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Chapter 48

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I was still happily typing away a little after four o'clock when there was a knock on my door. "Hi, Daddy. Can I come in for a sec?"

It was Michelle. I noticed it had been just a minute or two over thirty minutes since Mindy had left my room. My penis was in an ideal state for my purposes. I still felt sexually satiated, but I'd recovered enough to get it up again. I hoped that meant I'd have greater sexual control, and thus the upper hand in any negotiations.

I replied, "Sure, my love, come on in. But no arguing, okay?"

She walked in wearing nothing but her blue "V" bathing suit. I called it that because it was made up of only one piece of fabric, which rose up from her pussy in two thin strips, went over her breasts (just wide enough to cover her nipples), then over her shoulders, down her back and finally met again just above her ass, only to narrow down into a butt-floss wide thong that completely buried itself in her ass crack.

This was a recent purchase, and I dare say it was even more arousing than her skimpiest bikini. It didn't take much for those two strips of fabric to slide off her enormous breasts altogether.

As usual, just seeing her impossibly curvy body took my breath away, but she'd really outdone herself this time. She was radiating sexiness, and the way she swayed her hips as she walked was something to behold. There even were some subtle traces of make-up on her face, which was almost unheard of for her. She was going all out to impress and arouse me.

She immediately spread her legs wide and put her hands on her head as she stood in front of me. "I'm not gonna argue right now. I'm too hot for your cock to stay mad at you. But look, Daddy! I'm behaving myself. I promise, no blowjobs... unless you want one. Or two. Or if you wanna fuck my tits. Maybe I could just run my tongue up, down, and all around your cock while you keep working. Or really, anything else you want to do to me."

I could feel my erection rising already. "Um, so what's the word?" God DAMN! How are those torpedo tits anatomically possible? So fucking STACKED!

But it was like she didn't hear me.

"Since you're my Daddy and my one and only master, I have to obey you completely and do EVERYTHING you tell me to do, no matter how depraved or humiliating." She stared off into space and muttered to herself, "Gaawwwd, that makes me so horny, just saying that, especially with you listening!"

She refocused, and continued, "You spent so much time and energy raising me these last eighteen years that it's only right that I pay that back by being your naked sex pet for the next eighteen years. Or more! Isn't that fair? In fact, it's wrong for me to even get mad at you in the first place, since I'm just one of your many slaves. I think I need a really HARD spanking!"

She turned around, bent over, and grabbed her ankles. "I think you should probably spank me fifty times and then fingerfuck my gooey pussy as long as you like!"

I tried to remain impassive in the face of this sexual onslaught. Her pussy was covered by her wisp of the V bathing suit, but I could see its contours clearly. Since she was bent over and couldn't see me, I adjusted my erection so it wouldn't strain against my shorts so much.

She'd seemed a bit taller than usual when she'd come in, but I'd been too distracted by her ample endowments and lusty face to pay that any mind. But as I looked at her hands around her ankles, I finally noticed that she was wearing just about the highest high heels I'd ever seen.

God damn this girl! Those looked to be a good five inches tall, if not six! She really is going all out to impress me. How those black heels doesn't make her topple over when she was lewdly bent over like that was a mystery to me. Especially since her heavy jugs make it improbable that she doesn't topple forward already!

I commented, "Since you have to obey EVERYTHING I tell you, then that means you'll have no problem obeying me on the whole boyfriend issue."

She turned around, stood up, and angrily thrust her hands onto her hips. I noticed the act of bending over had caused the straps to fall to the sides of her spongy breasts. "Daddy! You're mean!" As if to punish me for my meanness, she pulled the straps back over her nipples.

But the lust quickly returned to her eyes. "Maybe I'll be more amenable to the whole boyfriend thing if you spank me right now. Maybe you just need to spank me a lot and keep my face stuffed with hard cock until I completely bend to your will. Gaawwwd, that sounds so hot! Use me! Control me! Bend me to your will, for real! Don't just talk about it; DO IT!"

She partly turned so I could see most of her ass again. Then she ran a hand over it enticingly.

I ignored that provocation, even though it was damn tempting, and asked, "How are things going downstairs?" I'd been so consumed with my fresh burst of inspiration in my writing that I hadn't even so much as peeked out the window to see what was happening in the backyard or who was there.

She turned back to fully face me and put her hands back on her head, knowing that would turn me on even more. "That's what I wanted to tell you about. The COOLEST thing happened!"

I chuckled. "It would have to be extremely cool to win the 'coolest thing' award in my book, after everything that's happened lately."

"Okay, maybe it's not the coolest, but it's still pretty damn cool! You know how, when you've been subjugating Sue Ellen and turning her into your latest busty cock slave... Ohmigod! I can't believe I just said that, and it's TRUE! Ohmigod, this is really happening! All my dreams are coming true!"

She started bouncing on the heels of her feet in her high heels, while keeping her hands on her head. It did wonders for her massive F-cups, which swayed back and forth wildly. It only took a few seconds of bouncing like that for the thin strips of fabric covering her nipples to slide off her breasts, revealing everything again.

She pretended not to notice, but I'm sure she knew exactly what she was showing.

That knowledge didn't stop me from getting extremely horny, though. Even though I was more or less sexually satiated, I felt inspired to rush over and jump on top of her and slide my stiff cock through her cleavage. But I knew she was doing it, at least in part, to test my willpower. I forced myself to stay cool, to show her that she couldn't make me lose control that easily. I had to stay on top in more ways than one if I hoped to remain dominant over such a willful daughter. I just said, much more calmly than I felt, "Go on. About Sue Ellen?"

She will still bouncing on her high heels a little, which was sending her twin torpedoes flying in every direction. So I added, testily, "And without so much bouncing, please?"

"Oh. Right. So, do you remember when you were busy subjugating her body, mind, and soul at the end of your visit to her restaurant the day before yesterday, and she and Laura ended up taking a lot of pictures, mostly of herself and Ruby? Well, I heard about that since Ruby told me every last detail of the whole adventure yesterday. But now we can actually SEE the pictures! Sue Ellen called Mom a short while ago, got her private e-mail account, and has been e-mailing them to her. Mom's just over the moon! She's printing out nearly every one on that glossy 8-by-11 printer paper we have!"

"Well, that's cool," I said, genuinely pleased. We'd made a huge leap of faith in trusting Sue Ellen completely with the incest secret and more, so I was especially happy that she was proving herself trustworthy so far. Letting her take the photos and keep them probably had been unwise in any case, but I had been too aroused to think clearly at the time.

