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Chapter 58

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Sue Ellen and Michelle didn't stay in the computer room for long. Ruby needed some help finding some of Michelle's things that she wanted to try out, which drew Sue Ellen and Michelle up to Michelle's bedroom. Before long, the three of them were playing 'dress up,' while Cindy and Mindy did much the same in our room.

I ended up taking a power nap for about half an hour. When I woke up, I went upstairs while still just loosely wearing my robe. I warned both groups that if they weren't dressed and ready at the foyer in ten minutes, I was going to cook up some macaroni and noodles and go to bed early. I knew that if I didn't put my foot down, they could literally be trying on clothes for hours.

But that got action. I took a shower, and then I picked out a suit and put it on in all of about two minutes.

They didn't make my ten-minute deadline, but at least they were close. All FIVE of them eventually came downstairs dressed to the nines. Sue Ellen explained, "Master, I know we can't go, but Michelle and I wanted to have fun dressing up too, especially since you told us to put some clothes on anyway."

I said, "Wow. Stand in a row, ladies. I want to admire you."

They did so.

"Wow," I said again, in genuine awe at their beauty. "Each one of you looks more delectable and beautiful than the next." All of them were wearing short, silky dresses that showed off cleavage by the acre. Taken together, the whole lot of them were like a rainbow of erotic beauty because each dress was of a different color.

I stood in front of Sue Ellen. "Are you wearing underwear?"

"Yes, Master." She grinned from ear to ear, realizing what was coming next.

I held my hand out and just gave her a look of, "Do I even have to say it?"

Clearly the answer to that unspoken question was "No," because Sue Ellen was positively giddy as she took her underwear off for me from under the rest of her clothes.

The others peppered her with all kinds of teasing comments, mostly about how she'd need to find some better quick-release undies in light of this new tradition, and how she might as well save time and just turn over the entire contents of her underwear drawer to me.

Mischievous Michelle, though, disagreed, saying that it was a far better thing to have underwear to surrender to my hand, than to own nothing at all.

Sue Ellen reveled in all the attention and seemed to be inordinately pleased with herself for having to surrender her unmentionables to me. She bent far forward so I could see all of her firm orbs dangling in her dress, and said, "I feel so naked around my Master! Even when I'm wearing clothes, I just know he's going to rip them off and have his way with me! It's like I'm completely defenseless all the time!"

I decided that her "rip them off and have his way with me" idea was pretty good (although I didn't want to actually ruin the dress). I stepped forward, pulled the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders, and then hefted up her bare breasts with both hands while we necked for a minute or two.

As we kissed, I heard Michelle complain, "Damn. I wish Daddy would always rip MY clothes off and then ravage MY big tits."

Mindy commented, "Shush. You can't have everything. Consider yourself lucky enough as it is. For starters, how many daughters get to suck their father's cock on a daily basis? Especially a horse cock that's almost too big for anyone to wrap their lips around."

Michelle grumbled loudly. "Now you're just making me salivate."

I could have kept necking with Sue Ellen for a good while. But mindful of the time, my growling stomach, and the other four women I was keeping impatiently waiting in line, I stopped myself.

I left her panting for more, and almost literally swooning like she was about to fall over. "Dan! Master! I love you!"

I stared at her jiggling tits until I was sure she'd be able to remain standing with assistance. Then I just smiled and walked on down the line. Without looked back her way, I told her, "Oh, and strip the rest of your clothes off. Then assume the position. You know the one, hands on your head."

Maybe one could say I was letting the power go to my head, but dammit, why the hell not?

Sue Ellen groaned lustily. I loved how easy it was to arouse these women!

Then I came to Michelle and I stared at her hungrily. "Hmmm. Yummy. I think I'll unwrap this one myself." I yanked her black dress down to her waist and then saw she was wearing a strapless bra. As I undid that, I asked the group, "If anybody else is wearing a bra or panties, take them off now. We're not just going dancing, we're going to make it a commando raid."

Cindy looked down at herself. "But my top is so loose! I chose this one so you could have lots of peeks, but it NEEDS a bra! If I walk, it'll be like two kittens fighting in there!"

I just smiled and said, "That'll be interesting to watch."

Michelle shimmied the rest of the way out of her dress and panties while I French kissed her and played with her jutting torpedoes.

It had been a while since I'd touched them. Actually, I'd been playing with them not long before my nap, but I missed them already anyway. I was once again surprised at just how great it felt when she thrust her enormous breasts into my hands, her warm tit-flesh easily overflowing my cupped palms and fingers. I delighted in their unique combination of silky smooth skin on the outside and softly yielding yet erotically firm pliancy within.

She's utterly irresistible. I can't believe half of her genes came from me. No doubt about it, the Tit Fairy loved my youngest daughter!

Once Michelle was fully naked, I told her, "Assume the position."

She knew which one I meant from what I just told Sue Ellen. She put her hands on her head and spread her legs wide.

