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Chapter 56

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Mindy asked Cindy, "So, what'll it be? Can you abide by the rules? Can you deal with the incest? Do you have what it takes to be one of my husband's exclusively adoring and devoted cock slaves?"

Cindy mumbled something, but her face was so stuffed with cock that it just as easily could have been Swahili as English. However, she also nodded her head up and down to show agreement, even as her lips kept sliding back and forth over my cock!

That wasn't good enough for Mindy though, or maybe she was just working to firmly seal the deal. She continued, "Are you ready to suck Dan's cock every single day of your life, if need be? Can your mouth even handle his thickness?"

"MMMRPRF!" An incredulous Cindy briefly lifted her hand and pointed it at the way her lips were tightly sealed around my shaft as if to say, "What do you call this?!"

Mindy chuckled. "Okay, you've got a point there. But are you also ready to get FUCKED by his huge, thick cock whenever he so desires?"

My wife had to pause speaking because Cindy moaned so very loudly. I detected more trembling, and she even had to stop her bobbing for a few moments, suggesting she'd just had an even bigger climax.

As soon as she could, Mindy resumed, "Will you eagerly spread your legs at his slightest whim? I'm talking about a whole new you and whole new life, one based on total dedication to sexually serving my husband! Will you love and adore him with every part of your body, and take his thickness in every hole, including between your tits and up your ass? Yes, even your ass! If Dan wants to shove his rampant cock into your tight and tiny asshole, he will!"

Predictably, Cindy moaned and trembled again.

She continued to slide her lips back and forth over my sweet spot with impressive suction, and she was doing some pretty talented tongue work there too. In fact, she'd had a busy tongue almost from the very start. Clearly, she was a talented and eager cocksucker!

All the while Mindy was talking about fucking, Cindy's head was nodding up and down in agreement, at least as much as my stiff rod would allow. It appeared that lots of fucking was one thing she had no trouble agreeing to.

When Mindy got to the part about the anal commitment though, Cindy squeal of assent was much louder and emphatic than after the talk of vaginal fucking. It was an impressive amount of noise, considering the total occupation of her mouth. It made me remember my wife's comment about how Cindy had been "quite the little butt slut" back in the day, before marrying Ruby's father. If I'd doubted my wife's word on this subject at all back then, Cindy's rather obvious excitement at the prospect of surrendering her ass to me settled the matter convincingly.

I was getting dangerously close to cumming. I'd lusted after Cindy for a long, long time, but I never would have acted on my feelings in a million years, due to my stance against cheating. Now, not only was she sucking my cock like a pro, she was dedicating herself to me! I wanted to squirt my cum all over her and in her in joyous celebration. She was really getting to me with her sucking enthusiasm, and the sexy talk on top of it. But I strained with all my might to hold out until Mindy was satisfied at Cindy's full agreement.

Mindy said, "Sorry, Cin, nods and mumbles aren't good enough. If you really want this, you've got to pull off and speak coherently. Only then will he give you his cum load."

Cindy did just that. Once her mouth was free, she turned her head and just breathed for a bit. "Damn!" She brought her hands from her crotch to my shaft and marveled at the size comparison. "Look! I can't even get my fingers all the way around it! I don't even know how I wrapped my lips around it!"

She exclaimed to my wife, "How do you manage so often?! That fuckin' cockhead is just too damned big and wide! It's a JAWBREAKER! I was afraid that once I'd got my lips past it, I'd never be able to get it out again!"

Mindy laughed. "I warned you, didn't I?" She wiped some of the tears from Cindy's cheeks, and pointed out, "That's why you've got to work hard to get him to shoot his load. Then he'll go flaccid - some of the time. Briefly." She chuckled.

"Damn!" Cindy was still amazed, and just looked at my erection in hands in awe. "It's right here, after all these years!" She hadn't made eye contact with me since pulling her mouth off, and I think she was too ashamed to.

Mindy was insistent. "Come on, Cindy, focus. You can marvel at his size all you want later. I'm asking you some important questions here. Do you REALLY agree to everything I've said?"

"Yes already, sheesh!" She fondled my balls with one hand and resumed stroking my shaft with her other. Then she bent her head down and got busy licking near my cockhead for good measure!

