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Chapter 50

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I just stood there recovering, while the three girls did the same, except they remained nude and on their knees. Not only was I trying to give my dick a break, but I also didn't want Mindy to miss anything important, since she was having as much fun as I was, if not more. Thankfully, I was in reach of a handrail that helped keep me standing.

I closed my eyes until I heard the sounds of my wife coming back. Sue Ellen was doing far too effective a job kneading her breasts in an effort to make me lose control. If I had not shut my eyes, I might have blown into sweet oblivion without her even touching me.

My newly minted sexy waitress was saying to the girls, "So, did Mindy tell you all about how Dan took my cleavage virginity in the back of his minivan?"

"That was your first titfuck?" Michelle asked, surprised. "With tits like those, and a long-time boyfriend, I just figured..."

"I know," I heard Sue Ellen reply, mournfully. "These tits need to be fucked, and regularly, I know that now! But Mike's not like Dan. I thought titfucking was undignified and I never let him do it. But I can't deny my Ma- my Sir, anything. What Dan wants, he takes!"

Ruby said, "Phew! That was a close call."

"I know! I would give anything to have my hymen still intact, like you two do. I feel dirty that I ever let another man touch me. I'm so glad that at least he'll have two of my four virginities, 'cos my ass is virgin too."

Michelle shot back proudly, "Daddy's taken two of my four virginities too, but he's gonna take all four! Mouth. Tits. Cunt. AND my ass! He's the only man who will EVER touch me!"

Ruby said, equally proudly, "Me too! The main thing is, he's gonna OWN my cunt. I don't just mean fuck it, I mean he'll fucking OWN it! From clit to fornix, he will OWN every fucking inch of my cunt with his big fat cock!" She even spread her thighs and made humping motions with her hips as she said this.

I thought, Oh no, not again. What am I gonna have to do to get them to date boys? However, this obviously was not the time to discuss that. I was afraid to even take a whiff of the air, knowing the smell of aroused pussy would just further inflame my lusts.

Mindy came sashaying her way back, really swaying her hips and her bouncy breasts. She had such a sexy walk, even when carrying a tray full of drinks, that I'm sure the girls were envious.

I laughed as I realized something. "Look, Sue Ellen, look how she's walking!"

Sue Ellen got it immediately. "Oh yeah! The walk. Thanks so much, Mindy, for teaching me that." Mindy was walking in the "cat walk" style she'd taught Sue Ellen, putting one foot directly in front of the other to create a straight line of footprints, which made her hips gyrate in a boner-inducing fashion.

I suddenly realized that Mindy had been doing little sexy things for me, like walking that walk, for years, but I'd never consciously known the mechanics or the details. Lately I was learning a little bit as I heard the girls talking about these things amongst themselves. For instance, Mindy had stimulated my frenulum who knows how many thousands of times, yet I never knew the technical name for that spot, or that it even had a real anatomical name.

Mindy then left us again to go get the video camera and the tripod. In case it hasn't been made obvious already, we're very big on videotaping and photographing our lives. (And I was also very big on watching her sexy ass walk away!)

In any case, by this time I'd recovered sufficiently, so I wouldn't have to worry about losing it at any second. I didn't want to wait too long though, and I struck while the iron (and Sue Ellen) was still very hot.

I said, "Sue Ellen, you told me you've been with three men. Have you ever been with women?"

"No." She blushed a little and then looked nervously back at her left ass cheek, which was being stroked familiarly by Michelle. Her blush deepened and she clutched at her breasts.

Mindful of Mindy's advice on how I should act towards Sue Ellen, I said, "That will change. I can see you enjoy it. If nothing else, you will do it for me."

She looked up at me anxiously, and then nodded shyly. "Yes, Sir."

I added, "Now, you've been very bad. You failed to stop sucking me when I ordered you to stop, and you called me 'master' again without permission. You will be punished."

It was only then that I realized we were still standing in the foyer. Not wanting to do everything right here, I looked into the next room and pointed. "You see that couch over there in the living room? I want you to go over there, hold onto the arm of the couch with both hands, and then stretch your arms out perfectly straight. Actually, I want your entire body stretched out straight with your arms. Then I want to see your legs straight and stiff, and spread out wide. Finally, keep your ass as high as possible while you're doing that."

