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Chapter 68

(Tuesday, May 28th)

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The next morning, a Tuesday, I woke up feeling satiated and satisfied. The worries of last night were long forgotten. With my eyes still closed, but my mind rapidly waking, I fondly recalled everything we'd done. At one point I'd taken turns fucking Min's and Cin's pussies, and the memory was almost as good as the actual act of doing it. It almost felt like I was STILL doing it.

Then, as I continued to awaken, I heard sounds: giggling, shuffling, and slurping sounds. It finally dawned on me what was happening and why I felt so very good: a wake-up blowjob!

I opened my eyes to see who was doing it to me. Just realizing that I had to do that because I honestly didn't know who it was sent a shiver of lust through me.

But what I saw wasn't what I'd expected. I'd felt one pair of lips sliding down past my sweet spot, so I'd expected one woman to be there. Then, as my eyes adjusted to the bright light, I remembered the "tickle attack" tradition, and thought I might see Ruby and Michelle. But to my surprise, when I lifted up my head and looked around the bed, I saw no less than FIVE women!

The whole "cock slave crew" was here. The bed sheets had been pulled all the way off my body. I could see Ruby sitting on the right side of my thighs, Michelle on the left side, and Mindy was between my legs. She was the one sucking me. Cindy and Sue Ellen were on either side of my chest.

All of them were gloriously naked, and each one was looking right at my newly opened eyes.

I felt a surge of pleasure soar through me, so powerful and fast it almost was like I'd been electrocuted. I think I even jerked my hips off the bed a little. It wasn't just the pleasure of what Mindy was doing with her lips and tongue - that felt great, naturally, but that wasn't enough to jolt my entire body. No, it was the sudden realization as I was still drifting into consciousness that I had a five-woman harem all working together to please me.

This felt soooo damn good! Five! Fucking FIVE women! In a fucking HAREM! What a great realization to wake up to!

"Good mooooorning, Daddy-Master!" Ruby and Michelle said in perfect unison. Obviously, they'd planned that in advance to get it just right.

Cindy and Sue Ellen had just been sitting next to me, but upon seeing me wake, they cuddled in close and lovingly ran their hands up and down my chest.

A few moments later, Cindy moved in closer still, dragging her bare tits up my chest to my neck. "Good morning, Dan, my love. I wanted to give you an extra-special wake-up kiss to thank you for all you did last night. Your wife and your girls were more than happy to cooperate." She planted small kisses up my chin until she reached my lips, and then she started French kissing me.

Meanwhile, I felt Mindy's mouth vacate my cock, but someone else's lips immediately replaced hers. I couldn't see who it was though, since Cindy was kissing my lips and Sue Ellen was also kissing her way across one of my cheeks. That meant that two heads, of red and dirty blonde, respectively, covered much of my face.

Whoever it was was damned good with her tongue work, though. The pleasure was so great that I felt I'd been fired from a cannon and was flying through the air like Superman. It was a non-stop thrill ride.

But I did hear Mindy say, "Tickle attack time! Sue Ellen, please supply the tickling."

Sue Ellen didn't stop kissing my face, but she pulled a big feather out from who knows where and started teasing my upper body with it. One couldn't really call it tickling, especially since I kept my arms pressed to my sides so my sensitive armpits wouldn't be a target. It was more of a playful stimulation, as she lightly brushed her way over my arms, chest, and neck.

So, unlike the usual tickle attack, I didn't have to tense up. In fact, it was the opposite - I could just relax and luxuriate in the pleasure being delivered all over me. I loved this kind of "attack."

Cindy eventually broke her kiss, and started kissing down my face and under my chin.

Sue Ellen licked and pecked her way up to my mouth, but just before she could get there, I protested to the group, "Thanks! But I'm not worthy!" I had to say that quickly, and I couldn't say any more, because Sue Ellen stuck her tongue down my throat.

I heard Mindy laugh. "Girls, did I tell you he'd say that, or did I tell you he'd say that? Honey, for someone who's so predictable, it's surprisingly fun to suck and lick your cock."

Whoever's lips were sliding up and down an inch below my cockhead made an emphatic "MMMM!" sound in agreement. Judging from the technique, I guessed it was Michelle, but it was hard to tell, because it could have been Ruby too. Shelle and Ruby knew all the exact same tricks and moves since they'd "trained" together. I'd noticed that Michelle had some distinct moves, but if it was her she wasn't using them at the moment.

Mindy continued to speak. "Now, Honey, don't complain too much, because we've put a lot of effort into making this happen. Imagine my surprise this morning when I went downstairs at seven to go to work, only to see your four cock slaves all sitting in the living room and arguing about who's turn it was to deliver the tickle attack. Cindy wanted everyone to join in, but the others thought that would be too much for you all at once. Luckily, I was able to quell a potential civil war by getting everyone to agree to share. After all, we can't forget Rule Number Three, can we?"

Several girls whose mouths weren't occupied shouted happily, "'Share the cock!'"

Mindy continued, "And then I figured, hey, why do I have to go to work and miss out on all the fun?"

"Mmmm!" I complained. I couldn't be any more coherent than that, not with the way Sue Ellen's tongue was playing with mine.

But my wife, bless her soul, knew exactly what I was trying to say. "Don't worry, Honey, I'm not skipping work today. I'll be leaving shortly. It's just that I figured it was okay to wake you earlier than usual, since you went to sleep early last night. That way, I could enjoy this too."

It was true that I had gone to bed early. It had been a mellow evening, relatively speaking, but by the end of it, Mindy and Cindy had pretty much drained my balls completely dry and left me half-dead. Cindy had sucked and licked my dick off and on for at least an hour, and then I'd fucked them both. I'd probably drifted off before ten, which was quite rare for me.

I felt the lips around my cock leave, only to be immediately replaced by someone else's (Ruby?). And whoever had stopped licked their way down to my balls instead, and then kept on licking around there.

