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Chapter 53

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Despite the chill of the evening, Michelle was still dressed in her blue 'V' bathing suit that she'd had on earlier.

The alarm at being intruded upon like this was dulled by the fact that I was so astounded by my daughter's hourglass-shaped body. She never failed to wow me all over again after I hadn't seen her, even if just for a little while. Some things you simply never get accustomed to.

She appeared to be in a hurry, and spoke out as soon as she could reasonably be heard. "Hey, you guys! I thought I should warn you. Cindy's coming! You might want to get yourselves presentable."

Sue Ellen didn't slow her cocksucking in the slightest, but turned her head a bit towards Michelle and gave her a friendly wave.

"What, she's coming back here?" I asked with concern.

Michelle kept on walking towards us. She was staring at what Sue Ellen was doing to me, but she didn't seem surprised or bothered at all. In fact, she managed to remember to give her a friendly wave back.

Michelle stopped right in front of us. She seemed to be waiting for instructions. She was concerned enough about the situation that, for once, she wasn't even trying to strike an overtly sexy pose for my benefit. Of course, that simply meant that she was being inadvertently sexy as all hell because she wasn't "trying" to be as alluring as possible.

Damn, my little girl is fucking HOT! Just watching her shift her weight from one leg to another is about the most orgasm-inducing sight imaginable, believe me. Especially in her V bathing suit, which constantly threatens to fall off at any moment! Add that to the fact that Sue Ellen had my cockhead in her mouth and was rubbing her lips over my sweet spot, and it was amazing I didn't just blow my load down Sue Ellen's throat then and there.

My blonde bombshell daughter said to me, "Yep. Ruby's stalling her in the house, knowing you're probably indecent, but she can't stall her forever. She's VERY keen to see you, Daddy. She's been climbing the walls all day."

Smiling at Sue Ellen, she slyly added, "You look really sexy in that outfit, by the way. I love how it shows off your ass."

Sue Ellen ran a hand over the fabric of her erotic French maid outfit down to her ass, but still didn't pause in her sucking. She managed to mumble through her stuffed mouth, "Thanths!"

It was a real kick for me that everyone treated as normal and even expected that Sue Ellen would continue her cocksucking without pause. The only change was the blush on her face reddened even more.

I looked at Mindy. "What can we do? We're lucky we've got these robes on." I tightened mine around me, covering up almost everything except Sue Ellen's bobbing head.

Mindy tightened hers too, but she remained draped all over my upper body. And as soon as she finished tightening the sash to her robe, it loosened back up some, and her big tits more or less completely spilled out of the robe again.

"Well, we'll just have to be careful with our robes," my wife pointed out, even as one of her bare breasts pressed against my bare chest where my robe had opened back up. "There's not much we can do for Sue Ellen, though." She was referring to the fact that Sue Ellen's French maid outfit wouldn't cover her nipples, pussy, or ass, no matter how much one attempted to pull parts of it up or down.

I conceded very reluctantly, "I suppose we could ask her to stop sucking me off."

"Yeah, in theory. But that sounds pretty drastic. Are we really in any kind of hurry to do that?" Mindy winked at me.

I had some ideas for how to deal with this predicament. Perhaps, for instance, Michelle could sneak back into the house and get some more substantial clothes for us. While I was thinking, my daughter asked about the maid outfit. "Sue Ellen, where'd you get that? I totally want one."

"Minmy gave ee tho mee," Sue Ellen mumbled nearly incoherently as she bobbed up and down.

"Mom? Can I have one too? And Ruby? That should be, like, the official cock slave uniform! Can't you just picture all three of us wearing that at the same time? Kneeling in a row and awaiting orders from our master? Sweet!"

But before Mindy could answer that, I had a question that I was dying to ask my daughter. It seemed more important somehow than my worries about Cindy catching us in a compromising position, and it seemed like we had a few minutes to spare. "I've got a theory, Shelle. My theory is that you're the one known as DL. Before you answer, remember how important it is for me that we are all honest with each other and stop telling each other lies and sneaking around." I stared at her hard.

Michelle looked at me like her pet dog had just been run over by a car. That look alone made it clear that my guess had been right. She stared up into the increasingly dark sky. She asked in a very small and quiet voice, "How did you know?"

Mindy peeled herself off me and stood up. "WHAT?! What did you say?! You just admitted that you're DL!"

"I am. Or I was. Oh shit." Michelle's face had guilt and sorrow written all over it.

