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Chapter 47

(Sunday, May 26th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The next morning I woke up, and I was NOT immediately assaulted by Michelle and/or Ruby throwing themselves at me in a tickle attack. It was Sunday morning, after all, and I like having Sunday mornings as a time for quiet contemplation, even when I don't go to church. I was glad to see they were still respecting my feelings on that.

I felt a sense of dread as I laid in bed trying to rouse myself. I'm sure not going to go to church this week! I'm a devout Roman Catholic, but how can I possibly reconcile my current sexual activities with Church doctrine? If I'm going to continue to commit adultery and incest on pretty much a daily basis, how can I possibly go to communion ever again? I'm screwed.

Yet I knew that I was loving my new sexual life so much that if I had to choose between that and the Church, the Church would just have to go. That certainly didn't mean I would abandon my beliefs, and hopefully I could find a new church, or maybe practice on my own without going to church.

It was just easier to avoid the issue and stay home, since we didn't go every single week anyway.

Mindy was nowhere to be seen, as she was doubtlessly already up and about well before me. I'm definitely the "lazy bones" late riser in the family.

After going through my morning rituals and putting on my clothes, I left my bedroom to see what was happening elsewhere in the house.

As soon as I started walking down the hall, Michelle came out from her room wearing her super sexy harem outfit - the topless version.

My heart leapt to my throat, because I was so overcome by her busty beauty. She's so far above the norm that I can never get used to her stunning body or face, especially when she's effectively nude.

Obviously, she'd been lying in wait for me. Her hands were outstretched like claws, but she was walking on her tiptoes. She whispered mischievously, "Daddy tickle attack!"

But she was moving so slowly and quietly on her toes that I just had to laugh. Even so, her jutting orbs swayed from side to side provocatively.

She stood in front of me and reached out with one hand to gently tickle the side of my ribs. She continued to whisper, "Mom says we have to be quiet and contemplative, given that it's Sunday morning. So this is my quiet and contemplative tickle attack. You like?"

I laughed again, especially at the way she was tickling me. Her one hand was slightly shaking along my side, barely qualifying as a tickle.

Then she whispered, "Later!" Her voice was filled with promise as to what would come later on, but that was all, because she scampered off. But dammit, just watching her fine ass swaying back and forth as she walked away, covered by nothing but the virtually-transparent harem costume she used for pajamas, left me with a raging hard-on. It most definitely was not a "quiet and contemplative" boner, but thankfully it quickly faded after she left my sight.

We spent most of breakfast discussing "Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones," since Michelle had seen it too. I thought the Watto shopkeeper was a racist stereotype of an Arab or a Jew. But Mindy and Michelle disagreed, claiming I was just seeing things. Michelle even argued that saying he was a racist stereotype was racist in and of itself, since that implied that Arabs and Jews were greedy and amoral.

It was a lively discussion, and almost made me forget how sexual my life had become.

After we ate breakfast, Ruby came over. I held another family meeting at the dinner table.

With my three buxom beauties sitting around the table, mercifully fully dressed this time, I announced, "As you know, we're not going to church today. One reason is that I was getting some very good writing done yesterday, before the Mike crisis came on, and I'd like to exploit my hot streak." That was true enough, but I also needed some alone time to rest and recover.

"That sucks!" Michelle complained huffily. "It's the weekend! And look outside. It's PERFECT cocksucking weather!"

"I'm afraid to ask, but what's bad cocksucking weather?"

Michelle looked at Ruby, and they had some kind of non-verbal meeting of the minds.

Then Michelle turned back to me and said with a smile, "Actually, all weather is good cocksucking weather. But if it's sunny, we can do it outside and work on our all-over tans at the same time. If it's raining, we can only do it in here." She scrunched her face up in frustration as she thought about her rainy-day limitations.

Ruby seemed equally distraught. "Bummer. Hey, Michelle, can't you just picture Daddy kicking back on a lounge chair with a piña colada in his hand, with you and me naked, collared, and bound, sucking his cock together all day long? Maybe while he's reading one of those Horatio Hornblower books he loves so much."

Michelle perked up. "Totally! I can totally picture that! While Daddy reads that, we can blow on HIS horn!"

The three women all giggled at that.

She told Ruby, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Our wrists should be tied together with silky rope to constantly remind us that we're Daddy's helpless sex slaves!"

"Definitely!" Ruby agreed. "Collars would be very nice too, but Daddy hasn't even given us ours yet. Hint, hint." She looked right at me, as if trying to will me to buy collars through the sheer intensity of her stare.

Call me twisted, but my dick suddenly grew uncomfortably stiff.

Michelle heartily agreed with her. "Oh yeah, you gotta have the collars. Hopefully the really heavy and thick kind that's another constant reminder of just who's the master and who are his big-titted slaves."