Around the same time, Sue Ellen finished her turn kissing my lips (but not her feather tickling), and was immediately replaced by Cindy again.

Have I mentioned how incredibly great this all felt? Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick!

Mindy continued, "I know you, Daniel Cooper. As soon as you're able to speak again, you're going to complain how unbalanced and unfair this all is. And that's true. But you're the motherfucking master!"

I heard Michelle joke, "More like the motherfucking AND soon-to-be daughter-fucking master." That confirmed that Ruby had to be the one currently working my sensitive spot with her busy tongue and lips.

Mindy laughed. "Good one, and also very true. He's nailing two mother-daughter pairs! If us mothers ever celebrate a 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day' around here, I think we'll all just wind up with our noses in Dan's crotch, as usual!" She laughed some more.

She continued, "But in any case, Honey, the 'tickle attack' is a firmly established tradition now, and you're gonna wake up to a fun surprise every day from now on, although I imagine there'll always be a hell of a lot more cocksucking, and titfucking, and other kinds of fucking, than mere tickling. So, darling hubby o' mine, get used to it. What did Spiderman say? 'With great harem master power comes great tag-team cocksucking all up and down your great fat cock.' Well, it was something to that effect, at any rate." She chuckled. "Oops! My turn again!"

Ruby's lips slid up and off my cockhead, and no sooner than I could count to two, Mindy's lips were one-third of the way down my shaft.

"Wow!" Ruby and Michelle said in perfect tandem.

I heard Ruby add, "Mindy, you're totally awesome! Michelle, did you see that, or are you too busy with Daddy's balls? I swear, every time I go down on him, it's like trying to swallow a Coke can. I have to do some jaw stretching exercises to even get the courage to try it, and then I have to engulf him slowly and carefully. And that's with MONTHS of training to get used to his size! But Mindy swallows his entire fat fuckstick so easily, it's like she's popping a Tic-Tac in her mouth!"

Michelle commented as she kept on licking one of my testicles, "I know exactly what you mean. It's like a nightmare for me to cram so much cock in, but then once I do, the rewards are soooo deliciously awesome! The nightmare turns into a dream, the most incredible erotic dream. Just look at Mom bobbing up and down on all that delicious cock-meat! Is she stylin', or what?"

Ruby said, "Listen to her occasional gagging sounds. That's like music to my ears!"

"Me too," Michelle agreed. "It means her mouth is so stuffed full of cock that she's on the verge of deep throating him! And as if sucking Daddy's dick isn't fun enough in and of itself, not to mention knowing how good we're making Daddy feel, she gets the extra kick of knowing the four of us are jealously waiting our turns."

Ruby sighed longingly. "I am jealous. And not just of having her mouth stretched painfully wide with all that Daddy cock right now. To think: she was sucking the King before you or I were even born! All those years and years of cocksucking fun, AND he's fucked her a bazillion times. Plus, think of the experience she has with him! It'll take us years and years of daily Daddy-sucking before we come even CLOSE to getting to her level!"

I still couldn't see anything beyond Sue Ellen and Cindy and all their kissing and licking around my face, but I figured Michelle nodded in agreement. Then I heard her say, "Daily? Heck, hourly is more like it! Why would I want to do anything else?"

Neither Sue Ellen nor Cindy happened to be kissing my lips at the moment (and in fact they were starting to lick my neck, making exactly same motions on either side of my Adam's Apple). That freed my mouth to talk, and I had to complain, "Now, hold on. 'Hourly?'"

Michelle giggled. "Okay, maybe not hourly. I know that's not practical, and I did say 'hourly is more like it.' But I would if I could, 'cos I love you that much."

"You just love cocksucking that much," Ruby teased her.

"That too!" Shelle giggled some more. "I get too excited to stand it, knowing I'm blowing my daddy AND my master! Knowing the one love of my life has gifted me by sliding his fat knob in between my lips. It's my favorite way to express my great love for him. And it's so scary too, knowing that if I don't give him the greatest pleasure humanly possible with my tits, tongue, ass, lips, and hands, he's gonna whale on my ass!"

"No, I'm not," I said. "I object!"

Mindy vacated my cock, and said, "Hey, stud, why be so honest? Let your stacked sexpot daughter think she won't be able to sit for a week if she... Oh shit!"

"What?" I asked. Cindy and Sue Ellen were still doing incredible things to my neck in near-perfect unison. Their tongue work felt almost as good as all the cock-and-balls play.

"The joke's on me," my wife said with chagrin. "I'm afraid my daughters have bad breath."

"Huh?" I was confused.

Mindy had just been setting up a joke. "They must, 'cos look how badly they wanted a Tic-Tac!" After laughing, she explained, "But the reason I was cursing was because I was so eager to make my comment, I accidentally ended my turn early." She added melodramatically, complete with fake swoon, "Those are precious cocksucking moments I will NEVER get back!"

Sure enough, I could feel Ruby and Michelle start licking their way up and down their respective sides of my shaft. I could feel the urge to cum suddenly well up to nearly unbearable proportions.

Mindy looked down at her pussy. "What's the saying? 'You snooze, you ooze, from your cooze?' Or is it, 'The early slut gets the sandworm?' Or..."

Sue Ellen paused in her neck licking to say, "I think the saying you're looking for is, 'Two birds sucking cock are better than one making jokes.'" Then she licked her way up to my ear and nibbled on it a little bit.

Mindy laughed heartily at that. "Touché!"

I was pleasantly surprised at Sue Ellen's humor. It was kind of embarrassing to realize how little I still knew about her, even though I had been talking to her more lately.

I asked, "'Sandworm?' What's that?"

Mindy explained, "From the Dune sci-fi novels. They're worms about the size of skyscrapers slithering through a sea of sand. I was trying to think of something sexual to do with 'worm,' and those were the biggest worms I could come up with, to match your penis size." She frowned. "A joke's no good if I have to explain it, though."

