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Chapter 71

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

When I woke up, I was pleased to realize that although I'd gone to sleep with a woman under each arm, and another licking my cock and balls clean, they'd left at some point and let me wake up alone. I really needed some alone time to get my shit together.

I could see why someone not actually living my life day to day might ask, "Why is Dan such a moron? Why does he complain about his great luck at every turn? What a schmuck! Why not just let go and enjoy it?" I probably would have asked the very same thing if I heard about it happening to someone else. Except I was living my life, and I realized things weren't that easy.

We have competing forces in our brains. Freud called one such force the id. That's unbridled desire. Freud called another force the superego. That's the conscience. It's the part that says, "No. That's not a good idea. There are consequences." The problem I had was that all five women in my life had basically thrown off their superegos and were living on pure id. That's not sustainable. You tend to wind up dead or in jail pretty fast without a reality check of some kind.

Unfortunately, while all of them were high on id trips, I was the one forced to be the superego, and not just for myself, but for the whole group. If I weren't the one to say 'no,' who would? Nobody.

All the sex was great. Way better than great. Awesome. Insane. Beyond description. But that was a problem, because I didn't want it to flame out in a week or two in one frenzied bout of total craziness. I wanted to sustain it so I could enjoy it for years and years to come.

I mean, would everyone in the harem stop eating and sleeping if we could have sex 24 hours a day? Probably! That's how excited and highly aroused everyone seemed to be most of the time lately, including me.

I realized that the crazier things got, the more someone had to apply that reality check. Mindy apparently could still function at her job and doing the usual daily mundane tasks at home, but she'd gone off the deep end with her cucquean fetish, and she was no help at all in taming all the ids running amok. So I had to think carefully about anything that was said or done (especially, it seemed, when she suggested it!).

I thought, She says she loves it when I get it on with all these other women. She'd love it if I could do it every day, even multiple times a day. But is that sustainable? Will everyone still be as excited a month from now, or in one year? Obviously not! But would we still be excited enough to keep doing it, and keep the thrill going? Probably, I must admit, but it would be a wild ride, with lots of binges and burn-outs. I think it's better if I apply the brakes and limit the fun, starting right now, so we can have a steadier ride.

If you let your son loose in a candy store, then he'll eat and eat and eat until he's full, and probably make himself sick. The candy store won't ever be as much fun again. But if you put limits on how often he can go there, and how much candy he can get, then every time will be a great joy for him.

On the plus side, since there's one of me and five of them, it's pretty much biologically impossible for me to fulfill all their fantasies. So they'll be left wanting more from me, right there, no matter what I do. But is that enough to keep the magic going, forever? And what about me? I know I've got an unusually strong sex drive, but if I take part in orgies every day, I'm bound to burn out before too long.

Maybe I'm just naturally conservative, but I think it's best to err on the safe side. I've already jumped straight into the deep end of the swimming pool with this whole cock slave thing. We need to take it easy for the next few days, at the very least. I can't just fuck anybody any time I feel like it. For instance, Cin's probably lurking around the house somewhere. Mindy really wants me to fuck her today, and God knows I'd enjoy it. I'll bet the rest would quickly join in, and bingo, it'll be an orgy. But that's gonna lead to a fast burn out.

Yeah, probably I'll fuck Cin, but later. This afternoon, maybe. It's such a sweet, tight feeling, but I need to pace myself. Besides, there's work, and there's the fact that I'm not a spring chicken anymore. All the little, normal things in life still have to go on. For instance, breakfast. Taking a shower. Not to mention that old fashioned crazy notion of putting on clothes!

I chuckled. I swear, if I don't put my foot down, I bet no one would ever wear clothes in this house again. And that would be great at first, but the nudity would quickly become ordinary. I want to keep that arousing spark.

I looked at the clock; it was ten a.m. That was fine; I could still get a lot done. I was hungry, so I put on some clothes and went downstairs to get some breakfast.

As I went down the stairs, I realized I was doing so quietly. I was pretty much sneaking around in my own home. The fact was, I was afraid to come across any of my cock slaves, for fear they would get all sexy and I'd lose my self-control. I decided that was bullshit, and I walked the rest of the way without worry.

Still, I had to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I reached the kitchen / dining room area and found myself alone. Then I looked out the back window and saw Ruby, Michelle, Sue Ellen, and Cindy all lying on lounge chairs, naked but for sunglasses. They were obviously working on their all over tans. They saw me, and waved, and I waved back, but none of them got up.

That made me happy too. I like my "alone time" sometimes, and this was one of those times. I found some waffles on the stove Mindy had made for me before I even woke up the first time. They were cold and a bit old, but I heated them in the microwave and soon they were tasty enough.

