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Chapter 37

(Saturday, May 25th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I had a good night's sleep, but because I went to bed rather late I didn't awaken until around ten-thirty. That meant that the first words I heard that morning were, "Tickle attack!"

As usual, Michelle made it her duty to wake me up, since I hadn't gotten up 'on time' on my own. As I struggled towards functional consciousness, I heard and felt a big thud. That was Michelle. She liked to start her attack with a flying leap, but today I could feel her jump was somewhat more restrained than usual.

I opened my eyes and found out why. There, sitting up in the bed next to me, was my wife Mindy. Even though it was a Saturday and thus a day off for her, her presence there was still a surprise. She's one of those people with an internal clock that can't be changed easily. So she tends to wake up around seven on the weekends, just like on weekdays, even if she doesn't want to.

I looked up at my wife and asked her, "Sweetheart, what are you- UGH!" I didn't get very far with my question because just then Michelle threw herself into the tickle fight in earnest, fully distracting me as she jumped up again and landed right on top of me.

I heard a happy, "Good morning, Daddy!" and turned to look up at my attacker. Michelle was looking fantastic, as usual. Even though I'd seen her nearly every day for years, usually my first thought after not seeing her for a few hours was along the lines, My God, her tits are so big! Sure enough, that was my first thought again.

As had become her tradition, she wore night clothes for her morning wake-up call. But this time, she was wearing something I'd never seen on her before. It made the harem pajamas she'd been favoring lately look as thick and dark as a scuba diving wetsuit. It was an almost completely transparent teddy. A wet tissue would have covered more skin. The only evidence of any substantial fabric anywhere was on the lower half of her breasts, where there was some kind of underwire structure to make her boobs jut out even more than usual, if such a thing was possible, and some fabric to cover up the wire work. The teddy seemed to open like a skirt at the bottom, and a decidedly short skirt at that.

No sooner did Michelle straddle herself over me and aim for my underarms with her tickling fingers, when I felt another pair of hands pull my arms up. It was Mindy, working in collusion with Michelle! This was unprecedented. These tickle attacks were a relatively new tradition, and Mindy had never taken part in one before.

I shouted, "Traitor! Traitor! My own wife is a traitorous swine!"

She cackled an evil laugh. "Bwa-ha-ha-ha! That's right. Surrender now! You have no chance. Resistance is futile!"

"Damned straight! It's two on one. I surrender!" I could have fought them and overwhelmed them if I really wanted to get physical and aggressive, but I thought a quick surrender might bring an end to their hijinks.

By this time, Mindy was all over me too. I discovered she also was wearing a nightgown of some sort, which was unusual because she and I always sleep in the nude. I could hardly fail to notice this fact because she was leaning over me to get to both of my arms, and she let her boobs drop down onto my face. The silky fabric of her nightgown was literally in my mouth, along with a nipple. I could hardly see because tit-flesh covered my entire face.

Yet they kept tickling despite my surrender. They were pretty serious about this tickle attack stuff! Mindy kept my arms pinned down while Michelle did the tickling of my exposed underarms. With the weight of both of them on top of me, I was beaten unless they went all out in a nearly violent way, and I wasn't going to do that. I heard them cheer and congratulate each other on my defeat.

Then Mindy said, "Do you agree to lower the flag to make the surrender official?"

"Sure! Yes! Whatever! Just stop tickling!" At least that's what I tried to say. I was laughing and gasping so hard I was barely coherent.

But with that, the tickling stopped. Michelle scooted down and Mindy straddled herself over my chest, once again thrusting her breasts into my face. I still couldn't see and had no idea what Michelle was doing, except that I felt her scoot further down until she was over my thighs.

Then I heard Mindy say, "Let the flag lowering ceremony begin!"

Michelle replied, "Aye aye, Captain!"

Then I felt the bed covers coming down, except for our bed sheet, which only came down partway. My penis was half-hard already and quickly rising. I immediately began squirming and yelled, "Hey! That's no flag. Those are the covers!"

Mindy replied, "I know, but do you see any other fabric around here? I don't. At least you're not being tickled. At the moment."

"Hey! What does that mean?" I could feel my erect dick bouncing around, waving in the air, as the bed sheet was pulled down just below it.

I felt better. Even though I was still helpless, with two horny females sitting on top of me, at least I wasn't being tickled. I asked, "Mindy, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see what these tickle attacks are all about. Plus, of course, it takes two to plot a mutiny."

I had been thoroughly distracted from the second I woke up. I finally had a chance to recall what happened yesterday, as powerful memories started flashing back at me. I was fairly surprised that I wasn't hit by a wave of regret or guilt. Mostly, I could recall non-stop, incredible pleasure, and great fun. It seems something had snapped in me, because the "old Dan" would have been aghast.

Michelle pulled the silk sheet up enough to cover my erection, and then she wrapped her hands around it. "Captain, I have reports of a strange lump in the sheet fabric. What should I do?"

"Straighten it out, naturally, Ensign. Even though we're pirates and mutineers, we're not messy."

Do I even need to explain that the "strange lump" was my erection? Before I knew what was going on, her hands started sliding up and down over it. "Cool! Too cool! Sweetness! I love stroking Daddy's cock!"

Mindy corrected her. "No you're not, darling. That would be wrong. It might even be incest. You're simply straightening out a lump in the bed sheets." I still couldn't see, due to Mindy's big boobs pressing against my face, but I could hear the naughty smile in her voice.

"Oh. Right, Mom. I mean, Captain. Yes, this lump needs a whooooole lot of straightening out. I can see that now! It's got a slight bend in it, but maybe I can fix that with enough stroking." Her hands slid up and down, with the sheet still trapped between my boner and her fingers.

I moaned, "Mindy. My wife. My traitorous wife. Why are you doing this to me?"

"Two reasons. One, cheese-eating surrender monkeys must be punished." She tickled me under my arms now, for emphasis. "And two, cleanliness is next to godliness. Michelle has to keep working that lump until the swelling goes down."

"Noooo!" I screamed, without actually being upset. "That's no fair! If she keeps on doing what she's doing, then before long..."

Michelle's hands were eagerly pumping away. My cock was pouring out the pre-cum like you wouldn't believe. Before long, the sheet around my erection was completely soaked. Then there was the fact that we have fancy satin sheets, which no doubt was a key factor in their fiendish plot. Her hands seemed to glide up and down effortlessly on the slick fabric.

Mindy spoke. "Before long what, Honey? By the way, I wanted to ask: have you finally come to your senses about having Ruby and Michelle date boys?"

