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Chapter 70

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Now, I was down to "just" two buxom babes, Ruby and Sue Ellen (not counting Cindy, since she was sleeping near the foot of the bed). And I'd been slowly recovering. I didn't feel completely overwhelmed anymore. For one thing, simply being IN Sue Ellen like this was surprisingly relaxing, which was quite possibly one of the last things I'd been expecting for such a highly pleasurable circumstance.

That was a good thing, because as soon as Mindy was gone, Ruby offered, "Sue Ellen, since you've got to start over in order to put the condom on, do you mind if I do the honors?" I don't know how she did it, but Ruby managed to make it sound like she was asking something as ordinary as holding Sue Ellen's books for her as they walked to class.

"What do you mean?" Sue Ellen asked.

"Can I put the condom on, and then warm his cock up, and stick it back into you?"

She smiled. "Sure. That is, if it's okay with you, Master."

I perked up from my blissful daze to say, "It's definitely okay with me."

Ruby took the condom, but then put it on the table next to the bed. "Um, Sue Ellen, I was thinking, maybe we could warm his cock up together before we put the condom on, 'cos I don't like the taste of those things."

I suddenly wondered where (and when) Ruby discovered she didn't like the taste of condoms. Then I remembered that my wife had been "training" her to be a sex slave for months. Of course Ruby knows what a condom tastes like, I realized.

Sue Ellen said to me, "It's perfectly fine with me. What about you, Master?"

I told her, "Oh! Okay. Sure." My cock certainly didn't need any "warming up," and everyone had to know that, but what they were planning sounded pretty hot, so I wasn't going to object.

So while my wife showered a short distance away, Sue Ellen and Ruby jointly pleasured my cock. They sat on either side of me and took turns "diving," as they called it. That meant swallowing my cockhead and then some, bobbing up and down over my sweet spot a few times, and then pulling off so the other girl could take her turn. This was similar to what Ruby, Michelle, and Mindy had tried earlier, but they'd only gone a round or so before being interrupted. But now there were no interruptions, and the two of them kept going on and on and on.

I was thoroughly impressed, because I could tell this was no either task for either of them. Ruby at least had her months of "training" to deal with my size. But I don't know how much that helped, because it wasn't long before both of them were copiously leaking tears from the sheer difficulty of fitting my thickness into their mouths, over and over again. Yet they showed no hesitation or reluctance. In fact, each girl inevitably eagerly awaited her next turn to stretch her lips as wide as they could manage.

I tried to count how many times they each handed my erection back and forth, but I eventually lost count. Time passed, yet I still didn't cum. By frequently passing if off, my cock was outside of their mouths a fair amount, and so it took me a longer to get up to a fever pitch. The two of them seemed content to literally do that all day.

Who knows how many times they handed me off, but I eventually had to call for a break. It couldn't have taken more than fifteen or twenty minutes though, because Mindy was still in the shower.

The two of them sat there, just holding my rod and making weird movements with their jaws. It dawned on me they were doing exercises to limber up their jaw muscles after so much tiring work. That showed that the others were obviously training Sue Ellen with all kinds of sexual tips already, because there was no way she could have just happened to know the same exercises on her own.

Finally, Ruby turned to me and asked, "So, Daddy, are you starting to feel warmed up?"

I laughed. I had forgotten all about resuming fucking Sue Ellen. "Obviously, I was plenty warmed up before you even started that. But thank you just the same. Naturally, it feels amazing. But doesn't that get, well, boring after a while?"

Sue Ellen reverently said, "You have no idea how aroused that gets me. It makes me hotter than blue blazes! I know y'all probably won't believe my words, so look at my pussy." She spread her legs and sat up on her heels. She leaned back and spread her pussy lips wide with her fingers.

Sure enough, she was absolutely soaked. Even her inner thighs were drooling with rivulets everywhere. I asked, "But isn't that just 'cos I was inside you a while ago?"

Ruby sighed with frustration. She quickly assumed the same lewd position as Sue Ellen, but on the other side of me. "Look at me, Daddy. I'm just as wet. And don't say it's from before. We've been at this for ten minutes, at least."

"Really? Has it been that long?"

Ruby nodded patiently, like I was a bit slow. "More like twenty, I'd guess. Mindy seems to be taking an unusually long shower, considering she's supposed to be in a hurry."

