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Chapter 62

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I quickly recovered from the excitement as best I could, and kept thrusting in and out more and more. I was also slowly walking her towards the nearest wall.

With things eettling down, sort of, I returned to the issue of the tears streaming down her face. "You're crying? Why? Is it bad?"

I was going to say more to reassure her, but she exclaimed, "You're kidding, right?! How could I NOT cry?! First off, just getting your huge donkey cock in me was a painful ordeal."

I began slowing my thrusting, intending to pull out.

"NO!" She reached towards our joined privates. "Don't stop! Don't pull out! For the love of God, no! Let me finish, okay?"

I nodded. I kept to a slower, gentle thrusting pace, just to be on the safe side.

"It's an ordeal, but the very best kind! I came hard the first minute and it's been like one endless orgasm since! I wear these tears as a badge of pride, just like I cry when I suck your cock! But more than that, I'm crying tears of joy! Tears of ecstasy! Tears of rapture! Don't you dare stop, or I'll get mad!"

Showing she meant it, she took more of the lead, thrusting and gyrating until we were going at a faster and deeper pace. She hugged me tightly. "That's better!"

"The Sea of Love" just came to an end, and a new song was beginning. It was a very lively and funky song. It took a few seconds, but then I recognized it: "Sex Machine" by James Brown! How fitting!

With the crying crisis resolved, I looked around to make sure nobody else had entered the room. In so doing, I ended up looking over to Cynthia without really wanting to. I couldn't see her face in the darkness, but I could see her giving the thumbs up in our direction.

I gave the thumbs up back. How cool! Phew! A lucky break! We might not end the night in a jail cell after all.



But Cindy didn't know that. She was reeling and hanging on for dear life, while I was thrusting into her more and more. She had her eyes closed, now that we'd stopped talking, so she'd missed the thumbs up signal altogether.

She was still crying profusely, though it was more of the silent kind than all-out sobbing. I wasn't used to that and it was disconcerting, even though the joy was clearly written all over her face. Mindy hadn't cried during sex for years and years, but then again she was well-accustomed to my unusual size. I decided I'd just have to grin and bear it and hope that Cindy (and Sue Ellen) adjusted soon as well.

I'd been trying to fuck-walk us to the wall, in hopes of using that as a crutch to hold her up, since there was nothing even remotely approaching a bed in the room. I soon got us there, to my tremendous relief.

With Mindy and Ruby's help, some readjustments were made that amounted to turning Cindy around on my cock until her totally nude body was bent over at a ninety-degree angle with her hands outstretched on the wall in front of her.

Mindy commented, "What an OUTRAGEOUS position! Could Cindy look any more like a total, shameless slut?! We're in the middle of a public dance hall! But you know what they say: in for a penny, in for a pound.' Although in this case it should be 'in for a penetration, in for a pounding!'" She chuckled at her own word play.

Cindy wasn't amused at all, since she was so utterly humiliated, as well as nervous, excited, and out of her mind with lust. But I knew my devious wife, and I realized her words were deliberately designed to arouse Cindy (and me) even further by heightening her sense of slutty humiliation. It was definitely working.

My hands ended up on Cindy ass, and I remained fully sheathed in her, doggy-style. With her head and big breasts dangling down and her arms outstretched to the wall, she looked completely submissive, completely defeated. Clearly, she didn't want to be totally nude in a public place, but she had no choice in the matter.

Yet at the same time, she seemed fully energized and aroused. Despite her tremendous humiliation, she was craving to get fucked some mor right here, right now! She spread her legs wide and braced herself for my rewed assault.

I started to thrust in and out to the funky rhythm of James Brown.

I saw Mindy kneel down, still fully dressed, and bring her head right up next to Cindy's. She brushed away some of Cindy's red hair covering her ear, and started whispering. I have no doubt that her words were meant to to Cindy still more wildly aroused, but there was no way I could catch a word of it.

Then Ruby draped herself against my back and started doing a similar thing to me. She started with a simple fact, but said it with great excitement. "I love that you're fucking my mom! You're really fucking Mom!"

As I pounded Cindy, in and out, Ruby went on, "This is soooo cool! I can't wait to tell Michelle! Mom is TOTALLY gonna be a life-long cock slave now. Just look at her. She's toast! Look! I think she's cumming! You see how her whole body's shaking? Daddy, you're FUCKING her into SUBMISSION! This rocks!"

