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Chapter 61

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The song that had been playing finally ended, and "I'm on Fire," by Bruce Springsteen started I guessed this was a Mindy request since I knew she really liked that song. So I pulled away from Ruby and swung back into my wife's arms instead.

"Sorry, Ruby," I said sympathetically. "Time's up. But you can rub tits with Cindy."

"Oooh, gross," Ruby complained, as she pulled her dress up over her nipples and started dancing in place. "She's my mom."

I'd actually forgotten about the relevance of that. But I was so aroused that I shot back with a challenge, "And aren't I your dad?"

"Yeah, but that's different." She rolled her eyes, as if I was being slow.

I wondered, Is she really turned off at the thought of sexual contact with Cindy? It doesn't seem that likely, especially in light of some of her earlier comments and what had happened so far. They've even French kissed and fondled each other some already, so what's the problem now? Hell, now that I think about it, they even briefly rubbed their tits together during the photo shoot!

So what's the deal?! Is she just nervous about it when she isn't feeling as horny as before? Maybe she just wants to take it slow? Or does she actually want me to 'force' her to do something with Cindy? That last one seems possible. Ruby has a strange desire to be forced into things, stripped, tied up, spanked, commanded... enslaved, even!

I didn't have time to ponder all that at the moment though, especially since Mindy wasted no time and immediately impaled herself back onto my dick. She unilaterally decided that we were going to fuck in public again!

I would have been pissed at her presumption, except as I felt my thick cock plunging into her, I realized I wanted to fuck her badly, and damn the consequences! God, it felt so fucking great!

As soon as I deeply penetrated her, I discovered that she had cleaned herself up as little as possible after our last round of doing this. I've fucked my wife after giving her a hot load many times before, so I recognized the uniquely characteristic "extra lubricated" sensation that only happens when we both go for second helpings.

I decided this was a good time to further impress my girls with my "studly" persona. (Interestingly, I was starting to think of Cindy as "one of the girls" because she was acting more like them than my wife.) They seemed to get off on my seeming aloof and in control, so I pretended like a hot fuck hadn't just started and attempted to carry on the conversation from before.

The last thing I remembered was that Ruby was saying that she didn't want to rub her tits against Cindy, and it was somehow different from doing it with others because she was her mother. So I resumed from there.

"Different or not," I said to Cindy and Ruby, struggling to sound commanding while I was being assaulted with waves of pleasure, "I still want you two topless a bit longer." I managed to give them a hard stare, just long enough to see them lower their tops again, before my eyes rolled into my head as I completely succumbed to my lust for Mindy.

I celebrated in my mind because they looked shocked and impressed that I gave no verbal reaction to the fact that my cock was balls-deep in my wife again. I even saw their breathing grow heavier.

Some moments later, I recovered somewhat from the "pleasure attack" and managed to look around. I noticed that Cindy and Ruby had started more or less dancing with each other, and although they weren't touching in a particularly erotic fashion, it was still incredibly hot to see such a beautiful mother-and-daughter pair dancing topless together.

Much closer to me, I saw that Mindy's top was sliding back down her chest again. That was to be expected since she hadn't properly pulled it all the way up in the first place, since her shoulder straps were far down her upper arms.

But even as I was noticing that, she surprised me by fixing her straps and completely pulling her top into place this time. I didn't understand why she was being conscientious about that while we were literally fucking on the dance floor. In fact, we were only making the slightest pretense to appear to be dancing.

But before I could ask her about it, she just smiled knowingly and said, "You'll see, soon." She also started squeezing her pussy around my erection.

It was strange, because our bodies soon found a rhythm where we were actually starting a sort of dancing motion, but at the same time we were most definitely fucking. It was tricky, and hard to explain, but sometimes when she boogied down, I would boogie up, and my erection would slam all the way into her tight sheath. Then we'd start to come apart as we kept moving about, and then I'd be slamming into her again. And again. It only worked because we knew each other's bodies and reactions so well, and we kept our bodies tightly pressed together.

My devious blonde wife further complicated things by starting to move me towards the desk where Cynthia sat with her computer and all her equipment. It was in the corner of the room furthest from the main entrance and the door to the bar.