I asked, "How on Earth can you fit my thing into your mouth over and over like that? I don't mean to brag, but it is unusually large. And the tears on your faces suggests it's a real ordeal."

Ruby responded as she wiped her tears away, "It IS an ordeal! But that's part of what makes it so much fun. Who'd want a boring amusement park ride where your cart just goes slowly in a straight line? That's what I imagine sucking a regular penis is like. No wonder most women get bored. But with yours, it's like I'm hanging on for dear life!"

Sue Ellen added while she also wiped her face clean, "Exactly! It's like a black diamond ski run instead of the bunny slopes! I wear these tears like little badges of pride. Sometimes it DOES get too much and then I have to pull off. But then Ruby immediately takes over, making me want to try that much harder next time."

Ruby said, "Amen to that! But I feel bad. Let's get you back to getting Daddy-fucked."

Sue Ellen said to Ruby, "I can't wait until he fucks me some more, but I could do this all day too. You know what I think the funnest part is? The sharing. I'm not just saying that, either. I totally love sucking cock with you."

"Me too! It's like, when it's your turn, it's almost as much fun as having my turn. I get to watch what you're doing, and hear you moan happily, and then Daddy moans happily too. And I'm always learning new things."

Sue Ellen smiled brightly. "Exactly! And I try to watch and learn too. I'm learning SO MUCH! I love when I can see your cheeks bulging out, allowing me to get a hint what your tongue is doing."

Ruby replied, "Totally! You do that too? You know, when you pull up, I love the way you always linger at the last second and give the tip a last loving lick and a kiss. That's so cute. It's like you're saying 'I love being your cock slave, Master,' every single time."

"Thanks! You must be a mind-reader, because that's usually EXACTLY what I'm thinking when I kiss it like that!"

"No way!"

"Yeah way!" They squealed and hugged, rubbing their nipples together in the process. "Not only that, but I love it when you-"

I cut in. "Um, girls, maybe you two can talk shop later? I think I'm ready for some proper fuckin', Southern style."

Sue Ellen grinned at this reference to her Southern roots, especially since I spoke that last line in her Southern accent.

Ruby finally picked the condom back up and unrolled it over the tip of my cock.

Just then, the door to the bathroom shower opened. I saw Mindy walk straight into the bedroom, nude and wet, and drying her hair with a towel. I suppose she had a legitimate reason for toweling her hair, but the way she was doing it set her big tits swinging and wobbling in constant motion. As if that wasn't enough, she struck a sexy pose, planting a bent leg on the bed. She asked, "Hi, everybody. What did I miss?"

She drew closer, and saw that Ruby was just finishing putting the condom on. "What? Did time stop while I was showering or something? You didn't wait for me, did you?"

"No," Sue Ellen explained, "We've been taking turns blowing him for the past while. It's just a lucky coincidence, I guess."

I cleared my throat and asked my wife, "So... How long have you been spying on us?"

She acted hurt. "What, me? Spy on you? Why would I do that? Especially when I could be right here up close?"

"I noticed you didn't flat out deny it. So why DID you spy?"

She deflated, realizing she couldn't deny it without blatantly lying. "What gave it away? Did you see me peeking?"

"No, you must have been hidden pretty well. But as Ruby I think pointed out, you took an unusually long shower for someone supposedly in a hurry. So why do it?"

She shrugged, as if puzzled herself. "I don't know. I guess it's extra fun seeing our girls in their natural element without anyone knowing I'm there, like being a fly on the wall. It's part of my cucquean fetish, since I love to watch. Are you mad?"

"No, just curious."

"Oh. In that case, hold on a sec." She walked down to the foot of the bed, where Cindy was still sleeping.

I have to admit, I'd completely forgotten that Cindy was even there, even though she'd been in my field of view the entire time! She'd faded into the background like a piece of furniture while I focused all my attention on my two teen vixens.

But now all my attention went to Cindy as I watched Mindy gently shake her. Damn! Cin is every bit as hot as Ruby, and I'm not just saying that 'cos I love her. She is shockingly well preserved. She could pass for a college co-ed, easy. I've got to be the luckiest guy on Earth, to have five women who all look that good! I love that she's sprawled out buck naked on my bed, and that's part of the new normal. I love the dark, rich redness of her hair, especially when it's splayed out like that. And just look at the lines of her splayed out legs, the rising curve of her hip... Wow. I totally need to tap that later.