I chuckled. "I do remember them now, but I think you overshot a little bit on the size comparison."

My wife smirked happily. "You think? A little bit, perhaps." She suddenly switched gears. "Hold on, girls, there'll be plenty of time for that kind of thing later. You two lucky devils can spend the whole morning slathering your tongues all over the King. Unfortunately, some of us have different careers. But before I have to go, I want to see the second thing we talked about."

"Okay!" Several different voices said.

Everyone began to shift positions at once, like they were taking part in a frantic fire drill right on top of me. I felt arms and legs sliding up and down all over my body.

But I protested, "Hey! Wait, everybody. I know already that whatever the 'second thing' is will be insanely awesome. It'll blow my mind so much that smoke will pour out of my ears."

That elicited a lot of happy giggles.

I continued, "But there's just one thing. I'm on a hair trigger already. The next person who so much as touches my cock will probably find their face full of cum in a matter of seconds."

Everyone started making, "Oooh! Me! Me, me, me!"-type comments. But my erection was in fact untouched at the moment, thanks to everyone changing positions, and no one made any movement to touch it just yet. It seems they were at least having some mercy on me.

Mindy ensured that by saying, "Hold on, girls. Let's give him a minute to rest."

I chuckled. "A minute? Boy, you're generous. If that's all I get, then I'm gonna be totally fucked."

My wife said wryly, "I think it's an established fact that you're gonna be 'totally fucked' today, tomorrow, and well, pretty much forever. Not to mention last night."

"Oooh! Oooh!" Michelle said eagerly. "That reminds me. Mom, since we're resting anyway, you have to tell us what happened last night. We never got the full story of what happened after Ruby's phone call."

"That was awesome!" Ruby gushed, obviously recalling the phone sex we'd shared.

"Don't rub it in," Michelle grumbled.

The five of them had stopped moving and were sitting around me on the bed. I took the opportunity to sit up and say, "While you talk, I'm gonna go brush my teeth and whatnot. I feel embarrassed kissing with this deadly morning breath."

On the way up, I finally had a good chance to look around. Wow! Each woman is so mouthwateringly beautiful by herself, but to see them all casually lounging on my bed naked is something else entirely. It really makes me feel like some sultan luxuriating in his harem. So fuckin' cool!

I went to the adjoining bathroom, but kept the door open so I could hear what was being said.

Mindy suggested, "I could tell you, but I'd rather that Cindy does."

"No, I couldn't," Cindy protested, suddenly embarrassed.

"You can and you will," Mindy firmly insisted. "And might I remind you that I'm a wife, and you're a cock slave, and cock slaves have to obey their master's wives. If you don't, I'll get Dan to spank you. Normally, you'd probably love that, but I know your ass is as red as mine after what he did to us and Ruby last night."

Michelle griped, "You have all the fun."

"That was most definitely NOT fun, young lady," Mindy said, suddenly sounding very much like a mother. "Look at my ass. Just look at it!"

I poked my head out through the doorway to see what Mindy was doing. As expected, she'd turned over to show just how red it was. Her ass was still spectacular, and she was proudly showing it to the others. I was surprised at its still-rosy color, considering she'd had a night to sleep the spanking off.

Michelle asked, "And this is supposed to upset me... how? I'd fucking KILL to have my daddy, my master, and my one true love keep my naughty ass ruby red at all times. Oh God! Then to suck the King with a tingling burn in my ass cheeks... Heaven!" She started to finger her pussy.

Ruby apparently liked the sound of that a lot, because she started playing with herself too. She looked my way, and saw me looking back at her. "If anyone's ass should be 'ruby red' all the time, it should be mine, since that's my name! Daddy, don't just stand there; slide the King straight down my throat! Fuck my face!" She sat up and pressed her tits together, creating a tight and deep cleavage. "Or would you rather fuck my tits?"

But I dodged back into the bathroom. I still had some things to take care of, including taking a leak.

That resulted in a chorus of groans, but Mindy said, "Hey, girls, give him a break. Remember that there's just one of him and there's five of us. That can be pretty overwhelming. Besides, he's not just brushing his teeth, he's recharging his cock. Just think how many more long minutes of delicious cocksucking you'll have later on 'cos he had a chance to rest now."

I thought, Damned straight! You tell 'em, Sweetheart. Five is great, but it's nearly too much to take. Holy tamoley, I honestly never really thought it would come to this. Not that I've had much time to think. We've got to figure out a way so I can mostly be with my ladies one on one, or two on one. Five on one - it's like being directly exposed to a blast furnace of lust!

Mindy continued to talk. "So Cindy, let's hear it. Last night."

At this point, I lathered up and started shaving, but I stopped when I realized there was a long silence with no answer. There even some proddings from the girls - "Come on, spill the beans," "Don't be shy," and the like - but still nothing from Cindy.

I was about to poke my head around for another look, but then I heard some giggling and rustling about.

"Okay, okay, I'll talk!" Cindy finally said. "But no more tickling. Deal?"

Once that was agreed to with some grumbles and mumbles, Cindy went on, very hesitantly, "I... It's just... Well, what happened last night was so intimate and personal. That's why I'm embarrassed to talk about it. If he had just banged me up against the wall in one of his mad King Dong rages, I wouldn't mind spilling the beans."

I was amused by that mention. All of them were acting like I regularly turned into a "King Dong" wild man, when in fact it had only happened once, if that.

She went on, "In fact, I'd love telling you all in great detail just how dominating and sexually overpowering our master was. As usual. But what happened, well, it was..."

"It was what?" Michelle asked impatiently.

"It was so much... love. Love! I've never felt so loved in my life! Not just with Dan, but with Mindy too."

"Oh my God! Mom too? Did you two get it on?" Michelle asked excitedly.