"NO! I mean, yes, I'm being sensible! This is the right thing to do, so our daughters won't be deformed."

"ACK!" Michelle suddenly stopped her stroking and crawled up the bed to the side of where Mindy sat on top of me, so I could have a good view of her. Then she hunched over and stuck her arms out at awkward angles, trying to do her best Quasimodo imitation. "Look at me! I'm hideous! Hideously deformed!" She was really hamming it up.

Mindy and I laughed, even though she was too breathtakingly beautiful to come close to faking looking hideous. All her bending over trying to appear hunchbacked just caused her jutting breasts to drop down and then swing back and forth enticingly.

Mindy saw that, and couldn't help but say in admiration, "Wow. It's hard to believe all those countless bags of groceries I bought over the years turned into her. We did pretty good, didn't we, Honey? How can you look at her and not just FUCK the SHIT out of her all day long?!"

"Hmm. I have to admit that sounds pretty tempting. But it would be wrong. I'm all for fucking her tits though. Last night was great!"

That wasn't good enough for my wife. "What happened to the idea of keeping her and Ruby as your cock slaves for a decade or two, and then letting her date?"

"Yeah, Daddy," Michelle said as she straightened up and thrust her chest forward, while also resuming her handjob. "I promise I'll date when I'm thirty-eight. That'll give you two decades of total sex toy daughter domination. Twenty years of your busty cock slave sucking you off daily. That's over seven thousand blowjobs, easy, right there. Think about it: don't you want these for your own?"

If anything, she thrust her tits out even more. Then she wiggled her shoulders slightly, which somehow sent her humongous boobs into wild reverberations.

"Yeah," Ruby said as she walked in the room. Her big boobs were swaying freely, but she held a tray beneath them. She must have been listening from the door, because she said, "I'd be open to possibly considering the idea of dating, twenty years or so from now. It's all about making compromises, Daddy."

She walked right up to me and kissed me on the top of my head. She couldn't do more than that because Mindy was all over me, plus she was holding the tray.

She added, "Just think. If you let me suck your cock daily too, that would be ANOTHER seven THOUSAND blowjobs! For a total of FOURTEEN THOUSAND!"

However, Michelle corrected her as she stroked, "Yeah, but you gotta figure we'll be sucking him off together most of the time, or with his other cock slaves. So you're probably double-counting a lot."

"True," Ruby conceded, "But that's not even counting things like handjobs or titfucks. And you're only counting once per day. I plan on a LOT more than that. Daddy, how can you turn that down?"

I looked at the tray. There was a plate full of breakfast, a glass of orange juice, and a newspaper. It was kind of hard to keep my focus on it though, since she wasn't wearing any clothes whatsoever, and had no qualms about moving in ways that made me very much aware of that fact. First she stood stiffly, with her hands on her hips. Then she bent over, nearly drooping her round tits in my face.

Seeing where I was looking, she told me, "I've been making you breakfast, so I missed the tickle attack. The rest of us already ate, since we've been up for a couple of hours."

I was quite pleased. "Breakfast in bed? Thanks! Talk about service."

Michelle growled with frustration. "Grrr! Daddy! We're your sex slaves. That's what we're all about: serving you! You don't say thanks; we thank you for letting us serve you. Don't you get it yet?" She grumbled under her breath, "I've never heard of a more ungrateful and clueless big-dicked daddy-master in my life!"

Mindy leaned back a bit, making room so Ruby could climb on the bed and give me a long kiss.

While that was going on, Mindy suggested, "Michelle, Daddy's being very difficult about this dating thing. I say we re-launch a tickle attack until he comes to his senses. Tickle his cock" - she paused significantly - "with your tongue."

"Okay!" Michelle immediately got back into position. She started "tickling" my frenulum with her tongue, but only after it was inside her lips as well - along with the top half of my erection.

Ruby broke her kiss with me and purred, "Mmmm, Daddy cock! Mindy, can I help with the 'tickling' too?"

Mindy replied, "But of course. What are you waiting for? Don't you know where a cock slave's proper place is? It's on her knees between his legs, with her mouth on his cock! And until Daddy comes to his senses, maybe I'll just smooch a little with him too."

I found it interesting that Mindy was more into this whole "cock slave" thing than I was. She unabashedly loving it! I muttered, "I don't know about 'coming to my senses,' but I know I'm gonna be cumming soon. Jesus!"

I couldn't really see what was happening with my crotch, because Mindy was in the way, rubbing her large tits up and down my chest, pumping her ass up into the air with each pass, right over my daughters' faces.

Meanwhile, despite the talk about tongue tickling, Ruby and Michelle seemed to be more about lip action. They were taking turns going down on me, and I do mean down. Each time they switched off every few minutes, they were sliding their lips further and further down my shaft. It seemed to be some kind of contest to see who could swallow the most inches of my cock. Actually, knowing how competitive they were, it probably was a contest between them to do just that.

I was impressed at how often they managed to engulf my cockhead. I could tell that doing that was never easy, due to its unusual thickness. In fact, the intensity of their struggle could be seen by the tears of effort they were soon crying. But they didn't complain or hesitate at all.

The only problem was that, just like yesterday, they were having "angle of attack" issues trying to line me up for getting my shaft further down their throats. That led to lots of coughing and gagging noises (and sensations!), as they tried to outdo each other but were "thwarted" in their desire by my thickness down there. After several abortive attempts, they settled for deep loving sucks, where they took turns filling their mouths with my hardness. There were a lot of happy moans coming from my crotch region.

Interestingly enough, after about five minutes, Mindy stopped making out with me and moved to the side. She seemed perfectly content to just silently sit and watch. In fact, she actually preferred doing that to making out with me or otherwise being directly involved. She stared and stared with endless fascination.

At one point when it wasn't her turn, Michelle said to me, "By the way, Daddy, I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for changing your rules and letting Ruby and me suck and stroke your cock yesterday. That's a precious memory that I'll remember until the day I die. And thank you even more for fucking my tits! That's gonna be another priceless memory."

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to thank her instead, but apparently that wasn't cool. So I just muttered, "Um, you're welcome."

She added, "I promise, you'll never regret having your change of heart. You may think we're just 'going through a phrase,' but this is who we are. We're your cock slaves! We're all about serving and even worshipping your cock. It's what we do. Oh! Speaking of which, Ruby, isn't it my turn again?"

That ended my conversation with her, as she traded places with Ruby again and resumed sucking me off with tremendous skill. As always, she used her tongue, lips, and fingers all at once.