When I finished giving her her instructions, she let go of her breasts and gave me a cute little salute. "Yes, Sir!"

She carefully wiped her face clean of her remaining tears so she'd look her best. Then she started weaving her way through some other furniture as she headed to the couch in question. I loved watching this girl walk! I could see good portions of her tits swaying back and forth as she walked directly away from me - she really knew how to get those puppies to sway! Even better, I saw she was now walking in the sexy "cat walk" style Mindy had taught her without being asked.

Not only that, but when she got to the couch she immediately got into the exact position I'd requested, and it looked even better with her actually doing it than I'd imagined. Her body was surprisingly muscular, but not overly so, much like a sexy aerobics instructor. And the way she was stretched out showed off her fitness well, especially her firm legs. She had a lovely all-over tan as well, especially for a natural blonde. Her private parts were only slightly fairer, and there were no obvious tan lines. Somehow, she still wore her high heels, but in her stretched-out pose they didn't have much contact with her feet.

The girls were impressed too. I heard some whistles. One of them even muttered, "DAMN!"

I heard Ruby say, "Lucky slut! Daddy's gonna fuck her!"

Then Michelle said breathlessly, "God! God! It's too much! I want that to be ME! She's about to get Daddy's horse cock right up her tight CUNT!"

"Maybe Daddy'll come to his senses and fuck us all tonight," Ruby replied hopefully.

Michelle gripped Ruby's hands and held it tightly. "We can only hope. And pray!"

I gestured at the Gruesome Twosome, telling them to shush. I yanked my shirt and pants off and tossed them aside. Then I walked up to a spot right behind Sue Ellen and her fantastic and nicely tanned ass.

The other girls trailed me, finding good spots to watch from. Mindy took a little longer as she repositioned the video camera in order to capture all the action.

Michelle, though, didn't sit down immediately. She liked being the center of attention and didn't want to be outdone in the walking department. She walked in a straight line from one end of the living room to the other. "Look, Daddy! I'm walking just like Mom and Sue Ellen! How's this?"

I gulped as I saw my nude daughter shamelessly sashay her way back and forth across the room, wearing absolutely nothing, not even a ring on her finger. All my efforts to calm my dick down had seemingly been in vain. The sheer size and weight of her F-cup breasts meant that she had to do her catwalking at a different, slower rhythm than the other two, if she were going to maximize the enticingly drool-worthy swaying motions of her jutting monsters. It was plenty clear though that Michelle was thoroughly enjoying wobbling her knockers like that, as her boobs bounced and rolled as if storm-tossed on the waves of an ocean. She was proud of her big rack and enjoyed showing it off to me.

Even Sue Ellen, splayed out in her lewd position, had to turn her head and watch Michelle strut around. "Holy Toledo! She's so STACKED! Those can't be real!"

Michelle purred proudly, stroking the sides of her massive mammaries with her hands, keeping them from wobbling too much. "Believe it. They're all real, and they're all Daddy's." She honked them with both hands from below as she continued to proudly strut around the room.

Ruby saw my stunned reaction. "Daddy likes it! Just look at his face! Oooh, my turn! Michelle and I are gonna walk like this ALL the time!"

I watched Ruby start to walk, and she was as good at it as Michelle was. Truthfully, it didn't seem that difficult, but was more a matter of putting in the extra effort. Michelle and Ruby, though, were definitely putting in the extra effort now, turning the simple act of walking around the room into an orgasm-inducing sex act.

Ruby also held her big tits as she went around the room. She was less holding them and more fondling them.

Meanwhile, Sue Ellen was forced to stay in her stretched-out pose, waiting for me to focus on her again.

I glanced at my wife. Her face was contorted in a lusty grimace, like she was struggling mightily not to do something. She certainly wasn't fighting the urge to cum though, because she was leaning up against a sofa and frantically frigging her slit.