I really liked the way her body stiffened all over and her face changed to one of immense pride. It was like she considered herself supremely honored to be in that position, as if I were about to pin a medal on her or something (not that there was any cloth to pin it on!). I didn't understand her attitude, but I wasn't about to complain. I went right back to kissing her and playing with her body.

I fiddled with her engorging clit and pussy lips. She liked it at first, but then she started to get very upset and agitated. Suddenly on the verge of tears, she cried out, "Daddy, no! Please no!"

I stopped momentarily, and asked, "What's the problem?"

"Daddy, you said I can't cum! But I'm so close! I'm about to explode! I'll never make it through the evening. I'm such a bad slave!"

I cupped the undersides of her tits and hefted them up, leaving her guessing for a few moments. Then, as I pulled a little on her nipples, I said, "I said you can't cum while I'm gone. I'm still here."

"Oh! Oh, oh, oh, aaaaaiiiiieeee!" And just like that, she started a climax.

I was surprised, because the only thing touching her private parts at the moment were my fingers rolling her nipples. But apparently she needed to climax so bad after valiantly holding back that any touching pushed her over the edge.

When it ended, she wobbled about like she was stone drunk. She was barely able to remain standing in her hands-on-head pose.

Seeing her like that, I gave her a hug to help her stand. But she continued to tremble and shake like she was still climaxing. I couldn't understand it.

She suddenly gasped, "Daddy! Please! Permission to lower my arms?"

"Permission denied."

I think that nearly made her climax again! She bit her lip so hard I worried she was going to draw blood. I relaxed my hold on her, and resumed playing with her pussy lips and clit.

While I was still doing that, Mindy commented to Cindy, "Is that not the hottest thing you've ever seen in your life, or what?"

"IT IS!" Cindy replied emphatically. "Well, unless I could see what he was doing to me earlier. Michelle is just so unbelievably voluptuous and beautiful, and with her in that position, and Sue Ellen still posing in the nude with her hands over her head right next to her, it's just so terribly... obscene! It REALLY brings home the fact that we're all his sex slaves! Sorry, excepting you, of course."

"Don't sweat it."

"And the way he stands there - fully clothed, cool and in control, casually inspecting them - you can feel the power he has. It's so sexy that I can't stand it! Normally, I'm against objectifying women, especially for their big breasts, but I have to make an exception. Look at the way her anatomically awesome breasts are still wobbling all over the place! I don't care how straight you are - that's gotta make you hot!"

"It does," Mindy admitted, as she stared hungrily at her naked and increasingly sweaty daughter. "But what about the incest factor?"

Cindy replied, "I told you earlier, and I'm still not going to change my mind. Not only am I okay with it, but it makes everything that much more delightfully debauched. ... Can you believe it? I mean, ONE man, with FIVE women?! It makes me want to cum, just to say it out loud!"

Mindy replied, "To be honest, I've seen the gist of this coming for months, but now that it's actually here I still have trouble believing my own lyin' eyes. Dan has always been such a stick in the mud when I tried to bring up threesomes. Yet, here we are! Not three, but six of us, together! I still have that 'pinch me, I'm dreaming' feeling."

Giggling, Cindy pinched her upper arm.

The sound of the two women giggling together was music to my ears. But I thought, I can definitely relate to Min's "pinch me" feelings. I mean, having five women head over heels for me is remarkable enough, but the sheer busty beauty of these women defies description! I'd have to spend a while flipping through porn magazines to find even one that aroused me as much as ANY of these five. Is that just rose-colored glasses, because I've known and loved most of them for so long? I honestly don't think so.

I pulled back from fondling Michelle and looked at all five women. Sue Ellen and Michelle remained naked and standing "in position" side by side with their legs spread obscenely and their hands on the back of their heads. But surprisingly, Ruby was in that same position too, although still fully dressed. It looked like she was eagerly waiting her turn for me to manhandle her. By contrast, the two fully-clothed mothers were standing in casual and relaxed positions a few feet in front of the others.

As I admired my three "girls," I heard Cindy ask Mindy, "And what about you? Don't you feel some jealousy, seeing your HUSBAND standing there, running his hands freely all over two nubile centerfold-worthy sex bombs, with their hands held up high, their bouncy tits fully exposed, and their legs spread so lewdly like that? They couldn't be any more ready to get their pussies porked, and you know he'll do just that soon enough!"

"Jealousy? I don't think about that. ... Ah, fuck it! Why should I lie? The truth is, it does bother me, but I actually kind of LIKE that it bothers me! It's kind of a 'hurts so good' thing. I know that's kind of fucked up, but I guess that's why they call me a cucquean."

That confession had gotten my attention, so Mindy was looking into my eyes when she continued. "But Honey, please, don't push it and sneak around behind my back, okay? That would cross a line that would bring about a VERY different reaction from me."

"Look." I nodded towards Sue Ellen and Michelle. Both of their faces were red from a mix of embarrassment and lust, and their bodies were trembling slightly with excitement. I was standing between them, and hefted up a tit from each of them. "I'm in heaven. Why on Earth would I do anything to mess this up? And why would I want for more?" I took a big whiff of air and luxuriated in the smell of aroused women.

