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Chapter 72

(MF, Mf, FF, ff, Ff, mult, cons, reluc, slave, humor, cheat, inc, mother, fath, dau,
  D/S, Mdom, span, lght, humil, group, orgy, harem, poly, WC, WM, WF, oral, exhib, toys, BBR, slow)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

I slept on the lounge chair for an exceptionally long time, considering that it wasn't even noon yet. But then again, tickle attacks and four-on-one blowjobs can take a lot of energy out of a man.

When I woke up, I was surprised to find myself in the backyard, but I was relieved my body had been covered in shadows the whole time. That was a good thing, because except for my shirt I was naked as a jaybird, and I hadn't put any suntan lotion on either.

I had to move back through some extremely pleasurable and arousing memories, trying to figure out what happened to my clothes. I still wore a shirt, but my shoes and shorts were nowhere to be seen. I recalled walking out here in them, and having my shorts pulled down to my knees, but that was all I could remember. I finally concluded the Hellions must have taken them from me at some point.

I decided, It doesn't matter much though. It's not like it would be some kind of scandal if any of them saw my penis. Ha! Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, the surprising thing is I didn't wake up to find a couple of them with their lips still attached to my shaft like unshakable leeches! Seriously!

Amused at that thought, I stood up, stripped off my shirt, and took a very quick dip in the pool. Then I dried off, put my shirt back on, and walked back into the house.

I went about doing some errands in the kitchen and living room without any shorts or underwear. If I wanted more clothes I had to go back up to my room, and that meant going close by Michelle's room. Assuming all or most of my cock slaves were still in there, that was a dangerous proposition. Odds were they would try to seduce me. My penis and the rest of me were in no shape to test if that was true, especially since they'd probably succeed.

I knew I'd have to go up there sooner or later, but I preferred later. There were a lot of small errands that needed doing downstairs, including washing the dishes from breakfast and cleaning the kitchen. Life goes on. I soon found myself sitting on a couch out in the living room, absorbed in an issue of Newsweek.

I'd pretty much forgotten that I was naked from the waist down, especially since my shirt hung down and covered my privates most of the time. I avidly keep up with current events, and love reading in general, so, before long, I'd forgotten about my four cock slaves upstairs.

However, they hadn't forgotten about me. Eventually, I heard and saw Sue Ellen and Cindy walking down the stairs.

They saw me and waved. "Howdy, Master," Sue Ellen said.

It was weird - I was starting to think of myself as "Master." I didn't react to that any differently than if she'd said, "Howdy, Dan."

Both of them were dressed, but only just. Sue Ellen was wearing some short shorts that I swear hung down on her hips so low that one could almost see the top of her pussy lips. She also wore a white T-shirt tied in a knot between her boobs. It was so thin that it might as well have been soaking wet, because I could see her nipples and everything else. She had a sexy Daisy Duke look befitting her Southern background.

Cindy's outfit didn't cover her body any more than Sue Ellen's did. She wore a frilly white bra and thong set, white high heels, and nothing else. And, if anything, her undies were even more transparent than Sue Ellen's T-shirt. Not that it mattered much, since they covered so little in the first place. For instance, the bra reached up and covered her nipples, but it looked like that would only last until she took a heavy breath, since the fabric quickly sloped away on either side.

I gasped a little when they walked right up to me. I tried hard to stay calm. However, I consoled myself that it was only Sue Ellen and Cindy after all. They were kind, good, and obedient, and not a bundle of trouble like the Gruesome Twosome, who apparently remained up in Michelle's room.

As Sue Ellen walked past me, she asked, "What'cha readin'?"

"Oh, just Newsweek. They've got a big article on how the brain... Hey, what are you doing?"

She'd walked past me, but she didn't keep going. She circled around, and put her hands on my shoulders. "I thought you'd feel better if I give you a massage. After all, you're my master and it's my duty to please you. Would you like that?"

I should have said 'no,' but as she was explaining, her fingers were already digging into my flesh, and it felt great. So I said, "Well, okay, but no funny stuff. I'm still recovering from earlier."

