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Chapter 43

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy had just pulled her blouse off, leaving her naked, and she was starting to kneel at my crotch next to Michelle. But she smiled upon hearing the doorbell. "Talk about good timing. That must be Ruby."

She hurried off to answer the front door, clutching her blouse to her chest just in case it was someone other than Ruby.

I was a bit distracted with all the tit play and kissing, but a minute or two later, I heard Mindy's voice growing in volume as she explained to Ruby while they walked through the house towards us, "...so while you and Michelle take turns sucking his cock, I'm gonna explain what happened to those girls. But feel free to chime in. Okay?"

I heard Ruby reply, "Okay. Sounds great! Hey, Daddy!"

Michelle suddenly pulled away from me.

Just as I straightened in place and started to look around, Ruby smothered me in a great big naked hug. Where did her clothes go? I looked over my shoulder and saw a trail of them through the living room.

Grinning from ear to ear, Ruby said, "I understand there's an important 'conversation' I can't miss out on." She made quote marks in the air, since she didn't think any important talking was actually on the agenda.

Michelle joked as she ran her fingers up and down my ass crack, "'Conversation' is the latest slang for 'well-hung horse cock.'" She was slinking her busty body all over my back, since Ruby was occupying my front.

"Ah. Well, let's start 'discussing' this 'conversation' already, then." Ruby gleefully made quote marks twice more.

My erection was standing straight up, pressed against her, pointing towards her belly button. She found that interesting, and started sliding her whole body up and down to stimulate it.

Michelle griped with a sexy moan, "Ruuuubyyyy! It's not fair if you get all the cock. Mom just said we should take turns on it. I heard her. Besides, remember Rule Number Three."

"'Share the cock,'" Ruby accurately quoted the rule. She reluctantly pulled back.

We have a love seat that comfortably seats two located halfway between the kitchen counter area and the dining room table, and Michelle and Ruby led me over to that. They both dropped to their knees and began a dual blowjob while I just sat there.

Man, I can't even begin to explain what an incredible sight it is to see my two buxom and gorgeous daughters naked between my legs, happily slurping their way up and down their respective sides of my erection!

This time, they both kept their arms pinned behind their backs. I didn't quite understand how or why that happened, since I didn't say a word to them about it and they didn't say anything to each other. But I enjoyed how it left four massive, round, and nicely tanned tits all lined up and pressed together.

That was just too tempting for me. I reached out with both hands to fondle all that luscious tit-flesh.

Then Mindy walked up to me, completely naked too. She handed me the PB 'n' B sandwich and then had me scoot over a bit so she could curl up next to me in the love seat.

Nobody had been holding my cock in place while the focus was on my tit fondling, so Mindy took it in hand. "Now, THIS is the way to properly hold a serious family conversation, don't you agree, Honey?"

I could only laugh because I was so absurdly pleased with the situation. The only problem was that I was growing increasingly hungry and there was no way I could eat a sandwich in those conditions.

My wife looked down as she jacked me off. "Just look at them. They're just a couple of horny, incestuous bitches in heat, aren't they? Look at their round naked butts wiggling back and forth as they put their entire bodies into starting their cocksucking efforts."

I couldn't see their butts, since their upper torsos were in the way. But they were listening to Mindy talk, and as soon as she said that both of them adjusted their positions so they were on all fours. Now their butts jutted proudly up in the air. They happily wiggled their asses with extra gusto, knowing I was looking at them there.

Wow! Quite possibly, the only sight more inspiring and arousing than seeing these two vixens sucking my cock while kneeling is seeing them doing the same while on all fours, with their asses wiggling like that. WOW!

My wife was thinking along similar lines while her fingers slid up and down my shaft. "Have you ever seen a more inspiring sight? I can't stop thinking about sex these days, mainly due to them."

Obviously basking in the attention, the two girls started swaying their asses even more, and doing it in perfect time, no less! Forget cocksucking! They don't even need to touch me to get me to cum, as long as they keep doing that!

They hadn't been in contact with my cock, but they started flicking their tongues outside their mouths, showing Mindy their eagerness for more oral action. Interestingly, they both stuck their tongues out as much as possible at the same time without seeing the other one doing it.

Mindy was absolutely delighted. She kept my cock pointing up and out of range as she told them, "Good girls! Just like pets! Sex pets! But you're hungry for Daddy cock instead of a tasty treat. Actually, Daddy's cock IS your tasty treat. I love how you're willing to totally humiliate yourself, wiggling your sexy bare asses while on all fours, just so you can cram your mouth full with hot cock-meat! Well, come and get it! Show Daddy what obedient and good little sex pets you are!"

With that, she changed the angle of my pole from pointing straight up to pointing straight out.

Both girls lunged forward. I'm sure that if they had been alone some frantic cocksucking would have followed, because they were extremely hot and bothered. But since there were two of them there, they began licking on "their sides" of my cockhead.

Naturally, I found this all very arousing too, especially since they immediately started lapping on my sweet spot together. It was a challenge for me to think, much less talk, but somehow I managed to comment, "Min, it seems to me you're enjoying looking at their firm and fuckable bodies even more than I am!"

"Oh, yes! But that's because you're being distracted by the double tongue action and I'm not. I get to fully focus on and appreciate their centerfold-quality bodies. But kids, slow down on the slurping, okay? We're about to have a serious conversation here and you're getting your father a little too excited. Besides, I don't want to have to talk over all that deliciously slurpy noise. You're making me salivate too much too."

