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Chapter 42

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As Cindy and I walked to the house, I tried to put our hot kiss out of my mind for the moment and focus on the problem of the girls I would soon be seeing again.

I was warming up to the idea of fully seducing Cindy. In fact, I was downright enthusiastic about the idea by this time. However, I remained determined not to get entangled with the other girls, no matter how sexy and tempting they might be.

My raging boner was feeling so hot, stiff, and sensitive that I was in a bad spot. I decided that the least obscene thing I could do was simply cover my hard-on with my hand and arm. Sure, it was as obvious as all get out, but I figured that beat walking into the dining room in front of all those giggly girls with an obvious raging pole jutting out obscenely from inside my bathing suit with every step. Unfortunately, simply hiding the fact that I had a raging erection was not an option, nor was waiting, unless I wanted to wait a long time.

When Cindy and I came in through the screen door, hand in hand, we discovered that even here in the house and away from the excuse of getting a suntan, it was still bare tits a go-go! The five girls were already sitting topless at the table, while Mindy was walking in from the kitchen with a food tray in her hand, equally topless.

The scene looked sexy as hell, but the mood was not.

It was strange. Mindy, Michelle, and Ruby were staring at me like they wanted me to ravage them on the spot. But Nina, Anjali, and Lisa were staring at me with... fear. Yes, the more I looked around, the more I realized they were downright afraid of me. There was an unsettling hush in the room as well.

Now, I consider myself a nice guy. I don't have any enemies and I like to live and let live. So it was very unsettling for me to be feared like that.

Mindy sensed the same thing I was sensing. She walked up to me and whispered in my ear very quietly. "Hubby, it's probably best if you make yourself scarce for a little while. Some of the girls are spooked."

I nodded, but then I milled about a little longer, just standing there, trying to figure out what was going on. I noticed Lisa had her arms crossed over her bare breasts, and Nina did too. It was like they were afraid I was going to molest their chests. But then it occurred to me that after they'd seen what I just did to Cindy, that wasn't really an unreasonable feeling on their parts.

I looked behind me at Cindy and saw that she was looking deeply ashamed. She was covering her hefty bust with arms and hands too. Probably she was worrying that the others thought she was a slut.

I pretended to have a Eureka moment and opened my eyes wide. I said to Mindy, "Sweetheart, I just remembered. I have to make some urgent phone calls. Can you hold my meal until later?"

I could see the relief in my wife's eyes. "Sure thing, Honey."

I got out of there quickly, hurrying upstairs. As I left, I noticed there was still an eerie silence in the room, when there should have been a cacophony of giggly, happy girls having a grand old time. To be honest, it was more than a bit freaky. This was the same girl gang that had earlier been chanting for me to "take it off!" and the like, except now I had somehow practically become an object of terror for them.

By the time I made it to my office, my erection had gone flaccid. I felt like I'd transformed from Superman back to Clark Kent. I didn't understand what had just happened at all. I took a cold shower.

As I showered, I tried to sort things out in my head. I knew they must have seen at least some of my seduction of Cindy, and that must have been what changed the mood. But I didn't understand why. After all, if they were so keen on having sex with me, wouldn't what I was doing with Cindy make that a much more likely prospect? Thus they should have been more excited and aroused, not less. I didn't get it.

Then I dressed into some casual clothes. I wound up just sitting at my computer and replying to e-mails to keep busy, since I was in no mood to work on my novel.

I found myself thinking about Sue Ellen. I really liked her. Sexually, definitely, but not just that. I was eager to see her again, hopefully later in the day. However, I didn't know when that would happen exactly, or under what circumstances. I needed to consult with Mindy first.

A short time later, Cindy timidly knocked on my door. I almost didn't notice. "Come in," I said.

She came in. Whatever caused the fearful mood downstairs, it seemed to be contagious. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere in the world but there with me. I noticed, too, that she was fully dressed in the same clothes she'd arrived at the house in.

Her hands were folded in front of her and she stared resolutely at the floor. "Um, Dan?"

"Yes?" I swiveled my computer chair to face her.