I gave Ruby a glance that told her I'd get to her soon. She was still standing stiffly at attention, and it looked like she was dying of anticipation.

Then, turning my attention back to Michelle, I knelt in front of her and started licking my way down to her slit. Just exploring the gentle, muscular curves of her tummy and her belly button area was a treat.

As I got to the top of her pussy area, Michelle suddenly exclaimed, "Oh no! Daddy, I'm gonna cum so hard! AGAIN!"

Luckily, that snapped me out of my reverie, and I remembered that I wasn't supposed to get intimate down there again until she fulfilled her part of our "dating boys" deal. My tongue was only an inch or so from her clit, but I suddenly pulled back and stood up. Seeing the orgasmic look on her face, I didn't want to leave her hanging. I kissed her neck and yanked on both her nipples.

That did the trick. She yelped in short bursts, trying her best to restrain her cries.

She ended up slumping against me, as she couldn't remain standing by herself. That led to an intimate hug.

"Daddy," she cooed, "I love you so much! You know that, don't you? It's not just that I worship your big fat cock; I love YOU! Every inch of you, everything about you. You're the best daddy ever! So many of my friends can barely stand their parents, but I'm totally IN love with my very own daddy. I wish I could marry you in some alternate universe."

She smiled at Mindy, probably making sure she wouldn't take that the wrong way. "But I've got a super cool mom too. I love YOU, mom!" She nuzzled her head into my neck and remained like that, with a blissed-out smile.

Mindy stretched her arms wide like she was ready for a big hug from her daughter, and jokingly exclaimed, "Marry me!"

Michelle chuckled and rolled her eyes. "Mom, please. I know I can't even do that with Daddy, even if he wasn't already married, but I just feel that way sometimes. Sorry, Dad, I know that'll freak you out, but I can't help my feelings!"

It did freak me out, but not nearly as much as I thought it would. Heck, after everything else that had happened, not much could shock me anymore. Or so I thought, anyway.

Ruby coughed. "Um, I hate to be a party pooper, but I've been like, super patient, waiting here..." She had drifted even closer to me, perhaps hoping that would increase the odds that I'd fondle her soon.

She had a good point about the time passing. I whispered in Michelle's ear, "I love you too, more than you can imagine. But we can't keep everyone waiting..." I reluctantly pulled away from her.

Michelle had recovered from her latest orgasm. To my surprise, she immediately resumed her position with her legs splayed wide and her hands on her head. She thrust her chest out with new resolve. "You see, Daddy? You see what a good cock slave I am for you? Mom, I'm kind of like you. Knowing that my Daddy is my master and that I'm nothing but one of his sex slaves makes me burn with embarrassment sometimes, but it's a 'hurts so good' kind of thing."

At the mention of "master," I was reminded of Sue Ellen, and I looked back her way. She was still standing in that same provocative position too. It seemed she had endless patience. Seeing that I was looking at her, she said, "Me too. I think 'hurts so good' says it perfectly."

Mindy joked, "I guess we're gonna have to break out the John Mellencamp records tomorrow."

I was puzzled for a second until I remembered he had a hit with "Hurts So Good" as the title. I smiled and nodded at that, while continuing to admire Michelle and Sue Ellen standing in their subservient positions.

Feeling very satisfied with my women and myself, I turned towards the front door.

Ruby coughed again. She looked like she was fit to burst.

I said to her, "Don't worry, you're coming with us. We'll have plenty of time to play later. In fact, I want to keep you so hot and bothered all evening that we'll be able to cook an egg off your tummy. I just wanted to give those other two something to remember me by while we're gone."

That seemed to mollify Ruby, although she still looked disappointed that she wasn't stripped and fondled in front of the others.

I gathered the three women who were still clothed around me, and soon proceeded with them out the front door.

It was pretty hard to leave those two buxom and naked teens behind, believe me. As I turned back to look at them one more time, I realized something. I walked back to Sue Ellen. "You haven't cum yet, have you?"

"No, Master, but don't worry about me. My pleasure is unimportant."

"That's so untrue. Never say or think that again, and that's an order. I'm not happy unless my women are happy and have lots of orgasms, and don't forget that the no-cum ban is just for Michelle tonight. I want you to cum a lot, and that's an order too!"

"Yes, Master!" She giggled with glee.

I groped her tits again and played with her stiffening clit for about a minute. I wanted to speed things up, so I said to her, "Now, are you two going to be good, or am I going to have to keep you buck naked and chained together until I get back?"

That pushed Sue Ellen over the edge. She bent over and cried out. I was proud of how I was getting better at figuring out what turned them on, even though I found their attitudes bizarre.

Dammit, my cock is like an iron bar, and it hasn't been getting any attention whatsoever. But now is not the time. I wish I could stay and play, but I'm hungry for actual food.

As I walked through the door, Cindy asked, "Um, Dan, you really weren't thinking of chaining them up, were you?"

