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Chapter 57

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I walked into the house and didn't see anyone. I kept on walking until I made it to Michelle's bedroom upstairs.

There, I found the tempting teens, Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen, in a naked pile on Michelle's bed. They were obviously trying to act like they were just hanging out, but each one was breathing suspiciously hard.

I said sternly, "And just what have you three young ladies been doing?"

"Oh, hi Daddy," Michelle replied for the group, trying hard to sound casual. "Just fooling around and talking. Sue Ellen's great! We've officially named her a 'breastest friend' already. And you?"

I just glared. "All three of you, downstairs. Now. And don't bother with clothes, I like you just the way you are. Oh, except put on some high heels, of course. And come down single file, Sue Ellen style. I want to see a lot of swinging hips and tits."

They immediately understood what I meant by "Sue Ellen style" - I was referring to the method of putting one foot in front of the other, like models on a catwalk, that Sue Ellen had just learned and loved so much.

I picked up a camera and a hand-held mirror from my bedroom and hurried back downstairs just in time to see Cindy and Mindy walking into the house. I was pleased to see that they hadn't bothered to dress either. Mindy was carrying her robe and Cindy's clothes as well. That made me the only one wearing anything in the house, since I still had my robe on.

First, I turned the dining room and kitchen lights on. Then I walked up to them and handed Cindy the mirror and Mindy the camera. I kissed Cindy on the tip of her nose, which was just about the only part of her face that was cum-free. "My newest cock slave is looking very lovely tonight," I told her.

She grinned in an 'awww, shucks' manner, "Thank you, Sir. Oops! What should I call you? Should I call you 'Sir?' Or even... 'Master?'"

I recalled how Mindy had told her that she could call me "Master." But I wasn't ready for that, and I doubted if she was either. Even 'Sir' seemed too much.

So I said, "Nah. I don't want this to go to my head more than it already is. Don't feel obliged to call me something like that just because Mindy wants it. Just keep calling me Dan, please. I want our friendship to continue as it always has."

Mindy quipped to Cindy, "Except that you'll be spending a lot more time with your legs wrapped around him or your head in his crotch."

Cindy laughed as she stood there naked with the cum dripping down her face. She seemed in no hurry to get clean. I could see a few places where Mindy had run her finger through the pearly mess.

Just then, we heard the click, click, click of high heels as the three nude teens walked out onto the hardwood floor, emerging out of the darkness of the unlit living room and into the bright dining room. Michelle, naturally, was first; her absurdly jutting jugs swaying wildly as she walked. Clearly she was proud of her superior endowment, and was practically glowing at being able to show off her naked body to me.

I was going to tell that that everything was okay and Cindy knew all about the incest and the rest, but then I realized they knew that already, since they'd been eavesdropping for a while. Michelle certainly didn't act like she had anything to hide.

Then I realized that Mindy and Cindy probably weren't aware. So I whispered to Cindy, making sure the Mindy heard as well, "They know. They've been eavesdropping. They know everything already."

Cindy's blush had finally faded, but upon hearing that, it returned with a vengeance. However, to her credit, she stood her ground and didn't even turn her head away. She just nodded slightly and then resumed watching the girls coming our way.

Mindy, Cindy, and I gawked in admiration as we watched nude girl after nude girl strut into the room. At least I did, and without checking I'm sure Mindy did too.

Sue Ellen swayed her hips and tits the most - she'd obviously been practicing recently and had finely honed her strutting skills. Michelle was utterly shameless, despite the obvious implications of her being nude and with the others. Ruby brought up the rear wearing just a great big smile.

All three of them pretended not to notice the cum on Cindy's face. Only when Ruby was fully in the room with the rest of us did she look up into her mother's face and pretend to be shocked. "Mom! Look at you! Your face! You're naked too! What happened?!"

I laughed. "That was an adequate acting job, I'll admit. But I saw you three naughty little sluts scurrying back to the house. I know you saw and heard everything, so don't try to deny it. And there WILL be spankings! Not tonight because my hand is sore, but soon enough."

I wasn't following my rule that spankings would not be tied to bad behavior for fear of encouraging more of that behavior. But I thought, What the hell? I'm basically the king of the household now, and... well... it's good to be the king!

Seeing that the jig was up, they didn't try to hide what they knew.

Ruby immediately rushed up to her mother and hugged her tightly. "Mom! You're a cock slave too! I'm so psyched and relieved that you've joined us so fast! Oh my God! We're going to be slaves together! And cocksuckers together! I saw the way you sucked him! Isn't it the BEST?!"

She kissed Cindy's lips, but only briefly. I wasn't sure if that was because she didn't know if that was okay to do yet or if she was being careful to preserve the cum on her mother's face, or both. However, the rest of their bodies certainly did connect, skin rubbing skin from nipples on down to their knees.

I noticed how Ruby's nipples pressed exactly against Cindy's, tip to tip, while they kissed. That couldn't be an accident since, in her high heels, Ruby's nipples should have been a bit higher than her mother's. I was impressed at how Ruby made that picture-perfect scene look unrehearsed, even unintentional. I was also glad to see that Mindy caught the moment on film (or rather, memory card).

Ruby pulled back slightly to look at her mother's face. Clearly, she expected some kind of reaction.

Cindy chuckled. She seemed relieved the others knew, since that probably limited the additional embarrassment of having everything explained. "It IS pretty cool. I was filled with worry at first. I mean, for crying out loud, I'm a SEX SLAVE now! A COCK slave, which somehow sounds even more extreme! What does that mean?! Is this for real?! But it hasn't been ten minutes and it already feels almost... natural. I feel much, much better after getting spanked and then sucking his cock. I assume you saw all that."

She looked my way and smiled bashfully. Then she swiped a finger though the cum streaks on her face and stared at me as she sensually sucked that finger clean.

Ruby continued to squeeze her happily, and their big pillowy breasts pressed against each other in the most delightful ways. "We did! You were GREAT! Sucking his cock is just THE BEST, isn't it?! And I know what you mean. It's like a whole new outlook! But it feels good! It's like being married to the man you love, but even MORE intense, because there's no divorce option. But Mom, I love that you and I will be his slaves together!" She began bouncing excitedly in place while continuing to hold Cindy tightly.

