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Chapter 55

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got back to the patio. I'd only been gone for three or four minutes, but I worried that Cindy might have developed second thoughts during that time, once she cooled down some.

Luckily, that wasn't the case. As I came back through the trees, I saw Mindy and Cindy both sitting on their knees face to face so close that their knees were touching. They practically looked like mirror images of each other, except that Mindy was still in her robe, though it was open in the front and only covered her back and arms, and Cindy was completely nude. I have to say, it made a very attractive picture, and I wished I had my camera.

Both were leaning towards each other like they were about to kiss, but as I continued to walk closer without being noticed, it became clear that they were not. There was a heavy sexual tension in the air, certainly, but they were very busy talking, not kissing.

I don't know what they were talking about though, since they stopped and turned my way once they heard the sound of my footsteps drawing near.

"What'cha talking about?" I asked as I bent down and put the three cans of Coke on the ground.

"What do you think?" Mindy replied with a happy smirk. "I'll give you a clue: it's a name that rhymes with 'van' and 'tan' and begins with a 'D.'"

"Oh, I know," I said. "You're talking about the 'Damn Taliban.'"

That got a chuckle from both of them. "No," Mindy said.

I'd managed to get flaccid in time to pee, but my dick was already fully engorged again. How could it not be, just from seeing Cindy's centerfold-worthy body alone?! Knowing that there was no reason to hold back much anymore, I let my cockhead "accidentally" poke through the front of my robe.

I told Cindy, "Stand up."

She was confused, but she stood up. I liked that she didn't even ask why. She seemed distracted by what she could see of my boner in any case.

I said, "It occurred to me that you forgot all about our tradition, our hello kiss tradition."

"OH!" She gasped with lusty alarm, meaning a combination of arousal and distress.

"Luckily, it's never too late to fix that." I stepped forward and wrapped her in my arms.

She and I kissed with abandon for the next couple of minutes. Clearly, her inhibitions were all long gone. My robe was mostly closed and I made sure it stayed that way, because I didn't want my boner to get into the picture just yet. The poor thing still needed more of a prolonged break.

But I greatly enjoyed that Cindy was naked from head to toe, and I took full advantage. I made a particular point of aggressive running my hands all over her like I owned her. Which, in fact, I was hoping would soon be an established fact. Naturally, my hands spent most of their time playing with her tits, ass, and cunt. Generally, one hand alternated between her tits and ass while my other hand steadily diddled her clit or probed into her wet slit. I wanted to bring her back up to a very horny level, since she'd almost certainly cooled down some in the short time while I was gone.

From time to time, I peered just past Cindy to see how my wife was reacting. It was almost comical. Mindy made sure to get into my field of view and gave me two thumbs up, a vigorous head nod, and every other positive, non-verbal signal she could think of. It looked like she was on the verge of skipping and running around, she was so charged up with excitement.

Cindy was putty in my hands and I could have easily taken things to another level. She did rub my erection some, but only through my robe. I was confident that if I told her to drop to her knees and start sucking, she would. But I wanted to find out what kind of deviousness my wife had been up to, and I wanted to work up to something like that.

I abruptly broke away from all the kissing and groping and took a few steps away to where I'd put the Coke cans. I bent over and picked them up.

Walking back to my two beautiful women, I opened my Coke. I downed half of it with one long chug.

I blatantly ogled their incredible bodies. Mindy still had her robe on, but she let it wide open in front. Wow! Mindy AND Cindy! So similar to each other. Even their names are almost the same. Look at their bombshell bodies. How lucky am I? I love my wife so much. Cloning her is impossible, but Cindy is pretty damn close, at least from the neck on down. They practically could be twins! And they're just so fucking sexy! Hot busty teenage girls are hard to beat, but I like a voluptuous and hard bodied MILF just as much. Soon, both of them will be mine!

They knew they were being ogled, and they tried to show me their best side. Well, at least Cindy did. Mindy was happy to just smirk and revel in the whole situation. Whereas Cindy stood straight and tall, but with a hand on a hip and the most provocative "come hither" look she could muster. I loved that she was trying so hard to impress me.

Mindy finally broke the silence. "My hubby is quite the kisser, isn't he?"

