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Chapter 45

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

"Sue Ellen really is yours now," Mindy told me gleefully once we were outside. "You've won her!" We were still walking calmly, since we could still be seen through the restaurant windows, and more than one customer was still staring at me, trying to figure out what my deal was.

"I guess I did," I replied cheekily. "Maybe I'll marry her."

Mindy punched me lightly in the arm without even looking at my face to see if I was joking. Even with our remarkable "cock slave" situation, she knew our marriage was secure.

I said, "But you know, it's funny. Giving that advice to Mike was good for me too. It reminded me that I can't just treat her or anyone else like nothing more than a sex object. I need to be caring and loving and considerate and all that good stuff that he neglected to do, or else I'm gonna wind up like him."

"That's what's so great about you though, Honey. You're a dominating sexual beast when you put your mind to it, but the love and kindness never stops shining through."

I sincerely hope that's true. And where does this "dominating sexual beast" stuff come from? That's not me. My reputation is growing by leaps and bounds, and even my wife is buying into the hype. And that's despite the fact that she's the one hyping it much of the time!

She stopped in her tracks. We'd reached our car in the parking lot, but the situation wasn't ideal for hanky panky. The shadows were growing long, but there was still plenty of sunlight, due to those long Southern California summer days. Worse, since we'd arrived before the rush, our car was up front in the lot, close to the door, in a very exposed spot.

"I think I should re-park the car," I suggested.

"Good idea."

I re-parked the car in the most remote corner of the parking lot I could find. Unfortunately, it wasn't that remote since I didn't have a lot of options in a typical rectangular lot, but at least there were a few empty rows between us and the next closest car, and we were under some trees. Nobody would have any need to get near our car unless they specifically wanted to look inside. The lot was bounded by empty buildings and trees near where we were, which meant we only had to worry about the other restaurant customers going to and from their cars.

While I was re-parking the car, Mindy stood in the parking lot waiting for Sue Ellen. By the time I was done, Sue Ellen was already running towards us. Still wearing her uniform, she was clutching her boobs to prevent them from bouncing too noticeably.

Luckily, I'd come to the restaurant in our minivan. I quickly readjusted the two back seats to a setting that practically turned the rear two-thirds of the car into a bed.

Sue Ellen was excited as she watched the seats fold down. "Hey, y'all! You could do some serious fucking in here!"

Mindy laughed, and then pretended to be surprised. "Why, I never thought of that. What a GOOD idea! We might just do that!"

"I think we just might!" Sue Ellen laughed back. She practically tackled me as I straightened up from adjusting the seats. She took my breath away with a passionate kiss.

We were still standing outside, by the sliding door to the back of the minivan, but she boldly grabbed my hand and brought it to her left boob. "Sir! You make me so very happy! I wanna get naked for you!"

But then she frowned. "Unfortunately, I can't do much. My manager Paula is in back and she's not that sympathetic. The Bat is in her back office too. I'm lucky to get out here at all. Fifteen minutes, tops, she said."

I briefly wondered what she meant by "The Bat," but I had other things on my mind. "Okay, Mindy," I said, "set your watch alarm. Now, inside, you two!"

The three of us were already taking off our clothes as we scrambled into the back. I was the only one to leave anything on, since taking off my shirt wasn't really necessary.

Mindy asked as she stripped, "Sue Ellen, this time is a special time for you. How do you want Dan?"

"Oh boy! I wish I could have him fuck me, but there's no time! No, I want him in my mouth!"

"But you did that already," Mindy pointed out. "In fact, that's all you've done."

"I know, but I need it again! It symbolizes our relationship perfectly! I need to serve his cock! Naked!"

My wife laughed. "Okay!"

Sue Ellen was already undressed since I'd "stolen" her underwear earlier and she could quickly take off her uniform just by unzipping the zipper down her back. (Okay, maybe those uniforms weren't so terrible after all.)

Damn, she looks hot! Just sitting there on the backseat in the nude, staring at me adoringly and not caring about who else sees her like that. I love it!

I was sitting up on my knees on the bed that used to be the two back seats, when I found her lips already closing around my cockhead.

Within seconds, she was practically lying down with her face in my crotch, but her ass was sticking up dangerously high.

Man, that was too fast! I was kind of disappointed at the speed, because it's nice to have a sexy striptease or some kissing or something like that to warm up. But that wasn't practical, since Sue Ellen was in such a hurry. I was aroused and my dick was definitely erect and enjoying her tongue and lips, but I wasn't insanely aroused. I'd been discovering lately that I get off on "my cock slaves" acting submissively, and decided I needed a little more of that.