"Yes, Master," she said breathlessly, like she'd just been given a big prize.

I have to admit, it was pretty easy to have this "master" stuff go to your head. My penis was already hardening from watching them walk to me in their sexy outfits, and my dick lurched to full attention when I heard her say that.

Cindy was standing in front of me, her hip cocked in a sexy pose I particularly loved. So I asked her, "What brings you down here? And shouldn't you put some clothes on?"

She giggled and pointed at my crotch. "I should ask you the same question. Not that I mind in the least."

I looked down and saw my erection pointing straight up. It had moved my shirt out of the way in its earnest desire to be freed. I quickly covered up by tugging my shirt back over it, but it still poked lewdly through the fabric, making an obscene bulge no matter what I did. I tried angling it down towards my legs instead, but it went too far down for my shirt to cover all of it. That hadn't been a problem when it was flaccid, but the extra inches made all the difference.

Cindy saw my dilemma, and teased, "Uh-oh! Looks like you've got yourself in a little pickle. Would you like me to hold it?"

"No thank you!" I said firmly. "Now's not the time for that kind of fun."

"It's not a little pickle," Sue Ellen said behind me in a saucy, teasing voice. "It's a big one!" She giggled. She said that right in my ear, and licked it a bit before pulling back to continue her massage.

Cindy giggled too. "It is! Big AND tasty!"

Trying to divert the discussion, and still covering my erection with my hands, I asked her, "What brings you down here?"

Cindy had managed to sit in between my knees, although she wasn't touching me anywhere (yet!). The mere thought of a hottie like her in that position would have given me a raging boner if I didn't have one already. I could see I was getting into hot water.

She answered, "Oh, just getting some lunch. It's almost one o'clock already, you know."

That startled me. "It is? Shit! I haven't done anything constructive yet, and the day's half over."

"I object, Master," Sue Ellen said as her fingers dug in deeply near my neck. "You fucked the faces of a lot of happy cock slaves when you woke up this morning, and then you fucked my pussy so hard and so long that I pretty much couldn't tell up from down. Then, outside, you forced all four of your slaves to suck your cock so hard and so long..."

She sighed dreamily. "Mmmm... Hard and long and thick... ...that you pretty much gave all of us no choice but to admit, once again, why you're the master and we're nothing but your SLAVES, dedicated with every fiber of our being to pleasuring you! And then, as if that wasn't enough, you covered all of us with your delicious cum! Our tits AND our faces! If that wasn't a productive morning, then I don't know what is!"

I grumbled, "I think we have different definitions of productive. If you measure production by the amount of cum deposited-"

"I do!" she cut in giggling, again showing her humor.

I really was in a fix. I was growing more aroused by the moment, and I couldn't see any way out. (Of course, I could have just walked away, but Sue Ellen had me melting into the couch with her terrific massage.) However, I still had a big advantage: with my hands covering my erection, any attempts at serious hanky panky would be foiled. So I was determined to keep my hands where they were.

Again trying to divert attention, I asked Cindy, "Where's the Gruesome Twosome?"

"Oh, they're still practicing."

I fell into the trap like a lamb being led to slaughter. "Practicing what?"

Her eyes lit up. "Would you like me to show you? We've all been doing it. I can show you right now, and don't worry, it doesn't involve stroking or sucking your big cock." She giggled.

I said, "Well, okay," but my hope that it wasn't something sexual was dashed pretty much even before I'd finished saying "okay."

She hopped up on me, straddling my upper thighs. She literally flopped her red hair down into my face, temporarily obscuring my vision.

Distressed, I asked, "Just what were you all practicing?!"

"Lap dances!" she said happily.

"Figures," I grumbled, feeling chagrined and tricked (but not feeling THAT upset about it, to be honest). I noticed Sue Ellen had stopped her massage, and quickly found out why. She'd gone to the stereo and put in a CD. A Motown and soul mix began, with Martha and the Vandellas singing "(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave" to a bouncy beat.