I also found the morning newspaper, so I sat down and ate my breakfast while reading it. Maybe I was just a stick in the mud, but I felt a heck of a lot better after experiencing some reassuring normality. And I was pleased my women had given me some space.

When I finished my meal, I got to thinking about some of the things my wife had said. Her words came back to me: "Honey, how many times do I have to say this before you understand? YOU. Are. The. Master. THEY. Are. Your. Slaves. That means you can do anything you want to them, for any reason, or no reason at all. Maybe you want to spank Michelle a hundred times and then fuck her face and cum all over her huge tits, just 'cos it's a cloudy day." And I also thought about her comment: "Hello? Master. You. Slaves. Them. Use your power! Fuckin' ABUSE your power! They LIKE that!"

Min's got a good point. I keep thinking of this cock slave situation as a temporary one, like putting on a costume to go to a party. Okay, maybe they want to be like that for a little while, to see what it's like and have fun exploring their sexuality, but they couldn't possibly want to be like that forever?! Right? But maybe it's just that I don't have a submissive mindset, so I can't possibly understand that, yes, they do. They DO want to be like that forever!

I sat back in my chair. Wow. That's pretty jaw-dropping. The power I could wield! The endless sexual pleasures I could enjoy! But it's not really real, is it? I mean, they're not crazy. Are they?

Maybe I need to stop dismissing the idea out of hand. The evidence is getting pretty overwhelming. As Shelle keeps asking me, what's it going to take for me to believe her? ... Time, I guess. It hasn't been that many days since our lives fell down the rabbit hole. But until enough time passes, why can't I at least provisionally accept that they're sincere and dedicated about all this? Why not let myself imagine just what that would mean?

I let myself do just that, and my thoughts ran wild.

Whoa! That's so exciting, I wanna jump up and pump my fists in the air. I have to be the luckiest guy in the world. I mean, the prospect of that much sex and fun, basically forever! Wow! But still, it's scary. Nobody's driving this ship except me. What if I totally fuck up my daughters' futures, just for my own sexual pleasures and to fulfill my wife's wild cucquean fantasies? I would feel like a total shit, and a complete and utter failure as a father. Maybe it's already reached that point, and I've fucked things up in a way that can't be undone. They're pretty far gone. We're so far outside the mainstream and in our own little "cock slave" universe that it isn't even funny.

No, I can't think that way. For one thing, two of my daughters were far gone before I did anything intimate with them. (Thank goodness Nicky is still normal!) Their fantasies and plans have been building up for years. What if I'd said no from the start? I honestly think Shelle would have had some kind of breakdown. She's put her entire being into this. Bringing her secret plan to fruition has been, like, her entire life, for ages now.

Whoa. Just listen to me. It HAS been her entire life. This is REAL! My daughter, Michelle Cooper, my insanely busty and blindingly beautiful daughter, really, really, really wants to be my sex slave! And Ruby might be a notch or two less intense about it, but that's only relatively speaking. By any standard, she's totally devoted to the idea too.

And Sue Ellen and Cindy... what happened to them? Are they along for the ride? Maybe there's some kind of collective insanity infecting them? Are we creating some kind of sex cult or something? I dunno. God, there are too many questions for me to answer. But for whatever reason, they seem just as dedicated. I have to try to accept the possibility that on some level, they're sincere about this.

Dammit, there are going to be some changes around here, starting right now.

I got up and walked across the backyard to where the girls were tanning themselves. They greeted me with "Hi, Daddy" (Ruby and Michelle), "Hi, Master" (Sue Ellen), and "Hi, Dan" (Cindy), plus friendly waves.

They all started to get up, but I said, "Don't get up, please. Except for you, Shelle. I want you to drop to your knees and start licking me."

Michelle was quite surprised at that, but she didn't waste time. She didn't even say a word, nor did anyone else. She was on her knees in front of me faster than one could say 'Mississippi.' She pulled my shorts down and started licking my erection like it was the most delicious ice cream cone she'd ever tasted in her life.

See what I mean?! This is Exhibit A that she's for real. They're for real. This is really our collective future! How could one not get inspired, not to mention throbbing hard, at that level of passion and devotion?

But I kept my cool, and acted like such behavior was normal and expected. What blew my mind was that everyone else did too! They were all very pleasantly surprised at my unusual assertiveness, and the others looked miffed that they weren't the one chosen, but there wasn't even the slightest hint of disapproval or outrage.

I waited a few moments until Michelle was happily slurping all around my cockhead. Then I said, "Good. Now, while she's doing that, I have an announcement for everyone here. Several announcements, actually. Thank you for letting me eat breakfast in peace."

