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Chapter 39

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

"Oh shit! The windows!" I'd been standing there with my boner pointing straight out, close enough to fear for it getting thwacked by Ruby's swinging orbs. I grabbed my erection and pulled it up to my stomach as I made it to the window.

My plan was to close the windows tight and then probably the drapes, just for good measure. But as soon as my head appeared, I heard Mindy yelling up at me. "Hi, Honey!"

My position blown, I tried to play it cool. Seeing her peeking out from under an umbrella and waving up at me, I waved back. "Hi, Sweetheart!"

I had a better view looking down on Cindy, who was busy trying to cover her bare breasts with both arms again. She, like Mindy, wore sunglasses even though both were safely in the shade, so it was hard to read her facial expression. However, I could tell she wasn't smiling.

As I stood there, staring through the screen, I felt a hand on my bare ass. It was Michelle's hand, naturally (since Ruby was tied up). I'd been standing with my legs close to the wall but slightly akimbo, and she realized that was her chance.

Sitting in the reverse direction to which I was standing, my blonde bombshell daughter squeezed her head between my legs and then pulled up, while clutching my ass cheeks with both hands. Before I even knew what was happening, she had nearly half my erection inside her mouth and was already using it to massage her tonsils!

Big surprise there! I was beginning to detect a pattern: the Gruesome Twosome really seemed to love sucking my cock all day long! It wasn't just hype. They were showing an uncommon passion that couldn't be faked.

Mindy yelled up, "Honey, are my ears deceiving me, or did I just hear Ruby screaming, 'Fuck my tits?!' Are you fucking her big breasts, you naughty boy?"

She didn't sound upset about it, but with Cindy there I had to play dumb. "Um, no!" I shouted back. "I'm talking to you, right? How could I be doing that if I'm talking to you?" It was a weak defense, since Ruby had most definitely just shouted that loudly, and what else could she mean? But I couldn't think of anything better on the spur of the moment.

I just hoped they hadn't heard any of the rest. Ruby had shouted "FUCK MY TITS" extra loudly, so it seemed probable that was all they'd heard.

"Well, then, get on with it already!" my wife yelled up. She laughed, and then added, "Kidding!"

I saw her lean over the patio table she was sitting at and say something to Cindy, but I couldn't tell what it was.

My God! Just watching my wife's breasts droop and sway like that, even at a distance, was very arousing! That was doubly true since my cock was being sucked at the same time by our youngest genetic daughter. Mindy didn't have much of a tan, but other than that, she reminded me of one of the prototypical blonde "California Girls" the Beach Boys sung about. She still had "it" after all these years.

Then Mindy shouted up, "So, if she wasn't shouting that, then what was she shouting?"

Damn! Damn good question. How would I get out of this? And with Michelle madly slurping her way around my pole while clutching my ass for support, I couldn't exactly think straight. I tried to come up with something else that maybe sounded similar, but I was drawing a blank.

I shouted back the first thing that came to my mind. "Oh, she was shouting that, but not in the way you think. That's just a vulgar expression kids are using these days, meaning 'Oh my God.' You know, like another one is 'Fuck nose.'" I held a hand in front of my nose and jerked my hand back and forth. "Get it? As in, 'Who the fuck knows?'"

Cindy and Mindy turned to each other and laughed a bit about that. That was good. Maybe they were buying my excuse. It sure beat Cindy's face turning red with anger and having her shout, "Get your damned dick out of my daughter's tits!" I could easily see that happening.

Mindy shouted up, "Then what was she shouting that about? Did you give her some big surprise?"

"Um, yeah, I was giving her something big." I shouldn't have said that, I immediately realized, but dammit, I was floating so high on lust that all my thoughts were sexual. All I could think about was how my cock would soon be sliding through Ruby's cleavage. I tried to cover up the all too obvious innuendo by saying loudly, "Look, this is a bit awkward. You want me to come down there and talk to you?"

"No, that's all right. Where's Michelle?"

Damn! What is this, some kind of interview?!

"Heck if I know," I replied, even though Michelle was right there between my legs, lapping at my sweet spot as if her life depended on it.

Mindy half-complained, half-joked, "If you don't know, then who does? Damn girl, she's always sticking her head in where it doesn't belong. She's sticking her nose into other people's business again, isn't she?"

I'm sure Mindy's smirk-o-meter was hitting its max setting. Somehow, she HAD to know that Michelle was sucking me off, even as we spoke. I didn't know how, since she couldn't see it or hear it, but I know my Mindy, her vocal intonations, and her sense of humor. I just hoped that Cindy, who knew her nearly as well as I did, didn't catch on.

It occurred to me that Mindy probably had learned one way or another about what was going to happen up here. Michelle could have told her that I had a Ruby titfuck coming, and if she knew Ruby liked getting tied up, then it couldn't be our redheaded vixen daughter blowing me right this instant. Plus, she knew that the girls were naughty little Hellions who wouldn't pass up an opportunity like this.

