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Chapter 54

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Cleaning up allowed me to stretch my legs a little bit. It was also much darker now, which probably explained why Cindy didn't notice the others leave. Making sure to keep my robe closed around my waist, I walked over to a light switch in a box at the side of the deck and turned the night lights on.

That finally caught Cindy's attention, and Mindy's too. Both of them stopped talking and looked around. Their eyes had to readjust to the light, and everything outside of the lights faded to an inconsequential blackness. Suddenly, the focus was on me.

I quickly sat down again to help hide my raging erection, but I picked a different chair to sit in. That way, I could put some distance between me and the remnants of Michelle's puddle of suspicious origin, not to mention the obvious aroused pussy smell it still gave off. I carefully adjusted my stiff rod to be less conspicuous and again made sure the robe was fully closed in the front (although I knew it wouldn't stay that way for long, given there was just the one sash).

Cindy had a deer-in-headlights look again now, knowing it was her turn. I had no idea how Mindy had even justified that Cindy required a spanking, and I hoped I didn't get asked, in case my explanation was wildly different from Mindy's. The best way to avoid that was to take charge of the situation.

She asked me, "Where did the others go?"

I completely ignored that. I said in my most commanding voice, "Cindy, come over here. Now."

Cindy protested in a pouty little girl's voice, "No. I don't wanna!" But she said it in a way that made it clear to me that she had already given in to the idea and was just going through the motions.

I said even more sternly, "Cin, if you don't come here right now, I'm going to have to add more spanks to your total." I'd never called her 'Cin' before, even though Mindy called her that all the time, but I liked it for this situation. I especially liked the similarity to 'sin.'

Mindy pushed Cindy into a standing position. "Go. Now. You don't want to make him angry."

Cindy was suddenly blushing, but she managed a step or two in my direction.

Mindy physically and verbally prodded and pushed her along, until Cindy was standing right in front of me.

Cindy's eyes were closed and her head was bowed. "This is so... I'm a grown woman!"

Smirking, Mindy said, "Are you? Let's just confirm." Then she reached around to Cindy's front side and undid the knot over Cindy's cleavage that was holding her top together. In a flash, she had the blouse in her hands.

Cindy opened her eyes with alarm. "Hey! Give that back!" But she was torn between using her hands and arms to cover her now exposed chest and trying to reach out to grab the blouse back. As a result, she didn't do either very well.

Mindy held the blouse just out of reach with one hand.

Cindy saw her opportunity and tried to grab it.

But Mindy was one step ahead, as usual. She pulled the blouse further away, and then used her other hand to yank Cindy's short shorts (and panties) down her legs.

"HEY!" Cindy cried out. She brought her hands down to protect her decency, but it was too late. Her pussy and bush were exposed, and she had to use one hand to cover that up. So her other hand was no match for Mindy's two hands as Mindy continued to pull Cindy's shorts and panties the rest of the way down her legs.

Mindy pointed out, "Remember, the spankee needs to be completely naked."

Cindy accepted that as if it was fact. No doubt, this was influenced by how aroused she had become from watching Michelle's spanking. Her nipples were hard, her pussy was obviously wet, and one could see from her heaving big tits just how heavily she was breathing.

Also, it didn't seem like Cindy was really fighting THAT hard to keep her clothes on. This was especially obvious when Mindy brought her shorts and panties down to Cindy's feet. Cindy lifted up one foot and then the other so Mindy could finish her task.

But then, pretending she hadn't just cooperated, Cindy turned to me and complained angrily, "Look what you've done! I'm totally naked! I hope you're satisfied!" One of her hands covered up her crotch, but the other was on her hip to help show her righteous indignation. That was fine with me, because it left her impressive D-cups bouncing free in a very enticing way.

"I am," I replied, leering openly. Awesome! I'm getting to see Cindy completely naked! She's such a babe, such a stacked and sultry babe! Why some other guy hasn't snapped her up already is beyond me. But I'll be glad to have her. I'll almost be like having another Ruby, who also happens to be a good friend!

I forced myself to stay calm and appear in control. "Now, lay yourself across my lap, tits down and ass up. This is going to be a different kind of spanking than the one I just gave Michelle."

Cindy looked to Mindy, and waved her over. She leaned forward and whispered right into Mindy's ear, "There's a problem. A big problem!"

"What?" Mindy whispered back.

I should point out that although Cindy thought I couldn't hear, she was standing right next to me and it was dead silent except for some chirping crickets, so I just managed to make out her words.

