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Chapter 65

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I was extremely eager to get through my bathroom rituals, and finished them as quickly as I could. As I was finishing my shower, however, I heard the phone ring. I quickly wrapped a towel around myself and rushed to the phone, still sopping wet.

It was Mindy. "Hi, Honey. I wish I could get an update on all your spermy adventures, but I can't speak long. I thought you should know we have a problem."

"Really? What?" I stood naked and decided to use the towel to dry myself off as best I could while still holding the phone.

"It's Cindy. She came to see me at work and we went out to have lunch together. She's distraught. She's having a big case of the 'day after, second thoughts blues.' She was crying and carrying on like you wouldn't believe."

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. Things couldn't possibly go this well without problems coming up. "Really? That sounds terrible."

"Yeah. It's bad. She says she's made a mistake and doesn't want to be a cock slave after all. She's got the classic battle between brain and pussy. She admitted that she's still totally hot for you, but now that the euphoric, orgasmic glow has worn off, she feels like she's lost all her dignity and self-respect."

I said, "I'm disappointed, but I'm not too surprised. In fact, the thing that surprises me is that anyone would willingly and even enthusiastically call themselves a 'cock slave.' I'd never agree to be someone's slave in a million years, so I can't say I blame her. In fact, I wonder why the three girls aren't having the same doubts she is,"

My wife sighed in exasperation. "Daniel Cooper, what am I going to do with you? You still don't get it. That's a totally different situation. The Gruesome Twosome have been thinking and planning this for years. They got over any doubts a long time ago. Actually, I'll bet they didn't have any doubts in the first place. More like fears that things wouldn't go well, and especially that you'd react badly. As far as Sue Ellen goes, just consider her a very low-hanging fruit, and you came along to pluck her ripe peach ass at the right time. But Cindy, she's more normal, kind of like me."

"Hmmm," I said with amusement. "Normal like Mindy? Is that one of those inherent contradictions, like jumbo shrimp? Or military intelligence?"

She laughed. "Okay, so maybe 'normal like me' is a bit of a stretch these days, but you know what I mean. She's submissive, yes, but also jaded and more worldly-wise. She'll be a much tougher nut to crack."

"Maybe it's best we don't crack that nut then."

"WHAT?! Are you INSANE?!" Mindy practically shouted. I worried someone on her end might hear her.

"Hold your horses, Min. You know, all this cock slave stuff is great in theory, but in reality it's pretty taxing on me. I've always been more of an introvert. Now, suddenly, I'm practically married to five women and I'm supposed to be cool with that? Okay, maybe I could handle it eventually, but overnight? I'm not saying I don't love it, because I do, but there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. Between you and the three girls, I'm happy as can be. To add Cindy as well seems, well, just greedy."

"Daniel Cooper, wash your mouth out with soap! Take that back! I understand you have limits, and I'm trying to respect that, but Cindy is a special case. If she hadn't been my best friend before all this started, she certainly is now, and I don't have to remind you that she's Ruby's mother. Remember what we talked about before, about completing the circle? Things just won't feel right if she's not a part of this. It'll be like a big loose end just dangling there, if you don't enslave her. You started the process and you can't turn back now. NO WAY! But most importantly, I know what she really wants and needs better than she does, and she WANTS and NEEDS to be your cock slave!"

"No," I cut in, "YOU want and need her to join us. You're projecting onto her what you want her to be. If it were up to you, you wouldn't stop until there were ten cock slaves living in our house. Or hell, maybe fifty! I don't think you know when to say enough is enough. Yes, I'm loving it, but I'm only one guy! Do you realize how tough it'll be for me to keep FIVE women sexually satisfied? Not to mention emotionally satisfied, which will be even tougher. Okay, I'll admit I'll be kind of sad if she doesn't join us, but I won't be that sad. I love her as a friend too."

"Honey, you're a good man. That's one reason why I love you so much. It's nice you said that, but I don't believe you. You're going to be very disappointed that she's not a part of this and you know it. You're just trying to be nice by saying that so you'll put less pressure on her as well as yourself."

She had a good point there; it would bother me. But I wasn't willing to admit it. It wasn't just Cindy's gorgeous body or her sexual enthusiasm - it would be like we were forming a new family but missing a key member. I didn't know how to respond, but my silence was telling.

She continued, "In any case, you're reasonable. Maybe I can't disprove you with logic, but my instinct tells me you're all wrong. I really think I can separate my wild cucquean moments from reality. Cindy truly is a submissive who needs you to master her. She's just going through a natural phase. Frankly, I was fully expecting something like this to happen. She's going to be bouncing like a yo-yo for a while as she slowly adjusts to her new life as your cock slave. That's a huge transition to make, especially for someone like her who's a bit older and more set in her ways. But she'll adjust."

I shook my head in wonder. "You're not gonna give up, are you?"

"Never! Not unless and until I'm convinced she doesn't want to join your harem. But I'm not worried, because I know that'll never happen. Our ace in the hole is the dance hall 'incident' last night. That's rattling around in her brain right now. There's no way she'll ever be able to forget! It's just a matter of time before she overcomes conventional thinking and realizes she can't live without a lot more of that kind of thing in her life. Heck, even before the lunch ended, I got her to backtrack a little."

"Oh really? What did she say?"

"I kept pushing her to admit that she'd had a great time last night, and she finally caved. She added a lot of 'but this' and 'but that,' but she couldn't deny that it was one of the best days of her life, and certainly the most arousing and exciting time she'd ever had, by a wide margin. And while she was terribly ashamed that she'd been fucked nude in a public place, she also couldn't deny that it was the best sex she'd ever had, again by a wide margin. So I asked her, maybe she didn't have to go the full cock slave route, but what would be the harm to have you fuck her from time to time? She reluctantly agreed that wouldn't be so bad."

"That's it?" I asked. "That doesn't sound like much of a backtrack."

"Well, her mouth said it wouldn't be so bad, but the rest of her said something else entirely! Her body was practically humming with anticipation. Her nipples were so hard and pointy, they could have been classified as weapons. Remember, we were in a restaurant. There were many pokey injuries on innocent bystanders, some of them fatal!"