That jostled Cindy around, but she looked so euphoric in general that I don't think she minded much. She also looked extremely embarrassed, but she must have had a "par for the course" feeling about that by this time.

Ruby said, "Look at us! We're both sexy and nude and hugging each other in front of our master! We're going to be waaaay closer than before, bonded together by the love of our man and the love of serving his insatiable horse cock. We're going to spend so much time together kneeling between his legs, taking turns bobbing on the King, licking it together, loving it... I can't wait!"

Cindy only managed a slightly chagrined, "Yeah, well..."

She didn't have time to say more, because Michelle came up and hugged her from behind, trapping her in a "big tit sandwich" from both sides. "Congratulations! Welcome to the club! I think I'm as excited as Ruby is. I've been rooting for you for longer than you know!"

"So, you don't mind?"

"Mind?! Not as long as you don't mind me, since I'm his genetic daughter and all. But that doesn't seem to be a problem, does it?"

Cindy shook her head no and started to form a reply.

But again she didn't get a chance, because Michelle exclaimed, "Oh my God! I love that when you found out about the incest, you moaned into his cock and sucked it with even more passion than before! And each time it came up, you got hotter and hotter until you were practically choking on all that fat cock! That PROVES to me what your true feelings are! I love that you know I'm one of Daddy's slaves and you're okay with it. That means no hiding! This will bring us ALL much closer together."

Mindy joked gleefully, "Hell, if you and Ruby are taking turns bobbing on his cock, I wanna be there too!"

Michelle said, "That's SOOOO going to happen! Maybe not the very next time, but soon, and often! Remember Rule Number Three: 'share the cock!' I love sharing. The more the merrier! I can't wait to share with you!"

Ruby added while hugging from the other side, "Me too! Mom, you're like a REALLY GOOD cocksucker! I could tell! That's SO COOL! I had no idea! I can't wait to lick him with you! Just you wait! It's SUCH a great bonding experience!"

She pulled back again to get a reaction, and was startled all over again by the sight of the cum splattered all over Cindy's face. "OH! And bonus! Just wait until he cums on our faces or our tits! That's even MORE of a bonding experience! This has to be the BEST NEWS EVER!"

Cindy was more restrained and just said, "I'm really happy too." She pulled her daughter in for an even tighter embrace. Their huge racks mashed together in a very visually appealing manner.

Mindy had been taking lots of pictures. She lowered her camera and pointed at me almost accusingly. She was smiling from ear to ear as she pretended to be angry at me. "You are SUCH a lucky bastard! You don't deserve all this, you know. The next time you find yourself covered in naked cock slave bodies, take a moment to remember your super cool wife who made it all possible!"

I tipped an imaginary cap at her. "That is very true. I'm not worthy." I bowed in her direction.

She wagged her finger at me, still pretending to be upset. "Hey, no bowing for you. You're the master now. You have to act like one."

Sue Ellen had been standing back, waiting for Michelle and/or Ruby to end their hugs with Cindy so she could congratulate her too. But the hugging showed no sign of ending anytime soon, so she walked up and held her hand out for a handshake. "Congratulations, Cindy! He's only just enslaved me, so I don't know much about how these things work. But I think having you as a kind of sister slave is gonna be pretty great. Like they said, I hope we all get to be really, really close, united by our love and lust for our master."

Mindy had gone around the counter to the kitchen to get something. But she shouted back, "Hey! Sue Ellen, don't just stand there waiting for a handshake. Pile on to the group hug. Don't worry about the nudity; you're all going to be naked around each other more often than not. Get friendly! Give her a kiss! A real kiss!"

So Sue Ellen put herself at Cindy's side and hugged her between Ruby in front and Michelle in back. Cindy had only shared short, closed-mouth kisses with those two. One was her daughter and the other she knew nearly as well as her daughter, so a truly erotic kiss would seem strange.

However, that wasn't the case with Sue Ellen. Both of them were game since they were so very hot to trot in general. They French kissed for a good minute.

Meanwhile, the other two kept on hugging and even fondling some, plus there was no way the big racks of Ruby and Cindy could stop rubbing against each other. I was particularly intrigued to see Ruby give her mother's ass an exploratory squeeze or two.

"Woo-hoo!" That was Mindy. She was standing nearby with her camera again, snapping more pictures. "Nice! Sue Ellen, I like how you licked some cum off her cheek halfway through. Did you snowball that back and forth with her?"

Sue Ellen pulled away and bowed her head shyly. "Yeah, kinda. I thought it would be symbolic. I wanted to show that I'm totally down at sharing our master's cock too. Not to mention, it's tasty!"

The others laughed at that. Then the group hug broke up.

Cindy didn't stand alone for long, because Sue Ellen came back for a one-on-one hug with her. They French kissed again, and grinned at each other like delirious idiots. A lot more tit rubbing ensued, and a lot more deliberately.

Cindy had refrained from fondling her daughter's ass, and had just kept her hands around the middle of her back. But with Sue Ellen, she brought her hands down to Sue Ellen's ass just as quickly as Sue Ellen did the same to her. They seemed to really get into it, even probing into the other's ass crack.

While still in a loose embrace with her, Cindy asked Sue Ellen, "So, what's it feel like for you, being enslaved to Dan? How do you like it?"

"Like it?! I love it! I really do! You won't regret this, I promise you. The sex is hotter than blazes, but that's just a part of it. It's the love. It's the family. It's... everything! For instance, I have this sense of belonging that just... MMMM! So good!"

Cindy laughed giddily with Sue Ellen, more from sheer, shared exuberance than anything funny. That caused even more tit rubbing between them. "I like the sound of that. So, you feel different?"

Sue Ellen's eyes widened. "Oh, yeah! Every minute of the day! Everything is different. It starts with thinking first and foremost about your master. It's like, the first thought in my mind is, 'Where's Dan's cock and is anybody taking care of it? If not, can I?'"

Michelle was standing right there, so Sue Ellen asked her, "What do you think?"

My ultra-busty daughter replied, "Oh, totally! I've been thinking like that for ages, but now I can actually DO something about it! Oh, Cindy! It's such a good feeling, serving your master. Feeling his cock in my mouth is great in and of itself. You know how it's so THICK, and the only way to cope is to totally surrender to its power? You know that feeling of sweet surrender?"

