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Chapter 41

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After downing a cold beer in the kitchen, I went back outside.

Mindy peeled away from the girls and came to my side. She escorted me towards Cindy.

My wife hooked her arm into mine and said, "So, hubby of mine, having a good time yet?"

"Well, yes and no," I replied. "If you call getting teased until my balls turn bluer than the water in the swimming pool fun, then I'm having lots of fun."

But she was unsympathetic, to say the least. "What's the matter? If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Besides, if you need relief, maybe we can get Anjali to take you behind some bushes and suck your cock until you blow a big load all over her face!"

I stiffened, in more ways than one.

She continued, "What? You think I didn't see the way she licked your ear? Or the way she practically humped your chest with her big tits? Swami Mindy sees all and knows all! She's so hot and horny for you that it's surprising she didn't just rip her T-shirt off and... Oh, wait. She didn't have to, since she was topless already. How did it feel when she was rubbing those huge fun bags all over you? I'll bet those are F-cups, if not G-cups. And what a face! How can you NOT fuck her?! Honestly."

We were getting closer to Cindy by then, almost within earshot. I interrupted my wife, muttering, "Ssssh! Stop arousing me already. And behave!"

She whispered back with a devious smirk, "Well, I do know how to sssh." She glanced down at my swimsuit and looked happy to see my bulge was back with a vengeance. Damn that wife of mine! She's gonna kill me with arousal.

Cindy looked very surprised to see us drawing nearer, especially me. At first it looked like she was going to cover up with both arms, but then she seemed to resolve to be brave. She even shouted out, "Fuck my tits! Don't come near me, Dan!"

Mindy and I nearly doubled over with laughter at that one, and Cindy had quite a good chuckle too.

I also decided to be brave. After all, I'd resolved to hold back with those other girls, but not with Cindy, so why not go all out with her now? When I got there, I sat on the lounge chair Mindy had been using, and said, "Hi, Cindy. Was that just an expression, or was that an offer?"

She blushed.

Mindy quickly said, "Don't answer that, Cindy! You want to play at least a little bit hard to get."

That eased the tension as the two of them had a good laugh.

I thought, Bonus! It's great having my wife joke around so much when I'm surrounded by topless, busty women. Talk about setting the plates of Jell-O shaking! I'm lovin' life! I can't believe Cindy is cool hanging out wearing little more than a tiny patch of fabric that barely covers her pussy. I don't think I'd be able to hang out with a bunch of my guy friends wearing that little.

Feeling bold, I motioned to Cindy. "Stand up."

"Excuse me?" She didn't know how to react, since I'd never given her an order like that.

"I said, stand up. Please."

I was secretly delighted when she stood up, despite being very confused about my intentions. I was also glad she didn't try to cover her nipples.

I put my hands on her shoulders, then said, "It occurred to me that it's been a while since I saw you last. Which means it's time for another hello kiss."

Her eyes went wide with fright, but I didn't give her time to react. That's why I made sure I was standing close to her first. I quickly leaned in with my mouth open.

My confidence soared when I realized she had parted her lips and tilted her head slightly to welcome my kiss.

I made sure to give her a really scorching tongue duel. She gamely "fought back," impressing me with her unrestrained passion.

Our necking meant that her bare tits were pressed against my equally bare chest, since we weren't awkwardly leaning towards each other like last time. I realized that Cindy was almost certainly totally freaking out, especially since she knew Mindy was right there and watching, and the gang of girls were almost certainly watching with great interest too.

As a result, I kept the kiss much shorter than I'd like, only about a minute or so. And I did my best to ignore her big tits pressing into me. I even carefully kept my hands on the middle of her back, despite my inclination to clutch at ass cheeks.

Then, when I broke the kiss, I simply pulled away without saying a thing. I wanted to establish a precedent that I was going to kiss her lips most any time I wanted and it was no big deal.

Mindy was on the same wavelength. She didn't react much at all, except to smile at Cindy and say, "Lucky you! Seems like Dan really likes you."

Cindy didn't know how to respond to that. She just plopped back down in her lawn chair with a dazed expression on her face.

It seemed that she immediately regretted that, because I remained standing, so she suddenly found herself staring at my crotch from close up. She gasped, because the shape of my erection could be so clearly seen. Furthermore, that must have reminded her that she'd been lightly pressing her body against my bulge during the kiss.

She was blushing and very, very horny, just as I'd hoped.

Mindy had a bottle of suntan lotion next to her lounge chair, and she handed it to me. Unlike the teenage girls who were in the shade of the trees, all three of us were out in the sun and it was right about noon. It was a good thing we were all wearing sunglasses, but I could see the need for using a lot of the lotion.

Mindy asked me, "Honey, can you do me? As you can see, Cindy and I are working on our tans today, big time. We've gotta compete with that gaggle of bronzed goddesses over there." She nodded towards the girls under the trees.

I was a bit surprised that Mindy was lying face up instead of face down to begin with, and furthermore that she wanted me to start with her shoulders and work my way down. My hands would be on her breasts before long, with Cindy sitting right there. But then again, my wife had been nothing but bold lately, and that was my mood too. I joked, "I think the proper term when referring to a group of teenage girls is a 'giggle.' They're a giggle of bronzed goddesses."

"Too true!" Cindy replied, laughing.