So I acted surprised. "What do you think you're doing?"

Sue Ellen had only started to slide her lips over my bulbous cockhead, so she was able to easily pulled off. She lifted her head away from my boner a bit and looked up to my face. "Sir? Am I doing something wrong?"

I tried to act confused but not upset at her. "What, you're just going to up and start sucking me like that? Aren't you going to beg for permission first?"

"Oh! I'm sorry! So sorry, Sir!" She bowed her head low and tried to strike a sexy, submissive pose, given her limited room. "Um, Sir, may I please suck your cock, Sir?"

I glanced at Mindy, who was pleased as punch. Then I asked Sue Ellen, "Why?"

This really threw her for a loop. She spoke anxiously and quickly, knowing that every second counted. "Uh, isn't the answer obvious? It tastes so good! I love the flavor of your skin. And the taste of your seed is even better! And the feel! I just love holding it. Not like Mike's, bless his heart. Technically, your cock isn't really different from his, except a lot wider, but somehow it's completely different, if that makes any sense. Sure, it's way bigger overall, but it's still just a penis, you know? But I love absolutely everything about it, and I've only sucked it once. I'm sure I'm just going to fall in love with it more and more! Sorry, I'm rambling, but I'm just so excited!"

Again, I didn't want to be cruel, but I acted like a teacher still waiting for a student to give the correct answer. "And is that all you have to say about why you want to give me this blowjob?"

She fretted and looked all around, but her chin was literally on the carpet of the flattened seat area, so she couldn't see Mindy or much of anything besides carpet and my legs. But then it hit her. "OH! Sir! Sorry, Sir, but I suck your cock to serve you! Forget what I said before about MY pleasure; that's inconsequential! I want to serve my MASTER! Make him cum, make him cum so hard! Please, Sir, please! Please let me suck your cock! I promise I'll do the best job I possibly can!"

Since her face was already on the floor, she bowed by arching her back to press her boobs into the carpet.

Okay, NOW you could call me very aroused! The amazing thing was, I could tell she wasn't just saying that to please me. She really meant it. God only knows why, and it was probably rash and crazy to "train" her like this and reinforce these ideas of hers, but I couldn't help myself.

I said, "Very good. Yes, you may suck me now."

She lifted her head and got to work. She took a deep breath, craned her mouth wide open, and slipped her lips down my cockhead. Her eyes bugged out as she struggled with my size.

She let out some loud moans, almost like she was incoherently crying for help. It looked for a moment like she was going to give up and maybe try again, but she was determined. She started to frantically slide her mouth up and down, using great suction on the out strokes.

I was used to the size of my penis, since it had been that way all my adult life. Mindy naturally was used to its size too, and even Michelle and Ruby were fairly used to it due to their extensive dildo training. So I tended to forget what effort and willpower it took a woman to get my thickness in her mouth and keep it there.

Seeing Sue Ellen struggle like this clearly reminded me that sucking on a cock this thick was no easy thing. Frankly, that made the rush of pleasure I was feeling that much greater, because I could see such passion and resolve in her straining face.

Mindy had been observing this closely, and had paused in her undressing so she wouldn't miss anything. As she resumed taking her clothes off (while being careful to do it below the level of the car windows), she said to me, "Wow, Honey, that's almost kind of scary. Look at her suffering like that. Poor thing. Overwhelmed by too much cock!"

"I know," I started to say. "I feel bad."

But she continued, while unhooking her bra, "But it's HOT! So hot! Gaawwwd, that's hot! I just love it when beautiful, busty women submit to you. Look! Tears are starting to stream down her cheeks, but does she give up? No! She's sliding her lips back and forth like her life depends on it. It makes me feel like I'm married to a Greek god with magical powers or something! Do it some more!"

Indeed, Sue Ellen was crying from the sheer difficulty of what her mouth was doing. But I was way, way too horny to feel guilty about it. Even before she started, she said she "needed" to suck me, not just wanted, and I could believe it by the intensity of her emotions and her effort. For instance, she'd been using her tongue against my shaft within seconds of cramming my cock in her mouth, when most anyone would have stayed still for a minute or two in an attempt to adjust to my size.