Heh, heh! What a shallow thing to think, but why the fuck not? I'm the harem master here. There's a time for love, and a time for lust. And since I can't fuck my daughters, I'll just fuck Cindy and Sue Ellen a hell of a lot instead!

Sue Ellen and Ruby waited until Cindy was fully awake and Mindy was dried off. Both older women were keen to watch, and sat next to each other on the edge of the bed, close to the action. Naturally, they remained naked.

As Sue Ellen and Ruby got into position, Ruby suggested, "What say we warm it up some more? I'm not sure it's warm enough yet."

But Mindy said, "Come on, kids, speed things up here. I wanna see, but I also have to go to work. I really do need to go, and I used up all my extra time with that 'shower' of mine. I've got five minutes to watch, tops. In fact, I'd better start dressing at the same time." She started unfolding the clothes she'd set aside earlier.

So Sue Ellen squatted over me. It looked like she was about to take a dump right over my crotch.

Cindy asked her, "Why are you gonna get fucked that way? Is that his favorite position?"

Sue Ellen replied, "I didn't ask him, or anything, so maybe I'm being presumptuous. But us girls have been talking, and we figure this is going to be the most common fucking position. You see, this way, I have to do all the work, rising up and down, and all he has to do is just lie back and enjoy it."

Ruby added, "Not only is that only natural, since he's the master and we're his slaves, but it also means he won't get tired, so he can fuck more of us, and longer, later."

Cindy nodded in agreement, but looked around in confusion. "Hey, speaking of 'us girls,' what happened to Michelle?"

Mindy spoke from across the room as she dressed. "Don't worry about her, she's just having one of her usual snits. She's bent all out of shape just 'cos Dan wants to fuck Sue Ellen again." She rolled her eyes.

Wow, I've got to marvel at my wife's attitude. It's not what she said but what she implied. She made it seem like my fucking Sue Ellen was as common and natural as say, drinking a glass of orange juice, and Shelle is the strange one for having some kind of problem with that. Never mind that Mindy is my wife! Never mind that her own, I mean, OUR own daughter wants to be the one getting fucked instead. Wow! How many other wives would be that understanding? It boggles the mind!

Ruby was holding my boner straight up while Sue Ellen remained awkwardly squatting over me. Ruby also happened to be jacking me off as Sue Ellen finally started to sink down towards it.

But then Sue Ellen froze when Cindy said, "Wait a minute. Is that it?"

Mindy stopped her dressing to ask, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I don't care how many times he does it a day, I think that any time Dan fucks one of his cock slaves, it should be a big occasion. I really loved that cock slave induction ceremony you gave me, and I think we should have more ceremonies and traditions. I think the cock slave should say something to acknowledge the great gift of pleasure he is about to give her."

"Interesting," Mindy said, obviously warming to the idea already. "What do you suggest?"

"I dunno. Maybe it can be something different each time, to show the spontaneous emotions. Sue Ellen, why don't you ad lib what you're feeling?"

Sue Ellen dropped down a little more, and Ruby lined up her slit with my cockhead. She closed her eyes, and looked even more like she was straining and about to take a crap. But she was just concentrating intently, thinking of what to say. Finally, the words came out. "Thank you, Daniel, my master, for giving me the joy of pleasuring you with my cunt. May you enjoy it half as much as I love you."

She looked back towards Cindy and Mindy and asked, "How's that?"

Cindy said, "Excellent! Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for."

Both Ruby and Mindy also nodded, pleased.

But I said, "Wait a minute! If she's saying that, I should say something too. This is a two way street. If anything, I should be thanking HER. How many guys my age have a girl as young and beautiful as Sue Ellen willing to fuck for free at any time? She's the one giving the gift!"

Mindy had finished dressing, and looked sharp and stylish in her high heels and business suit. She also stood out in sharp contrast as the only one wearing anything at all. She came closer to us and said to me, "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. You are such a silly man. You own Sue Ellen and your other slaves just as much as you own your car. Do you thank your car when it starts in the morning? No! That's what it's expected to do. This is what Sue Ellen is for."

I joked, "Actually, I do thank my car. You should hear the conversations we have. She's smarter than you!"

I could see Mindy really wanted to run with some jokes from that, but she restrained herself, because she didn't want to ruin the erotic mood with too much talking. She was near Sue Ellen so she could get a front-row seat to the fucking, and she ran a hand down Sue Ellen's shoulder. "She lives to serve your cock. She's the lucky one, whenever you give her a chance to do just that. That's what big-titted babes like her are born and bred for."