Damn, my wife is a devious genius!

I shouted down, "Yeah, you know Michelle! Trouble with a capital 'T'! If you see her, tell Ruby, 'cos she's looking for her!"

Michelle pinched my thigh just above my balls right after I called her "trouble with a capital 'T.'" It hurt!

"Okay, I'll let you go," my wife shouted up, much to my relief. "I'm sure you've got fun things to do." There was the smirk-o-meter busting the scales again. But then she added, "Hey, what would you like for lunch?"

I finally understood. Mindy was deliberately keeping the conversation going, just because it was amusing her to no end, knowing that Michelle was sucking me off the whole time she kept me talking and I was extremely uncomfortable about it. If she could throw in some subtle innuendo (or not so subtle), all the better. She didn't seem to worry that much about Cindy catching on.

I had to cut off the conversation before Mindy's lunch question allowed her to ask me all kinds of follow-up questions involving nibbling on big sausages and the like. I knew her daring sense of humor all too well. I shouted, "Anything's good! You decide!" Then I quickly shut the window.

I couldn't really move at that point, but Michelle mercifully relented, pulling her mouth off so I could step away and close the other windows. I moved like lightning once I was freed, hoping to get them all closed before Mindy could shout up any questions about it.

"Phew!" I slumped down to the floor as I finished off the last window. I pointed at Michelle. "You! Evil! Pure evil! Satan's Hell Spawn!"

She giggled, and then said with mock dismay, "Hey, I'm hurt. 'Pure evil?' That's even worse than 'trouble with a capital T.' I'm not pure evil, just mostly." She giggled some more.

I looked over at Ruby. Would she be simmering with anger over the unexpected delay? She was simmering all right, but with undisguised lust. Her wet thighs were proof of that, in case I somehow missed the desire written all over her face. It was just like Michelle said: her whole body was straining as she was trying in vain to reach between her legs to stroke her pussy lips. She gasped out, "Hot! That was so hot!"

Michelle started crawling on all fours towards Ruby. As I watched her huge tanned boobs dangle and sway underneath her, occasionally dragging on the carpet (no doubt stimulating her nipples in the process), I initially assumed this was simply yet another insanely arousing thing she was doing to drive me mad with lust. I had a particularly close view of her spectacular bare ass. I wanted to reach out and touch those peachy cheeks very badly. But then I realized she was being mindful of not standing up in case Cindy was still staring up at the windows. Well, that was part of it, anyway. I couldn't imagine her wiggling and preening that much if she had been crawling without anyone watching.

She got directly behind Ruby and kissed her on the back of the neck, right at the edge of Ruby's flaming red hair. "Sorry, lover, about the delay. Don't worry, I'm sure Daddy will make it up to you. He's not just gonna fuck your tits, he's gonna totally fuck you into submission, like he did with me and my tits last night! Come on, Daddy! Let's do it!"

She reached around Ruby with both arms and pressed her tits together. It dawned on my lust-fried brain that she was creating a titfuck tunnel for me, since Ruby's hands were tied, even as she imprisoned Ruby within her embrace.

Damn! Threesomes rock!

I got up and stood in front of Ruby again (there was no chance of being seen from out back unless I was standing relatively close to the windows). My erection was pulsing and twitching with excitement from the danger I'd just been in, not to mention Michelle's relentless oral attention. I thought, These two are truly mental if they expect me to fuck Ruby's tits and last for more than five seconds in the state I'm in!

Partly to stall for time so my dick could recover, but partly because I really wanted to know, I asked, "So, why were the windows open? Ruby, you told me they were closed."

Ruby said emphatically, "I thought they were. I remember seeing them closed, in fact." She looked at Michelle in distress and suspicion. "Hey!"

Michelle shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, so maybe I opened a window or two. I thought things would be more interesting that way. And I was right, wasn't I?"

Ruby let out a heavy sigh. "You could have at least warned me. What if I said the wrong thing?" Then her mood suddenly changed, and she sat up stiffly. "Enough of that. It's titfuck time!"

I needed to stall for more time to recover from Michelle's sneaky oral work. Then it occurred to me that Michelle had asked me to make some kind of dramatic statement before I'd tried to close the windows. That was a great time to kill two birds with one stone. I turned to the camera, while also keeping Ruby and Michelle in view.

I wasn't really thinking - couldn't think - and I just started blabbing. "Ruby, Red, my love... Shelle wanted me to say something first." I looked down at Ruby, who was thrusting her chest forward dramatically again. With my chest still heaving with excitement, I said to her, "I love you. I really mean that. I'm not just saying that because of your incredible voluptuous body or your stunning face. I'm not just saying that because of your awe-inspiring eagerness to sexually please me. Sure, I love all that. I'm main saying that because I love the Ruby on the inside too. I love YOU, all of you! I'm proud to call you my daughter! And I'm proud to have you as my cock slave!"

I don't think I'd ever acknowledged that I was accepting them as my cock slaves in such an overt way before, so that was an important moment. I still had qualms, many qualms, but I let my lust take over in the heat of the moment.

