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Chapter 67

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

We tried to incorporate Mindy into a group hug, but as I was sitting and Cindy was on my lap, it felt like Mindy was on the outside. So I stood up, allowing the three of us could hug on equal terms.

Just then, the phone rang. The timing was lousy, but I felt obliged to cross the room and pick up the receiver from the wall. I'd half-expected it to be a telemarketer, since this was about the time they usually called, but it turned out to be Ruby, calling from the video store.

"Hey, Daddy!" she said brightly. "What's up?"

"What's up with me? What's up with you? Why are you calling?"

"Michelle and I are soooo bored. It's an especially slow night here. I'm taking my fifteen-minute break, and I thought: what better way to spend it than talking to you?"

By this time, Mindy and Cindy both sidled up next to me, annoyed I was on the phone. Mindy gave me a look indicating she wanted to know who I was speaking with. I obligingly mouthed, "Ruby."

At that, both of the women smiled. The atmosphere hadn't been very sexual, since we'd been dealing with Cindy's distress (although Cindy's blouse was unbuttoned down to her belly button). But with the group hug seeming to signify that we'd resolved our discussion, Cindy in particular was very excited, so much so that she couldn't keep still. After seeing me mouth Ruby's name, she started to frantically pace around the room, like she couldn't wait until I got off the phone.

I replied to Ruby, "Are you talking in private?"

"Verrrry private! Michelle is manning the store out in front, and I'm in the storage room in the back. If anyone is gonna come near, she'll give me the signal. But I'm dying to know: did you give Min and Cin a harsh spanking already?"

"Uuuuhhhh... Um, what did you say? Oh. Right. Yeah, I did."

Ruby giggled. "Dad, you sound more than a little bit distracted. Are you thinking about my hot body? Are you picturing the way I'm running my hands over my big boobs right now? 'Cos that's what I'm doing!"

"Um, that's nice, and, uh, sexy, but actually, I'm somewhat distracted because Min has just fished my dick out of my pants and is starting to stroke it. But the big distraction is the way Cindy is performing a striptease right in front of me." Indeed, that's exactly what was happening!

Luckily, Ruby wasn't upset that I wasn't thinking mainly of her. In fact, she sounded positively delighted by my comment. "Oh, cooool! Go, Mom! Tell me more! What's she doing exactly?"

I forced myself to concentrate, since it wasn't easy describing something while being jacked off. "Uh, well, for starters, there's no denying that your mother is one sexy lady. She was feeling pretty depressed earlier, but I put my foot down and told her she's my cock slave, and that's that."

"You didn't!" Ruby squealed with excitement. "That's too hot! But don't forget: she's not just your cock slave, she's ONE OF your cock slaves! I'm fucking enslaved to your fuckin' fat cock too!"

Ruby was so loud and enthusiastic that I had to ask her, "Are you SURE you're in a really private spot? If someone can overhear you-"

"Chill! We're waaay ahead of you. The door is thick and locked. We're playing a noisy action movie extra loudly up front too. I doubt even Michelle could hear if I cried out. But what's Mom doing?"

I asked, "Aren't you even going to ask how Cindy responded to my ultimatum?"

"No! Duh! For starters she's not brain-damaged, so of course she said yes. Besides, you told me she's doing a striptease for you right now. Does that sound like someone who said no?" She giggled.

I realized she had me with that second point. "Hrm. Lucky guess."

She giggled some more. "So anyway, what's she doing as we speak?!"

"Oh. Right." I stared at Cindy as I spoke. "She just took her bra off while keeping her blouse on, but now she's slowly working on removing that too. You should see the way her hips are gyrating as she bends over right in front of me. I don't know why she's so worked up, but she's giving it her all. ... Damn! She could be a professional dancer, what with the way she's moving so gracefully. And without any music playing, even!"

I feared I must have said something wrong, because Cindy suddenly stopped dancing, and Mindy just as suddenly stopped stroking my boner and walked away.

Annoyed, Cindy walked up to me and snatched the phone out of my hand. "Ruby, this is your mother. Don't listen to your hunky but foolish father and master. All the blood must have drained from his big head to his little head, as usual."

She sighed contentedly as she wrapped her fingers around my erection. She began to stroke it as she talked. "He doesn't know why I'm worked up? He must be brain damaged! You should have been here and heard him take charge! He told me exactly how it was going to be and I had no say in the matter! It was the most arousing thing ever!"

It turned out that Mindy had walked into the living room to turn on the stereo. Loud Motown music started to blast. I recognized the song "Ball of Confusion" by the Temptations. But rather than walk back, she started to strip to the music in that room. I could see the living room from where I was in the dining room, but she was still a ways off.

I couldn't hear what Ruby had asked since I no longer held the phone, but Cindy replied, "Yes! As a matter of fact, I'm holding it in my hand right now, giving it a good wank! It's just as thick and yummy looking as always."

She looked down at her sliding fingers and licked her lips hungrily. "But even you don't understand how happy I am! I'm sitting topless in his lap but it feels like I'm sitting on top of the world! Between the way he firmly spanked Mindy and me earlier, and then the way he took control of my entire life, I'm beginning to understand why you girls get so uncontrollably horny whenever he puts you in your place."

Ruby said something I couldn't catch.

