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Chapter 63

(Monday, May 27th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

"Good moooooorning!"

I found myself waking up to the sound of three sing-song female voices coming from somewhere nearby.

But the words barely registered because my prevailing thought was: What the hell is happening to my penis?!

It felt like my genitals had been dipped in some kind of liquid ambrosia of pure pleasure fit only for the gods. It was akin to a blowjob, yet so much more. There had to be at least a dozen tongues on me!

I opened my eyes and raised my head just enough to look down. My initial feeling was partly correct: there WERE lots of tongues on me. True, it was "only" three, not a dozen, but three is a damn lot of tongues on a dick at once, no matter how one looks at it!

Taking a closer look at the three bobbing heads, I saw one head in the middle full of very long light blonde hair. Aaah! That has to be Michelle! On the right, there was a head of spiky short fire-red hair. Yesss! That could only be Ruby. My Red! It took me a couple of additional seconds to realize who the dirty blonde head on the left belonged to. Excellent! None other than Sue Ellen. But what is she doing here, in my house, at this hour?

However, I couldn't speak. Heck, I could barely breathe, the pleasure was so intense! Just watching those three heads bobbing steadily all over my cock was almost enough to push me over the edge, never mind the sheer physical pleasure they were giving me!

I also discovered that the girls had tossed the sheets away before I'd even woken up, allowing me to see their entire tanned and shapely bodies. They'd taken advantage of the fact that I was lying in the middle of my big bed, positioning themselves more or less equidistant from each other. Each ass was held up high, bobbing to the same rhythm as their heads on the other end of their bodies.

I could see that their asses had been covered, to use that word very loosely, as each of them was wearing diaphanous lingerie, but the frilly pieces of cloth had slid down after they'd moved into blowjob position. From where I was looking, each ass had the outline of a perfectly shaped upside-down heart.

I challenge any human on earth of any sexual persuasion not to get aroused beyond belief by what I was seeing and feeling!

It wasn't JUST that there were three tongues working their way up and down my pole, because there were three pairs of lips that were equally busy on me. And the hands! It seemed like it couldn't be physically possible for there to be room on my shaft for that many lips and tongues and still have some room for fingers, but somehow they were managing.

My God! What a way to wake up! Total pleasure rush! I don't think there's any part of my boner's surface that isn't being directly stimulated in some way! On top of that, even more fingers were playing with my balls!

Plus there's that smell, such a wonderful, feminine smell. The three of them are all wearing perfume, but I can tell each one only has a bit, so they didn't have an overwhelming combined effect. And they must have coordinated, because their perfumes blended together perfectly. How thoughtful. And the touch! Silky hair sliding over my legs, soft female flesh pressing into me here and there - it's all too much! Gaawwwd, I'm in heaven!

Thank you, Mindy, for allowing this!

I was completely awake almost instantly - this was the erotic equivalent of waking up to find a ten-ton truck crashing through the wall and about to slam into your bed. There was no way to remain in a dreamy half-asleep state when confronted with such an overwhelmingly arousing sexual onslaught. I didn't know what to say, but I suppose my increasingly loud groans and moans of pleasure expressed better than words just how overjoyed and appreciative I was feeling.

I simply laid there and "took it like a man" (so to speak) for the next few minutes. All was quiet except for the sounds of the girls giggling, lapping, and slurping. No one said a word. I kept my eyes closed, but it was like I could hear their jubilant smiles.

Things had happened so fast and so dramatically that I hadn't had a second to think. But as their extremely stimulating actions at least settled into a kind of steady groove, I did have a moment to take stock. Then it hit me: OH GOD! LAST NIGHT! JESUS H. CHRIST ON A POGO STICK! LAST NIGHT!

I just about had a heart attack as a recalled some of the wild events of last night. Fucking Cindy for the very first time in the middle of a public dance hall was first and foremost on my mind, but I remembered other events, such as spanking her and the prolonged Sue Ellen cocksucking complete with cuddling wife and ocean view. Good Lord! And that was just last night! The whole day went like that! One thing after another!

My head was spinning so much that I clutched the sides of my heads, as if that would make the spinning stop. Between the erotic recollections and the fact that I was in the middle of getting pleasured by three teen girls at once, the fact that I seemed to have actually become some kind of harem master in the last 24 hours hit me like a grand piano dropping on me! It was heady, heady stuff! I was so very extremely aroused that the only reason I could think of as to why my hard-on hadn't blasted off a load was that my body was still too shocked to properly function.

Between the way I was clutching my head and the lusty noises I must have been making, the girls had to have been thinking they were successfully driving me wild.

Ruby giggled and breathed onto my erection, "He likes it! He really, really likes it!"

I didn't even know which one of them was sucking me yet. But upon further reflection, I recognized Michelle's unique style and realized her mouth had taken in my cockhead before I even woke up. (That wasn't too surprising, given the way the other two somehow always seemed to defer to her.) She was continuing to vigorously bob up and down. But she was still capable of giggling and saying, "Duh!"

Suddenly, I found my voice, opened my eyes, and shouted, "STOP! STOOOP!"

That surprised them so much that they all lifted their heads as one and made eye contact with me.

"Gee, Daddy," Michelle said, "What the heck? Don't you like?" The unrepentant saucy vixen then had the nerve to wiggle her tongue at me. There was cum and saliva smeared all around her mouth.

I was panting hard. "I like. I like!" It took me some more moments to recover enough to continue. "But... Jesus! ... I don't want to cum, like, two minutes after I wake up!"

Michelle and Ruby just exchanged "That does not compute" looks.

Clearly, these girl have no problems making me cum within two minutes of waking up. They probably assume I'll get hard again right away and they could keep going. They must think I'm an endless fountain of cum, able to orgasm dozens of times a day. If only! My reputation is getting out of hand.