Man, I love to watch a naked Cindy laugh! Heh! Life is good. She's got a pretty nice tan too, considering she's not a teenage girl who just sits around by the pool all the time. Unlike some people.

Amused, I looked over at the girls sitting on the other side of the pool. To my surprise, they looked to be crowded together and in the middle of an intense discussion. As a result, they almost certainly had missed seeing me kiss Cindy. I realized that was probably a very good thing. That would only have emboldened them with their flirtations.

I sat on the edge of Cindy's lounge chair, since there was really nowhere else to sit, and started working the lotion into my wife's shoulders. I noticed her skin already had a good deal of lotion on it, so I figured this was probably just part of some Cindy-related seduction scheme instead of an actual need to protect her skin. But I kept my mouth shut about it.

Cindy was lying just inches behind me. I couldn't see her at the moment, but I said to her, "So Cindy. You and Mindy have been talking up a storm today. Anything interesting going on?"

I imagined that Cindy was having a hard time dealing with that question. I was acting innocent, pretending they could have been talking about anything, when in fact I figured they were probably talking about me, and sex, and sex with me, for a good portion of that time.

After a pause, she said, "Well, we're... We're trying to sort out what happened last night. I think everyone had too much to drink! Don't you?"

"Yeah, probably," I replied, even though I knew it was a lie. We'd had some alcoholic drinks earlier in the evening, but by the time we had the kiss-fest at the front door, everyone had been completely sober. Still, it gave Cindy a fig leaf excuse, and I didn't want to deny her that. I didn't want to push her too hard too fast, and I figured she was still freaking out about the kiss I'd just given her.

"Anyway," she went on, "I've been having such a hard time with Ruby. Last night and then earlier today, with that whole scene she made running around naked, that's just so typical of her. It's like she's completely run wild. Sometimes I just want to smack her on her behind to make her see sense."

That spanking image definitely was not helping my erection go down, especially since I'd quickly run out of shoulder and now was running my hands on my wife's bare chest. Okay, I didn't have to go there next, but I love big tits, so sue me. Furthermore, there was some scheming behind this. I figured that Cindy had to notice what I was doing to my wife, and that would further arouse her. It also might give me an excuse to fondle Cindy's tits in the very near future.

Still, I didn't want to shock Cindy too much, so I was trying to be professional about it and just stick to applying the lotion. But it was difficult, especially when I was so intimately familiar with these breasts. My fingers wanted to do things I knew would make her feel good, and it was hard for me to hold back.

Mindy said, "Cindy, look on the bright side. You're not alone anymore. Ruby really respects Dan's opinion. She'll listen to him, and now that they're physically involved, she'll listen to him even more. Dan's in the driver's seat in their relationship. He can use the 'carrot and stick' approach, and if Ruby misbehaves, he can hold back until she's practically begging to please him. I'll bet we're going to see a whole new Ruby fairly soon, a much more behaved and obedient Ruby."

"You think?" Cindy asked with hope.

"Sure! Especially now that Dan has really started to let his inner dominant side shine, like I was telling you before. This newly assertive Dan, he doesn't take no for an answer! He sees what he wants, and he takes it! Sure, Ruby's willful and spoiled, but she's no match for my hubby. He's gonna steamroll all over her and make her OBEY! You'll see a new Ruby for sure."

I was surprised to see no special reaction from Cindy to my wife's "make her OBEY!" comment. Didn't she see the obvious sexual domination implications? Instead of complaining, she merely conceded, "Well, it's true that she's needed to have a good strong father figure in her life these last few years..."

Mindy pushed the point. "Yes, she needs a strong hand from a real man, doesn't she?"

"Yes, she does," Cindy replied matter-of-factly.

It was rather quiet where we were sitting. One could practically hear a pin drop, but for the gentle lapping of the water in the pool and a slight breeze blowing through the trees. It was so quiet that I could start to hear Cindy's breathing, whereas I couldn't a minute before. Despite her poker face, I realized that this talk was getting her excited. There also was the fact that her eyes went right to my hands on my wife's breasts right when Mindy said "strong hand."

And I was becoming more excited too. It was regretting this particular choice of a swimsuit, because my erection was threatening to rip the poor thing in two. Then again, the way I was putting on a "big cock" show could help speed up my seduction of Cindy. With the way we were all positioned, Cindy still had a very good view of my outrageous bulge.

By the time Mindy finished her little spiel, I found both of my hands twisting her nipples, the application of lotion forgotten.

Mindy obviously had noticed Cindy's reaction, and pushed things even further. "Perhaps giving her a smack on her behind isn't such a bad idea. Can you just imagine Ruby lying across Dan's lap as he spanks her bare ass over and over for being naughty? I can. Just think how that'll settle her down."

I was amazed that Cindy wasn't offended by that. I turned around to check on her, and her only visible reaction was heavier breathing and more heaving and bouncing of her bare breasts.

Mindy asked her, "What do you think of corporal punishment?"

"Oh, I'm all in favor!" Cindy was so enthusiastic that it was almost like she was saying, "I'm in favor of getting spanked right now." But perhaps embarrassed by her answer, she added, "But Ruby's too old for that."

I twisted in my spot so I could keep looking at Cindy's reactions.