Mindy was shocked and appalled. "How could you?! How COULD you?! DL's one of my best friends! I've talked to her about everything! Wait... But, she doesn't exist?! Michelle!"

Michelle dropped her head. "I'm sorry, Mom."

Mindy turned to me, standing there with her robe wide open and her hands on her hips. "Honey, do you realize what this means? My own daughter manipulated me and even brainwashed me for two years! We would never be here today with Sue Ellen sucking on your cock if it weren't for DL. And even though I love the outcome, I HATE the way I was tricked!"

I should have been ashamed of myself for feeling so smug about it, but it wasn't that often I got to say "I told you so" about something to my headstrong wife. "Join the club, Sweetheart. Now you know how I feel about that kind of stuff. Remember how you keep saying that secrecy and trickery is justified if it's for a good end, like arranging a surprise birthday party?"

"Damn!" Mindy stomped her foot in anger. "You're right. This sucks!"

I should have been more concerned about the whole DL deception, but I was deep in a sexual fog, with Sue Ellen still devotedly sucking on me, although more slowly than before. Seeing my wife angry, I found myself thinking, Mindy looks really HOT when she's mad! Not only that, but I love it when she stomps her feet and sets her wobbly tits shaking!

An irate Mindy walked right up to Michelle and stood nearly nose to nose with her. Since they were the same height, their noses in fact nearly did touch. Of course, that meant that Mindy's bare breasts were now being mashed into Michelle's only-ever-so-slightly-covered jutting monsters, but the intensity of their mutual eye contact told me that any tit-on-tit rubbing was purely incidental, for once.

Mindy obviously was trying to stare Michelle down, and succeeding. She barked, "How DARE you! I hate you! Absolutely HATE you! DL meant a lot to me!"

Michelle cowered and seemed genuinely aghast, especially at the "hate you" comment. So I think she was more surprised than anybody when Mindy suddenly brought her face even closer, and then, incredibly, they were kissing on the lips!

Mindy clearly was the instigator. She brought her hands to the sides of Michelle's head and kept her daughter's head pinned in position, so her tongue could probe its way inside of Michelle's mouth.

Michelle didn't know what to do and just kept her hands up in the air, afraid to touch her mother sexually.

I'd seen this "anger turn to lust" thing in the movies, but I'd never known it to happen in real life. It was a blast to watch, especially since Mindy was looking very confused about what she was doing but seemed strangely powerless to stop herself.

Sue Ellen looked over from time to time at mother and daughter, and obviously felt inspired by the sight. But, as usual, she mostly liked to gaze up at my face while continuing to bob on my boner. She'd moved her body a bit, so there was less titfucking and a lot more cocksucking going on, which was just fine with me.

But just as suddenly as the unexpected mother-daughter kiss began, it ended. Mindy pulled back and complained, "You SLUT! You immoral, evil, sexy slut! I didn't want to do that. You made me kiss you by being so god-damned sexy and... fucking busty!"

Her eyes dropped to Michelle's jutting tits, which were still pressing into her own nearly-as-big spongy orbs, even though she had pulled back somewhat. "Look at these things!" She pulled the straps of her daughter's V suit away and stared like she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "They're not even anatomically or gravitationally possible! What the hell did I feed you over the years to grow these monsters?! If they ever sag they're gonna end up down around your knees, but somehow I don't think they ever will! The Tit Fairy just loves you too goddamn much!"

Her hands were madly groping and twisting those twin torpedoes as her breath grew ragged and wild. Sometimes, her hands sank in so deeply that her fingers seemed to completely disappear in the tit-flesh. "And the feel! Dammit! They're so firm yet so soft! I could play with these all fucking day and... and it's all your fucking fault!"

I don't think Mindy's words even made sense to Mindy, much less anyone else, but she was riding simultaneous waves of lust and anger. She didn't seem to be in control of her mouth or her hands.

Michelle, though, was just so naturally hot to trot that it didn't take long for her to go from guilty and befuddled to "ready to rock and roll" with her mother. She grasped her mother's breasts in the same way her mother was still grasping hers, and squeezed them in such a way as to make sure their nipples were rubbing against each other. At the same time, she managed to wrap a leg around one of Mindy's legs so she could grind her wet, bikini-clad pussy up and down a thigh.

Mindy shrieked, "YOU SLUT! You're trying to seduce your mother!" Then she kissed her daughter hard on the lips again.