I had to pause and briefly clench my teeth, because Michelle unexpectedly took engulfed all of my cockhead. I'd told her to "lick," but I realized I couldn't get upset because she certainly got busy licking with her tongue inside her mouth and her lips tightly sliding back and forth.

The others looked on with slight amusement as I struggled to keep my cool with this nude teenage goddess on her knees and worshipping my cock.

It look about half a minute for the initial surge of arousal to pass enough for me to continue speaking. I resolutely went on as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. "As you know, I need a fair deal of private time in my life. While I was sitting there, I got to thinking. I realized that Mindy was right. I am the master, and you are the slaves."

It occurred to me that Michelle hadn't been there when Mindy said that, so I looked down to Michelle's bobbing mass of blonde hair and asked her, "Do you know what I'm talking about?"

It was only then that I realized that Michelle had her hands on my ass and was trying to find the right angle to get me into her throat so she could take more of my length than what would only fit in her mouth. As was often the case though, she couldn't quite manage to find the right alignment, and she was gagging and spluttering on my thickness. The one thing she wasn't doing though, was giving up. If anything, the difficulty of deep throating me seemed to only spur her desire to succeed in swallowing me.

It was easy to rationalize and deny her desire for me when we were just talking about it, when it was merely an intellectual exercise. It was something else entirely different to literally feel the reality of her eagerness for me expressed orally through deep, loud, and slurpy cocksucking.

Ruby quickly interjected, "Let me answer that, so she doesn't have to stop cocksucking you for even one second. You probably still have no idea how much we all love to do that to you. But in any case, the answer is yes. While you were sleeping, all four of us exercised together. It's something that we've all resolved we're going to do as a team from now on, even though Sue Ellen, Mom, and I will have to come over here early every morning to do it."

Sue Ellen added, "I'm already a bit of an exercise fanatic, and I hope it shows." She sat up on her lawn chair and struck a sexy pose.

"It does," I replied. My hands were on my daughter's tits. I had to bend over to reach her jutting torpedoes, but it was worth it so I could drive her wild by twisting her nipples. My reward though was another sloppily wet slurping and gagging noise as Michelle tried again, and failed again, to fit me into her throat.

Sue Ellen was proudly showing off her naked body, thrusting her tits forward. She continued, "Even so, I'm going to redouble my efforts. We all are. We're in complete agreement that one of our top responsibilities as your sex slaves is to keep our bodies as beautiful, sexy, and fuckable for you as humanly possible. And that means a lot of hard work."

"That's good to hear," I said. My normal instinct would have been to complain that I was completely unworthy of such devotion, but I resolved not to take that approach anymore. Instead, I said, "And I'm inspired. I'm going to redouble my exercise efforts too, so I can keep pace with you. But that's not what I want to talk to you about right now. Ruby, tell me what Michelle knows about what Mindy talked about this morning."

Michelle coughed, loudly, although the sound was substantially muffled by my presence in her mouth. She slid her lips back on my shaft about an inch or two and then resumed sucking me in her usual manner. I could tell by the way she shifted her hands on my ass so as to get a better grip on my ass cheeks with each hand that she was merely regrouping for another attempt to stuff my cock down her own throat.

Ruby dutifully replied, "Yes, Master." She sat up stiffly in her lounge chair, thrust her tits out like Sue Ellen was doing, and pinned her arms behind her back for good measure.

I noticed Cindy immediately copied her pose, and then Sue Ellen pinned her arms back too. The three of them made an incredibly sexy sight all lined up like that, especially with the way their skin glistened with suntan lotion. Happily, Michelle was still slathering my cock with every trick and tongue move she knew, so I could enjoy the dick-stiffening view to its fullest with, well, my stiff dick.

Ruby continued, "The point I was making was that while we were exercising together, we talked at great length about everything that had happened. Michelle literally got the blow by blow of everything that was said."

Sue Ellen added with an impish grin, "I love hearing about all that blowing going on. Not to mention the 'thrust by thrust' of everyone you were doing."

I was pleased to see that kind of spunky humor from her, and I laughed heartily to let her know I fully approved. I was starting to realize she could be quite funny, especially now that she was becoming more comfortable with us.

I said, "Okay, then. So you all know the challenge Mindy made me. She basically said, if you're a master, then start acting like one. Use your privileges, and even abuse them."

Sue Ellen raised her hand shyly. I really liked that, just because she looked even better with a hand up in the air, exposing a sexy underarm.

I called on her. "What?"

"Master, I just want to go on record saying that I heartily agree. Especially about the 'use and abuse' part. That's what we're here for. I didn't give up all other guys forever just to tan and exercise for nobody, you know"

The others nodded their head in agreement. Even Michelle managed to work in head nodding to her cock licking moves.