I didn't even realize where we were being steered towards, even though there was soon a lot less fucking and a lot more walking, because Mindy kept me fully preoccupied with her occasional pussy squeezing and her topic of conversation. "Honey, I can understand how, in your foolhardy and misguided sense of morality, you want to refrain from porking Ruby for the time being. I can't say I agree, but at least I understand where you're coming from."

She stopped all her movement and looked at me reproachfully. "But Cindy! What's holding you back with her? She needs you now. She needs you to pound the King all the way into her! She needs a good fucking to complete her enslavement. I think you should 'dance' with her just like you're dancing with me."

She gave my boner a few extra-strong squeezes with her pussy to make her meaning clear.

Hot damn! What a great wife! She really has a talent with her pussy squeezing. And talk about being cool about sharing me! Jesus!

She resumed fuck-walking me towards the D. J. It was possibly less arousing for me when we were making lots of herky jerky motion than when we were standing still and she was able to do her pussy squeezing tricks.

I was slow on the uptake. I looked around for Cindy and noticed we were dancing away from her and Ruby. I assumed Mindy was trying to steer us away from Cindy so we could privately discuss this, so I still didn't notice how she was relentlessly steering us towards Cynthia. I can plead temporary insanity though, because I was too overcome by pleasure to think clearly.

But feeling free to talk in private confidence, at least, I said, "That's nuts! I definitely would love to fuck her, and I will! Believe me! But not here! Not now! Things are moving too fast! She's only been initiated a couple of hours."

My smirky wife responded, "If, by initiated, you mean a willing cock slave eager to use her body to serve you, then yes, it's only been a couple of hours. But that's all the more reason you need to bone her NOW! She's gonna wake up tomorrow and think, 'What the HELL did I get myself into yesterday?' And she's gonna have regrets. You know it and I know it. In fact, I think that's the main reason why you thought up this dance excursion, isn't it? You thought this would be a good activity to help cement her new status."

"As a matter of fact, I did," I admitted.

"I figured. And I'm glad I have such a clever husband." She beamed at me. "And it's worked brilliantly, heating things up in one way and cooling things down in another. Even bringing Ruby and me but leaving Michelle and Sue Ellen makes a lot of sense for what you're trying to do with her. But you HAVE to fuck her tonight! That will seal the deal. Believe me when I say that once a woman has had the full Dan Cooper fucking experience, there's no turning back!"

I gave her a skeptical look, since I detected a lot of hot air. "I understand the exaggerated sex talk. But when it's just between you and me, we don't have to keep up the 'horse cock' hype."

"It's true! You don't know, and you have no way of knowing what it's like to get fucked by you. Obviously. But trust me, you'll simply melt her brain! When she wakes up tomorrow, her doubts and regrets will immediately be replaced by that sore pussy feeling, followed by a hungry 'where can I get me some more of that?!' feeling. Believe me, I know. I go through that just about every single day. Your cock is more addicting than crack! She's a cock slave now 'cos it's so much fun. But after you nail her, she'll be a cock slave forever because she'll have no desire to be anything less. She'll be a true slave, wanton, willing, and waiting to worship your wondrous wand!"

She giggled at her last sentence. "Sorry, but alliteration is fun!"

All the while that she was purring these words to me in her sultry voice, she was squeezing my cock over and over with her talented pussy, and running her hands all over my chest or back, like she couldn't get enough of me. It seemed we weren't moving, but we were still slowly drifting towards the D. J. table.

In response to all the great stimulation, my cock was throbbing anxiously inside her pussy, and my own hands had somehow wandered down to her ass and gotten stuck there. I could spend all night playing with her ass cheeks, and that's exactly what I was doing.

She had me deliciously close to orgasm, but she knew just when to ease up a little bit if need be to keep me on the edge just about as long as she wanted me there. She was the undisputed expert at that, due to our many years together.

I should mention that for the past couple of minutes, I had completely stopped trying to thrust into her. For one thing, I wanted to last as long as possible, and my arousal was reaching dangerous levels. For another, I didn't want to be too obvious about what we were doing. But I wasn't getting and respite because Mindy kept up her amazing pussy squeezes, and even used them to punctuate her words. For instance, as she said, "Worship your wondrous wand!" she really let loose with a series of squeezes that damn near pulped my overtaxed dick!

