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Chapter 52

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

A few minutes later, Mindy came walking back down the path through the trees to the deck area where I sat. She was wearing an Indian sari-style blue and purple wrap around her body. But it was strategically positioned so it went around and below her tits without covering them, while also hanging so low on her pussy mound that I could see her clitoris. She was carrying a tray with a bottle of Sangria and several glasses on it, and she also had a large bag hanging off one shoulder.

She wore a great big smirk-smile all the while. She stopped a few feet from me and put the tray on the bench next to me and then the bag on the deck.

I peeked into the partially opened bag and saw that it contained clothes for if or when we got cold. That was smart.

Then she held her arms up like a circus master. "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Daniel Cooper's next cock slave - Sue Ellen Miller!" Then, with a wave of her hand, she turned to look back at the path.

I realized with a start that was the first time I'd heard her Sue Ellen's last name!

But I didn't have time to think, because that was Sue Ellen's cue. She came into view walking the special sexy walk Mindy had taught her. I'd come to the realization that she blushed easily, and sure enough her cute face was cherry red.

And she had good reason to be blushing: Mindy had let her wear a sari just like hers, but it was worn around the back of her neck much like a boa. The thin piece of orange and red cloth was long enough to reach her knees, but it fell down her sides and covered absolutely none of her private parts. It make her look even more naked than if she'd been totally naked.

She wore high heels for good measure. But despite the heels and her great embarrassment, her sexy strutting seemed to give her confidence. She came right up to Mindy and me and then dropped to her knees and bowed low in my direction, right at my still very stiff erection. "Sir! How can this humble would-be sex toy serve you and your mighty cock? Sir?"

Mindy sat on the bench with me and whispered in my ear, "I didn't even tell her to say that. That comes from her heart!"

I was very impressed, and even more aroused. I spoke regally. "You may raise your head. I will let my wife tell you how you can best serve me." I figured if I passed that task on to Mindy, I couldn't be accused later of taking things too far in case she had a change of heart. Such a change seemed extremely unlikely, however.

Sue Ellen raised her head expectantly. Her eyes immediately locked on my stiff boner and she licked her lips. Repeatedly. And hungrily.

Mindy saw where she was looking and immediately began jerking me off. "Come here, my dear. I want you to hold it with me."

Sue Ellen eagerly scooted forward on her knees until her body was between my knees.

Without speaking, Mindy wrapped both of Sue Ellen's hands around my shaft, then she put her hands on top. The two of them just pumped their hands over it for a minute or so, while Sue Ellen slowly relaxed and also grew more and more aroused.

I thought about how I'd told Mindy to tell Sue Ellen that I just wanted some mellow cuddling and nothing too sexually intense. I had my suspicions that Sue Ellen never got the memo. It would be up to me to prevent this from being another epic, heart-pounding adventure.

As Mindy kept on guiding Sue Ellen's hands up and down some more, she said, "Your goal isn't to get him off or to even bring him close to that. Instead, I want you to get comfortable with having his cock in your hands and especially your mouth for long periods of time. For starters, just get to know the King better, like a good personal sex slave should."

A wide-eyed Sue Ellen nodded.

Mindy took her hands off Sue Ellen's and pulled the orange-red sari all the way off, leaving my teenage sex bomb in just her high heels. Then she gently tilted Sue Ellen's head forward until her lips were pressed up against the side of my shaft, right at my sweet spot. Naturally, Sue Ellen started to lick there while continuing to jack off the rest of my length.

I thought, So much for telling Mindy just to keep it at a handjob!

Mindy continued to explain to her, "This is something you'll be doing a lot of from now on. A good cock slave can keep her master erect and throbbing with great pleasure literally for hours on end. Naturally, you'll have to build up to that over time. For now, let's see you just suckle on it with one hand playing with his shaft or his balls. Use your other hand to finger yourself and generally play with yourself when you want. Remember, it's not selfish for you to cum. In fact, a good cock slave cums over and over. All those orgasms will help you love your master's cock even more."

Sue Ellen's blushing face looked up at me hopefully. "Mas- Sir, may I please have permission to suck on your great thick cock?"

"You may." She looked so adorable yet submissive and ravenous that I couldn't tell her no. But I did add, "However, remember what my wife just told you. This time, aim for duration, not intensity. We've got plenty of time until dinner."

Sue Ellen nodded. She closed her eyes and seemed to silently mutter a little prayer.

Mindy noticed that, and gently ran her hand through Sue Ellen's medium-length, dirty-blonde hair. "Don't be afraid of it. I know it looks impossibly thick now, but remember that you've gotten your lips around it a few times already, and you've managed to breathe through your nose just fine. Sure, you may cry a little and feel some pain from your stretched lips and wide-open jaw, but remember how much greater the pleasure is. If you have to pull off, don't worry, pull off and take a big breath, and then swallow him all over again. Okay?"

Sue Ellen nodded obediently again. Then she craned her mouth open remarkably wide and engulfed my entire cockhead.

Like last time, she seemed overwhelmed at first, but she quickly recovered. Then her determination kicked in. I knew she was having a much harder time with my size than anyone else, but she simply would not be denied the cocksucking she craved.

Mindy watched attentively until Sue Ellen worked up to a good, steady bobbing motion. A few tears leaked from her eyes, but not nearly as much as last time. She was taking it significantly easier on me. For instance, her cheeks hardly caved in at all. That was good, since this time I really didn't want an experience that brought me practically to the verge of a heart attack.

After a minute or more of careful observation, my wife seemed satisfied that Sue Ellen was doing well enough. So she plastered her body against mine and tilted her head up so we could share a long French kiss.

We shared a few divine kisses. Then Mindy turned her head and looked out over the ocean. "Isn't this nice? No one can see us here, but we have a great view of everything. And the Sun is slowly going down, but it's still far from cold. You'll get to enjoy the sunset while Sue Ellen trains herself how to best serve you. Like I said, we need to do this more often."

What could I say to that? I merely nodded.