Ruby also raised her hand, setting her big tits bouncing. "Daddy, please don't forget what else Mindy said just before she left for work. Remember how she said you could and should spank us for any old reason, or no reason at all? We all agree."

The others continued to nod their heads.

Michelle though, tightened her lips around my erection, took me as far as she could into her mouth, and then held her breath as she applied a powerful vacuum pressure to my shaft using the strength of her lungs. Damn, my little girl can SUCK! That must be her way of saying that she agrees too, without having to stop what she was doing. Damn! She's a cocksucking machine!

I boldly stood there as if she wasn't affecting me. "You say that now, but be careful what you wish for. You see, I'm going to flex the power to have sex when I want, but also to not have sex when I don't want it. I'm not just going to go with the flow. For instance, Cindy, I hate to say this, but I'm NOT going to fuck you today."

She slumped in her pose briefly, but quickly recovered. "You're not? Why?"

"Actually, I'd love to, but I won't because I want to make a point. It's something Mindy wanted me to do, and she pretty much all but demanded I do that before she left, the way she kept mentioning it. So I'm making the point to everyone, and especially to Mindy, that I'm the harem master here, not her."

Cindy said, "Okay, but she hinted just as strongly that you should fuck Michelle's face, and that's what you're doing now."

"True, although technically this isn't a face fucking since I'm not thrusting. Truth be told, I wasn't going to do that either. But when I came out here and saw her pouty lips, puckered up and perfect for cocksucking, I thought, 'Why the fuck not?' Besides, it shuts her up from complaining. But again, it's up to me. There may be a reason, and there may not. If you like that logic with spankings, you need to accept it with other things too."

I paused. They didn't have an answer to that, and they remained stock still in their sexy, submissive poses.

So I went on, "If you push me too hard, I'm going to push back twice as hard. And I have some other announcements to make which you may or may not like. Min hinted that you should suck my cock while I'm writing. That's not gonna happen, at least not yet. Too many crazy changes have been taking place. I'm decreeing we need to absorb those before we throw even more craziness into the mix. And I'm also decreeing that, until further notice, everyone needs to remain fully dressed in the house."

"But we're not in the house!" Ruby made a sweeping nod to our surroundings as she made that obvious point. "You mean we can't do this anymore? We thought you'd like all-over tans!"

The others on the lounge chairs nodded in agreement

But it was Michelle who was most distressed. She actually stopped her bobbing and released me from her oral embrace to complain, "No way! That sucks! What does that even mean, anyway?" She stretched her jaw wide and took my hard-on back in as soon as her last words crossed her lips.

I explained, "For now, I'm willing to be flexible. And of course, once the sex starts, I have no problem with the clothes coming off. Plus, there are times to be naked, like what you're doing right now." I nodded towards a bottle of suntan lotion. "But the reason for this rule is that we all know familiarity breeds contempt. If everyone is naked all the time, then nudity will cease to be exciting. So, surprise me and arouse me with your sexy clothes. And then, once you've got me hard and interested, that's the time to take your clothes off."

Michelle again pulled her lips off my shaft, and switched to licking so she could talk at the same time. "Well, that doesn't sound so bad after all. Especially because I'm gonna still be naked 24-7, 'cos I'm gonna keep you hard and interested ALL the time!"

As if to prove just how much she could arouse me, she stopped the mere licking and swallowed my cockhead yet again. Then she bobbed steadily over my sweet spot while pumping a fist up and down the rest of my shaft.

Unfortunately, that was such an onslaught of pleasure, I had to let go of her nipples and just firmly hold onto her head, trying to ride the wave.

But still, I soon persisted with my speech, even though I had to talk through clenched teeth. "My main point is, we need to have moderation. And limits. All sex all the time isn't sustainable. So when I say 'no,' that means no. And if you try to cross me or outsmart me on that, I'm going to make you regret it. And yes, that especially means you, Shelle." I tapped her on the top of her head.

She made a grumbling sound, but kept right on bobbing on my cock. It seemed as though she had at least temporarily relented in her desire to deep throat me, and was just trying to deliver the maximum amount of pleasure.

I concluded, "Okay, now that I've made my point, I don't want you to think I'm gonna be some kind of stick-in-the-mud, either. Yes, I need to make sure there's a reality check here and there, but we're also gonna have a hell of a lot of fun, every single day. I think I'm finally starting to get that when you say you love being a cock slave and want to stay one forever, you really mean it."

"Yeay!" Ruby cheered, throwing her fist up in the air. "Fiiiiinally! Did you hear that, Michelle?"