Ruby's eyes lit up, and I could see her nipples growing hard even through her bra and thick top. "Exactly! And with his name on it, in big letters! 'Property of Dan Cooper.'"

Michelle's face was getting visibly excited, and her nipples popped erect as well. "Sweet! And every now and then, he could tie us up and give one of us a good spanking, just to show who's boss. Or we could wear handcuffs! I have this black pair that would totally go with my favorite high heels."

I could see the two of them were going to run away with the conversation, until everyone was too aroused to even breathe. So I coughed. "That sounds pretty nice, I must admit, at least the cocksucking gist of it, minus all the uh, ropes and whatnot... Mindy, aren't you going to say something about these unhealthy fetishes they have?"

"Absolutely!" she replied with a dead serious look. She gave the girls her best disapproving mother look, but said to them, "I think you should stick with ropes, although handcuffs might be fun for occasional variety. And my vote is for heavy iron collars with 'Property of Dan Cooper' written on the front. I wonder where we can buy those." She put her hand on her chin, as if seriously pondering the purchasing details.

"YEAY!" Both girls cheered at once, high-fiving each other.

I growled at my wife. "You and I are going to have a private chat later. Can't you see how unhealthy it is to encourage them like that?"

"I was just joking," Mindy replied innocently. "Surely you don't REALLY expect them to want to wear something like that? Think about how impractical it would be, all of us sitting at dinner together at, say, the Olive Garden, with 'Property of Dan Cooper' written in big letters on both their collars, for anyone to see."

Somehow that restaurant image just made me even more aroused. I looked at the girls and noticed they seemed to be trying to hide crestfallen looks, ever since Mindy had said she was just joking.

I coughed, trying to clear my mind. "I honestly doubt that was a joke. But just to make clear, there will be NO collars of any kind. In any case, I need to do some work from time to time to make some money, Shelle. Besides, you know that regular office hours don't mean much to me. But even if I didn't have this hot streak going, I'd still be asking you to lay off the sexy fun today. Thinking about going to church reminded me this morning about the sinfulness of everything we're doing. I can't believe I've allowed myself to be swept along without really thinking about it all. I need some time to take a breather and reassess this craziness."

That didn't exactly go over well. All three women looked quite annoyed and frustrated.

Not surprisingly, Michelle was the first to complain, "Daddy, that's bullshit! Sin? That's a crock!"

I replied, "Oh yeah? You really think our priest would approve? What'll happen if I confess all in my next confession? He'd probably have a heart attack! I don't know how I can even HAVE another confession!"

Michelle groused, "Don't tell me you're listening to that religious BS. I mean, believing in God is one thing, but all that Church doctrine? Puh-lease! I know you don't agree with the Church about contraception or even abortion, so the Pope isn't infallible. Why can't they be wrong on this too?! There's no Papal Edict about sexy teasing, anyway."

"Maybe not," I agreed, "but the Commandment about adultery is pretty clear."

Mindy quickly broke in. "You can't call it adultery if I approve! It's simply not possible!"

"Perhaps," I conceded. "I need to think about that. Somehow though, I seriously doubt the Church approves of swinging in any circumstance. But the incest? Come on! Even you, Shelle, can't tell me that there's any type of Christianity that says having vaginal intercourse with my own daughter is okay. Maybe we can bend the rules on just what we call incest or adultery, but regular intercourse has to remain completely out of the question, for my own spiritual peace of mind if nothing else."

Michelle stood up in a huff. 'Daddy! Grrr! You're so... maddening!" Getting really frustrated, she threw her hands up in the air and yelled, "Dork!"

When she gets really mad, she sometimes calls me "dork." It's not because she actually thinks I'm a dork (at least, I don't think so), but it goes back to when she was a little kid and she got the idea from the name of the show "Mork and Mindy," and since my wife's name was 'Mindy,' that made me 'Dork.' It wasn't the cleverest thing in the world, but it was a family tradition of sorts.

Michelle implored, "All I want to do is love you, and make love to you, and make you happy, because I love you so much. How can that be wrong?"

Flustered, I could only manage, "It just is."

"It just ISN'T!" she replied forcefully. She started to pull her T-shirt over her head. "You talk about God, but what about THIS?" After a little more struggle with her T-shirt, she managed to shuck it off, and then dramatically stood up at the table.

I definitely didn't follow whatever connection she was trying to make. As her bra flew off, and then she wiggled out of her shorts, I was too distracted to even think about the conversation. My traitorous dick grew even harder and longer, if such a thing was possible, not caring one whit about Sundays or religion.

Finally, she stood naked, her jutting tits bouncing around wildly from all her sudden movement. She proudly put her hands on her hips. "Look! Look at this body! I'm very proud of it. It took a lot of hard work, dieting, and exercise to make it look like this. For YOU! So you would want me as much as I want you. But mostly, I'm lucky. Look at my tits!"