Sue Ellen commented, practically bragging about me, "That was more like five, Sir. Heck, at LEAST five." She added to the other two girls, "Y'all were right - his stamina is incredible! I still can't believe my luck that I'm enslaved to such a powerful and magnificent cock. Not to mention to such a powerful and magnificent man. I wonder if he'll breed me!"

"Probably," Michelle said casually, like it was already a done deal. She was staring at her thumb that was still rubbing my sweet spot. It was like she couldn't completely stop herself.

I tried to still my pounding heart with some mental exercises Mindy had taught me. There was still far too much stimulation for anyone to cope with, especially first thing in the morning. Luckily, my "stop" command at least gave me a fighting chance to gather my wits.

Sue Ellen looked around the room and especially at me while beaming with joy. "I can't believe my luck. I always thought I was kind of ordinary, you know? But here I am with the beautiful movie star-type people, and I even feel accepted. I feel like I'm on the set of a porn film and I'm one of the stars. Where are the cameras?" She looked around and giggled.

Michelle pounded a fist into the bed, a move that sent her jutting torpedoes flying. "Damn! Cameras. I knew I forgot something! Can you two hold it right there? Better yet, DON'T hold it. Not even one lick. I don't want to miss out on anything!"

She got up off the bed, but then had another thought, and turned around. She told the other two girls, "Okay, you can still breathe on it. Hot, needy, heavy breaths. But that's it!" She hefted up her heaving breasts with both hands and ran out of the room, no doubt to get the video camera.

Michelle has always had trouble with running, by the way. Her extraordinarily protruding F-cups are not exactly conducive to any intense physical activity (with the exception of sex, of course). When she goes on her morning jogs she's forced to wear an industrial strength bra so tough that it might as well be made out of steel with supporting structural beams. Suffice to say that when running naked from one room to another in the house, like she was now, she was forced to clutch her breasts with both hands unless she wanted to get whacked in the face by her own massive mammaries.

Just being so graphically reminded of that fact made my boner twitch and throb a bit more than before, while my balls churned alarmingly. However, the lack of any active stimulation allowed me to calm my breathing some. It helped that I tried hard not to think sexy thoughts, especially about anything that had happened yesterday.

With the chief Hellion gone, I looked down at Ruby and Sue Ellen lying between and on my legs with their faces pointed towards me. Both had their heads propped up on their elbows as they stared up at me, grinning from ear to ear. It was only then that I fully realized just how enveloped my upper thighs were by soft tit-flesh. I took a whiff, and was reminded that they smelled as good as they looked.

I asked Sue Ellen in my still panting voice, "So what are you doing here? Not that I mind in the least. I just assumed you'd gone home last night."

"I was going to, Master, but Michelle and I kind of got..." - she had to pause and blush - "er... involved. We downloaded those pictures that were taken and got so hot that, well, we kind of, um, wore each other out. We actually fell asleep in the computer room in each other's arms, and then we slept the rest of the night in Michelle's room."

As I watched the rosy tint of her blushing embarrassment creep down from her face to envelop the rest of her, I was thinking: What pictures?

And then it came to me, memories of the "photo session" with all five of my women before we left for dinner and dancing. My entire body actually jerked like I'd felt an electric shock, it was such a powerful memory.

Whoa! The photo shoot! Out of everything that's happened lately, that might just be the most extraordinary! It seemed less a photo session and more of an excuse for them to take turns in ones and twos and threes stroking and sucking me off!

At the time, it had felt like one big blur of non-stop pleasure and I don't think I'd really appreciated it as much as I should have. It was like overdoing it with way too much sweet dessert. Still, it brought back some incredible mental images and made the fact that I was really the master of a five-woman harem hit me like a punch to the gut.

I wondered if Michelle had broken my command not to cum while we were gone. But I wanted to ask Michelle that first, to see if she'd lie to me. I sensed Sue Ellen would have a very difficult time lying to me, so I could get the truth out of her later.

Ruby, seeing that she didn't need to talk, started to breathe heavily over my erection, since Michelle had allowed that. If she thought that was necessary to make sure I didn't go flaccid, she was totally mistaken. In fact, my shaft was pointing nearly straight up, even though no one was holding it!

Sue Ellen was continuing to explain, "When we woke up, Michelle was on top of me, I guess because of her ass."

It took me some seconds to realize what she meant by that, but I realized that she had to be referring to the hard spanking I'd given Michelle yesterday. Probably it still hurt for my daughter to sit or lie down on her tush. I hadn't paid particular attention to the color of her ass so far though, and now I was curious. She had such a lovely all-over tan that it took a lot for signs of a red blush to show up.

Ruby was listening to Sue Ellen talk, but her eyes were fully focused on my erection, which was standing nearly straight up only a few inches from her face. She hadn't been touching it since Michelle left, but she playfully reached out and poked it with a finger. "Boooiing!" She giggled as she watched it sway back and forth after her poke. Then she resumed trying to see just how much pleasure she could deliver simply by breathing on it from an inch or so away.

Sue Ellen glanced briefly at my erection and then resumed staring lovingly up into my eyes. "It turns out it was a really good thing, though. I found out Michelle and Ruby have almost the EXACT same morning workout schedule that I do. So we worked out and went jogging together. Even Cindy joined us, before she had to leave for work. It was great! I already know I'm gonna absolutely love living here with y'all!"

"Wait a minute," I said, still trying to fully regain my wits. "I didn't say anything about anybody living here. In fact, last night before I went to sleep I made it clear to Mindy that it's not in the cards."

I might as well have told her that she was going to be drawn and quartered at dawn. Her big blue eyes went even wider and started to water, and her lips began to quiver. "But... Sir! I thought...!" The tears started to flow like a faucet was turned on. "I knew this was too good to be true! Master doesn't care for me!"

