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Chapter 49

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

As I came down the stairs, I saw Ruby and Michelle standing at the foyer and talking excitedly to Sue Ellen. It was quite a stirring sight to see all three of them together for the first time! My head was filled with visions of our shared future together if Sue Ellen really did become a part of our gang.

My two daughters were dressed in their bathing suits. Michelle still wore her blue V one and Ruby wore a more conventional red bikini, although it had a strapless top, which seemed to contain her breasts through a magical combination of compression and friction. Ruby's cleavage was practically bulging out the top of her bikini top in a way that simply made even the simple act of breathing an erotic invitation.

By way of contrast, I was amazed by how "normal" Michelle looked, considering she'd been naked and on her knees enthusiastically sucking my cock as though her life depended on it only a few minutes earlier. True, her V suit was outrageously revealing. But she'd gotten pretty sweaty and bedraggled near the end there, and now she somehow looked as clean and fresh as a daisy. I know all that sucking and spanking and such had to have worn her out, but she appeared positively energetic.

The problem was, now when I looked at "normal" Michelle, in the back of my mind I could easily picture and remember the sexually adventurous Michelle shamelessly worshipping my throbbing rod with her eager mouth and body. The feeling that her burgeoning libido was somehow thinly suppressed within her and was ready to erupt again in my direction at any moment, made her relatively "normal" appearance almost disconcerting for me.

Compared to the other two girls, Sue Ellen was surprisingly covered. She looked mundane in an ordinary brown blouse and olive green skirt. It was then I realized that this was part of our developing tradition.

I stopped halfway down the stairs, before they noticed me, and listened to them talking. Michelle was jabbering, "And there I was, bobbing up and down on the King, trying my reverse lollipop move on him, and then I heard a voice, and it was Mom! I looked up towards the door with cum and saliva drooling down my chin, and she was standing there, fully dressed, just smiling with approval. That made me feel even MORE naked than I already was!"

"Weren't you ashamed at all for your mom to see you like that?" Ruby asked, breathlessly.

"Totally! There's nothing better than being completely humiliated by Daddy! It really teaches me my place. You know that feeling of having the King completely filling your mouth, and you're struggling just to breathe because it's so impossibly thick, and you're totally naked, and you look up, only to see Daddy fully dressed and triumphantly looking down on you? It's like, at that moment, you just KNOW that he's the master and you're the slave! You're fated to serve his horse cock forever! It's so shameful, but it's so HOT! And so right! You know what I mean?"

"Totally!" Ruby and Sue Ellen said in unison.

"I just LOVE being naked when he's all dressed up, feeling his eyes on my big bouncy titties! It kind of felt like that when Mom walked in on us too. Anyway, so there I was, licking my way around the ridge of his crown, when Mom said to Dad, 'Let her have her-'"

Somehow, Michelle sensed my presence at that moment, so I didn't get to hear the rest of her sentence and understand what she meant. She turned up towards me, and said casually, "Oh, hi Daddy! We were just talking about you."

I waved hello.

As I walked down the stairs, Sue Ellen looked at me with some obvious fear and anxiety. She stiffened up, like a soldier getting ready for an inspection. "Sir!"

I reached the bottom of the stairs and, remembering Mindy's request to keep up my reputation with her, I didn't smile at all, but just stared at her with something approaching menace. I held out my hand, palm up. "Sue Ellen, I believe you owe me something."

"Sir?" she asked, nervously.

Without giving away the nervousness I felt inside, I simply said, "Your panties and bra, please."

"Y-y-yes, Sir!" Her face started to blush.

Mindy was coming down the stairs behind me, also in a bikini. That left Sue Ellen surrounded by three bikini-clad beauties and me. Aside from myself, Sue Ellen was way overdressed for the company she was keeping. Nonetheless, she seemed intimidated and afraid to strip.

I think the others caught on to the intended vibe, because they weren't their usual smiling and joking selves. They all stared at Sue Ellen intently with expectant poker faces.

Slowly but surely, the demure waitress reached into her blouse and undid her bra without taking her blouse off. She shyly handed her bra to me. Only then did she look around at the hefty bosoms on the others, and muttered, "Holy Toledo! How can I compete with all THAT?!"