They moaned in frustration, but complied. Ruby began licking my balls instead, leaving most of my shaft to Michelle. That felt almost as good, but it greatly lessened my worry that I'd have to cum soon.

I asked my wife, "Before we get started on my earlier question, I'm curious. I don't mean to boast, but I'm kind of amazed at my stamina lately. For instance, I should have blown my load long before Ruby got here, but I didn't. I realized I've been getting better bit by bit these past couple of years. Min, have you been training me, knowing it would come to this?"

My wife answered in surprisingly straight-forward fashion. Perhaps she was too horny and distracted to get clever and evasive. "Actually, I have. That's exactly it. I knew you were going to need to increase your stamina by leaps and bounds to keep up with these two, given all their talk of worshipping your cock all day long. Not to mention all your other lovers you'd have to satisfy. So I taught you how to improve your PC muscle control and worked with you in subtle ways almost every time we fucked."

She concluded, "And it's paid off! You've exceeded all my expectations with the extreme arousal you can endure. You've managed to steadily increase the number of times you cum every day too. It really is awe inspiring! I know you like to stay modest, but if you're not a total stud and a sexual superman, then nobody is! Even you have to admit how amazing your stamina is lately!"

I thought, That explains a lot of things. Tricked again! But again, how can I complain? Nobody is benefitting more from these tricks and surprises than me. Like what we're doing right here. Gaawwwd! So good!

I decided to use one of those tricks she'd taught me to help out. I used a breathing exercise and a mental concentration exercise in combination to calm me down some. It worked after a minute or two, allowing me to breathe and talk easier.

I said to Min, "You know, Ruby's ass is right there, practically bumping into your leg. Why not fondle it?"

Mindy got all nervous, which was cute. She tried to pretend she wasn't interested. "Naaaaah. I need to focus here. The girls are still on all fours, which I LOVE. If I don't hold your cock in place, who will?"

"You have two hands."

She looked at her free hand, making a joke of it. "Hmmm. That would seem to be true... How did THAT happen?!"

I laughed. "You've always had two hands."

"Oh, really? Tell me that now. I just wasted 38 years of my life!"

I laughed again. But I tried to stay on track. "Awww, come on. We're all getting to be good multitaskers. You know you want to."

She gazed at Ruby's bubble butt with undisguised longing. "Uh... You don't mind?"

"Why should I mind?"

"Well, they are YOUR sex pets." She was jacking me off a little bit now, sliding her fingers almost up to the girls' tongues on and near my cockhead. As if I wasn't aroused enough already!

I said, "True, but in my book, they're yours as well. After all, you birthed one and had a big hand in raising the other one. You deserve a little fun with their sexy bodies too."

She joked, "I had a big hand? So now you're telling me I have THREE hands?! Where is it? These two hands are rather small."

I laughed, but said, "Don't avoid the question."

She dodged the fact that it was undeniable she'd like to play with them by saying, "That makes me feel weird, you mentioning my giving birth to Michelle and everything."

"Well then, play with Ruby. I want you to. Do it for me." At that, I leaned over and gave her ear a nibble.

She sighed, pretending to be put out by the request, but she was just in denial about her desires. "If you insist." She kept holding my boner and sometimes stroking it with one hand. She used her other hand to explore all over Ruby's back side. Sometimes she even leaned forward to caress Ruby's ass.

Ruby certainly didn't seem to mind, and even wiggled her ass to show she wanted more.

Now that we were all in a good groove and having a great time, I said, "Okay. Let's get back to why the other girls freaked out. I don't get it."

Mindy said, "Finally, Honey, I can explain. Meanwhile, don't forget to eat your sandwich." It remained on a plate against my thigh on the love seat.

I still hadn't touched it, and I remained far too preoccupied with the dual tongue work to think about it now.

She continued, "Now, where were we? Oh yes. I was saying how those other girls worship you. Michelle, I know you and Ruby worship Daddy too, but not in the same way Lisa, Anjali, Nina, and other girls like that worship him. Honey, they've put you on a high pedestal. You're kind of like the local Brad Pitt. They dream of you at night, but if they actually had a chance to come up and talk to you, they'd freak out."

"But that's not true," I protested. "I talk to them all the time. Especially Lisa."

"You do, some," Mindy admitted, while happily sliding her hand right up Ruby's spine. "But have you ever really had a serious conversation with any of them with any depth or meaning to it? It's always like, 'how you doing?' or 'how's things at school?' and that type of thing. Have you ever talked to them about post-modernist theory or the existentialist philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre?"

I snorted, "I've never even talked about that with YOU! I don't even know what post-modernist theory IS! I doubt they do either."

She smirked. "I'm just pulling your leg." She looked at her hand on my boner and yanked me a little bit. "This is a leg, isn't it?"

Ruby said while licking, "It's just about thick enough to be one! I actually think it's thicker than my ankle!"

Mindy's smirk grew in size. "Astute observation there, Ruby. And by the way, you have an amaaazing back. So sculpted and silky smooth. But Honey, my point is you've never REALLY talked to them about serious stuff. And when you do talk to them at all, they're all giggly and shy and tend to run off before too long. Have you noticed that?"

Puzzled, I could only reply, "Yeah, I guess so."

"That's 'cos you're like Brad Pitt! Or maybe Sean Bean, since you look so much like him. To them, you're this totally unobtainable sex object. I think for them, the idea of actually having sex with you is almost beyond imagining. They want it, but it's scary. It's like if Brad Pitt pulled up in his limo in front of Nina's house, walked up to her door, rang the doorbell, and said, 'Hi, are you Nina? I'm here to fuck you.' She'd probably faint dead away. She wouldn't know what to do. She'd freak! She'd bolt! She'd tremble in fear at the very least."