I understood that Mindy wanted me to say some things to increase Sue Ellen's sense of humiliation and submission, along the lines of how I'd made her beg me for permission to suck. However, I was having a hell of a great time and I felt it would be overkill to push Sue Ellen any further. So I said, "Nah. She's doing a very good job; I've got nothing to say. Look, Min, can you see what she's doing? She's got the full-on 'lips, tongue, and two hands' attack going on."

"Impressive!" Mindy had been on the other side of me, and she tried to crawl around to get a better view. But she had to be careful about staying below a certain level. As she settled into a new position on all fours, she muttered, "Stupid windows!"

I thought maybe Mindy would just watch for a while, since this was supposed to be Sue Ellen's "time." However, my wife was extremely horny too, and it showed on her face and especially in the way she kept licking her lips.

Once Mindy got completely naked and settled in, Sue Ellen sensed the cessation of movement and popped her mouth off my dick. She also must have noticed that hungry look on Mindy's face. Lifting her head just above my waist level and turning to Mindy, she said to her, "It would be my great honor to share this cock with you. I've only known you a few days and already it's like you're one of my best friends, ever! Like the way you helped smooth things over today. That was great! Besides, I can see you're really hungry for it."

My wife stared hungrily at my engorged pole. "Are you sure? I can do that all night long, so I don't mind. I sleep in the same bed as this fleshy tree trunk, you know." She chuckled.

Sue Ellen jerked me off with one hand and tried to wipe the tears from her face with the other. "I know, but it's what I want too. It's just so fitting and right if I'm forced to share. It makes me feel so subservient, so submissive, to be reminded that I'm just one of his many sex toys, rather than his only one. I get hotter dreaming about sharing Dan's cock than having it all to myself!"

"I know exactly what you mean," Mindy replied. "That's my favorite fantasy too! I love sharing!"

That shocked the heck out of me. Have I mentioned that my life is pretty sweet? It is!

Since Mindy was on all fours already, with her sexy butt wagging back and forth in excitement, it was easy for her to sprawl down along the flat bed with her head near my crotch, lying over one of my legs. Her tongue was on my erection in seconds.

Mindy and Sue Ellen began joyously licking their way up and down their respective sides. They didn't speak at all, but they had a cooperative understanding from the very start. Naturally, they both focused on my sweet spot, and I could feel two tongues lapping on it at once from time to time, while their fingers took care of the rest of my shaft.

I pondered Mindy's words while I gawked at the two nude bodies hemmed in tightly between my legs. She dreams about dual blowjobs? My wife? Mindy?! Why? You only get half as much, right? Or you have to take turns. And there's not much room down there. Lots of head bumping. I don't get it. And she's my wife! She's certainly not a submissive like Sue Ellen, so I really don't get it. Maybe you have to be a "cucquean" to understand.

With all my blood flowing from my big head to my little one, I wasn't in any condition to ponder that issue for very long. They weren't content to just lick up and down my shaft like a cat contentedly licking water in a bowl. No, they were going at it full on, with tongues and fingers pleasuring every part of my cock and balls all at once. Their lips often got involved too, as one or the other would slip most or even all of my cockhead in their mouths for a while.

And there wasn't a dividing of territory either, as Ruby and Michelle usually did. The two of them were going wherever their passions led them. Sometimes that resulted in the bonking of heads, or tongues briefly licking fingers instead of cock, and other minor difficulties along these lines, but apparently they didn't care.

In fact, it seemed to me that both of them were enjoying all their incidental contact with each other. I was well aware of Mindy's bisexual tendencies by now, and when their noses brushed against the other's face on the far side of my pole, or when their tongues often met on my shaft, especially right over my sweet spot, I could sometimes see the longing in my wife's eyes to kiss Sue Ellen on the lips.

They didn't kiss, but their hands were certainly all over each other. For instance, both of them kept one arm across the back of the other as they held each other to remain in a comfortable position, and of course their sides were in contact with each other nearly from head to toe. It was remarkable how comfortable and intimate they were with each other already, considering it was only a couple of days ago when they'd first met.

As time went on, it became more common that one or the other would take all of my cockhead in her lips and suck down to my super sensitive sweet spot before relinquishing this prime real estate to the other. Sometimes, both of them would try a move like this more or less at the same time, and their lips would touch while both sucked on the top of my cockhead.

I didn't know what Sue Ellen thought of that, but I could tell from years of experience the shivers of excitement in my Mindy, and she seemed to time her moves to help more "accidents" like these happen.