Michelle had stopped her bouncing when I'd told her to, but she remained standing stiffly with her hands behind her head. Somehow, she was moving her shoulder muscles in subtle ways that nonetheless managed to keep her all-natural melons jiggling. The way they went slowly up and down and sometimes side to side was hypnotic. She couldn't be giving off the "Fuck me now, Daddy!" signal any stronger if she'd tried.

I was pleased to see that she was quite aroused, because even though her pussy was (barely) covered by her bathing suit, there were tendrils of pussy juice spreading down her thighs. The stain of wetness down there on the fabric was also a rather obvious giveaway.

It was getting hard for me to keep concentrating. I wasn't even trying to keep looking at her face anymore, as her voluptuous, tanned body from her feet to her shoulders was demanding to be looked at. But nevertheless I managed to remain at least somewhat focused on the conversation, and I asked, "She's sending those pics only to US, right?"

"Definitely! Don't worry, she's not gonna let you down. She would NEVER disobey you. I talked to her a little bit on the phone earlier, and it was a real inspiration hearing just how devoted she is to serving you already. She understands the importance of keeping your great big cock still and throbbing with pleasure above all else. We got on great, and Mom was so appreciative of the photos that she invited her over here straight away."

"What?! Mindy did that? Without asking me first? You know, given how my wife is supposedly discovering her submissive side, she's been acting awfully pushy lately."

"Hey," Michelle said, still rocking on her heels to keep her shapely tanned orbs in constant motion. "Just because she's sexually submissive doesn't mean she's suddenly gonna fade into the wallpaper. She's still the same feisty and funny Mindy you love so much. Besides, she's not really THAT submissive. She told me she doesn't even want to be one of your cock slaves, if you can believe that!"

Apparently, Michelle considered that a near-blasphemous idea. "She just really likes you fucking other women."

"That's true," I conceded reluctantly. "Still, she should have talked to me."

"Well, you don't have to come down. I just thought you might want to." She was still standing there with her hands on her head, slightly rocking back and forth to keep her bare rack jiggling. "Or, better yet, you could take a break from all that hard work with a nice long blowjob. I know just who would want to help you with that too." She winked provocatively, and licked her lips even more provocatively.

Then she seemed to get an even better idea. "Unless you want me to ask Ruby up so we could do it together. We really love sucking you off as a team, and want to do it more. A lot more!" She licked her lips ostentatiously.

She was getting to me, there was no doubt about that. But I struggled to stay on top of the situation and keep the conversation going. "So... Ruby's downstairs too, huh? Anyone else there?"

"Just Mom and Ruby. Oh, and Cindy. She and Mom have been talking for over an hour. Mostly about you, I gather. But Mindy and Ruby were trying their best to get her to leave so she wouldn't interfere with all the cocky fun we have planned. You know, since you haven't fully conquered her yet. She saw Mindy printing out the erotic pictures, though, and now wild horses couldn't drag her out of the computer room."

I thought about the pictures, especially about the ones of Sue Ellen striking a pose similar to Michelle's current pose, only with her face covered with cum. "Uh-oh. Cindy saw the pictures? That's not good, is it?"

"Daaaaddddyyyy!" She stomped her foot in frustration. "How can you just sit there and talk when this body of mine demands to be fucked and used? You say you're not ready to fuck my cunt yet, but at least you could fuck my face or my tits. You haven't even vigorously fucked my face once yet, which is an outrage and an injustice! Gaawwwd, your super-human willpower gets me so fuckin' horny!"

I grinned to myself. Clearly, despite my great arousal, I still had a lot more self-control than she did at the moment. I tried to pretend indifference as best I could. "About the pictures, and Cindy?"

She grimaced with frustration. "Don't worry, it's cool. Cindy's halfway tamed by your horse cock already, so she's not gonna rock the boat. She and Mom are totally getting hot as Ruby and Mom tell her the whole Sue Ellen saga all over again. Illustrated with pictures, even! Mom cleverly made sure Cindy was in a bikini first. You should see the way the two of them are panting with desire as they wait for the next picture to come off the printer!"

Hmmm. Things sound pretty promising with Cindy, but also pretty scary. How can I handle that many women? Just handling Shelle would be a 24-7 job, although an extremely sexually pleasurable one!

I said, "Well, I hope that whatever happens to Cindy, she sticks with me on this whole dating boys thing. I am NOT going to back down on that."

"DaaaaaaAAAAaaaaddy! Please don't start again about that. You're roaching my buzz. You know I'd never let any other guy touch my body, since it belongs to you. Everything is working out like a dream for me and Ruby, except for that. It's like that snake inside the Garden of Eden."

"Well, sorry, but that's how it is. No paradise is perfect."

She was staring wide-eyed at my crotch while licking her lips even more than before.

"What?" I asked, puzzled.

"Sorry, it's just that you mentioned snakes." She was staring right at my throbbing bulge. Somehow, she'd managed to cross the room without my noticing. She was nearly close enough to reach out and touch it.

I looked down at my crotch and could actually see the fabric twitching. "Actually, you're the one who mentioned snakes. Come on, Shelle. Take your arms off your head and get comfortable."

She did drop her arms and got down, but unfortunately for me she chose to kneel on the floor right between my legs. If anything, that was an even MORE tempting pose!

I continued talking while trying not to think about what else she could be doing in that position. All she'd have to do is open her mouth wide, lean forward, and as I unzip my fly, her tongue would come snaking out... Damn! I can't go there! As if it's not tough enough to concentrate, she has to keep licking her lips! Arrgh!

I protested, "You can't call that position comfortable. The way you're all stiff with your hands pinned behind your back, that looks very UN-comfortable."

"Shows what you know," she snorted at me. "This is my favorite position of all. Well, not counting the use of ropes or chains. And this is my favorite spot in the whole wide world."

I tried to joke, "So you like this room, huh?"

She rolled her eyes. It was so obvious that she was referring to being between my legs that she didn't bother to explain. She just playfully muttered, "Must not kill Daddy! Need his cock too much!"

I cleared my throat and shook my head, and then tried again. "I've been thinking about this a little during my breaks in the past couple of hours, now that I've actually had some time to think without the 'fog of horniness' in my brain all the time. I have a proposal for you. Assuming you do find some boy in your school you find attractive, I want you to prove that you don't have some sexual fixation only on me. I hate to be crude about it, but I want you to take him out and show him a good time. Obviously it doesn't have to be on the first date. But eventually, get physical. Make out with him, at the very least. Prove to me that our teasing won't interrupt your normal development."

She looked up at me, a bit stunned. She didn't know how to respond to that. I could see a lot of different facial expressions slide across her face, most of them variations on disappointment, disgust, hurt, and revulsion.

