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Chapter 64

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I would have taken the time to ponder my wife's perplexing cucquean mentality, but my three busty teen vixens easily distracted me.

Michelle had once again taken the top spot on my erection, and she had really picked up the pace. I could see how hard she was trying by the occasional tears leaking from her eyes. But I didn't need to see that to know because I could feel it so intensely.

She'd probably been inspired by the phone call, since she'd heard most of it. After all, my wife had been so excited that she'd practically shouted into the phone. Actually, I think all three of them were inspired from overhearing the call, because they were going all out. My balls and dick were practically drowning in saliva and pre-cum.

I was more than ready to blow my wad, but I realized that if I did I'd end up shooting into Michelle's throat, and she didn't "deserve" that at the moment. So I barked, "I'm gonna blow. Line up!"

I was in no state to give a better explanation than that, but luckily they immediately understood what I meant. The three of them sat up on or between my legs, leaned forward, and pressed their faces together.

Man, what a sexy sight!! FUUUUCK! I'M LOSING IT!

The way they all had their eyes closed but their mouths open wide, hoping some of my cum would fly inside, was incredible enough, but I really loved how they were all hugging each other and pressing their sexy faces so close that they were literally cheek to cheek to cheek. Even with their eyes closed, their facial expressions were adorable. Their anticipation and eagerness to be painted with my cum was obvious. And I can't even begin to describe how arousing it was to see six big, fat, round tits all lined up in a row as well, each set of them jiggling like Jell-O.

No wonder I had to cum! The big mystery was how I'd held out this long.

With a great yell, I shot off into Sue Ellen's face, since she happened to be on the right and I needed to start somewhere. But I guided my erection so my next rope hit Michelle square in her face, and then more of it splattered onto Ruby's as I kept on firing. As I continued to squirt, I worked my way back to Sue Ellen, and then back and forth, back and forth, between the three of them.

My girls looked like baby chicks being fed by their mother bird. If anything, they shut their eyes tighter and craned their mouths open wider as they eagerly enjoyed the way my hot cum painted their faces.

When I stopped, I felt well and truly finished. My penis needed a break, but my brain needed some time for relief just as much, if not more.

As soon as the last bit of my cum dribbled out of my piss hole, the three of them turned to each other and began licking each other's faces clean. I knew that a lot of kissing (with cum swapping) and rack rubbing would follow, and it was literally more than my oversexed mind could handle. I was forced to close my eyes. I also cupped my package to make sure none of them licked me clean while my penis was still in a hyper-sensitive state.

But while I couldn't see, I could still hear. Mostly, it was just sexy moaning, slurpy licking noises, and the smacking of satisfied lips, but every now and then they'd speak to each other a little bit too. "Mmmm, your chin is yummy. So much cum!" or "Daddy really tagged your nose!" or "Can someone lick my eyelids clean, so I can see?" or "I can't believe how sexy your face looks. Daddy really marked you and claimed you." Someone replied to that, "Daddy marked and claimed all of us!"

No one actually spoke to me. It was like they were so into licking each other clean that they forgot I was there. Yet, at the same time, I sensed they knew I was at least listening and they were "playing to the gallery" to some degree.

I particularly liked it when Sue Ellen said to Michelle between slurpy kissing noises, "I should be mad at you, you know. ... Mmmm. ... You dared to defy our master! ... Mmmm! Yum. ... But how can I stay mad... - Mmmm... - when your face is so spermy?"

That was followed by some particularly long and emphatic moans. I snuck a peek, and saw Sue Ellen and Michelle necking and fingering each others' pussies. Ruby was a bit of a third wheel at the moment, but she was busy enough licking the cum off both of them.

Aside from that peek, I only dared to open my eyes when the sounds of licking, puckering, and moaning tapered off. Even then, the three of them were still kissing and hugging each other, and there were fingers in all their pussies (but all the fingers belonged to someone else). I saw Michelle lick up a stray line of cum that led to Ruby's left nipple, and then she switched to suckling on the nipple.

Shit! Too arousing! Their faces are all so heartbreakingly beautiful, and doubly so with streaks of my cum on them. I can't bear to look!

It was true: seeing remnants of my cum still blasted all over their perfect features really did something to me. I felt incredibly possessive of them, for one thing. How could I have ever thought it was a good idea to let my daughters date boys? They're MY slaves, and I love it! This wasn't the mental break I needed, that's for sure.

But then, as Ruby stopped French kissing Sue Ellen and tilted her head in an apparent attempt to lick up some stray cum on Sue Ellen's neck, she happened to see my eyes were open. She nudged Sue Ellen, and then nudged Michelle a couple of times until Michelle finally pulled off the nipple she'd been enjoying.

Then all three looked at me with a loving looks that nearly blew me away all over again. As one, they crawled up me towards my head. However, this time they were looking for comfort, not more sex. Michelle cuddled up to me on one side, Ruby on the other, and Sue Ellen lay down on top of me. They managed to press six erect nipples into my chest and upper arms. I felt like my entire upper torso was surrounded by marshmallowy, feminine softness.

They were all very blissed out, and much of the cum on their faces were licked clean. Michelle spoke first. "Thank you, Daddy. Thanks for letting me suck your huge horse cock, and then thanks again for blowing your creamy load all over my face. Well, our faces. That really hit the spot!"

"Yeah, Daddy," Ruby added. "A big thanks for letting me suck you, but an even bigger thanks for painting my face with your sticky goo. God, I love it! That alone makes all the seeming hours of tricky licking and tight suction worthwhile. It makes me feel so loved!"

Sue Ellen commented as she stared into my eyes. "Thank you, Master, for giving me the chance to serve you again with my mouth and the rest of my body." When I didn't reply, she tilted her head towards Ruby and added, "I know just what y'all mean. When I feel Dan's hot cum splashing on my face, it's like I can hear him saying, 'I love you. And you belong to me. You're mine and mine alone. No other man will dare kiss you with the smell of my cum so powerfully strong on your face. You're one of my cock slaves now. Now and forever!'"

Ruby joked, "Wow, he says all that with just a few ropes?"

"He does!" Sue Ellen replied while squeezing me tight. "Thank you, Master, for putting up with my clumsy attempts to suck your cock, and for all the yummy cum. I promise I'll get better. I haven't been training for months on how to best serve your cock, like they have."

I was blown away that THEY were thanking ME for that experience! Any even remotely sane and straight man would have gladly paid $10,000 or more, probably much more, just to experience something like that once in their lives. But if they wanted to think that way, I wasn't going to go out of my way to correct them. Not only were my personal benefits enormous, if I wanted to ever bring the Gruesome Twosome into line, it would help it they had a reverential attitude.

