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Chapter 51

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I wanted to have some alone time with Mindy to talk with her about some things that had been bothering me in my otherwise amazing new life.

I thought, I can't believe I just fucked another woman! Worse, it was probably the most amazing fuck of my life! All this "cock slave" playing around is fun, in the heat of the moment, but what about the rest of the time? I really need to check it with the "Mrs." and make sure she's okay with everything. Although I'll bet she's over the moon, but it's good to check anyway. Besides, the girls need to get some grip on reality before they fall too far into their "cock slave" way of thinking, and I need Min's help with that.

Unfortunately, there was no time for us to be alone. There already was a plan in motion to have Sue Ellen stay over for dinner so we could all get to know her better. Furthermore, Sue Ellen pointed out that it was unclear when she'd see me again due to her working hours, and she basically wanted to spend every second near me, preferably within close range of my crotch, while she was here.

That girl is just as sex-mad as my two daughters are! Hell, from the way she's been looking between my legs, you'd think she wants to go on a diet that consists of nothing more than my cock, balls, and cum. And I can't say I'd be entirely opposed to that. I'm so bad lately.

Happily, there's no need for me to always be stern and dominating around her anymore, now that we've shared that explosive experience. Well... at least no need until we had the next one like it. I know how to get her all worked up and I definitely plan to use that in the future. I don't care if she sees us with our hair let down a little, and frankly I'm glad to see her that way too. I want to get to know her as a person and not just as a fanatically devoted cock slave.

My day had been so full of activity that I was surprised to find the sun was still fairly high in the sky, as it was only five o'clock (I love those extra long summer days). That meant we had a good deal of time before dinner.

So I took a shower to clean off - with Sue Ellen. I figured, What the hell? If everyone keeps calling me "master" I might as well start acting like one. Hell, I could shower with all three girls at once, and I have no doubt I'll be doing that soon. But Sue Ellen deserves a special reward after being so great.

Not surprisingly, she was ecstatic when I asked her to join me for a shower. She even told me "it would be an honor."

Funnily enough, Mindy asked me to "be a dear" and take Sue Ellen into the shower with me, not realizing that I'd already asked her to do just that.

Our shower was rather mellow, because we were both tired out from the epic fucking. It was cozy and intimate, like we were two brand new lovers who simply couldn't stop touching each other, even when we were dog tired.

Naturally, I soaped her up and she soaped me up. It was a good opportunity to get familiar with every last inch of her.

Again, I was nearly in awe at the fitness of her body, and I asked her how she got that way. I wasn't surprised to find out that she was heavily into running, biking, swimming, volleyball, AND several sports on top of that. In fact, she also was able to pay for college due to an athletic scholarship.

All the while we were showering, I kept thinking about my wife. As I ran my hands over Sue Ellen's slippery, soapy ass, I thought, First, Min allows me to fuck Sue Ellen in the middle of the living room, and even cheers me on while our naked daughters watch! Then, thinking I was going to go shower by myself, Min insisted that Sue Ellen join me. She even said it was wrong for me to shower by myself from now on! Talk about a great wife!

Sue Ellen didn't manage to get my dick hard in the shower, although it certainly wasn't for a lack of trying! I was simply too worn out. Still, we had great fun "cleaning" each other and making out.

As the shower neared its end, Sue Ellen dropped to her knees in front of me. "Master, may I please service you?"

"First of all, I already told you there's no way my penis is gonna revive soon. And secondly, I'm not your master yet. You're not allowed to use that word."

"Sorry. But I can't help it!" She brought her face to my penis and just lovingly nuzzled against it, since it was still flaccid. "Whenever I think of you now, that's the first word that comes to mind. You're not even 'Dan' to me anymore. You're just... 'Master!'" She gushed this like I was her first love, and maybe her last and only love too.

Then she added, "You've made me so very happy. Happy as a clam at high tide!"


Realizing what she'd said, she exclaimed, "Sorry, I'm from the South. I've been living here for a long time, and I try to hide my accent and my slang, but when I get all excited it kind of comes out."

As she continued to nuzzle her cheek up against my flaccid dick, I said, "Well, don't try to hide that so much. I love your accent, and I like your expressions. I have no idea why a clam at high tide would be so happy, but it sounds good."

"Thanks! You're so great. Everybody here, in fact, is totally great. This whole house has it going on!"

Her nuzzling of my penis was already starting to turn into licking. That sounded great in theory, but the fact was, I just couldn't take it. I'm sorry, but I'm not a teenager anymore! In fact, my penis was actually hurting a bit from overuse.

However, I didn't want to ruin Sue Ellen's apparent image of me as some kind of sexual superstud. So I said, "I've had plenty of that already. Let me do you." Then I dropped to my knees so I could eat her out.