"You said it! Good grief! If I wasn't naked already, the heat of his kiss would have burned my clothes off! My entire body is ON FIRE!"

Mindy chuckled. She teased, "Luckily, you won't be wearing clothes around him much from now on."

I finally handed their Coke cans to them.

After taking the can, Cindy mock pouted, "Dan, I bet you think you're going to have you way with me with kisses like that whenever we meet from now on."

"Yep!" I happily agreed.

She let out an exasperated sigh, but it was obvious that she was just pretending to mind.

Neither of them opened their cans, and I soon learned why. It seemed they had a prearranged plan to impress me, knowing that I would be bringing the cans back. Mindy held her can to her chest and started rubbing it all over her breasts. The cans had just come out of the refrigerator and were cold and covered with condensation. The way she was rubbing the cold can all over one nipple and then the other would have certainly gotten those nipples rock hard, except they were already.

She said, "Oh, we're just talking about what it means to be a good neighbor. Good neighbors help each other out. Like, if there's an uppity big-titted neighbor who needs to be spanked, then we really ought to help them out by spanking them. Right, Cin?"

Cindy was still just holding her can in front of her, staring at Mindy in wonder.

But Mindy grabbed Cindy's hand and pulled it to her bare chest. She held on until she was satisfied that Cindy was rolling the can around her D-cup sized tits in a sufficiently erotic manner.

As Cindy started to get into that, she replied teasingly, "Oh, yes. Definitely! I'm learning so much tonight. Did you know, there's only one way to properly spank a full-grown woman? She has to be naked and across your lap. And she has to say the number of each smack and 'thank you, Sir, may I please have another' after each one. Or else she just doesn't learn." She grinned lustily.

"What doesn't she learn?" Mindy prodded. She was smiling, confident Cindy would give the right answers.

"She doesn't learn who's boss. She doesn't learn who's got the big cock and knows how to use it, and who's there to pleasure said, uh... big cock." Her smile grew as she ran her Coke can up and down through her cleavage. Clearly, her powerful lust was emboldening her. She was too nervous to look my way though, and kept gazing at Mindy instead.

I love the cute red blush on her face.

Mindy reached around behind Cindy as if to hug her. Except, instead of hugging her, she set her Coke down and brought her left hand up to the right side of Cindy's right breast. Then she brought her right hand up to the left side of Cindy's left breast, and squeezed those ample breasts together.

This created a tight fuck-tunnel, perfect for a great titfuck. It was far too tight for the Coke can to fit in, but Cindy ran the can up and down it as best she could.

I sat down in a deck chair right in front of them. I undid the robe's sash altogether and let the robe open wide. I spread my legs to make my fully erect pole easily visible to both of them.

"Mmmm, look at that," Mindy said. The hand that had been pressing into Cindy's closest breast moved a bit, enabling Mindy to pinch her friend's nipple at the same time. "Talking about big cocks, check out my hubby. That sure is a nice one!"

"The nicest!" Cindy agreed, not hiding her true desires any longer. "Dan, you have no idea! You have no idea how looooong I've dreamed of you and making love with you. I've heard all the Dan stories. Mindy's told me EVERYthing for years! My own love life died out long ago, and I've been living vicariously through your wife."

That made me feel a little awkward and shy, so I tried to change the subject. "How does your ass feel?"

"It feels great!" Cindy exclaimed, seemingly surprising herself. She tilted her bare butt my way and wiggled it a little bit. "It hurts a bit, but it's so tingly now, and alive! At first, I was really afraid when I saw what you were doing to Michelle, but... I... I wanted it too!"

She looked away shyly. "Even though I knew it would really hurt, I wanted to see you take control!"

She reached back and gingerly ran a hand over her butt cheeks, thrusting her big tits forward in the process. "And then when you spanked me, you weren't nearly that rough, after all. It was like this constant tidal wave of pleasure washing over me, and the occasional painful spank just somehow made it even better. I can't... I can't explain!"

I commented, "It's like Arlo Guthrie once said in a song: 'if you have a light, you need a dark to stick it in.' He said something like that, anyway. The point is, the contrast of the pain heightens the sense of pleasure. Am I right?"