I sighed heavily.

My wife asked, "What's wrong? Don't think that-"

I interrupted, "No, sorry. That was just a happy sigh from all the tongue work down below. I mean, I can't believe we're actually attempting to have a serious conversation while those two are doing THAT!" I pointed to our two girls in amazement.

Michelle had about half of my cockhead in her mouth and was suckling on it like it was a rapidly melting Popsicle. Meanwhile, Ruby was making long licks from the base of my shaft all the way up to Michelle's lips, and then all the way back down again. She had to be careful to avoid Mindy's slowly sliding fingers as she did that.

My wife looked back at me, mildly annoyed at my words and at the fact that I was distracting her from leaning forward and caressing Ruby's ass some more. "Hubby, get used to it. As far as I'm concerned, we're going to be doing this a lot from now on. Is this not a superior way to hold a conversation? What do you think, girls? Are you in favor?"

"Totally!" both girls said at once. But the discussion wasn't holding much of their attention. As her tongue lapped its way around my cockhead, Michelle added, "Ruby, check it out. Every now and then, Daddy's letting out these little squirts of cum. Not pre-cum, but the real thing!"

"Oooh! Cool! So yummy!" Ruby licked her way up my dick until her tongue was on my cockhead too. "Let me try!"

Michelle conceded, "Well, okay, but only for a minute." Michelle licked her way down my shaft, while Ruby tried the same suckling technique Michelle had been using, to see if more real cum would squirt out short of an actual ejaculation.

Mindy was getting a great chance to perfect her smirk. "Having fun yet?" she asked me gleefully. "Ready to keep talking?"

I panted, "This is... This is nuts!" I was trying to convey the idea that expecting me to be coherent in the face of such extreme pleasure was insane.

But Mindy merely watched Michelle lick her way down until she reached my balls. Then she quipped, "No, those are nuts."

I groaned and shook a fist at her like an outsmarted Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes.

That put a big smile on her face as she leaned forward to Ruby's ass again and resumed explaining. "Anyway, so when those girls saw you out there having your way with Cindy's breasts, I think the idea of having sex with you suddenly became very real, rather than just imaginary for them. There you were, actually being demonstrably intimate with a woman other than your wife and having your way with her, and it freaking scared them. I'm not quite sure WHY it scared them so much, but it did. They were seriously spooked. They ate their lunches like it was a speed-eating contest and then they fled. There's no other way to describe it. I wanted to talk to at least one of them to pick their brains as to what just happened, but they were GONE."

All the time she was talking, Mindy was getting more and more acquainted with Ruby's ass. I had to take over the job of holding my cock in place, because she had brought two hands down there. She was even exploring Ruby's ass crack some. I think she was thinking that both Ruby and I were too preoccupied with the dual blowjob and conversation to really notice what she was doing, but I was noticing, at least. (And I'm sure Ruby was too, if the sensuous circular motion of her backside was any indication.)

Michelle stopped her licking temporarily and lifted her head up to join the discussion. "Mom, I think you're forgetting something. The sheer size of Daddy's cock! Especially his thickness!"

"How do you figure?" my wife asked.

"His bathing suit left nothing to the imagination. They got a good long look at his size, not just in a picture or video screen or something like that, but the real flesh and blood thing from up close. Especially when he did his sexy striptease. So not only were they thinking that sex with him could really happen, they were contemplating sex with a baseball bat of a cock! That would spook anybody. It takes time to cope with his size, especially the girth."

"Aaaah, I see now," Mindy said. "So there you go, Honey. Mystery solved."

Michelle started to lean back in towards my erection. But she changed her mind and said, "Hold on." Then she whispered something in Ruby's ear, and Ruby whispered something back. The two of them readjusted themselves, sitting back up on their heels and trapping my erection between their racks.

That allowed me to let go of it, because I realized with a start that they were preparing to give me a dual titfuck! I didn't even know such a thing was possible. I wasn't plunging through their cleavage, but I had Ruby's left tit on one side of my erection and Michelle's right tit on my other side. My dick was so soaked with cum and saliva that it slid around easily as they went up and down on it like wooden horses in a merry-go-round.

In fact, my cock slid far too easily. I was gonna cum if they didn't watch out!

Mindy sat back and clapped her hands. "Oh! How precious!"

Michelle licked her lips clean of my earlier spend and said, "How do you like this, Daddy? Ruby and I have wanted to do this, like, forever! I remember when we were both about fifteen and our tits really started to grow big. We'd practice rubbing our racks together, imagining your fat cock was trapped between us."

"And now it really IS!" Ruby exclaimed excitedly.

"I KNOW!" Michelle replied to her, just as giddily. "Doesn't it make you feel all enslaved?"

"Oh, TOTALLY! It's like our tits were just made to serve Daddy dick! That's why God made 'em so big, so we could do things like this!"

Her nearest boob was all slicked up now, and it glided easily against my pole and Michelle's similarly slicked up orb.

I grunted loudly and leaned forward like I was trying hard not to pee.

I guess I was panting so heavily that it looked like I was on the verge of hyperventilating, because Mindy commented, "Girls, look at my poor hubby. You're getting him far too excited. Can you give him a little break?"

"Oopsies!" Michelle said for them both. "Sorry, Daddy. It's just that this is all so exciting and fun! ... Come on, Ruby, let's just hold still for a minute."