"Mmmm-hmmm!" My blonde bombshell daughter was doing her own celebrating with a tongue dance on my sweet spot while tightening her lip-lock and using even more suction than before.

I said, "So, to celebrate that, Shelle, I want you to pull your mouth off my cock."

She looked up at me with a "What? Are you crazy? How is that celebrating?!" look.

"Patience, Shelle. Remember, I'm your master, and your duty is to obey me."

With a big sigh, she withdrew. But she began jacking me off with both hands instead.

"Let go all the way, Shelle."

An even heavier sigh followed. She muttered, "This is bullshit. Moderation and limits, my ass." But she did finally let go of my overstimulated pole.

I said, "Good. Now, I invite all four of you to do whatever you want to my cock until I cum, within the rules, of course."

That set off a storm of action and passionate language. Within seconds, all four of them were bumping into each other just in front of me and arguing heatedly with each other over who should do what where.

"HEY!" I shouted. I had to do it again. "HEY!"

That got their attention and they started to simmer down.

I added, "Remember 'share the cock.' Don't just follow the letter of the law with that, you need to follow the spirit of it too. Now, I want you to show that sharing spirit by sucking me off together. Shelle, since you've been doing that for a while already, you can lick my ass and finger my asshole instead. Otherwise, there'll be too many heads bonking together."

She looked bummed, but she couldn't really complain after my comments about the spirit of sharing. She dutifully crawled on her knees until she was positioned behind me.

I added, "And keep in mind my open-ended invitation to do whatever you want to my cock for next time. 'Cos I'll be asking that again soon, and hopefully you'll be able to work as a better, harmonious team then."

Michelle started to lick my ass crack, while the other three tried to figure out how best to position themselves. She also commented, "Well, it's gotta involve spanking, for starters. And ropes. Daddy should tie us all up, and then spank our asses, and then make us crawl and beg for-"

Ruby interrupted her, "Ssssh! We'll worry about that later. Now's the time to work as a team to make Daddy cum."

Speaking to the other two, she added, "I say, the one up highest bobs on his cockhead, but not too far down, so there's room for the rest of us to lick the rest of his shaft plus his balls. Mom, I'm giving you the prize spot for starters. And you take that side, Sue Ellen, and I'll take this one. Then when I tap you two on the shoulders, we'll rotate counterclockwise, and keep rotating every couple of minutes, okay? That way, everybody gets to suck and lick, and he'll get a variety of tongues and lips doing all kinds of different things at once."

The other two nodded, and all three started doing just what she'd suggested.

Michelle sighed audibly. She was obviously disappointed in missing out on all the sharing fun.

Ruby again surprised me by playing the diplomatic leader. Even as she licked up and down her side of my cock, she said, "Shelle, I know you'd love to be here licking with us, but Daddy's right. Four heads would be awkward unless he was lying down. But actually, you have the most important position, by far."

Michelle grumbled, "How so?"

"There's no doubt the three of us are gonna take good care of the King. Another tongue would only help a little bit more. But you, you can DOUBLE his pleasure by going to town on his ass! Don't just lick it, fucking LOVE it! This is your master's ass! How many years have you been dreaming of the day you could be so lucky as to lick his ass crack? And now you can! And don't just lick. Find that prostate, and stimulate the hell out of it! Use your tongue in there too! And don't forget the perineum. That's like super-sensitive. And-"

"Okay, already!" Michelle said testily. But she added in a friendlier tone, "Don't worry, I'm on it now. And you're right, I was looking at this the wrong way. We can never forget how lucky we are to be living the dream, and we can never forget the rules. Thanks for setting me straight. I really mean it."

"Don't mention it."

Michelle continued as her tongue ran up my perineum, "I get so excited, I lost sight of what's really important, and that's serving our master any way we can. It's not just about stimulating his cock."

"Really, don't mention it." Ruby wanted to do more licking and less talking.

With that out of the way, all four of them gave their various tasks their all. I was really impressed all around, especially by Michelle. She pulled my ass cheeks as wide apart as they could go, and then began licking my ass crack like it was the sweetest dessert in the world. Soon, she was moaning erotically more than the other three combined. No doubt about it, my baby girl was VERY into tongue fucking my ass!

I lost all track of time. I felt like there was an endless circle of heads over my crotch, licking and sucking and stroking, and then rotating. The rotation of heads seemed endless, and I could have sworn there were more than three tongues and three pairs of lips there.

Michelle continued to do a very admirable job on my ass. I'd never really had my ass crack licked before, not even by Mindy in all our years of marriage. Mindy and I were still "anal virgins" in most things, so I'd had no idea just how good a tongue back there could feel. I was very impressed that she showed no signs at all about being grossed out (and I was also happy I'd just showered a short while earlier). She didn't attempt to finger my asshole though, probably because she had no easy way to clean her finger when she was done.