Mindy's hand reached one of Sue Ellen's tits, and she briefly cupped it from below. "Look at this body. It needs to serve! It needs lots and lots of sex! A bad master would leave her tragically unfucked."

Sue Ellen, Ruby, and Cindy all nodded at that, as if Mindy was simply explaining the obvious.

I was so astounded by their reactions that I was struck speechless. What the fuck?! It's like some kind of collective insanity has overtaken us all. They've got it all backwards!

Mindy struck quickly, before I could recover my wits. She nodded knowingly at Sue Ellen and Ruby.

As Sue Ellen slowly lowered herself down on my rod, gravity did most of the work, and inch after inch of my cock disappeared into her. It felt absolutely amazing. Soon, Ruby wouldn't have enough cock left to keep jacking me off.

Once again, I was thoroughly impressed by Sue Ellen's determination, because her facial expression showed that getting my unusual thickness in her was a real trial. It reminded me of how I'd probably look and feel as if I tried to lift the very limit of how much weight I could possibly lift. Once again though, she was such a stalwart trooper that she was surprisingly quiet about it, only making the occasional gasp or grunt. I hoped gravity could help her out a lot this time, at least.

But I was distracted from Sue Ellen's impalement crisis because at the same time, Mindy said to me, "Need I remind you, you're the master around here. No, let me rephrase that: you are the fucking master, for crying out loud! You need to act like one. Sure, with one husband and one wife, it's an even relationship. But with one husband, one wife, and FOUR cock slaves, you're in the driver's seat all the time. It's just a matter of supply and demand. And I fully assume that you're not going to have sex with me any less than before. Or at least not much less, especially if you count the orgies. That makes the supply and demand for everyone else even more imbalanced. So yes, they should be thanking you, not the other way around."

I thought, "Orgies?!? What orgies?! But then again, of course there are going to be orgies. Wow!

"Too late!" Ruby cried out. "Ha ha! You snooze, you lose!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, annoyed.

Ruby gleefully pointed at where Sue Ellen and I were joined. She even ran her finger along the joining. "Look! Sue Ellen's hot cunt is fully impaled on your fat cock. See how I had to remove my hand, 'cos there's no room left down there? That means the fucking has already started, and the time for any words before she takes it all is over."

Sure enough, Sue Ellen was sitting all the way down on me. The feeling of being fully sheathed inside her was awesome. But I felt bad because she looked like she'd just run a marathon, and we hadn't really gotten started yet. I couldn't wait for her body to adjust to my size, like Mindy's had, so she wouldn't have to go through a full-on ordeal each time she put my cock in her mouth or her pussy.

Ruby continued triumphantly, "So that means the tradition has been established, and it's too late to change it. 'Thank you, Daniel, my master, for giving me the joy of pleasuring you with my cunt!' Gaawwwd, I can't WAIT until I get to say those words for real!"

"Now, wait a minute," I said, as Sue Ellen gave my boner a few good pussy squeezes, incredibly enough. "I hate to keep being a wet blanket, but-"

Mindy stepped even closer to me and laid a finger across my lips. "Hush. We all know you can change the tradition any time you want. After all, you're the master. You can do whatever, or whomever, you want."

She winked. "But let them have their fun. Look how much they're enjoying this. They're submissive. They LOVE this imbalanced stuff."

They all gave me their most emotive pleading puppy dog looks.

One puppy dog look from a beautiful woman is nearly impossible to resist. It's almost as effective as crying. But just imagine FOUR of them all hitting you with that sad, imploring look at the same time! You'd have to have a heart of coal not to be moved.

I didn't say anything, which meant I didn't object. I couldn't bear to make those sad faces even sadder.

Mindy quickly shifted gears. "Now, I've really got to run. But after you're done banging Sue Ellen's hot box, I hope you nail Cindy before she has to go home. And as for Michelle, she just needs some attention, and a firm, dominating hand. You need to find her and shove your impossibly thick cock all the way down her throat, and keep fucking her face until she apologizes for running out earlier. Maybe a firm spanking is in order too. Heck, you might want to spank all your slaves today."

"Why?" I asked.

"Who cares why? I'm sure you'll think of some excuse." Mindy winked at me, even as she flashed her all too common cheeky and smirky look.