As a result, I hardly knew if I was coming or going, and my resistance was pretty much completely gone when I heard my wife say, "Oh hi, Cynthia. How you doing?" It didn't exactly sound like she was shouting that across a vast room, either!

I suddenly turned my head around (without pulling my cock out of my wife) and realized that we'd gone from being about 20 to 25 feet away from Cynthia's desk to only about five feet away! Worse, Cynthia has a little lamp there, plus there was the glow of the computer screen in front of her and many tiny lights on the sound equipment. Her corner was noticeably brighter than the rest of the room, which meant the visibility was better.

I wondered if Cynthia could have overheard the cock slave discussion between Mindy and me, but I realized my sneaky wife had been speaking in especially hushed tones, and I of course had matched her in that. Now I understood why.

But while that was a relief, the fact that Mindy quickly closed the remaining few feet to Cynthia's desk was not. I squeezed Mindy in a tight hug, hoping to draw her body so close to me that Cynthia wouldn't notice what we were up to. But that seemed to be a case of too little, too late.

Our bodies were in side profile to where Cynthia was, no doubt as part of some fiendish plot by my wife to embarrass me! I felt helpless to get out of this fix, because any sudden movement would give the game away completely.

I quickly glanced Cynthia's way and saw that this was not the same woman who was bored out of her mind and reading her college textbook to help pass the time a few minutes ago. In fact, she was standing up and showing obvious interest in us.

As Mindy continued to sway and take small dance steps in time to the slow song, she said to Cynthia, "I just wanted to ask: can you play 'The Sea of Love?' That's kind of 'our song,' my hubby and I. We danced to that at our wedding, so many years ago."

She looked to me and smiled just like a normal, loving wife. But all the while, her pussy was squeezing around my boner and there was nothing I could do to stop her!

"I already requested that," I pointed out, still clinging to Mindy for dear life and trying not to show any separation between our groins. I was trying my best to sound and act like a normal husband NOT in the middle of getting fucked.

"Yes, that's coming up next," Cynthia said, cocking a curious eyebrow at us.

"Oh goody," my smirky wife replied. "I'm sure you get lots of old couples like us, asking you to play the music they had at their weddings, so their bodies can move together the way they did all night long on their wedding nights."

I almost choked at her obvious innuendo. Shit! I'm too afraid to look down and see how obvious our continued coupling is. If I look down, Cynthia might look down too! Are we about to be thrown out, or even arrested?!

Mindy continued, innocently, "Oh, and speaking of songs sung by Robert Plant, can you also play 'Big Log'? I love that song too. Isn't 'Big Log' great? I don't know why, but whenever I think of that song title, I think of my husband."

I couldn't help but chortle at that, despite my predicament.

Mindy had been trying to keep a straight face, but she cracked up as well.

Cynthia obviously got the joke. She looked a little chagrined and amused as she commented, "Hmmm. I wonder why." She stared blatantly at my groin.

Mindy added, "He's a captain, you know. Captain Petard."

There was no opportunity for me to laugh at that inside joke, because I could see that Cynthia was starting to figure things out. Apparently, the "Big Log" joke had been the final straw.

I was distressed as I saw Cynthia's eyes go wide when she took a really close look. "Oh my God! Are you...? No! You CAN'T be! But you ARE!"

Mindy snickered and smirked, very proud of herself. She continued talking like there was nothing out of the ordinary. "Well, that's all I wanted to ask. Thanks. Hey, Honey, why are you being bashful with your hands?"

While I'd been clutching Mindy's ass cheeks this entire time, I'd been doing it over her dress, not under it. However, she'd frazzled my mind so much with everything that had happened in the last few minutes that I offered no resistance as she reached back and slid my hands inside her backless dress and then back down onto her bare ass cheeks.

She did this all in full view of Cynthia, who just gawked with amazement.

Cynthia didn't appear as if she was going to call the authorities on us, at least not quite yet, thank God. But she couldn't help but ask, "Excuse me, but what's your guys' deal? Honestly!"

