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Chapter 59

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

We went to a top-notch Thai restaurant. To my surprise, Mindy, Cindy, Ruby, and I actually did end up having a very enjoyable yet non-sexual dinner. Sexual energy was coursing through us like we were all made out of electricity, but such a high level of arousal can't be maintained 24 hours a day, and I think we were all glad to take a break, relax, and eat some food.

It was nearly miraculous, especially given the sexy, bra-less dresses the women were wearing, but my penis even managed to remain flaccid for most of the meal.

Mindy was a total crack-up with her jokes, even more so than usual. Everything that came out of her mouth seemed to put the rest of us in stitches, probably because we were quite giddy with general euphoria about recent developments to begin with.

As we walked back to the car, I rubbed my stomach contentedly and said, "That was great. I can't remember ever having a better time."

My wife seemed to find that comment amusing. She said, "Think harder. What about before the meal? The blowjob photo session? The endless series of different mouths going down on you while even more hands stroked and pumped? Wasn't that fun?"

"Well, yeah," I admitted. "I mean, hell yeah!"

"And what about my cock slave ceremony before that?" Cindy asked. "Wasn't that great?"

Ruby started to say, "And what about-"

"Yeah," I admitted, cutting in. "Wait. Stop. Don't remind me of any more recent memories. I'll cut to the chase and conclude that the whole day has been totally fantastic, and yesterday, and the day before... Hell, the whole last week or two has been one non-stop joyride. Let me amend my statement. I can't remember ever having a better meal at a restaurant. How's that?"

Mindy pointed out, "Sue Ellen would be sad to hear that. Are you telling me you had more fun just now in that restaurant than when you played with her, stripped her, and then fucked the shit right out of me in the Mama Mia's ladies' room?"

I laughed. "Okay, I take that back too. The poop was really flying out your ass that time, wasn't it?"

Mindy laughed, but playfully punched my arm.

I tried again. "This is the most fun I've ever had in a restaurant in the last hour. How's that? Did I offend anybody?"

We all had a good laugh at that.

As we continued walking to the car, Cindy had a great big smile on her face, even more so than earlier (which was saying a lot). I asked her, "What are you thinking?"

"I've never felt so happy. Ever! I've never felt so FREE! This is freedom! I worried that feeling would fade when I came down from my orgasmic high, but it hasn't much at all. Like, right now, I'm walking across a parking lot, and my breasts are completely unsupported. They're swinging around and crashing into each other like I'm topless, and I... I don't care!"

To prove her point, Cindy did something with her shoulders to make her boobs sway even wilder than they already were. "They were like that all through dinner, and people were staring at us, and I don't care! Everyone could see the points of my hard nipples, and you know what?"

Mindy blandly quipped, "Let me guess: you don't care!"

Cindy giggled at that. "Bingo! I don't care! I'm still totally ashamed because this goes completely against everything I've been taught, but I just keep thinking 'hurts so good.' And it's true! The shame actually fuels my constant erotic buzz! I love it! And all through dinner, every now and then, a mind-blowing thought would pop into my head, like 'I've agreed to be Dan's sex slave.' Or, 'My daughter is now one of his sex slaves too.' Or 'My God, Dan, my fantasy dreamboat Dan, my best friend's husband, is gonna fuck me soon!' It's like I'm constantly being jolted by electric shocks. But it's good! It's freedom!"

Mindy wryly noted, "Freedom is slavery, huh? I think George Orwell would agree with you." She obviously remembered that was one of the slogans in Orwell's classic novel "1984."

Cindy glared at Mindy. "Fuck you! You're not being helpful. Not Big Brother-type slavery; I'm talking sexual slavery. Total submission through devotion to the one you love. It's completely different, and you know it." Cindy looked quite cross.

"Sorry," Mindy said. "I've got a bad case of diarrhea mouth tonight. Speaking without thinking. But you're right. It is different, and I do know what you mean."

Ruby chimed in, "So do I. Freedom actually IS slavery. Because heck, let's face it, I love to toss the word 'slave' around as much as anybody else in our harem, but we're not really slaves in any normal sense of the word. Dan here is a big pussy cat, and he loves us all up. Daddy, being a slave to you is about as tough as a billionaire being 'enslaved' to his or her fortune. Or like Jeannie being 'enslaved' to Major Nelson on 'I Dream of Jeanie,' except I'll never ever do anything mean to you like she used to. You know, that show was a real inspiration to me and Michelle. I bet you could guess that by our harem outfits."