Cindy laughed. "Yeah, that too! Yesterday, I started to feel the joy of submission, and Gaawwwd, what a rush that can be! But tonight, it's like a never-ending erotic buzz, knowing that I'm no longer free, that my purpose is to serve. ... Yes! Exactly! You too? ... Wait... Mindy's waving us over. Good God, you should look at HER! Wow! Hold on."

Cindy put the phone down, but she kept a firm grip on my erection. "Come on, big boy, into the living room! There's another phone there." She let go of my boner with a final, firm squeeze, and then scurried into the adjoining room. As soon as she picked up that phone, I put mine down.

While I walked to the next room, Cindy put the receiver down, and said, "Ruby, can you hear me? I've got you on speaker phone, I think."

"Yes, Mom," Ruby replied over the speaker phone. "This is much better! Can you hear me? What's happening now?"

Cindy had her hand back on my shaft, now that I had walked back to her. She immediately dropped to her knees in front of me and resumed jacking me off. "Mindy's dancing up a storm, and throwing her clothes this way and that. Naturally, I'm giving the King a good wank, so Dan can properly enjoy watching her. I feel like it's burning up in my hands. It's really HOT! I swear, everything in this house is hot! It's like an inferno of lust here!"

"I know!" Ruby agreed. "Especially the part about how delightfully warm Daddy's cock always feels in my hands. But I can't see! What's Mindy doing now?"

"She's down to just her skirt, the saucy little bitch!" Cindy replied, her eyes fiery with desire as she watched my wife's every move. "How she can dance like that in high heels is beyond me. But I suppose it's worth it, 'cos her long legs look extra sexy! She's being very coy about her boobs too. Even though she's topless, she's somehow always keeping an arm or hand partially blocking the view, the sneaky little tease! God, this is fun!"

Ruby asked breathlessly, "What's happening to Daddy's cock? Give me an update!"

"I'm still stroking it, of course," Cindy said proudly.

"Oh GOD!" Ruby squealed like that was the most shocking and amazing news she'd ever heard. "And how are you and him positioned?"

"The very BEST way! He's standing and I'm kneeling! Unfortunately I'm still dressed from the waist on down, but that's 'cos I simply can't stop jacking him off, and with two hands!"

Ruby squealed again. "Ooooh! I love it! Are you taking good care of it? Have you got a couple fingers constantly rubbing his sweet spot, no matter what else you do? That's the most important spot!"

"But of course! It feels sooooo good! I can barely even get my fingers around it, and now they're all sticky with his pre-cum."

"Oh God!" Ruby squealed like that was shocking news.

"That reminds me. Mindy got me to confess all my true feelings. She had me admit what's blatantly obvious, but oh so wonderfully true: as one of Dan's cock slaves, I'm a SLAVE to his COCK! I'm literally enslaved to it, to pleasuring it and loving it!"

Ruby squealed even louder, like she'd just been stabbed. "Aaaaiiiieeee! I KNOW! Isn't it AWESOME?! Sometimes, that's all I can think about. Like right now, I neeeeed it in my hands or mouth! Or buried in my cleavage, with my lips on the tip! I'm sooooo jealous! You've got it in your hands right now, and I'm stuck here!"

"I know! It's actually too hot to handle! I'm about to burn up!" Cindy stood up, but still kept stroking my dick. "Here, Mindy, can you take over for a while? I'm so horny and excited that I just have to dance!"

So Mindy and Cindy changed places. My erection was only untended for a few seconds as they handed it off like a baton in a race. But I took the opportunity to sit down in an easy chair. And Mindy only jacked me off for a few seconds before she decided that cocksucking would be more fun.

"Ruby, can you still hear me?" Cindy asked, since she was farther from the phone now.

"Yeah, Mom! What's up?"

"I'm dancing again now. And Mindy, bless her slutty heart, she's on her knees, worshipping at the altar of the King with her tongue, if you know what I mean!"

"I do!" Ruby giggled. "Oh God, I do! I'm literally DROOLING here, thinking about it sliding between my lips! Is she totally nude, with her arms pinned behind her back, and her head bobbing frantically up and down, like a good slave?"

"Well, mostly," Cindy explained, even as she kept on grooving in a very sexy and uninhibited manner. "Remember that she's a wife, not a slave, so she can do what she wants. She's wearing nothing but high heels, naturally, and she's holding Dan's balls and cock with her hands as she sucks. But yeah, she's bobbing up a storm, from what I can see. Damn, how can she cram all that thick fuck-meat in her mouth so fast and easily? I just don't understand it!"

"Oh God!" Ruby squealed.

Cindy asked, "Can you hear her? I don't know if you can with the music playing, but she's slurping pretty loudly. SSSSH! Listen!"

Indeed, Mindy seemed to be making as much sucking noise as she could.

Apparently, Ruby heard, because she yelled, "BEST. WORK. BREAK. EVER! This is so great! I'm totally naked now too! I'm jilling myself so fast, imagining those are MY lips doing all the sliding! Ha! Michelle's gonna be soooo jealous she missed this!"

Upon hearing her say she was naked, I grew concerned. "Ruby, be careful! Don't get too carried away! You might get in trouble!" I ran my hands through Min's blonde hair as her head steadily bobbed on me.

"How? Michelle's the only other one working tonight, and she's got the key. No one else can come in. Besides, Daddy, you know my body belongs to YOU only! So what if someone sees? I'll proudly tell them I'm your sex slaaaave, just like my mom!"