I chuckled at her absurdity.

"Don't worry, I've given you an opening, and all you've got to do is stick your dick in it. I don't mean that literally, of course... Oh, wait, maybe I do."

I laughed. "That's your solution for everything, isn't it?"

"Yep! You don't even want to know my plan to create peace in the Middle East. Let's just say it involves a lot of whipped cream, strawberries, and you fucking your way through a whole series of busty Jewish and Muslim babes."

I laughed again. "Like that would work!"

"Okay, maybe not, but it sure as hell would be fun for you to try, wouldn't it?" She grew more serious. "Anyway, don't give up on Cindy just yet, okay? I'll tell her the same thing I told you: there's no reason to decide anything just yet. Wait a couple of days and see what happens."

"That sounds reasonable," I agreed. Then I joked, "You're shocking me. That's the first semi-reasonable thing you've said in days!"

"I know. I must be losing my touch. I'll try to dial up some more crazy."

I knew she was joking, but I still said, "Please don't. And besides, don't think that I've forgotten that I still owe you, her, and Ruby some hard spankings from last night."

"Oh shoot. I was hoping you'd forgotten. But that's good - it'll give you a good chance to be with a naked Cindy. And speaking of naked, sexy babes, how are things going at home?"

I remembered my plan to spank the three girls, and I looked towards the door of my bedroom. And there they were, all three of them, peeking in. Like the Three Stooges in some skit, the heads of Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen were stacked one on top of each other, while the door blocked my view of their bodies. Realizing they'd been seen, all three heads quickly disappeared.

I looked down at myself and realized that I'd been putting on quite a show, since I was still standing naked while rubbing the towel on myself here and there. I chuckled, but I was also glad that I'd been talking low from across the room for the most part, so they probably hadn't overheard much.

I said to my wife, "We've got all kinds of super arousing things going on here. I don't even know where to begin to update you. In fact, I'm about to give all three girls a sexy spanking."

"Oooh! A SEXY spanking. I wish I would get one of those when I come home."

"Nope, you're getting the other kind, and you know it. But I kind of have to go, because the three of them are probably all fit to burst, waiting for me to get off the phone."

Mindy grumbled, "Oh, very well. And technically, since I'm at work, I suppose I should do some actual work at some point."

"That would be good," I said wryly. I kidded, "Or maybe you can find a way to justify it as a business expense."

Before Mindy could reply, Michelle peeked her head into the room briefly to say, "Okay, we get it. You're both comedians. Can you hurry it up, please?!"

I glared at my willful daughter until her head disappeared again. I said to my wife, "Did you hear that? A certain willful teenage girl here whose name I shall not mention but looks gravitationally imbalanced and about to topple forward at any moment by a pair of anatomically improbable torpedoes is getting a bit impatient."

Mindy giggled. "I wonder who that could be! Actually, sometimes I seriously wonder that about her too. Those fun bags you love so much are damn heavy that she SHOULD topple over! She probably had a confrontation with God and got him to suspend the laws of gravity right around her."

I continued, "Tell me about it. Even God would have a tough time winning an argument with her!" I chuckled, because it was oh so true. "By the way, thanks for the scoop on Cindy."

After some more small talk, mostly just to piss Michelle off some more, I got off the phone. I decided to take the time to put on a robe before calling the girls in. For some reason, it gave me an extra kick to see them all naked while I was (more or less) dressed. Besides, it was a chance to get concerns about Cindy out of my mind and focus on the much more fun situation at hand. I called out, "Okay, girls, you can come in!"

What happened next was even better than I'd imagined when I'd given them my pre-shower instructions.

Michelle, Ruby, and Sue Ellen did walk into my bedroom one by one, completely naked but for high heels. They were a bit nervous, but deservedly proud of their bodies. They used Sue Ellen-styled sashaying walks, just as I'd requested.

That was an awesome show in and of itself. But it got even better, because then they immediately posed themselves in Position Number Two with their legs spread and their hands on their heads. WOW! Sheer naked perfection! My heart skipped a whole bunch of beats.

Michelle had her wrists tied together with rope, but loosely, much like the typical distance between handcuffs. This allowed her to keep her hands on the top of her head like the other two. She outdid the others by jutting her already naturally jutting tits out the most. It truly was a wonder she didn't simply fall forward onto her face.

The sight was just as arousing as I'd hoped. Happily, enough time had elapsed since my wake-up triple blowjob that my penis was finally stirring back to full size. I thought, There are THREE of them! THREE! It would be astounding if Min allowed me to play around with one hot teen girl of this caliber without getting jealous, but three?! God damn! They could practically be triplets from the neck down, if you overlook a few things like tan differences or Michelle's extra-huge jugs. Damn, am I gonna have fun or what? Heh!

Michelle was the last to walk in. She made a slight bow and flourish as she took her place in line next to the others. "Ta-da! You like?"

I didn't answer. I simply stared at them with a poker face. I knew a lack of any reaction would make them more nervous, but also more excited. True, my heart was racing and my newly erect dick was throbbing needfully, but I was cool on the outside. Luckily, I have a natural knack for keeping a straight face when I really want to.

I was impressed at how hard their chests were heaving. It was making a very erotic show, especially considering their hands were on their heads. The three of them were clearly in heat already, excited beyond belief just from having to stand there like that. As I idly inspected them, I saw that none of them had dry pussies, as the sexy smell that filled the room made clear already.

The only downside was I wondered how I could equal or top this with new and exciting experiences, day after day after day. Or would they be content with the same thing, over and over?

Michelle kept staring straight ahead, but I heard her mutter for Ruby's benefit, standing next to her, "I'm so hot already that I think I'm gonna pass out!"

I reached around Michelle and slapped her nearest ass cheek. "Did I say you could talk?"

I saw her bite her lip. My comment obviously aroused her (and the other two) even more.

"I have half a mind to wallop your ass for interrupting my call before. Maybe I need to spank your tits too."