She protested heartily against this, saying things like, "Masters don't do that for their slaves! It's just not done!"

However, I silenced her by saying, "If I'm your master, I get to do whatever I want with you, right? And I want to do this."

She made some further mumblings about how she wouldn't enjoy it, but she dutifully stood up and let me bring my face between her strong thighs.

Although she might have tried not to enjoy it, seeing it as a perversion of proper master-slave behavior, her body betrayed her. Soon enough, she was screaming like a banshee and begging for mercy as a nice orgasm ripped through her.

Ah, I love taking a nice shower! It feels good to make her feel good. She's so kind and adorable. She deserves it.

Returning back to the group downstairs, there was some arguing back and forth about what to wear. Basically, the three girls all wanted to stay naked, and I wanted them clothed. (Again, my penis can only take so much!) We compromised, and the girls wore bikinis while my wife and I got fully dressed.

The girls then made a big show of being scandalized over wearing bikinis, since apparently they covered up too much! Sue Ellen fit right in, like the three of them had been a cock teasing team for a long time.

It was beginning to dawn on me that my penis was going to be in for a seriously exhausting sexual workout for a long time to come. I can't even begin to tell you how boner-inducing all three of them looked, even in bikinis. But after quelling that mutiny of sorts, our group moved into the computer room to look at the pictures Sue Ellen had sent us, as well as the newly recorded video we'd just made of me fucking her.

I was the only one who hadn't already seen the pictures taken in Mama Mia's. So while I was admiring them, Mindy went to get the video camera and showed Sue Ellen some of the neat features it had. Downloading the video of the nuclear fuck we'd just finished, Mindy showed Sue Ellen how to use computer software to isolate individual frames and save them as snapshots.

Sue Ellen was over the moon, and she and the girls got so engrossed in that, and in watching the video in general, that I finally saw my chance to sneak off with Mindy and talk to her, one on one.

So that's what we did. We went to the back deck, way out past the pool, which always was a good spot for privacy. Plus, if we stayed there for a while, we were likely to enjoy a nice sunset over the ocean.

Ironically, after my insistence about wearing clothes, the two of us stripped all of our clothes off without saying a word and then cuddled up together naked. We both wanted to cuddle and we knew from long experience that no neighbor would ever be able to see us there.

My wife was very horny, although she realized that I was in recovery mode and so she tried her best not to go wild all over me. Still, she was almost too excited to simply cuddle. She marveled, "Honey, did you see the way Sue Ellen and Michelle were kissing and fondling each other when we left?"

"It was kind of hard to miss," I replied, as calmly as I could. In truth, that was a major reason why I'd moved to the backyard. The three girls were getting so excited about the pictures that they had started rubbing themselves all over me and each other, and starting to French kiss each other too. I was half-convinced that some kind of lesbian orgy would break out soon after we left.

Mindy enthused, "She's so HOT! I dare say she's as sexy as Ruby and Michelle, in her own way. Fuck me! Her tits aren't as big as theirs, but what an ass! She might even have the very best ass in your harem, not counting mine of course." She laughed. "And did you check out her legs?!"

"Um, yeah." I thought back to how my face was squeezed between Sue Ellen's powerful thighs not that many minutes earlier, lapping away at her musky slit. Mindy didn't know about that yet and I was trying not to mention such details at the moment to prevent her from getting even more worked up. But that seemed to be a losing battle in any case.

Besides, it seemed she didn't need any encouragement. "I'm totally over the moon about how well she's working out, and fitting in. Or, I should say how well you're fitting into her, my horse-cocked hubby! Tell me: was her cunt tight? Was it nice and tight and oh-so-fuckable?"

"Oh God! Yes!" Perhaps I should have said "Not as tight as yours, Sweetheart," but I wasn't thinking.

I needn't have worried about her being offended. She gushed, "Mmmm! I'll bet! Especially with the hard body she's got. I hope it's really fucking TIGHT and HOT, so you'll fuck her over and over again! And I'll bet the three of them have their bikinis off by now. Can you just picture what the three of them must be doing to each other?"

"Um, I can."

"Gaawwwd! And she's such a great cocksucker! Probably not as talented as the rest of us, since I haven't had a chance yet to teach her all the little tricks I've learned about what you love best. But I will. She makes up for it though with her determination and passion! Your daughters are going to have to step up their efforts! And just think when the three of them will lick and suck you together. Which probably will be a daily occurrence, if I have anything to say about it. Mmmm... I can already picture the three of them kneeling naked between your legs, jostling for position..."

I frantically tried to change the subject, before my dick simply fell off from over-stimulation. "Speaking about nudity..."