Despite the phone call and the great blowjob, I was trying to focus on Cindy's sexy dancing right in front of me. I hoped and assumed Ruby was exaggerating for effect and she'd never tell anyone that.

Cindy was dancing like she was twenty years younger. She must have meant it when she'd said she didn't understand how Mindy could dance in high heels, because she'd kicked hers off. But admittedly, they had different dancing styles, and Cindy was dancing much more energetically, churning her hips and frequently waving her arms up high. She quickly lost the rest of her clothes, but unlike Mindy, she made no effort to keep her privates covered. Instead, she was going all out, like her body was possessed by the music.

Now that she was fully naked, I could see how red her ass cheeks still were. I hadn't really gotten a good view of Mindy's ass, since she'd kept her skirt on until right before she bent down to blow me, and she was sitting on her ass now. But I figured it was probably just as red from an equally harsh spanking. I felt guilty seeing the spanking's effect, but aroused too.

Cindy shrieked to her redheaded daughter, "Say that again! I'm so fuckin' HORNY!"

Ruby was quite obviously panting, and I could only imagine what her hands were doing to her hard and curvy body. "I said, I'm his cock slave! And so are you! Dan owns all of us! We have NO free will! All we can do is suck and fuck and serve!"

Cindy's eyes glazed over, like she'd turned into some kind of sex zombie. She stopped dancing and walked over to where Mindy was kneeling. She bent over, causing her bare tits to sway wildly, and tapped Mindy's back. "Um, Min? You know my favorite rule, 'Share the cock?' Shouldn't we be practicing that right now?"

"That seems to be everyone's favorite rule." Mindy chuckled as she scooted over. "But sure. With my handsome and hunky horse hung hubby, there's always plenty of cock to go around."

Cindy knelt down next to my wife. Then I closed my legs as much as I could, pinning the two of them tightly next to each other. Once she was settled in, Cindy rather aggressively took over bobbing on my cockhead, and then some.

That left Mindy a bit out in the cold, but she didn't seem to mind, and just chuckled again. She could see that Cindy was worked up to a fever pitch and really needed it. So instead, she went to work tugging and sucking my balls. She alternated putting one in her mouth, and then the other. With the way Cindy's lips were flying up and down my shaft, she made sure to stay clear of Cindy's frantic movements.

I was already worked up, but with the two of them on me at once, I was headed to Heaven. "OH! GAAWWWD!" I cried out a few moments later.

"What?" Ruby asked anxiously. "What's happening?! Tell me what's going on! Nobody's talking anymore!"

"That's 'cos I'm the only mouth not occupied!" I somehow managed to gasp out.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Ruby panted.

"AH!" I yelled. The urge to cum was overwhelming! Cindy was bobbing tightly and using expert tongue moves that aroused me so much, it almost made Mindy's assistance superfluous.

"What?! What's going on?!" Ruby asked again. She sounded pretty winded too.

I tried to explain, "It's just... Cin, she's so... So... She's... UGH!" My eyes were rolling up into my head, and I was grasping onto the chair's armrests for dear life.

Ruby cheered, "That's it, Mom! Suck it! Suck it good! Show Daddy all your love with the way you gobble it all down! Choke and suck and slurp until tears leak from your eyes!"

Mindy was licking around the base of my shaft now, while still playing with my balls with her fingers, so she was able to explain to Ruby, "You should see your mother. Her head is a blur, she's bobbing so fast! She needs Dan's cum pretty bad! He's gonna blow any second, I'm sure! Oh, and Cin, when you do get him off, save some cum for me, okay? Let him spray both our slutty faces!"

I didn't last much longer than that, especially since, on top of everything else, I could hear Ruby grunting rhythmically like she was being royally fucked. I moaned and groaned like I was giving birth. Luckily, I was just sitting; had I been standing, I would have crumpled to the floor for sure.

"Please... What's happening?!" Ruby asked even more frantically, all but shouting to be heard over the moaning. "Is he cumming?"

"CUMMING!" Mindy cried out. It appeared that she was cumming too, judging from her tone of voice. And Cindy was definitely having a great orgasm. I couldn't hear it so much as feel it, from the way her lips trembled around my spurting cock. I could even sense her arm shaking against my leg.

Ruby started squealing into the phone like a stuck pig, so I could only assume she was frigging herself to ecstasy.

Cindy never let up. She just kept sucking and sucking with caved cheeks, like it was her life mission to drain my balls completely dry. She finally stopped when my dick was fully flaccid.

So it wasn't a big surprise that all of us were too wiped out to talk for the next few minutes, as we all came down from our erotic highs. Mindy and Cindy remained kneeling between my legs, but they were more resting against me, their heads against my thighs like they were about to take naps.

Cindy in particular seemed pretty wiped out. No doubt that was due to her much more frenzied dancing, plus her equally passionate head bobbing. The sweat was pouring down her face and even dampened my pant leg a little bit.

I noticed that she did have tears leaking from her eyes, just as Ruby hoped she would. I felt bad because I didn't want her to suffer like that. I was reminded yet again that Cindy wasn't accustomed to my size the way Mindy was, and I wondered how long it would take for that to get rectified.

Finally, Cindy tried to speak. She sort of mumbled, "Sorry, I got a little carried away there. I got too greedy. Once I had his thickness in my mouth... UGH! And what a struggle that was! It never gets easier, does it? At least not by much. But I wanted it so much that I took the whole thing in my mouth in one fell swoop! Then, with my lips sliding back and forth and with my tongue flitting all over his sweet spot, I just couldn't pull back, not even to save my life!"