I'll tell you, if you want to relax, nothing beats kicking back on a patio hundreds of feet above the Pacific Ocean, drinking a Sangria with your naked wife, while your equally naked and much more enthusiastic new "sex toy" sucks on your cock as though it contained the elixir of life. But incredibly, that's what my life had come to.

Min asked me, "So how is she doing? Is she using a lot of tongue?" As she spoke, she reached across my body and poured a glass of Sangria for herself and another one for me.

I replied, "Oh yes, she's using a lot of tongue. She's showing a lot of potential." That was true. She'd been using her tongue ably previously, but now that she was bobbing a lot slower, she was able to do a lot more with her tongue. I could tell she was "untrained," but she was learning fast, all by herself, just trying out different techniques.

I was sure Sue Ellen had heard my answer over her noisy slurping, but Mindy repeated it for her. "Did you hear that? He says you have a lot of potential."

Sue Ellen responded with a loud and happy erotic moan.

Mindy moaned erotically too. "You hear that, Honey? That's music to my ears. She loves your cock!"

I chuckled. "You're weird."

She smirked impishly. "I know."

I looked down at Sue Ellen. She had her eyes closed and I couldn't see much of her face with the way her head was tilted. She still seemed very shy about what she was doing, as indicated by her seemingly permanently blushing face. Yet she also seemed to be enjoying it greatly.

Time passed. Sue Ellen was content to lightly lick or suckle away on my pole while lazily fingering her pussy at the same time. She seemed keen on doing that for as long as possible, if allowed.

Meanwhile, Mindy was cuddled up against my side and telling me all about her latest activities at work while sipping on her Sangria, as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world to have a centerfold-worthy teenager steadily sucking me off at the same time. Mindy had done the same thing before, with Ruby in the kitchen, but the two of us hadn't been quite so languidly intimate at the same time.

That casual air of affected indifference seemed to be quite the turn-on for Sue Ellen, since it put her in such a decidedly sexually subordinate position. She appeared to get off on the fact that most of the time, my wife wouldn't deign to acknowledge her presence, even as she slavishly gobbled the erect cock of her husband into her mouth over and over and over again without shame, regret, or restraint.

I played along and ignored her as much as I could. I remembered how being aloof seemed to be a turn on for Michelle, and that was turning out to be true for Sue Ellen as well. About the only time I'd acknowledge she was there was when she'd start to get carried away and I'd have to remind for the slow down. It turned out I needed to give her a reminder every few minutes.

Mindy and I were very mindful of the fact that Sue Ellen was listening to every word that we said, and in fact we were deliberately picking topics with an eye to letting her learn more about our everyday lives. For instance, I talked some about my writing, and especially about how the novel I was working on had taken a sudden turn in a remarkably pornographic direction.

Sometimes I'd play with Sue Ellen's dirty blonde hair while her head bobbed gently above my crotch, since that was the only part of her I could easily reach in the position I was in. She seemed to particularly enjoy having her hair petted and stroked just like a real pet.

After a while, the topic turned to Sue Ellen herself, causing her to become directly involved from time to time. She didn't say much, mainly because she liked to keep her mouth otherwise occupied, and it was always tough for her to get her lips back around my thick shaft. She did occasionally pause from her licking and sucking to speak when she was asked something point blank.

Mindy did most of the talking about Sue Ellen, since she had already questioned her at great length in a series of phone calls. It seemed very strange for me that my wife generally talked about her like she wasn't there, even as she sat on the wooden deck between my knees happily slurping away.

Frankly, I was a bit surprised that my boner was holding up to this much activity, since Sue Ellen just kept on sucking and sucking. But apparently my wife had toughened up the little guy through our many years of frequent use, and her stamina training was paying off in a big way. My hard-on was still a bit tender and sensitive from all the recent activity, but nonetheless ready for more.

I found that both awe-inspiring and disconcerting. How much sexual attention from my cock slaves was too much? Was I taking advantage of them, or were they having as much or more enjoyment as I was? Was I getting corrupted by too much sexual pleasure? It just seemed wrong to get my cock sucked this very much.

But Sue Ellen truly seemed to be having a great time. She kept up a good pace, using her lips, tongue, and fingers, while sometimes taking one hand to play with herself. In fact, the only problem I had was still having to remind her from time to time not to get carried away.

The mental image that I could, if I wanted, spend many hours a day sitting in my office chair in front of my computer, writing sex scenes for lurid pornographic novels, while one of my buxom teenage sex slaves knelt submissively under my desk and kept the King in her mouth the whole time, slowly sucking me and obediently drinking down my cum whenever I happened to climax as I typed... well, let's just say it was a mighty tempting fantasy!

It was certainly something my dick seemed eager to try, apparently, although I wasn't mentally ready to do something like that (yet?). I was starting to think that Mindy would downright adore that scenario. However, I still found it too demeaning to the women I loved, even if they claimed to greatly enjoy it.

I noticed that Sue Ellen seemed to become even more aroused whenever we talked about her in the third person, as if she weren't even there. I suspect that it appealed to her submissive nature, and ironically it had a certain voyeuristic appeal. It was as if she were a fly on the wall, listening to our private conversation.

Sue Ellen did mention one interesting thing, though, during one of the rare times she talked.

She was taking a short break from sucking but still lapping her way around my cockhead while she spoke. "By the way, I forgot to mention. Remember Laura?"

"Of course," I replied. My legs were stretched out on the deck chair, and I was feeling as content, lazy, and blissed out as can be. Having a sexpot half your age pretty much literally worship your cock with her mouth can kind of do that to a guy.

"Well, yesterday she went and signed up at a health club. ... Started jogging. Bless her heart, she damn near killed herself too. ... First day, overdid it. ... Arms, legs, completely sore! ... But that's not all..."

Her sentences were short and choppy because her main focus was on licking my shaft. Finally, she seemed to give up speaking altogether, as she discovered a renewed interest in licking my sensitive sweet spot. She did that for a good half minute before remembering to finish her thought.

"That's not all, either. She..." She licked her way up and down a couple of times, and then went on, "She started... Mmmm! ... She started..."