Staring right at Michelle's enormous and very nearly bare chest, she added, despairingly, "I've never even SEEN breasts that big in real life! And they point straight out!"

But I ignored that attempt to deflect my attention to Michelle, and just said to Sue Ellen, "Shake 'em."


"You heard me. Shake 'em. Show what you've got." I was standing in between Ruby and Michelle, so I reached out and cupped their nearest ass cheeks to further assert my authority.

Sue Ellen saw me do that, and it made her eyes bug out. But it also seemed to motivate her. Tentatively, she raised her arms and started shaking her bra-less breasts.

Michelle could see that Sue Ellen was so nervous that she was practically trembling with fear. As a gesture of sympathy, she murmured quietly, "Look, it's starting already! Daddy's taking control! Sue Ellen, face it: in a matter of minutes you're gonna be stark naked and sucking on the King! We all are! In fact, I'd better take off my bathing suit now, before he takes it from me!"

My blonde daughter was being overly dramatic, hamming it up. She pulled the V strips off her nipples, but otherwise kept her bathing suit on - for now.

As Sue Ellen continued her lewd bra-free titty dance, Ruby's strapless bikini top "accidentally" fell off. Obviously, she'd been inspired by Michelle, although whether she was trying to help Sue Ellen feel more comfortable or just wanting to get naked or some combination of the two was hard to tell.

Seeing that I didn't say anything about it, I watched as Ruby's bikini bottoms were "accidentally" pulled all the way off as well.

Mindy and Michelle were inspired to have "accidents" of their own, and before long all three of them were naked from head to toe.

An increasingly red-faced Sue Ellen shrieked, "My God! Sir! The control you have over these women! They drop their clothes at the drop of a hat!" Clearly, the idea greatly aroused her. She raised her arms and started shaking her chest with more passion.

I had to chuckle at my so-called "control." What would have been impressive is if I'd somehow managed to keep their clothes ON. As usual, they were beating their own drum, and then crediting (or blaming) me for it.

Michelle could tell that Sue Ellen's fear was morphing into lust. She knew which of Sue Ellen's buttons to push, since similar things aroused her too. So she said, "Look around. We're all naked. Soon, you'll be naked. Dancing nude. Because our master wants it that way. It doesn't matter if you do or not. You have no say in the matter. There's no limit to what he might make us do. The only thing that matters is what our MASTER wants!"

"Oh God!" Sue Ellen cried out lustily. "That's so true!" She started to unbutton her blouse, but then stopped after a few buttons when she realized she hadn't been told to do so. But with her whole body into the dance now and her blouse unbuttoned to her belly button, her tits were exposed more often than not. It was very arousing.

Still playing the tough guy role, I stood impassively, as if unmoved by everything. I had my hands on Michelle and Ruby, and I was fondling Ruby's bare ass while stroking Michelle's long blonde mane. Even though I'd climaxed only a short while ago, I could feel my dick had suddenly grown erect.

I was pleasantly surprised by that. My arousal emboldened me even more. I decisively told Sue Ellen, "Now, the panties."

"Yes, Sir!"

I watched as Sue Ellen stopped dancing and then bent over and pulled her panties over her feet. I was pleased to see that she was wearing sexy black high heels, even if the rest of her outfit was bland. She stood back up and bowed slightly while she presented her panties to me.

Looking closer at her panties as she put them in my hand, I was also pleased to see that they, and her bra, were just as lacy and fancy as the ones she'd had on the day before yesterday. They looked quite similar, except these were red and those were black.

I sniffed deeply at the crotch, noting how tremendously soaked and pungent they were already. There was no way she could have gotten that wet since she'd come in the door, no matter how turned on I'd made her these past few minutes. She had to have been leaking like a faucet before she even arrived, incredibly aroused by the anticipation of what I was going to do to her.

That made me feel good, that I could get her that horny before I'd even seen her. It also made my "job" a lot easier. I also liked the fact that she had resumed her slow dancing.

I handed the panties to Michelle. I wasn't sure why, except that she happened to be standing right next to me and I didn't really want to hold them. As I put them in her hands, I said, "Smell the crotch and then pass them around. Let everyone see how wet she is."

A fully blushing Sue Ellen was having trouble breathing already. "God, this is SO humiliating!" she complained as she saw her soaked panties get passed around and sniffed. She was still grooving around in a slow grind, since I hadn't told her to stop.