"Oh no!" I groaned. "I went to all that trouble putting porn filters on the computers, when I should have been protecting you girls from Nick At Nite!"

The women all laughed at that.

Then Ruby pretended to cough, but muttered, "Not like those filters worked."

She continued in a normal voice, "The truth is, we're free to live our normal lives, except we have this profoundly sexual thing going on that's just so extreme and wonderful that I want to use an extreme word like 'slave' to describe it, but even that isn't enough. I wish there was a term even MORE shocking and taboo to describe our relationship."

She stopped walking and dramatically held a fist up. There was a burning fire in her eyes. "I wish I could go back in that restaurant, stand up on a table, and shout, 'I'm this man's bitch! His slave! His slut! His sex pet! He can strip me and ride me like a pony right through this restaurant if he wants to! That's how much I love him and love to serve him!"

Ruby turned to me. She stared intensely with her beautiful green eyes. "Dan, I love you. I really do! It's not just some intense but fleeting crush. I know I'm shockingly young for you, but I've felt this way for YEARS. Every time I say I'm your cock slave or sex slave, I mean that, but I also really mean that I love you so much that I'd do anything for you. Just like there's no limit to what a master can order his slave to do, there's no limit to what I'd do for you, sexual or not. I want our love to grow and deepen in every possible way as the years go by!"

She added, "And our relationship is naturally imbalanced, just like a master-slave relationship, because there's only one of you and there's five of us. But that's good! That's how I want it. I'm submissive, for one thing, and sharing you with Michelle, Mindy, Mom, and Sue Ellen is half the fun. Really! So, whenever you hear me call myself your 'slave,' remember that what I'm really saying is 'I love you.'"

At this point, Ruby and I were staring deeply into each other's eyes, and our faces were drawing closer for a kiss.

But I heard some sniffling from Cindy and Mindy, and one of them muttered, "That was beautiful!" I realized it was Cindy.

I whispered to Ruby, "I love you too, slave," and then I closed in for the kiss.

Ruby and I shamelessly necked for a couple of minutes, while the other two stood by and quietly talked to each other about how moved they were by Ruby's little speech.

Cindy commented, "Ruby dear, if I had ANY lingering doubt about you enslaving yourself to Dan and his big cock, those doubts are gone! And you've boosted my confidence that I'm doing the right thing totally submitting to him too. My only hope is that your loving vision will come true for me as well!"

Mindy said, "Dan has a big, big heart. There's room for all of us to love him and for him to love us back just as much. That's why I don't worry about sharing. Although I'm always going to assert those special wife privileges."

Eventually, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an older man and his wife walking past us towards his car. I couldn't see the wife's reaction, but the man certainly looked puzzled and a bit scandalized by our kissing. It occurred to me that, even in the darkness, it was clear that I was an older guy kissing a teenage girl. That was fairly unusual, but having two other women stand by and happily watch probably added to his confusion. I just hoped he didn't notice the startling resemblance between Ruby and Cindy, especially with their similar red hair and large busts.

Feeling a bit chastened, I broke the kiss and herded the group to the minivan.

When we got there, Mindy had her keys out first and insisted she drive. I walked around to the front passenger's seat, but Mindy asked, "Where do you think you're going, buster? Into the back seat, you beast."

I complied, but asked, "'Beast?'"

"Beast," she nodded firmly as she started the car. "Because I have no doubt you're ruthlessly going to have your way with Cindy and her poor, defenseless, but oh-so-busty-and-wantonly-slutty daughter before we even get to wherever we're going."

Hmmm. Obviously, this means I'd be sitting in the middle of the back seat with Cindy on one side and Ruby on the other. Foolish me. How silly of me to think that my slaves would give me a break and let me drive again. Since it feels like I haven't climaxed in about twenty years, that sounds like fun!

I let myself get dragged into the back.

As soon as we were all seated, Cindy picked up my hand nearest to her and slipped it into her dress so I could fondle a soft yet firm tit. But apparently that wasn't wild enough for her. She draped my arm around her back and slipped her dress off her shoulder on that side, exposing the full roundness of her breast and a good deal of skin below it as well. "Beast!" she mockingly complained as she put my hand back on her now bare tit.