I had no doubt that the two of them would go all the way right there on the deck, and that was just fine with me. Mindy's lesbian urges had obviously been right there under the surface for a long time, especially her desires for our sexpot younger daughter, and now her lusts were exploding in action like an erupting volcano. She needed to explore that part of herself, which was fine with me. Plus, I figured it would help bind us even closer together sexually as a group.

Not only that, but what better way to enjoy watching your wife and daughter mash their tits and lips together than to do it while lying on a comfy deck chair with a desperate-to-please brand new cock slave sucking you off the whole time? And with my robe mostly pulled closed, I was as comfy as can be, despite the growing darkness now that the sun had just set. The only thing I was missing was a box of popcorn to enjoy the show.

Mindy had gone quickly from a mother scolding and berating her daughter, to passionately embracing and kissing her, to practically dry humping her! And Michelle had matched her mother like a practiced dance partner - at first submissively accepting her well-deserved punishment, then taking the lead and guiding her mother towards a wild session of incestuous lesbian sex. Even with all my recent sexual adventures, I don't know if I had ever watched anything so arousing! I began to understand the thrill Mindy got from just watching me with other women - especially Michelle and Ruby.

My perfect show was interrupted as I heard the sound of someone walking down the path to our deck. I saw a shape moving through the trees, and then saw Cindy suddenly burst into view. She was dressed in short shorts and a turquoise sleeveless blouse that showed off a lot of cleavage. Furthermore, it was completely unbuttoned and tied in a knot right at the top of her belly. This provided enough material to cover her ample breasts, but little else. Judging from the way her boobs bounced after each step, she wasn't wearing a bra.

It was really quite a sexy look, and all the more so since it was such a contrast from her more usual dowdy attire.

Cindy wasn't wearing much clothing in terms of square inches of skin covered. However, she was - if just barely - covering up all her private parts, which was more than any of the rest of us could say. Sue Ellen was fully decked out in her French maid outfit. However, it covered almost everywhere BUT her privates. I was lying down in a long robe, but it had opened all the way in the front. About the only part of me that it actually covered were my arms. Mindy had been wearing the same kind of robe, but it had gone from being merely open in the front to lying on the ground behind her, due to the aggressive way she was, um... well, I guess you could call it "chastising" Michelle.

Michelle's V bathing suit had a habit of falling off either or both of her strategic frontal tension points if one so much as looked at it funny. Or if she breathed. The insubstantial straps were forgotten down around her knees and were on the verge of falling off her altogether, pulling the rest of her crotch string of a suit down between her legs. I figured the stickiness of her juices was the only thing holding it up right now.

So we didn't exactly present a very wholesome family image as Cindy came upon us! We had gotten distracted and clearly were not prepared for her to show up so soon.

However, as shocking as what Michelle and Mindy were doing, I think she only gave them a quick glance and didn't actually notice what they were doing to each other. That's because her eyes were locked on watching Sue Ellen's head bobbing up and down over my crotch.

She looked even angrier than Mindy, which was saying quite a bit. (Though, at this point, Mindy's anger had been tempered and almost pushed aside by lust.) She stormed down the rest of the way to the deck with her hands clenched into fists. "What the hell is THIS?!"

Now, at this point, if I were a more considerate guy, I would have immediately gotten up and apologized profusely, just as I should have gotten up when Mindy and Michelle started arguing. Normally, I was that considerate guy. But Sue Ellen had me close to cumming, and dammit, I really, really needed to cum! Maybe I was getting corrupted already by all this cock slave stuff, but I was more amused than alarmed by Cindy's arrival and reaction.

Cindy walked right up to me and pointed dramatically at Sue Ellen's bobbing head. She yelled again, "WHAT IS THIS?!" Her face was red, and her chest was heaving in a very enticing manner.

I brought my hands up into a placating gesture. But like some kind of hopelessly lazy bum, I made no move to actually stand up. "Please! Calm down!"

"Calm down? Calm down?! I've tried to have some sympathy for your new ways over here, I've tried to keep an open mind! I've even pushed aside my fears about you having sex with my daughter! But YOU. GO. TOO. FAR!" She looked at me like she was contemplating ripping my head off with her bare hands.

Sue Ellen, bless her soul, didn't even take my cockhead out of her mouth. She just kept on bobbing up and down like Cindy wasn't even there. She seemed to have endless faith that I'd be able to take care of any situation.