Once Ruby pulled off and wiped her chin clean, she similarly told me, "What she said. I know this may sound cheesy, but I feel like I never really lived until yesterday. Maybe it's like being an astronaut. You train and train for years and years, and then one day you actually get shot into space and all that hard work is worthwhile. That was yesterday for me. Except my going into space is sucking your cock!"

I looked to Mindy. "There they go again, with the cocksucking."

My wife smiled tolerantly. "It's very, very important to them. Please try to humor them. They figure it's the most important sex act for a variety of reasons, such as how they can perform it on you together, like they're doing right now, and how they can sustain it while you're eating or reading a book or whatever. It's a big-titted daughter slave specialty. It's not exactly unpleasant for you if they want to practice their special skill on you over and over again, is it?"

"Definitely not!" I laughed at how great it all felt.

"Then there you go. So just kick back and enjoy. That's what daddy masters do best: kicking back and basking in the pleasure while their cock slaves do all the work!"

That sounded unfair to me, but Mindy's words actually seemed to inspire my daughters. For instance, Ruby had just been sitting by and waiting for her next turn, but after hearing that, she pulled her head back to my crotch and got busy licking my balls. And I could feel Michelle's lips trembling and humming around my shaft as she moaned loudly and apparently enjoyed a nice orgasm.

I did mostly just "bask." But I also had time to recall in greater detail the wild and crazy events of yesterday. Sue Ellen! Gaawwwd, Sue Ellen! She sucked my cock too! And licked it with Ruby, right in the middle of her restaurant! And Cindy! I actually French kissed her for a good five minutes! And she knows I'm "dating" her daughter and she didn't try to kill me! Even better is what happened with these two insatiable Hellions. Yesterday truly has to be the greatest, luckiest day I've ever had!

I was loving the girls' talented blowjob action. However, I eventually decided to return to what we'd been talking about. After about fifteen minutes of non-stop bliss, I said, "This endless tongue bath feels fantastic, but how will the three of you having an orgy over my body convince me to bend on the dating thing?"

Mindy was fingering her pussy as she watched the Gruesome Twosome continue to soak my cock and balls in their saliva. But that didn't stop her from replying, "The three of us are going to show you how much we love you and need you until you see the light. Look at me. Your love for Michelle and Ruby is just as great as your love for me, isn't it?"

Since I was trying to avoid such comparisons for fear of saying the wrong thing, I kept my answer vague and short. "Well, yeah."

"But you're not going to ask ME to date some boys, are you?"

"No way!"

"So why should you ask them?"

"Ummm..." I was so out of my mind with pleasure by now that I couldn't really think of an argument against that.

But luckily, I was saved from having to try, because while Ruby was taking her turn sliding her lips down my shaft, Michelle said, "Hey, Mom, can you talk to him about that later? I've been going deeper and deeper on Daddy's cock, and I love choking and gagging on him. But next time my turn comes around, I want to show him my deep throating skills. I think I'm on the verge of really doing it! But I want his full attention when the big moment comes."

"Sure thing, darling." Mindy repositioned to get an even better and closer view of "the big moment." She cheered, "You can do it! I have faith in you! Go for it!"

Ruby had already been working her way down towards the halfway mark along the length of my erection, but then she came up for air and Michelle's lips immediately took over. Ruby looked to me with her bright, green eyes. "How'd you like that, Daddy? As soon as Michelle does her deep throating, I'm gonna do it too! We've been practicing!"

I groaned. "Somehow, I'm not surprised. ... Is there anything you two haven't been practicing?"

Mindy cooed to me, "You know what they're really fanatical about? Doing their Kegel exercises. I swear, they have the most talented pussies. You should see what they can do to a ping pong ball! You really do have to try their pussies out soon, Honey. It would be discourteous and rude not to, the way they've been practicing for you."

I moaned and groaned even louder, because Michelle's lips had achieved an exquisitely tight lock around my shaft and she was going down and down and down while I watched.

A dead silence fell as we all breathlessly watched to see if she could really do it. Due to the thickness of my shaft, I had grave doubts that deep throating would even be physically possible for her.

My cock could feel her throat muscles working to expel my thickness, as she struggled mightily with her gag reflex, but then she somehow found exactly the right angle to align with me, got past her gag reflex, and just kept on going down, down, and down!

Damn! There she was, with her nose in my pubic hair! There was no sign of my dick anywhere because the whole thing was inside her mouth, and beyond! I could even see a bulge in her throat as she continued to gulp and swallow, giving me unimaginable pleasure while her throat worked and massaged those few inches of me that could reach that deep.

Mindy yelled, "My GOD! Girl, you've DONE IT!"

Ruby exclaimed, "Hoooooly shit! She DID do it! Look! You can see the bulge in her throat! Oh my God! Sister, don't stop now!"

But after just a few more seconds, Michelle came up for air.

As her lips slid up and off my dick, Ruby was already right there with her mouth hovering, ready to take over. "My turn!" she exclaimed.

"NO!" I shouted out. Regaining my breath a bit, I said, "Have mercy! Good God!"

Ruby relented and left me alone.

Michelle punched a fist in the air in frustration. "Damn it! I was so close!"

I exclaimed, "You were a lot more than close. You did it! Oh God. I'm beyond words. Never in my wildest dreams!" I was still panting.

She slithered up my body, leaving my cock temporarily untouched since Ruby was being merciful after all. "I just wanna show how much I love you, Daddy. Ruby and I work so hard to please you because we love you so much. And before you even ask ... yes, I love getting throat-fucked by you, Daddy! We should do it all the time!"

Everybody wanted to do everything with me all the time, it seemed. How could I cope?

I could tell that Michelle wanted to French kiss me, but she was still recovering her breath.

Mindy shook her shoulder. "Congratulations! That was incredible! To be honest, I had my doubts your throat could even expand enough to fit him, but it did!"

Michelle's smile was a mile wide, even as she continued to gasp for air, with her big tits resting on my chest.

Ruby was still down by my crotch, but she slapped Michelle's butt and said, "Do you realize what this means?! If you can do it once, you can do it again and again! And if you can do it, that gives me confidence that I can do it! It's the ULTIMATE in cocksucking, and sucking Daddy's cock is what we do!"

Michelle basked in the praise. "Yes, I went all the way down. And Gaaawwwd, it felt great! I am pretty excited! But the problem is, I can never hold it. That's what happens during my practice sessions too. Five seconds, ten seconds max. I wanted to stay down there for at least a minute and milk him with my throat muscles. It's so frustrating! Grrr!"

Before I could respond to that, we all heard the ringing of the front doorbell. It was a distant sound, but unmistakable.

"Who could that be?" I asked aloud, even as Ruby resumed jacking me off and licking my sweet spot.

