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Chapter 44

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy, Michelle, and Ruby seemed content to cuddle with me on the sofa all day long. And believe me, I loved having three naked bombshells lazily sprawled all over and around me. But I felt the need to do some work at some point, and besides, my penis was long past responding to their occasional fondling "inspections."

I went to my upstairs den to get back to my novel. It seemed the day was flying by, and I wanted to work on what I was calling my "swashbuckler" novel. I do tend to work on more than one novel at once, but the main one I'd been focusing on in recent weeks was mostly an ocean adventure set in the Middle Ages. True, I had done some research for my popular Roman Empire series, but I hadn't touched the "swashbuckler" novel in many days, and I was in danger of losing the plot altogether if I stayed away from it too long.

I was almost positive that I wouldn't be able to concentrate, given everything that had happened to me lately, but I was pleasantly surprised. I sat down in front of the computer and the words started flowing as fast as they ever have come off my fingers.

I suppose my mind was eager for a break from all the excitement around the house, and it felt good to do something else for a change. But also I was still riding a wave of lust, as I had been for days now, and I was channeling that energy into my writing.

After a little while, I stopped to consider what I'd written, which had veered off the pre-planned plot. I wasn't too surprised to see that the writing was now startlingly erotic. My stories always involve "everyman" action heroes swept up into exciting adventures on the seas and in faraway lands, and that was still the case with this book, except it seemed that everywhere the hero of this book turned, there were insanely gorgeous women throwing themselves at him.

Gee, I wonder where I came up with the inspiration for that!

This was supposed to be a rollicking ocean adventure of a plucky English sailor named John lost far from home who tries to get himself and his crew back to England against all odds. But our hero John and his crew had found themselves in the prison of a Persian Gulf kingdom. Only John had managed to escape, but he couldn't leave town without his crew and he couldn't figure out how to rescue them. Luckily, he spoke the local language (due to previous adventures) and managed to blend in.

Through more adventures, he got involved in trying to rescue a princess in distress named Roxanna who was trapped in the sultan's harem. Due to a series of yet more thrilling adventures, nobody knew Roxanna was a kidnapped princess but John. He was still trying to rescue her, but he'd become a little... shall we say, distracted, from successfully rescuing her or his imprisoned crew.

In the chapter I was working on, the gorgeous and busty princess Roxanna was being forced to learn the sexual arts of a harem girl. In fact, her life depended on it, because she had to convince everyone around her that she was just a harem girl taken in a raid from another harem and not the daughter of the king of the rival, neighboring kingdom that she really was. As a result, John was mainly "helping" Roxanna by fucking her with surprising frequency. They had been falling madly in love with each other, especially since he'd taken all her virginities. She seemed much more interested in having him sexually train her than actually getting rescued any time soon

However, some of the other harem girls had discovered him sneaking in or out of the harem. Each time this happened, he had to seduce that girl too in order to ensure her silence. These other girls had been chosen for their sexual talent and enthusiasm, but the sultan had such a large harem of dozens of dozens of raving beauties that any given girl hardly had any sex at all. As a result, they were ravenously hungry for a man like John. He was in a real "fix."

Gee, I wonder where I got the inspiration for that kind of situation? I even have to admit that Roxanna bore a lot of striking similarities to Michelle, including having enormous jutting breasts, an insatiable sex drive, and a very spoiled and willful disposition. However, I did have to make her brown-eyed and raven-haired to fit with her Middle Eastern ethnicity.

I could see the book reviews coming in already: "Daniel Cooper's latest adventure novel is surprisingly erotic, if not outright crossing the line into straight-up pornography..." Still, I knew it would sell very well, as long as I could tone it down just enough to keep it in stores. That was one thing editors were for. After all, my readership wasn't exactly highbrow to begin with. My reputation to any literary pretensions would take a hit, but hell, sales would probably double from my last book.

Besides, I was digging it. I can churn out truckloads of this kind of stuff as long as my sex life remains at least remotely as interesting as it is now. Christ Almighty! Hanging out with Mindy and the Gruesome Twosome, all of us naked and two of them titfucking me at the same time? How could I not feel inspired?!

I was still happily typing away when Mindy yelled up and told me there was a phone call for me. (I hadn't noticed the phone ring, as I turn off the ringer in my office when I'm working.) I picked up the receiver next to me. "Hello?"

It was Sue Ellen on the other line. "Dan? Sir? Please help me!"