I kidded around, "Well, it wasn't like I had much choice in the matter, seeing how you woke me up with that surprise. And Sue Ellen, don't apologize. You did great. Already, you're sucking like a good cock slave should."

She beamed and looked away in her adorably bashful way. Clearly, my opinion mattered greatly to her.

My hands had wound up on her ass cheeks somehow, and I gave them an encouraging squeeze or two.

She was blushing as she protested, "Shush it! You can't mean it. You lie like a rug! You're going to make me too happy!"

I chuckled. "That's just a risk we're going to have to take." I ran a finger up and down her ass crack, making her shudder a little.

"Did you like how we all worked together, Daddy?" Ruby asked. "If you do, we can wake you up like that every single day, no matter who happens to be living here! The three of us'll make sure to be here bright and early, after our morning run."

Michelle said, "Ohmigod! Can you imagine how great that would be?! Exercising hard, keeping our bodies in tip-top shape for our master, knowing his tasty cock was waiting to fill our throats as soon as we were done... What motivation!"

I said, "I loved it, of course, and thank you too. But I'm NOT pleased how you woke me up against my express wishes. We'll talk about that later."

"Uh-oh," Michelle said with worry as she cuddled closer, fitting snugly against me.

Sue Ellen hastened to add, "Master, I'm so sorry! I didn't know you weren't to be woken. They tricked me!"

"Figures," I grumbled, even as I gently fondled her ass. "And you, Ruby?"

She mumbled, like her mouth was full of marbles, "Er, I uh, kinda knew."

I sighed. "That figures too. Sue Ellen, you have nothing to be sorry about, since you didn't know. As for these two Hellions, I'll deal with them later. I need to rest."

In truth, I was enjoying their bodies too much to get into an argument just yet. It was remarkable that all three of them managed to find a way to comfortably cuddle up to me, but they did. Tits were shamelessly mashed into me from every side, and I could still feel six erect nipples poking into my skin. Those damn things never seemed to go down.

And with my hands lazily draped over their luscious, tanned bodies, I had a choice of six ass cheeks to fondle, all within easy reach. I focused on Sue Ellen's ass the most, since she was directly on top of me, but I made sure to play with all three of my girls. My dick wasn't erect anymore, but I sure was enjoying myself. I'll bet even Hugh Hefner never had a chance to fondle three peachy asses as nice as these, all at once.

The earlier differences we'd had about Ruby and Sue Ellen not being able to move in were forgotten for now as we cuddled in a contented silence. I was surprised at first by how quickly they acquiesced. However, it dawned on me that the issue would come up again... and again. I didn't know Sue Ellen well, but I knew how Michelle and Ruby worked, at least. The reason they dropped the issue now was because they knew it was far from settled.

I knew I'd be in for trouble for a long time to come if I didn't put my foot down on that. It was going to be a huge challenge for me to ever get my way when my five women were united against me. (I figured that as soon as Cindy got used to her role in things, she and Mindy would both be strongly in favor of having everyone live together too.)

There was a lot of talk about me being some kind of supreme master and them being my slaves, but I knew that was more sexy talk and sex games than anything. They were all still going to do all they could to get their way, and Mindy especially was very good at pushing my buttons to get what she wanted. Hell, Michelle was almost as talented at doing that. It just so happened that what they wanted was more sex with me, so our conflicts weren't so bad lately. But I figured that, at the very least, I could delay any "moving in" notions so as to have some time to adjust and also work out the details to my advantage.

We all just laid there for a while. I finally spoke. "You know, Sue Ellen, you mentioned something earlier about how you worried you didn't deserve to be here with the 'beautiful people' and you felt like you'd stumbled onto the filming of some porn flick. Well, I feel like I'm in the same position. I know it probably doesn't seem believable to you, since it's been non-stop sex and wildness since you showed up in our lives, but things were actually fairly normal around here until just a few days before you arrived. I was a pretty average husband, living my life like any other guy."

"No," Sue Ellen said firmly. "Not true! Look at you. You are one of the beautiful people." She ran a hand up to one of my nipples, and pinched it playfully. "I would consider myself lucky to date someone as handsome and nice as you, if I wasn't already enslaved to you. Besides, people have been telling me all kinds of stories. Last night especially, Michelle filled me in on a lot of the 'Dan legends.' Those go back, like, years!"

"But that's just it," I said. "They're 'Dan legends,' not 'Dan truths.' Most of them would more accurately be called 'Dan exaggerations' - kernels of truth that got blown way out of proportion. For instance, you were the first woman other than my wife that I've had sex with since my wedd-"

"AAAAIIIIEEEE!" The room erupted into chaos as the three girls were suddenly screaming, squealing, high-fiving each other, and generally bouncing their voluptuous, nude bodies all over the bed.

I didn't understand what the big deal was. I figured they knew I'd had sex with Sue Ellen and they knew I'd been loyal and faithful to my wife, so what was the surprise?

But they carried on like Sue Ellen had won the lottery. The other two kept hugging and kissing her, and saying things like, "What an honor!" and "I'm so jealous!" and "Can you believe it?!"

After things died down a bit, I asked, "What's the big deal? Didn't you know that already?"

Sue Ellen replied, "No, Sir! I just assumed that a handsome and virile man like you would be boning most every beautiful woman you met. After all, remember how y'all met me. One minute, I was just your waitress, taking your order, and the next minute, you had me naked and on my knees, sucking your big fat cock smack dab in the middle of the restaurant, and totally loving it!"

That wasn't exactly how I remembered our first meeting, but she was so ecstatic that I didn't want to pop her bubble. Besides, I could see her overall point. How could she have known that was the first time Mindy and I had done something like that?

I asked the other two, "What about you? Certainly you knew I was loyal to Mindy."

"True," Michelle conceded. "But still, it's so exciting. And such an honor! Just think, Sue Ellen. He COULD have fucked hundreds of women. But you were the first one he saw he just couldn't resist!"

That led to more squealing and bouncing. I was surprised a pillow fight didn't break out. Sue Ellen protested heavily that "that dog won't hunt" (which I took to mean they couldn't be right), and she must have known that our Cooper family sexual rules had only changed dramatically in the last week or two, but she had the biggest smile on her face just the same.

Again, Michelle's comment was serious revisionist thinking, but if it made them that happy (especially Sue Ellen, who looked to be on the verge of tears of joy), I wasn't going to rain on their parade.

After another minute or two, order was more or less restored, and they settled back down on me. I continued, "Anyway, so during all those long years of monogamy, things WERE pretty normal. It's just that Mindy and I both have pretty active libidos. I'm just as amazed by everything that's happened lately as you are. I mean, look at me!"

They didn't understand, and looked up into my eyes in confusion.