"Actually, I do," Cindy said, surprising the others. "I felt some of that already."

Then Sue Ellen said, "Me too! I feel that all the time! The only way I can suck him at all is to go into 'the zone' and completely let go of all my inhibitions!"

"Exactly!" Michelle said brightly. "Think was a wonderful, warm feeling that is. But even better than that is this sense of contentment I get knowing that he's being properly taken care of. In fact, I feel that good buzz almost as much when I'm just watching someone else suck him!"

Sue Ellen practically bounced on her heels in her eagerness to agree. "Ohmigod, that's so true! But it's good both ways. If he's untended and it's my turn, then... WOW! But if someone else is taking care of him, that's pretty hot too. Yeah, there's some disappointment that I'm missing out on the fun, but more than that, I feel relief and contentment. Ya know?" She looked at Ruby.

Ruby nodded. "I agree! And by the way, I love that 'sweet surrender' feeling too! But the point is, we've gotta remember that the task of keeping him constantly throbbing with pleasure is bigger than any of us. We need to act like a team, and my mom now is an equal part of that team. 'Share the cock!'"

I'd been standing just a few feet away, feeling strangely ignored. God, it's so strange! Who knew that the act of cocksucking could bring them so much joy? I think it's a lot more than the physical act though. The love the submissiveness of it. It's like they're all submissiveness junkies. They get off on being dominated. That's probably a big reason why they actually seem to prefer sharing my cock, since that's such a very submissive thing to do.

I cleared my throat to get their attention, then asked, "What about all the times when I'm not aroused?"

All five women laughed knowingly, while I just stood there looking puzzled.

I had to ask, "What's so funny?"

Michelle explained, "That happens so rarely that it's not much of a problem. That's what's funny. We've all known you for years except Sue Ellen, and even she's caught on, I'm sure: you have a boner simply ALL THE TIME!"

Sue Ellen nodded with a silly grin. She was continuing to hug Cindy, with all the ass fondling and tit rubbing that entailed. Clearly, they were enjoying each other's bodies.

Mindy had been hanging back, but she walked to the middle of the group. She said to me, "It's true. Why do you think I need so many cock slaves to help out?"

I opened my robe in front and looked down at my flaccid penis. I protested, "But that's not true! I'm just an ordinary guy with an ordinary libido!"

That cracked them up even more, like I'd told them the funniest joke in ages.

I decided to keep my mouth shut for now. Obviously, they'd all hyped me up to an absurd degree, and nothing I could say would change their minds when they were all feeling excited and victorious.

Mindy came closer to Cindy and gave her a thorough look over.

Cindy finally pulled away from Sue Ellen, then lowered her head. She appeared to be self-conscious about her body. That was understandable, given that she was in the same room as three nude teens who all deserved to be Playboy Playmates.

Bringing a hand underneath Cindy's chin, Mindy gently lifted Cindy's face up to better admire the cum splatterings there. "Look at that, girls. Just look at that. Is that not a work of art? For any wife out there who doesn't want to share her husband, I would just show her a picture of that. Look! Really look! Does that not get you hot? Dan's just marked his territory, and claimed my best friend!"

"If you think that's something," said Ruby, "look at it from my point of view. My master has just claimed my Mom, and made her a slave! Are you kidding me?! That's a heaping double helping of piping hot awesome sauce!" She brought the back of her hand theatrically to her forehead and pretended to swoon like a scandalized lady in an old-time movie.

She added with undisguised eagerness, "Seriously, is that awesome, or what? If I were any hotter, I'd glow red!"

Mindy gave Ruby's short, spiky, and very red hair a curious look, as if she'd never noticed it before. "Are those flames coming out of your head?"

Ruby giggled. "No, that's my hair, silly!"

"Oh. My bad." After more merriment, the attention returned to the cum on Cindy's face.

All the other women thought that Cindy's cum-marked face was just the greatest thing in the history of the world. Each of them had to make comments and pay compliments. They ooohed and aaahed at her face like they were admiring a newly-discovered $80 million Picasso painting.

Then Michelle remembered that Mindy was holding a camera. "Hey, Mom, don't just stand there; take more pictures! Let's get close ups of Cindy's face. Then we should get pics of each of us licking her cheeks. Oh! And then we can rub some of it on my tits, and take pictures of that! And then I can rub tits with Cindy, and we can get pictures of that too! And then..." She went off, describing a seemingly endless number of photo opportunities.

And that's before the others chimed in with THEIR suggestions!

A very prolonged photo session followed. Everybody wanted a picture of everybody else. Photos of girls licking cum from Cindy's face were especially popular. All the girls got a taste, including Mindy.

However, by some unspoken agreement Ruby was allowed to lick up most of it. I'm not sure why, but that's how it was. They never quite kissed, but it was extremely titillating to see Ruby sensuously licking her mother's face all over. And doing that caused their enormous racks to press together. Cindy was fairly passive, but Ruby seemed to make a point of sliding her big tits up and down against her mother. And while Cindy was content to just hug her daughter in the normal way, Ruby was fascinated to fondle her mother's ass. She even gave it a few compliments for being so firm and round.

Then came the group photos, some of which were done with a timer so all six of us could be in it.

The women were all so relentlessly naked and naturally sexy that eventually my penis revived. I sat in a nearby sofa, since I had a gut feeling this was going to go on for a while. Sure enough, this new development led to a whole other series of photos, with each of them wanting a photo of them licking it, stroking it, and/or swallowing it down as far as they could manage.

That in turn led to a lot of "harem talk" about my erection and how to "properly take care of it." For instance, Michelle complimented Cindy's cocksucking technique, saying that it was clear even from a distance that she had a real passion for it. But she also pointed out that Cindy only used her mouth and never her hands.

Cindy responded that she was concentrating mostly on her tongue work, which Michelle and the other girls obviously couldn't see or appreciate, and since it was her very first time it was an accomplishment to even do that much.

However, Michelle countered that holding the shaft was a good idea anyway, and while you're holding it was really no harder to stroke it too.

Cindy in return said that she would try to do that, but she was using her hands to masturbate.