After who knows how long, but maybe ten minutes or so, I announced, "Hey, gals, sorry, but I really need to take a break for a minute or two here. Hold on."

Ruby had been in the "top position," meaning her mouth had covered my cockhead plus a little more. But she pulled off and slithered up my chest, dragging her oiled-up tits all the way. As her face got up to my collar bone, she started kissing me there. She grabbed my hands, which had been hanging uselessly at my sides, and brought them to the undersides of her sizeable tits. "How you doin', Daddy? Having a fun time?"

I was pretty blown away, and just nodded.

She found that amusing, and giggled. She kept kissing her way up my neck.

I finally found my voice. I wanted to compliment Michelle in particular, because I figured it had to be hard for her to do what she was doing for the first time. I said, "Thanks, Shelle. You're doing great. I know you must be grossed out..."

She talked with her nose deep in my ass crack. "Grossed out? No way! Your ass crack is part of you, so I love it, 'cos I love you. I'm ashamed, utterly humiliated, and defeated, yes, but not disgusted. I'm feeling that good 'shame burn' I love so much, knowing that you've reduced me to nothing but your helpless, busty, ass crack-licking slave!"

Only after saying that did she pull her face back out from between my buttocks. I could tell she was hefting up her rack by the way her stiff nipples were poking into my upper thighs.

She continued, "I'm sorry for being so selfish. Now I can see why Mom added the fifth rule, 'Daddy comes first.' This is a good example of that. Daddy comes first, and Daddy CUMS first! Mmmm!" She dropped her head back down, and mashed her face into my ass crack even deeper than before. "MMMM!" she moaned, as she resumed licking.

"Hey!" I complained. "I'm supposed to be taking a break!"

Ruby giggled. As she playfully rubbed her nose against mine, she said, "Relaaax... Let her have her fun, if she loves licking your ass that much. Besides, Cindy, Sue Ellen, and I are giving your cock a break-"

"Not true!" Cindy gleefully pointed out. "The two of us down here can't help but keep licking it, and stroking it, but only a bit."

"You see that, Daddy?" Ruby said as she licked her lips around mine. "They're not slurping and lapping all over you big fat cock THAT much." She giggled. "Just relax. Chill out. Take a load off. Mmmm." She was licking all over my face, and kissing me too. "Or is it blast a load off? Whatever." She giggled some more.

My resolve was gone. I was too out of it to act like a proper master. "Well, I should at least take my hands off your tits..." I muttered weakly.

"You should," she agreed. She purred, "You should take your hands off my massive, spongy, soft, creamy, and oh-so needy tits! It's WRONG to hold your own daughter's TITS, isn't it? Her bouncy, juicy melons? Just 'cos they're so fuckin' big, and feel so fuckin' GOOD, that's no reason to keep holding them, is it? Especially when your OTHER daughter is licking your ass crack! You naughty, naughty daddy!"

Needless to say, my willpower had crumbled and I only kneaded her tit-flesh more vigorously. But I stammered, "I-I-I... I h-h-have three... three daughters!"

"Sure you do," Ruby said. She'd stopped her licking and kissing for the most part, and was trying to grind her entire body into mine. She had to be careful and come at me at an angle though, so as to not knock into Cindy and Sue Ellen's bobbing heads in front, or Michelle from behind.

She teased me in a sultry, husky voice, "Where is Nicky, anyway? Too bad she's not here right now. I'm sure she'd see us here in the backyard, all kneeling before you with our faces in your crotch or your ass, and absolutely LUUUUVE to join in! As she strips right in front of you, she'd say to the rest of us, 'Hey, move over and make some room for me!' Can you picture that? Nicky, goody two shoes Nicky, naked and kneeling, sucking on your fat Daddy COCK, her innocent, pure lips turning into Daddy cocksucking lips?"

"Oh GOD!" I moaned. "Please don't even think that!" I begged.

"But Daddy! It's too late! It's just a matter of time, don't you know that? Just a matter of DAYS until she comes home and asks, 'Daddy, can I be one of your cock slaves too? Please? Pretty please? I promise I'll suck your cock every single day, so looooong, so goooood! And you can fuck my pussy too! I want you to fuck my tits so bad! Gaawwwd, how I've DREAMED for years of giving my big tits to you, just so you can fuck 'em! Daddy, you can do ANYTHING you want with me, 'cos I'm nothing more than another one of your many cock slaves now, born and bred to serve you!'"

Ruby was able to do a frighteningly good impression of how Nicky's voice sounded, although of course Nicky would never say those kinds of words in a million years. I had my eyes closed, and it was like my eldest daughter was really there with us. Scary! And oh-so-fuckin' arousing! Damn!