She sucked in her gut and pushed her rack out even more.

It wasn't like she had to tell me to look at her huge jutting melons, since I couldn't tear my eyes away from them to save my soul!

She said defiantly, "These are my natural endowments. This is what God gave me. If you want to talk about God, talk about this body! Why did He give me such a sexy body, and why did He give Ruby an equally sexy one too, if it wasn't so that Ruby and I could constantly pleasure you all day long? Huh? Answer me THAT!"

She stood there smug and proud, as if she'd completely defeated me with her flawless logic.

I looked over at Mindy and saw her trying to suppress a snicker.

I tried to explain, "Just because you have a hot, centerfold-worthy body, it doesn't follow that you have to commit incest with your father."

Ruby asked, "Hey, um... what about me? I'm not really your daughter in the same way that Michelle is, am I? In the last week I've started to feel fully accepted into the family, which I love. But I still don't feel that you're treating me as much of a daughter as you do Michelle."

"I'm sorry," I answered her as best I could, and even looked her in the eye, despite the distraction of Michelle's continued nude posing. "It's hard to just say 'you're my daughter now' and have it be so. Old habits die hard. Maybe... maybe we should rethink that. If you're not really formally my daughter, then there would be no sexual restriction between you and me, at least as far as incest goes."

Ruby frowned. "So you're saying I either get to have sex with you or get to be your daughter. Oh no! What a terrible choice!" But her face turned from anguish to happiness in seconds. "Still, I know my answer. I'll go for the sex!" She then flashed me a toothy grin.

I was suspicious at how quickly she came to that decision. I knew that wanting to be part of our family in a formal way was very important to her. So I said, "Red, you can't just have sex with me, and THEN say, 'Okay, now I want to be your daughter.'"

"I can't? Damn!" Belatedly, she looked abashed, after realizing I'd discovered her scheme. Her anguish quickly came back. "But what am I going to do then?! I want both! I NEED both! Daddy, don't make me choose!"

Michelle had sat back down (still naked except for her high heels, of course), but she dramatically stood up again, setting off another tit-quake. "Daddy, you're cruel! You just need to fuck us both, in every hole, and that's all there is to it! First this dating boys... insanity... and now this! The choice you're asking her to make is just too cruel!"

My God, she looks sexy! Those huge, jutting, torpedo tits just won't stop bouncing! And seeing her all pissed off somehow only makes her sexier. Maybe she does have a point about God having a special purpose for her special body. Truly, if any body is built for sex, hers is! Or maybe that's just my lust speaking for me?

Ruby also stood up and glared at me. She crossed her arms under her huge rack, drawing more attention to it. At least she was still dressed - for now.

It looked like there was going to be big trouble. I said, "Hey, I'm not saying that's how it has to be for all time. I'm just saying I need time to sort through my feelings. Give me some space, okay?"

Seeing that the Gruesome Twosome weren't about to back down easily, I figured I needed to give them some perspective on where things stood for me

"Look. For you this may be something you've had years of buildup for" - I nodded at the girls - "or months to reconcile in your own mind," - I nodded at Mindy - "but consider my end of things. I've had less than a week to get used to the idea that my wife totally gets off on being a cucquean, of all things. I'd never even heard of that word before. And then, on top of that, my daughters are not only voyeurs and exhibitionists, but also sexually voracious vixens who want to do nothing more than get into my pants and basically stay there."

All three of them grinned and nodded at that part.

I continued, "Face it, girls, you've been pretty damn aggressive in your pursuit of me this week, while last week I had almost no clue how you really felt about me."

"No clue?" Michelle protested. "We'd been slowly seducing you for months!"

"Okay, maybe I exaggerate about that. But still, all three of you have fallen on me like a ton of bricks, and I'm seeing stars and reeling over here, okay? Sure, I've had an insane amount of sexual pleasure, but that doesn't change the fact that I am very much NOT comfortable with what's been going on around here of late. It shakes up my whole world view, my morality system. Where I come from, fathers just don't do ANYTHING sexual with their daughters."

Michelle mumbled something under her breath that I couldn't catch.

"What was that?" I asked her.

"I said, 'Squaresville, Lame-o Dad Land.' You know, that's where you come from."

I shot her a disapproving look at that. "I need some time alone if I'm ever going to adjust to things enough in order to be cool with all this. You're pushing me too hard, too fast. Understand?"

They nodded. They even had the decency to look a little shamefaced about that.

"So here's what I want from you today. Let me do my work and try to get my head out of this sexual fog that keeps me from thinking. Meanwhile, Shelle, you said something yesterday about going out on a date with a boy right away. If you do that, that could tip the balance in my decision that maybe we could live with a certain amount of incest without permanently damaging you."

I swear, I could see the steam suddenly pour out of her ears.