Ruby hiked her dress up to her belly button. "Beast!" she complained as she started to play with her pussy lips. "Mom, look what he's making me do to myself!"

"You MONSTER!" Cindy gasped in an over the top theatrical voice. "My helpless, oh so FUCKABLE daughter! Ruby, I'd better distract this fiend before he pops your cherry right here in the back seat!" She unzipped the zipper to my slacks and fished out my erection.

"Which cherry, Mom?" Ruby asked happily. One of her hands was busy frigging her pussy, while her other hand was crawling up my leg like a spider. "My vaginal cherry or my anal cherry? They both need some Daddy popping."

"Both, I assume. Only your Daddy gets to fuck those holes!"

"Duh, Mom! It goes without saying that my body is for Daddy only. No other man is going to so much as kiss me, if I can help it. ... Ohmigod! Mindy, we totally need to add that to the list of rules, don't you think?"

"Nah," Mindy replied. "It's like you said, it goes without saying. Besides, Dan is still holding on to this crazy idea about you and Michelle dating boys, so we have to disabuse him of that idiocy first."

"Oh yeah. Damn." Ruby slumped down in frustration after getting that reminder. She wagged a finger at me. "Beast! Idiot beast!"

As Cindy's hand slid up and down my pole, I commented, "Um, we're about to leave the parking lot. Min, do you even know where we're going?"

"No. Not that it matters, you beast. Have you noticed we haven't even left our parking spot? I'm having too much fun watching you back there to actually drive."

"Oh great," I said, "we're all gonna die. Note to self: keep sexual fun in the house, so we can all live to a ripe old age."

"I'll be good, I'll be good," Mindy said. She tilted the rear view mirror away so it wasn't pointed towards the back seat. "Look. Now I can't even be tempted. I'll just look out back through the side mirror."

I decided it was actually safer that way, but I pointed out, "And you, Cindy, you're just letting it all hang out. I don't want other guys to see you like that."

"Goodness gracious!" She looked down at her exposed breast. "I'd better duck down to be safe, then."

She ducked down, which "just so happened" to put her mouth over my cockhead. Needless to say, she was happily sucking away on it within seconds.

I was impressed at how she managed to slide her lips over my cockhead without any hesitation or visible doubt. I knew that she was like Sue Ellen in that they didn't have the extensive practice the others did (with dildos or the real thing). But Sue Ellen had the recklessness of youth, when anything seems possible, while Cindy had been emotionally beaten down and jaded over the years.

It appeared that she simply really, really wanted it. Within seconds, her lips started sliding while she resumed the excellent tongue work that she'd shown last time. However, I noticed that she'd also took the criticism of the others to heart and she used a hand to jack me off as well.

Ruby giggled. "Beast! Look what you made my mom do!"

"Why is everyone calling me a 'beast' all of a sudden?"

"Because that's what you are," Mindy replied. Then she put on a look of pretend horror. "Oh no! If he's this much of a beast now, dare I say... he could turn into..."

Ruby finished the thought. "King DONG! Oh no!" She tried to look horrified, but she was smiling too much to be at all convincing.

Mindy gasped with mock-shock. "YES! The one and the same! Be afraid! Be very afraid!"

Cindy was happily sucking my cock, and her lips were going back and forth over my sensitive spot. But she pulled her lips off to ask, "What's this about King Dong?"

Ruby immediately dove her head down to my crotch, shouting, "You snooze, you lose!" After getting a bit pushy with her mother, she managed to fit all my bulbous cockhead into her own mouth, and she proceeded to employ the exact same move over my special spot that Cindy had been doing only moments earlier.

Cindy was miffed, but not completely deterred. Not wanting to be too greedy, Ruby left the rest of my privates untouched. Cindy still had her one hand wrapped around my shaft, and she kept on jacking it off. But since her head was still close, she also began licking her way up and down whatever her fingers weren't busy with. She was so into it that she even fondled my balls as well.

After I recovered from the rush of another mouth engulfing my cockhead, I settled down and tried to calm my breathing. I pointed out, "You know, Red, that's not very sporting. What about, what is it? The third rule? 'Share the cock,' I believe."

Ruby let out a muffled noise that sounded a bit like "I'm sorry," but I couldn't be sure.