Mindy said testily, "Stop interrupting already! And for your information, no we did not! And we're not going to either. Neither of us swing that way. True, maybe we kissed each other a little bit, but that was just a 'heat of the moment' thing. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a little girl-on-girl kissing, is there? Even if it's mouth-on-mouth, that doesn't mean anything! It's mostly just to show off for Dan! And I'll admit I played with one of her breasts a little bit, from time to time, but that was only because Dan was playing with her other one and I was just trying to help him out."

My wife was growing increasingly embarrassed, as her explanation was growing increasingly self-incriminating. She concluded, "Go on, Cindy. And don't pay them any mind."

"What about when you-" Cindy started to ask.

Mindy blushed, and insisted, "Never mind about that! Go on with the rest of your story already!"

Since I'd been there, I figured Mindy was probably trying to avoid discussion of just how much tit play the two of them had shared. I was beginning to understand that my wife was as big a tit lover as I was (in other words, off the scale!), and she especially loved Cindy's perfect rack. She'd had one or both of her hands on Cindy's chest more often than not last night, and Cindy had reciprocated. In fact, at one point, Mindy had buried her face deep in Cindy's cleavage, and joked about wearing "titty ear muffs."

I peeked back into my bedroom and saw Cindy grinning widely. That was probably in remembrance of the "titty ear muffs" incident, not to mention Mindy's extensive kissing all over the sloping curves between Cindy's nipples that followed.

But seeing Mindy nervous and embarrassed gave Cindy courage to continue her story, because she wanted to cover for her friend. "Last night wasn't so much about sex, although Mindy and I certainly kept the King happy and hard pretty much the entire evening. After all, who could ever forget Rule Number One?"

I heard a chorus of gleeful girls simultaneously shout, "'Pleasure the cock!'"

That blew me away (I know, a pretty common occurrence for me lately). It seemed like Mindy had been brainwashing the others to be perfect sex slaves for me, right before my eyes, and they were all eager and willing to internalize the propaganda. Now, Cindy's question showed they were even gladly brainwashing each other. Did that disturb me? Yes! Enough to do something about it? Hell no!

Cindy continued, "Yes, there was plenty of 'pleasure the cock.'" She grinned wickedly. "In fact, my tongue is still so tired from what we did that I couldn't even lick a stamp. Well, unless it was on the side of the King; then I wouldn't be able to stop!"

That got some hollers of approval, and even a couple of "You go girl"-type shouts.

"In fact, at one point, Mindy graciously let me have the King all to myself. I sucked and licked him pretty much continuously while he gave us a very detailed update of his new novel!"

That resulted in even more cheers. As the girls calmed down, Ruby asked, "Mom, how was it?! To have that much Dan cock for that long! Please, give us all the juicy, slurpy details!"

"Not now, but I will later if you really want to know. In short, it was as good as I'd dreamed! No, better! It really brought home that all this slave talk isn't just talk. I realized this was how I was going to be spending a good portion of my free time from now on, kneeling naked between his legs, my lips and tongue doing all the could to sexually satisfy him. And you know what? That's exactly what I want!"

More cheers and high-fives resulted.

Then Cindy went on, "But, as great as all that was - and just wait until you get the update to his X-rated new chapters - that wasn't the main thing it was about. It was about love. As you know, at dinner, our man announced point blank that I was going to be one of his cock slaves from now on, and I'd better get used to it, or he'd whack my ass so hard I'd never be able to sit down again!"

I had retreated back into the bathroom, where I was washing up but still listening closely. I thought back to dinner. The first part of what she said was true, but I couldn't recall making any threat even remotely like that.

Michelle shrieked, "Gaawwwd! That is too hot!"

"I know," Cindy said matter-of-factly, like the hotness of that statement was a proven scientific fact. "And I thought he'd prove his total control over me by fucking me within an inch of my life all night long, and making me desperately beg for more. But no. It was just the opposite. He showered me with love, not sperm. Well, okay, love AND sperm."

That got more laughs. It looked like Cindy could be quite the comedian too, when she was happy and relaxed. To be honest, I'd never seen her in such a good mood.

"But all that love bound me to him even MORE! My God, last night was the highlight of my entire life! The three of us cuddled up in one easy chair for much of the time, if you can imagine how much fun that was. Mindy and I pretty much had to sit right on top of him. It was soooo cuddly and comfy!"

She frowned, pretending to have a bad memory. "Well, except for one annoyingly large protrusion that stuck straight up all the time and kept poking Mindy and me in the most intimate and sensitive places."

That got even more hollers and laughs.

However, Cindy grew serious again. "Of course, with his cock right there, one or both of us had a hand on it most of the time, but that still wasn't what it was all about. Sometimes, both of us simply held the King and didn't stroke it at all! It was about being together, and talking, and sharing. I admitted to Dan that I'd been hopelessly in love with him for years, and I, I... I cried!"

Suddenly she burst into tears.

I quickly finished drying my face and went back to the bedroom to see if I could help her. I immediately sat down next to her and took her naked body in my arms. "What's wrong, babe?"

She sobbed, "I'm not crying because I'm sad, these are happy tears! Just like they were last night. Dan, you make me so happy! I love you so much!" She buried her face in my chest and kept on crying.

Ruby scooted close and joined the hug. She had two mothers now, but she obviously felt extra close to her natural mother and she always would. In joining the hug, she pressed her big tits against my back. I could feel her hard nipples sliding up and down my skin in time to her breathing.

A minute passed, then another, and Cindy was still crying. Everyone else was patiently waiting for her to calm down.

But all this crying was obviously upsetting Ruby a lot, so she took decisive measures. She took Cindy's hand and brought it down to my dick. I'd actually gone mostly flaccid while in the bathroom, but Ruby said, "Here, Mom. Jack our master off for a little while. That'll make you feel better." She kept her hand on Cindy's, guiding it up and down.

And just like that... Wham! My dick quickly engorged to its full size.

