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Chapter 40

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

A short rest was just what I needed. I laid in my bed for about thirty minutes. I tried to sleep, but eventually I gave up the effort because I was still too excited from all the recent sexual events.

Besides, I was really curious about what else was happening in the house, and beyond. How was my wife feeling, after her quasi-lesbian experience with Ruby? Was Ruby still nude and bound? Where was Cindy? Would I get a chance to see Sue Ellen today? And what were Lisa and Michelle up to? I hadn't seen Lisa in a couple of days, but it felt like months, given how exciting those days had been.

I took a quick shower and then threw on my T-shirt and bathing suit once more, since it was getting to be a hot day and I figured I'd probably take another swim soon.

I found a number of surprises when I got downstairs and looked out to the pool. Everybody was there, and then some. I was surprised to see Ruby and Mindy, looking perfectly normal aside from the fact that both were topless. (So much for Ruby's desire to remain tied up, I noticed - it probably lost its luster once I was gone.) Cindy was still there, still topless as well, and talking with Mindy away from the others. Michelle was there, and topless too. I wasn't too pleased with that because it made things awkward with me, due to the incest factor.

But what really sent up red flags for me was that Michelle was sitting with Ruby, Lisa, and two more of their friends, Nina and Anjali.

These two friends, Nina and Anjali, couldn't have looked more different from each other. Nina was tall, with a streamlined runner's build. She had very light skin and platinum blonde hair. But she wasn't really pale because she turned red so easily. She got a fair amount of sun, but it just seemed to turn her redder instead of brown. She had permanently rosy cheeks and an extremely attractive face. It was definitely the kind of face you could see on the cover on a magazine. Also, despite her generally svelte appearance, she had large breasts that seemed like they belonged on someone else. But they were all natural.

Anjali, on the other hand, was born in the US but her family came from India. She was quite dark, so much so that occasionally some people would guess that she was African-American. She had a 'mother-Earth' type figure: ample curves everywhere, with wide hips and very large breasts. In fact, she was probably as stacked as Ruby, if not Michelle even - though minus the jutting. However, she was in no way fat or even chubby, because she stayed in shape. The best word to describe her was simply 'ample.'

She had very sexy eyes and long flowing black hair. She also had an extraordinarily attractive face. Maybe it was just a sign that I didn't know much about India or Indian culture, but it seemed to me that she had a face worthy of a famous Bollywood actress.

All in all, both of them were extremely attractive in their own way, and more exotic than my daughters, wife, or Lisa, all of whom had more standard "California girl" looks. It was clear that a girl had to be extremely attractive to even be eligible to be one of Michelle's or Ruby's friends. Furthermore, their closest friends were the most busty and beautiful, just like them. Birds of a feather flock together, after all.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Lisa, Nina, and Anjali were all topless too?! And in thongs! The three of them had been over many times, but I certainly had never seen them wearing just the tiny thongs they were in now.

As I walked into the backyard, my eyes just didn't know where to look. Everywhere I turned, there were tits, tits, and more tits! And most of the women looked completely naked if seen from the back, thanks to all those thongs.

I was fully expecting to witness a lot of squealing and covering up of body parts as soon as my presence was discovered. In fact, I opened and closed the screen door stealthily in hopes that I could make it closer to the group of girls before they realized I was there and everyone covered up.

However, I was in for another surprise. I was quickly discovered, but nobody seemed to bat an eye at my presence. Even Cindy didn't cover her chest with her arms this time, apparently finding comfort in numbers.

Mindy was the first to say something, shouting at me, "Looks like somebody is overdressed!"

"Yeah!" Ruby yelled. "This is the topless-only club! Take it off!"

To my intense embarrassment, the others all started chanting, "Take it off! Take it off!"

Mindy began singing the stripping song, the burlesque instrumental called "The Stripper" that's been around for ages, is mostly played by horns, and starts, "Ba na na na, ba na na na..."

This was a great opportunity for me to ham it up and joke around, and I went all out. I started taking off my T-shirt like I was some kind of Chippendale's dancer up on a stage. I tried to be corny and yet sexy at the same time. While slowly dancing around to the tune Mindy was still (sort of) singing the saxophone part to, I'd pull my shirt up a little bit and then pull it back down and that kind of thing, trying to imitate the stripping scenes I'd seen here and there. I even flexed my pectoral muscles a few times as I lifted my shirt over my chest.

The women all loved it. They stood up and drew in closer to me, forming a semi-circle. There was a lot of hooting and hollering, especially when I finally took my shirt off all the way and threw it in the pool. Then there was an even bigger roar when my hands came down to my bathing suit and I threatened to start to take that off too.