Slow on the uptake, I was honestly disturbed to see both Ruby and Michelle burst into tears.

I thought I'd really blown it until Ruby started gushing between sobs, "Daddy, that was so beautiful! Oh! I love you too! So much! You've made me the happiest cock slave in the whole wide world! Michelle, you were so right! Already!"

She strained and writhed. Obviously, she was trying to come to me to hug and kiss me, but her bindings prevented her from wiggling forward more than a few inches.

Michelle, also sobbing with tears of joy, saw my puzzled face and explained, "I told her that as good as she thought her first titfuck would be, it would be twice as good as that! It already is from what you just said, and you haven't even started yet! Daddy, my master, I love you too! But please put her out of her misery and fuck these big tits! As Mom would say, 'Fuck the SHIT out of 'em! Like a superman!'" She giggled, causing the breasts she was still possessively holding to shimmer and shake.

Even though I was on a hair trigger already, I was so inspired that I stepped forward and dropped to my knees to get at the right height. Then I slid my thick rod into my new daughter's awesome cleavage.

Ruby was just as emotionally moved by that action as Michelle had been the night before. As the tears rolled down her cheeks, she said, "Please, just hold me like that for a little while. I'm... I'm all choked up! Daddy, you're so sweet. I love you so much!"

That gave me a bit more of a chance to come down from my close call with cumming, though not by a whole lot since this position felt so great. Even though there was no movement yet, my dick was still trapped between her firm globes, and the feeling was just out of this world.

Also just like Michelle did the night before, Ruby had obviously slathered her breasts up with some type of oil in anticipation of this moment, making any contact with her soft orbs a lot of slippery fun. The only difference I detected was that whatever kind of lotion or oil Michelle used didn't have any particular smell, but Ruby's breasts now had a distinct aroma of vanilla.

Ruby turned to Michelle. "Sister, I don't know if I can do this! It's just... too exciting! Too intense! He's gonna take my titty virginity! I think I'm gonna... I'm gonna pass out!"

Michelle was calm and reassuring. "Don't worry, you'll be fine. You're in your master's hands now, your Daddy's safe hands. He's gonna treat you like a queen. You'll love it, I promise."

Michelle kissed some of Ruby's tears away, and tried to wipe away the rest. "Remember, you're his cock slave, his sex toy. Focus on HIS pleasure, and you'll forget all about passing out. Just keep Rule Number One in mind, and you'll do great."

"'Pleasure the cock,'" Ruby muttered, apparently drawing strength from that rule.

Michelle nodded. "'Pleasure the cock!' It's who we are. It's what we do."

That inspired Ruby even more, and it became clear that she was psyched up and ready to go. There were still some fresh tears rolling down Ruby's cheeks as she thrust her chest forward, and said, "Daddy, your tit slave is here to serve you!"

I started to thrust through her cleavage. However, I tried to go as slow as I possibly could without completely disappointing Ruby, in a continuing effort not to blow my wad too soon.

Michelle, though, wasn't having any of that. Since she was controlling Ruby's breasts with both her hands, she started rubbing them up and down and all around in the most damnably arousing manner.

After a minute or two of that, I had to admit temporary defeat and pull back, as I knew I wouldn't be able to last another ten seconds otherwise. "Sorry, girls ... Need a break!" I even moved further back, needing to get away from their overwhelming sexiness.

The two of them watched me as I bent over and just panted hard for a bit. They didn't seem that upset about the early interruption. Perhaps they needed a breather already too.

Michelle asked, "Hey Ruby, how is it so far?"

"So great! Totally GREAT! It's like Mindy says - a titfuck is the ultimate act of submission! Just looking down and seeing his great big cock lying there, right where it belongs... Ohmigod! Ohmigodohmigodohmigod! I've never felt so... so... OWNED! And being tied up is even MORE awesome! It continually reminds me of my total helplessness and Daddy's total domination. Thanks so much for helping with that."

Michelle enthused, "If you think that's good, just wait until he gives you that pearl necklace you were asking for last night! He's gonna mark you as his exclusive personal property!"

Ruby giggled while also shivering with excitement. "Oh yeah! The pearl necklace! Hey, Daddy, you're giving me my big pearl necklace after all! Once we're done, I'm gonna go downstairs and show Mom my new jewelry!"

Both girls giggled at that.

Michelle joked, "Maybe Cindy will like it so much she'll want Dan to give her a pearl necklace of her own!"

I groaned, and thought, Man, if this is supposed to help me calm down, it sure isn't working!

I was forced to say, "Please, you two, stop talking already! You're arousing me too much. I'm trying to rest here!"

They giggled and even cackled gleefully at that.

I couldn't ask them to stop looking so breathtakingly sexy, but I was able to close my eyes for a while. That really helped.

Finally, I was recharged and ready to go again. Since we'd been taking a break anyway, Ruby decided to lie down on the floor to see what it was like to get titfucked while I sat on her belly.