Michelle said that it was easy as pie to masturbate while doing everything else, and the proceeded to immediately demonstrate, bobbing on my cock while stroking it and fingering her pussy.

And so it went. All the while, it was rare when at least two of them weren't at least fondling my hard-on together. I was more common for one of them to be stroking the shaft while another bobbed over the cockhead. That led to yet more excitable talk about the joys of sharing.

Time passed, a lot of time. It seemed to me that the photo session was just a thin excuse for all of them to have more fun playing with my cock. I was tired out from so much sexual activity all through the day, so I mostly just sat there and "took it." But the pleasure was so extremely fantastic that I certainly wasn't about to tell them to stop. I can't even go into the details much because it was such an endless blur of arousing events and combinations.

I told them not to arouse me too much since my dick was still feeling tender and I didn't want to shoot another load, but they didn't pay much heed to that. In fact, with my cock being passed from mouth to mouth, to mouth, to mouth, to mouth, with some of them having two or three "photo sessions" with it, or even sharing it with other mouths for certain shots, it was a near-Biblical miracle that I didn't blow another load before very long. I think they were all hoping I would, so another face could be painted, which in turn would lead to yet another long series of photos.

It was a digital camera that could take hundreds of pictures. But I was finally "saved," at least for a while, when the batteries ran out and Mindy had to go scrounge up some more. They left my erection alone until she came back.

All the while, the five of them talked about how great it was to be a cock slave, as if they'd been doing it for years instead of days (or, in Cindy's case, literally a matter of minutes!). They all agreed that it was just about the greatest thing since sliced bread, and they couldn't imagine ever going back. Mindy was praised to the high heavens for her pivotal role in allowing the whole thing to happen.

I was mostly silent, and tired. Their seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm was tiring me out. I was starting to get serious qualms over how I'd have the energy to keep all five of them sexually satisfied, as well as emotionally satisfied. At a bare minimum, I was going to need to step up my game and devote more time and energy to them and less to everything else. It was a very lucky thing we were financially set and I didn't have to keep to the usual business hours.

Mindy came back with fresh batteries and the photo session continued. Typically, three of them sat around talking and providing shaft stroking and ball fondling help while one of the others sucked me off and another took pictures of the cocksucking.

At one point, Sue Ellen asked Cindy about her opinion regarding Michelle and incest. She clarified, "We all saw how it drove you to some kind of orgasmic sucking frenzy in the heat of the moment, but now that we've all calmed down some, what's your more sober assessment? Don't hold back. Be brutally honest!"

I didn't see how we'd "all calmed down some." I certainly wasn't. In fact, even as Mindy said that, Cindy was jacking me off while Sue Ellen bobbed on the top of my shaft and Ruby and Michelle BOTH played with my balls! Everyone wanted to at least have some involvement with my privates, except for Mindy who was taking most of the photos.

Cindy replied, "If I had found out even ten minutes earlier than I did, I would have been outraged. As it was, I was so intent on sucking Dan's fat cock and having him paint my tonsils, like, NOW, that I was ready to agree to anything! But they tricked me with spankings." She looked at Mindy with mock-anger.

Mindy tried to look clueless, but was smiling too much. Still, she said, "'Tricked?' Whatever do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean. You two got me so horny that I didn't know up from down. Then, a few minutes later, well, you heard me. I wanted Dan to take total control, 100 percent, leaving me with no free will to worry about such matters. And he did. So that's a relief. But of course I still have my opinions. The funny thing is, it's what... ten more minutes after that? Twenty? Thirty? I've lost all track of time."

Mindy glanced at the kitchen clock. "More like thirty."

"Whatever. My point is, sitting here with the rest of you, I just feel so good about this cock slave thing. My jealousy is gone." She looked down at her sliding fingers, just below Sue Ellen's sliding lips. "I love that we're sharing like this. Just watching each one of us take turns bobbing on him during this photo session... I don't feel miffed when it's not my turn. I LOVE watching how all of you suck him with so much love and care! I'm learning so much. I feel like we're part of a team."

Cindy let go of my boner and dramatically stood up. "I feel ALIVE! Can I get a 'hell, yeah' for the TEAM?"

I hadn't seen Cindy this worked up about anything in years! Her spirits really had been beaten down, especially since her divorce.

Sue Ellen of course was still "posing" with my dick in her mouth, her tongue sliding around one way with her lips moving another way, but she got up with the others. All five women stood in a circle near me. They raised their fists and pumped them in the air. "HELL, YEAH!" they yelled as one. That was followed by lots of affirming hugs.

I'll tell you, there were so many sexy sights in every direction that I didn't know where to look!

Mindy on her knees between my legs and started slurping on my erection. Nobody bothered to inform me, but apparently it was her turn next. Sue Ellen took control the camera and Ruby was the one to stroke my shaft. Michelle surprised me by licking my nipples. That hardly ever happened to me. I tended to forget that was an erogenous zone for men too.

Cindy resumed talking while also idly fondling my balls. "Anyway, getting back to the incest, since we've come back inside, Michelle, I've seen you kissing your father and sucking him off, what, three times already?"

"Four," Michelle corrected, pausing with her nipple licking. "There were the two series of photos of just me, then the series of me and Mom licking up and down each side of his yummy thickness, and then the one of me and Sue Ellen doing the same. Oh, and that doesn't count the stroking photos. Oh! And the bunch of pics where Ruby was really going to town on him and I licked his balls from between his legs. Has this been a GREAT evening, or what?!" she giggled.

My F-cupped daughter put a hand on her chin, and pondered. "You know, Ruby, I just realized that we don't have any pictures yet of you and me sucking him off together, and that's just WRONG."

Ruby agreed emphatically. "I KNOW! I want you and me to be his favorite cocksucking duo of all! Since we're the two cock slaves here the most, and very breastest friends, we have the inside edge of at least doing it the most often. In fact, we need to do that photo series next, once Mindy's done. ... HEY! Nobody's even taking pictures of Mindy, she's just sucking him willy-nilly anyway! Mindy, your turn is over. I'm next!"

Sue Ellen had just been standing there and watching instead of holding the camera. "Sorry! It's so easy to get distracted." She leaned in close with the camera to her face and clicked away.