There were so many sexy sights in every direction that I hardly knew where to look. However, I remembered that I had a desperately needy sexpot bent over right in front of me at an obscene angle. She was doing all she could to wiggle her way back into my attention.

Without any further ado, I spanked Sue Ellen hard on her left ass cheek. I hoped some spanking would give my erection a chance to recover a bit.

I was about to do the same to her right, when I heard her loudly cry out, "One! Thank you, Sir!"

That surprised me. I thought I was taking her for a complete surprise and that if she made any sound at all, it would be some kind of shriek.

Caught off-guard, I asked, "What was that? Have you done this before?"

"No, Sir, but I've read stories. I guess I kind of liked submissive-type erotic stories even before I met y'all, and in the stories the girl being spanked usually cries out the number of the spank and then says, 'Thank you, Sir.' If she fails to do that, the spank doesn't count."

Well, blow me down. She's really into this! I was spanking Shelle recently, and she cried out the number and then "Thank you, Daddy-Master!" after each blow. It's so similar. Could they have talked? Maybe, but I think it's just the general tradition. I should stick with tradition.

I was way out of my depth, but I acted like I'd merely forgotten to mention the proper spanking protocol. I said, "That's right. Very good. Please continue." Then I spanked her harder on her other ass cheek.

She joyfully shouted out, "Two! Thank you, Sir!"

Michelle and Ruby had stopped their strutting and come close to get a good view of the spanking.

Ruby muttered, "What did I tell you? Does she get it or does she get it? She's a natural born sex slave!"

Michelle replied, "It is pretty inspirational, I must admit."

Soon, I started spanking faster, alternating ass cheeks. I was really horny, so I was getting into it. She barely had time to gasp out her four words before I'd smack her again.

I thought back to about a week before, when I'd spanked Mindy for the first time. I was so reluctant, so afraid. Man, things sure can change in a week! This is a blast! God, and when she clenches those powerful ass cheeks of hers... Shit! I wanna fuck her NOW!

I was swinging hard, really giving it to Sue Ellen. Of course, I never wanted to hit a woman with the intention of taking pleasure in watching her suffer. But even though Sue Ellen was obviously feeling pain, she was even more obviously feeling a greater pleasure. Before long, it was a great struggle for her to maintain her precarious position, especially with her black high heels, because her body was trembling almost violently with need.

I spanked her twenty times, and then I stopped.

As I bent over (with my nose practically in Sue Ellen's high ass), I heard Ruby and Michelle talking as they sat next to each other on a nearby couch.

My blonde goddess of a daughter said, "That was SO hot, Ruby! I dreamed for so long about our nice and 'reasonable' Daddy turning into a dominant slave-spanking stud, and now he really is!"

"Ohmigod! I KNOW! My ass is getting hot and needy just from WATCHING!"

"Oh, me too!"

"Me too, more!" Michelle giggled. "Getting spanked, it's like that feeling of pure blowjob joy, only on my ass!"

Ruby replied, "Yeah! No offense, Michelle, I love when you spank me, but the hand of a MAN! The hand of DADDY! Wow! That's what my body craves! To be tamed by my master! Oops, I'd better not call him that, or he's gonna spank me too!"

There was a pause, and then Michelle and Ruby both started screaming in unison, "MASTER! Master, Master, Master, Master, Master!"

Even Mindy joined in, though she was mostly laughing.

I laughed too. "Hold on, you two. I'm making a new rule now: I'm gonna spank any of you whenever the hell I feel like it, and NOT only after you've been bad. Otherwise, that'll just encourage your devious Satan's Hell Spawn ways. I may make up some excuse about you doing something wrong, like I just did with Sue Ellen here, but that's just an excuse so I'll have something to pretend to complain about. Obviously I was going to spank her anyway, and I just picked the first two excuses that came to mind. Is that clear?"

Michelle replied, "Yes, Master. But Master, what if I'm just really annoying, Master, Master, and I just keep pissing you off so much, Master, Master, Master, that you just can't help yourself and you totally want to whale on my ass with your big Master strong Master manly Master hand, Master? Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master!"

Seeing that she had my attention, she leaned forward and hefted her huge tits up towards me.