"Don't be silly," I replied. "As if I even had chains to begin with!" I chuckled.

Cindy just said, "Oh." But to my surprise, she actually looked disappointed about it. Frankly, that surprised me more than Michelle's marriage comment.

"We do have plenty of rope and a couple of pairs of handcuffs, though," I said casually. I forced myself not to look to see how she reacted to that, but I heard a sharp squeaking intake of breath followed by increased panting. I might have been alarmed, but I was amused.

I finally stepped through the front door, with Mindy's arm in mine. I spoke over my shoulder to Michelle and Sue Ellen, "Okay, you two, be good. Don't wait up for us. Sue Ellen, you have to work tomorrow I believe, so I imagine you won't be here by the time we get back. Have a good night. I'll figure out a way to see you again soon."

"Yes, Master!" Sue Ellen replied, her voice saturated in lust and devotion.

I was glad to see the two of them adopted casual positions as the rest of us started to go. I was half-afraid they'd remain standing like that until I told them otherwise. The intensity of their feelings for me was a bit hard to handle at times, to say the least.

I snickered to myself, Good luck with Shelle keeping to that "no orgasms" rule. I'll be amazed if Sue Ellen can really restrain her.

The door closed behind me and I walked along with Mindy, while Cindy and Ruby trailed closely behind us as a pair in our wake. The walkway wasn't wide enough to walk four abreast.

For some reason, the thought popped into my head of just how wide the walkway would have to be for my five women to walk side-by-side without their breasts touching. Clearly Michelle would need the greatest amount of "clearance" to be a part of such a procession.

Ruby brought me out of my revelry by exclaiming to Cindy, "Is it just me, or was that the hottest thing you've ever seen? Well, since the photo shoot anyway."

That got a good laugh from all of us, since that had ended less than an hour ago.

She went on, "It's like, Daddy just totally took control of all five of his women! Even though I was just standing there watching, I felt like he was doing that to ME! My pussy's totally soaked. I feel like a piece of meat, and yet, I love it! And yet, I don't. It's so totally humiliating, you know? My face still burns with shame. But the key thing is that I never stop feeling loved. So maybe it's that 'hurts so good' thing for me too. It would be totally different if someone evil humiliated me, or if it was someone who looks down on me instead of loves me... Am I just babbling here, or do you know what I mean?"

Cindy said, "I know EXACTLY what you mean. With each minute that passes, I'm feeling more and more like I just won the $100 million lottery. Ruby, I have to admit that, until a few minutes ago, I was feeling kind of guilty about just letting Dan totally dominate you and use your body, well, like his sex toy, and even his sex slave. I mean, what kind of mother willingly watches her daughter fall into slavery, let alone explicitly sexual slavery? But the more I think about it, the happier I am. It's like we BOTH won the lottery! I see nothing but a future of night after night of insanely lusty pleasures that'll blow our socks off!"

Ruby said, "I KNOW! And all the rest of our clothes off too!"

Mindy smirked and said, "That's my hubby, cocked and loaded. Crotch, socks, and cock smoking barrel!"

Ruby giggled at that. Then she said proudly as she tilted her head up and thrust her chest out, "Daddy likes to see me naked!"

I thought, Yeesh. Talk about stating the obvious! Heck, I get horny just looking at her face and her flaming red hair.

We were already standing right in front of the minivan, but Mindy suddenly raised a hand dramatically in the air and shouted, "To the Pussymobile!"

Ruby and Cindy raised their fists triumphantly and seconded that notion. "To the Pussymobile!"

I opened the doors and escorted the women into their seats one-by-one like a gentleman, and then I settled into the driver's seat.

Mindy sat in the front seat next to me, which I supposed was a reflection of her superior status in the group.

As soon as the minivan started to move, Cindy asked, "Cool name, but why is this minivan called the Pussymobile, aside from the obvious fact that it's filled with lots of fuckable pussy tonight?"

I was shocked at Cindy's language. Normally, she was quite demure, but it looked like she was having a ball letting it all hang out.

Mindy explained, "Because the other day Dan titfucked Sue Ellen and then fucked me in the parking lot of the restaurant where Sue Ellen works, and it seemed like the thing to say at the time. You should have smelled the upholstery after we were done. Hell, I think it still smells like pussy in here."

"That's probably me," Ruby said gleefully. "I'm seriously wet!"

"Or me!" Cindy said even more gleefully. "I feel like I have an incontinent pussy. I've been dribbling and drooling down there all day, even while Dan kept me in limbo for hours and hours. Gaawwwd, I can't believe I just said that." She giggled. "I feel like I'm sixteen again."

"What, you're not?" I was pleased to make a joke that was also a compliment. Running with the compliment idea, I added, "You know, to be honest, with the three of you wearing shimmering and shiny dresses like that, I feel like I'm escorting the Supremes to the Grammys in 1966 or something. You all look like classic divas ready to walk out on stage and belt out a song."

Ruby raised her hand, which was a bit silly, especially in a minivan. "Oooh! Oooh! Can I? I have the perfect Supremes song for the occasion."