"What is it?"

"It's Mike. He's not taking to the breakup very well. I'm here working my usual shift at Mama Mia's that started at three. He just showed up expecting to take me home. I'm afraid! Can you please help?"

"Sure. I'll get over there right away."

She whispered, "I told him about you. I don't think he's gonna be happy to see you. He'll probably try to beat you up! And he's a big guy!"

"Don't worry, you're my responsibility now."

"God! That makes me so HOT, Sir! Please, hurry!"

Going downstairs, I quickly explained the situation to Mindy, Michelle, and Ruby. They all wanted to come to support me, but I managed to shake them off except for Mindy. She was absolutely adamant that she go with me, stating, "You're my husband and my man. I'm gonna support you, no matter what. The only way you'll stop me from going is if you physically manhandle me and tie me down!"

At that, Michelle and Ruby got all excited and both announced that they needed a lot of manhandling and tying down too. Both began to take their tops off.

But there was no time to play around or even joke around. Mindy and I got in the car and left immediately.

I was glad Mindy was there for me because, frankly, I was a little frightened. As the song goes, "I'm a lover, not a fighter." I'm muscular enough and probably look tough, as I'm supposed to have "rugged" good looks, whatever that means. But I'm a frickin' author! I had an unusually low number of childhood traumas and no childhood fights while growing up, and I'd never even come close to a situation that might require fighting as an adult. I'd written about a lot of fighting in my books, certainly, but that was a completely different thing.

So, whatever happened, this certainly was going to be interesting. I'd talked to Sue Ellen a bit more before hanging up (she was calling on her cell phone from the ladies' room while pretending to be on a bathroom break), and she told me that Mike was very big, burly, and quite possibly high on something.

However, there was no doubt in my mind that I'd do what I could to protect Sue Ellen, even though I'd just met her a few days before. For one thing, she was a "damsel in distress," and I couldn't just leave her that way, even if I didn't know her at all. And if I was her 'master' in any way now, that meant I had a responsibility to her and for her.

But more than that, I realized as I drove that I felt a strong connection to her. There was just a natural goodness and purity to her that I found very appealing. And then of course there was her smoking hot body. I can't deny that I wouldn't have been in quite such a rush to help her if she looked as plain and drab as her uniform. I'm sure I would have still done it, if only out of friendship. But I wouldn't have been so... eager.

Mindy squeezed my hand tightly the whole way there, making it a bit difficult for me to drive. (It's a good thing I don't drive a stick shift!) She kept emphasizing the importance of non-violent resolution, while I kept reassuring her that everything would be okay.

To pass the time and change the subject, I asked Mindy, "So. What did you all discuss after I went upstairs?"

"Oh, you know how it is with those two lately: all they can think about is sex! You were there when we'd been talking earlier about just how big your horse cock is, and how scary that could seem at times, so I tried to reassure them some on that."

"What? They're not afraid of my dick. In fact, they take it into their mouths with gusto."

She replied, "That's true. It's actually incredible to witness that. Honey, your cock really is just about as big as their mouths can handle. You've seen how they sometimes shed tears from the sheer difficulty of keeping their lips stretched around it. You have no idea how tough it is to suck on it with fancy tongue work and other tricks. It's taken me years and years to get used to its size and I still have never completely gotten used to it. But they ARE sliding their lips on and off it with relative ease."

"So what's the problem?" I asked. "Why do you talk like they're scared?"

"Hon, keep in mind that they've been training their mouths for months with ever larger dildos. But I'm talking about their pussies and asses."

I started to say, "But-"

She cut me off. "Please! Let's not have that argument again. You say now that you're not willing to fuck them there, but we have to be ready. You have to admit that it's at least a possibility. And there's no way for them to train for that. They've managed to keep their hymens for you through many difficulties and close calls. That's VERY important for them. There's no way to train their pussies to fit you like they trained their mouths. And they could train their asses with even larger butt plugs, but they believe strongly in keeping their anal virginity for you as well. The rule is nothing larger than a finger is allowed in."

I sighed. "Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! What am I supposed to do with THAT kind of information?!"

She patted my arm as I drove. "Be proud! Be very proud and honored. And be ready. Because after all they've been through to save their virginities just for you, how could you not reward them by popping their cherries? They're your exclusive sex slaves, for crying out loud. Of course you're going to fuck them before long!"

I groaned with a mixture of lust and frustration.