"Um, I just wanted to say that while I, er, enjoyed your, uh, what you did with the suntan lotion, and the, uh, hello kisses... which were divine... I said some things I really didn't mean, in, uh, the... er... heat of the moment."

It had been a slow struggle for her to get that out, but now she said in a hurried rush, like it was one word, "So I gotta go I've got some things to do I'll see you later!"

She turned to leave, but I stopped her with a "Wait!"

She froze, but still faced the door instead of me.

"What kind of things?"

She obviously didn't want to answer that. "Um, some of the more risqué things."

"Such as?" I wasn't just being mean; I really wanted to know so I could understand her boundaries.

"Please don't make me say. Some of the really wild things. Insane things."

I thought back and remembered Ruby standing there with us and saying, "I BELONG to him! I want to SERVE him! I want to SUCK his COCK every day, and I am already! You got a problem with that?"

True, that was Ruby talking and not Cindy, but then Cindy had replied, "No!"

I had to admit in my mind that was pretty wild and crazy, given that she was Ruby's mother. Her tone was like, "Dan, I wanna do those things to you too!"

I spoke to her backside, since she was on the verge of leaving the room altogether. "I understand what you mean. Some crazy things were said, and I'd already dismissed that as just 'heat of the moment' talk. Remember what I said about how Ruby and I said some crazy things to each other in the heat of the moment too? That's no big deal. Don't worry about it. I enjoyed the whole experience. I don't feel ashamed, and I don't think you should either."

"Well, I do," she said, still facing away from me.

"I don't see why you should. You have an incredible body and you should be very proud of it. I can't believe you're anywhere near forty. It's just not possible."

"But you know I am."

I was still talking to her back, but her voice was warmer and louder now. Despite the serious situation, I had become such a shameless lecher lately that I was also taking the opportunity to ogle her fine ass through her shorts.

I said, "If you are, then you must have spent at least fifteen years in some kind of frozen state in a time suspension machine or something, because you don't look a day over 20."

She turned around and put her hands on her hips. "Now, Dan, that's just bullshit and you know it. 'Time suspension machine.' Huh! That's a pile of manure big enough to grow a garden." Her tone was huffy, but she couldn't help but smile at the compliment.

"I'm serious. If it were up to me, I'd STILL be applying lotion to your chest. I'll bet Ruby looks at you and turns green with envy."

She snorted derisively and defensively covered her bosom with an arm. "Ruby? Jealous of MY body? Are you kidding?!" But she was happily eating up the compliments.

"She should be. She may have some impressive measurements, but you've got the moves. She's just growing into her body, but you know exactly what to do with it. And then there's your waist."

"My waist? What about my waist?" She dropped her arms to her sides and she was preening and posing just a little bit.

"Cindy, you must know you've got an incredibly narrow waist. I could practically circle it with my two hands. It gives your body an almost comic book hourglass shape and makes your other assets stand out. That's something that even Ruby, with her curves, must envy. Girl, you have an incredible body!"

"'Girl?'" she snorted in disbelief, but she loved that too.

Now that she was turned my way, I decided to look her in the eyes. "You should be proud of yourself. That's why I'm not ashamed, and neither should you be. Like I said, you'd better not let me put suntan lotion on you again, because I'll probably end up taking a couple of days to do it. Hell, maybe a whole week!" I smiled, and hoped it came out looking mostly friendly and not too lusty.

The effect of some heartfelt compliments can be an amazing thing. When Cindy came in, she was hunched over and had a defeated and ashamed air about her. Now, she stood proud and defiant. She walked right up to me and pushed me in the chest with both her hands. It had no effect, since I was sitting on a computer chair on a hardwood floor, and the chair had rollers. I just glided a foot or two until the chair banged into my desk (which was kind of fun, by the way).

She said in mock anger, "You flatterer! You think you'll just throw some compliments around and everything will be alright. Is that what you think?"

"I don't know. I can't really think - at all - in the presence of such beauty."

She rolled her eyes and sighed a mock sigh, but she was clearly loving every word. She stepped forward and pushed my chest again, causing my chair to glide away a second time. "You're a case! You're dangerous, Dan!"