I wasn't really planning on doing that, but I was amazed at just how loudly and passionately the chanted cry of "Take it off! Take it off!" resumed. I did pull the top of the swimsuit down an inch or two, but I had to be careful, because my cock was erect and I didn't want the head to poke out. This was the same bathing suit I'd had on when I'd shown my physique for Cindy earlier, and it still left very little to the imagination when it came to showing of the exact shape and size of my erection. Directly exposing my hard-on was almost a moot point because they could see everything so clearly already.

After a few minutes, I threw up my hands in defeat and went to go sit down on a nearby chair.

That resulted in a lot of boos and sighs. I even heard my wife yell, "Chicken!" and then make some clucking noises. But they were just teasing. It seemed my impromptu striptease had been a raging success.

I thought things were calming down, when Ruby suddenly shouted out, "Fuck my tits!"

My mortification only grew when Michelle also called out, "Fuck my tits!" She did it several times in a very loud voice, in fact.

The other three girls all looked confused and scandalized until Mindy explained, "Don't worry, that's just the latest lingo. It's kind of a crude update on '"Get out of here!' You know, like' Fuck my tits! No way! I don't believe you!'"

Giggling and laughing, all the women started shouting, "Fuck my tits" too. I was surprised that even Cindy got into the spirit. Since every single one of them was topless, there was a fair amount of chest jiggling, posing, and strutting about, particularly by Mindy and Ruby. (Thankfully, Michelle was trying to keep a relatively low profile, due to incest concerns.)

Finally, seeing they'd succeeded in turning my face red, the group began to break up.

The teenage girls all walked away in a pack, muttering excitedly to themselves. I couldn't hear what they were saying exactly, but I caught some mentions of "cool," "Dad," and "stud" thrown in. I even heard Nina mutter, "My GOD, is he well-hung! And handsome!" Anjali muttered back, "It's even bigger and thicker than it is in my dreams!"

Naturally, that made me feel pretty good. I imagined that none of those girls had parents who did impromptu jokey stripteases.

Then again, those girls probably never wanted to see their parents do impromptu jokey stripteases either.

Cindy and Mindy had been sitting on one side of the pool, in the sun, while the five girls were sitting on the other side in the shade and well out of earshot from the two mothers.

Cindy's bashfulness returned when my little dance was over, and she quickly beat a retreat back to her distant lounge chair.

But Mindy walked right up to me and sat down in the chair next to me, still making little "Bawk, bawk, bawk" chicken noises until I gave her the evil eye.

Chuckling at me, she said, "Honey! You chicken! You chickened out at the end and nearly broke my heart. That was so great, but if only you'd gone all the way! You would have added four new members to your harem in one fell swoop!"

"Ssssh! Mindy, A, I don't have a harem, and B, I don't want four new members to whatever this arrangement is. C, I don't want Cindy or anything else to hear you talk like that!"

Below Mindy's breath, she teasingly coughed out the word "harem." Then she nodded to where Cindy was sitting, and said in a quieter voice, "Look at her. She's like Ruby's older sister. I've been working on her pretty non-stop. She's ripe! Ripe for the picking! You should go over there and pluck her from her tree."

I responded quietly, "No thanks. Not now. Do you realize just how tiring and relentless our two nymphos who shall not be named really are? I'm all sexed out for a while. Seriously. I'm not just saying that. I really, really mean it."

She was all grins, swaying a little from side to side with her hands pinned behind her back. "Awww. Shoot. Come on! Look around. Cindy! Look at Cindy over there. LOOK at her nearly naked voluptuous body. Really look at it and love it. You know you wanna do her. Complete the circle. I've been laying the groundwork for you with her all morning. She's basically accepted that you sexually control Ruby now, and she's halfway convinced that she's next."


Ignoring my outburst, she continued, "Can't you just picture her lying underneath you and screaming, 'Dan! Drill me deep!' as you plunge the King into her boiling hot slit?"

"Well, I gotta admit she gets my motor running," I said in a calm tone, hoping that would calm Mindy some too. I was talking mostly to my wife's bare chest, I have to admit. "We can talk about that later. But, to head you off at the pass, the other three? No way! Nice, very nice, as eye candy, from a safe distance. But that's it. Capiche?"

She replied, "No comprendo. Besides, those horses may have left the gate already. Especially Lisa. She's into you, big time. You should get into her, if you know what I mean."

I rolled my eyes. "I have no idea of what you're going on about. Can you keep your voice down about that kind of stuff? Besides, how do you know that?"

"Because she's young, friendly, and well-built. I can just picture her cute little face writhing in ecstasy as she's on all fours on your bed, gripping the headboard for dear life as you royally-"

"No, not that," I interrupted. "I mean, how do you know she's into me?"