All three of them looked like they really had to pee at any second, after I said that.

I was very conscious of the fact I was only wearing a loose robe. As I looked them over from head to toe, my dick engorged until it pointed straight out through the front gap in the robe.

They were trying their best to look dead ahead, like soldiers on parade, but they kept stealing glances at my stiff boner. That quickened the pace of their breathing, and I could see their nostrils flare with rampant arousal.

That all was expected, though still wondrous to see and smell. The only surprise was that Ruby appeared to be holding a piece of paper in her hand, even as her hands remained planted on her head.

I was curious about it, but I let the silence stretch out for a minute, and then another, and another. It seemed that the longer I stood there and just "inspected" them with my eyes, the hornier everyone got (including me!). I walked up and down the line they'd created, inspecting them from the back as well as the front as time slowed to a crawl.

Michelle seemed to be the most aroused of all, perhaps because she was the one with her hands tied. Finally, she cracked. "Daddy!" she pleaded.

"What?" I asked. I had been bent down, visually inspecting Sue Ellen's ass (and lightly blowing between her perfect ass cheeks to help drive her wild). I stood up and walked around to face Michelle directly.

Michelle looked at me with obvious desperation in her eyes. "I dunno, just do something, anything! Please! I'm so hot, I'm gonna burst into flames, like spontaneous combustion!"

I simply stared at her, like I was slightly miffed she'd spoken out of turn. I could see her whole body was starting to tremble a little, and her torpedo tits were heaving up and down as she struggled mightily with labored and heavy breaths. I was so close to her that her nipples were lightly brushing against my chest.

I decided to ignore her for now and turn my attention back to the other two. I hadn't planned to simply visually inspect them for nearly so long, but it was working so well (and it was such great fun for me) that I figured I should keep running with it.

At times, I bent over and put my mouth within an inch or two of a nipple. I pretended like I was just closely inspecting them, but in fact I made sure to puff air on them.

That brought such an electric reaction each time I did it, and for all three of them, that I used the same trick on their pussies. I kept my face a little further back, but between inspecting their shaved slits and puffing more air on them, they all were right on the brink of climaxing.

I found myself thinking, Maybe I can handle three cock slaves after all, if I can arouse them all in assembly line fashion just from looking at them. This isn't so tough. They're so very easy to please. They were wet before I even started inspecting them!

After another minute or two, Sue Ellen cracked. It happened right as I stood in front of her, looking down and admiring just how wet I'd made her trembling pussy. She squealed, "Master! Please!"

I cocked a curious eyebrow.

"Please!" she panted. "Michelle's right! This is too hot to take! You're making it clear your control over us is absolute! We're just your naked playthings, and you can order us to do whatever you want! I've never been so humiliated, standing in this completely OBSCENE position! Oh Gaawwwd! If my parents could see me now, if they knew they'd raised me just to serve cock..! UGH! Oh GOD! If you don't do something soon, these high heels are gonna make me topple over!"

I grinned. "I wouldn't want that. At ease, all of you." Their hands immediately dropped down from their heads, going straight for their pussies.

Seeing that, I quickly added, "Hands at your sides!"

That resulted in more sexy whimpering, especially since I'd stopped them just before they could touch their clits. But they reluctantly obeyed. Michelle had to bring both hands to one side, since there wasn't enough give in the rope to put one hand on each side.

However, I noticed they still weren't really at ease. They were definitely glad to take their hands down, maybe because holding them up for so long was becoming painful, but their legs were still spread out straight and wide, and they continued to attempt to thrust their tits forward, although their labored panting was making that increasingly difficult.

I thought, My God, these are perfect sluts. Even Michelle. Hell, especially Michelle! How did I raise a perfect slut? Did I go wrong somewhere? I mean, it's great for me now, but what if she were a slut like this for someone else? I always had visions of her going to a top-notch college, not being the perfect sex toy.

I shook off that unpleasant thought, which probably came about because of Sue Ellen's arousing yet disturbing comment about her parents. I said, "Calm down already. We haven't even done anything yet. Close your eyes and slowly count to ten. Take deep breaths."

They did that, and it helped. Watching them all take deep breaths at the same time was extremely inspirational too, believe me! My erection was like an iron bar, swinging about wildly.

Soon, their breathing eased up, but there was still a wild look in all their eyes. Clearly, they were ready for action.

Finally, curiosity about what Ruby was holding got the best of me. I asked her, "So what's with the paper?"

She replied, breathlessly, "It's for you! It only took us a couple of minutes to bind Michelle's hands, and we were bouncing off the walls with excitement! So, while we, your three hot and horny sex slaves, we..." She had to pause and catch her breath. "We waited for your interminably long shower to end. Then, then, we went to the computer room and worked on a list. A list of positions to please you, our master! Here's what we have so far."

I walked up to her and took the paper out of her hand. I was surprised by how filled with text it was, considering that they only had about 20 minutes to type it up on the computer and print it out. "What kind of list is this?" I asked, even as I started to read it.

"A list of positions, Sir," Sue Ellen explained eagerly. "Submissive positions that you should order us to assume when the mood strikes you. Because you can! We want to be the best slutty, big-titted slaves we can possibly be!"

I looked at Sue Ellen curiously, wondering about the excitement in her voice. She'd slumped some, but when she saw me checking her out, she immediately straightened up as stiff as the rod poking out of my robe. I had no doubt she truly meant what she said.

"But it's very long," I said as I skimmed it. "There's more than 20 positions here, in addition to the four we discussed. How did you come up with these so fast?"

"We've been thinking about this for a long time, Daddy," Michelle revealed. For some reason, she had her bound hands back on the top of her head, and was sucking in her gut as well, making her hourglass figure even more impossibly curvy. "Sue Ellen hasn't, obviously, since she only recently discovered the joys of Daddy-Master slavery." She turned to Sue Ellen, and they shared a smile. "But apparently she's been making up for lost time, 'cos she came up with the most suggestions. And some of the best!"

She looked over at Sue Ellen and smiled again, but this time like an approving parent.