Incredibly enough, Sue Ellen apparently had already recovered from the initial penetration because she began humping her ass up and down, building up a good fucking rhythm on me. Furthermore, Ruby had found enough room to keep a hand playing with my balls, so it was getting a bit difficult to focus on my wife, to say the least.

However, I managed to reply, "But seriously, why should I punish Michelle? For once, she didn't do anything wrong. She just didn't feel like watching from close range as I fucked Sue Ellen. There's no crime in that."

Mindy shook her head and looked at me like I was a moron. "Honey, how many times do I have to say this before you understand? YOU. Are. The. Master. THEY. Are. Your. Slaves! That means you can do anything you want with them or to them, for any reason, or no reason at all. Maybe you want to spank Michelle a hundred times and then fuck her face and cum all over her huge tits, just 'cos it's a cloudy day."

She leaned down until her nose was practically touching mine. "Hello? Master. You! Slaves. Them! Use your power! Fuckin' ABUSE your power! They LIKE that! You're bound to enjoy it. And, like I said before, many times, I fully approve of anything and everything you might do, just so long as you're not too exhausted to give me your usual attentions when I come home."

It was pretty staggering when she put it that way, especially while Sue Ellen was actively bouncing up and down on my cock! "But why?" I asked. "Why do you approve? Couldn't this mess up our daughters?"

Mindy stood back up and rolled her eyes at me. "Boy, you sure are slow today. We talked about all this before. I'd think you're brain damaged, except you get a pass 'cos of what Sue Ellen is doing to you with her cunt right now. Not to mention Ruby's help."

She looked significantly at the way Sue Ellen was bouncing up and down on my thick erection. Sue Ellen was really getting into it. Her lovely medium-length dirty blonde hair was flying about, and she had a great big smile on her face.

Ruby had to remove her hand from my crotch because of the way Sue Ellen was slamming into her hand. She seemed to be at a loss for what to do.

My "dastardly" wife saw Ruby's dilemma and thought of a way to help. She walked to a dresser, pulled out a latex glove, then came back to Ruby and handed it to her. "Here. You should know what to do with this."

"Nice!" Ruby immediately put the glove on her hand. Then she squirmed that hand up under my ass to poke her index finger into my asshole. Frankly, the way she was massaging my prostate felt almost as good as Sue Ellen's rhythmic fucking, and that was saying a lot.

I moaned helplessly, "You're kidding me, right?! I'm going to cum for sure in the next minute, if she really gets going with that!"

Mindy smirked as she said, "Not true. First off, I've trained you for well over a year now to be able to endure almost anything. Secondly, I've trained Ruby too. She should know how to keep you right on the edge without tipping over into orgasm land. So just kick back and enjoy yourself! It's what harem masters are best at."

I wasn't able to come up with a snappy reply because I was already having to grit my teeth and clench my PC muscle. It did feel fantastic though.

Seeing Cindy just sitting there watching, Mindy asked her, "Don't you want to get involved somehow? The more the merrier."

"How?" Cindy asked, frowning. "All the best parts are taken. Besides, he looks pretty well taken care of. We don't want him to cum too early, after all."

Mindy rolled her eyes again. "Do I have to do everything around here? That's not how you should think. You need to constantly think: 'How can I bring my master even MORE pleasure?' And there's always room for more. Look. His upper half isn't even being touched. Cindy, why don't you take your nice round tits and rub them across his chest, or even his face? Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and he'll suckle on a nipple or two."

She further suggested, "And since the others are busier with more important stimulation work, talk to him. Tell him how much you love him, how happy you are to serve him, how much you love watching him fuck another woman. Stuff like that. Be honest, because it means more if it comes straight from the heart. Remember the mind is the most important sex organ of all."

Cindy nodded and turned towards me. She started crawling up my chest, making sure not to get in the way of the other two.

"Good," my wife said with an approving nod. "Now, my five minutes are just about up."

But I asked her, "Isn't adding Cindy a bit much?" I was having trouble talking. It was a toss-up which was arousing me more, Sue Ellen bouncing and churning on my cock or Ruby probing up to my prostate, and their combined effect was devastating. But I gasped out, "If I had a pleasure meter on me, the arrow would already be on the max setting!"

"Boy, you really are slow on the uptake today, Hon. But again I forgive you 'cos of what the girls are doing to you. Are you having fun? Do you like the way you're using your slave's cunt?"