"I can't!" Ruby panted. "I'm too HOT and HORNY!" She turned her head and kissed Michelle on the lips.

Naturally, Michelle eagerly kissed back.

At least they slowed their mutual tit sliding while they necked for a minute or so.

One might think I would have gotten my "little break" then, but no! Mindy decided to reach in between the two girls and grasp my shaft, which caused her arm and fist to be completely enveloped in tit-flesh. She stroked my shaft lightly, making her arm to slide up and down between the girls' opposite tits. She asked me, "Okay, are you having fun NOW?"

I just panted and strained in a desperate attempt to delay orgasm. I thanked my lucky stars for Mindy "training" me in recent years to increase my stamina.

Mindy chuckled. Apparently she found my situation amusing. She pulled her hand off my rod. Her well-oiled palm and fingers slid briefly across Michelle's tit as she withdrew her hand from between the girls. She leaned forward yet again and went back to fondling Ruby's ass.

I almost came right there! But, thank the Lord, when my daughters ended their kiss, they really did give me a break. They didn't stop the titfuck altogether, but they slowed down just enough to keep me from spurting my load all over their faces.

Michelle said to me, "Sorry we got a bit carried away there. I switched to the double titfuck so I could talk freely, without all that thick man meat fucking its way down my throat, but doing it for the first time was just too cool for school!" (Never mind that my "thick man meat" wasn't fucking its way down her throat; it sure as hell sounded arousing!)

She continued, "Mom, I've been thinking some more about how my friends freaked out, and I have a few more things to add. Those girls, all three of them, they're sissies and scaredy cats! They're all talk and no action. You're right that they've seen Daddy as some kind of unreachable sex object. I've been trying to hype him up to my friends for years, but ironically I think I did far too good of a job. I've made it seem like once Dan fucks you, you're ruined for all other men."

"Which is true," Ruby said insistently and apparently sincerely.

"Indeed!" Michelle agreed. "But still, that's daunting." She looked up into my eyes with her usual smoldering stare. "And when they saw you fucking Cindy, you know what they thought? 'Hey, why is Mindy allowing that?!' I know, because that's exactly what they were asking me as they watched. I didn't really know what to say or what I was supposed to say, so I kind of dodged the issue."

I was still having a hard time talking, given all the lusty pleasure enveloping me. It was weird watching both Michelle and Ruby swaying their upper bodies back and forth in perfect time with each other, jacking me off with their tits that way. Plus, Mindy was fondling Ruby's ass practically non-stop.

But despite all the distractions, I had to protest, "Hey! I wasn't fucking Cindy. Not even close. I was just putting suntan lotion on her breasts."

Michelle replied, "Yeah, but she was YOURS, Daddy. Mentally, she was getting fucked and OWNED! I don't know how she feels now; she's probably pulled back a bit, but at that moment she was ready and willing to spread her legs for you. Us girls were clear on the other side of the pool, but her eagerness was obvious. We were too far away to hear words, but we heard the TONE, and every word she said was like, 'Fuck me, Dan! Fuck me, Dan! Fuck me!' It really scared them. It even kind of scared me, if only a little."

"Scared?" I asked quizzically. "I don't get that AT ALL."

Michelle explained, "It's kind of scary how you took Cindy, this beautiful, mature, independent-minded woman, and turned her into your next cock slave with merely a few minutes of tit play."

"I didn't actually turn her into a-" I started to say.

But she verbally rolled over me, ignoring my words. "Another girl watching that has to think, 'Oh my God, that could happen to me too! I could lose my free will entirely! If I don't watch out, I'm gonna wind up spending all my days naked and on my knees, pleasuring Dan's cock with his other cock slaves!'"

She looked around as if she'd just realized where she was, and especially looked down at my erection and the way it was trapped between her and Ruby. Those sides of their tits rubbing tightly against it were soaked with pre-cum by now.

She pretended shock. "Ohmigod! It's happened to me! I AM there already! Looks like I lost my free will and I really AM a total slave to my Daddy's thick cock! My very special daddy who I love so much. I guess there's nothing for me to do about it but get fucked in every hole and love it!"

Mindy groaned as she ran one hand across my chest while keeping the other moving all over Ruby's back. "Michelle, that's really HOT! I love it!"

My wife had lost the rest of her clothes at some point when I wasn't paying attention, and I could see her pussy was wet and steamy.

Ruby said, "If I can chime in here for a minute, Dan, I think we can't overestimate the issue of size. You've got to realize that Michelle and I have been raving about your cock for at least two years straight by now. You may not be porn star long, but God DAMN you're porn star THICK! I can barely get my lips around it. That's SCARY! Especially for a young girl. Imagine you're a girl and think about trying to fit something THAT BIG in your pussy or mouth. Try cramming five unpeeled bananas in there at once."

I protested, "Five bananas?! Come on!" That reminded me of my PB 'n' B sandwich, which was still uneaten. My hunger was steadily increasing, but my sexual hunger was taking priority.

"Okay, maybe not five. It FEELS like five though. You get the point. I mean, think about it. It's like what Michelle said about how they had to be freaking out from seeing your cock in your tight swimsuit so clearly. It looked like you had a cucumber in there, a LARGE cucumber! All that girls my age know about, through first- or second-hand experience, are the puny little pencil dicks the smelly boys in school have."

I had to set the record straight on that. All this talk about my penis size was getting out of hand. "You know, I don't think cocks get much bigger, if at all, after about eighteen."