I nodded. I explained to the others, "In case you don't know yet, Ruby's had a hobby lately of taking famous songs and making the lyrics more... sexual."

She started to sing the Supremes song "You Keep Me Hangin' On," almost before I could finish talking.

"Tie me up, why don't cha, Dad? Rip off my dress, why don't cha, Dad?
'Cos you don't really need me, you just keep me sucking cock
You don't really want me, you just keep me sucking cock
Why do you keep a-coming around, playing with my tits?
Why do you slip your fat thing into my mouth, and make me suck on it?
Let me cum all over you, that way you'll cum all over me"

I was glad to see Mindy and Cindy both surprised and amused. As Ruby came around to the chorus again, this time, the two mothers joined in as well (although they said "Dan" instead of "Dad.").

It was more than a bit difficult to keep driving through all this, especially because whenever they'd get to the line "Rip off my dress," they'd all motion like they were ripping their clothes off.

Talk about a surreal situation! My life has gotten so fucking INTERESTING lately!

At least they never stopped giggling and laughing as they sang, which showed they saw the absurdity of it all.

I'll mention Ruby's other verses too, since it led into the subsequent discussion:

"You say although you're my dad, you want me to be your slave
But how can I be one of your slaves, when all your ropes and chains and spanks you save?
And there ain't nothing I can do about it
You claim you still care for me, but my heart and soul needs to be chained
Now that your daughter's your slut, you're cummin' down my throat again
I love being your whore, but chain and use my body more! Hey!
Why don't you be a man about it, and fuck your slut?
Now, if you care a thing about me, you'll fill my slit and my butt
Go on, get in, get into my cunt, and fuck me hard all night
You don't really want me, you just keep me sucking cock"

I can't tell you how arousing it was, looking through the rear view mirror and watching Ruby passionately sing with her fantastic voice lines like "fuck me hard all night." The fact that she was wearing a dress Diana Ross might actually have worn in her heyday made it that much better, and hearing the two mothers join in on the choruses was a hoot too. I couldn't stop chuckling about the whole thing.

However, I was a bit chagrined as well, because her lyrics obviously had an agenda behind them. Because of that, I thought she might have come up with her lyrics on the spot. But upon reflection, I decided the lyrics were too clever (for instance, the way she ironically replaced "set me free" with "tie me up" or "you want to set me free" with "you want me to be your slave"). Still, the lyrics were so "topical" that I figured she had to have come up with them in recent days.

Mindy and Cindy were still giggling and laughing almost more than singing, and when the song ended, they burst into cheers. But then a silence descended as they actually thought about the lyrics they'd heard.

Cindy said, "Wow. Ruby, I didn't know you could be so clever with song lyrics. But do you, uh, do you really mean all that? I mean, not just the fun fucking part, but the chains and slavery stuff?"

"Of course, Mom! I mean, I don't want to be chained ALL the time. Duh! But I think bondage and spankings should be a regular part of our sex play. I love it when Daddy asserts his total control over me. Over us! Don't you think that's hot, Mom? I saw the way you reacted to how Daddy spanked you, so I know you agree with me."

There was a long pause as Cindy considered that. "Well, kind of... But that's different..."

"Oh, come on, Mom! Tell me you wouldn't love it if Daddy pulled over by the side of the road RIGHT NOW, ripped your dress off, sat up on the hood of the car, pulled your squirming body over his lap, and gave you the spanking of your life while all the cars whizzed by. You'd love it! I know I would!"

Cindy blushed. "Well..."

Ruby pressed, "Sheesh! Come ON! Can't you just picture it, having your voluptuous body across his lap like a little girl's, your high heels kicking up in the air as you struggle uselessly, your big tits pressing into the cold metal of the car hood? All the other cars slowing down, most people honking and hooting their support for Dan, but some outraged women staring in disbelief as your ass practically glows as red as your face after twenty or thirty hard swats?"

Cindy's eyes were wide. "My God! Do you have to be so... vivid? I can practically feel the cold metal on my hard nipples!"

Ruby was triumphant. "A-ha! You're totally soaked from just thinking about it. I can smell the proof. And your thighs are rubbing like you're trying to start a fire. You might as well play with your pussy; you know you wanna!"

Cindy was even more flustered, and the blush was spreading down her deep cleavage. "But that's not... Not... Not in a car!"

"Geez! Do I have to do EVERYthing?" Ruby leaned over to Cindy's side of the backseat and pulled Cindy's dress up.

Cindy squirmed around even more, and protested, "No! What... What are you doing? Stop that! You're my daughter!"

But I noticed that she lifted herself up at just the right time, so Ruby could pull her dress up past her ass. Cindy brought her hands down over her pussy, ostensibly to cover it, but within seconds one could detect some rhythmic moment in her hands as she tried to secretly frig herself.