Ruby was bouncing up and down so much that she had to hold her bare breasts in place. "I can't believe you're fucking Mom while she'd buck naked, in PUBLIC! And you're fully clothed and in total control! Oh, it's so perfect! Then you're gonna bust my hymen next! And then Mom and I are gonna be your slaves forever! Your latest big-titted sex toys! You'll fuck us both daily, in every hole! And Michelle too! Oh, and Sue Ellen! Oh my God! Just listen to that passion! Isn't it beautiful?"

She was referring to the cries of passion Cindy was making.

Cindy didn't just feel like she was being split in two, she sounded like it! All we could do was hope that there was nobody in the nearby bar or anywhere else within hearing range, because she had lost the ability to restrain herself. She was gasping, grunting, and panting non-stop. That wasn't so bad, but occasionally another orgasm would hit her and she'd let loose with more full-throated screaming. Even over the loud funky music, her screams filled the room.

Ruby had to talk louder to be heard, even between the screams. I heard her saying, "...your sex toys all lined up! All in a line, your SEX SLAVES, ready to be taken, and tamed, and controlled! Just like you're controlling Mom, bending her to your will with your massive COCK! Oh my God, I'm so hot, I'm cumming too! But look at Mom! She's cumming non-stop! Non-stop! I want that! I'm next!"

It continued like this for who knows how long. Ruby continued with an increasingly breathless torrent of lewd observations while Mindy no doubt did the same to Cindy. I did have just enough awareness after a while to notice when "Sex Machine" ended and "Tear the Roof Off This Sucker" by Parliament / Funkadelic came on. (It's the song from the 1970s that goes: "We want the funk, give up the funk, we need the funk, we gotta have that funk.")

I was praising Cynthia in my mind because the tune turned out to have a really great fucking beat and vibe. I was having the time of my life as I pounded deeper and deeper and faster and faster into Cindy.

How could a situation be even more arousing than this one was for me? I sure don't know the answer to that, because I was higher than the highest high! I was truly totally drunk on lust!

When my orgasm finally came, there was no sudden surge of great pleasure, because I was already feeling that much pleasure! It was literally business as usual, as I started to shoot my load into her. That might make it sound like my orgasm was some kind of let-down, but it wasn't. I grunted and thrust and yelled and exulted as I felt rope after rope cannon out of my erection and into Cindy's tightly sucking tunnel.

It was at that moment that it somehow occurred to me that I was most certainly NOT wearing a condom, and Cindy probably wasn't on birth control since she hadn't been on a date in over six months. MY GOD! I could be knocking her up! I could be creating a new life! While fucking my wife's naked best friend, with her standing by and approving! And in a public place, no less!

I thought that my feelings of pleasure were maxed out, but with those new thoughts I discovered I could feel even MORE euphoric and aroused! In my mind, I'd just impregnated Cindy, while my cum continued to forcibly pump its way out of my cock in powerful jets.

Cindy's body had been slowly sliding down during the fuck, despite Mindy's best efforts to prop her up, and she'd wound up on her hands and knees by the time I started cumming into her. When it ended, she simply collapsed, as if dead, and sprawled out on the floor, nude and drenched in sweat and cum.

Mindy knelt down beside her and stroked her hair comfortingly, while Ruby practically staggered over to pick up her mother's dress from where Mindy had tossed it. All the women seemed dazed, like they'd just survived a hurricane.

By contrast, I still felt great! I was standing straight and proud, feeling pumped up, and high on life! I was almost ready to say, "Bring on another one!" although to be honest I wasn't quite THAT ready. My flaccid penis might have had some protests about that. But I was mentally cranked up, at least. I had just fulfilled another long-held fantasy, and the pleasures were so great that my objections to living a harem master lifestyle were fading away.

Ruby and Mindy looked surprised as they watched me stroll over to the table where I'd left my drink, my long-forgotten glass of rum and Coke that I'd gotten from the bar in what seemed like several lifetimes ago. I took off my jacket as I got to the table.

Damn, I'm hot and sweaty! Fucking tight Cindy cunt is hard work! I snickered to myself.

However, after another minute or so, exhaustion started to catch up to me. My dick went flaccid, and I tucked it back into my pants. Then it seemed like my whole body went flaccid as well, and suddenly I was having a hard time just standing. There were no chairs in sight, and I was too proud to sit on the floor, but I leaned a hand on the table and struggled to keep looking "cool," as my knees seemed to turn to jelly.

I suddenly remembered Cynthia, but I was afraid to look her way and see what she was doing. I want really worried anymore that she'd get us in trouble; it was more that I wasn't ready to deal with anything else just yet.

Somehow, I managed to stand there alone, nursing my drink for a couple of minutes, while Mindy and Ruby were still helping Cindy recover. But all the while my body continued to come down from its adrenalin high. I still felt great, overall, but I had to realize my body had limits. I wasn't a kid anymore.