Michelle helped out with some pillows. She put them under Ruby's back as well as under her head, because of Ruby's arms being pinned behind her back.

I was more than happy to move into the new position. It was better for my shaky legs as well.

I slid my cock back into her deep cleavage and we finally started to really go at it. I was able to achieve the kind of deep penetration and long, sure strokes that I'd been imagining and longing for. Ruby's arms were still tied behind her back. She definitely got off on that.

Michelle continued to hold Ruby's breasts and constantly slide them around, from her new position sitting behind Ruby's head. In fact, she frequently draped her boobs down onto Ruby's hair, knowing the sight of her huge tits nearly enveloping Ruby's face would help arouse me even more. Plus, she seemed to like the feeling of her tit-flesh brushing against Ruby's short and spiky red hair. Occasionally, she would giggle or say something like, "That tickles!"

Ruby found a comfortable position resting her head between Michelle's locked knees. That raised her head up nicely, so when I was fully impaled in her tit-tunnel and making short, slow strokes, she could lick all around my bulbous head. She managed to do quite a bit with her lips like that.

I tried not to make comparisons, but I noticed her mouth could reach much further down my cockhead than Michelle could. She definitely had a body built for titfucking.

But most of the time, I was roughly sliding away with long strokes, far too active in my movements for her to get seriously involved orally.

Either way, it felt like heaven to me! There was never any shortage of lubrication - her tits were still so shiny and oily that it seemed if I tried to touch them, my hand would slide right off. But that obviously wasn't so, since Michelle was constantly pushing and pulling on them, always surprising me with unexpected movement but never failing to keep the tunnel of tit-flesh tightly packed together.

Things were going along just swimmingly, until I heard someone calling.


Michelle hissed, "That's Lisa! Quick! Get decent!"

I got up and quickly stepped into an open closet. That way, if anyone came into the room, they wouldn't be able to see me. At least not at first.

Michelle, though, was amazing. She picked up her bikini and put it on so quickly that it was like a blur. At the same time, she shouted out, "I'm here, but don't come in! I'm not ready!"

I was really puzzled. Fuck me! Talk about bad timing! Why is Lisa even here? How did she get in the house? It's not like we're in the habit of leaving our front door open or unlocked.

But thankfully, Lisa's voice continued to sound like it was coming from downstairs and didn't grow any closer. She yelled back, "Okay!"

Knowing that Lisa was still a safe distance away, Michelle slowed down and was more careful in making sure she looked decent.

Feeling foolish for overreacting, I stepped back out of the closet. I hadn't realized the voice was coming from so far away, because it had been a loud cry.

Ruby had wiggled about some, but she hardly moved from her spot on the floor. That was no surprise, since her bindings prevented her from getting up.

As Michelle checked herself in a mirror, she shouted downstairs to Lisa, "Just a sec, I'm almost there. How'd you get in, anyway?"

Lisa shouted up, "I was knocking and nobody heard me, and the doorbell's broken. So I tried the door and it was open. You're not mad, are you?"

"No. Here I come." Michelle had wiped the sweat off her body with a towel and looked surprisingly fresh. She quickly walked out of the room, briefly casting a disappointed look at me and Ruby as she left.

I began to look around for my clothes.

But Ruby gasped, "No! Please! I've waited so long! Always delays! Please, don't stop now!"

Looking at her perfect busty body, I quickly gave in to my lust yet again. Awww, fuck! There's just no way to resist! We can't stop now. I mean, come on! She has a one-in-a-million bust, all oiled up, she's already tied up, and she's more than ready to go. Forget Lisa!

So I got right back in position and kept on thrusting. The only thing I said in warning was, "Try not to yell, okay?"

Ruby nodded. She whispered, "God! This is dangerous!"

I didn't think it was that dangerous, actually. Lisa was extremely unlikely to barge into the room uninvited, especially with Michelle keeping an eye on her. But Ruby was clearly getting off on the danger, so I didn't try to correct her.

I had to hold her tits together since Michelle wasn't here to help with that anymore. I didn't mind though, since it felt good. Before long, I was so consumed by my lusts that I temporarily forgot that Lisa had even interrupted us.

At one point, while I was slowing down for a second wind, Ruby craned her neck down and managed to envelop all of my cockhead in her mouth! That was pretty damn impressive, since my entire shaft was still tightly sheathed in her cleavage.

Once she'd managed that much, she didn't want to let go. She sucked on me for a couple of minutes while I squeezed and moved her tits around my boner. It was quickly turning into more of a blowjob than a titfuck.

Before long, I had to say, "Let's explore that some more another time. I'm so worked up, I want to do some serious thrusting!"

"Okay! I love it!" Ruby's intensity and enthusiasm was adorable. And the fact that she still had her hands tied fired my lusts even more.

I kept thrusting non-stop, quietly, for fear of Lisa and/or Cindy hearing. Eventually I reached my climax, and said in a kind of muted shout, "Gonna cum! NOW!"