"Thanks," Cindy sniffled. "Even though I'm not sad, that does feel better. ... Mmmm. A lot better." She giggled, as my dick quickly hardened and she got into the spirit of things.

Ruby's hand stopped guiding her mother's and drifted down to play with my balls.

I turned my head and kissed my way up Cindy's neck.

"Look! See?" Cindy exclaimed, as her fingers rubbed back and forth over my sweet spot. "This is what I'm talking about! Look how he's making me feel so much better, just with his touching and kissing, and letting me toss him off. I ask any of you, how could you not triumphantly shout 'Yes!' to being the cock slave to such a kind, loving, and virile man?"

"YES!" Sue Ellen shouted, exuberantly throwing her arms straight up into the air. She was obviously kidding around, even though she was also sincere. There was something about the way she looked and moved that made us all laugh especially hard.

Ruby asked, "So, Mom, are you still upset with the way he secretly enslaved me, and how we kind of sprang it all on you?" Now that my dick had grown to its full length, there was room for more than one hand, and Ruby and Cindy were slowly stroking it up and down as if their combined ten fingers belonged to a single hand.

"Are you kidding me?" Cindy asked. "I understand now that you really had no choice in the matter. That's what it means to be a slave. You have no choice but to serve... uh, Dan."

Her crying spell was forgotten, and she was even smiling after Sue Ellen's joking around. She ran her free hand up Ruby's tummy, and cupped the underside of one tit, and hefted it up. "I'm just so glad that you have so much to offer him. I'm glad I always made you eat your Wheaties." She laughed a little more.

Ruby whispered in her ear, "Still having trouble calling him 'Master,' huh?"

I heard that, but Michelle didn't, and she complained, "Hey, you two are having all the fun. You get to cuddle with Daddy AND share stroking his cock. So Cindy, either continue your story or let me have some of that too."

"I'll continue my story then," Cindy replied, "'cos I'm not about to give this up just yet." She let go of her daughter's boob, bent over, and kissed the tip of my erection.

She sat back up against me, and continued, "There's not much else to tell, really. It was a lazy, lovely evening. Well, except for when he finished his story about John, Roxanna, and Morgana and let out his passions on my pussy and Mindy's too!"

"A-HA!" Ruby laughed gleefully. "I knew there'd be some of that. Tell us more about that part!"

"I'd rather not, because just the cuddling and talking was even more significant to me. We talked a LOT after the story telling and fucking. Do you know how long I suffered, knowing that Mindy was married to the man I secretly loved, and that I'd probably never be able to be with him intimately, or even tell him how I felt? And then last night, I was cradled in his arms forever! And I was able to tell him EVERYTHING, all the things I'd been holding back, and Mindy was right there, listening and approving!"

She laughed. "You know what's funny? I was so worried how she'd react when I explained how long and how much I'd been in love with Dan. I'd actually closed my eyes as I talked, because I was afraid to look at her face. But when I was done, she just said, 'I know. I've known for a long time now. And I approve.' And then she kissed me on the lips!"

That had blown me away last night, and this morning I was STILL blown away... simply awestruck by it. How long had Mindy known and not told me? It seems as if every day I was learning new things to point out how oblivious I'd been. But it helped explain why Mindy wanted Cindy in the harem so much.

Cindy laughed again. "And it wasn't any simple peck, either, but a full-on passionate love-lock. Before long, we were kissing right across Dan's chest, with our big racks rubbing against each other, and our hands both stroking up and down his fat pole. Kind of like now, in fact."

She looked down at her hand. "Actually, make that pretty much exactly like now, in fact!" She giggled. "It was just a slow, gentle stroking, like what we're doing or even mellower than this, so we could keep it up for hours. And then Dan, seeing our lips just inches in front of his, tilted his head forward and joined in the kiss! I didn't even know three people could share one kiss, but they can! Mindy and I must have spent the next twenty or thirty minutes just kissing each other, and Dan, and jacking him off, and playing with our breasts and rubbing them against each other and against him. It was heaven!"

I looked over at Mindy.

She was blushing profusely, all the way down to her nipples. She protested, "It wasn't like that! Well, not exactly! We were just sharing an important, emotional moment. It wasn't like, you know, a woman-to-woman kiss, a sexual thing. It was just, I was so horny for my Dan, my husband, and I wanted to kiss HIM, but his cock felt so strong and good in my hands, and I did kiss him, but sometimes Cindy's mouth was right there instead, and, well... It was just... It was a one-time, special thing!"

Everyone there was amused and smiling at Mindy, because her excuses were so feeble and transparent. But we also all understood that she needed her excuses, at least for now, so no one teased her or prodded her.

Ruby's head was just inches from Cindy's, and she whispered to her mother, "Could we... you and I... could we kiss Dan and each other like that? I'd love to experience that magic you shared."

Cindy was indignant at first. "Of course not! You're my daughter, and I can't kiss you in a sexual way like that."

Mindy nervously inserted, "Not that what we did last night was sexual..."

It was kind of amusing to see how in denial my wife still was about her lesbian urges.

But Cindy softened. "However, the rest, we can do that. I'd love to kiss Dan with you, and rub our breasts together while we keep slowly jacking him off. But for him, mind you. As cock slaves, I'm sure we're going to have to rub our breasts together a lot in front of his face. For him."

Mindy repeated quietly, "Yes, for him." She had a blank face, like some kind of mindless zombie, no doubt picturing how much she could kiss and rub tits with the others while using that excuse.

Cindy continued, "If last night was any indication, he absolutely loves it. He was so busy licking our nipples that-"

Michelle cut in, "Hey, I hate to keep being a bother, and that does sound awesome, but what about the rest of us? Look at Sue Ellen, for instance. She's just been sitting here patiently and obediently, like a good slave girl, hardly saying a word. But she hasn't so much as touched the King this morning! That's not fair."