"I'm horny!" Cindy whined quietly. "Really horny! He's gonna know. I'm all... wet!"

"Tough luck." Mindy started physically bending Cindy over me.

In truth, Cindy wasn't nearly as reluctant as she tried to make out to be. It was increasingly obvious that she was extremely aroused. In fact, the smell of her wet pussy was so strong that it drowned out Michelle's lingering smell, allaying my worries that she'd detect it. I could hear her panting wildly as she thrashed about.

I said to my wife, "Sweetheart, she's being difficult. Can you stay here and hold her arms behind her back?"

"Certainly!" Mindy obviously liked that a lot because it would keep her in close contact with Cindy for the duration of the spanking. She held Cindy's wrists firmly as they rested on her lower back. In truth, Cindy wasn't putting up any resistance to this at all, as she'd been wiggling not to escape but because her highly aroused body couldn't keep still.

Mindy's robe was still closed for the most part as she knelt with her breasts pressed up against Cindy's side, but I figured her robe wouldn't stay that way for long.

I didn't want my robe to stay closed either. Seeing just how hot to trot Cindy was already, I'd loosened the sash while Cindy settled down on top of me. It only looked like I was keeping the robe closed, but as she squirmed about it opened widely. By the time she'd finally calmed down, my robe was completely off my legs (which nicely solved the problem of her detecting the robe's wet spot).

"What's this?" I asked. "I feel something wet on my skin."

Cindy whimpered with arousal and embarrassment. She knew there was no hiding the way her pussy juice was gushing out all over my thigh. "Oh Gaawwwd!" she whimpered. "Please have mercy on me!"

Just then, I felt her body shiver all over. I had a pretty good feeling that she'd just climaxed, but she was trying her damnedest not to show it. And this was before I'd really touched her with my hands!

"Someone's been naughty," I said as I ran my hands over Cindy's back and down to her wonderfully bare ass. "Did you get all hot and bothered watching Michelle get spanked?"

"NO!" she protested. "Besides, I'm not the only one aroused here. What's that thing poking up towards my belly button?!"

I wasn't even trying to hide my erection, and I'd been counting on her noticing it resting against her skin. It wasn't like she was going to flee, not now. She was ready, even eager, for her spanking. Every movement of her body made that perfectly clear. "You know what that is," I said without a hint of shame.

That made her shiver and gasp.

I continued, "By saying 'I'm not the only one,' you admit that watching the spanking made you horny."

She whined unhappily, "No! Really! It didn't!"

"Then what did?"

Cindy thought frantically, but obviously couldn't come up with even a vaguely plausible alternate explanation, so she kept her mouth shut.

I could scarcely believe that I was sitting with my robe open and my erection jutting out, and with my wife's good friend laying naked across my lap while my wife held her down on me!

For years, I'd consciously denied any sexual attraction to Cindy, but the desire had been there, and it had been strong. She really was a curvy, redheaded stunner. It was hard for me to restrain myself in this position and not just up and fuck her. Okay, Dan, control yourself. I've gotta be patient if I want to reach the promised land. I'm so close to winning her! One wrong move now, and I'll wind up like Moses, seeing that fertile valley lying so lush and beautiful in front of me, but forever forbidden to enter.

Mindy was rubbing Cindy's back now with one hand. She only needed one hand to keep Cindy's wrists "bound," and that was more a symbolic reminder than anything, as that hand just lightly rested on Cindy's arms now. She said, "Don't deny it, Cin. We all know. We know you need a good spanking. Not so much because you've been bad, but just to show that Dan's in charge. You've needed this for a loooong time, and now you're going to get what's been sorely lacking in your life. Isn't that right?"

"No!" she protested. "I really, I really..." What she meant wasn't clear, because she didn't get any farther than that.

Mindy could sense her words were having a good reaction, so she persisted, "You need a strong, virile man like Dan to take charge, don't you? You need him to spank your sexy, naked body. There's no point in resisting him, is there?"

"No!" Cindy replied, but then realized that 'no' might mean 'yes,' due to Mindy's last question. So she reversed herself. "Yes! ... I mean, no! I mean... Gaawwwd, I dunno what I mean!"

Both my hands were resting on her ass cheeks now. I was tempted to run my fingers through her copious cum flow, but I didn't want to go too far too soon. I said, "Okay, Cin, it's time for your spanking. You've been a BAAAAD girl. I'm thinking twenty will set your ass straight."