Hot damn! She doesn't want to talk, she just wants to lick and suck!

Mindy couldn't help but crow a little bit, "I told you you'd love it. Was I right or was I right?"

Cindy replied while lapping on my sweet spot. "I don't know if I love it. At least not yet. He's just too big. I was suffering! And talk about humiliating. My face must be as red as my ass." She lapped and lapped as she searched her feelings. "But... it's like... I couldn't stop! Somehow, it got me SOOOO horny! Like never before!" She licked still more, and then exclaimed, "Motherfucker! I STILL can't stop!"

Mindy chuckled gleefully. This had to be a cucquean fantasy made real. "Sounds to me like you love it. But anyway, I need an answer from you."

Cindy spoke with obvious irritation. "I told you already. I've agreed to absolutely everything! I can't fall any lower. So please, leave me the fuck alone. I've got years and years of repressed cock lust I've got to work out!"

I was somewhat irritated too. I had been spiraling up towards an epic orgasm, but progress had been stalled since Cindy's pulled her lips off me. She was licking me just enough to keep me on edge, but I longed to let go and splooge all over her face. However, I felt I couldn't give in until Mindy got whatever agreement from her she needed.

Mindy said to her, "Oh come on, it can't be that easy. I thought it would take WEEKS before I could even ask you these things. I'm talking about being a cock slave, a sex slave! That's not just sexy talk; it's a whole way of life. This is a major, major commitment! Aren't you shocked by what you saw with Sue Ellen, and what you know now about Michelle? Not to mention your daughter Ruby. And yet you're easily agreeing to be his sex slave."

"I know!" Cindy stopped her licking so she could turn her head to make eye contact with Mindy at her side. "But you don't get it, do you? I'm in LOVE with your husband! And not just a little!" She started to get emotionally worked up. "Since the truth is coming out, I'll just admit it: I've been head over heels in love with him for YEARS! Even when I was married, I wished I'd been married to him instead! I've been living a lie, hiding my true feelings for so long. It feels good to finally let it all out!"

Once again, I was shocked. How can she be in love with me like that?! She never let on! Well, maybe some, but never overtly. She never even flirted. And my Hellions say they love me, and even Sue Ellen says she loves me. They can't ALL love me! I'm not THAT great!! Is this all about sex and lust, or is it really "love" love?

Cindy was confessing to Mindy, but of course she knew I could hear every word. I think it was much easier for her to pretend I wasn't there. She didn't even look my way.

Cindy waited for some kind of reaction to that, from me or my wife. But when we just stayed silent, she went on, "I would never have tried to steal him away from you - no way! I'm not that kind of woman. But damn! Given this opportunity, I'll grab it gladly with both hands and wrap my legs around it too so I can hang on for dear life! Just like I'm holding his dick with both hands right now!"

Her focus on Mindy was suddenly interrupted as she turned back, closed her eyes, and resumed her sensual licking. "MMMM!" A blissful look returned to her face.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Mindy said. "Hold it! Look me in the eye. There'll be plenty of time for that later, believe me. PLENTY! You'll be doing that every day. The damn thing never goes down. And I'm glad that you love him. The girls love him too, and they're fond of expressing their love by frequently pleasuring his cock. Mostly with their stretched-open sliding lips and wiggling tongues."

Cindy moaned loudly yet again. Except this time I could tell if she was jealous or upset or further aroused or what. Her mouth was free to explain, but she chose not to.

Then Mindy asked her, "But tell me: are you really okay with the rules? You're older, and once married. The girls are young and innocent and have never known any serious relationship." (She was skipping over Sue Ellen's relationship with Mike to make a point.) "It's bound to be a lot harder for you to adjust to your new slave lifestyle."

Huffing with impatience, Cindy turned her head. "Yes, already! I'm really okay with the damn rules!"

"What are they?"

"'Pleasure the cock,' 'no jealousy,' 'share the cock,' and 'wives get first dibs,' in that order. There, are you happy? I have the biggest, fucking, most amazing cock I've ever seen in my hands, and it belongs to the man I love. Enough talking! I NEEEED to lick it and suck it and love it! Please, let me enjoy this moment that I thought would never come!"