She'd been explaining that to Ruby as much as to Mindy, but then she told Mindy more directly, "But I really did mean to share, and I still have most of his load in my mouth. I've been trying to save it for you. You want a taste?"

Mindy was eager. "Do I ever!"

However, the two of them were so exhausted that it took another minute or two for them to get into position. When they started to kiss, it was more of a careful sharing of cum from one mouth to another than any fevered French kissing.

At least, that's how it started. Another minute passed, and then another. Pretty soon, I got the impression that the cum was gone and forgotten, and yet the kissing became more energetic and intense.

Ruby had been so silent on the speakerphone that I forgot she was still there. However, I was reminded when she eventually asked, "What's happening now?"

I replied, "The two naughty ladies have been snowballing. You know what that is?"

"Definitely! Wow!"

"Wait a minute," I said. "Ruby, is that you? That sounds more like... Michelle?"

"No, that's me," Ruby hastily replied.

But I knew what I'd heard. "Ruby, don't lie to me. Are you there all alone?"

"Yeah. Of course. How could I not be?"

However, I heard some conflict in her voice. I barked, "I said, don't lie to me! What kind of cock slave are you if you lie to your master? I'll give you one more chance to come clean, before you're going to be due for another harsh spanking. Is Michelle in the room with you?"

"Yes." Ruby's voice was tiny, but her answer was unmistakable.

Cindy and Mindy had obviously been listening, because they stopped their kissing and turned their heads towards the phone in an attempt to hear a little better.

"Damn you!" Michelle cried out to Ruby in obvious frustration. "Traitor!"

"Hey! I had to!" Ruby shot back. "He's my master! And he's yours too, so you need to act like it! Besides, I'm not gonna go through another one of those harsh spankings. I can barely sit now as it is!"

Michelle cursed, "Bitch!" I heard the sound of struggling.

Fearing they were having a full-blown catfight, I shouted, "HEY! Stop! Both of you, freeze!" I feared I had little control just talking over the phone, so I was relieved that the scuffling noises came to a sudden halt. "Shelle, keep your hands off Ruby, and that's an order! Just what do you think you're doing? Who's manning the front of the store?"

"Relax! Don't worry, I've got it covered," Michelle replied confidently. "I just locked up and put a 'Back in 15 minutes' sign on the door. The place was dead anyway."

I pointed out, "Yeah, but these are still prime evening hours. You can't do that. What if your boss finds out?"

"Then I'll be fired, and I can get out of this stupid job, and go home to be a devoted Daddy-pleasing cock slave 24-7, like I should be in the first place!"

I growled, "If you do anything to jeopardize your job there, ANYTHING, so help me God, I will make your life a complete misery!"

She whined, "It's a complete misery now! It's not fair that Ruby gets to hear all kinds of sexy stuff, strip naked, and masturbate herself to joyous oblivion, while I have to stand behind the counter in my stupid totally unsexy video shop polo shirt and a BRA! UGH! And I have to say, 'Thank you, sir. Can I help you find what you've been looking for? Have a nice day. Blah blah blah. Blah-de-blah, blah-de-blad-de, blah-blah-blah!'" She said this quote is in a mocking nasal whine.

She continued more passionately, "I should be home, naked, collared, and chained, sitting on the floor between your knees, saying, 'Thank you, Daddy-Master! Thank you for unloading your sweet cum all over my face yet again. Can I help you find another hot, tight hole to stick your magnificent cock in? Please take my ass this time. It really needs you!' That's what this rockin' bombshell body of mine was made for, and you know it! But nooooOOOOOoooo! Apparently, that's too much to ask! Meanwhile, Cindy and Mom get to-"

Michelle was on a roll, and she was clearly just getting started on her rant. I had to speak loudly and sharply to cut in. "Michelle! Quiet! Now, answer me this: are you wearing any clothes right now?"

"Well, no, but that stupid uniform-"

"Not even panties?"

"Well, I would have kept them on, but how am I supposed to rub my-"

"No buts! Start dressing this instant! And get back to your job before you get in big trouble! Ruby, check on her to see she's being good."

"And if I don't?" Michelle asked defiantly, even menacingly.

I realized my ability to use the 'stick' on her was limited in this situation, so I tried for the 'carrot' instead. "Well, I was thinking, since Cin and Min just gave me a great dual blowjob right now, wouldn't it be great to have another one from the Gruesome Twosome when you come home from work later tonight? But forget it! Not after you're being so defiant and difficult!"

"No!" Michelle gasped.

I added, "And if you don't reopen the store within the next five minutes, you can forget all about any kind of wake-up tickle attack tomorrow morning too!"

"Daddy, you're awful! That's just cruel! You can't really mean that."

"I do. And I'm looking at the clock right here, so you'd better get moving."

I glanced towards Cindy and Mindy. They both nodded approvingly at my disciplinary methods. Their heads were still nuzzled in between my legs, although my penis was flaccid and the erotic mood had passed. Apparently, they just found it comfy and reassuring there.

Ruby spoke up. "Daddy, you're not going to cancel that late night blowjob with me too, are you? I didn't do anything wrong."

"Yes, you did. You went along with Michelle's games and didn't tell me anything. I might not have noticed if she didn't accidentally blurt out a few words."