She churned her hips in frustration. "NoooOOOOoooo! I'll be a good girl, really! I promise! Please!"

I'd assumed that Mindy's earlier explanation about "infantilization" was a bunch of BS, but now I wasn't so sure. Maybe she'd stumbled onto something true, because Cindy was acting a whole lot like a little girl who had been caught misbehaving. She was even going so far as calling herself a girl. Whatever was happening, it seemed to be working on a sexual level. Cindy was already reaching a new level of orgasmic ecstasy before I'd even begun spanking her.

"Look," I said to her impatiently, "I'm not going to start until you admit that you deserve a good spanking. Admit that you've been bad!"

Her naked body was wildly wiggling, her legs kicking uselessly in the air. "NO!" She cried petulantly.

"Ciiiiindyyyy..." I said just like a disapproving parent.

She panted, "I... I... I admit it. I've been bad!"

That pretty much blew my mind, since I didn't even know what excuse we were using to justify this. Did Cindy even know? Somehow, that turned me on even more.

"Sorry," I said, and then I smacked a hand down onto her ass.

Now, I certainly was having a ton of fun, but I wasn't looking forward to doling out more swats. I'd gone all out with Michelle, and my spanking hand was tired and, to be honest, sore. So I decided I wasn't going to spank her all that hard and there would be a lot more fondling than spanking. I'd been thinking about doing that for a while, which was why I'd told her earlier she would get a different kind of spanking. The goal wasn't to punish her (what did she do wrong, anyway?!); it was to give her so much pleasure that she'd want to be spanked - and more - again and again.

"Ouch!" she said, although it couldn't have hurt her that bad.

"What do you say?" I chided.

"Oh. Um... One! ... And uh... Oh yeah. Thank you, Sir. May I please have another?"

"Well, I'll suppose we'll count that one, even though you forgot. What do you think Mindy? Should we count it?"

"Well, maaaaybe..." my wife replied.

One great thing about our current set-up was that Mindy was across Cindy's body facing me, while Cindy was lying face down over my lap, facing the ground in front of her. So it was very easy for Mindy and me to share non-verbal communication with no chance of Cindy seeing.

If I just leaned forward a bit, we could even kiss each other over Cindy's prostrate body. So that was exactly what I proceeded to do, partly because I was so filled with love for my sexy and oh-so-generous wife, and partly because, with Cindy's little-girl act going, I knew it would turn her on even more to know that Mommy and Daddy were kissing each other over their little girl, while she lay helpless over Daddy's lap.

Mindy was in another one of her "smirks-a-go-go" moods because she saw that I was stalling for time. My left hand tenderly stroked the side of her face, while my right hand had drifted down to Cindy's gooey snatch and had gone for her jugular: I was busy twisting and pressing her clit. If that didn't drive away the last shreds of Cindy's self-control, then nothing would.

Cindy was trying to pretend I wasn't doing that, but her whole body was showing that she was being wracked with pleasure. I could practically see the shivers of excitement racing up and down her spine as her body twitched wildly.

I can't believe I'm getting to spank and freely fondle my wife's best friend! Such a long time coming. She's not even protesting that I'm touching her clit and the rest of her! There's no going back now. I started seducing her earlier, and tonight I'm going to finish making her mine!

Mindy was loving how we were stalling for time so I could play with Cindy there. She said, slowly, "I don't know. It's a tough call. I think she forgot. But on the other hand, you are a nice guy, and it is her first time. Well..."

"Please!" Cindy begged. "Please!"

It was very unclear what she was begging for. I don't think she even knew.

I raised my hand up and struck her other ass cheek.

"OH! YES! God, yes! YEEEESSSSSSS!" Her cry was pure ecstasy this time. There was a pause, and then she remembered. "Two! Thank you, Sir! May I please have another?"

Since it was clear that she wasn't going anywhere any time soon, I brought one hand back down to her dangling breasts, since I'd had such fun with them earlier in the day. I went straight for a nipple, figuring that would arouse her too much for her to put up anything but a feeble, token protest.

She didn't even do that, but just moaned lustily.

Then I brought my other hand back to her clit. Seconds later, I pushed two fingers into her wet slit and started fingerbanging her. Hot damn! I've lusted after Cindy's body for years, and here I am, finally able to explore it to my heart's content! This is even better than our hot kisses earlier. She's giving me total free reign! She's got a really hot, tight cunt too. Is there any doubt I'll be fucking her soon?! WOW!