She said, "But like I said, let's not have that discussion now. What I mean about them being scared is, for all their talking about wanting you to fuck them within an inch of their sanity, I think they're still worried about how your giant slab of man-meat is going to fit into their tiny, tight, little pussies and asses. Trust me, from the point of view of a virgin girl, your size goes beyond intimidating... And that's the voice of personal experience!"

She spoke huskily, "Remember when you took MY virginity?"

I groaned again, with even more lust this time. However I willed my dick to stay flaccid, since I had Sue Ellen's crisis to keep in mind.

My wife made a big show of lifting up her ass and rubbing it, as if her privates were still terribly sore from her first time all those years ago. After getting me to grin, she continued, "I explained to them that you most certainly will be able to cram every single fucking inch into their horny little fuck holes, and it'll be the greatest joy of their lives. I emphasized how even extra tight pussies like theirs stretch and stretch, until they can delightfully accommodate your fat fuck pole. I pointed out how capable they're getting at cramming your big pole into their sweet mouths, and how Michelle has even been able to deep throat you a little already. If she could get your monstrously huge horse cock down her throat, then of course it'll fit in her cunt too. Cunts are designed to expand, much, much more so than throats. That made them feel better."

I said, "Come on, Sweetheart. My penis isn't really THAT big or that thick. Yes, it is two or three inches longer than average, and yes, I'll admit, it's much wider than average. But the way you all carry on, you make it sound like I'd have trouble fitting through a doorway, thanks to the extra leg I'm carrying around!"

She laughed. "Fair enough. But why pop their bubble? For all the talk about the girls being afraid, they love discussing this kind of thing. And I do too. It's FUN to call it a 'monstrously huge horse cock.' Just talking about all this is making me really wet."

Needless to say, my wife's word choices were deliberate, and her talk was getting me aroused. But at least it was distracting me from thinking about Mike. "Can't you tone it down some? 'Monstrously huge horse cock?' Come ON! You enable their worst tendencies at every turn. I'm not anywhere NEAR that big. My length isn't that spectacular."

"No, but the width! Lover, it's all about the fucking width!" I suddenly became aware of my wife's breathing, hearing the telltale signals of increasing arousal. "The girls know darn well that everybody raves about length simply because it's easier to see and measure, but the girth of a man's penis is what really gives a woman extra pleasure. And when it comes to that oh so important thickness, man o' mine, you measure up above and beyond. Trust me. In any case, I know we're getting a bit carried away with the descriptions, but it's FUN! Please, just humor us, okay?"

"Fine," I grumbled. "But I'm not THAT thick, either. Sheesh."

She ignored my protest like it was mad rambling and went on, "Right. And the Himalayas aren't that tall. Anyway-"

I interrupted, "Hold on. I just thought of a problem. If I'm that thick, how will I be able to get out of the car? Maybe we should have a special, extra-wide door made, just for my penis."

She was amused at my sarcasm, but replied, "This, from the man who thinks his devoted sex slaves would be happier if they dated BOYS?! Trust me, you're plenty thick. Maybe we should have that door made, but for your thick head."

She got me good on that one, and I had to chuckle.

Before I could reply, she continued, "Aaaaaanyhoo, the girls and I have covered that ground many times before, although it's different now that they're starting to suck you. And of course they've practiced with the rubber cast dildo lots of times, training their pussies to fit you, so they can be your perfect cock slaves."

I asked, "Is that what a 'Dando' is?"

She seemed very surprised by that question. "Oh, you've heard that term before?"

"Yeah, I heard Shelle mention it recently. She probably didn't even realize she'd used that term in my presence."

"Ah, yes. Well, that is one of their names for it. I think you can figure out why. 'Dan' plus 'dildo' equals 'Dando.'"

"Yeah, I'd figured that out. But... hold on. Something else just occurred to me. I thought they still have their hymens. You just said so. So what do you mean by practicing with dildos?!"

She blushed, which I found curious. But then she explained, "They do. To be honest, they've been training by watching ME with a dildo."

"Aaaah. That certainly would have been an interesting scene to watch."

"Shut up!" She blushed even more. She quickly added, "I didn't want to do it, but they were so worried about fitting your big cock into their tight little cunts that I felt I had to show them how you fit into me and that it's really not a big deal. I used one of the Dandos to make sure there could be no doubt about your exact size fitting. Sure, the first time it's gonna hurt like hell. The first many times, even. But eventually, their cunts will be perfectly fitted to your cock, and so long as you continue to frequently fuck them, they'll be able to enjoy it without any pain at all, like I do."