Amidst all this excitement, it was a near miracle I didn't crash the minivan. But things more or less calmed down for a little bit. All the women tried to simply sit there, but the smell of their excitement was so thick in the air that one could cut it with a knife. Cindy in particular had a glazed look in her eyes. Every now and then I'd look in the rear view mirror, and even sometimes adjust the mirror to get different views. Her dress had fallen back down over her pussy, but her hands hadn't moved from there. It was clear that she was having a very nice erotic buzz as she continued to subtly finger herself.

After a while, Mindy looked at my lap, and said, "Honey, is that the Empire State Building in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

"Ugh," I replied. "I've been so hard for so long that I'm practically ready to cry. I regret that 'inspection' at the door before we left. But don't touch me! I'm having enough trouble driving as it is."

My wife looked at me skeptically. "Oh, come on. Any man who says having his dick get as hard as it can get in the face of extreme arousal isn't one of his favorite things in the whole world is a liar."

I looked like I was pondering that comment, but her "favorite things" comment reminded me of the song "My Favorite Things" from the musical "The Sound of Music." Inspired by Ruby's recent efforts, I quickly ad-libbed some new words:

"Daughters who're cock slaves and a wife who's a cucquean
Neighbors who need fucking with great tits that need suckling
Getting head while I'm driving, as my whole harem sings
These are a few of my favorite things."

I turned my head back briefly and looked right at Cindy during the "neighbors" line, causing her to blush.

The others all laughed and clapped when I finished singing.

I was particularly proud of myself, since Ruby had spoofed that song for me recently. I asked her, "What do you think? Should I quit my day job and challenge Bob Dylan as world's best lyricist?"

She was smiling widely, and looked very pleasantly surprised at my parody. But her analysis was more critical. "Not bad. The 'cucquean' - 'suckling' rhyme needs a little work, though."

"Hey," I said defensively, "You gotta cut me some slack, given the rather distracting conditions I have to work with."

"True," she agreed with a happy smirk.

Mindy turned her head to the back seat and said, "Cindy, ropes and spankings and such are just playing around in the bedroom. There's no harm in that. But Ruby obviously takes this cock slave stuff pretty seriously. It goes a lot deeper than just playing with ropes, doesn't it, Ruby?"

"It does! I wish Daddy would see that when we say we're his slaves, we actually mean it! I can tell he still thinks it's mostly sex talk. He's such a friggin' blockhead sometimes. Heck, all of the time. Daddy, what more do I have to do to convince you? This isn't just some momentary fixation. I'm not gonna change my attitude next week and start, I dunno, getting totally obsessed with reading Harry Potter books or something stupid like that. This is IT! Michelle and I wanna sex you up all day long, every day, day after day after day. Forever. Period! Duh! Heeelll-lllloooo? Sheesh!"

Mindy asked Cindy, "What about that? Are you okay with all that?"

"I am. I know I shouldn't be. But Ruby is so obviously happy about it that I can't get upset. And frankly, I'm loving it all too. So I know exactly how she feels."

Surprisingly, Ruby said, "No you don't. You just dipped your toe in. It gets a lot deeper than that. Deeper and deeper and better and better, the more you submit. You're just starting to understand!"

Cindy thoughtfully replied, "Maybe so. You could be right. We'll see. But I've experienced enough to sympathize."

Mindy suggested to Cindy, "Let me play Devil's advocate here for a minute, because I don't want you backsliding later. What about Ruby's future? Everybody knows that a girl like Ruby - a stunning bombshell, fun, personable, smart, and with tits out till next week - everybody knows that she's a prime catch. She could marry some heir to a big fortune or a millionaire sports star or whatever. How do you feel about her missing out on that?"

"She could write her own ticket," Cindy conceded. "But why do people want money except because they think it'll make them happier? And Ruby, what do you think will make you happier, serving as one of Dan's cock slaves or marrying some preppy rich boy?"

Ruby replied, "Preppy rich boy!"

That caused a pair of sharply indrawn breaths of shocked surprise.

Then after a perfectly timed pause, Ruby added, "Kidding!" She burst into laughter. "Just kidding! Mom, you should have seen the shocked look on your face. See? You couldn't even believe it when I said it, 'cause it was so stupid! DUH!"

After getting that out of her system, she continued in her normal voice, "Sucking Daddy's cock and getting spanked daily, then spreading my legs to take his big fucking cock DEEP in every hole I have... Seriously, I ask you: what could ever be better than that? That's the only future I want. I'm like you Mom in that Daddy hasn't dicked me yet, and I can't even IMAGINE what that'll be like! Just thinking about it gets me wet like you wouldn't believe!"

Cindy though was surprised and taken aback. "Dan, you haven't porked her yet?! What's WRONG with you? That means she's still a VIRGIN! She's told me repeatedly over the years that she's been saving her cherry just for you. I know you told me you didn't do her yet, but I just assumed that was because I wasn't ready for the full truth."

Ruby added, "Sadly, it's true. Tragically true. Ditto with Michelle. See what I mean? He's a total blockhead. Unfortunately, his head is as thick as his dick. Which is really saying something."