Cindy's eyes looked like they'd doubled in size as she continued to gawk. Clearly, she could see most of my erection, because Sue Ellen was favoring long sucks that nearly took my boner all the way out of her mouth with each pass (probably on purpose, to show off to Cindy, the little minx!).

Then an increasingly incredulous Cindy suddenly twirled around to where Mindy and Michelle were standing.

Both of them had deer-in-headlights looks on their faces, because they'd been hurriedly trying to get decent but they hadn't had enough time. Thank God they weren't still rubbing and kissing each other, or Cindy's head might have simply exploded. But Mindy was buck naked and bending over to pick up her robe when Cindy's glare froze her in place. Michelle's V suit had finally fallen to the ground, despite the adhesive viscosity of her pussy juices, and she was in the middle of pulling it back up her legs (which put her dangling breasts on magnificent display) when she too was practically bowled over by Cindy's gaze.

Cindy obviously suspected something was up since both Mindy and Michelle were naked. She'd missed what they were doing before, but one could tell from her face that she guessed it was something they weren't supposed to. Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "What are YOU two doing?"

To her surprise, Mindy shouted angrily, "I'm giving my daughter the dressing down of her life!" Then Mindy turned and slapped Michelle across the face, hard. "She LIED to me! For TWO YEARS!" She slapped her on the other cheek.

Cindy suddenly realized that Mindy was well and truly angry, and not just play acting. (Luckily, not all of Mindy's anger had morphed into lust, and things like her flushed face could be interpreted either way.) Cindy quickly realized that her own anger couldn't compete with Mindy's towering inferno of raging mad. She'd never seen her friend act like this before, and that dipped Cindy's hot head into ice water.

"What did she do?" she asked Mindy in a quiet and much more contrite voice.

I could tell that Mindy was greatly exaggerating her anger. I'm sure she knew a temper tantrum could be very useful in distracting Cindy right now. "She's been sending me e-mails for two years, pretending to be someone else, that's what! Trying to trick me! It's a scandal! A conspiracy!"

Cindy had no idea what Mindy was talking about, especially since Mindy apparently had never told her anything about the DL e-mails. But it sounded pretty serious, given what she knew about our family's attitudes about being honest and open with each other.

She started to back away, back towards the path leading to the house. "I have no idea what you're going on about, but obviously this is some kind of family matter you need to work out. I'm gonna go now and gladly wash my hands of this whole sexy scene." She looked back towards Sue Ellen's bobbing head with disgust.

All this yelling and finger-pointing had kind of ruined my erotic mood. Sue Ellen was still eagerly slurping away on me, but my urge to cum was rapidly receding, and even my erection was in danger of fading. But there was an upside - the combination of all that at least restored my free will. I managed to gently push Sue Ellen's head away from my lap and stand up. I closed my robe around me and tied the sash.

While I was doing that, Mindy stomped over to Cindy and glared at her from inches away, just as she'd done with Michelle mere moments before. I half expected Mindy to suddenly kiss her too. Frankly, I'd never really seen my wife this upset and had no idea what she'd do next. But instead, she growled right into Cindy's face, "Where do you think you're going?"

Cindy recoiled in fear. "Um... Back to the house?"

"WRONG! You're staying right here! I need to talk to you about Sue Ellen before you get the wrong idea!" Her tone was still all anger.

Cindy looked at Sue Ellen, and I'm sure what she saw didn't exactly ease her concerns that we'd gone too far into sexual debauchery. Before, although there had been no doubt that Sue Ellen was bare-assed and blowing me, one might have thought that her dress had just ridden up. But now, with Sue Ellen standing, there was no disguising the fact that her French maid outfit left her pussy and breasts completely exposed, by deliberate design. Sue Ellen's hands and arms trying to cover that up could only do so much.

The outfit was obviously Exhibit A that we'd premeditated some sexual hijinks. I couldn't begin to imagine what Mindy could possibly tell Cindy that was the "right idea" and somehow explained all this away.

But Cindy was obviously cowed. "Um, okay, I'll just, uh, stay here, then."

"GOOD!" Mindy glared at her nearly nose to nose like an intense and angry drill sergeant. But apparently she decided to turn her wrath back at Michelle.

Michelle had just finishing putting her V suit back on as Mindy barked, "Take that off! Dan is gonna spank you and he's gonna spank you good! None of that wimpy sexy spanking, either! He's gonna give you a hard-core PAINFUL spanking! And a real serious ass walloping will just be the start of your punishment!"