I laughed at the way she was hoping to use 'Master' as the spanking trigger. But I said, "In that case, I'll just ignore you and have fun with my other cock slaves."

That brought her up short. "Oh. ... Oops. ... Hey Daddy, you know all that 'Master' stuff you just heard? That was Ruby's idea."

"WAS NOT!" Ruby immediately complained, and the two of them started a childish "was not" and "was too" back and forth argument.

Mindy, sitting on another couch, laughed some more at their antics.

Sue Ellen had recovered by this time, and was wiggling her sweaty, ruby red ass, trying to get my attention. "Sir? Are you going to spank me some more? How many more times are you going to spank me?"

I replied, not angry, just answering matter-of-factly, "As many times as I damn well please."

Mindy suddenly shouted out, "FUCK MY TITS, I love that! Did you hear that? I love it!"

That got a lot of laughs, and resulted in a lot more "fuck my tits" cries.

Only Sue Ellen was confused, but the others quickly explained the meaning of this new slang term. She seemed impressed, especially when she found out some of my daughters' friends also used that term with me.

I finally stepped up, put both my hands on Sue Ellen's ass cheeks, and said, "I'm gonna start spanking you again, but that's not all I'm going to do." I held my erection in one hand and, scooting a little closer, started rubbing it up and down her pussy lips.

"Oh! Sir! YES! Please! PLEASE! Are you gonna fuck me? Oh, please!"

My boner could have used a longer break, but I just couldn't resist what I was seeing. Incredibly, her legs and arms were still ramrod straight. I thought that she'd have to break that position soon, as she had to be getting tired, but she was holding out remarkably well. As a result, her ass was up high, almost too high for my erection to reach. But once I started rubbing her pussy with it, she bent her knees slightly and tried to push her ass back onto it, hoping that would help me skewer her.

That skewering idea was looking mighty good to me. Why delay? But I felt the need for a certain amount of ceremony. Plus, any delay would help to calm my overexcited cock some more. I asked, "Mindy, can you come here?"

"Sure." She was by my side in a flash, since she'd only been sitting a few feet away to begin with. She said, "By the way, did you know Sue Ellen is crying again?"

"Is she really?" That surprised me greatly. I hadn't heard any sobbing sounds, plus, there didn't seem to be any reason to cry whatsoever. I couldn't see Sue Ellen's face from where I stood, so I quickly walked around to her front side. Sure enough, although she wasn't sobbing, there were fresh tracks of wetness running down her cheeks.

She saw my concerned face, and hastened to say, "Don't worry, Sir! I'm not crying because I'm sad, or even because you spanked me so hard. I'm crying because I'm so happy! This is turning into the best day of my life!"

With that, she closed her eyes tightly and started to sob a little. More tears began pouring out.

I heard Michelle mutter, "God, I love this girl!"

Ruby muttered, "Me too. Like I said, we're all gonna be breast friends forever."

I held Sue Ellen's chin, and asked her gently, "What can I do to get you to stop crying?"

She searched for an answer, but came up blank. "I dunno... Stop being so great!"

That got a good laugh from everyone, including Sue Ellen and me. Somehow, the funny part was that she meant it.

I decided there really was nothing I could do, and maybe this was a rare case when I shouldn't try to stop the crying. So I walked back around behind Sue Ellen and resumed my pose between her legs.

I said to Mindy, who stood just outside Sue Ellen's left leg, "I'm gonna fuck Sue Ellen in a minute. But first, since you're my wife, my best friend, and my soul mate, and this is the first strange pussy I've fucked since I married you, there's a couple of things I want you to do before I start. First, I want you to stick two fingers in her pussy and check to see if it's ready."

Of course Sue Ellen's pussy was ready. If she got any more wet than she was already, we could use her to water the lawn by just walking around over it. I couldn't begin to conceive how she could possibly be any MORE ready or willing than she was right now. Obviously, I was just giving my wife an excuse to root around in Sue Ellen's snatch, but it was also her last chance to change her mind before our lives changed forever.