From time to time, I looked over at Cindy, still being dressed and held up by the others. She looked soooo sexy, even after they'd managed to redress her. People talk about a "just fucked" look - THIS was a "just fucked" look, from head to toe.

At one point, Mindy turned my way and stared at me like I'd grown an extra head. It seemed she was still incredulous that I'd let things go so far. After all, I was the one supposed to put a brake on the sexual craziness. She seemed to be looking at me in a new way, as if she was recallibrating just how far I'd let her go in fulfilling her cucquean fantasies for me. Uh-oh!

It occurred to me that Mindy was right: there's no way Cindy would ever back out now, not after an experience like that. She was in this - whatever "this" was - for the long haul.

But the next time I looked at Cindy, I realized she was no longer staring lovingly at me, but rather looking at something or someone just past me. I turned to look at what was transfixing her.

There stood Cynthia, standing just a few feet behind me. She looked abashed as she realized she'd been discovered, and she shyly waved hello to me. Her face was flushed, but she appeared to be relatively calm.

I'd been in a kind of denial about what we'd been doing, and just how far we'd gone, but a wave of guilt hit me then. I said to her, "Uh-oh. You must be angry. I'm terribly sorry."

"Sorry? Why should you be sorry? That's easily the most fun I've ever had at this job. You guys are a scream!" She laughed.

"But we broke every rule you must have, not to mention at least a couple of laws, I'm sure. We didn't really mean to go that far, but things just got out of hand." I winced as I recalled fucking a completely naked Cindy.

"That's true," Cynthia conceded. "But you were the ones running the risk, not me. No one else is in charge but me. I'm sure my boss is in bed fast asleep. The room's so dark that if someone came in I could just pretend I didn't see what was happening. So it's no skin off my nose."

"Really?" I finally gave up the fight to stay standing and sat on the edge of the table. "So there was no risk?"

"I wouldn't say that. There's a lot of risk, you crazy man, but it's mostly on you and your group. Still, the odds of anyone coming in at this hour is very low. It's 11:30 already."

I was glad to hear that, because I'd lost all track of time. Cynthia was smirking and smiling, much as my wife loved to do so much these days, and that made me curious about what was on her mind. I asked, "So, did you want to ask me something?"

"No, not really. I just wanted to thank you for the free sex show and then find out what you have planned as an encore. I'm beginning to understand why you have all those mistresses."

I thought to myself, That's it?! She doesn't have any problem with this? She's not gonna get us in trouble or even ask us to leave? She actually enjoyed watching it? I really am the luckiest fucker in the universe!

I told her, "Sorry, there's not gonna be any encore. We're going home. Again, I'm really sorry for having bothered you like this." I took out my wallet, peeled off a bunch of big bills, and handed them to her. Even though she said she was okay with what had happened, she had mentioned something about considering calling the authorities. I figured some money could only help ensure she didn't complain to anyone, now or later.

"Thanks!" she said as she looked at just how much money I'd given her. "A free show, AND my biggest tip ever! You're definitely welcome back, anytime." She flashed me a big smile.

"Are you kidding me? Our crazy bunch? We're so out of control that we're a disaster waiting to happen. I mean, imagine if there had been more people here."

"Then you probably would have been more careful," she sensibly pointed out. "But if that worries you, you could rent this space for a night and I could be your private D. J. Then you'd have complete privacy. We'd lock all the doors. And it wouldn't cost you much more than what you just paid me in tips." She looked happily at her pile of money, and then put it away.

"Well, that's an idea," I said, although I wasn't sure about it. The risk of discovery is half the fun. We could always dance in the living room, after all. However, it might be interesting if I know it's rented out and my cock slaves don't. Hmmm.

I added, "But I'm too tired to think right now. Can I call you and discuss it some other time?"

"Sure." She handed me her business card.

We talked some more, and I confirmed that my group really was leaving now. So she finally walked off to start packing up her gear.

I knew I didn't want to think about it just yet, but the more I considered it, the more I liked the idea of renting out the room, and hiring Cynthia as a D. J. What I really liked is the possibility that I could fool my women into thinking it was still a public and open space. Then they'd be the ones all worried while I could go completely wild and know there was no real danger.

I also considered that might give me a chance to fuck Cynthia too. She wasn't an improbably voluptuous sex bomb like my women were, but she definitely qualified as a cute and very "shaggable" college coed. If my women were a perfect ten on a one to ten scale, she was still a respectable eight or thereabouts.