Cindy said to me, "Don't worry, it's alright. I understand her youthful enthusiasm. She just can't help herself. Besides, there's a LOT left here for me to lick and stroke, and I have no doubt that I'll be busting my jaw on you a great deal before this evening is over. Plus, I'm thrilled to be sharing your cock with my daughter for the very first time!"

Mindy asked from the front, "Did you do some of that during the photo shoot?"

Cindy replied as she licked, "A little, but not really. It wasn't the same because there were other hands involved. And it was only for a minute. But this, we could go for a long time, trading his fat knob back and forth! I'm really excited!"

I could see my wife's radiant smile through the rear view mirror. "That sounds like a plan. And this is a special moment! Your very first mother-daughter blowjob! I wish we could take a picture or two. I'm sure this is going to be one of my hubby's favorite combinations from now on, for so many naughty reasons. Just looking at your two heads of red hair bobbing all over his horse cock like that is a visual treat!"

Cindy groaned lustily. "Gaawwwd! I wish there was some way we could be suck on all of his cockhead at the exact same time!"

Then she had an idea to try what was apparently the closest practical thing. She tilted her head until her mouth was perpendicular to my shaft. Then she tried to get as much of my cock-meat between her lips as possible. It wasn't a total success, but it felt pretty damn great as she slid her lips up and down on me like that for a while.

Mindy was actually driving the car forward now, so the conversation halted for a minute while I gave her directions on where we should go. It was a dance hall in a hotel I'd come across once that was a good thirty minutes' drive away, and most of that on fast highways.

It had some advantages that were good for our situation in addition to being far away. For one, I knew the dance floor was open nearly all the time, even though it was only really busy on Friday and Saturday nights. It was one of those hotels that wanted to have various facilities open every day of the week, even if they didn't make money. Then they could boast about having more facilities always open than the other hotels.

What was even better for my "nefarious" plans was that they tried to hide the lack of people dancing by keeping the place quite dark. That way one could see hardly anything, let alone how few people were dancing.

Once Mindy had the car headed in the right direction, she said, "Now, let's get back to King Dong, so you won't get blindsided when it attacks you. Cin... By the way, is it okay if I call you 'Cin?' I heard Dan call you that a couple of times today and I really like it."

Cindy didn't bother to look up, since she kept right on licking and stroking with two hands. "Certainly! I'd like that! We've been good friends, best friends even, for so long, that it would only be fitting. But I'll only allow it if you let me call you 'Min' in return."

"Deal! I love it!" Mindy laughed, apparently just too overcome with delight not to. "See? This is just further proof that our new lifestyle is drawing us all even closer than ever before. Seeing you slurp all over his outrageous donkey dick like that, even as your daughter stuffs her face with the rest of it... that does something to me!"

Cindy just moaned in approval, since she was loudly slurping away.

So Mindy resumed, "Getting back to King Dong, Cin, picture a giant cock: hard, throbbing, angry, and horny, 100 feet tall, rampaging through Tokyo, knocking down tall buildings, and generally terrifying the populace. Run, or get fucked to within an inch of your life! That's what happens to pretty women near Dan when he gets in one of his King Dong moods."

I rolled my eyes and made a sour face. "Now, wait a minute. There was only one so-called King Dong incident. And talk about blowing things out of proportion! There's no such thing as King Dong." With a smirk, I added with a bit of levity, "Besides, what you're describing, with Tokyo and all, doesn't sound like King Dong at all. That's more like his pal Dongzilla."

Ruby started choking, because she couldn't help but laugh hard while her mouth was stuffed full of cock. She was forced to pull off it to laugh and breathe. "'Dongzilla!' Priceless! I love it!"

But no sooner did her lips break contact with my dick than Cindy replaced her. She was so quick that she didn't have time to say anything more than a triumphant "Ha ha!"

However, Cindy didn't take my cockhead in her mouth. She just kissed, lightly sucked, and licked all over my sweet spot.

That gave Ruby a chance to come back. She started sliding her lips down over the very tip. Within seconds, she was monopolizing the top half of my boner again, and bobbing over all of it, well below my sweet spot.

That left Cindy feeling miffed as she licked down to the root of my shaft. She groaned unhappily while she danced her fingers up and down my thickness too. "Damn! I missed my chance!"

Checking the action in the rear view mirror, Mindy said, "Now, now, you two behave. Like Dan was saying, remember the 'share the cock' rule. I want both of you to act as one seamless cock-pleasuring machine, and that's an order."