She put her palm to her forehead and tried to look around mysteriously. "Swami Mindy knows all."

With my wife swaying and smirking in the bright sun, looking absolutely gorgeous in her bikini bottoms and nothing else, I was sorely tempted to relieve my hard-on by taking her upstairs and fucking the shit out of her. I noticed some of the others were staring at us behind their dark glasses.

I dropped my voice down to a very quiet whisper. "Actually, I'm beginning to think you do. How the hell did you know that Mi-, that you-know-who was sucking me off while I talked to you?"

She bounced up and down, going up to her tip-toes and back, like she was some kind of over-excited thirteen-year-old. "A-ha! I was right! I knew it! Sweet!" She pressed her arms tightly against her sides to prevent her boobs from flying about too wildly.

It was distracting talking to her, let me tell you. "Well, how did you know?"

"Elementary, my dear Watson. Motive plus opportunity equals the dirty deed. Michelle was near you, ergo, she was sucking your cock. Duh!" Thankfully, she lowered her voice a lot, especially when she said Michelle's name.

I laughed at that, because it was so true.

"And how 'bout that Ruby? Is she a totally tamed cock slave, or what?" She brought her hands behind her back again, imitating the position Ruby had been bound in. Apparently, she was trying to arouse me still further, not realizing how unnecessary that was. I still had a raging hard-on from my little striptease of sorts.

I looked around anxiously. "Sssssh! Are you crazy?!"

"As a matter of fact, I am, but you know that already." She winked. "Besides, the others are like a hundred feet away, and we're talking quietly. If you insist, I promise not to shout, 'Ruby is Dan's titfuck slut!' too loud."

I rolled my eyes. "I insist. I'm sure Cindy would love to hear that."

"Party pooper. In any case, didn't you just love to see her all bound and helpless like that. and bathed in your cum? When she's like that, it's like you can just up and do whatever you damn well please to her busty body, and nobody can stop you, especially not her."

My dick was throbbing with need, and it was no good to look away, due to all the topless beauties in the distance. "Speaking of busty bodies, between you swaying your impressive rack and all your naughty talk, you're making things very uncomfortable for me."

I looked down to my crotch knowingly. It was still the case that my tight swimsuit was showing off everything I had.

But my maddening wife deliberately played dumb, just to tease me some more. "What, do you have some kind of pulled muscle down there? Maybe a pinched nerve? Would you like me to pull your swimsuit down and give you a nice long tongue massage?"

I couldn't help but laugh at "tongue massage." But then I said, "Please. Be serious."

"Fine. Regarding Lisa, you might have no choice but to fuck her. Either she joins our little den of iniquity, or she could be trouble. You know what they say about lovers spurned."

"You're not just teasing me about this, for once, are you?"

"Well, fuck my tits and paint 'em spermy white, you got that right! And here I was afraid you'd squirted out your brains along with about eight gallons of cum."

I laughed. "Uh-oh. I hope I haven't started a trend with that saying."

"Fuck my tits! I think you have!"

She laughed hard at her own joking, and I joined in.

Growing (somewhat) serious again, she asked, "But really, what are you going to do about Lisa?"

I looked over in Lisa's direction. She was huddling in close conversation with her four topless friends. "Looks like nothing, for now. I don't even want to get NEAR that pack of troublesome and overexcited female hormones. We'll deal with her later. Hopefully, I can talk to her one on one."

"Eeeeeeexcellent," Mindy said, doing her Mr. Burns impression, complete with rubbing her palms together. "Of course, I'm assuming that when you say 'talk,' that's code for 'shove my uncommonly fat cock in her mouth and choke her on it.'"


"Okay, I promise I'll behave. ... Mostly. Why don't you go over to Cindy and say hi to her at least? You pretty much haven't said one word to her since she's gotten here."

I looked over at Cindy, lying face up in her lounge chair a good ways away, sunglasses over her eyes and her two big breasts fully exposed. "Hmmm. Don't mind if I do."

I was about to go, but then I shook my head like a wet dog trying to shake water off. "Hold on. I KNOW you. We need to resolve some things right now, or you're just going to conspire against me to draw more and more women into this sexual web of yours. Starting with Cindy."

She pretended to fan her face while she batted her eyes. She said in a Southern accent, "Little ol' me? You must be confusin' me for someone else, mister. I'm just a harmless, little innocent wallflower."

"Yeah, right!" I laughed.

"Hmmm, so you're going to play difficult, hubby? I hear hypnotism can be surprisingly effective." She started moving her shoulders about a little bit, causing her tits to slowly swirl in circles. "Just keep staring at my boobs. You are feeling sleeeeeepy, very sleeeeepy..."