But then it occurred to me, What am I thinking? I'm getting greedy. I have to draw a line in the sand. I don't want to give Min any encouragement with that kind of thing, or she'll run amok with all kinds of crazy plans. Dealing with my lovely bunch of cock slaves will keep my dick completely wiped out in any case. They're the best of the best, and I love 'em!

After another minute or two, I recovered enough energy to walk over to my women. I noticed Cindy was standing on her own, and looking fairly recovered too. The music had stopped, so as I got near, Mindy said to me, "What's going on? Tell the D. J. to play some more tunes. The night is just getting started!"

"No," I said authoritatively. "The night is over. We're going home. Now."

"What? Why?" Mindy complained.

Cindy and Ruby seemed to be of a similar mind as her, which seemed odd to me, because all three of them looked bedraggled, sweaty, and tired.

"Because we went way too far, that's why," I replied. I lied, "Did you see me talking to Cynthia the D. J. just now? She was really upset, and I had to pay her a huge tip to smooth things over." I held up my hand, with my index and thumb less than an inch from each other. "You see this? We were thiiiiis close to having the cops bust us!"

That seemed to sober them up and stop their protests. We gathered up our things and made to leave. I made sure none of them had a chance to talk to Cynthia (who was still packing up her gear), as that could have easily exposed my lie.

I didn't really need to lie, but I wanted them all a bit frightened so they'd be more careful the next time we started to get a little wild in a public place. Besides, I was already thinking about coming back and renting the place someday soon, and it would help those plans if they didn't know what Cynthia and I had actually discussed.

We soon left and walked out through the hotel. The place was well lit, but as empty as a ghost town. We didn't see a single other person, not even at the reception desk.

Mindy noticed a clock on the wall as we made it to the front door. "11:40," she said.

"Is that all?" I asked, even though I already knew the time. "It feels like it's two in the morning." I added that because I really meant it.

Mindy joked, "You know the saying: time flies when you're fucking your cock slaves into oblivion."

Ruby said to me, "That's not a real saying... YET! It will be for you from now on! Gaawwwd, I still can't get over what an epic, historic, spectacular fucking that was! And you fucked my mom!"

Cindy said with a sly grin, "Imagine how I feel! My pussy will be feeling that pounding for a WEEK!"

The four of us were all alert as we walked to the car (although I could tell it wouldn't stay that way for long, since we were all on the verge of crashing). Seeing that I had their attention, I said, "You know, you talk the cock slave talk, but can you walk the cock slave walk? All three of you were very naughty tonight. You got me so horny that I lost my mind, and it was only sheer luck that we didn't find ourselves in serious trouble. For that, you need to be punished. Each one of you has a hard spanking to look forward to."

"What? Tonight?!" Cindy asked.

"No, it doesn't have to be tonight. I admit I'm pretty tired myself right now. But tomorrow, definitely! Do any of you deny that you deserve it? And I'm not talking about some kind of namby pamby sexy spanking, I am talking about a seriously painful spanking to teach you all a lesson."

I noticed their expressions all changed from lusty anticipation to distress.

But before I could say more, Mindy spotted our car in the lot, and shouted, "To the Pussymobile, Cockman!"

I remembered the "Pussymobile" line when we'd gotten into the car earlier. But no one had mentioned the "Cockman" part, which was a nice riff on the "To the Batmobile, Batman!" line, usually said by Robin on the old Batman TV show. I wryly asked my wife, "How long have you been waiting to say that?

She grinned between her yawns. "About two hours."

Ruby said with more energy, "Hey, Daddy, if you're Cockman, I wanna be Bobbin."

"I'm Pussywoman," Mindy added cheerfully, playing off the Catwoman name.

"Oh great," Cindy replied, "I guess that leaves me as Harlequim."

That last joke nearly went over my head. It took me a moment or two to remember that there was a superheroine named Harlequin, and that "quim" was British slang for pussy. I was impressed at the word play. Cindy always had a good sense of humor, even during her worst times, although she wasn't a constant joker like my wife.

All these names resulted in a lot of laughs from everyone, and that helped raise the energy level ever so slightly. There were some more comments from the others to Ruby that they too wanted to be "Bobbing" (clearly said with the 'g' at the end). But it was just talk, since they were yawning and dragging their feet.

I said to them all, "I want you all to tell me, in complete sentences, how you deserve the spanking, because I don't want you to try to back out later."

Cindy spoke first. By this time, we'd reached the car. She leaned up against it, and hung her head down. "I'm sorry, Dan. I really am. I'm not sorry that you fucked me the way you did. That was the hottest thing to ever happen to me, BY FAR! If it costs me a spanking, then so be it. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I wouldn't change a thing about it for the world. But I certainly helped provoke you, and I sincerely apologize for that."