"Really? Whatever. I still think no mere boy has anything close to your magnificent slab of fuck-meat here." She stared at it poking up between her and Michelle, and licked her lips hungrily. "If it weren't for all the practice sessions with the rubber cast practice dildo, so I could get used to your size at my own pace, I think I would have been totally freaked out by you too. And don't even get me started on thinking about anal sex!" Ruby gave me an exaggerated look, as though she were about to faint.

Despite Ruby's "don't get me started" comment, her arousal level immediately shot up at the thought of anal sex. I could see the twinkle of excitement in her eyes. Her ass gyrated more strongly against Mindy's hand, her head leaned closer to my erection, and clearly she wanted to do something more with it. But she and Michelle were in a delightful and steady dual-titfuck rhythm, and she didn't want to interrupt that.

She continued, "Just the thought of fitting that fucking huge monster baseball bat of yours all the way into my tiny little poop hole REALLY freaks even me out... even now!"

She looked at me shyly and then quickly glanced down, as if ashamed to even admit that she was in any way afraid of me, rather than totally committed and gung-ho, on anything I might want to sexually do with her.

"Which is so weird," she rushed on, as if hurrying to get the words out while she still had the courage to say them, "because I still so TOTALLY want you to fuck me there anyway! Daddy, I don't wanna have to settle for anything less than this magnificent fat fucker of yours in EVERY hole, because a good cock slave must give all of herself for her master. But it's still kinda scary to think about how I'm ever going to be able to fit all of you inside me, down there, in my tight pussy! I still have my hymen! And then I think about you fucking my ass! Gaawwwd, I get so hot!"

She glanced guiltily over at the other two naked ladies. "So yeah... um, Michelle? I think we definitely oversold Dan the Man."

Ruby's gaze likewise drew my eyes towards my wife and daughter to see their reactions. I saw that Mindy was silently nodding, as if in understanding, as she reached out to stroke Ruby's hair, to comfort her.

But as I watched, it dawned on me that although she was hiding it better than Ruby, Mindy was possibly just as nervous about the prospect of having anal sex with me as Ruby was. She was trying to comfort Ruby as a way to cover up her own suppressed misgivings about what it would be like, for her to surrender her ass to me. Considering the fact that Mindy had (so far at least) been the most up-front and blatant about the whole anal sex issue, I found it somewhat revealing that she wasn't necessarily as fearless about it as she'd led me to believe with all her lusty talk and less-than-subtle urgings.

That still left Michelle. When I looked down at her, I saw her head turn away quickly (the movement of her long hair betrayed her there) as if to avoid meeting my gaze. Puzzled by this, I noticed that she seemed to be slightly fidgety. Even though she and Ruby were on their knees, titfucking me between them, it was Michelle who seemed to be rocking ever so slightly on her knees as she shifted her weight from left to right and back again.

It took me only a moment longer to realize Michelle was in fact gently rubbing her inner thighs together, while rocking her hips in a motion that could only be described as horny. Holy shit! That means she isn't mainly scared by the thought of taking my... my... King... in her, um... there. Instead of getting nervous, it's making her even more aroused just by thinking about doing it!

Then I remembered Michelle's low key, no pressure, subtle questioning of me days ago, in which she'd been probing me to find out my attitudes and feelings about anal sex in the broadest possible terms. She'd been very careful not to overstep the boundaries I'd had in place at the time, but she'd also managed to leave the impression with me that she was not only "interested" in having anal sex, but contrary to what would seem to be the conventional wisdom (for a virgin!), she was of the opinion that larger penises were to be savored and enjoyed to the fullest by a woman, rather than something to fear or shy away from.

Now it was MY turn to almost feel afraid! After all, I was still an anal sex virgin too.

Mindy, though, cut into my thoughts, saying, "I think his horse cock is part of it, but not the main thing. I've been so blind. I've been so carried away on waves of pure lust that I haven't been thinking. I didn't stop to consider how the other girls would react to seeing Dan's hands fucking Cindy's tits."

I shot my wife a disbelieving look. "Hands don't fuck tits," I gasped out, as my arousal level grew and grew.

Mindy smirked. "Yours do."

The dual titfuck had broken up, but my erection was far from being neglected. Michelle was licking her way around my cockhead again. It seemed she never got tired of doing that. It was driving me wild, much more than what Ruby was doing to my balls, and I couldn't think at all anymore. I cut in. "Hey, things are too crazy. Too arousing! I seriously can't think. Can everyone just cut out all the licking and fondling for a little while?"

Without even seeing the others faces first, all three of them replied at once: "NO!" Then they burst into laughter. But they did take it easier on me with their licking after that.

With Mindy caressing Ruby's ass with one hand and holding my cock in place again with her other hand, she continued, "I think the more important point is that Dan is an appealing local sex symbol because he's unobtainable. He's happily married. He's taken. It's like that Brad Pitt example. The girl with the crush on him never expects to see his limo pull up to her house. Not only that, but Dan's thought of as a good and moral guy. He'd never cheat on me, unless he wants me to saw his dick off with a rusty old blade, hint hint, and that makes him even safer and more appealing to fantasize about."

I thought Mindy's cheating comment was odd. Here, on the one hand, my wife was basically trying to build up a harem for me. Two of our daughters were lovingly slathering my cock and balls with their tongues, even as we talked! But on the other hand, she still had a big problem with me cheating. However, upon further reflection it made some sense to me, because if I were in her shoes I wouldn't be as upset about the physical act as I would be about the lying and sneaking around. It's a trust issue, most of all.

I made a mental note that I still didn't have complete carte blanche. Frankly, I was glad about that.