Mindy was listening too, although she had practically fallen asleep in my arms, she was feeling so mellow. But Sue Ellen's inability to complete her thought was starting to annoy her. "She started what?"

"Oh, sorry," Sue Ellen said. "It's just that..." She licked some more. "It's just that your husband's cock is so yummy. Mmmm." She licked and licked. "Oh, where was I? Oh yeah. Laura." She paused to focus on licking for a bit. Then she continued, "She's gone on a huge crash diet too. Big diet. ... So funny! ... Trying to lose 30 pounds in one day! As if!"

She was glad she'd finished her story, so she could return her full attention to my thick shaft before her. She immediately engulfed my cockhead yet again and resumed bobbing on it.

It seemed as if she wished she had two sets of eyes, because she was trying to spend all her time gazing up into my eyes, yet she often had to look at my slicked up pole to see what she was doing there. I found it slightly distressing yet also arousing that even after she'd been at it for so long tears sometimes leaked from her eyes, especially shortly after she re-engulfed me. It seemed that coping with my thickness wasn't getting much easier on her.

"Hmmm," I mused. "I wouldn't want her to injure herself. And that kind of obsession with losing weight could turn into an eating disorder. I have an idea. Tell her I'm putting you in charge of her diet. She needs to eat what you say and only what you say for the next two weeks, or the deal's off."

"Ohhh," Sue Ellen moaned, after pulling her lips off my boner yet again. "Putting me in charge of her... It's almost like... you'll be dominating her by remote control!"

I smiled, and said to Sue Ellen, "That's cute, but I hope you make it clear that she shouldn't expect cock slave status if she does all that. I promised to fuck her. Once! But that's a far cry from cock slave status."

She replied while she just adoringly rubbed my wet cock against the side of her face. "Mmmm! Master, this is a dream come true for me, just getting to lick and suck you for so long like this! Mmmm! Laura would be soooo jealous... Anyway, I haven't told her much at all about the slavery stuff. I'm being kind of vague about what goes on over here, due to what I know about Michelle. Plus, word might get around."

"Good. Well, now you can make the point clear to her about what she can expect. I'm not saying I'll never fuck her again, but I'm only promising the single time. I know this sounds harsh, but frankly, she's not worthy of cock slave status. On a one to ten beauty scale, she'll maybe be a nine after she loses that weight. But that's not good enough. I know I'm being kind of an ass about it, but in my position, why should I ever settle for second best?"

Sue Ellen brightened when she heard that. I had obviously implied that she was a ten and the very best. She liked that so much that she engulfed my cockhead all over again and got busy bobbing on it.

Mindy looked down at what Sue Ellen was doing and smirked happily. Then, with her head nestled on my chest, she said, "That's interesting, Honey, that you have certain cock slave standards. You know what I think? I think you should set up three categories. First, there's just the women you take a fancy to and decide to fuck. They wouldn't have any special title. They're just women you fucked. But out of the best and most worthy of those, the ones you want to fuck more often, those can be your cock servants. Those would serve you exclusively, but only every now and then, whenever you feel like it. Of them, only the very best of the cock servants get to be full-fledged cock slaves."

I laughed. "You're so into this! You're more into this than I am. But sure, we can use that system. Why the hell not? And while you're at it, make me Emperor of the Universe too."

Mindy sighed, saying, "Joke about it all you want, but I'm working to make this system real." She looked down knowingly at the way Sue Ellen was twisting her head while bobbing on me with corkscrew motions.

"Look, I told you already that five women will be more than I can handle. I really mean that." It was hard to think, what with the way Sue Ellen was slathering my erection with her tongue inside her mouth, and sliding her lips over it in a corkscrew motion for good measure! Although she was taking things nice and easy most of the time, she was getting better by the minute and arousing me more and more.

That made it increasingly difficult for me to reject any sexual suggestions from my wife, no matter how implausible they were.

My wife huffed, "Okay, fine, but don't you want the occasional fresh new pussy? Like Laura. Why not go over to Mama Mia's once in a while and fuck the shit out of her? Hell, and do Sue Ellen too while you're at it. Wouldn't you like that, Sue Ellen? How would you like Dan to take turns fucking you and Laura in the ladies' room during one of your breaks?"

"MMMM!" the naked waitress replied as she flicked her tongue all over my sweet spot like a hummingbird's wings, and kept her lips sliding too.

Where had she learned to do that?! I wondered. I think that's new, since she didn't do that the first couple of times she sucked me. She's getting so good that she's putting me in danger of cumming. She's even fondling my balls in a delightful way!

Mindy asked me, "What's the harm? If you don't want Laura as your cock slave, then you need different categories."

"Not really. She's just the one temporary exception."

"Fine. But humor me. Let's say you can choose some top-of-the-line cock slaves. What qualities would you want in them, exactly?"

I decided that humoring her was a good idea. I'm determined to just stick with our small family group and Sue Ellen. And that's assuming that things work out with Cindy, which is still a big assumption. I'm going to need to see her after dinner, because I don't want to leave her hanging.

What's happened lately with Lisa, Anjali, and Nina has driven home the point that playing around with others can be extremely dangerous and almost certainly won't work. But talking and fantasizing about it? Sure, why the hell not? Maybe that'll satiate Mindy's "fresh new pussy" urges until she finally calms down a bit.

Besides, I thought this could be an enjoyable exercise, especially with Sue Ellen sucking away happily on the King, so I played along. "Okay, well, the first thing is that my cock slave would get my boner hard if I just took one look at her. She would need to look gorgeous, the elite of the elite. Beautiful face, good-sized tits, nice round ass, fit, tanned... Hell, basically hot all over."

Mindy looked down at Sue Ellen, and said, "Check, check, check, check, check, check, and check. Oh, and check."

Sue Ellen's blush deepened from hearing that. (She'd never really stopped blushing because she seemed to never get over the humiliation of what she was doing to me.) It was an interesting sight, given that her mouth was stuffed full in a perfect "O" shape and her cheeks were caved in from her intense suction.