I waited silently until her underwear reached Mindy.

I turned to my wife and said to her, "You should put that somewhere, for later. You know what I think? Sue Ellen obviously will not be allowed to wear those again. But Sweetheart, you're basically the exact same height and size as Sue Ellen, aren't you? I know your breasts are the same size - I can feel that in my hands. So I want you to wear panties I take from her the next time you wear underwear. And you can't wash them first. I want you to walk around your office knowing that your pussy is sitting in her juices. Can you do that for me?"

Mindy was biting her lip and her face was flushed. She nodded, trying not to show just how much she loved that idea. Keep in mind that these weren't just damp panties; their crotch was seemingly as wet as if they'd just been dumped in a pool.

My wife was turning out to be a lot kinkier than I'd ever imagined. I guess I was too, come to think of it.

I turned back to Sue Ellen. "I want you to take your finger, stick it in your pussy, and then put your finger into Ruby's mouth. After she's licked it clean, do the same for my other two women."

She'd had an open, cherry red face and big eyes already, and now her eyes grew even wider. But she did as she'd been told. Her grooving finally came to an end as she rushed to implement her latest instructions.

First, her cum-soaked finger went in between Ruby's lips.

Ruby made her delight and arousal obvious, really luxuriating in licking the finger clean. I have no idea why she still insisted she wasn't bisexual, because it was so obvious that she was.

Then Sue Ellen did the same thing to Michelle. As she pumped her finger in and out of Michelle's sexy, puffy lips a little bit, she said to Michelle, "I can't believe I'm doing this to you. Even though we've talked a lot on the phone in the past day or two, I just met you in person for the first time, like, five minutes ago!"

I thought it was amusing that the first in-person conversation between the two girls was Michelle describing the most recent blowjob she had given her father. But I couldn't chuckle, as I had to look severe and domineering. I unzipped my fly and pulled my erection out. I made a brief jacking-off motion with my fist, and then nodded at Michelle and Ruby.

Both of them quickly dropped to their knees to each side of me. They began stroking it at once, each with one hand on it, but their hands moving perfectly in time with each other.

Sue Ellen was shocked and impressed. Her jaw dropped.

Hell, even I was shocked and impressed. What a powerful rush! And I do use the word "powerful" on purpose. I truly felt a surge of power soaring through me.

Sue Ellen was staring at Michelle's pumping fist especially, and muttered, "But she's your..."

I appeared calm on the outside, but on the inside I was wildly aroused and my heart was pounding like a big bass drum. "Yes," I said coolly, as if I'd been asked something mundane, such as if I needed silverware to eat with. "She's my daughter. You knew all about that already."

"Yes, but to see it in person is another thing..."

I ignored that as unimportant, and simply said, "You still haven't offered your pussy to my wife."

She tried to stop gawking at the incestuous contact and follow instructions. "Sorry. Sir."

Now, this is interesting. What's my sweet wife going to do?!

As my daughters jointly jacked me off in perfect unison, I watched closely while Sue Ellen reached under her skirt to finger herself briefly and then pull out a freshly cum-soaked finger. Then my eyes followed her finger as it headed up towards Mindy's face.

Suddenly, my wife's face was nearly as red as Sue Ellen's. She looked at me with a panicky expression, as if she was begging, "Don't make me do this!"

If she had said that out loud I would have called a halt. She knew that. But despite pleading with her eyes, she didn't say anything. So neither did I.

Mindy closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide as the finger drew closer.

The most interesting thing was trying to figure out who was more insanely aroused, Mindy or Sue Ellen. It was pretty much an academic point, since both of them were way off the arousal scale, but I think Mindy had the slight edge.

This was a big moment for her. She kept pushing me into having sex with more and more women. Maybe I was being foolish, but I really wanted to do the same and see her sleep with women too. Not just any women, certainly, but definitely those in our small group. I knew that was part of her motivation for creating this situation in the first place, and I felt she deserved her "reward" for being so great about sending my sex life into the stratosphere.

Mindy closed her eyes and opened her mouth. When Sue Ellen's finger came in, she closed her lips around it and sucked hard on it. The look on her face was one of pure ecstasy.