Cindy chided me, "I hate to be rude, but get your head out of your ass! If I were a man, I would fuck her so fast and so hard that it would probably open up a wormhole!"

I laughed along with the others at that, because we got the sci-fi physics reference. Mindy added, "Good one!"

Ruby pumped her fist. "Right on, Mom! Righteous McGrath power!" They high-fived each other.

Then Cindy turned her ire to me. "Seriously, defend yourself. What kind of master has sex slaves and doesn't even fuck them? Every day that you don't fuck her is a day wasted that you'll never get back. And the same for Michelle? What a shame. I want answers!"

"Remember the whole thing about having her date boys?" I pointed out. "Both of them, actually." I briefly turned my head to the back seat to look at both of them better.

"Screw that!" Cindy said emphatically.

I started to say, "But you-"

"No arguments! The only argument you need is right here in front of you." She cupped the underside of Ruby's nearest (barely covered) tit and hefted it up.

Mindy laughed. "Cindy, you sound like you're pimping out your daughter. This is fun." Sometimes my wife blurts out stuff like that, because she doesn't think first when she's greatly amused.

Cindy retorted, "Not pimping out; I'm just pointing out the obvious. Just look at my precious daughter." She was still hefting up one of Ruby's boobs with one hand, while her other hand remained under her own dress, almost certainly frigging away. "This is no ordinary body, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother."

Making eye contact with me through the rear view mirror, she said, "Dan, it's great that you're slowly coming around and letting her suck your cock, as well as plowing her tits, but that is totally NOT good enough. This is a body that was born and bred to be FUCKED! She needs to be properly plowed by the King. It's your prerogative, if not even your duty, to keep her pussy swimming in sperm!"

She said sternly to her daughter, "Ruby, show our master just what kind of fuckable hot body you have. Show him what a worthy cock slave you are!"

Ruby looked at her mother to make sure she understood. "Mom, again, I've gotta say I totally adore you new attitude." Then she pulled her dress over her flaming red hair, leaving her sitting in the back seat wearing nothing but high heels, make-up, and jewelry!

Whoa! It was a good thing I didn't drive the minivan off the road! Luckily it was night time, so the other drivers were highly unlikely to see into the backseat, or I would have had to stop the minivan to make sure she got presentable.

"Now, that's some prime pussy, if you ask me," Cindy said. "To enslave her and not fuck her is like having a canteen in the middle of the hot Sahara and pouring it out onto the sand. It makes no sense!"

Mindy said, "She makes a good point."

Feeling defensive, I retorted, "The only reason I'm not fucking her or Michelle is that I really do love them and I'm trying to be responsible and look out for their futures. We can all have fun with the master and slave lifestyle for a while, but ultimately they'll want to move on and have their husbands and children. I want some proof from them that they'll move in that direction."

Ruby groaned. "See, Mom? He's like an idiot savant. Sometimes so smart, and sometimes so stupid! This is why we had to wait until we were eighteen before revealing our true natures. He also would have tried to do the 'responsible' and 'moral' thing."

Cindy didn't verbally reply. Instead, she brought a hand back to the underside of her daughter's nearest breast and hefted it up again. She moved it around more this time, since she didn't have clothes impeding her. She looked down at Ruby's pussy, and looked like she wanted to touch her down there, but chickened out.

I was watching through the rear view mirror and driving erratically all over the road. I caught Mindy just in time, as her hand was reaching for my slacks. I slapped her hand away. "Come on, everybody! Not in the minivan. Ruby, put your dress back on right now, and that's an order. Do you want all of us to get killed? Thank God it's dark outside, or who knows what other people might see and do. Come on, people!"

That seemed to sober them up a little bit.

I went on, "And Cindy, what's with your attitude? You ARE kind of hawking your daughter like a pimp. Let her work it out on her own. And besides, there's no way I can fuck Ruby without also fucking Michelle. And I'm just not ready for that. Are you? Are you ready to go all the way with your own daughter?"

Cindy was a bit abashed at that question and finally let go of Ruby's breast. "I know. It's weird. It's hard to explain. It's like... It's just... Everything's so damn HOT around here. I... Can someone roll down the windows?"

I wondered if she'd feel the same when she wasn't horny, especially since it appeared that Cindy was still playing with herself. I pointed out, "Don't you remember dinner at our house the other night, and how concerned you were when you found out Ruby was becoming physical with me?"

"Yeah, well, I was wrong. I'm just so into this whole cock slave role. You know, women can have all kinds of weird sexual fantasies, just like men do. For instance, normally, I hate prostitution. I think it would be great if it were wiped from the planet. But sometimes I have these really hot fantasies about being a prostitute. I'm sure that in real life it would be horrible to actually be one, but in the fantasy it allows me to get completely wanton and wild. No restraints. Just live for sex!"