Still with her head down, she admitted, "I guess I'm not sounding very repentant, but I can't help how I feel. I promise I'll try to be more careful in the future." She finally shyly looked up into my eyes.

I nodded at her, and then looked at Mindy.

She leaned up against the car next to Cindy. She sighed, and also shamefully lowered her head. "This is so hard. Honey, you and I have always had a more-or-less equal marriage partnership. But now the power has shifted, and you're gonna spank me like a child if I'm bad. I can't say I'm happy about that. In fact, it's pretty upsetting. But I understand it's a price I have to pay so we can have all these other changes in our lives. I hope we still have a mostly equitable marriage, but there needs to be a boss of the harem, and you're the boss."

She looked up and stared at me intently. "I fully confess my guilt for provoking the situation at every turn tonight. I let my lust rule me. I also fully accept that I'm deserving of a painful spanking. I'm truly sorry. I'll try to do better next time."

That was a very important statement from Mindy, and reflected a major shift in our marriage. I wasn't totally pleased with change, since our marriage had worked so well so far, but in my heart I knew that she was right. If we had a harem, there needed to be one boss. Although I didn't doubt who would win if they all ganged up against me. I had a long ways to go before I could establish that position of authority in reality and not just in theory.

I nodded, and said, "I agree for the most part, Sweetheart, but we'll need to discuss this some more later."

She nodded back at me, looking nearly as shy as Cindy was.

I turned to Ruby.

She was looking more energetic, thanks to her youth and fitness (and the lack of being on the receiving end of a good hard fucking), so she didn't prop herself against the car. She also didn't bow her head, but continued to stare right at me. However, before she started to speak, she pinned both arms behind her back, spread her legs wide, and thrust her chest out.

Her tone was very different than the two mothers, and there was the promise of sex in her voice. "Master, I am sorry, terribly sorry. As one of your cock slaves, my greatest responsibility is obeying your every wish. It pains me to know that I failed you, but your cock was just so thick and hard and tempting that I couldn't control myself. I promise I'll try to do better, so I can be the kind of big-titted, wanton, and eager sex slave that you truly deserve. Of course, I'll accept any punishment you give me in the spirit you give it, and I'll try my best not to cum too hard when you do. In fact, I already know it won't be enough to teach me a lesson, because I'll enjoy it too much."

"I'm gonna spank you as hard as I physically can," I pointed out. "If that's not enough, I may even use a paddle."

Ruby just smiled knowingly at me. "But you don't understand, Daddy. I'll be insanely horny no matter how much it hurts, just because it's YOU spanking me."

I realized her stiff pose was starting to arouse me too much mentally, even though my penis was down for the count. I said, "You don't have to keep standing like that."

She didn't move a muscle, except perhaps to stiffen even more proudly. She also didn't reply.

We simply stared at each other for some long moments. I was hungrily eyeing her provocative, submissive pose while she reveled in my attentions.

After a long pause, she said, "I already feel like I'm going to need additional punishment, above and beyond what I had coming to me. There's nothing worse than a disobedient sex slave, and the discipline needs to be severe, to firmly remind me of my place! I think you should strip me naked and keep my legs, arms, and tits thoroughly bound with rope for 24 hours, at least, so I have time to think over my misdeeds."

I looked deep into her eyes, and decided out loud, "No, I can already tell that would be more of a reward for you. Dammit, I don't know how I'm gonna punish you, or Shelle when she needs it - which is pretty much always in her case - but I'll think of something. We'll start with a serious paddling tomorrow and see if that works."

There was a fire in her eyes. "Yes, Master. Permission to suck your cock? All this talk of spanking and ropes has me seriously hot and horny!"

"Permission denied!" I didn't have much choice but to say that, since I knew nothing could possibly revive my penis tonight.

I looked Ruby over, and thought, What happened to the cute little girl I used to know? She's turned into such a... well, a devout cock slave. I guess I must win some kind of slow-on-the-uptake award, but I'm beginning to think she might really be serious about this kind of stuff and isn't just going through a phase. Wow, this is going to mean an entirely new life for us all. I can't continue to fool myself that it'll be like before, only with lots of handjobs, titfucks, and blowjobs added in!

I stepped back and said to everyone, "Now, let's all get in the car and go home."

I was actually the most wired of the bunch, so it was only natural that I drive.

As I took the wheel, Ruby said from the back seat, "That Cynthia was something, wasn't she? I think she needs a BIG reward for being so understanding."