I noticed that Cindy still refused to even come close to looking up at my face. Her hands continued fondling my cock and balls as she stared at Mindy and all but glared at her in annoyance.

My wife asked, "And you're okay with all of that? You don't have issues with coming here and seeing Ruby wantonly kneeling naked between his legs in the living room and bobbing on his knob? Or taking it between her big fat tits until her face is pearly and shiny with his cum? Because that's gonna happen. You wouldn't have issues with sharing it with, say, a threesome of you, her, and Michelle? That'll happen too!"

"Of COURSE I have issues!" Cindy barked with annoyance, twisting her body around to get a good look at Mindy. "I have all KINDS of issues! This whole evening has been one big issue after another. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to be a fully-grown woman who got spanked like a little baby. I'm mortified that Dan fondled my tits yesterday for what seemed like five fucking hours while a whole crowd of impressionable nubile girls watched, including my daughter! I'm constantly disturbed that you've kept me completely naked or nearly so ever since I came back here. I hated watching Sue Ellen serving his cock, knowing there will be many more like her, now that you've opened the doors. I'm scandalized by the incest! I'm deeply disturbed that I so quickly agreed to allowing Ruby to be a part of this. My whole brain is reeling, reeling, reeling!"

She continued in a softer voice, "But you know what? I love it too! All that WRONGNESS, it just makes me more aroused! God help me, I know it's wrong, every last bit! No self-respecting woman should agree to become a sex toy or cock slave, much less eagerly agree to do so. But no woman with a libido and a pulse would refuse it either, not with THIS man on offer. He's a fucking dreamboat with a perfect cock!"

One could hear the lust and enthusiasm growing in her voice. "I love it! I love Dan! I love you! I love everybody except for Sue Ellen, but God help me I'll probably love her too soon enough, and in more ways than one. She's certainly easy enough on the eyes, to say the least. Basically, I'm a goner. This is so WRONG, but it feels so RIGHT!"

She shook her head with saucer-sized eyes, scarcely believing what her mouth was telling Mindy. "I know tomorrow I'll probably wake up and feel like shit for agreeing to all this, which is wilder than my wildest imaginings. But then I'll see Dan strolling by with that great big fucking KING swinging in his shorts like it always does, and DAMN! I'll be so fuckin' happy that I can finally live my dreams and fuckin' shove that huge damn thing down my throat at any time, just like I've always masturbated about, and do it for real! You know Rule Number One? 'Pleasure the cock?' That's all I want to do, all day long! Now, is that a good enough answer for you, and can I finally get back to the business at hand?! I can't fulfill Rule Number One while you keep pestering me here!"

Mindy chuckled. "That's a pretty good answer." She plastered herself all over Cindy's back again as Cindy turned back around to my cock, and then she looked up at me. "What do you think, Honey? You've been pretty silent."

I still was dying to cum, but there were words that needed to be said first. "What do I think? I think I don't need to speak much because you've been handling everything so well, Sweetheart. Naturally, duh! I think it's great. Cindy, don't be afraid, I want you to look up at me."

Her hands were stroking my cock and balls again, and that's where she was staring. She mumbled, "I can't."

"Why not?'

"It's too humiliating! What you must think of me now... As long as I can keep my focus on your horse cock or Mindy talking, I can handle it. But to see your eyes would... it would make it too, too real!"

"Cindy!" I barked. "Look at me. That's an order!"

She reluctantly looked up. I could feel her fingers shaking as they slid all over my cum-soaked shaft. She managed to maintain eye contact, but her flushed cheeks turned a deeper red within seconds.

I said in a strong voice, "Cindy, I think you're an amazing, kind, beautiful, and smart person. I think I could fall in love with you easily, if I'm not kind of in love with you already. And I certainly am in lust with you, and have been for ages. You have the body of a college-aged porn star, but more than that, we've been friends a long, long time and I really like you as a person. I know what Mindy is making you agree to is embarrassing. She gets carried away. But the bottom line is that we'll be able to be together and love each other as man and woman."

I could sense Cindy's fears fading away. She looked up at me with renewed hope and desire. Yet at the same time I think she found some strange confidence from holding and fondling my privates. She slowly pumped down by the base of my shaft while rubbing my sweet spot with her other hand.