I launched into a discussion about breast sag issues. I pointed out that sag could become a problem if we suddenly started living as nudists, or near-nudists. Acknowledging Michelle's uniquely gravity-defying attributes, I said that I had no interest in seeing Michelle's magnificent monsters slipping down her front until they reached her belly button.

Mindy teased that I should just "hold them all day long to help keep them gravity free." But then she grew serious (briefly!) and pointed out to me that she and the girls were going to start wearing special bras at night that provided support from the underside, but still left most of the "goodies free to play with," as she put it. She said she would end up wearing a bra just as many hours as before that way. Much more than before, actually, since she was still going to wear a bra at work.

That sounded good for Mindy, and I supposed it would suffice for the likes of Ruby and Sue Ellen too, but what about Michelle? Her jutting torpedoes were unique and remarkable, but how long could they defy gravity on their own, without much support? I made a mental note to think up solutions and have a talk with Michelle about it later. Since she was always going on about how she wanted to "submit" to me and so on, perhaps I could leverage that somehow so as to keep her in heavy-duty bras whenever I wasn't playing with her tits.

So, with that issue taken care of for now, I brought up my main concern. "Sweetheart, I love you so much, and you know I love everything that's happened lately. You've made me the luckiest husband in the world. I know a lot of husbands say that, but I think I can actually make the claim for that really being true!"

She smiled at that, before starting to lick and kiss her way around my neck and jawline. She was still hot to trot, and barely managing to restrain herself from doing more.

"But still, I'm bothered by the vast scale of the conspiracy you plotted against me. I mean, you got more than a little carried away! You could have just kind of nudged the girls along, and we would have pretty much ended up where we are now. You didn't have to secretly meet with them for three solid months! Speaking of which, I can't even figure out where and when you had all those sex training classes with them. Am I missing something?"

She sheepishly confessed, "Remember that big work project that had me staying late for quite a few weeks there? Well guess what? There was no such project. I'd go over to the McGrath house and spend an hour or two up in Ruby's room, showing her and Michelle all my secrets."

"You see? That's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. You went too far. You know how jealous I get about the thought of you having an affair. Talk about eroding my trust in you on that!"

"I know. I'm sorry. I've been trying to make it up to you by throwing even more pussy your way."

"Now, that's not really true, is it? You'd be doing that anyway. You just can't get enough! You'd be happy to see me fuck an entire female volleyball team!"

She joked, "Volleyball team? Yes. Water polo team? Certainly. Soccer team? Not so much. Lacrosse team? I'm kind of iffy. They've got some real lookers, but some dogs too. Maybe you should work your way through all the female varsity players before you settle on your favorite sport."

She rubbed her hands together in her usual mad scientist routine. "Yes, it's all coming together now! What a great idea. I'll have to tell the Gruesome Twosome. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

I realized that I almost couldn't tell if she was joking. If not for the "bwa-ha-ha-ha," it sounded just like something Mindy might actually approve of! "Ha-ha. Very funny, zis Amerikanski humor. Ve bomb now."

My wife just chuckled and snuggled in closer to kiss my chest.

I said, "Look, love, my point is, we can't have any of that kind of scheming around in the future, okay? Our marriage is going to be under a lot of unusual strain over these next few months if we keep going with these 'cock slave' and 'harem' ideas, and you and I are going to have to pull together and strengthen our marriage bond even more than before. We don't have room for that kind of 'sneaking around' Mickey Mouse stuff, okay? We need trust and honesty."

Feeling chastened, she replied, "You're right. I'm sorry, Honey."

"In the 'coming clean with complete honesty' department, then, tell me about how Ruby and Shelle have peeked into our bedroom and watched us making love. With you talking about sex with them for so many hours, I can only assume you found out about that."

Mindy sighed and adjusted her position slightly, so she could look up at the darkening sky while holding my arms around her.

"Yes I did, and it's just like their lesbian love-making - I only found out very recently. It's true that there was a hole for them to peek in, but I don't think it's as bad as you fear. You see, the hole led from our master bathroom through our big closet into our bedroom. The thing is, the conditions had to be just right for them to use it. The bathroom door had to be closed, so they wouldn't be seen sneaking in and out of the bathroom door that leads to it directly from the hallway, and the closet door had to be left open, so they'd be able to see something. Since you generally leave the bathroom door open and the closet door closed, and I do the same, it was a rare night when the stars aligned and they could look in."

"Well, that doesn't make me feel a whole lot better, actually. It's somewhat like if you told me you'd been cheating on me for three years, but you didn't do it very often."