"Probably Cindy," Mindy responded as she got up and went to her dresser to put on some clothes. "Remember last night? I told her that she should come over so she and I could talk. We're probably going to be doing a lot of talking, so that may put a bit of a crimp in your plans."

Then, for Cindy's benefit, Mindy shouted down, "COMING! JUST A MINUTE!"

I couldn't move because Michelle remained plastered against me. Her head was right over mine, and she was waiting for me to stop talking so we could kiss. I nodded, "Yeah, it probably wouldn't be the smartest thing for all of us to be running around naked all day, with Cindy here."

As soon as that last word was said, Michelle's lips locked onto mine. She moaned erotically into my mouth as our tongues started to duel. She took my hands, which had been doing nothing, and brought them to her bubble butt.

"Well, I'M going to run around naked," Ruby said defiantly while she kept on licking my sweet spot. Apparently she wanted to wait to try deep throating when we weren't distracted. "Mom already knows about you and me, and she even saw you kissing me topless, so there! She'll just have to get used to it!"

Mindy just said, "The kid's got a point." She quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, with no underwear. Since Cindy was a close friend, she didn't need to bother looking nice, although the lack of a bra was unexpected.

Checking her hair in the mirror, she said to me, "Honey, Ruby put a lot of love into making that breakfast. You should eat it before it gets completely cold. And enjoy reading your newspaper. Meanwhile, Ruby, why don't you and Michelle keep sucking his cock, but lay off on the deep throating for a bit, so he can eat his breakfast."

I turned my head to the side, breaking the kiss with Michelle. I exclaimed, "What?! Sweetheart, you expect me to just casually eat breakfast and read the newspaper while the Gruesome Twosome keep on going to town on my dick?!"

She turned to me and winked. "Why not?" she leered. "If you're asking me to disapprove, forget it. Get used to it. I see no reason this shouldn't become a regular part of your morning routine. They probably love it more than you do."

Michelle used a hand to turn my head back. She stared intently into my eyes from inches away. "This is what we do! This is what we love! Sucking your cock is our favorite!"

I was unable to reply because she planted another hot kiss on my lips. I found myself clutching onto Michelle's ass cheeks for dear life, because Ruby decided to emphasize Michelle's point by engulfing my cockhead yet again! She immediately slid her lips down as far as she could manage, to choking and gagging depth.

Mindy sighed happily. "Aaaah! Honey, you hear that? All that loud, slurpy satisfaction? I love it so much! It sounds so lewd, so obscene!"

She walked into view so I could just barely see her despite Michelle over my face and practically kissing me to death. She said, "Actually, I insist that you feed your thick and yummy cock into your daughters' starving mouths from now on, so they can start the day off right with a breakfast of thick and juicy man sausage, and a side of hot and suckable man eggs served up over easy. Cram their faces while you relax and eat your fill. It needs to become a new daily tradition around here, I say."

I wanted to say something, but all I could do was knead Michelle's ass cheeks while clenching my PC muscle. I was dangerously close to cumming, but lately that seemed to be the case most often than not!

My wife started to walk away, until I lost sight of her. But then she turned around and came back into view. "You'll notice that I make no claim to being a cock slave, although it sounds like lots of fun. I'm still the wife. You know how demanding wives can be, so don't argue with me on this, if you know what's good for you." She winked. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd better go see to Cindy." She turned to leave again.

"Wait," I said, stopping her. The reason I could speak was because Michelle abruptly broke the kiss and scooted down my body. Ruby sensed her coming and pulled her lips off my shaft to make room.

While they were repositioning, I managed to sit up and rest against the headboard. I even managed to put a couple of pillows behind me. I wanted to see what the girls were doing to me as well as feel it.

Mere seconds later, I grunted with a surge of pleasure, because Michelle had just joined Ruby in licking my cock.

I felt shivers race down my spine as I got a good look of what they were doing. They were lying naked between my spread-out legs, and they looked like they planned on being there for a while. What little lingerie Michelle had been wearing had disappeared at some point, and I didn't even know when. But I loved how they were both shamelessly buck naked.

My wife clutched her hands to her chest and stared with an emotionally overcome expression, as if the sight of the girls licking me together was so precious that she could barely stand it. Strange.

I told her, "We can't have Cindy come over already. We haven't had a chance to talk about what happened with her last night." I was so tired from having been involved in sexual hijinks all day yesterday that I had fallen asleep as soon as my head had hit the pillow. Mindy and I hadn't talked at all about anything.

She snapped out of her blissed out daze and was suddenly all business. "Well, it's a done deal. She's at the door now and no doubt getting annoyed at waiting. We'll just have to wing it. Now, I have to leave before I get so inspired by what I'm seeing that I have no choice but to join the girls!"

She hurried out of the room, making sure to close the door behind her as she went.

I cursed my devious wife. She'd obviously made sure I had no chance to talk to her about Cindy before Cindy came over, so I wouldn't nix whatever sneaky plan she was working on. I couldn't say I minded much though. Her plans were somewhat underhanded, but they were working out wonderfully for me. Still, I wished I was in charge and knew what was going on.

I looked back down at Ruby and Michelle. My boner was pointed straight up, and they were resting on their elbows with just one hand holding me in place, so I had an unusually great view of what their mouths were doing. It was almost like they were putting on a show for me. They seemed to be fighting for control of my sweet spot, but it was a friendly fight. Mostly, it meant both of their tongues were lapping on the same spot, and thus frequently bumping into each other.

I nearly forgot to breathe while ogling the rest of their bodies, because the sight was so awesome. Michelle's long blonde hair could reach nearly to the top of her ass, but she'd brushed it to the side so her back was almost as bare as Ruby's. Their backs were works of art. But what truly inspired me was their asses.

God, what asses! So round and perfectly tanned, side by side like a couple of ripe peaches. So firm! Just one glance at their asses and anyone can see they must exercise religiously. And I was just kneading Shelle's ass. I can do that at any time from now on. Their bodies belong to me! The only thing stopping me from fucking their asses or cunts is me. Unfortunately, that's something I can never do. I'd like to think I at least still have some morals left, some fatherly responsibility for their future. But what asses!

I said, "Girls, clench and unclench your ass cheeks for me, please."

The two of them stopped their licking and looked at each other with fiery excitement. Then they said in perfect unison, "Yes, Master!" Some very sexy clenching and unclenching ensued. They couldn't time that with each other since they went right back to licking my sweet spot, and they couldn't see what the other one was doing, but it was a sight to see just the same.

I complained, "There you go again, using the 'master' word. Please don't use that again."