Ruby's commands were very specific: "On my tits! My tits, my tits, my tits! No face, just tits!" Luckily, she strived hard not to yell.

Pulling back, I held my boner and let the cum fly. It was great fun painting her chest, letting the ropes fly and splatter this way and that. I mostly aimed towards her chest, but I directed a couple of ropes towards her mouth as well, even though she'd told me to only aim for her tits. I wanted her to taste, as well as see, hear, feel, and smell this experience. As a result, a good amount wound up splattered here and there all over her face, but mainly near her mouth.

It was a surprisingly quiet climax for both of us, given how intense it felt.

I was gratified to see her body shiver with another climax when the first drop touched her tongue. I recalled how Michelle had gone into orbit when she'd touched her clit during the titfuck last night. Ruby couldn't do that with her hands tied, but I reached down and diddled her clit a little bit.

I saw Ruby's eyes and mouth open wide in response, and I knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself from letting out a bloodcurdling scream. So I quickly covered her mouth with mine and kissed her! She screamed into my mouth, which effectively muffled the sound.

My orgasm ended quickly, as male orgasms do, while hers went on for another minute or more. When hers ended as well, she was too wiped out to speak for a while. But the look of love, gratitude, and exhausted ecstasy she gave me was priceless.

However, all good things come to an end. There was a wall not too far behind me. I scooted back and slumped against it.

Ruby was still tied up, but she simply tilted over and flopped down to the ground. After that, she had no choice but to stay in that position until I recovered enough to help her out. How many times she'd climaxed during all that I didn't know, but clearly it had been a lot. She looked even more wasted than I felt.

I was a little bit disappointed that I couldn't last as long as I had for Michelle's first titfuck. But then again, I didn't have Mindy there to squeeze the base of my shaft at just the right times. I hoped Ruby wasn't disappointed in me (since I knew Michelle would have explained her experience in elaborate detail already), but she didn't seem to be in the slightest. In fact, she looked completely blissed out and content.

We stayed flopped out for about five minutes, and then Ruby finally gathered up the energy to ask me, "Daddy, can you untie me?"

"Nope. I kind of like you like that. I think I'll just keep you that way."

I was just joking around, but it seemed to bring her some kind of great orgasmic joy. She squirmed about, but that only reminded her that she was tied up, and that made her squirm about excitedly even more. "Oh GAAWWWD! That's so HOT! I think... yes, I'm gonna cum again! Even now, you're making me cum, without touching me! Master! Oh God, oh God, just the thought - staying like this! OH!"

She started thrashing and writhing in orgasmic ecstasy so much that I thought for a moment there my penis would revive, but it was not to be.

I'd never been into bondage before, but then again, I'd never seen a naked woman with such a perfect and voluptuous body struggle in her bonds before, either. The fact that she was sweaty and bedraggled somehow made it an even sexier sight.

Was I a bad father, to get so much pleasure out of watching my daughter nude and bound? Probably. And that bothered me on an intellectual level, but there was no strong emotion behind it, because I loved it so much on all other levels. It occurred to me that the only thing that would look better would be seeing Ruby, Michelle, and Sue Ellen all bound and naked in a row. Interestingly, Mindy also appeared in that vision, but cuddling against my side instead of bound with the others.

Slowly, she calmed back down, which increased her ability to speak. "Oh my GOD! ... Daddy! ... Wow!"

"Was it good?"

"Good?! So totally beyond good. Beyond great! Thanks, Daddy. For everything! I like to stay tied up for you too. I hope you'll bind me and then take advantage of my body a LOT from now on. It really gets me hot!"

Don't worry, I will, I thought to myself. The fact that she was so turned on by this, and I certainly was, mad me wonder how long I really could keep her tied up. There were practical concerns, after all, especially with Cindy and Lisa nearby.

I laughed with glee as I lay there near her, recovering. I half-joked, "Is there anything that doesn't get you hot?"

"Nope!" She turned more serious and sighed longingly. "If you only knew how much I love you. Saying that you love me for more than my body really means a lot to me, although, mind you, I TOTALLY get off on being your sex toy too. So it's like the best of both worlds!"

Somehow, she managed to squirm about until she could sit up against the side of the bed. Now we could make eye contact. After she'd recovered from that effort, she asked me, "Do you know what I like to do when you're not around?"

"I'm almost afraid to find out," I said honestly.

"I like to make up songs about you. You know, like if I'm just sitting there bored at the video shop I start to sing songs in my head. I can't make up my own tunes, so I tweak songs that I know."

"Really? Can you sing one for me now?" I already knew she had an excellent voice, so it was always a pleasure to hear her sing.

She giggled. "Okay. But this is so silly. You're gonna think I'm weird. This is my version of 'Born to Be Wild' by Steppenwolf."