I noticed a sparkle of eagerness in Michelle's eyes, but at least she didn't smile, and luckily she was smart enough not to say anything in front of Cindy.

I had just been walking over to where the others were standing, hoping I could smooth things over. But Mindy looked at Michelle with fire in her eyes and pointed to the deck chair Sue Ellen and I had just vacated. "There! You're getting spanked right there, bare-assed naked on your daddy's lap like naughty little girls deserve to get royally spanked!"

Michelle and I both wandered to the spot Mindy had indicated, confused and in a daze. I had NO IDEA what was going on. Mindy was a sweet thing who never got angry. I remembered a couple of years ago when I totaled the family car (but luckily was unhurt), and when I told Mindy about it, her first reply was some joke about the quality of my driving skills. Also, I'd thought her anger had turned to lust when she started kissing Michelle and she was mostly just putting on a show for Cindy, but now I was starting to think there was still plenty of genuine anger mixed in with her lusty desires.

As Michelle submissively lay her nude body across my lap, I looked up with befuddlement at my raging Amazon of a wife.

To my surprise, she gave me a knowing wink.

I realized then that all the attention was momentarily upon Michelle and me, so I'd been the only one to see her winking at me. She was sending me a message! This was all an act, after all! Or at least most of it was - I had no doubt she was genuinely very angry at and hurt by Michelle over the whole DL revelation.

So what was this about then? Why the spanking, of all things?!

Then it hit me: this was a show for Cindy! Obviously, Cindy was close to a tipping point. Would she succumb to her lusts and join us in our sexual games, or would she "come to her senses" and turn her back on us in complete revulsion? It could go either way, and finding a total stranger blowing me in front of my naked wife and daughter was tipping her in the wrong direction. Something needed to be done, and fast.

Cindy had shown signs of being a submissive, and she'd seemed extremely interested in spanking when she'd talked to me earlier in the day. Mindy hadn't been there to hear most of that, but Cindy did mention that she knew I'd been spanking Mindy lately, so obviously it was something they'd talked about too.

So my mission became clear. Obviously, Mindy was pissed at Michelle and would love it if I gave her a strong spanking. Michelle loved being spanked, or at least she had so far, so a strong spanking would please her too. But those were mere bonuses. The main thing was that I needed to use Michelle's spanking to get Cindy hot and bothered. Then hopefully she'd tip back towards joining us in our sexual games.

I realized all that in a matter of seconds. I subtly nodded knowingly to Mindy to show her that I fully understood.

She smiled conspiratorially and slightly nodded back.

It's amazing the kind of non-verbal communication a couple can have after they'd been married a long time. Somehow she knew I'd come to not just any realization, but the exact realization that she'd wanted me to reach, and I knew that she knew that. Even if we could have spoken with Cindy hearing it wouldn't have been necessary because it was like we were telepathic, we understood each other so well.

Meanwhile, even Michelle was clueless as to what this was all about. No doubt, she was just focusing on her own role in this whole affair, and she was wondering what kind of spanking she'd get.

There was silence for about a minute as Sue Ellen, Mindy, and Cindy found seats and pulled them close to where Michelle and I were. Mindy's anger, feigned or not, had visibly dwindled down to a mere simmering boil.

Cindy's anger had disappeared almost entirely, replaced by fearful curiosity - curiosity and barely-contained excitement. There was no doubt that she was turned on by this, though I doubt she would have admitted it even to herself. She commented in a meek voice, "That looks so... lewd."

She was referring to the fact that Michelle's naked body was sprawled all over my lap now. But she didn't know the half of it. True, I was wearing a robe, but it was only held together loosely by a sash. A good portion of my chest was visible above the sash, and the robe was just as open below the sash, although Cindy and the others couldn't really confirm that or see what was going on down there. In fact, my erection was jutting out and happily pressing against Michelle's taut and oh-so-deliciously smooth belly!

Michelle obviously knew that and could clearly feel it. She was squirming about, which probably looked to the others like she was trying to resist, when it fact she was fervently trying to increase her contact with my hard-on.

That got me to wondering: Just what does Cindy know about Michelle and me?! I forced myself to ponder the subject and ruefully concluded the answer was virtually nothing at all. She saw Min and Shelle naked when she arrived, but now that can be plausibly explained that we were about to start the spanking. She's still having all kinds of issues about me having sex with Ruby, and even though she's been receptive I haven't actually won her yet. If she knew I was having all kinds of incestuous fun with my own flesh-and-blood daughter, she would probably completely freak out and be lost to us. I'll have to tread very carefully lest I step on a land mine and doom us all.