Mindy replied, "The way I look at it, nobody's too old. If it works for a three year old, why wouldn't it work for an eighteen-year old, or a thirty-nine-year old, for that matter?" She stared at Cindy right in the eye as she said that. "If you did something naughty and Dan spanked YOUR bare bottom for it, wouldn't that make you think twice about doing it again?"

Cindy seemed to hold her breath for a long time as she stared wide-eyed at Mindy and then at me. She brought a hand down to her shapely left hip and stroked it a bit, almost as if she was trying to soothe herself down there after getting spanked. Her chest resumed its delightful heaving again and she joked, "Well then, I'll just have to make sure I behave myself!"

All three of us laughed at that.

Mindy was about to say more, no doubt in an attempt to push boundaries still further. But I pinched one of her nipples in an attempt to get her attention. I succeeded at that, and I shot her a disapproving look, silencing her.

The only problem was, I seemed to lose control of my hands in the process. I started twisting that nipple roughly (she loves that when she's really horny), and my other hand came up and began twisting her other nipple.

Cindy gawked. She started to bring her hands up to her own nipples, but stopped herself just in time and just cupped the undersides of her large breasts instead. Actually, that was almost as scandalously erotic, especially considering the sultry look on her face.

I forced myself to take my hands away and squeeze more lotion out of the bottle. I figured I could fiddle with that for a while until my hands began obeying my brain again.

Mindy suddenly sat up. "Oh! I just realized! It's lunch time. And we've got a hungry pack of busty beauties to feed. Dan, you stay here and apply some lotion to Cindy. Just look at her, she's burning up. Take care of her and I'll take care of the girls. I'll give a holler when the food is ready."

She started to walk away. But then she turned her head back towards us and added, "I need to be a good host, or else Dan is liable to spank MY ass. Again!" Knowing the two of us were checking out her nearly bare ass, she playfully bent over and pretended to spank her own ass cheek.

Damn! I looked over at Cindy. She was holding her breath in astonishment.

Before Cindy or I could think of any reply to that, Mindy quickly walked off towards the house.

With a little maneuvering, I moved my butt from Cindy's lounge chair to the one Mindy had just been on. One of my hands was already filled with gobs of suntan lotion, in anticipation of putting it on my wife's stomach. Now that hand was just a foot or two above Cindy's voluptuous body.

I tried to kid around, "I'd better obey the wife. We have this secret dungeon down in the basement, and when I'm bad she takes me down there and lets me have it." I put my lotion-drenched hand on Cindy's nearest wrist, figuring that was about the least sexual place I could touch her. I started to rub the lotion in, planning to work my way up her arm.

Cindy laughed, but I could tell it was a nervous laugh. "Yeah, well, that's not what I hear."

It was hard for me to read her expression since she was wearing her dark sunglasses, although there was no disguising the way her large breasts were rising up and down with each breath. I asked her, "Oh? What do you hear?"

"Sounds to me like if anyone's getting a workout in that room, it's Mindy, with you holding the whip!"

I tried to joke, "Yeah, well, we're pretty serious about discipline in this house. You'd better be on your best behavior or I'll have to carry you down there myself and teach you some manners!"

I laughed at my comment, and only belatedly realized just how sexual that had come out. I hadn't meant to be that blatant, but it seemed my dick was doing most of my thinking for me.

Her bare breasts were really heaving now. She gave me a strange look as she said, "Yeah, well, maybe you should!"

That shocked me so much that I didn't know how to reply. I probably could have had her turn to goo if I'd pressed my advantage with even more provocative comments, but my brain seemed to be frozen in "DUH!" mode. Besides, I was transfixed by her rising and falling rack, which further lowered my IQ.

After a bit, I mumbled, "Yeah, well, maybe." Dang! Mindy builds me up as some kind of masterful dominant stud, and now I'm reacting like a nervous high school kid. That's not what she wants, Danny boy! It's not what Mindy or Michelle or Ruby want either!

But, feeling awkward, I tried to change the subject some. "The one who really needs to visit the dungeon room is Ruby. You and I should work together to straighten her out."

Cindy shyly asked, "You don't... really... have a dungeon room, do you? Honestly!"

I laughed, but then I saw that she was serious. Geez! What kind of stuff has Mindy been putting into her head?

I laughed. "No. Of course not." I was making quick work of her arms. I'd covered one already and Cindy had lifted her other arm, allowing me to cover that one. That also had the effect of bringing my body closer and higher over hers. "But you'd be amazed what one can do with a rec room - and a fertile imagination."

She giggled, nervously. "I thought not, or I would have heard of it already. It's just... I wouldn't put anything past you. Especially since Mindy told me you've been spanking her lately."

Now it was my turn to be put off-balance. "What?! She told you that?"

She laughed, more genuinely this time. "Earth to Dan: she tells me everything! And weren't you right there when she called me after the spanking?"

"Oh yeah. I forgot."

"If you so much as kiss her on her wrist, I'm probably gonna find out! Sorry."

"Figures." I sighed, partly playfully and partly sincerely. I was glad that wasn't really true lately, though, or else Cindy would already know a great deal more about my current sex life than she already did. But she had a point in general, so I said, "I'm finding out I have a lot less privacy than I thought I did. Next time I have sex with my wife, I might as well just do it on a stage and sell tickets!"

Cindy replied in a near whisper, "I'd buy one." She blushed.