They replied simultaneously, "Yes, Master!" Then they burst into giggles before returning to their licking. Since they were mostly resting on their elbows, it was all about the licking.

I sighed. It's a losing battle with these two. But what a way to lose!

I kicked back to enjoy the sensations for a while - and no, there was no way I could do that and eat too, never mind read the newspaper! But at the same time, I was unsettled.

I said out loud, but mostly to myself, since I figured the girls' mouths were too busy with cock for talking, "Oh, man! I feel like I'm getting steamrollered. Probably the most pleasurable steamrollering of all time, but a steamrollering just the same. It seems like the three of you are doing a full-court press to get me to change my mind about this dating boys thing, and you're gonna relentlessly pleasure me for who knows how long until I give in."

"Yep," Ruby said, without the slightest hint of doubt or regret, as she momentarily paused in licking on her side of my slippery pole. "Of course, we'll be relentlessly pleasuring you after you give in too, only there'll be a lot more proper fucking then. So get used to it."

Michelle added, "It's what we do! Daddy, we live to serve your cock. How many times do we have to explain?"

Ruby said, "We need to show him we're serious... with yet more cock licking!"

Michelle giggled. "Right! Which we were going to do anyway!"

Both girls thought that was hilarious and giggled a lot more.

I replied, "Oh, man! I have to admit that sounds great, but I'm not gonna give in! I'll show you all. I CAN'T give in. I'll just feel miserable and guilty all the time, no matter how many times you two blow me. All the blowing and stroking and titfucking and God knows what else your devilish minds are planning won't hide the fact that I'll have failed as a father."

The way they were spoiling me rotten was making me feel bad. It wasn't right that they were saying things like "we live to serve your cock" - and meaning it! But strangely, the thing that bothered me most of all was that I didn't feel worse! I intellectually understood that I was being a bad father by succumbing to my lust to this degree, but I still could hardly feel a twinge of guilt about it. The sexual pleasure was so intense and continuous that swamped all other feelings.

I complained about it. "In fact, I should feel a lot more guilty than I do for letting you do this much. What has happened to my morals? Where'd the guilt go? What you two are doing is totally depraved and probably even criminal, in Shelle's case. You two are warping my very sense of right and wrong. I hardly even think about how I'm being a bad Catholic by allowing all this, for instance. How is it I can just sit here and enjoy it so much?"

Michelle slowed down in licking on her side to say, "Because you know it's right, Daddy. Deep down, you know it! It may not be normal, but as Mom is fond of saying lately, 'normal is highly overrated.' What might be wrong for someone else could work for us. This is right! This is how it should be! You know it is!"

"Well, that may or may not be, I dunno," I replied, honestly doubting. "Okay, maybe we can have a little bit of fun here and there, like right now obviously, but I desperately need a break. I need time to think. Not only that, but I need to work! I haven't done ANY writing in the past few days. I've gotta have the whole afternoon to myself, at the very least."

"But Daddy," Ruby said between languid licks, "you still haven't fucked my tits. And you promised! And you haven't properly spanked Michelle or me either, and you promised that too!" She used the kind of super pouty and cute voice that men simply can't resist.

"I know, and believe me, I'm excited to get to all that, and we will. But we can't do those things now, obviously. Not with Cindy here. At least I assume that's Cindy. I hope it's not one of your friends. ... No, scratch that. I think it would be a good thing if it were one of your friends. In fact, I want you two to invite some of your friends over today."

Michelle sounded annoyed. She and Ruby had stopped their licking for the time being, apparently too distracted by the conversation, but they were taking turns tenderly rubbing my erection along the sides of their faces. "Why? You were just telling me the other day that I should avoid them for a while so they won't suspect. Besides, I wanna spend all day just playing with the King. Would you like that, my King?"

She kissed the side of my pole as she talked to it directly. "Mmmm, YOU like that, don't you?" She kissed it again, a little higher. "You're not a meanie like Daddy is, are you?" She kissed it higher still, and that turned into a series of kisses leading up toward the top of the cockhead.

Catching on, Ruby lovingly kissed it here and there too. But she kept her head lower, guessing what Michelle was about to do.

Sure enough, within seconds, my blonde bombshell daughter had the whole cockhead in her mouth and was working her lips on my sweet spot, and lapping inside her mouth too.

Ruby giggled gleefully as she resumed licking on what was left of the lower half.

I grunted at Michelle, "DAMN YOU! You do that so well!" She was going all out, sucking with caved-in cheeks, turning her head this way and that, using all the tricks Mindy had taught her.

I knew she was trying to distract me so much that I'd lose my train of thought. But I forced myself to keep thinking and talking. "But really, we've gotta deal with your friends sooner or later. Maybe it's better if you keep seeing them as much as always. That will make them less suspicious. But the main reason I want them over is that if they're here, the two of you will be occupied, and you won't be able to wander naked into my room every five minutes on some thin pretext, and then wind up with your nose in my pubic hair. Maybe I'll actually get some work done."

Since Ruby was freer to talk since she was just licking here and there near the base of my shaft, she said, "I'll agree to that, as long as you promise to fuck my tits before lunch. I've been waiting sooooooooo long! Please? Especially after I heard about the epic way you fucked Michelle's tits last night, I can barely stand it."

"Okay, that sounds fair." I sounded reluctant, but I was excited to fuck Ruby's tits for the first time too. She'd told me that she had a special desire for that, and I believed her.

Michelle also tried to make some demand, but her words weren't clear. It just sounded like, "Mah ahmah mah mramph?!" I vaguely guessed from the context and the way she pointed at her rack with her free hand that it was something about needing her tits fucked again too, but I played dumb. She was really going to town on my sweet spot with her lips and tongue, and she couldn't get herself to stop and pull off. She punched the bed in frustration when I didn't understand.

Ruby was thinking ahead, and said, "We won't have a big party, though. That would be asking for trouble. Maybe we'll just have two or three of our closest friends, the ones who know the most about our Daddy love."

"Uh-oh" I said. "That sounds dangerous. Who knows what about 'Daddy love?'"

"Take a chill pill," Ruby said dismissively. She was just jacking off my lower shaft, for now, but I could feel her other hand under my ass and exploring up my ass crack. "It's just that some of our closest friends know that we think you're pretty studly and then some. But they don't know about The Plan. And we're not dumb - we won't breathe a word about what we're actually doing to anybody. Duuuuh!"

I recalled "The Plan" was their name for their long-term secret campaign to seduce me. I have to admit, it was a pretty thorough and well-thought-out plan. I was sexually benefiting from it so much that I was afraid to find out more about it, for fear that I would be disturbed by their obsessiveness.