Ruby bobbed up and down a little bit more, until Cindy made some impatient throat-clearing noises.

Ruby pulled off, and said, "Here's the plan, Mom. Let's both avoid swallowing the whole cockhead, because I don't want to be greedy, but once I get past that and start bobbing up and down his sweet spot, I just can't stop, and I think you're the same as me. We're just too hot and bothered! It's just SO THICK, you know? It completely fills my mouth and stretches my jaw and lips so wide, that... well, I don't have to tell YOU how good it feels to lose yourself totally succumbing to its power and size!"

Cindy nodded while licking her lips. Both of them were topless, but hunched over. It would be hard for anyone to see them, unless a truck or big SUV was right in the next lane and a light shone into the back seat.

Ruby continued, "So I say let's just lick and stroke willy-nilly, like our lives depend on it. We can't be so greedy about that. If we get him to cum, we'll share in the sperm shower, and make sure it sprays across both our faces. Agreed?"

Cindy nodded eagerly. "What are we waiting for?"

The two of them got busy. They went straight for my cockhead and the spot just below it, and concentrated on lapping and licking there. I felt two tongues and too many fingers moving all over my cock, from my cockhead all the way down to my balls. They were driving me crazy with pleasure! Sometimes they were as far apart as my cock would allow, but often they would come together, so that I could feel the tips of their tongues touch each other where they touched my cock. Then they would move away again. It was as if their two mouths were dancing on my throbbing boner!

Mindy adjusted the rear view mirror, angling it and pointing it down so she could check out the action. "Now, that's more like it," she finally proclaimed. "Isn't that better, girls? Isn't sharing fun?"

Ruby's mass of spiky red hair and Cindy's longer reddish-brown mane both bobbed more than their tongue work required, and they let out particularly lusty, slurpy noises, showing they heartily agreed.

"And look at you," Mindy said to me, as she adjusted the mirror some more, using it to examine the backseat almost like a flashlight. "You're not just kicking back and enjoying the work of your two cock slaves, you're playing with each's nearest nipple at the same time. That's going the extra mile. That's why we can't get enough of you."

I just grunted in pleasure. She was right: even though I was dangerously aroused already, I couldn't resist tempting fate and playing with both of their heavy racks at the same time. And if Mindy didn't realize that I was fondling their luscious tits for my pleasure as much as theirs, I wasn't in any hurry to correct her. I just wished she'd do a better job of keeping her eyes on the road.

I was glad that we'd somehow gotten distracted from the "King Dong" conversation, and I hoped nobody remembered to bring it back up.

Cindy and Ruby kept me well entertained the entire way to our destination. It was pretty amazing, actually. It was just like Mindy had said - they acted exactly like "one seamless cock-pleasuring machine."

Just about the only time both tongues weren't on me was when one or the other would pull off to briefly discuss "strategy." For instance, they concurred that it was essential to keep me on the edge, just short of cumming as long as humanly possible, so there were periodic decisions to "go slow" or "take it easy."

Meanwhile, Mindy kept up a running commentary and tried to watch the action in the rear view mirror as much as she could without crashing the car. She'd say things like, "Cin, what do you think you're doing, pulling off for a breather like that? Get your tongue busy! Or do I have to stop the car so Dan can take your naked ass to the car hood to give you a good spanking? In fact, lift your ass right now so he can give you a good whack!"

She did, and I did. I'm pretty sure she climaxed from it too. We were all having lots of fun.

Then Mindy said to Ruby, "Hey! Red! Are you slacking off back there? Are you loving Dan's cock like a good cock slave should? Are you ready for him to splatter his hot, sticky cum all over your beautiful face? Or do you need Dan to give you a good spanking too, to remind you of your place? Lift up your ass just like your mother did, so my hubby can remind you just who owns your sexy body!"

Naturally, she did too, and I then smacked Ruby's delectable bubble butt. Hard.

In fact, it seemed as if every couple of minutes, Mindy brought up an excuse for me to give another swat to one of them or the other. It was a bit tricky with the way they were sitting on either side of me and trying to bend over my lap, but we managed. And, encouraged by Mindy's comments, not to mention her orders, the two of them really went to town on my cock like there was no tomorrow.

It was great fun. And it occurred to me that this wouldn't be the last time I got to enjoy a drive such as this. The incredible benefits of being a harem master were starting to sink into my stubborn head.