I chuckled. I was glad that Mindy had her back to the others, so they hopefully couldn't see what she was doing. "Okay. Seriously. There's only one of me. Too much sex and it'll lose its charm. I love Ruby and Michelle with all my heart, but I don't love these other girls."

"Not even Lisa? She's so cute and sweet, and she's really jonesing for your boner. And speaking of joneses, I have this serious urge to see what she looks like all bound, naked, and dripping with cum, just like Ruby. Wouldn't you love to see her cute face totally splooged white?"

"Min, you're something else. Not even her. It's true I wouldn't exactly kick her out of bed-"

My wife cut in. "And if she's already in your bed, then you might as well tie her up and test out her blowjob skills. ... Okay, I'll be good. Sorry."

"Like I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted by some cucquean weirdo, I wouldn't kick her out of bed, but I wouldn't want her fully involved and see her every day either. That would just take away time I could be spending with you and the girls. And as for the likes of Anjali and Nina, forget it."

"But you wouldn't 'kick them out of bed' either, would you? Those two are Michelle and Ruby's most trusted, busty, and Daddy-lovin' friends. I'm sure it's no coincidence they got invited here today."

"No, I wouldn't kick them out of bed either, I'll admit. They're hot. I feel like I wandered into some kind of a topless photo shoot of famous college-aged models. This is no ordinary gaggle of pretty high school girls, that's for sure. But I do NOT want you to try to make cock slaves out of them, or out of Lisa! Is that clear? I'm way over-extended already."

"Is that a polite way of saying well-hung? Just how long is your 'extension?'" She cocked her hip and struck a puzzled pose, staring at my obvious bulge.


"I'll make you a deal," she said, as the devious wheels turned in her head. "I'll agree to cut down on my scheming with those girls, and keep them from getting fully involved. But in return, you should let me try to fully corrupt Cindy. She's a stubborn one. It's gonna take a lot of work before the King goes spelunking in her honey cave. AND I do want to see you fuck Lisa, Anjali, Nina, and others - such as Laura, once she's fully fuck-worthy. Oh, and that busty señorita at Señor Diego's. Oh yeah, Maria's her name. It was pretty easy for me to read her name tag since it was a good three feet closer to me than the rest of her, if you know what I mean." She chuckled.

"We don't know a thing about Maria, other than that she's got round and high breasts bigger than Volkswagens."

She asked, merrily, "You mean the old Volkswagen Bugs, or the Volkswagen hippie vans?"

"Hmm. I'm thinking the classic Bugs. Michelle's rack is more like the hippie vans." I chuckled at that, but then I added, "She could have a serious boyfriend, or be lesbian, or who knows what! Anyway, bottom line, I'm NOT interested. Finito."

"As if those kinds of minor impediments are gonna slow down the King. If it does, we'll just bring out KING DONG! He's unstoppable!" She laughed.

But then she said in all seriousness, "Just because those others might not become your cock slaves, you still should fuck 'em from time to time, whenever the mood strikes you. That's the kind of life you wife wants you to live, just so long as you're careful about STDs and don't knock anybody up."

I said sarcastically, "So you don't want me to impregnate dozens of teenage hotties? Color me surprised."

She acted offended. "Of course not! We have to keep things reasonable, after all. Remember your reasonable bounds? Besides, pregnancy isn't part of my cucquean fetish. 'Dozens' is a bit much. Try to limit your impregnating to just a single dozen or two."

I gave her a sour face. "It's getting harder and harder for me to even tell when you're joking."

She snapped her fingers, like she'd just had a good idea. "Oh, I know. In general, we'll keep these girls generally free of the fun and games around the house, but you can still take them on dates from time to time. We should keep them in the dark about you and Michelle, though."

I smelled a setup. "Dates?"

"Sure. Old-fashioned dates. You know, dress up nicely, pick up a girl like Anjali, treat her to dinner in a nice restaurant, and then take her to some secluded spot and FUCK the SHIT out of her for three hours! Doesn't that sound like fun?" She was grinning from ear to ear.

I looked over at the group of five giggly girls, all laughing and talking and having a great time. And of course, all topless. From a distance, they pretty much all looked completely naked, as I could only see the occasional flash of colored fabric near their crotches.

I eyed Anjali's dark and curvy body in particular. She happened to be standing at a profile to me while the others were sitting, which was probably why Mindy had mentioned her. She was holding a drink to her lips, putting her ample tits and ass on very prominent display.

Mindy saw me looking. She reached out and stroked my arm gently. She often did that when trying to wheedle something out of me. But this move also pulled her closer, letting her nipples graze against my chest. "Come on! You know you wanna tap that! Can you imagine fucking THOSE tits?! They might be even larger than Michelle's! And that's just for starters. I'm sure those two got invited here today in large part due to their big tits, which are all natural, by the way."