I looked back and forth at the three girls who literally covered all of me with their naked bodies. "Look at me here, with the three of you on top of me. Then look at you, your flawless, curvy bodies, and your beautiful faces. How did I ever get this lucky? Shelle, even you in your wildest dreams and schemes couldn't have ever imagined it would wind up like this, could you?"

"Actually," Michelle replied smugly, "I did. Sue Ellen is a very pleasant surprise, which admittedly I hadn't anticipated at all, but I figured we'd end up with a harem about this big, if not bigger. I mean, there's Ruby, Mom, you, and me, and I was fairly certain Cindy would join us."

"Really?!" I was surprised by all of that.

However, she thought I was only surprised by the last comment about Cindy, and so she explained, "She was just too busty and sexy and nice to be left out, and of course we kind of complete the circle with her since she's Ruby's mom. And everybody but YOU knew she's had the hots for you since forever." She thwacked my forehead, but playfully and lightly.

She continued, "So that's five already. I was hoping for Lisa at one point, but that didn't work out. There's still Anjali, and Nina too, along with some others whose names I won't mention," - she winked knowingly at Ruby - "and who knows what the future may bring? Heck, I'd even welcome Jane Corlin, despite her age, just because she's so hot and stacked. But so far this has been working out rather nicely." She rubbed her hands together eagerly. (I think she's influenced by Mindy, who loves playing the mad scientist.)

"'Some others?!'" I exclaimed, both alarmed and aroused by the prospect. "Are you crazy?! Don't you understand I'm kind of a loner?"

They all laughed at that. Admittedly, having three naked teens cozied up to me and all but covering me undermined my words more than a little.

Michelle said, "Don't worry, Daddy. I know you need your alone time, and your work time. That's why I'm willing to let go of the big harem idea. But think about it: how much of your time have we actually taken today? Not that much. You might have been lazing downstairs reading the newspaper for just as long. And we'll still respect your privacy."

I highly doubted that, especially coming from her. It wasn't like she had a good track record with that. I asked, "Were you SERIOUSLY thinking about adding all those girls?"

"It's true," Ruby replied easily, as if she were talking about picking out different shirts for me, not picking out real, live human beings to be sexually enslaved. "We were thinking inner harem and outer harem. Unfortunately, you pretty much nixed the whole outer harem idea. It's not that big a loss though, if you ask me. That was mostly Mindy's idea, something we knew was probably just a fun fantasy to think about, but not that realistic. Besides, Michelle and I don't want you to be spread TOO thin, especially when we like you the best when you're exceedingly thick!"

They all giggled at that.

She continued, "We weren't all that unhappy when the King decided that we were all the sex slaves he'd be needing." She reached down and gave my flaccid penis a single, friendly squeeze. "Well, not counting another one or two you'll be adding soon."

"What?!" I exclaimed. I saw her wink at Michelle as she said that, while Michelle looked back at her with annoyance, like she'd said too much.

Naturally, this made me worried they had some very specific schemes in mind. But being too distracted by their smiling, still partially cummy faces and their caressing hands, I failed to follow up with questions about that before Ruby kept talking.

She continued, "After all, we don't feel the need for you to 'paint the town' the way that Mindy does... We're happy keeping every thick and meaty inch of you all to ourselves."

"Yeah, Daddy," Michelle chimed in. "Less painting the town, and more painting our faces!"

All three girls laughed and whooped it up after that.

"I agree," Sue Ellen chimed in as she purred contentedly and snuggled closer. "A harem of five, with you as the master, is perfect. This is my new family." She closed her eyes. She was so blissed out that she looked ready to drift off to sleep, and yet I knew she was brimming with excitement.

Michelle tapped her. "Around here, we always say that 'family comes first' and 'there's nothing more important than family,' because it's true. I know I'm only starting to get to know you, but sharing our master's cock together makes me feel so very closely bonded to you. I've told you already that I consider you my second breastest friend, and I mean that."

Sue Ellen opened her eyes to say, "Thanks! That means a lot to me. And I can tell y'all value family a lot, because I already feel a lot more part of a family here than with my real family!"

I thought, Sue Ellen's been fitting in so well that it's almost hard to believe. I wonder if she's so enthusiastic about everything because she has trouble with her own family and wants a new one? Hmmm. Probably.

I was distracted from my thoughts because Michelle and Sue Ellen shared a very soulful, sensual kiss, and I couldn't help but watch. It was hard not to, since they were kissing over my chest.

Then Ruby tapped Sue Ellen and said, "I think you're going to make a great addition to this family too. It's true that we're a harem, bound to our master by our love and devotion to him and his great cock, but we're a family too, bound together by love."

Sue Ellen showed how much those words meant to her by kissing Ruby even more passionately than she'd just kissed Michelle!

But Michelle didn't want to be left out, and she fondled Sue Ellen's top breast from behind while also slipping a hand between Sue Ellen's legs.

I figured I needed to say or do something before a lesbian orgy broke out right on top of me! I still had something to say about harem size.

So even as the three of them kissed and fondled each other, I said, "Well, I have to agree with that too. The size of the harem now is ideal. But even dealing with this many is going to be a stretch. Shush, Shelle!" I warned, seeing her ready to crack a joke, undoubtedly about how I could stretch her in all kinds of indecent ways.

She and the others snickered a little, obviously thinking it anyway. At least they stopped with their kissing and caressing to pay attention to my words.

I continued, "And it's gonna be a big challenge for me. It's not all just shared blowjobs in bed, you know. Making any relationship work takes time and effort. This whole thing won't work if everybody's busy pursuing their own agendas, much less selfishly working at cross-purposes. There has to be a boss, and I'm the boss. Any objections?"

I didn't really expect any, and was of course rewarded with a trio of affirmations of my primacy. That was a nice ego boost.

Not surprisingly, Sue Ellen, the most submissive of all, exclaimed, "I love to hear you say that! 'There has to be a boss, and I'm the boss.' Wow!"

She asked the other girls, "Isn't that just the sexiest thing y'all have ever heard? It's hot as blue blazes! It's like he's saying, 'I'm the one with the cock around here. Get down on your knees and suck it, slave-slut! I'm in charge here, and your only role is to serve me!'"

Ruby grinned at her. "I like the way you think!"

That caused another giggle attack from the three of them.

It was hard for me to reconcile how cute and innocent Sue Ellen looked, and even how adorable she sounded with her Southern accent, compared to the actual lewd words coming from her mouth. She was the prototypical sweet and cuddly 'girl next door' type, but she was also so foxy that you couldn't help but want to fuck her into sweet oblivion.

Sue Ellen shyly asked me, "Master, did I do wrong trying to hold back Michelle from taking your phone, and even fighting with her about it?"

