she wasn't a little more involved, so I said to her, "Sweetheart, I still want to explore her other tit, but can you do the honors and hold the King?"

She was surprised. "Really? Me? I don't know if I should."

"Come on! You know you wanna! I'll hold her tits for a while."

A big smile crossed Mindy's face. "Well, okay."

Before long, she was having a ball. She really liked using my hard-on to probe Michelle's right nipple, and she even helped me "fuck" Michelle's right armpit for a minute or so.

But Michelle was getting restless. "Daddy, I love what you and Mom are doing, but my CLEAVAGE! It NEEDS you! It needs to feel fat, hard Daddy cock tightly trapped between my fat boobs! Let's make a fat sandwich!"

Several seconds later, Mindy was feeding my inches into Michelle's richly tanned cleavage, but then she had to let go. I couldn't thrust in all the way to the base of my pole with a hand on my shaft. And Michelle was holding her fleshy tunnel so tightly together that there was no need for her help there.

But I was pleased that Mindy didn't entirely withdraw from the action. She kept on caressing Michelle's enormous knockers from behind, while rubbing her own tits up and down Michelle's back. Even with Michelle clutching her own tits, there was still so much tit-flesh overflowing everywhere that there was plenty for Mindy to caress.

As my thickness slid in and out of the tight squeeze, I asked, "Shelle, how's that feel? I mean, how much are you getting off from the mental stimulation compared to the physical stimulation?"

"I don't know," she replied while staring up at me adoringly. "Both are off the charts, so how can I compare? Just knowing that my Daddy is fucking my tits after all these years - priceless! And then when I think about how you'll be doing this to me most every day from now on, I just - cum! I'm cumming from time to time without touching myself down there AT ALL! Just look at me! I'm on my KNEES and nude, right where I belong! And my impossibly powerful and hunky Daddy is towering above me like a great redwood tree! I'm so wet! GUSHING! I'm servicing your cock like a good daughter and cock slave should!"

Mindy took a hand from Michelle's tits and ran a hand over the top of Michelle's long blonde hair. "You are, dear. Such a GOOD girl!"

Michelle's face practically glowed with the praise.

I was grunting and groaning as I slid in and out, so I wasn't going to prod Shelle with another question about how she felt about the physical aspect.

Luckily, she continued anyway, gasping here and there, "As for how it feels, I can't explain. I know my breasts are sensitive, but I don't know if they're extra sensitive. It's not like I can compare what it's like to be another woman. But I do get all tingly. And the slippery feeling - so good! But you know the funny thing? I'm feeling it even more in my pussy! It's like there's a direct line between my cleavage and my clit. It's like, every time you slide through, you're playing with my clitty too. That's why I keep cumming and cumming!"

Mindy said, "Darling, I've been so blind! I forgot to remind you to play with yourself too! You think you're feeling good now? Just wait until you're touching your clit and sliding your fingers around your hot and juicy snatch."

Michelle's hands were on their way down there already, but the look on her face was one of disbelief. "It gets better? No WAY!"

Mindy immediately resumed the task of holding Michelle's tits tightly around my shaft, and even sliding them up and down. "Yes! A lot better! The tit-clit connection only grows stronger. It's like a positive feedback loop working both ways."

Michelle's face went from doubtful to rapturous once she touched her clit. Before long, she was totally incoherent. I saw her whole body tremble and shake, and then tremble and shake again. It seemed after a while that she was simply having one continuous orgasm. The sweat was pouring down her face as she suddenly shouted out, "Oh God, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Mommy, I'm a tit slave! A tit slave!"

Meanwhile, Mindy was inspiring her to an even higher erotic plane with her words. "You are. Those tits belong to Daddy now. But you think that feels good? That's NOTHING! You want to know what the ultimate is? That'll be when Daddy breaks your maidenhead and takes control of your needy CUNT! Then you'll be a REAL cock slave!"

I complained, "Mindy, don't!"