I had half a mind to put a stop to their shenanigans, but Cindy said, "Remember, in a typical lap dance, there are rules, so things don't go too far."

That's true, I thought to myself. Not that I'd ever experienced one. I'd considered going to a titty bar a form of cheating. That was ironic, considering the kinds of things I was doing without my wife on a daily basis these days. But a lap dance was supposed to just get a customer worked up without actually getting him to cum, and I figured I could deal with that.

I should have paid more attention to her exact wording. I swear, it was starting to get where I needed a lawyer to parse everything said to me in my own house. There was a lot of clever wording these days to avoid outright lying. Technically, Cindy didn't lie: in a typical lap dance, there are rules, but she never said this was a typical lap dance!

I felt Sue Ellen's hands settle back on my shoulders, and she resumed massaging me. That was reassuring. She'd been very quick indeed getting to the CD player and back.

Then Cindy pulled her hair back, revealing that she'd taken her bra off. Well, not exactly off. She'd pulled the straps down her shoulders, freeing her magnificent orbs from the bra, but leaving it there as a shelf to support their weight and to cause them to jut out almost as much as Michelle's did without any help at all.

It was too late for me to complain though, because Cindy started going wild all over me. It was hard to describe, but she was basically vigorously dancing, except she was sitting in my lap! It was so active and almost violent that I brought my hands up at one point to make sure she didn't fall off the couch altogether.

That turned out to be a big mistake, because it left my erection temporarily unoccupied and poking up. She quickly took advantage. She continued her gyrations, except she rested her weight right on top of my pole, and gyrated all over it! And her big melons bounced around wildly, practically right in my face.

I gasped, "Uh, Cindy, you promised! You promised you wouldn't touch my dick!"

"I'm not! It's touching my panties instead! Besides, I only promised no stroking or sucking!" Her head and hair swung around wildly as she spoke. Then she suddenly collapsed against me, covering my chest with the warmth of her creamy tits. But that only lasted a few seconds before she was back up and gyrating her sexy ass all over my desperate erection.

With everything else distracting me, I didn't really notice that Sue Ellen's massaging motions had turned into sexual caresses. And she was very busy licking my ears, switching back and forth between them. Let me say, licking an ear doesn't sound like much, but if done right, it's pretty damn arousing, in and of itself.

It was being done right, that's for sure.

I don't like to be tricked, so I complained to Cindy, "That's a technicality. The way you're going, you might as well not be wearing panties at all!"

"Oh really? You're right! Good suggestion!"

"Hey! Wait!" But by the time I'd said that, she already had her panties sliding down her legs. Seconds later, she flung them behind her.

Now, she resumed her "dance," but focused on grinding her wet pussy on my erection. It was so arousing, we might as well have been fucking. It occurred to me that if I said that observation out loud, she'd probably say "Good suggestion" again, and we'd be fucking like rabbits within seconds.

Cindy kept right on grinding and dancing on and over me. She was doing it all in time to the beat too. In fact, the next song was "See Saw," by Aretha Franklin, and every time the song got to the chorus, "I'm going up, down, and all around, just like a see saw," she did exactly that, right on my cock! I really liked the "all around" part, because she'd swirl her head in a big circle, causing her hair to fly in cascades of shimmering beauty like a model in a shampoo commercial. Well, a model in a shampoo commercial who happened to be relentlessly grinding her sexy, smokin' hot pussy on your cock!

By this time, I'd pretty much given up all pretense of fighting the lap dance, so I settled back to enjoy it to its fullest. Technically speaking, it wasn't really a lap dance, since there were certain rules with lap dances, and she was doing whatever she wanted to do. For instance, she was suddenly filled with the urge to scoot back, bend over, and slide my erection through her cleavage, and she did just that.

Although that felt great, it actually was a respite for my stiff erection, relative to her incredibly arousing grinding before. So, during this "calm," I said to her, "Cin, I'm amazed. What happened to the mother and housewife I knew of a few days ago, who was a little worn down and sad?"