She resumed her cries of, "Please! Please! Pleeeasssse!"

I still didn't know what she wanted. But it seemed to me that she was struggling mightily not to cum. So, as I worked her clit and nipple, I said, "You've been a naughty girl, but you have my permission to cum. One time only!"

I don't know if she was waiting for my permission; probably not. But she had been holding back, possibly as her last effort to show some kind of resistance. But my comment had some kind of effect, because she immediately screamed, "AAAAOOOOHHH! YEEEEESSSSSSSS!"

Imagine that "yes" in banner headline size - I've never heard such a loud or emphatic "yes" in my life! This woman was having one very powerful and overwhelming orgasm! I could feel as well as hear it, because I dropped my fingers into her drooling slit just in time to feel new gushes come flooding out.

As Cindy recovered, Mindy dropped her head down close to hers. She whispered, but loud enough for me to hear, "Look at you, Cin. Just look at you. Only two smacks, and you've turned into a shameless slut who cums like a fountain all over my husband!"

"No!" Cindy protested, despite all the blatant evidence against her. I loved when she protested, because she usually wiggled her hips all over my erection in frustration.

"Where are my husband's hands?" Mindy pressed.

Cindy was silent while I continued to probe deeper and deeper into her cunt with my fingers, and also switched from one nipple to another. She finally said, "This is NOT how things were supposed to go! And what about that French maid girl, sucking his huge cock?! It's not right!"

"Where are my husband's hands?" Mindy asked her again.

I barked at Cindy, "My wife asked you a question!" Suddenly, I raised my newly wet hand and slapped it back down.

"Oh!" Cindy gasped. "Uh... Three! Yeah, uh... And... Thank you, Sir! May I pleases have another?" She was so aroused that she was having obvious difficulty remembering what she was supposed to say.

Mindy still pressed, "Answer the question!"

"Um, he's, uh... One hand is groping my... My..."

Mindy added helpfully, "Your big, round, needy tits. Say it."

"It's, uh, his hand is..."

To encourage her, I let loose with another loud slap.

"UGH! GOD!" she moaned, her voice dripping with lust. "Um, four! Four! Thank you, Sir! May I please have another?"

Mindy said testily, "I'm waiting..."

I noticed that Mindy's robe had come open. Her own sizable tits were pressed up against Cindy's side, just above Cindy's hips. I could see the top swells of my wife's boobs, and figured that her nipples had to be pressing pretty deeply into Cindy's flesh. Cindy still had both her arms crossed at her wrists over her lower back, but Mindy wasn't making any attempt to restrain them. Instead, one of her hands was gently stroking Cindy's hair while the other one was stroking her bare back.

Cindy finally replied, "He's, uh, his hand is groping my tits! He's playing with my nipples!"

"Good," Mindy said firmly. "What kind of tits?"

She panted wildly, "My, uh, my big, round, needy tits!" Her voice was dripping pure lust.

"Good answer. What's his other hand doing?"

"Oh!" Cindy gasped. "It's too embarrassing. Do I have to say?"

We all knew that it was in her pussy, as I generally fingered her there between spanks. Mindy suggested to me, "Honey, show her who's boss."

I spanked Cindy again, a little harder this time, and then brought the hand right back to her slit.

"Five! Sir! Thank you, Sir! May I please have another?"

If nothing else, she was getting better at saying her line. But then there was a very long pause, broken only by the sound of my fingers' squishy noises as I plunged them in and out of Cindy's burning hot pussy.

My wife chided her, "Don't make me have to ask you again..."

Cindy knew what we were waiting for, and finally she said, "He's... playing... Oh, it's too shameful! ... He... He has his fingers in my pussy! There! I said it! Are you happy? This is so humiliating!"

"It is," Mindy agreed. "But get used to it. You're not just any ol' slut now, you're one of Dan's sluts, and his sluts get regularly spanked and humiliated."

Cindy squealed even louder upon hearing that.

Mindy slowly slid to the side along Cindy's back, dragging her bare breasts over Cindy's nudity and in the process managing to get her open robe to even wider for greater skin-to-skin contact.

My devilish wife kept going until she could lean down and whisper into Cindy's ear, hotly and loudly so I could easily hear her. "You know what you need? You need Dan's cock. My husband's big, thick, throbbing, hot... COCK. You need to spread your legs and feel that huge hard man-meat open you up oh-so-wide as he fucking stuffs it in you! You need to feel it in you, fucking you deep, and long, and good-God-so-incredibly-fucking-THICK! You need it, don't you?"