Man, this woman is really getting me hot! Forget about age - just like my wife Mindy, she's very nearly the equal of our daughters in terms of physical beauty, and that's just about the highest mark of praise I can think of! And her firm and high D-cups are heaving even more than before. This is going great!

My hands were making quick work of applying the lotion on her neck and collarbone area, so I could get my hands on those beauties.

Out of the blue, she asked in a near whisper, "So, what's it like?"

I had no idea of what "it" she was referring to, since I had such a wide variety of possible interpretations to choose from. "What's what like?"

"Spanking a full grown woman... like Mindy?"

"It's hard to explain," I replied honestly enough. I'd only started spanking Mindy a little bit in the last few days.

"Does it, you know... work?"

"What do you mean?"

She looked away, because she was too embarrassed to look at me as she asked her next question. "Does she, you know, fall into line? After the spanking? Is she, er, more obedient?"

In truth, the answer was no. My wife was never really obedient, period. But I knew that wasn't what Cindy wanted to hear, so I didn't say that. I took a whiff of the air and smelled pussy. Cindy obviously was getting VERY turned on. Inspired, I added devilishly, "Maybe it's better if I show you. First hand."

She squealed with fear and desire. "You wouldn't!"

Things were getting too arousing. I had to calm things down or else I'd be raping her in a matter of minutes, with a whole 'giggle' of nearby witnesses watching. So I said, "Well... no." I was going to leave it at that, but then, I couldn't help but add, "Not unless you're naughty."

She whispered, "What if I gave you my permission?"

Again, I felt awkward with such blatantly sexual talk. After all, I'd known this woman just as a close friend for as long as I'd known my wife, since they'd been friends the entire time. There was a sort of taboo on her that I was afraid to break.

So I awkwardly tried to shift the subject back to Ruby. "You know, we really should work together on Ruby. I feel strongly that she and Michelle should date boys their own age, don't you?"

Luckily, she went along with that dramatic change of topic. "Oh, definitely! Although, that's not going to stop you from having your way with her to your heart's content, is it? Mindy's been explaining to me that the 'new' Dan is pretty much unstoppable. If you see a woman you like, and she qualifies with the six or so rules that Mindy and you agreed upon, you just take her! Isn't that right?" She was panting pretty heavily.

This wasn't really helping cool things down. "Um, well..." Mindy really had been telling tales. I was beginning to think Mindy did need a real spanking, just to keep her in line. And with that thought, my cock seemingly grew another inch.

Cindy continued, nearly breathlessly, "So Ruby doesn't really stand a chance. How can I be angry with her? She's had a crush on you since the far side of forever, believe me, and it's only grown over time, rather than diminishing like I thought it would. So it only makes sense that once you decided to spread your seed around, she would be the first to fall into your nefarious, evil clutches, bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

She rubbed her hands together like a gleeful mad scientist, really hamming it up. I guess being around Mindy all those years had influenced her sense of humor. My wife loved her mad scientist "bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha" moments.

But then she immediately returned to normal (if normal meant "extremely aroused"). "Of course she's falling hard and is in your complete power, because it's what she wants and has desired for so long already. I should just admit that there's not much I can do to stop it. You're such a desirable man, Dan! You have no idea! I just worry about Michelle."

"You do? Why?" This was not good. It also probably wasn't the best timing that my lotion-covered fingers had finally reached the upper slopes of her heaving breasts. Like the rest of her skin, she was well covered with lotion already, but it looked like she wasn't going to tell me to stop.

"I do! Do you realize that she lusts after you nearly as much as Ruby does? I've never even told Mindy about this, but I've overheard them talking about you from time to time, and the things they say would make you blush! You're not... uh, fucking Michelle already, are you?"

"Of course not!" Technically, that was true, since she'd used the word "fucking." I was even more shocked by her use of the word "already," almost like she thought it was just a matter of time. My hands were all over her slicked-up breasts now, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to remain "professional" about it.

"But you could!" she said breathlessly. "You're just so handsome and dominant, and she's so TOTALLY in love with you, that she'd let you do anything!"

I was surprised that Cindy didn't seem disturbed by this. Maybe, in calmer moments, she'd be appalled, but right now her lust was taking over. Her chest was heaving so much that I felt forced to grip her big tits with both hands, so they wouldn't swing about and crash into each other (or at least not quite so much), and I did so.

Somehow, my holding her chest kind of put the lotion application on the back burner and turned into more of just stroking and kneading them with both hands.

Cindy looked down at my hands with eyes as big as saucers. She didn't say a word, but her moaning grew much louder and even more erotic.

Things were getting out of control, and again I felt almost afraid. I couldn't erase the 'off limits' sign I associated with Cindy in a matter of minutes. If I really did seduce her, there was no going back. Besides, there were five girls within eyesight. I looked over at them.

The chatterboxes had fallen completely silent. All five heads were facing the same direction right now, my direction.

Shit! This is not good!

Cindy, though, didn't realize we had an audience. She closed her eyes and sighed lustily. "Of course, if I did try to stop you, with Ruby or anyone else, you'd probably just spank my ass! Down in the dungeon."

"Down in the dungeon?" Now she's really off in fantasy land. Definitely not good! Both my hands had somehow drifted up to her nipples, and soon they were being twisted in the same way I'd been twisting Mindy's.