I felt her squirm uncomfortably in my embrace. "Yeah, well, I was miffed too! I'm all for this voyeuristic stuff, as you're finding out, but consent is key. I didn't like being watched like that without my knowledge, or yours. They didn't willingly tell me about it either, actually, but I slowly figured it out when I was teaching them about sex and they kept dropping hints about knowing sexual things that they could only know from having watched us go at it. And the two of them are so sexually excited and adventurous, they didn't seem to even understand that what they did was wrong - just playful. When I finally got them to confess, several weeks ago, they were surprised when I went and filled up the hole. I can show you what remains of it later, if you're curious."

"Sure. I am curious. And I'm glad you covered it up, at least. How did the peephole get there in the first place?"

"That was the work of our chief Hellion troublemaker, from what I understand. Michelle used your power drill. It's covered up brilliantly when it's not in use, by the way. It's behind a picture frame, but you wouldn't even notice if you took the picture frame off. She used some wood stain to make it look like a natural knot hole in the paneling."

"Damn. She's sneaky. How long do you think that hole has been there?"

"They confessed to putting it in two years ago. I don't know how many times they were able to use it, but when they did, they certainly had a great view! I gather that when they really wanted to see us, they'd sneak in earlier in the evening and open the closet door. If they got lucky and it stayed open, then one of them would come up with some excuse to use our bathroom instead of the one next to Michelle's room, and that would give them the cover to close the bathroom door. Sneaky!"

I thought back to what I'd found out about how they let their friends peek in. Having other girls over using the hall bathroom would have given them a perfect excuse for needing to use our bathroom. It figures they would have especially tried their tricks to put the doors in position on the nights their friends slept over. Or nooners! How many times did I had sex with Mindy on the weekend in the middle of the day while the Gruesome Twosome had some friends over?! A lot! I feel violated.

I said, "You say two years ago, huh? It seems to me that a lot of things started to happen two years ago. Isn't that when you said that woman, what was her name? DL? Isn't that when she started e-mailing you out of the blue with erotic stories?"

"It was, now that you mention it." Her randy mood was quickly dissipating.

"Some unknown person tried to send me some erotic stories too around that time, but I kept deleting them and eventually they gave up. You know what I think? I think that was Michelle and Ruby!"

She frowned, with narrowed eyes. "You think? ... Now that you mention it, that would make sense. They basically were trying to indoctrinate us, to shape our fantasies, by feeding us certain stories!" She shook her fist angrily, which did wonders to her jiggling bare breasts. "Arrrggh! I feel used!"

"Welcome to the club. Even though it worked out in the end, it's pretty aggravating, isn't it?"


"Now you know how I feel about you conspiring behind my back, even if it was for a 'good cause' and all that."

"Awww. I do. I'm sorry, Honey." She turned over again and hugged me tightly.

It wasn't meant to be a sexual hug, but both of us were naked, so I had to will myself not to get aroused. I complained, "Those girls! They seem to take 'Satan's Hell Spawn' as a job title they're striving to maintain. So willful and spoiled! How are we ever going to control them? Especially Michelle. You know Ruby would never have done most of that stuff on her own."

"Don't worry, that's taken care of," my wife responded confidently, while still hugging me tightly and rubbing her hard nipples against my chest. "Or rather, the King will take care of that. Trust me on this one. Did you see how obedient Sue Ellen is towards you now?"

I chuckled. "Um, that's kind of hard not to notice."

"Yeah, well, that's how Michelle and Ruby are starting to get, maybe even more so. Being sex slaves - specifically YOUR sex slaves - has been their fantasy for years. The King will fix everything."

"So you're saying we can use my dick as a parental tool? 'If you don't do your chores today, no cock for you tomorrow.' That kind of thing."

She laughed. "'Parental tool!' What a perfect choice of words! Yes, I want you to use your 'tool' on her. Don't spare the rod. The more often, the better. Whip her into line with it! Oooh! I like the sound of that, and the mental image too!" She laughed some more.

I have to admit that I kind of liked that too, even though it was wrong, so terribly, morally wrong. That's not how a normal father should discipline his daughters, by depriving them of sexual contact with his genitals. But all I had to do was think of Michelle and Ruby kneeling side by side on their knees between my legs, their huge tits wobbling back and forth, their tongues snaking out eagerly towards my erection, and my moral reservations crumbled.

Mindy continued, "But seriously, it really is changing things. Previously, we truly didn't have anything to hold over her. Ever since you stopped spanking her, there really hasn't been any method of discipline she would consistently respond to. But now, she's naked and on her knees, and you're holding your big fat cock over her!" She laughed. Obviously, the same kind of visual images that aroused me aroused her as well.

