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Chapter 38

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I'd only been alone and mucking about for a few minutes, washing my face in the sink and trying to recover from my latest mind-blowing orgasm, when I heard some yelling and screaming coming from downstairs. I immediately thought, Uh-oh, I wonder what kind of trouble the Gruesome Twosome have gotten into, this time?

I figured the problem was Cindy-related. I threw on a T-shirt and bathing suit and went downstairs. Sure enough, I saw Cindy and Ruby arguing out by the pool.

One glance told me what they were arguing about. Cindy and Mindy were lying on adjacent lounge chairs next to the pool, while Michelle stood a few feet away with her arms folded under her F-cups, which gave her jutting torpedoes support that was probably completely unnecessary.

My blonde bombshell daughter was wearing a light blue bikini and dark sunglasses, but I could nonetheless see a surly expression on her face, even though I was still standing in the house, a good deal away.

All three of them looked great in their various tiny bikinis, but the real spectacle was Ruby, because she was wearing nothing at all! What's more, she was obviously proud of it, which I could easily see from her regal bearing, as she practically floated across the back patio.

Needless to say, Cindy wasn't too happy with that. Voices were raised, and arms were flying about in angry gesticulation as mother and daughter went at it, while Michelle and Mindy mostly just watched and tried not to get drawn in.

I opened up the screen door leading to the pool and approached the fight, hoping I could help in some way.

Ruby saw me as I drew near, and her face lit up. "He's here! Dan, help me! Mom is being SOOOO totally unreasonable."

Cindy covered her eyes with one hand in embarrassment, as Ruby came to me and embraced me in a tight, and certainly not very chaste, hug.

I guessed Cindy was shocked enough to see Ruby walking around naked, but she was doubly bothered to see her hugging me while naked without even the slightest hint of shame or embarrassment.

Deliberately playing slow on the uptake, I asked, "What's going on? No, don't tell me. If I could hazard a guess, Ruby, you're probably not making your mother very happy with your, shall we say, unrepentantly brazen nakedness."

I didn't get any further though, because Ruby not only hugged me, she kissed me on the lips too. I tried to resist, but I suppose I didn't really try that hard. This was bad. I vividly remembered French kissing Cindy last night for a good five minutes. My plan was to build on that, since Mindy seemed okay with it. I couldn't afford to alienate Cindy by being too overly physical with Ruby.

That was the thinking, but the reality was that a nude and eager Ruby was utterly irresistible! Soon, the two of us were blatantly necking. Her lips felt so good that I kind of forgot about Cindy and the nakedness problem. My penis had been flaccid, but it fully engorged in seconds.

Ruby refrained from actually touching my boner, but that was about the only restraint she had as she rubbed her big tits and hands all over me. She even slipped her hands into the back of my bathing suit so she was clutching bare ass. That caused the usual Pavlovian reaction in me and I found myself clutching her bare ass too, except there was no bathing suit on her to hide that from Cindy's eyes.

I probably would have done better, but nobody said anything to snap me out of my erotic bliss. Mindy, Cindy, and Michelle just gawked in total silence.

Finally, after about a minute, Cindy muttered, "Ruby, please!"

Upon hearing that, I managed to separate my lips from Ruby's, although she still clung to me for dear life in a tight hug. I wasn't much better, since I continued to caress her firm ass cheeks.

The next time I looked at Cindy, she had her hand off her eyes. I couldn't tell where she was looking though, due to the dark sunglasses she was wearing. I hoped she hadn't noticed how my erection was lewdly tenting my bathing suit when I'd been walking over. Luckily, that wasn't a problem at the moment since Ruby's body was pressed so tightly against mine.

Cindy said, "Ruby, have you embarrassed me enough? While you're at it, why don't the two of you just - hump?! Right there!"

Ruby's eyes sparkled. "Dan, you should listen to Mom. She's got some good suggestions!" She giggled, and wiggled her hard nipples deeper into my skin.

I walked closer to Cindy, with a buck naked Ruby still clinging to me - I pretty much had to carry her, lifting her by her ass cheeks in order to do it. "Sorry, Cindy. I can't really control her; she's almost as willful as Michelle is. I certainly didn't expect her to come out here naked, and I certainly don't approve."

"Don't tell me you're one of THEM!" Ruby complained to me. "Why can't I? Mom, Dan is my man and I love him! I'm also proud of my body. I've exercised hard for this body for years so he'd desire me, and I want him to see it! I want him to get hard and hot looking at me! You're just too prudish to understand."