She twirled around and headed back to the door, but there was a spring in her step now. As she got to the door, she stopped and looked back over her shoulder. With a smoldering, sexy look, she said, "Upon reflection, I don't take back ALL of those crazy things I said. Just most of them." Then she winked and walked out.

Once she was gone, I mentally patted myself on the back. I felt like I'd handled that very well, especially since I was on a Mindy-assisted campaign to bed her. I felt like I'd turned a negative into a positive.

I was surprised that we didn't talk more. There was a lot hanging in the air between us, after the kisses and touches we'd shared in the last twenty-four hours. Our relationship was on the cusp of changing dramatically, and in fact we'd almost certainly already passed some point of no return. But where were we heading?! She had to be as eager for answers as I was. However, apparently she'd decided that this wasn't the time or place for that discussion.

That was okay by me. I figured that it would help if she had some time to think things over and come to grips with the new reality, such as the fact that she'd had to share me with her daughter. That was especially true since she'd just left on a positive note.

Feeling emboldened, I went downstairs to see how the girls down there were faring. I figured I was on a roll and maybe I could charm the girls who had seemed positively afraid of me a little while ago.

It had been less than half an hour since I'd gone upstairs, but Lisa, Nina, Anjali, and even Ruby were gone. Mindy and Michelle were in the kitchen, finishing the clean-up operation from having fed a crowd. The situation seemed positively normal. Both of them were dressed in normal clothes too.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by all the normality.

I walked in and said, "Howdy. Where is everyone?"

Michelle replied while washing dishes, "They all left. I just saw Ruby and Cindy out a minute or two ago. At least Cindy left in a good mood." She cocked her head and looked at me quizzically. "What did you say to her?"

Michelle's tone and implication led me to understand that the others obviously hadn't left in a good mood.

I wanted to get to the heart of this mystery right away, so I replied, "Nothing special, really. But what in blazes happened down here? The girls were practically scared of me when I came in. This place is like a morgue. Even you and Mindy still look bummed. I don't get it. Did I do something wrong?"

Mindy decided the kitchen was clean enough and walked around the counter to where I stood. "You did."


"The way you mauled Cindy's breasts for what seemed like hours."

Taken slightly aback, I quickly replied, "I understand that freaked her out for a while, but I think I smoothed that over. She came up to apologize for acting too slutty and I basically showered her with compliments. She left practically giddy, in my opinion."

Mindy cocked an eyebrow at that. "Really? Well, that's good, at least. I was in the kitchen so I didn't see her as she left. I'll take your word for it, though."

"So what's the big problem?" I asked. "Why are you and Shelle acting like someone ran over your puppy?"

Mindy sat on one of the stools at the kitchen counter and nodded at me to sit on another one.

I did.

Michelle came around the counter to sit on the third one.

Mindy said, "I suppose it's not a really big blow, now, since we already decided that you aren't going to sleep with Lisa, Anjali, or Nina-"

Michelle cut in, sounding peeved. "What?! Hey! Nobody told ME that!"

Mindy replied, "How could we? Dan and I were just discussing this an hour or so ago, and our guests just left. The bad news for them is, Dan quite honestly has no interest in them. He says he'd rather be fucking you and Ruby."

Michelle's face immediately went from upset to pleased as punch. "Oh. Well. That's different." She even straightened up a little bit on her stool. Now she was radiating satisfaction.

I protested, "Wait, I didn't say that, exactly. Shelle, you know I can't go all the way with you. But I'd rather be doing anything physical with you than with them. Obviously, your body, and Ruby's body, are simply far superior to their bodies. That's just a fact. They're beautiful, but the two of you, and my wife, of course, are in a completely different league." I looked to Min and winked.

My wife chuckled. "Nice save."

Michelle growled like a hungry lioness. "Rrrrarr! Mom, I know I just ate, but I'm suddenly hungry again. Hungry for Daddy cock!"

Mindy chuckled some more. "Hold your horses, girl. We're trying to have a serious discussion here."