Mindy had never done this with another woman before, but she seized the opportunity with both hands, or perhaps I should more accurately say with both fingers. "DAMN YOU, Daniel Cooper! I love you so much that I totally want to do SOMEthing to show it, but I don't know what! What do you want? A new car? A new house? More busty and beautiful cock slaves? You got it, baby! You're just the best husband ever!"

She pushed her fingers into Sue Ellen's gooey hot snatch, which elicited a loud lusty moan. "OH! Mindy!"

As my wife started to quickly pump her fingers in and out, she told me, "Hubby, you're gonna LOVE fucking this gash! It's TIGHT and it's HOT and Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick it needs a big fat fucking COCK to fill it! My fingers are burning up inside! They're getting squeezed soooo tight. I don't know how your horse cock is going to fit in here!"

Addressing Sue Ellen, she added as she rammed her fingers in more vigorously, "You like that, slut? You like it? Well, that's nothing! Just wait until you have a real man's COCK in you! Dan's fat, throbbing, cunt-claiming COCK! He's gonna fuck the SHIT out of you!"

Sue Ellen panted, "NO! Too... too... much!"

Ruby and Michelle were sitting behind me now, so I couldn't tell what they were doing. But they were moaning with such breathless passion that I was pretty sure they were frigging themselves, or possibly each other, to more climaxes.

Mindy was getting a little too much into her assigned task - she'd given Sue Ellen at least one orgasm already, and I was afraid Sue Ellen was going to be all fucked out before I even got started. But what was more dangerous was that Sue Ellen seemed on the verge of falling to the floor from her precarious position. Her arms and legs were bending now, because she was doing well to simply remain on her feet at all, in her overheated and shaky condition. That also lowered her pussy, making it more of a straightforward thrust for me. But she didn't look like she could stay that way for long.

I didn't want to spoil Mindy's fun, but I was pretty sure that she would be disappointed if she brought Sue Ellen off and made her unable to fuck me. Plus, I thought that Mindy should take her own bisexual awakening a little more slowly before her brain exploded from being simply sexually overwhelmed. So I said, "Sweetheart, another favor. Can you please put a condom on me? They're in my pants."

I'd been carrying condoms around with me lately just to be on the safe side, since things had been so unpredictable lately. I assumed that Sue Ellen was on birth control, since she'd been a serious relationship until days ago, but I didn't know anything for sure.

My pants were back in the foyer, but Mindy hurried over to them, got one of the condoms from a pocket, and quickly put it on my needy cock. Happily, it was a flavored, lubricated condom. She knelt down and immediately started stroking it on my shaft, and even licking it.

My plan to delay things so my cock could recover a bit wasn't exactly working out!

While Mindy was doing that, I asked Sue Ellen, "Are you on birth control?"

She answered, "Do you wanna do me bareback?! Please! You HAVE to do me bareback! That's the only way to take your cock slaves!"

Ruby unexpectedly shouted to Sue Ellen, since Sue Ellen couldn't see what was happening behind her, "Mindy is licking and stroking Daddy's cock right now! Getting it ready to enter you!"

Sue Ellen squealed, "NO! Too hot! I'm gonna DIE!" She gasped, "God! This is just the... UGH! AH! AAAAIIIIEEEE!"

It sounded and looked like she'd had another climax. But she resolutely maintained her position.

It was hard to think with all the tanned naked bodies around me, not to mention the smell of those sexually aroused women in heat filling the room and inflaming my nostrils. But I persisted in asking Sue Ellen, "Are you protected?"

"Who cares? I'm yours!" She wiggled her ass with desperate need.

Sensing my pregnancy concern, Mindy clarified as she kept on licking her way around my plastic-covered cockhead, "She is. She told me on the phone a couple of days ago, when she wasn't delirious with fuck lust."

"So you can take me bareback!" Sue Ellen shouted. "I wanna feel you shoot your seed deep inside me!"

"Maybe next time," I replied hesitantly.

Frankly, I'm still not completely sure if I could trust her. What if she's so crazy for me that she's lying just to have my baby? Better to be safe than sorry, and find out more about her before the next time.