I smiled at her, and reached down and ran a finger along her jawline to show that I approved of her efforts. even though I probably was going to need to remind her yet again not to get carried away.

Somehow, my simple touch made her even more bashful. She closed her eyes and tilted her head down a little. She probably would have turned her head away as well but for the fact that she couldn't as long as she kept right on bobbing and sliding with her sweet lips.

I looked back to Mindy and told her, "That said, looks aren't enough. She needs to have the raw sexual talent and desire to put that talent to good use. I don't want some cold fish. And I guess it would be pretty key that she's submissive, or else she probably wouldn't go for the idea in the first place. But that's not all. She'd need to be kind and loving. The kind of person I'd like to hang out with and talk to when we're not having sex. And not all stuck up. Most gorgeous women are stuck up and full of themselves. That's all I can think of, off hand, but there's probably more. As you can see, I'm very demanding."

"That's seven more checks for Sue Ellen!" Mindy then asked, "What about loyalty? Don't you think your cock slave should be loyal only to you, and exclusively serve your cock forever?"

"That would be pretty incredible," I admitted, "but with the caliber of woman I'm talking about-"

Mindy interrupted, "But she's a SLAVE! A slave works exclusively for her master. It's part of the definition of the word, isn't it?"

"I suppose." Again, it was really hard to argue against that kind of logic when you're enjoying a great blowjob.

Sue Ellen pulled her lips off my shaft. She said in a dreamy voice as she lovingly rubbed my cock across her cheek, "She sounds amazing. That's what I'm going to try to be someday; one of your cock slaves!"

"But you already are," I pointed out. I nearly gaped at the way she was caressing my cock against her face yet again, as if she'd fallen in love with it. "Don't you remember the ceremony from yesterday?"

She froze. "Wait a minute. Are you saying that all those things apply to ME?! I'm really one of the 'elite of the elite?!'"

"Of course!" I replied.

"Ohmigod! Master! Sir! I'm so happy!" Normally in such a situation she probably would have thrown her arms around me, but Mindy was draped over most of my top half and Sue Ellen still held my shaft in her hands (and against her cheek). So instead, she turned her enthusiasm to my erection once more. She swallowed the cockhead yet again and then paid a particular focus on my sensitive spot with her sliding lips AND her tongue.

It was devastatingly effective! I was going to have to warn her soon to ease up some before she really did make me cum. I was finally having to steadily use my PC muscle trick, which meant I was getting dangerously close to the edge. But I didn't want to interrupt her celebratory mood just yet.

Mindy smiled as she looked down and admired Sue Ellen's efforts. She joked to me as she languidly licked my neck, "Looks like you've got to be careful what you say around here."

"You're not kidding," I replied, grunting lustily. Finally, I had no choice but to warn, "Sue Ellen, please! I'm supposed to be relaxing here. I love what you're doing, but if you keep doing it much longer, I'm going to blow my load."

She mumbled around my cock, "By bohnd bhaaand."

Somehow, I figured out she meant "I don't mind." So I put a hand in her hair and chided her, "But I do. I want to relax a bit longer. Remember, I'm asking you to focus more on duration than intensity here."

Sue Ellen reluctantly pulled my bulbous head out of her mouth. "Yes, Master. It's just that it's so hard. And difficult too!" She giggled. "After sucking you for so long, I want to feel your cum blasting onto my face so much that it makes me want to cry. And not just a few silly tears from dealing with your thickness. But I'll try my best. My only desire is to please you! I'm going to show you that I'm worthy of being one of your slaves, even if it takes me the rest of my life!"

Mindy quipped, "Did I mention how much I like her attitude?"

After that, Sue Ellen intently lapped her tongue all over and around my cockhead. She even kept using her lips sometimes, but from the side instead of the top, like she was trying to give my boner a hickie. Both her hands were busy jacking me off too, slipping around in the copious pre-cum. She seemed almost incapable of following my instructions to go slow and make it last. Clearly, she couldn't wait to get a big cum load on her face!

She muttered as she licked, "Sorry, Sir, can't stop! ... Too much... cocky goodness! ... Mmmm!" All the while, she was staring up into my face like she was deeply in love with me.

She's really big on eye contact during sex acts. And unless she's good at faking, I think she's falling in love with me AND my cock! I hope that doesn't turn into a problem.

To stop her from taking me over the edge, I suggested, "Sue Ellen, that's still too intense."

Her eyes lit up as she apparently ignored that and continued to think about what I'd said before. "Master! Uh, I mean, Sir! Are you really truly saying I'm the 'elite of the elite?' You like me that much?!"

I nodded, almost afraid of how good she'd make me feel once I did cum.

"OH!" That excited her so much that she couldn't resist and she swallowed all of my cockhead and then some still one more time. She bobbed her head frantically up and down, causing her relatively short, dirty-blonde hair to fly about. (Her hair went down to just below the bottom of her neck in back.)

But even that wasn't enough. She grabbed my right hand and brought it down to her chest, trying to get me to play with her nipples.

"Please don't," I moaned, even though I really didn't want to. "I'm gonna be cumming before long, if you keep that up."

"That's the idea!" Mindy said happily. "Isn't it time by now? You deserve it. I'm sure she can make you erect again shortly, so it's all good."

I wasn't nearly as optimistic about my recuperative abilities. That's why I was fighting hard not to cum.

Sue Ellen moaned but obediently relented a bit, even going so far as to release my cum- and saliva-soaked erection from her mouth. "Master, I mean Sir, can I at least stick your hot cock in between my tits for a while? I'll bet you can handle that without cumming for a good while. Ever since Mindy said that titfucking is the ultimate act of submission, plus how divine my first titfuck with you went, I can't stop thinking about your big dick plowing through my tits some more!"

I looked to my wife and saw her smirking. Good grief! She truly loves the way Sue Ellen is treating me. God knows why!

"Well, I don't know," I said, as a naughty idea came to me. "I think it would help if your tits are properly lubed up for that. I like really slippery tits." I held up the bottle of suntan lotion and looked at my wife. "Sweetheart, can you do the honors?"