"No, that's not true!" I said emphatically, sitting up and reaching out for her. "I care for you a lot!"

But the situation was getting worse. "You, you only think of me as a pussy, tits, and ass! And even though that makes me totally hot, and eager to get fucked and to serve, it's... Well, I'm kind of sad you'll never love me like I love you!" She really started crying now.

"That's not true!" I protested again. "It may be a little early to call it love, but my feelings for you are strong and real, and growing stronger every day!"

She was already crying so hard that I could barely understand her. "But... but why? If that's true, then why? Why?! Why do you, do you, let all your other cock slaves live here but me?! I'm not... not the same... Not as good! Not as busty! Not as beautiful!"

"Hey! Hold on!" I scooted forward and took her in my arms (which stopped Ruby from continuing to blow air on my hard-on). "That's not true at all. Cindy and Ruby won't be moving here either. It's just that I'm kind of a solitary guy and I don't like to have a lot of people running around."

Ruby's eyes narrowed dangerously and she said in a frosty tone, "What do you mean, 'Cindy and Ruby won't be moving here either?' Is that some kind of joke?!"

"No, no joke. I was telling that to Mindy last night too. She's okay with it. Ask her."

Ruby sat up, forgetting about my hard-on for the moment. She barked angrily, even as tears started to come to her eyes too, "I don't care what she thinks, I care what YOU think! You're my master! I've dedicated my heart to you, my body to you, my LIFE to you! I LOVE you! How can you say I can't live here?! I'm your COCK SLAVE and FUCK TOY, for crying out loud! How can I serve you if I'm not even here?!"

Just then, Michelle came skipping back into the room, happily clutching her bouncy twin torpedoes with one arm and holding the video camera in her free hand.

This gave me a good opportunity to check out all of her front side. I could see that she was wearing a very sexy lingerie outfit that, by design, covered a whole lot of nothing. There was a little transparent curtain covering the lower half of her big breasts (and not even making it up to her magnificent nipples) and an equally tiny curtain around her waist that was almost ridiculously small - maybe eight inches high, if that. Damn, she looks hot! Even more so than usual!

Ruby and Sue Ellen wore similar outfits. Sue Ellen was wearing frilly white underwear that thrust her naughty parts to the forefront of my attention (and in the case of her bra, served as a shelf that literally thrust her tits forward). Ruby was wearing virginally white stockings and a garter belt, and... that was it! Sure enough, as I looked her over, I could see that was all she had on.

Unfortunately, her crying, and Sue Ellen's, ruined the overall erotic effect.

Michelle's gleeful, toothy smile turned to a distraught frown. She said incredulously, "Daddy, what did you do?! I'm gone two minutes and you've turned this place into a funeral!"

I was still hugging Sue Ellen, leaving Ruby unhugged. So the foxy redhead opened her arms and threw herself at Michelle, pulling Michelle back onto the bed. "He doesn't love us!" Ruby wailed directly into Michelle's soft orbs.

"HOLD ON!" I shouted loudly and authoritatively. "This is getting out of hand. Stop crying already, all of you, and listen to me before this unnecessary misunderstanding gets any worse! I love you all! Ruby, I love you as much as my two natural daughters, and I did even before the sex started. That's a fact. Sue Ellen, I may not know you well yet, but I feel myself falling in love with you too."

I was already hugging Sue Ellen, but she squeezed me so tightly I thought she was going to crush me to death. "Oh, Dan! Master! I love you too! It's not just that you have a huge cock and you fuck me and let me suck you until I'm delirious with joy! It's not just that you tame and control me like I NEED to be controlled! It's EVERYTHING! You're such a GOOD MAN! Not like Mike. You're the anti-Mike. I'm SOOO in love!"

She kissed me hard and passionately, and for a minute or two the misunderstanding was forgotten as she swept me up in her outburst of lust and love. Somehow, I found myself clutching two bare peachy ass cheeks. Then the next thing I knew, I discovered that she wasn't just sitting in my lap, she was fully impaled on my erection!

I have no idea how that happened, as I certainly wasn't making that kind of move on her. This was not exactly ideal, because I wanted to make sure Ruby's ruffled feathers were smoothed over before things got too carried away. But Sue Ellen was too worked up to control herself.

I knew that fitting my shaft into her pussy was no easy task for Sue Ellen, since her pussy hadn't had a chance to grow accustomed to its thickness yet. To do it so quickly was a remarkable feat, and showed just how very emotionally worked up she was. Her resulting scream pierced my ears and the pained look on her face was frightening to behold. I worried that she'd seriously injured herself. But fortunately, that pained face quickly morphed into a rapturous one.

We started fucking in earnest as primal urges took over, even though Sue Ellen continued to sob. She wailed between desperate gasps for air, "Daniel Cooper, I love you so much! I'd marry you in a heartbeat! Although I know it would never be the place... for a lowly slave like me... to even THINK about being married to... to such a stud like you!"

Apparently, the idea of marriage really turned her on (or maybe it was thinking she was NOT allowed to marry me that turned her on even more), because she churned and gyrated her hips in an extremely energetic and athletic manner, giving my erection indescribable pleasure.

I couldn't believe how much had happened in the relatively few minute since I work up. This had to have been the most emotionally and physically intense start of a day I'd ever had!

I was fully energized and eager to fuck. But before we could really get into it, Ruby practically tackled me to the bed. "No fair!" she cried out. "I love you too! I'd be your wife in a heartbeat too! Fuck ME!"

Ruby couldn't dislodge Sue Ellen from getting speared over and over, but she did manage to push my upper body back down to the bed while Sue Ellen remained sitting up (and suddenly found herself fucking me cowgirl style). Ruby immediately covered as much of me as she could, smothering my chest with her large spongy E-cups and covering my lips with her hungry lips.

It was a good thing I was adept at breathing through my nose after years of practice with Mindy, or Ruby could have kissed me to death!