As if the sexual innuendo wasn't obvious enough already, Cindy added, "A big, THICK reward."

Mindy, sitting next to me, nodded happily. "Most definitely. A big, thick, HOT, throbbing, wet, stiff, and fleshy man-meat reward that happens to be attached to Dan's crotch! Honey, are you catching on to our meaning yet?"

The women all had a good laugh at that.

I joked back, "Yes, you're saying you want me to buy her a bouquet of flowers. Duh! I'm not as clueless as you think I am."

After more laughter, my wife added, "And that can also serve as an audition, to see if she's worthy of being Dan's seventh cock slave."

"Seventh?!" I exclaimed. "Wait a minute." I was so beat that I had to use my fingers to help count. "Ruby, Michelle, Sue Ellen, and Cindy. Min, even if we count you as one, that's only five. So don't you mean the sixth?"

"Oh, yes. That's what I must mean." But she had a knowing smirk - even more so than usual - that made me suspicious. In fact, I looked around the car, and the women all seemed to be sharing some kind of private joke.

I asked warily, "Who are you thinking about? Anjali? Nina? One of our daughters' other friends?"

A smirky Mindy said, "Something like that."

I sighed. But I was too tired to deal with it.

I said, "It's a moot point in any case, because I'm not gonna fuck Cynthia, and I'm CERTAINLY not going to try to add her to the harem. I hate to sound elitist, or mean, but the fact is, she's pretty. Maybe she's even bordering on beautiful. But she's not drop-dead gorgeous like the rest of you are, and she's not stacked like you are. So why should I fuck her when I can fuck all of you instead? It's harsh but true."

Ruby revived somewhat and clapped her hands together. "Ohmigosh! That's the best news all night!" She purred like she was about to have an orgasm on the spot, "Yeeeesss! You need to fuck AAAAALL of us!"

I stared at her through the rear-view mirror, and griped, "You know what I mean. Not counting you or Shelle."

"Oh. Shoot." She slumped down and closed her eyes. "But still, that's so sweet, that you find us that sexy. All those years of exercising to perfect our bodies for you have paid off. Yes!"

Mindy closed her eyes too. "But poor Cynthia. She'll never know how close she came to living in a heaven on Earth."

Ruby added, "Yeah. She'll never know the joy of being a slave... or feeling totally sexually dominated... Or trying to cope with Dan's cock like fighting a giant anaconda, feeling his thickness totally dominate her painfully gaping open mouth... Sad." But her eyes were closed and the word "sad" trailed off into a yawn.

I thought, "Giant anaconda?" Yikes! They're so over the top with their praise that it's ridiculous. But they act like they really believe the hype. That's the weird thing. Talk about boosting my self-confidence though. I've probably been praised more in the last week than in the rest of my life combined!

I vividly recalled the ride over. As glorious as that had been, I worried about more hanky panky going home, since my penis had died and I was driving. But that turned out to not be an issue since all three women were sleeping within five minutes of getting in the car. Cindy was the most fucked out, in more ways than one, and fell asleep the fastest.

The drive home was blissfully quiet and uneventful. I was going to drop Cindy and Ruby off in front of their house, but that seemed kind of impersonal after all we'd gone through over the last hours. Besides, they were so zonked out, it seemed like it would be a challenge for them to wake up and get themselves inside.

So instead, I pulled the car into our garage. I remained the only one awake. I opened the doors and lifted Cindy out. I kind of hoped she'd wake up, but she didn't. So I carried her into the house and laid her on the couch in the den. She still didn't stir. Then I did the same with Ruby, depositing her on the couch in the living room.

After that, exhausted as I was, I wasn't looking forward to carrying Mindy inside as well. My back was aching and I was starting to sweat. But luckily, Min woke up as soon as I touched her, and she was able to get up on her own.

As we walked through our house, Mindy noticed Ruby covered in a blanket, sleeping on a couch. She rubbed her eyes as if trying to rub away a hallucination. "Wait a minute. How did she get there? She was with us all night! Right?"

I explained how I'd carried Ruby and Cindy inside and tucked them in.

She smiled and kissed my nose. "Awww, how sweet. You're going to make a great harem master. I already knew it, but this helps prove it. Boy, just wait until they wake up. They'll be so hot to suck your cock!"

I joked, "Really? I figured they'd be hot to play golf. What is this 'suck cock' thing you speak of? I've never heard of it before."

Her only reply to that was a tolerant smirk.

I put my arm around her. "Come on. I'm gonna help you get upstairs."

She nodded, but she didn't move. As she continued to stare at Cindy's sleeping form, she commented, "You know, letting them sleep here tonight was a nice gesture, but it brings up a bigger issue. We should do something about having those two move in with us permanently, don't you think?"