Cindy didn't say anything this time. Maybe she'd realized that all her earlier "No!" protests only made her look foolish, or maybe she was having such trouble just panting and gasping for air that she was nearly incapable of speech. I hoped that it was because she worried that if she started talking, she'd scream, "YES!"

In any case, Mindy upped the ante by reaching under Cindy and between my legs. My erection was as stiff as ever, but had been mostly merely poking into the air. I couldn't keep it poking into Cindy's stomach without a guiding hand, but my hands had better things to do.

I was over the moon that my wife was helping out. She firmly held my erection and brought it up to Cindy's underside. Making sure to keep her fingers mostly out of the way, she pressed it deeply into Cindy's skin. "Feel that? That's my husband's enormous thick cock, the one he's been stuffing me with, daily, all these years. That's the cock your daughter loves to suck. Can you just picture that? Can you picture Ruby somehow managing to cram this gigantic slab of manly fuck-meat into her hungry little mouth, struggling to engulf the sheer size of it? Can't you see her red lips straining to surround it, sliding up and down, up and down?"

Cindy's eyes were wide as saucers as she slowly nodded her head.

Mindy continued, "In case you're having trouble visualizing that, remember how Sue Ellen was happily bobbing on it not that many minutes ago. Can you put that picture back in your mind? Can you recall her lips sliding, sliding, relentlessly sliding, up, down, and all over it, just like you will be doing from now on?"

Not surprisingly, Cindy let out another passionate moan. She seemed too ashamed to speak.

My wife was rubbing my erection back and forth across Cindy's lower stomach as much as she could, and Cindy was totally focused on feeling that at the moment. Pre-cum was dribbling out of my cockhead, and while most of it fell downwards, some of it smeared against her skin.

Mindy nodded at me, indicating it was time for another smack.

So I let loose with another one. Like the previous one, it was a hard blow.

Cindy could definitely feel the sting and the pain, I'm sure, and her ass cheeks were slowly turning red. But it was nothing like the full force I'd used on Michelle.

"YEOW! ... Uh... six? Yeah, six. God, is it only six? Thank you, Sir. May I please have a... ugh! ... another? Will this nightmare ever end?!"

I thought it would be droll to have her cum again after complaining about it being a nightmare. So I brought my fingers out of her sticky depths and resumed working her clit. "Cum for me again, you slutty, big-titted bitch!" I normally don't use the word "bitch," but I was in an unusually aggressive mood.

Mindy was still sliding my erection from side to side over Cindy's stomach, slowly coating the whole area with pre-cum. And as she did that, she continued, "What do you think about your daughter submissively sucking on my husband's cock? Is that wrong or is it right?"

"Ummm..." Cindy closed her eyes tightly, struggling with her answer.

"Think about it," Mindy pressed. Not only was she sliding my cock back and forth over Cindy's skin like some kind of hot and fleshy pendulum, but she was managing to stroke it in such a way that Cindy could feel her fingertips on either side moving up and down it. "My husband's enormous cock is insatiable, you know. I need help! As soon as he cums down your throat, he gets hard again! In fact, sometimes it never goes soft at all. Can you imagine that, sucking on it for such a very long time, having him blast a load in your mouth, and then you feel that it's not going flaccid at all? You just have to keep sucking and sucking!"

Cindy moaned and groaned helplessly.

My devilish wife added, "It's not enough just for you and me to stroke it and suck it and get fucked by it all day long. We need Ruby's help, don't we?"

Surprisingly, Cindy suddenly exploded, gasping out, "YES! God, yes! So help me God, but it's true!"

"Ruby doesn't need a normal boyfriend, does she? Does she?"

Cindy didn't answer at first, so Mindy smacked her hip.

"No!" Cindy finally conceded. "No, she doesn't!"

Mindy triumphantly continued, "Correct! It's better that she helps me and you keep Dan's thick cock well taken care of, don't you think?"

"OH GOD! Lord, help me!"

I continued to steadily pump two fingers in and out of Cindy's hot box, hoping that would help her give the "right" answer.

My wife told her sternly, "That's not an answer. Don't you agree that her flawless teen body is meant to serve my hubby? Isn't that her true calling?"

"So help me God! Help me! It's TRUE! It's so true! UNGH! HNNNG! Gonna... gonna cum!"