I tried to ignore the way Ruby had started to poke her index finger against the ring of my anus. I panted, "So... it's agreed. ... You'll invite some friends over shortly, right?"

Ruby replied, "Right. Daddy, we're your slaves, your big-titted cock slaves. If you give us an order, we have no choice but to obey. And if you want to seduce our friends too, that's your right!"

I moaned, nearly out of my mind, "No... seducing! Just... invite 'em over!"

So, with that settled, Michelle pulled her lips off and went back to their dual cock licking. That was a relative reprieve for me, since she'd been going all out. In fact, knowing how dangerously close I was to cumming, they ignored my sweet spot for the next minute or two.

That allowed me to at least recover my breath, and some of my sanity.

As Michelle's tongue resumed lapping my sweet spot, she said, "Okay, Daddy, eat up!"

I said, "You're kidding me, right? I'm having to concentrate intently just to not cum!"

Ruby had joined in licking my sweet spot, and their tongues were constantly sliding together. She said, "Come on. We just gave you a break for like a full minute."

I confessed, "I'm better, but I'm still in the danger zone. Don't be deceived just because I can talk freely again. Once I get that close to the edge, it's really hard to come back."

Michelle spoke as she licked, "Well, Mom says it's super important you eat while we give you a double cocksuck, or at least a double cock licking. We wanna start a new tradition. Plus, you need to finish breakfast before you see Cindy downstairs."

Ruby suggested, "If it'll help, we can try to be mellow for a while."

"Please!" I said.

To my surprise, they actually did ease up considerably, including ending the ass crack exploration. I decided it was time to try to have breakfast, since things were unlikely to get "better" than this.

Somehow, I was actually able to eat while they still went at it with both tongues at once, although the idea of reading the newspaper too was still a non-starter.

I was completely amazed at their enthusiasm. I finished eating breakfast about twenty minutes later, but they kept on going and going. There didn't seem to be any let up in how much fun they were having, nor did it appear as if there would be any let up in their devotion anytime soon.

I asked them about it. "Don't you girls get tired doing this? Don't you get bored?"

Michelle replied, while merely stroking me off, "Daddy, it's what we do. I'm going to keep saying that until it sinks in. We're all about serving your cock, in every possible way!"

Ruby emphasized, "It's what we do! Really. Imagine you had a daughter who loved tennis and practiced and played for hours and hours every day. That's us, except replace 'tennis' with 'worshipping your cock.' We love it!" She planted a big kiss on my sweet spot. That turned into more licking there, since Michelle's sliding fingers were busy lower down my shaft.

"Good one, Ruby! Exactly." Michelle elaborated to me, "Luckily, it's as pleasurable for me as it is for you. I guess it helps that I'm just really oral. I love kissing, I love sucking, and I could lick a lollipop all day. Stroking and sucking your great big cock, especially sucking it, keeps me floating on a constant erotic high. Plus you taste and smell so damn good! Just thinking about your thick, throbbing cock makes me drool with anticipation."

She briefly tilted her head and opened her mouth, letting her tongue loll out like she was uncontrollably drooling, Homer Simpson-style. Then, with a big smile, she continued, "And in case that's not enough, I can always finger my pussy or clit a little. That worked wonders during the titfuck last night."

Ruby added, "Me too! But as you can see, we're not doing any fingering at all right now. We don't need it! Just the sucking is enough! I'm totally oral too. If you're happy, and I'm happy, and Michelle's happy, why can't we do this for hours and hours?" She kept right on lapping on my sweet spot.

I pointed out, "You know, most women, if they get any pleasure from a blowjob, it's only 'cos they're fingering themselves."

Ruby replied, annoyed, "Then they're idiots! Think about a guy going down on a girl. Most guys probably are too thick-headed to try it at all. Of the ones that do, a lot think it's a chore and only do it so they can get blown in return. But some guys, like you, get that licking a woman's box is a pleasure in and of itself. Well, it's the same situation with women and blowjobs. I can't help all those dunderheads with their hang-ups. Michelle and I love it! Period!"

I asked, "What about getting tired?"

Michelle fielded that one, perhaps because Ruby had returned to licking. "Oh, we get tired. These are very early days and we're learning how to best deal with that. It's tough, I must admit. But in case you haven't noticed, we keep switching things up. It helps that there are two of us. For instance, notice how I'm just stroking you while Ruby is licking you. After a while, we'll probably switch, so her tongue can get a rest. If all goes well and we learn to hone our craft, there's no reason we won't be able to do this for hours and hours. Possibly indefinitely!"

Ruby happily added, "Especially if we have more help, like Sue Ellen. I have high hopes for her. We could kind of tag in and tag out, so that we really could do this all day long! The only problem is when things get really fast and intense, like the way Michelle was sucking you a little while ago. We can't sustain that for long. But if we do you're bound to blow your load anyway."

Michelle said, more to Ruby than me, "It's better to master a kind of slow but steady style. Keep Daddy close to the edge of cumming, but not too close, if you know what I mean. So he'll be maxed out on pleasure nearly all the time!"

"Exactly!" Ruby said enthusiastically. "Like what we're doing right now. This is bliss for me, like tripping out on a really good drug. This is living the dream!"

It was hard for me to find any way to argue with that. Once again, sheer pleasure won and beat back all my objections.

Knowing they had me like putty in their hands, and with my breakfast finished, the two of them stepped up their oral attacks. I pointed out that this was a good time for me to titfuck Ruby for the first time.

But, to my surprise, Ruby replied, "True, but no. Of course I can't wait, but you promised you'd fuck my tits before long, and that's good enough for me. Right now, we're in a cock licking and sucking groove, and I want to see how long we really can keep it going. I know you probably don't believe us, but we sincerely see pleasuring your cock as our special calling. We want to get really, really good at it, so we'll always be your favorite cock slaves, no matter how many others you have."

Michelle added, "Yeah. You say we don't have any drive and we're just coasting on our looks, but this is what inspires us! If they gave our gold medals for cocksucking, and general cock pleasuring, and even Daddy fucking, I want to win them all! I love being your sex slave, Daddy! So much! THIS is my passion!"

Inspired by her own words, she engulfed my cockhead yet again. She spent the next five minutes or more showing off an impressive number of tricks and techniques. She went completely solo to demonstrate how much she could do without any help.

Then Ruby had her solo turn. She spent just as much time or longer showing off her own set of tricks and techniques. Although Ruby generally lived in Michelle's shadow, she was no second fiddle when it came to cocksucking. They were equally good.

