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Chapter 69

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I was beginning to see the problems of having so many cock slaves, because even as I struggled just to stay conscious, Michelle and Sue Ellen in particular were raring to get something started with me. They crawled up my body while I was just fighting for enough oxygen to survive.

I had to wave them off. "Please!" I was panting so hard that it took some long moments before I could gasp out any more words. "Let an old man... rest a bit..."

Michelle said, reluctantly, "Well, okay, a bit, but only so long as you promise never to call yourself an old man."

I nodded, still gasping for air. I closed my eyes because I was hitting some kind of sensory overload. Just looking at all these beautiful, busty women in front of me was almost enough for me to shoot off right then.

I heard Ruby say, "Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! Would you look at that thing?"

"I know!" Michelle exclaimed.

Exhausted though I was, I had to open my eyes to see what they were referring to.

It was my erection. Big surprise there, given how cock obsessed they were. Somehow, it was as hard as ever, sticking straight up and bouncing lightly in the air.

Sue Ellen said in an awestruck tone, "Y'all know what it's like? It's like a weapon! Just look at Cindy. It's like it killed her! It's like a gun, a sperm gun. But it's not done, no siree. Look! It's reloading, and it's gonna kill one of us next!"

Michelle agreed emphatically. "You're so right! What I wanna know is who's the fool who expects we could ever resist? I mean, seriously. Just LOOK at that thing! It's big cock perfection! So what if I'm his daughter? How could I NOT prostrate myself before him as his sex slave, just for a chance to suck on it?"

The sheer hunger I heard in her voice gave me goose bumps.

Then Ruby spoke. I hoped she'd give Michelle a reality check after those over-the-top comments (you'd think I'd have known better by now!). But instead, she said, "I KNOW! I can hardly wait for us to do the second thing all over him!"

My frazzled brain reached back and remembered that at one point they had been about to start the still-mysterious "second thing." I was about to tell them that whatever it was needed to wait, as I needed a lot more time to recover. I felt like I was in a post-orgasmic funk, even though I hadn't actually climaxed.

But luckily, Mindy beat me to the punch, "Bad news, girls. I wish I was young and without a care or a job for the entire summer-"

"Hey!" Michelle said. "We all work too, you know."

"Okay, true. Sorry. But you don't have a nine-to-five job like I do. And unfortunately, it's getting so close to nine that I'm gonna have to rush out of here with only a quick shower and a snack. I'd like to ask you to put off the second thing until tomorrow morning. For one thing, it needs at least four women, and it looks like Cindy's fallen asleep. I think we should let her rest."

I looked, and indeed Cindy had blissfully dozed off.

Michelle put her hand on Sue Ellen's shoulder. "Sorry. Looks like you'll have to wait some more. But don't worry. The day has just begun. I promise you'll suck so much Daddy cock today that you're gonna cry mercy when your jaw just can't take any more, but he won't stop! He's just gonna keep stuffing his magnificent fuckstick right down your throat!"

Sue Ellen asked hopefully, "Really?"


That seemed to satisfy Sue Ellen, and she showed it with an expectant smile. She seemed easy to please in general (and a far cry from the demanding Gruesome Twosome!). I was also pleased at how she was becoming an "enforcer" of sorts, like how she'd just managed to get Cindy off me before I came.

I asked, "Hey, do I have some say in this?"

"Nope!" All three girls said that at once and then giggled.

Mindy sighed theatrically. "Sorry, Honey. Such is the tough life of the harem master. And I know what you're gonna say: you're worried about time to do your work. But don't worry, there are plenty of hours in the day. For instance, I know you usually don't start until ten at the earliest, so you've got a couple of extra morning hours to play with right there, since you went to bed early last night, right?"

"Right, but when I'm not working, I'm trying to take it easy. I'm not a spring chicken anymore. All this sex stuff is exhausting!"

"True, but Cindy has to go to work soon too. I'll have to wake her in a minute, in fact. That only leaves you with three cock slaves."

"Only three?! Three is a lot! That's three more than I had until... well, VERY recently!"

Michelle scooted down the bed and put her arm around me, pressing one of her huge torpedo tits into my upper arm. Good God, it felt fantastic! She cooed, "Don't worry, Daddy, we've worked it all out. If you want, we can be so quiet, you'll hardly notice we're there. Well, except for the fact that we'll all be taking turns sucking your cock!" She giggled.

Mindy had moved to her closet and was staring into it to pick out her work clothes, but she was still engaged in the conversation. "That's right. All of us did some talking this morning before you woke up, and we agreed: there's no reason why you can't work on your book and be sexually pleasured at the same time, so long as it's done in the right way."