In fact, she was so ecstatic that after a few seconds of sucking, she dropped to her knees, and then down to all fours. She was incapable of standing. She was panting heavily and seemed in danger of collapsing the rest of the way to the floor.

With her boobs nearly drooping to the carpet, she yelled, "Daniel Cooper! How could you do that to me?! Do you have any idea how arousing that was?!"

I chuckled. "Sorry, Sweetheart. My bad." I couldn't help but laugh a bit, even though I wasn't "supposed to." I decided that while I liked being totally dominating with Sue Ellen, there was no particular reason why I had to be stern all the time. Why couldn't I smile and laugh some too?

Turning back to Sue Ellen, I said, "Take off the rest of your clothes, but keep the heels. I like those. Then sway and dance for me some more. Try to make my cock hard. I know it's hard already and that my daughters are stroking it, but make it harder. Longer. Make it throb with need for you!"

"Yes, Sir!" Sue Ellen's clothes quickly fell to the floor and she resumed dancing. She couldn't really "rock out" due to her high heels, but she tried to make up for the relative lack of movement in her legs by doing more with her upper body.

I noticed my wife had managed to stand back up again, and she'd gone to the stereo. She helpfully put on a lively Wilson Pickett album - classic soul with a good, steady beat.

I muttered to Michelle without looking down, "Shelle, she's got nice tits, don't you think?"

Michelle nodded as she admired Sue Ellen's dance. She continued stroking me as she answered, "VERY nice! Her whole body is SO impressive! I thought I worked out regularly, but geez! That's what I call a HARD body. She's totally worthy of being one of your cock slaves. I'm going to have to step up my game."

I thought, Seriously? Shelle? Step up her game?! How could she possibly be any more sexy and tempting?!

My daughter continued, "I love her big tits, and I also love that they're not as big as mine!" She chuckled. "But her tits aren't her best feature. Check out her muscular legs! Watch out, Daddy, when you put your face between those thighs. She could crush you!"

Sue Ellen beamed with pride.

"Yeah," I chuckled. "I've thought about that. Sue Ellen, you don't have to be silent as you dance. What's on your mind?"

"I'm thinking about... serving, Sir!" She had her hands on her hips and was shifting her shoulders to make her round breasts fly around in circles. "Serving YOU, Sir! Master! Can I call you 'Master?'"

Michelle yelled, "Rock ON! Definitely! Sue Ellen, I love you already!"

I turned to Michelle and smirked as I watched her roll her nipple between her fingers with her free hand, and then I stared at her other hand jacking me off, just above Ruby's.

Then I said to Sue Ellen, "You'll have to earn that. How would you serve me?"

"Any way, Sir! Every way! I don't wanna work, I don't wanna study, I don't want to play volleyball, I don't even wanna eat! In the hours and days since I've met y'all, I can barely think of anything but YOU and making your COCK happy!"

Michelle and Ruby high-fived each other right in front of my erection, even as they kept stroking with their free hands. They obviously were happy they'd found a kindred spirit.

How did things ever come to this? It's crazy! I looked at Mindy and shook my head in amazement. I laughed, more just in general euphoric glee at the whole situation than any specific thing that was said.

But then I went back into my domineering mode, and said, "That's good. So, are you prepared to be my exclusive personal cock slave and sex toy?"

"Sir, I AM your exclusive personal cock slave and sex toy already! I already feel that way in my heart! Well, one of them! Right?" She looked down enviously at Ruby and Michelle, since they were happily stroking away.

"Do you mind sharing?" I asked.

"Mind?! Are you kidding?!" She was staring wantonly at my dick and the two hands from different girls wrapped around it. "I love it! Just look at those hands go! It's so darn HOT! I've never seen anything hotter in all my born days! I wish so much I could be down there with them right now, with my jaw stretched open wide and the smell of manly cock in my nostrils!"

I looked down and nodded my head in agreement. God, she's so fucking willing. A girl with her face and body should not be this easy to conquer. Look at her! She should be a centerfold, not a waitress! I wonder just how far I can push this. Besides, after what she'd said already, is there even a too far?

Sue Ellen sensuously ran her hands over her bare boobs as she swayed. "Do you know why I really broke up with Mike? You! You, all YOU! I was happy enough with him until y'all came along, even though he put me down all the time, because I didn't know what I was missing! But now, now I could never go back to him. I could never put up with someone who doesn't rule my heart like you do!"