Mindy could help but snicker a little bit. "You don't have my husband's permission to cum yet. Hang in there! And what about Sue Ellen? Was it wrong what she was doing? Or does my hubby's insatiable cock need her help too?"

"Uh..." Cindy seemed on the verge of passing out from too much stimulation.

Mindy simplified the question. "Is it wrong, that she helped him?"

"NO! NO! He... he needs it! Help! So much help!"

Mindy stroked Cindy's reddish hair. "Correct, again. Sue Ellen doesn't need a normal boyfriend either. And she doesn't want one. Already she's found her happy place, serving my hubby's cock. You don't need a boyfriend or hubby either! No other man, ever! You need to work here full time, serving my husband's relentlessly commanding cock! Isn't that true?"

"Work here?" asked Cindy, confused.

"We know how much you hate having to depend on the money from your ex-husband," said Mindy. "That money should be just for playing with, or given to charity, or burned. It is beneath contempt. But you've never been able to hold down a job on your own. You need to come to work for me and Dan."

"How?" she asked.

I couldn't help but wonder myself. I kept right on fingerbanging my hot neighbor.

"As our maid, of course," said Mindy. "You'll work right here as a live-in maid, serving Dan of course, helping to keep his hot horse cock constantly throbbing with pleasure, but also taking care of the house, and me and Michelle and Ruby. We'll even get you a uniform like the one Sue Ellen was wearing. Won't that be nice?"

I didn't like that at all, aside as a fleeting sexual fantasy. I respected Cindy too much as a mature and intelligent mother and woman to actually want to see her as a maid. I frowned disapprovingly at my wife.

Since Mindy and I were in position to make faces to each other without Cindy seeing, Mindy gave me a reassuring look. Then she mouthed the words I could easily read and understand: "Don't worry. Just a fantasy."

Cindy gasped out, "I... I... I don't know! That sounds so... wicked! So wrong! Gaawwwd, I need to cum so bad!"

"I told you you don't have permission. Hang in there!" Mindy nodded at me again.

My hand flew down, striking Cindy's beautiful ass.

Cindy panted, "Seven! Thank you, Sir! May I please have another?"

I noticed a difference in Cindy's voice. Before, she was saying "thank you, Sir" with the emphasis on the "thank you." Now, the emphasis was definitely on the "Sir," which she said nearly reverently.

Mindy brought one of her hands over to Cindy's chest. Figuring she was taking care of business over there now, I brought both of my hands to Cindy's ass and pussy. I started to probe deeper, hoping to find her G-spot.

As Mindy fondled Cindy's nearest tit, she said, "Picture Ruby sitting topless, on her knees. Picture her huge and bouncy tits enveloping my husband's thick cock. Imagine your daughter bending her head down, straining to lick the tip of it for him. She loves to do that. She LOVES it when my husband fucks her tits! Isn't that right? Isn't that how it should be?"

Cindy shook her head negatively. "Stop! Stop! Too hot! I can't... can't take it! Gonna... gonna die! Can't breathe! Gotta... gotta cum!"

But Mindy didn't stop. "I said you can't cum yet, or he'll spank you like he spanked Michelle! Now, picture yourself serving them drinks and cocktails in your wickedly sexy uniform. And then Dan invites you to sit next to your daughter, waiting for your turn. He's going to fuck YOUR tits next, isn't he? Or maybe you and Ruby will suck his cock together!"

"YES!" Cindy replied, practically delirious, and completely winded. "To-to-together!"

"Don't you want him to fuck your tits too?! Don't you want him to spear your cunt, just like he fucks your daughter? Don't you want him to spread and impale your ASS?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Was that one yes for each question or just an all-around emphatic yes to the last one? I didn't know, but either way, it was getting me damn horny!

I brought my hand down yet again, because suddenly I was eager to get the spanking over with. Between the sexy talk, my relentless fondling, and Mindy's handjob of sorts, I was getting dangerously close to cumming.

Cindy gasped breathlessly, "Eight! Thank you, Sir! Mayipleasehaveanother?"

Having two hands on Cindy's ass was nice, because now I didn't have to take my fingers out of her pussy each time I needed to spank her again. This allowed me to make more progress on finding her G-spot, and soon my fingers detected the bump that had to be it. I worked that for a while until she was going out of her mind, teetering on the edge of another climax.