She looked right at me as she said, "I saw some pretty interesting outlines a few minutes ago, of you and the one called Cindy. I was tempted to call the manager!"

"Oh, that reminds me." I pulled out my wallet and handed her $100. I hoped that it was true that you could buy just about anything with money. "For your discreet understanding."

She looked at the money, and said, "Look, I'm not going to get you in trouble. I just want to know what's going on! I've never seen anything like this!"

Fearing how my wife might explain things, I said in a deliberately calm and steady voice, "What you heard before is true. Mindy here is my wife. The other two are my mistresses. That's all there is to it, really."

Mindy added with a happy smirk, "He's so bashful. He has more mistresses at home."

Cynthia exclaimed, "Oh God! Really?!"

Mindy nodded proudly.

I looked away in embarrassment. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer. My only relief was that Mindy sensed how close I was to cumming and had paused with her pussy squeezing. That left me torturously hanging on the edge. We could get in actual trouble if I just started cumming willy nilly in public, like some crazy hobo!

Cynthia didn't realize my plight, and carried on talking to me like I was capable of a fairly normal though excitable conversation. "That's wild! These are like the most beautiful women I've ever seen! Are you, like, a billionaire or something?!"

Mindy, having a good idea of my true condition, replied for me, "No, not hardly. We're merely comfortably upper middle class. It's just that he's hung like a horse, and he can fuck like a superman! If you could see his cock, I think you'd understand a bit better. ... Wait. You can!"

To my utter horror, Mindy started drawing her body back away from mine, causing my erection to slowly pull out of her pussy. I looked down and saw that the sight of the damn thing was outrageously obscene! My emerging erection was absolutely drenched and glistening in a coating of pungent, hot, thick, and gooey cum - mine and hers - which was dripping heavily down my shaft, over my balls, and even onto the floor. And although there was music playing, I definitely heard a lewd wet sucking sound arising from my wife's nether regions as her pulsing pussy reluctantly yielded up the thickness of my shaft in sufficient inches to be plainly visible between us.

"HOLY CHRIST!" Cynthia actually made the sign of the cross over her chest as she stared at my erection. It was like she was trying to ward off a vampire or some other monster.

Mindy saw Cynthia's reaction and thought it very amusing.

The thing is, my dick really isn't that huge. Honestly! I understand there are penises out there that are ten, twelve, and even thirteen-plus inches long. Mine barely reaches eight. But it IS very thick - I can't deny that. The thing is, Mindy cleverly pulled it out until just my cockhead remained in her. As a result, Cynthia had no idea how long it really was and probably mistakenly assumed there were even more inches hidden from view and thrusting upwards into Mindy's pussy before finally reaching my cockhead some unfathomable distance deep within my wife.

"Holy Mother of God!" Cynthia whispered in awe.

Just then, the song ended. Cynthia obviously had some songs programmed in advance already, because she didn't do anything as the new one started. It was "The Sea of Love," finally.

Mindy smiled at me and said, "They're playing our song! Come on, Honey." She winked at Cynthia (who still looked gobsmacked), and started dance-fucking me back to where Cindy and Ruby were. As we made our way back, my dick was slowly jostled back into Mindy, returning to its more comfortable fully impaled position.

Cindy and Ruby had been dancing together while trying to keep an eye on us too. They had both turned their heads to face us as they danced. And they looked gorgeous, standing and swaying there cheek to cheek and bouncy bare rack to bouncy bare rack. However, I found out that Mindy had been shielding the view of that side, because they had no idea what had just happened. They'd stayed away because they didn't want to get too close to Cynthia.

"What was THAT all about?" Ruby asked once we were back within hearing range. Seeing where my eyes were gazing, she ostentatiously rubbed her nipples into Cindy's.

Mindy just replied, "Ssssh! Later! This is our song."

So I "danced" with my cock-crazy wife until the song came to an end, and all the while, my hard-on remained deep in her squeezing pussy. By then, I was so horny that I couldn't think straight.