And, oh yeah, there definitely IS going to be a next time! And many times after that! Sue Ellen is one hot fuck! I say that already because I'm absolutely sure she'll feel tight and fantastic when I fit inside her. As fit as she is, she has to have amazing muscle control.

My heart was pounding like a hammer as I psyched myself up for the big event. Finally, I said, "I'm ready. Wife, please hold it and guide it in."

That resulted in loud and lusty groans from all the women there. Again, I couldn't see them, but I strongly suspected both Michelle and Ruby came hard, judging from their impassioned cries. Probably the one reason Sue Ellen didn't climax too was because she was still recovering from the one she'd just had.

The only sour note was from Michelle. Right as Mindy had my pole pushing up against Sue Ellen's nether lips, ready to plunge in, Michelle complained, "No fair! That should be ME! Daddy, I want you to fuck me so bad! I wanna be your first new fuck in twenty years!"

But luckily, Ruby came to my rescue (while Mindy rubbed my cockhead up and down on Sue Ellen's lips). "Michelle, it's better that you aren't."

"What? Why?!" she wailed, clearly unconvinced that she shouldn't be the one in Sue Ellen's place.

"Think about it! You have NO CONTROL! Daddy's in total control! He fucks who he wants, when he wants! We have no say! We're just his fuck toys! We can bitch and complain all we want, but it doesn't matter. Even though he's only fucking Sue Ellen, in doing that he's showing his total domination over all of us! By NOT fucking you first, he's putting you in your place!"

That resulted in an oddly pregnant total silence. I couldn't see Michelle's facial expression because my eyes were roaming all over Sue Ellen's slightly swaying red ass and down to her drooling pussy, as well as my busty naked wife, kneeling right there next to us.

Then I heard Michelle say, "You got a point there, kiddo. DAMN! And I've been forgetting Rules Two and Three too. 'No jealousy' and 'share the cock.' Double damn! Okay, Daddy, go ahead. Don't listen to my crazy ramblings. But you WILL fuck me soon! You and you alone, now and forever!"

Ruby said to her, "Not only that, but just imagine that Sue Ellen is YOU! Look at her, and imagine Daddy's sliding into YOUR tight little pussy! It'll build up the anticipation and make it that much better for when your big day comes. That's what I'm going to do."

There was another long pause. Finally, Michelle said, "Oh. My. God. Ruby, you're a fucking genius! Okay, Daddy! Go right ahead and fuck me! Er, I mean, her." She giggled. Still, her enthusiasm sounded somewhat forced.

I understood her problem. Michelle had loved me literally her entire life, and had lusted after me for much of it. She was suppressing her natural jealousy in order to make her entire cock slave harem plan work, but she couldn't mask her true feelings completely. And unlike Mindy, she was also feeling left out and somewhat pushed aside.

Plus, she was still my little girl. I loved her in a special way that I could never love anyone else (just as I also loved Ruby and Nicky in special ways). I wasn't ready to fuck her - not yet, at least - but I didn't want her to feel that she was being replaced. Ruby was probably feeling the same way, but, like always, she was less vocal in expressing her feelings.

So I said, "Ruby, why don't you come over here and pull on Sue Ellen's nipples while I fuck her. And Michelle, you come around to the other side of Sue Ellen and help your mother guide me into her." I spoke these as orders, rather than requests.

Both girls squealed with joy and raced to their appointed tasks the same way they raced to open their Christmas presents just a few years before. Clearly, my guess that the more involved they could be, the better they'd handle it, was a good one.

Sue Ellen whimpered helplessly hearing my orders. It seemed she was already worried about getting too aroused to go on.

As soon as the girls were situated, Michelle and Mindy carefully held my cock and pulled me forward, causing the cockhead to slide inside Sue Ellen, just a little.

Having mother and daughter cooperate this way was such a turn-on that it was all I could do to keep from cumming the moment they touched me, but I held on with Herculean tenacity.

"Hold it!" Mindy cried to Sue Ellen, referring to her position. "Don't fall! Be strong!"

"I'm trying!" Sue Ellen yelled back.