I heard Michelle complain, "Oh man! This sucks. I'm missing out on everything!"

I had no idea where Michelle even was since I couldn't see beyond Ruby's kissing face, but as the fucking and kissing attack went on, I soon found out. My arms had been shooting up at a forty-five degree angle to knead Sue Ellen's heaving breasts, but eventually I grew tired from reaching up.

As I dropped my hands down to fondle Ruby instead for a while, one of my hands was intercepted by Michelle and brought to her pussy. I couldn't see her because of Ruby, but from the position of my hand that found itself rubbing her wet slit I could tell she was kneeling up on the bed right near my face.

Before long, the sobs faded away, replaced by lusty moans.

Between kisses, I finally managed to get a word in edgewise. "Ruby, I love you! Sleeping arrangements are just a practical issue. They're not-"

I didn't get any further because she liked those words so much that she was immediately inspired to lock lips with me some more.

I felt my arousal ramping up and up, and I seemed helpless to keep things on a steady keel. The emotions were running too high and the fucking felt too divine. I didn't even have to do much, given the way Sue Ellen was churning on me. It wasn't long before I felt myself right on the cusp of a big climax, but Sue Ellen beat me to it. She had such an intense orgasmic experience that she lost her perch high above me and fell down onto Ruby.

I took advantage of that to lift her ass off of me and pull my stiffness out of her before I blew my load. I had to be careful to pace myself, if I wanted this day to even faintly reach the frequent dizzying height of the day before.

I found myself thinking, Well, if anyone was still asleep anywhere in this house, Sue Ellen's screams just took care of that! Man alive! If this keeps up, I'm gonna have to buy earplugs. It does feel pretty awesome though, knowing I made her scream like that. And all I had to do was let her bounce and grind down on me!

With some subtle nudging, I made it clear that I didn't want to be crushed by the weight of two women on top of me, so Ruby and Sue Ellen rolled away, forcing me to disengage from Michelle too.

For a moment or two, I found myself almost untouched, with only a stray hand or two resting on me as I started recovering for another round of incredible fun.

I thought that fucking had turned Sue Ellen into a rag doll, and that's how she looked at first. But she recovered surprisingly quickly and curled up to me on one side.

She proclaimed, "I don't care! I don't care if you love me or not! You just rocked my world! AGAIN! I don't care if you treat me like shit or treat me like a princess, 'cos I'm gonna love you just the same! I'm totally, hopelessly in love with you, Master! SLAVE is exactly the right word for what I am, and I adore it!"

Ruby cuddled up on my other side. She said, "Me too! Only I love you even MORE! Sue Ellen can't possibly love you as much as I do, 'cos I've known you so much longer! My whole life!"

"Hey," I protested, "This isn't some kind of contest. Right now, we've got a problem. Both of you want to live here, but I'm not ready for that. I'm feeling smothered..."

Both of them grumbled as they started to pull away from me.

"No," I clarified. "I don't mean that literally. I love the feel of your fit and firm, yet soft and oh-so-sexy bodies."

There were big smiles all around as Ruby and Sue Ellen cuddled up even closer than before. Sue Ellen threw one of her legs over one of mine, so she was practically lying on top of me.

But I continued, "I mean smothered in the abstract. I do need my space to write. What if you both come over here as much as you like during the day, and go home to sleep at night? Is that so bad?"

I looked from side to side, and I could practically see the wheels turning in their heads as they considered the possibilities.

Sue Ellen asked with barely contained excitement, "I could come over here as much as I like? Except for sleeping here, that is?"

"As much as you like," I confirmed. "Well, within reason. If Mindy or I have a problem, we'll let you know."

Sue Ellen groaned lustily. "Oh God! That's making me SO frickin' horny! Getting to see Dan and the King every day! But I don't even have the right to sleep here, because I'm just a lowly fuck slave! That's so hot!"

Suddenly, my mind flashed back to when I'd first met Sue Ellen. There she was, standing in her ugly waitress uniform, holding a pen and pad and waiting to take my order. Her face had been expressionless, if not bored. Who could have ever imagined that she could change so drastically, so fast?! I recall it like it was yesterday... and it almost was! Holy Hell!

Sue Ellen looked towards my crotch and saw that my erection was poking straight up in the air but was completely unoccupied. She repositioned herself to get closer to it, but Michelle and Ruby saw where her eyes were going and quickly scrambled to get back to my nether regions too.

There was a brief face-off. Sue Ellen was the winner, since she'd acted first. She took my cockhead in her mouth while the other two found spots licking and fondling the rest of my cock and my balls.

All three let out erotic moans as they started to lick and suck, but naturally Sue Ellen's moan was the loudest. She was a real trooper. To quickly cram my cock in her mouth so soon after fitting it in her cunt showed some real determination. Even better, she began licking and sucking like a pro!

I had to wince when I thought how difficult it had to be for her to engulf my size and keep it in her mouth. But she never complained, and actually seemed to relish the challenge.

I lost track of time and space for a while as I blissed out over the three mouths working together on my privates. It'd had much more exciting moments in recent days, such as the dance hall fucking of Cindy and Mindy last night, but in terms of sheer physical pleasure all over my cock and balls, this was probably the greatest stimulation yet!

After a while, I seemed to come back to Earth. I looked around and realized that we were in much the same position as we had been in when I'd first woken up. It was just as great as before, and the fact that I'd fucked Sue Ellen's pussy a little bit since then hardly helped my endurance. I had to ask them to slow down some.

Happily, they complied.

With the three of them lazily and lovingly slurping, and with Sue Ellen no longer frantically bobbing her head up and down, things actually grew relatively calm after a while. I liked this better, because it felt nearly as good and it was much more sustainable. Fighting with all my might not to cum got physically and mentally tiring fast.