She tried to lovingly stroke my upper chest, but since her boobs were flattened over most of it, she stroked her way down my sides instead.

"Ruby," I growled warningly, "there's no need to put your mother down. I'm sure Cindy is a very sexual woman while also being a very decent one. But you, you have to have some limits." Realizing that my hands were still on Ruby's luscious ass cheeks, I pulled them away and tried to keep them in the air.

Ruby complained, "Why? Everybody here knows about us. I just graduated from high school. I'm eighteen. I'm an adult. I can do what I want! Everybody here has seen me naked, lots of times. Mom, you see me naked all the time."

Cindy replied, "True, but that's when you're at home, sunbathing in the backyard. Not here!"

"What's wrong with here? The neighbors can't possibly see in or really hear what's happening, since we're at the top of the hill. This is a GREAT house with lots of privacy! Mom, you've sunbathed here topless with Mindy lots of times. You're a hypocrite!"

Wait, what? She had? That's news to me. Why am I always the last one to learn anything?

Cindy said, "Yeah, but that was when Dan wasn't even home! I'd never strut around topless with HIM around, much less bottomless!"

"Well, get used to it, Mom. I'm not gonna let you get in the way of me pleasing MY man! I'm gonna walk around naked if I want, and more!" Ruby hinted what "more" was by grabbing the bulge in my crotch.

I know, I should have helped the situation by going flaccid, but how could I, with her smell and touch invading all my senses?

I quickly pulled away and out of reach, since I knew that Ruby might not even stop with that. "Come on, Red, you're making your mother upset."

She pulled right back in to me, but at least she didn't bring her hand back to my crotch. She grinned. "'Red!' I love it when you call me that. Please call me that more often."

Cindy pleaded to Ruby, "Can't you at least meet me halfway? Put on some bikini bottoms, at least. It's the fact that you're flashing your bare you-know-what that really gets me. It's bad enough you're flashing that scandalously cheeky round butt of yours everywhere, but on top of that you're shaved too!"

Ruby responded, "That's not meeting halfway. I'll make you a deal. If you take your top off, I'll put some bottoms on."

Cindy turned to me and stared in shock. She reflexively covered her chest with her arms, as if she was already topless.

Mindy said, as if the suggestion were perfectly reasonable, "You know, Cindy, that's really not a bad deal. Going topless these days is no biggie. You've done it before here, as she pointed out. I'll take my top off too, if that'll help you feel more at ease."

"I will too!" Michelle added, already reaching to untie her tiny green bikini top.

"No you won't!" I said quickly. "Michelle, stay out of this, please."

That earned me a mutinous look from my excessively busty blonde daughter, but at least she had the good sense to back down (for the moment, anyway).

Mindy was adding, to Cindy, "I know you'd feel awkward in front of Dan, but given the things we were talking about and the things you agreed to before the girls showed up, not to mention the kissing that went on last night, would it really-"

Ruby, nuzzling her nose into my neck, interrupted, "What kind of things were you talking about? What agreement?"

Cindy turned her head away in embarrassment. "That's none of your business!"

Pulling away from me, Ruby put her fists on her hips and struck a defiant pose, heedless of her nudity. "Mom, Dan is my MAN! I love him and he knows it. You can either accept that and be a cool mom, or you and Mindy can go back to our house to talk. We have a fine pool. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

I was surprised when Cindy said, somewhat contritely, "No, I'll be cool. I'm not exactly happy about it, but I suppose I'll just have to accept that my daughter is a wild hellion who refuses to listen to me. I guess I have no choice but to try and meet you halfway."

"Cool! Hug!" Ruby rushed towards her mother with her arms outstretched.

Cindy got up from her lounge chair and opened her arms as well. She obviously wasn't ecstatic about hugging her daughter when she was naked, but she was trying hard to be a "cool mom."

During the hug, Ruby positioned herself so that she was facing me while all I could see of Cindy was her backside. Ruby's hands hung loosely over her mother's back. She winked at me, then she pointed a finger towards her mother's ass and gave a thumbs-up sign in my direction. She mouthed the words, "Tap that ass!" and then winked at me again.

Damn! She seems downright eager for me to have sex with her mother! Thinking about it, I realized that made some sense. If Cindy was physically involved with me, then she couldn't stop Ruby from doing the same. Ruby would benefit in many ways, and she clearly didn't have a problem sharing me with her loved ones.