Even the lyrics were all messed up. Instead of hearing, "Come with me, my love, to the sea, the sea of love, I wanna show you just how much I love you," my mind was hearing, "Cum with me, my love, to the sea, the sea of cum, I wanna bone you, fuck your mouth, and own you." I think Ruby's sexual lyric alterations were getting to me.

I was fucked up! Everything was sex, sex, sex! And it was all Mindy's fault, in my opinion. She had made me far too horny to function in public. After the encounter with Cynthia, my rational thinking had completely shut down!

So when the song ended and Mindy handed me off to Cindy, I hardly even thought about anything at all. Without knowing exactly what I was doing, I simply assumed the same position with my new "dance" partner. What this meant in practice was that I settled Cindy down onto my rampant cock until she was fully impaled too!

It dawned on me that I was fucking Cindy for the first time!

However, I was so far gone that I didn't even think about the details. For one, my cock was too thick for me to simply impale Cindy while standing up without additional help. She was a very willing participant though, and Mindy got behind her, lifting her up and then helping her settle back down onto my penetrating stiffness, while Ruby actually held my throbbing rod and guided it into her mother's wetness. I was so out of it that I barely even noticed that! All I knew was that my cock needed a tight, fully-ensheathing cunt to lie in to feel at home. Once I was all the way in, I sighed and hugged Cindy to me tightly.

I was also completely oblivious to Cindy's struggles or her loud screams, as I unthinkingly proceeded to feed inch after inch of my throbbing cock into her. All I cared about was how great it made me feel. She repeatedly yelled "Have mercy!" as we all tried to cram the whole of my thick pole into her tight box.

Mindy was forced to cover Cindy's mouth with her hand, in the hopes that would stop people from running in from outside the room. But I hardly even noticed that either, thanks to my dazed fuck-lust.

Cynthia, though, heard everything. Apparently she didn't realize that this was Cindy's first time with me. She assumed that I was fucking Cindy regularly, and that Cindy always screamed like she was being cleaved in two, every single time she was given another heaping helping of my meat. I didn't realize it at the time, but Cindy kept on screaming and screaming, for a couple of minutes. Mindy's attempts to cover her mouth were only partially successful, since Cindy was writhing wildly and needed to breathe anyway.

Even a few minutes prior to this, Cynthia had merely been very curious. Now, she was as horny as a whole herd of Viagra-fed goats. She was still standing and staring, and looking like she wished she had binoculars so she could have a closer look.

The one advantage of being lost in a sex-mad daze was that I wasn't mentally overwhelmed by the realization that I was fucking Cindy for the first time. I knew it, but it was like it was I was watching a movie starring somebody else. As a result, I managed to make it through her scream-fest without cumming.

Things slowly calmed down over the next several minutes. Once I was in Cindy, I was content to just stay impaled in her for a while, and that's all Cindy wanted too. She later explained that she'd needed the time for her pussy, not to mention her brain, to adjust to my unusual girth.

I gradually came out of the thick erotic fog I was in, to a slightly thinner one that at least gave me some awareness of my surroundings. It occurred to me that this was hardly the ideal setting for my first time with Cindy. There wasn't even a bed in sight, for starters, and the situation was about as unromantic as can be, not counting the romantic song.

But it wasn't like I could do anything about it, now. I was committed. Then I thought, What the fuck?! WHAT. THE. FUCK?! Why not just throw caution to the wind? What is it Ruby said earlier? Something about let's just push our luck as far as we can until they kick us out? Hell, yeah!

Cynthia knows EXACTLY what's happening. She knows I'm fucking multiple women, and she knows I'm literally fucking them on the dance floor right here, right now, and she's not calling the police! This place is completely dead. Odds are very good no one else is gonna come in. So, seriously, what the fuck?! I'm just gonna do whatever the hell I like and make Cindy's first time one for the ages!

With that in mind, I looked over Cindy's body like I was seeing it for the first time. I liked what I saw, and I wanted to see more. She and Ruby apparently had pulled their tops back up while Mindy and I were talking to Cynthia, and I didn't like that. I yanked Cindy's top down and grinned like an idiot as I watched her boobs bounce free.

But that wasn't good enough for me. I kept pulling her dress down until it hung down to her hips. However, there I ran into a problem. I couldn't keep pulling it down due to my hard-on, which was starting to thrust in and out, seemingly on its own volition, but had no intention of pulling out all the way.