I looked over at Sue Ellen, as did everyone else. She bowed her head down, embarrassed at all the sudden attention. "It's okay. Whatever Master wants. Besides, I'd like to hear the rest of what happened last night. It sounds really beautiful and romantic, not to mention hot! All the fucking and cuddling and cocksucking and talking... it's like my perfect evening!"

"Okay," Cindy said, being unusually decisive. "Ruby, we'll save that tit-rubbing plan for some other time. I'm sure that in the years to come we'll be doing that all the time, so there's no rush. And I'll quickly finish my story before Michelle bursts with frustration. There's not much left to tell, actually. Like I said, it was mostly talking and cuddling, and a lot of what was said is private stuff meant just for the three of us."

"Fair enough," Michelle said. "I just don't want to miss out on anything important. And by the way, don't ever forget that Ruby and I can relate with what you were going through with your secret, forbidden love. We had the exact same time of quiet suffering. We call them the 'Dark Years.'"

I thought Michelle was being overly dramatic (as usual). For instance, one could just tell from the way she said "Dark Years" that they were supposed to be capitalized. But she was young, passionate, and sincere, and it seemed harmless, so I wasn't gonna give her a hard time.

Michelle added, "But Cindy, you DID keep Daddy's cock constantly hard and stimulated most of the evening, didn't you?"

"Of course. Although it was very low key, like I said. When I sucked him during his long story, I was going for longevity, not trying to make him cum. But I really enjoyed that, just going at a slow pace with a focus on tongue work, letting my jaw adjust to his size. A lot of the time, I just liked to hold it and feel its warmth. And ditto with his hands on me, or Mindy. Or her hands on me, or my hands on her. It was like the three of us were one."

She turned and looked me in the eye. "I'd love to spend more evenings like that, with just the three of us."

"We will," I replied confidently. That sounded great to me too. All five on me at once was something I'd only want every now and then. A threesome was more my style. I kissed her to remind her of my love.

The kiss grew more passionate, and I found my hands full of tit-flesh. The amazing thing was, with four tits lined up across my chest, I couldn't really tell by feel which ones belonged to Ruby and which ones belonged to Cindy. I had to look to see who was where. Okay, I was cheating by not exploring their full size (since that would be a giveaway), and Cindy's melons had a bit more sag, but the silky, spongy feel was exactly the same. There were no other signs of age that I could tell.

I was surprised when Cindy suddenly broke the kiss. Apparently, she was trying not to keep the others waiting. As Ruby kissed me instead, Cindy continued, "That's not to say it was all just gentle cuddling, kissing, and stroking. Since we were both practically sitting on Dan's cock already, it was easy as pie to make an adjustment, and voilà, he was inside our pussies!"

Mindy joked, "Wow, both pussies at once? Honey, that's impressive, even from you. Especially since I was there, and I don't recall that double fucking at all."

Cindy chuckled. "Okay, not both at once. But he was in either you or me, back and forth." She turned to the girls. "And again, it was a slow and easy thing. There wasn't any frantic bouncing up and down.

Ruby cut in, "I thought you said he 'royally' fucked the both of you?"

"Yes, but that was earlier. It was a long evening. I'm talking about later, when we were talking about personal things, kissing, and cuddling. it was just the glorious feeling of being full with my man's cock deep inside me. We kept talking and kissing, except that sometimes one or the other of us was sitting there, fully impaled."

Ruby said, "Oh my freakin' God! That sounds soooooooo so, SO great!"

"You said it!" Michelle added. She was hanging on every word now, just as Ruby was. Probably they felt that if they weren't allowed to fuck me, they'd do their all to experience it vicariously through the descriptions of others.

Mindy said to Cindy with a touch of pride, "Maybe all you were doing was sitting there, but when he was in me, I was squeezing my pussy walls. I've gotten so used to doing that that I can pretty much do it without thinking or exerting myself. It's like chewing gum."

"Really?" Cindy said, surprised. "I'm gonna have to work on that. It takes a lot of conscious effort for me. Of course, that wasn't the only fucking we did. Later on, Mindy and I got off the chair and... Oh God. This is so naughty. I can't believe it."

"What?" Several girls eagerly asked at once, including Sue Ellen. Michelle asked, surprised, "You mean there was still more fucking?! On top of the earlier 'royal' fucking?"

Cindy was very embarrassed. She nodded, then shyly said, "You tell 'em, Mindy. Please? I did pretty good telling the rest, you have to admit."

"Very well," Mindy relented. "But you and Ruby get in your last cock stroking jollies over there, 'cos we're going to switch positions in a minute. Anyway, yeah, it is a bit embarrassing, now that you mention it. Somehow, we got onto some kind of sexy talk, where we said that Dan was the alpha male of the pack, and since he was the top dog and we were his bitches, he had to take us and use us just like animals, just like the female dogs we are. What was that you said, Cin, as you wiggled your ass at him? 'Master, take me like a-'"

Cindy hastily reached out and clapped her hand over Mindy's mouth. "Never you mind about that! Let's not, uh, bother the others with unimportant details." She was blushing furiously.

My wife relented again, and skipped Cindy's very sexy talk. "Okay. Sorry. I don't quite know how it happened, but somehow Cindy and I wound up on the carpet right in front of the chair, with Cindy underneath and me on top. Our asses were high up in the air. Whose idea was that, Cindy? Yours or mine?"

Cindy closed her eyes, her cheeks cherry red. "I don't know! What does it matter? I can't believe I'm letting our daughters hear this."

Ruby purred into her ear, "Mom, it sounds super sexy to me. Besides, look at our hands. We're jacking our master off together. Mother and daughter, bound together by our love for him and his great big cock! Our fingers are covered in pre-cum and sliding relentlessly up and down his thick pole, and you have no problem with that. Plus, he's playing with our nipples at the same time. Everything is sex here! Just smell the wet pussy in the air. So why is talking about this a bigger deal?"