Then it occurred to me: This could explain why she's more into a dual blowjob than a solo one: it turns it into a bisexual experience! In fact, she's got a hand casually resting on Sue Ellen's ass, but maybe that isn't such an accidental hand placement as it first appears. After all, I remember how into Ruby's ass she was earlier. The sly fox! Heh! That's my Mindy! I just wish she'd let her lesbian urges flourish. I've got no problems with that at all. But she keeps holding back, big time. Even putting that hand there is surprisingly bold for her.

The pleasure they were giving me was intense, and just the visual sight of the two of them licking and sucking and stroking so fervently and greedily was almost more than I could take.

I have to admit that while my wife was an excellent cocksucker, in recent days the Gruesome Twosome had been outdoing her, thanks to their off-the-charts passion and energy. But sharing with Sue Ellen did something to my wife and took her efforts to an entirely new level. I knew we only had most of Sue Ellen's fifteen-minute break, but I didn't see how I'd be able to last even that long.

I turned away from the sensory overload and suddenly remembered where I was. I'd been looking at nothing but their naked bodies and especially their faces. But I found myself looking up and all around, out the windows of the car, and even staring towards the restaurant. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! That's pretty mind blowing, right here. I'm in a car! I'm in a public parking lot! People can see!

I felt a rush of arousal on top of the constant thrill I'd been feeling ever since the oral action had begun. I was beginning to realize why some people became public exhibitionists. I had to work my PC muscle with all my might, because I was determined to hold out until just before Sue Ellen had to go.

Nobody seemed to be looking our way at the moment, but I tried to scrape together the few brain cells that weren't on ecstasy overload and picture what someone would see if they looked at my car. I must be the only one of us visible, since I'm sitting up and my two hotties have their heads buried in my crotch. Thank God I have my shirt on! I look perfectly normal, right?

But upon reflection, I realized that the two of them had forgotten where they were, and since Sue Ellen happened to be lying down with her knees tucked under her, her legs were like springs and her whole body was bouncing up and down in time to her bobbing head. Sometimes, when she pushed her face deeper into my crotch to lick my balls, her ass would rise up high enough that people outside might see if they looked closely.

I couldn't tell for sure, since I'd have to calculate the viewing angle from the observer's perspective, and my brain was too fried for that. But, just to be on the safe side, I said, "Sue Ellen, watch out and stay low. People might see your ass."

That did cause her to be a little more careful, but that wasn't the main effect. Sue Ellen and Mindy were both reminded that they were sucking me off in a car in a parking lot, and that fact hit them like a lightning bolt. They'd already been acting passionately, but now they flew into a near frenzy of cock lust.

I regretted saying anything, because they were too much for me to handle. I kept staring out the window, not because I really wanted to, but as a strategy to keep from cumming, like attempting to recall baseball statistics. I was trying desperately to think of non-arousing things. I could see a strip mall across the street and beyond another parking lot, and I tried to occupy my mind by attempting to identify some of the businesses there. I could see a Vons and a Blockbusters, at least.

But far from cooling me down, observing the outside world only aroused me more. If only those poor fools knew what was happening to me! You guys are buying frozen pizzas and bread while I'm getting sucked off by my two Playboy centerfold-quality naked women! Ha! It was impossible not to feel smug.

Then I thought of Mike and how he'd react if he could see Sue Ellen right now, sharing my cock with my wife. She's MINE, you oversized ignoramus! MINE! They both are!

It was hardly a dignified moment to be proud of, but when I'm on the verge of climax my thoughts can get away from me.

Climax! Shit! I'm about to climax and I'll bet it's only been about five minutes out of her fifteen-minute break. I have to do better. I want to impress her. What if I can't get it up again before her break is over? That would be embarrassing, to say the least.

I suddenly exclaimed, "Stop! Stop! Stop! Almost...! Close!" I groaned and squeezed, and clenched my PC muscle.

It was touch and go, but Mindy has long known the trick of squeezing the base of my dick to hold off my climax, and she used it right then. It's not something she'd do to me very often, because it kind of makes me feel like she's squeezing the damn thing completely off. But in an emergency like this, I was grateful for the help. I would have shot my load for sure if she hadn't acted fast.

The two of them backed away from me a bit, knowing that I needed a minute or more to recover.

Sue Ellen immediately rushed to the nearest window and pressed her face against it, right at the bottom edge so only her eyes and above was poking over. She stared out into the parking lot. "Look, Mindy! There's people! People! There's a whole family, getting in their car! Come see!"