I scooted forward, pushing the head the rest of the way in. Gaawwwd, it feels good! SO TIGHT! My first new pussy in all these years of marriage!

Michelle and Mindy had to let go of my shaft as I slowly pushed in to the hilt. But they continued to massage my balls and anus. I even felt someone press against Sue Ellen's pubic mound, trying to massage my cock through the wall of her vagina!

"GAH!" Sue Ellen screamed. This was followed by a lot of very loud and incoherent noise coming from all around, since the Gruesome Twosome were yelling just as loud and excitedly as Sue Ellen.

Pressing my advantage, I spanked my new dirty blond slave hard on one ass cheek, and then spanked her just as hard on the other. There was no need for me to wait for her to shout out, "Twenty-one! Thank you, Sir!" because she was no longer capable of coherent speech. There was just a constant agonized scream coming from her lips as she came over and over again.

I really like taking a woman to the heights of ecstasy, and then doing something that pushes her even higher, into the realm of pleasures she didn't even know were possible.

That's what was happening to Sue Ellen right now. She was totally maxed out on lust, already cumming over and over, and THEN I started to thrust!

That finally caused her muscular legs to give way.

But Mindy, bless her heart, had anticipated that. She was right there for her, helping to hold her up. Soon, she was even whispering encouraging things in her ear, although Sue Ellen may have been too far gone to understand them.

The only downside to my current situation was that Sue Ellen was in no shape to do anything fancy by squeezing her pussy muscles, or even by moving her hips. Her butt was still up high, though not as high as before since her knees were on the ground now, and she was still clinging to the arm of the couch for dear life. That was her whole world. Well, that and the feeling of my cock in her cunt, filling her up like she'd never been filled before (based on what she'd said about the endowments of her three previous lovers). She seemingly couldn't manage anything else beyond merely holding on for dear life.

So it was up to me to thrust back and forth, and thrust hard, and that's what I did. Occasionally I looked around at the other girls, all on their knees surrounding me and Sue Ellen. They were all either caressing me or Sue Ellen, frigging their pussies, or doing both.

Mindy had one hand in her slit while her other one was on Sue Ellen. What had started as supporting her from falling had turned into an all-out body grope and exploration. All of Mindy's inhibitions about sexually touching another woman had collapsed in the heat of the moment, and her hand was roaming freely. Mostly, that hand was exploring Sue Ellen's glowing pink ass, which I still occasionally smacked whenever the mood struck me.

But sometimes she'd reach right into the thick of the action and fiddle with Sue Ellen's clit, which hung down ripe, exposed, and bloated. She had to be careful, though, since my erection was pressing against the clit with each new thrust.

In the middle of all this, Ruby asked me out of the blue, "Daddy, so what happened to your rule against so-called adultery?"

I knew she was feeling snarky about this, deliberately asking me this question when my body had already given the answer. I replied, "Obviously, I've changed my mind!"

Surprisingly, Mindy really loved that. "Did you hear that, kids? That commandment doesn't apply to my hubby anymore. He gets to fuck whomever he wants, and I can't stop him! Even you, Michelle, you're not safe from the King!"

Naturally, Michelle squealed excitedly at that.

Then Mindy said, "Oh, and while we're on the subject, Honey, whatever happened to your insistence on waiting until Sue Ellen was tested for STDs before fucking her?"

I groaned in frustration. OH SHIT! How could I be so STUPID?! Of course, I knew how I could let that slip my mind when there were so many arousing distractions all around me. It irked me that Mindy probably was aware the whole time, but only brought it up after it was a done deal and I was too insanely aroused to argue about it. Hell, I could barely even string a few words together at this point. I certainly wasn't going to stop fucking her now.

Sue Ellen was in the same condition, but she gasped out, "I'm clean! Clean, clean, clean! Totally clean! Please, Sir, please! Don't stop!"

Mindy chuckled a little bit. "Go on, Honey. After all, you've got the condom on."

Phew! I do! That's good. Okay, I'm gonna do it!

I couldn't even bear to look my wife's way, or anywhere else. It was all too exciting. With everyone this hot and this aroused, I knew I either had to slow down considerably or I'd be cumming into the condom soon. The condom had helped me hold back some, but not much.