"Rrraarrggh! Dork, Dork, Dork!" She was fit to be tied, and shook her fists in frustration as she looked around for something to hit. That caused her big, bare melons to flop up and down repeatedly. She turned to Mindy. "Mom, help! Make Daddy see sense! DO something! This is a disaster! There's NO WAY I'm going to do that, EVER! It would be a betrayal of my entire cock slave life!"

When there was no immediate reply from Mindy, Michelle stomped off back up towards her bedroom, with Ruby in tow. As she left, she growled, "I'll be in my room! Fuming!"

As I watched Michelle's naked butt sway back and forth, I thought of the classic line, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away." How true!

Once they'd gone, Mindy said to me soberly, and rather quietly, "Honey, you've really stirred up a hornet's nest now."

"I know. But I can't help how I feel. I know I can't give up this fun we've been having, and frankly, I've been staying in the Church more through inertia than anything else. I don't like a lot of the conservative dogma, which is more and more out of step with the times. But I'm also still a religious man. Maybe we could find a different church, a more tolerant one."

"I'd like that," Mindy replied. "You know I'd never go to the church we go to had it not been for you. The only positive thing I can really say about it is that at least they don't still hold the mass in Latin. But I hope you're not serious about this stance on adultery, at least."

She pointed at me accusingly. "And Ruby! You're gonna break her heart. Whatever you decide about Michelle is one thing, but you just HAVE to fuck Ruby in every hole AND accept her completely into the family. You already did the latter, so you can't back out of that now. But to accept her into the family, and then tell her that it costs her the thing she wants most in the world - that would just be cruel!"

"Hmmm." My erection was wilting now that the girls had left, but that quickly changed as I pictured Ruby wiggling and panting underneath me while I thrust deeper and deeper into her hot box. "Well, to be honest, I'm not so bothered by the adultery, since you're okay with it. It's the incest that really gets me. And if I fuck Ruby, the pressure would be intense for me to fuck Michelle as well."

"And that's a bad thing?"

"Min! You're not helping! Please stop thinking with your pussy. I know it's tempting, but we can't live our lives letting our libidos do all our thinking for us."

"Sorry." She reached over and stroked my arm. "That's okay. I understand. You'll come around soon. You just need time to adjust, like you always do. In the meanwhile, why don't you get some rest and work on your book? I'll make sure the Gruesome Twosome won't bother you."


Trying to lighten the mood, she asked, "How are things going between John and Roxanna, anyway?"

"I haven't written anything since I gave you my last update."

"Ah. Well, I'll be rooting for them. But you really should introduce a Ruby-like character. You know the girls are going to read your final draft, and Roxanna is so similar to Michelle. Ruby will be offended."

"Good point. I'll work on that. But that's likely to just make the book more erotic."

She pretended distress. "Oh dear! We know how much everyone hates that! Recall that famous saying: 'sex doesn't sell.'"

I grumbled, "Very funny. You know the problem. If it gets too explicit, the publishers will reject it."

"I'm sure you'll work it out. You always do."

I went upstairs to get back to my writing.

I found to my great joy that I could continue writing right where I'd left off the day before, and I was just as productive. I was able to put all the recent arguments and moral dilemmas behind me and get lost in my work.

Mindy thoughtfully brought lunch to my desk so I wouldn't get slowed down having to face Satan's Hell Spawn and probably argue with them some more.

She lingered to ask, "So, how are John and Roxanna getting along now?"

"Good. I'm having fun. As you know, I usually work from a detailed outline, but this time I'm totally winging it and just seeing where things go. Kind of like how my real life is going lately." I chuckled. "In fact, I'm so flexible that I already took your advice and introduced a Ruby-like character."

"Oh goody! Tell me about her."

"Her name is Morgana. She's a young, beautiful English girl who got shipwrecked and then kidnapped and wound up in a harem far from home. She has fair skin, green eyes, and flaming red hair."

"Ah!" Mindy smiled at that. "I like her already. And great big round tits, I hope?"

"Indeed. But the main thing is that she's the 'queen' of the harem. The sultan made her his favorite, mostly due to her very unique looks for that time and place, not to mention her extraordinary beauty. The sultan has grown old and sick, so he hardly sees her or any of his other harem girls. But she has great power just because everyone knows she has his ear and can get any favor she wants from him."

I further explained, "Word of John sneaking in and out of the harem and fucking her harem girls reached her ears and she had him caught and brought to her. He was in big trouble. Luckily, he's a charming, devious rogue. He's also the first other English person she's seen since joining the harem a few years ago. Naturally, they got talking about home. One thing led to another, and he seduced her too. "

"Oh dear," Mindy said, pretending to be shocked at the sailor's antics. "He really is a charming, horny rogue, kind of like his creator. What does Roxanna think about that?"