I decided to tell her that. When her solo turn ended, I said, "Very nice, Red! You two are both so good at that. I can't decide which one of you is better, since you're both off the charts great!"

That was a big mistake, sort of, because it set off their competitive instincts. They didn't say anything, but Michelle immediately wanted another solo turn to show off her stuff. The problem was that she liked to see herself as my number one cock slave, due to her bigger breasts, more renowned beauty, more assertive personality, and so on. Being equal to Ruby wasn't good enough.

I lost track of time as the two of them traded solo turns. Eventually, I had to take a prolonged rest and just sit there untouched for five minutes or more. It was all too intense, and it never seemed to end! But it was like watching a really great movie; I never wanted it to end.

At one point, they took turns trying to deep throat me. Unfortunately, neither of them could really do what they wanted. Michelle was able to get past her gag reflex and swallow my entire shaft, but only for about five to ten seconds each time. That felt amazing, and I told her so, but it seemed to only make her more frustrated. Since she managed that much, she didn't understand why she couldn't sustain it.

Ruby couldn't get past her gag reflex at all. However, she was certainly in no way deterred or put off by her failed attempts, because she kept on choking and gagging as she gorged herself on my meat. If anything, it was the sheer challenge of the task that spurred her to keep trying.

Before long, I had to tell them to stop. "Girls, please. Let's save that for later. It hurts me to hear you suffering. There are a lot of other things we can do."

They didn't like that, but they acquiesced.

I suggested, "In any case, your mouths have to be getting very, very tired. What if we do something completely different for a while? I'd offer to go down on you, but I'm trying to avoid so much as touching your pussies. I worry if I do that, I'll lose control and end up fucking you. At least for right now, that's kind of my red line that I can't cross. But there are other things we could do. For instance, you both sound interested in getting spanked."

The two of them groaned lustily at that. But Ruby said, "That sounds amaaaazing! But again, we have to say no. Right?" See looked to Michelle, who nodded.

I asked, "Why?"

"For the same reason I'm willing to delay my very first titfuck," Ruby replied. "We're dead serious about pleasuring your cock. There have been so many times the two of us talked and fantasized and strategized about how we'd keep your great big cock stiff and throbbing with pleasure for hours and hours, non-stop! And now, here's our first chance to actually do it. We want to prove to you that we're not just about the occasional brief handjob, blowjob, or titfuck here and there. We want to show that we're in it for the long haul."

Michelle nodded. "Serving your cock is what we do." She clutched her enormous breasts from below and hefted them up. "I feel like God or fate or whatever gave me this body for a special reason, and that's to be your sex slave, your cock slave! We need to show you that this is our passion, so you'll take us seriously. This isn't some temporary fad. We want to live the slave life, and the number one duty of any good cock slave is cock sucking and licking!"

I shook my head, amazed. I said, "I kind of have a feeling that I'm asking for trouble, but I'm not convinced. Noooobody could be that into it, not even you. I think you mean what you say, but that's just your youthful enthusiasm. You can't possibly keep going like this. You're bound to get bored or tired, or both. That's just basic human nature."

Michelle let go of her big tits and set them bouncing. She clutched the air in frustration. "Arrgh! You're so aggravating! That's why we have to delay the spankings and other fun stuff. Cocksucking is what we do! It's who we are! It's our very favorite way to spend the time! The only time we're bored is when we're doing mundane things, and we pass the time mostly by thinking about how we could be sucking your cock! ARRGH! I'll show you!"

She suddenly dropped her head back to my crotch, quickly engorged my cockhead again, and got busy bobbing.

Ruby settled back down next to her and gently stroked her long blonde hair. "That's it, sister! Submit to the power of his cock! Don't listen to him; don't get upset. He'll come around eventually. Remember the rules, especially 'Pleasure the cock!' Remember that you ARE his busty and beautiful daughter, and he's fully enslaved you. Enslaved us! Clear your mind and forget everything except your true purpose: keeping the King fully erect and throbbing with pleasure!"

Michelle mewled contentedly. I could feel the tension leaving her and her happiness soaring. It seems that she did manage to clear her mind, because she sucked me with even greater skill than ever before. It was truly incredible. In fact, it was too much, because I had to force her to stop just a couple of minutes later.

When she pulled her lips off and handed my erection back to Ruby, she complained, "Awww, Daddy. Why'd you have to end the fun? I was in a groove. I was in 'The Zone!' Oh my God, that was so great! That's what good cocksucking is all about!"

Ruby didn't want to miss out. Remarkably, when she took her next turn bobbing on me, she seemed to follow her own advice to clear her mind and so forth, because she also reached a new level of proficiency. It was almost scary!

I didn't want to admit this to anyone, most especially my wife, but it had only been one day since they'd started and they were already getting better at cocksucking than Mindy! She'd been too thorough teaching them all her tricks and extensively training them. Furthermore, my wife enjoyed a good blowjob and maybe even loved it sometimes. But my girls were positively obsessed about it! I'd told them my doubts because I still didn't think that level of passion could be sustained for long. But at least for now, their passion couldn't be denied.

It occurred to me that even if their enthusiasm was cut way back, I still was in for the time of my life, probably for a long time to come. Even if they dropped all the over the top submissive "cock slave" stuff, the bottom line was we were having great sexual fun together, and lots of it. And Mindy heartily approved! Plus, that wasn't even counting the possibilities opening up with Sue Ellen and Cindy. I wondered if I'd see either of them later in the day, and what might happen when I did.

Somehow, I was able to keep going without cumming yet. I also was keen to see just how long we could make such a session last. But I was being forced to take more breaks, and for longer each time.

During another break a few minutes later, with the girls sitting up on their heels, I asked Michelle, "Why do you think you can get past your gag reflex, but only for a few seconds?"

She replied, "Daddy, your cock is seriously about as thick as a Coke can when erect, and it's longer than a Coke can too. Do you realize how crazy it is to fit something like that down someone's throat in the first place? It's some kind of miracle of nature it can fit there at all. It must be like the way vaginas can expand to give birth. Needless to say, it feels incredibly strange! I just freak out about it. But don't worry; I'm not giving up!"

I said, "Maybe you SHOULD give up. If it's that difficult and unnatural, why do it? There's plenty we can do together that's nothing but fun."

Michelle pounded her fist on the bed in frustration, setting off an impressive tit-quake. "Daddy, you don't get it! ARGH! Being a cock slave isn't supposed to be easy! This isn't a cushy job. It's a huge, never-ending challenge!"

After that dramatic titty display, I couldn't resist reaching out and cupping her immense orbs from below. She still seemed upset, but she tilted her head back and purred with pleasure.