I added, "I don't want you to simply tell me about what happens with the boy, because you've had a track record of tomfoolery in the past. I want you to bring the boy back here to this very house, maybe to the living room, and make out with him. No mere goodnight kiss, but a full-on, heavy necking and petting session."

"Daddy, I can't believe you're suggesting that! That's bizarre! How could you possibly ask me to do something so hurtful? Just the very thought of it turns my stomach."

She even looked a tad green about the gills, as if it really did turn her stomach. She had to be a great actress. I didn't want to think about what it would mean if she wasn't acting. How could she really be that devoted to me?

I said, "I know. But I've decided... Look, could you sit in a chair? I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you."

"Okay, but you're stressed. You sure you don't want me to at least stroke the King as we talk?" She brought a hand from behind her back and started running it up my leg.

"No." Actually, I did, but I knew it would affect my judgment. "Come on. Can you imagine how hard it is to hold a discussion with your daughter when she's topless, kneeling between your legs, and the smell of pussy is filling up the room?"

She stuck two fingers in her mouth and slid them in and out, all the while looking like an innocent angel. "No. But tell me more about how hard it is!" She stared lustily at the bulge in my shorts.

"Go!" I pointed to a chair.

She reluctantly went to sit in it.

I could breathe easier, although she was still topless, and her F-cups were still defying the laws of gravity. I couldn't avoid the smell of perfume mixing with her musky pussy aroma, either. Damn! Thank God I climaxed half an hour earlier, or I'd be a goner by now.

She settled herself in the chair, and managed to drop her V suit down around her knees in the process. She positioned herself so I got a good look at her sopping wet pussy.

After I reminded her to sit with her legs closed, I went on, "I've been far too passive about things. I've been blindsided. I need to take charge and direct things in a better direction. We can't just do every single thing we want for the sake of our sexual urges. I can allow the physical relationship you and I have, as long as I know that you're still capable of developing normal relationships that don't involve me. I so very much want to see you marry and have children someday, but how can you do that if you're so strongly fixated on me?"

"I think I know a way," she said, giving me a very mysterious look. "Mom does too. But we'll try it your way first, if you insist. It'll be terribly painful for me, but at least it'll be somewhat hot knowing that you're getting all pervy watching me." She spread her legs wide again, showing off her sopping pussy.

She seemed to give in far too easily on that, knowing her usual bullheadedness. I had my suspicions that she was up to something. But for now I was willing to take her at her word and see what developed.

Somehow, I steeled my resolve, and continued, "Actually, it won't be like that. I'm not going to be some perving voyeur. Mindy and I will watch from a safe distance, just enough to know that something's happening. And frankly, I don't even want to meet the guy up close, at least until I know that you two are serious. In fact, it would be better if you just keep the lights off altogether."

She let out a long, sad sigh. "So fucking wrong!"

"Now, in return for this rather unusual proposal, I'll also offer you a reward. You know I've been avoiding your pussy. But if you make out with a boy for a while, I'll be willing to finger and lick you down there."

There was a pause, and then, "That's IT?! You'll be 'willing' to finger and lick my pussy?" She even made mocking finger quotes in the air. "You should be all psyched to do that anyway, not trying to use it as a bargaining chip with me. Big fucking whoop!"

She stood up over me and crossed her arms under her ample bosom. I noticed she also let her V suit fall the rest of the way to the floor as she stood. She stepped free of it for good measure.

God, this girl's bare pussy is WET! Lord, give me strength! It would be so easy to bend her over and give her the fucking she so richly deserves! I'll bet she's tight as hell!

All she had left on were her black high heels. It's not like she needed them to firm up her legs or make her ass jut out, as she was mouthwateringly firm and curvy already. But obviously she'd found out that I had a thing for high heels.

I said, "'Big whoop?' Now I'm hurt. I thought you'd like that. And I know I'd really like that."

"Sorry, it's just... Sure, that would be nice, but I've been having girl-on-girl sex for nearly five years already. Whoop-de-fricken-do. Pussy licking is kind of 'been there, done that, woo-hoo, got the T-shirt.' Sure, I'd love it a lot if it was YOU doing that to me, especially if it was part of a sixty-nine, but compared to having to date and kiss a boy? No way! It's just not worth it. You'll have to do something better than that. Something involving your COCK! Some new way in which you defile and dominate me!"

"Sorry, that's my final offer."

"Ugh." Yet still, she was thinking it over. It was clear to me that she was more tempted by my offer than she was willing to admit.

While pondering, she stuck a finger in the corner of her mouth and licked on it a little. With anyone else, this might just have looked like a thoughtful pose, a la Dr. Evil's pinky move in the Austin Powers movies, but when it was Michelle, it was positively obscene. Add to the fact that she clutched an arm under her F-cups, causing them to spill over her forearm to the point where I practically couldn't see it!

Christ almighty! This is a serious test of my willpower. Why do I think back to Mindy's catchphrase: "Fuck the SHIT out of her?!" Bad! Bad!

Damn! I have to be strong. This is a pivotal moment!

Reading her body language, it looked like she was as resolved as I was, so I decided to sweeten the pot just a little.

"Of course," I added, as if in afterthought, "if I'm going to be licking and sucking you to orgasm, I'll need to make sure that things don't get out of hand. I'll need to tie you down first."

Michelle's entire body stiffened at that, especially her nipples. And I saw that her pussy started leaking even more freely than before. She was still struggling, but slowly losing the battle.

Finally, she said, "Define 'a while' for me. How about just lip-to-lip contact at the front door at the end of the date? One kiss like that. And then, in return, you'll never consider my pussy or ass crack off limits ever again. You'll totally have your way with me down there, running your big cock in my ass crack and up and down my pussy lips, any time you like. You'll treat every inch of my body the way a master should treat his slave!"

She ran her fingers over her bare pussy, as if in anticipation.

"No deal. Let's call 'a while' only twenty minutes. I'm being generous."

"Twenty minutes?! Daddy, you're gonna make me cry!" She huffed as she dropped back into her chair. She bounced up and down, which set her jugs jiggling and swaying despite her arm underneath.

She pleaded plaintively, "Do you know how sad I feel, exercising like a fiend for years to be your perfect sex toy? All for you! All because I love you so much! All I want to do is love you and serve you and keep you happy. You think I'm selfish, but the truth is that everything I do is for you, the only man I'll ever love! And then you don't even want me! You'd pawn me off to some worthless, filthy... BOY!" She practically spat the last word out, as if it were poisonous.