But Ruby wasn't done with her mischief. Pretending to grip her mother tighter, she actually began untying the knot holding up Cindy's bikini top.

When the hug ended, Ruby pulled the bikini top off with her, and then started running into the house. She yelled as she went, "Thanks, Mom! I'll go put on half of my bikini!" (She was such a tease that even then she ran slowly, knowing I'd be watching. Then once she reached the house, she struck a sexy pose bending over, and blew me a kiss.)

I just shook my head in disbelief. Like Michelle, lately it seemed that Ruby was living to tease and pose, and generally drive me wild.

That left Cindy standing there topless. She didn't realize it at first, but then she must have felt a breeze across her nipples, because she looked down at her chest with sudden surprise. "Oh no! That little... hellion!"

Mindy joked, "'Hellion' works, but at times like this I prefer 'Satan's Hell Spawn' for the two of them."

I was busy checking Cindy out. I had a nice few seconds of an unimpeded view before her arms came up and tried to cover up as much as they could.

The thing that struck me was how similar Cindy's breasts were to Ruby's. True, they were a little bit smaller and sagged a bit more, but they were almost the exact same shape: nearly perfectly round, very full, and exactly symmetrical on their lower halves. Her nipples appeared to be slightly bigger than Ruby's, but they were close to the same shade of pink. They probably naturally would have been the exact shade, except that Ruby's nipples were slightly darker from of all the nude sunbathing she and Michelle had been doing.

Cindy sat back down on her lounge chair with her arms still covering her chest. In fact, she pulled her legs up to her chest as well, practically curling into a ball. (She might have thought this would cover her up more, but it actually allowed me to see the shape of her pussy pressing against her bikini bottoms.) "I can't believe my daughter did that to me! Does she have no shame?!"

I saw that Mindy had taken her top off too, although Cindy hadn't noticed that yet. My naughty wife winked at me and wiggled her newly exposed rack while she waved her top in the air. Apparently, she was in a teasing mood too.

Mindy said, "That was pretty sneaky, but in a way, she did you a favor. That was going to have to come off anyway, and that took the issue out of your hands. Literally."

Cindy muttered, "Not you too." She briefly put a hand over her eyes, more for dramatic effect than anything.

Michelle looked at Cindy, then at Mindy, and finally at me. Cindy was staring with embarrassment into the water of the pool, leaving Michelle free to stare at me pleadingly while bouncing lightly up and down. What even that little bit of motion did to her breasts was more than enough to make me aware of the lack of extra space in my shorts. As if I didn't know what she wanted already, she started to pull the straps of her bikini top off her shoulders.

But I glared at her, shook my head no, and wagged a finger at her for emphasis.

Somewhat miraculously, she backed down and pulled her bikini top back up. Not that it really made that much difference, given how tiny her bikini was in the first place. Like the last one I'd seen her in, it apparently had been made from little more than postage stamps that were valiantly fighting a losing battle to conceal the aureole of her nipples... and precious little else. Even then, I could easily see the shape of her erect nips, since they were outlined in what little fabric covered them.

I marveled that there are few greater pleasures than seeing a beautiful woman in a skimpy bikini on a bright sunny day - even if said woman is your daughter.

But things slowly calmed down. Ruby came back out wearing a red-colored thong bikini bottom, that for all intents and purposes didn't exist if you looked at her from her backside. But that apparently mollified Cindy just enough. Still, that tight piece of string simply vanished into the crack of her ass, never to be seen again until the fabric widened out over her bald pussy.

Let's just say there was no chance of my erection going down anytime soon. Ruby even made a point of walking past me a few times, just to be sure I got a good view of her muscular butt working that thong like a piece of dental floss between her undulating cheeks.

Then Ruby cheekily suggested, "Mom, where are your manners?"

Cindy looked at her suspiciously. "What do you mean?"

"Aren't you going to give Dan a hello kiss?"

"Definitely NOT! He's YOUR... boyfriend. Or whatever you call it." She blushed.

Ruby said, "I don't mind at all. After all, you necked with him for a good five minutes last night."

Cindy's blush deepened. "That... was a mistake!"

I played along, first by taking the high road. "Ruby, please, leave her alone. She's having enough trouble with your topless deal." Then I lowered the boom. "Although... I feel kind of hurt to hear that last night's kiss was a mistake. I didn't think it was a mistake."