She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "But frankly, all of the Gruesome Twosome's friends are sexy. You could go out on a couple of dates a week, and slowly work your way through their entire circle of friends by the end of the summer, several times over, leaving the whole gaggle of girls a sticky, cummy mess."

I was tempted, sorely tempted, especially given my hyper-aroused state, but I know it was a bad idea. "Yeah," I grumped, "but that would take precious time away from you."

"I know, but you know me, I tend to procrastinate, and Mondays and Fridays are always big days for me, so I'm usually doing late-night cramming on Thursday and Sunday nights. And not the kind of late-night cramming I'd like to do with you." She winked, and pulled in even closer. Her bare boobs squashed against my bare chest.

"Hey," I complained, "You can't do that here. Not with everyone watching."

"Why not? You're my hubby, and I'm your wife. We can even do this." She leaned up and kissed me on my lips.

Damn! I was just too horny. I was tempted to grind my crotch against hers until I came in my swimsuit. It was so frustrating, having to always be the one to say no lately, but I was forced to restrain myself again. We couldn't go too far with so many onlookers. I dueled with Mindy's tongue for a minute or so, but then I pulled away from the kiss.

Mindy remained pressed against me. She continued right where she left off. "If I'm busy like that, I'll let you know, and you can make some girls' dream come true. Besides, after summer's over, most of these girls will scatter to the four winds as they go to different colleges all over the country, so this is a limited time offer."

She pulled back from the hug and held out her hand for me to shake. "Do we have a deal?"

But I wasn't willing to shake on that. "Wait a minute. What's in this for you?"

"Oh, the usual. Corruption of innocents, getting to feed my voyeurism fetish as well as my cucquean fetish, reveling in your studliness - you know, the usual depraved stuff. Come on. Do it! Sure, a lot of nights you and I go out and paint the town red, but that's usually on Friday or Saturday. Most other nights, we're just watching TV, reading a book, surfing the Internet, doing chores, fucking the girls ... you know, the usual."

She winked, undoubtedly because of her "fucking the girls" comment. "Having you go out one or two nights a week just in the summertime won't impact our marriage at all. And now that the Gruesome Twosome are your cock slaves, they can't complain when you fuck other girls. In fact, they expect it and even want it. It's further proof that you deserve to be their master. I think you should think about it, at the very least."

I looked again over at the group of nearly completely naked girls. They looked tempting. Incredibly tempting. But I said firmly, "No. No deal. God knows it sounds great, but it's fraught with potential problems that you refuse to see. Those girls are unknowns. Even Lisa is an unknown. We know her well enough when it comes to non-sexual things, but things might turn ugly once sex is involved. How will she react if she's not getting enough time with me, for instance? Will she go all 'Fatal Attraction' on us? There's just no telling."

"Come on. You're way overreacting. She's as harmless as a fly. She might try to cute you to death."

"Okay, I'm overstating a bit, but the point is the same. It's dangerous. But I'll give you a more important reason: those girls are really, really sexy and fuckable, but if I had the choice of fucking, say, Anjali or touching Ruby and/or Michelle's incredible bodies in any way, I'll take Ruby or Michelle, thank you very much. It's not a matter of breast size or things like that. It's about love. Hell, I'll take just kissing either of the Gruesome Twosome over a wild orgy with those other three. Period."

That brought Mindy up short, throwing her off her stride, and the confusion that suffused her face was genuine. "Really? But what about spreading your seed all over town? Guys love that."

"I know, but if you think that's a secret fantasy of mine then I'm sorry but I'm going to have to seriously disabuse you of the notion. It may be a fantasy of yours, but it's not mine. I'm Mr. Monogamy who is VERY happily married, remember?"

Okay, that wasn't entirely true, but I didn't want to encourage her. That was how I used to be, but I was changing fast, thanks in large part to her new attitude, and my wonderful new experiences. Still, I wanted to keep things mostly within the family and not overextend myself.

I continued, "Besides, between the Gruesome Twosome, you, Sue Ellen, and maybe Cindy, I'm gonna have my hands full and then some. That's all the variety I need." That certainly was true, however, so my overall point was valid.

"Oh, come on. Don't give me that. Every man, when he sees a really beautiful woman, thinks about fucking her."

"Yeah, but that's just a passing fancy kind of thing. Given a choice, I'll pick quality over quantity any day that ends in a 'Y', thank you very much. I don't want all the town's women, I only want my women."

That, at least, was mostly true. In a perfect world, I'd spend nearly all my time with "my" women, but I'd also allow myself some other encounters too. But I meant what I said about playing around with new women not being worth the trouble and the danger. I knew that there was no such thing as sex without complications, except maybe with a prostitute in a strange town, but Mindy's cucquean fetish was making her forget that.