I felt bad. "It's not like that. You think I'm happy about this? It's like stabbing myself in the heart, but it's gotta be done. I'm doing this precisely because I love YOU! It's like when birds don't allow their chick to come back to the nest anymore. At some point, they've learned to fly on their own, and it would be bad for their development to keep treating them like chicks. I have to think about what's best for your future?"

For no apparent reason, she cupped her enormous jutting breasts from below and sensuously caressed them. "But what if I wanna stay your 'chick' forever? Your babe? Your piece of tail? Your totally submissive, cock slave, big-titted, sex daughter-pet who lives to get royally fucked by you on a daily basis? What if the vision of my best future is lying in bed all day with Mom and Ruby and your other sex slaves, hanging out and having fun and keeping your cock well-tended? What if that thrills me and fulfills me a million times more than that 'flying from the nest' bullshit of yours?"

"Sorry, but life doesn't work like that. We can't just stay in bed all day. You've got a career and a family of your own and many other things to look forward to. I'm gonna be jealous as hell, but it has to be done for the good of your long-term future, and fast. I'm already worried that it's too late, that you're too fixated on me."

She grinned without remorse. "Yep! It's too late! I'm a totally hopeless case, so let's just give up on this whole boy thing. And since I'm a goner, you might as well just fuck me now." She finally took one hand from caressing her tits, but only so she could run her fingers over her increasingly wet pussy lips.

I was really wishing she'd at least kept her pussy covered. Its musky smell alone could make a grown man go insane. "Not so fast. Okay, I'll make it ten minutes. Ten minutes of serious necking."

"Let's say two minutes, and immediately after the boy leaves and I wash the defilement of his touch off me in a scalding hot shower, you'll give me a long dry hump, rubbing your cock up and down my pussy lips as you ravage my tied and bound body all night long! And Ruby and I get to spend the whole rest of the night naked in your bed!" She reached a hand out towards my crotch.

I had to scoot my chair out of reach. "Five minutes, and you've gotta promise not to get sneaky and try to slip my dick in your slit. None of that 'Oops, look what just kinda happened, Daddy, you might as well fuck my pussy good now' stuff. I know how you think! We're talking outside contact only."

"Damn!" As good as she looked when she was horny and begging for it, I'm ashamed to say that she looked even more tempting to me when she got angry at being frustrated.

I warned her, "If that happens, and you slip my dick in you against my wishes, I'll pull out immediately and then make you go out on a second date with the boy and give him a blowjob before I even think about touching you again."

Now she really did look green around the gills, and there was no question as to whether or not she was faking it. "Oh, YUCK! Gross! NEVER! I'd die first! Don't make me ill!"

"Do we have a deal or not?"

She hesitated, and stared at me for some long moments. "Damn, now you've got me thinking about you running your horse cock all over my throbbing, needy twat. I've just gotta have that. And while I'm all bound and helpless too. Damn you, you sexy, clever bastard! I'm so horny! It's no fair, conducting negotiations like this, when you stripped me of my clothes and left me begging for cock!"

Talk about no fair. I was the one sweating bullets and about to crack! And she was the one who'd taken off her bathing suit, not me! I can't even begin to describe how difficult it is to negotiate with a nude teen sexpot. But, using all my willpower, I kept staring at her, waiting for a solid answer.

She finally said, "Okay, deal."

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I still had doubts that she'd go through with the date idea. In fact, I was almost certain there would be trouble. But I felt some progress was being made anyway, and I wasn't really giving up anything in return, so long as I remained firmly resolved not to fuck her.

Besides, my pulsing erection couldn't take much more teasing. Any actual teasing she did was just bonus points, since simply being in the same room as her was a tease. I held out my hand. "Shake on it?"


But instead of shaking my hand, she started dancing around, with the emphasis on shaking her topless rack. Then, as she was still shaking about, she grabbed my outstretched hand and brought it to her ass. She rubbed my hand slowly back and forth across her ass cheek.

I laughed, but I couldn't let go now that I was touching her. As I kneaded her delectable rear end, I insisted, "That's not what I meant. I want us to shake hands to seal the deal."

She pulled my other hand to her other ass cheek. Now I was effectively in an embrace with a stark naked vixen (not counting her five-inch heels). "Isn't it common to seal these kinds of Daddy agreements with a kiss? And then a titfuck and blowjob? And then another titfuck and a spanking?"

She didn't overtly hold my erection yet, as it was still in my shorts. But she was busy pulling my shorts and underwear down with both hands. (I must admit that I lifted my ass up a bit to assist.)

"No!" I couldn't resist her enthusiasm though. I stood up and I said, "Let's say a handshake and a kiss."

So she stood back from me, taking my shorts and underwear away with her, and then she tossed them to the floor. We shook hands, briefly, but our bodies quickly flew back together.

We necked and fondled for a little while, but we were so worked up that those words don't even begin to describe what we were doing. "All but fucking while standing" would be more accurate. Damn! Have I said how much I love groping her huge tits? I love her sexy moans when I do just about anything to her nipples. But firmly squeezing her ass is nearly as much fun, and is also a guaranteed moan inducer.

I happened to be barefoot while Michelle was in her five-inch heels, so she was actually a bit taller than me. Being a devious vixen, she took advantage of this to not simply jack me off. No, a normal man might have been able to just barely deal with that. Instead, she slipped my stiff rod between her thighs. My erection was covered in pre-cum, and her thighs were truly wet from her cum, so my dick started sliding around in there like a greased pig. But even that wasn't enough. She started rhythmically squeezing my shaft with her thighs!

Talk about pleasure! I nearly screamed. I have no idea how I managed not to cum. It was probably simply the fact that it felt so good that I never wanted it to end. But my erection hadn't been stimulated much until this point, so it actually was ready to withstand more of her pleasure attacks.

She spoke huskily, "You like that? You're so close to fucking me! Think how much better it'll feel when you actually ARE fucking me! Fully impaled in my tight twat! You know that Mom has trained me in the art of pussy control. Nothing's gone in there yet, obviously, since I'm saving my virginity for you, but I can do my Kegel squeezes like a motherfucker! Or, more fittingly, like a daddyfucker!" She giggled gleefully.

I growled, "Shut up! Shut up!" She was really getting to me. She knew just what to do to drive me bat shit crazy.

She pulled up my shirt to my armpits. Then, with her hands drenched in cum from having fit my cock between her thighs, she slathered her F-cup torpedoes with her own cum. She returned to her pussy a couple of times until her tits were juicy and dripping. "Mmmm, you smell that? I love smearing Daddy goo all over myself, marking my body as yours. That shows how hot for you I am!"