Mindy panted, "Can't. Gotta pace myself. ... You'll be gone in a few... uh, minutes... But Dan... uh... Mmmm! He'll just keep fucking and fucking..." She sat back against one side of the car's interior. All she would have to do was raise her head a foot or so and she'd start to see outside, but she was determined not to do that.

Sue Ellen muttered as she continued to stare out the window, "Oh, Mindy, you're so lucky! You're livin' in high cotton, for sure! I wish I could stay with you in this little slice of heaven and slobber on my master's cock for hours! ... Hey, I think I know that guy! ... Not by name, but he's a regular customer. Wow. This is wild!"

I took a big whiff and said, "I think I'm gonna rename this the Pussymobile."

Mindy laughed. She'd recovered her breath, and joked, "Quick, Batman, to the Pussymobile! No, if it's the Pussymobile, then the owner has to be Pussywoman. She and Catwoman probably get along, although you gotta figure Pussywoman wears the sexier costume."

I wiggled my eyes suggestively. "If that's the case, I'd just like to see the Pussy Cave. I can definitely picture how that looks."

Mindy spread her legs and then used her fingers to open up her pussy lips. She joked, "I'll let you inside my Pussy Cave any time you like, Baseball Bat Man."

Sue Ellen turned away from the window to see what she was missing. "Me too! Sir, I hope I don't have to tell y'all that my pussy belongs to you and you alone."

I was too modest to know how to respond to that. Frankly, I didn't know how to deal with all the "cock slave" talk in general. It aroused the hell out of me, so I didn't want to discourage it, but it was so over the top and undeserved that I didn't want to encourage it either.

Mindy asked her, "How are you doing?"

"I'm finer than frog hair split four ways!"

I laughed heartily. "I don't know what that means, but I like it!"

Her eyes went wide as she was hit with a realization. "But... hey! If Dan's revived enough for laughing and joking, then isn't he revived enough to enjoy some more cocksucking? My time is running out!"

Mindy replied with a sexy purr, "I think Daniel needs a little extra inspiration." Staying crouched below the windows, she hefted up her big breasts with both hands.

I needed extra stimulation like another hole in the head. I was still so close to cumming that I worried the slightest breeze on my throbbing erection would set it off. But I couldn't help but see what my wife wanted to do.

Mindy said, "You know, hubby, when Sue Ellen and I were down there with our tongues lapping on your cock, our tits kept crashing into each other. Can you just picture that?" She grinned wolfishly as she caressed the underside of her left breast.

Sue Ellen quickly caught on. She ducked down and slid next to Mindy, lying down on her stomach but propped up by her elbows. She hefted up her tits as well, and pressed them in towards Mindy's. "Does this help you, Sir? Can you picture fucking each and every one of these tits?"

I had no idea what she meant - how does one fuck a single tit? I was practically out of my mind with lust and unable to think rationally in any case. My erection needed to calm down. But I couldn't resist looking at the four D-cups offered to me, all lined up in a row.

I panted. "If either of you so much as breathes heavy in the general direction of my crotch, I'm gonna scream!"

Mindy snickered. "Someone's a little bit horny." She playfully blew towards my erection like she was trying to blow out birthday candles, but her face was far enough away that I could barely feel it. She easily could have come closer and blown more intently on it, but she knew how to tease and torture me just enough.

I was pleased to see that Sue Ellen was feisty enough to join in with the blowing and was having fun with it. I was also relieved that she didn't come any closer. Slowly but surely, I was coming back from the edge of orgasm, despite their sexy titty show.

While both of them lifted and lowered their boobs in a hypnotically rhythmic manner, Mindy said to Sue Ellen, "By the way, did you know that Ruby and Michelle gave Dan a double titfuck this afternoon? His horse cock was trapped right between their big racks!"

"Oh really?" Sue Ellen replied. "That sounds great! I wish I could have seen it. Can you and I do that?"

"Sure," my devilishly sexy wife replied. "But not right" - puff! - "now." She puffed towards my erection again. "Dan" - puff - "is dangerously" - puff - "sensitive."

Need I mention that she was smirking? She loves teasing me like this.

I briefly glanced out the window past them. It was getting a little darker, but not nearly dark enough. I saw a man walking in my direction, but he stopped at his car before reaching us, oblivious of the fact I was even sitting up in the back of my car, much less that two naked women were with me as well.

I said, "Look behind you. There's a guy who almost walked all the way to where we are."

That caused Sue Ellen to reposition herself to peek out the window again. "He's not even looking at us!" she complained with a mock pout.