But Mindy was adamant. "She needs to know! His fat fuck-meat hits your clit with every stroke, and he's bent enough to hit your G-spot too! At least, that's what happens to me. Now, those loser boys with their tiny, smelly cocks, you wouldn't even feel them. And the ones with bigger cocks, they don't know how to use them. It's just grunt, grunt, grunt, and done. But Daddy? He'll churn your insides up and leave you crying for joy and screaming his name! You think you feel like a subservient cock slave now? Just wait until he splits you in two with his fuckin' COCK-TREE! It's TWICE as good as the best titfuck! You'll never want to do ANYthing again, except have Daddy skewer your cunt and fuck you like a superman all night long!"

Michelle gasped out, "I feel that... way... already! Only with my tits and my mouth!" She was breathing hard.

Mindy leaned forward and sensuously licked Michelle's left ear. "I know you do, darling. That's why you're one of Daddy's favorite sex toys. You belong to him completely now. There's no turning back."

My wife looked directly at me while still licking our daughter's ear. "Honey, you can protest all you want, but I dare you to tell me you're not going to fuck her tits again and again and again!"

I just huffed and puffed, and kept on sliding my cock in and out. There was no way I could deny that truth.

Mindy nibbled on Michelle's earlobe. "See? I didn't marry a dummy. But let him complete his conquest of your tits by giving you a pearl necklace."

Michelle moaned, "Oh, Mom! I don't know if I can handle that! Just thinking about it... gonna cum AGAAAAAIIIIIEEEE!"

Mindy chuckled knowingly at her daughter's latest climax. Then she said to me while staring over Michelle's shoulder at my boner sliding in and out, "Honey, remember what Ruby said tonight about how she wanted you to give her a 'big pearl necklace?' Wasn't that just a hoot? That really took some guts, the way she said that in front of Cindy while rubbing her collar bone area and even slipping her fingers down into her cleavage a bit. You've got yourself a couple of primo sex toy daughters, ripe for the plucking and the fucking. And lots and lots of excellent titfucking!"

Michelle spoke in a tired voice, since she was a bit overwhelmed from her most recent orgasm. "I wish Ruby was here right now, sharing this. Watching. We're a Daddy-loving team."

I was puffing along like an old steam engine, perilously close to cumming. I was in no shape to speak. I was straining so hard that I must have looked like someone just shoved a watermelon up my ass.

Mindy suddenly noticed my facial expression, and said, "Uh-oh! Daddy's about to cum. Let me fix that." I was still happily sliding in and out of my daughter's chest at a very steady rhythm, but Mindy reached in when I pulled back, grabbed my erection at the base, and then squeezed it tight.

Right then, I just gave up. I started to cum with great relief.

Or at least I thought I did. Mindy was squeezing the base of my shaft so hard that she managed to stop the onrushing orgasm. She'd known this trick for years but she didn't use it much, as it's a pretty taxing experience for me. (Ruby had used it on me recently too.) The pain and frustration makes it questionable to use unless there's a very good reason to keep going. But apparently she'd decided that she wanted our daughter's first titfuck to be one for the ages.

Michelle slumped into me, since my rhythmic thrusting had stopped. She was so far off in orgasmic la-la land that she didn't understand what had just happened (even though Mindy had taught her the trick). She panted breathlessly, "Daddy? Did you cum? Where's the cum? Was it good for you?"

I was too wiped out to talk. It takes me a minute or two, at least, to recover from these sort of near-miss almost-orgasms.

Luckily, my wife replied for me. "Daddy didn't cum. I used the cut-him-off-at-the-base trick. The King is still hard and ready for more daughter fucking!"

Michelle pulled back a bit and stared down at my erection incredulously. "No. No way! Daddy!"

Mindy ran her hand soothingly over her daughter's bare shoulder, trying to calm her. "What? What's wrong?"

"I can't take any more! Too many orgasms! Pussy... sensitive. Nipples... sore!"

But Mindy was merciless. "Sorry, darling. That's part of being a cock slave, or a tit slave, or both. You just have to spread your legs and take it! It's not over until Daddy cums. Now, you might cum by then and you might not. But whether you do or not is completely irrelevant! The only thing that matters is serving your master!"