"She's surprisingly fine with it. She knows he's fucking other harem girls already, so it's not like she could claim exclusive rights on him anyway. She realized that in this case it could bring great advantage for her. Morgana's power and prestige could help her plight and even help her escape. That's especially the case when John tells Morgana his plans to escape back to England and she says she wants to escape with him. Before long, the three of them are fast friends and plotting how to leave the country. With Morgana having the ear of the sultan they have new advantages, though the sultan also is never going to willingly let her go."

"Does Roxanna know John is having sex with Morgana, and vice versa?"

"Oh, yes. In fact, soon the three are growing closer and closer as they discover the joy of threesomes. Morgana learns that Roxanna really isn't properly trained in the harem arts, though she doesn't know about the princess part yet. Before long, she's doing all she can to help Roxanna better learn how to pleasure the sultan, though that's really just code for learning how to better pleasure John. In fact, they're having so much fun doing the 'training' that the escape plans are proceeding rather slowly."

"Nice! I hope those include a lot of double blowjobs?"

I snickered. "Of course! In fact, Morgana and Roxanna spend so much time on their knees licking and sucking John's cock that the other harem girls he's seduced are getting jealous and annoyed. They're having to go to greater lengths to make sure he showers them with his attention too."

She quipped, "And his seed, I hope."

I chuckled. "That too. Actually, there's a fair amount of that going on. He has a thing for fucking their pussies and asses and then cumming on their faces. Slowly but surely, he's working his way through all three dozen girls, marking them as his with pearl necklaces and facials, not to mention all the cum leaking out of their cunts."

"Smart man. You know the saying: 'When in Rome, fuck the hell out of the Romans.'"

I grumbled. "Things are getting way too X-rated. Anyway, luckily, Morgana has her own private chambers, and he's taken to basically living there full time as her 'prisoner' so he doesn't have to keep sneaking in and out. Instead, other harem girls keep sneaking in, to have their turns with him."

My wife snickered too. "Oh dear. The poor guy is in a real fix. It sounds almost like he's becoming the new sultan, at least when it comes to the benefits of enjoying the harem."

"Definitely. The only problem is that he feels guilty. His crew is still wasting away in a nearby prison, and Roxanna is in danger of having her cover blown at any time. But he's having such a grand old time that he's finding it hard to be motivated. He's getting corrupted by too much incredible sex with too many gorgeous girls."

She grinned knowingly. "Sounds like someone I know. Someone right around here, in fact." She winked. "Except 'corrupted' makes it sound like a bad thing. I prefer 'liberated.' I like where this story is going. You are going to have them escape eventually, aren't you?"

"Of course. I'm working up to that. The only problem is that things are getting far, far too steamy. I've totally jumped the shark, but I'm having too much fun to stop. Which, by the way, sounds a lot like my personal life these days too."

She suggested, "Why don't you just do the usual 'fade to black' technique you usually do? Leave more of the sex implied, and show just as much as your publishers will let you get away with."

"That's what I'm planning on doing. A lot of books in this genre do that. For instance, you know that the 'Flashman' series by George MacDonald Fraser is one of my main inspirations. Flashman beds just about every pretty woman he comes across, married or not. He even rapes a woman once. And most of those novels were written a while back. I can get away with a lot more sexual content today. But the problem is, I'm so sexually worked up that MOST of what I'm writing is the stuff that takes place after the scene should fade to black. For instance, I just spent the last few pages detailing another sex romp between John, Roxanna, and Morgana that's arousing as hell but has almost no plot relevance whatsoever. I'm sure I'll have to cut the whole thing later, before I even let the publishers see it. But I'm having a ball writing it."

Mindy reached out and clutched my hand. She said with alarm, "Oh no! Don't do that! I have a better idea."

"What's that?"

"Write two versions of the whole story. A censored version and then an X-rated version just for you and your family. The girls will love it, I'm sure. Plus, if you let them have sneak peeks, their willingness to give you more time and space to do your writing will skyrocket!"

I chuckled. "That's probably true."

She let go of my hand as she added, "Mark the really racy stuff with a special color. Then it'll be easy for you to go back later and replace them with the 'fade to black' bits for the published version. No one will ever see the REAL version except us."

I rubbed my chin. "Hmmm. Interesting. I just might do that. I can't seem to stop writing these sex scenes anyway. Thanks to you and your cucquean ways, I've got sex on the brain pretty much twenty-four hours a day. The only problem is that time is money, and it'll take me twice as long to finish that way."

"So the fuck what? We'd do just fine getting by on my salary plus the royalties of the novels you've written already. At this point, the profits from your new works are just fattening our savings accounts. And you know your first Centurion novel has been optioned in Hollywood. If they ever turn that into a movie-"

I cut her off. "That doesn't mean anything. The odds of an optioned script being turned into a finished movie are literally worse than a hundred to one. I've told you the rumors that my script is in permanent limbo."