Mindy didn't care to look and was even more determined to keep below the windows. She said to Sue Ellen, "You know what I think? I've told my hubby this before - I think the act of titfucking is the ultimate act of submission."

I thought that was interesting, since she just said that the two of them would be doing it together. I may be slow on the uptake sometimes, but I was beginning to wonder if my wife might be a little more submissive than she let on.

Sue Ellen's eyes lit up. She turned back to me and forgot all about the windows and the stranger. "Oh really? Sir! Please! Please take my chest! Your humble sex toy begs to serve!"

I joked, "If you insist."

But Sue Ellen didn't take it as a joke. She scooted forward, surrounding my stiff rod with her ample tit-flesh. "Oh Gaawwwd!" she panted breathlessly. "The ultimate act of submission! This feels sooooo good! I can see what you mean already, Mindy! HNNNG! So divine!"

I figured there was no need to worry about lubrication since my stiff pole was already dripping with pre-cum and saliva. However, I warned her, "Take it easy. I'm not ready to cum just yet, and I'm just coming down from being on a hair trigger."

Thankfully, Mindy was well prepared. Even though Sue Ellen's cleavage was lubed up enough to manage, she found her purse and pulled out a little jar of oil. She explained, "I just started carrying it around. I think of it as titfuck oil. The way things are going with you lately, I figure we'll be having lots of 'on the go' needs like this one." She poured a heaping amount all over Sue Ellen's breasts, and even rubbed it in to spread it out evenly.

Sue Ellen squealed joyously, "Oh, bless your heart! Bless your heart! I'm so overjoyed that... I don't know what!"

This was another situation where everyone benefited, because Mindy couldn't get enough of caressing Sue Ellen's rack. Then, curiously, my wife pulled back and poured even more of the oil all over herself. She oiled her sizable rack up as she watched us.

Sue Ellen looked up to me. "Master, Sir? Are you ready for more stimulation? 'Cos I'm ready to go!"

I nodded. "Yes, but take it slow and easy."

She nodded back earnestly. This was a very, very big deal for her. It was adorable how she stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth as she furrowed her brow with intense concentration.

She was about to start, but then she remembered something. "Sir? Your humble slave asks your permission to fuck your cock with her tits! Please?! I beg you!"

I was startled, and aroused even more. I wanted to shout, "Woo-hoo! Are you kidding me? Go for it!" However, I remembered my experiment from earlier with Michelle that suggested it was good to act at least somewhat aloof. So I merely solemnly said, "Yes, you may."

She got to work right away, slowly sliding her breasts up and down on either side of my erection. She had to do most of the movement because of the limitations of the size of the flat bed, not to mention the further limitations of having to stay below the windows. And having the whole car rock with vigorous thrusting would draw attention for sure.

I just love the motion of a titfuck where the woman is doing all the work. One full orb goes up while the other goes down, and then their positions switch. I could watch all day, like observing the pistons of an engine moving. Sometimes she kept up a steady and insistent rhythm, and sometimes she varied it up.

Mindy sensed that Sue Ellen was trying her very hardest, but didn't really know what she was doing. She asked, "Have you ever taken part in a titfuck before?"

Sue Ellen replied, "To be honest, I have not. Mike pushed me to do it more than a few times. But I told him no way. It's too demeaning."

Mindy asked, "And how do you feel about that now?"

Both of them had a very good laugh over that one. Clearly, the "too demeaning" thinking had gone right out the window.

Unexpectedly, Sue Ellen froze and let out a joyous shriek.

Mindy asked, "What?"

Sue Ellen resumed her titfucking motion. "I'm grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato. I'm so happy that I never gave Mike a titfuck, 'cos it means I'm giving my master my titty virginity! Right now!"

I'm sure that my wife was just as puzzled as I was by the saying "grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato." I could only imagine that had to be some colorful Southern colloquialism. But she let that slide and merely said, "Congratulations!" Then she leaned in, pressing her newly oiled-up boobs against Sue Ellen's arm. She cooed into her ear, "So, how does it feel to be a slaaaave?"

"Sooooo goooooooood..." Sue Ellen replied, totally blissed out.

"Did you ever think you'd wind up a cock slave?"

"No! Never!"

"Would you like to live to serve Dan's fat cock? Not just for a day or a week or a year, but forever?"


Mindy pulled back and stopped talking, because Sue Ellen was clearly getting too excited to keep the titfuck going. She tilted her head back and clenched her teeth as she obviously had a silent but powerful orgasm. Even after it ended and she resumed her tit sliding, her body was still slightly trembling all over.