Mindy appeared to be of a like mind in understanding that Cindy couldn't know about the incest yet. She replied to Cindy's "lewd" comment, "Yes, Cin, I realize it looks lewd, but you have to realize that a spanking is as much psychological as physical. As the dominant parent, you simply MUST spank across the lap and the spankee HAS to be nude, at least from the waist down. Psychologists call it 'infantilization.' Psychologically, it's putting Michelle back into a baby mindset. When you're naked, your sense of humiliation and submissiveness is greater. Believe me, Michelle is one girl who NEEDS to submit graciously to her daddy."

"I can understand that, I guess," Cindy reluctantly conceded, still looking as sexy as ever in her short shorts and turquoise sleeveless blouse. The remarkable thing was that she was so busy thinking about the spanking that she seemed to have practically forgotten Sue Ellen's blowjob that had gotten her so upset in the first place.

"It's all about shaming," my wife continued confidently. "Just imagine it was YOU who was stripped naked and forced to lay across Dan's lap so he could teach you some manners with his strong hand until you properly behaved and did whatever he told you to do. Don't you think that would be extra effective, if it was done that way?"

Cindy looked fit to be tied. She was biting her lip hard, and looked so horny she was about to pass out. Obviously, she was imagining that very scenario quite vividly. She managed to ask, "B-b-but... what's the point? I'm an adult! Er, I mean, she's an adult!"

Mindy answered confidently, "There's a whole psychology about adult spanking, which is much more common than you think. The point is not just to punish, but to reinforce the complete dominance of the spanker over the spankee. With an adult spanking an infant, the dominant role is clear, but with two adults, you need to do all you can to show who the boss is. Michelle has to be taught to obey, not just because the spanking hurts, but because she knows Dan has all the power, and she has none. Resistance is futile!"

Where's Mindy coming up with this stuff? It actually sounds thought out and semi-plausible. I looked up at her, puzzled.

Sue Ellen and Cindy were transfixed at the sight of Michelle nude body writhing about on my lap, and Michelle was facing in the opposite direction of Mindy. (She actually had a good view of the ocean, we were so close to the edge of the deck.) So Mindy was free to wink exaggeratedly at me. She even brought a finger up to her mouth and pretended to gag on it, making it clear that her whole 'infantilization' explanation was inspired spur of the moment bullshit.

Cindy exclaimed to her, "But that's Michelle! She's your daughter. I know she's willful and could definitely use a good spanking or two, but shouldn't she at least wear panties or something?! Look at the way her legs are splayed out like that. I mean, Dan can see, well... EVERYTHING!"

Mindy began to reply, but I missed what she said because I leaned down and whispered in Michelle's ear at the same time. I very quietly told Michelle, "I know you find this kind of thing really erotic, but you can't let on. I need to seduce Cindy, and she's not ready to handle the incest just yet. So I want you to make out like you're suffering terribly. I'm gonna hit you extra hard to help you not look all horny. Can you do that?"

She whispered back, also very quietly so that only I could hear, "I'll try, Daddy, I'll try. I'm totally rooting for you to tame her. But it's tough, especially with Mom talking about your 'complete domination' of my sexy ass! I wanna cum already! I want you to fingerfuck me and then stuff my pussy with the King! I NEED to cum! I wanna hold your great big cock and stroke it! It feels so good on my tummy that I wanna scream!"

"Sssh," I replied, since her whispers were getting excitable. "Once I start really whacking you, I don't think you'll wanna cum anymore. But if you do, mask it with lots of crying and complaints."

She nodded.

Cindy asked Mindy, "What's he saying? What are they talking about?!"

I looked up and replied, "If you must know, I was assuring her that I still love her despite having to do this. You'll find out exactly what I mean when I say that soon enough, because it's your turn to get spanked next."

Cindy blanched and defensively drew her hands to her barely covered chest. "MY turn?! What on Earth did I do?!"

I looked over at my wife, who was all smiles at that, and even gave me the okay sign with her fingers to show how much she approved of that idea.

I didn't want to get in a big discussion with Cindy over why she deserved a spanking, especially since any such excuses would be pretty feeble. So instead, I raised my hand up and let it come crashing down.