"Get his motor running, slidin' up his big one. Lickin's an adventure, as we gobble up his cock gun.
Yeah, Shelle, we're gonna make it happen, take his cock in a love embrace.
Slather up with our lips and tongue until he explodes in my face.
Bind my hands, blindfold my eyes, 'cos I was born, born to be tied, he's gonna splash my chest, my Daddy's the best!
Born to be tiiiiied! Born to be tiiiiied!"

She'd been really getting into it, but suddenly she stopped singing and turned bashful. "There's more, but you get the idea. You think I'm weird, don't you?"

I was a bit stunned, but that was par for the course lately. However, I was also impressed, if only because of the effort she'd obviously put into coming up with the words. "No, you're not weird at all. That really shows your, uh, passion. And of course I always love your singing. Are those lyrics new?"

"Nah. Michelle and I came up with that one months ago. Maybe a year ago, I don't remember. It's one of my favorites though."

"Michelle too, huh?"

"Yeah, we both make up songs about you, but I usually come up with most of the lyrics. She finds all the good songs to work off, though."

I thought, So they've been obsessed about sucking my dick for at least a year. It's getting really hard for me to maintain this is some passing phase! But still, I'm struggling to accept just how sexual and submissive they are. They had me fooled with their seeming normality, at least up until the heavy flirting began.

I asked, "How did you know you'd be so into blowjobs and facials and things like that? You hadn't actually done any yet."

"No, but I saw how much you and Mindy enjoyed them. From the very first time I saw Mindy suck your cock and your whole body tremble in orgasm, and the look of ecstasy on her face, and then especially the look of ecstasy on YOUR face, I thought, 'YES! That's IT! That's what I wanna do! That looks like so much fun. That's what I'm gonna do to him someday!' I know Michelle felt exactly the same way. In fact, we made a vow together that very same night. That's when the Plan started to form."

I furrowed my brow in dismay at this latest revelation about my privacy being violated. "And when was that, exactly? How many times did you watch us, anyway?!"

She blushed. "Um, I'll tell you later, but can we not talk about that right now? Michelle would get mad at me."

I let that go for now, but I planned to follow up later. Instead, I asked diplomatically, "Do your song lyrics all have similar themes?"

She looked embarrassed as she admitted, "Yeah, they're pretty much all about blowjobs, titfucks, bondage, domination, submission, slavery, incest, fucking, and sex, sex, and more sex. You must think we're pretty weird, huh? And you don't even know about the stories we've written about you!"

"Wow, I must say, that song, more than anything else so far, has really convinced me that the two of you are totally serious about this kind of stuff." I looked at her shyly, and asked, "This isn't just some phase or game for you, is it?"

"No!" Still naked and bound, she looked up at me with a desperate passion. "Daddy, I'm yours! Michelle is yours! We know you so well; we know we're never gonna change our minds about you! Look at me. Seriously, look at me! Look at how my arms are bound and the cum dripping down my tits. I'm your slave! I'll always be one of your slaves in my heart, no matter how many others you have. This is what I live for. Don't you get it yet?"

I admitted, "I'm trying, but it's hard for me. For eighteen years, I had a whole other idea of who you were."

She tried to explain, "Some other girl my age might be totally into baseball or movies or cars or whatever, but not me. Maybe I'm a sexaholic or something, but this is what interests me. This is what I wanna do all day. This is my passion. This is what I think about when I'm bored and what I dream about at night. Call me obsessed if you want, but I don't see that as a bad thing. Anybody who wants to be the very best at something has to be obsessed by it."

She grinned impishly. "It just so happens that I'm obsessed with serving you and your cock. And now that you've actually fucked my mouth and my tits... my God! So good! Now, I'm REALLY obsessed!"

She giggled at that, and I started laughing too, because it was obvious that it was hard for anyone to be even more obsessed than she already was.

Growing more serious, she said, "Don't think I'm like some sort of obsessed stalker or something, though. It's just that I love you and I want to be near you. When I touch you, even just to hold your hand in mine, it makes me so happy. I love you so much that I want to please you, and when I see you cum, it makes me really happy, knowing I made you feel good. And then I cum, and I feel even better, and I wanna do it some more!" She giggled again, realizing how intense she was sounding.

I thought, What have I done to deserve this level of devotion? But I realized I wasn't likely to get a good answer to that from her. Love can't be easily explained.

So instead, I asked, "Isn't there more to life than just sex though? Don't you want to do other things? I love sex too, don't get me wrong, but I love other things too, like my writing, or raising my children."

"Maybe, but this is definitely number one for me right now, and number two, and number three. Heck, it's the whole top ten! And it's the same for Michelle too, although I think she's got it even worse for you than I do, maybe. Our bodies are just wired that way. Like, if either of us are walking around, unless we wear a really heavy bra, our nipples get stimulated and erect just from the slight rubbing of the fabric. Then we get totally horny and start thinking about you and your fat cock, and we have to sit down for a while to recover. Our friends don't have that kind of problem at all, so we know we're really special that way. But every year, that kind of thing gets worse for us as our bodies mature."