Mindy continued, "But then... they saw Dan playing with Cindy, with my obvious approval, and suddenly the possibility that they might wind up having sex with Dan became very, very real. Michelle, how did you try to explain that to them?"

My blonde daughter replied, "I tried to just stick with the idea that he was merely putting suntan lotion on Cindy. But obviously they weren't buying it because they could see what was happening with their own eyes. Plus, they also saw the way Ruby was plastering her naked body all over him earlier. And since they were all topless too, I think they were all thinking, 'What if I'm next? What if Dan wants to help ME with applying some lotion on MY big tits?' I was thinking they'd be all, 'Yeah! My turn next!' And then I was hoping they WOULD be next. But instead they were all just a bunch of scaredy chickens! Frankly, I think they were so freaked out that they would have put their bikini tops back on in a New York minute if I hadn't safely confiscated them already."

Despite everything, including the sweat pouring down my face and my pounding heart, I laughed heartily. "You did what?"

"I gave them back as they left. Sheesh!" She paused, and nibbled on my cockhead like it was a lollipop.

We all waited for her to continue, as it seemed like she had more to say, but for the moment she seemed more interested poking the end of her tongue in my piss hole.

Eventually, Ruby had to interrupt her own licking to give her sister a nudge.

Finally, Michelle went on, "You know, I've kind of made Lisa my project lately. I've been working on her for weeks, trying to warm her up to the idea of making a move on you. But it seems the more I pushed, the less she liked it. Even though she talked and talked and talked about how she wanted to suck your big fat cock every single day, it was all just... talk! Bah! She's a pussy in the worst sense of the word. If only she knew what she was missing."

As if to emphasize her point, Michelle's head swiftly descended and the next thing I knew I could feel the entire head of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue lovingly circled my sensitive glans.

Mindy said as she casually fingered her pussy lips, "Michelle, I've noticed that you're getting better at that. You swallowed his whole cockhead without much struggle this time."

After about half a minute, Michelle had to pull off again to explain. "Yeah! I'm totally psyched. All that practice on that Dan-sized dildo totally helped, but I've also realized that it's just a matter of going for it. You can't be scared that it's not gonna fit. It's like jumping into water from a great height. You just do it!" She dove right back down, demonstrating her ability to swallow my cockhead in one go yet again.

"Well, Michelle," I said, "Don't be too hard on your friends."

"Of coursth nod Daddy," she answered with her mouth full of cock. "Beeeng HADD on theh ish YOUR johhbb!" With that said, she started bobbing on my shaft in earnest.

I replied, "Ha, ha. What I mean is, try to be understanding. I, for one, know how ha-, er, difficult it is to get over sexual inhibitions. For example, even though I am totally sold on the idea of sex with Cindy now, I'm finding it hard to mentally switch gears there. For such a long time I kept her firmly in the 'try not to look and definitely do not touch' category."

"Mmmm," hummed Ruby, "I'm finding it hard too, Daddy - and long and firm!"

"I can help you there, Daddy," Michelle added, after lifting her lips off my cockhead again. "To switch gears, you just need to get the shaft into the right slot, firmly grasp the stick, and then... POP the clutch!" At that, she swallowed my cockhead again with a loud popping sound.

As Ruby licked and fondled my balls, she said, "Can I just comment here how great it is that we can hold conversations like this? Talk about using a 'spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down' and all that!"

Mindy cut in, singing, "The hills are alive, with the sound of slurping."

We all laughed, but Ruby pointed out, "Hey, wrong musical. My song is from 'Mary Poppins,' but yours is from 'The Sound of Music.'"

Mindy rolled her eyes, but let her continue. The movies of both musicals starred Julie Andrews, so it was easy to get them confused.

Ruby went on enthusiastically, "This is great! All four of us are totally stark naked, and yet we're getting things done. Well, not counting getting Daddy to cum. He's being impossible about that, as usual." She huffed in mock-distress. "It looks like Michelle and I are gonna have to play with his cock for hours, just to get one load!"

One of Ruby's hands was still playing with my balls, and her other hand was sliding back and forth on the lower part of my erection, while Michelle's lips were sliding up and down on the top, and Mindy still found room to hold it too. But apparently that wasn't enough for Ruby, and she managed to bring her tongue in on the action some more.

Still thinking musicals, Mindy asked Ruby playfully, "So, do you think that playing with Daddy's cock is one of your favorite things?"

That clearly inspired Ruby. She held up her hand as she licked her way around the base of my shaft, indicating we need to wait and let her speak. Finally, she pulled away from my crotch and sang:

"Daddy, and Moms who let Daddies play freely
Big tits and hands that explore touchy-feely
Sharing with Shelle as we pleasure the King
These are a few of my favorite things."

The rest of us clapped and laughed. Ruby certainly had a way with song lyrics, as I'd seen with her "Born to Be Tied" song parody already.

She bowed up and down a bit, but it was mostly just an excuse to set her tits wobbling as she remained kneeling next to a cocksucking Michelle. She took one of my hands and brought it to her heaving tits. "Daddy, do you like big tits and exploring them all touchy-feely?"

Oh God! How is it that I haven't climaxed already? I honestly don't understand.

Mindy looked lustily at the way Ruby was leading my hand all over her hefty melons. But she had a minor coughing fit, trying to resume the main discussion. "Aaaaaaanyway, back to the topic at hand. I suppose that's for the best. Ruby, I don't know if you've heard yet, but even before all that went down, Dan told me that he had no interest in those other girls. He just wants to fuck you, Michelle, me, Sue Ellen, and Cindy. That's it."