I furrowed my brow as I mulled that over. There were minuses as well as plusses, especially since I liked having a lot of "alone time" to write or just enjoy myself. "I dunno. What about Sue Ellen? If they move in, then she'll want to move in too."

"Oh, she does already. That's a capital idea too."

I couldn't help but groan in aggravation. "You see what I mean? Before long, our house will be like Grand Central Station. I need peace and quiet to write. You know, I'm not even that social a person, maybe because I was an only child. I need my space. I don't want to have a house with dozens and dozens... Hey, that reminds me of something very important. You know, I wasn't wearing a condom when I fucked Cindy."

"I know! God, that was hot! That really made me burn up, like my pussy actually was on fire! I kept reminding Cindy of that while you were fucking her, whispering things into her ear. She'd been cumming a lot already. But she truly orgasmed non-stop once I got into talking about you knocking her up among, well... other things. I was like a cheerleader rooting for your sperm to hit a home run right into her needy egg!"

I frowned. "But that's the thing! Did I do it?! Is she on some kind of birth control? I don't want more kids at our age. No way! And if I did, YOU should be the mother, not Cindy. And don't even give me some kind of line about how you'd find it sexy if I knock everybody up. There's fantasy and there's reality."

More calmly and unperturbed than I'd been expecting, my wife replied, "Of course. I'll tell you what. I'll find out first thing if she's on some birth control. I'm sure she is, but if she isn't I'll make sure she takes a 'morning after' pill. I already know that she has no kind of moral objection to that, and that she doesn't want any more kids either. Well, okay... she doesn't want any more kids, except when she's being fucked within an inch of her life by a certain handsome, hunky, horse-hung, husbandly, harem-head honcho."

She winked. "Sorry, that just kind of happened. The honest truth is that when she's not actively screaming your name at the top of her lungs, with her legs kicking up in the air and her ass humping back like wild, she has no interest in being a mother again. We're getting too old to go through that all over again, especially since it's really hard work that in reality isn't all that sexy. Changing diapers again? ... Ugh! Babies are little poop machines. So you're in the clear with her and me on that."

I noticed she didn't say I was in the clear with Michelle, Ruby, or Sue Ellen. But then again it would be totally improbable for a woman that young to rule out pregnancy already, so that didn't worry me much. I would have to be extra careful in the future though.

I said, "Phew. That's a relief. I was half-way thinking you had some kind of pregnancy fetish too."

"I don't, so don't worry. Although... You have to admit it WAS pretty hot in the moment, to think you were breeding her."

"Yeah, I'll grudgingly admit that it got me going too. But remember that whole fantasy vs. reality thing. Okay? It's not like we need to make things more arousing in the first place, especially when it was my first time with her. Talk about overkill. That was a HOT FUCK all around!"

"It sure was. You're my stud." She kissed me on the nose.

She took another step toward the stairs, while still loosely holding onto me. But she thought some more, and added, "In the spirit of trying not to keep any secrets from you, I must admit that I do have a bit of a pregnancy fetish lately."


"But don't worry. It's not bad. I like the IDEA of you knocking up all your cock slaves, and all their sexy friends for good measure. I mean, look at Cindy there, sleeping so peacefully. Wouldn't it be fun to pull her blankets down and find a beachball-sized belly there?"

"Um, no."

"Come on! You know she'd be extra sexy pregnant."

"Okay. Maybe, a little. But just as a fleeting visual."

She smirked triumphantly. "See? But at least on this point, I fully understand the difference between fantasy and reality. I most definitely mean it when I say that the absolute last thing I want is to deal with being a parent all over again. Besides, being a mother to any more kids would put a huge crimp in our new sexual lifestyle. But it IS kind of hot to just THINK about it sometimes. That's all."

"Well, if that's all, I can live with that. But don't blur the line between fantasy and reality on this, as you seem to be doing with everything else, okay? This is way too important an issue. I'm counting on you to be a responsible adult and not a sex-mad cucquean on this one, at least. Show me you still have some self-control!"

She smiled, and nodded. "Tomorrow, I'll have a talk with all your slaves about birth control. I know the others are taking measures. They actually love doing all that birth control stuff, because they see it as a hopeful sign that your cock will be sliding into their tight pussies soon, filling it full of creamy sperm. I'm not totally sure about Cindy, because she hasn't been dating for a while, but we'll take care of it."

After a smile and a brief kiss, we continued upstairs.