She concluded happily, "I think we're just hard-wired to be seriously hard-core sex slaves. 'Born to be tied' isn't just a song parody, it's a way of thinking and being, you know?"

As usual, I was completely blown away. I merely said, "That gives me a lot to think about."

I pondered what she'd said for quite a while, letting her remain tied up since she wasn't asking me to untie her. Both of us were getting some kind of thrill from her bound condition.

I thought, There have to be some women who are hard-wired to enjoy sex a lot more than most. It's probably a normal curve distribution kind of thing. Some women are frigid and some are nymphomaniacs, or something close to it. It's a mix of nature and nurture, I'm sure. But what are the odds of both of them being so sexually sensitive AND having the impossibly curvy bodies like they do? Actually, it makes sense that the two things would be tied together. A body with more pronounced sexual characteristics is probably swimming in more sexual hormones. Not all bodies, but probably most. Plus, the more fit you are, the more energy you have for sex, and they're amazingly fit.

But what does this mean? What should I do about it? If nothing else, she's confirming my fears that if I don't accept them into some kind of harem, they're going to wind up in the sex industry in one way or another. And that would be a disaster.

Mindy walked in the room a couple of minutes later, still delightfully topless, with just her bikini bottoms on. She started to say, "Did you hear about-"

Then she took a good look around and saw Ruby's naked, sweaty, and slightly trembling body, all tied up with rope. She'd also walked into a sex inferno - I'm sure the smell of pussy and semen was overwhelming. But she seemed delighted by everything she saw and smelled. "Oh my! Honey! She looks so HOT! Did you just give her a good titfucking? You did! You really outdid yourself here!"

She asked Ruby, "How was it?"

Ruby's face lit up. "Oh God! BETTER than my first blowjob yesterday, if you can imagine that! Which makes it the best experience of my entire life!"

Mindy marveled, "Wow! Impressive!"

Still sitting naked against the wall, recuperating, I said, "Sweetheart, we've got a serious problem here. Michelle's gone off with Lisa. I'm nearly dead from exhaustion. And Ruby's wrists are tied. But look at all that cum on her. You've gotta clean it up!"

"Me?" She brought a hand up to her bare breasts, which were jiggling about quite a bit already.

"Yes, you. You're the only one here who can do it. Whatever you have to do. Use your fingers, your tongue, anything. Just clean her up."

"But I... couldn't!" Her eyes were on fire as she stared at Ruby's cum-drenched chest with undisguised lust.

"Yes, you can. I'm not asking you, I'm ordering you. Do it!"

I thought she might have a problem with that language. We strive for a balanced marriage, where nobody orders the other one around.

But all she said was, "Well, if you insist that strongly..."

All three of us were deliberately ignoring the fact that it would have made more sense for Mindy to untie Ruby's arms first. None of us were eager to see that happen.

Still uncertain, Mindy started to ask Ruby, "Do you mind... if I..."

Getting into the spirit of things, I said, "Hey, she's a cock slave. You don't ask her, you ask me, since I own her. And I'm telling you to just do it."

I saw both Mindy and Ruby visibly shiver in response to that. Then they shared a knowing smile full of anticipation.

Mindy asked, "Do you own Michelle now too?"

"Of course. She's one of my cock slaves too."

Ruby moaned erotically, "HNNNG! Damn, I wish my sister was here, if only to hear that!"

Mindy got down on her knees and brought a finger to the inner slope of Ruby's left breast. There was a long dangle of cum disappearing into the dark valley between Ruby's firm yet soft orbs, and she started by swiping it up.

My wife's whole body shivered some more as she licked her finger clean. She cupped Ruby's left breast to keep it in place, but subtly caressed it too.

I said to her, "Now, I want to see you eat up every last drop. And none of that fingers business. Use your tongue. That's an order!"

At first, Mindy looked startled, almost frightened. "Hey, I'm not one of your cock slaves to order about just any ol' way. But you do have a point, in that the tongue is more effective at cleaning up. Just look at what cats do to themselves."

As she talked, the expression on her face slowly transformed into that zoned-out blissful look I'd seen so much in Ruby and Michelle in the last few hours. She bent down and started to lick.

I could tell she was in some kind of erotic overdrive and she wouldn't stop herself until she was done. Probably the two of them would have some more nice climaxes along the way.

I knew Mindy needed this. I was starting to realize that she had strong bisexual desires. It wasn't fair for me to have so much fun while she still kept those feelings bottled up. This was a good opportunity for her to start off on the road to... Well, I wasn't sure of the destination, but I knew the journey would be filled with lust and joy.

I thought, Maybe Ruby and Michelle aren't the only ones with sexual obsessions. Min and I have always had strong sex drives. I'll bet we easily have more sex a week than any two other married couples we know, combined. If we both have powerful sex drives, then it makes sense our daughter would be the same way. Maybe she even inherited BOTH our sex drives and somehow combined them. Ruby might be a similar case.