Then she stopped and sobered up abruptly. "Sorry, that just kind of slipped out. Every sentence is coming out sexual, somehow. Hell, 'slipped out,' even. That makes me think of you pulling your shrinking King from Michelle's trembling slit as your cum gushes and drools out of her well-used hole!"

Mindy's hugging and cuddling was getting a little bit more aggressive. Nothing serious yet, but her hands were starting to wander over me.

"Hmmm. Someone's getting a little horny," I teased. "I wonder who that could be."

"Sorry for that too. As you can see, I just can't get enough of thinking of you with your women. And I don't think I'm gonna grow tired of it, either. Ten years from now, we'll still be having this same conversation. You'll inadvertently use the words 'tool' and 'Shelle' in the same sentence, and I'll both burst into laughter and get really horny!"

"Great," I said with chagrin.

"But seriously, the power dynamic in our family has changed, and not just 'cos Ruby's a family member now in a formal way. You're in charge, and everyone knows it. This 'sex toy' and 'cock slave' stuff may mostly be just sexy talk for you, but the fact is, you're the one with the cock. You've got it, and we all want it like you wouldn't believe! Michelle and Ruby will behave, as long as you use that enormous power cleverly and wisely."

She continued, wearing more of a smirk, "The only problem for you is that power HAS TO BE USED in order for it to remain effective. You can't just hoard your Man Powaah, keep it all to yourself, and not show your favor to the ones who adore you most. Which I guess means that even you need to 'Share the cock' as we haremettes like to say... because the more you share, the more they'll behave."

I needed clarification. "So wait. What do you want me to do? Walk into Michelle's room, see that it's neat and she's made her bed, and then whip out my dick and have her blow me as some sort of reward for her?"

My wife's eyes lit up. "Exactly! You've got the right idea, although I'd recommend adding that she needs to fall to her knees and beg for it first. She'd love that. Then she can show her fealty to the King with some talented tongue work. That way she can receive a tasty load of her daddy's cum as her reward for a job done especially well."

She squirmed against me suggestively. "Oooh, that sounds so sexy!"

My penis twitched with signs of life as I thought about that. What kind of bizarro universe is it where a blowjob would be a reward for the woman, not the man?! Especially a woman, no, a girl, as hot and insatiably horny as my blonde vixen daughter!

My penis twitched some more. "That may be, but where does that leave you and me? I don't want to 'lord' over you. Okay, maybe in bed, since that's fun sometimes. But the rest of the time I want the same Mindy as always. We're a team, an equal partnership, and I love you."

Before answering, Mindy leaned in and lovingly kissed my chest again. "Don't worry. True, I'm a bit wowed by the King these days too. Even though I've known him, and you, so intimately all these years, I can't help but look at you in a brand new light and with even greater admiration, when so many other women love you and lust for you so much. It makes me think, 'Boy, I'd better hold onto this guy! I've got a keeper!'"

I replied, "I feel the exact same way about you. The way you're willing to share me? How cool is that? Whenever I look at you now, I think, 'I've got the hippest, coolest, most understanding wife on the planet!'"

She laughed, and kissed me on my cheek, but then she joked, "'The hippest?' Now you're saying my hips are fat?! Sheesh! Men!"

I punched her arm lightly. I ran my hand down to her nearest bare hip, stroking it back and forth to show her how much I loved it. I joked, "You misheard. I said 'the hippo-est.' As in the most like a hippo."

"Uh-oh! Now you're in for it, buster! No strange pussy for you for, oh, the next thirty minutes!" She had a good laugh at that.

Then she said more seriously, "Hell, I'll get off on being called your 'sex toy' too, make no mistake. That's sexy talk that works for me too, and I hope you'll do that some more. I've noticed you've been holding back with me on that. But as for those moments when we're not totally aroused-"

I interrupted, "Those very few moments these days. Are there any moments like that anymore?"

She grinned. "One or two, maybe, in a week. Just about!" She giggled with glee. "Anyway, for those moments, I'm still your same ol' wife. You know, there's a thing about wives, and women. The man typically was the caveman with the club, getting his way in typical crude, straight-forward 'man' ways. We women, though, we get things done in a more roundabout way, using our feminine wile and charm. If we're really clever, we not only get our way, but we make our husband think he was the one who made the decision all along."

I snorted, but happily, "Yeah! I've noticed a fair deal of that around here, lately! Actually, for my whole marriage, now that I think about it."

"And you're going to notice a lot more too. The more serious 'cock slaves' you have in your life, the more we're gonna be teaming up to get what we want. Frankly, you don't stand a chance!" She cackled like a B-movie villain again.

She went on, "So, while you have more power in one way, you have less in another. It'll be interesting to see how that all shakes out. The bottom line is, our marriage is still strong, and it'll survive whatever twists and turns come along, just fine. I wouldn't be throwing all these women at you if I feared it would jeopardize our marriage. No erotic high is worth that risk." Her hands were still running all over my bare chest.