"Damn!" Michelle complained, obviously ruing her mistake again.

I heard Ruby growl at Michelle, "You're soooo dead!" The voice sounded distant, like she was holding the phone away from her head.

Still playing the tough guy, I added, "Ruby, you get dressed too. We had our fun, everybody had a nice cum together, but it's time to get back to work."

Cindy chimed in, "Listen to your master. He knows what's good for you."

And Mindy added, "Ditto from me, Michelle! Daddy's not the only one who's gonna open up a can of whoopass all over your sexy butt if you don't take your job seriously!" She couldn't resist adding a joke, "In fact, I bought a big can of whoopass at Trader Joe's today, just for you. It was on sale."

Playing along, I joked, "Did you get the organic kind?"

"Of course! It's free range too!" She laughed.

Michelle sighed. "I wish he'd open up some other things over my ass, like the fly on his pants. But okay already. Sheesh! I'm putting my bra back on as we speak."

Ruby sighed. "Can we at least take these kinds of phone call breaks in the future? This job is soooooo slow, and everything is so exciting at home... You've gotta give us something to look forward to!"

"I highly doubt it," I said. "It's not safe. I'll have to go in there and check out the security situation one of these days, but my gut instinct says no."

I heard a frustrated moan in stereo from the two girls.

There was more griping and complaining over the next couple of minutes, but all signs indicated the girls were putting their clothes back on and making themselves presentable. Michelle seemingly couldn't complain enough times how unfair it was that Ruby had a nice cum, whereas she'd barely gotten her clothes off before she had to put them back on, but her words fell on deaf ears.

Just when everything had settled down and I was about to say my good-byes, Mindy spoke towards the phone. "Girls, I have some shocking news: Dan is actually a cyborg."

"What?" Ruby asked in confusion. She added with chagrin, "Oh. Some kind of Mindy humor."

"No, it's true," Mindy said with a deadpan tone, puzzling me greatly. "I know it's shocking and disturbing, but there's no other explanation. You see, the King is rising again, and that's just not humanly possible. Ergo, he's some kind of cyborg or robot. But we still love you, Honey."

She smiled at me and kissed the air in my general direction, making a loud smacking sound for the benefit of the girls.

I looked down at my groin to make sure I wasn't mistaken. As I'd thought, my penis was as flaccid as ever, so I didn't know what she was going on about. Was this some weird Mindy joke going over my head? Probably, I figured, since that happened to me quite a lot.

Then Cindy said, "Oh my goodness! Min, you're right! Look at all that thick cock, rising up like a rocket! ... Mmmm. It tastes great too!"

Now I was really confused, because Cindy was making ostentatious licking noises, but her mouth wasn't near my still-flaccid penis. Then it finally dawned on me they were playing some kind of game on the girls.

"But a bit metallic, you must admit," Mindy said, still joking.

"That's just 'cos it's hard as steel!" Cindy exclaimed. "Okay, who's turn? I don't know if my jaw can handle cramming all that cock-meat down my throat again!"

Michelle and Ruby groaned in a combination of lust and frustration.

Obviously having a ball, Mindy said, "Honey, do you like that move Cindy is doing right now? You know, the way she's licking from the root of your cock aaaaaall the way to the tip, and then back down?"

Playing along with their game, I replied, "Sure! I love it!"

"But she's soooo slow," Mindy pretended to complain. "She spends most of her time just making circles over your sweet spot. It's like she loves your fat tree trunk of a cock so much, she can't help herself!"

"I love that too!" I moaned lustily, trying to make it sound like I was already teetering on the edge of another climax.

"That's it!" Michelle said firmly. "I'm coming home right this instant, even if I have to walk! Hell, run!"

"You will do no such thing," Mindy said, taking the words out of my mouth. "Part of life is having to wait. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that jazz. Or, all this jizz, as the case may be." She chuckled.

"That's easy for you to say," Michelle griped. "I'll bet you've got your hand around it, and you're happy as a clam, stroking his hot fuck stick!"

"No, actually, I'm holding back so Cindy can have another nice long lick, aaaaaall the way from the top to the bottom. How is it, Cin?"

"Mmmm! Yum!"

"Am I right? Can you taste the metal?" Mindy asked.

Cindy chuckled at that. "No. I think it's safe to say that if Dan's a cyborg, this part is all human. All man! All yummy too. MMMM!" Neither of them were so much as touching my privates, and it was a good thing too, since I was wiped out.

"GRRR!" Michelle complained. "Now you're just being mean!"

Mindy replied, "Daughter, we are. To be honest, we've been putting you on. Right now, you and Ruby are being very BAD cock slaves. Enthusiasm is all well and good, and you've got plenty of that, but any slave worth their salt has to learn to obey as well. If you two have a chance to talk there in private, you should consider what you can do to be better cock slaves."

Ruby grumbled, "That's all we've got, is time to talk. Most people just drop their videos in the slot out in front."

I was surprised neither girl asked what Mindy meant with her "putting you on" comment. Maybe they missed it?

Mindy continued, "Well then, consider that it's not just a matter of having perfect, fuckable bodies, or an endless lust to pleasure your Daddy's cock - you have to learn not to be a demanding, uppity PAIN in the ASS! If you're serious about being his ideal cock slaves-"

"We ARE!" The girls yelled simultaneously.

Ruby added with annoyance, "Why doesn't anyone ever believe us?"