We were lucky to survive the ride, the way Mindy was paying so much attention to us instead of her driving.

By the time Mindy pulled into the hotel parking lot, we were all so hot and horny that there was probably smoke rising off our bodies.

As Mindy turned the car engine off, she asked, "Now, Honey, I've got a very important question for you. If you cum now, will you have enough... energy... for later?"

I nodded like a complete moron. That was about all I could do, because I was so insane with lust.

Mindy said, "Girls, since you two are too busy slurping his fat cock to look up, know that he just nodded. So you know what to do."

My pants and underwear had been pulled down to my knees a while back. I didn't really need any help to cum, since I was so close already that all I had to do was relax slightly. But I felt hands lifting my ass up, and then I felt a finger suddenly plunge into my anus. I couldn't tell whose finger it was any more than I could tell whose mouth was presently over my cockhead, since my eyes were closed and my whole world was spinning as I tried to deal with the intense pleasure running through me.

But that finger up the ass shattered whatever resistance I still had. I felt like my dick was a firehose blowing a river's worth of liquid forward. The surge of pleasure as the cum shot out of me was so intense that I bellowed like an angry bear and struggled not to pass out.

I could feel two hands on my pulsing erection, both belonging to the same woman. That woman directed the stream of cum this way and that - I was too out of it to pay attention to details. With what tiny shred of free will I had left, I at least tried not to yell out too loud, because this one was a real screamer.

Finally, the surge of joy passed, and I recovered enough to realize I was still alive and breathing!

I kept my eyes closed, but I could hear Mindy say, "Great job, girls! You made him scream! That's really unusual. That's like a grand slam home run when it comes to his orgasms. I'm impressed!"

I opened my eyes to look around and see what was going on.

Mother and daughter seemed to be in no shape to respond to Mindy's praise anytime soon. Cindy was slumped in her seat on one side of me, and Ruby was equally slumped on my other side. Their eyes were closed and they looked even more wiped out than I was.

But the really remarkable thing was the cum dripping down their faces. It didn't seem possible that both their faces had been painted with that much white goo, especially since they were sitting on either side of me. I remembered my last orgasm hadn't been that long ago and I had less cum than usual, even though I'd been excited beyond belief to cum on Michelle's and Ruby's faces. Yet, since that photo shoot not that long before dinner, it seemed my body had been working overtime to make more.

It turned out that even Mindy had gotten in the act, because she'd managed to crawl between the two front seats and was still awkwardly sprawled between the front and back. There was a lot of cum on her face too! I had been far too gone seeing stars and trembling all over to even notice the repositioning.

She was more alert than the other two, and she caught my eye. "They let me hold and direct it. That was fun!"

We sat hidden in the darkness of the parking lot for quite some time, simply breathing and recovering. Who knows how long, because I lost all track of time.

Eventually, I ordered us all out of the car and forced us to just stand there for a while until we slowly returned to normal. There was a good deal of tidying up that needed to be done, both to wet spots on car seats and wet spots on thighs. (The dresses actually weren't wet at all though, since they had so rarely covered pussies or asses.)

Mindy had anticipated such a thing would happen and had thoughtfully brought air freshener, perfume, cologne, and a variety of other helpful items, including moist towelettes. I saw Ruby carefully cleaning off one finger in particular with a separate towelette, clueing me in as to who had stuck their finger up my ass.

Mindy cleaned her face up relatively quickly. However, neither Cindy nor Ruby cleaned the cum off their faces. To make matters worse, some of it had also dripped down to their chests, and they seemed to want to wear that as a badge of honor too. Cindy even kept one strap of her dress off her shoulder, leaving her right breast exposed in the ancient Greek style, because a line of cum had dripped down there.

I finally had to point out, "You do know we're going in to dance, and you can't go in there like that. Right?"

"Why not?" Ruby asked with a surprising intensity. "I want everyone to know that I belong to YOU! What better way to do that than having a cum-covered face? That'll keep the smelly boys away for sure. I don't want them to so much as touch me!"

Frustrated, I turned to Cindy. "Can you talk some sense to your daughter?"

Surprisingly, and with more than a little embarrassment, she replied, "I know she's being silly, and we can't go in there like this, but what's the big rush, anyway? I must admit, well..." She blushed, deeply.