Then she began bouncing her whole body up and down against mine, making sure to slide her thighs about three or four inches in a silky squeeze around my cock with each bounce. It naturally followed that her slippery melons slid up and down that much on my chest with each bounce too.

And then, as a sort of coup de grace, she started talking excitedly. "Daddy! You were so clever! So masterful! So strong! I was trying hard to tempt you, to break your willpower with my fit and busty teenage body, but it was hopeless. You broke my will instead! You proved why you're the MASTER and I'm the SLAVE! Gaawwwd! It makes me so HOT and HORNY! Feel how hot my pussy is for you!"

She tried to bring my hand to her drooling pussy, but I resisted. Well, eventually. I kind of have to admit that I fingered her pussy lips a little bit before it dawned on me just what I was doing.

Even then, I probably would have kept fingering her, except that it was difficult to do, given the way she was sliding up and down all over me. My cock was soooo close to her slit. Soooooooo close!

Then, after another nuclear kiss, she panted as she rubbed, "You know what else is hot? The way you broke me and dominated me, and then claimed me as your prize, forcing me to rub my naked body all over yours, as if my sole purpose is to please you!" She squealed, as if she just had the idea for the first time, "WHICH IT IS!"

Needless to say, there was some serious revisionist history going on there. I don't recall "claiming" her or "forcing" her to do anything, especially the rubbing. In fact, I wanted her to stop before she made me shoot a load through her legs and across the room. But hey, if such ideas made her even more aroused, who was I to disabuse her of them?

Then, unexpectedly, she pulled away from me completely. Perhaps she heard the way I was whimpering with arousal and knew I would blow my load before she was done with me. Or maybe she was just distracted, because she seemed excited and suddenly introspective as she contemplated the deal we'd just made. "Woo-hoo! Excellent!"

She paced around the room energetically. "I've got to call Ruby right away and figure out the right boy for me." She put her hand on her chin in a thoughtful pose. "Let's see. I wonder if it's too late to arrange a date for tonight. Hmmm. Probably."

I sat back down in my chair. I was winded and sweaty. It was like Hurricane Michelle had blown through the room and I needed to pick up the pieces and crawl back to survive. She looked just as energetic as ever, and no worse for wear, unless one counted all the cum on her bust and legs.

Damn teenagers. I wish I could be that young again!

In response to her date comment, I gasped out, "Tonight?"

"Yeah. I might as well get this freaking hideous ordeal of yours over with. This bullshit of yours isn't going to get any easier by waiting. And then I'll be able to luxuriate in the feeling of your fat cock sliding all over my ass and cunt! I just know I'm gonna totally love it! I'm gonna want you to dry fuck me every single day! Well, at least until you start fucking me properly, the way a daddy-master needs to take his daughters and keep their vaginas basted in spermy love."

I groaned. "I should have held out for more."

"Ha-ha! Too late! A deal's a deal!"

So much for me being the invincible negotiator. She wasn't exactly being consistent in her thinking, but she didn't care. She jumped around excitedly, and then she reached for me and pulled me up out of my chair. She hugged me some more while continuing to bounce around, which meant her twin torpedoes practically pushed me down to the floor.

Suddenly, before I realized what was happening, she had slipped down to her knees and had my erection inside her straining mouth.

I have to admit it was impressive how quickly and easily she was learning to wrap her lips around my unusual thickness. But still, each time she did so, her eyes bugged out with a shocked and overwhelmed expression, like she couldn't believe she'd really just managed to do that.

She moaned around it with loud arousal. She sucked on it frantically yet with great skill.

"Oh, man!" I complained, although it felt so good I didn't have the will to push her away. I should have known that it would come to this - she was just too sexy to resist!

Time passed. I don't even know how much time, because I was so far gone into lust that it was almost an otherworldly experience. I was happy to just sit there with both hands on her long blonde mane of hair and watch her big melons swing back and forth in time to the bobbing of her head. Of course, I had to clench my PC muscle non-stop, but it seemed that as long as I did that, we could keep doing this indefinitely.

Then I heard Mindy's voice and looked up to see her standing at the door. She was dressed in nice clothes. (She didn't really do "casual wear" unless it was a bikini, or a sports outfit, or something like that.) She smirked. "Having fun yet?"

I moaned erotically. "Good GOD! It's too much! Too much!"

"Let her have her fun, Honey. That's her favorite way of saying 'I love you' now."

I gasped out, "Boy, she must really love me then, 'cos she's giving me an out of this world blowjob!"

Mindy suddenly dropped all pretense of playfulness. "She does. Never forget it. To her, sucking your cock really is like one long, slurpy, yummy 'I love you.'"

I didn't know what to say to that, especially since she was almost certainly right. Plus, I felt really odd just sitting there with my daughter on her knees and bare-assed naked between my legs, sucking me off, while my wife just stood there and smiled approvingly.

But she took it in stride to the point of actually saying to Michelle in a casual voice, "Nice heels! Are those new?"

Michelle managed to sort of moan a "Mmmm hmmm!" answer. She nodded her head extra vigorously to distinguish an affirmative reply to Michelle's question from the usual head bobbing of her continued cocksucking.

Mindy, though, was all smirks and seemed to enjoy prolonging the moment. She asked, "Where did you get them?"

Michelle tried to reply, but was too hot for cock to be able to pull off or even slow down. She was sliding her lips back and forth over my sweet spot and a couple of extra inches besides, and frigging her clit too. "MMMM! MMMM!" She briefly threw her hands up in the air to express her frustration in not being able to speak.

Mindy pretended like she was having a normal conversation, and even leaned against the doorway like she was getting comfortable. "Black looks good on you. I like how it matches your, uh, your... Hmmm, well it would seem you're not wearing anything else at all, you naughty little Daddy lovin' slut, which I guess makes it hard to accessorize. Still, they say black goes with anything, or in this case, with nothing. Plus, it contrasts nicely with your long blonde hair and your richly tanned skin."

She chuckled, greatly amused with the whole situation.

I asked her, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough. I pretty much heard the whole conversation. I finally managed to get Cindy to leave, and then I came up here. She was very keen to see you again, but I told her you were working hard and she'd have to come back later. Ruby's still here, though, and she can't wait to see Sue Ellen again."

"Oh," I replied. My brain had more or less shut off once Michelle started flicking her tongue on my frenulum, so I wasn't exactly in a talkative mood. I was under the impression my wife had just arrived, but that shows how much I know.

Mindy smiled benignly as grimaces of pleasure crossed my face. "Now I can see why you had me suck you off just a half an hour ago, and then not tell Michelle about it. Actually, it was more like an hour ago by now. Did you realize she's been sucking you for at least ten minutes? Time flies when you're having fun."