I groaned again from all this fucking talk and imagery. I could feel that I was starting to lose the battle to keep my dick flaccid.

I complained, "I just want to mention for the record that I have no intention of fucking them there. Remember the boyfriend plan?" In point of fact, it had sort of slipped my mind until she just mentioned it. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to remember that plan amidst all the arousing sights and talk around me, but I didn't want to admit that to her.

Mindy just waved away my objection. "Whatever you say, dear. Like I said, let's not rehash that argument now. Anyway, neither of them has tried cramming that monster up their ass yet either. I haven't either, since it makes me pretty nervous too, although I've been tempted to try more than once. Never quite managed to work up the nerve to actually do it though. Sure, I've been practicing with some butt plugs, but that's not the same, not by a long shot."

It wasn't until I had to swerve to get back into my lane that I realized what she was saying. "Wait! Butt plugs?! When? I haven't noticed!"

This was big news. I was still squeamish about the whole anal sex idea. I had it fairly well ingrained in my head that the asshole was for pooping and not for pleasure. Furthermore, there was a size issue due to my thickness, since the anus is generally even tighter than the pussy. But I kept my mouth shut, since I had promised to give anal sex a try. Plus, I had to admit that I'd been anally fingered some in recent days, and it did feel good, surprisingly good. If I enjoyed it, maybe she would enjoy it too.

She explained, "I've been wearing them at work this past week or so, ever since you agreed in theory to try anal sex. Frankly, I'm frightened of the King myself, truth be told, when it comes to THAT hole! I figure the more stretched out I am back there, the easier it'll be. Boy, it's made some of those long, boring meetings at work a little bit more interesting."

She chuckled. "I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be, what with my butt plug prepping, if you want to give my back door a try."

"You have got to be shitting me!" I said, disbelievingly. My dick was stiffening in a hurry, and I felt helpless to stop it.

Mindy innocently put a finger to her lips, as if considering that. "You know, I suppose if you were fucking me in the ass, you could say, in all seriousness, that I was shitting you."

"That's not what I meant! And you know it."

"Ah..." she replied, coquettishly, "but it IS what I meant."

I swear, the woman can be diabolical. My dick had finally fully engorged, despite all my mental efforts to prevent that. "Really? Are you serious?" Now I was the one feeling a bit frightened. I'd agreed to try it eventually, with the emphasis on the "eventually" part. This was serious "where no man has gone before" territory, and I wasn't exactly raring to go in order to be the first.

"Yeah. I've been talking to Cindy about it. She's had anal sex before, you know. It's been years and years, but she used to be quite the horny little butt slut, once upon a time. So she's been really reassuring to me. I'm hoping she'll be able to talk to the girls about it before too long. They so dearly want to take you in every one of their holes that it would break their hearts if they have trouble."

"Cindy? Really? I can't imagine." That was true. She was sexy, but wholesome looking and demure. Somehow the thought of her huddling with my wife and daughters, teaching them and preparing them for anal sex (with me!) was just totally incongruous to me.

"I know. You look at her and think that she's just a really stacked and sexy housewife type. Not so. You let her loose in bed, and she turns into a real wild tigress. Back in our college days, she had quite the reputation, believe me. But with her failed marriage, her sex drive basically shut off."

Just hearing that made me feel both excited and exhausted. Good grief! I can't handle another "wild tigress" in my bed! I'm not a spring chicken anymore. Shelle and Ruby are turning out to be much more insatiable than even I ever could have imagined. They're going to run me ragged all by themselves. And that's not even figuring Sue Ellen into the equation too. Yikes!

But I hoped that was just temporary exhaustion talking. I commented, "Well, if that's so, it's starting to revive, big time. She was really hot to trot today, with that suntan lotion incident, and so much more."

I still hadn't told my wife the details of some of the things Cindy and I had done, but I didn't want to get into it right now. I had lost the battle to keep my dick from engorging. But getting more aroused would only make matters worse, with the confrontation with Mike coming up.

Mindy replied, "Yeah, she's starting to show some flashes of the old Cindy. But she's gonna be a tough pussy to tame, if we're going to bring her all the way in to our group. She's got a lot of concerns. But don't worry, I'm working on her. You've been doing a great job with her so far, but you'll need to be even more careful and clever. We'll take her just how we're bringing Sue Ellen along: step by step. You'll fuck her mouth while I hold her hand and tell her it's okay to swallow."