Mindy rubbed Cindy's back comfortingly. "Uh-oh! Cindy, now you've stepped in it. You don't want to leave him offended. The only way you can fix this is with another kiss."

Cindy's embarrassment was increasing by the second. "I can't! Not when I'm topless like this! Please!"

Mindy said, "I've got a suggestion. Why don't you stand up and lean way forward, with your hands covering your naughty bits. He can lean forward and the two of you can have a brief peck on the lips without any touching otherwise. You could do at least that much to show there are no hard feelings, can't you?"

Cindy was torn. "I... I can't! Standing up?! Like this?!"

Ruby said, "Mom, you can't stay all curled up and covered up for the whole time you're here. Are you going to be cool or are you a fuddy duddy."

Cindy shot back, "I'm NOT a fuddy duddy!"

"Then prove it!" Ruby challenged. "One kiss. And stop worrying about being topless. You've got a beautiful body AND a big, impressive rack. Be proud of yourself!"

Mindy chimed in, "She's right. You exercise fanatically, and for what, to stay hidden in your house like a hermit? Live life! Give Dan a kiss!"

Cindy grumped, "Okay, FINE!" She abruptly stood up. She still carefully kept her hands over her nipples though. She leaned forward slightly and puckered her lips. "Quick, Dan, before I chicken out!"

I acted fast and got in position in front of her. I also leaned forward slightly to make sure she wouldn't freak out with bodily contact. But I didn't want just a quick peck on the lips. I put my hands behind her head and kept her head in place. Then I planted my lips on hers.

Cindy tried to keep her lips closed. But, to my great delight, that resolve didn't last. After a few seconds her lips parted and we began to swap spit. We maintained our rather awkward pose, but I could feel her passion rising and rising as our tongues dueled.

I could tell that I was making good progress seducing her when she apparently forgot about her topless problem and brought her hands to the back of my head.

We kissed for a good minute like that until something spooked her, or maybe she just remembered where she was and who was watching. She suddenly pulled her head back and covered her mouth in dismay. "Oh my God! I didn't mean to do that!" Then she remembered her topless condition and quickly covered up with both hands. Seconds later, she was back in her seat with another red blush spreading across her face.

The others all clapped and cheered. I noticed Michelle joining in, but otherwise remaining silent and unobtrusive. I was glad about that, since her very presence in a sexual situation might bring up incest issues in Cindy's mind.

Ruby said, "Mom, I'm so proud of you! You just proved to me that you're no fuddy duddy at all. You're way cool!" Then she surprised me and everyone else by boldly pulling her mother back up out of her chair to give her a big hug.

This only embarrassed Cindy more, since she had to be well aware of the fact that their bikini bottoms were the only clothes they were wearing at all. Furthermore, it was inevitable that their ample racks pressed up against each other.

Cindy was so overwhelmed that she even muttered, "Oh my God! What is happening?!" But she didn't break the hug.

As the hug kept going, Cindy seemed to be thinking about the kiss we'd just shared. She closed her eyes tightly and said, "Dan, Mindy, I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me!"

Mindy pretended to be clueless. "What's the problem? I like it when you kiss my husband like that. It shows we're all good friends."

I said, "I don't mind at all, either. In fact, I like this whole 'hello kiss' idea. We should make that a tradition."

Cindy moaned helplessly. "Oh God!"

I decided we'd pushed her far enough for now. I gathered it would be wise for me to put some distance between myself and Cindy, so she could get used to going topless around me. So with Ruby still hugging Cindy and telling her how she didn't have a problem with the kiss either, I took a few steps towards the pool and jumped in it.

Then I swam some laps. I was refreshing to exercise after just sitting up in bed for much of the morning. I thrilled from head to toe as I vividly recalled what the Gruesome Twosome had done to me all that time I'd been in bed. Live was great!

The next time I peeked at the others, I saw that Mindy and Cindy had gone back to their talking and tanning. I was pleased that Cindy wasn't attempting to cover her breasts.

Swimming laps also gave my penis a much needed break, as long as I was swimming and not looking up to where Mindy and Cindy were sitting. I also had to force myself not to think of the fact that I had a "date" to fuck Ruby's tits soon. I wondered what Cindy would think if she knew I was going to do that later. Of course she wouldn't have been happy about it, but she seemed to have accepted that Ruby and I were sexually involved and there was no way for her to stop that.