Since I wasn't panting hard anymore, I thought I could try to restart some conversation. Because Ruby hadn't had a chance to express her opinion about the idea of coming over during the day only, I asked her, "Well, Ruby, what do you think about that? Coming over as much as you please?"

As her tongue lovingly lapped its way up and down one side of my shaft, she said in a mildly miffed tone, "I was doing that already!" After a few more laps, she added, "I want to SLEEP with you. Naked! Under the sheets and in your arms, with your big, fat, throbbing cock resting where it belongs. In my CUNT! Daddy, I want you to FUCK me all night long!"

Her passion died down a bit as she added, "But it's okay for now, I guess."

Michelle suggested to Ruby between her own licks, "Don't you find it totally hot that you're just a lowly cock slave, not even worthy of sleeping here?"

"Well, kinda," Ruby said with a frown. She paused in her licking as she seriously considered the issue. "It IS hot. But it would be way hotter sleeping in the same bed as my master, either helplessly bound with ropes all night, or with my arms around him. I wanna reach out in the night and stroke the King at any time, just for reassurance. I wanna wake up in a tangle of naked bodies, with a sore pussy and sperm drooling out of my every hole, proving that he took me and used me at some ungodly hour, just because he could! That would be perfect. Besides, I feel like this is my home, more than my own house. I wanna live here!"

Done with her answer, she bonked her head against Michelle's as she unsuccessfully tried to work her way back up to my cockhead towards Sue Ellen's still sucking and sliding lips. She quickly shrugged it off though, and added, "As long as I can do this every day, starting with helping to wake you up like this, I'll... I'll get..."

Apparently, she found herself so absorbed with her licking that she lost her train of thought and closed her eyes as she devoted herself to the taste, touch, sounds, and smells of her lips and tongue savoring my rampantly rigid flesh. I couldn't say I minded her distracted condition, though.

That seemed to be the end of the conversation, since all three of them were far more consumed with the licking or sucking now. Thankfully for my endurance though, they were still taking it at a much more relaxed pace than when they'd first woken me up. They were no longer working as one relentless cock pleasuring machine, and were each just enjoying what pieces of fleshy real estate they had access to.

It was especially key that Sue Ellen was containing her exuberance, since she still held the prime sucking position over my cockhead. She was taking the exact pace needed to keep my arousal simmering at a high but safe level while also continually trying out new things to learn what I liked the best.

She really seemed emotionally devoted to slavishly serving me with her mouth! Whoa!

For the next minute or two, I let my eyes wander all over their nearly-naked bodies. The three of them were once again lying side by side with their heads centered over my crotch. My legs were getting a bit uncomfortable trapped beneath their bodies, but I didn't mind too much.

I especially enjoyed admiring their perfect bubble butts, lined up in a row. Ruby's ass seemed even more naked than naked, since it was framed by her stockings and garter belt, but left uncovered. Michelle's little see-through "curtain" was bunched up around her waist, and Sue Ellen seemed to have lost all of what little clothes she'd had.

Damn, what a sight! They're all so young, so full of life, so free of blemishes and imperfections! Perfect teenage twat! No, I can't think that of my own daughters. Sue Ellen deserves better too. She's a real sweetheart. They have beautiful minds too, not to mention hopes and dreams. I love them! It just so happens their hopes and dreams are pretty much focused on serving and pleasuring my cock until I die!

Shit! It's literally too good to be true, because it would be far too selfish of me to let them go all the way with that. I can't lose sight of that.

I was forced to close my eyes, because I couldn't handle their mellow-but-oh-so-stimulating tongue and finger work AND gawk at their bodies at the same time without spewing a hot load. Eventually, I was able to reach a state just shy of climax and stay there for a while. I could even open my eyes from time to time to admire their naked beauty before it got too much and I had to close them again. It was perfect.

Time passed. There was an alarm clock near the bed, but I deliberately avoided looking at it. This was an experience to be thoroughly treasured, not measured by minutes or orgasms or anything else.

At one point, Ruby appeared to tire. She sat up and said, "This is too cool! I hope we can keep going, and suck and lick and stroke the King for hours! We've been at it for such a long time. Michelle, it's just like we always dreamed, don't you think?"

Michelle was still consumed with her cock licking work all over my balls, so she merely grunted.

Ruby went on, "But my tongue needs a break, and I need to pee. I'm gonna get a drink too. Does anyone want anything?"

Michelle didn't even stop licking my sweet spot or look up, but she said, "I'll take a glass of water. Get one for Daddy and Sue Ellen too. He needs to make more cum, and we need to make more saliva and pussy juice."

Surprised, I commented, "Shelle, that sounds almost mercenary. You're so single-minded!"

She began licking up towards my cockhead, since Ruby was out of the picture. She couldn't quite make it there though, due to Sue Ellen still having it all in her mouth. She sounded slightly exasperated as she responded, "This is what I do! I'm gonna keep saying it until it starts to sink in. Pleasuring you with my body defines me! Especially cocksucking, because we can do it for so long and share the joy. Do you get it yet?"

"I still find that hard to believe. Nobody does that. Nobody. I've never heard of anything like it! Especially a total bombshell like you."

She let out a heavy sigh and stopped licking my shaft altogether. "Ugggh! The fact I have a bombshell body is a big reason why I have such a desire for this. My body is built for sex! I want to get fucked A LOT! By you! Arrrgh!"

Still standing nearby, Ruby said to her, "Don't let him get to you. We knew all along he was going to be like this. We'll get to him eventually, one fantastic blowjob after another!"

That seemed to cheer Michelle up and she resumed her happy licking and contented purring.

Much more time passed.

The girls sometimes got up to do this or that, but always came back to my crotch. We switched to titfucking for a while sometimes, but usually not for long, because it was hard to keep all three of them involved while doing that.