I patted her head and stroked her silky, dirty-blonde hair. "You did well, very well. Shelle was being her usual Satan's Hell Spawn self. She's definitely earned another ass whooping for her little stunt there."

"Sweet!" Michelle briefly pumped her first, before realizing she wasn't supposed to be happy about the spanking. "I mean, dammit! You meanie! How dare you?"

Everyone else laughed, because her supposed change of heart was so obviously faked.

I added to Sue Ellen, "And thank you for defending me. You'll get a special reward for that."

She beamed so brightly that her face would have lit up a dark room. She happily snuggled in closer to me. I heard her quietly mutter to herself, "Mmmm! Master!"

Thinking about unfinished business, something else came to my attention. "By the way, Sue Ellen, last night I gave you the job of making sure Shelle didn't cum. Did you do that?"

"Oh, definitely!" Michelle cut in before Sue Ellen could answer. "She was great, a real big help! Thanks, girl. Sure, we played around some, but it was all very light. Just some necking, cocksucking practice with dildos, nipple suckling, and the like. We mostly just talked, actually. Right?" She stared hard at Sue Ellen, as if trying to will her to agree.

Sue Ellen, though, looked at me mournfully, like she was about to cry. She blurted out, "I tried, Master! I really tried!"

A suddenly distressed Michelle nudged her in the ribs.

But Sue Ellen continued, "We did talk a lot, and Michelle brought me up to speed on what it means to be a Cooper family slave. You know, detailing the responsibilities and duties, but mostly telling me all about you. We talked for hours, from about how much you like to have your toes sucked, down to what kind of toothpaste you use. Because the more we know about you, the better we can please you. And that was all good."

Michelle clapped her hands a single time, trying to draw my attention away. "There you have it. End of story. It was all good, she says. Moving on, you know one neat thing Sue Ellen told me last night? She said she'd love it if you'd just take your fat cock and rub it all over her face, and trace every single one of her facial features with it. Tease her with it so very near her mouth, but don't let it touch her lips. She says she'd love that even more than deep throating it. Isn't that kinky?"

I did find that interesting, and I stored that information for later. But I said, "Go on, Sue Ellen. There's more, isn't there?"

She nodded sadly (while Michelle groaned with frustration). "I didn't mean to let her cum, I really didn't! I tried so hard to make sure things didn't get out of control. But we were naked, and talking about YOU! That proved to be a deadly combination." She said that completely seriously, like she was talking about events that led to a murder.

I kept a straight face too. But it was pretty fun and cute for me, thinking about how seriously they were taking all this.

She continued, "When Michelle started telling me how you regularly bone Mindy, and in great detail no less, it was just too much for me to take! She thought it would be instructive for me to know more about just how impressive your stamina and prowess is. She was literally telling me, thrust by thrust, how you powerfully drive into your wife, day after day, night after night, keeping her cunt constantly overflowing with your hot seed! It's no wonder Mindy's cried 'uncle' and needs four or five busty teens to help take care of you!"

She continued, regretfully, "It was just too hot, especially when I imagined how it could have been ME with a constantly sore pussy! And then there were the pictures from the photo session! Oh, dear me, the pictures! Oh, my heavenly days! We'd made a promise to each other early on not to look at them at all, but once we got THAT hot and bothered, we couldn't resist! I don't even know what happened after that, because it was all one big blur of endless pleasure! But Michelle brought out this big dildo, and we pretended it was the King, and we started practicing jointly licking you, and one thing led to another, and..." She buried her face in her hands. "I'm so sorry! I let her cum! Several times!"

I sat up and pulled Sue Ellen into my arms. I kissed her cheeks and nose, even though there were cum streaks here and there all over her face. "It's okay. It's okay. You tried your best, and that's what's important."

Michelle stared at me and complained, "Why don't you ever say that to me?! I tried my best too, but like she said, it was just too hot to handle! I mean, how do you expect us to spend the whole evening talking about you and how to best serve you, knowing all the while that you're out there pumping your other slaves full of cum in a public place, and not get too horny about it all? It's just not possible! And I really did only cum a few times. I could have cum dozens of times, with those damn photos tempting us!"

She waved her hands around emotionally. She seemed truly exasperated by the situation. "Not to mention the very fact that your prohibiting me from climaxing while you were gone was incredibly arousing in and of itself! You weren't even there, but I couldn't cum. You were demonstrating that your control over me was so total that it transcends all space and time. There's literally nowhere on Earth I can go to escape obeying your sexy commands!"

I had to suppress the urge to chuckle, because she was getting so overly dramatic. And yet, I couldn't escape the feeling that she was being completely heartfelt.

She poked her finger at me aggressively. "I DARE you to tell that to any of your slaves, and not have them cumming all night, like gushing fountains! Besides, Sue Ellen came way more than me! I only climaxed three times. Four at the most. I really, really tried my best to be good. But she did it, like, NINE times! At least!"

Ruby allowed me to save my breath. She pointed out, "But there was no restriction on HER cumming. It was all on YOU!"

Michelle waved her hands in the air, emotionally carried away. "You see? You see?! Even that right there, is too arousing to resist! You singled me out! She could cum all night long, and I couldn't at all! Daddy, do you have any idea how wonderfully ENSLAVED that makes me feel?! You don't! You can't!" She folded her arms under her big melons and stared at me petulantly.

Both Sue Ellen and Michelle were all worked up and on the verge of tears. Ruby was happy as a clam and looking on the dispute with detached amusement.

But I needed the other two to calm down. I said, "It's okay. I understand that things can get out of hand sometimes. I'm not that upset. First, you two need to forgive each other. I want you two to kiss one another until you're at peace with this whole thing."

That changed the mood entirely. Before long, all thoughts of crying were forgotten, as the two hot teen sluts got carried away kissing each other. Sue Ellen had shed a few tears already, but Michelle literally kissed them away in one of the rare moments their lips weren't locked together. I loved how their hands went to the other's big tits and they generally fondled and rubbed their tits together in the most visually arousing manner imaginable.

Ruby didn't want to be left out though. Since my penis was still down for the count, she sat up with them, and soon all three of them were taking turns swapping spit with each other. More than once, all three pairs of lips were touching at the same time. There was yet more tit rubbing and tit fondling, with their three great racks sometimes all touching at once!

I thought things might heat up until they started to sixty-nine and climax all over the place, but they seemed to be deliberately avoiding any pussy or clit touching to prevent that from happening.

Michelle eventually turned to me and said, "I think we're good now. We're at peace. No hard feelings, right, Sue Ellen?"

Sue Ellen answered her while still in the middle of a three-way titty sandwich. "Yes, but... This is hard for me so say, because I crave your acceptance so much. I want to be a part of this wonderful family so very, very much. But... I won't have you disobeying Master! You can't expect me to just stand there and watch. He's our master! Do I need to say more? Letting it happen makes me as guilty as if I did it myself. And that goes for you too, Ruby."