"Ohmygodyes!" I exhaled excitedly. "Definitely yes!" The pleasure was simply out of this world. I had to grasp Sue Ellen's ass cheeks and squeeze them to get her to slow down some.

Sue Ellen did slow down a lot, thank God. She giggled joyfully as I found my hands aggressively kneading her luscious ass cheeks.

My smirky, smiling wife was eating it all up. She said, "Well, then. You know me. You know I'm a cucquean. I'm gonna keep throwing more and more women at you until you say 'stop,' because that's who I am now. I love that as much or more than you do. I may look calm and collected on the outside, but at work today I'm going to be a complete mess. My pussy will never stop throbbing, and the only thing I'll be able to think about is what I'm seeing right now: Sue Ellen bouncing on you like a mindless fuck slut, Cindy rubbing those big tits all over you, and Ruby cramming her finger deep up your ass!"

Indeed, all that was happening at once. Even with Sue Ellen slowing down, I still was dangerously close to the edge. I knew my wife couldn't have been happier to see me "suffering" with this much extreme arousal.

She continued, "And I'll be having all kinds of fantasies about all the wild and fun things going on at home while I'm forced to work at my desk. Will you fuck Cindy's cunt like it needs to be fucked? Will you fuck Michelle's face like it also needs to be fucked? In what other delicious ways will you take advantage of your stable of busty babes?" She raised an eyebrow, like she was Mr. Spock pondering a seriously profound issue.

She added, "These are the questions I'll be asking myself as I use all my willpower not to play with myself. And then I'll get home later, and hopefully I'll find out that, yes, you did all that and more! You had naked, busty girls crawling all over you, fucking and sucking your cock all day long! Hopefully, there will be lots of fresh sperm dripping down all of them, all over their bodies! That'll make me so happy, and my pussy will start throbbing so intently, that it'll be a near thing if I don't just faint on the spot with pleasure. Then you'll take me and fuck the ever-loving SHIT out of me while we both fondly recall how you dominated and spermed your slaves all day long, and my perfect day will be complete!"

It was obvious that she meant every word, because she was working herself up to a lather just talking about it. Her fulsome tits heaved and wobbled in her blouse as she struggled to breathe.

Cindy now had her soft and creamy tits draped across my upper chest, just as Mindy had requested, and she was kissing and licking me all over my face except my lips, so I could still talk. At the moment, she was licking around my left ear.

Mindy had a glazed look on her face. It almost looked like she'd fallen into some lust-driven insanity. She walked closer and put a hand on Cindy's head, since that happened to be one of the few places to touch that wasn't a moving and bouncing target. "There, there. Feed him your lips. Your nipples. Never forget what you are."

"Cock slave," Cindy muttered between licks.

"YES!" Mindy practically shouted. It looked like she was about to climax on the spot. But then she snapped to, and looked around like she was seeing the room for the first time. She'd put a watch on while dressing. She looked at it and exclaimed, "Shit."

Referring to Cindy's comment, she muttered, "God, how I love those two words." It looked like she wanted to say more, but she reluctantly stopped herself. "That's it. I've gotta go, or I'll really be late this time. Love you all. Later!" She rushed out of the room and down the stairs.

Cindy nibbled on my ear. "You have the best, most understanding wife ever, do you know that?"

I was getting past the point where I could say anything coherent. It was a miracle I hadn't climaxed already, but fortunately, all of Mindy's talking had somewhat distracted me from the way Sue Ellen was impaling herself on me, over and over and over again. Even going slow, it felt truly incredible. I managed to nod in response to Cindy's question.

Cindy continued to purr into my ear while nibbling on it. "I'm so glad she got me off my duff so I could join in. I don't need any prodding from her to say sexy things to you though, because I have so much to say that I don't know where to begin. For starters, I want to remind you that I love you."

Apparently that was too important of a sentiment to accent with just an ear nibble or lick, because she moved her head and kissed me on the lips instead.

I was astounded by the overall situation. Cindy says she loves me, even as another girl is slow churning on my cock and I'm kneading that girl's ass! Meanwhile, her very own daughter has her index finger plowing deep in my asshole! Not exactly the most romantic situation! Fuuuuuck!

Things were very touch and go by this point. Ruby seemed to sense that and stopped her anal exploration, although she kept her finger inside my anus. Sue Ellen also appeared to sympathize and slowed her churning even more. (However, her slow churning seemed to be just as arousing as her faster motions, just in a different way.) With my stimulation somewhat reduced, I could last a little bit longer, but not by much.