I was going to protest that strongly, but before I could, Michelle said, "But Mom! I love your general attitude, but it's a moot point 'cos I ALWAYS cum when Daddy plays with my body, and usually multiple times." It was quite an effort for her to gasp that out in her current condition, but she felt strongly about it.

My wife replied, "You know that, and I know that, but for inspirational sexy talk purposes, let's pretend we don't, okay?"

Michelle grinned. "Okay."

Mindy continued, "Like I said, it's not over until Daddy cums. Until then, you're Daddy's complete and utter sex toy, for him to fuck as much, as hard, as long, as deeply, and above all, as thoroughly and completely as he wants. You are a fucking cock SLAVE, and you fucking take it ALL. Is that understood?"

Michelle's blonde bangs were matted to her sweaty forehead, and she stared into space vacantly. She seemed totally overwhelmed. But she nodded solemnly.

Mindy patted her. "Good. Now, Daddy, er, Honey, fuck the shit out of her! Have no mercy on her or her enormous tits! She thinks she can't take any more, but she's dead wrong. She thinks she knows what a big cum is, but she's wrong about that too. Give her the greatest climax she's ever had!"

I had a hard time doing that, though. Michelle was so out of it that Mindy needed to use both hands just to hold her up. Her head was dangling listlessly to the side, like she was unconscious but somehow keeping her eyes open. So I resumed my thrusting slowly at first. I had to press Michelle's tits together, since no one else was doing it.

After a couple of minutes, Michelle started to perk up a bit. But every minute or so, I'd see her body shiver as yet another orgasm washed through her. After a while, she mumbled, "No. No more. Too many orgasms! Too much! Too goooooood!"

Mindy whispered into her ear from behind. "I've talked to you and Ruby about this before, many times. Getting fucked until you're a senseless blob and feel like you can't take anymore, and then getting fucked a hell of a lot more until it's all an endless orgasmic blur, that's a key part of being one of Dan's lovers! This is where your cock slave training should kick in. Remember..."

"'Serve the cock!'" Michelle said. She seemed to perk up a bit with that.

Since my stacked daughter was kneeling on her own now, Mindy's hands took over from mine in keeping the titfuck tunnel tight.

A couple of minutes passed. I could feel myself getting right to the cusp of orgasm, so I called for a little break. I staggered back to the sofa, slumped back against it, and closed my eyes.

As I rested, I heard Mindy tell Michelle, "This is another teaching moment. This is a good example of how he takes breaks to extend the joy for even longer. How are you feeling?"

"Great! My pussy is super sore from cumming so much. But my tits feel fine, and my energy is back."

"Good," I heard Mindy say. "But take full advantage of breaks like this too. Have a good stretch, stretch your jaw, tilt your head this way and that like your neck is made of rubber... Exactly. Just like that. And mentally recharge your batteries too. Recite your enslavement pledge to yourself. Think about the official rules and how you can best implement them."

There was silence for the next couple of minutes. I took a brief peek and saw Michelle standing and performing stretching exercises with her eyes closed while silently mouthing words to herself.

I thought, It's crazy how much Shelle is into this slavery thing, and how much Mindy encourages her with it. I should be disturbed. Very disturbed. But once again I'm too damn horny! Just look at my daughter. She's the epitome of the blue-eyed, blonde haired, and very voluptuous Southern California dream girl. Such physical perfection! I challenge any male to resist her. And that's before any of her cock slave talk. So I don't feel so bad for repeatedly giving in.

I discovered break time was over when Michelle engulfed my cockhead and started bobbing on me! She'd put her hands on the sofa cushions on either side of me, so it was a total surprise when her lips slid down over my boner. That caused my eyes to open wide.

Mindy helpfully held my shaft in place. She smirkingly explained, "Looks like Michelle's mouth was feeling a little left out."

I exclaimed, "So much for my dick getting a rest!"