Michelle and Ruby looked down and nodded like naughty children getting lectured by a teacher.

I was delighted that Sue Ellen was falling into some kind of enforcer role. That could make my life a lot easier.

I patted my upper chest. "Come on, you three, let's cuddle back up and just relax for a while."

The minutes passed after they got into position, as we just chilled out and cuddled up together. Michelle was on my left side while Sue Ellen had the "prime spot" right on top of me, but Michelle still seemed like their natural leader.

Unfortunately, my penis still stayed flaccid. That was a reflection of how thoroughly they had sexually satiated me, because normally I would have recovered already, thanks to getting to play with their sexy, naked bodies to my heart's content.

Eventually, I said, "I'm going to have to think about what kind of punishment I'll have to give to whom because of last night. But I know one thing. Sue Ellen, I think you just cancelled your own special reward, since you let Michelle cum."

She looked glum about that, but just said, "Yes, Master. That's only fair. I'll do better next time, I promise."

To be honest, I hadn't even figured out what the special reward was going to be yet. I added, "On the other hand, you tried, and I appreciate your overall attitude. So I'm not going to punish you either."

She nodded in understanding.

Could I be crazy? It seemed like she was almost disappointed by that! Man, I've really got to clarify the difference between a reward sexual spanking and a painful punishment spanking.

As Michelle lazily traced the grooves around my collar bones, she asked, "Daddy, is there anything else you want to make clear? Maybe... orders you want to give us?"

"There is, in fact. Needless to say, my wife is the co-boss." I looked at Sue Ellen and told her, "You and even Cindy are going to be treated in some respects as if you're our children, just like Ruby and Michelle. Actual ages be damned, or else there will never be any order. We'll just fight, fight, fight. These arguments today are a case in point."

All the girls started to protest that they wouldn't fight in any case, but I held up my hand to silence them, and continued talking to Sue Ellen. "But I'm not so worried about you or Cindy. I know you both have pretty mild-mannered and easy-going personalities. I'm mostly worried about the Gruesome Twosome, and especially... YOU." I very deliberately poked my finger right at the tip of Michelle's nose.

"Me?! I'm good. I'm totally good. I've completely changed." Michelle tried to look angelic and innocent.

A couple of weeks ago, I most likely would have been affected by that look. But I was getting wise. Now, with her right here, naked in my bed, and no doubt the instigator of the plot to wake me up, I wasn't buying it. "Yeah, right. Like the way you disobeyed orders and woke me up."

"Hey, it was already eleven. Just how late were you planning to sleep in?"

With all the non-stop action since I'd awakened, I hadn't actually bothered to look at a clock. I looked at one now and saw that she was right about the time, since it was already past noon. (Surprisingly, I wasn't hungry yet, maybe because all this cocksucking and cuddling felt so good that I didn't want it to end.)

That did put their actions in a new light, so much so that I felt sheepish. But I didn't want to go easy on them, since they were far too willful already. "Well, that's true, you do have a point. But you're still not off the hook. Mindy can make those kinds of judgment calls but not you, you little Hellion. You're not to be trusted with that kind of stuff until you're a confirmed recovered ex-Hellion. You should have called Mindy and gotten her okay first. You do have her cell phone number memorized, you know."

"Yeah," she agreed glumly. "I'm sorry. I guess I got a little too excited. It's just that I knew we were facing a very dire situation."

"What's that?"

She smirked mischievously. "There was just way too much cum in your balls and not nearly enough going down our throats and into our bellies! And that's STILL true. I figure you need to start the day off right, with a complete draining of your balls into whichever of your cock slaves are around. After all, we need a hearty breakfast too, you know! Fuckmeat and cock cream are very important for growing girls. In fact, they're essential!"

The others giggled and ostentatiously licked their lips at me. Their faces still had a few streaks of cum here and there, and a shiny glaze in other places. I suspected they'd left themselves a little messy because they enjoyed looking slutty, as well as knowing it would further titillate me.

Earnestly Sue Ellen asked the others, "Is it true that cock cream makes one's tits grow bigger? Is that how both of your bosoms got so huge?"

Ruby replied, "To be honest, probably not. But wouldn't it be AWESOME if it was true? Gaawwwd, just think! With the amount of Daddy's cream we'll be guzzling down daily, we'll all be H-CUPS before long! Or bigger!"

The three of them all got aroused, but also dreamy and contemplative, as they imagined that. At the same time, without looking at each other, each one cupped her big tits from below. "Yeah," Sue Ellen sighed longingly.

It was a pretty damn weird thing to watch, believe me.

Sue Ellen suggested, "I think Master should paint us with pearl necklaces every single day and keep our tits shining like glazed donuts, just on the off chance it IS true!"

The others loved that, and enthusiastically agreed. Michelle said, "Hell, he should do that even if it's not true!"

Staring off dreamily, Sue Ellen continued, "Can you just imagine, walking around with H-cups, sloshing with milk on the inside, and shining with Master's special cum on the outside? Even walking outside, so everyone could see! And... My Gosh! Can you imagine how INCREDIBLE it would be to have the King sliding though my watermelons like that?"

She playfully slapped Michelle's nearest globe, setting it wobbling. "Not you, naughty girl. You don't get to fantasize, since you're almost there anyway!" She giggled.

Michelle grinned widely.

Sue Ellen added, "I can't believe those are JUST F-cups. They look even bigger!"

Michelle said, "Well, it's all how you measure. My jutting 'torpedoes' get squished down some when they get measured, by the tape measure pulling tight. The same thing happens to Ruby on a lesser scale. As a practical measure, I wear a G-cup bra and she wears an F-cup."

That was news to me! But I wasn't sure if she was really sincere or just trying to further arouse and impress me. I suspected she was exaggerating.

Sue Ellen said, "No wonder! I swear, I'd always considered myself well-built, but next to you two... Ruby, even your breasts are DOUBLE the size of mine!"

Ruby tried to cheer her up. "That's an exaggeration. Besides, it's not so much size but what you do with them. You're plenty big enough to tifuck him, and that's the main thing."

"Thanks." But it was clear Sue Ellen was more than a little envious of the natural endowments of the other two.

Michelle switched topics by suggesting to me, "Daddy, I was thinking we could spend the next hour or two just lazing around in bed, a little cocksucking here, a little titfucking there... Maybe two of us could put on a nice lesbo show for you while the third one polishes your knob... We could rotate positions, and keep it up, and the King up, for hours! Then we'll be all sweaty and we'll need to take a shower... together!"

That led to a round of high-fives and hollers from all three girls, as they seemed to particularly like that idea.