I breathed a sigh of relief, because it seemed that Ruby was suddenly so distracted by rubbing her tits into my chest (while I still held them!) that she stopped mimicking Nicky's voice. Maybe I had a ghost of a chance of enduring another couple of minutes after all, even though Sue Ellen and Cindy were taking turns gobbling down my erection like their lives depended on it.

And I can't even begin to describe what Michelle was doing to me. She was actually tonguing my anus! Deep! It has already been insanely arousing when she'd just been poking around the outer ring. But now, the way her tongue dove in and out like a finger somehow felt even better than when I'd been fingered there! Maybe a good part of it was just knowing she'd been willing to do that. It certainly showed a lot of love and devotion.

But unfortunately, any thin hopes I had to hold out were dashed when Michelle pulled her tongue out and started to speak. "Daddy,do you realize that you won't have to try to get Nicky to date stinky boys, 'cos she's already done that. That means you'll be after to fuck her straight away, once she gets here in just a few days!"

I groaned helplessly. I was totally lost to the throes of lust.

She kept on, "And once you start fucking your sweet and loving Nicky, you're never gonna stop! Show her your love by making her worship the King! Your cock will keep pounding and pounding and pounding her tight, defenseless pussy, until she cries out that she's your sex slave forever, and really means it! And with you NAILING and DRILLING and DOMINATING her like that, pouring BUCKETS of cum into her fertile womb, how could she NOT cry out, 'My Daddy, my Master, fuck me MORE! Every day and every night! Breed me!'"

A giggling Ruby was sliding back down my body, eager to rejoin Cindy and Sue Ellen in cock licking. "Michelle, what's wrong with that? Isn't it Daddy's RIGHT, nay, his DUTY, to fuck ALL his daughters until they LIVE to serve his cock?"

"Well, yeah! Duh!" Michelle was snickering; apparently because she knew this little routine was melting my brain.

My entire body trembled. The only reason I hadn't climaxed yet was a desperate effort not to splooge all over my innocent Nicky. Yeah, she wasn't actually there, obviously, but it sure didn't seem that way to me at the time!

Michelle went on, "Everybody knows that! What big-titted daughter would NOT want to live to be her daddy's cock slave? That's a given. What bothers me is that Daddy's gonna be so busy fucking her cunt to complete submission that he's not gonna have as much time to fuck the rest of us!"

"That's true," Ruby replied, as she started to lick her way all around my cockhead. (Sue Ellen and Cindy had graciously drifted down to lick my lower shaft and balls, as they rotated spots yet again.) "I guess we'll have to make up for that by sucking Daddy's jaw-breaking cock even MORE! MMMM!"

She dove her lips down and bobbed a couple of times all the way to the ridge of my cockhead. She slurped and slathered her tongue all over while two more tongues stayed busy just a few inches below. It was all too much to take!

She could tell my climax was just seconds away. She pulled off to exclaim, "Quick, Shelle! Come around so Daddy can splooge us all!"

Michelle had been lovingly licking my ass crack again, but she moved like lightning.

I had been keeping my eyes closed in a desperate attempt to limit the sexual stimulation assaulting all my senses. But since I'd given up trying to hold out, I looked down and saw a sight that absolutely blew my mind. All four stunning hotties were lined up together. They were hefting their big boobs up, and since they were pressed in close together, this created an unbroken line of eight glorious, oiled-up orbs, all squished against each other.

Holding my erection as it started to shoot, I shouted, "TAKE IT! Take it all, you slutty sluts!"

Okay, so "slutty sluts" wasn't exactly the most witty or coherent thing to say, but I could plead temporary insanity from seeing so much titty perfection lined up in a row like that. Or maybe brain damage due to all my blood engorging my dick.

I didn't think about it until later, but it was a really fortunate fact that we had such a large backyard, with many trees and bushes blocking both sound and vision from our nearest neighbors. But I shouted so God damned loudly and passionately that I wouldn't have been surprised if the whole neighborhood heard me anyway.

My throbbing cock started to shoot off. The feeling was so intense that it was like I was giving birth, except it was all pleasure instead of pain. I had to scream my lungs out, I had no say in the matter. My whole body exulted in the experience. As the orgasm peaked and then started to fade, I pumped my fists in the air like I was Conan the Barbarian or some such wild barbarian figure.

I hadn't really been thinking about what I was trying to cum on. The sensation of cumming occupied every last brain cell, leaving me no ability to direct my cum. But in retrospect, I remember a female hand holding my hand on my organ and directing it.