Sue Ellen gave an "awww, shucks" look, and shyly dropped her head down.

Michelle went on, "But we're just getting started! Wait until I consult my diary. I've got all kinds of ideas for sexy submissive positions in there already. I'm sure I could come up with a whole page of bound cocksucking positions alone! Single spaced lines on the paper too!"

Ruby said dreamily, "Just imagine trying out dozens of bound and submissive cocksucking positions on Daddy's fat cock, day after day after day! I must have died in my sleep last night, 'cos I'm in heaven already!" Somehow, her hands had gone back to the top of her head too, and Sue Ellen soon followed suit once she noticed the other two.

Keeping her hands up, Michelle turned her head slightly in an attempt to make eye contact with Ruby. "Oh yeah! Heaven would be feeling Daddy's cock sliding down my throat all day long! With my hands tied behind my back!"

I should have been disturbed by their unhealthy sexual fixation on me, but I was far too aroused to mind!

"And a collar," Ruby suggested while staring straight ahead in her lewd stance.

"Gotta have the collar," Michelle agreed, nodding but otherwise maintaining her position. "With 'Property of Daddy' written on it!"

"And a leash!" Ruby added, still panting and heaving her chest.

Sue Ellen chimed in, "Can you imagine Master taking all three of us for a walk around the neighborhood, holding our leashes?"

With that comment, I found myself imagining just that! I pictured them naked and on all fours on the sidewalk of some residential street, crawling ahead of me so I could continually appreciate their tanned, sexpot bodies. Long leashes stretched between their collars and my hands. They wore knee-pads, good for daily walks and daily kneeling blowjobs. An old lady walked right past us, but she hardly batted an eye at what she was seeing. After all, she was out walking her pet, and I was out walking mine.

On some level, I realized it was shameful to imagine treating my own daughters like that, but I was too horny to control my thoughts much anymore. God, I was horny!

From their nearly orgasmic moans, I gathered they were thinking very similar thoughts.

I tried to ignore their exciting rambling talk and keep a calm facade, even with my cock poking through my robe more urgently than before. I realized, I need to quickly change the subject. That's just a fleeting fantasy for me, but if I encourage them with it, who knows what might actually happen! Gaawwwd, they're such incredible submissive sluts!

I put the page aside. "I'll look that over later. I don't think we'll need nearly that many positions for a while. The four I already mentioned should do us for now. Ruby, assume Position Number One." That was the spanking across my lap position.

Ruby raised her arms in triumph. "Sweet!"

Sue Ellen and Michelle frowned with frustration.

I was still standing, but I quickly sat down on a chair behind me. I did it just in time too, since Ruby practically launched herself at me.

"Oh Daddy! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" she squealed, as she writhed and squirmed across my lap, hoping to make contact with my boner.

"Aaaah," I sighed happily as I began fondling her ass and her dangling boobs. For the last ten minutes or so, it had been extremely difficult to look and not touch, but now I could touch to my heart's content. I'd meant to take my robe off, but I couldn't now that I was sitting with Ruby in my lap. Luckily, it had opened all the way in the front, so it didn't really matter.

I looked up and noticed Michelle and Sue Ellen had drawn closer to me, a lot closer, but they were still standing with their hands on their hands.

I said, "Sue Ellen, while I'm spanking Ruby, I have a special task for you. As you can see, this is a special chair that I brought in from another room before you came in. It's just total luck that we happened to have one of these in the house, and I've never thought about using it in this way until the idea came to me in the shower. Notice how much room you have down there to lick my cock."

Sue Ellen could easily see what I meant about the chair. It was some kind of sleek modern design where the chair was basically made out of one bar of metal and a seat. It was supported by only two legs instead of four, which normally would have been impossible except the two legs didn't stop at the floor but repeated the shape of the seat on the ground, the bar marking a large C shape on the ground to provide a counterbalance for the missing legs.

The bottom line was that Sue Ellen didn't have much obstruction as she crawled under me from behind to get at my dick while I perched on the edge of the chair with Ruby in my lap. She knew cocksucking from the front side would be a bit dangerous with Ruby's body flailing around and bouncing on me. Putting my boner in her mouth could also be dangerous given that the two-legged chair had a lot of give to it and she could end up biting me. The safest method was for her to point my dick straight down and lick it, sliding her tongue up and down it without actually putting it in her mouth.

That's exactly what she started to do. It felt great.

Michelle blurted out, "Look at you, Sue Ellen! Have you ever felt more deliciously and gloriously ashamed? He's using you just like the cock slave you are! You're nothing but cunt, tits, tongue, and lips!"

I couldn't see Sue Ellen's reaction, since her head was underneath my seat. But apparently she liked that comment a lot. She faltered so much with her cock-licking that her hand temporarily lost hold of it. I heard a stifled squeal that almost certainly announced the arrival of her orgasm. But she soon recovered, and resumed stroking and licking my cock with a renewed sense of purpose.

I ripped through the first ten hard smacks for Ruby. I both smacked her very hard and rubbed her pussy and fondled the rest of her body constantly, so she was getting a lot of pleasure and pain at the same time. And, as had become our tradition, after each smack, she said the number of the spank and then "Thank you, Sir, may I please have another?" If she didn't, that smack wouldn't count.

I was fairly steady with my timing between smacks, so Sue Ellen would know when my body would jerk with the force of the slap, and she could back off on her licking for a few seconds until I was still again.

But Ruby discovered my timing just as quickly as Sue Ellen did. I saw how she would clench her ass cheeks tightly just before my hand slammed down. But I let her do this because I didn't want to cause her too much pain, considering I had plans to spank her even harder later. This gave the impression to Michelle that I was whaling on her ass as hard as I could, and Michelle loved that.

After about the tenth smack, Michelle dropped to the floor and crawled forward towards my erection on her knees. It was rough going for her, with her hands bound. "Oh Daddy! I can't take it anymore! Can I help lick too?"

"No, you may not! Now, be a good slave daughter, and stand back up. Position Number Two!"

As soon as I said "slave daughter," I couldn't believe that word combination had passed my lips. I was getting carried away by lust.