Not only that, but maybe even I have a stronger sex drive than I'd realized. I mean, look at me right now. You'd think I'd be satiated after that titfuck, but noooOOOOoooo. Mindy comes in here, and I tell her to get on her knees and lick Ruby's chest clean. And if I keep watching her do that, I'm gonna get erect again and the whole thing will start up all over again. My mind and body doesn't even really want that, but it's like I can't resist.

At first, Mindy was very careful and delicate. She concentrated entirely on Ruby's face, and only used her fingers to swipe up and swallow the cum.

Ruby was mostly silent, probably figuring that she didn't want to spoil the mood by saying the wrong thing.

I was pretty quiet too, but every now and then I gave Mindy some encouragement. I ran with the metaphor she'd mentioned about a cat using its tongue, and I kept insisting that the tongue was more effective.

Finally, she said, "Sheesh, fine already. I'll use the tongue, if only to shut you up."

Actually, there wasn't that much cum there in the first place, but Mindy was acting like some kind of scientist in a high-tech clean room, insisting on removing every single last molecule of cum from Ruby's face. That gave her an excuse to lick, mostly around Ruby's chin, cheeks and nose.

Ruby started purring and moaning contentedly.

Mindy had been coming in at an angle to reduce the contact between her body and Ruby's, not counting the way Mindy was holding Ruby's boob in place. But as time went on, that effort was gradually forgotten.

Soon, to my great delight, Mindy's boobs were constantly rubbing against Ruby's. I think the two women were as interested in that as what was happening to Ruby's cummy face, and Mindy seemed to deliberately rub the breast of Ruby's she was holding against one of her own. But both pretended that contact was merely incidental, even when their erect nipples rubbed together.

Mindy could only pretend to clean Ruby's face for so long, when the cum ran out there and yet there was plenty on Ruby's chest, especially since that's where I deposited the vast majority of it in the first place.

It took some more cajoling on my part, but Mindy finally started licking her way down Ruby's neck, following a long strand of cum that stretched from Ruby's chin to well below her collar bones.

After another minute or two, my wife finally started to go to town on the copious amount of cum slowly drying on Ruby's twin peaks. Now things were getting really interesting, especially since she was freely moving her hands here and there, changing her hold as her body gradually lowered towards Ruby's pussy.

I was disappointed in myself. This was a great erotic show, and yet my penis wasn't showing any sign of life. Still, it was very mentally arousing to watch.

I would have loved to watch them until they were done with each other, but I figured that if I were to leave, that might embolden my wife a little. Perhaps she might veer from strictly fulfilling her task and use her lips to experiment with Ruby's nipples a little, for instance.

Besides, I was emotionally and physically drained. I needed to withdraw to my room and recharge my batteries for a while. My body and my penis could only take so much. I was almost worried that I would get another hard-on if I kept watching, because I knew that if I did, I'd ignore my body's pleas to take it easy and rest.

So, after a couple more minutes, and with Mindy still steering clear of Ruby's nipples as best she could, I announced, "I'm leaving now to take a rest, but Min, you should keep going. There's a lot more cum everywhere."

However, as soon as I said that, Mindy stood up, rushed across the room, and clung herself to me. "No! Let's go!"

"What?" I was puzzled, and I could see Ruby was too.

"Uh, it's just that I, uh, have some things to do. I have to go to the bathroom!" She made this bathroom comment like she'd just come up with the idea, showing that wasn't the real reason for her sudden desire to leave.

I nodded towards Ruby. "What about the cum still all over her?"

Mindy suggested, "Um, it'll look sexier if you leave some. It's good if you can keep your cock slaves marked with your yummy goo and smelling of sperm as much as possible, don't you think?" She still clung tightly to me.

I appreciated her thought about the cum, but I was still puzzled. "Yeah, I guess, but..." I started to reply. Then it occurred to me that she was afraid of being left all alone with Ruby, afraid of fully giving into her lesbian urges. I'd pushed too hard, too soon. I decided to drop my campaign for the moment, and give her time to adjust. "Um, never mind."

I turned my attention to Ruby. "Hey, lover. Should I untie you? I wonder."

Ruby sat up stiffly, leaning forward a little. She thrust her chest out proudly, and stared at me defiantly. It was like she was challenging me to leave her like that.

I decided to take up her challenge. I said in an off-hand manner, "Nah. I think cock slaves are best left naked, bound, and covered in cum."

"Oh GAAWWWD!" Ruby suddenly shrieked with excitement, practically tipping over as she bounced about with joy. "Mindy! Did you hear that? Did you hear that?! Oh! That's a classic! I can't wait to tell Michelle!"

Mindy had her head on my chest, which prevented her from looking at Ruby. But curiosity got the best of her and she looked over her shoulder. She bit her lip. The twinkle of desire was shining brightly in her eyes. "Oh God! Oh God! I have to get out of here. Now!" She disengaged and pushed her way past me, fleeing down the hall.

As I left the room to head to my own, I wondered how much of that scene had been caught on video. i figured at least some of it had been.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Arthvr, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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