I continued with Michelle, "But that's not all. I LOVE you and Ruby. I don't love them. If I had sex with them, it would just be a physical act. Pleasurable, yes, but emotionally empty. But with you, it's an act of love. So why should I waste my time with them? They're bombshells, yes, but you're so beautiful that they don't even have words in the English language to describe it."

I figured that since the compliments had worked such wonders with Cindy, I'd try a shower of praise again. My words were basically honest, but I went a little over the top just to make sure she got my point.

Michelle had gone from annoyed, to pleased, to giddy, to even more giddy and then to unmistakably quite horny. She was wearing a shirt and even a bra, surprisingly enough, but the shirt unzipped in the front, and she unzipped it down all the way. As her tanned cleavage came into view, she purred, "Awww, Daddy. You can't mean that!"

She hopped off her stool, came over to mine, and hugged me in a very close and erotic manner. "Mom, do I have the best daddy in creation, or what?" She reached in her shirt and somehow managed to quickly pull her bra out. She tossed it aside. That left a veritable Grand Canyon of cleavage down the unzipped front of her shirt for me to enjoy.

Mindy rolled her eyes and chuckled. "He's pretty great, I'll admit." Then she leaned over and looked down into Michelle's cleavage. She raised an eyebrow, seemingly surprised at just how impressive it was.

I suppose that, like me, my wife could never get used to the sheer size and perfection of Michelle's breasts. I thought I even saw a glint of lust in Mindy's eyes. Maybe I was reading too much into it, but I think she was becoming ever more curious to explore her own bisexual nature - and, like me, becoming ever more turned on by our beautiful daughter.

Michelle suddenly pulled back and asked, "But Daddy! How can you know I'm all that? I think you'd better double check my body to make sure. I need a bombshell check!"

Without even glancing at Mindy for approval, she pulled her shirt all the way off and tossed it aside. Then she yanked her shorts and panties off in one sexy shimmy move. That left her standing before me in her birthday suit.

Mindy whistled in appreciation at her daughter's bared and shaven pussy. "Look, Honey. Now, THERE is a worthy cunt slave, don't you think?"

But Michelle "protested" Mindy's description of her. "Mom, I'm not JUST a cunt slave, or a cock slave. I wanna be an everything slave for Daddy! I'm definitely a tit slave, aren't I?"

She planted her legs far apart, stretched both her arms behind her back as far as they could go, and then thrust her chest out so much that her back was bent back like the letter "C". It was a pretty impressive stretch to make, but still her huge bare breasts stood out even as they wildly bounced around. They naturally jutted out like torpedoes from any position.

Then she said, "I wanna be an ass slave too!" She suddenly turned around, spread her legs even wider, and bent over, grabbing both her ankles. She stood about two feet away from me - far enough for me to get an overall view of her nude body, but close enough for me to reach out and touch her ass if I really wanted to.

She spoke huskily. "Daddy says such nice things, I think he needs to be rewarded a lot!" She pried her ass cheeks apart, as if waiting for me to stick my dick in.

I said to Mindy while roaming my eyes all over my daughter, "What brought THIS on?"

Mindy teased with great understatement, "I think she likes you."

"You think? What gave you that idea?"

Michelle hadn't even been horny a few minutes earlier, so I was actually able to watch her pussy moisten before my very eyes. I saw the first dewy drop of cum leave her pussy lips and start to roll down her skin. It was soon followed by others. I suddenly felt a great urge to know just what that luscious drop of girl cum tasted like.

Michelle, though, apparently wasn't in the mood for our droll comments. She wiggled her ass, and said, "As Daddy's ass slave, I want Daddy to not only fondle my ass cheeks and explore my anus and cunt with his fingers, I want him to fuck my asshole too! In fact, this kind of position would be ideal for some excellent ass slave buttfucking, any time, day or night! Just say the word, and I'll bend over and take it like a good sex pet! Wanton and willing, that's me!"

I said to Mindy wryly, "Kids these days, they lack subtlety."

Mindy chuckled. "That certainly is true." But I could see my wife was eying Michelle's richly tanned ass just as hungrily as I was. She continued to playfully tease Michelle. "You'd think she'd wear a see-through nightie or something like that to entice you, but no. For some crazy reason, she seems to think that stripping off all her clothes, bending over, wiggling her ass, and begging you to fuck her tight asshole will arouse you somehow."