Michelle's eyes lit up upon hearing that. "Just one lick? Please? Please?"

She looked so desperate and sexy that I couldn't completely deny her. Seeing my own daughter on her knees literally begging for my cock moved me deeply.

I flashed back to a school event from a year before, when she'd been given an academic award in front of a crowd. I was so proud of her then, as she held up a triumphant fist and searched out Mindy and me in the crowd. I can still vividly recall the gorgeous silk green dress she bought just for the occasion. And now, she's naked and practically writhing on the floor, her huge tits dangling down so low that her nipples actually touch the carpet at times! Jesus H. Christine on a pogo stick! How did that transition happen?!

The scary thing was, I wasn't that upset about it.

I said, "Okay. One lick."

She cheated a bit, of course. While Sue Ellen still held it pointing straight down, Michelle licked from Sue Ellen's slipping and sliding hand at the top all the way down to the tip of the cockhead. She swirled around there a little bit, and then licked her way back. All the while, she moaned loudly and erotically, like it was the tastiest thing she'd ever licked in her life. Finally, she pulled back, allowing Sue Ellen's talented tongue to take over again.

However, I had to delay continuing the spanking, because Michelle remained on all fours, her huge knockers still dangling and swaying but frustratingly out of reach.

She panted, "Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! I love you! I love you so much! Can't you see why I could never be with those filthy, stinky boys? You're the only one who can control me! The only one! The only one!" Her voice was surprisingly quiet, and it was more like she was chanting than speaking. She seemed to be in a trance, her eyes glued to how Sue Ellen was licking and stroking my cock.

Ruby was being affected too, and she was bouncing in my lap like she was getting royally fucked.

Michelle crouched lower, so her nipples were pressed into the carpet. She started swaying her entire body forward and back, just like she was being fucked doggy-style. I'm sure that had to do very stimulating things to her nipples as they dragged across the rough carpet.

It was too arousing to watch, especially given what Sue Ellen was doing to my dick. I decided she needed firmer direction. "Michelle! SHELLE! I said, SHELLE!"

She finally looked up to my face. She almost seemed surprised to notice Ruby writhing in my lap along the way.

I told my blonde vixen daughter firmly, "Stand up, now! Position Number Two. And stay that way until Ruby's spanking is over. You're being punished too, you know."

It was a struggle for her to get up and stay that way when she was in such a horny state, and her five-inch high heels and bound hands didn't help matters. But she managed, if only just. She wobbled and swayed in front of me, her hands back on the top of her head.

She managed to maintain the position for the rest of the spanking, but clearly it was torture for her. She wanted to be directly involved in the worst way. I could see the lust and desire all over her body, but especially in her eyes. It wasn't just a "come hither" look, it was an "I'm going to skewer myself on your cock in about three seconds!" look.

This was what I was hoping for. The more she was a slave to her lusts, the more she would be a true slave to me, and not just a relentlessly horny and sexy girl who always got her own way.

Then the thought occurred to me, Maybe this cock slave stuff is actually healthy for her. Somebody needs to break her will and teach her some humility, and she just said I'm the only one who can do it.

Okay, in retrospect, I was spinning like a top, trying to find any excuse to justify what I was doing. But it made a lot of sense to me at the time.

I turned all my attention back to Ruby's peachy ass and resumed the spanking. I continued with the same steady pace, allowing Sue Ellen to continue her great job of licking and stroking from behind and underneath.

Eventually, I reached twenty smacks on Ruby's ass, and that was as many as I'd told her I'd give her.

She let out a sigh of relief.

But I wasn't done with her. As she remained sprawled across my lap, I put all my energy into caressing her ass and rubbing her pussy lips with my fingers.

"Sorry, daughter," I told her. "But now the spanking's over, Daddy's gonna make it all better."

Ruby shrieked and squealed quite loudly.

I couldn't figure out what brought that on, or if she was happy or distressed. "What's wrong?"

"Wrong?! Wrong?! Daddy, nothing could be more right! You're calling me 'daughter,' you're fingering me, you just gave me a great spanking, and you even said 'Daddy's gonna make it all better.' I could die!"

"I don't understand," I said. "So what if I said 'Daddy's gonna make it all better?'"

Michelle was ready to burst from sheer lust. But she managed to explain despite her obvious great frustration at my slowness. "Daddy, you can't imagine how many times we've fantasized about stuff like that, like about you saying those very words. About you spanking us and caressing our oh-so-needy tushes, all red and sore after a well-deserved ass whooping. This is serious déjà vu for her, except it's REALLY you, instead of me pretending to be you! I feel exactly the same. Is this really happening to me, or is it just another one of my erotic dreams or daydreams? I can hardly tell!"

Ruby said, "I KNOW! Me too! I've been having serious déjà vu all the time lately, 'cos it's like we're acting out all our favorite fantasies. Only the reality is a million times better. Like, I never imagined being in this position AND having you stand there like that, Michelle, AND having Daddy get sucked off at the same time!"

Sure enough, now that the spanking was done, Sue Ellen had gone from just licking my cock to swallowing the head and working her lips on my most sensitive spot. I was about to ask how Ruby could know this since it was all taking place underneath her, but then I realized it was pretty obvious from the loud slurping sounds Sue Ellen was making, if nothing else.

Sue Ellen tended to get so involved in cocksucking that she'd run out of air and have to pop off for a bit to regain her breath. It made her sound a bit like a swimmer coming up for air after a deep dive. Then she'd cram my cock back down her throat. (Or at least try; the angle in this position was rather unfavorable for that sort of thing.) Michelle and Ruby, by contrast, were very adept at breathing through their noses, probably due to the sex lessons Mindy had given them.

Michelle said, "It is great, but you know what would be even better? If I could get in on the action. After all, we can't forget the 'share the cock' rule!" Her loosely bound hands started to drop down in front of her as she stepped forward.

But I barked, "Not so fast, young lady!" That didn't entirely work, so I added more urgently, "Freeze!"