I cursed, Damn you, hands! Damn you! Down, boys! Not now, not with the girls watching! Reluctantly, I went back to fondling and kneading her tit-flesh, and slowly made my way down to the safer terrain of her stomach. Feeling a bit relieved after this burst of self-control, I said, "There is no dungeon."

I rubbed lotion onto her smooth, firm stomach and down on her hips - very professionally - but I couldn't resist letting my fingers slip beneath the thin string of her bikini bottoms and even a bit under the tiny triangle that covered her pussy. I didn't directly touch her slit or clit, of course. I couldn't have gone that far without the girls noticing it - or at least noticing her reaction. But I went right to the edge.

She panted, "I'll bet you tell all your conquests that, before you take them down there and, and, and... show them things!" It was like she wanted to believe there was one, despite my denials. Maybe Mindy was right about Cindy being a submissive after all. She definitely seemed to be trolling for a spanking.

Trying to keep the mood light, I quipped, "Yep, that's where I keep my collection of memorial plates. And old slide shows of airport runways. It's a torture dungeon... of boredom!"

She laughed, and said, "I'll bet." But from the tone of her voice, you'd think she was purring, "Fuck me! Now!"

She brought her hands up to mine, which were working their way back up to her belly button. I was applying lotion still, but only because it felt better to run my hands over oiled-up skin. However, she placed her hands over mine and then brought them back up to her breasts. She giggled and said while staring knowingly into my eyes, "I think you missed a couple of spots up there."

Obviously that was just a tease since I'd covered every inch of her breasts several times over already. But I couldn't stop myself from fondling them some more, not after she'd insisted.

I looked over at the five girls and saw that they were still staring at us intently. But instead of feeling chastened by that, that only aroused me more.

I tried again to change the subject back to something safer. That meant we had to get off Michelle, because even just thinking the words "get off" and "Michelle" could nearly make me cum. I said, "Cindy, I'm somewhat aware of the situation you mentioned. That's why I feel so strongly that we need to get the BOTH of them dating, and sooner rather than later, or who knows what might happen? How long can I resist Michelle's charms if she tries to come on to me, for instance? I'm only human, after all. Can you work with me on this?"

"Oh YES!" she screamed out nearly orgasmically as my fingers reached her nipples again. "I'll work with you!"

Somehow, judging from her lusty tone, I doubted her definition of "work" was the same as mine right then. I really needed to do something to cool things down before the two of us started rutting in front of five onlookers (probably six - I'd bet dollars to donuts that Mindy was watching from the kitchen, although I couldn't tear my eyes away from Cindy's chest long enough to find out). I couldn't seem to remove my exploring hands from them, either.

So I attempted to keep talking rationally, hoping I wouldn't say more things that Cindy would interpret in a blatantly sexual way. I tried to slow my breast fondling (really, nipple fondling by this point) and my speaking, as I took more breaths to calm myself. "Yeah, we need to work together. Michelle, Ruby, and Mindy are all opposed. I feel like it's three on one with the three of them against me."

Cindy didn't say anything, but from the way her whole body started writhing about, I guessed that she'd taken that the wrong way too. She was probably picturing some kind of foursome orgy.

"Cindy, I'm serious," I said sternly. "If you don't calm down and start taking this seriously, I am going to put you over my lap and spank your bottom 'til it glows in the dark!"

I know, that didn't help matters, but I could hardly help myself. Everything I said or did was making both of us increasingly horny! This was bad! I had half a mind to whip out my erection and... Well, I didn't know what would happen next, but I'm sure there would be lots of orgasms for both of us.

Luckily, someone came over to save me. Or at least I kind of hoped I'd be saved, although to be honest my hope wasn't that strong.

Ruby walked up to us, still wearing just her bikini bottoms. She seemed to be vying with Mindy for the "smirkiest face of the year" award. She said, smugly, "Hi, Mom. So, you still thinking that Dan isn't right for me? You still appalled that I fell for him? How's that working out for you?"

Cindy's response wasn't exactly swift or coherent. "Um..." Her face turned even redder.

What can I say except that I'd lost all control over my hands. I'd long since forgotten about the suntan lotion, which wasn't needed on her big round breasts anyway, since I'd already slathered lotion all over them. I liked Cindy's large nipples, and I was pulling them up and away from her. She really liked that, if her moans and the twitching of her legs were any guide. I wasn't making any attempt to stop, despite Ruby standing right next to me, and Cindy wasn't making any attempt to stop me either.

I'm sure Ruby could see that her mother was very sexually aroused. She figured this was a good time to push the envelope and confess about more of what was really happening. "This is probably as good a time as any for me to tell you that I'm not just getting physical with Dan - I BELONG to him! I want to SERVE him! I want to SUCK his big, fat, throbbing, hard COCK every single fucking day, and I'm doing that already and loving it! You got a problem with that?"

"No!" Cindy looked appalled, but she also looked like she was in the throes of an orgasm. Maybe she was.

Ruby chuckled. "I didn't think so. Dan's hands can be very persuasive. But not as persuasive as his big cock. And don't try to tell me you don't dream about him, and dream about IT!"

Cindy just groaned lustily. She raised her hands up as if she was going to try to swat my hands away, but instead her hands flailed about in the air ineffectively and then fell back to her sides.