Cindy nodded enthusiastically. That would have set her flawless globes jiggling, but for the fuck-tunnel Mindy was keeping in place, with the Coke can resting over it. The condensation was running off the can and making rivulets down the round lower slopes of her firm melons.

Mindy replied, "Exactly. Boy, Dan, it sounds like you're hankering for a spanking."

I chuckled. "No thanks. But I can imagine. It's like when we play around with ice cubes in bed. The freezing cold somehow makes the pleasure more intense. Am I right?"

Mindy nodded.

Cindy said, "You play around with ice cubes? Mindy, you never told me THAT one."

"Hey, I don't tell you everything. You get the sanitized version."

"You mean all those countless stories told down the years, those were the sanitized versions?! Dear God! Be still my beating heart!" She suddenly looked my way, and flashed her eyes mischievously. It was breathtakingly sexy. She glanced at my exposed boner, but then she grew shy and looked away again.

Mindy laughed. "Hey, what can I say? I picked a winner of a handsome hubby. I'm telling you though, he really is too much man for me to handle alone."

My eyes were glued to their bouncy chests. Both of them were again rubbing the cold Coke cans on their skins now, only Mindy was rubbing hers over Cindy's breasts and Cindy was rubbing hers over Mindy's breasts. It was really inspiring to watch! Cindy was too timid to do much to Mindy, but Mindy was lovingly tracing the outlines of Cindy's perfect orbs with the can.

Mindy went on, "Speaking of handling men, and especially handling certain parts of my man, what else do good neighbors do, Cin?"

"Well, that depends, Mindy. If they've got big tits and narrow waists, and needy cock-hungry lips, they need to show their appreciation when their friends let their husbands spank them." Cindy was clearly referring to herself since she had an unusually narrow waist.

Mindy flashed a nearly wicked smile at me as she asked her, "And how do those cock-hungry lips show their appreciation?"

"It's hard to explain." Grinning, Cindy started crawling towards me while remaining on her knees. "Dan, I think it's better if I show you. Oh, wait." She still held the Coke can. Looking at it, she pondered out loud, "Which is thicker, this can or the King? Hmmm."

She stopped half-way and opened the can with a loud fizzing sound. She sat up on her knees so I could see more of her nudity. Then she tilted her head way back and slowly chugged the drink.

It was an incredibly erotic sight watching her do something as simple as chug that can, while on her knees no less. Just the sight of her throat working to swallow everything down made me easily envision her thirstily swallowing something else, thicker and more satisfying, down her gullet. Everywhere, from her dripping pussy, on up her taut stomach, past her thrust out chest, and on up to her shapely neck and hungry lips suckling on the can, she was a vision to behold.

What a body! She looks like she's 23 and has just finished practice with the rest of the Olympic volleyball team. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. She's so fit and athletic! And stacked! And she wants me!

Mindy obviously liked what she saw, too. She crawled behind Cindy, placed her hands on Cindy's hips, and then slowly stroked her way up her sides. (I think by this point Cindy had finished her drink, but she was still purposely holding the pose to tease me even more.)

Mindy then cupped the undersides of Cindy's breasts and hefted them up for my benefit. She said, "Cindy and I aren't bisexual. Well, not exactly. But we both agree that playing with each other can help get you hot. Don't you agree, Cin?"

"Oh, yeah!" Cindy surprised me by turning around in place so she was face to face with Mindy, and then she did almost the same thing to her. She reached forward and cupped the undersides of my wife's breasts too. "These are nice!"

Mindy reached out and resumed playing with Cindy's melons from this angle. "These are nice too!" She laughed. Then she explained to me, "While you were getting the drinks, I was explaining my breast fetish to Cindy, amongst other things. I think she has one too."

Cindy's grin turned into a toothy smile and she turned her head back my way and flashed me a sultry look. "These are very nice!" she repeated, while hefting my wife's big tits up and down to indicate what she was referring to. She licked her lips while brazenly staring at my cock. And she kept on running her hands over Mindy's breasts and lightly pinching her hard nipples.

"But Mindy, dearest, I need more than that right now." Slowly, she slid her hands downward from Mindy's breasts, all the way down her legs, as she bent further and further forward.