Ironically, given how hard Ruby had fought for her right to be naked outside, the Gruesome Twosome soon went back inside. It seemed likely to me that they wanted to give Cindy and Mindy a chance to talk in private, and there wasn't much chance to tease me if I was swimming.

Besides, it probably wasn't wise for them to tease me with Cindy there. I had no doubt they wanted me to seduce her too, especially since I'd overheard them talking about that very thing last night.

I decided that the girls had the right idea, and it would be good to give Mindy and Cindy some space. I went back inside as well after swimming for only ten minutes or so. I noticed that although Cindy had stopped covering her chest while I was swimming, she quickly covered up again when I got out of the pool.

However, I had one little trick up my sleeve. As I got out of the pool, I decided to will my dick back to full size. That was as easy as pie. I had a plethora of vivid, recent memories to get me excited. I mostly focused on recalling the joy of fucking Michelle's tits last night, and the prospect of fucking Ruby's tits soon.

Then I subtly shifted my erection in my swimsuit so it was protruding lewdly. That wasn't hard to do, since it is an unusually thick and long one. My usual problem is keeping it hidden. It helped that my swimsuit was rather tight on me.

Then I walked over to where Mindy and Cindy were sitting. I stood straight and tall in front of them, with the water dripping down my muscular body. I'm proud that I've stayed in good shape over the years. I hoped I'd be a tempting sight even without the outrageous bulge in my bathing suit.

Pretending to be oblivious about what I was showing, I was a picture of politeness. I bowed slightly. "Ladies, I just wanted to let you know I'll be going in the house. Cindy, I can tell that you're still shy about your whole topless situation, so you probably don't want me around."

She didn't know what to say to that. It appeared she was frazzled by my bulge, because she was blushing again and struggling between looking at my crotch and my face.

Mindy could tell what I was doing and she loved it. She smirked as she said, "That's sweet of you. So considerate."

Then she proceeded to talk to me for a couple of minutes. I knew it was meaningless chatter Her sole purpose was to give me an excuse to continue standing there so Cindy could keep gawking at my bulge. Furthermore, by monopolizing the conversation, I kept my eyes on my wife, giving Cindy free reign to gawk without much worry about being caught. She also was assisted by the fact she was wearing sunglasses and I wasn't.

At one point, Mindy complained that I was going to get a cold if I stood dripping wet like that, and she tossed me a white, fluffy towel. So I dried myself off with the towel while continuing to look only at Mindy. That gave me more of a chance to show off my physique. While pretending to stay oblivious, I made sure to pose a little bit, including bending way over to show off my butt while reaching down to dry my feet and ankles.

I considered having an "accident" and letting my cockhead poke free from the top of my swimsuit. That wouldn't have been hard to do. Due to my size and the tightness of the suit, I had to be careful to stop that from happening when I bent over and then again when I stood back up. I decided that the "hello kiss" and other events had been enough for Cindy, for now. I didn't want to push her too far and have her go home.

After a few minutes, Mindy finally stopped talking and let me go. As she finished, she gave me a secret wink, and even mouthed the words, "Nice job!" she tossed me my T-shirt, which I'd forgotten about.

Cindy continued to keep her nipples carefully covered until I went into the house.

As I opened the sliding screen door, I heard Mindy proclaim, "Isn't my husband a total Adonis?'

i closed the screen door behind me and walked into the house. But the sliding glass door was still open and I was as quiet as a mouse to hear Cindy's reply.

Cindy gushed, "He IS! He's like a Greek god! You're soooo lucky!"

"I am. And did you notice what he's packing in his swimsuit?"

"How could I miss it?! Oh my GOD! I've had some glimpses of it over the years, especially since he's always erect, but I've never been able to see all of it that clearly! That's the biggest one I've ever seen!"

Mindy said proudly, "That's why I always call it a 'big cock.' You can't call it just a 'cock,' any more than you can call a lion a 'cat.' It's a whole different thing. There ought to be a special word for it when it's that much bigger than normal, don't you think?"

"Oh my God!" Cindy said again. "I'm reeling! He's such a HUNK! And how do you COPE with that monster?!"

Mindy laughed. "it's not easy. That's why I need help!"

That was the last I heard, because I couldn't linger just inside the house forever without it getting suspicious. I had a strong suspicion Mindy was about to launch into another spiel about how Cindy should get sexually intimate with me. I know how her devious mind works.