She was keeping me close to the edge, but I could still speak clearly through my heavy breathing, perhaps due to Mindy's stamina training. "I can't say I've lusted after you as much as it sounds like you've lusted after me because I've had Mindy. And let's face it: if you had someone as great as her at home, you wouldn't be spending so much time lusting after me either. But I've definitely thought of you pretty much since the day I met you. I always wanted you."

"Really?! No way!" Suddenly, she was giddy and energized, like a teenage girl.

"Really, Of course I couldn't act on it then so I buried those feeling down, but they were there. If Mindy actually agrees to it, then hell yeah! I'm all over this."

Cindy and Mindy both grinned and snickered a little bit, because what man in my shoes wouldn't approve?

Mindy even said, "A-ha! I knew it! I totally knew you had the hots for her all along, Honey! That's so GREAT! It's like this is meant to be!"

I acknowledged, "Yeah, I'm a man, so no surprise there. How could I not lust for a curvy sex bomb like her? Still, I know this is something we're all going to enjoy and love greatly, not just me. You wouldn't be so keen if you didn't know that already." I looked right into Cindy's eyes as a said that.

She nodded.

"But Cindy, you have to understand that Mindy is my wife and my soul mate. Rule Number Four is key. She not only gets first dibs to my cock, she gets first dibs to everything. She gets first dibs to my heart. Please don't be trying to muscle in on that relationship. She's still my wife, as a sex slave you should know not to challenge her position. If you have any possible question, clear it with her. Is that understood?"

Still resolutely looking up at me while playing with my boner, Cindy nodded. "Yes it is. Dan, Mindy, I have to come clean about my nature. I can't deny that I'm basically submissive. Getting spanked tonight was hands down the most erotic and arousing thing that ever happened to me, with the possible exception of the blowjob that followed. And it wasn't just the sexy way you did it. I've been horny since yesterday, when you vowed that you would spank me if I was naughty."

She looked around into the darkness and seemed startled to realize where she was. "The fact that we're even having this conversation while I'm out here naked and kneeling between your legs and holding your hot cock... HNNG! Shivers all over! UGH! It's so wrong and unfair, but it makes me so horny that I want to scream!"

I actually did see her shiver as she said that.

She turned to Mindy. "Basically, what I'm trying to say is, your marriage is safe because I love to submit. I'll submit to Dan and I'll even submit to you. Just the way you're running your hands all over my totally nude body to heighten my pleasure... It's... God! ... I think I've been more aroused today than all the rest of my life combined!"

Mindy was pleased to hear that. "I thought so. That's one reason why I'm so okay with this, because I've pegged you to be a serious submissive since a long time back."

She looked up at me. "Honey, I'm 100% sure she's never going to challenge my position as your wife. Otherwise we wouldn't be doing this, believe me. There's nothing to worry about here."

Mindy's hands had never left Cindy's body, and now that she had Cindy's verbal approval, she fondled her even more vigorously.

The hot redhead just closed her eyes and "endured" what Mindy was doing to her, while she went back to licking and stroking my cock, and playing with my balls.

While all this talking and fondling was going on, I managed to look around a little bit. It was very dark outside by now, but we were in a cone of brightness, thanks to the lights covering the deck area. I couldn't see anything beyond that except for the moon and the stars in the sky. It was like we were in our own little world, even though we were outside.

However, now that I was more attuned to my surroundings, I sensed something out of place. I paid closer attention and realized what it was: there was some rustling in the bushes or the trees! It was very faint, but I could definitely hear something coming from the direction of our house that wasn't just caused by the wind.

This line of thought was interrupted when I heard Mindy say, "Okay. Well then. I think Cindy is ready to formally submit. Cin, any last words in your remaining moments as a free woman?"

Cindy looked up at me. "Yes. Dan, I love you!. My life has been so unhappy for a long time now. Miserable. My joys have been few. My brightest joy has been Ruby, followed by my friendship with Mindy and you. I can't believe you're actually interested in this old bag of bones, but the fact that you are fills me with such life and happiness!"