Mindy grinned impishly. "Oh, but it is. It's a good idea to break up all this titfucking with a little cocksucking."

I laughed. "Some break that is. Seriously, let's get back to the titfucking because I don't know how much longer I can hold out, break time or not."

So that's what we did. I stood up again while Michelle knelt in front of me with Mindy right behind her, since Michelle seemed to like that the best. Plus, that allowed Michelle to experiment with licking the tip of my cockhead each time it passed into range.

After about five minutes or so of that, the urge to cum was strongly building inside me again. Without consciously thinking about it, I started thrusting deeper and faster into my daughter's cleavage.

Mindy was watching raptly, and could see the signs that the fun would soon be over. She spoke to Michelle while still propping her up. "Darling, I know from long experience that your daddy is getting ready to blow, and it's not good to use that trick I used twice in a row. Get to know the signs: the way he can't talk, his heavy breathing, that pained look on his face. You know how a dog pisses all over the place to mark his territory? Now your daddy's going to do that to you, except with his cum, of course. He's going to mark you as HIS!"

Michelle grunted lustily and her eyes opened wider as she heard that.

Mindy went on, "But it's a daddy's prerogative to decide just how to splooge on his daughter: is he going to cum on your face, or on your tits, or on your tits and face, or maybe in your mouth? He could even turn you over and paint your ass. You can offer suggestions. What do you want? Michelle? Hello?"

Michelle gasped out, "Tits and face! ... And mouth!" After one more desperate gasp for breath, she added, "Ass!" She was starting to revive more for the grand finale, and even sat up straight on her own.

Mindy laughed. "Yes, I know, we all want it everywhere, but Daddy has his limits." She said to me, "Honey, why don't you start with her face, and work your way down to her tits? Show everyone that those huge tanned hooters belong to YOU!"

So that's just what I did. Pulling out of her tight cleavage, I held my pulsing boner and aimed it up towards my daughter's beautiful face. Mindy held onto it too, and I pretty much let her direct where the cum flew, since I could tell it meant so much to her.

In fact, within a couple of seconds, my wife took over completely with both hands.

That was just fine with me, because she wasn't just holding it, she was stroking it in hopes to get those last few ropes out.

"Oh... FUCK!" I cried out. "JESUS! Jesus Fucking CHRIST!" The pleasure of cumming was so intense that I was in danger of passing out and had to fight to stay conscious. I closed my eyes and saw stars. That's not just an expression - I really saw stars!

I heard Michelle screaming incoherently. I have no idea what she was trying to say, although there may have been a "Daddy" or two in there, but it was ear-splittingly loud and very joyous. I couldn't see how she could have yet another great orgasm after all the climaxes she'd had already, but somehow she did.

Funnily enough, Mindy was more disappointed than I was when I finally ran out of cum. Still holding my dick, she tapped it like she was tapping a broken faucet, trying to get it to work. She joked, "What have we gotta do to get a refill around here?"

But I was done. I was completely done. I found myself flopped on the sofa, melting into it.

Michelle, too, had fallen back, and now she was lying face up on the floor.

Since my eyes were closed and I was just struggling not to lose my mind to orgasmic ecstasy, I hadn't paid any attention to where I'd cum or what had happened to my jism. But I opened my eyes and saw that Mindy had done a fine job aiming my erection. True, I didn't have a big load; it was probably less than half of my usual amount. But given how many times I'd climaxed all through the day, it was remarkable I had anything left to give at all.

There were a couple long streams of cum dripping down Michelle's face, including a cute gob clinging to the tip of her nose. But there was more cum on her chest. One rope had started on the middle of one tit and made a continuous line down into the dark depths of her immense cleavage, now spread widely open since she was lying on her back, and then came back up towards the nipple on her other tit.

What a sight, to see my own daughter with a glazed donut-like sheen clinging to her flawless skin. Some people find cum disgusting, but not me. (Maybe I did, long ago, but Mindy had "cured" me of that over the years, thanks to her enthusiasm for it.) I loved how Michelle looked wearing my cum and I found myself wanting to see her frequently "dressed" in it from now on.