I felt pretty good after hearing all that praise, especially about my body and not just my famously oversized penis. I'm not really an "Adonis." Who is? But I am proud of staying in shape, and I've always been blessed with good genetics. People do say I'm handsome, with a face very similar to Sean Bean's.

Wearing just my bathing suit while holding my T-shirt, I headed upstairs and back to my bedroom to change my clothes. But I was curious about the Gruesome Twosome. Could they really just be hanging out in Michelle's bedroom without getting into yet more sexual mischief? Perhaps they were plotting something even more sneaky and sexy? I walked down the upstairs hallway to peek my head into Michelle's room and check.

Both of them were sitting there on the bed, gloriously naked and just talking. But they saw me peeking in and jumped up.

"Daddy!" Ruby said. "Cool! Now we don't have to go find you!"

Within seconds, my hands were full of ripe Ruby flesh.

Meanwhile, Michelle was saying, "Daddy, you're way overdressed!" With Ruby keeping my hands busy cupping her bare breasts, Michelle made quick work of pushing down my bathing suit. Soon it was all the way off and tossed aside.

Ruby couldn't see what Michelle was doing, so she asked, "Is it hard?"

"Mmmm-hmmm!" Michelle replied as she slid my cockhead between her straining lips.

I groaned loudly as the pleasure hit me and shocked my like getting doused by a bucket of ice water. "UNGNGH! AAAAAH!"

Ruby giggled joyfully. "Sweet! The sound of our master overdosing on lust!" She reached down and stroked Michelle's blonde hair. "That's it! Cave your cheeks in and suck him HARD! Make a tight seal and slide those lips! Use your tongue and make him groan MORE!"

But Michelle didn't need to be reminded of those elementary tips, since she was already doing all that and more. In fact, I did groan a lot more, as well as closing my eyes and clenching my teeth while I endured wave after waves of powerful arousal.

After about a minute, I came back to Earth and realized to my delight that I was still cupping and even clutching Ruby's huge tits. My fingers were sinking deeply into her soft tit-flesh. I eased my hold on them and began fondling them in a more deliberate manner.

Ruby loved it. She raised her hands up behind her head and reveled her own great pleasure. She purred, "Oh my! Daddy's playing with my tits, the tits he's about to fuck, while I can hear all kinds of sexy slurping. These are the moments a cock slave lives for!"

Recovering my wits somewhat, I said, "Hey, you two planned that in advance, didn't you? You distract me while Michelle gets me naked."

"Yep!" Ruby happily admitted. "Not only that, but how did you like my fake little tantrum?"


"Sure! Well, I was going to insist on staying naked, but be nicer about it. We worked as a team on that plan so Cindy would end up going topless. One more small step before she's totally your cock slave too!"

I sighed, even as I put a hand on Michelle's bobbing head and ran my fingers through her long blonde hair. She'd settled down to a steady sucking rhythm, and I was grateful. "I don't need another cock slave. I have my hands completely full dealing with you two, not to mention Mindy. My WIFE!"

"No you don't!" Ruby exclaimed. She grabbed my hand that was on Michelle's head and brought it back to her round boobs. "Okay, NOW you have your hands full of us!" She giggled.

Michelle mumbled as she sucked, "A-ha! He admids id!" Unable to speak much, given the way her lips were sliding back and forth over my sensitive spot, she pointed at Ruby and then herself, and said, "Cock slave!"

She'd caught that by saying "another cock slave," I was calling them that already. I realized I had to be more careful what I said around them. I tried to change the subject. "Wait a minute. 'WE worked as a team?' Are you referring to the Ruby-Shelle-Mindy anti-Dan conspiracy?"

Ruby answered for both of them. "Yep!" They were very proud of themselves, damn them. I don't know how Michelle managed to smirk while looking like she was swallowing a baseball bat, but somehow she managed, and with flair and style.

I shook my head. "Lord have mercy on Cindy, then! What about what Shelle's doing to me right now? Do I have any say in that?"

Michelle was performing a devastatingly effective corkscrew move with her lips, still mostly going back and forth over my frenulum.

Ruby said, "Of course you do, Daddy. If you want her to stop, just let your cock go limp. She'll take the hint, I'm sure."

It turns out Michelle could not only smirk while cocksucking, but she could laugh pretty effectively too.

I replied, "You have to be mad! As if I could just will myself flaccid while she's doing that corkscrew thing! Not to mention the fact I'm holding all this soft and squeezable teen tit." I looked back and forth from Ruby's rack to Michelle's bobbing blonde hair. It was all too arousing!