Cindy chuckled. "You see, Michelle? My point is, you've been doing it a lot in just this last little while. This has been like some kind of total immersion therapy for me. I can't really get mad about you falling in love with him while being his daughter. In fact, now that I'm looking at things through a new perspective, since you're around him the most, I can't understand how you could NOT fall in love with him!"

Michelle said emphatically. "Exactly! Yes! Right on, sister. You get it. Having to grow up in this house, with Mom and Dad carrying on like porn stars through closed doors and looking like movie stars, and his enormous wang threatening to burst out of whatever unfortunate, stretched clothes he was wearing, it would be humanly impossible not to fall in love and in lust with him at least a little!"

I thought, If that's true, then what about Nicky? She wasn't affected by any of that at all. Or was she?! Shit! I can't even go there! The fact is, Shelle is some kind of sex-obsessed nympho. She and Ruby became "breastest friends" probably in large part because they share that nympho bond. Nicky is just normal, and thank God for that!

Cindy continued to happily chat away, even as she kept on fondling my balls. "That's precisely my point. I can't hold it against you for falling in love with him. And if I did, it would be the pot calling the kettle black. And I certainly can't blame him for succumbing to your charms! If your body isn't built for sex, and lots of it, then nobody's is. It just feels like you belong there, on your knees, with that gigantic cock of his fucking its way down into your throat. You seem so happy and at ease serving him sexually. It's actually a beautiful thing, to witness the sexual connection you two share."

Michelle was ecstatic. "Thank you! Cindy, you're my new favorite person! It's like you understand me better than anybody! I AM built for sex, and I DO belong there on my knees, slurping and bobbing on the King! It's what I do. It's who I am! It's what fulfills me. Anything else is a waste of time! And you should see me with his cock in my big tits. Talk about BLISS!"

She gasped in dismay. "Oh Lord! We haven't taken ANY titfucking photos yet! That's just WRONG!"

I saw five eagerly nodding heads, as all of them apparently thought that was a big injustice that needed to be immediately corrected. Since Mindy was still the one bobbing on my hot pole, she did so more emphatically and also let out a loud affirming, "MMMM!"

I pointed out, "Oh, for the love of God! We can save something for the next photo shoot, can't we?"

That more or less quieted them down, because they liked the implication that there would be another photo shoot like this.

Mindy suddenly pulled her lips off my cockhead and wiped her chin clean. She looked at Michelle and said, "Darling, I understand you too, and you have my full support. In fact, in cerebration of Cindy having no problem with your role, I want you to take the rest of my turn."

"Wow! Thanks, Mom! Ruby, your house has competition for 'Coolest Mom of the Year' award." Michelle immediately replaced Mindy between my legs and got busy slurping and sucking.

Ruby was still the one stroking my shaft. She leaned in very close, like she wanted to do some licking too. She waited until she saw a bulge in Michelle's cheek that was the head of my cock, and she smiled in satisfaction at the look of intense concentration on Michelle's face.

Seeing that I was being well taken care of, Ruby let go and walked over to her mother, who apparently had pulled away from the group to take a mental and/or physical breather.

I was listening in as Ruby told her, "I'm glad you're not being a hypocrite about Dan and Michelle, Mom." She stressed the word, 'mom,' as she ran her fingertip from Cindy's hip, up the side of her body and around her tit to catch a remaining drop of my cum from her mother's face, which she then brought to her lips. She rubbed the cum on her lips, and then kissed Cindy briefly but obviously with some tongue.

Cindy just stood there like a deer caught in headlights while Ruby overtly ran her hands over her tits.

Perhaps Ruby sensed that Cindy was uncomfortable about her very first mouth to mouth kiss with her daughter, because she broke the kiss fairly quickly. Then she said to her, "I heard Mindy tell out on the deck that some girl-on-girl action is going to be an essential part of keeping our master's cock stiff. I don't think it's fair for you and me to have a special exception to that just because you're my mom. In fact, the taboo factor should arouse him more, which means we should do it MORE!"

With that, Ruby kissed Cindy again. So much for Ruby trying to be understanding!

Cindy was stunned again at first, but it wasn't long before she was clearly kissing back with much more passion and much less restraint than the previous kiss not that many seconds before. She also fully cooperated while they erotically rubbed their breasts and especially their nipples together.

Cindy gave a small shudder at one point when Ruby was pinching both her nipples at once. Her eyes half-closed and her lips parted longingly when Ruby finally withdrew.

I found the sight of them doing all that highly, highly arousing. I wasn't that surprised by Ruby's behavior, since I knew she was already some kind of a nympho vixen. But it was encouraging to see Cindy let go and positively respond. Of course, the fact that my cock was getting stroked and blown at the same time certainly helped me enjoy the scene!

The whole time I'd known Cindy, she'd been restrained and emotionally reserved. In retrospect, it appeared a large part of that was because she'd been hiding her secret feelings for me. Whereas this night she seemed to have completely let go of ALL her inhibitions. She was very much like "one of the girls," and she even looked significantly younger than usual.

Ruby looked over at me, especially at how Michelle was rhythmically bobbing on my boner. "You see, Mom? Look how extra stiff and hot he is in her mouth! He loves it! Don't you, Master?"

I didn't want to put Cindy in a spot in case she had some regrets later, so I grunted in a manner that could mean whatever one wanted it to.

Ruby pulled away from her mother and returned her attention to my crotch. She simply knelt down right next to Michelle, with my blonde daughter making room. I recalled their distress that there had been no pictures taken yet of the two of them going to town on my cock, and it looked like they were working on immediately fixing that.

The others all pulled back, leaving everything to the two Hellions. They started taking turns bobbing on me. The one who wasn't sucking from the top usually licked from the side. At one point, Michelle remember to say without looking up, "Who's got the camera? Whoever it is, please take lot of pictures of this. Lots and lots of pictures!"

Mindy was back to manning the camera, as she'd been doing most of the time, and she took enough pictures from every angle and distance to even satisfy Michelle.

I wondered if some kind of collective insanity was taking over our group. They really did seem to be bonding through lots of sexual activity, and lots of blowjobs specifically. The more they talked, the more they all supported each other's feelings and strengthened them. It was an amazing process to watch, and almost a bit scary.