"True. But it COULD happen. Plus, they paid you a cool 100,000 bucks just for the right to think about doing something with it. Talk about easy money! Chances are, more of your novels will get optioned by and by, if only so plot elements can be 'borrowed' for other movies without the risk of being sued. We're on easy street, Honey. So don't worry about wasting time. If you want to stop writing completely and just devote all your time to enjoying your harem and seducing other women, you could do that."

I growled, "Don't tempt me! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! We jokingly call our daughters 'Satan's Hell Spawn,' but you're the real agent of Satan around here. You couldn't do a better job of corrupting my morals if you tried."

She smiled brightly, but still with her trademark smirk. "Why, thank you! I consider that a compliment. I AM trying my best. Though, again, I prefer 'liberate' over 'corrupt.' Besides, I've got you pegged. You write because you love doing it. There's no way I could talk you out of it. You'll keep writing even if you don't get paid."

"That's true. How many people get to be paid for what they love to do? I'm such a lucky son of a bitch in so many ways."

She patted my back. "It's settled then. You'll keep writing the sexy scenes so we can have our private, better version. Yes?"

I complained, "It's not like I have a choice. This stuff seems to be writing itself. I'm getting worried that I'm never going to get John away from the sultan's harem."

She said with exaggerated mock distress, "Oh no! That would be so terrible! One hot and sexy scene after another! Who would ever want to read that?" She snickered, and then returned to her usual voice. "Don't worry, you'll work it out. You always do. I have a request though."

"What's that?"

"You should have a character based on Jane Corlin. You've mentioned more than once how she has a regal, sophisticated air, like a very sexy and sultry royal. You could make her a queen or the sultan's wife. Something like that."

I rubbed my chin again. "Hmmm. Interesting. That's not a half bad idea." My creative juices got flowing as I started to mull over the possibilities.

"Just don't forget to give her huge tits the size of Jane's real royal globes!" She chuckled. Then she stood up and started to walk away. "I'm going to go. I know that look on your face. That's your 'leave me alone, woman, I'm on a roll!' look. I'll check in later, okay?"

"Okay. Love you."

Sure enough, soon after she left I resumed writing with even more inspiration than before.

A couple of hours later, Mindy came in again to check on how I was doing. She was wearing a bikini, and her skin was glistening with suntan oil. Obviously, she'd been out in the sun. "So, what's up, hubby o' mine? Getting any more writing done?"

I said to her, "Things are going surprisingly well. I've been writing up a storm."

"Have you done anything with my suggestion for a Jane-like royal figure?"

"I'm working up to it, but she hasn't made her first appearance yet. I'll let you know when she does."

"Okay, good."

"I'm really on a tear. I love that I haven't had to deal with interruptions. I'm especially surprised the Hellions haven't been pestering me yet."

"That's because I've forbidden them to even come upstairs," she explained. "I've been very strict. But I should warn you, they can't be contained for long, especially Michelle. She's bouncing off the walls, and getting more worked up by the minute. Getting to be sexual with you is an extremely new and exciting thing for her, and something she's been looking forward to since... well, pretty much since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Now, she's so worked up about needing to suck or titfuck your cock that she can hardly stand it. I can only hold her back so long. Or Ruby, for that matter."

"Is that so?"

"It is. They're climbing up the walls. They sincerely seem to believe you'd be able to write better while they BOTH lick and suck your cock the whole time!"

I stated firmly, "That's not going to happen."

I pondered that information, and came up with an idea. With everyone scheming, I figured it was time for some scheming of my own. I had to come to some kind of understanding with my headstrong blonde bombshell daughter before I could feel comfortable with what was happening. I needed proof that she wouldn't remain solely focused on me and thus fail to ever build a family of her own. If I was sexually satiated but she wasn't, I could have the upper hand in the deal making. This was an opportunity I couldn't afford to waste.

So I said, "Thanks for everything you've been doing. But with all this focus on others, I worry about the bond between you and me. We need to tend to that. How would you feel about some mid-afternoon nookie?"

"I'd love it! Those two get me so hot. They just had me explain all over again what happened between you, Sue Ellen, and me in the car last night. And I had to explain it while we were all sunbathing by the pool, wearing nothing but our skimpy bikinis, no less. Let's just say that things got a little sticky and screamy. But instead of running from their sexiness, we should use it as a catalyst to strengthen our own sexual bond."

"What do you mean?"

"This." She dropped to her knees right in front of me, untied her bikini top, and tossed it aside.

As she unzipped my fly, she started to say, "Daddy," but then she stopped. Something obviously came to her mind, because she abruptly stood up and said, "Wait just a minute." Then she rushed out of the room, clutching her big breasts as she went.

I was left puzzling what that was all about, especially her use of the word "Daddy," but I didn't have to wonder for long. I could hear her hustling down the hall towards Michelle's room, and then, less than a minute later, she hustled back.