She smiled so brightly that it seemed to lighten the entire night sky. "In these last few days, I've started to hope again. I know most people would probably think I'm crazy about the choice I'm making, but I'm not scared of being a slave to you and your cock. In fact, I eagerly leap at the chance! This could be a whole new start for me! I have a feeling this is going to be the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. Hell, judging from how much fun I've had today, I KNOW this is the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm DETERMINED to show that I have what it takes to be a slave, a good slave. So..."

She let go of my still very erect dick and bowed low before me. Her forehead nearly touched the ground. "So I formally submit myself to be your sex toy and cock slave. Will you accept me?"

I felt like a king on a throne bestowing knighthoods. Pretty heady stuff! "I do," I replied in a formal voice. "Arise." I almost had to guffaw at that: "arise!" I must have sounded pompous, but it seemed like the thing to say at the time.

Riffing off the typical marriage vows, I brought Cindy's hands up to my erection and held them there as her fingers curled around my pole once more. "Do you, Cindy McGrath, take this cock to be your lord and master, to stroke and to hold, to kiss and to suck, to lick and to clean, to take into your body and worshipfully cum all over, until death do us part?"

I didn't really mean that literally, I was just having fun riffing off the well-worn "to have and to hold" line and getting a bit carried away.

But Cindy looked very serious as she replied, "I do. And I take all the rest of you, too, to do the same." She tilted her head down and kissed the top of my cockhead. Her tongue swirled around it several times. I thought that sealed the deal, ending the ceremony of sorts.

Then she surprised me by lifting her head back up and resuming eye contact. With her fingers sloshing all over my shaft, she said to me, "And do you, Daniel Cooper, take this big-titted 'MILF' to have and to hold, to fuck and to fuck and to fuck some more whenever you feel like it, and then fuck a little more" - she grinned at that - "to use and abuse, to spank and control, mind and body, heart and soul... mouth, tits, cunt, and ass... not as a wife, but as merely one of your devoted cock slaves, until death do us part or until you feel like replacing me?"

A lot of that seemed way too over the top. But that last phase especially disturbed me, and I said, "Now Cindy, scratch that last bit. You don't mean that."

"No, I do. You're the master, I'm the slave! It's your right to do anything with me at all, including getting rid of me at your slightest whim. Whereas I have NO free will whatsoever!"

Damn! She STILL hadn't stopped jacking me off. What if I punctuated this conversation by suddenly rocketing a hot blast of cum right at her face? That certainly would be a rude surprise. Even though she wasn't going all out with her stimulation efforts, she'd been going pretty much non-stop for a good while now, and the cumulative effect was getting to me. I really, really, really wanted to cum! I was having to continually clench my PC muscle to stop that from happening just yet.

I realized that the vows she was making were arousing her even more by further emphasizing her submissive position. But these vows would be remembered later, and I didn't want her to feel she had to commit to something just because it made her really hot and bothered at the time.

So, despite being right on the edge of orgasm, I told her with surprising calm, "Sorry, I can't agree to that, if you include that last bit. I was just joking about the 'death do us part' bit. But you're taking this too seriously. And literally!"

She stared up at me with a serious intensity while still jacking me off. "I am! And you have to agree to every last word. You HAVE to! It's important to me."

I said, "That's just your lust talking."

"NO! Well, yes, some of it, but I really mean it too. I prefer it this way, where the rules are clear and absolute. I really do. It'll make me try harder to please you. Besides, this way, I don't have to wrestle with my conscience about the incest, or Ruby, or anything else. If you have ALL the power and I have none, then those things don't matter. It'll give me great peace of mind. Please!"

I gained a new understanding: all this cock slave stuff WASN'T just sexy talk to her, it also allowed her to duck responsibility. She couldn't be blamed if she had no control whatsoever. If that's how it was, then that was fine by me.

I looked past her to Mindy, who nodded at me, urging me to agree. In fact, she was straining, like she was trying to summon magical powers to will me to agree.

So I said, solemnly, "Very well. I do."

Cindy let out a long sigh of relief.

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! THAT just happened! I can't believe how much things have changed in such a short time! Where did all her reluctance go?