I still couldn't get over Cindy's near-total transformation from how she'd been 24 hours ago. What a turn of events! Yesterday, she'd taking baby steps towards getting physically involved with me. She was still reluctantly coming to grips with the fact that her daughter had any kind of intimate relationship with me. And now, somehow, she just took a dive into the deep end of the crazy pool! Or maybe it's the sex pool. The crazy sex pool, probably. We've all gone insane!

For crying out loud, she was just making out with Ruby, and loving it! I never, ever thought I'd see that in a million years. Hell, she's changed dramatically from just an hour ago, prior to the spankings! It's like she's a whole new woman. No, make that a whole new girl. She's acting just like the teenagers, and having the time of her life!

To be honest, I couldn't be happier for her, and not because I'm sexually benefitting so great. Well, not JUST that. I still don't know about this "cock slave" stuff. I go along with it, sometimes enthusiastically, but a part of me worries that we really have gone off the deep end. Yet with Cindy it's hard to mind. She had REALLY been beaten down in life. I can only realize just how much now that I see the contrast with her new, radiant persona. She deserves to be this happy all the time!

The thing was, I was getting sucked up in all the craziness too (and literally "sucked up" much more than ever before in my life!). It seemed like my morals were changing by the hour, if not by the minute, to justify the evolving sexual situation. I was starting to come to believe that having a bunch of cock slaves was not only right and desirable, but almost normal and natural, as if it had always been that way. At the same time, I was constantly thrilled and drunk on power, like I was riding an ego high that never seemed to end.

Meanwhile, Mindy kept on taking pictures of Ruby, Michelle, and my cock. In one, Ruby would pull out all the way until just the tip of her tongue was licking at my piss hole, while I'd hear a few clicks from Mindy's direction. Then she'd swallow half my shaft but keep it pinned close to my thigh so Mindy could get some good shots of it and the side of her face. Then after sliding her lips back and forth on it a few times, she'd hollow out her cheeks and open her eyes wide, pretending to be shocked as if I'd just blown a nut into her mouth (which I very nearly on the verge of doing anyway!). Meanwhile, kept on licking whatever wasn't getting covered by Ruby, and her face was usually in the picture as well.

Then the two of them resume licking near my sweet spot together, resulting in a whole other round of photos. And so on. There were even more pictures taken with Michelle on top.

The thing is, I knew they would be more than happy to literally do this for hours! Sure, it felt beyond great, more pleasurable than I could possibly put into words, but I was hitting some kind of orgasmic overload, and my dick was crying for mercy. It wasn't used to this level of extremely intense stimulation for so long and it was actually starting to chafe and hurt from so much friction.

I was thinking about calling for a prolonged break when my cock decided it couldn't wait that long. I started to cum, hard!

Michelle happened to be the one bobbing on me. I didn't give her any warning because I was surprised as well, so she swallowed a good portion of my load before she remembered to pull off and share the spermy bounty with Ruby.

Unfortunately, my cock had had a "busy day" and I'd shot a particularly big load with Cindy out on the deck a short while ago, so I didn't have much left to give. I painted Michelle's face some, but by the time I went back to Ruby's I was nearly tapped out.

Still, once the others realized what had happened, you'd have thought I'd shot out a couple of gallons' worth!

There was an immediate call for more pictures, and lots more cum sharing. Michelle was the new center of attention when all the others wanted to lick her face and share snowball kisses.

But after just a few clicks, the camera's memory card finally ran out. That bummed everyone out, because they all wanted lots of pictures of the cummy faces.

But then Mindy said, "Wait! I know! We can download the pictures to my computer and then erase the memory. And then repeat as necessary! We'll be able to take as many pictures as we want!"

Michelle said, "Oooh! Nobody touch my face, or Ruby's until we have the memory card good to go again! Then we should start a whole other series of photos dedicated JUST to two-on-one cock sharing, like what Ruby and I were doing!"

Ruby added, "We should do that in every possible combination! And once that's done, let's do another memory card focused on titfucking!"

I had to put my foot down. "No! I said NO! Hellooooo? Is anybody listening?"

They were all talking so excitedly to each other that it took a bit before they stopped jabbering and realized I was talking too.

Michelle and Ruby were still kneeling between my legs. I had them get up and stand with the others.

"Wow," I said, looking at all five of them standing there in a row. "You're hot!"

They immediately began striking cheesecake poses, touching each other all over in the process, even though the camera's memory was still full. They just liked to pose for me, apparently.

Mindy smiled, but said wryly, "Is that your big announcement?"

"Yes. I'm very happy to announce that, because it's true. But there's more. First off, there will be NO more photos tonight."

All five immediately started to protest at once.

But I held up my hand. "Hear me out. Not now. Some other time, okay. Right now, my dick needs a break. A looooong break."

"What about the cum on my face?" Ruby asked. "And Michelle's face! I'm still saving some in my mouth too. We can't let that go to waste!"

"Then don't. Snowball it and share it all you like. It's just that I won't be involved. I probably won't even watch. Right now, I need a break, as I said. Plus I need to eat."

I realized with a start, "Whatever happened to dinner? Wasn't that supposed to happen like an hour ago? Doesn't anybody eat food around here, besides me? Do you all live on cum?"

Michelle's eyes brightened at that. "Oooh! Now, there's an idea! What if Daddy ate for five and we all lived on nothing but his cum?"

Mindy joked, "Instead of 'Eat All You Can,' we could call it the 'Eat All Your Dan' diet."

Ruby bounced on her heels excitedly. "Sweet!"

"And savory!" added Sue Ellen, prompting groans all around for her bad joke.

"Hey, come on," I complained. "A little bit of a reality check here? Please? I know you're all very, very excited. It's like you're all members of a new and elite club and I'm sure you could talk for hours and hours and hours about it. And you can. But not tonight! I have a plan that's been forming in my mind."

One could hear a pin drop as they all eagerly awaited to hear it.

"Dancing," I said.

That didn't go over as well as I'd hoped, probably because no beds were involved. Their faces were still blank, as they wanted to hear more before deciding if they liked the idea.