In the meantime, my dick had fully engorged. Since she'd unzipped my fly, I let my shaft poke through. The fact that it stood up all on its own showed how very aroused I was. I couldn't wait to see what her creative mind had come up with this time.

To my great surprise, she was wearing the same dark blue cheerleader outfit Michelle had been wearing earlier, complete with pom-poms! She'd been in such a rush to put it on that her top was askew, but that made it look even sexier.

But that wasn't all. She looked shy yet lusty, and asked, "Daddy, are we alone? Is Mom gone?"

Whoa! Talk about a total mind blower! She's obviously pretending to be Michelle!

Actually, playing Michelle was no stretch for her at all. They looked so similar, from their straight blonde hair down to their shapely legs, that they were sometimes mistaken for sisters. (Mindy's mane of hair only went halfway down her back, not almost to her ass like Michelle's did, but one couldn't tell the difference from the front.) Their voices were similar too, so all she had to do was toss in a 'Daddy' here and there, and she sounded like her too.

She was so arousing that it was scary. I said, "Min, you're evil. Pure evil!"

She snarked like a petulant kid, "I know you are, but what am I?"

That made me laugh.

She danced joyfully around the room, shaking her pom-poms. From time to time her very short skirt flew up and I could see that she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

As I watched her, I said, "Seriously! You're part of a nefarious plot to keep me so insanely aroused that I'll basically agree to... everything!"

Spinning towards me, she said happily, "True. Guilty as charged! But you say that like it's a BAD thing." She winked.

Then, getting back into the role play, she pretended confusion. As she dropped to her knees between my legs again, she asked, "But Daddy, why are you calling me 'Mindy?' You know I'm your most buxom daughter and one of your eternal sex slaves, not your wife. That's one of the things that makes it so hot when I suck your cock, don't you think?"

She pretended to notice my exposed and jutting erection for the first time. "Oh, is all this Daddy cock-meat for me?! Yummy!"

She'd already dropped her pom-poms, and now she pulled her cheerleader top up around her shoulders. Then, as one of her hands started to stroke my pole, she looked up into my eyes and pleaded, "Daddy, can I suck your cock? Pleeeeeaaaase? Please, please, please? I promise I'll do a really good job. Please can I? I need it so bad!" She started licking even before she finished talking.

Getting into the spirit, I chided her, "You naughty, naughty girl. You didn't wait for my permission. I think that calls for a spanking!" I didn't want to actually give her a full-on spanking, partly because I was eager for the blowjob, and partly because I didn't want to make so much noise that Michelle and/or Ruby would come to investigate.

I could just imagine Michelle bursting into the room and finding her mother dressed up like her and getting a spanking like a naughty little girl. That thought was so erotic it was tempting to make it reality. I could practically feel the incredible dual blowjob I hoped would ensue. But I thought I had better stick with my original plan. If I was to have any hope of not getting completely ensnared in the girls' erotic schemes, I had to stay focused.

So I reached out and patted my wife's lovely ass a couple of times until she lifted herself up on all fours. Then I did my best to swat her butt while she continued to lick. However, it was nearly out of reach, and I didn't want to smack her so hard that she might accidentally hurt my stiffness, so the swats were mostly symbolic.

Still, it was great fun, and Mindy obviously loved it, judging from her passionate moans and even sexier growls.

Once my swats petered out, Mindy said between licks, "Thanks, Daddy! I'm a sinful daughter slut slave, and I deserved that! And more! I think you need to pinch my naughty nipples really hard!"

Naturally, I obliged, and that sent her into a lusty overdrive. She swallowed my cockhead and began frantically sucking up and down over my most sensitive spot.

There wasn't much talking after that. Things got more and more frantic until I was forced to grab her head with both hands and simply hold on for dear life.

She let me shoot into her mouth. She began to swallow while I was still cumming. God, it felt great! I hadn't had such an intensely pleasurable blowjob from her in a long time.

It seemed like she was much more inspired and energized than usual, just as she had been when she'd licked me with Sue Ellen yesterday. Clearly, her cucquean fantasies had sent our already great sex life into overdrive.

She had been rubbing her clit since I started to cum, and just as my orgasm started to peter out, she came loud and hard. That caused her lips to vibrate around my shaft in an extremely stimulating manner, giving me a second wind of sorts. Even after I ran out of cum, my cock continued to jerk and twitch. I stayed erect for another full minute, if not two, and she kept right on sucking until I finally started to go flaccid.

Once it was over and my shrunken penis slipped from her mouth, I dropped to the floor where she stayed kneeling and cuddled with her. After we'd both recovered, I ran a hand through her hair, and asked, "Sweetheart, that was incredible. What brought that on?"

She pondered that, and then replied, "I think you know. Pretending to be Michelle is so incredibly HOT! I swear, that'll never get old!"