For a moment, I thought that she was going to go down on Mindy!

I think that Mindy thought so too, and she got a nervous, though still lustful, look on her face.

But that was not Cindy's intention. When her hands touched the ground, she only barely brushed the top of her head against Mindy's bush, teasing her and me with the implied promise that she would be up for some future lesbian action. Instead, she handed her empty Coke can to Mindy, turned away from her, and began to crawl slowly and sensuously over to me.

Mindy was delighted beyond belief. "That's it, crawl! A big-titted slut crawls naked on her hands and knees! You gotta work for that cock!"

I loved all this, naturally, especially that Cindy had started crawling on her own volition. But I was confused. The smart thing would have been to not worry about it and let Cindy crawl closer. But my curiosity got the best of me and I asked, "Cin, one thing. Earlier, you were so angry when you found me with Sue Ellen. But now you're like a different person."

"Oh yeah." She frowned at the reminder of her earlier mood. "It just seemed wrong. But that was before you... um... showed me who's boss, and spanked me for getting jealous over Sue Ellen."

I thought with amusement, So that's why I spanked her! I guess that's what Mindy told her. Good to know, after the fact. Wild!

Cindy remained on all fours right in front of me, like a tiger ready to strike. "Now, I see everything in a new light. Sex is good! It's great! It's only right that a manly man like you has several women to please him. And like I said when I was getting spanked, I was also jealous. I wanted that to be me!"

She stared at my crotch with renewed hunger. "And now it can be." She resumed crawling my way.

I spread my legs wider, allowing her to crawl between them.

But before she reached my crotch, Mindy exclaimed, "Holy smokes! STOP! Cindy, look at yourself! You're naked and on all fours, crawling to Dan's cock! We need to draw more attention to that fact. What does that make you?"

Cindy's face was already flushed, but now she blushed profusely. She muttered unhappily, "Thanks for pointing that out, again! As if I wasn't humiliated enough!"

Mindy insisted, "Sorry, but what does that make you?"

Cindy dropped her head shamefully, while still managing to eye my boner. "It makes me hungry for his cock, that's for sure!" After a longer pause, she added, "And I guess it makes me a slut. One of his sluts. Along with you, Sue Ellen, and... even... my own daughter!"

Saying that seemed to push Cindy up to an even higher level of arousal. Her entire body was trembling. She took my stiffness in both hands and kept her eyes on mine as she began to hungrily lick her way around my cockhead. I heard her quietly mutter, "I can't believe it! I'm really doing it!"

But Mindy came up behind her and resumed playing with Cindy's breasts, then proclaimed, "Wait! Not so fast!"

Cindy pulled her tongue away, but continued stroking me with both hands. "What?" she asked, the annoyance at being interrupted obvious in her voice. "Don't you know how long I've been waiting for this?!"

Mindy said, "I know. But don't think you can suck my husband's cock just any ol' time." She giggled. "Oh wait. Actually you can." She giggled some more. "But before you can do that, you have to pledge your obedience. We don't know where else that tongue might go. Right now, Dan has four sex toys. Me, Ruby, Sue Ellen, and one other. Are you willing to join us?"

"Yep!" Cindy quickly resumed licking her way up and down and all around my cock. She was so very horny and needy for my boner that I don't think she paid any mind to the "one other" mention. She just wanted to lick and suck!

Mindy let her lick all over my boner for about a minute, just to make sure she was really into it. But then she interrupted again. "Wait. Not so fast. Stop."

Cindy didn't stop. In fact, she started to swallow more and more of my cockhead, although she didn't take all of it in. She seemed to have some doubt as to whether she could get the whole thing into her mouth, and she was working up to giving that a try.

Strap on your seatbelts and brace yourself! Let's rock and roll! Cindy, bombshell Cindy, Ruby's MILFy mom Cindy, untouchable, forbidden fruit Cindy, has half of my knob in her mouth and she's straining for more! This is gonna be great!

Mindy happened to be kneading the fleshy undersides of Cindy's breasts, but she quickly brought her fingers up to Cindy's nipples and pinched them, hard. Then she yanked them back away from me, forcing Cindy to pull back.