But as much as I loved the treatment, something was nagging at the back of my mind, and had been pretty much since they'd come into the room. Then, with my eyes closed and forcing myself to think un-sexy thoughts, I remembered what it was. Hey! They're not supposed to be here! I'd explicitly told Mindy to tell them or leave a note for them that they should stop the tickle attacks and leave me alone until I woke up. It had slipped my mind due to the extreme pleasure I was feeling, but now with this lazier pace it seems there's a part of my brain that's still capable of at least SOME thinking. Even if it takes me this long to get there!

Unfortunately, my timing wasn't good, since I wanted to talk to the "ring leader" Michelle, and it happened to be her turn bobbing on my cockhead. But I gave it a try anyway. "Um, Shelle? It almost slipped my mind, but why did you all wake me up, anyway? Didn't you get a message from Mindy to let me sleep?"

"Nuh-uh," she said as she slurped the King inside her mouth without remorse.

"She didn't talk to you or leave you a note?"

"Mmmm-mmmm." Her head went from bobbing up and down to moving side to side, so I took that for a 'no.'

"How did you know not to launch a tickle attack, then?"


She was busy trying to go deeper down my shaft, so she wasn't very coherent. However, I gathered from her intonation that she was saying something like, "I dunno." Or maybe it was, "I'd love to talk, but I'm much too busy trying to cram all of your eight inches down my throat!"

I suspected she'd chosen this moment to pick up the pace and go deeper precisely so she wouldn't have to answer my questions. It looked very suspicious. Sue Ellen and Ruby looked miffed, because she'd left them very little to play with.

It occurred to me that, despite all the sexual activity going on, I was within arm's reach of our bedside telephone and I could call Mindy and get her side of things. In fact, I was pretty sure she'd love to find out what was happening in our bed in any case.

Mindy was at work, even though today was Memorial Day. That wasn't a surprise, since she preferred to work through the "minor holidays" so she could bunch her vacation days together in a way that allowed us to go on long trips.

Michelle stopped her near deep throating after I closed my eyes for a while and stopped asking her questions. In fact, she switched to licking my balls and left my cock entirely to the other two for a while, perhaps to make up for the greedy moves she'd just concluded.

That only strengthened my suspicions. But rather than confronting her directly now she could talk, I wanted to go straight to "the queen." Michelle had already staked out her position, so if she was lying I was just going to get more lies.

I picked up the phone and dialed Mindy's number, even as all three girls continued their contented moans and licking. "Hey, Sweetheart," I said once my wife answered her cell phone. "Is this a good time to talk?"

"Anytime's a good time to talk to you, Honey," she said sweetly (although she would have told me otherwise if she were in a meeting or something like that).

"Good. I've got a question for you."

Michelle had been so absorbed with washing my balls with her tongue that she didn't realize at first I was even talking on the phone. But she eventually caught on to what was happening, and lifted her head up in alarm. "No!" she cried out ineffectually. Her big tits swung about wildly as she got on all fours on the bed. She was nowhere near the phone though, so she was helpless to stop me.

That right there told me what I needed to know already. I asked into the phone, "Did you speak to Shelle this morning, or leave her a note?"

"Mom, don't answer that!" Michelle cried out. She crawled over Sue Ellen, trying to get to the phone to disconnect it before Mindy could answer.

I don't know what good she thought that would do, though, as I could just call Mindy right back, and her attempted action was totally incriminating anyway. She probably just hadn't thought things through yet.

But she was too slow to get to the phone in any case, and Mindy replied, "Sure did. I had a good chat with her and made it very clear that you were not to be woken for any reason and that you needed your rest. She, Ruby, Cindy, and even Sue Ellen were just on their way out to go for a jog when I caught up with them, by the way. You should have seen the four of them in their Lycra jogging outfits. Damn! They must have left a trail of boners and car crashes in their wake as they went jogging 'round the neighborhood."

While my wife was talking, a catfight was breaking out in front of me. Sue Ellen had been in the way, and when she looked at me and saw I was trying to hold the phone out of reach, she began to physically restrain Michelle from reaching it. I loved how Sue Ellen loyally took my side, and without even needing to be asked.

Michelle didn't take that too well, and the two of them were pushing and clawing at each other angrily. The funny thing was, both of them were as quiet as they could manage, apparently not wanting to talk over my call. It was like I was watching a silent movie of a catfight. (Well, if they'd made porno versions of naked, busty teen girls fighting back in those days, which I somehow doubted.)

Ruby looked up and apparently decided she didn't want to take sides. Seeing that my cock was unoccupied, she happily slurped her way all over and around my cockhead while keeping an eye on the fight to make sure she wouldn't get kicked in the head or something like that.

Michelle was determined though, and Sue Ellen was restraining herself somewhat - it was obvious she wasn't going to go to extremes, such as punching her. So it looked briefly like Michelle was going to make it to my phone after all. Sue Ellen had her arms wrapped around Michelle's torso and was trying to hold her back, but Michelle was slipping away as Sue Ellen's hands slowly slid down her.

But Sue Ellen turned lemons into lemonade, so to speak. Seeing her hand sliding down towards Michelle's pussy, she suddenly grasped Michelle's clit between two fingers and began pulling on it.

Shelle's eyes went wide. Her facial expression was priceless: a mix of lust, anger, and frustration. She froze there for some long moments while Sue Ellen rapidly worked the unhooded clit, while launching a second attack on her pussy lips too.

I decided at that moment that catfights were extremely hot and sexy. Okay, that sounds like a no-brainer, but it's one thing to think it in theory, and another to see it happening right in front of you, so close you could feel the sweat hitting your skin. This was my first seen in person of any kind.