She continued, "I never thought that kind of all-out totally wanton fantasy life could exist in the real world. In reality, there's usually a pimp who beats up the prostitute, or she's strung out on crack or something like that. But with this cock slave thing, I'm living the fantasy! I really am! I HAVE been letting go of all my inhibitions, and I've never felt more free and alive! I can go totally overboard with my desires, but it's okay. I'm safe. I'm loved. I'm surrounded by good friends who will look out for me. I can be a piece of fuck-meat and LOVE it!"

Ruby, wearing her dress again, said, "Mom, you're a frickin' genius with the way you explain things. That is SO TRUE! That's exactly how I feel. It's like what I was saying when we were leaving the house. I feel like a piece of meat, and yet I love it, but I also feel so loved too! This whole arrangement is just PERFECT. It's like we're living the totally uninhibited sex life most women only dream about, on a 24/7 basis! I'm psyched! Ironically, being enslaved actually FREES me up to go completely wild!"

Then Mindy spoke. "Finally! Somebody's put into words what I've been feeling. Sometimes lately, I've been questioning if I've gone mad wanting to share my husband so much, but Cindy, I think you just nailed it exactly on the head for me too. Alone with Dan, we've had lots and lots of great times; really erotic and fun times. But there's kind of a limit; certain rules and boundaries. And physical limits too, on what two people can do. But with a whole harem of cock slaves, there really are NO boundaries!"

She looked into the back seat and smiled at Ruby to illustrate her point.

She continued, "There's this freewheeling 'anything goes' atmosphere at all times. There's no telling what might happen next, but I've decided that all bets are off. Even if I'm just alone in my bed with my husband now, I'm feeling this extra buzz, this extra thrill. I'm not just a wife. Every other woman on the street is a wife. That's nothing so amazing. But I'm a wife AND a part of a harem! That's endlessly amazing! He could call Michelle into the bedroom at any time and order her to strip and then suck. Even if he doesn't, the fact that he COULD and that she'll do it gladly is such a turn-on!"

She went on, "This arrangement has just kind of evolved somehow. I don't really know how we got here exactly. I guess it was mostly Michelle's scheming, and yours too, Ruby. But I'm so glad about the results that I can't complain. Honey, I can't even get too mad at her about the whole DL deception thing. I'm loving the results too much."

Then, looking to the back seat, she added, "And Ruby, I agree. The arrangement now is perfect. Five is a great number. It's small and personal enough that it doesn't feel like a crowd. But it's big enough to be totally WILD! ANYTHING can happen with five horny big-titted hotties and one very well-hung, lovable, sexually insatiable, and all-around fun-to-be-with man that we can trust completely. It'll take us YEARS to even begin to work through all the permutations and combinations of partners and sex acts!"

She sighed with deep contentment. "And the LOVE! I feel like we're gonna end up being the best family ever. I just love everybody. Sue Ellen was the total wild card, and I was worried about her, but she's turning out great. Ruby, before long, I'm thinking that you, she, and Michelle are gonna be like three peas in a pod. Don't you think?"

"Totally!" Ruby agreed emphatically. "It's started already. You should have seen the three of us when we were spying on you guys when you did Mom's whole cock slave acceptance ceremony thing. Which, I must add, was just SO FUCKING HOT! Damn! We were totally jilling each other and making out and stuff. The only reason we had any self-control at all was that we needed to keep real quiet, so we could hear all the sexy stuff you were saying."

"And so you wouldn't get caught," I pointed out.

She giggled, adding coyly, "Yeah, that too. I think... Although it would have been kind of hot to have you find us and punish us with a hard spanking... Especially after what we saw you do to Cindy here, hint, hint..."

I said, in a happy yet sarcastic tone, "So this is a fine turn of events. It's bad enough having to endure the Gruesome Twosome all these years, but now you're telling me I'm gonna have to put up with a 'Gruesome Threesome?'"

"Yep!" Ruby giggled. "Pretty much. Sue Ellen rocks! She's like my new breastest friend forever, though of course Michelle always is too. And her totally submissive attitude is so sexy. It's an inspiration to us all. Daddy, you should hear her talk about you when you're not around. It's SOOO orgasm inducing. She goes on and on about how great it is to be a cock slave and how important it is that we strive to fully live up to that name. Michelle totally loves that talk even more than I do, I think. Boy, I almost wish I could stay home tonight just to be a fly on the wall and see what those two get up to. I don't know what they're gonna do, but I know it's gonna be super sexy!"

I groaned with arousal. Needless to say, my erection was showing no signs of going away. I said, "It's great that we're all in the middle of some kind of sexual supernova, but can we be normal every now and then too? We need to have some normal good times too, you know. I have a proposal. We're almost at the restaurant. During dinner, I want us all to just try to be normal. Nothing sexual. No hanky panky under the table or in the bathroom. I know everybody's flying high as a kite on lust, but let's put that aside and have some non-sexual good times for an hour or two. I would like to give my overexcited penis a chance to be flaccid for a while. Then, with the dancing, we can let it all hang out a little bit again - within reason! How does that sound?"

Everybody agreed that would be a good idea, especially since if we continued like we were going now we'd be kicked out of the restaurant before long. We weren't going to Mama Mia's, after all.

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