"You think? I hope it's that strong. I get worried. Like with Sue Ellen. When I was taking a shower with her earlier, I realized that I'd normally be taking that shower with you, but you were using another shower, all by yourself, at roughly the same time. So, more Sue Ellen time meant less Mindy time for me. I really don't like that."

"Sometimes that may be true, but I don't mind. The truth is, the vast majority of the time, we take our showers alone. So, if you suddenly find a busty teenage babe adoringly soaping up the King in the shower almost every day, that really doesn't take away any time from me now, does it?"

"True," I conceded, "but it's the principle of the thing. Everything's changing, and I worry."

"The way I look at it, I'm not losing a bit of you with Sue Ellen, I'm gaining a whole new family member. This is moving beyond just you and me. We're developing a little hive or harem or whatever you want to call it. For real."

I griped, "Do we have to use that word?"

"Yes! It is what it is, whether you like the word or not. Our marriage is the principal link, but there are new links, and all the links are growing stronger. Soon, we're gonna look like a model of a complex molecule or something. Maybe I'll be spending a little less time with you, and you with me, but I'll be spending a whole lot more time with the girls, and the same with you. Plus, Cindy is coming along nicely. There'll be more love all around. More sex. More friendship. More everything!"

"So, you're really seriously aiming for a whole harem thing, huh? I don't know what to think about that."

"You could look at it that way, but don't freak out. It's not really much different. I see it as the family we've always had... plus more. The same core family relationships, except with a whole lot more boner polishing and thrusting going on. The same people who have always been close, plus. Ruby was de facto family all along, and Cindy's really not that much different. We're just drawing them closer in, tightening and strengthening the bonds that were already there. Sue Ellen's really the only completely new factor, and maybe that'll deepen and last, maybe not. Maybe she'll fall into the long-term affair category, maybe more. We should let that play itself out."

Call me greedy, but my vision expanded to include Sue Ellen kneeling naked right next to the Gruesome Twosome, all three of them taking turns pleasuring my penis. Man, I certainly could live with that kind of situation for years and years to come! If my Catholic priest has a problem with that, he can go take a walk!

She went on, "But I agree with you that we don't want this to get too big. I also agree with you that it's not exactly a harem in the traditional sense, like the one in the swashbuckler novel you're working on. It's more like a very sexualized family. We're lucky that we just have one male in the family, so there are no sticky complications, although there are lots of other sticky things."

She licked my ear and ran her fingers along my flaccid penis, but more just tickling it than trying to arouse it.

One of my hands drifted to her hefty rack. What is it with me and boobs? I don't know, but I never seem to get tired of playing with them. I especially love the way I can get Mindy to pant or moan or just shiver with arousal, depending on what I'm doing.

I couldn't reach her nipples, since they were pressed into my flesh, but I knew a lot of other sensitive spots, particularly on the underside slopes.

She added, "We're a family that's organized around your cock, and trying to arouse it and pleasure it. In return, we know that you'll give us all an endless series of powerful orgasms and keep us constantly wet and horny. Which by the way, is more than most women can ever dream of finding in a lifetime, let alone managing to hold onto. It's simple and easy. There are only four rules. We're not gonna mess them up. We're all having too much fun!"

I was starting to love those rules, now that my morals were flying out the window. But I said, "Speaking of family, and sticky things, what about Nicky? That's definitely a sticky situation."

I saw my wife bite her lip at that, which concerned me. Shit. Poor choice of words. I hope she's not thinking about my sticky stuff on Nicky! I felt my dick twitch. Damn! Now I'm thinking about it. What if she had the exact same attitude as her sisters and wanted nothing more than to... NO! I can't go there!

After clearing my head of those taboo thoughts, I said, "I've been living in the moment so much that I keep forgetting that she'll be home in just a week or so. When she gets back from her Lake Tahoe trip, we should find a way to stall her for another week, if we can."

Mindy nodded. "Good idea. One week isn't enough. Big changes are happening here, and we need to let them play out."

I said, "I know you said we can hide things from her, and we can, at least for a while, but what about long term? It's not just the secrecy, which by the way will really eat away at me because I've always been all about honesty in this family. It's about these bonds. What's going to happen is that the 'sexualized family' will go in one way, and Nicky will go in the other. She'll be left out, more and more, in big ways and small. I don't like that."

Mindy appeared thoughtful. She'd stopped fondling me, although her hard nipples still poked into my chest. "Hmmm. HMMM! ... What to do about that? You know what I'm almost thinking?" She paused before whispering hotly, "I'm thinking you're just gonna have to fuck her too!"