Mindy knelt down next to her and swiped a finger through the cum gob perched on her daughter's nose. She muttered, "So beautiful." Then, louder, she said to her, "Darling, if you could only see yourself right now. Wait. Hold that thought. Let me go get a mirror. Oh, and a camera!"

Michelle jerked with alarm and opened her eyes. "The video camera is still on, isn't it?"

Mindy said reassuringly, "It is, and I made sure we stayed within the field of view. But an actual camera can do close-ups much better. I'll be back in a jiff!"

By the time Mindy came walking back about a minute later, Michelle was already sitting up. But she was still looking a bit stunned. She turned to me with a powerful loving smile. "Thank you, Daddy. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you." She said this shyly as if I'd done her a big favor.

"No, I thank YOU," I replied. But she seemed to ignore that.

Mindy snapped a few close-up photos of Michelle's face and chest, and then held up the mirror. "Look, darling. Aren't you beautiful?"

But Michelle's response was, "Awww. Is that all? I want MORE! It felt like he was shooting so much. I wanna run my hand over my tits and be amazed at the gallons of cum pouring off them. I wanna feel bountiful rivers of sperm on my skin, sliding down my tummy, drowning me in Daddy love!"

Mindy stood there naked, snapping more pictures, including some of me. "I know, we all want that, darling, but even virile daddies have their limits. Your father came a lot today while further taming Sue Ellen and whatnot. Look at his balls. See how shriveled up they are? So, considering that, I think he shot an extra big load, just because it was you and your jutting torpedoes. You completely drained him dry."

That idea certainly perked her up. "Really? Cool! Thanks, Dad!"

Still looking at herself in the mirror, she said, "I have to admit, it is pretty sweet. I feel... marked! Tagged! I feel... like I belong to Daddy even more than before."

"It's a good feeling, isn't it?" Mindy asked, suggestively.

"THE BEST! Boy, I've never been so, well, totally dominated! You always tell us that a titfuck is the ultimate act of submission, and you're so right! Daddy, the way you just used me, and used me, and used me some more, relentlessly plowing my tits, even when I begged you to stop... That was AWESOME!"

I shook my head in disbelief. Is there any understanding women?

She looked towards me and was reaching her arms out, hoping to hug me. She looked like she'd just run a marathon, yet her energy level had revived again, and there was a twinkle of excitement in her eyes.

But Mindy stopped her, pointing to her cummy face and tits. "Wait! No! Don't mess it up! Now comes the best part. You get to lick it up."

So, while Michelle started to lick herself clean, Mindy came over and sat down next to me. She squeezed my hand as we both watched our daughter proudly perform what was becoming a regular ritual of eating my cum. "Thanks a lot, Honey. Thanks for sharing this experience with me. Especially allowing me to hold it to explore and paint your daughter's chest and face with her Daddy's yummy goo. I'm never going to forget that. What a RUSH!"

Michelle started licking up the cum from around her lips, and I saw her reach up to scoop some into her mouth.

But I interrupted her. "Wait, Michelle," I warned. "No hands. Anything that you can't reach with your tongue, you'll just have to let your mother lick off."

She groaned with frustration.

Mindy sighed longingly. But she was nonetheless beaming with joy.

I laughed at my wife. "Are you happy, much?"

She laughed too. "Just a little. I'll tell you, any woman who has a husband like you and doesn't want to add a teenage sex toy or two into the mix, she doesn't know what she's missing. Especially if we're keeping it in the family. I feel like this is bringing us even closer together."

I said, "Mindy, the sex is over. We don't have to use words like 'sex toy' anymore. Stuff like that and 'cock slave,' that's just sex talk to heighten the pleasure, right?"

"Riiiiiiight." She was trying to sound sincere, but her tone of voice was betraying her.

Disturbed, I probed, "You don't REALLY think Michelle is some kind of sex toy now, do you? She's our daughter!"