After a well-timed paused, she smirked and added, "And I do mean that literally. I can almost feel the stray cum gobs hitting my face!"

That thought, while arousing, also reminded me of Sue Ellen, and thus Mike, and the problems we were about to face. I fell silent.

As we got closer to the restaurant, it occurred to me that my wife's presence could be problematic. What was I supposed to say? "Mike, lay your hands off Sue Ellen, she's my girl now! Oh, and by the way, this is my wife, nice to meet you." Somehow, I didn't think that would go over too well. It would probably just inflame Mike's anger.

I explained this to Mindy, and she had to agree that I had a point. So we decided that she would pose as a friend of Sue Ellen's who introduced her to me. We even took off our wedding rings to help with the lie.

I had to wait a bit so my erection could go down before I got out of the car. That's the curse of having such a constantly arousing wife, especially one who happens to be a cucquean!

I walked into the restaurant feeling anxious, but probably more confident than I had any right to be. I'd been having so much sexual success and fun lately that I felt like I couldn't lose. Success in the bedroom was no guarantee of success in battle. I'd said it myself - I'm a lover, not a fighter. Still, confidence breeds confidence.

I walked in the front door of Mama Mia's with Mindy a good ways behind me. I didn't see Mike anywhere. (Not that I knew what he looked like, but I didn't see any hulking, brooding, young men sitting or standing alone.)

However, Sue Ellen was right there in the front of the restaurant, looking a bit worried but in her professional mode as she served some customers. She quickly saw me, and extricated herself from the customers she was with so she could come to where I was standing next to the "Please Wait to Be Seated" sign. She looked both very delighted and very worried. "Sir!" she said in a low voice as she looked around furtively.

I couldn't help myself, despite the danger. In a soft but stern voice, I said, "Excuse me, miss, but I want you to go into the ladies' room, take off your bra and panties, and give them to me." What can I say? I guess I'm just a horny bastard. I had to say that, if only to see the reaction on her face.

It was just as priceless as I'd hoped. A thousand different expressions crossed her face. She bit her lip. She started to bring a hand down to her crotch, but then stopped herself. Finally, she looked around in a very panicky fashion. "Now?!"

It was then that I found out who Mike was. I consider myself a fairly tall guy, but Mike had another six inches on me, and he was just bigger all over. It was like he was a super-sized version of me. He'd been sitting in a booth with his back turned, but he stood up and came at me with a fist cocked back. "I heard that, you shit! That's my girlfriend!" It appeared he'd been drinking, or something to that effect, and he didn't care who heard him.

I struck a fighter's stance (although, to be honest, I didn't really know what I was doing). I was ready to fight if need be.

However, Sue Ellen's friend and coworker Laura was nearby and stepped in between Mike and me. "Sir!" she said to Mike. "We run a respectable restaurant here! If you're gonna fight, do it outside!"

Then she turned to me and said in a much friendlier tone, "Sir, welcome." In fact, it was almost a sultry purr.

Mike paused. His arm was still ready to punch, but at least he didn't barrel Laura over. "Fine!" he snarled. "We'll settle this like men!"

He pushed his way past Laura and stood right before me. I glanced quickly at Mindy, who was standing behind me and looking like she was considering throwing herself between me and Mike.

I said, with a surprising amount of confidence, as if the prospect of fighting this linebacker-sized man didn't bother me in the slightest, "Fine! But before we do that, I just want to talk to you here for five minutes. We've got all day. That parking lot isn't going anywhere."

"Why bother?" He growled. "I don't want to hear your bullshit!"

I held up a hand, showing five fingers. "FIVE minutes. What's the rush? Seriously, five minutes."

He considered that, and then spat angrily, "FINE!" He stormed back to his booth, and then turned around and glared at me. "You coming, asshat?"

I walked to his booth, with Mindy trailing behind me. I tried to show a manner that mixed annoyance with mild amusement, but I was feeling pretty nervous inside.

Sue Ellen started to come with me, but I told her quietly, "Bathroom. Panties and bra. That's an order."

She was amazed, and obviously very impressed. She whispered breathlessly, "Yes, Sir!" Then she rushed off towards the ladies' room.

I didn't get how I had the cheek to do that. I was nervous. I was trying to put up a brave front, but I knew it was just a front. Still, I seemed to be overflowing with sexual confidence, due to all my recent sexual successes. If only Mike had been a woman, I had no doubt I'd be able to solve this problem by seducing her. I felt unstoppable when it came to sex these days.