She grinned. "So you're just a traditional, old-fashioned, five-women-only kind of guy, huh?"

I grinned back at that. "Yep. I noticed you said five instead of four, by the way."

She twisted and looked back toward Cindy. "How can we leave Cindy out? Just look at her."

I did, and she did look pretty fantastic. She was standing at side profile while the others near her were sitting, giving me the perfect chance to check her out. She looked a lot closer to 20 than 40. Her hard, tanned body fit right in with all the teen hotties. In fact, she could easily be mistaken for Ruby's older sister.

"Earth to Dan?" Mindy laughed.

I'd been caught staring. I grinned sheepishly, but Mindy just smiled back.

I said, "In all seriousness, though, I'm as happy as I could possibly be right now over this situation. You seem addicted to corrupting more innocents. But what are the long-term consequences? I'm reminded of the movie 'Raising Arizona.' Remember that? Remember the woman who just loved babies, and she kept getting pregnant so she could always have a baby to take care of? But the babies grew up and she was getting stuck with a huge brood that she had no idea what to do with. That's similar to what could happen to us."

"So now you want to get them all pregnant too? I'm shocked!" She elbowed me in the ribs and leered, "But what a great idea! I take back the one or two dozen limit I mentioned before."

I rolled my eyes, because I knew she deliberately misunderstood. I also could tell from her smirk that she was joking about the "great idea" part, thank god. "You know what I mean. Besides, at the very least, we need to sit on this situation for a while and see how things are working out before adding even more craziness."

Mindy frowned and crossed her arms under her bust. "Hmmm. You sound disturbingly wise and intelligent. I didn't know men could think in the presence of bare boobs."

She smirked at that, but then grew more serious. "I'm feeling kind of foolish for going off the deep end here. It's just that I'm having so much fun corrupting the innocents, as you say. I want everybody and their brother - oops, and their sister - to try out the King. But I guess I'm not really thinking things through, huh?"

I folded my arms too and leveled my gaze before lowering the boom on her. "Nope. To say the least."

She looked down. "How did you get so prudent all of a sudden, considering that you've got a tent in your shorts big enough to hold an entire Boy Scout jamboree?"

I looked down at myself. "Oh, so that's why there's always all that movement down there lately. I thought it was my throbbing erection, but turns out it's little Boy Scouts running around. ... Oooh, that's kind of gross. Can we make it a cheerleader convention instead?"

Mindy laughed. "Sure." Then a new thought hit her and she added, "That's what I've been trying to do, but you won't let me!"

I had to laugh at that too, but then continued, "Seriously, it's not so much that I'm being wise, it's just that I really, really want to spend all my time, both in and out of bed, with the women I love. It's really as simple as that. And since those women are also just about the sexiest women on the planet, spending even five minutes with someone else is wasting my time, period, full stop. Maybe at some point way down the road you might talk me into fooling around some more, just as a wild occasional lark, but not right now."

"What about Sue Ellen?" she asked. "You don't love her."

"No, not yet. But I think I could, in time. She's so adorable and lovable, you know?"

"I do. As well as fuckable." Min wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Besides, to be honest, she's all the new and wild that I need, let alone can handle right now. She's so sweet and innocent, and yet a totally submissive cocksucking demoness, so what's not to like? Things have worked out so well with her, why should we question or spoil it? It's perfect. Everything is absolutely perfect now. I'm having the time of my life! If we tinker too much, it'll only screw things up. And not only that, but any more women and I'm gonna be running ragged, trying to keep everyone satisfied. I want you to promise me, right now, that you will not try to get anyone else sexually involved in our group."

"Without your explicit permission first," she corrected.

"Okay, without my explicit permission first. And let's see your hands. No fingers crossed."

She laughed and held up her hands, showing she had fingers crossed on both of them. I'm sure she'd done that deliberately in response to my comment. But she uncrossed them. "No more women unless you want, I promise. But what about Cindy?"

"Cindy, okay. Let's see what happens there. She's a total sexpot, and I love her like family. There's a certain merit to your 'completing the circle' idea. But that's it! Nobody else. And you have to stop the Hellions from trying to rope in others too."

She was smiling widely at my agreeing about Cindy, but my last comment brought a pouty frustrated look to her face. "Oh shoot! You just ruined that loophole. You're really serious, aren't you?"

I looked over longingly at where the girls were sitting. "I am! Sure, Nina and Anjali LOOK hot, but can we trust them? You know how teenage girls are. They get jealous so easily and change their minds every fifteen minutes. And I know Lisa well, but that's just the thing. I don't think she's mature enough to handle this. I LOVE the idea in theory, but we need to be realistic. It would never work. No loopholes, please."