"No, of course not. She's still our daughter, it's just... Why don't we say she has a perfect sex toy body? Would that make you feel better? Just look at her. Is she not ideally built for sex or what? To think that she came out of my womb. I just look at her and can't believe that I created her, that we created her. How would you improve on that? There's just no way. If her tits were any bigger they'd be too big, and it would detract too much from the rest of her."

"You got that right," I agreed. "Shelle, don't get a big head, but you're amazing."

"Thanks, Daddy!" Her tongue was licking up the palms of her hands as she said this. It reminded me of when after her first tickle attack she'd found a pool of my and Mindy's cum in the bed, and couldn't get enough of our "yummy goo" into her mouth.

Putting her arm around me, Mindy said, "You've had a big day. You know what the perfect end to a perfect day would be for you?"


"We've got such a big bed. We could fit four people in there easily, if not five." She snuggled up close to me and delicately rested her hand on my chest. "I don't see why Michelle has to sleep alone. Can't she join us? She could sleep on one side and I'd sleep on the other."

"No. Absolutely not."

Both Michelle and Mindy stared at me in stunned shock and surprise. It took a while for Mindy to respond, she'd been so thrown by that.

"Why not?" Mindy asked.

"Think about it," I explained. "Sweetheart, this idea sounds nice, but you know the borderland between sleeping and waking. Sometimes we do things without really knowing what we're doing. And sometimes, you and I end up doing the horizontal mambo in the dark in the middle of the night. Sometimes, I might just slip it in and keep it there, 'cos it feels good. But what if I do something like that, only to fully wake up and discover that I'm not fucking you, I'm fucking Michelle? I could never forgive myself!"

Michelle said, "Daddy, please! I promise I'll be good. I'm so orgasmed out that more sex just isn't physically POSSIBLE. Really."

Bless her heart, she even tried to look exhausted and pooped, instead of horny and eager. Well, she tried. Too bad for her that I wasn't falling for it.

"Nope," I said firmly. "I know I've basically given in to my base desires, and I'm loving it too much to go back now. But I have to draw the line at real intercourse."

Mindy grimaced and pulled back from me. "You're not still going on about that, are you? After everything that happened today, you STILL can't see that your daughters belong to you and only you? Don't tell me you're still clinging to that ridiculous 'dating boys' idea!"

With finality, I simply said, "I am."

Michelle groaned in frustration, "Oh, Mom. Hit him!"

Mindy lightly punched me in the arm. "Bad Dan!" Turning to Michelle, who was still cleaning herself on her knees in the middle of the room, she joked, "I think you and Ruby didn't just suck a lot of cum out of him today, you sucked his brain out too."

"I know, Mom. Sheesh! He's such a stubborn bonehead." She waved her hands in my direction. "Fix him!"

Mindy chuckled. "I'll try. He is a stubborn one, though. Any other father in his shoes would have fucked you twelve ways to Sunday already. But I kinda admire him for sticking to his principles too."

She rolled her eyes upwards and puffed a breath of air up to blow some hair away. Then she kissed me on the shoulder while gazing into my eyes, even as she ostensibly kept talking to our daughter. "And let's face it, I'll always love him no matter what, because he's my man too."

Seeing that Michelle was more or less done licking her face and tits clean, she stood up and pulled me up. She said to me, "Come on, we've got a really big today tomorrow."

I asked, "What's so big about it? It's just a Saturday. I'm looking forward to kicking back and relaxing. We don't have anything on the menu."

My wife shook her head in disbelief. "You really did lose your brain. You've got all kinds of things on the menu. For starters, Ruby's tits have yet to be fucked, and a lot of asses around here have yet to be spanked, or need to get spanked again. Let's not forget about Sue Ellen either."

She wiggled her own rear for my benefit, even though she'd just sat down. "And that's just for starters. I've got some things in the works. I don't know if you'll even SEE your dick tomorrow, because there will always be a mouth or a couple of hands covering it, at the very least."

"Yeay!" Michelle yelled excitedly. Then she and Mindy high-fived each other.

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