"She's gone!" she said happily. "She's dead and gone! She's been replaced by a dutiful, loving, and obedient cock slave! That's what you've done to me, Dan. I still have trouble calling you 'Master,' especially around the others, but that's what you are! You're my lord and master! There, I said it! My GOD, it feels too fuckin' good to have the fat King sliding between my tits!"

Sue Ellen joked from behind me as she made love to my left ear, "We all like to think your cock is the older 'Las Vegas' Elvis with sideburns, since he's so fat and thick!"

"I know," I said between pants, since I'd been told this recently. I had a brief mental image of my penis wearing sideburns and the dark sunglasses the later Elvis was known for. I thought that was pretty bizarre, but then it occurred to me it was no less bizarre than everything else happening in my life.

For some reason, I felt the need to keep talking, even as my erection died and went to heaven deep in Cindy's cleavage. I said, "Cin, you look and feel younger. Revitalized."

She had a hearty laugh. "I wonder why that is! Could it be I no longer have to hide my love for the only man I've ever truly loved? Could it be that he loves me too, and he's proving it by fucking my tits, even as we speak? I think so!" She laughed gaily some more. "You have no idea how fuckin' HAPPY I am! I love you!"

And with that, the brief titfuck came to an end, because she was suddenly up on me and kissing my lips. It was like she was desperate for oxygen, and the only way she could get it was to stick her tongue all the way down my throat.

But that didn't last long, because apparently that wasn't enough for her either. She readjusted again, sliding back down me, and the next thing I knew, my erection had completely disappeared, balls-deep into her steaming hot slit!

If I hadn't felt it happening, I would have known what she was doing just by hearing her groan lustily as her face contorted with the effort it took for her pussy to accommodate my girth. I must say, there are very few things more arousing than watching a woman struggle on top of you to embrace the thickness of your penis with her body and soul.

Had she started bouncing like an overexcited kangaroo, I would have climaxed in much less than a minute. Luckily for me, she didn't. She was content to feel me fully impaled in her for a while. That was a good thing for her too, because she needed time to adjust herself and get comfortable with feeling me stretching her out inside.

At the same time, Sue Ellen was getting a bit more aggressive. She'd draped herself over the back of the couch, so her tummy was resting on my left shoulder and her tits were hanging down over me. This enabled her to kiss my face, which she was doing.

Even though Cindy could clearly see that Sue Ellen was practically breathing on her, she was getting all sentimental on me. "Dan, please. Tell me the truth. Do you really love me?"

I answered honestly. "Yes, and no. I've always loved you in a way, but if you say I'm the only man you've ever loved, then maybe it's not the same as how you love me. I've lusted after you, certainly, and loved you as a friend, but I've never allowed myself to completely let my feelings for you run free, due to my feelings for Mindy. Lately, that's all changing. I'd be very happy if you'd be a part of the Cooper family until we're all old and gray, and die together."

She started to cry.

I thought, Shit! Why do women always cry so damn much? I guess I was too honest. Shit!

But she said, "Dan! That was so beautiful! That was the best I could ever hope for. Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I will be happy to be a part of the Cooper family until we die! And I don't mind if it's as a cock slave. In fact, I love it! Just like I love that you've enslaved my daughter too, so we can all be together! Let me prove to you that you picked a good slave!"

And just like that, the teary mood was gone, replaced by a purely lusty one. If one could take the sultry look she was giving me and bottle it and sell it, one would be able to buy the whole world with the profits from the ultimate aphrodisiac. The killer was that it wasn't just a look of lust, it was also a look of profound love.

Still staring at me like that, she lifted herself up a bit and resumed her hip churning motions from the lap dance. Only now she was grinding while I was deep within her, instead of just under her. And while the Motown and soul CD was still playing, she wasn't paying attention to it. She was moving to a steady rhythm of her own which flowed from her heartbeat.

Luckily, that happened to be a slow rhythm, so I could deal with her sexy churning, at least for now. She really knew how to move her hips, constantly surprising my hard-on with slight variations.

So that's how we were, with my T-shirt apparently the only item of clothes still on any of us, when Michelle and Ruby strolled down the stairs.