Mindy had been still for the duration of the "ceremony," but she immediately resumed her tit play and other fondling of Cindy. She teased into Cindy's ear, "I now pronounce... Wait. I see you're still having trouble with his size. Here's a tip: relax your jaw. Pretend like your jaw is dislocated and just dangling there. Don't stress, don't worry, and it'll fit in much easier. Plus, that'll help when you start learning to deep throat him."

I saw a look of fear cross Cindy's face at the thought of deep throating me. Of course it scared her, considering the difficulty she had just getting my cockhead in her mouth. But she wasn't about to back out now. She nodded with understanding and determination.

"Good!" Mindy smiled from ear to ear. "I now pronounce Master and slave. Cindy McGrath, you may now suck the cock!"

Submissively, Ruby's gorgeous mother obeyed Mindy's instructions. She gaped her mouth wider than seemed physically possible. Even she seemed surprised. Then she tilted forward and engulfed my cockhead much easier than before.

She soon found that, indeed, she could take my thickness much better. It was still quite a strain, but her eyes didn't bug out in alarm this time. She adjusted quickly and even gave my wife a thumbs up. She began bobbing with a lot of tongue work.

I thought! Uh-oh! The talking is over. Now I'm going to cum soon, for sure! And it's about damn time!

As Cindy relentlessly slid her lips back and forth over my frenulum while somehow licking the same, Mindy asked her, "Is that better? Feel more comfy now?"

Cindy was unable to speak, but she purred with contentment as she bobbed and sucked. She seemed newly relaxed in a way which somehow heightened her enjoyment of having my thickness in her mouth. It distressed me to see her actually suffering.

Mindy patted her back approvingly. "Good. You like it, don't you? No, you love it!"

Cindy wiggled her eyebrows eagerly. That was about all she could manage in reply, given that she resumed taking deep lunges down my shaft. Just like she did earlier, she slid her lips as far as she could go without gagging.

Mindy seemed as happy as a clam. "Me too! I get all hot watching you suck him off. I know I'm weird, but I do. And I LOVE that you're a cock slave now! That makes you a part of our family. We're going to be SO much closer than before. Best friends forever!"

Cindy wiggled her eyebrows some more. She was concentrating intensely on her sucking, despite having to pay attention to Mindy talking. It looked like she was determined to get me to cum right away. I'm sure that she could see the strain in my face and hear my increasingly loud moaning and panting. She had to know that she was very close.

Thank God my wife had decided that little ceremony was over. Now that we seemed to have resolved everything, I was more than ready to blow my load. I simply stopped clenching my PC muscle and braced for what was coming next.

Mindy obviously knew my body, and she could read my face well. As soon as I made that mental decision, she quickly purred into Cindy's ear, "Dan's gonna blow! He's gonna blow NOW! I suggest you take half on your face and half in your mouth. That way, we can all see the slimy proof of your new owner, and you get to taste it too. Oh, and can I play with your clit some more? I want you to cum with him!"

Cindy nodded emphatically at that.

A-ha! "Some more?" I was right; she HAS been playing with Cindy's pussy at some point! I held out a couple of seconds more until Mindy started diddling with Cindy's clit. I figured that would guarantee that Cindy would cum with me, and that it would be a nice one too.

Finally, I let go. Man, what a build-up! What a release! A tidal wave of erotic pleasure washed over me as I felt my hot jets of cum squirting into the back of Cindy's throat. She kept right on suckling and coaxing my cum out with her tight lips.

But then, halfway through my orgasm, Cindy followed Mindy's advice and quickly pulled her head back. Still holding my erection with two hands, she directed the ropes towards her face, painting her forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. She expertly managed to get some everywhere except in her closed eyes.

I cannot tell you what a thrill it was to see my ropes of cum landing in long strands all over Cindy's face. I'd be thrilled to death by all this talk about her becoming my newest sex slave, and of course all her work on my hard-on felt fantastic. But it seemed like some kind of role-play dream or fantasy. She couldn't really be like that and mean it, could she? Seeing her not only willing to take my cum on her face but actually luxuriating in the experience brought home the fact that she was serious!

Having Cindy as my cock slave was too exciting to contemplate! I'm sure my sheer joy caused my orgasm to last even longer than usual, allowing me to blow an extra large load on her.

When it was done, I slumped back in my chair, satiated and exhausted. I closed my eyes and focused on breathing so I wouldn't pass out.