She hadn't stopped swaying and grooving yet, despite talking so much, but apparently she couldn't take being separated from my cock anymore. She fell to her knees and crawled the very short distance to it.

Michelle and Ruby gave way a little bit as Sue Ellen brought her lips to the tip of my hard cock. I say a little, because Michelle continued to stroke the lower half while Ruby switched to fondling my balls instead.

Sue Ellen didn't ask for permission. Her face drew closer and closer until she was able to start licking around my cockhead. But that only lasted for a couple of licks, because she apparently needed, and I do mean needed, to have the entire thing in her mouth.

She swallowed my cockhead in a flash.

Funnily enough, not only did she let out a loud moan as her lips managed to slide past the widest part of my bulbous cockhead, the others all let out an equally loud moan in sympathy. Even Mindy. Her eyes opened almost comically wide, and she looked positively fearful, like she was in danger of choking to death. But within seconds, that fear turned to joy.

Then she sat on her heels and began bobbing her head back and forth while staring beseechingly up at my face.

I heard Mindy behind me squealing with delight, like a girl at a Beatles concert. Clearly, she could see it all. I'm sure she was getting off on the rapturous look on Sue Ellen's face.

Michelle also was loving the situation, possibly even more than I was, even though she'd just lost access to most of my cock. She gushed as she stroked down at the base, "Daddy! Sue Ellen is just so GREAT! Her body's a brick shithouse, and she barely knows you, yet she already lives to serve and suck your cock!"

Ruby was similarly enthused. "Yeah! This is so inspirational!" She was jilling herself with her free hand. "And I love girls with big titties! I can tell she's going to be my new breast friend." She experimentally ran a hand over Sue Ellen's nearest boob.

Sue Ellen either didn't mind that or was so preoccupied with her blowjob that she didn't care enough to complain right now.

"Me too!" Michelle agreed with Ruby. "We'll be breast friends together. I see what you mean. She gets it! She's not just sucking his cock; she's putting her entire heart and soul into it!"

But Mindy complained to her daughters from behind me, "It's easy for you two to enjoy yourself so much, when you're still fondling cock and balls. But it sucks for me, just hugging my hubby from behind. ... Well, at least I can do this." She put one hand on one of my ass cheeks and then stuck the thumb of her other hand into my asshole.

We'd been doing a little bit of anal play in recent days, but not much, so this was a big surprise for me. My wife knew what she was doing though, as she never messes around with anything when it comes to sex, and she began expertly massaging my prostate gland.

My God, man! Three girls and my wife, all working as one to arouse me! Could life get any better than this?!

Tears were starting to leak from Sue Ellen's eyes due to the great difficulty of keeping my thickness in her mouth and actively licking and sucking on it. I was reminded that she didn't have the practice with my size the way the others did. But she was a real trooper. One could easily see the look of determination in her eyes. She kept rhythmically caving her cheeks in with every thrust of her head forward and then again on every thrust back.

I could tell the others were impressed. Heck, I was just as impressed. The pleasure was out of this world! The blowjob alone was more than I could take, but Mindy was continuing to wiggle her finger deeper into my asshole. It really was getting extreme.

It was growing harder for me to talk, to say the least, but I said, "So, girls, what do you think? Is Sue Ellen worthy of being my newest cock slave?"

I was going to say more in a similar vein, but Mindy immediately shouted, "YES! TAKE HER! Fuck, Dan! Let's see some ACTION already! Don't just fuckin' putz around; skewer her CUNT!"

I laughed. "Well, at least one person seems to approve."

I looked down to my daughters, but couldn't see much other than Sue Ellen's bobbing head of dirty blonde hair. My heart was spinning and my heart was pounding, making it hard to focus. Still, I asked, "What do you girls think?"

"What Mom said!" Michelle replied passionately. "Do it, Daddy! Gaawwwd, just look at the tears she's crying! That's so hot! You need to reward her. Even though you can't fuck me, I wanna see you fuck her so badly!"

"Yeah!" Ruby added. Her head was so close to Sue Ellen's bobbing head that her breath blew directly into Sue Ellen's ear. "DO IT!"