"WHAT?! NO!" She went there! Corrupted morals or not, that's going too far. Way too far!

"Come on! Why not? You know that she's totally hot, busty, and sexy too, even though she hides it more than your other genetic daughter does. We have very good genes in this family!"

I shook my head vigorously. "No, no, no, a thousand times no!"

She persisted, "Did you see how much her body developed when she came home for Christmas? You probably didn't fully notice because she stays bundled up around you, but let me tell you, she'll really filling out in all the right ways!"

I felt extremely aroused and extremely disturbed at the same time. My dick didn't know what to do. "So what?! Do you even realize how WRONG what you're suggesting is?! Michelle, okay, I'll make an exception for her because she's been obsessing about me for years and went to such great lengths to seduce me. I'm kind of bowing to the inevitable here with her. And hell, because her body is so amazing and arousing, from head to toe. Okay? I admit it. But Nicky? She's totally normal! She's got a nice, normal life there at college, and she's very happy with her normal boyfriend, Steve. No way! We can't corrupt her. We can't! I won't even begin to consider it. And you!"

I hoped with all my might that my traitorous dick would behave itself. I carefully repositioned, to make sure she wouldn't feel the way it was starting to twitch with life.

I looked down at my blonde bombshell wife, nestled in my arms, and poked her on the shoulder. "No scheming! No plotting! No conspiring! You got that? Do NOT try to get Nicky sexually involved in any way! I want a very clear statement from you on that."

She looked and sounded very disappointed. "Fine, fine. I won't say or do anything to Nicky that could potentially get her sexually involved with you in any way. How's that for a definitive statement? I was just brainstorming, anyway, just throwing out an idea. Although I think you'd be amazed at just how arousing her body is too, if you saw her completely naked, or even just in her undies, like I did. My God! She's turning into a centerfold-worthy sex bomb!"

"Moot point," I replied defiantly. I was still mentally willing my penis not to engorge.

"I've seen her that way. Would you believe her boobs are nearly as big as Michelle's? And she's totally fit. You know how she exercises regularly, and loves-"

I was getting far too aroused picturing my innocent daughter in the nude, but I wasn't about to give in an inch on this issue, no matter what she looked like. I cut my wife off. "Moot point. Again. Mindy, seriously, knock it off."

"Fine. But consider this: maybe she needs to know about what the rest of us are doing. If she simply had a general awareness, then there wouldn't be the need for all the lying and sneaking around, which you hate so much. She wouldn't have to SEE anything with her own eyes; she could just know in a general way. That way, we wouldn't have to be constantly fearful of her discovering what's going on and disapproving."

I had to seriously ponder that slightly less insane suggestion. "Hmmm. Wow. Tough call. ... On one hand, I wouldn't want to keep this huge secret, maybe for years, which would slowly push her away from us. But on the other hand, confessing to her would be so shameful, and it would break her heart. I'm not really proud of what I've done, especially with Michelle. Maybe she'd completely freak out and have nothing to do with us ever again!"

"Oh, come on. No she won't. She'd probably be a lot less surprised than you think. I'll bet she's known all about Michelle and Ruby's crushes on you for a long time now. She's the wise big sister in this family, after all. Heck, it seems everyone but you knew about the Gruesome Twosome's designs on getting into your pants. You could just kind of drop some subtle hints and see how she takes it."

"Yeah... Maybe... Maybe I'll feel her out a little bit when she gets back..."

I looked over at my wife's face. She was biting her lip again, trying hard not to say anything about that. The double entendre finally hit me. "Hey! Don't even start! Don't tell me the image of me feeling up innocent Nicky's pussy and breasts is getting you turned on?!"

She looked away with a very guilty expression. "No, it was probably something else. ... Okay, I'm not gonna lie to you. Maybe, just a little."

I sighed. "You're a case! Don't go there! Just don't! She's nothing but purity and innocence. I don't want to touch her with a ten-foot pole!"

She knew she shouldn't be telling a joke, but just couldn't help herself. "How 'bout with a ten-INCH pole? Sorry! Sorry!"

I laughed, despite myself. That's just Mindy being Mindy. And even though I'm not that long, it was pretty damn funny.

She looked down at my crotch and saw that my erection was suddenly at full mast. I had lost the battle to keep it flaccid after all. She had to know that this talk about Nicky must have caused it. I think it started to rise when she reminded me that Nicky is "totally hot, busty, and sexy too," and forced me to picture my innocent daughter naked. But thankfully, my wife had mercy on me and didn't point out the obvious connection, or even joke about it.

Instead, she simply said, "Looks like the King has risen."