As we headed to our bedroom, I realized that I hadn't seen any signs of Sue Ellen or Michelle since we'd gotten home. That was just fine with me. I'm sure they'd managed on their own, and I was way, way, overstimulated already. Just the thought of Michelle's name now automatically put images of her wobbly, tanned, and bare jutting breasts into my brain, and of course that always threatened to give me a hard-on. Hell, it usually succeeded.

I did wonder how they'd fared with Michelle's punishment, but I was willing to wait until tomorrow to find out, especially since they were almost certainly sleeping already.

Within minutes, I was happily under the bed covers with Mindy curled up naked beside me.

As she kissed my nose again and then turned off the light on her side of the bed, she asked playfully, "It's a tough life, being the master of a harem, huh?"

I knew it was meant as a rhetorical question, but I chose to answer her seriously. "Yeah. It really is at times, surprisingly enough. Especially since I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert. I'm so glad that I'm sticking with five women, because even that's gonna be hard for me to handle. I mean, each of you alone is more than a handful."

She said in a saucy purr, "And Michelle is beyond more than two handfuls, if you know what I mean!"

I rolled my eyes, pretending that didn't arouse me. "Yes. Somehow, I can guess."

"It will be HARD for you to HANDLE her, don't you think?" Despite the darkness, I could see her hands eagerly clutching air in front of her, like she was honking Michelle's hooters. Her enthusiasm was infectious, even though I was dog tired.

Trying to get the conversation back on track, I said, "I most certainly am not letting you sneak any more in. Jesus Christ, woman, you'd drag in every woman we met, if you could. I mean, Cynthia? You don't know her from a hole in the ground, but you like the idea of her joining in the harem because she's female and she has a pulse."

Mindy frowned. "Sorry. Forget her. You're right: at that moment I was so horny that I didn't care who she was or how worthy she was, just that your harem would grow larger."

I sighed. "We need to talk about that habit of yours some time soon. Five is really too much. Five! Christ Almighty, what are we thinking?"

"Yeah, I know. It'll mean major changes in our lives. But would you give any of them up now?"

That hit home. "No way! I love 'em all too much, even Sue Ellen already. She's so sweet and cute."

My wife gleefully pointed out, "Not to mention busty, fit, stunningly beautiful, submissive, and constantly horny to serve your cock in every way she can."

"That too," I agreed with a grin. "I'm just saying that all of this - it's great, but it's physically and mentally draining."

She chuckled. "In case you haven't figured it out yet, 'draining' you is kind of a big part of all this."

"Yeah, somehow I noticed," I said, stating the obvious. "I just wish that your draining of me wasn't so, well... draining."

My wife just splayed her fingers out on my chest and lazily stroked me there. "You'll do fine, Honey. Don't worry. We're forging a whole new kind of thing here, you and I. You'll see."

I briefly thought about what tomorrow might bring, especially tomorrow morning. It was Monday, but also the holiday of Memorial Day. Nonetheless, Mindy would be gone to work before I woke up anyway, since she usually works on "minor" holidays like this one. Sensing the conversation was winding down, I reached over and turned off the lamp on my side of the bed, plunging the room into complete darkness.

But then I told her, "Oh, by the way, please explain to the Gruesome Twosome that there will be no tickle attack tomorrow, or put a note on the door if they're still sleeping. I have a feeling I'm going to sleep in a good long time. And besides, we're beyond that now. I can think of much better ways to be woken up."

"Mmmm. I can too. I can just picture what they might do to rouse you into consciousness, with their hot little mouths and eager lapping tongues. And with Cindy sleeping here, you're liable to wake up to find yourself in the middle of a full-blown orgy! You could easily wind up spending the entire morning fucking their tight little pussies, one after another, while I have to slave away with my boring office work!"

She seemed to grow more excited. "Morning? Hell, Sue Ellen could come over and then you could bang all of your harem girls for the entire DAY! My goodness! When I come home, I might find nothing but big-titted babes sprawled out all over the furniture in every room, the smell of your potent sperm thick in the air, sperm on their faces, sperm glazing their tits, and more fertile sperm steadily drooling out their slits and down their legs! That would be a real howdy-do welcome home!"

"Um, Sweetheart? You're starting to pant excitedly."

"Oops. Am I? I wonder why." She giggled, and seemingly calmed down. "But don't worry, I'll take care of it. G'Night, Honey. 'Wife,' 'Sweetheart,' 'head harem girl,' 'de facto cock slave,' or whatever else you want to call me, never forget how much I love you."

"Night, Sweetheart. I won't. I love you too."

And with that, I closed my eyes and fell asleep almost instantly, despite the arousing imagery she kept putting in my head.

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