After leaving me breathless with her electric kiss, Cindy licked my face like a dog. She also had brought one of my hands to her rack, and my other hand to Ruby's ass. She explained, "You know what makes me really hot? I love that you're fucking my daughter! Okay, not fucking, technically, not yet, but you will be soon enough."

Ruby pricked up her ears. She grinned widely upon hearing that.

Cindy continued, "But you've enslaved her, and me, to your will, and that's already pretty great! At first I was appalled when I found out you were doing things to her, but even back then a part of me was aroused. And with each day that passes, I'm less and less appalled, and more and more aroused. I guess I'm becoming a cucquean or something too. Although, can a slave become a cucquean? I don't think so. I think only wives can. Maybe I'm just a slave who loves to share."

She added with extra emotion, "In any case, I love thinking of you fucking the HELL out of my daughter! I want to see it with my own eyes! I can't wait for you to impale her on your fucking unstoppable cock!"

Ruby was surprised and delighted. "Right on! Mom!"

Cindy tried to explain, "I know firsthand how great it is. I love her so much. I want her to experience that incredible joy too. Is it wrong of me to feel that way?"

"NO! Definitely not!" Ruby emphatically answered what was almost certainly meant to be a rhetorical question.

Cindy laughed. She kissed me on my nose. "In any case..." She kissed me there again. "Have I told you how much I love you?" She kissed my eyebrow, and giggled. "I guess I just did, but I'll do it again. I love you, Daniel Cooper!" She kissed my lips, but just briefly.

Then she reached down and found where I was joined with Sue Ellen. The next time Sue Ellen slowly lifted herself up, she caressed as much of my thick shaft as she could before it slowly slipped back into Sue Ellen. "And I love being your slave! I love sharing like this. I love how you've enslaved Ruby too. Hell, I love that you enslaved us all with your big thick cock! It might be kind of sad being the only one, but we can all talk to each other and support each other. It's like family, but even closer!"

She pulled back a bit, so she could raise her arms in front of my face. She crossed her wrists. "You see this? My chains of love! You can't see them, but they're there. They'll always be there too, no matter what. Binding me to you, forever!" She suddenly attacked my mouth with an even more fevered and intense kiss.

I moaned, loudly, hopefully indicating I'd lost the ability to endure the intense pleasure any longer.

Ruby understood how close my release was, and resumed massaging my prostate so I could go out with a big bang.

Sue Ellen also understood. She paused, fully impaled, but only to gather her strength. Then she started frantically bouncing on me like she was on a pogo stick.

I came and came and came. I pity that poor condom, trying to hold back that flood of cum, but somehow it captured it all.

I could tell Sue Ellen at least was cumming too, by the way she was screaming and shouting. I even heard her yell, "Ride 'em, cowboy!"

When we were all done, Sue Ellen fell down on me. That was problematic, because Cindy was already there, lying across my chest but coming in from an angle. However, Cindy graciously scooted to the side to make room.

I lost track of what happened to Ruby, until she pulled my condom off and started licking my cock and balls clean.

I exclaimed, "For crying out loud, Ruby! That's really too much. I'm just a lucky guy. I'm not some kind of fucking king!"

"But you are," Sue Ellen surprisingly said. "That's exactly what you are, Master. You're not a regular king with a crown, you're a 'fucking king.' You're the handsome, studly sex king. Look what you just did to me. If I weren't your willing slave already, I sure would be converted now, after a fuck like that!"

"But why? All I did was lie there, while you did all the work."

"True, but you lasted so long! And not only that, you kept on going and going, even with all Cindy and Ruby were doing to you. That's just awe-inspiring! It makes me want you even MORE! By the way, did y'all know that when I slowed down and just stayed fully impaled, sometimes I could feel Ruby's poking finger coming at me from deep inside your ass! Isn't that cool?"

I didn't have anything to say to that. (And I highly doubted it was true, but I didn't see the harm in letting her think it.)

I felt dead before, but now I was buried six feet in my grave. My eyelids grew heavy. I said, "I'm fading fast. Please have mercy and let me sleep alone for an hour or two. There's such a thing as too much stimulation. I need... need... to recover..."

And just like that, I was out.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Yellow Peril, gmbusman, Johnny Galt, and Xinunar, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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