But Mindy didn't give me any rest. She immediately turned Cindy's head her way. "Let me get a good look at you. ... Oh God! That's so HOT! Honey, look at her, just look at her! Oh my God!" She turned Cindy back my way.

I briefly opened my eyes. I had to agree that it looked pretty damn hot. I wasn't in any shape to talk, but I let out a load groan and I hoped that sounded like strong approval.

Mindy continued enthusiastically, "You see, Cin, the more you tease and arouse, the bigger the load. And that's a HUGE load, not even counting what he shot in your mouth! Did you have a good orgasm too?"

Funnily enough, Cindy could only groan in approval too. But her groan sounded more incredulous, like she couldn't believe Mindy even had to ask.

I had to take another peek. I saw Mindy swiping her index finger across Cindy's nearest cheek, leaving a clean stripe through the many cum streaks there.

She said, "Oh my. We have to get you a mirror. Your face just screams, 'I am Dan's cock slave.' Oooh! Can I lick it off? No, wait. First, we need you to see this. Oooh! And take a picture. You never let your ex-husband or anyone else cum on your face. I remember you told me is was 'disgusting and demeaning' what I told you how Dan did it to me. And now, just look at you! Any regrets?"

Cindy just shook her head, weakly.

Mindy continued to relish the moment. "Wow! Your very first facial from your master. Your first of countless thousands, we can hope! Oh, and you can call him 'Master' now. Are you ready for that?"

Cindy still didn't speak. It looked like she was the same as me and barely able to do more than breathe hard.

Mindy seemed to finally realize that she was the only one capable of talking. She shut up and sat back. I could tell that she was brimming with energy.

Just look at her. My wife. My wild cucquean wife. I've given up on expecting her to be jealous about sharing me. She positively lives for this kind of thing. Look at her facial expression. It's like Christmas has come early for her! ALL the Christmases at once! I hope she doesn't have any regrets later, because there's no coming back from this. All our lives will be changed forever.

The next couple of minutes passed in silence.

I still had my robe partially on, remarkably enough, since I hadn't moved much since this all started. Mindy had her robe partially on as well. However, Cindy was still kneeling between my legs, completely buck naked. She had to be getting colder since we didn't have a sexual heat practically burning us up anymore. I closed my legs around her, hoping that would help to keep her warm.

She cuddled in closer and actually rested her face right on my flaccid penis. I suspected that was very deliberate, for symbolic reasons if nothing else.

Mindy gave us a couple of minutes to rest, but she was getting cold too. She stood up and pulled her robe tightly around her. "Okay, that was great, guys, but I say we go into the house now. Dan, Honey, it's cold. Can we go in?"

I stretched my arms and started to stand up. I was feeling much better. In fact, I was energized by everything that had happened, because it promised so much for the future. "Sure thing. I'm ready, at least. How do you feel, Cin?"

"Like I died and went to heaven," she mumbled dreamily. Her face could only be described as blissful, almost beatific.

I heard some more rustling in the bushes that didn't match the wind. I would have dismissed it except for the rustling I'd noticed earlier. Then I realized that Mindy had just mentioned going inside. Someone had been watching us and now they're making their escape!

I immediately got up and started running. "See you inside," I shouted to Cindy and Mindy, trying not to alarm them by my unexpected burst of activity.

My robe flapped behind me, in danger of flying off me altogether. But I was determined to catch whomever it was, especially if it was... well, not a thief. A thief wouldn't just watch us have sex. But a neighborhood pervert, very possibly.

I ran up the path through the trees, back into the pool area. The vegetation was so thick on both sides that I figured the person almost certainly had gone up the path.

I looked towards the screen door leading back into the house. The house was dark and all the lights were off, but there was enough light for me to see three figures rushing into the house and closing the door behind them. This would have alarmed me greatly except that I could see they were feminine figures, and outrageously curvy feminine figures at that.

I stopped and laughed. But of course! Obviously, it has to be Michelle, Ruby, AND Sue Ellen. Peeping Tom perverts? Yes. A threat? No.

I casually walked into the house, tightening the robe around me. Some naughty cock slaves are in serious trouble!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Ecchi Spud, Rikis, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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