I gave my wife a stern look, because I felt she was getting carried away with her submissive talk, and leading Sue Ellen on too much.

Min saw that and nodded. She added, "Well then, keep doing what you're doing, and we'll see. Your sex slave dream just might come true."

Sue Ellen nodded and turned all her focus back to the titfucking. It appeared she was even more determined and into it than before, if such a thing was possible.

But despite the pleasurable stimulation and all the excitement, I was actually still coming down from my orgasmic close call. Sue Ellen woke up from her blissed out reverie and realized that I could handle more stimulation. She started getting more active, taking me right back to the edge.

Soon, she was purring almost non-stop. It was easy to tell just how much fun she was having by the sound she was making. But she was careful to be quiet, as if she was worried someone was listening just outside the car. Every now and then, she would whisper something, like, "Do you like that, Sir?", "Want me to suck on your cockhead a little, Sir?", or "Please Sir, I want you to lick my nipples!"

Things were good. Very good. I didn't say much, but I was continually moaning with lusty enjoyment.

After a while, I joked to Mindy, "You know what, Sweetheart? I'm beginning to think you were a pretty good choice for a wife."

She responded wryly, "You're only just starting to figure that out, huh?" But then she got serious. "Sssh. No joking. This is a very important time for Sue Ellen. This is a key step in her path to complete subjugation. Isn't that right, slave?"

She ran her hand up and down Sue Ellen's nearest ass cheek, but then seemed to get scared that she was getting too into it, and maybe couldn't stop herself. So she took her hand away.

"No," I said to Mindy. "Keep stroking her. She needs both of us to dominate her."

"That's right!" Sue Ellen replied, somehow yelling while keeping the volume of her voice near whisper level. "I'm in ecstasy! The pleasure of feeling Dan's fat cock sliding through my cleavage alone makes me dizzy with delight, but what pleases me even more is knowing my place!"

Mindy stroked Sue Ellen's back encouragingly. "Very good. And where is your place?"

"On my back with my legs spread, or kneeling between my master's thighs!"

Mindy looked at me with a happy smirk. "My, my! But isn't she a quick learner!" Then she turned back to indoctrinating Sue Ellen a bit more. "Excellent. And what does a good cock slave wear when she's between her master's thigh?"

"Nothing! Naked!" She was practically ready to hyperventilate.

"And what does a good slave do there?"

"Serve her master's cock!"

She shouted that so loudly and enthusiastically that I had to look around to make sure no one was near enough to hear it. I should have been disturbed by this type of talk, not to mention Mindy's role in encouraging it, but somehow, Mike was on my mind. I wanted to say something about how incredulous Mike would be to see Sue Ellen titfuck me when she'd always turned him down. I grunted "Mike..."

However, that was all I could say in my current state. I knew I wouldn't last long, and Mindy wouldn't be there to save me with her special squeeze at the base this time.

"Mike?!" Sue Ellen snorted. "Ha! He was okay enough when he wasn't talking. Actually, bless his heart, he wasn't that good in bed, either. Not like you! You're such a STUD!"

I laughed. "What? How?" I was too winded to say more.

Mindy happily teased me, "Some stud he is. Look at him. All he's doing is sitting there while you do all the work."

"But that's what's so brilliant!" She Ellen insisted between her ragged panting, as she repeatedly squeezed my shaft tight with her boobs. "He takes what he wants, and I'm helpless to do anything but obey!"

I was going to protest some more, but I realized I was incapable of doing more than heavy grunting.

Sue Ellen was getting too carried away to keep up her end of a conversation anyway. Her thoughts and words were making her more and more aroused and impassioned in her movements. It looked kind of like she was doing push-ups over my crotch, as her entire chest slid up and down at a rapid pace.

Another minute of titfucking heaven went past. I was clenching my PC muscle with all my might, still barely hanging in there.

Mindy announced, "Sue Ellen, you've got about two or three minutes." She was checking her watch (which was just about the only thing she still wore).

To my surprise, my wife suddenly rose up on her knees and looked out the window. She was protectively clutching her breasts (even though they were still below window level), but let go when she saw the coast was clear, at least for the moment. "She's right, you know. You are a stud!" Then she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

I heard Sue Ellen cry out loudly with arousal. Clearly, she was cumming again, and she couldn't keep quiet about it this time.