But Michelle wasn't done. "And then, all through the day, at any sign you're getting an erection, we'll be right there to keep your balls about as thoroughly drained of cum as they can possibly be."

The other two vigorously nodded their heads in hearty agreement. Ruby added, "Welcome to your new life!" She high-fived the other two girls.

"Thanks for your concern" - I said this sarcastically - "but I think I'll survive even if my balls are less than fully drained at all times. It's time for a big reality check. Life outside of sex has to go on. Mindy's at work right now helping to pay the bills. I need to work each day just as many hours on average as she does. Just because I work at home, and just because I've been slacking off lately, doesn't mean I get to play all day."

Michelle griped, "'Pay the bills?!' Come on! You should and could take the whole rest of the year off! Besides, today is a holiday. So there! You CAN'T work!"

I replied, "I'm working today, even though it's Memorial Day. If I stay away from my writing too long, I lose track of the plot and lose inspiration. I happened to be on a pretty good writing streak, judging by what I accomplished yesterday. This is what I mean about needing my space. If you want me to even THINK about letting Sue Ellen, Ruby, and/or Cindy move in with us, you need to leave me be when I'm working and NEVER interrupt. Is that clear?"

"Yeah," Michelle said, but with less than full enthusiasm.

Ruby said happily, "Don't worry, Daddy, I'll help her toe the line on that one." She giggled and added with surprising honesty, "At least until I move in!"

"Me too," Sue Ellen said. Clearly, my comment had raised her hopes.

"Oh, great," Michelle pouted glumly. "You don't know how he gets, Sue Ellen. Sometimes Daddy gets on these writing binges, these hot streaks, and he doesn't come out of his den all day! And even into the night. It could go on for days or even weeks! These last couple of months, Ruby and I have dressed up in some super sexy bikinis, hoping to get the King all hard and fat and throbbing, and there's been times when he's hardly even noticed us and basically never left his computer. It sucks! He stays flaccid for hours at a stretch, and you know that's not right."

Sue Ellen stared in dismay, like Michelle was describing a gruesome murder.

"Some days, we're lucky to see him for dinner. Do you really want to go THAT many hours without being blasted in the face, on your tits, and down your throat with hot Daddy cum? I don't! Things have to change around here to prevent that from happening!" She swiped a finger through one of the cum gobs still on her face and sucked it into her mouth, as if all that talk about my cum had made her hungry for more.

"Don't worry," I said, "knowing you all are around, so sexy and eager, I'll be taking more breaks than before. Remember, back then I was doing all I could to resist you. But I AM only human. Blasting every one of my sex slaves, in three places, means ten cum shots a day for me-"

"Fifteen," Michelle corrected me, with resolve and conviction. "Five slaves, tits, face, and throat for each. I know you're probably thinking you could paint tits and face at once, but that's not nearly as good."

Ruby hefted up her bare, jiggly melons for me and pointed out, "Our tits are so big, they really need a separate spraying to get properly covered." She thoughtfully added, "Including Sue Ellen's!"

Michelle nodded at that. "Besides, you're free to fuck Sue Ellen, Cindy, and Mom any way you want, so I'm sure you'll be keeping their pussies topped off with cum. And someday soon I'm SURE you'll be fucking Ruby and me too. So that's twenty, at least!"

Belatedly realizing that was completely biologically impossible, she conceded, "Okay, twenty holes over two days. You can do that; I know you can!"

Rather than respond to the steely challenge in my daughter's eyes (and to better let her know her place), I simply pretended not to hear her ridiculous assertion and deliberately avoided the look she was giving me. It didn't help, though, to feel both Ruby and Sue Ellen nodding in agreement, although (thankfully) not without hesitation at the sheer biological impossibility of it all.

I said, "Look, I know there's going to be a letdown when you realize my limitations. I can only cum a couple of times a day! A few, at most! Not FIVE, and certainly not TEN! Are you out of your fuckin' mind?! I'm a nearly forty-year-old working man and FATHER, not some super porn star!"

"Sorry," Michelle said sheepishly. "I get a little carried away."

"Yeah, I noticed somehow," I said sarcastically. "You and your mother seem to be doing that a lot lately. And not only that, but I'm not the only one who has to work around here. I hate to do this, but I have to drag us back into the real world, since no one else seems to want to do it. I'd love to lay around in bed some more, but none of us have the time to do that. Even though it's technically a holiday, I don't think that's effecting any of our work schedules. I know I have to work! Jesus, it's past noon already, and I haven't even had breakfast yet! What are your work schedules, girls?"

Sue Ellen sighed as she clung to me tightly. "I've got an eight-hour shift starting at three."

Michelle said, "Ruby and I DID have to work this afternoon too, but luckily I called ahead and told them we quit, as we have better things to do with our time. Like a whole lot of Daddy lovin'." She ran a finger up and down my penis, which was starting to finally show a little sign of life. It was still a bit less than half-hard though.

"You did not!" I exclaimed incredulously.

"Unfortunately, you're right, I didn't," Michelle admitted sadly. "But I wish I did. And I still could! Why not? What a waste of time that stupid video job is. Ruby and I are not normal teenagers. With bodies like ours, it's tragic if we're not doing something sexual. But we just STAND there the whole time, watching the paint peel. We don't learn ANYthing."

"You're learning something very important," I said, kicking into responsible parent mode, trying to stare at their faces and not their nude and curvy bodies. "You're learning the importance of work and getting in the habit of working, and not just lounging around the house like a lazy bum. You're learning that sometimes you have to do things that aren't that pleasant. When's your shift today?"

Ruby replied since Michelle was acting pouty and difficult. "It's the night shift this time. Starts at five."

I was disappointed to hear that, because I hadn't forgotten that I still needed to give Ruby, Cindy, and Mindy a hard spanking from the night before. But it was hard to find a time when they'd all be here. Mindy wouldn't be home until after Michelle and Ruby left for work. I'd have to figure that out later.

I looked back and forth between them. "You two WILL be there, and you will not quit or cause trouble today or any other day, or you will face a serious cock block punishment. I've got enough sexy and willing women in my life now, so you know I can make that stick without too much inconvenience to myself. Shelle, your biggest problem is that you're far too spoiled and willful. Starting today, that's going to change, with you, and actually all three of you."

"Me?" Sue Ellen said with surprise. "I've been good, Sir, haven't I?"

"Generally, yes, but you were spying on Mindy, Cindy, and me last night along with these other two naughty rascals. When I said I wasn't going to spank you, I'd forgotten about that."

She looked embarrassed as she recalled her role in the incident.

Ruby was embarrassed too and reflexively covered her chest up with both arms before she realized what she was doing.