"Ouch!" Cindy complained, taking her lips and tongue off my hard-on and turning her head around towards Mindy. She was really miffed at the interruption.

I was getting annoyed too, but I could understand what my devious wife was doing.

"Hey, I'm just getting your attention," Mindy explained with a naughty grin. "Don't be so flip about being one of Dan's sex toys and cock slaves. It's a big time, serious commitment. Before you resume your cock licking, remember, there can only be one man in your life. We don't want any sexual diseases in our group, and it's a matter of dedication and loyalty anyway. Before you commit, are you prepared to give up all dating, and swear off all other men, possibly permanently, if this works out in the long term?"

Cindy thought about that for some long moments and finally nodded her head. She turned back to my groin and resumed lightly licking my cockhead as she answered. "Sure. It's an easy choice, actually. Dating sucks! It's not like I'll ever find a man half as good as Dan, anyway. I'd rather have one-fifth of him than all of some other guy. By the way, who's the other woman in our group? Do I know her?"

She closed her eyes, so she could luxuriate in the licking.

"Later," Mindy said. "Right now, we're having a ceremony of sorts here. So you're saying that Dan is the one cock, the only cock in your life, and you'll strive to serve him. You'll never so much as kiss another man. Your body will belong to my husband! You may never marry again, because you'll be fully devoted to serving my man!"

Cindy growled, "I know already. Don't rub it in. It's fucking humiliating enough already!"

But Mindy wasn't done. "I just want to be clear, because once you get hooked on bobbing on his cock, there's no going back. 'Dan's slut,' 'cock slave' and 'sex toy' are not just words, they'll describe what you will be from now on. You won't be a wife, you won't even be a mistress. You'll be a sex slave, living to serve my husband's fucking cock!"

I thought Cindy might freak out over that, now that the "sex slave" and "cock slave" bombs had been dropped. That was an extremely serious demand.

Indeed, Cindy stopped licking and sat up to seriously ponder that. With my erection still in her hands, she replied, "Wow. 'Slave' is a pretty heavy word. Do we have to use that?"

"Yes," Mindy replied matter-of-factly, with no explanation.

Cindy sighed heavily. But then she looked up into my eyes, and said with renewed fire, "Yeah, well, I already AM a slave to your cock, Dan, and have been for years. I tried to act cool and normal around you, but you've been the subject of nearly all my fantasies for YEARS! My poor husband could never hope to compete with you. And that's probably why I never put much effort into dating after the divorce. You've enslaved my heart for years already! Hell, I'd rather be a slave up close than a slave from afar." She leaned forward and resumed licking.

I was astounded to hear all that. I'd had no idea she'd felt that strongly about me, and for so long! Actually, upon reflection I'd had a small inkling but I had dismissed it as a product of my overactive imagination. I remembered back when she was married. There were some awkward times at dinner parties when she seemed much more interested in me than him.

"Wait!" Mindy had to physically pull Cindy's shoulders back this time. "I know how much you want it and how good it feels. If you think the spanking was great, just wait until you fit that whole thing in your mouth! I swear, it'll be just as great as I always told you it would be. But before you commit, I want you to fully understand the rules. I don't want you feeling regretful tomorrow and backing down."

Staring up into my eyes hungrily again, Cindy asked my wife with considerable impatience, "Rules? There are rules?"

"Yes," Mindy continued while still playing with Cindy's nipples from behind. "So far, we have four rules. Remember them well. Are you ready?"

"Yes, already! Hurry!" She was actually gulping from salivating so much.

"Here they are, in order of importance: 'pleasure the cock,' 'no jealousy,' 'share the cock,' and 'wives get first dibs.'"

"That's it?" She licked her lips as she stared longingly at my thick boner.

"Hey, it's a work in progress. We may add more later. But can you agree to those? I know the first one seems easy, but it's about having the right attitude. It doesn't just mean pleasure his cock now and then, whenever you feel like it. It means you're dedicating yourself to making that a MAJOR priority in your life! That's why it's the number one rule. You ARE a cock slave. Period!"

Mindy decided that was too important not to have eye contact, so she let go of Cindy's breasts and scooted to the side far enough for them to look at each other.