Michelle reluctantly brought her hands back up to her head. She stomped her foot in frustration. I loved it when she did that, because of the way it always set her unnaturally jutting tits bouncing and jiggling.

For the first time, I noticed her bindings seemed rather odd. Those weren't ropes. I asked, "Shelle, what do you have there, binding your wrists together?"

Her face was filled with agonized need. "If I answer, can I suck cock with Sue Ellen?"

"No. Just answer."

"Dammit!" She stomped her foot again, setting off another tit-quake. But she grew a bit proud as she started to explain, "You know how I have to wear those super industrial-strength bras that are tougher than steel?"

"They're not quite that tough, but yeah?"

"Well, it feels like it," she complained. "I hate those dumb things. If I had my way, I'd just be your naked daughter-slut-slave 24-7, and never go to my stupid job or any other stupid non-Daddy-cock-pleasuring thing! Do you realize that you've completely broken my will? I'm not just saying I'm your cock slave, I feel it, deep in my heart! And my heart soars with joy!"

I thought that was more than a little over the top, even for her, but she seemed truly sincere. I didn't know how to modestly respond to that, so I just prodded, "About the bra?"

"Oh yeah. Anyway, I have a bunch of super industrial-strength panties from matching underwear sets that I never wear. So we thought it would be extra sexy if we used one of the panties to bind me. See?"

She brought her arms forward so I could get a better look.

I whistled appreciatively. "I have to admit that's extra sexy. Heck, Shelle, everything you do is extra sexy."

"Which is why it would be extra, extra good if you'd just FUCK ME, already! True, I'm a virgin, but you should see the things I can do with my pussy muscles! I've been training them so much, 'cos I want to be your very favorite fuck. Whenever you're in the mood for some enslaved big-titted teenage twat, I want you to usually think of me first!"

I commented with amusement, "Usually, but not all the time."

"Of course not. Now that I have two breastest friends, I have to look out for them too. But anyway, I NEED you inside me, so I can show you how I can squeeze you and please you and love you! Daddy! Your daughter's begging for your cock! Don't let her down!"

Ruby complained to Michelle, "Hey, don't hog the spotlight like you always do. I was just about to cum, again, and you made him forget to play with my ass."

I looked down at Ruby's red butt cheeks. Sure enough, both my hands had stopped moving. I decided to make up for lost time by massaging her clit and pussy lips at the same time. I had been ignoring her clit so far, so this was like going for the jugular.

Soon, Ruby was completely wasted as she climaxed three times in relatively quick succession. She screamed, and screamed, and screamed. Then she screamed some more.

Between Sue Ellen's cocksucking and the way Ruby was wiggling in my lap in orgasmic ecstasy, I knew I couldn't hold out any longer. My face contorted with effort as I struggled to delay my climax just a little bit longer, because every second felt so fantastic. However, it was a losing battle.

Michelle could see what was about to happen from my pained face. She muttered, "Fuck it!" and dropped back down to the floor. Since she was standing right in front of me, she managed to get her tongue on my boner even before my cum started to shoot out.

As it happened, she couldn't do that much, because Sue Ellen took all of my cockhead in her mouth and rapidly bobbed up and down it as my cum fired into the back of her throat. I could feel Michelle's lips and tongue sliding up and down the side of the remainder of my shaft, but it didn't do much to me since I was already totally maxed out with orgasmic ecstasy. I think she licked Sue Ellen's face as much as she did any part of me. Hell, I believe at one moment she even licked my cock THROUGH Sue Ellen's cheek!

We all just relaxed for a little while after that climax ended. Sue Ellen actually curled up around my feet like some kind of lap dog. It was cute that she seemed keen on continually touching me in some way, but it made it difficult for me to get up.

I needed a breather, especially from Sue Ellen's cock licking, so I picked up Ruby and carried her to my bed. I carefully laid her on her side, so her ass could recover from the harsh spanking.

Then I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom and also washed my face and hands.

When I came back, I saw that Ruby was still lying naked on the bed with her eyes closed, possibly sleeping. I was glad to see she wore a contented smile. Sue Ellen was now standing next to Michelle, both of them looking breathtakingly beautiful in Position Number Two (hands above their heads). I particularly loved the way there were a couple strands of cum running down Sue Ellen's chin. Michelle was bouncing on her heels like she was about to pee at any moment.

I thought about my situation and realized, I'm the luckiest guy ever! Seriously, this is insanely great.

I said to Sue Ellen and Michelle, "You two really don't have to stand like that."

"Are you kidding me?" Michelle complained. "We're just getting warmed up! My turn!" She took a few steps towards what I was now calling in my head "the spanking chair."

Feeling a bit devilish, I told her, "Tell you what. I'll spank you next if you can take those binding off your wrists by yourself."

She immediately brought her hands down from the top of her hand and began struggling to free herself.

I knew it would be a hopeless task, but I also knew it would be an incredibly sexy sight watching her put her all into it. In fact, it was even better than I'd hoped. It was like she was putting on a sexy dance, and all the while reminding me of how helpless and bound she was.

Undaunted, she continued to struggle. She proclaimed again, "My turn!" louder this time. Her entire body was writhing about as she tried to free her hands from her bindings, but I guess she was right about those being "industrial-strength" panties, because they appeared to be holding up.

"AAARRGH!" she shrieked in frustration as she twisted and writhed and strained with all her might.

Damn! Sexy as hell! This is too much! It's a good thing my dick is flaccid or I'm cum in a heartbeat! Maybe from her point of view she was just trying to free her hands, but from my point of view it looked like she was putting on the most orgasm-inducing erotic dance a bound and naked woman could make. And it really did look like her tits would thwack her in the face - it was a very close call with the way they were flying around.

I'm sure I was grinning like a fool as I watched her. I thought, Note to self: I love Michelle when she's helpless and bound. There's gonna be a LOT more of that around here, if I have any say in the matter... and I do!

I chuckled on the inside. Even though she was my daughter, she'd been so haughty and spoiled that it was a hoot to see her being taken down a peg or two. Unfortunately, though, my penis was unable to get erect again quickly enough for me to fully enjoy it.