I said, "Starting right now, I'm instituting a new discipline. Some of it, hell, probably most of it, you may find quite... arousing. But all of it will reinforce that I am the master and you are the slaves. You keep saying that you are, but I don't think you really mean it, at least when you're not touching my dick."

I sat up and nudged them away from me as I started to get out of bed. "As it so happens, I'm overdue for a piss, and I need to shower and shave and whatnot. Once I'm done with that, I'm going to spank all three of you, hard. Not in the sexy way I did Cindy last night, but in the painful way I did Michelle last night."

I pointed at Ruby. "And you, young lady, you'll be getting a second and even harder spanking later, thanks to your role in what happened last night!"

Ruby didn't look pleased. I think she realized that two hard spankings in one day would hurt like hell.

Michelle admitted, "Daddy, as a matter of full disclosure in the interests of being a better daughter and cock slave, I have to admit that I don't think it's possible for you to spank me in a non-arousing manner. The very fact that you're disciplining me is gonna make me all tingly in my tummy, and... lower. Last night, when you spanked me, I came and came and came and came and came some more! I STILL have this horny feeling in my ass whenever I sit on it or otherwise realize how red and sore it still is. In fact, I think the harder you hit me, the more I get off."

That gave me a devious idea, but I wasn't willing to tell it to her just yet. "That may be, but you're going to get spanked just the same. I know it'll arouse you, but it'll also teach you who's the boss."

I noticed her whole body shuddering with arousal as I said that, although she tried not to show it.

I continued, "And there will be other things too. Shelle, since you're the ringleader and number one troublemaker, I'm singling you out. When I'm done with my morning rituals, I'm going to call for all three of you. I expect you to promptly arrive in my bedroom, walking Sue Ellen style."

They all stiffened up proudly, even though they were still sitting or lying against me. Sue Ellen in particular smiled broadly at that.

I went on, seriously, "Also, as far as I'm concerned, the three of you are way overdressed."

That got a lot of snorts and giggles, given how little they had on. Sue Ellen wasn't wearing anything at all, and she was definitely making sure I knew that from the way she was sitting on the bed. I could watch individual beads of cum dripping from her pussy folds. The other two technically weren't completely nude, but damn near it. Certainly, none of their private parts were covered.

I grinned a little, but continued in a stern tone, "I expect all three of you to wear nothing but high heels, which you will keep on until you go to work. I further expect you to immediately line up in my bedroom and assume the position, which is hands on head, legs spread wide, and chest thrust out. From now on, that will be known as Position Number Two."

Without my even asking, all three of them got off the same side of the bed, stood up, and immediately assumed the position I'd just explained. Damn, they looked good.

"What's Position Number One?" Ruby asked eagerly, her body suddenly humming with energy.

"'Position Number One' is the most important position, which is why I saved that number for it. That's lying naked across my lap, with your ass up high and your arms behind your back as if your wrists are tied together. All of you will be experiencing that position soon enough."

Another fun idea came to me. "The third position will be kneeling with your knees spread wide, your chest proudly out, and your hands behind your back as if they're bound there. I'll tell you more positions as I come up with them."

"Gaawwwd! That sounds sooooOOOOOoooo hot!" Sue Ellen exclaimed. "Hot as blue blazes!" She was so aroused and antsy that it looked like she was having a hard time keeping her hands on her head.

"Oooh! I have one!" Ruby said. "What about bending over, with our legs wide apart and straight, and our hands grasping our ankles, ready to get fucked doggy-style? That's important! We'll be doing that a lot!"

I mulled that over and agreed. "Okay, that's a good one. We'll call that Position Number Four."

Sue Ellen started to say, "What about-"

But I cut her off. "Hold on, that's enough for now, or I'm gonna forget. Think of more while I'm showering if you want, and we'll discuss them later. But there's one more thing. Shelle, have one of the other two bind your wrists together on your front side for the time being, so you can assume Position Number Two with the others. I don't care what you use as long as it works and is strong enough not to break or otherwise come off. You may want to buy some special rope that's easy on your skin, and buy a lot of it, because all of you will be using it from now on. Then, after we're all done with the spankings, the others will re-tie your hands behind your back until you have to go to work. Is that clear?"

The three of them looked at me with wide and amazed eyes.

Ruby turned slightly to the two others and muttered out of the corner of her mouth, "I don't know about you guys, but I am SO. FUCKING. HOT! I just loooove being tied up!"

Sue Ellen muttered back, "Me too! I'm on fire! Master's gonna make us bend and pose in all these obscene positions?! Somebody pinch me!"

Ruby joked, "Somebody SPANK me!"

Sue Ellen stared wantonly into my eyes as she said, "Somebody pinch me, then spank me, their shove their thick horse cock right into my mouth so I can choke on it and show you with my tongue and lips just how much I love you!"

I was bowled over by the intensity of her lust and adoration, but I tried not to show it.

Michelle chimed in, "What about me?! I'm the one who actually gets to be tied up today! Talk about my lucky day! I totally came right now, and I wasn't even touching myself!"

Sue Ellen pointed out, "Can you just imagine? Can you IMAGINE?! Our master is gonna keep us naked, bound, and well-spanked, and bent over or stretched out in all kinds of different obscene poses, purely for his visual pleasure, every single day! AND we get to suck and play with his insatiable master cock! AND ropes!"

"You already mentioned the bound part," I noted, trying to remain calm in the face of their growing arousal. My penis was back in the game though, and a full hard-on felt imminent.

Michelle enthused, "I'm gonna mention it again, 'cos it's that hot! Being Daddy's cock slave is the BEST! Hey my breasties, have you ever felt so totally DOMINATED?! So totally loved? So totally enslaved?!"

Ruby and Sue Ellen both shook their heads no, quite vigorously.

I found it interesting how Michelle used the words "dominated," "loved," and "enslaved" almost interchangeably. I'd never heard her say "my breasties" before, but I had a feeling I'd be hearing it again. They seemed to be having a lot of fun with the "breastest friends" idea.

Suddenly, Ruby and Sue Ellen turned to me and asked more or less simultaneously, "Can I be tied up too?" They looked at each other and giggled as they realized how they'd accidentally said the same thing together.

I replied, "No, you cannot. If all three of you are bound, how are you going to eat lunch or go to the bathroom? Or even tie each other up in the first place? I don't have time to help with every little thing. Why is it you like being bound so much, anyway? Have you even tried it?"

Michelle and Ruby both nodded their heads, while Sue Ellen shook her head no.

Those affirmative answers surprised me a lot, although I should have known better by now.

"Ruby and I tied each other up lots of times," Michelle explained. "Did you ever notice the rope marks on our wrists and wonder what that was about?"