Unfortunately, he was a man, a large man who was planning to beat me up.

Laura left to tend to other customers after giving Mindy and me friendly waves.

I sat down in the booth across from Mike, with Mindy standing nearby, looking uncertain as to what she should do.

Mike glared at me, but then noticed Mindy for the first time. "Who's she? She with you?"

"Yes, she's with me. Sit down, Mindy. She's the one who introduced me to Sue Ellen." I decided less was more here and left it at that.

He stared at Mindy with annoyance, although he couldn't completely hide his lust, since Mindy is very beautiful. "Oh really? Then I should pop you one too."

But he quickly turned back to me, too worked up about me to pay much attention to Mindy, as she slid into the booth to sit next to me. "So you're Dan. What the fuck do you have to say before I smash your face in?!"

"Yes, I'm Dan. Look. You lost your girl, and maybe you should know why, so it won't happen again."

"I didn't lose her! We're just having a little spat!" Finally focusing on me as more than just something to hit, he did a double take. "Jesus, you're like... old! Handsome, but old. You've gotta be, like thirty!"

I ignored that. "The point still remains. The thing is, I wasn't even trying to seduce her. I just came in here to eat a meal with Mindy here, and Sue Ellen practically threw herself at me. So clearly, you're doing something wrong, and until you fix it, things aren't going to go right."

"That's bullshit!"

"Look, Mike. I can see you're a big strong guy, and that's great for you. But how does that help you with women? What are you going to do, intimidate Sue Ellen with your muscles and then beat her up if she doesn't go with you?"

It appeared that he was finally starting to listen. He dropped his head a bit and relaxed his fighting posture. "No. Man, I love her!"

"I'm sure you do. She's a special girl. But you've lost her. From what I heard, you treated her badly. She tells me you've been putting her down, bullying her, and taking her for granted. When's the last time you did something special for her? Brought her flowers, or surprised her with a special night on the town, or something like that?"

He didn't respond, but the comment obviously hit home. His head dropped further. Then he rallied and said, "You're trying to distract me and confuse me! I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Growing in confidence that I'd be able to avoid a fight, I ignored that and said, "Look at Sue Ellen. She's a very beautiful woman, a very special woman."

Both of us watched Sue Ellen as she went about her business. She was serving customers, technically, but she was sticking close to the booth Mike, Mindy, and I were sitting in, obviously trying to listen in.

I could see her breasts bouncing around more freely than if she'd been wearing a bra. That meant that she'd taken off her underwear, just for me. That in turn emboldened me, helping me to confidently deal with Mike.

"She is," Mike admitted.

I said, "A woman like that, you have to fight to keep her. And I don't mean a physical fight; I'm talking about a daily struggle to always treat her as special as she is, and not get lazy or complacent. You slip up with a girl like that, and you're gonna lose her. You've been slipping up for a long time. I didn't take her away; she left. And she went to the first man who offered her what she needed, and what she deserves. If it wasn't me, it would have been someone else. She told me that she'd been wanting to break up with you for months and just didn't know how to do it. Have you not felt that?"

He was silent and sullen, which was telling. He started to gripe, "Look, I've been meaning to do better..."

I added, "You can't just act like a caveman and drag her back to your cave. That might have some appeal at first, but not for the long haul."

Mike looked up at me. "But you're doing the same thing. I heard that line about wanting her bra and panties. That's what women like - aggressive guys who know what they want and take it!"

"Well, yes and no. Confidence is good. Aggressiveness is good, within reason. But you have to cherish her and love her too. Most of all, you can't just take her for granted and treat her like a piece of meat. Sure, some women get off on stuff like that in sex games sometimes. But what about when the sex is over? Are you gonna boss her around like she's your maid? 'Hey, woman, where's my dinner?' You're not gonna keep a woman of Sue Ellen's quality if you act like that."

I could see that hit home, especially the 'Hey, woman, where's my dinner?' line. No doubt, Mike had used those very words with Sue Ellen before.

"So what am I supposed to do?" He glared at Mindy. "And what are you doing here?"

My wife cleverly said, "I'm here to help. I'm a woman, obviously. You've lost Sue Ellen. I feel partially responsible for that, so I want to make up for it, if only a little. But you're a big, strong, handsome guy. There will be other Sue Ellens to come along for you. The question is, will you treat them right? Will you learn from your mistakes? I can offer a woman's perspective to help you. "

He was silent for a few moments, and then nodded.