Michelle's eyes went wide with surprise. She pulled her mouth off my pulsing cock, and exclaimed, "Daddy! You did that?! Ohmigod! I should be mad at you for tricking me like that, but I can't be! That's just TOO HOT, the way you totally manipulated and tricked me! I don't stand a chance!"

She turned to Mindy. "You see, Mom? You see? Can't you see why I have no choice but to eternally serve as one of Daddy's many sex slaves?"

Mindy chuckled and appeased her. "Sure. I see that. Sounds like a typical situation horse-cocked daddies have with their sex slave busty daughters." She winked at me.

Michelle didn't see the wink, because she was already frantically bobbing up and down on my cock again.

Mindy sighed happily. "Aaaah! Don't you just love that loud, blissful moan whenever she slips her lips over your fat knob? And the look on her face when she's overwhelmed by your sheer size all over again. Priceless! Daughter, I'm SO proud of you. You've been bobbing on him for a good ten minutes now, and taking good care of his balls to boot, and you're still going strong."

Michelle mumbled a word or two. I couldn't make it out since her mouth was crammed full of cock after all, but I guessed it was something like "Thanks" or "My pleasure."

Then Min said to me, "Our daughter is a difficult case, isn't she? She's a tough negotiator too. I think you should give her a firm spanking right now for making your life hard. And other things hard too." She winked.

It wasn't like I had to ponder if Michelle liked the spanking idea or not. She was too busy sucking my cock to talk, but she firmly spanked her own ass several times to show how much she approved of Mindy's idea.

Mindy reminded me, "Remember what you did to me when I was sucking you earlier?"

Michelle mumbled some kind of question, but she was bobbing on my cock so intently that it came out as another unintelligible mumble. Still, it was easy to guess that it was something like, "What did he do to you?"

Mindy explained to her, "I was a baaaad wife. So Daddy gave me a good spanking, even as he forced me to keep sucking him off."

Not surprisingly, Michelle was dumbstruck. Then she squealed excitedly. I could actually feel her squeals on my boner better than I could hear them.

The spanking sounded like a nice idea, so I briefly reached down and gave Michelle's ass a firm whack.

"MMPPFFF!" Her whole body tensed up, including the muscles on her face. At the time, her lips were up over her teeth, or I wouldn't have tried it, but still, her lips clamped down on my shaft pretty hard. I made a mental note to never slap an ass while receiving a blowjob. I watched her body tremble and shake as a big orgasm swept through her.

Then her body went limp. The sweat was pouring down her face, and she was gasping for air, but she was such a trooper that she still didn't pull my cock out of her mouth. I couldn't help but admire her tenacity, because she grasped my thighs with both hands to prop herself up, and went right on sucking as soon as she caught her breath.

I decided a spanking was a good call after all. I could do what I wanted. Besides, I figured it would actually give my erection a break.

"No, that's not going to work. Come here, Michelle," I said in a stern voice as I began to stand up.

"I agreed to finger you and dry hump you as a reward for obeying my wishes and going out with a boy," I lectured. "But then you tricked me into doing both those things already. That was very naughty," I said, as I began to spank her lush and so spankable bottom.

Michelle moaned her objection and kept her lips tightly sealed around my erection until I stood up completely and backed away while carefully pushing her off my boner altogether.

She looked up at me in hurt surprise, but I just pulled her up and led her back over to the chair. Her surprise turned to shock and her hurt expression vanished, to be replaced by something approaching rapture as I forced her over my knees.

As soon as I gave her a hard swat, I was surprised to her hear shout out, "One! Thank you, Master!"

While I was still trying to figure out how to respond to that, she turned contemplative. "Hmmm. I wonder if I should I say 'thank you, Master,' or 'thank you, Daddy. What do you think, Mom?"

I was so taken by the spanking idea that I'd completely forgotten Mindy was in the room.

My wife also turned contemplative, as if this was a matter of great import requiring serious thought. Finally, she concluded, "I think either is acceptable, and you should use one or the other depending on your mood. But you could also use both: Daddy-Master!"

I couldn't see Michelle's face, but I'm sure it lit up upon hearing that. I even felt a ripple of excitement run through her body, causing it to jerk up a bit. "Mom! That's fucking brilliant! You're a genius!"

"Not true," Mindy replied, "although a surprising number of people do tell me that every single day." She winked at me and grinned.

I was a bit distracted, with one hand groping a dangling tit and the other running up and down a very juicy slit (hell, I'd already broken that taboo, so no harm in breaking it some more).

Michelle humped her ass up repeatedly, trying to coax more contact with my fingers, and believe me, that was VERY deliciously distracting.

In fact, I was so horny and distracted that I even forgot about the spanking. After a minute or two, Michelle reminded me, "Daddy, I totally LOVE what you're doing, but can you keep doing that and spank me too?"

So I continued with ten hard swats on each cheek. Michelle's voice was positively dripping with orgasmic sensuality each time she was "forced" to say "Daddy-Master."

I could feel her body shudder to orgasm twice, and her leaking pussy practically turned into a fountain. She cried out so loudly I was sure Ruby would come running up any second. Hell, I actually found myself wondering if Cindy would hear it from down the street.

Mindy was trying to act amused and detached, but she wasn't doing a very good job at it. She was getting increasingly flushed and fidgety as the spanking went on.

"That's not your punishment, by the way," I added. "That was your extra reward - one you didn't have to bargain for. Your punishment is that you have to make it ten minutes. And you have to make the boy believe you're really enjoying it."

She tried to pout and complain as she panted, but she couldn't pull it off. For once, she was just too blissed out to pull off anything at all.

Michelle was so worked up that she seemed unable to speak or move after the spanking obviously ended. I took advantage to finger her pussy some more, this time actually pumping my fingers in and out a little bit while being careful of her hymen.

She just whimpered helplessly.

Mindy whispered in breathless, almost teary awe, "Honey?! Is that the first time you've touched her hymen? The hymen that she's been saving for you to rip right through?"

I felt chills of pure pleasure race down my spine as I realized she was right. I'd been too carried away to really think about it. I said, "Why, I do believe you're right."

My wife gasped, and whispered with even more awe, "Oh my God!"

I closed my eyes and concentrated on one of my breathing exercises meant to calm me down. This wasn't giving my dick any rest at all, and I remained dangerously close to cumming.

But the exercise helped, even though my hands never stopped their fondling. I resumed gazing at my voluptuous daughter writhing in my lap, and commented to her, "I have to say, you have quite a tight cunt, little girl. Why, it's so much fun to play with, I almost forgot to play with your nipples too. Almost."