She twisted her upper torso around to make eye contact with me. "If you're gonna be sitting at your desk typing, would it really distract you that much to have one of your cock slaves between your legs, happily slurping and sucking away?"

My first reaction was to say, "Yes!" But on the other hand, it sounded pretty damn tempting. Why NOT at least give it a try? Hell, even if it is too distracting for me to get any work done, what a way to waste my time! Besides, we've got a lot of money in the bank, and with our investments, plus Mindy's salary, I could go a very long time without bringing any income in at all. But no! I can't think like that.

Although, come to think of it, my latest novel has most definitely taken a turn towards the pornographic anyway. Lately, I've mostly just been writing X-rated scenes for fun, for myself and my family. Would it really be so bad to not wear anything below the waist and write sex scenes all day while getting a blowjob the whole time by a rotation of cock loving teenage sex slaves? At least I'd be able to use both hands to type, and I wouldn't have to worry all that much about cleaning up after a really hot streak of writing. After all, they're more than willing to swallow anything I-

Wait! What am I thinking?! I can't do that! Not to Ruby and Shelle...

I said, "Min, what you're suggesting is just... incredible! There's no way..."

While this was going on, Ruby had moved into position on the other side of me.

Sue Ellen also didn't want to be left out (again), and since the two best cuddle spots had now been taken by Michelle and Ruby, she simply rested her body right on top of mine. This meant her big firm tits squished into my chest, her head rested in the crook of my neck, and my erection was trapped up against her tummy.

It also meant that I could feel spongy teenage tits pressing into me from all sides. I took a quick inventory, and felt six hard nipples poking me.

They all feel so great! I could easily get used to this! Hell, my resistance is already destroyed. Call me shallow, but I think my moral stance would have been a lot firmer if only they weren't all so damn gorgeous. Dammit, I'm already speaking of having a moral stance in the past tense. Not a good sign!

Mindy had picked out her clothes, but she put them down in a pile and remained buck-naked because she needed to take a shower first. She walked over to the bed and stood next to me. "Daniel, look at you. I can barely even see you because you're so thoroughly covered by your naked cock slaves. Did you think this cock slave thing was a lark for just a day or a week? This is your new reality! Get used to it."

I responded, "To be honest, things are moving so fast that I haven't really thought all this through. I keep thinking the girls are just going through a phase. Sure, they love me, and lust after me, but the intensity of their desire to have sex with me, pretty much all day long, that's bound to come down after an initial exciting 'honeymoon' phase, right?"

Michelle growled, "I'd kill you if you weren't my master. You drive me crazy. Your stupid head is as thick as your cock! How many times do we have to TELL YOU that we're not just going through a phase?! GRRRRRR!" She clenched her fists.

"But this kind of behavior just isn't normal," I protested. "I mean, most women don't even like to give blowjobs at all. Once or twice a year, on a birthday or anniversary, if a guy is lucky."

"They're FOOLS!" Michelle said passionately.

Have I ever mentioned how beautiful my daughter is when she's got a tinge of anger flashing in her eyes? And when her immense tits wobble in time to her shaking fists, it does something powerful to me.

She went on, exasperated, "Would you stop worrying about what the norm is? Okay, probably things will cool down a bit eventually, but not as much as you apparently want to think. I think I safely speak for all the women here when I say we LOVE giving blowjobs! Not to mention titfucks, handjobs, and all the rest! Basically, we love sex with you, and want do it all day long! For real! This is WHAT WE DO! Is that so much to ask?"

"But that can't be," I continued to object. "I mean, I love it, in theory. Having cock slaves is a blast. But I have big goals for you, Shelle. And you, Red. And Sue Ellen, even though I still don't know you very well, you're rapidly becoming like family to me, and I can't just treat you like a piece of meat. I CARE for you! How can any of you expect to have not just jobs, but fulfilling careers, if you spend most of your time playing with my cock?"

Sue Ellen was very moved by what I'd said. She didn't interrupt me, but she reached down between our bodies and made an adjustment on where my erection was pointing. Then she moved her entire body up, and then back down, and let out a happy sigh.

And just like that, I found my erection impaled all the way in her pussy!

My astonishment at how brazenly she'd pulled me into herself was only exceeded by the realization of just how wet she was. Without that natural lubrication I could have easily hurt her as her body engulfed my stiffness, but as things were she was tight, but not impossible, to get into. Her pussy most definitely wasn't accustomed to my unusual size, but she took it like a real trooper.