Mindy's smirk was wiped right off her face. She stared at me with the deer-in-headlights look she'd been showing most any time I suggested she do something sexual to another woman. She was afraid, but her desire won out. "Me?! Are you sure?"

"Positive." Now it was my chance to smirk, for once.

"Can't you do it? I know how much you love playing with big titties."

"True, but I'm tired."

She sighed, as if she was really put out. "You're a difficult case, you know that?"

With Sue Ellen leaning back to let Mindy have full access to her chest, I got a little respite to allow my erection to recover. However, it was a physical break but not really a mental one, given the hesitant yet sensual way Mindy started fondling Sue Ellen's breasts. Mindy's obvious desire made the scene hot. But somehow, her reluctance made it even hotter!

And watching Sue Ellen's adorable face was just as arousing. She was blushing and biting her lip. Clearly, she was horny as hell and worried that she'd cum loudly and obviously while Mindy fondled her.

To be honest, I got a thrill out of making her blush, and I'd noticed that she blushed a LOT. At least around me, that is. But I refrained from stroking myself while I watched the two sexy ladies interact. I desperately needed the break if I was going to maintain my studly reputation with Sue Ellen.

Freed to talk, Sue Ellen asked me, "So, Master. Uh, I mean, Sir. What would some more of your cock slave requirements be? I want to hear more about your ideal woman and how I should behave to become one. I mean, er, how she should behave." Her face turned redder still at that slip-up.

"Hmmm. Good question. When I see her mouth open to speak, I should find it hard to think about anything but sliding my cock between her lips. Especially if she has ideal cocksucking lips like yours. And then, chances are I WOULD put my cock in her mouth. I'd fuck her face for my satisfaction all the time!"

Sue Ellen groaned with lust at that. She parted her lips sensuously, and shot me an intense and hungry look that nearly knocked me off my lounge chair. As if that wasn't enough, she opened her mouth into a perfect "O" shape, and kept it like that while staring at me with narrowed, inviting eyes.

I was sorely tempted to cram my boner right back into her gaping maw, but my dick really needed this rest. So, instead, I continued, "She needs a big shapely rack. Did I mention that already?"

Mindy laughed. "You did."

Sue Ellen looked down at her bosom and then over to Mindy's. Clearly, she was wondering if she was endowed enough, since she "only" had D-cups. It was hard for anyone to size up to Ruby and especially Michelle.

Sue Ellen was plenty stacked for me, but I decided it would be good to leave her with a little uncertainty, so she'd try to please me that much more. She was off the charts enthusiastic so far, but I didn't know if that would last.

I went on, "Hell, she should have a perfect body all over, fit and tanned. The kind that would make for a popular centerfold poster. A whole lot like yours, as a matter of fact. And the sexual talent to put it to good use. But personality is important too. Not a brainless bimbo. She should be kind and loving, and fun. I'd want to enjoy talking to her the times I'm not busy fucking the ever living shit out of her."

I knew I was probably repeating myself somewhat, but with so much sexual stimulation going on it was no wonder my thoughts were scattered.

Plus, Mindy was taking an inordinately long amount of time to oil up Sue Ellen's breasts. She'd covered them three times over already, at least. And just watching that take place was keeping me so aroused that it threatened to make the rest I was giving my dick nearly worthless.

"And do y'all think I could be all that?!" Sue Ellen asked eagerly.

I decided to encourage her while still leaving room for doubt. "So far, from what I know about you... it seems promising..."

Mindy let out a soft moan. It looked like she was having the time of her life. She'd probably keep applying suntan lotion to Sue Ellen's breasts for the next hour or two if left to her own devices.

But Sue Ellen suddenly yelled out, "FUCK MY TITS!"

I thought she was just using our latest funny catch phase, but she wasn't. She lurched forward, heedless of what Mindy was doing to her. She grabbed my stiff erection and slid it into her cleavage. "Master! You make me so happy that I want to cry all over again! That keeps happening to me ever since I met you! Please, please! Please fuck my tits!"

That sounded like a great idea to me, especially since my dick had been getting a decent rest for the past few minutes. Sue Ellen's enthusiasm was infectious, plus there was the fact that my shaft was already enveloped by her luscious, soft tit-flesh. My only concern was to avoid getting too excited and accidentally shooting my load. I conceded, "Well, I'm still supposed to be resting. But maybe we can just kind of stay like this for a while, without moving."

She was panting hard. "Okay! I can do that. I'll... just a little... Just... A bit of this..."

She started licking the tip of my fat knob, even as she squeezed the rest of my shaft by subtly sliding her firm and oiled-up breasts back and forth and up and down. It felt so great that it almost would have been less arousing for me if I'd vigorously fucked her tits. Clearly, my break was over, but I didn't want to let her know that for fear that she'd go hog wild, arousing me even MORE!

Mindy had been listening carefully to what I'd said about my ideal cock slave. She asked me, "Honey, what about Cindy? Would she meet all your requirements?"

"Certainly! I don't even have to think about that one. Well, she may not have an all-over tan, but that's hardly very important."

"So you'd be willing to cut her some slack because you know her and love her so well?"

"Definitely, but the thing is that I wouldn't have to. A tan is way low on the list. That's easily changed anyway. Her body is just as impressive as, say, Sue Ellen's or Ruby's. I really mean that."

"Ooooh!" My wife whistled with appreciation. "That's high praise indeed."

I'm sure it was noticed I didn't put her on the same level as Michelle. I had to be honest and her body had something a little bit extra sexy all over, not just her enormous tits.

I went on, "She might be thirty-eight, but I don't see any signs of age on her. She could hold her own with any teen or twenty-something. I've told her that, and I really mean it. The same goes for you, Sweetheart. We would start to have a problem with this sharing thing if I found these other women more attractive than you, but I don't."

I meant that too, even including Michelle this time. My buxom blonde daughter might have the slight edge in beauty by some objective standard, but Mindy was still my wife and soul mate, so I looked at her through rose colored glasses.

Mindy smiled at that. "What else would you like to see in your ideal cock slave? Anything else?"