I chuckled, because nobody could miss the way I was pinching her nipple as I said that.

Michelle whimpered louder, and with much more frustration. Obviously, she had a lot to say about my "tight cunt" comment, but she was too far gone to say it.

I looked up at my wife and noticed her playing with her nipples and pussy through her clothes, in clear imitation of what I was doing to our daughter.

Michelle humped her ass up and down some more until she came for a third time (at least). Again, her screams were so loud I was surprised that nobody came to see.

The three of us were quiet and mostly still for the next few minutes. I still hadn't gotten my orgasmic satisfaction, but I wanted to recover a bit so I could thoroughly enjoy it.

At one point, my wife told me, "Hon, you've really outdone yourself this time. I can't believe you still haven't cum yet! I watched all of the blowjob she gave you, and that was no ordinary blowjob. She was worked up to a fever pitch and gave you no quarter, no respite whatsoever. And then the spanking. You played with her pussy and even touched her hymen! That's such a crucial, historic breakthrough that I can't even tell you how giddy I feel. And yet you're STILL going!"

I said, sincerely, "I can't take much of the credit. You're the one who systemically trained me to increase my stamina. Boy, did that work! Plus, you took the edge off with your little role-play routine. That was key. And Shelle just inspires me so damn much that I do absolutely everything I can to hold out to keep the pleasure going. It's tiring, but it's worth it."

"I'll bet! In any case, these are such glorious, wonderful days. I feel like our family is coming together like never before, one slurpy, sloshy cocksuck after another!"

I was reluctant to admit it, but I agreed with her. We were growing closer. Plus, maybe this was what was needed to bring the Gruesome Twosome into line.

Michelle didn't say a word. She was still dead to the world from her powerful orgasms.

I carefully guided Michelle's limp body down to the floor, back into a kneeling position, and guided her mouth back onto my still very hard cock.

I decided that I deserved a reward that I didn't have to bargain for too. Plus, I can't deny that I wanted to flaunt my improved stamina in front of her and my wife.

Michelle seemed incredulous that I was having her suck me off some more, given her half dead state. Hell, she could barely remain kneeling. But she found a new burst of energy and immediately began to suck me again. Remarkably, she was nearly as enthusiastic as before. I guessed that one couldn't be complacent about having an object as large as my erection in one's mouth. That immediately set off the body's alarm bells and one had to struggle to just keep breathing.

Reveling in my situation, I thought I'd blow Michelle's mind even more by engaging in casual conversation with Mindy as if I wasn't paying any mind to the way Michelle was bobbing on my erection. I asked, "So, Sweetheart. What's the plan for later?"

Mindy had more or less calmed down by now, and replied calmly, "I dunno, but since Sue Ellen's coming over shortly, I sure hope you dip your wick in her a little bit. At least maybe I can watch that. And I'm talking about fucking. There's no reason to hold back with her. All this cocksucking and titfucking is well and good, but I want to see you doing some downright hard-core regular cunt fucking of someone other than me!"

I shook my head in wonder. It's not exactly every day that a wife tells her husband that.

Michelle suddenly came up for air. "Good GOD, people! Mom, do you have any idea what you're saying? Even as I kneel here naked blowing Daddy's fat cock, you're talking about another beautiful, busty teen slave coming over to get fucked deeper into her enslavement? Stop! Stop talking! Just SHUT UP! I can't take any more arousal! My heart is about to pound out of my chest, and I can't breathe! Daddy's simply an unstoppable sex machine!"

I had to chortle out loud. I was hardly "unstoppable." True, I did have my improved stamina, but I was rarely the instigator. It was these women who kept unilaterally declaring their devotion to me and throwing themselves at me. But I was too far gone with arousal to say anything.

Mindy, though, knew just how to press Michelle's buttons, and she took delight in pressing them. "Sorry. Daddy has his stable of cock slaves now, and as a good master, he keeps them all well fucked." Then she remembered my restriction on fucking Michelle and Ruby, and rather lamely added, "Well, most of them at this point, anyway."

Michelle was miffed at that last bit, even though she licked her way around my cockhead as she talked. "No fair! Daddy gets to fuck everybody but me and Ruby! And we have to DATE stupid good-for-nothing, wretched, yucky BOYS! No fair! What an outrage!"

Mindy said, "Michelle, since you somehow managed to take your mouth off your father's thick cock, can you leave him and me so we can talk alone for a while?"

Now she was even more miffed. "Boy, that was a big mistake. I'm gonna have to learn how to suck and talk at the same time. Sheesh. Talk about MEAN parents."

I said, "Um, Min? Nice thought, but if I don't cum in the next minute or two, I think I'm gonna die!"

Mindy looked at me sitting there, with a sticky chest and an even stickier crotch. Sweat was pouring down my skin, especially my face, and my heart was pounding. I pulled my shirt down from my shoulders back on to my chest to at least restore some shred of dignity.

She sighed, pretending to be all put out by my comment. "Very well. Honey, you do look like you're in a bad way. Now, daughter of mine, which of the four cock slave rules do you think would apply best to this situation?"

"Oh! I know! 'Share the cock!'" For some reason, she hefted up both her perfect tits as she said this.

"That's right." Mindy was all smiles as she crossed the room, bent down, and took her place next to her daughter. Strangely, she kept all her clothes on, while Michelle remained buck naked kneeling beside her, and I only had my shirt on.

Just before she started licking, Mindy told Michelle, "Since you did most of the work, I think it's only right that you get to take his load. Swallow it or take a facial, I don't care, but try not to get it on my clothes, okay?"

"Sure thing. Thanks, Mom!" She leaned back in and got busy licking my sweet spot.

The minute or so they spent getting sorted out had given my boner a bit of a break, but not much.

Still, with the two of them going at it like one single-minded and relentless licking and sucking machine, I wasn't going to last long in any case. It only took a minute or two before I yelled, "I'm close!"

Mindy backed off to just fondling my balls as Michelle took over.

Then my climax came. Good God, did I cum! Michelle painted her own face with the first couple of squirts, and then greedily swallowed all the rest, letting me blast straight into her mouth.

Mindy waited until it was all over. Then she stood up and straightened out her outfit. "You know, I needed that. I wasn't anywhere close to cumming; in fact, my pussy is moist at best. But sometimes one just needs a little cocksucking action, you know what I mean?"

I don't know who that was directed to, but Michelle stood up and said, "I do! Mom, that was awesome! Sharing IS best. You know what? You're pretty cool, for a mom."

Michelle wanted to give her mother a hug, but she could see that she'd worked up a good sweat (mostly from thrashing around on my lap), and Mindy's clothes were expensive. So instead, she leaned forward and kissed her on the lips without touching her elsewhere.