Cindy kept her eyes closed, but kept right on jacking me off, in time with Ruby's strokes. "I don't know. It just is, okay? ... I guess, maybe I still have trouble being, you know... a sex slave. Not just being called a sex slave, but really being it, and feeling it down to the depths of my soul. And when I was stacked in some kind of... I dunno, fuck sandwich, with Mindy looking down into my eyes and her pussy juices literally dripping down into my opened pussy lips, I never felt so... well, totally enslaved!"

Michelle asked, "Even more so than during the dance hall incident?"

"Yes, because then I was totally overwhelmed and just living in the moment. But this time, I was very consciously thinking about my slave status."

Ruby reached down and started fingering Cindy's clit. "So why'd you do it? It was your idea, wasn't it?"

"Don't touch me like that! I'm your mother!"

"Don't worry, Mom, I'm not making a move on you. But this is the Button of Truth, and I'm going to keep pressing it until you tell me what really happened!"

Cindy squirmed and writhed about in a very sexy manner. She closed her eyes and tensed up, and even stopped stroking my boner (just holding it painfully tightly instead). She did everything to resist Ruby except for taking the very easy step of removing Ruby's hand or simply moving away. "No! Please don't! Please!"

But Ruby was relentless. She even ran her fingers up and down Cindy's pussy lips, which was quite an accomplishment considering the way Cindy's hips were moving this way and that.

One could tell all five women were bisexual from the lusty looks in their eyes. Mindy's face was especially priceless. I could practically see her mental gears grinding, trying to figure out an excuse to be interrogated via the "Button of Truth" method.

As Cindy's legs thrashed about and her body panted its way very close to orgasm, she suddenly squealed, "Fine! Stop, please! I'll talk! Yes, it was my idea, okay? And it was because I goddamn LOVE being a sex slave! Especially Dan's sex slave! That very idea is totally turning my world upside down. It's wrong for a woman to want to be a slave to a man, but it feels so fucking right! I love it! I fucking LOVE IT!"

She kissed me on the lips, wowing me with her pent-up lust.

But her passion had risen so high that even that wasn't enough. She scooted back and dropped down, engulfed my cockhead, and her lips started intently bobbing up and down on my cock. Yet she didn't just close her eyes and get to it - her eyes remained wide open and staring up at my face. I can't begin to describe the loving and lusty look she gave me as her cheeks repeatedly caved in with all the suction she was making.

Mindy laughed, but it seemed to be a nervous laugh that tried to cover her extreme arousal. "Looks like someone has some pretty horny memories from last night. Honey, play with her pussy right now, and that's an order!"

Michelle protested, "Mom, you can't order Daddy around. He's our master!"

Mindy clarified, "He's YOUR master. Okay, he's partly my master too. I am a semi-official cock slave now in a lot of ways. But I am still his one and only wife, and wives get special privileges. It's even in the official rules, as Rule Number Four. And you see? He understands that."

Sure enough, I started playing with Cindy's pussy, even though I had to bend way forward, and even then it was very nearly out of my reach. I wouldn't have done it if it weren't a good idea, but it was a very good idea. I couldn't wait to see Cindy explode in orgasmic bliss. She was still writhing around helpless, and I knew it wouldn't be long for her.

Ruby had grabbed Cindy's hair and was "forcing" her down deeper on my cock, but to be honest, Cindy didn't need any forcing. The redheaded MILF repeatedly went down deep enough to choke and gag. The resulting obscene noises drove everybody wild.

Sure enough, I could feel Cindy's body trembling in orgasm after less than a minute of my fondling. I was glad, because I was in an awkward pose.

When her orgasm ended, I was able to sit back and relax. Cindy somehow kept her lips down on my shaft, but she didn't make any sexy movements with her mouth at all. Either she needed a break or she knew I did, or both. Probably, it was both.

Sue Ellen asked, "Could someone please finish the story?"

Mindy said, "So there we were, one on top of the other, the glow of the fireplace the only light illuminating our naked bodies, when-"

Sue Ellen asked, "Excuse me, but there was a fire? You didn't mention that part." Her eyes were glazed over, like she was living the story herself, and had actually been with us in the room.

"Oh yes, we had a raging fire going for hours. Several fires, in fact. Honey, do you remember when Cindy's pussy and mine simply burst into flames from being fucked so hard and long, and you had to get the fire extinguisher?"

Sue Ellen laughed. She was starting to understand Mindy's persona of constantly joking, no matter what the occasion. But she protested, "Come on! Seriously? Was there an actual fire?"

Mindy smiled. "There was. And you should have seen how Dan started it by resting his red hot poker of a cock against the kindling." She nodded at her pussy. "You see how we're both shaved bare? It was actually the fire from his poker that singed our bushes off. But in all seriousness, we made love in front of the fireplace, just the three of us entwined together, and it was really romantic. There was some wonderfully romantic Spanish guitar music playing too."

All three girls let out happy, longing sighs. I found it a bit amusing that each of them gazed into the distance, dreaming of being with me, instead of looking my way, as I was actually right there with them.

Mindy went on, "Yeah. It was beautiful. I could actually see the red and orange flames from the fire reflecting off the sticky, shiny sheen of Dan's cum soaking her inner thighs. It was truly a sight to see. Whoever thinks cum is yucky is crazy. It almost makes me cry tears of joy, thinking about the three of us lying together right in front of the fireplace, with Dan in the middle of course... The best part was seeing Cindy gently brushing Dan's hair off his forehead, staring deeply into his eyes, and pledging her busty body to him to use in eternal servitude."

The girls sighed wistfully again, as though each of them were in Cindy's place.

I almost had to laugh at their reaction. But that just shows the master-and-slave mentality that had taken over our house. In just a matter of days, I'd pretty much given up objecting to it, and I was even starting to accept it as fact.

"Wasn't that a magic moment?" Mindy asked Cindy.

Cindy merely grunted in the affirmative. She was too busy sliding her lips up and down my shaft to speak properly.