Cindy reluctantly tore her gaze away from my erection. She kept on licking her lips even as she paid attention to my wife.

Mindy explained. "Pay attention, because this is serious. If you commit to being a cock slave, his cock will control you and rule your life. His pleasure will always be your top priority. Ask Ruby if you don't believe me."

Something clicked for Cindy. "Holy shit! She babbled something about being Dan's 'cock slave,' but I thought she was just trying to shock me."

"That was no joke. She's one of his cock slaves... and she loves it! But I warn you, it's a serious commitment. It's NOTHING like being a wife, because you have no power whatsoever. You an honest-to-god SLAVE!"

Cindy was paying full attention to Mindy's words by this point. "My God! That's serious!"

"It is! If you think he might be getting erect, you don't think 'I'm tired,' or 'I've got a headache,' or whatever. You drop to your knees, open your mouth... and suck! You suck and you suck, and you lick and you lick, until you're rewarded with a tasty, creamy load. Or you spread your legs for him to enter you, or encase his boner in your tits, or do whatever else it takes to make him feel like the king of the world. So really, that one's a pretty tough rule. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Absolutely." Cindy seemed dead serious.

Mindy went on, "I'm warning you, at times, it'll practically feel like he's ripping you apart with the size of his powerful cock. You'll probably cry from the sheer effort of it all when you suck him off for the first time. The others did. And it might get a little bit easier with practice, but not by much, 'cos his cock ain't getting any smaller. This isn't all fun and games. You'll scream, you'll sweat, you'll cry, you'll beg for him to stop, but he won't stop! Your jaw will ache, your tongue will ache, your lips will ache from the stretching, and even your hands will tire from so much stroking. He'll ruin your pussy for all other men, guaranteed! You think you're sexually experience, and you are, but forget it. Nothing can prepare you for the size of the KING!"

Cindy gulped, and glanced back at my hard-on with fear on her face. But she looked back to Mindy and spoke resolutely. "I can handle it."

Even with his other women, he's going to use you a LOT! You have to be in top physical shape to handle it."

Cindy growled aggressively, "I said I can handle it!"

I was finding this very entertaining. Of course, I couldn't wait for Cindy to give me her very first blowjob, especially since she was kneeling naked right in front of me. But Sue Ellen had sucked me for a long, long time a little while ago, and seeing my wife help Cindy succumb like this was fascinating. I have to admit that it was a heady power trip seeing her willingly submit to me.

Mindy asked, "And what about the rest of the rules? For instance, the sharing? What'll happen when Dan or I ask you and Ruby to blow him together?"

Cindy sighed heavily. "Oh, Ruby! My darling little girl! I don't mind much throwing away my future to be with your husband and just have fun all day long, because I don't have good prospects anyway. And it's been my greatest fantasy for years to be his official mistress or something like that, and this is close. But Ruby's future? She's so young and beautiful and full of promise. She could marry anybody she wants. She could marry a handsome and kind millionaire, easy."

I spoke up. "Cin, I agree. That's why I keep pushing the idea about having her and Michelle date. You're with me on that, right?"

A light of understanding appeared in Cindy's eyes. "Hey! The fourth woman! It's Michelle, isn't it? It IS! Oh. My. God! But it fits! God, she's so hot and incredibly stacked! Of COURSE!"

At first, I thought this was a great disaster. I'd pretty much blown it with that comment. But rather than suddenly bolting away, Cindy just leaned forward and resumed licking my shaft!

In fact, she only did that for a few seconds before she felt even more inspired and managed to fit my entire cockhead and some of the shaft inside her lips!

I couldn't believe it! It seemed the realizing Michelle was one of my cock slaves actually sent her lust for me off the charts!

I was reminded how Sue Ellen's face looked every time she had engulfed me earlier. Cindy's eyes opened wide and her whole face registered alarm, almost terror. Clearly, she had underestimated just how difficult it would be to get my thickness in her mouth and keep it there.

It looked evident that she was sorely tempted to pull off and give up. But she hung in there. She hardly moved at all, but she kept her lips stretched just past the ridge of my cockhead while she worked on breathing through her nose.