Needless to say, they came straight to us, acting as if this was the new normal. Both of them were wearing sexy, see-through baby dolls.

"Hey, Daddy-Master!" Michelle said gaily, smirking triumphantly. "How's it hangin'? Oh, wait. It's not hangin' at all. In fact, it looks about eight inches deep in Cindy. Imagine that. I thought you weren't going to fuck her today?"

"Plans change," I growled. Somehow, I suspected they'd all been scheming to get me like this, and Michelle was the head schemer. She couldn't hide her satisfaction that her plan had worked so well, and that annoyed me. I got more than enough smirky smiles from my wife on a daily basis.

Ruby was nicer. Like Michelle, she was wearing a sexy baby doll, but I don't know why they'd even bothered, because she pulled hers halfway off, bent over me, and said, "Hi, Daddy!" Then she kissed me on the lips.

Sue Ellen pulled back to make room, and then, once the long kiss ended, Ruby kissed Sue Ellen on the lips too. Their kiss was so close to my face that I could have touched their lips with my tongue.

Then Ruby and Michelle stood stiffly next to me. They both kept a hand in a salute pose resting against their foreheads. They were still partially dressed in their sexy baby dolls, both having fully exposed their tremendous racks, and possibly their high heels. (I wasn't sure about their footwear, since I couldn't see their feet at the moment.)

They spoke as one, in a clearly prearranged manner. "Cock slaves Ruby and Michelle reporting for duty, Master. How can we please you?"

"Well, as you can see, the King is being pretty well taken care of," I noted.

"Pshaw," Cindy said. "I've had my fun, and a couple nice orgasms. I've gotta remember Rule Number Three." And like that, she lifted off my erection and then started to climb off me altogether.

"'Share the cock,'" Sue Ellen said. "My favorite rule!"

Ruby frowned at that. "You don't mean that, I assume. What about Rule Number One? Certainly 'pleasure the cock' trumps them all." She knelt down near me, but outside of my legs, whereas Michelle took the prime spot kneeling between my legs.

Sue Ellen responded, "Well, hush my mouth! I reckon you're right. But that one's so basic that I don't even think about it.. That's like having a rule, 'remember to keep breathing.' I mean of all the remaining rules."

"Oh. Well, you've got a point there," Ruby said as she bent over and took a long lick on my erection, from the tip down to the root, then back again. Then back to the root, and up to the top again. Then her tongue went back up and down, and swirled around in circles for about another minute. Finally, she pulled up and said, "Mmmm! Like I thought, it's extra yummy today. Tastes like mommy pussy."

Somewhat surprisingly, Michelle had just been sitting there, waiting for Ruby. But she said, "It does? Of course it does. Duh! Here, let me try some of that!"

Then, not at all surprisingly for me this time, Michelle had an extremely long taste. I forgot to ask if Ruby had left any essence of Cindy on me, since so much time passed before she came back up for air.

Meanwhile, the other three pretty much climbed all over me and had their way with me in a myriad of arousing ways. I was like a rag doll, letting them do whatever they wanted.

I had to remind myself that they were getting as aroused as I was, even though I wasn't doing much beyond sitting there and struggling not to ejaculate too soon. One could sense their high arousal levels from all their lusty moans. My hands did fondle here and there, but I often didn't know who I was fondling or even what body part I was touching. It was all fantastic.

Eventually, I felt obliged to say, "Watch out! I'm about to cum!"

To my dismay, Michelle immediately stopped her steady bobbing and pulled her lips off my wet boner altogether. She only kept one hand pumping around the root of my shaft. Sue Ellen had migrated positions a few minutes before, and had been licking my balls while actually positioned mostly underneath Michelle, but she stopped too.

Michelle said to me like a chiding teacher, "That won't do. That is, unless you think you can get it up again right away."

I complained, "No friggin' way!"

Michelle was unfazed, and asked the others, "Oh. Well then, why don't we do something else for a while then?"