"Probably, but I can't really think right now, especially with Sue Ellen looking at me like that." Indeed, she was staring up at me adoringly as she nibbled on my knob and kept squeezing the shaft with her boobs with increasing vigor. Her devoted, lusty gaze was practically doubling my arousal.

Mindy prodded me while gazing longingly at Sue Ellen's boobs as they started gyrating around my hard-on, "What about bisexuality? Isn't that pretty important?"

Had I been completely honest and blunt, I would have said, "More for you than for me." It was becoming increasingly clear that one big reason why Mindy was so keen on having me explore other women was that it was a door allowing her to start exploring her own bisexual side. If I could have sex with amazingly gorgeous women, she could ride my coattails in a big way with the same women. That made me wonder what her feelings for Michelle were, exactly.

But I ignored all that for now, and just said, "That would be a nice plus."

"I agree," Mindy said firmly. "In fact, I think it's better if ALL your sex partners are bisexual. It just feels right to me."

I had a hard time not making a sarcastic comment about that. Right! As if she just had this random intuitive vibe that has nothing to do with her own bisexual desires! HA!

But seeing that Mindy was looking at me anxiously for an answer, I looked straight into her eyes and said, "Indeed, that would be a very nice plus." I made it sound almost, but not quite, like a command. I didn't want to be too firm on this issue though, in case Sue Ellen turned out to not be bisexual. There wasn't much chance at all of that though, given the way I'd already seen her kissing and having fun with the Gruesome Twosome.

My wife shivered lustily, and then visibly relaxed.

I looked down to Sue Ellen. Her face was scrunched up in intense concentration, like she was taking a calculus test. it seemed she was just exceptionally focused on servicing my cock. I had to tell her, "You're doing great, but please! Take it easy. You're doing TOO well."

"Yes, Mas- Sir."

Things calmed down for a while. I relaxed and took another sip of Sangria, as Sue Ellen worked on perfecting a simultaneously relaxed yet very satisfying titfuck and/or blowjob.

Time went on and the sun was starting to set. It was getting chilly.

Mindy finally broke out the clothes she'd brought in the bag from the house - such was they were. She had a bathrobe for me and another one for herself. We both put ours on. I left mine wide open in front. I'd be a lot warmer now that the sun was going down, but Sue Ellen would still have full access to my privates.

I noticed only two robes. I asked, "What about Sue Ellen? She's bound to get cold too."

"Don't worry; I've got her covered too." After standing up while leaving her robe wide open in front, she held up the bag enticingly. "Sue Ellen, if I could tear you away from my husband's cock for just a minute, I've got something in here that'll double your cock slave pleasure."

Sue Ellen stopped and looked at the bag skeptically. "I can't possibly think of anything that could make me happier, unless you've got some magic dust in there that could make my tits as big and gravity-defying as Michelle's."

"No, I'm all out of magic dust. But you'll like this, I'm pretty sure. Come and look."

Sue Ellen reluctantly stood up and looked in the bag. I saw her frowning as she held up some black and white clothes, but then her frown turned to a big smile. "Mindy! This ROCKS!"

She wrapped her arms around my wife and kissed her on the lips.

The kiss went on for a minute or so, which was quite interesting. She held Mindy's breasts and Mindy held hers. Since Mindy had oiled hers up so very thoroughly, before long the lotion spread to Mindy's rack and they really got busy rubbing their tits together!

When the kiss ended, Mindy seemed to want to come up with some excuse for her wanton behavior. So she told Sue Ellen, "Sometimes it's good to take part in a little girl-on-girl action to make or keep his cock hard. Remember, there's nothing more important for a cock slave than making your master's cock feel good! Nothing! His pleasure should always be on your mind."

Sue Ellen nodded in understanding, like she was carefully memorizing every word. Then, I think she surprised Mindy by initiating another French kiss even while their visually spectacular tit rubbing continued! I loved the way they were not only holding each other's tits in place, but fondling them at the same time.

Clearly, Sue Ellen either had bisexual tendencies, or sometimes she just got so aroused that she lost all control.

My curiosity was growing about what else was in the bag, since I hadn't had a good look at the clothes. All I knew was that there were some black and white clothes in it that Sue Ellen really liked. When their third or fourth kiss ended, I said, "So what's in the bag already? And by the way, as far as I'm concerned you two can rub your chests and nipples together like that for hours."

Mindy broke away from Sue Ellen, both happy and a little bit embarrassed at her bisexual behavior. Her face was flushed and her heart obviously was pounding hard. She looked almost dizzy with confusion and delight.

Sue Ellen grabbed the bag and held up some of the clothes in it for me to see. "It's a French maid outfit!" She was beside herself with excitement at the opportunity to put it on. She said, "Master, I mean Sir, it's just the perfect outfit for cocksucking, or titfucking! Or getting fucked! Or just pleasuring you in general!"

I had to agree with that, but I said with a smile, "Maybe, but there's really only one way to know for sure..."

Mindy laughed at that, and especially at Sue Ellen's reaction, since the adorable, horny girl tried to put the outfit on and suck me, or at least jack me off, at the same time.

My new cock slave quickly realized that wasn't working. She took a minute to stand up, put the outfit on, and then model it for me.

The outfit covered up a good deal of skin at first glance, especially the white-laced garter and stockings were included with it. But the black skirt failed to cover any more than half of her pussy or ass, and if Sue Ellen sat in a bent-over position, her ass would be completely exposed. Furthermore, the dress came up to a supporting shelf under the breasts, but that only served to push them forward and did nothing to cover up the nipples or really any other part of the breasts except for an inch or two on the underside.

She squealed with delight. "It's so naughty and revealing! It makes me feel like a totally wanton and shameless slut. I love it! I can see my life is never going to be the same. THIS is what I want to do. Live this life, wear these clothes! If and when I wear any clothes at all! It's so... me! The new me!"

Mindy said, "That really fits you, girl. In more ways than one. Don't you feel even more like a slave, wearing that?"

"Oh, so much! I'm all tingly everywhere, and it won't go away! Y'all are too kind to me. Too kind!"