"Crazy," I replied dryly, but still heartily amused.

"Daaaaaadddyyyyyyy!" Michelle complained. She stomped a foot angrily while staying bent over, which almost caused her to topple backwards into me. I had to grab her ass to support her (a tough sacrifice on my part - not!). "Aren't you looking at me? Doesn't my body make you horny?"

I was enjoying yanking her chain, so I said with drastic understatement, "It does have some nice attributes."

"GRRR! 'Nice attributes?!'" She stood back up and spun around. Then, moving even closer to me, she put both hands on her head and spread her legs, like she was ready to be patted down in a check for contraband. "Look at me, Daddy! Look at me! Is this a 'far superior' body, or what? Am I really in a 'completely different league' or not? This body belongs to YOU, to endlessly please YOU, my master, and your fat cock! Seeing you in that bathing suit made me so HUNGRY! Hungry for the King! I had to be quiet with my friends around, but now they're gone!"

She stared at me with fire in her eyes. "Don't you want to throw me over your shoulders, carry me upstairs caveman-style, and fuck me for hours and hours? 'Cos you should, right now! That's what I need! I need to get FUCKED by my DADDY for HOURS!"

She apparently excited herself beyond some breaking point because she suddenly shouted, "I wanna be a mouth slave too!" Then she felt to her knees and launched herself at my crotch. Within seconds, my shorts were down below my knees and the near half of my erection she could fit in her mouth without deep throating me had vanished from sight!

As Michelle began to passionately slide her lips up and down my shaft, Mindy laughed gaily.

"What's so funny?" I asked her. I had to speak up to be heard over the sound of Michelle gagging on my cock, since she was going as deep as she could manage.

My wife just gave me a salacious wink of amusement. "Don't you think it's amusing how quickly you turned her mood around? Is that what you did to Cindy upstairs? Did she leave here happy because she left with a belly full of your seed after you fucked her face?"

"I wish. I'm warming up to your Cindy schemes in a big way, but I haven't gotten that far yet. But honestly, what's going on here?!"

Mindy was smirking as she replied, "You and I are having a casual post-lunch chat while your daughter is naked and slurping between your legs, gorging herself on your improbably fat cock just like she's always wanted. Just another typical day at the Cooper house." She was obviously pleased as can be.

"Post-lunch for you," I pointed out with surprising calm in my voice, considering the all-out tongue and lips attack going on down below. "I still haven't eaten. I had to flee upstairs because of the weird mood down here."

"Oh, sorry. Let me get you something. Obviously you're in no position to move, what with the way your daughter is slobbering all over your cock and all! And it looks like she's already busy getting her own kind of special creamy snack, so no need for me to get something yummy for her." She chuckled.

I asked, "You really love all this, don't you?"

"I do! Every last slurpy sound hits me like your very best kiss. Just THINKING about it makes me cream! How 'bout some PB 'n' B?" she asked nonchalantly, as if nothing were out of the ordinary at all.

By the way, "PB 'n' B" is what our family calls peanut butter and banana, a sandwich commonly made for lunch in our house.

"Sure." I was going to stroke Michelle's long blonde hair, but it was bobbing back and forth on my cock too fast now. So I stood up from the high stool and ran a hand along the hair cascading down her back instead. She didn't lose her sucking rhythm at all while I repositioned.

Mindy smiled brightly. "Good move. I think she prefers to suck you when you're standing. Especially when you're at least partially clothed and she's totally nude, like you are now. It better symbolizes how you're the master and she's the slave. You're all cool and collected and in total control, while she's completely succumbed to her lust! She can't help but slurp on your fat cock with all her might, with caved-in cheeks and a tight lip seal, in the vague hope that she might hear you let out a sexy moan of approval. She's literally a wild and wanton slave, a slave to her lust, a slave to your overpowering cock!"

Michelle moaned loudly and repeatedly. She also probably nodded her head vigorously, although it was hard to tell since her head had been bobbing that way already. I got the impression that if she could have talked, she would have said that she agreed wholeheartedly with what her mother had just said.