Ruby crossed her arms under her tremendous rack. "Yeah! You obviously don't understand the whole cock slave ethic or philosophy. It's all about striving, striving to do our best! To never waver or falter in our duty to keep your cock..." She looked at my erect dick in alarm. "Oh no! Look, Michelle! How ironic. We're in the middle of talking about constantly serving Daddy's cock, and it's wonderfully stiff and we're not doing ANYTHING to it!"

The two of them laid back down and resumed their cooperative cock licking effort.

Then they started taking yet turns bobbing down to my sweet spot. The only downside was that it felt so good, and I'd been heading for a climax for so long, that they were only able to pass me back and forth a couple more times. I realized that I was reaching the end of my rope and the only possible way I could stave off orgasm any longer was if I took a very prolonged break, and I didn't want to do that

I was still contemplating this when my body made the issue moot and I felt myself passing the point of no return. Ruby happened to be the one bobbing on me at the time, so I shot all my cum right into her mouth.

Needless to say, Ruby was very happy about this. She stared up at me adorably as she carefully guzzled my cum down just as fast as it shot out of me. I noticed she played with her clit and had a big orgasm right as my climax was peaking. I could feel her lips trembling as she screamed all around my thickness. It was great. Even Michelle fingered herself and had a nice cum as she watched.

I was pleased by how that worked out, since I'd cum in Michelle's mouth twice yesterday. It was good to try to keep some balance.

But when it was over, Michelle complained, "Ruby, I know you had fun guzzling down his Daddy goo, but you need to think of others. Next time, at least halfway through, pull back and let him paint your face, okay? Even better, he could have painted both our faces. Not only does it look sexy as hell, but remember Cock Slave Rule Number Three."

"'Share the cock,'" Ruby quoted, sounding like she was stating an undisputed fact. "Good point. Bummer, too, 'cos it would have been totally fun to have you lick my nipples and my tits clean. There's nothing better than when you lick Daddy cum off my nipple, and then keep sucking. Plus, I love it when Daddy marks his territory!"

"Yeah," Michelle added, "and then we'd naturally end up French kissing and rubbing our tits together, and of course Daddy will watch, and he'll get hard all over again. Then we'll be able to suck him off for a couple more hours, and repeat the process... forever!"

They both giggled with glee at that prospect.

I shook my head in disbelief. I asked, "By the way, I think it's time you clue me in some more about these mysterious rules. Just how many cock slave rules are there?"

"Just four, so far," Michelle replied earnestly. "We may add more as we go, but we don't want to clutter things up with minor points. We want sweeping principles. It's like the Constitution: you want stuff about freedom of speech, not details on parking fines. Mom, Ruby, and I worked them out together. So far, we have, in order of importance-"

Before she could continue, Ruby tapped her shoulder, indicating she wanted to participate. Michelle smiled at that. The two of them sat up proudly, with their arms around each other's shoulders and their big tits proudly thrust out. They recited the rules together: "'Pleasure the cock,' 'no jealousy,' 'share the cock,' and 'wives get first dibs.'"

I realized that Mindy had been right about there being a rule of "wives get first dibs." It's just that I'd been confused about that being the first rule. I was glad that rule was in there, because they were threatening to monopolize most of my time and sexual energy, due to their boundless energy and passion.

That done, they went back to relaxed poses lazing around on my bed. Michelle added, "It's very much a work in progress. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?"

"Nope. Just hearing those four is kind of melting my brain." That was true, especially the comparison to the Constitution. They were taking all this so seriously that I didn't know if I should laugh or cry or what.

They both giggled at that.

I asked, "Aren't rules two and three basically the same?"

Michelle earnest replied, "Not at all. Jealousy is about a state of mind. Sharing the cock is a physical action. One of us could be actively licking your cock with someone else and still be feeling jealous and resentful about it. We've talked about this a lot and came to the conclusion that the only way this arrangement will work is if we act as a team."

Ruby added, "'Share the cock' is about more than just defeating jealousy. It's a philosophy that two mouths are always better than one. Three mouths are better than two. Four tits are better than two. And so on. Chances are, whatever the situation, the more of us who are working on your cock, the better you'll feel. And that's what it's all about, serving and pleasuring you, our master."

I looked from one of them to the other. My God! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! They're so beautiful! So stacked! They could have any guy they want. Why me?! I'm no "master." And why are they so hard core about it?! But I'm not going to ask them that or they'll just groan and complain.

Instead, I innocently asked, "Do those rules apply to any cocks?"

They looked at me like a troop of monkeys was flying out of my head.

Ruby turned to Michelle and sighed. "He just doesn't get it! As IF we would ever touch another cock! Like, EVER!" She gesticulated with frustration, "The whole fucking point is that we're totally devoted to you and your cock alone! We love YOU! We love submitting to YOU! We love serving YOUR big fat cock! It wouldn't work for anybody else! The very idea of touching some strange penis makes me SICK!" She let out a very long, loud sigh.

The intensity of her reaction was surprising, since Ruby very rarely cursed or got upset.

Michelle answered, "I know, he's an idiot, but he's our idiot. Give him time. A part of him probably still thinks that all this cock slave talk is just a passing fancy, and we'll lose interest after a few weeks or even months."

That's exactly what I was thinking.

She continued, "After all, we have had passing fancies before, so I can almost understand him. The thing is, he doesn't understand that this isn't just some kind of hobby or whim, it's who we are!"

Ruby held a clenched fist dramatically in front of her chest. "Then there's nothing we can do but be the best big-titted, Daddy lovin', cocksuckin' cock slaves we can possibly be! Forever! Convince him with one prolonged, incredible blowjob after another! Not to mention titfucks, ass fucks, regular fucks, and so much more!"

"Yeah!" Michelle bumped fists with her, and they stared at each other with profound resolve. "Of course, we'd do all that anyway," she pointed out as an aside.

"True," Ruby agreed. "But his thick-headedness is good motivation to wanna serve his cock even better, until he gets it."

Michelle nodded. "Good point."

Then the dramatic mood passed and Ruby got up from the bed. She said to me, "Now that we've all have a nice cum, I should probably go down and say hi to my mom and see what's happening down there. But remember... when I get back..." She thrust her chest out. "Daddy, these puppies are waiting for you to give them their first titfuck!"

Michelle also got up, and the two of them skipped out of the room, as happy and as naked as ever.

As they left, I shouted, "Don't forget to call your friends!"

"Okay!" they yelled back as one.

I was left lying in bed, wondering if I'd woken up yet, or if it was all just a really, really great wet dream.

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