Sue Ellen was resolutely maintaining her stance while looking upset that Michelle was being such a demanding and willful cock slave. It was like she was worried that Michelle's behavior would give them all a bad name.

I heard some stirring behind me, so I turned around briefly. Ruby was reviving, perhaps from hearing Michelle's cries. She'd propped herself up in the bed a little bit and was looking on with amusement.

Staring defiantly at me, Michelle raised a leg up and planted a foot on the seat of the spanking chair. "Daddy, you're gonna spank me now, and that's final! If you're not gonna fuck me within an inch of my life the way my curvy body needs to be fucked every single day by my big-cocked Daddy love, then spanking me is the LEAST you can do!"

Sue Ellen started to step forward, looking really pissed at Michelle. I was curious what she would do to her, but I waved her off.

I chuckled as I walked to the spanking chair and sat back down in it.

Michelle naturally pulled her foot away so I could sit.

I told her, "You know what? Today's your lucky day because it IS your turn. Assume the position. Position Number One."

"Oh YEEESS! That's more like it!" It might have been a bit tricky for her to lie across my lap without the use of her hands, but she solved that problem by basically flinging herself into me. She landed in my lap with a loud thump.

The tension seemed to flow out of her as she snuggled her naked body over my naked legs. "Yeeeessss!" she purred, like a contented kitten. "THIS is where I belong!" She sighed and purred blissfully. "In my Daddy's lap, being dominated and OWNED by my handsome master!"

I glanced at Sue Ellen. She looked decidedly unhappy at this seeming breakdown in discipline.

Michelle, by contrast, was so happy that I almost felt bad doing what I was about to do. But I had to go through with it. "I'm gonna spank you now," I said, "but you're not gonna like it."

She replied confidently, "Oh, I'll like it. I'll love it!"

"No, trust me. You're NOT gonna like it." To my own surprise, I realized that I actually felt as sad for her as I was trying to sound. "This is your punishment."

I was about to deliver the first spank when Sue Ellen asked, "Sir? Um, excuse me for interrupting, but do you need some help? I mean, can I, uh, help with my... mouth? Or my hands? Like I did with Ruby's spankin'?" She licked her lips seductively to show just what she meant.

I smiled, but said, "No, that won't be necessary. You'll see why in a second. Okay, Michelle, brace yourself." I could feel my daughter's leg muscles tightening over my thighs as she clenched her firm ass.

"Remember, what you have to say after each spanking," I chided.

"I know, I know, I know," she replied impatiently. "I practice that in my head all the time. So just do it!"

"Okay, here we go... Smack number ONE!" I had my hand way high up for visual effect. Even though Michelle couldn't see it, Ruby and Sue Ellen could. I brought my hand down swiftly and dramatically, but pulled back at the last second. I'm sure that Michelle felt a rush of air impact her ass, because I could feel the way she jerked in response. Then, with my hand stopped a few inches above her ass cheeks, I slowly brought it down the rest of the way and gently rested it on her straining butt.

There was a long pause.

Finally, Michelle asked incredulously, "What?! That was IT?!"

Ruby and Sue Ellen suddenly burst into uproarious laughter. I heard Ruby tease Michelle, "Psych!"

However, I kept a poker face and said, "Shelle, I'm waiting for you to say the magic words."

"What?! You want me to say 'One, thank you, Sir, may I please have another' for THAT?!"

"Close enough," I said, and then I "smacked" her other ass cheek. Actually, it was more like I tapped it. Maybe even that was generous. I basically brought my hand way up, but then gently laid my hand on it.

Ruby was fully alert and sitting up now. She literally doubled over with laughter when she saw that.

Sue Ellen laughed so hard that she had to bring her hands down from her head and sit on the edge of the bed to try to compose herself.

Michelle meanwhile was moving from shock to denial. She said, "Ha ha. Very funny, Daddy. Now that you had a good laugh, can we get on with it? We've got some serious busty daughter taming to do."

"Ah, but I am taming you, Shelle. These are the smacks you deserve, since you've been so difficult."

"Smacks?! Smacks?! You call that a 'smack?' That was the most pathetic, limp-wristed love tap in the history of humanity! Hurt me! Hit me! RAPE me! Dominate me! I need it! Be the REAL MAN that I know you are!"

"I can't," I replied. "Not until you say the magic words."

She groaned. "I'm afraid I'm not gonna like this... Two. Thank you, Sir. May I please have a REAL smack?"

Despite the fact that she didn't get her line right, I immediately tapped her other ass cheek. With my other hand, I fondled her nearest dangling tit, just because it was there and it was fun. Then I caressed my way down her svelte legs, because they were there too.

She groaned much, much louder. "Daaaaaddyyyy! You're too mean! Are all your smacks gonna be like that?!"

"Yep. All ten."

"GAH! RARGGH! ARR!" She was literally gnashing her teeth with frustration. She really needed to cum, but I wasn't touching her pussy, and some mild tit play wasn't enough to do it for her.

Finally, she composed herself enough to say, "If that's all you're gonna do, then this is bullshit! I'm outta here!" However, with her hands bound, it wasn't easy for her to get up on her own, and she knew it.

I said, "Before you go, remember that you won't be getting any real hard spankings until I say so. And I'm not gonna say so until you take the rest of your punishment. If you're going act like a spoiled brat about it, then I'm just gonna do the same thing to you tomorrow."

It took a moment for that to sink in. Then she wailed, on the verge of tears, "What did I do to deserve this?! This is CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!"

I laughed. "Are you a Constitutional scholar now? That term is in the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, you know."

"As it should be!" she huffed. "There ought to be a whole section in there about the protocol of spanking sex slaves that outlaws what you just did!"

I countered, "I thought there's no limit whatsoever to the power of a master over his slaves."

She growled irritably, "Well, that's true... But don't confuse me with your sexy facts!" Her peachy ass wiggled on my lap.