Mindy said, "Well, if you are, then you need to consider what you need to do to make HIM happy, and not just always satisfying your own lusts and wants. Don't you agree, Cin?"

Cindy had actually revived enough to get up and sit in my lap. It was great to have a sexy nude woman cuddling me and another still between my legs, but my penis remained as dead as ever. This getting older crap was really annoying.

However, Cindy seemed to figure that if the girls hadn't caught Mindy's hint yet, she might as well continue to pretend she was in the middle of a fantastic blowjob. So she just muttered, "MMMM!" Then she made some particularly loud slurpy noises. She winked at me, obviously having a lot of fun with this deception.

Mindy said, "In fact, now that I think about it, I think we should add a Cock Slave Rule Number Five: 'Daddy comes first.'"

Michelle asked, "What does THAT mean? It's so vague!"

"It means what it means," Mindy replied cryptically. "I would have thought it wasn't necessary, since it pretty much goes without saying that the needs of the master naturally come before the needs of the slaves. But Michelle, you especially are being so difficult and demanding that we need to spell it out. In short, what Daddy says, goes. If he says 'drop to your knees and suck,' you drop to your knees and suck his fat cock like your life depends on it! But that's the easy part. If he says stay at work and finish your shift, you do just that too, and with a smile on your face to boot. That's part of being his slave too. Do I make myself clear?"

Michelle griped, "Any chance he can give that first order right now instead of the second one?"


I was glad Mindy was being the "tough guy" this time, so I didn't have to say much.

Michelle went on, "I know this goes against every rule of a good haremocracy, but since a new rule is such an important thing, can we at least put this up for a vote?" She sighed as she immediately changed her mind. "Wait. Scratch that. A vote DOES go against everything I hold dear. But I haven't even heard what Daddy has to say about it. HE needs to give his okay!"

My wife looked at me to make sure I was okay with this. I nodded, quite happy with her approach, as well as the new rule.

Okay, I know I was being kind of a selfish bastard in allowing such a rule, but I figured I'd make up for it later by forcing the two Hellions to really go on dates with boys, so they could eventually have at least somewhat normal lives.

Mindy crawled up and sat in my lap too. Even though Cindy was already sitting there, the easy chair was quite roomy, and she basically planted her rump off one side of me while Cindy readjusted so her rump was off my other side. Their legs crossed over mine, but that wasn't much weight to bear. Now that my wife was cuddled against my side, she was able to whisper in my ear, "Say something to let them know you agree."

"Girls? Are you still there?"

They both mumbled that they were. I knew that of course, but I just wanted to say something to break the ice since I hadn't said anything to them in a while.

"Good. Now, this rule is hardly necessary, since it's implied that a slave always obeys her master, but I'll allow it since Mindy is the rule maker, and she knows best about these kinds of things. ... Actually, maybe the rule should be 'What Daddy says, goes.' That's clearer."

Mindy spoke up. "No, I prefer it the other way. This way, there's also the implication that Daddy cums first, with a C-U-M. That may not always be literally true, but that's what we should be striving for, to concentrate on your sexual satisfaction first and foremost. Right, girls? Now, you two should have gone back to work a few minutes ago, but before you do, I want to hear you recite the five rules."

To my great surprise, Michelle and Ruby began to speak in perfect unison: "Rule one: pleasure the cock. Rule two: no jealousy. Rule three: share the cock. Rule four: wives get first dibs. Rule five: Daddy comes first. We love you, Daddy!"

That was pretty mind-blowing, but what really got me was the "We love you, Daddy" at the end. They said that at exactly the same time too, making me suspect it was part of a regularly spoken ritual. Inspired, I cupped one of Mindy's tits with one hand, and one of Cindy's with my other one. I gave both a gentle but firm honk.

Mindy asked the girls, "Did you say that in the proper position?"

Again, in brain-melting unison, they replied, "Yes, Mom. Position Number Three." Ruby added, a bit uncertainly, "But we weren't naked, since we were just told to dress. Is that okay?"

"That's fine, girls," Mindy replied. "We'll make a special exception this time, since you're at work. Now, don't be so glum. Remember to think about and discuss what I've talked about - how to change your attitude and behavior to become better cock slaves. Once you've done that, then you can think about all the fun ways you can wake him up tomorrow."

"Can we really?!" Michelle asked, all bubbly and eager again. "I don't want to get all excited, only to have all the spermy, cocky fun stolen away from me. Again!"

"You will," Mindy said confidently. "That is, if you behave for the rest of your shift."

We finally ended the call after everybody said their good-byes to everyone else.

With that done, I tried to remember what "Position Number Three" was. It came to me: I found myself picturing my two beautiful girls kneeling with their knees spread wide, their huge racks proudly jutting out, and their hands behind their backs as if bound there. Then I pictured them standing behind a counter in the video shop, wearing their bland red polo shirts, greeting customers, and ringing the cash register.

Looking at it that way, it did seem kind of a waste for them to spend so many of their hours in non-sexual positions. But I reminded myself that I needed to be strong and resolute, and most of all, a good father. They needed to learn the meaning of responsibility and hard work, and this job was essential for that.

Sitting there, lightly fondling Mindy's and Cindy's racks, I was happy as a clam, even though my penis still showed no sign of revival. (If only I could be 18 again!) They both seemed quite content and happy too, nuzzling up to me with the occasional kiss on my skin. There was no need to talk or do anything - we were just enjoying each other's presence. The Motown music was still playing, and although the bouncy beat of the soulful songs no longer fit our mood, we were too lazy to get up and do something about it.