Mindy sighed, defeated. "Okay. No loopholes. You're right, that is what's best, even if it's not the most fun. I guess I'm just drunk on lust and not thinking."

I laughed again. "You sound more disappointed than I do. I wonder how much of that is because you'd like to get your hands on a wider variety of teen tit."

Mindy blushed. She didn't reply at first, and then realized that her silence was a pretty blatant admission. "Looks like you got me," she finally admitted. "Especially Anjali. She's got that 'come hither' look and a couple of Volkswagens of her own. Not that I would actually DO anything with her, but damn! The thoughts I get."

I decided not to call her on that bit of self-delusion. She needed to come to terms with her bisexual tendencies at her own pace. Instead, I just said, "I know, I know. Thoughts are good. Flirting is fun. I love all the bouncy, breath-taking boob beauty and luscious ass thong displays, but let's just use them to crank our engines so we can have fun with each other later, okay?"

"Okay, but you should have kept going with the B alliteration. Personally, I love all the bouncy, breath-taking, breastacular, boob beauty and the bulging, bubble butt, booty bounty."

I laughed hard at that. "Breastacular?"

She laughed too. She turned back towards the girls. "Hey, look at them. They inspire me."

I said, "You know, it's always fun when both you and I are able to comment on the beauty of this and that woman, and it seems we've usually been in agreement as to who the stunners are. But I'm beginning to suspect that you're even bigger on breasts than I am."

"Yep! I'll admit it: I'm a tit woman!" She looked over at the girls again, tilted her head, stuck her tongue out, and pretended to drool. She said in a lusty cave woman voice, "Boobies! Big boobies!"

I chuckled. "Hey, that's my line. I thought only guys are supposed to be like that."

"I know. It's a bit unseemly for women, which is why I've always downplayed it, even with you. Us women, when we get together and talk looks, we're supposed to rail at the injustice of how you beastly men are most enamored at the one body part that we have the least control in shaping. That would be the MATURE thing to do."

She put on a stern and mature face, straightened up, and tried to look prim and disdainful. Well, she pretended to try, at least. It didn't help much that she was topless and thrusting her rack forward in defiance of the rest of her body language.

I tried not to snort with laughter at her performance. "It would be," I agreed. "So what is it that you women ACTUALLY do?"

She laughed at that. She looked down her chest. "Hey, I'm endowed, I know it, and I love it! Now that you and I are getting rid of all our secrets, I'm not ashamed to say that my babe-watching motto is: the bigger the better!" She thrust her chest forward and shook it proudly.

As we both had another good laugh, her eyes drifted from the gaggle of girls over to where Cindy sat alone. "And speaking of breath-taking, breastacular, boob beauty, look at Cindy. What I wouldn't give to get my hands on those! Did you know that our friendship was kind of forged by our big tit bond?"

"No, you never mentioned that before."

She grinned impishly. "It feels good to get it off my chest. So to speak."


"Yeah, well, now that you're getting to know the real me, the unabashedly perverted me, you might learn some more interesting tidbits here and there that I was too embarrassed to tell you before. You see, back in junior high, both Cindy and I kind of matured faster than the other girls, if you know what I mean. Matured in a sort of 'busting through our bikini tops' kind of way."

I rolled my eyes while still gawking at my wife's bosom. "I get the picture."

She looked down at my bulge, which still showed no signs of going down. "Yum. I think you do. Anyway, it was just kind of natural that she and I gravitated towards each other, as virtually all the other girls were horribly jealous of us. We hit it off, and the rest is history. We're still great friends."

"Hmmm," I pondered. "Now that I think about it, virtually all your female friends are unusually well endowed."

She nodded. "Not all of them, but yeah, probably most of them. Same deal with our daughters and their friends though. And for the same reasons, I'd imagine."

"I knew it. I'm beginning to think I do my best thinking when my dick is about to rip through my shorts."

"Personally, I think you do your best thinking when you have the Twosome slurping up and down either side of our fat throbbin' Elvis." She looked down at my pulsing bulge again and talked to it. "Don't you agree, King? ... Hmmm. Apparently he's shy and doesn't want to come out and play."

Grinning, she looked back up at my face. "But the way I figure, if I'm gonna gossip with another woman for two hours, all things otherwise being equal, why not gossip with the one who's putting on a nice jiggly show at the same time? Like Cindy."

She looked Cindy's way again. "And speaking of which, why don't we go say 'hi' to your latest acquisition?"

"Please, don't call her that, especially since it's far from a done deal. Although... Damn, she looks good topless."