Surprisingly, Michelle and Ruby were so involved in the discussion that they didn't notice at first. It helped that Sue Ellen and I kept perfectly still, and just enjoyed the feeling of complete penetration for while, as her vagina attempted to adjust. It also happened that neither of them happened to have a direct line of sight to my crotch (for once!).

I'm not sure what it was that swept over me, but a warm sense of contentment and satisfaction seemed to radiate outwards from where our lower bodies joined. It just felt so good, so right, to be inside her like this, and from the way her tightly impaled pussy was gently flexing around my thickness, I knew that she felt the same.

Still oblivious, Michelle spoke to me. "Is that all that's bothering you? Fine. We'll do the career thing, if that makes you happy. I don't know what we'll do yet, but we'll figure something out. Hmmm. It'll have to be something we can work on at home... Ruby, what's something we could make money doing at home while sucking Daddy's cock at the same time?"

Before Ruby could answer that, I said, "Shelle! You miss the whole point! The idea's not to have a career to make me happy, it's to make YOU happy! There's more to life than just incestuous sex. Not to mention, you need a way to make money to live."

Neither Michelle nor Ruby had a quick and easy answer to that. They knew that our family had a lot of money, but they also knew Mindy and I weren't going to fund them so they'd be able to stay continuously unemployed.

The silence was broken when Mindy said, "Girls, don't look now, but I think the King has just disappeared."

Michelle huffed, "'Disappeared?' What are you talking about? Do you mean Daddy's cock has gone flaccid? We can take care of that quickly enough. Ruby..." She'd been reaching between me and Sue Ellen as she was talking, and she finally wiggled her hand to where my erection should have been.

She fell silent as she kept feeling around. Within seconds, she traced my dick up from my balls straight into Sue Ellen's slit. "Sue Ellen! How could you?!"

Sue Ellen looked embarrassed. "Sorry, but I-"

I cut in. "Don't apologize." I then addressed the other two. "Sue Ellen's a good girl. She's had boyfriends. She's even had sex with them. So she has the right to have sex with me."

Michelle pulled her body away from mine and shook her tits. "Arrrgh! Don't bring up the whole boyfriend thing again! That's like buying me a brand new beautiful bed and then pissing all over it. You're SOOOOO aggravating!"

I reached out and cupped her jiggling tits, since they looked so inviting.

"Grrr! And then you go and do that, treating me like the sex toy that I am. How can I stay mad at you when you do that?"

I was confused. Frankly, I'd thought my cheeky move would just make her angrier. But she closed her eyes and looked she was about to climax just from my brief tit play.

Then she opened her eyes and pointed an accusing finger at Sue Ellen. "And you! I should be mad at you, because you know how frustrating it is for me to not be able to fuck my Daddy-Master. And then you force me to see and even FEEL you fully impaled on his fat fuckstick like some kind of shish-ka-bob?"

She sighed. "I should be mad at you, but I'm not, 'cos I know if I had the right to do it, I'd be doing it every single fucking minute of every single fucking day! I'm not mad, I'm just... Arrrgh! So frustrated! I can't take this!"

Sue Ellen said very sadly, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-"

Michelle interrupted, "I know you are. That's your problem. You're too nice. It's hard to get mad at you. I'm not mad at you for wanting to be fucked. After all, as his sex slave, it's your most important duty. 'Please the cock!' And I'm not mad at Daddy for fucking you, either, since that's his natural right to take whoever he wants whenever he wants. But I'm PISSED at Daddy for persisting with his STUPID dating boys CRAP!"

She stood up and stomped away from the bed. As she left the room, she said back to us huffily, "If anyone wants me, I'll be in my room. Masturbating! GRRR!"

I turned my head to look at Ruby. I wanted to see her reaction. Why wasn't she stomping off in a huff as well?

She looked up at me. "I'm frustrated too, but I'm more curious. Sure, I've seen you and Mom - Mindy, I mean - do it lots of times, but for years that was from across the room and through a tiny peephole."

"The one that Mindy closed up, you mean?" I'd talked to the Gruesome Twosome about this recently, but I wanted confirmation from Ruby yet again that the hole was no longer in use.

Ruby nodded. "Do you two mind if I, well, stay here and watch from, uh, an inch or two away, under the good lighting... And, uh, maybe even, er... feel it a little bit too?"

Mindy had been standing there watching all the while, and she spoke up. "Excuse me, folks. This has been fascinating, and I wish I could stay, but unfortunately I've got to run. Honey, there's some food downstairs all ready for you to eat. Is everything cool? Is it okay if I leave you with these three busty vixens all day long?"