I decided, Enough with trying to hold out forever. Sue Ellen's already had a ton of orgasms. I want my satisfaction, now!

So I let loose. I shouted out, "I'm cumming!" I always try to do that, to give Mindy fair warning. Now, in my new life, I'd be giving my other women fair warning too. That right there was a pretty mind-blowing thought: my OTHER women!

The cum started to blast out of my steely-stiff boner. The feeling was more than enough to overload my senses and cause me to pass out if I wasn't careful, but I managed to hold on. I grasped Sue Ellen's reddish ass cheeks tightly and rammed my erection up and down and back and forth, driving as deep and as hard as I could to make sure she came at the same time as I did.

That was another habit I'd developed with Mindy - it was a big letdown for me if Mindy didn't cum with me, and she wasn't the type to fake an orgasm just to satisfy my ego. (If nothing else, she wanted me to know when I'd succeeded with her and when I'd failed, so I could learn and get better.) But with Sue Ellen, that was a moot point, pretty much. It seemed she was having orgasms on top of orgasms.

She'd been screaming even before I let go. Then, everyone was screaming at once, including me. I was glad that we didn't have any close neighbors or else they certainly would have been calling the police. It probably sounded like a mass murder was taking place, because the screams of pain and ecstasy don't sound much different from each other.

Thrust, thrust, thrust - damn, it felt good! Thrusting and driving, deeper and deeper. I was going so deep that I practically expected my dick to create a bulge on her other side. I worked myself up into such a fever pitch that it hardly mattered whether I was using a condom or not.

Finally it was over, and somehow I wound up lying on the floor, with Sue Ellen lying next to me.

After a while, Sue Ellen's head started to clear and she looked over at me. She'd been giving me some adoring looks already, but this time I was walloped by the intensity of her emotion. As if looks didn't speak her feelings clearly enough, she spoke loudly and proudly. "I love you, Sir. I'm in love with you!"

I replied, "Um, is that a problem? You can't have me all for yourself, you know. I'm married."

Here's where the trouble starts. She'll get increasingly clingy, obsessed, and possessive, and everything will go to hell in a hand basket. Shit!

But she said, "No, Sir. Mindy's explained the four rules to me already. I love 'em, especially 'share the cock!' I wouldn't try to get all of y'all. Heck, I wouldn't even WANT all of you to myself, except maybe in my dreams; that would be too scary! I couldn't handle the pressure. I have no idea how Mindy managed all these years - just one woman and all that huge cock to try and keep happy! Wow. That's too much. You're clearly a man who needs a LOT of hot pussies to unload into! I'm just so thankful that mine can be one of them."

Yeah, right. Like I really "need" that. But hey, why should I disabuse her of her delusions? Let her think I'm that great.

She crawled over to me. I was still prone on the floor, but she started kissing her way up my leg. "Master! That was the best fuck of my life, by a mile! And with a tail on it! No, that was the best experience of my life of any kind, hands down! Even better than the titfuck last night!!"

As she kissed her way to my crotch, she reviewed her words and then giggled. "Oops! Sir, I'm not supposed to call you the 'M' word, even though I feel it in my heart. I guess you'll just have to spank me some more!"

Her lips reached my flaccid penis. She pulled the condom off and started to kiss it. "I'm your sex toy and your cock slave, and I think a good slave cleans her master's cock every time, no matter whose holes he's been sticking it in!"

Apparently, she forgot about using the "M" word again, but I didn't mind at all. And flaccid though it was, she began worshipfully licking my member all over, just as if I was still iron hard and about to shoot off at any moment.

I looked over at Michelle and Ruby.

They were on their asses too, but their fingers were idly pumping in and out of each other's pussies. They appeared wowed by Sue Ellen's behavior.

Michelle even said, "Sue Ellen, you're an inspiration to us all. Again!"

Mindy laughed in wonder. "Honey, I think we lucked out with our choice of waitresses the other day!"

I could only laugh at that too.. "Yeah, talk about... quality service!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Billo, Yellow Peril, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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