A perplexed Sue Ellen asked her back, "What else can we do that won't somehow evolve into one or more of us playing with his great master cock in a matter of minutes?"

"Hmmm." Michelle pondered that while idly jacking me off. "We could... No. Or... No, that'll end with his cock in my mouth too. ... Hey, I know! How 'bout if Ruby and I put on a hot lesbian show for him?"

Cindy said, "Won't work. You know how hot and bothered I'll get? And you expect me NOT to swallow the King all the way down my throat in a minute or two? I don't think so."

"Ditto," Sue Ellen said, frustrated.

"Hmmm." Michelle put a hand on her chin. She was truly stumped, so much so she even stopped jacking me off to really ponder the issue. Then she had a Eureka moment. "I've got it! Lunch! We all need to eat lunch. Daddy, you're allowed to stand up and stretch while we go make something for you to eat."

"Gee, thanks," I said sarcastically.

I did stand up and stretch, which made me feel silly since she'd just told me I could do it. But it felt good. Then, still wearing nothing but a shirt, I wandered into the kitchen, after waiting until my four cock slaves had already gotten there.

If this was supposed to be a relief time for my erection, it was a miserable failure. Do you have any idea how arousing it is to watch four naked, voluptuous, and nicely tanned women wander around in high heels preparing a meal? Damn! The high heels were the kicker, not only for the way they firmed up their legs, but because it was so at odds with usual kitchen behavior. It was like they were motherly cooks and wanton porn stars at the same time.

In any case, I didn't have much time to enjoy the sight. Michelle was leading the effort, naturally. She pointed to some celery sticks that had just been filled with peanut butter and cut up into bite-sized pieces. She said to Ruby and Sue Ellen, "Here. Take Daddy to the love seat and feed him."

There was a love seat in our dining room area, only a few feet from the kitchen counter. Sure enough, they sat me down there. Ruby held the plate of peanut butter filled celery, and began feeding pieces into my mouth. It was quite erotic. I probably spent as much time licking her fingers as working on the celery.

At the same time, Sue Ellen knelt between my legs and stroked my cock slowly. "Sorry, Master," she said very apologetically. "I'd love to suck you, but Michelle will only allow me to give you a slow handjob. She says this is supposed to be your break time."

I didn't know what to think about that. It seems terribly wrong for these lovely girls to be feeding me like a baby and constantly pleasuring me so much. They're treating me like a lord, when I'm just an ordinary man. But if they're so intent on pleasuring me, I'm in desperate need for nothing more than some light action for a while, so that's a good call. I'm buzzing with a very nice erotic high.

Yet it annoys me that Shelle is the one making that call. Who really is the boss in this house, her or me? Am I little more than a human dildo in her fantasies? Sometimes it sure feels like that. But it's hard to get too mad about it, when playing that role brings me such non-stop arousal and joy.

Things were pretty mellow for a while. The five of us sat around the dining table (except Sue Ellen at my feet), talked, and ate lunch. Naturally, all of my food was finger food, since it was hand-fed into my mouth. The others ate sandwiches. And there seemed to be a sexual time out - kind of. All the women even put some of their clothes back on, apparently being mindful of my rule given earlier not to be naked all the time. But I remained naked from the waist down, and Sue Ellen kept right on slowly jacking me off.

We had a nice, non-sexual conversation, for the most part. We were all still learning little things about each other, mainly because of Sue Ellen. She didn't know much about us, and we didn't know much about her. But that was rapidly changing. The rest of us (minus Ruby) were also learning more about Cindy, as there were many things she'd only told Mindy and/or Ruby before.

For instance, I learned that Sue Ellen grew up in a village in Georgia of only about 200 people. She described it as a kind of place where time seemed to stand still and the modern world barely seemed to exist. It had been a huge leap for her to move to California for college, and she was still adjusting, since she'd only been here a year. She considered her childhood environment quaint but boring and lacking any opportunity. Her desire to get out and stay out was very strong.

With the eating winding down, I said, "This has been nice. Real nice. I have to admit I enjoyed it. But we can't do this again. I'm not some king or sultan; I'm just a guy. This is unseemly."