Mindy was right there with her hand on Cindy's back. "You GO, girl! You can do it! Don't give up! I told you it would be tough, didn't I? But the pleasure makes it worth it and then some! Just keep at it and you'll soon learn why we all love it so much!"

Cindy managed to make a small nod. She wasn't going to give up without a fight. But still, she kept her mouth still.

Then, apparently, she had an idea. She managed to cram about another inch into her mouth. That put all of my super sensitive "sweet spot" inside her mouth, and within easy access of her tongue. Her intention became clear when she stuck her tongue out and began licking. She focused nearly all her attention right there, right where I loved it most. Damn!

I can't believe that Cindy of all people has my cock in her mouth! She even agreed to be my cock slave, just like that! She must be so aroused that her lust is completely overriding her morals and common sense. How will she feel later? That's the big question. I need to do what Min just said and make the pleasure worth it all and then some. But right now it's up to her to see if she can handle my size.

Mindy apparently didn't realize that Cindy was starting to lap against my sweet spot, since it was all happening in my mouth. But she wanted to be encouraging. She patted her back, and then ran her hand all over her backside. She seemed oblivious to the incest revelation crisis. "You did it! You took all of him in your mouth! If you can do it once, you can do it any time. Remember, keep breathing through your nose. It WILL get better, much better. I promise! Soon, you'll be cumming even more than when he spanked you!"

Cindy seemed to nod in understanding at that, but it was hard to tell since her head was bobbing just like nodding anyway. Plus, her entire body continued to tremble with excitement. Her jaw was straining so greatly that tears came to her eyes, but she clearly had overcome her initial fears and the determination could be seen in her eyes.

At first, I just put my hands on her head and basked in the waves of pleasure. But after a minute or two, I bowed to the inevitable and decided to bring up the incest directly. I figured this was the best time to address it, while Cindy was almost insane with arousal.

I said, "You're right. You're right. It is Michelle. But it wasn't my doing! She threw herself at me, over and over again, until my resistance was all worn out. She and Ruby, they had an elaborate conspiracy to seduce me. I might have resisted one of them, but both of them together? Who could resist that? But I agree with you that it's not right. That's why I'm insisting that they have to date boys, so they can have normal futures."

I could feel Cindy's tongue still sliding all over my sweet spot, but then lips began moving too. She started to actually bob back and forth, even as her tongue stayed busy! That really blew my mind. Not only was the talk about Michelle not distressing her enough to stop, it seemed to actually inspire her to start sucking!

Mindy definitely noticed the new movement. "That's it, Cindy! You're doing it! Not just holding him in your mouth, but really sucking!" My clever wife noticed that the incest revelation actually aroused Cindy even more, so she added, "Don't be afraid of his size. I've managed to suck him for years. Sue Ellen already loves to suck him, as you saw. Ruby have fallen in love with sucking his big cock too. And yes, even Michelle! She loves to suck her daddy's cock like you wouldn't believe! She can't get enough of it!"

Cindy's eyes had closed, as that apparently helped her concentrate on her difficult task. But her eyes popped wide open again after hearing that, and her lips froze in place. She let out some muffled noises that might have been words or might not have.

Then, after a few seconds, she closed her eyes again and resumed bobbing on me, and with greater intensity than before! So far, she'd only been bobbing back and forth a little bit, not more than an inch. But suddenly she tried to cram as much cock into her mouth as she possibly could. She got far enough to almost trigger her gag reflex, and immediately pulled back after a brief gagging noise. But that allowed her to establish how deep she could go and she started sliding her lips back and forth about three inches with each pass, just shy of her gag reflex each time.

Mindy was obviously impressed, and said so. "Cindy! Look at you! You're going at it like an old pro! You're doing it as well as your daughter does already! As well as HIS daughter does it too!"

The mention of Ruby caused Cindy to let out a sort of muffled roar, and then the same thing happened after the mention of Michelle.

Mindy was still running her hand all over Cindy's back. I wasn't sure, but it looked a lot like her other hand was fondling Cindy's ass! She got back to the "dating boys" controversy, but used it as an excuse to titillate her some more. "As for the girls, they MAY date boys at some point. We'll see. In any case, I have a strong feeling that Michelle is gonna be pleasuring her Daddy's powerful cock for many years to come. As will Ruby. So Cindy, you need to fully accept all that too, before you commit."