When the kiss ended, Michelle protested, "Mom, you have to open your lips wide."

Mindy looked a bit nervous as she replied, "Sorry. Despite all the craziness, you're still my daughter, and it doesn't feel right. Besides, you know I don't lean that way."

I thought, Yeah, right!

"But Mom, just open lips for a sec, 'cos I've got a special gift for you." She stuck her tongue out, showing it was still covered in my cum.

Mindy's eyes widened, and I could almost sense her heart racing. She blushed shyly as she muttered, "Oh. Well, that's different."

The two of them kissed for a minute or two, snowballing the cum back and forth. Call me crazy, but it sure looked to me like the two of them ended up putting a lot of passion, and tongue, into it.

I had put my shorts back on by this time, and was more or less recovered. I stood up to see my daughter go.

Michelle came up to me and wrapped her naked body all over me again. She kissed me once on my right cheek. "Thanks."

"For what?" I asked.

"For everything. For the deal. For the spanking. For letting me suck your cock when I really needed to, and for so long. For tricking and dominating me, even. You're the best!"

Starting again, she kissed me again on the right cheek. "Thank you, Daddy, my father." Then she kissed me on my left cheek. "Thank you, Daddy, my lover." Then back to my right cheek. "Thank you, Daddy, my master." Then the other cheek. "Thank you, Daddy, my owner, my love, my reason to live."

She pulled back and elaborated, "You're tough and blockheaded sometimes, but you do have my best interests at heart, and I love you for that. That's why I feel so good being owned as your slave. I know you won't abuse your total power over me. Well, at least you won't abuse me in a BAD way. I kind of hope you'll abuse me in a good way at least a little." She winked.

I started to protest, "But I'm not REALLY your own-"

My words were cut off as she kissed me on the lips. That kiss went on for a while.

It even threatened to escalate as hands started to roam. I couldn't get enough of kneading her ass cheeks, but her big tits demanded attention too, so I switched back and forth. Since she knew my penis would stay flaccid for a while, she generally fondled my ass in return.

Mindy was forced to cough a bit until Michelle got the message.

Michelle exclaimed happily, "Look, Mom! Daddy's totally hefting my tits with both hands, again showing his ownership of my body! Isn't that too cool for school?"

"It is," Mindy patiently replied. "But on a different note, I have to say I'm impressed with your generosity. In the middle of your negotiations, you got Dan to agree that you AND Ruby would get to spend a night in his bed."

Michelle pulled away from me and stood up. "Oh yeah! I did! Ohmigosh! But how could I not include Ruby? We're the bestest, breastest friends forever. I'd better go tell her! She'll be so psyched! Bye, Daddy. I love you!"

Finally, Michelle skipped off, picking up her V bathing suit and carrying it off as she went.

I was impressed at the way my wife managed to get our willful daughter out of the room.

Mindy closed the door after Michelle left, although I almost asked her why she bothered, since it seemed that someone or another was always spying on me these days.

Now, I had a chance to be the one who was smug. Making an obvious reference to the passionate snowball kiss she'd just shared with her daughter, I asked her, "So, still having trouble getting your panties moist?"

She blushed, but then immediately changed the topic. She folded her arms under her rack (a very popular gesture around the house these days, I'd noticed), and gave me an amused smile. "Interesting idea, Honey, that whole 'kissing boys for pussy access' trade. However, it didn't really go as you planned, did it?"

"No." I pulled my shorts back in place. I noticed that my fly was still unzipped, so I zipped it up. "In fact, I think it kind of backfired. ... You heard what happened. That girl has issues. I don't know how it happened, but her feelings for me are way too intense! She's so into this whole cock slave idea that it's just crazy. It's seriously warped!"

Mindy walked up to me and held my hand. "True, but she is who she is. She never does anything half way. And I admire you for your concern about her future welfare, misguided though I think it is. Keep up your carrot and stick approach and see what happens." She grinned mischievously. "You know, a little bit of her sucking on your 'carrot' here, some jacking off your hot 'stick' there."

"You really are as bad as she is."

She grew deadly serious. "Speaking of carrots, I have a confession to make. A very important, deep sexual secret that I've been hiding from you for years."

"Oh crap. Not another one."

"I'm only attracted to two things. You, and... goats. I've got a thing for them. I want to have sex with goats."

"WHAT?!" I stood up in shock.

"Kidding! Just kidding! Truly, I'm only attracted to goats." She laughed hysterically and waved her hands about, motioning for me to return to my chair and calm down.

I sat. "Damn! You seriously scared me for a minute."

She snickered. "I love how gullible you are. Like that time I totally had you convinced I'd been abducted by aliens. Man, that was hilarious."

"For you," I complained, even though I was still smiling against my will at her goat joke.

She grinned a lopsided grin that usually told me more jokes were on the way. "By the way, I think it's time to tell you that I also have a thing for sheep. In fact, I need to come completely clean: I've been having this torrid affair down at the petting zoo for months now. His name is 'Baa Baa,' and he's a baaaaaahd boy. You know what they say about how well-hung black sheep are."

We both had a good laugh about that.

I shot back, "Yeah, the women always fall for the rebellious, black sheep types, don't they? I just didn't think you'd take that quite so literally! ... Plus, that explains the three bags full of wool in the back of the house. And why you've been knitting me so many sweaters lately!"

She laughed loudly.

How cool is it to have a wife who's not afraid to make jokes about sex with animals? Nothing is off limits for her. Still, I'll be happy to go without any more sex-with-goats jokes, thank you very much.

Just then, we heard the doorbell ring, far away downstairs.

"Perfect timing," Mindy said. "That must be Sue Ellen. Can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure. What?"

"With Sue Ellen, you've been building up a certain reputation with her. You're not as jokey and loving as usual, you're more lusty and demanding. Can you keep that up with her, more than you otherwise would?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but sure, anything for you. What a weird favor to ask a spouse! But what am I supposed to do with her? There's no official point for her coming over, is there?"

"Aside from her getting to know us better, especially Michelle? And rewarding her for sending those pictures? No. And as for what to do with her, hell, you're the man around here! Anything you damn well please! That's the point of having cock slaves; they serve you!"

She laughed at my question, as if everybody knew that about cock slaves, seeing how they were so common everywhere.

We headed downstairs. I thought, Man, I hope Sue Ellen isn't expecting any sexual fun and games with me, because I just shot my wad. Literally. I'm done for the day after THAT Michelle attack! At least for a good while anyway. Plus, that was my second climax in less than an hour.

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