Meanwhile, I listened to Mindy continue to say all kinds of filthy and arousing things about Cindy and Ruby and what they'd do to my erection. I noticed that Mindy constantly used "my husband" or "my hubby" when referring to me. I figure she was thinking that this frequent reminder of adultery would get Cindy even more aroused than she already was (if such a thing were humanly possible!).

My wife was being very clever (which hardly surprised me). She was trying to get Cindy used to me having sex with Ruby and me having sex with her. She would say something like, "Cin, keep your eyes closed and picture Dan's fat cock sliding through Ruby's tits. Picture her blissful face as he fucks the hell out of her big, soft fun bags. Then picture him fucking YOUR tits! Can't you just see it? Can't you just feel it? Can't you? Can't you?"

Mindy was careful to always prod Cindy until she got a positive answer.

"Yes! Yes! So help me God, but YES!" Cindy finally admitted. It wasn't hard for her to imagine getting titfucked, since my slicked-up erection was poking into her skin mere inches below her tits at that very moment.

The more Cindy admitted, the more aroused she got. She was resistant, but Mindy was battering her defenses with descriptions and questions while my hands helped keep her lusty fires burning like a raging inferno. "So, you admit that you're one of Dan's sluts now?"

"Yes." This time, her voice was so tiny that I heard the breath of it more than the word.

"Repeat that," Mindy insisted.

"Yes. I'm one of Dan's sluts." Her voice was still whispery. She shivered all over yet again. I suspected she was having "illegal" orgasms from time to time. She was trying very, very hard to disguise them.

Mindy apparently decided that answer was good enough, because she moved on. "And what about Sue Ellen? When you came out here, you were upset that she was sucking my husband's cock. Why were you so upset?"

"I... I... I wanted that... to be, to be, me!"

Mindy smirked. "I suspected as much. But it wasn't you, it was her. Is that wrong, that Dan has other beautiful and busty sluts sucking his cock?"


"WHAT did you say? Wrong answer! Honey, spank her again!"

The ninth and tenth spankings followed relatively quickly while the G-spot probing continued. I noticed too, that Mindy had yet to let go of Cindy's tits. She wasn't just casually stroking them like she'd been stroking Cindy's hair earlier - she was full-on groping and kneading them. However, she only had one hand to do that, since her other hand was busy sliding all over my throbbing rod.

I don't know if Cindy even fully noticed, though, because of everything I was doing to her ass and pussy. However, it was hard for her not to, since Mindy kept her hand against Cindy's body as much as possible, just so that she'd know.

Cindy's body was constantly trembling now, sometimes more than other. I suspected she was having more "illegal" orgasms that she could count.

Mindy spoke as she continued to knead Cindy's rack from below. "Let's try that again. Sue Ellen loves to suck Dan's cock. Is that wrong?"


"Good answer. Honey, spank her again!"

"But, but, I gave the good answer that time," Cindy breathlessly complained.

"Doesn't matter," Mindy said, starting to get a little winded herself. "Dan's gonna spank you whether you've been bad or good, whether you've been naughty or nice. There's no escape!" Chuckling to herself, she added, "Think of him as a demanding Santa, only with a fuckin' huge cock! Smack her, Honey! NOW! Smack that sexy ass!"

So I did.

Cindy screamed to the high heavens and thrashed about like she was having a seizure. I worried about the neighbors calling the police, she was so loud. It took her a good minute before she managed to say her required line.

After the eleventh spank, I worked her clit and pussy until she exploded with her biggest orgasm yet. There was absolutely no way she could hide that one. Her whole body shook wildly atop my lap, making me feel like I was sitting through a major earthquake. In fact, she very nearly knocked my chair over. I discovered firsthand that Cindy was multi-orgasmic, because it took a lot of "aftershocks" before her body was finally more or less stilled.

She completely forget to say her required post-smack line this time. I decided not to press her about it.

While her orgasmic aftershocks were still continuing, Mindy kept talking, making sure that Cindy never had a chance to come down from her dizzying lusty heights. "I told you that you weren't allowed to cum without Dan's permission. But you've been bad. You've cumming off and on for a while now, haven't you?"

"I can't help it! I'm sorry!"

"You should be sorry. Hubby will have to properly punish you later."

Cindy wailed, her voice wavering, "Oh Gaaaaaawwwwwwd!"

Then my wife switched gears. She purred to Cindy, "You feel that? You feel my fingers? Can you tell what they're holding and stroking, just underneath you?"