It was more than I could take. I sensed that I was slipping past the point of no return.

She seemed to sense this. I couldn't see what was happening due to Mindy's lips being on mine, but I felt Sue Ellen's breasts jiggle to a stop and then her lips slide over my cockhead as my balls tightened.

She was just in time for me to blast my load into the back of her throat. She was so determined that she managed to slide her lips back and forth over my shaft even as she gurgled and moaned from the cum filling her oral cavity and then sliding down her throat.

I would have cried out loudly, completely forgetting where I was, except that Mindy was still kissing me.

We all dropped down below window level as the climaxes subsided. Sue Ellen still had her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft though, and she kept right on bobbing. Apparently, she wasn't willing to stop until I went flaccid. Unfortunately, I did go flaccid a very short time after that.

"Mmmm. I had a nice one," Mindy said with surprising calmness. "I just loooove kissing my husband when he's shooting his load into another woman. I can feel and taste the excitement. How 'bout you?" She nudged Sue Ellen.

"The best! Every moment with your husband is like a dream!" She lay back, exposing all of her fit body to my view once more.

She added, "I loved every last second. Sucking him solo at first, and then sharing him with you, Mindy, and then my very first titfuck! With my master! It's like an endless perfect dream!"

Her tone switched from euphoric to sad. "Only now the dream is ending and I have to return to the nightmare reality. How can I go back to working as a waitress? I just want to stay here and suck and fuck all night long!"

Mindy said matter-of-factly, "I know you do, but we should head home. Dan has to keep his other sex toys happy."

That comment caused Sue Ellen to briefly yelp with glee.

Mindy went on, "Think of this, though: he took your bra and your panties. As you work, revel in the feel of your tits bouncing free, and remember that he's the one who made you feel so naked and vulnerable."

Sue Ellen couldn't contain herself from exclaiming, "Mindy! Don't even talk about that! Shush your mouth, 'cos I can't take it! He walked into Mama Mia's in a crisis situation and the first thing he said to me was to take my panties and bra off anyway! How great is that?! And then, as he walked to his seat with Mike breathing down his neck, he STILL insisted that I do it. How brave! How bold! I swear, I'll NEVER forget that!"

Mindy said, "That is impressive, but we're running out of time. Like I said, keep thinking of your secret nudity, of your freely bouncing tits. and then think of him. When you get the chance, without looking obvious about it, use your arms to push your tits together, and think of the fuck tunnel you're making, the very same fuck tunnel my hubby plundered with his thick cock here in the parking lot. And then, I want you to think of all the other ways that his cock is going to plunder your body!"

"Gosh, Mindy," Sue Ellen said, wide-eyed, sitting up slightly. "I'm almost sorry for saying anything to y'all. But now my problem's even worse. I'm not going to be bored, I'm going to be insanely aroused! And you don't even know what it's like to walk around in that uniform without panties on. The air's always moving, keeping my clit erect."

Mindy found Sue Ellen's uniform and handed it to her. "You know what? When you wear this, think about what would happen if you bent over all the way. Think about bending over to touch your toes in the middle of the busy restaurant with my hubby standing behind you. I don't think he could resist sliding the King into you doggy-style, and to hell with who sees you getting nailed and pounded like a wild animal!"

Sue Ellen cried out with near orgasmic joy, "Stop! Stop! I'm already gonna be a nervous wreck!" She started to put her clothes on, but then paused. She reached out and ran her finger right across one of Mindy's boobs and down into her cleavage. Then she pulled back and licked what was on her finger. "You're all oily. Kind of tastes good."

I noticed Mindy shiver with arousal. I thought, Just go ahead and do it, Min! Kiss her! Make love to her! Stop beating around the bush. You know you want to and I'm okay with it, so do it!

But Sue Ellen went back to dressing while Mindy watched.

We finally managed to get Sue Ellen out of the car. She had to help herself out because Mindy and I remained naked. In fact, Mindy's "advice" had aroused me so much that I was hard again even before Sue Ellen left.

As I lay down on my wife, I said, "You ARE totally nuts, but I'm not going to complain. Too many benefits for me. I noticed you keep calling me 'my hubby' though. What's with that? You hardly ever do that." Holding my erection, I grunted as I slid it inside her. Hot damn, she was hotter than hell on the inside down there.

"I dunno," she admitted. "It's just that, in situations like that, I like to remind everybody that you're my husband and I'm your slutty wife. Now, my King, fuck me like a superman!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Gnome, Arthvr, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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