'I figured. But I mean in a larger sense. Why have you been getting so wild and uninhibited lately? I'm sure we would have had a hell of a time even without the cheerleader outfit or the Michelle imitation. You've been on fire!"

She gave that careful consideration. "I dunno. Lately, you keep asking me what's come over me, and I've been giving it some thought. I think I've been long overdue for something wild in my life. You know I love you, Honey, and I love having sex with you, but we've done it so many times that it's hard to be as inspired the three-thousandth time. Not only that, but my work is boring as hell, and I haven't had that much mothering to do since Michelle started driving herself around. I guess at that point, some wives would have considered having an affair, but that held zero appeal for me."

She went on, "But you know about those Internet stories I started reading a couple of years ago? So often, the people in those stories completely let themselves go sexually. They surrender to their desires in one way or another. I wanted to do that, but in a safe way that you'd approve of. Then Michelle's crazy, incestuous harem plan came along and it knocked my socks off. I should have realized I was set up like a bowling pin, but in any case, being a cucquean is exactly what I needed to spice up my life. Sex is soooo exciting now! Did you notice the way I ran down the hall to get the outfit, or the way I went to town on your dick?"

"I definitely noticed, to say the least. Like I said, you've been on fire."

She looked up and down her body with pretend concern, patting herself here and there. "Is it out? Help me put it out! I hate it when parts of me catch on fire."

I grinned. "Don't worry, it's out. You flooded it with your pussy juices."

"Well, that's true, and that just shows how much I'm caught up in all this. It's all so exciting that sometimes I worry my heart can't take it! Sure, we've done role-plays before, but pretending I was Michelle made everything ten times more fun for me. It's like... going to Disneyland or a movie by yourself, compared to making it a shared experience."

I raised an eyebrow at that, since Michelle obviously wasn't with us.

She explained, "True, when I have sex with you, I'm with you, but nowadays, it's like whenever I have sex with you, I'm part of a team, and Michelle, Ruby, Cindy, and Sue Ellen are with me too. They're there in spirit, even if they aren't in the room at the time. A big part of that is that I can talk about it with them later and get excited all over again."

"Even Cindy?"

"Well, her situation is in flux. We need to fix that soon. But anyway, they get so excited that it's tremendously infectious. It's like everything is NEW again. And WILD! I know I've given you a million blowjobs already, but it felt like the one I just gave you was as exciting as the very first one."

She stared off into space, pondering. "It's hard to explain, the infectious, exciting energy in this house..."

"No, I think you explained it well," I said. "And I've been feeling that energy too. It's been building up for months for me, and I'm swept up in it just as much as you are."

"Maybe," she replied. "But I think I'm MORE swept up in it. True, I'm sure you've experienced a ton of physical pleasure, but I'm experiencing other things more than you. For instance, the bonding. Yes, I was always Michelle's mother, and I felt like Ruby's second mother ever since she was little, but now, it's like we're all SISTERS! In the best sense, like being the very best of friends. And Sue Ellen and Cindy are getting pulled in too, so the family is growing. We talk a lot when you're not around, and to me, that's almost as much fun as the sex."

"Hmmm. Interesting. What about the whole submissive thing? It seems like you were really getting into that when you blew me. Was that just an act?"

"No, not at all. That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about when I talk about letting go. Before, I never would have allowed myself to do something so quote embarrassing unquote, even in a role play. And even if I did, it would have just been an act. But now I can do it, and really FEEL it, and LOVE it, because the other girls are inspiring me. I'm not a fully submissive type, but it's fun to completely give in to those feelings every now and then. I don't care anymore if it isn't PC; it's FUN!"

I said, "Wow. This is really illuminating. What about the girls? Is that why they have such fun pretending to be sex slaves?"

She turned up and stared into my face with wide and expressive eyes. "Oh, no! Not at all! For them, being a slave is... well... I've probably said too much. You should talk it over with them. Speaking of which, I should go check up on what they're doing. I'm surprised they haven't burned the house down yet." She pulled herself up and picked up her discarded pom-poms.

Talk about frustrating! Just when I was starting to understand, she clammed up and left me even more intrigued and confused. But I knew her well enough to know that, now that she'd made up her mind, trying to pry whatever she was going to say out of her would be futile.

She pulled her cheerleader outfit back down over her ample boobs and then leaned over and kissed me. "Thanks, Honey. That was great."

As she turned to go, I asked, "By the way, Sweetheart, please do me a favor. Don't tell the Hellions what we did in here, okay?"

She looked crushed. "Not at all? The telling and sharing has become such a key part of the whole experience. It wouldn't feel complete if I couldn't talk to them about it."

"Well, go ahead, but later. I want you to allow Michelle to visit me in about half an hour, and when she does, I don't want her to know that I've been quite sexually satisfied recently."

"Ah. I gotcha." She tapped her nose knowingly. "Mum's the word." She smiled again, and left the room.

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