"Look, Shelle, you DO need to be tamed. And I AM taming you, just not in the way you expected. If you want me to be your master, I'm not just gonna be your master in name only. I'm very literally going to bring you to heel and tame you, because more than anyone else around here, you NEED to be tamed. It's not enough to just want to fuck and suck all the time; you have to actually obey my commands when I tell you to do something. If you start showing a change of heart, then we'll have a lot more fun together. In the meantime, I'm sure my other four lovely ladies will be more than happy to help keep my mind off you."

Michelle bitched and moaned some more until I pointed out that she was just digging herself a deeper hole, since the spankings she'd get were dependent upon her behavior.

Finally, and very reluctantly on her part, we went through the rest of the love tap charade until she'd counted off ten "smacks" for me, even though they were more like light, soft taps of her bottom than actual smacks. Plus, I spent as much or more time caressing and kneading her firm yet supple ass cheeks, just because it was fun for me and it prolonged the event for her.

Then Ruby and Sue Ellen came forward and helped her get up.

Finally able to make eye contact, Michelle gave me the evil eye and then some. "Daddy, that was so mean, I'll never forgive you! Haven't I been a good big-titted, cocksucking, totally enslaved daughter-slut?"

I said with determination, "No, you haven't, and that's the problem. Shelle, face it. You're like a wild horse that needs to be broken. Mindy and I failed you in not being stricter to counter all the adulation you were getting from school and your friends. We tried too hard to treat you and Nicky the same when either of you needed more discipline. Somewhere along the line, something went wrong in your case. I think your great beauty went to your head."

I paused so she could deny it, but she didn't. There was no way she couldn't know her looks had spoiled her to at least some degree.

I continued, "But I'm making up for lost time now. I WILL break you. You WILL truly become my cock slave and my sex toy, since that's what you want and it's what I want. But it won't happen just as some kind of elaborate sex game, it'll happen in a very real sense. I've decided that's the only way to cure you of your spoiled and willful nature. Do you have a problem with that?"

She stared at me long and hard while tugging ineffectually on the panties binding her wrists together. Finally, she said, "Damn you! What fucking annoys me is how fucking HOT that is! I'm a 'wild horse that needs to be broken?' That you'll ride herd on me the way I need to be ridden? Do you know how insanely fucking HOT that is?!" She looked completely exasperated as she rubbed her pussy lips with her fingers.

I asked, "Don't just think with your pussy. Do you want out? Now's the chance to call a time out and step out of this."

"No. I don't want out! I want you to break me, even as I don't want you to break me. God, I'm so dizzy with desire and confusion that I think I'm gonna pass out!"

I pointed out, "Once I break you, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna have you date a boy. A real date with a real boy."

I knew that comment would stir up a hornet's nest, and it did. The variety of incredulous looks that crossed her face was priceless. Finally, she said, "That's so fucking INSANE that I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that!"

Then she stomped off to her room.

When she got to her room, she moaned in frustration loud enough for us to hear. It was like a lion's roar. "I wanna slam my door and I can't! It's so annoying, but it's so hot! Daddy's got me all bound up and I love it! Ruby, please! Can you come here and slam my door for me?"

Ruby looked at me.

I said to her, "You can slam the door for Michelle, or you can tend to my cock while I give Sue Ellen a real spanking. Your choice." I said this even though my penis was still flaccid. But some time had passed now since my last orgasm, the confrontation with Michelle had just mentally worked me up, and I figured Ruby's talents could help matters a lot.

Ruby didn't even take the time to blink. She shouted across the house, "Sorry, Michelle. No can do. Daddy said-"

Michelle interrupted. "I know! I heard what he said! Everything he says is making me MORE hot and bothered and god damn fucking annoyed! I can't take it anymore! ARRRGGH!" She screamed loudly.

Sue Ellen, meanwhile, was dutifully climbing on my lap. Even though her wrists were not bound, she brought her hands behind her back and crossed her wrists as if they were.

I shouted towards Michelle's room, "Shelle? You sure you don't want to watch Sue Ellen's spanking? It's gonna be fun."

She angrily shouted back, "No way!" Then, seemingly chastened, she added, "Actually, I'd love to, but if one more sexy thing happens that doesn't involve me having an orgasm, I'm gonna die! My head will literally fucking explode! ... Oh my God! Ruby, you have to help me! Please, please, please close my door so I don't have to hear all the sexy spanking and screaming. I can't take it. I really can't take it!"

Ruby looked at me to see if she had permission.

To my surprise, Sue Ellen said, "I think you should leave it open, Master. She needs to learn her place."

But I guess I'm a big softie, because I gave Ruby my approval with a slight nod. "Close it, but don't slam it." I wanted to be tough with Michelle, but not sadistic.

Ruby came back very quickly after quietly closing the door, and the three of us got down to another serious spanking session. It was almost exactly the same as before with Ruby and Sue Ellen, except their positions were reversed. Again, I wore an open robe while they were in nothing but their sexy high heels.

From her position under my chair, Ruby was able to bring my dick back to life before the spanking began.

There were plenty of orgasms to be had by all. After I spanked Sue Ellen twenty times, I switched to soothing her ass and fingering her pussy while Ruby went from licking and stroking to a full-on blowjob. I finally blew a load in her mouth while I was still "tending" to Sue Ellen's ass.

When the spanking session was all done, I realized that I'd had a hell of a fun time, and I knew the girls did too. I could easily see that this would become a daily tradition, if I allowed it. The only potential obstacles were my hand and my penis, and how well they could hold up to lots of sexy spanking sessions.

My hand was hurting already, and that was without giving Michelle any real spanks at all. And what if Cindy and/or Mindy wanted to get spanked frequently too? Plus, I had three truly harsh spankings I was supposed to deliver later in the day. I decided I'd have to use a paddle for those, if only to help my hand.

I also decided that, For now, I shouldn't make any promises or predictions about the future. I'm gonna deliver spankings more or less at random over the next few days to see how much everybody likes them and how frequently I should give them. Definitely doing three in a row was not a good idea. But I'm not too stressed by the situation, because I figure that if daily spankings don't work out, there are plenty of other kinds of sexual games we can play.

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