"Oh no, spare me please. Please, no 'dick as Christ' jokes. I'm declaring that off limits."

"Actually, I was just picturing Elvis waking up from a nap, but okay, fine. The girls and I decided we like to think of your King as the fat Elvis with the white suit, sunglasses, and the big sideburns, instead of the young Elvis, since your cock is so fat and thick most of the time."

I laughed. "You're weird. The whole lot of you." I was secretly very relieved to be moving on from talking about Nicky, especially with my erection just hanging there like an incriminating murder weapon.

"That may be. But I was thinking: Sue Ellen's here, and while she's probably still having fun with the pictures and the video, plus quote 'talking' unquote to the girls, I'm sure she'd rather be with you. I was thinking I could go get her and have her help make sure the 'Fat Elvis' doesn't go back to sleep any time soon. Then I can go mix up some Sangria and bring that out here. I'll get some more clothes for us too, since it's starting to get chilly."

She stood up and swept her arm out towards the ocean. "Look at this view! We never hang out here enough. We should take advantage of this deck and this view more often. You and I can kick back and enjoy the sunset while Sue Ellen sucks your cock or you fuck her big tits. How does that sound?"

"Yep," I replied, "that confirms it. You're the best wife in the entire history of humanity!"

She was somewhat surprised. "So you like the idea?"

"Why not? I'm a horny man, after all. And I've got to do something with this damn thing." I glanced down at my boner. "But are you sure you're okay with it?"

Frustrated, she flopped her hands in the air like a bird. "I'm the one who just suggested it! Like, twenty seconds ago!"

I chuckled. "Okay. I'm just double checking. One thing though: warn Sue Ellen in advance that this is just gonna be some mellow cuddling-type stuff. Maybe she can jack me off some if she wants, but I'm in a mellow mood and still tired from what happened before. So she shouldn't expect a replay of her incredible blowjob from earlier, or the titfuck from last night. I get tired just thinking about how emotionally intense those were. And no Gruesome Twosome. Now's not the time for their boundless energy, let alone their raging hormones."

"Of course. I'll make all that clear. I think the girls know enough to give you some space now, anyway. Besides, we've gotta keep your energy for later. Remember how I was saying that my butt plug preparation has me ready for anal sex? Well, I'm game if you are." She winked.

I felt like she could have waved a feather in my direction and I would have fallen out of the lounge chair. "Whoa. Are you serious?"

There was no mistaking the fire in her eyes. "Very."

I looked at my wife standing in front of me in her birthday suit. What can I say? I can't even begin to describe how sexy she is, how looking at her makes me want to make love to every single part of her body for hours and hours.

Thirty-eight, my ass! She looks twenty-two! The only reason Michelle and Nicky are such hotties is because they got their genes from their hottie mom. Combine that with how much I love her and I practically want to cry for joy. Even though I have to admit that technically Ruby and Michelle have slightly more voluptuous bodies and Sue Ellen has a slightly more fit one, if I could only make love to one woman for the rest of my life, it would have to be my wife. No question. She's my soul mate and my partner in everything.

I'd kind of lost track from just staring at her for a while. That had the side effect of keeping my dick very firmly at attention.

"What?" she said finally, smiling from ear to ear and cocking her bare hips, posing a little.

"Sorry, I spaced out from staring at your fantastic naked body. What do you say we forget about Sue Ellen for a while and just make love right here, right now?"

Her answer really surprised me. "Nope! Sure, I'd love to. But with great cock power comes great cock responsibility. Didn't they say that in Spiderman?"

"Yeah, but without quite so many cock mentions in it."

She laughed. "Only one cock mention, huh? But seriously, you need to take care of all your cock slaves now, not just your wife. You need to constantly pump them full of cum. Emphasis especially on 'pumping'! Pump them long, hard, thick and deep! That's the 'price' you pay for having a family harem."

I stared at her in disbelief.

She saw my look, but she went on unfazed, "And Sue Ellen is really emotionally needy for you right now. She needs to be close to you. And you need to complete her total submission to serving your cock with all her heart and soul. You and I, we can cuddle, fuck, or make love pretty much any time, 24 hours a day, but she needs you NOW, and her opportunities with you are limited, due to her job. It would be selfish of us to ignore her on this rare occasion of her visiting us."

"Hmmm. You've got a point, even though I have a sneaking feeling that her visiting here won't be all that rare for long. Okay. Bring her out here."

She snickered as she turned to go. "See what I mean? We women, we're unstoppable. We always get our way. And you men, you just have to take your lumps." She winked again as she added, "While we stroke them, of course."

As I admired her firm ass sashaying away from me, I said joyfully, "It's terrible! I'm suffering horribly!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Billo, Yellow Peril, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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