Mindy continued more matter-of-factly, "She certainly didn't have any hesitation calling him 'Master' then. But in any case, the serious fucking got started when Cindy had gotten really excited after Dan went down on her, and-"

"Wait a minute!" Michelle interrupted. "Daddy went DOWN on her? That's not right! I hope it was a sixty-nine, at the very least!"

Mindy explained to her, "Darling, I know you're very passionate about cocksucking right now, and look at Cindy go. ... Damn."

Everyone stared at Cindy's bobbing head, because she'd recovered from her orgasm and she'd resumed her talented cocksucking. In fact, she was being "forced" up and down on my erection by Ruby again, just like before, although Ruby's pressure was almost entirely symbolic this time.

But Mindy snapped out of her distracted state to explain the cunnilingus "controversy." She started by obviously referring to what Cindy was doing to me. "We all know just how much fun that is, but don't forget that what's most important is DAN's pleasure. And a steady diet of nothing but blowjobs gets monotonous. And he does love going down on a woman. He's done it to me countless times. It's just that there's been a ban on him doing that to you, so you don't think about that."

"Hrmph!" Michelle grumbled. "If you say he loves it that much, I'll hold my protest, for now. But it still seems a perversion of the natural master-slave relationship, unless it's a sixty-nine. Otherwise, it'll be impossible for me to properly serve and adore his cock if his face is in my crotch. I won't even be able to reach it!" Her face looked pained as she contemplated that unpleasant thought.

"You'll learn," Mindy replied patiently. "There are many ways to make him feel great that don't involve the King at all. Anyway, let me describe the last fucks, since I know how much you'd love to hear about that. He'd been licking Cindy and me, and that got all of us really hot and bothered. Then we got talking about the alpha male thing, as mentioned before, and Cindy was the one who insisted Dan take us both, right there and then. I believe she said, 'Dan, I want you to take me and brand me! Take US, your personal sluts! Take us like a wild animal! Then brand us with your hot cum!'"

I interrupted, "Um, Min, you'd better hurry up the story, 'cos look at how fevered Cindy is, bobbing up and down! I think your story is getting to her - and me! I can't hold out much longer!"

"Oh. Right. So then that's exactly what he did. He fucked us and branded us. It was great, but really frustrating, because he'd stroke inside me about eight to ten times, and then once I was really into it and about to pop my cork, he'd pull out and do Cindy just as long. You should have heard the two of us begging and pleading him to hurry it up and slide back in! Cin and I were even calling each other names. The dastardly devil kept her just shy of popping her cork too. Just imagine: the two of us holding champagne bottles, and both of us too distracted to get them open!"

I was glad to see that even Sue Ellen understood that part was a joke, and found it funny. Min liked to slip her jokes in at the most unexpected times, so one always had to be on one's toes with her.

My wife continued, "But it was all in good fun. And then he pulled out and blew his load all over both our pussies, and a good deal of our asses besides. Remember that, Cindy?"

Cindy seemed to be off in her own cocksucking world, slowly bobbing over my sweet spot relentlessly, and I doubted she was listening at all. But she opened her eyes wide and made a loud "MMMM!" sound as she kept up her steady pace.

Mindy laughed. "Yeah, I definitely see the need to hurry things up! Dan is about to pop HIS cork! But that's about it, folks. We were so tired after that that I don't even know how we all managed to stagger off to bed. Honey, did you even notice that Cindy slept with us last night? ... Dan? ... Uh-oh! Ruby, quick! Since you're already grasping Cindy's hair, pull her mouth gently but firmly off his cock before he blows!"

I was grimacing and clutching on to Ruby and Cindy for dear life, but it seemed like Cindy was too far gone to listen and pull off. She was just too horny, and incapable of stopping until she got a big cummy load down her throat. Ruby was trying her best to pull Cindy's head up, but she was unwilling to be forceful enough, considering Cindy was her mother, plus any sudden move might hurt my dick.

I was struggling as hard as humanly possible not to cum, but I could tell that I was losing the battle. I was resigned to shooting my load in a matter of seconds - which hardly would have been a terrible thing, after all.

But to my surprise, Sue Ellen sprang into action. She happened to be sitting nearer to Cindy than Michelle or Mindy, and she suddenly lurched forward and plunged two fingers into Cindy's slit.

That surprised Cindy so much that her mouth opened even wider than it already was. She cried out. And with Ruby still tugging on her hair, I was suddenly able to pull my erection free from her lips.

Dismayed, Cindy tried to dive back onto my shaft. Since I was resting comfortably against the headboard, and out of my mind with lust, it looked like she'd go right back to her intense sucking unimpeded.

But then several things happened at once. As Sue Ellen's fingers plunged in deeply, she growled, "You're a cock slave, and a good cock slave OBEYS her master! Stop!"

Mindy also sprang into action and hugged Cindy from behind. Whether by design or not, her hands landed right on Cindy's bouncing tits, and she firmly kneaded the tit-flesh. In so doing, she also restrained Cindy from bending over to reach my dick. And as soon as Sue Ellen finished speaking, she reinforced the message to Cindy. "You're a good slave! Good slave! OBEY!"

Apparently, that was all too much for Cindy. It looked to be a combination of things, but I think it was mainly the way Sue Ellen's fingers were plunging in and out of her hot box that pushed her over the edge. She began screaming like a javelin had plunged all the way through her chest. It was spectacular, watching the way her back arched and her head flew back, and a tremendous orgasm washed through her. Many long seconds of agonized screaming ensued, until she teetered and wavered, and then finally fell back onto the bed like she was dead.

I too slumped back like I'd been shot dead. Even though I somehow had miraculously managed not to cum, I was still physically and mentally wiped out.

Then I glanced over at Michelle and saw that she was all too aware of the fact that I hadn't cum yet. The hunger I saw in her eyes was almost intimidating in its intensity.

Uh oh, I thought to myself.

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