Ruby added, "I know you do, because I've heard you masturbating a few times. And do you remember the name you cried out at the peak of climax? I do! It was 'Dan!'"

Cindy squealed from a combination of lust and embarrassment. Her face had turned cherry red already, and her heart had to be racing a mile a minute. She wanted to chastise her daughter, but she was so carried away that all she could manage was, "Ruby!"

Ruby grasped her E-cups from below and pushed them together. She decided to go for broke with her confession. "You know earlier, when you heard the scream 'fuck my tits' from upstairs? That was Dan actually fucking my tits! He just said otherwise to spare you embarrassment. And God, it felt GREAT!"

She was playing with her tits a little bit, sliding them against each other as if she was getting titfucked. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"No." Cindy's eyes were bugged out, watching Ruby's tanned rack.

"Looks like he's working on you next," Ruby said without a trace of jealousy. "Before long..." but then she stopped. I could practically hear the sly grin on her face when she finally continued, "Hell, I'll bet it'll just be a matter of hours before your mouth is stuffed to the gills and chock-a-block full of meaty Dan cock! Would you like that?"

Shit! If that was Ruby holding back, then what did she stop herself from saying?!

Cindy nearly screamed, her moans were so loud. But suddenly her body froze. Then she raised her hips completely up off the lounge chair as her body trembled from head to toe.

Okay, NOW Cindy was obviously having a massive orgasm. But surprisingly, she managed to be relatively quiet about it. No doubt, she was worrying what the other girls would see and hear.

While Cindy was still trembling and dizzy from the intensity of her climax, Ruby smugly said, "Those are nice, aren't they? Dan-gasms. That's what I like to call them. Those are but merely one of many reasons I've given myself completely to him. He owns me, body and soul, even though he's having a hard time fully accepting that just yet. Do you know what, we, Dan's girls, you know what we like to call ourselves? His cock slaves and his sex toys! Do you have a problem with THAT?!"

"NO!" Either Cindy was heading towards a second orgasm, or the first one still wasn't over. It was hard to tell since her body was on fire, twitching and flailing about. I'm sure Mindy was having a rip-roaring snicker-fest from the kitchen as she watched Cindy's arms flailing about helpless in the air. I hated to think how my daughters' other friends were taking this.

I thought, Oh shit! Ruby's letting it ALL hang out! Cindy's so horny that she'll go along with anything at this point, but what about later? Later, she's going to be horrified! There's going to be hell to pay. What mother wants to find out her daughter has become someone's "cock slave?!" I wish I could get Ruby to shut up already, but the cat's out of the bag now anyway.

Ruby bent way over to deliver her verbal message only a foot or so from her mother's head. "Cock slaves! Think about that." Intentionally or not, her bending over practically put her tits in my face too. I could have reached out and grasped them so easily, and I was so insane with lust that I probably would have, except for the fact that I was already holding Cindy's. Plus, I worried what the other girls would see, although it was probably too late to put the cork back in that bottle.

Naturally, I was carried away with my own lust, but there also was a side of me that felt annoyed. Cindy had just promised that she'd support me on the whole dating boys thing, and now she was forgetting all about that in her uncontrollable lust. Three to one odds weren't good, but I might stand a chance at three to two. At four to one, I'd be finished.

I rather lamely attempted to totally ignore Ruby's revelations and change the topic. "Cindy, what about the dating boys idea?"

"Oh yeah. Ruby, you should date boys." Then she started giggling, nearly non-stop. She must have found that an absurd issue in the current situation.

Ruby got huffy. She stood back up and put her hands on her hips. "Oh no, don't tell me you're on HIS side with THAT! Daddy, I can't believe you!"

She started to stomp off, but then turned back and said to us with another impish smile, "Oh by the way, I'm supposed to tell you two that lunch is almost ready."

I finally took my hands off Cindy's breasts. If nothing else, my hands were getting tired. I ran my hand back down over her stomach briefly. You'd never know she'd given birth or that she wasn't in her twenties, looking at that stomach. Furthermore, her breasts had completely defied time and gravity. It was easy to see why she was sometimes mistaken for Ruby's older sister.

I don't know what came over me, but I blurted out, "You know, you've got a fantastic pair of knockers, babe."

Now, normally, half the time a guy says something that un-PC, he gets slapped. The other half of the time, he just gets a nasty glare and maybe a few choice words. I felt bad and very nearly covered my mouth with a hand (as if that would help any!). I never, ever said that kind of thing, normally.

But Cindy was so far gone in her lust that she merely giggled a little and cupped the undersides with both hands, thrusting them out. "Oh, rrrrreally," she said saucily, rolling the 'R'. "But how can you be sure? I think you need to explore them with your hands a little bit more, just to be sure."

My cock lurched at that. She obviously knew that I'd just spent the last God knows how many minutes doing nothing but molesting and exploring her fantastic rack, and she wanted me to do it some more? "I wish..." I muttered, but I restrained myself.

I kept my hands on her belly, hoping that would help take things down a notch. As I fondled her there, I said, "You know, you've got a really amazing stomach too. You must work out a lot, because you have the slightest traces of six-pack muscles. I love these muscular curves. And yet it's so smooth and soft."

But then, thinking about the watching girls, I let go of her altogether.