Again Ruby replied, since she was the only one of them who could easily talk. "Come on. It's not like you're even trying to go flaccid. You haven't even taken your fingers off my nipples since you started playing with them."

I happened to be tweaking her nipples as she said that. I muttered lamely, "Well, they just looked all hard and perky..."

She smirked. "I certainly don't mind what you're doing to me! But you have to admit, if you weren't trolling for a passionate cocksucking, you wouldn't have stuck your head in here in the first place. You should know by now that if you get one or both of us alone, we'll probably end up on our knees before long."

"I guess there's some truth to that," I conceded. I really did love what they were doing to me. I just wished they respected my boundaries, dated boys eventually, and didn't take this whole "sex toy" or "cock slave" idea quite so far.

Ruby's hands were busy caressing my chest as she leaned in and kissed her way from my shoulder to my chin. She purred, "But come on! Let's move to Michelle's bed. She's just warming you up for me. You're going to titfuck these puppies, remember?" By the time she said "these puppies," her fulsome tits were pressing into my chest, even as one of my hands still attempted to fondle a nipple.

"Oh yeah," I said, pretending I'd forgotten. In fact, I'd been thinking of little else recently. The whole time I'd been downstairs watching Ruby and Cindy argue, I'd been occasionally eyeing Ruby's round, supple boobs, thinking about how I'd be sliding through them soon. And when I'd been swimming laps, I couldn't get those thoughts out of my mind.

I looked around nervously, and asked, "Are the windows closed?"

"Of course!" Ruby replied. She knew, as I did, that Michelle's room looked out onto the backyard. So if we were noisy, it was likely that Cindy and Mindy would hear us. She added, "We're not stupid. We don't want Cindy to hear too much too fast."


Michelle relented and stopped sucking me long enough for me to make it to her bed. But then she decided that I needed a good deal of extra "warming up." Since I was sitting on the edge of the bed, she quickly wound up kneeling between my legs.

Ruby apparently agreed, because she knelt next to her and joined in, taking one side of my pole while Michelle took the other. (I'd noticed that when they were sharing, Ruby always seemed to take the right side while Michelle always took the left - I was already starting to think of my dick in terms of "Ruby's side" and "Michelle's side.")

After only about a minute or two of that, Ruby took total control of the top half of my cock. She engulfed it and bobbed on it for a couple of additional minutes.

I wasn't in any hurry, since everything they were doing to me felt fantastic in my book. But I was starting to wonder if Ruby had forgotten about the titfuck plan.

I shouldn't have worried. She lifted her head and away from my crotch, and smacked her lips with satisfaction. "Aaaah! That hit the spot!"

My boner didn't more than a second or two to recover, because Michelle immediately took over with her own style of bobbing and sucking.

Ruby said, "Sorry, I just needed a little bit of that to calm my nerves. This is so exciting!" She leaned back and planted her hands on the carpet behind her. "Let's do it! Now, how do you want me?"

That was a good question. With Michelle still greedily sucking me off, I wasn't in a big hurry to decide.

As I sat there with my daughter's blonde head bobbing in my lap, Ruby scooted a couple of feet back so she was free of our legs and feet. She sat further back on her heels, pinned her arms behind her back, and thrust her tits out. She kept her legs spread well apart too, so I got a great view of her puffy, drooling pussy lips.

Then she said breathlessly, "Your obedient cock slave awaits your command, Master!"

I didn't immediately answer, so the only sound to be heard in the room was Michelle's ravenous slurping and lapping on my erection. It was like a comically loud version of someone slurping on a straw.

Ruby started squirming slightly as I just silently regarded her in very sexy and deliberate pose. I figured she was wondering how long she'd last before pleading with me to get on with it. It was a battle of wills - did I have any control over this situation?

Fortunately for me, she broke first. "Please! This is my first titfuck! This is like, HUUUGE! Bigger than getting my own car. No, that doesn't even begin to explain it. You have no idea how long I've been dreaming of you sitting on my chest, plowing through my tight cleavage! I can't begin to count the times Michelle and I role played it with a dildo. Can't you please humor me for the next hour or two? Do I have to beg?"

I liked her ambitious time estimate. I grinned wickedly. My lusty urges seemed to be completely taking over my brain. I simply said, "Yes. Yes, you do."

She moaned orgasmically, and writhed like she was in danger of losing control over her body. "Gaawwwd! SO HOT! Shelle, did you hear that?!"