Ruby protested, "Just five?! FIVE?! But Daddy, you can do so much better!"

I snorted loudly at how ridiculous that was. If I had been able to talk freely, I would have pointed out how ridiculously huge five was when it came to probably permanent sex partners for one man!

I was too out of it just trying not to cum, and my hand on her fulsome globes wasn't doing much on its own. So Michelle bent back down and resumed doing wonderful things with her lips and tongue on my nuts.

I was at the edge of a great climax and about to go over, and I could tell there would be no holding it back this time. I gasped out, "Don't want them! Want you! ... Don't love them! ... Love you! You... beautiful! ... All I want!"

Okay, so it wasn't the kind of flowery and expressive compliments I'd given Michelle earlier, let alone the sort of thing that would ever pass muster in one of my novels, but at that moment I was doing good to even be that coherent.

Ruby seemed to love it, though. She gently but firmly pushed Michelle's lips off me and then stuffed my erection in her cleavage. Then, straining forward, she swallowed most of my cockhead and managed a great simultaneous blowjob and titfuck!

To my surprise, Michelle sat back and let Ruby do that. But it was only fair, since Michelle had been monopolizing the top of my pole almost the entire time.

After all the stimulation I'd endured up until that point, I couldn't hold out any longer. Ruby hadn't been doing her tit-mouth combo effort for even a minute when I shot my wad into the back of her throat.

The breathless silence that reigned as I pumped my seed into Ruby would have been funny if I'd been able to hear it over the roar of blood rushing through my ears. My balls seemed to turn themselves inside out to feed my redheaded daughter's desperate attempt to slake her endless thirst for my cum.

Michelle complained, "No fair! I did more of the work. That should have been mine! At the very least we should have shared it with a spermy cum bath over both our faces!"

Mindy chided, "Darling, what's Cock Slave Rule Number Two?"

Michelle admitted reluctantly, "'No jealousy.'"

"That's right. And don't forget it."

My passionate blonde daughter nodded her head. "Sorry. Ruby, I take it back. It's just that when he cums down your throat like that, there's no cum to play with and share afterwards."

Ruby said, "That's a good point. We should try for more facials and pearl necklaces when we're together. I love licking his cum off your silky skin."

"Me too! And snowballing his cum from mouth to mouth is even better."

Ruby brightened. "Oooh! I still have a little bit of cum in my mouth. I've been savoring the flavor."

"Oooh! Please?!"

The two insatiable vixens shared a long, cummy French kiss.

Mindy had been cuddling up to me all the while, and more or less let me be until I'd recovered from my exquisite climax. But once I got my breath back, she draped herself across me and French kissed me for a while.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Michelle began "cleaning" my flaccid penis with their tongues. They were at it for so long that it was fairly amazing that I didn't get hard again. But I just didn't have anything left to give down there for a while. It seems they'd completely tapped me dry.

I had kept my eyes open long enough to witness their snowball kiss. But my body was crashing hard, so I closed my eyes and went into a restful mode. However, I figured I could learn important things from what they said to each other, so I stayed alert enough to pay attention to their discussion.

Sure enough, the others went back to talking, although the Gruesome Twosome never seemed to tire of playing with my pork and balls, despite my continuing flaccid state.

Ruby commented, "I'm kind of bummed. Only five lovers for Daddy."

Michelle pointed out with obvious mixed feelings, "Well, that's more of the King for us. Five is a decent number, if you think about it, especially if Cindy and Sue Ellen become full cock slaves."

"That's true," Ruby replied. "But Daddy should fuck others from time to time. Variety IS the spice of life. I've been so looking forward to have him pork all my friends. I want everyone to know what a great lover he is."

Michelle said, "I hear you, sister. I think the friends I've stayed closest to are the ones I want to see Daddy fuck the most, and the ones who have shown the most interest in getting fucked by him. But, if we try to put a positive spin on this, we don't want him to spread himself TOO thin. What if he was actively fucking ALL our sexiest friends? Nina, Lisa, AND Anjali. Then you've gotta figure on others before long, like Jane Corlin and you-know-who. That means a LOT less of the King for you and me!"

I was very curious who they meant by "you-know-who," but I didn't want to interrupt them. They obviously were mindful that I was listening, as the self-censoring with "you-know-who" indicated, but hopefully they weren't thinking about me much, allowing me to see how they really felt about this topic.

"That's not how I see it," Ruby replied. "You know that 95-plus percent of the time, when the King 'enters the building,' if you know what I mean, that he's gonna be hanging out at home, poking his way inside me, you, Mom, or maybe Cindy or Sue Ellen. We're not gonna stand for anything less."

"That's true," Michelle agreed. "We definitely would have to kick his ass if he started to ignore us with other girls. But I've got the goods. I wouldn't worry anyway." She shook her twin torpedoes proudly.

Mindy cut in. "Hey, girls, it's his decision. Could you not manipulate him for once?"

I found it interesting how the three of them were going on about me like I was somewhere else, even as they continued to play with my genitals.

I also thought it was somewhat amusing that Mindy was the one to make that complaint, since she'd been fairly sneaky and manipulative lately. It would have bothered me more except that I was benefitting to an outrageously great degree. I opened my eyes to narrow slits so I could see as well as hear them.

Michelle patted Ruby on the back with a sticky hand. "It'll be okay. Besides, you'll still get to share him with your mom. Cindy is a total hottie! She'll fit right in. She'll be even more like your older sister than before. The two of you will bond even closer than before, united in love of serving Daddy cock."