My eyes followed my hand and I watched Michelle's bare ass cheek bounce and jiggle a good deal, which was quite a feat due to just how firm and strong her ass was. I knew that the spanking would turn Michelle on, but I wanted it to also be a well-deserved punishment, so I'd smacked her extremely hard. The sound of the smack reverberated and echoed in the sudden silence, only to be drowned out by the distant sound of the ocean waves below us rolling into the beach.

Michelle, though, was ready for something like that. She grunted loudly, but managed to avoid screaming. Then she immediately shouted out, "One! Thank you, Sir! May I please have another?"

I looked over at Sue Ellen. She was trying to remain inconspicuous and not get too aroused from watching. She was continuing to be prudent about the whole incest secret. But she couldn't help but flash me a big smile in response to Michelle's words, since that was a tradition in our group that she had started.

Cindy gasped. "Oh my GOD! That looks like it really HURT! And why did she say that?"

Mindy, acting blasé, said, "Oh, the 'thank you, Sir' thing? That's all part of the spanking power dynamic. You have to realize that Dan is not your enemy, he's trying to help you. Giving you a spanking is giving you a gift of love. So, naturally, you need to say 'thank you.' Furthermore, it's reinforcing that you must obey him and submit to him, so you need to say 'Sir.' And of course you need to acknowledge your punishment by keeping count. If you fail to say the number and 'thank you, Sir, may I please have another,' then the smack doesn't count and you have to do it again."

I noticed that Mindy was cleverly describing this to Cindy in terms of 'you' instead of terms of 'Michelle' and 'she.' She was prepping Cindy to the idea that she, Cindy, would be next. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Cindy squirming in her seat at the thought of it.

I brought my hand down again. If anything, I struck my daughter even harder this time. I really didn't want Michelle to suddenly blurt out something like, "Oh Daddy, I love it! Fuck my cunt!" Needless to say, that would destroy all the progress we'd made with Cindy. So my plan was to make this a truly painful spanking instead of a pleasure spanking.

Michelle took it with another loud grunt and then, "Two! Thank you, Sir! May I please have another?"

With the goal of making this as quick as possible, I picked up the pace. If there were any delays between smacks, I'd be tempted to caress and soothe Michelle's incredible upturned ass cheeks with my bare hands. So I would strike, wait for Michelle to say her line, and then strike her defenseless butt again.

I quickly worked my way up to twenty. By that time, Cindy's eyes were bursting out of her head, Roger Rabbit-style. I'm sure she was in disbelief that I was spanking Michelle so hard (and that she was going to get the same treatment next!).

Mindy was still sitting next to her, muttering into her ear. I'm sure that whatever she was saying was helping to arouse her even more, as well as convincing her that she had to "take her punishment" next.

Michelle had gone from grunting after each slap to unabashedly screaming. She was continually crying now too.

All the while, my erection was still poking proudly out of my robe and continued to rub up against my daughter's underside. It was a good thing Michelle's body kept Cindy from seeing it. I felt extremely naughty, being exposed like that right in front of Cindy's clueless eyes. But I could deal with the level of stimulation I was getting, since my dick wasn't pinned down. It mostly just bounced a little after each blow, and then it generally wound up resting against Michelle's tummy, since it was jutting up and out so stiffly.

I was glad that we had a large backyard with lots of trees all around. I wondered though, about the houses directly below us. Would they hear her cries and call the police? I was keeping an occasional eye on the backyards down there to see if anyone was coming out to investigate where the screams were coming from. So far so good, though.

When I reached smack number twenty-one, Cindy cried out to me, "Good God, aren't you going to stop?! Isn't twenty enough?! You're not going to do THAT to me, are you? I couldn't take it!" Yet while there was fear in her eyes, there obviously was a great deal of lust there too. She was wiggling in her chair so much that it was a wonder she didn't fall out of it altogether.

Mindy was happy as a clam now, all signs of her anger gone. She explained, "You don't know what Michelle did to me. I'll explain it to you later, but suffice to say that it was the most low-down and sneaky thing she's ever done. So this is an extraordinary spanking. You on the other hand, you're going to get a very different kind of spanking."

Cindy again brought her hands up to her bountiful chest defensively as she considered that. "What kind of spanking?!"

With Mindy and Cindy intently talking and looking at each other, I finally had a chance to briefly slip a hand between Michelle's legs and bring it up to her pussy. I leaned down to her head and whispered very quietly, "Good GOD, girl, you're sopping wet! Did you cum yet?"