But curiosity finally got the best of me, and I asked Mindy, "I hate to break the mood, but I'd love to know what was up with their simultaneous chant of the rules. That can't be the first time they did that. Even with the new rule, they did it perfectly. And don't get me started about how you knew they'd be in some special position."

"Okay, I won't," my joking wife replied, pretending that was her entire answer. But once she'd gotten an obliging chuckle or two out of me, she said, "Sorry, but there are things going on behind the scenes that you don't know about."

"Obviously!" I replied, miffed. "I've kind of noticed that a few times already."

"Don't be like that," Mindy cooed, verbally smoothing my ruffled feathers while caressing my still-clothed chest. "Getting this harem thing to work is a big job, and I want it to work so much that I've been putting in a lot of time and effort that you never see to make sure things go smoothly."

"I can vouch for that," Cindy said. "Unfortunately, when I'm around you, everything seems fine, but when I'm not, all I can do is worry. Luckily, Min has been talking my ear off these last few days, trying to address my doubts every time she sees me. Especially today at lunch, she went on so long that I was tempted to agree just to get her to stop."

I teased my wife by replying to Cindy, "So she uses that trick on you too, huh?"

Mindy lightly punched my arm, but she didn't try to deny it was a technique she used. "In any case, I seriously feel that this special thing we have" - she paused to look over the way our three bodies were entwined, and even gave a quick honk to Cindy's nearest breast - "is so wonderful and, well, special, that I never want to lose it. Looking at us, Cin, sitting naked in his lap! Is this not the bee's knees?"

Cindy beamed, and cuddled in closer. "It is. His cock doesn't even have to be stiff for me to love being all over him like this."

"Agreed," Mindy said. "He's a great cuddler. But there has to be some rules, some order, or it won't work. I'm pretty big on the official rules I've come up with, and I get all our girls to repeat them as much as possible. Maybe you could call that indoctrination or even brainwashing, but hey, whatever works. And Cindy, now that you're a cock slave, that goes for you too. Let's hear the rules. And from the proper position too."

"Awww, do I have to? I'm so comfy." It seemed Cindy's only objection was that she'd have to break the cuddle.

"Yes, and while you're up, please put on some mellow music. But don't worry, we're not going anywhere. Honey, now that dinner's over, do you have any plans better than cuddling with your naked ladies for a couple of hours, and perhaps fucking them every now and then as the mood strikes you?"


So, after Cindy put on some mellow Nick Drake music, she knelt in Position Number Three right in front of Mindy and me. The only variation was she kept her head bowed down low as well. She boldly spoke, "I, Cindy McGrath, hereby do proudly reaffirm that I am one of Daniel Cooper's cock slaves. One of five so far, but I expect more busty slave sisters soon." She looked up at Mindy and me, and winked while flashing a naughty grin.

I thought, Sure, the idea of more "sisters" sounds great, in theory, but I'm honestly against it. I can't handle five as it is! And I don't think anyone else could handle them either, at least not these five. I mean, think of all the hassle of being married to one woman, and multiply that by five! No man in his right mind would say, "More! Bring it on!"

Cindy bowed her head back down and continued seriously, "I have willingly surrendered my free will to my master. As a lowly slave, I must obey any command my Master Dan or his wife Mindy gives me at any time. And at all times, I must obey and keep in mind the five rules. Rule one: pleasure the cock. Rule two: no jealousy. Rule three: share the cock. Rule four: wives get first dibs. Rule five: Daddy, i.e., Dan, comes first." She paused. But then she added in a very heartfelt tone, "I love you, Dan."

Okay, I'll admit that I was really aroused by that (although my dick STILL didn't respond). Even if she hadn't said a word, I loved seeing her bowed naked before me. But I was also genuinely moved. "I love you too, Cindy." I said it and truly meant it.

Beaming with joy, Cindy got back up and resumed her spot cuddling half next to me and half on top of me in the easy chair. She kissed me forcefully on my mouth, and we started to neck.

I slipped my fingers into Cindy's slit, and Mindy's too!

Mindy chuckled. "Cindy, if you've got any tough math problems to figure out, do it now while you still can. Because I've got a feeling tonight Dan is literally going to fuck our brains out!"

As I ran my hands down to two very fine (and red) asses, I thought, Damn! Life is fucking GOOD! Things with Cindy had gone about as well as I could have possibly imagined.

But at the same time, I knew conflict with Michelle was looming. I had a bad feeling that things with her would come to a head soon.

Mindy, Cindy and I enjoyed a lovely rest of the evening. Things were loving, languid, and lazy, but still very sexy.

I don't want to go into the details, but one thing worth mentioning was that I gave them an update on the main novel I was currently working on. I couldn't really call it a "swashbuckler" anymore, so I started referring to it as the "harem swashbuckler" novel.

I gathered Cindy knew very little about the novel's plot, so I filled her in with the basics. Then I went into much more detail about what I'd written earlier in the day, since I knew that was new to Mindy too. Plus, it was mostly sex scenes, so I figured they'd both eat that up.

Our charming rogue hero John still spent nearly all of his days in the sultan's harem, trying to rescue the princess Roxanna, who happened to look a lot like Michelle. Except now he spent his nights there too, since he'd befriended and seduced Morgana, the head harem girl who bore a striking resemblance to Ruby.