"That's true," Ruby replied.

"Think how much fun that'll be, all the endless hours of dual and even triple blowjobs and titfucks with her."

"A TRIPLE titfuck?" Ruby asked. "Is that even possible?"

"I don't know," Michelle admitted, "but I wanna find out! Mom, you wanna join us with that?"

Mindy smiled benignly. "Sure. But obviously not right now." She nodded towards the flaccid condition of my extremely satisfied and satiated penis.

Michelle smiled at that, and continued, "But anyway, I think five cock slaves is a good number. It's big enough for some nice Daddy-centric orgies, but small enough so that all of us can have plenty of one-on-one time. I mean, the fact is, we're all pretty demanding and have high sex drives."

"That's true," Ruby ruefully agreed. "I'm not really THAT broken up about it. If Lisa and the others are too chicken to reach for the biggest, thickest cock they'll ever see in the flesh and grab it with both hands and stroke when it was in their reach... I'm sorry, but that's their fucking loss. And I LOVE the idea of all that one-on-one or two-on-one time."

She went back to languidly fondling my balls. I had to admit that it felt damn great, even though my penis wasn't erect. The whole area was very sensitive, and she took advantage of that fact.

Michelle added, "Not to mention three-on-one time, or even four-on-one time. Or FIVE-on-one time!"

Ruby whistled in appreciation. "Wow! Five-on-one? That's HOT! Just think of Daddy's cock covered in wiggling tongues, like a writhing pit of snakes. And so many stroking fingers! We'd be able to do so much! We could arouse every single erogenous zone, all at once!"

"I know! I know!" Michelle was getting worked up.

Ruby said, "I can't wait for you to meet Sue Ellen. She's so cool. She gets it, you know? I mean, think about how long it took us to slowly evolve into our cock slave mindset. But with her, it was like, BAM! Like flipping a switch! She's fully accepted that Daddy is her one true master. It's already an indisputable fact in her mind!"

"So cool!" Michelle enthused. "That proves the righteousness of our lifestyle. I like her already!"

Mindy spoke up. "Girls, if I could interrupt. Before you change the topic, I know our hunky super stud here has been listening all along. Honey, what do YOU think about all this?"

I opened my eyes all the way. "I think I'm in danger of getting a massive ego. It's nuts the way you talk about me, like it's possible I could fuck a dozen or more women at once. There are practical and realistic limits here, people. Limits. I'm having a hard time dealing with the way you girls are running around calling yourselves my sex toys and cock slaves these past few days. Heck, even Mindy's treating me like royalty lately."

My wife mussed up my hair playfully. "What do you mean? I always treat you like royalty." She chuckled.

I grinned. "I have to keep reminding myself that I'm just a really, really lucky guy. And despite all the sex talk around here, I'm not some kind of 'hunky super stud.' Honestly. I'm just a normal guy who has a great wife and a couple of very sexual daughters who seem obsessed with my cock. I actually feel better like that. I just want to be a nice, normal guy. I'm having a hard time dealing with all the sudden praise and attention."

Michelle bitched, "Ruby, did you hear that? He said we 'seem obsessed' with his cock? Geez, what do we have to do to show him we actually ARE obsessed? GRRR!"

"Really!" Then Ruby said to me, "I know I haven't really been an official part of this family, at least not until very recently, but I've probably spent more than a hundred times as much time talking to you than all the rest of Michelle's and my friends combined, in the last year alone. Daddy, I know what a basically nice guy you are. So even if you go into one of your KING DONG modes and relentlessly use and abuse my pussy like I'm your personal cum dump, even that'll be okay, 'cause I know you're a really great guy, deep down inside, who isn't going to hurt me. I love you, and you love me."

She smiled up at me. Her love shined in her face.

"There's really no need to fear my penis," I pointed out. "You know, that supposed KING DONG incident only happened once."

"So far," Ruby replied, her eyes lighting up with excitement. "So far. I imagine KING DONG will be raping all of us on a regular basis before long, although technically you can't rape the willing."

She shivered lustily and briefly stared off into space, obviously thinking about me getting very sexually aggressive with her.

Then she looked back to me and said, "Anyway, don't let those scaredy cat girls get you down. I don't think I would have ever had the courage to seduce you all on my own either. The age factor is scary too, and you're married. Married! And to a totally great wife too. Luckily for me, Michelle was so determined from day one that we should become your sex toys that I started to hope, and then fully believe. You've gotta credit her for everything, really. I mean, if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be here with my nose in your pubic hair."

Technically, her nose wasn't in my pubic hair at that moment, but her hands were still caressing my balls.

I looked down at Michelle, still busy "cleaning" my dick. She was even poking my anus a little bit, which was a challenge for her since I was sitting down. But she'd snaked an arm between my legs and apparently didn't mind me sitting on her hand and wrist.

Michelle said, "I know what you're thinking. 'Why wasn't I afraid?' I was, at times. I tried to put on a brave front for Ruby's benefit, but sometimes I was very afraid. Afraid that I would alienate you, or ruin your great marriage. That you would hate me, and Mom would hate me. That you would say no! But my love and desires for you were so great that it carried me through."

She looked up at me and beamed joyously.

In that instant, I fully felt my daughter's love for me. This is what made the sex between us so irresistible, because the love between us was so strong.

I felt tired. It seemed our collective energy level had crashed. That was fine with me, though. One can only take so much pleasure in a single day. But I certainly was discovering just how much pleasure that was.

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