She purred, "Mmmm! I can see what they mean, how they say you just... take control." She shivered lustily. "You're a smooth talker, and you have magic hands. Touch me there. Please!"

Again I ran my hands over her stomach. I explored my way down her hips too, dipping briefly, teasingly, under each strap of her swimsuit. But then, somehow, I found the willpower to pull my hands off her altogether again.

"Awww. Spoil sport," she complained.

I sat back on my lounge chair, trying to clear my head so I could somehow go inside and have at least a semi-normal lunch.

Cindy was also trying to get her act together, although at first she didn't do much except idly run her hands over her chest and stare into space dreamily. "Wow, that was..."

"Yeah..." I agreed.

Okay, maybe it wasn't better than sex, but it was as good as sex, certainly. Unfortunately, while I knew Cindy had cum at least a couple of times, especially while I was working on her nipples, I hadn't cum at all. My penis was suffering, big time.

I joked, "So, you want to turn over so I can do your legs and ass now?"

I thought that might get a laugh, but instead she lustily moaned, "Oh! My ASS!" Then she did roll over on her lounge chair! She pulled her tiny bikini bottoms into her ass crack, practically turning it into a G-string. "Yes, do my ASS!"

I gulped as I stared down on her fine posterior, effectively bare, if I didn't look above her ass crack. But I was afraid to touch it. I knew that if I did, I'd end up covering it in suntan lotion, and then my very own spermy kind of lotion, maybe even more than once! I could just picture six awed faces plastered to the kitchen window as the others watched me fuck Cindy doggy style.

No, I needed to have control. I wanted Cindy, painfully badly, but this was not the time or place.

To make matters worse, she started to shimmy her hips, causing her ass cheeks to jiggle in ways that soon had me panting. Then she moaned, "Dan, you know all that talk about spanking? Well, if I'm bad, you have my permission. Maybe it's time you put me in my place, right next to my daughter!"

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Is she hot to trot or what?! I think I WILL do that! I think I WILL spank their naked asses, side by side! Fuuuuck! If only we were alone, I'd throw caution to the wind and really seduce her all the way. Damn those girls!

I used all my willpower to keep my cool and just say, "Um, okay, I'll remember that. But we really do need to go inside. The others may be watching."

That seemed to get through to her, especially the part about the others watching. She rolled over and then covered her breasts with her arms. She sat up and looked around with worry.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that the others had been staring blatantly at us nearly the whole time. Luckily, they'd seen she was getting up and turned away just in time.

She seemed to be coming out of a deep sexual fog. She shook her head, as if to shake the cobwebs away, and asked in amazement, "Did I hear right? Did Ruby mention something about you calling her a 'cock slave' and a 'sex toy' just now?"

"Um, well, yeah, but that's just kind of joking around. Well, not so much joking as she likes to wildly exaggerate. You know how it is when people get really aroused. They'll say anything in the heat of the moment. I think she wanted to say something that would really shock you."

"I see. She certainly did!" She was probably thinking about some of the things she'd just been saying in the heat of the moment. And if she'd thought about it, she might have realized Ruby sounded very serious.

I thought, Did I really just get away with that explanation?! Ruby is far too reckless. It's not just how Cindy will react now when she's super horny, but what about later?!

Finally, looking away but with more deliberation, she said, "Sorry, Dan. I don't know what came over me. I promise I'll support you on the dating idea. I just kind of..."

"I know. I did too. That's all right. These things happen."

"But that shouldn't happen to me! Gaawwwd! I'm so embarrassed. I'm behaving just as badly as Ruby. I suppose... the, the chickens are coming home to roost. Mindy's been raving about you and your sexual prowess for years and I... I'm sorry. I sort of got overly excited there."

She suddenly seemed overcome with embarrassment. Her face was already blushing red, but she winced and shut her eyes tightly.

I figured the odds were good she was thinking about some things that had been said, especially Ruby's revelation that Cindy called my name when she masturbated. That would embarrass anybody.

I tried to be encouraging and minimize what had just been said and done. Seducing her was a case of two steps forward and one step back, and it was time to take a step back. "That's okay. I should have been stronger myself. But there's nothing really to forgive, is there? We didn't really DO anything. All I did was put some suntan lotion on your chest with a little, er, extra vigor."

She giggled and looked down at her chest. "Yeah, emphasis on 'extra vigor,' you naughty man." She was feeling slightly regretful, but it was clear she was still horny too.

I stood up, and then I reached out for her hand. "Come on. Let's go inside and eat." I was being gallant, but taking her hand also forced her to bare her breasts again.

She let herself get pulled up, but then she looked down at her nearly naked body, and gasped. "Oh no! I can't go inside like this! I'll die!"

I looked her over closely, which I'd been doing already anyway. Her nipples were red, hard, and extra puffy from being manipulated, but that probably wasn't the main thing that bothered her. There were quite a few distinct rivulets of pussy juice flowing down her inner thighs, and her standing up had caused a new flood. Her bikini bottoms had a big dark stain on them as well, and there was no doubt what had caused that. They were completely saturated with her juices, and her moving around was just enough to squeeze some of those enticing fluids out of the fabric.

Trying to help her with her embarrassment, I suggested, "Why don't you jump in the pool, dry off, and then come in? I'll wait for you."

"Good idea."

But she didn't move. So, without thinking, but inspired by our spanking talk, I reached out and slapped her nearest nearly bare ass cheek.