Michelle just moaned loudly as she kept on with her talented tongue work and powerful suction. Somehow, it was obvious that was an approving moan.

Ruby managed to regain control over herself and resume the submissive position she'd been in a minute or so earlier. Once again, she pinned her arms behind her back and thrust her tits out while keeping her legs spread well apart. The only difference was she bowed her head. "Daddy, I love you so much already, but now that you're getting all aggressive like that, I love you even more! I'm officially begging! Please, please, please! Daddy, Master, fuck my tits! I neeeeed it! I won't feel properly owned by you until you do!"

I was soaring high, drunk on power as well as lust. "Okay, Red. I guess I'm a softy. But before we start, how is it that you two are so headstrong and spoiled most of the time, but then you're like this?" I waved a hand at her breathtaking, submissive pose.

She grumbled, impatient for the titfuck to begin. But she explained, "We knew that you had a dominant side and that you'd come to totally control our bodies in time, and we sooooooo want that to happen! Daddy, it's just that we're a little bit ahead of you. Don't worry, once you start regularly spanking our asses as much as they need to be spanked, and really get good at taming us with your cock, you'll see that we're not playing games and that we really mean it. Now please, Master, my big tits are tingling with need! Please don't make me wait any longer! I beg of you!"

She sat up proudly, thrusting her chest out even more than before. "Your busty tit slave daughter awaits your fat cock!"

I didn't understand the difference between a "tit slave" and a "cock slave," but I didn't care. I couldn't turn down that invitation! I coughed. "Um, Shelle? Sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to do much tit sliding in your sister until your lips stop doing that!"

Michelle had thoughtfully been taking it relatively easy on my boner for the last minute, as she didn't want to get me too close to orgasm before I even started in with her sister.

So I was feeling pretty raring to go when I stood up and moved close to where Ruby knelt.

"Wait!" Michelle suddenly cried out. "The video camera! Ruby, this is a pivotal moment in your life - your very first titfuck with Daddy! How could we not... Wait, we have it here somewhere. Oh yeah, here we are." The camera was actually set up on a tripod already - it looked like they had thought of everything. However, Michelle had to get it up and turn it on.

Ruby was mostly maintaining her position, but she'd brought one arm forward from behind her back, because the burning itch in her pussy was just too great and she had to play with her clit a little bit. "Michelle! Please! Hurry! I'm burning up!"

"Okay, the camera's recording, now." Michelle sat down in front of the camera and preened in a sexy pose. "This message goes out to our future selves, and especially to future Ruby, from day two of our new cock slaves lives. Your first titfuck with Daddy! Go for it, girl! Take it away!" She moved out of range of the camera, leaving the focus on Ruby's erect yet squirming nude body.

But Michelle wasn't done. She pushed me into the right spot before the camera and said to me, "While I tie up Ruby's naughty hands, Daddy, do you want to say something to mark this very important moment?"

I tried not to notice the camera was there, as I had enough on my mind already. "Um, tie up Ruby's hands?"

Ruby said, blushing, "Daddy, I forgot to mention that I like to get tied up. Michelle does too, but not as much as me. I like to be totally helpless, totally in your control."

As Michelle worked on binding Ruby's wrists with rope, she said, "Besides, did you see what her naughty fingers were doing? She was playing with her clit! This is a fun thing, Daddy! Let me show you what we do. You see, I like to tie her wrists together but leave her arms loose and her fingers free. That way, she tries to stretch her fingers between her legs to touch her pussy, but she just can't quite reach! She never can. She can touch her perineum - you know, the sensitive stretch between her pussy and asshole - but her pussy lips are just an inch too far! It drives her mad!"

"You're so mean!" Ruby pouted, but she was also willingly allowing herself to be tied up.

Michelle quickly finished tying the rope.

Ruby frantically yanked on it, but to no effect. However, it had a huge effect on the rest of her wiggling body, especially her bouncy breasts, which crashed into each other repeatedly. "Daddy! Please! Help your helpless daughter! Your sex toy! FUCK MY TITS!"

She screamed that loud, really loud. It suddenly occurred to me that since Michelle's room overlooked the pool area, Cindy and Mindy would be able to hear those screams, even with the windows closed. Then I looked closer at the windows and realized they were OPEN! We were busted!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Arthvr, PrincelyGuy, Johnny Galt, Ecchi Spud, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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