Mindy and I started giving Mike detailed advice on how to treat women. It was funny - a few minutes earlier he was about to try to pummel me into the ground, but now he was listening to us carefully like we were wise friends handing out important and useful advice. I guessed he'd never had anyone he could talk to about these things before.

Mindy and I emphasized repeatedly that he'd lost Sue Ellen through months of neglect, and there was no chance to turn that around now. However, if he wised up, he could find another woman every bit as desirable as her. It was a big help that Mindy was there as a supposedly neutral woman. She added a lot of credibility to what I said about women when she'd second my comments and add her own elaborations.

It was bizarre enough that we were even talking to Mike in a civil manner in the first place, but the conversation grew even stranger as it went on. Obviously, Mike was a "man's man" and wasn't used to opening up in heart-to-heart talks. But he was hurting badly from breaking up with Sue Ellen, and soon he was pouring out his feelings and even bawling like a baby at times.

We were there with him for over an hour. It seemed to be just the emotional catharsis he needed to finally acknowledge that he'd really lost Sue Ellen, long before I "stole" her from him.

Eventually, she came over and talked to him too. The restaurant was increasingly busy, but Laura and the other waitresses were covering for her. She sat on the same side of the booth as he did, and they hugged and talked, but she made it clear that they were over and that she was with me now.

She made that point almost insultingly clear at one point by very deliberately sliding her bra and panties across the table to me.

Mike stared at her underwear in disbelief, but the fight had gone out of him. In fact, he nearly broke down crying again when he saw that.

Sue Ellen explained, "I'm sorry, Mike. I'm not trying to be cruel with this gesture. I just want you to understand without a doubt that I have a new man in my life. I belong to Dan now, and there's nothing you can say or do to change my mind because you burned all your bridges already. You're very handsome, and you're charming when you want to be. You'll find someone else really great soon, I'm sure."

He stammered, "How... how did you get so serious about him so fast?!"

She said, "Sometimes there's a spark right from the start and you just know. You should be happy for me. If you still have feelings for me, you should be happy that I've found just the kind of person I really need. I still care for you too, and I want to see you find that person out there who's meant for you. Please listen to the advice they've given you. I think it's really wise."

"But he's so old! He's gotta be almost thirty! So what if he's all rugged and handsome and shit? Don't be swayed just by looks and a silver tongue. You and I, we-"

Sue Ellen interrupted, "Mike! It's over!" She pointedly looked down at her panties and bra on the table and pushed them closer to me. She added softly, "You're in denial. I know it's sudden, but it's been a long time coming. It's over. I'm with him now."

Mike dropped his head in defeat.

A couple of minutes later, he finally walked out the front door of the restaurant. His head was bowed down and he was clearly heart-broken and devastated, but if he truly listened to the advice Mindy and I gave, perhaps he'd end up a little wiser for next time.

I didn't hold out much hope, though. Guys like Mike don't admit faults, or change their ways, very easily.

Sue Ellen silently stared through the front windows. As soon as she saw Mike drive his truck away, she turned to me, practically blinding me with her beaming smile. "Sir! What a relief that's over. You were so great! You handled that brilliantly!"

She was still sitting on the other side of the booth from where I was, still in her uniform and technically on her break. She suddenly leaned forward and grabbed my shirt, pulling me forward too, so our lips met halfway across the table. She started French kissing me with a fevered passion.

As the necking went on and on, I looked around a little bit out of the corner of my eye. We were smack dab in the middle of a crowded restaurant, and a lot of people were staring, since it wasn't every day one sees a waitress kissing a customer so intimately.

But as if that wasn't bad enough, as soon as she pulled back, Mindy grabbed my shirt and kissed me in the exact same way!

That make us a true spectacle. Even the other waitresses - in fact, especially the other waitresses - stared at us with undisguised shock.

So it almost couldn't get any more shocking when Mindy finished her kiss, and Sue Ellen leaned over and took her turn with my lips again.

Mindy's head stayed right next to mine and her body was cuddled close. She had a hand on the bulge in my shorts, but she hadn't done anything bolder than that, due to fact that we were in such an exposed spot. This wasn't anything like our special table in the back of the restaurant - the other customers could see almost everything here. A jerking arm motion would have been noticed.