John's goal remained escape: for himself, for Morgana (since she's English and wants to return to England with him), for his imprisoned English crew, and for Roxanna, to return her to her kingdom before her true princess identity is discovered. However, progress with his escape plan was slow to non-existent.

His big hope lay with Morgana. Since she was the head harem girl and the sultan's favorite, she had special privileges, such as being able to leave the harem with a small guard and shop for most anything she wanted. However, she was enjoying getting frequently fucked by John, plus all the perks of being the head harem girl, that she kept dithering and making excuses why she was unable to get the items or the information that he needed. He spent most of the time in Morgana's private chamber, where even the few eunuch guards are not allowed to go, usually in bed with both Roxanna and Morgana at the same time. He also had three dozen other harem girls to sexually "take care of," so each day was such a sexual marathon for him that he didn't have much time or energy to work on his escape plan.

Not surprisingly, Mindy couldn't stop praising the "three dozen other harem girls" detail. She made various jokes, such as suggesting that since my writing clearly reflected my fantasy desires, she'd have to up her efforts to make sure I fucked at least three dozen teenage hotties in real life. At least I hoped it was a joke! It was getting increasingly difficult to tell. I strongly discouraged her in any case.

John was having the sexual time of his life. However, he felt guilty about living such a hedonistic life while his crew was rotting away in a nearby prison. He frequently complained about this to Morgana and Roxanna (who had become fast friends). Morgana pulled all the strings she could to improve the conditions of his crew, so he wouldn't feel so bad. However, she was unwilling to actually help set them free, for fear that if they were then John would leave with them or at least do something foolhardy and dangerous to help them.

As a result, John decided he needed a new plan if he was ever going to successfully escape. It occurred to him that the sultan had four wives, as allowed by Islam, and they lived relatively nearby, since the harem was built into the side of the sultan's vast palace so the sultan could have easy access to his many lovers. Furthermore, there even were secret, hidden passages so the sultan could visit his harem without being directed, and other passages so his wives could find out what he was doing there.

John's revised plan was to seduce one of the wives and then enlist her help in his escape plan. Any of the four wives had nearly unlimited power to help him. For instance, she could buy or build him a top of the line ship and man it with an expert crew and quality weaponry, virtually guaranteeing that he could return to England safely. The only problem was that the main part of the sultan's palace was heavily guarded, as opposed to the harem, which was mostly protected by thick walls and doors and a very elevated location, since male guards couldn't be trusted with the harem girls. (Contrary to popular belief, eunuch guards weren't completely lacking sexual desire and they could kiss, fondle, perform cunnilingus, and so on.) The closer to the sultan or his wives one got, the most difficult it was to penetrate the security.

John knew his only hope were the secret passages. But they were so well hidden that he had no clue where they were. The sultan was old and sick and never visited the harem anymore, so John was highly unlikely to discover one of the passages being used. Once again, he was reliant on the good will of Morgana. As the head harem girl, she definitely knew the location of the secret passages. Plus, now that he had become good friends and lovers with her (and Roxanna), she couldn't just deny him that information.

Instead, Morgana came up with a different strategy to delay his new plan from being implemented. She pointed out that seducing any of the wives could be very difficult and risky. If he failed, he certainly would be killed. So it was necessary for him to improve his seduction skills and sexual skills to improve his odds. Furthermore, intelligence was needed to determine which of the four wives would be easiest to seduce.

As a result, John's day to day life didn't change much. Months went by while Morgana and Roxanna kept his balls drained dry. The only major change was that he worked more on his seduction skills. First, he seduced and fucked the few harem girls he hadn't fucked already. Then all the girls pretended not to know him, giving him a chance to seduce them all over again, repeatedly.

That was as much as I had written so far. Once I finished my explanation, I asked for their overall feedback. By this time, Mindy and Cindy had gotten very hot and bothered, mostly by my detailed explanations of all the fucking John was doing. As a result, Cindy could only give me a thumbs up, because she was kneeling between my legs and bobbing on my cock. Furthermore, she'd been doing that for nearly my entire story! It seemed she simply couldn't get enough.

That left it up to Mindy to give me her feedback. I wasn't surprised to hear that she loved it. She was always supportive of my writing, even my lesser efforts. But she was over the moon with this story because it fit in so well with her cucquean fetish. In fact, she said the only problem she had was that she was worried that John would eventually succeed and escape back to England. Even if he left with both Morgana and Roxanna, she considered that a "tragic" ending. She far preferred that he stayed in the harem permanently, fucking all three dozen gorgeous harem girls into oblivion.

I tried to dodge that, since I was completely winging the plot line for the first time in my life. I didn't know the ultimate ending myself. Instead, I asked them for feedback about who the four queens should be. That led to such a lively discussion that Cindy switched from cocksucking to "mere" cock licking so she could chime in.

We didn't get very far though, because by this time the three of us were so worked up that we played around more and more and talked less and less. Somehow, things evolved into a role-play where I was John, Mindy was Roxanna, and Cindy was Morgana. Since Roxanna was a thinly veiled version of Michelle and Morgana was a thinly veiled version of Ruby, this basically meant they were pretending to be their daughters, and they did it. Thus, when it came time for me to fuck them, each of them pretended they were still virgins.

It was a hell of a great time!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Wayac, Johnny Galt, and Soralynd, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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