Michelle looked at me and finally realized her effort to get to the phone was too little, too late. Mindy had obviously had the time to tell me what she didn't want me to know, and she assumed she had done so. Frustrated, my buxom blonde daughter tore herself away from Sue Ellen with an annoyed grunt and moved to the other side of the bed. She sat cross-legged there and buried her face in her hands, as if she thought that if she weren't hearing or seeing anything, then nothing bad could happen.

This entire struggle lasted less than a minute, while my oblivious wife was still casually describing how my four cock slaves had gone jogging around the neighborhood together.

I chuckled at Mindy's description and easily pictured the skin-tight clothes on their athletic bodies that she was describing in lusty tones. (It helped that three of the four bodies being discussed were essentially naked right in front of me!) However, I said, "That's what I figured. That's not what Shelle told me, though. She still thinks she can trick us and lie to us to get what she wants."

Mindy replied huskily, "Sounds to me like that naughty little slut needs to be seriously disciplined. I hope you spank her ass good, for starters. That disobedient, tanned, bubble butt of hers needs a good solid pounding. Bend her over, spread her hot cheeks apart, and give her what she's got coming to her with strength and verve! Seriously, that daughter of yours needs to learn her place!"

I held the phone away from my head and said to my girls, "Min says that Shelle has been bad and needs to learn her place." Looking right at my most troublesome daughter, I added, "She says you need a good spanking."

Sue Ellen was watching intently from her side of the bed, and she firmly nodded her head. Clearly, if that was the command from on high, she was going to do what she could to help make it happen.

Michelle looked at her and stuck her tongue out defiantly.

I spoke into the phone, "I will. I'm gonna whack her until her ass turns as red as a fire truck. I'm not in any big rush, though. Although I don't like that she woke me up early, I can't complain about how she did it."

My "red as a fire truck" words seemed to have turned Michelle from despondent to relentlessly horny (again!). She sat up and turned around, practically thrusting her ass into my face. Apparently she was showing me that her ass was still slightly red from her last spanking. Either that, or she was trying to get me to smell or even lick her sopping wet pussy lips.

"What's she doing?" Mindy asked breathlessly.

"What's she doing?" I repeated, loudly, so Michelle could hear. "Let's see." I was stalling for time so I could tell Mindy that Michelle was doing something more active than just seductive posing.

Michelle immediately got the message and scrambled back over Sue Ellen to retake her spot near my crotch.

Still stalling for time, I said into the receiver, "It's hard to say, because I can't really see my crotch from here. There's too many heads in the way."

I could hear Mindy's breath suddenly grow more labored. "NO!" she nearly shouted.

By now Michelle had started licking my balls, while Ruby and Sue Ellen shared my cock. So I said, "Yes. I think they call this a triple blowjob, although it would be more accurate to call it a single blowjob with two helping mouths. And it's been like this for what seems like hours."

"NOOO!" Mindy shouted into the phone. She was so loud, I wondered if her coworkers in other offices could hear that (although I knew her office was thoroughly soundproofed). "You BASTARD! That's too HOT! Just a sec!"

I waited a few long moments until she came back on the phone. "Sorry, I had to lock the door. From now on, whenever you call me at work I'm just gonna lock the door and start masturbating even before you start talking, because I know you're gonna tell me something tasty, nasty, and HOT! Tell me every word about that, and I do mean every word! Tell me more!"

"What are your fingers doing?"

"I've just pulled my dress up to my waist 'cos I know I'm gonna make a huge drippy mess! But I'm already working on my clit! Yeah! Oh...! Yessss! Mmmm!"

I could hear squishy sounds through the phone as she purred contentedly.

However, Mindy complained, "Hey! Don't just sit there listening to ME! What's happening to YOU?! Tell me everything! NOW!"

"As you can imagine, the King is getting the royal treatment by three sexy cock slaves: Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen." (I was trying not to call my dick "the King," as that seemed too immodest, but in that context it was just too tempting to resist.)

I added, "They woke me up with an all-out lips, tongues, and fingers attack, and then I fucked Sue Ellen's cunt for a while." I tried to sound nonchalant, like this was a typical morning, even though it had been the most exciting "wake-up call" I'd ever had.

"You did?! Hot! So hot! Did you cum in her?" my wife asked eagerly. "Or did you cum on her face? Hell, did you cum on ALL of their faces? Oh my GOD! That's HOT!"

I had to agree with that, but I admitted, "No, I haven't even cum once yet. I've been VERY careful about pacing myself, so I can have a sexually eventful day. I figured you'd like that."

"Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes! Like the Hamburglar loves hamburgers!"

I chuckled at her off the wall comparison. I joked back, "The damn Hamburglar should just get a good job so he can BUY all the hamburgers he wants. Sheesh! But I digress."

"No, shit, Sherlock, and it's my fault. Get back to the sexy action! Please!"

"Things were kind of frantic before, but now they're more taking turns gently nursing on my boner, which is why I'm able to talk to you instead of screaming at the top of my lungs or cumming all over the place like an unmanned fire hose. Their faces are smeared with cum and saliva, and sometimes they have to take breaks from sucking or licking so long!"

"That's too HOT!" Mindy panted. "Damn! You bastard! Why is everything so fucking sexy all the time? And I have to WORK! ARGH! I wanna be there, with you! Right in the middle of it! I wanna be the fourth! Can you picture all four of us sucking and licking you at the same time? Or five, with Cindy! We should do five tonight!"

"Calm down, Mindy, calm down," I said, because her voice was getting so loud and excited. I had to hold the receiver away from my ear due to her shouting.

"That's easy for you to say, you horse-cocked STUD!"


"Don't ssssh me, fuck me, you MAN, you! I need to get FUCKED!"

I knew Mindy had said that perhaps a bit too loudly because suddenly all of the lips and tongues working on me seemed to be giggling knowingly. I realized that holding the phone from my ear was making it easier for the girls to hear what she was saying.