As Sue Ellen and I continued to kiss, Mindy whispered to me just loud enough for the three of us to hear, "Honey! You were so manly and brave! And clever! I know you could have beaten that guy up, but you didn't even have to. You ran circles around him with your brain! And then when Sue Ellen handed you her undies, that was the ultimate! You're gonna get soooo lucky tonight!"

I already was pretty lucky, because I seriously doubt I could have beat him up. There would have been a lot of pain for me before it was over, in any case. But hey, no need to pop her bubble, right? Once I was able to come up for air, I said, "Yeah, Sue Ellen, that was a bit mean. He was hurting, and that was a slap in his face. I didn't mean for you to do that right then."

Sue Ellen sat back to her side of the booth. She looked a bit abashed, but said, "It was harsh, but necessary. Mike's the kind of guy who doesn't know how to lose, or admit he's been defeated. That's one reason why I was afraid to break up with him - I was afraid he'd just keep stalking me and bothering me. Maybe he still will, I don't know. He needed a serious slap in the face to wake him up! He needed to see clearly that I'm YOUR woman now, Sir!"

Her face filled with joy and even love again. "I belong completely to you, and I've never been more happy about anything in my life!"

"All right," I nodded. "I trust your judgment. And of course you know him better than I do."

Mindy said to her, "Yeah, I don't know what you saw in that guy. He's such a Neanderthal." She snuggled up closer to me, and still had a hand on my bulge too. "Not like my man. OUR man. He's got brawn AND brains. Plus, no prominent brow ridge or heavily sloping forehead."

"Huh?" Sue Ellen asked.

"I was trying to make a Neanderthal joke," my smart wife replied. "In any case, I think our man needs a big reward, don't you?"

Sue Ellen giggled giddily. "Definitely!" Her eyes were smoldering as she said in a husky but quiet voice, "Sir, I'd like to escort y'all to a special table in back where we perform a VERY special service for our most valued customers!" She giggled some more.

But I replied, quietly, "No. Too busy. This is practically rush hour. There'll be people sitting in that back room before too long. And no, not the ladies' room, either. Sue Ellen, you have a reputation to maintain here. Just think about our kissing - how long is it going to take you to live that down, especially with your coworkers?"

"Maybe I don't want to live it down!" She said defiantly, although not particularly loudly. She straightened up proudly in her seat, and the resulting chest-quake reminded me that she was bra-less. "Maybe I want everyone to know that I'm one of your women!"

"That wouldn't be wise," I said. "What if Mike hears about that, for instance? He might do something rash. It would be wise to give him a little more time before he starts hearing any rumors about you. Come on, you two, let's use a little bit of self-control, at least!"

While we were talking, Sue Ellen was at least somewhat restrained by the fact that the table was in between her and me. She was limiting herself to running a bare foot up my leg under the table. But Mindy was all over me and seemingly on the verge of tearing my clothes off.

I could tell that both of them were too hot to trot to be put off. (It's worth noting again just how much giving me new sex partners had supercharged my wife's sex drive.) Thinking fast, I whispered to Sue Ellen, "I've got an idea! The car! Mindy and I can make it seem like we've left, and then you can take your break a few minutes later."

"But this is my break," she pointed out. "I really should be getting back to work already."

"So make it a bigger break. Call in favors from the other waitresses. Say you're still all emotionally distraught and need to go outside to clear your head."

Mindy added excitedly with a low purr, "Only really you'll be clearing Dan's head - the little one - of cum! With your tongue!"

Sue Ellen practically threw herself under the table to start sucking me off then and there. But then she remembered practical considerations, and said with a pout, "But... wait. I wish! So much! But I can't really get away at all. We're just entering the big Saturday night rush." She looked around the crowded restaurant anxiously.

Mindy said, "Talk to the other waitresses - do what you gotta do. Make a deal. Get fifteen more minutes off, at least! Your coworkers will be VERY understanding, knowing that you just broke up with your boyfriend. Especially since they're female. Just make sure to hide your happiness. Act all teary-eyed, and you'll be able to get an hour off, trust me."

"Okay, I'll try." Then with more hope, she said, "I'll see you out there in, like, two minutes! Five at the most!"

Mindy and I paid the bill (as we'd been drinking while talking to Mike, once things had calmed down). Mindy had kept Sue Ellen's underwear secreted under the table, and now she was the one to smuggle them out of the restaurant, as she and I walked away, hand in hand.

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