Ruby helped. "Mom's trying to say that she loves being covered with your cum and doesn't want to get cleaned up just yet either. Isn't that right, Mom?"

Cindy's eyes were closed and her head was bowed. But she nodded slightly, and then a bit more emphatically. I watched with fascination as gobs of cum slowly slid down her cheeks and chin, until she lifted her head back up.

Ruby explained to me, "I know it's a cliché, but it's just like you're marking your territory. And as long as the cum is on my face and tits, there's just no denying that I belong to you. That makes me feel so good that I want to sing out, like I'm in some cheesy Bollywood flick!"

I wasn't willing to wait here outside for who knows how long, just so they could luxuriate in their cum baths. There was always a chance someone could come by close enough to take a really good look at us. I said, "That's nice, but I'm getting cold standing here. I want you two to lick the cum off each other's faces and chests. Now. That's an order."

That finally broke the impasse of sorts. In fact, the two of them soon really got into it. Between them kissing, feeding cum to each other, and mashing their hefty racks against each other, I even found my weary dick again stirring a little bit.

Cindy let out a low moan with her eyes closed and her face lifted high when Ruby followed a trail of cum down her neck to lick it off her right breast just millimeters above her nipple.

Mindy watched intently. It looked to me like she was ruing her quick action in cleaning her face of my cum. Plus, she was beside herself with delight. After about a minute, she commented, "Doesn't that just inspire you all to pieces? Look at the mother-daughter love, shared in a new way! Just like they're sharing your cum. Lately, I've been feasting on moments like these. Feasting!"

Feeling like some sort of pornographic Wizard of Oz, I said, "Wait a sec. Don't hog ALL the cum. Speaking of feasting, save some for Mindy. Min, please dive in and take your share."

She protested, "No. I couldn't! I shouldn't!"

Cindy ignored that. She simply pulled her in so the three of them were all pressed tightly together, as if trying for a three-way kiss. Then Cindy firmly French kissed her.

In a way, that was a dumb thing for me to involve Mindy, because my penis was so sore that I was being downright cruel to it, forcing it to stir even more. But it was worth it just to see how excited my wife got, especially with her big tits pressed against both Ruby's and Cindy's at the same time.

But when Ruby started pushing shoulder straps off so they could rub nipple to nipple, I was forced to say, "Okay, that's enough, girls! Pull those tops back up already. I know this parking lot looks empty now, and it's dark, but we ARE in a public space, and anyone could be looking."

"Let 'em look!" Ruby exclaimed proudly, just before she started her own tongue duel with my wife.

I said in a louder voice, "Ruby, am I your master or not? If I am, then you'd better obey my orders, and I say pull back and get dressed now!"

I was fairly surprised when Ruby actually broke the kiss and pulled back.

The three of them drifted apart, and then started tidying up their clothes and hair - their faces looked to be thoroughly licked clean by this time. I thought, Wow, now here's a great upside to all this master and cock slave stuff. I can give an order and even Ruby obeys? This is... new. Now, if Shelle will obey too in situations like this, then we'll really be getting somewhere. Fat chance of that, though.

It was very dark, but make-up bags appeared out of nowhere, and the women began prettying themselves up and checking their faces in their compact mirrors.

Knowing women, I knew better than to interfere, or ask how they could see what they were doing in the darkness.

As I relaxed by leaning against the car and staring up into the stars, Mindy asked me, "Remember what I was saying earlier about how having all these cock slave helpers allows us to break through all the boundaries?"


"Well, this ride here is a case in point. Sure, you and I have had a lot of car fun down through the years. But I'll bet you've never had a ride like that!"

"No, I haven't," I conceded.

"That's right, because it just wasn't physically possible. If I wanted to blow you, we had to pull over to some creepy rest stop first, and the whole thing gave me bad vibes. What if there's some crackhead thief or axe murderer out to give us trouble? Whereas, with two cock slaves helping out, look what happened. Again, the possibilities are endless. I feel like I cloned myself twice over. Even though I didn't take part directly - well, except for enjoying your sperm shower there at the end - I was totally loving it. Hell, Cindy could have taken the wheel and you could have fucked me silly as we rumbled down the road, if you wanted. That's efficient. And no worries, since there's safety in numbers. You'll see what that means in the dance hall too."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see. I have some ideas."

There was just enough light for me to see her wink in her usual saucy way.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Billo, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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