Mindy's grin widened as she stood up and I followed suit. "See what I mean? You wanna get up close and personal with her fun bags, don't you? That's a great thing about being a closeted bisexual woman of sorts, by the way. You'd be amazed at how many opportunities I get to talk to the likes of Cindy when we're naked or changing clothes. Oh! And helping each other dress for a party... And applying suntan lotion on each other when we tan topless... It's so hard for me to control myself sometimes! Can you picture that, her and I, rubbing suntan lotion all over each other's naked bodies?"

"I can now." Needless to say, my erection was throbbing with need.

"I love it when she comes over to sunbathe topless, just for that. She just has the most PERFECT breasts. And her nipples! Don't get me started on how her puffy pink nipples-"

We started walking, but I noticed we weren't heading towards Cindy at all. Rather, we were walking to the gaggle of girls. I interrupted my overly lusty wife. "Where are we going?"

"Well, to Cindy, but first let's be good hosts and say 'hi' to the girls."

I felt like I was walking into a lion's den, but I did feel obliged to be social. Besides, I couldn't miss the chance to get a closer look at all their tanned, fit, and curvy bodies.

My hopes for a relatively normal social interaction were dashed when Ruby saw us coming and intercepted us about half way there. She immediately clung to me, making sure to mold her huge bare tits into my side. She whispered, "I'm so sorry, Daddy. I wanted to stay tied up, I really did, but Michelle came in the room and untied me! She said it was too dangerous for me to stay like that with guests over, including my mom."

I slowed down, and Mindy and Ruby did too. I didn't want anyone else to overhear this, no matter how softly we were whispering. I whispered back, "Wow, Michelle did something half-way sensible? I'm surprised she didn't parade you to all your friends, with my cum still on your chest."

Mindy hissed at me, "Don't say that; you'll give them ideas."

Things had gotten so crazy at our house that I couldn't tell if she was joking or not!

I added to Ruby, "When you get a chance, tell Michelle that was smart thinking."

But we were getting closer to the others, and whispering would look suspicious, so we continued on silently. I tried my best to adjust my erection to hide it better, hopefully without being too obvious about it. I knew that was a losing proposition though, due to the size of my boner and the tightness of this swimsuit. There was nowhere for the damn thing to go.

I couldn't pry Ruby off me without causing a scene, so when we reached the patio table where the others were sitting, she was still sticking to me like glue.

I noticed the others all staring at the junction between Ruby's boobs and my arm. Lisa appeared particularly alarmed.

But Ruby seemed oblivious. In fact, she exclaimed, "I think we need to all give Dan a big hug for his striptease show."

Michelle and Anjali immediately got up and started to come towards me, whereas Lisa and Nina stayed in their seats. I gave Michelle the evil eye, indicating that she needed to avoid a naked hug with her father in front of others.

Luckily, she got the hint, and stayed back.

But Anjali kept coming, and Mindy hugged me from the back. So I found myself being hugged by three gorgeous, topless, big-breasted women! Nipples pressed into my bare skin from every direction.

Lisa and Nina smiled and blew kisses, but they were too shy to touch me.

Ruby pushed things a little further. Looking down at my ridiculously obvious bulge, she joked, "Dan, is that a baseball bat in your trunks, or are you just happy to see us?"

Thanks to that not-so-original joke, all eyes were suddenly on the lewd tent in my swimsuit.

But as everyone else stared down there, Anjali suddenly licked my ear! Her mouth was already right next to my ear anyway, so I doubt the others noticed it, but I sure did! It wasn't just a little teasing lick, either. It was a long "How do you like my big tits pressing into you, would you like to fuck them, and the rest of me?" kind of invitation.

I could feel her huge globes pressing against my side, with her erect nipples poking into my skin.

Fuuuuck! As if I don't have enough on my plate already! This hug is a really bad idea!

I pretended to ignore her flagrant flirtation. In fact, I quickly squirmed out of the group hug, announcing that I had to use the bathroom.

For once, everyone let me be, and I was left alone as I returned to the house.

I really did have to use the bathroom. I stayed in there long enough for my erection to subside, although I knew it probably wouldn't stay like that for long.

I briefly considered jacking off to relieve the pressure, but then I thought, What am I, crazy? I have all kinds of help for that. It's just a matter of finding some privacy with someone. I can deal, and hold out a little longer.

I was a bit worried, especially by Ruby's behavior. What has she told the others about her relationship with me? I'd noticed a faint hint of cum on her skin - did anyone else see that?! And what was up with Anjali's ear lick? Was that just bold flirting or what? And where are Mindy's limits?! She has to have SOME limits. She wouldn't actually like it if I spent most of my free time off fucking other women, I'm sure of that. But where are those damn limits?!

I was too confused to think. Things seemed to be spinning out of control.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Arthvr, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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