The slap wasn't that hard, but she certainly noticed! Her whole body shivered.

I thought, Whoa! Did she just have an orgasm from that?! I couldn't tell for sure, because she suddenly ran a few steps and threw herself into the water. She hadn't even taken her sunglasses off first, and she had to retrieve them before they sank to the bottom.

I was glad to stand there and wait for her, both because I was enjoying the sight of her splashing about, but also to give my erection a break. Although, it didn't really get much of a break at all. If nothing else, I noticed her taking frequent peeks towards my crotch as she swam, and my erection was still boldly outlined in my swimsuit.

Furthermore, swimming in the pool seemed to allow her to regain her composure. She had been frazzled, blushing, and dying of embarrassment. But as she swam, I could see her gradually transform. She stopped swimming in the normal way and changed to showing off her body, especially her lack of any bikini top. For instance, she switched to swimming on her back or on her side, giving me a very good long look.

Her swimming around topless was sexy enough, but after a minute or two she got out of the water. At first, she just stood there, heedless of the water pouring off her, and let me ogle her.

She was radiant! She still wore her bikini bottoms, but she might as well have been completely naked, since they covered so little. Her near nudity made her somewhat shy and bashful, but at the same time she seemed to be much more confident and proud of her body. She made no attempt to cover up and even brazenly stared at me while not minding that I was brazenly staring back at her. It was electric.

I was truly impressed with her body. She was the dictionary definition of an "hourglass figure." Not only did she have large breasts, she had wide hips and a surprisingly narrow waist. I didn't understand why some lucky guy hadn't snatched her up since her divorce, because she had the face and the body of a professional model or an actress. She made me think of some James Bond girl coming out of the ocean dressed in just a bikini, except that she was lacking half of her bikini.

She walked to a nearby towel on a chair, which was a cock-stiffening event in and of itself. It was clear that she was horny as hell and was trying to tempt me with every move she made. Then she REALLY got into the act of drying herself off. It was less of an effort to dry herself off and more of an erotic dance with a towel as a prop. She remained totally silent, yet stared wantonly into my eyes the whole time. It was like she was saying, "Don't you want this? Is this body not worthy? Don't you want to fuck me? Because I want you!"

It was rather remarkable. She'd practically gone from prey to predator. She looked at my crotch with hungry eyes rather brazenly. She was doing her erotic show about ten feet away from me. Had she been in arm's reach, I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd given my bulge a good squeeze or two.

Even her voice sounded more sultry than before when she finally spoke. She said to me, "I give up! I'm just going to have to accept that Ruby belongs to you now, and that she'll do ANYTHING to please you. How could she resist you? That's impossible! You're just so... sexy! So handsome. So... commanding!"

I was beginning to see why Mindy thought Cindy was secretly submissive. That "commanding" aspect really turned her on. I glanced towards the house and confirmed that the girls were not looking through any of the windows. Seeing how Cindy's mood had dramatically changed while she was swimming, I decided it was time for another step or two forward. I simply told her, "Come here. And drop the towel."

I was heady with lust and power when she immediately dropped the towel. Then, with a sultry "come hither and fuck me" smile, she began sashaying towards me. She kept on going right into my arms and then tilted her head up with her lips slightly parted. As if her intention wasn't clear enough, she even got up on her tiptoes to make it easier on me.

I tilted my head down and gave her the lip-to-lip kiss she was so clearly craving. For years, I had tried to suppress my erotic feelings for her, since she was Mindy's best friend. But apparently I had more feelings than I'd realized, and it seemed they all wanted to come to the fore at once, through our kissing. I really gave her a passionate scorcher.

Also, since the girls were no longer looking through the windows, I felt emboldened. I enjoyed the feeling of her big bare tits pressing against my chest, but my first priority was to reach down and firmly clutch her ass cheeks. I paid no attention to her bikini bottoms and kneaded bare ass-flesh.

That caused her to moan in ecstasy into my mouth. Her entire body wiggled and writhed against me. With a particular emphasis on her lower abdomen rubbing against my barely clad erection. I think that started accidentally on her part, but soon she was focusing on rubbing herself there very deliberately. Meanwhile, her hands wound up clutching at my ass cheeks too, although her hands were over my bathing suit.

I realized that things were getting very hot very fast. Our kiss was threatening to spiral out of control, especially due to all of her rubbing against my boner. I also worried that it was just a matter of time before the girls noticed our necking, if we kept it up.

So, using every last shred of willpower, I managed to end our tongue dueling and pull back to just a loose hug.

Cindy seemed completely controlled by her lust, and she mewled petulantly when I broke the kiss. But then her sex haze seemed to clear, at least somewhat. She looked at her nearly naked body in my arms in confusion, and asked, "What's happening to me? To us?!" Then her alarm grew as she exclaimed, "Oh! And Mindy! And, and... Ruby!" Clearly, she was worrying about "cheating" on her best friend, and possibly her daughter as well.

I held up my index finger. "Hold that thought. We'll talk about it in a little while. But first, lunch. Remember, the girls could be watching."

"Oh! Right!" She quickly pulled away. She looked to the window and didn't see the girls there. But that spooked her eyes to stay parted from the hug.

I silently took her hand and walked her back to the house.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Arthvr, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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