I looked down, and nearly staggered to the ground because I was so pleased and astounded. Long ropes of cum had shot this way and that, all over ALL FOUR of the buxom women below me! And I really do mean buxom, because the four of them were still holding their tits up as if for inspection.

Okay, probably if one got all technical about it, the odds are I didn't shoot out any more cum than usual. But with the cum spread over eight tits and four faces, it sure looked like I did. It appeared to be the equal of two or three loads. Or maybe the four of them really had inspired that much extra out of me, I honestly don't know.

To be honest, I didn't get much chance to see the sexy sight. Sue Ellen lifted one of her tits up, bent her head down, and started to lick it. "Master, would you like to see us lick ourselves clean of your tasty master seed? Or better yet, would you like to see us lick each other clean?"

"Yeah!" Ruby said as she leaned over and licked up a long streak of cum from Cindy's nearest breast. Cindy looked and acted like just another one of the girls. You'd never imagine she was Ruby's mother!

But Michelle stood up and said, "No! We need to do this up in my bedroom. Plus, I need to clean off my tongue and fingers first. Quick! Let's go there before he gets mad at us!"

It took a little more prodding from Michelle, but the four of them soon scampered off. They each shouted their thank yous at me as they left.

I watched their naked bodies until they were inside the house and had closed the screen door behind them.

I sat down on the nearest lounge chair. Sweet! That was such a profound and powerful experience! Wow. Can I handle doing that every day? Hell, that felt even better than this morning's tickle attack, although it was a close call.

I thought about Cindy in particular, since she was the last one to enter the house. She's got quite a body, considering she's the same age as and Min and I. She looked young enough to begin with, but in the last couple of days it's like she's lost ten years in her appearance. It's exactly as if some heavy weight was removed from her shoulders. She could easily pass for Ruby's older sister. Heck, she could pass for Ruby's YOUNGER sister!

And the funny thing is, she's acting like it too. She's 'one of the girls' all of a sudden. I'll bet she's getting a good kick out of this chance to turn back the hands of time and basically be a teenager again. Good for her.

Fortunately, the lounge chair I happened to sit in was in the shade. I laid back on it and stretched out. Aaaaah! That feels good. I was standing for quite a while there. Note to self: next time you get a quadruple blowjob, sit or lie down first. And we all know there will be many more of those. Sweet! Damn, life fuckin' rocks!

As I sat there recovering, I happened to look down at myself, since the upper part of the chair had a good tilt to it. My privates were a mess, covered in cum and saliva.

Hmmm. I wonder why they didn't clean me off. That's kind of become the tradition. Am I getting too spoiled? Probably. But they sure did leave in a hurry. That was unusual. Call me a big softie, but I love cuddling afterwards.

Wait. Now that I think about it, Shelle said something about wanting to get away from me before I got mad at them. But why on Earth should I be mad? After what they did to me, I should seriously lick their toes in gratitude. Or at least their pussies. Hmmm. Sounds like fun, actually. I can practically taste all that hot and wet pussy now... But why would she think I'd be mad? There must be some reason. Because they didn't lick my dick and balls clean? I'm not that spoiled yet. No...

I tried to think back. Then it hit me. SHIT! Nicky! They totally tricked me! Why'd they have to drag her into this? It wasn't like they needed to mention her to get me all hot and bothered. I was fuckin' boiling over with red hot lust already. If someone had tried to take my temperature just then, it would have broken the thermometer.

Nicky is pure as the driven snow. She's a good kid! She has no place in any of this, even in fantasies. Damn straight I am pissed at them! And it figures the Gruesome Twosome were to blame while the other two stayed out of it. I really ought to go up there and give those two Hellions a piece of my mind. Or better yet, my spanking hand. But I'm just too pooped. ... Big time post-orgasmic crash coming on... It's like they sucked my internal organs out of me, as well as all that cum... I think I'll just tilt the chair down here and close my eyes for a minute...

Somehow, I managed to tilt the lounge chair down so I could lie back comfortably. As soon as I'd accomplished that, I closed my eyes and started to drift off.

My final thoughts were happy ones. I'm pleasantly surprised. Things are really working out! And it's not just all the insane sex. I'd been feeling trouble brewing from Shelle lately, but she hadn't been that bad today. True, I'm not pleased Nicky was mentioned, but Ruby was the one who started that. Besides, I'll be able to straighten that out easily enough. We'll probably need some kind of new "no mentions of Nicky during sex" rule.

Maybe my recent spanking campaign is starting to pay dividends. Maybe Shelle isn't just saying I'm her master, but she's starting to really believe it, and act like it! Heh! Well, a guy can hope, anyway.

With that, I fell into a deep sleep.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Yellow Peril, Arthvr, Johnny Galt, and Wayac, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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