I sighed dramatically and theatrically. "Go ahead. Pray for me, though. And if you come home tonight and find nothing but a dried-up husk sitting here where I used to be, or a smoking crater where my penis used to be, you can guess well enough what happened."

She chuckled. "Whatever you'd be doing that could leave a smoking crater, save it until tonight so I can do it too."

At first, she started for the shower. But then she stopped, turned around, and walked right up next to the bed. "Honey, in all seriousness, are you really okay with everything? Or do I need to speak to the girls before I go, so things don't spiral completely out of control?"

"Things already ARE spiraling way out of control. It's like I'm spinning in a vortex! But I'm getting used to that. I mean, I'm lying in our bed, balls-deep in a teenage girl we only met a few days ago but who is proudly calling herself my slave, who's lying on top of me stark naked, working my boner with her pussy muscles to encourage me to cum in her, and you're telling me breakfast is ready downstairs and to have a nice fucking day. The only thing you haven't done so far is pat her ass and tell her that she's being a good girl for taking so much of my cock into herself!"

Mindy flashed me a wicked grin, leaned over, and encouragingly patted Sue Ellen on the ass, gently, like a proud parent. "You're a very good girl for taking so much of your master's big fat cock into your wet and horny enslaved cunt. It's very important that when your master fucks you, you take it ALL!" My wife then lifted my hands from where they lay at my side and put them on Sue Ellen's ass cheeks.

I reflexively took hold of Sue Ellen until I was gently but firmly gripping her butt. "Boy, I really walked right in to that one, didn't I?"

"Just like the Rooftop Singers," my wife said. Seeing my blank expression (well, blank not counting the joy of fucking), she added with a frown, "They were a Sixties folk-rock group with a big hit called 'Walk Right In.' I thought you'd get the reference, but never mind. A joke has bombed if you have to explain it."

She paused and put a hand on her chin, as if in deep thought. "Hmmm. Maybe that's what created your smoking crater: all my jokes bombing."

I grinned. Somehow, I had known she wouldn't be able to resist doing more with that smoking crater comment, and sure enough, I was right.

Sue Ellen's breathing picked up slightly, and her pussy gave me an extra hard squeeze, but otherwise she gave no outward signs of activity.

I, on the other hand, used my palms cupping her ass to urge her to begin gently rocking her hips on me, which achieved a very minor but sensational friction of short but deeply penetrating thrusts.

This made Sue Ellen sigh with lustful contentment.

I could only look up at my wife with wonder. One of my sex slaves is on top of me, in our bed, and is shamelessly fucking me rright in front of her. Don't she EVER get jealous or protective?! I have fucking SEX SLAVES now, and it looks like that's not going to change! I'd almost be concerned if I wasn't totally convinced she'd never fuck around on me in return.

More calmly than I felt, I managed to say, "You and I will need to have a talk when you come home tonight. I'm worried that we're driving over a cliff. But I can hold the fort until then."

"Good." She bent over and kissed my cheek. She laughed when I reached out and cupped her dangling tits just like I'd done to Michelle.

She stood back up and said to the girls, "And you two, you take good care of him, okay? Help him hold the, er, 'fort.' Or anything else that happens to pop up, if you know what I mean." She winked knowingly.

Then she advised, "Remember that a good cock slave keeps her master happy and satisfied at all times. But that also means that if he says 'stop,' then stop, because maybe taking a rest is what will make him happiest right then. Is that understood?"

Ruby and Sue Ellen nodded.

"Good." She walked into the bathroom, but then she came right back out, holding something in her hand. "Oh, and Dan, you might want to use this." Her hand opened up, revealing a condom packet.

"Shit!" I said. "I keep forgetting." How does one stop in mid-fuck to put a condom on? Talk about frustrating!

Sue Ellen looked even more bummed than I was. Her pussy squeezed my cock even more intensely, as if trying to make the most of the last seconds she had with me bareback.

Mindy saw that and said to her, "Don't worry, girl. We're going to take some very strong measures to make sure there's no way you can get pregnant any time soon. Then you won't have to worry about these. Soon, you'll be able to get royally fucked, bareback, every single day."

Sue Ellen beamed from ear to ear, and gladly accepted the condom packet from Mindy before my wife finally walked into the shower and closed the door behind her.

As Mindy left, she had one last witty parting shot, "Don't do anyone I wouldn't do!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, Johnny Galt, and Soralynd, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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