"No, I can't say I have," I admitted. It didn't surprise me too much that I hadn't noticed, because when I looked at either of them my eyes tended to stray to much more erotic areas than wrists. "There usually were other parts of your body I was more focused on."

Ruby smiled at that and wiggled her big globes in response. She added, "Well, that was us, experimenting with bondage. Although I gotta say, we tried to pretend it was you who'd bound us, but it just wasn't the same for me, knowing that it was only Michelle or Mindy who did it."

I was shocked. "Mindy?!"

"Oops! Actually, it was just me and Michelle most of the time, but lately, when both of us wanted to be bound at once, who else could we turn to for help but her?"

I shook my head in amazement. It's like peeling back layers of an onion. I'm constantly finding out new things about the people I thought I knew best. It isn't really that surprising, now that she mentioned it, but still, it feels disconcerting.

"What about you, Sue Ellen?" I asked. "Have you ever played around with any kind of bondage games?"

"Of course not. I would have never let Mike do that to me, and I used to be on the straight and narrow before you enslaved me. But I love it just the same."

"You do? But how can you know that, if you've never done it?"

Sue Ellen stared at me lovingly, like she was eager to conceive my baby there and then. "Because it's YOU! You'd be the one tying me up, asserting your total control and domination over my helpless busty body. How could I NOT love it? I'm NEVER gonna let anyone else tie me up, ever!" She looked at Michelle and Ruby challengingly as she said that, as if they were going to dispute her resolve.

Michelle complained, "Hey, that's easy for you to say, now that Daddy's actually starting to come around. But you don't know about the dark years. You have no idea what that was like! There were times when we didn't even know if Daddy would ever let us become his permanent personal cocksuckers, much less his full-on cock slaves! Those were long and scary years, I tell you! So don't criticize what we did to make do!"

"I'm sorry," Sue Ellen said contritely.

I shook my head at all three of them, realizing yet again that I was never truly going to understand their submissive mindsets. "Well, then... Since you like the idea so much, I'm going to reserve it for rewards. The best behaved and most obedient of the three of you will be bound tomorrow. For a limited time and a limited fashion, mind you. I'm new to this too, and I'm not gonna go completely wild all at once. One step at time."

All three of them looked as pleased as punch, even with the limitations I'd explained. As they remained standing there in such lewd positions that I could actually see new rivulets of cum flowing down their thighs. If I were younger, I certainly would have been completely erect again by now. As it was, my half-hard penis was struggling to get there. They had really done a number on me for a good, long while.

I continued, "As for spankings, I imagine all three of you will probably get spanked daily, or near daily, from now on. I'll see how much my hand can handle. But how many smacks you get and how hard they'll be and other things like that will be determined by your behavior. Is that clear?"

They nodded enthusiastically.

"I'm repeating this now so there'll be no questions later about exactly what I meant. How many smacks you get... and how hard they'll be, among other things... will be determined by YOUR behavior. There will be reward spankings AND punishment spankings. Is. That. Clear?"

"Yes, Daddy!" they all chorused in unison, even Sue Ellen. I have no idea how she knew to call me "Daddy" just then, since she normally didn't call me that, but that's what she did. It sent a shiver down my spine to see them in such unison.

I looked them each in the eye before asking the obligatory, "Any questions?"

Sue Ellen broke out of Position Number Two and raised her hand. She stretched as high as she could, which did wonders to her upper body pose. I had to suppress the urge to reach out to fondle and suckle her ample tit-meat.

Then I realized, Why should I suppress my urges? I'm the "master" now, after all! To think: just a few days ago she was merely another hottie waitress I'd have briefly admired while trying not to gawk at too overtly. Hell, I don't think she would have given me a second look either. Now, she's one of my actual sex slaves! Talk about wild!

She asked, "Not a question, but can I comment?"

I nodded. I stood up, walked right in front of her, and cupped her fulsome orbs with both hands. I watched her shiver with excitement and gasp a couple of times. But I continued to stare expectantly at her.

She broke into a wide smile. "I just wanna say that becoming your cock slave is the greatest thing to ever happen to me, hands down, and with a tail on it! A few days ago, I didn't even KNOW I was a submissive. Now, your daily spankings haven't even started yet, and already I know I can't live without 'em!"

"Me too!" said Ruby eagerly.

"Me three!" said Michelle with even more fire in her eyes. She straightened up and thrust her awesome chest out proudly as she asked the others, "Do I have the greatest daddy in the history of the universe or do I have the greatest daddy in the history of the universe? Or what?!"

I thought, No, you have the luckiest daddy in the history of the universe! Hot damn! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, I'd better not blow this chance to have and keep my own honest-to-God sex slaves, or I'm gonna kick myself for the rest of my life. I don't even care if two of them are my own daughters! I can see myself burning in hellfire for all eternity. They'll probably put me in about five different Circles of Hell all at once! And as those hot flames char my skin endlessly, I'll think, "It was totally worth it!"

The biggest problem I face is an issue of control. In order to be the master, I have to really BE the master... and that means I can't let them walk all over me or we'd have chaos. I will have to tame Michelle's wild and willful ways, which is something Min and I had never fully been able to do. As much as I might want to say "yes" to everything they want, I also need to tell them "no" and be able to make it stick. I need to be able to command obedience, not just demand it.

Subservience was pointless without obedience, which meant that obedience had to take precedence.

It took some cajoling, but eventually I was able to shoo the three of them out of my room.

They skipped off giggling and smiling, while holding their big breasts to keep them from bouncing too wildly. As their voices faded out of range, I heard them starting to discuss what type of binding to use on Michelle.

I was struck by how similar Sue Ellen was to Michelle and Ruby, and how easily she was fitting in. She was a year older, but she didn't really look it or act it. She was very much a teenager. Mindy was right that they were fast becoming three peas in a pod. And ditto with their looks. If one could keep one's hands free of their heads, hair, and boobs, it would be tough to tell them apart just by feel, except maybe for the fact that Sue Ellen's body was a bit more athletic and muscular. Michelle probably had the softest body of the three, but it was very close in any case. They were all tanned, voluptuous, hard bodies!

I was also struck, if not downright staggered, by what a lucky guy I was. I knew this new spanking and binding stuff might not help with their discipline much, if at all, since they loved it so much. If anything, it would probably work more as a carrot than a stick. But I didn't care much if the experiment failed, because I knew I'd have a hell of a lot of fun in the process. And I was beginning to overcome my conditioning and instincts and start to take advantage of my new role as "Master."

I thought, If they're so eager to pleasure me and serve me, then, dammit, I'm gonna have more pleasure and service in my life and I'm gonna love it! And I'm gonna control Michelle like she needs to be controlled so I don't have to deal with her spoiled willfulness anymore. Then life will be even sweeter.

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