Seeing that I was visually inspecting her and her outfit, she slowly turned around, showing off every angle to me.

I said things like, "Bend over," or "Spread your legs wider." Whatever I said, she would do, eagerly.

After a couple of minutes of this, she covered her chest and squealed, "Mas- Sir, you're making me so wet! I'm drenched!"

I was all grins. "I'm sorry, that can't be helped. Bare your breasts again, then let's see you strut around in that sexy way Mindy taught you."

Sue Ellen was still in her high heels, and she started to walk around in them with practiced ease. But at the same time, she protested, "But Sir! My skirt doesn't even cover my pussy, and it covers only half of my ass, at best! With my tits hanging out too, I'm so horny that I might hyperventilate!"

I couldn't help but grin even more. "I'm willing to take that chance."

"Oh, Mas- Sir. You're so mean!" But she clearly loved it, since she was smiling from ear to ear. She began not just walking but strutting around with an extra oomph in her swaying hips.

She made two circles around the deck area, and then suddenly stopped a few feet from me. She stood straight and tall like a soldier on parade. "Sir! Permission to cum, Sir?"

I was having a field day with this. I prolonged her orgasmic torture by asking, "Why do you want to cum?"

She was nearly breathless as she explained, "Sir, strutting around in this outfit while you and your wife watch is so deliciously demeaning that I can't stand it! All I can think about is how hot and needy my cunt is. I've been trying to rub my thighs together as I walk, but it's not good enough! I need your cock in me! Preferably in my cunt, but my mouth will do too! And, lacking that, I just have to finger myself to a huge orgasm!"

"Sorry. Permission denied! Not yet!"

Her eyes went wide. "Oh, Master! I mean, Sir! I'm dying!" She seemed devastated, but somehow I knew this was the way she wanted and even needed to be treated.

I could see that she was struggling with the desire to simply finger herself despite what I'd just said. But she gathered her willpower and resumed her strutting. However, her need to cum was so great that she didn't glide around sexily like before. It was more like she was shuffling like a drunkard. It seemed she needed to consciously remember how to take each step.

Seeing that she was suffering, I said, "You may halt now."

She staggered a few more feet until she stood in front of me. Then she resumed standing at attention with her legs straight and wide.

I let her stand there for a minute or two so she could recover her breath. I was fine with letting the time pass because I needed to recover too.

Mindy had been in a daze since her kissing and tit rubbing encounter. The focus on Sue Ellen and the French maid outfit had given Mindy some time to recover while she sat next to me. Now that my wife was alert again, she asked her, "How do you like your outfit?" (Not that she didn't know the answer already!)

"Ohmigod! You're right. I feel like such a SLAVE!" Sue Ellen twirled around with giddy abandon, suddenly finding new energy. "Just wearing it, I feel so totally DOMINATED and SUBSERVIENT! It's so short everywhere that I feel totally like your husband's sex pet! And somehow, it makes me even MORE hungry for his cock!" Facing away from me, she bent over, showing me every last inch of her incredible tanned ass, and her muscular thighs.

Mindy said, "If you like it, it's yours."

Sue Ellen turned back, and exclaimed, "Ohmigod, thank you! This is the best surprise ever!" She rushed to Mindy and gave her a quick hug and kiss. Then, realizing she could go further, she gave her a much longer mouth-to-mouth kiss.

After standing up for another giddy quick twirl, Sue Ellen dropped to her knees between my legs. She took my boner in one hand and my balls in her other, ready for action. "Mas- Sir, permission to suck your cock some more? Sir? A special French maid suck?" She held her breath as she waited for my response.

I let a long dramatic pause hang in the air. Even then, I said slowly and carefully, "Permission... granted."

She immediately engulfed me deep enough for her to gag and choke on my pole a little bit. Again, I found it adorable how her eyes always bugged out, like she was rediscovering my shaft's thickness for the very first time. I also liked how she would always quickly recover, her fear getting replaced by steely determination.

She slid her lips as far forward as she could manage, until she was choking and gagging a little bit. She held that position for a surprisingly long time, as if she was trying to permanently remember how it felt to have her mouth so jam-packed full of hot, throbbing cock. Finally, she pulled back and resumed sucking me with a slow but steady rhythm.

Mindy didn't even bother to comment about that. Instead, she said, "Honey, the fact that Sue Ellen and I pretty much wear the exact same sizes could come in handy in the future. Very handy." She'd bought this particular outfit a few years back and wore it for me the first time as a birthday surprise, but it had never left our bedroom, and understandably so.

I grunted in agreement. My focus was on Sue Ellen's wonderful oral skills. I had my hand on her head, trying to gently encourage her to slow down a little.

More time passed. Mindy and I made some more small talk while we watched the sun set. All the while, Sue Ellen just kept on sucking, licking, and stroking my cock!

At one point, I addressed her. "Sue Ellen, the sky is getting quite colorful and beautiful. The clouds are turning orange and red. You ought to take a break for a few minutes and enjoy the view." Because of the bench and fence around this part of the deck, she needed to sit up as high as Mindy and I in order to watch the sun set.

After a pause, she reluctantly pulled her lips off my boner yet again. It was evident that she was loathe to do it, but she was obliged to reply to my comment. "Is that an order, Sir?"

"No, it's just a suggestion."

"Then can I please keep having fun with your cock? I'm having the time of my life, and I'm learning so much about how to suck you! I can watch a sunset any ol' day. But how often do I get to tangle with a giant cock monster like this?"

I chuckled some more at her enthusiasm. "Okay. It's up to you."

There was silence without her doing anything to me except hold my shaft. I was thinking she'd changed her mind, but instead she asked me, "Um... Sir? Am I allowed to cum yet?"

I felt bad. I'd totally forgotten that I'd told her she wasn't allowed to cum! So I said, "You've been a very good teenage sex pet for me today. So, yes, you may cum."

"Ungnrh! Thank... UH! Thank you!" Needless to say, she started playing with her privates and began cumming almost immediately.