Both of them were intently watching Sue Ellen suck me off from just a few inches away while they stroked and fondled me - and themselves - so they weren't in much mood for talking. But after a minute or two of just lewd slurping and sloshing noises, not to mention lots of heavy breathing, Michelle added, "I can't wait to share sucking Daddy's cock with you every day, Sue Ellen! We don't even need to think about rule three, 'cos sharing's so much fun!"

She reached out and cupped the underside of Sue Ellen's closest boob, perhaps not even realizing that Ruby was still doing the exact same thing to her other boob.

I doubted that Sue Ellen knew what the "rules" were yet, but it didn't really matter at that very moment. Then again, it occurred to me that she probably did.

To my surprise, Ruby hotly whispered right into Sue Ellen's ear, "I want to see Daddy ENSLAVE you! Permanently enslave you to a life of endlessly serving and worshipping his great big cock! Get used to that feeling of having your lips stretched as wide as they can possibly go, because once he's fucked you, you'll never be free!" Then she licked that ear very sensuously.

Sue Ellen stumbled in her bobbing, and then moaned and shivered all over. I think she had a nice orgasm that was mostly triggered by Ruby's words. She shut her eyes tight with a pained expression on her face, and her lips vibrated against my shaft.

But she quickly recovered. She opened her eyes and stared up at me adoringly while her lips and tongue resumed their tiring work. Her cheeks even resumed their repeated caving in, guaranteeing vacuum-strength sucking power.

The stimulation I was experiencing was indescribably great. It felt like she was going to suck my dick clean off, but in the best possible way, if that makes any sense.

This full-on lusty assault had only been happening for a few minutes, but the only reason I hadn't climaxed already was because I had cum twice so recently. First Mindy had made me cum, and then Michelle had drained my balls just a few minutes before Sue Ellen got here.

Still, I knew I couldn't take much more, especially with the insanely arousing prostate stimulation Mindy kept doing to me. So I said, "Okay, everybody, stop everything! Need... a break!"

Mindy withdrew her finger from my ass, while Ruby and Michelle let go of their hold on my balls and shaft. But Sue Ellen just kept sucking. She too knew all about the importance of focusing on the frenulum, my so-called "sweet spot," and she was very intent on doing that.

She was not allowed to go much longer, however. Soon, Ruby and Michelle gently but firmly pushed her back until she was sucking air.

Oh man! Look at her! As if I wasn't aroused enough already, the crestfallen face on Sue Ellen as she was denied my cock was priceless. "You've been bad," I said, my chest heaving and my head spinning from the close call.

Sue Ellen boldly proclaimed, "I'm sorry, Master, but I can't help it! I love you, and the King, too much!" She blushed some more as she realized what she'd just said in front of everybody. She added with an adorable, shy look up at me, "I know it's too soon to say 'I love you,' but I can't help myself!"

She was still on her knees before me, hefting her big tits up towards my crotch. "Remember what you did to these the other day? I'll never forget! They miss you!" With her tongue roaming all over her lips to search for stray cum, she tried to bring her rack up to my crotch.

But Ruby put her hands in the way. "Uh-oh. Um, sorry Sue Ellen, but this is called a cock block. Part of being a good sex toy is ALWAYS obeying Daddy, even when he says no."

Frustrated, Sue Ellen halted her advance, for now. She was hot to trot, and kept trying to entice me by constantly moving her tits about with both hands, and churning her hips too.

I turned to Mindy. "Sweetheart, could you please get me a drink? Actually, it would be great if you could get all of us drinks. This dominating stuff makes a guy thirsty."

She laughed. "Sure thing. My boss tells us the same at work all the time, especially after he's spanked his entire staff."

I quipped, "If your boss is spanking his staff in front of everybody, you should file for sexual harassment. And I don't care if he spanks just half of it or all of it. It's not right!"

She laughed some more. "Good one. And keep YOUR staff stiff until I get back."

"Believe me, that won't be a problem!"

I watched my wife's sexy ass swaying its way through the living room towards the kitchen. I thought, I may be in an increasingly powerful position in this family due to recent events, but I'm not going to suddenly start bossing people around. Well, in non-sexual situations. That's not what I'm about, or what the Cooper family is about. We love each other, first and foremost.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Billo, Yellow Peril, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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