She incredulously whispered back, "Are you kidding me? I've been cumming practically the whole time! This is how I fucking NEED to be spanked by you every single fucking day! Not like those pathetic little love taps you did last time. Now you're really showing me who's boss and who's the big-titted cock slave!"

Thank God Cindy couldn't hear that!

I wished I could bring my cum-soaked hand over to her mouth to let her clean my fingers off, but there was no way I could do that unnoticed. I briefly fingered her pussy while Cindy was looking away, but the way Michelle responded with loud, erotic moans made me decide that was too risky. I didn't want to blow it now, since it looked like Cindy was being successfully reassured by my wife.

I raised my hand up and brought it down again, as hard as I possibly could. My hand was actually starting to hurt by now, and I'm a fairly strong guy. I couldn't imagine how much more Michelle's ass cheeks had to hurt by now. Judging just by the heat that was radiating from them, I was amazed I wasn't bathed in a cherry red glow that would light up my features like some sort of evil mad scientist!

I kept going up until to thirty hard spanks, which was my final goal. Any more, and I felt like my hand would fall off. But the spanks came slower, because it took longer and longer for Michelle to say her number plus "thank you, Sir, may I please have another" line each time. She was having great difficulty just breathing, and she was bawling unabashedly and continuously now. I was glad I'd found out that she was cumming so much, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go through with making her suffer that much.

Cindy was staring in disbelief like she'd just watched me chop Michelle's head off! If nothing else, we were definitely succeeding in distracting her from thinking about the Sue Ellen blowjob.

Finally, it was done. "Thirty," I said. I gently ran my hand through Michelle's long blonde mane. "That's it. You've been a good girl."

"Thank you, Daddy!" Michelle gushed, even as her tears continued to fall. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was so..."

I was afraid she'd say something like "great" or "fantastic."

But it seems she caught herself in time and said, "Necessary! I'm gonna be such a good little girl from now on, you'll see! I'll obey you completely! I love you so much!"

Phew! That was a close call! Nice save, Shelle!

But now I was in a bit of a fix. Michelle's pussy had been a real gusher throughout the spanking. At first, my robe had been directly under her wetness, and there was a large wet spot on it. As the spanking went on and I'd readjusted several times, the robe had opened up even more, and now there was an even larger wet spot on my thigh. How could I hide all that from Cindy, especially if she was going to be lying across my lap next?

Furthermore, my insistent erection was twitching and throbbing to my heart beat. Things were so arousing that going flaccid anytime soon wasn't even an option! My aroused state would be pretty hard to disguise as well, even if I managed to cover it with the robe as my daughter got up.

I don't know if Mindy was one step ahead, or if it was just a lucky break for me, but she and Cindy got into a big discussion. Cindy was protesting that she couldn't possibly go through something like that, and why should she anyway, while Mindy was trying to argue that she could and she had to. But their voices were low and I could only catch bits and pieces.

With the two of them fully preoccupied, I muttered to Michelle, "Quick, you need to make yourself scarce. I'm gonna do Cindy next, and if you're still here and watching, that'll freak her out. Have Sue Ellen take you back to the house and put some lotion on your ass. Oh, and hand me that towel over there."

She muttered back, "Should she just apply the lotion, or can we play around?"

"Play around if you want. But not too much; I don't want to miss any more firsts with her. And upstairs in your bedroom, please. We wouldn't want Cindy to wander by and see or hear."

"Oh, goody!" She bounced up with surprising vigor and wiped the tears from her cheeks. I could tell she wanted to do a lot more, starting with posing and preening her naked body for me, but she reluctantly went to get a big white towel for me that was on another chair.

She bent over me as she handed it to me, causing her huge, jutting, bare breasts to practically bounce off my face. She whispered, "You're the greatest, Daddy! I was cumming pretty much the ENTIRE time! Being your cock slave is living my greatest dream, and it never ends! I can't wait until you fuck me in every hole, every single day!"

"Ssssh!" I looked around, but Mindy and Cindy were still arguing. "Go! Quick, go!"

Mindy and Cindy were so involved that they didn't even notice Michelle talking Sue Ellen into leaving, and then both of them actually going. They also didn't notice my hasty attempts to use the towel to dry my erection, thigh, and robe, not to mention the puddle on the ground. I was fairly successful with the penis and the thigh, but not so much with the robe. Worse, my whole body smelled of pussy. But there was only so much I could do.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Billo, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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