I thought that over, while continuing to luxuriate in the intense arousal. Min has a point! Since Shelle is submissive, she must get off on that very sort of thing. I'm going to try a little experiment here. Instead of letting on how much she's getting to me, I'll try to stay aloof. At least as aloof as I can while she's sucking my very soul right out of me!

With that in mind, I said, "Min, that's all well and good, but I'm hungry. How 'bout that PB 'n' B sandwich?"

Michelle moaned even louder than her previous outburst, which was impressive. And somehow she took her cocksucking up another notch. For instance, she began using even greater suction. I hadn't realized that was physically possible, since she was going at it like an industrial vacuum cleaner already. And she slowed down instead of speeding up. That was much more arousing because she was controlling her wild movements and honing in on my sweet spot and other sensitive regions, to devastating effect!

Meanwhile, Mindy commented, "You're thinking peanut butter and banana, I know. But that also stands for 'penis, balls, and buns,' which seems to be becoming an even more common mid-day snack around here." She winked at me and got up, just as Michelle made a particularly obscenely wet and loud slurping noise around the inches I had in her mouth.

It seemed that Michelle was inspired by Mindy's "penis, balls, and buns" comment, because she reached between my legs and started fingering her way up my ass to my anus. Then she pushed her index finger in it and started wiggling it around!

Mindy couldn't directly see what was happening to my back side, but she noticed when Michelle's hand went between my legs, and she could figure out what Michelle was doing when my eyes went as wide as saucers. "Ha! You go, girl! That's what I call a PB 'n' B treat!"

I just stood there for a minute or more, watching Mindy make my sandwich. The finger in my ass felt exceeding strange, but very arousing.

I realized that my experiment suggested my theory was correct, and she got off on me acting aloof. It seemed the more difficult I made things, the more she strived to get a reaction out of me. The only problem with that was the test was too successful. I wasn't going to be able to hold out long, with her going all out like this!

The finger in my ass was really getting to me. Even though she hadn't penetrated to my prostate, at least not yet, it was driving me wild.

I thought she couldn't do any more to stimulate me, but I was wrong.

Michelle moaned lustily and started shifting her position. I wasn't sure what she was up to until she tried to take me even deeper, gagging and coughing loudly. She refused to pull back more than an inch or so to catch her breath through her nose before trying again.

My blonde bombshell daughter was trying to deep throat me again! Except that unlike this morning, she was now once again having difficulty in getting everything lined up right so as to take me into her throat. And since she wouldn't stop trying, that meant that the wet and loud slurping noises, along with sounds of her gagging and spluttering and heavy breathing, echoed throughout the kitchen to reverberate obscenely in my ears.

I was half expecting to hear a cheesy cheap porno music soundtrack start up in the background, as my own daughter tried repeatedly to swallow my cock whole, while my wife happily watched. Feeling her gagging on the thickness of my cock was beyond incredible!

Had she remembered to keep wiggling her finger to my prostate, I would have had no choice but to blow my load much too soon. Luckily for me, she was so focused on her deep throat attempt that the finger in my ass stayed still, for now.

Suffice it to say, the Cheshire cat had nothing on Mindy right now, as she watched me helplessly hold onto Michelle's constantly moving head. Instead of heading to the cabinets to get the sandwich fixings, she went for the phone. "Hold on. I'm thinking that we'll probably have a serious conversation coming up. Ruby should be here."

Before I could gasp out a protest, she picked up the receiver and dialed a number. "Ruby? It's Mindy. Michelle has got four inches and counting of Daddy cock in her mouth and needs help with the rest! Get over here, fast!"

After she hung up, she chuckled and said, "That'll get her out of her house faster than if she thought it was on fire. It's a good thing she lives right down the street. Anyway, Honey, do you have a question?"

"Yes, I... do." Damn Michelle was good! She'd given up on her deep throating efforts for now, but her going back to tried-and-true techniques instead was making it hard for me to talk.

I valiantly struggled to keep the conversation going. "So what was... the deal... with those three girls, already? They must... have been in... a hurry to... get out of... here."