"Okay, here's what I'm thinking. Staying in the house with all of you, I'm kind of... overwhelmed. Maybe in time I'll be able to deal with all five of you at once, but right now I'm on erotic overload, especially with all the non-stop cocksucking. We could do that for hours and hours and hours until you've sucked out every single last sperm that's in me-"

"Now you're talking!" Michelle cut in. She crowed happily, obviously motivated by the notion. "I'm all in favor of doing that! Who's with me?"

I saw ten hands go up, two on each woman.

Hell, just watching these nude nymphos raising their hands above their heads was coming close to making me bust a nut. A "mental nut" anyway, since my dick had curled up and died of exhaustion. That kind of motion did wonders for their upper torsos. And call me weird, but I find the underarm area sexy.

"Ha-ha," I said, trying to think unsexy thoughts. "But seriously, I need a change of pace. Besides, I've just climaxed twice in a short period of time."

Mindy pointed out, "Actually, that's not true. The photo session has gone on for well over an hour. And yeah, we did miss dinner, kind of, since we'd all rather be doing this. But I can whip up something really fast."

I groaned. "Please do. That's the sound of my stomach crying mercy. Okay, so I didn't cum twice in short order, But getting stimulated that much for that long must be some kind of record. Five at once is too much! My dick has raised the flag of surrender and gone to sleep for the night."

They all sighed sadly as one.

I had to laugh at that. "Good grief! I think I've created a monster, a five-headed, cock-hungry monster. I can guarantee you I won't be getting erect again for a while. I'm mentally worn out from too much sex anyway."

I looked to Mindy and smiled. "So I was thinking I could take my wife out for dinner and dancing, since nothing's been cooked yet anyway."

This led to a collective moan from everybody.

Even Mindy was annoyed. "Honey, you can't do that! Any other night, yes. Tomorrow night, sure. I'd love to. But tonight is absolutely pivotal for the cohesion of the harem. We're bonding together so much that it's like a living dream for me. You just can't DO that! Especially for Cindy. Can't you see how she's opened up like a flower?"

My wife was going to say more, but I interrupted. "Hold on. You didn't let me finish. I was already one step ahead of you. I'm thinking, since Cindy is a newly-minted cock slave, she should come too and I can get to know her a little bit better. But the next thing I was thinking is that Michelle should definitely NOT come."

Predictably enough, this made Michelle nearly contort with anguish as she pouted and stomped her feet, setting off a lovely tit-quake. "DaaaaAAAAAaaaddyyy! Why not?!"

"First off, I can't be seen dancing with my own daughter, especially the slow and close sensuous kinds of dancing I'm looking to enjoy. I'm thinking we should go to a dance hall on the other side of town so we won't be known. I've got one in mind, but even that one isn't totally safe. But more than that, remember how mad Mindy and I were at you earlier? Mindy? Remember the whole DL deception?"

"Oh yeah!" Mindy said, as it came back to her. "Thanks for reminding me. So much has happened since that I totally forgot about that." She pointed an angry finger at Michelle. "You're definitely staying at home, young lady! There'll be no more Daddy cock for you tonight!"

"But Mom!" Michelle groused.

I said to her, "None of this 'but Mom' stuff. You're my cock slave now and your obedience is total, and that's final. As you can see, I have a lot of lovely ladies to choose from, so if you complain too much you'll face a serious cock drought."

She blanched at my not-so-subtle threat, and stammered, "But, but... What's to stop you from doing that any time I do something you don't like?!"

"Absolutely nothing. And that's just what I'm planning on doing when you misbehave. You will obey me TOTALLY or you will be cut off from any sexual fun until you change your ways."

Michelle's eyes were wide as that threat sunk in. "That's so... mean, and yet... it's so... HOT! ... Damn! Especially the 'obey me totally' part." She crossed her arms behind her back and thrust her bare torpedoes out.

I chuckled. "That may be. It is what it is. And this could just be the first of your punishments on this matter. Shelle, that was a very serious betrayal of trust. I'm going to talk to your mother about this and we'll decide what's fitting."

Mindy commented, "She looks fit to be tied. Which, actually, would be a fairly delicious thing to do to her this evening while we're gone." She bit her lip, trying without much success to hide how arousing she found that idea.

Michelle threw her arms up in the air and kept them that way as she struck a sexy pose. Perhaps she'd noticed my lusty look when all of them had raised their hands. "Yeah! I'm fit, as I hope you can see."

She twisted this way and that, and even made some poses typical for bodybuilders, to show off her fitness. "And as for 'fit to be tied,' I think I need to be tied up a LOT! Daddy, bind my arms and force me to suck your cock. That'll teach me!"

I laughed. "Yeah, right. If it's a punishment, you need to at least pretend to be upset about it."

She glowered unhappily.

I said to the others, "I have also decided that Ruby will be coming with us and Sue Ellen will be staying here. In case you're curious why, I want someone to stay here with Michelle so she doesn't burn the house down in frustration while we're out having fun."

I looked to my favorite sexy waitress to hopefully mollify her hurt feelings. "Sue Ellen, I want to spend a lot more time with you and get to know you better both out of bed and in it. But the way I see it, this is kind of Cindy's special night, and having you there would hinder me from focusing on her. Plus, I figure you two can download the pictures that we just took and have a blast printing them out and, er, 'admiring' them."

Michelle took Sue Ellen's hand and looked at her hopefully. "That doesn't sound too bad, does it?"

Sue Ellen replied, "Not at all. Sure, I'd love to dance with my master, but we can do a lot of 'admiring.'" She smiled, and even seemed a bit excited by that prospect.

"One more, no, two more conditions," I said. "First, Shelle, no orgasms for you while we're gone."

"What?!" she exclaimed. "That's impossible! I'm going to be looking at dozens upon dozens of close-ups of your cock getting serviced! And Sue Ellen and I have already been getting wonderfully touchy-feely. I'll be cumming non-stop!"

"You're being punished, remember?" I said. "Plus, I like the idea of you being even more worked up and desperate for relief when we get back. I've found that seems to make you a better cock slave."

The other girls all nodded knowingly.