She added in a husky tone, "Chances are good you'll see both of them naked and kneeling and bobbing on cock most every time you visit. Probably doing it together! Ditto with the way he's just recently taken control of Sue Ellen. You saw her. She'd been sucking and titfucking his cock for the last hour! Sure, there are plenty of other sex acts, and the girls all love those too, but they just can't get enough of sucking his cock!"

Cindy acted like she hadn't heard all that, because she kept her eyes closed, her head tilted down, and her focus on bobbing on my cock. But she was blushing profusely and making curious whimpering noises to go along with her loud slurpy noises, so those words were making an impact.

I lifted my head for a better look and confirmed that, yes, my wife was wantonly fondling Cindy's bare ass! Plus, her other hand was still roaming all over Cindy's back. Clearly, she was helping to keep her hot as an oven. How could Cindy really object to the incest with Michelle and all the other shocking revelations when was practically out of her mind with lust?

I couldn't be sure from where I was sitting, but it dawned on me, Holy cow! It's entirely possible that Min is fingering Cindy's pussy from time to time! I doubt it, but it could be. How far is my wife willing to go to keep Cindy aroused enough to agree to nearly anything? And how much would she do that just because she wants to? But she's probably afraid to for fear that I'd notice.

This going my curiosity going, and I tilted my upper body until I got a good direct look at Cindy's crotch. It turned out that Mindy wasn't touching her there at all. But so far Cindy was sucking me without using her hands, and I discovered that both of her hands were at her crotch. I couldn't be sure, but it looked a lot like she was diddling her clit with one hand and fingering her pussy with her other one.

Mindy cooed near Cindy's ear, "You've got a lot to accept and adjust to, but think of the benefits. I know you've been lusting after Michelle for a good long while now."

Cindy let out a distressed muffled sound, and started to pull her lips off me.

But Mindy stopped her with a hand against the back of her head. "Don't try to deny it! I've seen how you look at her sometimes. Don't feel bad! Who doesn't? Everybody wants her, everybody! I swear, man, woman, straight, gay, everyone. She's just THAT sexy!"

That seemed to put Cindy at ease somewhat, because although her blush had turned cherry red, she resumed her bobbing. I noticed that tears were streaming down her cheeks and had been for a while already, but she seemed to have putting all thoughts of giving up behind her. In fact, I could tell she was getting into it from the vigor of her long lunging bobs and the way she kept her tongue actively lapping against whatever slid past.

I thought, Not again! God! Fuck! Another fucking awesome cocksucker added to my stable! Like mother, like daughter, actually. Her cocksucking style is actually similar to Ruby's! Fuck me! How lucky can one guy get?! It's more than I can take!

Mindy went on, "Just think of getting your hands on those twin torpedoes of hers while you kiss her hot mouth! And don't worry, that won't make you weird; we all do it. Sometimes we might have to do that kind of thing to get Dan's cock good nice and stiff and keep it that way. In fact, it's kind of required. Think about all the fun we'll ALL have together!"

Cindy could have pulled her lips off at any time to protest, but she kept on steadily bobbing. In fact, I felt her lips vibrate and quiver as she moaned loudly around my shaft. I suspected she'd just had a climax, no doubt helped by the way she was playing with herself.

Whoa! I'm learning new things all the time. Cindy lusts after Michelle? How great is that? That could explain why she didn't totally freak out about the shocking news. And it exposes her earlier comment about neither of them being bisexual as a lie. Maybe I should do something about that. Cindy might not be the only woman here who needs to learn the proper way to get spanked. Why don't I spank even my wife too?! God, this is fun! I'm out of my mind with lust too! She just keeps on sucking me so good!

During all her cooing, Mindy had draped herself over Cindy. Now she was sliding her tits up and down Cindy's back while a hand continued to work Cindy's breasts. Her other hand was down by Cindy's ass, but I couldn't see what it was doing there.

I thought, Not bisexual? Yeah, right!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, Rikis, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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