Mindy and Ruby were hovering around us, though, so I said to them, "Help me take her dress off. All the way off!"

"All the way off?!" Mindy asked, astonished.

I was extremely pleased to be feeling even more reckless than my wild cucquean wife, for once. "All the way off! Now!"

"NOOOO!" Cindy squealed in shock as those words finally registered in her brain. It was one thing to expose this or that part of her body in the darkness. If some stranger showed up, one could always pull the fabric up or down and be at least technically legal within seconds.

But with the dress completely off, that was a whole different matter! It might take a minute or more to cover up, and who knows how long, if a panic ensued. Cindy would be completely helpless. To be honest, I liked the idea of Cindy being completely helpless, and I know she liked it too. Mindy had been absolutely right about her submissive nature. But it still had to be frightening to her.

Hell, it was frightening to me too! My heart was pounding wildly and sweat was pouring down my face. Every nerve in my body was tingling, and I was horny beyond all imagining.

Cindy was resistant and squealed and squirmed about (which by the way, had unbelievably arousing consequences down around groin level!). I noticed tears streaming down her face, and that would have caused me to stop, except I realized her face was so wet she had to have started crying well before I came up with the "get totally naked" idea. I decided to deal with one thing at a time and get her clothes off first.

Cindy stood no chance of keeping her clothes on. Ruby helped by grabbing her arms and held them above her head. Then Mindy pulled Cindy's bunched-up dress up and up and up until it was finally off.

Although Mindy was obviously wondering if I'd lost my mind to my rampant lusts, she was nonetheless too far gone with her own lusts to really care. Taking an "in for a penny, in for a pound" attitude, she dramatically tossed Cindy's dress away. It landed in a heap on the floor a good ten feet off.

"NoooOOOOoooo!" Cindy cried out, her arms futilely stretching out in the general direction of her discarded dress.

"Now Cindy," I said sternly, "you had better start behaving yourself, or I'm going to stop this dance right now, put you over my knee and give you the spanking you deserve!"

Cindy suddenly stiffened in shock at my words, causing her pussy to convulse around my erection, almost causing me to cum right then and there.

I couldn't believe I had Cindy buck naked and I was fucking her in public! With one stranger watching, for sure! I decided not to even look Cynthia's way, because I didn't want to know what she was doing. I might see her calling the police on a cell phone or something like that, and lose all my nerve.

I quickly recovered from the excitement as best I could, and kept thrusting in and out more and more. I was also slowly walking her towards the nearest wall.

With things settling down, sort of, I returned to the issue of the tears streaming down her face. "You're crying? Why? Is it bad?"

I was going to say more to reassure her, but she exclaimed, "You're kidding, right?! How could I NOT cry?! First off, just getting your huge donkey cock in me was a painful ordeal."

I began slowing my thrusting, intending to pull out.

"NO!" She reached towards our joined privates. "Don't stop! Don't pull out! For the love of God, no! Let me finish, okay?"

I nodded. I kept to a slower, gentle thrusting pace, just to be on the safe side.

"It's an ordeal, but the very best kind! I came hard the first minute and it's been like one endless orgasm since! I wear these tears as a badge of pride, just like I cry when I suck your cock! But more than that, I'm crying tears of joy! Tears of ecstasy! Tears of rapture! Don't you dare stop, or I'll get mad!"

Showing she meant it, she took more of the lead, thrusting and gyrating until we were going at a faster and deeper pace. She hugged me tightly. "That's better!"

"The Sea of Love" just came to an end, and a new song was beginning. It was a very lively and funky song. It took a few seconds, but then I recognized it: "Sex Machine" by James Brown! How fitting!

With the crying crisis resolved, I looked around to make sure nobody else had entered the room. In so doing, I ended up looking over to Cynthia without really wanting to. I couldn't see her face in the darkness, but I could see her giving the thumbs up in our direction.

I gave the thumbs up back. How cool! Phew! A lucky break! We might not end the night in a jail cell after all.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Billo, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, PrincelyGuy, Johnny Galt, Ecchi Spud, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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