So I put the phone against my ear again, and said, "I'd better go before you cause an incident with your coworkers. Are you sure you're going to be okay? You're not going to up and fuck some strange guy?"

"Are you kidding me? No way! I never would have before, and now even less since the stakes are higher."

"What do you mean?"

Still panting wildly, she said, "Now that you've got a harem, I've really gotta be on my toes all the time or you'll just replace me with another knockout sexpot or two. Or three!" Judging from her panting, she seemed to find even her own words too arousing to stand.

"Are you kidding me? You're my soul mate!"

"I know, but don't tell me that right now. It's good that I stay on my toes given how hot I'm getting lately. I now have a new rule for when you call me: NOTHING gets through my locked door until I've fully recovered from my orgasm! But you know what's really crazy?"

"I can't possibly imagine," I replied, trying to sound calm and brace myself. If she said it was "really crazy," it had to be truly totally nuts.

"I must really be a cucquean, because I'm actually getting off on the fact that I'm here at work and having to slave away all day to bring home the bacon, while you're kicking back in bed with three busty teens, getting a triple blowjob! Have you even taken a step out of bed yet?"

"Now that you mention it, no."

"GOOD! How debauched and delicious! And as it should be! I actually LIKE that you're, well, cuckolding me. Or cucqueaning me, or whatever they call it. I'm burning with jealousy, but I'm so hot that any little spark will literally make me BURST INTO FLAMES!"

"I dunno, Min. That sounds kind of disturbing to me. Do you have a fire extinguisher in your office?"

She chuckled. "I need one! But don't worry, Honey. It's not like I'd get off on denying myself to you. I love our fuck-fests far too much to even think about that. It's just that the fact I'm working makes what you're doing that much more debauched and balls-to-the-wall, out-of-control sexual! You know what I mean? But it's okay, because you know I approve. Now, if you were cheating on me with strangers, well, that would be different. I'd rip your balls off!"

It didn't seem that different to me, but who was I to try to understand her mind?

She added, "I especially love the fact that you FUCKED Sue Ellen already, while I had to work! I was probably listening to some boring conference call, or writing a sleep-inducing memo, or just nodding off from the sheer drudgery of it all, and at the very same time you were balls-deep in your newest cock slave, making her scream for mercy at the top of her lungs, while the Gruesome Twosome just sat there, playing with each other's hot little clits, and wishing, desperately wishing, that you'd drill them next! Or was she screaming for more, begging for you to plow her even deeper and harder and faster!"

She was panting so hard that it was getting hard for me to understand her. "And all the while, your clueless wife sits in her office - AH! Working hard - ah! So you don't need to work at all! OH! And you can just do nothing but, but... UNGH! Just... sit around and fuck your enslaved sexpots! NRRGH! One after another, all day long! OH! OH!"

There were a few inaccuracies in her comments. For instance, Cindy was my newest cock slave, not Sue Ellen. And I actually made more money than my wife, although not by much. But since she was on a roll, I didn't want to stop and correct her.

In fact, she didn't even wait for my answer about what Sue Ellen had been screaming. "It's going to be soooooo hard to work, knowing that while I'm filing a requisition, you're probably pumping another load of baby batter into her tight snatch! Sure, they're your slaves and I'm not, but in a way, I'm the most enslaved of all, drowning in drudge work all day while you drown them in sticky, tangy cum!"

I started to protest, "Sweetheart, if that bothers you-"

"Are you kidding me?! I love it! It'll keep my pussy tingling all day long." She asked me eagerly, "What's happening now?" I could actually hear the squishy sound of her fingers plunging in and out of her pussy.

"Still the same," I replied with surprising calm, considering everything. "You should see it: I literally can't see my dick or even much of my groin because of one head of long blonde hair, another dirty blonde head, and one spiky redhead."

"It sounds like... you're getting... a lot of head," Mindy joked.

I was amazed at her ability to joke even when she was huffing and puffing so much she could barely talk. I laughed. "I am. It's a sight that has to be seen! ... So sexy!"

Now I was starting to have a little trouble talking as well. Although technically the girls were still doing the same thing, I suspect they heard most of what Min was loudly saying into the phone, and that was making them all wild. The passion and inventiveness of their efforts had gone up a notch or two. Or three.

Mindy gasped, "You know what? What... you need? A brunette, to complete the... the picture! OOOOH! AH! Ah, ah, ah, ah! AAAAIIIIIEEE!"

I heard some more panting, and some clunking sounds, which I guessed meant she'd dropped the phone. But she quickly came back on the line. "Shit, I gotta go! The walls are super thick here, but even so, someone might have heard my screaming because I'm so fucking loud and excited. I need to get... presentable..." - now I heard what sounded like her struggling with her clothes - "in case someone comes in. But you keep on going! Keep on getting fucked and sucked while I have to work! I want those three to pleasure your cock ALL DAY LONG!"

She tried to calm herself a bit so she could keep talking. "Now, I know you say that's impossible, but how do you know until you try?! At least try! Call me later with an update or two, and let me know all the fun and sticky stuff I'm missing out on!"

"I do have to work too, you know," I complained.

"I know. That sucks. We've gotta fix that, and soon. I wish your cock slaves could just- Wait! Someone's knocking. Gotta go! Love you!"

She hung up the phone on me before I even had a chance to say good-bye, or protest that I loved my job.

Man, things are getting weirder and weirder. I definitely don't understand how cuckolds or cucqueans think. What will she demand a few months or years from now, when she wants even more extreme thrills?! We've already gotten close to how extreme things can get in just a short time. It would scarcely be physically possible for me to be more aroused than I've been in the last couple of days. So I sure hope she doesn't take a "what can we do to top this" attitude, or we'll all wind up in prison or dying of heart failure! Seriously!

I sat there trying to make sense of it all, but who could think over the sound of so much lapping and slurping? I know I sure couldn't!

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