"They were," Mindy replied from the kitchen, speaking up to be heard over Michelle's shamelessly noisy efforts at my crotch. "I know you couldn't help yourself when presented with Cindy's magnificent rack, so I can't blame you for that. And it's pretty much my fault. I basically left you there with an open invitation to ravish her body. But you have to understand how these girls are, Michelle and Ruby aside. They worship the ground you walk on."

Michelle suddenly pulled my erection out of her mouth and switched to licking around the cockhead and especially back and forth over my sensitive frenulum, so she could talk too. "Hey! I worship Daddy too. And I worship his COCK! I just wanna worship it, and suck it, and stroke it, and lick it, and get fucked by it, for hours and hours and hours!"

In addition to licking the top of my shaft, she stroked the base, and tugged on my balls for good measure. She was doing everything she could to show how much she "worshipped" my privates.

Then I gasped, because she remembered to resume wiggling her finger against my prostate. Sweet Jesus! I'm gonna die of pleasure!

Mindy chuckled. "I stand corrected."

But Michelle wasn't done. With her mouth still free, she exclaimed, "I want him to cum on me, all over me! And IN me! Daddy, I need you to cum IN me! I want you to paint my face! Paint it now! But more than that, I want you to cum in my CUNT! Break my damn hymen! Make me your FULL cunt slave!"

She wrapped her lips around my cockhead and sucked, causing her cheeks to collapse in as she worked up another serious vacuum suck.

I clutched the edge of the counter with a vice-like grip. Things were getting crazy. I was thankful for my PC muscle squeezing trick, because that was the only thing stopping me from shooting off like a fire hose.

Mindy joked, "See what a few compliments will get you around here?"

I tried to talk somewhat normally, though it wasn't easy. "Yeah, I, uh, noticed. The only problem is, uh... I'm up high... and I, um... I can't really play with, with... my daughter's busty goodness."

In fact, now that Michelle had slowed down just a little bit from the "fury" of her initial "attack," I was amazed at how good I was getting at talking (and thinking) in the middle of an all-out blowjob, considering everything. I was even getting pretty good at controlling my breathing. It was true I was breathing pretty hard, but given all she was doing to me I figured I was managing well to be able to string a whole sentence together.

It was important I did, because my words were a kind of hail Mary. I hoped Michelle was listening and she'd rise up to let me play with her great F-cups. If she did, she'd have to stop sucking my cock, giving me at least a chance to delay my climax until after Ruby got here.

Luckily, Michelle took the bait.

In fact, she had been up on one knee to reach my crotch, which didn't seem that comfortable. But she suddenly pulled her mouth off my pole, stood up, and kissed me on the lips. She yanked my shirt up to my armpits and then her hands grabbed my wrists and brought my hands up to her jutting twin peaks. "Daddy, Daddy! Play with my tits! Correction, YOUR tits!"

She didn't say more, because her hot and eager mouth was back on mine a second later. I tried to play with her nipples as we necked, but it was hard, since she was intent on rubbing her jutting torpedoes up and down my bare chest. And though she had to pull her finger out of my ass when she'd stood up, she still used both hands to keep playing with my cock and balls.

What she was doing continued to be very arousing. But it gave my cock just enough of a respite to take me out of the immediate danger zone. I was learning.

I thought, Crap! Shelle's breasts are bigger than most people's HEADS! Jesus, this girl is stacked! And she can suck like a Hoover vacuum! And she's my SLAVE now! My sex slave! Lord have mercy!

I looked over at my wife. She was happily whistling as she made me a sandwich. You'd never know just by looking at her that I was being sexually "molested" by our daughter just a few feet away. In fact, she seemed to revel in acting like a June Cleaver housewife while remaining fully aware of all the wild sexual acts taking place in the same room.

During a pause for breath between kisses, Michelle said to me, "I wish I could be kissing you AND sucking your cock at the same time. I need two mouths!"

"Second mouth, coming right up!" Mindy came around the counter, ready to join in.

As appealing as that idea was, I was really puzzled by what had happened with the other girls. "Wait! What about our conversation? I have questions."

Just then, the doorbell rang.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Arthvr, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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