Michelle got upset. She stood up from her seat and complained, "Why do you 'have to admit' you enjoyed it? Why can't you just enjoy it? If WE like treating you like a king, and you like being treated like a king, then why can't we all do this?! I don't understand! What's the problem? Who is it hurting?"

I remembered that I'd vowed to myself earlier in the day to accept my master status and not complain about it all the time. But I just couldn't help myself; they were too over the top in their slavish devotion. I replied, "You enjoy it now, but things like this rapidly lose their charm. I mean, Sue Ellen, isn't your hand getting tired?"

"Yeah," she sheepishly admitted. Then she got almost defiant and started jacking me off at a faster pace. "But I don't care! I love you! I want you to be happy!"

"You should care! And I am happy already. I'd be plenty happy just sitting next to you, touching you. It really is overkill to stroke or suck me that much. My happiness isn't dependent on you constantly doing something to my dick! Besides, it will probably start chafing or somehow hurting with that much constant friction. Don't get me wrong, I love what you all are doing to me, but can't you just dial it down a notch?"

All of them said, "Okay," but in a disappointed, mopey way.

Sue Ellen still didn't let go of my boner, though she slowed her stroking considerably.

I was glad they'd agreed with what I'd said, at least. I'd been nearly certain Michelle at least would complain.

My blonde bombshell daughter knew this, and said, "I'm not complaining, see? I listen to you, 'cos you're my master. Sure, I think you're wrong, dead wrong. Soon, we WILL be treating you like a king every day, just you wait and see! But I accept that it'll take you some time to adjust to your new way of life."

"Gee, that's very generous of you," I said.

She knew I was being sarcastic, but she pretended I wasn't. "Thanks."

I said to Sue Ellen, "Thanks for all your hand work." Then I started to stand up.

But everyone seemed to be appalled by me doing that, so I didn't get up all the way.

Sue Ellen kept on holding and even stroking my hot erection, making it hard for me to go anywhere.

"Where are you going?!" Ruby and Michelle asked me incredulously at the same time.

I nodded towards the kitchen clock. "To work upstairs. It's after one, and I haven't written a single word yet."

"But we've got all kinds of plans!" Michelle complained. "We've only just started. Besides, you haven't even climaxed once!"

"I climaxed twice today already," I pointed out. "Or don't you remember me spraying my cum on your face out back?"

"Of course I remember! We all remember. And we love you for it. That was a memory to treasure forever: your first cum blast across all our faces at once! Every time you coat us with your potent and powerful seed, you enslave us to your cock a little bit more."

She stood up, and dramatically pulled the baby doll she'd been wearing over her head. She started playing with her huge jutting tits, lifting up one and then the other, and licking them (or trying to) when one or the other came close to her lips.

I didn't follow what the point of that was, although it did get my erection even more excited.

Sue Ellen, still kneeing between my knees, saw that and leaned in to lick the tip while continuing to stroke the rest.

But Michelle made her point, tenuous as it was, when she said, "Mmmm! I can still smell your cum on me. I can still taste it! God, how I love it! Oh God!"

I was half convinced she was going to have an orgasm then and there, just from trying to whiff traces of my cum on her skin. But she finally looked at me again and said, "Of course we know you came twice today already. We're your cock slaves! That's like, the most important fact for us to keep track of all day. But you really, really need to cum now. How can you not, after Cindy's lap dance and fuck? Besides, we need it!"

"You do?"

Ruby looked at me like I was slow. "Daddy, why do you think we stroke and suck you so much? Sure, we love doing it in and of itself, and we love rubbing our pussies too, and climaxing, and of course we love it as a sign of our subservience to you. But mainly, it's for your cum!"

Sue Ellen spoke as she lapped right on my sweet spot. "What about the smell? Or the feel? And don't y'all feel a sense of peace and belonging when his hard cock is in your mouth or hand? I know I do."

"Okay," Ruby conceded. "There's the smell, the feel-"

Cindy cut in, "What about the satisfaction of knowing how happy we've made him? Isn't that more important than the cum?"