Cindy gasped. She'd realized in a hazy way what was happening to my cock, but she'd been too involved in her own lusts to think much about anything else. Now that it was explicitly pointed out, it was like she was discovering it all over again. "You're... you're jacking... jacking him off! Mindy! You can't!"

"I can, and I am," my blonde beauty of a wife replied, very pleased with herself.

As much as I was enjoying everything, I had to say something soon or else the handjob would push me over the edge. I told Mindy, "I don't know if we're gonna make twenty spanks. I really need a break here. And please release the King or he's gonna blow!"

Mindy didn't exactly let go of my erection, but she stopped stroking it so much. She made sure to keep rubbing it against Cindy's bare skin though.

She cooed into Cindy's ear, "Did you hear that? Dan's cock is gonna blow soon. And you know WHERE he's gonna blow? He's gonna splatter his seed all over your tummy! How would you like that? Would you like to dip your fingers in your belly button and lick up all the baby juice you find there? Or would you rather have him cum on your face? Or all over your big breasts? Or in your mouth? Hmmm? I'll bet you'd love that, wouldn't you? The taste of a REAL man in your mouth, on your tongue, feeding your face the kind of meat and hot sauce you've been missing out on and craving all these years..."

Poor Cindy, she'd barely recovered from her latest orgasm and already Mindy was getting her hot as a furnace again. Cindy moaned with great lust after virtually every comment Mindy made.

I shook my head disapprovingly at Mindy, indicating she should be quiet for a while. For one thing, she was getting ME too horny. For another, Cindy was already so horny that arousing her any more was pretty much overkill. Cindy had barely recovered from her last big climax and already her nude body was rocking back and forth over my knees, heading for another one.

Mindy did quiet down, and she also stopped stroking me completely. However, instead of stroking, she spent more time pressing my hot and hard tube of flesh into Cindy's cum-soaked skin. It was almost like she was jacking me off but using Cindy's body to do it. It wasn't as effective as fingers (which was good for me, since I needed a break), but it kept Cindy boiling with lust (which was also good. See? My wife is smart!).

We rested for a minute or two, catching our breaths. The rubbing of my wet cockhead against Cindy was the only action.

Then I said, "Cindy, I imagine you're pretty wiped out at the moment. Why don't you stand up and stretch your legs?"

She liked that idea, and got up off me. I think she needed to get away from my hot cock on her skin more than anything else. She was so out of it that she staggered around a bit before she managed to lean up against another chair and steady herself.

Frankly, I wanted to stretch my legs too. Plus I found I needed to pee, and I was thirsty besides. My boner also needed a longer break, or I probably was going to cum just about the next time someone touched me. I said, "I'm going to pop back to the house and get myself a Coke. Do either of you want anything?"

Cindy almost imperceptibly nodded her head. She looked so drained that to say or do anything more was beyond her current abilities. She closed her eyes, sat down on the deck, and curled up a bit as she continued to recover. She seemed oblivious to the fact she was nude in the cool night air.

Mindy also nodded as she smiled up at me triumphantly. She didn't say anything, but I could pretty much read her triumphant facial expression. It said, "We did it! Cindy is ours now!"

I wasn't quite as confident. We still had a long way to go, especially since Cindy didn't know about the incest factor yet. And would she go all the to "cock slave" status? But I was very pleasantly surprised nonetheless. I hadn't expected to get so far this fast with her, and I don't think Mindy had been expecting that, either. We'd pushed, and found next to no resistance, so we'd pushed some more and still found no resistance, and so we kept pushing.

It was quite dark as I tried to make my way back to the house. Thank goodness that it was summer and an unusually warm night at that, or we would have all been forced to go inside already, which could have ruined the mood. As it was, I didn't mind being a little chilly, thanks to all the fun. And the robe was helping, even though it was wide open in the front nearly all the time.

As I got to the house, I wondered what had happened to Sue Ellen and Michelle, or Ruby for that matter. It was a good guess that at least two of them were upstairs in Michelle's bedroom, having lots of naked fun. I was tempted to go up there and peek in, but I knew I shouldn't. If I did, the odds were good I would get sucked in (in more ways than one!) and it was more important to continue the progress with Cindy.

Walking through the first floor to go to the bathroom, I listened for sounds from upstairs but I didn't hear anything. My penis went flaccid, and I considered that a small blessing. I quickly did my business and made my way back outside with three Cokes in hand.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Billo, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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