But as soon as she recovered, she went right back to servicing my cock. Mindy and I went right back to chatting and watching the sunset.

Eventually, needing another break from Sue Ellen's relentless lips and tongue attack, I asked her, "So, what do you most like about the outfit?" I knew she'd have to stop for a while to respond.

She pulled her mouth off my shaft and lifted her head up. Her face was practically beaming like the sun. "EVERYTHING! I LOVE it! Thanks, Mindy! It makes the whole cock slave thing so much more REAL! With this on, I feel so much more... objectified! It makes me feel like a piece of art and a piece of meat at the same time. I think that's what I love the most."

"Um, 'objectified?'" I asked with genuine confusion. "Isn't that a bad thing? Everybody knows that objectification of women is bad."

She slowly jacked me off, so I wasn't really getting much of a break, but at least she couldn't blow me while we were talking. "Well, normally, Master, I mean, uh, Sir, I'd agree. And I was always arguing with my boyfriend about that. But... Mindy, help me here. With Mas- Dan, I want to be objectified. I NEED it! My goal is to be his perfect sex toy!"

Mindy smiled and said, "Maybe it's like if some creepy stranger pinches my butt and says 'nice ass,' my response is to turn around and slap him. But if Dan pinches my butt and says 'nice ass,' I'll probably turn around, pinch his, and then kiss him. It all depends on the situation."

"Exactly!" Sue Ellen agreed emphatically. "Or, if Mas- Dan pinched my ass, I could drop to my knees, tear off my clothes, and suck his COCK! Speaking of which..." She leaned forward and stuck her tongue out towards my crotch.

"Wait!" I said, needing more of a break. "What is it you like about the outfit?"

She paused, torn between answering my question and the untended inches of my erection hovering before her lips. But she replied, "Well, for starters, Mast- Sir, the symbolism is GREAT! One look at me like this, and anyone can see that I'm here to serve you. But what's even better is the way all my private parts are exposed. It constantly reminds me of how exposed I am to your eyes, even more than if I'm completely naked. And I LOVE how it pushes my tits up and out to nearly Michelle-esque levels!"

She giggled, and added, "Mindy, it's almost like you DID have that magic dust in there. With all those parts exposed, anyone can see at a glance that I'm not merely a maid, I'm a SLAVE! A sex toy! Gaawwwd! For my... my... for Dan! Just talking about it makes me wanna suck him so much more!"

She bent forward again and brought her lips to my cockhead. She craned her mouth wide open.

But I wasn't ready; I needed a longer break. So I shouted at her, "Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't do that just yet. Please. One more thing. I don't understand your mindset. I'm not submissive. I can't relate. What's the appeal?"

She looked really frustrated at that, as she clearly didn't want a long talk. But she tried to answer as she squeezed my erection rhythmically with all ten fingers. "Oh geez. Where do I start? I can't explain, I just know how I feel. It makes me feel good to make you feel good. And feeling owned makes me feel wanted and loved. I feel this sense of belonging, of family. Plus, everything is wonderfully simple: you're my Master, I mean my, uh, Sir, and your pleasure is all I want or need. I get tingly and giddy thinking about how you grimace and groan when you're close to cumming, and I just know that you're loving it! It makes me so happy!"

She paused, and grew more thoughtful. "I've never felt like this with Mike at all. Or anybody else. I didn't even know I could feel like this. From the moment y'all came into Mama Mia's and ordered me to take my underwear off, I just knew that you were special, and that I belonged to you somehow. Some people are meant to rule, and some people are meant to serve, Mas-, er, Sir. That's just the way it is."

I complained, "I'm just an author, not some dictator! Anyway, that doesn't really explain things. Is there any more reason why you feel good serving me?"

"Well, there's a certain bliss in having no freedom. It's the ultimate freedom!"

My confusion must have been all over my face. "Come again?!"

Sue Ellen sighed, as if this were the most obvious thing, but it was hard to explain to someone who didn't get it already. "I've been discovering this in the past few days. Freedom comes at a cost. One always has to make decisions, and worry all the time that you've made the wrong one. Not having to make decisions is... if you're with the right person... it's profoundly liberating! It allows me to just be myself without having to worry or fear that I'm making the wrong choice! Normally that would be bad, but here I'm surrounded by trust and love, so I don't have to worry or think about complicated things - what's right, what's wrong, what will I do with my life, how can I make ends meet. You know, seriously un-fun reality stuff."

She added brightly, "But when I'm with y'all, it's easy and fun, and usually involves lots of orgasms for everybody! Better, it usually involves me getting hammered by the fat King in some way. All I have to think about is pleasing you and obeying you, my Master. And keep your cock throbbing with pleasure. It's so easy, so fun. Oops! I mean, my, uh..."

I waved a hand dismissively. "Go ahead and call me 'Master' for today, if you insist. Otherwise, I'm beginning to think my name is Masdan or Massir."

"Oh! THANK YOU, MASTER! Woo-hoo!" She leaned forward and started vigorously licking her way around my cockhead while continuing to jack off the base. She gasped out while licking, "So much cock! So much domination! I'm in heaven!"

I was pretty blown away by her answers. I sat back in my deck chair to contemplate that. "Wow. What do you think of that, Sweetheart?"

Mindy replied, "I think you've got a pretty special cock slave there. Like Michelle said, she's an inspiration to us all. She's a keeper! I can kind of relate to what she's saying, especially the part about feeling happy by making you happy, but I guess it's one of those things that's different for each person. Obviously, she's discovered that she's a natural submissive and she's quite content with that. I'm not so big on losing my free will though, to say the least."

To be honest, that was quite a relief to hear - with all this submissiveness going on, it was nice to know my wife was still relatively "normal." I guess I can only handle so much change and shock at once.

I'd had my break to recover (well, kind of), and now I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Sue Ellen was still working on her joint cocksucking and titfucking techniques, and she was getting quite good at it. I felt close to the edge, but for some reason I wasn't worried that I'd actually climax any time soon.

Mindy and I were discussing submission and freedom when Michelle suddenly appeared through the trees on the path down from the pool.

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