"Okay," Ruby started to say. "That too, of course. I don't know how I missed that. Howev-"

But Michelle interrupted, "Hold on. I have to agree with Sue Ellen. To me, the domination is the main thing. When I'm sucking or stroking Daddy, just knowing that I'm his busty cock slave, helpless to do anything but serve his cock with every fiber of my being, that's like the gift that keeps on giving!"

Bedlam broke out after that, with all of them trying to speak at once.

Ruby cut through the argumentative voices with a loud, "SHUT UP!" I'd never seen her be bossy like that before. She was always content to be in Michelle's shadow.

The others were all so surprised that she was the one to yell that they shut up immediately and looked at her.

Ruby spoke calmly. "Okay. Listen. This is a 'can't see the forest for the trees' thing. We could argue about the most awesome aspect of sucking Daddy's cock until we're blue in the face. But whatever you feel, can't we all agree that his cum has great symbolic importance? Aside from the inherent joys of its yummy taste and arousing smell, the fact that he's cumming on or in us just highlights all that other good stuff we're talking about and is seriously orgasm-inducing, right?"

The others all nodded at that. I noticed that Michelle nodded a tad more vigorously than the others.

"Thanks. Sheesh!" Ruby rolled her eyes. "Anyways, Daddy, speaking only for myself" - she shot the others a wary look - "I think of your big cum loads like they're our payoff for all our hard work. They're also irrefutable evidence of your satisfaction with us. Whenever I'm stroking or sucking you, I'm always thinking, 'Cum, Daddy, cum! Cum on my face! Cum down my throat! Cover me in your healthy sperm!'"

I looked at the others. "Do all of you..."

They started nodding their heads before I even finished asking the question I'd been forming about cum as a reward.

"But why?"

Michelle griped impatiently, "Daddy, you're not a cock slave and you never will be, thank God. A big, strong, dominant man like you could no more understand what it's like to be a submissive than you could understand what it's like to be, I dunno, a bumblebee. So don't even try. But don't you want to cum again right now? As Ruby pointed out, we've worked really hard with the lap dances and all, and this is our sticky, slimy, and oh-so-tasty reward. Come on! It'll be fun!"

I chuckled. "I don't doubt that. Okay. What do you want me to do?"

The girls all started high-fiving each other - except Sue Ellen, since she wasn't at the table with the others, and in fact was still intermittently licking my cock like it was a delicious lollipop. Michelle bounced up and down so much that I thought her big tits would thwack her face. (The others didn't have that problem since they still wore tops.)

But Michelle quickly calmed down, and told me, "Nothing! Absolutely nothing. As Cindy told you, we've been practicing our lap dance technique, and we want to try it out on you."

Naturally, I agreed. I won't go over the details blow by blow, because it was very similar to what Cindy did to me earlier. Basically, each woman sat up on my lap and did all they could to get me to cum. It was an overwhelming sexual onslaught, to say the least. The only restriction was that I made sure Michelle and Ruby kept their panties on, due to the rule against me fucking their pussies. I didn't know if I could control myself from giving in and doing that when they were gyrating on my cock.

Everyone got a turn riding me. That included Cindy, although her turn was shorter than the others since she'd had so much time giving me a lap dance earlier.

My only respite was that they all seemed determined to make sure I wouldn't cum, despite all their talk about wanting me to cum right away. They pulled out all the stops, yes, but there were also long pauses between each turn, allowing me to fully recover. Plus, they worked my entire body, not just my erection. I suspected they wanted to keep doing this all afternoon, if they could.

And each woman had the room all alone with me during their turn. That allowed for some quiet and tender moments too.

It felt great. As I waited for Michelle to have her turn, I thought, Everyone is being pretty well behaved today. A bit cheeky, yes, but nothing I can't handle. I'm a bit wary of putting my dick that close to Shelle's pussy, but come on. It's just a lap dance. What could go wrong?

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, gmbusman, Arthvr, Xinunar, and Johnny Galt, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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