But Michelle looked like she was about to go into shock. She stood there and stammered. She breathed heavily, going "ha, ha, ha," like she was panting or hyperventilating. Finally, she managed to breathe out the word "Hot!" as she sank down to her knees in front of me. She placed her hands in the small of her back, thrust out her chest and bowed her head in acceptance.

It was tough for me to keep my cool and not totally ravish her right there and then. Somehow, I managed to merely smile and keep talking. "Second, I don't want you and Sue Ellen touching each other's pussies while we're gone either. I don't know if you were planning to, but I suspect you were. If you're going to do that, I don't want to miss the first time. If you two want to be my cock slaves, then you need to save up things like that to give your master a show."

Sue Ellen looked nervous when I said that, and I wondered if maybe I had pushed her a little too far by being so demanding.

But then she very precisely imitated Michelle's actions, from the heavy breathing all the way to the final pose. She wound up kneeling beside Michelle, so close that their sides looked glued together. Four big heaving tits were lined up in a row.

But Sue Ellen only bowed her head for a moment before she nudged Michelle, and they turned their faces to each other. Then they began to French kiss. Apparently, they were so very worked up that they were compelled to release their sexual energies somehow, and they were the first available targets for each other.

"Whoa!" I complained, worried again about mental overstimulation, as well as the two of them breaking my "no orgasms for Michelle" rule even before I left. I told them sternly, "Save that for later. Stop! Stop already!"

They reluctantly pulled their heads apart and bowed their heads submissively.

Good God! They're trying to tempt me, and succeeding. Or is that just how they ARE now?!

I told them, "I'm desperately trying to let my dick take the rest of the night off and that is definitely NOT helping. Besides, when did every woman here suddenly decide to become bisexual? Did I miss some secret memo?"

Mindy chortled at that. "Yes, you did! That's all it takes, just a piece of paper, and then any woman becomes bisexual. What a great idea!"

Cindy said in a serious vein, "I think I can speak for the group when I say it's not so much bisexual this or that. It's just that there's an air of SEX and EXCITEMENT in the room! It's any port in a storm! By God, I'm so horny that if it's got lips, I'm gonna kiss it!" She giggled a little and then added saucily, "On the face OR down below!"

That earned an appreciative "Oooh!" from the rest of the women.

"Dibs," said Ruby, almost too softly to be heard.

Despite Cindy's words, I suspected there was more than just "any port in a storm" logic going on for her. She was far too easy and willing, even with her own daughter. Either that, or it was one hell of a storm!

I ran my hands through my hair. "Oh man! But I think you have a point about the air of excitement. It's filling the room like a fog, a thick fog. That's why I feel the need to get out. Right now I'm so deep in this sexual fog that I can barely see or breathe. It's so intense! Not to mention the SMELL of excitement. Literally. This place smells like sex, and for good reason. Look at your wet pussies!"

Michelle and Sue Ellen were still down on their knees, but she got up, and Sue Ellen followed. She cocked her hips and said, "Sorry, Daddy. You're just going to have to get used to that. Being a cock slave pretty much means 'all wet, all the time.' My pussy is always lubing up, always ready for a good Daddy poke!"

I gave her an exasperated look and ran a hand through my hair. "Shelle, you're going to be the death of me. Death by overworked heart."

I tried my best to ignore my busty blonde daughter (Ha! Good luck!) and turned my attention back to Sue Ellen standing next to her. "So, if you can stay here and keep our wildest Hellion entertained, that'll be good. Think of it as kind of a test of your willpower, and hers too."

She nodded gravely. "I'll try my best, Master. It's gonna be tough, really tough, with all those close-up, sexy pictures of your big cock getting pleasured in every possible way by so many different hands and mouths. I kind of get dizzy just thinking about it! But I'll be strong."

I could tell she was going to take it as a serious responsibility to make sure Michelle wouldn't cum. I noted, "If it gets too much, you could simply elect to stop looking at them."

She grinned impishly, showing a mischievous streak. "I could, but I know I won't! I just can't resist!" Then she asked, "By the way, is it okay if I cum?"

"That's fine by me. Michelle is the only one being punished here."

Michelle clenched her teeth and shook her fists in front of her. That set off a wobbly F-cup adventure. "Garrgh! Daddy, you're so aggravating! These past few days have been the very best of times, but sometimes the worst of times too!"

Ruby stepped up. "What about me? How do I fit into your evening plans?"

"Good question, Red. I want you to come with us because I want you and your mother to get better acquainted. I know, I know, who do you know better than your own mother? But I'm talking about seeing each other in your new sexual roles, not as mother and daughter, but as sexually liberated women and fellow cock slaves. That'll take some getting used to."

She nodded thoughtfully at that.

"Plus, a foursome will be good for this, I think. Call me greedy, but I don't want anybody else dancing with MY women. So, we can make two pairs of dancers whenever we like."

Everybody seemed to agree to that plan.

Even Mindy said, "Honey, I stand corrected. That sounds like a good plan. Four slaves and one wife on your cock all at once was a little too much for you. We'll have to work up to where you're used to that. And I love your idea of some special mother-daughter slave-y bonding time. Your plans for the other two are brilliant too. It's times like this that makes me confident that we've going to make this new harem life work. You have some kind of natural knack."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, right. I'm riding a wild sex roller-coaster, just trying to catch my breath every now and then."

The group quickly broke up after that.

Sue Ellen and Michelle went to the computer room to get started on downloading the pictures It occurred to me that they couldn't have eaten dinner yet either, but apparently that was a higher priority for them than making dinner for themselves.

Meanwhile, Cindy, Mindy, and Ruby went upstairs to dress up in fancy outfits. It was one of those times when it proved useful that all of them were of roughly similar heights, weights, and bust lines (with the rather breathtaking exception of Michelle in that last category). Actually, Ruby was closer in size to Michelle, especially her bust, which seemed more like F-cups than E-cups to me, so she went to borrow her clothes. Cindy and Mindy sorted through Mindy's clothes.

With my dance partners all getting dressed, I told Sue Ellen and Michelle to put on some clothes as well, at least until the rest of us left. I didn't want them tempting me too much.

For once, I was glad that women can and often do take quite a long time to prepare to go out on the town, because I was wiped out, both mentally and physically. I needed a break to recharge my batteries. I went into the living room, which was still dark, and lay down on a long sofa.

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